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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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news. up next "the o'reilly factor." good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor, a nation divided, left vs. right, in america. the growing ideological divide between liberals and conservatives is reaching a fevered pitch in this presidential election season. and it was on violent display outside a donald trump rally in san jose, california, when anti-trump protesters confronted trump supporters. [shouting] >> he grabbed my trump sign and started following me and saying i was a racist.
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[shouting] [bleep] air horn [bleep] [shouting] [bleep] [shouting] [bleep] [bleep] [chanting] hands up, don't shoot. hands up, don't shoot. hands up, don't shoot. >> joining us now with reaction from atlanta republican strategist scott miller and from washington former obama presidential campaign advisor david morey. they are also co-authors of the new book "the leadership campaign," david, i'm going to start with you. who does it benefit when
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you're a prefer and protester and you slug someone, coal cock someone and you have a mexican flag next to you. i saw mexican flags everywhere. they are obviously protesting donald trump's policy and coal cocking supporters. >> that's absolute sabotage for the cause. there is no defending that it's absolutely ridiculous. both candace from to dampen this behavior. it's absolutely ridiculous. >> scott, i'm watching the other one and there is a trump supporter who gets hit with a bottle. she gets hit with eggs. again, just for wearing a trump t-shirt. this still is america, right? we are allow to do wear a t-shirt of someone we support, right? >> yeah. you know, eric, a little of this is performance art. you've got to realize. i think on the fringe of both sides left and right, the so-called divide, is, you know, there is anger. they are thugs. but they are people when there are cameras out there that do things i hope, never do if there weren't a camera
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on them. i think a lot of them are acting out. i don't know how many of those people with mexican flags were mexicans. >> who do you think they are then? what's the -- are they hillary supporters? are they bernie supporters? who are they? >> my guess is that they fall across the line somewhere, you know, bernie supporters, hillary supporters. just anarchists, really. these people are just out to some of them just to agitate. some of them to protest. as you know there is a great deal of anger out there in the country. the "new york times" last week said there is sort of an epidemic of anger. it sloshes over from politics. we have seen in our research for about four or five years that the american people are absolutely left, right, center are fed up with the political establishment and country falling all around them and their kids not having a chance at the american dream. >> david, is did what scott
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suggests? anarchy? is this the left? is this sponsored protests, sponsored anarchy. >> it could be. we know there is some of that, as he says, performance art. we know there is unprecedented anger as scott was also saying. never more unity of anger and disunity in the politics than at any time in recent american history. you are seeing that around the world. you are seeing the scars of the 09-08 recession. you are seeing it come to the forenow. early on in the campaign, you are blaming donald trump supporters for being the ones who are violent. now it seems like the shoe is on the other foot. they are the ones-the donald trump supporters are getting beat up, coal cocked. i will go with you, scott, first. >> it's interesting if you watch the mainstream media. violence at a trump rally. they never say that rye violence trump supporter. there is anger. and there is real anger and justified anger on both
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sides. >> fine, scott. justified anger. but is violence ever justified? let me just read something from the founder of vox. it's a left leaning news service. he says in a tweet, quote: advice. if trump comes to your town, start a riot. >> in, that's crazy. and it's criminal. that's -- i mean, that's insighting a riot is a crime and it should be. and that's stupidity, too. i mean, you know, i think people have gotten kind of carried away with the idea that they can get their spotlight, you know, their five minutes in the spotlight by doing something crazy and something stupid and aggressive and angry and hateful. the debate doesn't have to be that way. and i think -- you know, we can only hope that the debate will settle down to real issues. >> i want to make sure i said that right. emmet renson may have been the founder or deputy editor, either way he worked with vox and still continues to work for vox.
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>> i hope there is a warrant out for his arrest. let me tell you that. >> let's take it one step further, even bigger. the mayor of san jose california, sam, a democrat says is he angry. but is he not angry with the protesters or the violence at the protests. he is angry with donald trump. what about it, david? >> well, look, that's the danger for trump. because the perception is he hasn't dampened down some of the anger outside his rallies. and that may or may not be fair to trump. the point is in all the elections we have run, we have done a bunch around the world and country. it's union fire. the danger for trump he has to get ahold of this sort of unifying ground and that's where hillary is trying to get there first before he does. >> don't you think this violence and the pictures of violence actually helps trump? don't you think people who support trump and maine people who may be on the fence say you know what? i don't like america like this. maybe he will stop some of. this my bet, eric, is it may help him short-term but not long-term. it's very rare to elect someone who is not perceived as a unifier.
