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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  June 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> final state primaries in the historic unprecedented unpredictable presidential election season. hello and welcome to justice. special sunday edition. i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. so 47 delegates up for grabs for the democrats tuesday in the golden state of california. and the battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders reaches its climax, but will anything really be settled by tuesday? this is donald trump continues to dominate the head linings as the presumptive republican
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nominee. we have a great lineup tonight, but first, the latest news in the hillary clinton e-mail cann scandal. good evening tom. >> good evening. >> just when hillary clinton saves there's no chance she'll be indicted and the inspector general report comes out and says she broke state department rules at 5:30 this past thursday. a federal judge says he wants to see the deal with the feds bryan pagliano the guy that setup her e-mail server and managed it. why would the judge in the civil case want to see that. >> because pagliano was supposed to testify tomorrow in our freedom of information act case. the judges in that case wanted discovery to figure out if there was a lack of good faith and
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handling of freedom in the case and how the system was run. he said a few hours earlier on friday that he was going to answer -- assert his fifth amendment claims right to every question the veraciattorneys as you give me the legal basis for doing and because you can't do that necessarily. every question that you answer with the fifth amendment assertion of privilege, you have to have a reasonable fear you're going to be prosecuted for that answer. >> is the judge looking to find out whether or not the immunity he has been granted by the department of justice and beall know the fbi can't grant the immunity, only the department of justice can, is the judge looking to see whether or not he's in jeopardy or whether or not he has transactional immunity which means get out of
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jail free can never be prosecuted in which case he can be forced to testify as how the server was set up, how he monitored it, the fact he was paid privately by the clinic tonights as a former campaign worker as well as and the state departme department. >> if he has immunity, he may have to testify. if he does assert his fifth amendment claim unlike in a criminal case in a civil case, a judge if he chooses can draw adverse inferences. use that assertion against you and suggest -- and conclude that maybe there's something to hide. >> does this judge by bill clinton all federal judge. had hillary clinton followed the rules we would never be here. you get the sense, number one, that the judge is frustrated with the, you know, failing of the state department to come forward with all of this information, but number two, the
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if indeed bryan pagliano would be in criminal jeopardy, there's more likely a chance hillary clinton will be called to testify at this deposition. >> well, we haven't decided whether to ask for her testimony in this case. we have another case looking at this who we asked for clinton's testimony directly. cheryl mills, mrs. clinton's chief of staff testified a fe weeks ago and claimed attorney-client privilege for mrs. clinton over her conversations with bryan pagliano so i would think the judge is getting frustrated after seeing all this. >> you have a witness on the stand in the civil deposition. cheryl mills who has been with hillary for years and year. some people call her the pitbull. she's claiming not only does she have attorney client with hillary, but she has attorney
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client with briyan pagliano. what did pagliano, the guy who set up the server, give the department of justice that made it worthwhile for them to issue an immunity for this transactional use. >> we don't know. we don't mow how broad the immunity is, whether there's any immunity at all. the judge may constrain his ability to assert the fifth, but each we needs to be answered. and if he wanteds to assert his fifth amendment right, that's his choice if the court lets him, but we can draw conclusions against him and against the state department and it will former head of that agency, mrs. clinton if he starts asserting the fifth on these key issues related to the setup of the server. how it us was set up. why was it set up. was it set up to evade the
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federal recordkeeping requirement. >> should be an interesting week this week. thanks so much for being with us. >> so california here they come. hillary clinton, bernie sanders in a deed heat as the reel clear politics average shows hair hillary is up by only two points. see it right there on the screen. two points. that's marge of error. >> i wouldn't be surprised if borr bernie sanders pulled it out. the last two it's been a ten point gain he's had. >> what do you attribute that gain to? why is it that all of a sudden bernie sanders is, you know, just heading up in the polls in california. what has she said. >> i'm not exactly sure it's what she has said as much as what she hasn't said. people don't understand what
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she's all about or what her message is. bernie sanders is coming you in and says i am about giving people more opportunities. we're going to wipe out college debit. people know what he stands for. hillary clinton on the other hand is very vague. she has major trust issues where bernie sanders does not and i think you're really seeing that that's gaining up on hillary. she might pull it out and even if she doesn't i think she's going to be the nominee. >> let's talk about that. if sanders does win california and if you follow the trend he may very well win. she's falling he's going up in the numbers, but does she then assuming you know she goes to the convention and bernie has sworn there's going to be a contested convention. does she want to keep his me len yells and if she does that does she risk losing the independents she needs to win the election.
