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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  June 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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book wake up america. it's a great read. remember the spin stops here, because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, with just four days to go before the final major contests of the 2016 primary season we are witnessing some of the worst that america has to offer. donald trump supporters find themselves being attacked by violent mobs. and some on the left try to excuse these attacks by blaming the candidate him selves. welcome, everyone to if kelly file. eye i'm trish regan in for megyn kelly tonight. last night in san jose california answered trump protesters took out their fury on his supporters. this is a little of what transpired. watch.
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>> bleep. [ overlapping speakers ] >> put your hands on my neck! >> hey! [ overlapping speakers ] [ bleep ]. >> hey! >> he is egging them on. >> yes he is an idiot. >> he's egging them oh my god. oh, my god. [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> afterwards the two democratic presidential campaigns largely remained silent on this matter. hillary clinton and bernie sanders only addressing it when directly questioned. as for some political commentators they appeared to suggest this is just no big deal. watch. >> let's just not get carried away. you know this -- in the united
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states, this kind of protest has gone on for hundreds of years. it's not that big a deal. a bunch of people -- like the guy got his hat knocked off. one person getting hurt is unacceptable. but it's one person. i just don't think anybody should, you know, think this is a bigger deal than it is. as for the donald himself, today he said this. >> i'm proud. it was absolutely incredible. and it was a love fest inside. we had just an amazing time. and that was it. and we wrapped up. everybody was kmeering like crazy forever -- cheering like crazy for forever. then they walk out and get acosted by a bunch of thugs burning the american flag -- burning the american flag. and you know what they are. they are thugs. >> in just a moment we'll discuss this with thump spokesperson katrina pierson and radio show host richard fowler. first we begin with trace
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gallagher reporting from our west coast newsroom. >> reporter: trish, even if you take eyewitness testimony out of what happened during the trump rally in san jose and just stick with what was documented on videotape, there were numerous violent attacks on trump supporters by trump protesters. one man was sucker punched. another man was blind sided and barbed in the head with a heavy bag. the man who took the video of the bag attack says old people were also getting knocked to the ground and having their trump hats stomped on. he thinks san jose police backed off for too long. watch. >> when this man in the yellow shirt was coming out, there were several officers who did not intervene when the crowd started rushing at him, spitting on him and pushing him. and i don't know what the reason for that is. >> today the police came out and said the reason they didn't intervene sooner is because they
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feared it would insight more violent behavior. the mayor of san jose today said his plenty did an extraordinary job. he blames trump for coming to cities and igniting problems that police have to deal with telling the "associated press," quoting, at some point, donald trump has to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign nchltd a follow-up statement today the mayor again blamed trump for stirring the pot but finally denounced the violence against trump supporters. and hillary clinton echoed that by condemning both the violence and trump. watch. >> this has to end. he set a very bad example. he created an environment in which it seemed to be acceptable for someone running for president to be inciting violence to be encouraging his supporters. >> bernie sanders also weighed in calling trump reprehensible but saying we can't defeat him by throwing eggs.
