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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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coming to you live from seaside heights, new jersey. all the 2016 election coverage as the polls are about to close in the garden state. tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. good night from washington. go to my facebook page. >> the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> is he a mexican. we are building a wall between here and mexico. >> this is one of the worst mistakes trump has made. i think it's inexcusable. >> the judge trump university controversy growing. now so. candidate supporters are saying he must pull back. mr. trump will be here tonight. >> i am the greatest fighter of all time. and when i hit you with a hard right hand, you will fall. >> what is the true legacy of muhammad ali? >> left, right, left. >> it's complicated. we will spell it out. >> what do you think tony soprano would vote for. >> definitely trump, without a doubt. >> because is he in the construction business? >> he has got to get the
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concrete contracts. >> also ahead, wawrlts going to the jersey shore on the eve of the new jersey primary. >> do you think bill clinton is going to vote for hillary? >> oh, yeah, he has got to, man or she will beat him up. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the counter attacks of donald trump, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. no matter what happens in the trump university civil litigation, it will not, not likely have much effect on the election. voters having more important things to consider than the disenchantment of a few trump u clients. but, the situation has put donald trump on the defensive. no question there is a political component to the legal action as the law firm behind the class action lawsuits often helps the
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democratic party. in fact, the firm has paid bill and hillary clinton a combined $657,000 for speeches since 2009. according to the website law that makes the legal action look like a political hit job. as it is likely the law firm is working on contingency. so mr. trump is correct to be indignant and defend himself vigorously. but part of that defense included a negative personal assessment of the judge in the case, a mexican-american named gonzalez cruiel. >> sea mexican. we are building a wall between here and mexico. the is he giving us unfair rulings. rulings that people can't even believe. >> immediately, an outcry arose and not only by trump critics. yesterday newt gingrich who supports trump said the
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candidate was wrong to spotlight the judge's heritage. >> this is one of the worst mistakes trump has made. i think it's inexcusable. he has every right to criticize a judge and has every right to say certain disiptions aren't right and his attorneys can file to move the venue from the judge. if a liberal were to attack justice clarence thomas on the grounds that he is black, we would all go crazy. every conservative would say it was wrong and it was racism. >> although appointed by barack obama, judge curiel is no raging liberal. in fact, he is a tough guy. at one point a mexican drug cartel threatened to assassinate him because of his antidrug trafficking stance. however, the judge belongs to a group called san diego lore raz zoe lawyers association which does advocacy work on behalf of latinos. not associated with the radical la raza group but confusion is understandable. because of that, mr. trump
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apparently believes the judge may be biased against him as it is well-known the candidate has taken a strong stand against illegal immigration, include building a border wall. summing up the trump u case is certainly political to some extent and it's a very high profile situation because of that. talking points believes the judge should recuse himself. not because he did anything wrong. he didn't. but to eliminate any doubt as to the motivation in court rulings. there are plenty of federal judges that could immediately step in. it is valid that some may see any recusal as caving to intimidation. but stark justice in a case this important, trump's pardon the pun any theoretical argument. that's the talking points memo. joining us from his headquarters is donald trump. so do you regret making it personal with the judge?