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>> i think she does. she wants to move right. he wants to keep her left and he's absolutely saying i'm going to hold her to that. i want a voice on the platform. he may even want to be vp. she has to get some of my supporters if she wants a chance of keeping them. a third of his supporters say i'll go to trump before i go toll hillary. people are say sg i don't know what she's about. it's going to be hard for her to do anything right now. >> who is more important to hillary clinton? the my len yells or the independents. >> when i do my dial testing i find all the time that tin dependents are affecting with republicans. they're liking the idea of job recreation. whether or not they like the full platform of donald trump, a lot of independents have said, look, 75% of what he says makes
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absolute sense to me. 25% i'm not so sure about, but i'd rather go for 75% whereas hillary i'm not sure what it means. another four years of obama. is it going back to clinton? i'm not sure. >> let's talk about the candidate haters. you have people, you know, who hate hillary. >> right. >> then you've got people who hate donald. >> that's right. >> then the question is who has ha better chance of flipping the other candidate's haters to their side? is it hillary to get trump's haters or trump to get hillary's haters. >> it's hard to get people to go out and vote against somebody. that's something we've seen historically. it just doesn't happen. the issue so we have like blt issues. if you look at extreme like blt it's app different case. there's a trustworthy issue.
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she has a trust gap. at the tend of the day, are you more likely to vote somebody you like or somebody you trust. trust is a big issue right now. a lot of people say i don't trust trump dwron what he's about, but the numbers tell us they trust him more. that really matters to the voter today. i think they're going to be more likely to go over to trump. unless they have an attack machine to take them down. we haven't seen anybody be able to do that yet. >> she has a lot of money right now to do that. i believe more than he has. >> well, for sure, but you see all the money that's already been spent. with 17 candidates that were trying to take down donald trump. one attack after the other. i've seen over 50 attacks to donald trump. the only affective one is about the way he treats women. >> new jersey is going to be exciting. any question about that. >> no i think hrkt hillary
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clinton is going to win that. >> even tonight with puerto rico there's no way she gets that magic number until tuesday. >> tuesday. >> coming up hillary clinton sounding off on donald trump. her big national security speech, the most direct attack on trump to date. he didn't hesitate to fire back. you're not going to want to miss our take next. what's it like to be in good hands? man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. like the power to earn allstate reward points, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. must be gerry. hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with the all-powerful drivewise app. it's good to be in, good hands. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed.
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donald trump's ideas aren't just different. they are dangerously incoherent. they're not even really ideas, just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds and outright lies. he is not just unprepared. he is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability, askand immense responsibility. >> that was hillary clinton on thursday launching attacks at the republican nominee, donald trump. a dangerous man with a streak that could threaten u.s. national security. trump firing back tweeting hillary no longer has credibility, too much failure no
6:16 pm
office. here with the us, retired. it is billed as one of the best speeches she's given, a great foreign policy speech. what did you think of it? i'm the wrong guy. i thought delivery is fine. i think it's if i listen to all my friends like you who know politics, sounds like she changed from a primary to announced election and smacking him back like he's been smooking everybody hels. >> how is this a great foreign policy speech? what did she say about foreign policy? >> i agree with you. it's delivery i'm talking about. i didn't hear anything. she also was talking about the stump that she claims she did well in secretary of state. >> did she talk about benghazi? >> i don't believe that was in the show. we did two and a half years of that. >> benghazi would at the top of the list. >> she didn't talk about it.
6:17 pm
did that trouble you? >> yes. with the amount of shows we have done on it, sure. >> i was looking at trump's foreign policy speech. he talked about iraq, egypt, libya. i thought it was interesting he said all lis are nont paying their fair share. i went through his speech, it was everything about what's going on in the world. it was foreign policy. she isn't saying much about foreign policy. >> no. i mean, she was attacked. >> on donald trump. >> on the guy she's going to be running against. no question. the problem we have with what trump is saying you don't get a lot of meat on what he's talking about. >> oh my, i have his speech. >> he touches great subjects. i'm talking about depth.
