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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  June 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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touch people he met for an instant like geraldo and all those we will hear from later. >> thank you very much for joining us today. bl >> democrats hillary clinton and sanders are locked in a tight race with two points separating them in the latest "wall street journal" poll. clinton canceled events in new jersey tow head to the golden state. something her opponent made note of in a rally in palo alto. >> i read the newspapers, the "new york times" and the other papers and they said the campaign is over. i suddenly sawhillry clinton
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racing to california. maybe they think this campaign is not quite over. >> joining the panel this week, columnist and deputy editor, colu columnist kim estrada. kim, the race is close. why is hillary clinton having such a hard time closing the deal? >> i would say three things. she has a cloud hanging over her head given this server problem. the inspector general report that came out. two, she has an enthusiasm problem. people are flocking to bernie sanders and running into the race and finally she has a trust problem. voters don't think they can believe what she has to say. all of those things are combining to give them a >> 1.5 million new voters
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registered since january. 600,000 of those in the last 45 days, most of them are democrats. are those sanders voters? >> yes and they are looking at those they are sanders voters. many are young and a lot of them in demographics that she had one in california before like for instance hispanics. it suggested he is polling much better with her traditional audiences. she is keeping the older voters with hillary clinton in 2008 and all of the new youngblood is with bernie sanders. >> california's estate with the democratic party as a huge minority proportion. hispanic and asian americans. why not this time. >> they have an insurmountable
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lead and he is not going to the time he will look at donald trump. she has to be careful about how she treats his supporters. move to donald trump. the anti-establishment types, she needs their enthusiasm in november. >> i want to get to that argument. that's right. even if she loses california because of the way delegates are allocated, she will say i'm the presumptive nominee. what is sanders's nominee going to be in reply to that. >> she has all the super delegates and maybe they will say we need an alternative.
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we need the argument. he has to make that case. >> the argument is democrats don't want her to be the nominee. a striking findings. even among voters, her voters, most are not enthusiastic. they are grudgingly going along. if you see the enthusiasm on the sanders side. >> she will have the delegates. almost certainly she will be the nominee. what does sander dos to tear off the super delegates? >> an indictment would help. we talked about the e-mail issue. if the indictment didn't come and shaping the platform. i know that's what she is playing for, but what is the argument? >> he can win. she is going to lose. >> he is the better. >> he is points ahead of trump and she is even.
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bernie is going to look at the super delegates and say she is going to lose it for you and i can win it. >> every prominent democrat will come out including some progressives and say bernie, time to leave, mate. time to get out because of the force of the democratic party. let's unify. huh your moment in the sun. several months. get out. how does bernie with stand that pressure. >> bernie being bernie will stand up against them. she raised a lot of money and all over the country. she has hundreds of people on the ground already in states like florida and ohio. it will be hard for bern tow duplicate that. the democratic party understands that. >> do you agree that all the democratic people will come out after california. win or lose for clinton and say time to get out? >> united, but but they will have to be careful.
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the bernie supporters are behind him and they cannot risk offending him. a poll showed about half of hillary clinton supporters said they would support bernie sanders were he the nominee and only about a quarter of bernie supporters said they could support hillary clinton. you have to treat them gently. >> why would bernie sanders want to stay in? what is he looking for? >> what he will say publicly and what he won't say. what he won't say is he will stay in case something happens with an indictment and hillary clinton gets drummed out of the race. his argument is going to be look, none of this is over until the delegates have voted and i'm going to be there and influence who the vice presidential candidate is going to be and influence what the party platform is in the end and he can only do that if he is there and still a threat to her at the convention. >> kim, thank you. still ahead with the poll numbers dropping and her legal
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i'm in charge of it all. business expenses, so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it. >> with her polls dropping, there is no more than a theoretical chance that hillary clinton will not be the nominee. and pollsters for president bill clinton. your argument which you made this week has an enormous response and i assume a lot from bernie sanders's report. it runs against all the conventional wisdom. make your case.
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how to change the rules on the super delegates to find them to the state's results that are representing. all of that could well lead to the secretary of state not being the nominee. >> how so? she is not going to stop. she is going to fight every step of the way. even if she loses california, she will say i'm still ahead in the delegates and the super delegates are still in my camp and bernie, it's time to get out. the pressure will be on sanders to get out. >> it will be and i don't see the evidence that he will heed that. the justice department will act before the convention in philadelphia.
