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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 6, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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75% say no. 25% say yes. keep the votes coming in. thank you for being part of the show today for monday. i'm gretchen carlson, now let's lid to bill, in for shep. >> donald trump firing back as more big-name republicans saying trump questioning a judge's heritage crosses the line. we could be hours airplane from hillary clinton clinching the number of delegates needed to be the democratic nominee, but bernie sanders claims tomorrow's vote in california will not change a thing. why he says he still has shot. another tropical storm threatening millions with high points and drenching rains and it's set to make landfall very soon. the florida coast as colin is ready to roar onshore.
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hillary clinton could be only one day away from looking up the delegate she needs to win the nomination. but bernie sanders says the democrats will have a contested convention in philadelphia, no matter what happens tomorrow. several states hold contests, including california, the biggest prize, the entire democratic race. hillary clinton now making a last-minute push to rally supporters there. there's a live look at a clinton campaign event about to get underway outside of l.a. polls show she and bernie sanders are neck-and-neck in california. after winning the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico the ap reports that hillary clinton needs only 23 delegates to get to her own magic number. new jersey holds its primary tomorrow, and analysts say clinton could win the delegates she needs there before the vote counting gets underway in california. bernie sanders however today, yesterday, and on saturday, says he will not back down.
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>> no, i have heard reports that secretary clinton has said, it's all going to be over on tuesday night. i have heard reports the media, after the new jersey results come in, are going to declare that it is all over. that simply is not accurate. >> well, hillary clinton says she is looking for a big win. meanwhile, in california. >> show up to vote on tuesday. if you don't, have a mail-in ballot. because i want to finish strong here in california. it means the world to me. >> well, clinton says she is getting ready for a, quote, contentious general election against donald trump. we have team fox coverage. jennifer griffin at the event in linwood california. >> reporter: we expect hillary clinton to arrive here in mexico plaza not long from now.
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she'll speak right behind me, over my shoulder. she has been under intense criticism from the press traveling with her because she has not had any press availability since may 9th. no press conference since iowa. that narrative changed. moments nothing compton where she was campaigning for the african-american vote here in los angeles, she did take a few questions from reporters traveling with her. >> tomorrow is eight years to the day after i withdrew and endorsed then-senator obama. i believed it was the right thing to do no matter what differences we had in our long campaign. they paled in comparison to the difference wes had with the republicans and that is actually even more true today. >> reporter: clinton looking confident that she will cross the finish line tomorrow, but still when we talk to young people here in california, they're still supporting bernie. >> you talked to bill clinton
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yesterday. what was his message for the sanders supporters and bernie sanders? >> reporter: he was frustrated with some bernie protesters trade to disrupt his rally in los angeles. we spoke to him on the rope line, and asked him about bernie talking about a contested convention. >> [inaudible] >> bernie says -- [inaudible] >> well, we do have rules. this is still a democracy. and somebody will have more votes and someone will have more delegates, and so we'll just see what happens. >> reporter: the clinton came trying to figure out how to bring unity to the democratic party. they will be traveling back to new york, to brooklyn, tomorrow night, but hillary clinton still campaigning hard, still
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campaigning hard here in the golden state. >> jennifer griffin leading our coverage in california. team fox coverage continues now. mike emanuel with the sanders team in emeryville, california, near san francisco. and there are reports, mike, that the is a split inside the sanders campaign. >> reporter: "the wall street journal" report thread are those who want to take the fight through the convention and others who think it may be time to work on party unity. it is believed that campaign manager jeff weaver is among those who thinks they should continue to fight after the primary, through the democratic convention in philadelphia. while senior adviseer tad devine believes it's time to bring the party together. moments ago here outside of oakland, senator sanders admitted he has some thinking to do. >> let's assess where we are after tomorrow, before we make statements based on speculation. >> reporter: a senior adviser told me in the end it will be
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bernie sanders himself who makes that decision. they say there can be a split, divided opinions, but for a decision of that magnitude, it will be one man and that's bernie sanders. >> seems like it is his call. mike, what about sanders saying he is not giving up repeatedly, he has said that. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. bernie sanders sounded as feisty as ever over the weekends, talking about a contested convention in philadelphia and levied a new attack yesterday saying hillary clinton had major conflict of interest when she was secretary of state. >> do i have a problem when a sitting secretary of state and a foundation run by her husband collects many millions of dollars from foreign governments, governments which are dictatorships. you don't have a lot of civil liberties or democratic rights in saudi arabia. >> reporter: sanders went on to say he does have a problem with that and sees it as a conflict of interest.