6:18 pm
that's for me the issue. he's covering the map, but what does he mean? >> what he means is when he talks about nato. i didn't know this. >> only four of the 28 countries are paying their way. >> yes, we are nay to. >> the u.s. is nato. he's saying we're not going to spend our money to defend countries that are. >> he -- that's much easier said than done. >> let's talk about the fact he talks about the iran deal. has she talked about the iran deal. >> i think she did in the speech. there's a huge problem here the opinion of should we have done the iran deal or not. >> of course. i'm not saying one is right or wrong. let's talk about it. >> trump is saying it's 100% wrong. she is saying the only option we had was to do something. he was saying no weve done anyt the problem with doing nothing is what do you want to do with iran? do you want to go to war with
6:19 pm
iran? i don't think so. >> he said you walk away from the table and obviously you know full disclosure i'm friends with trump. you walk away from the table as opposed to give them 150 billion dollars or whatever. >> we haven't given them yet. the issue with me with iran is you have to sfa engaged. you also have to spy on them. a lot of ways we're getting at that is through these kind of treaties. you never have treaties with your friends. >> if they lie to you, what good is a treaty anyway. >> enemies always lie to us. >> they hid a nuclear plant while they were negotiating. >> i don't trust iran. i don't trust the russians. >> what about libya and the chaos as. >> libya is a huge mistake. >> why doesn't she talk about it. >> the problem is i did this for lib yan oil. that's not true.
6:20 pm
>> who is -- >> no one. you think isis is in there taking oil for themselves. >> i promise they're not taking oil. it's in libya. they're in libya and they're bad guys. libya was a failed policy, no question. >> you still think she's a better candidate. >> i know she -- i'm still unconvinced that your friend has got the details enough yet. >> i'll tell you his speech check it out everybody has a lot more in it than hers by good friend, david. >> last night you saw my one-on-one with donald trump and if you missed it, where were you? >> fortunately we're going to show you a few of the highlights. does donald regret his criticism of the judge residing over the lawsuit at trump university. hear what he has to say, next. defiance is in our bones. our citracal bones. easily absorbed calcium plus vitamin d.
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folks near florida coast are bracing for wet weather. a tropical depression has strengnd into tropical storm collin. sandbags are being handed out in tampa and nearby cities. meanwhile, florida governor rick scott is postponing a meeting in new york with donald trump so he can stay home and monitor the storm situation. and cruz battling a brush fire in los angeles kth are taking advantage of cooler temperatures. the flames are now 80% contained. that's up from 30% from the start of the day. the fire forced thousands of people to leave their homes. most of the evacuations are being lefted as conditions do improve out there. that's a look at news. i'm kel kelly right now back to
6:26 pm
judge jeanine. a few days ago, i travelled to california and sat down with donald trump in his beverly hills home. the gop presidential nominee doubled down on his criticism of hillary clinton and the judge residing over the trump university case. take a look at some of the highlights. >> you have been the most successful candidate in history in terms of the press, and yet you believe that many of them are not treating you fairly. are you now going to limit your accessibility. >> no. i will say this. there are some that are really bad. "washington post" is really dishonest. >> why are they so much against you. >> because they think i frankly you want to know the truth is the person who bought it has a big stake in amazon and amazon is not paying taxes and i said openly they should be paying taxs and they're also detroying the retail industry lout the
6:27 pm
country. i don't care about that. i said it. they're going to be a monopoly. department stores are going down the drain because amazon is becoming a monopoly. he bought that as a tool. as a tool for himself. like a lobbyist, but "the washington post" has 22 reporters on me. never a good story. i could win by the biggest margins in history and they'll say donald trump should have done better. "new york times" is dishonest. i would say "the washington post" is worse. i'm not talking about their unfair. i'm talking their purely dishonest. >> could you ever just say -- >> yes, i do. when i'm wrong. i can tell you i take criticism better than any human being. >> i was on an airplane with you. i bet it was 16 years ago. you were sitting next to me and you were reading i think it was a "new york times" magazine and
6:28 pm
i had already read it. it was a story about you and i was in politics at the time and i'm sitting there just kind of watching you. it wasn't a grimace. your brow didn't move. you didn't change your temperament. how did you get so tough? >> it's not a question of tough. when i am wrong and they write about it i can take that better than anybody. i agree with them. i have no problem. when they write falsely. they write so many false things. you did the political thing. you even went against hillary for a period of time. >> two weeks. >> she's a liar. major liar. and they talk about foreign policy that dump want japan to get nukes immediately. i don't want that. i want japan to pay us because we're protecting them and if they don't pay us be prepared to walk. that's going to be up to them, but i never said.