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>> they said that's the reason for him to stay in and from bernie sanders's point of view, it doesn't it make sense to go to the convention as he did in 1980 at the convention in new york against jimmy carter? see what happens. all of which suggests to me this process has a long way to go. >> do you think bernie sanders wins california? >> with all the new registrants, these are more likely to not be sanders voters. the evidence i have from out there said the enthusiasm of the sanders people is much greater. even with all the things they say, he wins california and all the enthusiasm. short of an indictment, does he have a chance to turn super delegates? >> first it depends on how the poll numbers hold up with donald
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trump. it was a better week than for donald trump. so far the polls have shown a pretty even race. that's one problem. >> sanders is ahead by ten. i think there has to be culpability and there is an argument that she did violate statutes and if two or three committed illegal acts, we have a different set of questions. >> that would be throwing everything up in the air. it's all speculation. say that happens. the party super delegates and a lot of elites would like to say we are not going to give the nomination to sanders or biden and even elizabeth warren and nominate one of them. they are not going to like them.
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this is a guy who had won more than 20 primaries. >> that's the problem. sanders is going to stay in for that potential situation. with biden, he would try to run with elizabeth warren to placate the left & that's with lyndon johnson support. >> is sanders a stronger candidate against trump than mrs. clinton? >> obviously at this point yes. because of the sanger in the electorate potentially more so than those who dismissed him. they are running against somebody who is arguably weaker. >> you argued for years that there is an opening for the third party. this year with them having the highest unfavorables, is this the third party year?
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>> it is the year that the polling i have seen and done and others have done shows 55 to 60% of the american people who want a third party on the ticket. 20 to 25% said they would vote. >> what about the libertarian party? could this be the year in. >> it's possible they are getting at least in a fox poll 10 to 11%. i don't think they will do that well. they will do a lot better than the 1%. >> i don't think he could. we are in such an unpredictable year. i hate to make definitive statements. >> thank you for all the statements. she may not be the nominee, but hillary clinton is acting like it, taking on donald trump over foreign policy. so was her attack effective. >> those phony. everything you're pretty good at now,
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>> americans are not just electing a president in november. we are choosing our next commander in chief, the person we count on to decide questions of war and peace, live and death. like many across our country and around the world, i believe the person the republicans have nominated for president cannot do the job. >> that was hillary clinton in san diego this week and what her campaign billed as a major foreign policy address. rather than laying out her vision, she unleashed a blistering attack on donald trump saying he is unfit to be commander in chief and calling
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his foreign policy dangerously incoherent. we are back and she is clearly trying to disqualify donald trump saying she too risky and can't do the jobs. strategy? >> i have to say this was a pretty effective speech for a couple of reasons. one to the extent she criticized him, she did it using his own words. two, he has no answer after she levelled the criticism. the best was to criticize her performance. finally it deflected attentions from her own record out there and that's good for her in the long run. >> who was her audience? was she talking to democrats ahead of the primary or talking to republicans or independents who might be on the fence about trump and trying to reinforce doubts about him? >> she is talking to all the
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general election voters. donald trump has been given a path and they didn't mind he blustered along in this area the way he does in many things. the voters he will need are moderates. they are independents. they may not be going to vote primarily on foreign policy, they need to see a level of comfort with the candidate they vote for. >> this is interesting. she is turning donald trump strategy on donald trump. you don't have a policy debate with him. he goes after people after personality and character. that's what she did to trump. there was not much policy debate. we favor allies. who doesn't? >> her tone was better on the campaign trail. she sounds a bit shril.
11:22 am
>> here sounds like don rickles half the time. that is devastating when you lay it out there. she ran into trouble when she tried to list her accomplishments because they sounded like she checked them off. china, russia, israel. >> that was the copenhagen climate agreement. she talked about nuclear missiles and russia is walking all over us. so she really didn't -- she is not able to articulate her own successes because she doesn't have any. that's where her vulnerabilities are. >> the vulnerabilities being associated with the obama administration on foreign policy. >> she has to separate herself from obama although she said she was an enabler for the iran nuclear deal and attached herself to it.