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>> look, i have had very, very unfair decisions. people said this should have gone away a long time ago in summary judgment. the defendant in the case was a horror show for the other side. so they asked that the defendant get out -- you know, the plaintiff, the plaintiff in the case was an absolute disaster for them. and they asked whether or not -- they went to the judge and asked whether or not the plaintiff could get out of the case. she said all great things about the school. she has a tape of her saying great things and she has a written statement signed by her saying great things. and the judge dismissed her from the case but left the e going to win the case. i don't care if the judge is mexican or not. i'm going to do great with the mexican people because i provide judges judge. i don't care about the mexican. we but we are being treated unfairly, bill, very unfairly. >> so wouldn't it have been better then if you didn't bring up the mexican thing at all and just said what you said here tonight because, look, you're being sued, i understand we did analysis of your lawsuit's
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history and you win most of your lawsuits. you are a big guy. guys are going to come after you. you know that so wouldn't it have been better if you just think look, i don't think i have been treated fairly, here's what we have, and let the mexican thing alone? >> well, the question was asked to me, you know, all these times, every time i go. i want to talk about how lousiy the economy is i want to talk about how badly we are doing against isis. how badly we are doing on the border. every time i go on a show all they want to talk about is trump university. i will say, this i think we have turned it because thousands and thousands of students have signed documents saying it was a great school, they learned a lot. it was wonderful. they gave it high marks. i think we have turned it so at least by talking about it people understand it's a civil lawsuit that should have been dismissed a long time ago but the judge treating me very unfairly. the questions were asked and, you know, frankly, i don't even like wasting my time talking about this lawsuit. i'm going to win this lawsuit. but we should win it on summary judgment. this shouldn't be a lawsuit that goes on forever. when you have thousands of
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students saying that the place was great, it was a great school and they loved it, this should be dismissed on summary judgment, bill. this shouldn't be a lawsuit. >> okay. now, you know why people ask you about mexican things and any ethnic group, muslims, whatever it may be. the strategy that you're going to use against hillary clinton and correct me if i am wrong, i can't read your mind, is that she is not suitable to be president because she is not honest. that's your strategy, right? >> she is not honest. she is not -- i don't think even think she is capable. look at her decisions. look where she has gone. every decision she has made she has made some bad decisions. she would be a disaster as president of our country. >> that's your strategy to tell the voters, look, she ♪ honest and she is not capable. the strategy being used against you and surely, you know this, is that you don't like muslims. you don't like women. you don't like mexicans, personally don't like them. and the strategy the
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democratic party is using is cleave off these groups. demonize him within these groups and he won't have enough votes to win the president. that's why they are asking you about the judge. they don't really care, they beings the press, about trump u. they don't care. but as soon as you mention mexican or muslim, bang, that's why they are doing it. >> all right, look, number one, i have great respect for women. i was the one that really broke the glass ceiling on behalf of women more than anybody in the construction industry. and my relationship, i think, is going to end up being very good with women. plus, they want to see a strong country that's secure, and she is not going to be able to do that. look at benghazi, she was sleeping when the phone call came. in she did the ad on the phone call at 3:00 in the morning. she was sleeping. sound asleep or wherever she was, she wasn't answering that call when our ambassador and the others needed help so you take a look. >> okay. >> i think i'm going to do great with women. now with mexico, i want a strong border. there is no question about that. and with mexico.
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i'm not talking about mexican people. i have thousands of hispanics working for me right now, bill. and thousands and thousands over the years and they're great people. i'm going to bring jobs back. that's why i think i'm going to do well with the hispanics. >> that's the play. if they buy your economic program, you'll win but, look -- >> -- our country is losing jobs like one after another. whether it's carrier airconditioning or nabisco or ford. they are all moving out. they are building plants in mexico. and i'm not knocking mexico, i'm not even knocking the leader of mexico. and the leaders of mexico. what i'm doing is knocking out president for being grossly incompetent. he is allowing our country. they are stealing our country from us. >> i got it? >> and we have it stop it. >> now on the women's front the boston globe yesterday writes that you pay men in your campaign a third more in salary than you pay women. this goes back to my theme that this is what you're gonna be confronted with, nuclear one, is that true