6:29 pm
>> what hillary is saying about you is you're a loose cannon. the world order is going to change. you're a fraud. you're a scam. is she picking up your way of handling campaigning. >> she's trying to. hillary is incompetent. you know that by looking at past records. look at libya. look at what happened with benghazi. look at what happened with so many different things she's done. everything she's done. >> it's almost out of habit if you ask me. it's like why do you keep eating popcorn when it doesn't taste good. it's a habit. boom boom. the same thing with her. she's a habit. it's time now. i think people are fed up with the hillarys of the world. >> trump university, did you oversell that. >> let me just tell you, it's just crazy what's going on. so we opened a school. we opened a school that was very successful. had a lot of students and did
6:30 pm
evaluation reports after their left. thousands of reports. everybody saying it was great. they loved it. i don't know if you ever heard this, but we had thousands of them. so why are you getting sued. >> because a class action firm from california who i hear gave eric sniderman a lot of money to run who i hear paid hillary clinton $900,000. i hear they paid her $900,000 for speeches. >> who did. >> the firm that brought the lawsuit. >> the law firm. >> paid hillary clinton $900,000 for speeches. they paid her a lot of money for her campaign. it's a very political thing. i have a judge who is truly unfair. i don't know the judge, but he's truly unfair in san diego. >> why did you refer to ethnicity, donald. >> his heritage is mexican. >> so what. >> i want to build a wall. >> there's some people that
6:31 pm
don't like that. >> do you think you have to dial it back. >> i have to be what i have to be. i have to tell the truth. >> let's talk about the most recent poll. you're unfavorable is around 50. her unfavorable is around 50. who has a better chance of flipping the haters? do you have a better chance flipping the hillary haters to your side or does she have a better chance. >> i think i do. people know she's incompetent. people know she can't do the job. they know one thing about me. i can do the job. i borrowed a million dollars and it's worth now $10 billion. i filed all of my documents. the biggest filing i ever had. it talked about a great company i built. very little debt. >> can you make america great again. >> i can totally make america great again. that's why i'm doing it. it's lovely to be with you, but
6:32 pm
i'd rather be you without all the cameras. to be honest with you. doing this isn't fun. campaigning isn't fun. >> why is it that you have the president of the united states who is coming out and basically saying all these horrible things about you. i've never seen that in history. this early on where the guy is coming out and trashing you. why? >> he's coming out. he's actually trying not to use my name. he's not supposed to. he ought to really focus on his job. he's going a lousy job as president and focus on his job and find out why are we losing so many jobs. it's close to 20%. that just a phony number to make the politicians look good. if you look for a job and you don't find it and you give up and you go home and you go to sleep. >> you're still unfloyd, but you're not a statistic. >> it's a total phony number. the country is a mess. the world is a mess. we help make the world a mess.
6:33 pm
going into iraq was a disastrous decision. maybe the worst decision ever in the history of our country. number two, getting out of iraq the way obama did it. he didn't have a clue. now she got into libya. by the way, who has the libyan oil. isis. it's the highest quality hialeah y oil you can get so isis has the oil hillary clinton gave them by going in and doing that stupid attack on libya. the world was crushing and she goes and wants to do more. she doesn't have a clue. she doesn't mow what she's doing. she cannot be president. >> is california or bust for bernie sanders. the vermont senator sounding pretty confident about his odds in the golden state, but how realistic are is chances of pulling out a win there on tuesday. we'll ask a bernie sanders supporters next.
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hillary clinton thinks she's finally seeing the end of the tunnel in the battle against bernie sanders, but is she. take a listen to what bernie had to say. >> at the end of the nominating process, no candidate will have enough pledge delegates. the democratic national convention will be a contested convention. >> so with renewed talk of the contested convention, could it really still be anyones game? with me now, bernie sanders surrogate and democrats for america. good evening kneel. >> good to be with you. >> bernie vowing it's going to be a contested convention.