11:23 am
we have to understand, the election is not a national referendum. you have to win more than the other person. it will be a battle for the middle. that's what she was aiming at. i'm not so sure there a lot of independents who are trending towards donald trump. even if he goes out there going benghazi, yemen. radical islam. is there a lot of independents who will say that? yes, he is right. i'm not so sure about it. >> kim made the point. he didn't have a response. the campaign had no response. he tweeted a couple of things about her presentation, but the policy record. i know this campaign defies convention, but if you are going to make a case against somebody, at least mention the case. >> this made for twitter counter punches are available and starting with you found time to
11:24 am
tell chelsea what a tough day you had even though people were dieing in benghazi. there was a lot. i wonder what the audience was for the speech. >> the independence. >> it sounded like a critique of the administration she just served. she talked about a strong america that needs. barack obama did not want us leaving. he wanted us stepping back. she talked about clear strategies to defeat isis. where has that been? you ran down the list. you were tempted as a right of center voters to go with her military strategy. you look at the record. >> what's the explanation for why trump didn't respond beyond performance insults? >> it's mind-boggling. he does know that foreign policy
11:25 am
is not his biggest strength and he struggled since he started. look, there is a lot of opportunity for him here if he were to respond. it is not just tying hillary clinton to barack obama's legacy which could be deadly in his own, but the agenda which was quite different from barack obama, most of a center or less type of democratic foreign policy that preceded barack obama. never very popular in the country anyway. it was a bit disqualifying for a long time. he could narrow in not to mention national security issues having to do with her server. >> is this an edge for trump or clinton? >> it's an edge for trump, but he has to recognize it and become serious and presidential about answering her. >> we have a special edition. still ahead, president obama
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weighs in to the 2016 campaign touting an economic record and accusing republicans of distorting his accomplishments. on the heels of the dismal jobs report, is it a good one for democrats. i know how it is. you're all set to book a flight using your airline credit card miles. and surprise! those seats sometimes cost a ridiculous number of miles, making it really hard to book the flight you want. luckily, there's a better way... with the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline, then use your miles to cover the cost. now you're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet?
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hoplenty fast.? it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. even if it doesn't catch on, doesn't mean it's not true. the john deere ztrak z535m. it's how well you mow fast. >> let me be as straight as i can be about the economic
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policies you will face. i will start with a story that not all republican, but some republicans aring. america's working class, america's middle class, families like yours have been victimized by a big bloated federal government run by a bunch of left wing elitists like me. >> welcome back to the special edition editorial report. that was president obama in indiana this week touting economic record and attacking the conservative media and gop. with the obama economy with the winning issue come november. what we are seeing here is the jobs market caught up or down.
11:31 am
with the overall economy, is this a trend for a new lower level. >> seven years as of this month. >> if we are running out of steam, it wouldn't be surprising. >> we have a record americans not working. 947 million americans not working. one of the problems we see here just as president obama described t very heavy regulation is dampening the interest that investors have in capital spending. that is a long-term thing that eventually eats into the ability of the economy to grow. just last week we had a piece that said he was one of the founders of home depot and could not have started this business
11:32 am
right now. i couldn't get a small business going like that. >> the business investment is so slow. that's the driver of new jobs and the driver of productivity. it's a driver of growth. >> that's right. business people around the sidelines, they are thinking the same thing he is thinking. what's the argument now? the president went to great lengths to avoid talking about the weight that they put on the economy. >> here doesn't think it's a weight. he thinks it's a benefit. >> here called it a myth that he is overregulating. the united states is paying $1.9 trillion a year to comply with regulation. that's bigger than the economy in canada. >> in may, 38,000 jobs were created.
11:33 am
the worst since 2010. that is not the result of the conservative media. people can see that. you can look at the low unemployment rates, but that is fewer people bothering to look for work. >> we had more than two million jobs created each year. this is an aberration. we are going to be moving up. let's relax. >> the figures were revised down by 59,000. you look at the labor participation and the stagnant wages and you can spin this any way he wants, the fact of the matter is and hope this is not the time to switch teams and things are moving in the right direction. >> the republicans did for us in the crisis. >> people are paying attention to what they see in these numbers. >> what do you think about this. trump is up about 10 points in the polling versus hillary clinton on the economy.
11:34 am
is this an advantage for trump? >> it is huge. it is the advantage. in every exit poll on the democratic and the republican side, number one issue, democrat and republican, economic anxiety including democrats. he is trying to make it. people are obsessed about the economy. he is making the argument that hillary is going to make which is it's all the republicans's fault. i tried to do so many good things like raise the minimum wage and they blocked me. this is the do nothing republican congress and they are responsible for the economy? >> this should be bigger than a 10-point advantage. hillary is saying more regulation and more taxes. trump has a tax cutting plan and he seems fuzzo it and the need to reduce regulation.