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his supporters may be asking why he waited so long to unveil that attack. >> thank you, mike. on the road there with the bernie sanders team. want to bring in lisa layer. how are you doing? thanks for your time today. think the one question that is outstanding is this. what happens if bernie sanders wins california? what then? >> well, if bernie sanders wins california he'll do it after hillary clinton has already clinched the nomination. she will, by our moth -- she is under 30 short from gaining the nomination so it's quite possible in fact likely, she'll win the nomination, hit the magic number before the polls close in california because of the earlier race in new jersey, which will give her enough delegates to hit the number. even if he wins california, she is still the nominee. she hases a an advantage and lead tuesday in the popular vote and pledged delegates and super
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delegates. this is an advantage he cannot overcome. his only hope is a pretty far fetched one, which is that hundreds of super delegates switch from hillary clinton to bernie sanders at the convention in july. that's just not likely to happen. >> i'm reading that the number of democrats that have registered to vote is extraordinary in california. 650,000 the last two months. what is driving that? is it sanders, clinton, trump? is it all of that? >> reporter: i think it's all of it. people like feeling they have a voice in elects. people like an exciting race itch think there is a sense in california that they're the end of the line here. but d.c. where i am now, votes a week later, and people want to be part of that. you also have anecdotally, an uptick of latino voters registering, because of donald trump's comments about the judge presiding over the trump
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university case. so there's a lot of enthusiasm, and certainly if bernie sanders wins in california, it's not good for hillary clinton in terms of the momentum heading into the general election -- >> kind of like she -- >> -- far better for her to behind. >> like stubbing your toe on the finish line. she would have to negotiate a much more significant way with bernie sanders before philadelphia, the third week in july. right? >> reporter: i think she has to negotiate significantly with bernie sanders regardless. he has gotten over 10,000 votes. attracted a very passionate and significant portion of the democratic party. he has won over a lot of independents whose votes will be really important for her in the general election. so he is a factor here, and she is going to have to negotiate with him. i think the question the clinton campaign is facing is whether they can get to some kind of agreement with bernie sanders earlier, rather than having this stretch out for the next, you know, month and a half -- almost two months until the convention. >> one last opinion here.
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back in 2008 -- i did not remember this -- hillary clinton won ohio, pennsylvania, florida, and california, and still lost the nomination to president obama eight years ago. bernie sanders has mentioned the clinton foundation over the weekend. what is his final play? what is the last card for sanders here? >> well, his final play is he is trying to present himself as more electable in a general election against donald trump. there have been some polls showing that may be true, where he polled better against trump than hillary clinton does. but quite frankly it's just too late. unless he can switch all of these super delegates, which is unprecedented. barack obama switched dozens of super delegates from hillary clinton to his side and that's unusual. so the idea of switching hundreds of. the seems almost impossible, particularly when accord ago the "associated press" count, nobody has switched from hillary clinton to bernie sanders so far. so it's really a tough road, but
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his argument is he is more electable in the general election. >> nice to see you, lisa. thank you. donald trump under pressure from some republican leaders over his comments be in judge in trump university lawsuit. trump is now firing back at one of his critics who also happens to be one of his supporters. that is next on the trail with carl cameron.
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this just got interesting.