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finally, there is the media influence. emmitt rentson, a deputy editor at fox, which is a left-leaning news website, has urged people to riot if donald trump comes to town. rentson has now been suspended. >> joining us with reaction to the events katrina pierson, national spokesperson for the trump expand campaign and richard fowler a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and senior fellow at the new leader's council. why don't we see liberals act more aggressively when it comes to condemning violence like this? >> what we saw in san jose what a we saw a couple of nights ago in berkeley it's wrong. violence should never be tolerated. what should be allowed is peaceful protests people saying and speaking their mind. that's our first amendment right. that's what those people are doing. when it goes to violence they should be arrested. we've seen hillary clinton say that bernie sanders say that
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democratic senators are saying that. >> took a while. bernie sanders just moments ago said something in response when he was asked about it. hillary clinton needed to be asked about it. ka. >> katrina pierson, why aren't the two leading candidates and the democratic party coming out, taking a stand and saying enough with the violence? >> well you know trish, it's simple. the media is not asking them to. this started with the chicago rally. we know for a fact there were left organizations participating. move was involved. black lives matter was involved. there were tons of left organizations since that rally. and these protests have done nothing but escalated. you played a clip earlier that was right. these types of intimidation tactics have gone on in this country for years. it's always by the left. >> katrina. >> they want to put the blame on donald trump. we are not going to let that happen. >> let me just ask you, katrina, if it had been support he is for donald trump that were out at a
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hillary clinton campaign rally, and if they had acted like that if they had thrown eggs at someone, if they were burning flags, if they were insulting police how would things be different right now? >> first of all, there would be a petition to have donald trump withdraw from the race and everybody else fired. a trump supporter could have just a sign that the left doesn't like and all of a sudden they will be labelled and attacked. there is a double standard in this country. and look we have known for a very long time in this presidential race right now it was going to be one that was going to pit race against race and gender against gender. that's exactly what is happening. >> i have got to interrupt. the only person inciting violence and hatred here is donald j. trump. first he made fun of a disabled journalist. then he kicked a journalist out of the press pool. >> that's violent? >> let me finish. then he told one of his
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supporters to punch him in the face and i will pay the legal bills. that is what i call not only an assault on our constitution and an assault of what we stand for in america. >>. >> why in america are you not responsible for your own ax actions. >> punch him in the fate that's what he said quote. >> why don't we see trump supporters acting like thatted a hillary clinton and bernie sanders rallies. it's only the bernie and hillary supporters acting like that at his rallies. >> he is inciting hatred against minority grus against americans, hatred against you muslims. >> hatred? >> yes, hatred. >> what is hatred. >> when you say you downtown want muslims in the country, a judge off of a case because he is mexican, that's the definition of hatred. maybe you don't read webster's but it's the division. >> richard. >> yes. >> are you saying ethnicity has no place in the justice system?
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are you willing to denounce black lives matter tonight? >> justice is spooiz supposed to be a blind thing. lady justice is supposed to be blind. >> you supported black lives matter ferguson. >> i do i absolutely do. >> now you are saying they have no place -- >> richard, we should start with exactly what you said in the beginnings you don't condone violence? >> i don't, but donald trump does. >> the democratic party shouldn't condone it either. >> donald trump does. >> we're going to leave it there. paul ryan had strong words for donald trump just one day after finally endorsing the presumptive presumptive gop nominee. the comment coming regarding the judge the trump university case. >> the comment about the judge is reasoning i don't relate. to i completely disagree with the thinking behind that. so he clearly says and does things i don't agree with.
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and i have had to speak up from time to time when that has occurred and i'll continue to do that if it's necessary. i hope it's not. >> but mr. trumps comments are not the only ones drawing ire tonight as hillary clinton seemed to make a loathe loaded suggestion with the new york business man's own heritage. listen to this. >> it makes no sense to me. the judge was born in indiana. yes, he is of mexican heritage. donald trump is apparently of german heritage. what does that mean? we are all americans. >> joining me david wall as well as guy benson a fox news contributor and political editor at town good evening gentlemen. >> hi, trish. >> david, how do you interpret what we just heard from hillary clinton where she referred to donald trump's german heritage? >> i think it's just garbage. the whole thing is ridiculous. when donald trump said mexican referring to the judge. i mean he would agree with me
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there are tremendous numbers of latino lawyers and judges that do outstanding jobs. i work with them every day of the week. what he is referring to is his membership in la raza association. it is a racist organization that caters to latino lawyers. that's fine for lawyers. but when a judge joins this organization it raises questions of bias. >> it is the understanding david -- it's our understanding that organization is actually not directed related to la raza. >> not directly. >> it has the same name. >> i looked today, it's not directly affiliated with the one causing the violence at rallies. that's correct. >> i want to leave that aside. we'll get back to it in a minute. back to what hillary clinton said there, it seems to me by her saying okay donald trump has german heritage -- and you can infer from that what you want it seems to be kind of playing
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his game. and i don't know if that works. >> well i mean i think what hillary clinton said for the most part and i am loathe to defend her because i strenuously oppose her candidacy, but she is right, the fact this judge's parents happen to be from mexico. he was born in indianapolis. u.s. citizen, that has no bearing whatsoever on the facts of this case in trump university which pertains to alleged ramp ant fraud at that fake failed university. and to invoke the irrelevancy in such a gratuitous way of this judge's cultural heritage the way donald trump has for months by the way, moek making it most explicit just in the last few days it's race baiting, and it's repulsive. >> david is that what it is? >> no. i disagree completely. >> of course. >> what they have to do -- donald trump at this point has to get evidence that the judge is engaged in lectures biased
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against donald trump or strict immigration laws. e-mails, letters, and attach that to an objection to have him recused. or simply do a settle mountain that admits no liability, get this thing out of the way, and get onto the issues that mean something and get onto the complain that will put him in the white house where he should be. >> okay. go ahead. >> do you have any evidence -- you said get the evidence that this guy is biased against trump personal loo. >> when trump makes a policy statement, regarding a wall mexico will pay for it when he makes a policy statement regarding strict enforce men of immigration laws or deportation mysteriously rulings come down from the judges that are adverse to donald trump's case. so that is at least circumstantial evidence to some degree of bias and it needs to be investigated. >> let me ask you this i think a lot of people will say maybe he shouldn't have mentioned the guy was mexican. maybe that took it too far.