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you pay men a third more than women in your campaign? >> the answer is. no i just had it checked. because i heard this is going to be a question. i don't know i have a good source and somebody said this could be a question. i just checked it, bill, and the answer is no. and, in fact, if you look at the clinton foundation, they pay a lot more to men than they do women. and you look at other things that she has been involved in, and, frankly, surprisingly, she pays a lot more to men than she pays to women. and that's come out over the last three or four weeks. >> let me get this on the record though. the globe says according to federal commission election records this is true you pay women a third less than men in your campaign. there could be reasons for that. >> my people just said. no and there are reasons because there are different jobs. that's what i heard. there are much different jobs. but generally speaking, and if you look at my company, and what i pay women versus men in many cases i pay women more money than i pay for men. frankly now i will probably get a lawsuit from my men
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that work for me. i pay women for the same job more money than men. >> why do you do that? >> because they are very talented. when they're talented they are talented. i pay based on talent. >> you pay salaries based on your perception of ability. >> i pay on talent. i pay on ability, i do. i pay on ability. >> that's what i do. >> in the case i have some women making a lot of money and making more money than men in comparable positions. i just checked with my people on the election stuff, and they tell me that that's wrong. there are different jobs and different categories and everything else. but, when you end it all out, it's essentially the same. >> all right. fair interview? >> always fair. >> no. no remember you told me i had to see a psychiatrist one time. remember that? >> no. no, no. >> i told you would have to pay for it if you paid for it then i would. [ laughter ] you are always fair, sort of. >> sort of. i get it. if the judge recuses himself it will be interesting but i think the judge is an honest man. i don't think he is hosing
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you, i really don't. i have checked him. >> i hope. so i want him to be. >> he is an honest guy. >> i don't care if is he mexican or not mexican. all i want him to do is give me a fair shake. when we have thousands of people says it's great why does this case go forward. >> believe me this case is going to go unchallenged, that's for sure on both sides. always good to see you,. >> bill, i want to focus on the economy, i want to focus on the military. i want to focus on things that we need to focus on. not a civil lawsuit that i'm going to end up winning anyway. >> all right. donald trump anyone. of course would like hillary clinton to come on the program. she is welcome any time as is bernie sanders. next on the rundown, reaction to the trump interview, also, the irs finally admitting it did target many conservative groups. will this story explode in a new scandal? those reports after these messages.
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impact segment tonight, as we discussed with donald trump the democratic strategy is to divide the presidential election in to ethnic enclaves. kristin anderson from "the washington examiner" and from boston democrat mary anne marsh. so you heard trump, mary anne, what pops into your mind as the head line of that interview? >> i think what you can see here is the kind of campaign that donald trump is run something divide and conquer politics because he can't win a traditional general election where everybody votes. but he can win one that looks more like a midterm election, the more white, the more male, the more likely it is that donald trump is going to win. and i think that's why you hear attacks like the one on the judge, on muslims, mexicans ands or because it plays to his base and it reinforces them and they will turn out no matter what. a lot of that stuff doesn't necessarily translate into outrage on the left and voters turning out and that's the battle you are going to see. >> this was a -- this was a
5:17 pm
concentrated effort to bring a judge's ethnicity in to rally white people? but, look, i mean, it became a story that doesn't -- not particularly helpful to donald trump, mary anne, as he said, he doesn't want to talk about this all day long. he wants to talk about what he perceives to be his strength. why would he do that? >> he got everything he needed to out of it, already. he sent a message to his supporters. he reinforced the wall again. he reinforced criticism of mexicans. he then threw in muslims on top of it when asked about that as well. he is telling his supporters, look, i'm going to be the same guy you nominated to be the republican candidate for president of the united states. >> all right. >> and trying to turn off other voters. >> what do you say, kristin. >> this interview feels like is he backtracking. the things he said in the interview with you that, look, i just want the judge to give me a fair shake mexican or not mexican that doesn't matter. that is different than what he has been saying the last
5:18 pm
few days. had he said that from the get-go, i just want a fair shake. here is a, b, and c not having to do with the ethnicity of the judge i don't think he is fair we wouldn't be having that discussion. he discovered this is a line too far. >> are you saying that trump purposely made the judge's personal ethnic background a spotlight? >> i think he thought by saying it maybe it would help bolster his position that he is being treated unfairly and the voters that already like him would think that's a legitimate argument and i think he has probably been surprised by the push back he has gotten. >> it is a legitimate argument though, mary anne, if you have staked out a voyeur provocative position of deportation millions of people, primarily latino, to say, look, if i have a latino judge who is la raza lawyers, i might not get a fair shake. isn't that a legitimate thing to bring up. >> can he bring it up. it's not a fact and it's not evidence. >> that's true.