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donald trump hitting back after top republicans lashed into him for comments about the judge overseeing the trump university case. the presumptive republican nominee saying that the judge gonzalo curiel cannot be fair because his parents are born in mexico and trump wants to build a wall. trump claims that's a conflict of interest, gingrich saying that trump's comments were out of lane and the billionaire needs to start acting presidential. >> this is one of the worst mistakes trump has made. i think it's inexcusable. this is no longer the primary. he is no longer an interesting contender. he is the potential leader of the united states and has to move his game up to the level of being a potential leader. >> i was surprised that newt -- i thought it was inappropriate what he said. all i'm trying to do is figure our white i'm being treated so unfairly by a judge. >> the former speaker is a supporter of donald trump and also said he would consider being his running mate but not
12:15 pm
the only top republican at adds with trump. mitchell mcconnell, bob corker, paul ryan, and jason chaffets saying trump is wrong. carl cameron is outside trump tower in new york city. and there are republicans supporting trump. tell us about it. >> the names you just rattled off there are people who do in fact support donald trump, in the case of newt gingrich he said he would consider being a running mate. there's been a lot of criticism and continues to pile on. the arizona senator, jeff flake, marco rubio weighed in. rob portman, the senator from ohio, all saying that trump is wrong and has to stop this. he's hurting the party. a few folks have tried to defend them. most notably, alberto gonsales, the former attorney general who says trump has every right to question a judge's impartiality.
12:16 pm
but he also said there's a place for and it doing it on the campaign trail is not the way to do it. he should do it through the justice system's process for judges who are suspect in how they oversea lit -- oversee litigation. this is not going well for donald trump and he recognizes that. the other aspect is, it's given the republican party real heartburn. they're worried about downballot candidates that have to be constantly answering for donald trump's rhetoric, and to that end paul ryan put out his agenda, a better way, it's called, and one thing will be a way for. the to talk about something that is not donald trump's rhetoric. >> carl, he just hired a new political director. what is the thinking about that move internally? >> reporter: well, internally, the doors are closed, the windows are locked tight and so are most mouths. you come outside the building and there are lots of stories from those who work inside. there's a degree of chaos and
12:17 pm
upheaval because of the staff's inability to coordinate and get national campaign organized to the speed and proportion that is necessary to go up against hillary clinton and the entire wealth and power of the democratic left. and so the man who was hired is jim murphy, and he will be trump's political director. he is replacing rick wiley who had the job for a few weeks and was let go because of problems with organizing and states particularly, and just getting along with the campaign staff. jim murphy has a lot of experience in national presidential politics, for years and years so the establishment types continue to trickle into the trump campaign and yet from out in the country, from state party chair people, candidates running for office, whether it's house, senate, governor, they're all very worried the trump presidential campaign doesn't have the necessary heft and scope to carry the team across the finish line in november. and i say team. never mind just trump.
12:18 pm
they're also worried about the rest of the downballot candidates. >> from a fifth avenue sidewalk in june. what a site. from trump tower in new york city in a moment we'll preview an upcoming column in "wall street journal." the piece argues that trump's comments might not be like his other controversy asks this time it might do some real damage. is that true? we'll find out next. what's it like to be in good hands?
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show me gymnastics. x1 lets you search by sport, watch nbc's highlights and catch every live event on your tv with nbc sports live extra. i'm getting ready. are you? x1 will change the way you experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. more on top republicans call ought donald trump for saying a judge cannot be fair in the trump university case because of his mexican heritage. former house speaker gingrich says that trump's remarks were inexcusable. trump says it was inappropriate for gingrich to weigh in.
12:22 pm
glen hall has been working on this. good day to you. let's start with the judge. what are you putting your finger on here? >> the challenge is that trump has not actually made any legal argument incourt, doing it all in the court of public opinion. so there's a question whether he really thinks he has a challenge with this judge that he needs to take legal action or whether he is scoring points in the political arena. >> jerry is walking on a piece in the "wall street journal" and that's why we brought you. >> jerry has a column out, online now, and he is making four points, why this particular incident may linger longer than the other things trump has done. >> give me an example. >> for example, in this case, he has gone from a broad swath of speaking about nameless and faceless immigrants, to speaking about a specific american, and taking it into an ethnic zone. second thing, this is personal for trump. doesn't have a big national interest attached it to that voters might attach.