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is he perhaps doing something else? think about it. just a couple of days ago everybody in the immediate contract was talking about drimp swindling people swindling people out of hard earned money. now all of a sudden they are talking about bias that the judge may have had because he wants to build this wall. is this perhaps him yet showing another example of how he's twisting the story and getting ahead in front of the media? >> i mean okay so we're transitioning from a focus on trump university which isn't going away and the alleged fraud that went on there, bilking people who couldn't afford it out of tens of thousands of dollars and denying it even though there is lots of evidence. and then race baiting a judge based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever. the suggestion is -- i mean it's very clear. >> does the judge have max can heritage guy, does he? >> yes. >> that's not necessarily a bad thing to safe. there is a lot of wonderful
6:15 pm
mexican judges and lawyers. why is that such a horrible thing to say. >> the story is going to live on the debate is going to live on. we will continue to be all over it good to see you. >> thank you. just a couple of days away from the all important california primary. a new poll shows bernie sanders is in a dead heat with hillary clinton in the golden state. chris steigerwald is here with a look at why hillary clinton needs to seal the deal. can she? as the white house announces 5,000 more syrian refugees reselling here in the united states of america, there are new concerns tonight about background checks. tony schaeffer is going to tell us what he is hearing about potential terrorists in our midst before duncan hunter tells us about a smuggling ring bringing potential terrorists right here to our doorstep. and just this week president obama took a victory lap on the economy. but that was before some of the worst job numbers in years showed up. tucker karlsson and allen combs
6:16 pm
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breaking tonight, just days before the critical california democratic primary, where hillary clinton and bernie sanders are battling for every vote they can get, a new los angeles times poll finds for the first time sanders leading clinton in eligible primary voters. joining me now, fox news digital politics editor, chris steigerwald. chris, california is a big state. why can't she seem to win it? >> well look she was favored to win it all along. what you are seeing is that as it gets to the end, what she wants to be an exclamation point on her campaignings on her candidacy is turning into a question mark. is the largest state, the most important democratic state, the source of the largest number of democratic electoral votes all of that jazz out there, why can't she quite button this up at the end. let's face facts.