5:19 pm
>> it's donald trump's opinion and he besmirched a good judge just because. >> why did he besmirch him by saying, look, he might not be able to give me a fair shake. i mean -- >> -- he is questioning his judicial temperament which no one has ever done. and even you looked into his record and found none. just because he provides pro bono lyle assistance which almost every lawyer does shouldn't call in to question his ability on the bench which no one else has done. >> that's a legitimate answer. all right. let's go into the "boston globe" now saying -- because this is what i mean. it's a gotcha game all day long. trump says he hires and pays on talented. i do that. and, therefore, if somebody is more talented, it doesn't matter what gender they are, they make more money. does that make sense, kirsten? >> i think it makes sense to pay people based on how well they perform. i think the problem that trump has isn't necessarily a pay gap, it's a seniority level on his campaign gap. so, you know, we found that the white house a year or two ago, you know, was
5:20 pm
paying women on average less than it was paying men. part of that is because there were more men in really senior positions. what the trump campaign is experiencing they have a lot 6 men in senior positions a woman serving as press secretary for sure. ivanka is a paid advisor. she ♪ showing up on the payroll. the problem there you have trump a lot of senior staffers who are men. if he doesn't have more women in senior staff, you're gonna have disparity. it doesn't mean discrimination but he would benefit, i think, from having more women in senior roles at the table. >> there is far more men in politics in political consultant positions than women. last word, mary anne. >> i will use donald trump's own words he says his own word pay except pay women who do as good or better than men. what he says in the reports which are facts women on his campaign are not doing as good or better on the campaign. >> might be more experience level as well. >> there are plenty of
5:21 pm
experienced republican women out there he could have hired. >> i agree. >> plenty. >> ladies, thank you very much. directly ahead, the irs finally force to do admit it did target political groups, mainly gerve. newt gingrich has some thoughts. and later, the real legacy of muhammad ali. >> i'm so fast, man, can i run through a hurricane and don't get wet. when george foreman meets me, he will pay his debt. >> the factor is coming right back. to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr. the easy-to-swallow tablet is here.
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factor follow-up segment tonight, under huge pressure from federal judges, the irs has finally released a list of political groups it has scrutinized. no surprise most of them are conservative and there are hundreds of organizations involved. you may remember this exchange i had with president obama at the white
5:25 pm
house about the irs. >> so you are saying there was no corruption there at all. >> that's not what i'm saying that's what -- >> --no, no, you are the leader of the country. >> absolutely. >> you are say nothing corruption. >> no. >> none? >> there was some bone-headed decisions. >> bone headed decisions? but no mass corruption? >> not even mass corruption. not even a smidgen of corruption. >> joining us now from washington, newt gingrich, so how big a story is this really, mr. speaker? not getting a lot of play today but, finally we know that the irs did target many political organizations, most of which were -- are conservative. >> well, look, this is part of a larger pattern in which the obama administration is secretive, changes history, and targets its people it doesn't like. and this is true across the whole administration in bureaucracy after bureaucracy they are, i think, either distorting or breaking the law for the purpose of imposing their values and forcing out a
5:26 pm
business people they don't agree with. this is a good example. you will notice in every case they do bad things, they refuse to be open about it, they delay as long as they can, you have it in the state department, where they have now admitted that they literally edited out videotape, where they admitted lie guilty about iran deal. they have it in the veterans administration where the levels of corruption are breathtaking. and here we have it in the irs. you see it again and again and again across the entire obama administration. >> now, do you think president obama ordered the irs to look at conservative groups? >> i think president obama attracts and recruits people who despise conservatives, who see themselves as engaged in a war to change america and who seek to use bureaucratic power. in some cases, for example, with the consumer program at
5:27 pm
the federal reserve, they are trying to drive out a business gun dealers. they are trying to drive out of business payday lenders. they are literally distorting the law and threatening banks in order to try to force people out of business that they don't like. you see this stuff across the whole system. and it's a very dangerous use of government power. >> all right. you heard the interview with donald trump. you were obviously forefront criticizing him on the judge. any thoughts about the interview? >> well, i thought he did a very good job of narrowing down his complaint which i think, by the way, if you look at the record is totally legitimate. this case clearly should be dismissed. it's an absurdity. it's being pursued by a hillary clinton and bill clinton law firm. and i think the judge should have dismissed it. imagine, the chief plaintiff turns out to actually be on trump's side and, yet, they keep the case even though she is no longer valid in the case. >> um-huh. >> that's pretty valid. i also thought his other points were really good.