12:23 pm
it's about trump's legal challenge to trump university. so it's a different kind of scenario. then the third thing is it walks right into hillary clinton's narrative against trump, which is this idea he is unfit. he says things uncalibrated and then you have this sort of feeling that this is not the trump that was supposed to be the presumptive nominee, that was going to raise his game. you heard gingrich saying that. where is trump's gain at the presidential level? >> in the past his supporters have said they don't care. >> we see that, too all the way through. don't think we know yet whether his supporters well get worked up about this. i suspect he is right, donald trump is, when he says this is not something that people are angry at me about. he will say that people understand and support my right to make sure i'm getting fair treatment as a judge. and keeps turning it back towards i'm just defending my rights. >> when you think about the state department report, think about the jobs number from friday, he plaid plenty of issues to drive a truck through,
12:24 pm
and trump was on twitter talking about the 38,000 jobs created from this past month. that was something that you could drive that for three straight days if you wanted to because all the polls suggest that trump has a clear advantage when it comes to economic concerns over hillary clinton, head-to-head. >> politically speaking, as you talked about earlier, this is the kind of self-inflicted wound because he is having to defend himself against accusations he made about the judge when he could be on the attack against hillary clinton and the obama legacy, the claims they've made about the great economy they're leaving the world with, undermined with the jobs report. trump could have been on a very different narrative. >> janet yellen talked about how bad the number was. she gave you the headline you. think this lingers. why? >> because, as we have seen already, it's got a different kind of air about it. it's an attack against an american and an attack -- a question whether trump really understands the separation of powers and the constitution, and this is something that has some
12:25 pm
conservatives a little bit nervous. >> he has shown the ability to change the story. on his own. >> that's right. and this story may be blown bigger than it needs to be in his mind but it is something that the people are going to be talking about. it's something that feeding right into hillary clintonys narrative she is developing about trump's suitable for the white house. we're testify face in the campaign where the attack and counterattacks amp up. don't tamp down. >> thank you for coming by. appreciate it. an accused terrorist caught on camera, the massive stash of weapons that police say they turned up in the catastrophic attack they say he was planning. also later, remembering the greatest. we'll hear from muhammad ali's daughter about the legendary fighters final moments. ps worki, but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour.
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>> more of today's headlines.
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intelligence agents said they thwarted a plot targeting one of this year's biggest sporting events. investigators in the ukraine say this hidden camera footage shows the suspect packing up weapons including a rocket launcher and he plan to attack the soccer tour, in france. officials in california shut down two orange county beaches after sightings of several large sharks. this comes after a shark bit a swimmer last week south of the location. a lawsuit was forced david copperfield to show how he -- a man says the volunteers run off the stage in the dark and claims he fell down and now has brain damage. copperfield's attorney say the performance had nothing too do with the man's injuries. the news continues right after this.
