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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 7, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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especially when i'm talking to guys like you. >> all right. thank you for opening the place up. we'll be here live for the next three hours. if you are down in the north bergen area, stop by. i'll buy you a cup of coffee. how does sanders staying in help or hurt the presumptive nominee? weigh in on our facebook page, #keep talking. >> "fox & friends" next. >> bye. ♪ ♪ good morning to you and to your family. it's tuesday, june 7th. i'm ainsley earhardt. hillary clinton has enough delegates to clinch the nomination. don't tell that to bernie sanders. >> secretary clinton will not have the requisite number of pledged delegates to win the democratic nomination. >> we are live in california where the sanders campaign is not stopping. ♪ ♪ meanwhile, while the
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democrats respect divided, donald trump tells his surrogates to keep criticizing the judge in the trump university case. is that the right strategy? we'll talk about that and defiant donald, brian. an epic meltdown right near the mound. the controversial call that caused this college coach flip out on the umpire. let me remind you no matter where our anchors are, your mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ i'm glad you mentioned that, brian, because steve is not on the curvy couch with us this morning. >> are you kidding me snp i've been looking all over for him. >> there he is. necessities that diner right there. good morning to you, steve. where are you? >> i'm here at the boulevard diner in north bergen, new jersey. stxt telios runs the place. i'm going to have -- you have
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many chosen. i'm going to have the mexicana omelet, glass of orange juice, another cup of coffee. do you have a pot? >> yes. >> he's not going to write anything down. >> home fries. >> french fries or mashed potatoes? >> mashed potatoes for breakfast! i'm going with home fries. >> you'll be nodding off if you have the mashed potatoes. >> i'm starving. >> there's six states up to you, california, montana, new mexico, north dakota. san diego. >> we're talking about new jersey. i brought from my house, i am a new jersey resident, the official primary election sample
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ballot and what's interesting on the democratic side in the number one position, you have bernie sanders. in the number two position, hillary clinton. of course, the associated press yesterday made it very clear she's going to win, so why bother wasting your vote on bernie. i wonder if folks here in new jersey or california even though they know hillary has got it in the bag according to her people will do like rush limbaugh will do eight years ago, operation chaos, saying vote for bernie to kind of mess her up. on the republican side, you got ddr donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich are still on the ballot. if the never trump people -- it will be interesting to see exactly how many votes john kasich and ted cruz actually wind up with. >> it's a winner-take-all state. 126 on the democratic side up
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for grabs. we will be following it. thank you so much, steve. arnold swhas neger -- schwarzenegger is one of the high profile names that voted for john kasich on the republican side. could it be over before california gets a chance to get their vote in? >> we have heather nauert live in pasadena, california, and we'll start with leland with the latest in santa monica. >> bernie sanders is not giving up here in california. rallies planned all day. one planned here today here in santa monica. he calls this a race to judgment in terms of calling hillary the nominee. it's not the news bernie sanders supporters wanted to hear this
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morning when they woke up. clinton is down playing what historic news of her nomination, saying she still needs her supporters to go out and vote. meantime, sanders is calling foul on the delegate count. declaring clinton the winner requires the counting of votes of super delegates, people who can change their mind up until convention. sanders says they haven't voted, they can change their mind. not so fast. sanders is stating he's staying in until the convention in phillie. president obama could formally endorse clen ton -- clinton tomorrow. this is the first time in recent memory that the sitting president has a higher approval rating than the two front runners who may succeed him come january. >> on top of that, if you think about president obama, he's
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evidently chomping at the bit to get involved in the campaign. there's a real risk he's going to totally overshadow and make hillary clinton worse for the wear when he gets out there again. he might not even realize it's not about him. >> sure. that's always the danger when hillary appears on stage with her husband. who is the great campaigner? it's bill clinton. he's fantastic. so if you have barack obama and hilller side by side, if you are a democrat, i prefer more of him. now, keep in mind, we understand that apparently president obama called bernie sanders over the weekend. white house was reluctant to say exactly what they talked about, however it sounds like obama is already trying to broker a peace deal between hillary and bernie because if hillary is going to win, she needs the bernie people. >> yeah. it's interesting to see who bernie voters go for,
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will they vote for donald trump because they don't want the establishment candidate. >> the big news is the super delegates. bernie sanders has already flipped four. what is his great hope? >> it's not going to happen. it's not going to happen. >> it's true. but if they don't get over the threshold, should he keep fighting? >> that's what he's saying. he's going to fight all the way to the end. don't you think it's impossible for him to flip hundreds of super delegates? >> well, i don't know. keep in mind, if california today goes to bernie sanders, then some super delegates, might go, you know, i don't know. bernie sanders supporters were very specific yesterday. [ phone ringing ] >> can somebody get that? they were very specific when they said she has not won. she's got 400-plus super delegates. they don't vote until july 25th
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or 26th and 27th. so this is not over yet. so there's a case to be made that, you are right, she has not won. now, it all comes down to california. how well is he going to be doing there? heather nauert is in pasadena city hall. she's been talking to people in the golden state. good morning, heather. >> hi, gang. we're here in pasadena at a beautiful spot. city hall is right behind me. we've been talking to voters about how they are feeling and even though hillary clinton and donald trump have enough delegates to clinch the nomination, people are excited about this race. they say it's the first time in many years that california has made a difference even though it's a late primary state. there have been a ton of new people who have registered to vote. in the 45 days before the deadline to register to vote, 600,000 new registered voters. democrats picked up about
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500,000. republicans picked up 136,000. the most newly registered voters, though, came among that young demographic. that 18 to 29. we spoke to some of those voters. here's what they had to say. take a listen. >> tell me who you are voting for. >> hillary clinton. >> why is that? >> i think she's the most experienced and thoughtful person. i like bernie. i think he's too old. >> you just registered to vote for the first time. >> right. >> you registered with which party? >> i want to do republican. >> you are a register republican. who do you like? >> trump. >> why? >> i like how he speaks his mind. >> i don't like bernie sanders. i feel like he's going to raise taxes. i'm about to graduate school. i don't want to be punished to make a lot of money. >> donald trump wants to build a wall, what do you think of that?