5:28 pm
i was delight to do see him start to move to the economy. remember, last friday, we created -- we announced that last month we created one job for every 8,000 americans. this is a very weak economy. >> all right. >> this is why hillary will lose. >> now did, trump get mad at you? did he call you up? >> no. we're fine. we are both big boys. he is doing a great job overall. i deeply disagreed on one item. >> all right. well, you got -- they call spanish kohanas. >> if i don't have that i ain't going on the show with you. >> thank you, mr. speaker, plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. we will analyze the true legacy of muhammad ali who died over the weekend. fascinating man. watters in new jersey on the eve of the primary there. >> who do you like for president? >> donald trump. >> tell me why. >> pause he is not a liar and he is not a socialist. >> that pretty much sums it
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5:33 pm
>> i'm going to float like a butterfly and sting like a be, his hands can't hit what his eyes can't see. >> i am the greatest fighter of all time. and when i hit you with a hard right hand, you will fall. >> i injure the stone and i hospitalized a bring. i'm so bad i make medicine sick. >> never make me go in the dark and never talk who is going to stop me. ain't nobody going to stop me. not any heavyweight in the world fast enough to stop me. he wanted to go to heaven i took him in seven. >> you took him in seven. >> i'm the king of the world. i'm prettier. >> you are not that prettier. >> i'm a mad man. i shook up the world. >> poorly educated, ali was born with a keen wit and quick mind. early boxing success in the early 1960's led him into the fast lane. one of his fellow drivers was a man named malcolm x who steered ali into raddism.
5:34 pm
not yet 22 years old cassius clay his birth name gravitated toward the black power movement and fell under this way elisha muhammad the head of the islam whose disciples would eventually assassinate malcolm x. antiwhite fanatic serve four years in federal penitentiary for entrying with the draft during world war ii. he believed blacks were the master race and should not participate in a government run by, quote: white devils. elijah muhammad became a father figure to muhammad ali. so when ali was drafted during the vietnam war it should not have been a surprise that he refused to serve. the same solution to that huge controversy was for the johnson administration to grant ali conscientious objector status and have him work with african-american soldiers who generally fought bravely in southeast asia. but sanity was in very short supply during the 1960's.
5:35 pm
for his draft defiance ali was arrested and suspended from boxing. he vigorously fought his legal battles, eventually winning in the supreme court. ali resumed fighting in 1970, still taking orders from elijah muhammad who drained ali's wages, took all the money. and generally controlled everything the fighter did. supreme court justice thurgood marshall, the first black justice once said the nation of islam was run by a, quote, bunch of thugs. in 1975, at the age of 33, ali finally quit the black power movement and became a sunni muslim. my opinion is that ali never hated whites but succumb to the pressure of evil men. ali fought for six more years after breaking away from elijah muhammad, far too long, but he badly needed the money, having been exploited by the nation of islam. the brutality of boxing for so many years rapidly took
5:36 pm
its toll on muhammad alli leading to early parkinson's disease. i met ali just once in the airport. gracious to fans, funny, seemed happy when i saw him. his legacy has many facets depending on your point of view. to me, he brought pride to his race and joy to children with whom he had a magical rapport. he was a fierce fighter as we all know. most likely the best ever. but he was flawed like the rest of us. his country honored muhammad ali in his later years and he accepted the accolades with pride. for younger americans, especially blacks, there is much to be learned from studying the life of muhammad ali. he called himself the greatest and in some ways he was. i believe history will be kind to muhammad ali. when we come right back, brit hume on donald trump's odds of winning the presidency. and then watters talking
5:37 pm
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what did you think of my analysis of ali, fair? >> i thought so. like you, bill, i met muhammad ali exactly once in a hotel in new york where i approached him, this was back in the 1970s and asked him to write an autograph for my son which he very sweetly done. my son promptly lost it. it was for a moment at least a cherished possession like some people i thought he was an amazing athlete and a great boxer and he was on a personal level, i think a very sweet man which is why as you suggested children respond to do him and people in general respond to do him were then and are now even more willing to overlook what you might consider his foibles, his love affair for a while there with the nation of islam. i think over time he sort of worked his way away from that. >> what the people don't know about muhammad ali is that he won an olympic medal in boxing but he was only a kid, really, when he was thrust into the spotlight.