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the governor of florida is declaring a state of emergency as tropical storm colin moves quickly toward the gulf coast. forecasters say it will hit tonight and could bring serious flooding. national weather service issuing watches and warnings in florida, georgia, south carolina. forecasters saying colin will probably remain a tropical storm. a hurricane has not hit florida in more than ten years. and that is a record for florida. governor rick scott today urging folks to stay indoors and get ready for up to eight inches of rain in some areas. phil keating is on the coast outside of gains veil. how are conditions? >> reporter: things are deteriorating but slowly. the employing chief says they have not received all that much rainfall but that is expected to change tonight and tomorrow, and then then concern will be flooding. this is the gulf of mexico and the center of tropical storm colin. it will be marching northeast
12:32 pm
over the next day or two, and the tropical storm warning zone stretches basically roughly half the state of florida, the center of the peninsula. so, all the way from theouth, edgewater, florida, around sarasota area, all the way up to the big bend at indian pass. you get into the florida panhandle and the storm is supposed to quickly spread towards jacksonville, and then dump three to six more inches of rain, possibly, on the georgia, south carolina, north carolina coastlines tomorrow and the next day. here in cedar key, if i can quickly show you his live. this is what they're seeing in many parts of the up to. street flooding. and this is all because of combination of tropical storm colin in the gulf with winds, the storm surge is kicking up, and at 3:00, high tide hit. so we're still looking at high
12:33 pm
tide and there are several roads in cedar key closed off and the police chief says the last time he has seen it like this was four years ago and that was tropical storm debbie. and the governor of florida, rick scott, has issued a state of emergency. listen. >> people from all over the state should follow this. it's going to impact pretty much our entire state. we have the risk of tornadoes, lightning, hail, rip currents, and all these issues. >> reporter: as well as pasco county, a lot of sandbagging going on, residents and business owners trying to shore up their properties because the big threat of this tropical storm is not only the three to six inches of rainfall, and possibly up to eight inches of rainfall in some places, but also possible flooding, which could be substantial, or could be isolated, and that's what
12:34 pm
everybody is waiting to see here what happens tonight and the early morning hours as tropical storm colin makes landful north of news cedar key. but the winds are steady and strong. we did drive through quite a bit of rain on the way up from tampa to get here. the was some standing water on the roadways as well as down where you would expect them off to the side of the road, on the shoulder. but a lot of things closing up early here in cedar key tonight. >> coming your way, thank you, phil. live on the gulf coast. i want to get with janice dean in the fox weather center. it is moving on florida quickly at this hour, right? >> sure. and it's a mess actually, because the center of the storm is way off to the west and the worst of the weather is east of the center of circulation, so we're already seeing the effects across the whole state of florida, heavy rainfall, strong winds, you don't want to be in the water.
12:35 pm
have strong waves and rip currents, and we have all of this moisture making its way in and the center is here. so we have a few hours to do. we think landfall testimony put -- tonight, but doesn't maintainer, the effects will be felt regardless of landfall we have the potential for severe weather, that's a tornado warning around the jacksonville area, these tropical esteems have the potential to bring severe weather, including tornadoes. so the risk tonight and overnight for central and north florida, georgia, we'll see the risk of severe storms with an elevated risk for tornadoes. weak tornadoes usually with these land-falling systems but something to watch. there's the future radar; by this time tomorrow it bell -- be out to sea but -- there there is the latest track.
12:36 pm
once we get overnight it's going to continue to scoot north and eastward off to the atlantic and we won't be worried.this storm system this time tomorrow, bill. >> thank you, janice. >> of course. >> janice dean in the weather center. a fox news alert. hillary clinton on the stump in linwood, california, east l.a. she has been going after donald trump and as she returns back to the topic we'll bring that to you. the day before the big primary in california, something to watch as hillary clinton trying to close out bernie sanders. that race, however, right now, is too close to call. lace listen in, linwood. >> going to defend the affordable care act which has happened so many people here in los angeles and in california. but i want to make it better and i want to get the costs down because copays, and premiums and deductibles deductibles and prescription drug costs are going up too fast. want to make sure that we
12:37 pm
continue to improve it but i will fight against republican attempts to repeal and end the affordable care act. we want everybody in america to have health care. and there are two issues, two issues i want to quickly mention that i will also work on with your help. mental health, and addiction. too many people across this country are suffering because one or the other or both. there still is a signature amount people don't want to seek help. we need more help, more resources, family members, friends, colleagues, we all need to help folks get the kind of care they should have. >> hillary clinton making closing arguments in california. when she goes back to the topic of trump we'll take you there. the greatest of all-time
12:38 pm
returning home once again as the world continues to mourn the death of muhammad ali. his body arrived last night in the hometown of louisville, kentucky, and a large motorcade was there to help escort his body to a nearby funeral home. the boxing champion and humanitarian passed away on friday from septic shock after he was hospitalized for an issue with his respiratory system. 74 years old, he had battled parkinson's for decades and today on "good morning america" his daughter says she is comfort knowing his father is now at peace in his body and also described his final moments on friday. >> thank god all of us kids, my father has nine children total -- were all at the hospital, and all had the opportunity to be with him when he passed away. so my sisters were saying islamic prayers and so it was very peaceful time, and we sent him off in a very peaceful way, and we all were there.