6:39 pm
who would have thought. bernie sanders comes out and says doesn't matter if she's got the delegates. i'm going there. >> why. >> it's a complicated process. if you would have told me a year ago we would be in a position with bernie sanders still in this race fighting for delegates ir would have said you're crazy, but the fact is he has run a strong campaign that has excited millions of people across the country and the race in california is a jump ball at the moment. >> it's amazing how far she has dropped and he's come up. there's two points according to the margin of error. what doesn't make sense to me. she's got the delegates. isn't it time to think about the party and think about winning. >> listen, she has clearly a big majority of the super delegates, but those super delegates don't vote until we actually get to
6:40 pm
the convention. the reality is bernie is right. this campaign does go through the very end on primary day unless he decides he know longer wants to be in this race or she gets a majority of the prejudiced delegates. >> let's talk about the pledged delegates. those are the elected officials. it's what people say is part of a rigged democratic primary system. wouldn't have they at this point said you know what, i've been listening to bernie for six months. eight months whatever ten months. i'm going to bernie's side. wouldn't we know that by now? why do they have to take it do the convention. >> listen, super delegates have the ability to change their vote all the way up until we get to the convention and they actually vote for the nomination. that's the thing. now let me be clear. democrats believes it should be the person who receives the greatest number of elected delegates. we've got a few more contests left to go, but the fact is bernie has the right to do what he's doing and frankly, it's
6:41 pm
going to be his choice on what happens over the next few weeks. >> so, neil, if bernie were to win california and new jersey and i think you've got puerto rico tonight, i mean, he still doesn't beat her in terms of elected delegates. >> well, in terms of those super delegates. listen i think if you have a strong close at the tend of this case, winning a lot of these states, the super delegates could very easily switch boards. we've seen them switch in the past. >> will he take vp. >> i think leave it up to bernie sanders. regardless of whether bernie sanders is the vice president or somebody else does, the truth is there are millions upon millions in the democratic party who need a representative on that stage. >> i get that, but here is the question, there's so much anger out there. do you really think that the bernie spoeupporters are going come out if she ends up getting the nomination and say look we have to come together as a party
6:42 pm
and vote for hillary? doesn't hillary have a two step to do to get the supporters to her side. >> the thing i'll remind you of is back in 2008 we had people calling themselves puma who would never vote nor barack obama in the 2008 election. in fact the greater majority in baigt said they would never vote for barack obama then sanders voters now who say they won't vote for hillary clinton. they can be tough and to the last moment they can say they won't support a candidate. at the tend of the day, i think the democrats are going to defeat donald trump hands down. >> thank you. >> now, former aide to democratic senator chuck shoe mar, chris han. i'm going to start with you chris. what is bernie doing? >> he's got a primary on
6:43 pm
tuesday. he's going to tell his supporters vote for me i can still win. he knows in his hart eart of he he can't. she's won the majority of votes. she's won the majority of pledge delegates. >> they have to go to convention. he can still go. >> not going to happen. within a week of tuesday, you will see a complete 180 from bernie sanders. >> what will it give bernie to stop. >> he's going to have a big role. >> what's the platform. i'm going to go to you. let's assume the platform is very less platform. by hillary moving left, she in the hopes of capturing those millennials of bernie's, loses the independents. >> absolutely. a lot of people in the key states of michigan. so bernie is unquestionably hurting the party. they're having a split.
6:44 pm
the democrats are having the same thing. it's great for the republican party. let me finish, it allows donald trump to stay on message. continue to attack hillary. >> it would be nice if he stayed on message. he's all over the map. i will say this though, there will be a coming together of the party. >> you already said that. let's talk about your candidate. >> go ahead. >> 180 days. the woman has not had a press conference. >> look, i believe when you run for public office you should appear in public. i think she should have a. >> mike: when she does -- >> look, i'm not going to defend that. i think you should take all coverage and questions. >> why isn't she. >> i don't know. frankly. >> i'll tell you why. >> the reason she doesn't want to be asked about benghazi. most of all she doesn't want to be asked about the e-mail can dal. >> because anything she says can and will be used against her. >> she goes on the morning show and they ask her about that anyway. >> i did, i did see that.