5:42 pm
and at that time inin american e was a lot of turbulence. there was the civil rights going on. >> oh yeah,. >> black power, nation of islam, for a kid that didn't have a lot of guidance he fell under the sway of this muhammad a criminal and a bad man. malcolm x, you know, can you make an argument either way out of redemption. but muhammad had malcolm x assassinated. this is the kind of guy that muhammad ali really looked up to for many years. >> i think that's right, bill. i think he had this sort of innate sense of self-promotion and confidence in himself as an athlete, i remember very well all of that business before the sonny liston fight that won him the heavyweight championship the first time. phone thought this young cassius clay was going to win. that big ugly bear i will dismember he won't remember
5:43 pm
october, november and december. people thought he was crazy. then he went out and did it. for all of his gifts he was, as you suggest, a callow youth subject to influences that in some cases were not good for him. >> i have to make a confession here that i committed a crime to watch muhammad ali's second fight with liston in lewiston, maine. i rolled under the fence of the west bury drive-in because i couldn't afford the pay per view. i was 15 years old. i rolled under the fence, got in there, and sat next to a car and listened to the fight. but i was enthralled as a kid with muhammad ali. and he just, as i said, elvis, jfk, ali, most charismatic. >> you couldn't take your eyes off him. >> let's talk about another charismatic guy donald trump in the beginning of his run 100 to one to win the presidency, now down to 2 to 1. amazing he has got the odds down to where he could not easily but he could win this thing.
5:44 pm
are you surprised by that? >> i'm a little surprised by it. i think he has been conferred as kind of an unexpected advantage here, bill, by his early wrapping up of the nomination which is a very useful thing for a presidential nominee. it's a chance to sort of -- that's when you work to make sure the remaining elements of your party that might not have been with you are behind you. it's when you begin to build your case against your opponent who is still tangled up trying to shake, in this case her opponents. it's when you begin to behave in a disciplined way, also to, you know, outline your own agenda in a way where you are trying to build on the base that nominated you and build that into a base large enough to elect you. it's a different electorate. mr. trump at the moment seems not to recognize that and he seems, you know, to be subject to distractions like this attack on this judge. >> yeah, we dealt with that earlier. >> i know. case had nothing to do with the campaign. it's a waste of time.
5:45 pm
and now he is -- and it turns people who would like to be for him against him. >> some. some. but even though, with all of that, he is two to one. two to one. >> that's one set of betting odds. >> yeah. >> you have got to look at other data. the betting odds are interesting but it's not received wisdom. after all, you look at the polling. the polling is less promising. look at the electoral map which always favors whoever the democrat is. >> always the democrat. >> it's always the hill to climb for republicans. it's like drawing into an inside straight to some extent and that doesn't look as good. >> i just think this is such a crazy political year that i mean, the guy has a real legitimate shot. brit hume, everybody. >> amen to that. >> watters on deck. the new jersey primary is tomorrow. so we went jesse to the jersey shore. right back with it.