12:39 pm
>> since ali's death many have been showing um at his home town, leaving flowers and paying respects. mike tobin there is live. what do we know about the funeral plans on friday? >> reporter: well, given the decades the champ suffered from parkinson's he had time to plan for this sad inevitability, and the organizes say everything we see from the champ's final farewell was either planned by muhammad ali or given his blessing. the remains of the greatest fighter horrified here -- arrived here in louisville and were sent to a funeral home. on thursday there will be a public muslim burial preparation and prayer, held in the freedom center, venue chosen for it's size and that's the last venue ali fought in louisville. tomorrow will be a public memorial. organizer says the ceremonies will be multiphased, rabbis, priests, imams, senator hatch
12:40 pm
will represent the mormon, it is intended to be ali's last statement to planet. >> this is not a political statement or about politics. this is about how muhammad ali lived his life, and the inclusiveness is not meant to sent out a political statement. it's meant to reflect how he lived his entire life. >> reporter: king abdullah of jordan is expected to taped as is president erdogan of turkey. the dalai lama sent his regrets and is unable to attend. >> well people be able to see much of the ceremonies? >> they will. the organizers say that the freedom center is tended to be for muslims all over the world. the public memorial on friday will be streamed over the ali center web site. there are tickets available and we'll get details this afternoon how the public can access tickets but the ticketed will be scarce and hard to get. some of the organizers suggest if people want to get a last look at the champ, their best
12:41 pm
bet will be to come and line the progression -- procession route. it will travel up muhammad ali boulevard go by his home, and go to the cemetery and the public will have access to all of that. >> thank you, mike. friday will be remarkable day. from louisville, kentucky. we all heard it's a bad used to use the same password for anything you. would think the founder of facebook would know better, right? apparently not. wait until you hear what mark zuckerberg has been using as his password. you cannot make this up. that's coming up. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine
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when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. mark zuckerberg founded facebook. hat been using the pass word -- da-da-da according to a hacking group which reports it broke into his twitter account, posting a tweet from his account
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claiming it found the password on a linked in database, someone delegalitied the tweet in the group's accounts. hackers breached 100 million accounts back to 2012. that is dadada. the gerald ford presidential museum set to re-open after getting a $15 million facelift. the new exhibits include a simulation of the typhoon that hit in 1944. the future president was sending on the aircraft carrier. visitors can stand behind his difficult in a mottle of fro oval office. the director of the museum says these updates help tell the complete life store of the former president and first lady betty ford. michael ford is with me now from michigan. michael, thank you for your time. wonder how it feels to you and your family to see these changes.
12:46 pm
>> well, these couple of days here in grand rapids, really a great celebration for our family and for our community here, as well as for the nation, as we go back in time and look at the history, the legacy of my father and mother, in their leadership and service during the very turbulent and difficult time in our nation. >> what would your father think of this. >> a little appalled with the big celebration and the cost that is involved with putting this on. as a congressman from michigan, he was very much a fiscal conservative, so he was watching the funding, but i think he also would say that this is not about him, it's really about democracy
12:47 pm
in our country and in -- how it works when we faced a crisis like vietnam and the watergate, and how our country is strong and the people really are the ones that can persevere and create a strong nation for us. >> you know, your mom was a remarkable human being. and i'm just wondering what visitors will learn about her when they come to grand rapids, michael. >> well, there's a great story there with my mother. very strong-willed and outspoken person, very much a leader of women's rights and her campaign for the e.r.a., they'll see that in the exhibit. also see her story of facing not only breast cancer and just the
12:48 pm
illness and the challenge there, but also facing her own alcohol and drug dependency, and being able to kind of persevere and overcomp -- over come with the help of loved ones and her faith in god. >> it's remarkable stuff, michael. thank you for sharing that with us today and congratulations. long overdue and the folks in grand rapids have an american treasure. so, congratulations, and enjoy the week, michael. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. isis tigers gunning down civilians who try to escape a war zone. they are worried about moles on the inside. families desperately trying to get across the river to get out oflag gentleman, iraqi forces and war planes have been trying to fight back to win the city over with thousands of civilians trap inside. we will get a live update on that battle coming up inside the fox news deck.