6:21 pm
she is so close to getting over the top that by the time we get to california on tuesday, the number will be there. she will have surpassed that number. if bernie sanders wins california you know what he is going to do? he is going to stay in the race. he is going to linger and say i won the biggest said. >> what does he want? >> to be a living hell for hillary clinton. to create the maximum amount -- >> hasn't he already done that? >> he certainly has. he wants to make it very hard for her to get elected president. she wants to make sure she can't pivot ott middle. he wants to make sure she is pinned down that when she does the thing she is getting ready to do -- in between roasting trump on a spit she would basically remind everybody i am a very hawkish person when it comes to foreign policy. i will bomb stuff and blow stuff up. as she was talking about that, she wants to make a pivot to the center. bernie sanders wants to nail her feet to the floor f. he wins in california he will stay and
6:22 pm
fight for super delegates at the convention and it hab heinous. >> who would have thought. chris, thanks. it was two days ago that president obama took a big victory lap on the economy in and out indiana. watch. >> by almost every economic measure, america's better off than when i came here at the beginning of my presidency. we cut unemployment in half years before a lot of economists thought we could. >> a dismal jobs report out today showing that job growth has slowed to its slowest pace in nearly six years has economists warning we may soon slip into recession. and perhaps more alarming nearly half a million americans gave up -- just gave up looking for work all together. which is why many argue the drop in the unemployment rate the president just touted is all about people giving up. so much for this so-called recovery. joining me now with the
6:23 pm
political implications of a tough economy, tucker karlsson and alan colmes. tucker does a bad economy give trump an advantage. >> of course he would. the truth is the labor force participation in this country as of today is at levels not seen since jimmy carter was president. many people suspect that the economy is based on monetary policy. cheap money is not real. and it has benefitted only a small percentage. by the way, for every immigrant allowed into this country under the obama presidency there has been one half a job waiting. two immigrants for every job created. they are acting against the interests of american workers. >> alan i don't know how she runs on his economic record. she has to live him down. >> 3 million jobs. months of a months of hundreds of thousands of job growth. it's tuny how conservatives are taking one month.
6:24 pm
>> 75 months of job growth. but those are not good jobs. a lot of them are part tight. they are not paying anything. wages haven't gone anywhere in eight years. >> it took years to get over the depression the 1929 depression. he inherited the worst economy since the depression. month after month after month of job growth. millions of jobs created and people want to look at this sliver and say hillary can't move all because of what happened in this one month. >> a year ago we are earning exactly the same or less when you account for inflation. [ overlapping speakers ] >> we were essentially in a depression at that point. >> i don't think every person will blame any economic crisis on any sitting president. >> but why blame it on hillary clinton. >> why would the administration let in twice as many immigrants as jobs being created. >> deported more illegal
6:25 pm
immigrants. [ overlapping speakers ] >> you can't escape in the last two years, 3 million immigrants have come to the united states. we have not created 3 million jobs in the last two years. >> that's not true. >> it is true. >> created millions of jobs in the obama administration. >> the last two years? >> that's not true. >> what i would add to what tucker is saying. it's not about filling jobs for immigrants and keeping some for americans. you have population growth. you have to be adding 150,000 jobs a month. >> we have been doing that month after month after monday. you are taking a sliver of one month. [ overlapping speakers ] >> they don't pay anything. >> wages are increasing. 5% more -- 5 cents more over the last month. wages are higher than wherp.they were. and you have to take into consideration where we were when obama took office. >> anybody stuck with the obama economic legacy is going to have
6:26 pm
a tough time getting elected this year. nobody even most democrats believes -- >> you have to believe the economy is worse now unanimous when obama took office. >> you talk to any american, and they will tell you they don't feel good about the economy or their prospects in it right now. >> can't wait until november. >> coming up troubling news concerning boxing legend mohammad ali. we'll tell you what his family is saying tonight. plus ivy leaguers throw a fit over the lack of diversity in their poetry class curriculum. jason riley is here with his reaction. and the president is making good on his promise to bring 10,000 syrian refugees to the united states. but sources tell the kelly file that some of them could be very bad actors. >> the president has committed to accepting at least 10,000 syrian refugees this fiscal year. it's a humanitarian obligation and commitment on our behalf.