11:35 am
>> here didn't respond to the jobs numbers. >> he had one or two tweets. >> do we go back to business investment in it's important if you look at the numbers, businesses are spending on cost cutting. they don't go on expansion. the animal spirits are not there for people who want it. >> i couldn't agree more. everybody is holding back. there is uncertainty and before you know it, the president and hillary will be blaming trump. if he doesn't speak up and make a case for what the problem is, they will win that argument. >> you are right. what obama has been able to do for the past seven years is divorce his personal likeable for the popularity of his policies. two out of three americans say the economy is moving in the wrong direction and his approval
11:36 am
rate is about 50% and moving up. it is remarkable. your policies can be as unpopular but he is likeable. like hillary clinton he can be out there campaigning with her. that makes him more popular among the democrats. >> i have to go. this will be interesting. still ahead, hillary clinton and donald trump with record high negatives. in a political year where anything can happen. can a third party candidate still breakthrough? in a good, clean salad, every ingredient is the main ingredient. whether it's big... or small. first to go. or best for last. sweet. or not so sweet. whether it's tossed... or twirled. if it's easy prey. or plays hard to get.
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11:40 am
trump. the governor of new mexico was nominated that the convention in orlando last week and his running mate of another governor of massachusetts. to end a third party that has a chance to score well enough. it's reasonably well when the nominees of not popular or you have a period of upset and people want to change. we have both of those factors now. can johnson or somebody else breakthrough? >> i don't think they can breakthrough, but this is a moment for third party candidacy. we never had an election like that. half of republicans and half of democrats say they are voting for the candidate because they hate the other candidate. both are up near 60% disapproval rating. we know people are so upset at the choice and so upset the at the party that i think this is a chance for a third party to
11:41 am
emerge and go forward after the election. >> show love for fellow libertarians. we have a little less than 1%. try it again. >> i think he will have a hard time. i meet so many people who say they are disgusted with both of the main candidates. the problem is johnson will have trouble pulling from republicans. they said he was ready to pardon edward snowden and that's hard for those who are tough on the war on terror. they loved his position on liberal issues, but -- >> social issues in particular. >> he believes that a viable fetus should have the right to life. he is also very strict on the ideas that democrats will not like. he has trouble with both sides. >> what about another third
11:42 am
party and somebody else could come in and may have establishment people do it and no takers. is that going anywhere? >> no takers because this is a grass roots movement. they come together and get the agenda out there to carry it. if you do get an ugh low campaign on both sides, you can see maybe gary johnson or libertarian as a third party candidate doing better. in some states that could make a difference because what you see is stealing votes in the state like new hampshire if the election is close. some democrats can't abide by
11:43 am
it. >> you can see that. >> gary johnson at 10%. >> all you need is 10 or 15. the primary voters elected the two most despised politicians in america. general interest voters or campaign voters can look for alternatives. the big dream of whether you are talking about the beltway grass roots movement or others is that these third party candidates prevent either from throwing the race into the house of representatives. >> that is not serious either. he was not considered a libertarian until last weekend. >> trump wasn't a republican until last year. >> in the year 2000, trump got
11:44 am
2.7% of the national vote. it is widely believed he denied florida to al gore. at the margin, libertarians might pull enough votes to pitch the vote to the other one. >> that's a good point. what is different this year than in a long time, both republicans and democrats understand the court is in play. the supreme court is in play. in some years you can say i will give my vote to libertarians. >> it could be a spoiler role in some state, but not winning a state and not getting there. >> it's not marginal issues. they will cut spending by 20%. a lot of democrats like that. the world is on fire and the next president will have to deal with it. they are building the military. they are taking it seriously. >> those are for people who like
11:45 am
bernie. >> the third party was ross perot. he succeeded in getting bill clinton elected president. they will succeed in making hillary president. >> a bloody memorial day weekend in chicago. a spike in violent crime in some major american cities. what's behind the rise and what can be done when we come back. >> something is happening in america. a whole lot more people are dying. some places here than last year and more last year than the year before. i have asthma...
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69 people were shot in the city of chicago over memorial day weekend, adding to the concern about a spike in violent crime across the country. mores are up in roughly 30 cities in 2016, continuing a troubling trend that began last year. james recently reignited a debate over the cause saying a viral video effect could be at the heart of the increase. let's start with chicago. new york and l.a. have both succeeded over the last two decades in reducing murders and crime in general. what's going on in chicago? >> what's going on in chicago is
11:50 am
they can't get control of the gangs. the police superintendent there said of the 69, about 80% were on a watch list of violent gang members. gangs shooting at each other. >> sometimes innocent bystanders along the way. >> they can't afford to hire more cops. the mayor has been putting them on overtime where as in new york they had the financial resources to target the gangs as they did two months ago when they arrested 100 gang members. chicago doesn't have the ability. >> and the reason is so many of the resources are going into pensions and benefits for city employee. >> don't let your city go bankrupt.