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if is he perceived as less of a unifier than hillary, that's a challenge for him. >> what do you say, scott? do you think this could help i can't stand these people protesting. looking what they are doing. i want anything but them so i will go with trump. >> i think there will be a little bit of that. but that's just an emotional response. i think that -- i actually think that -- and i'm hoping and but believing that trump is going to be a unifier. that he is really going to reach out and prove to people what they want him to, which is just give them permission to believe that he can be a unifier, that can be the president of all americans. that he can be the one who comes in and brings real change. >> got to leave it right there. >> i think he can do that and he must. >> got to leave it right there david and scott, thank thk you very much, gentlemen. donald trump isn't pulling any punches now saying hillary clinton should be locked up over her email controversy. we will take a hard look at that when this o'reilly factor special returns. [ guitar playing ] ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies.
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in the factor follow-up segment tonight. >> the verbal slug fest between donald trump and hillary clinton. trump is launching a brutal counter attack. mrs. clinton following her assault on his policy proposals. >> donald trump's ideas are not just dangerous they are inco-hiebert. they are not ideas, j series of bizarre rants. [ laughter ] >> personal feuds and outright lies. [cheers and applause] this is not someone who should ever have the nuclear code because it's not hard to imagine donald trump leading us into a war just because somebody got under his very thin skin. >> and remember i said i was a counter puncher? i am. after what she said about me today in her phony speech. that was a phony speech, that was a donald trump hit job. i will say this. hillary clinton has to go to
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jail. okay? she has to go to jail. [cheers] that was a phony hit job. she is guilty as hell. >> joining us now from houston to analyze a national security foreign policy analyst and here in the studio cathy lynn tale a former national security official in the george w. bush administration. i will start with you. hillary clinton lays claim to the foreign policy win between trump and clinton. and i'm scratching my head trying to figure out why. granted, she has got experience but, man, benghazi. we know what happened there sierra we know what's going on there. south china sea and the big one, iran. she was there when when this whole iranian deal most americans believe we got beat at the bargaining table. why does she have any better experience than donald trump? >> let's focus an what we know. she has the knowledge, experience and temperament not only to be president but to be commander and chief. that's very important.
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the last word temperament that's what you want to see. her team one of the -- brought the iranians back on knees to negotiating table and got a deal that in just a few months has dismantled most of iran's nuclear facilities. >> this is the no spin zone right arash? you are spinning so fast we can't even see your face. >> your head is twirling. >> talking about the facts. >> was that a good deal for the american people. >> it's not a good deal. the only foreign policy item really in hillary clinton's speech last night was that she would continue to send billions on to the iranians with nothing to show for it. that's exactly what's happening. it wasn't a foreign policy speech which is so strange given that it was in san diego. you couldn't have a bigger foreign policy industry town in our country. what a slight to those citizens there.
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>> arash, let's turn to the middle east. >> that's another. >> let's talk about syria. under the obama and hillary clinton state department, syria is -- has been a disaster. it's fallen apart into a civil war where we are left with either a dictator or terrorist group running the country. that is strategically located for us. >> and, well, you know what? guess what? we have only given them peanuts, the iranians, a fraction of the $153 billion promised given them a fraction of this and have dismantled most of their nuclear facilities. >> that's only a percent stila lot of money arash. >> can you still look that up online and see what we have given them, they have come back on their knees. guess what? >> on their knees taking our soldiers prisoner? >> do you know who is really happy about a trump presidency? the hardliners in iran. the radicals in iran would be delighted. and as they write in their opinion pieces. >> why are they delighted? they clearly aren't concerned with president obama. but they are okay with a donald trump as president?