6:45 pm
>> he went at her. >> he did. i think it was very clear he wanted to say look i work for clinton, but i'm a reporter. he did what he had to do there. she handled herself fine. >> terrible. she does a two step every time. when asked last week she said i had the service set up because i didn't know how to access the ems on my pc. >> the american people are smarter than that. >> i have been in public eye for the last 30 years. i wanted a little privacy in my e-mail. that's why i did it. >> i think that's what she should have done. >> you believe that? >> you know what i think is amazing, bernie is starting to talk about the money to the foundation when she was secretary to the state and her husband was collecting money. >> bernie needs to stop doing that. >> why. >> you have to restate four years of tax returns because they took money from sovereign
6:46 pm
funds. >> tax return, i'm waiting to see donalds. >> we already know about the clintons. >> we know about them because they've been released. >> the russian government getting money to the clinton family. >> donald has not released his tax returns. he says he's being audited. hillary, there's a bit of a difference. she's secretary of state. getting money to her family foundation, dealing with these foreign countries while money is going -- in other words, she's our representative to the world. >> everybody acknowledging that the clinton foundation did great work. >> who is everybody? >> bush has spoke of the clinton foundation. republicans and democrats from around have been involved with hit. before she was running for office and now it's the evil empire. >> no, let me tell you something. they created a foundation when
6:47 pm
they were leaving the white hou house. remember she had to return about $200,000 of stuff they took, but that's another story. i think she sent a message today. hillary clinton when she was talking said everybody in government knew that i was using an e-mail servicer. everybody knew about it. you know what that tells me, that tells me that she's saying all you people who answered me on my private e-mail address on my private server are accomplice it. mr. president and all you other people. she put the punch out there loud and clear. >> scaring all the witnesses. other secretaries of state did the same thing which was a lie. >> every secretary of state before he did the same thing. okay. so wait, had a gmail account or
6:48 pm
something. >> what secretary of state had a private server. is answer is a name. give me a name. >> hold on a minute. >> they use public server which was worse. >> they use a government server. >> they used private e-mail account like yahoo. >> you're wrong. you know what, the truth is no one else had a private server. she did. the question to the american people is why. anyway, we're just getting a report now that hillary wins puerto rico. we've got 60 delegates in puerto rico. still not enough to put her to the number she needs that she'll probably get on tuesday in new jersey, but we'll see. gen hillary clinton winning puerto rico. those results just in. now, one more thing guys. this guy david french is supposed to be third party candidate has issued a statement
6:49 pm
saying he's not the right person to challenge hillary and donald trump, but the path remains open for others. >> coming up with another one back there. interesting. a bad poll clinton was up for four. clinton, trump, johnson, the other vote, the other candidates are taking away from clinton more than they're taking away from trump. >> you know what, mr. french writes a great blog on game of thrones, but he's never made a good prediction in politics in the last 30 years. >> thanks for the line. and some real ugly seens in san jose on thursday as people attack trump supporters. you didn't see what was taking place inside. i was there. you're going to see it next. ♪
6:50 pm
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all the talk of immigrants being anti-trump, i was somewhat surprised. take a look. >> why are you here tonight? >> i want america great again. that's why i'm here. >> why are you here? >> the reasonably prude i'm her
6:54 pm
stands for what i came for 35 years ago and i feel everything is going down the tubes. >> how about you, why are you here. >> i like the energy trump created and generated. >> i believe that before we show our support, even if california doesn't go for trump, there's a strong concentration of conservative values in california. >> i'm an immigrant. i'm coming from india and i've done everything right and i've tried for years and years together to get my family here the injustice that people like me feel when law breaking people are rewarded with citizenship when all the hard working people like us are trying so hard to realize the american dream. >> we have to get together and vote for trump. he'll make a difference. >> what do you think about the wall? >> well, i think i have a lock on my front door and i have a
6:55 pm
fence around my house. so i believe having a wall for security is a good idea. >> how do you feel about illegals who come here and don't go through what you went through. >> i think that's horrible to be honest with you. i think that's unfair for everybody to those who really go through the process i went through and for all american hard families in the u.s. i think that's something that absolutely must be trained. >> hillary clinton, what do you think of her? >> hillary clinton is the most rude woman in the country. >> as a middle class wilmos mot and i work two jobs. they're going to put us out. >> i thought it would be good to come to this rally and support my believes because i hate hillary clinton. >> who is the good guy. >> is barack obama a good guy. >> no. >> why not.
6:56 pm
>> because he uses the second amendment like toilet paper. >> does that mean you have guns. >> what do you mean. >> he's concerned about the second amendment, but he doesn't have a gun. >> i don't mean do you have a gun here, but do you own a gun. >> absolutely. >> what kind of gun do you own. >> ar 15. >> why do you have a gun. >> because it's all right and for fun. >> what do you do. >> i'm a hairdresser. >> that's it for us. thanks so much for watching. see you next week. thanks for being with us. ♪ ♪
6:57 pm
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everyone, monday 2:00 p.m. eastern for "intelligence report." good night. tonight on this special edition of ""hannity," donald trump takes on the liberal . dia. tonight, donald trump takes on the media. >> do we like the media? >> do we hate the media. >> while hillary clinton hides from the press and president obama lashes out on the news. >> i haven't turned on the news or listened to the radio yet today. i'm not exaggerating in terms of their story. that's the story they tell. >> catty cur r. tell mon


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