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america, they don't call it travel season for nothing. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ this summer at choice hotels the more you go the better. now get a free $50 gift card for staying just 2 times. so go. book now at you always have a choice. breaking torngt growing concerns as the obama administration moves forward with the resettlement of nearly 5,000 more syrian refugees in the united states. this coming despite fears that
6:31 pm
the u.s. government cannot vet them all for ties to terrorism. in just moments, we'll be joined by lieutenant sol tony schaeffer on what he's hearing from his intel sources on the threat of isis terrorists infiltrating the refugee pipeline and congressman duncan hunter on a potential smuggling ring already on the southern border. first, trace gallagher is live in the west coast newsroom with the latest details. >> trish, the president is still pushing to accept 10,000 syrian refugees by the end of the summer. but it looks like that goal will fall short. and now the administration is being criticized by democrats, world leaders and human rights groups. the senior director of the international migration center said the u.s. talks a good game but doesn't follow through. president obama blames anti-immigration sentiment and republicans like donald trump for stoking fears about terrorism. and fails to mention the fact that 47 house democrats joined
6:32 pm
the republicans for tighting screening for refugees. and some conservatives are pishing for an even stricter vetting process. now senators led by kick durbin said the administration can and should do much more to accept the refugees. jay johnson says this fiscal year 2700 syrian refugees have been resettled in the u.s. with an additional 4700 awaiting resettlement. but many of those are still being screened. human rights groups blame the slow pace on red tape and lack of funding. but jay johnson says that's changing. listen. >> we have surnled resources for refugee screening in places like turkey and jordan. and we're going to get the job done. and we should. it's an humanitarian obligation and commitment on our behalf. >> and so far, michigan california arizona, and pennsylvania have taken in the most syrian refugees.
6:33 pm
trish? >> thank you so much trace. we mentioned the concerns that isis and other terror groups could infiltrate those refugee populations. those concerns are out there. and those warnings have not only been around for months. they have been coming from some of our nation's top officials. >> we're not going to know a whole lot about the individual refugees that come forward from the u.n. high commission on refugees for resettlement and vetting. >> my concern there is there are certain gaps they don't want to talk about publicly in the data available to us. >> i don't obviously put it past the likes of isil to infiltrate operatives among these refugees. >> retired lieutenant colonel tony schaeffer is a cia-trained intelon now with the london center for policy. colonel schaeffer what is the biggest risk for us right now, taking in 10,000 syrian
6:34 pm
refugees? >> they just said -- i'll tell what you the gap is that they are -- there is no data. we don't know anything about these people because it's not like someone immigrating from germany why they have a long history. there is no data. nothing to start with. no baseline. that's number one. number two, we have to look at this fact europe has had a massive problem with immigration. we've seen massive terrorist attacks which resulted in debt of citizens. let's remind everybody that the job of the federal government is to provide common zpfs common good. san bernardino resulted in bad immigration policies. so what we have to do is understand that within this influx about -- >> what are your sources telling you about these people? >> between 10 and 17% of these folks are going to be isis. we know that from both the intelligence we saw from the european attacks and what we've studied studied. >> 470 people. >> yes. >> could have ties to isis? >> they do, they will in some
6:35 pm
form. >> why are we allowing them in? >> two reasons. first, politic correctness. again, we are ignoring the lessons from europe. we have seen what happens in europe and we're pretending it doesn't exist. second you have a president and administration who are completely committed to a course of action which will essentially undermine our defense. i can't give you why they are doing it. but that is exactly what they are doing. we know this. >> it's not just president obama, by the way. hillary clinton wants even more syrian refugees. she wants 65,000 refugees. we heard her speak on this recently. >> right. >> back in november. if we have a clip let's take a listen. >> sure. >> slamming the door on every syrian refugee, that is just not who we are. we should be doing more to ease this humanitarian crisis not less. america's open free tolerant society is skribd by some as a vulnerability in the struggle against terrorism. but i actually believe it's one of our strengths. >> colonel, to be an open and
6:36 pm
free society, don't you also need to be a safe society? >> she is insane. this is the deal. the u.s. government's job is to protect citizens like you and me. the refugee crisis as tragic as it is it's not our making we didn't do it. what we need to do is find a solution that engages allies like the saudi arabiian and others who have a lot of territory that they can move them to. saudis have a lot of country, they speak the language they are all muslims. same culture. it's odd to me that mrs. clinton would be professing the idea of bringing in an alien culture who do not want to assimilate. we don't want to see includes terse of individuals unassimilated like in europe. we can do things to help had. helping in this manner is not going to be helpful. and people will die. >> colonel, good to see you on the to. and thank you very much. thank you for having me snooze as if the problem with
6:37 pm
vetting syrian refugees wasn't enough here we are learning about a potentially smuggling network targeting our southern border. according to u.s. federal government unearthed by our next guest this network has already brought individuals with suspected terror ties to the united states' doorstep. congressman duncan hunter is a marine combat veteran and a member of the house armed services committee. congressan ma welcome. what have you learned. >> thank you for having me. hey, it's very sbrchlg i'm coming to you right now from san diego. we have known this anecdotally for a long time. anybody that lives in arizona, texas, or san diego, california we know that there is folks coming over from the middle east and southwest asia and they are using mexico to get north into the u.s. here's what we just found out. five pakistanis and one afghan were apprehended 15 miles north arizona. they were flown from the middle east to brazil. then they went through peru.