5:15 pm
>> they know hillary clinton will bring in that stability and knowledge. she is pro-israel. she knows how to deal with the iranians. thee actually got a pretty good deal despite a lot of backlash coming from the iranian hard hardliners. >> we got smoked turned over $153 million. >> we didn't give them that. >> enrich uranium. they are going to develop a military weapon with the uranium eventually down the road. we are guaranteeing them the weapon. >> wrong, wrong, and wrong. we didn't allow them and we don't allow them to enrich uranium. we did not give them $153 billion. >> of course we did. >> we gave them a fraction. >> arash she had seven years secretary of state top job in this country to show us what see could do. asian pivot. russian reset that went buzz and massacre across the middle east. >> she was secretary of state four years not seven years first of all. >> you understand my point. >> we have actually moved. we have moved strategic
5:16 pm
assets to the asia pacific region our alliance with japan and south korea are stronger than ever. people like donald trump and his likes trying to underpalestine alliances including nato and europe for that matter that we have built with sweat blood and treasure to try to build. >> i don't know how to respond to this because you are very active and in the hillary camp here. but, don't you think something different from the last seven or eight years of president obama would be good? don't you think we are getting our lunch eaten in the middle east as well as china and even russia? maybe something a little tougher would be good for the american people? >> well, i know cozying up to vladimir putin and kim jon u.n. will not be right foreign policy. i know that hillary clinton isn't ared. her tenacity is respected. european and world leaders respect her as a states woman and she is going to do a great job as president. guess what, not a single foreign policy heavyweight from the republican party, condoleezza rice, collin powell, jim baker, not a single person has come out
5:17 pm
endorsing trump. they are scared of him and embarrassed to be associated with him. >> paul ryan came out today. thank you very much. when we come right back, the vice presidential sweep takes are on. mark could cuban billionaire investor is being floated as v.p. pick for donald trump or hillary clinton. cuban is next. e. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. double means double.
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ed in the impact segment tonight, who will be the pick for donald trump and hillary clinton? mark cuban has been mentioned as a possible option for either candidate. joining us now from dallas is the map himself, mr. mark cuban. mark, we will start with you. hillary clinton? donald trump?
5:21 pm
both? neither? they tap you? where are you on that. >> i'm hoping to both. i have talked more now recently to hillary's camp. i'm not here to tell you that they are ready to offer me the job, but i think there is a role for somebody who isn't just a get along and go along guy, who can bring a different perspective, particularly as an independent. i'm happy to listen to both. >> how is it possible that with this growing divide, that's what this special is about, it's a growing divide, widening between the right -- political right and left in america, one guy could possibly be named in either side? what do you bring that no one else does? >> >> first of all i have a tech background and neither candidate has any technique logical expertise. donald doesn't use email and obviously hillary doesn't use it well. the future of this country is going to be built on technology. biggest questions we have to answer is built on technology. row woted particulars. impact on the job market, impact on the economy. those are elements that are critically important and neither of the candidates
5:22 pm
has that strength. i do. >> let me put you on the spot here, cuban. pro and con both. let's start with donald trump first. pros and cons of trump. >> primary pro-is he not a politician. he thinks for himself. he is an independent thinker. the cons are the things he thinks of, his ideas, his plans, he doesn't really have depth behind them. in donald came on the sharp tank and came on some of his ideas i might like some of them. the next question i would ask before i give him any money is how are you going to implement then? how are you going to follow through? what's the substance? donald hasn't done a good job there on the hillary side. >> hillary side, pro? >> on the clinton side she is not a great communicator. she has no charisma. she is not really somebody that her presence doesn't really inspire people, particularly from television. and in the media that's a real problem. her track record is a strength and it's a negative. you know, a lot of people aren't happy with what she did as secretary of state.