5:46 pm
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5:49 pm
back of the book segment tonight. "watters world," in addition to the california primary tomorrow, knowledge will vote as well. so what better time to send jesse watters to the jersey shore? ♪ ♪ >> you guys going to vote on tuesday? >> maybe. >> do you know who is running? >> not really. [ laughter ] >> let's whack this [bleep] and be done with it. >> are you guys going to vote on tuesday? >> voting? politics? >> who are you going to vote for. >> i don't know. they are all idiots. >> what are you going to do? >> who do you like for president. >> donald trump. >> tell me why? >> because he is not a liar and he is not a socialist. >> trump. trump. >> mr. trump. >> i feel like the government and the world is run by aloom aailluminati.
5:50 pm
>> what did you say? are you being a wise guy for me. >> who are you pulling for in the election. >> bernie. >> bernie. >> who are you voting for on thursday. >> why not are you a felon. >> that's right. you bad. >> i'm not voting voting for hi that's for sure. >> reporter: what issues do new jerseyans care about? you're so tan trump might deport you if he's president. >> that's fine. >> i love him like a brother. >> reporter: why do you like trump? >> everything he says is what people want to say. if we said it we'll get in trouble by our wives. why you like trump? >> he's going to turn things around. the guy is a billionaire. he doesn't have to do this. >> reporter: do you think we should build a wall on the south boarder. >> yes.
5:51 pm
>> reporter: who is going to do the construction. >> mexicans. >> reporter: you want to build a wall? >> the country was made on immigration. >> they're illegals. what about the americans. there is no americans anymore. >> it's a pride thing. >> reporter: is hillary a jersey girl. >> i hope not. >> it would be cool to have a girl president. i think she's better than trump. >> i want a woman that's not a liar. >> i don't think you'll ever find one of those. >> thank you. >> reporter: do you think bill clinton is going to vote for hillary. >> he has to. >> i don't want a woman in the white house. >> reporter: why not. >> i don't think we need one right now. >> reporter: are you sexist. >> no i'm not. >> reporter: why do you like bernie. >> i'm in college. >> reporter: do you think we should raise taxes on the rich. >> no. >> reporter: that's what bernie wants to do. >> raise our taxes. >> reporter: yes. >> i feel the bernie.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: you don't feel the bern. >> i've felt berned a few times. >> reporter: do you like the board walk. >> the board walk is capitolism. >> reporter: who do you think tony would vote for. >> definitely trump without a doubt. he'd take trump in a heartbeat. they're almost different but the same. >> just when i thought i was out they pulled me back in. >> reporter: who do you think tony would vote for. >> whoever would line his pockets the most. >> reporter: so hillary. >> she's at the sanitation so yeah. >> part of my income comes from legitimate businesses. >> reporter: you don't like my collar. >> no. >> we keep talking to you about this stuff. >> reporter: what do i have to do. >> we're not in 1982 anymore buddy. >> reporter: anything you want to tell o'reilly? >> i'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse. >> reporter: i'm watters with. and this is my world. >> high watters world.
5:53 pm
>> reporter: it's my world. >> we know who you are, understand. you are going to get into heat with the mob stuff. >> i lived in jersey. >> my grandmother is a jersey person but the cliche you can find it. >> they're mad at you. the last time i did a shot there you said they don't like me and they insist they like me on the jersey shore. >> they like you, watters. >> they like me. >> yes. >> okay. >> no one knows why though. >> you don't speak like they do. do you have any tattoos by the way. >> i can't show you. >> thank you. thank you. jessie watters everybody. helping kids who lost their parents on 9/11. the tip moments away.
5:54 pm
we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪
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6:00 pm
i'm bill o'reilly. thanks again for watching. please remember the spin definitely stops here because we're looking out foryou. breaking tonight in the middle of perhaps his biggest controversy to date new reports surfacing from bloomberg news tonight that republican presumptive nominee donald trump is not backing down from his attack on a federal judge but he's asking surrogates to ramp up questions about this judge. good evening everyone. i'm megyn kelly. donald trump's attacks on the judge hearing the fraud case against his trump university is where we begin tonight. trump university was a school trump founded promising students how to get rich selling real estate. many students were happy with what they got but thousands of others were not. they went on online