6:38 pm
went all the way up through panama into mexico and now they ended up in the u.s. the five pakistanis as far as we know got away. they claimed they were asylum seekers. their names didn't register on any database. but the afghan -- the afghan did. the afghan was involved with planning terror plots within the u.s. and canada. we know he is not a good guy in afghanistan. and here he was in arizona. here's the -- you know that's the first problem is that there is not a secure border. no matter what the administration tries to say, it's not just people coming overlooking for work. it's people coming here to harm americans. >> that's big thing. we know in fact in this particular case as i understand it this was mexican drug lords who helped them with this smuggling ring to get the middle easters, including the of a fan who wanted to cause harm in the united states and in canada who wanted to bring them into this country. and they will do that for a fee, kpregt? >> absolutely. yeah. they will take anybody for a fee. >> for a fee.
6:39 pm
and we need the protect against that. how can we? >> you have to secure the border. here in san diego, we have a double border fence. you know donald trump talks about the wall. we have a double border fence here in san diego where hardly anybody crosses literally we have two giant fences with high-speed road in between that the border patrol drives back and forth. that has to go from the pacific ocean to texas, and you can stop people coming in. fences make good neighbors. that's what is important in this case too. >> not just fences do, we need to be thinking hard about all our borders, we share a border with canada. and anyone from belgium or france that may have been born in those countries that has ties to isis they can come here on a plane any time they want. >> no we -- we have stopped those expedited visas for those countries. we have now had to stop those and say hey we are going to take a closer look at you.
6:40 pm
if up side, we can look at you, test you, check with the german and french authorities. if you are coming up from mexico we can't test anything. canada is not mexico. mexico is a nation torn by drugs and crime. that is not canada. >> we have got a lot of work to do. >> we have to secure the border. yeah that's it. that's how you fix it. >> congressman, thank you very much. breaking toonltd everyone the vwf is hitting back at president obama after members felt the president sleighted the nation's largest veterans group. we have their powerful response coming up. plus students at yale university are demanding the english department no longer require them to study the klattics. because, you know those writers e those poe, et cetera they are just too white. and they are too male. we're going to talk about the latest in political correctness gone totally, utterly insane with louise mench and jason riley. don't go away.
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breaking tonight, new reports that boxing legend muhammad ali is hospitalized in very serious condition. a source closely connected to ali's family says the boxing great is in grave condition and just hours from death. yesterday, ali was brought to a phoenix area hospital with serious respiratory issues complicated by his parkinson's disease. now his family is gathered at his bedside. we will continue to monitor the situation and his condition. well there is new controversy at a major university tonight as students at yale say their required courses on english poe, et cetera like shakespeare and milton are too white and too male centric. now the ivy leaguers are petitioning faculties to quote, decolonize the courses.
6:46 pm
joining me louise mench, and jason riley author of please stop helping us. good to see both of you. look it seems to me -- you are there at yale university or any university for that matter to get an education. and like it or not, part of the education is that foundation in the great greats like shake spears. i'm sorry i don't think there were a lot of women or black people or any other minority writing at that time. >> i think it starts with the adults. there is no adult supervision at these schools. these kids ought to be told the truth. the truth, and this applies to minorities especially that there has never ban better time to be part of a racial minority ethnic minor it. you have tremendous opportunities. instead of nurturing grievances i think these kids ought to spend more time working to make sure they can take advantage of a all the opportunities out there for them today.