5:23 pm
aren't happy what she did as senator. some are. but i think her experience and really her temperament really acts to her benefit with people who believe in her. >> what's the top issue facing america going forward? >> i would say the economy it's too simple to say just the economy. there are so many factors that are part of that. we are in a global economic community. so the central banks and, you know, the ecb, our federal reserve and their equivalence throughout the world, they all have to work together. they all have to trust each other. they are all taking chances and they are all in new territory. and i think they really drive our economy and the world economy more than what a president does. so whoever is coming in has got to understand the dynamics between all the banks and what the impact is going to be. you can't just send the federal reserve. >> wouldn't trump be better? he is doing banking around
5:24 pm
the world globally with golf courses and real estate deals. >> no. understanding the debt markets and how they apply and being a smart borrower is really not relevant to what's happening with currencies and understanding when to raise interest rates. dynamics between the different economies and their banks. we see it right now is there a race to the bottom to devalue our currency from different nations or, you know, or europe's. and then on the flip side we see here the federal reserve trying to determine when they should raise rates. the ability to borrow really isn't a reflection of how well you understand that. and donald hasn't come out and neither has hillary to come out and say, look, here is my position on the federal reserve and here is why. it's one thing to create a headline. it's more important to say why and what you are going to do. >> mark, we are seeing a lot of protests going on at these trump rallies. my biggest concern is what happens in philadelphia at the republican national committee convention. it's all about immigration. where are you on immigration
5:25 pm
>> you know, it's obviously not a simple subject. but when you look at immigration, there is two elements. one, there is the fear of terrorism, which, obviously is scary for all of us. you know, you are in a public place and you never know what can happen next. that's terrifying for -- particularly for a parent. but i think at the heart of it is jobs. and, you know, if we were in a perfect world and there were plenty of jobs, and everybody was getting paid what they were worth, then we wouldn't argue so much about immigration. so, i look at immigration as being secondary to the economy because if we can solve the issues of the economy. if we can put people in a better position with jobs and earnings, then i don't care they are going to be i don't think they are going to be as concerned with people taking their jobs. as far as terrorism, that's not an easy thing to solve. i don't like when donald comes out and makes proclamations that he knows more about isis than the
5:26 pm
military. that's a problem, right? >> i'm going to have to go. first of all, i think i misspoke. the rnc convention is in cleveland. the democrats are in philadelphia. >> right. >> mark, who is better for america? which is a better president for america? donald trump president? hillary clinton? >> we don't know yet. there is still a lot more substance and there is no reason to jump to a conclusion right now. look, i have been critical of donald recently. but i'm open to him once i get the substance of his plans. like, any good business person, any good investor, i want to know what's behind the idea. i want to know what's behind the concept. and i want to plan -- i want you to tell me how you are going to get there the same applies to hillary. you know, i think she has got to come more center. she has got to be a lot more business-friendly. i will look at that as well. it's too early to tell and there is no reason to jump to a conclusion yet. >> all right, mark. i'm going to leave you right there. thank you very much. president obama says the economy is booming, but the latest jobs report shows just the opposite. will running on the president's economic legacy prove a dire mistake for hillary clinton? a factor analysis when we
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support. former heavyweight champion has been battling park kin sons disease for three decades. the u.s. army used helicopters and boats to find four missing soldiers after their truck was flipped by rushing floodwaters yesterday. fort hood spokesman says commanders were in the process of closing roads on the texas base when the incident occurred. 12 soldiers were training to operate the truck when it was overturned. at least five of them were killed. i'm trace gallagher. now back to the o'reilly factor and continuing coverage of muhammed ali's condition. next. in the unresolved problem segment tonight, the real state of the american economy. this week president obama practically proclaimed that the economy has never been better. >> america's economy is not just better than it was eight years ago. it is the strongest, most durable economy in the world. by almost every economic measure, america is better off than when i came here.