12:49 pm
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72 years ago today more than 150,000 allied forces stormed the beaches of norm man di. d-day, the biggest sea assault in history. by the end of the day thousands of troops were dead. today veterans and relatives of those died were in france to pay their respects. hank landed on normandy. henry bretton with maine was part of the invasion and says this date brings back so many memories. friends placed a picture of her at billy's grave. the fight for the isis stronghold of fallujah has
12:53 pm
forced people who live there to make an incredits my tough position, try to escape or stay holed up inside. iraqi officials say terrorists have been gun down those who try to run away. families have been trying to make the dangerous trip across the river, grabbing ahold of anything that will float to make it to the other side. officials say four have drowned, including two children. nine others are missing in the river. iraqi forces saying are now advance together center of the town, airstrikes from the u.s.-led accommodation overhead have supported that assault. yet iraqi officials and aid workers say tens of thousands of civilians still trapped inside fallujah cannot get out. connor powell is live. do we know how close the iraqi forces are to taking this city back? >> reporter: this operation was launched two weeks ago and while is moving slowly its moving forward in and he iraqi troops are advancing on fallujah.
12:54 pm
the entire city is cut off a from the outside world so isis fighters have no way of getting resupplied or have any extra reinforcements, and iraqi troops have secured the southern part of the city and beginning to move in. there are some 50,000 or so civilians there, many of them desperate to leave, some as you pointed out trying to flee by jumping into both the -- river, snipers picking some off according to humanitarian groups, others drowning in the river. so this operation is moving. it is moving slowly but it is moving forward, and iraqi troops, while they boasted about doing this quickly, they are doing it fairly methodically, in an effort to protect the civilian population there. there is every reason to believe that it will take a long time but, bill, it will ultimately be successful. >> how does this impact to the
12:55 pm
operation on mosul, the stronghold, and perhaps the most significant that isis controls in terms of size, et cetera, connor. >> reporter: the pentagon was pushing this winter for mosul to be the focus of the military operations this summer or early as this past spring, but because isis has launched a series of bombings in baghdad in the last few weeks, trying to raise sectarian tensions between sunni and shia, the iraqi government focused their attention on flew gentleman, which is 40 or so miles outside of baghdad. that's taken the effort away from mosul. there's no timeline on we then u.s. coalition and the iraqi troops will move on mosul. could be as late as next summer. >> thank you. back in a moment with a look at the birth of a long-time american tradition that is now almost vanished entirely. and it happened on this day in
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
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prosecutors say day will that charge the mom of the three-year-old boy who fell into the gorilla closure at the cincinnati zoo. prosecutors say the mom simply turned her back and her son ran away. happened over memorial day weekend. witnesses say the gorilla showed signs of protecting the child and also dragged him through the water. a special response team then shot and killed the animal. zoo reps say even today they stand by their decision. on this day 1933, folks first experienced what would become an icon of american culture, the drive-in movie theater. happened in camden, new jersey. the inventor got the idea from miss mother who complained about the seats in the theaters. eventually you could hear the movie sound through your car's fm radio. today you can still find a drive-in theater if you look hard enough but the silver screen went under the stars 83
1:00 pm
years ago today, nicely done. i'm in today for shepard. see you tomorrow on america's newsroom at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. until then, "your world" is next. stuart varney in today for neil. check it out. >> hillary clinton taking some questions today from reporters for the first time in 27 days, but let's just say they were not hard-hitting. >> when you took the stage in sacramento there was a woman next to me who has sobbing saying it's past time. drew feel the weight of what this means? >> i do. >> you're on the cusp of being the first female nominee of a major party. what does that mean to you. >> is it setting in you might be making serious history tomorrow? >> welcome everyone, i'm stuart va