6:47 pm
but they are not being told to do that. partly because the administrators and the faculty tend to be former radicals themselves. reluctant to speak plain truths. >> not just at yale. there was a story on your site louise. >> that's right. >> at a seattle university where kids are demanding that the dean step down because the curriculum had not been diversified enough? >> it's a case of curriculum so white. in disgracefully in the case of seattle they actually got the dean suspended because of a classical normal curriculum. it was apparently too western. we also covered virginia tech disinviting mr. o'reilly for the crime. the course at yale is entitled major english poe, et cetera as an english woman i can tell you there were not ethnic minority in the 1500s in england. and i don't protest when i went
6:48 pm
to oxford i didn't protest because there wasn't a lot of women. that's the way the cookie crumbles. >> nobody is preventing you from reading all the female authors, all the african-american authors, all the gay authors you want. you can do all that. >> these institutions used to be dedicated to robust intellectual debate. that is no longer the case. kids are taught to shut down offenders. they are taught to say i'm offended. that's the beginning and end of a conversation. we are going to let the generation that gave us the kardashian determine the modern day relevance of milton and shakespeare? i think that's ridiculous. >> i think mr. riley is exactly right. the tragedy here is there are so many students of color and otherwise who would kill to have that place at yale who would kill to have the opportunity given to these students. instead of taking advantage of the opportunity in front of them they are crying their way through. >> we are not helping the kids
6:49 pm
by coddling them. in the real world there are no trigger warnings no safe phrases. they should learn that sooner rather than later. >> i think you said something important. people forget this, lose sight of it in academia. academia should be a place that welcomings the expression of thought, where thought is tolerated and examined and expressed. and we are seeing anything but that right now. >> how is this different from book burning? how is this different from mccarthyism? except in former decades it was those on the right who were burning the books. now those on the left are met forically burning the books. if you are at yale and you are afraid of an idea then -- >> if you are at yale and you think that othello creates a hostile environment you should be going to a different school. >> good to see you. new reaction tonight from our nation's largest veteran's
6:50 pm
group. the vfw is striking back after they felt sleighted by president obama. and this is after years of a warm relationship. we have the controversy for you next. >> god bless these american heroes. god bless all our troops and all of our veterans. god bless the united states of america. thank you, vfw. we're proud of what you do. ♪ ♪ ♪ take on the unexpected with a car that could stop for you. nissan safety shield technologies available in the altima, sentra and maxima.
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6:54 pm
new reaction tonight to a different kind of response to president obama from the vfw after being warmly welcomed by the nation's largest veterans group in the last few years. members are speaking out after perceiving a slight from the commander in chief. trace gallagher has the details. >> some veterans are quick do remind the president they're well able to think for themselves. during his elkhart, indiana, speech president obama called autothe out the conservative media and said those who are listening are being misled and may have a skewed take on today's economy. watch. >> we've been hearing this story for decades. tales about welfare queens. talking about takers. talking about the 47%.
6:55 pm
it's the story that is broadcast every day on some cable news stations. on right-wing radio. it's pumped into cars and bars and vfw halls. if you're hearing that story all the time, you start believing it. >> well the vfw wasn't happy with the shout-out. the group's national commander released a statement yesterday hitting back at the president's remark quoting "we don't have confused politics we don't need left or right wing media filters telling us how to think or vote and we don't need any president of the united states lecturing us about how we are individually affected by the economy" adding the comment denigrated the service, sacrifice and intelligence of all men and women in uniform. the president is no stranger to the group of 1.7 million vets. having addressed their convention several times including last july. >> thank you, trace. we'll be right back. my experience with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty
6:56 pm
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me tonight. my thanks again to megyn for letting me sit in for her tonight. have a terrific weekend, everyone, and i hope to see you all on our business network, everyone monday 2:00 p.m. eastern for "intelligence report." good night. tonight on this special edition of ""hannity," donald trump takes on the liberal media. >> do we like the do we hate the media? >> yes! >> while hillary clinton hides from the press and president obama lashes out at fox news and talk radio. >> i haven't, you know turned on fox news or listened to conservative talk radio yet today. i'm not exaggerating in terms of their story. that's the story they tell. >> katie couric is caught selectively editing her anti-gun documentary. >> how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun? [ silence


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