5:32 pm
[cheers and applause] at the beginning of my presidency. that's the truth. >> but the latest jobs reported from the labor department is painting quite a different picture. just 38,000 jobs were added in may. the lowest monthlily total in six years. and americans' median household income has barely bundle since president obama took office. joining us now to analyze from tampa, florida, republican strategist adam goodman and from washington democratic strategist richard good stein. richard, start with you. timing in life is everything. president obama comes and take as victory lap on the economy in eckhart, indiana, less than 48 hours later this awful jobs report comes out. >> right. so obviously one month does not make a trend. this is what the 75th, 36th, 77th i can't keep track of how much private sector job growth that we have had. look, when mitt romney ran four years ago, his pledge was to bring unemployment down not to 4.7 or 5.5, but
5:33 pm
to 6%. the fact that we're at 4.7% unemployment putting aside a trip bling of the stock market since the low g.d.p. up by over a third. and household income is up. i mean, by any measure, eric, i have to say that if you had painted the picture of what the economy. >> i have other measures. 94 million americans are not in the labor force, and that is a record. how about this one? the 38,000 jobs that were created in may came 130,000 -- some analysts say, adam, that this could be leading to another recession. >> eric, let me ask you, and richard, would you like to run on this record? the wealth gap is increasing, the middle class is shrinking. half a million americans in may alone stopped looking for work. they were so discouraged. 47% of americans today have no more than $400 in reserve in case something happens we
5:34 pm
have to the an economy explains why two out of three americans down and out on where america is heading. status quo, donald trump will be all the way to the white house. >> doing the math, six months until the election. richard, is this a smart thing for hillary clinton to do to ride president obama's economic coat tails given what we just saw? we may go, we may slide into negative job growth or recession. >> look, the reason that job participation is where it is because every single day ten thousand baby boomers are retiring, okay? 4.7 is something to celebrate. not bemoney. the fact of the matter is, donald trump, don't ask me, ask mitt romney, he said that donald trump's economic policies would lead to a recession. okay? when bill clinton was president, we had the most robust economic growth and job creation ever. right? so when people say oh my god we have to go back to the 90's? please, god, yes.
5:35 pm
>> i can place statistical gymnastics with you all day long because, adam, if you put those 94 million back in or at least a reasonable number of those 94 million back in or the number same percentage as when president obama took office, the unemployment rate balloons to somewhere around 9%. also, incomes are flat. wages are flat,nd net worth, household net worth, adam is lower under president obama. these are not good numbers for the middle class. >> they are not good numbers. maybe the numbers that wall street looks at and the compensation they are getting is just fine. go to main street. ask the people in places like danville and modesto and yuma how well they are doing. they are not doing well at all. one of the reasons why donald trump has advanced in terms of investing in america is investing in infrastructure. you have probably all been reading headlines recently how we not only 58,000 bridges in total disrepair and 1/3 of our roads are in horrible shape but even the
5:36 pm
subway system in washington, d.c. is so bad they may have to close it down for six months. americans want -- they want to invest back in america again. and this jobs record, as much as hillary is going to have problems with the fbi, the inspector general, bernie sanders and everything else will have problems with this as well. >> richard, let me ask you this. under president obama wall street has scored. they have had windfall years and that's fantastic. as adam pointed out, income inequality. the gap between the rich and the poor has wydened. rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. >> that's true. sorry to come back to this we are in a political season. donald trump's tax plan is geared to benefiting the top one tenth of 1%. all those bridges that adam talks about being built, how is the trump economy with 10 trillion less in revenue with his tax plan how do we build bridges by being $10 billion poorer? >> final thought, adam, got to be quick. >> is he going to do what
5:37 pm
ronald reagan did. cut taxes and regulation and get america back to work again. ronald reagan did very well when all the income economic indices. >> clinton did better. >> you hope that obama would have been -- he is not. >> thank you very much both of you guys. up ahead, why is bernie sanders still refusing to drop out of the presidential race especially when it looks like a big, bold, beautiful gift to donald trump? that debate next.fe adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond.
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thanks for staying with us. i'm eric bolling in for boyle. and as we continue this special edition of the factor, a nation divided left vs. right in america, senator bernie sanders refusing to drop out of the presidential race despite mounting pressure from hillary clinton's camp. actress susan sarandon a big sanders backer is making clear why she and others are refusing to get behind mrs. clinton. >> i believe in a way she is more dangerous except they are both talking to henry kissinger lately so maybe depends brings kissinger in. her record, she did not learn from iraq. she is an interventionist and she has done horrible things, horrible things. and very callously. i don't know if she is overcompensating or what her
5:42 pm
trip is, but she -- that scares me. i think we will be in iran in two seconds. it frightens me. >> joining us now with reaction from miami attorney brown and here in the studio democratic strategist harlan hill. both are backers of bernie sanders. and what some sees a unintended boost for mr. donald trump. i will start with you an del, susan sarandon. harlan hill thinks bernie sanders is the answer to america's problems. do you? >> i think bernie sanders brings a perspective and a platform that is energized the american people, particularly the youth and independents about a future that they can believe in. and he is in this race to continue to bring democracy back for the people and away from the big money interests in this country. >> andel, you have seen the pictures coming out of vends where socialism is the government way of life there? you have seen the people barn storming the grocery stores just so they can eat?