11:51 am
wh cops are responding to anyone would that paint them as the villain. they're less willing to get out of their car, not quit to respond to calls. it's affecting the perspective being put out there, that they're the problem here is affecting their behavior and therefore policing in these communities that need proactive policing the most. >> this is ultimately a question of political leadership in the city? >> yeah, going to dan's point about the financing and funding they have for the police. its more than hiring more police. as we know back in the 80s, you know, we started in new york with the broken window idea that when you let petty crime go it
11:52 am
gets worse and worse. >> you create a climate. >> there was a -- right there was a whole sort of science applied to policing. there was a lot of training. police officers -- it's not -- yes, it's about whether they're reluctant to get out of their car. i think they need a general retraining in the ways that new york learned about in the 80s and 90s and the last ten years. >> we've had the police chiefs in new york city to see us they talk about using social media to see where gangs are going to throw police resources at the problems, preemptively sometimes. and it's worked. i don't understand why they can't translate to chicago. >> a lot of it this is failure of political leadership right from the top. we see when fbi director colmy says we have a problem, murders are spiking in our big cities. when he says there are a ferguson effect people are hostile to police.
11:53 am
we get the political leadership of this country criticizing him for what is now established in fact. the year after the ferguson, michael brown shooting, homicide went up in predominately black cities. so black lives matter -- and that's why they need the police in inner cities. >> there's an enormous movement as you've said basically is saying there has been unfair treatment of minorities particularly in the issue of broken windows stop and frisk was used unfairly particularly against african-american men and that's something we need to stop and that has happened in new york city and it's happening else where. >> the police in these neighborhoods as the commissioners will explain to you because that's where the 911 calls come from the notion that blacks is tensions with police depends on what blacks you talk about. i want the criminals in the black neighborhoods to have a tense relationship with police. so do most law abiding people do
11:54 am
there. black people call the police more than anybody else in america. >> there's a difference between the training a cop gets in chicago and the training a cop gets in new york. that's where the gap is. it's not about whether, you know, they are in the neighborhoods, but how are they responding, how do they handle criminals and petty crime. that training was important to the turn around in new york. it hasn't happened in chicago. >> we have to take one more break. when we come back, hits and misses of the week. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning., a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh.
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the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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time 93 for our hits and misses for the week. >> i'm giving a hit to the cbs tv station in los angeles who discovered the one story nobody's talking about in the california primary, dead voters. they looked at records and found out there are hundreds of voters in california who have been
11:58 am
voting year after year going back eight years. this is being called the california zombie vote. personally i think the dead voters should be added to the exit polls. >> all right. >> this is a hit for chief executive of space x who announced this week he'll send a human mission to mars by 2024. now, he didn't give a lot of detail and he's going to talk more about it in september. he did say that the flight will leave in 2024 and arrive at mars in 2025. when they come back, i don't know, but depending on when they come back i have some candidates i would like to go on the mission. >> any volunteers? we should -- please send your nominations to mary. >> this is a hit. one person we should not send off the planet and susan sarand sarandon. big hit for her. you recall bernie sanders was
11:59 am
not willing to raise the e-mail issue with hillary clinton. but ms. surandom arandon is rai gusto. she said hillary clinton will be indicted. >> does she have better sources than we do? >> let's hope so. >> this is a big hit for muhammad ali friday. probably the most charismatic figure of the 20th century e. he spoke out for black civil rights in ways that rubs people the wrong way sometimes. that didn't stop him from becoming an international icon and a national treasure. i say rest in peace. >> people don't recall what a big deal heavy weight boxing was in the time when he was in his prime. he was such a dominant cultural figure. all right. and remember, if you have your own hit or miss, tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and to all of
12:00 pm
you for watching. hope to see you right here next week. this is a fox news alert. the passing of a legend in and out of the ring, the man we would all know as the greatest is being remembered across the globe. we are awaiting a news conference at this hour from the family of muhammad ali. who will be sharing their thoughts on his extraordinary life. hello, everybody, i. as we reflect on one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century. we look back at a man who rose from the segregated south. he defied the odds, beginning with his childhood. then as a gifted and amazing boxing superstar. and in his later life becoming transformative humanitaria