5:43 pm
you have seen the shortages? there is no gas there. you have seen what socialism looks like? >> last time i checked this was not venezuela. this was the united states of america. and we are a democracy. because bernie sanders runs on a platform that involves bringing the democracy to the people and government by the people for the people doesn't mean we are looking like venezuela. i think what he is doing is making sure that we have a livable wage for the families that are working out there. making sure that we have a path to education without being encumbered by crippling debt. those are important things for everyone in this country. >> let me bring harlan in here. you have seen the pictures out of venezuela. >> i have. >> do you want a democratic socialist running this great capitalist country? >> you know, that could be america. it really could. really the riots out of the donald trump rally in california yesterday sort of reminded me of the streets of venezuela. so i'm concerned. you know, i'm thinking we're on this trajectory where
5:44 pm
there is this growing income divide between the rich and the poor. people are frustrated. they don't have jobs. we are on the wrong track. i don't know that bernie sanders solutions, a socialist, a democratic socialist are the right ones. >> why do you support him then. >> i'm really more on the never hillary train than i am the bernie sanders train. >> you are looking at the outsider vs. the insider. >> that's it. >> there is another choice of outsider that is not hillary. >> absolutely. >> donald trump. >> when we get to the general election, i'm going to be there for him, okay? because hillary clinton, she is a neocon. she has never seen a war she didn't like. supporting new jerseying of vietnam. trade, disaster. >> what if hillary clinton is the nominee. do you know go to vote for hillary clinton or go to the outsider donald trump which may be exactly what you are talking about with supporting bernie sanders? >> well, to answer the question as why bernie is still in the race, i think it's very important to note that the platform he brings, the way he has energized americans across this
5:45 pm
country he now has influence in the democratic party. in the democratic national convention. >> why do you like bernie sanders? why do you like bernie sanders? >> i like bernie sanders because is he bringing a perspective that is new and fresh and it's about the people. it's not about big money politics. >> is that just -- [talking at the same time] >> are you not describing donald j. trump, outsider bringing newness to politics? >> i'm absolutely not describing donald j. trump. >> you did. >> i think what donald j. trump stands for is not what bernie sanders stands for and not what i stands for. and if we're talking about why bernie is still here. >> citing exactly what you said you liked about bernie sanders, did i not? >> excuse me? i didn't hear what you said. >> i just repeated what you said you liked about bernie sanders. is he an outsider who is bringing not the politics as usual and not indebted to the corporations. >> that's exactly the donald trump part. [talking at the same time]
5:46 pm
>> building a wall between here and mexico. and he is not running around talking about muslims on registries and other things like that. i don't think there is any similarity when you look deeper beyond the fact that they are both political outsiders. bernie sanders brings the perspective. >> i was just using what you said. >> i know that's what you were using. but let's make the distinction here. >> of course. go ahead, harlan. >> the distinction is it that we have a politician. >> we're becoming a nation of entitlements. i thought this was really interested interesting. had you 30,000 jobs created in may. 448,000 people left the workforce with entitlements. the direction we are headed on is the wrong one. if we double down on that with bernie sanders, i don't know where we end up in 10 years, 10, 15 years. so, yeah, i mean i'm with you. we have got problems and bernie sanders is speaking to a lot of the problems that i see. but i'm not sure that he is providing the solutions that we need in a 21st century economy. >> let me ask you, an dell if it's not bernie sanders
5:47 pm
and it's hillary clinton on the democratic side do you support her? >> i think that it is wise for many sanders' supporters if hillary clinton is the nominee to support a clinton presidency. if you look at donald trump, that is not absolutely not what you want to see in the white house. someone who is not prepared for the job and doesn't seem to know what they are doing because the platform changes almost every time he gets interviewed sometime within the same interview the platform changes as far as what is he going to do and how is he going to do it. >> got to lee right there. good debate. an dell and harlan, thank you very much. >> troubling news for the g.o.p. right back with that on this o'reilly factor special.
5:48 pm
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in the back of the book segment tonight, millenials and the republican party. a new survey of 18 to 29-year-olds has unsettling news, 61% of millenials think democrats care more than republicans about making sure the economy grows to benefit everyone. 71% think democrats care more about making sure all americans get a quality education. and 62% believe democrats are more invested in making the justice system fair. joining us now, kristen coe so cities anderson. i'm going to take your opinions one at aim too. kristen, first to you. the most interesting part of the poll? >> the biggest surprise was that more young voters think if you work hard and play by the rules you can't get ahead in america these days. we found that 49% say they think people who succeed tend to do so
5:52 pm
because of skpluk their connections rather than hard work. it makes sense that so many young people are graduating from high school and college, trying to work hard, get into the work force and get ahead and are finding they can't do so. this has sort of shattered their belief in the american dream and the idea that hard work does get you ahead in this country. >> that is the american dream. 49% felt even if they worked hard they wouldn't be able to get ahead. alexandra, what was surprising in the poll for you? >> i think the most surprising thing to me was contrary to popular belief millenials aren't looking for a hand out. we asked characteristics they would like to see in a party or a candidate. we put pays for free college. yet many chose helping to pay for college or new ways to pay for students loans.
5:53 pm
they just want it to be easier. >> why do you think bernie sanders is doing well with the millenials. >> he is talking about the things that matter to them. things like student loans, things like trying to eliminate income inequality. if bernie sanders is the only voice out there on those issues, people will gravitate toward them. as alex mentioned his agenda and policy proposals aren't necessarily ones that young voters love, but he is at least talking about the topics and doing so in an authentic sounding way. >> alexandra, i grew up knowing socialism and communism are bad. it seems that has evolved. are millenials eye frayed of socialism? >> not like our parents' generation. with good reason. freedom is present in everything that we do in our lives. everything we do requires
5:54 pm
freedom. we don't even think about it. we take it for granted. we don't use the language of the greatest generation to describe it. unfortunately, because the democrats have been ever present on line and on campus they have turned socialism into good terms. >> are they soft. have our campuses turned our young people into soft people? are they going to be prepared to tackle, china, russia on the global stage? >> it's scary looking at some of the campuses today. i think we are seeing just what happens when we never tell a generation no. when we have professors and parents that are giving everyone trophies and everyone participation medals. that being said, i think that young voters are a will it more durable than we give them credit for. for example, millenials are the most entrepreneurial generation we've seen in a while. they think about the titans of silicon valley as heros. i think this is something to be
5:55 pm
said for this generation after all. >> kristen r these young people aspirational? do they want to be the next bill gates or mark duckerberg or do they want to be a more compassionate and empathetic person growing up? >> i don't think they see a difference between those two thing. you look at tons of studies showing they are entrepreneurial, they are also a mission driven generation. they want to cure social ills. what is exciting is a lot of them think you can do that through the private sector. >> why is it that these people seem to think that democrats are more capable of doing that than republicans? >> i think the problem is republicans for too long haven't tried to engage with young voters on some of thee issues. democrats are able to win by default. that's why it's posh to get that message to them. >> final question, why democrats more than gop, alex? >> because they show up and we don't. as raubs we tend to spend our money on telephones and radio
5:56 pm
and mailboxes. we don't spend it reaching young people where they are and they are looking for an alternative. >> great debate, you guys, got to leave it there. up ahead, the one thing you absolutely cannot miss this weekend. we'll be right back. if you suffer from a dry mouth, then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene,
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>> stand by. hold your ground. >> cease fire. cease fire. go back in the other direction. cease fire! cease fire! cease fire! ahh! fall back! >> when the shooting starts at lexington, hancock and samad ams have already slipped out of town. but they can still hear the sounds of the battle. >> wow, we hope you check that out. you won't be sorry, i guarantee it. that's it for us. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor. bill will be back on monday with a one on one with donald trump. also be sure to pick up my new
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book, wake up america. it's a great read. remember, the spin stops here, because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, with just four days to go before the final major contests of the 2016 primary season, we are witnessing some of the worst that america has to offer. donald trump supporters find themselves being attacked by violent mobs. and some on the left try to excuse these attacks by blaming the candidate him selves. welcome, everyone to if kelly file. eye i'm trish regan in for megyn kelly tonight. last night in san jose california answered trump protesters took out their fury on his supporters. this is a little of what transpired. watch.