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>> i don't have any objection to that. it's mainly security, and other countries you just cannot hop into other countries. >> always in the past, by the time the elections roll around, california being on the west coast, everything is already done by the time it gets here, so we really don't have any say. it's really nice to be able to have a say. >> the polls here open at 7:00 a.m. pacific time. going to be a big day for them. coming up in the next hour we'll talk with more voters and how they feel about the issue of immigration and donald trump's plan to build a wall. i'll see you then. >> we'll see what's happening, but before we get to heather and before we get to leland, steve, you might have the result when new jersey comes in and might put hillary clinton over the threshold. >> you never know. the polls open here in new jersey just about ten minutes ago. i'm planning on voting six or seven times before it's all done. >> not allowed. >> i'm pretty sure there's a problem with that.
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i'm going to check with legal counsel. >> i don't think so. they changed that. >> we'll wait until kimberly guilfoyle then. guess who is here. >> heather childers is here. >> very busy day for lots of folks. we have some other news to tell you about. breaking overnight, tropical storm colin slamming florida, leaving a path of destruction. a backyard security camera look at this rattling as the storm packed 50-mile-per-hour winds whipping patio furniture straight into the area, this is near jacksonville. 20 million people under a state of emergency at this hour. blinding rain forcing drivers off the road in tampa. you have waves crushing into this restaurant in st. petersburg. and this, a possible tornado knocking down power lines.
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it's gaining strength and moving 45 miles per hour toward the east. police officers are dead now after being targeted. a busy intersection is where it happened at in istanbul. this happened close to a university and the mayor's office. no one has claimed responsible. horrible. the gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo reopens today for the first time since a three-year-old boy climbed a fence and fell in last week. that boy's mom now learning that she is not going to be charged. >> she was being attentive to her children. if anyone doesn't believe a three-year-old can scamper off very quickly, they have never had kids. >> zoo officials forced to shoot and kill that gorilla to save
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the boy's life. the new gorilla barriers are six inches higher with wooden beams and rope netting. coming up straight ahead, obamacare for illegals. a million wuk -- bucks to study whether or not cheer leaders are more active in a squad. >> and if they are attractive too. we're paying money to see if they are attractive too. >> we're going to break down the outrageous use of taxpayer money. ands what happens if bernie sanders actually wins california? miami beach mayor and clinton supporter is coming up next. >> i think so. ♪ ♪
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what is your take on the clinton camp saying whoa, ap, don't give it to us yet. >> secretary clinton wants people to go out and vote. we know in new jersey she's going to have an historic win in new jersey. it's going to push her further. >> double digits. >> absolutely. in california she's going to win too, brian. >> too close to call. >> she's the first female candidate to be running for president for a major party and getting the nomination. >> mr. mayor, you are saying you are going to d.c. for next week's event and she does not enough without super delegates to get over the threshold. what's your reaction? >> first of all, she has the majority of pledge delegates. super delegates, they only represent 15%. president obama had super delegates. anyone who is going to get the nomination needs super delegates. she has the super delegates as well. >> but without the super delegates, does she get over the
3:19 am
threshold? >> without super delegates, no one can get over the threshold. the math is the math. bernie sanders has run a great campaign. the one thing he says all the time is he is never allow a billionaire to become president. he's the ultimate billionaire basher. why would he help him become president? >> here's elizabeth warren. let's listen. >> i'm a super delegate and i don't believe you. i don't think that super delegates ought to stray. >> that's the ultimate high profile democrat upset with the system. are you upset with the super delegate system? >> absolutely not. they are nominating the right person for the job. the game is over. we've moved on. now it's time for the big game,
3:20 am
the championship, where secretary clinton is going to defeat donald trump. >> but you will never quit early and -- >> absolutely not. >> and if you don't get over the threshold, you are quitting early. i'm going to ask you too about the hillary clinton attack plan. do you believe she's taken a page from barack obama when he went after mitt romney to make him unelectable? >> i think donald trump is unelectable. i've listened to some of the things that trump has said and done, talking negatively about p.o.w.s or this mexican job. the fact of the matter is he's unelectable. we're looking forward to having president obama endorse secretary clinton. i know that's right around the corner. >> coming up straight ahead, the blue angels ban.
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a lawmaker wants to ban. and taxpayer money being used to study whether cheer leaders are more attractive in a squad? i would do it for free.
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so glad you are up. let me tell you what's happening. mixed martial arts guy, kimbo slice dead. he died suddenly overnight in florida after going to a hospital earlier in the day. his real name is kevin ferguson rose to fame in backyard fighting videos before signing with the ufc, he was 40 years old and known to use steroids. >> ali comes out to meet frazier but frazier starts to retreat.
3:25 am
if joe goes back farther, he will wind up in a ringside >> will smith and lennox lewis. stefen curry will sit out the rio games. he didn't say anything about the zika virus. the nba finals, they lead 2 games to none and look unstoppable. how would you like it if your tax dollars went toward gender reassignment for veterans? obamacare for illegals and studying if cheer leaders are more attractive in a squad. seriously. well, it's really happening. here with the waste watch is radio talk show host and founder of harrington capital media, it's kyle harrington. good to see you, kyle. you are over here chuckling because some of this is
3:26 am
laughable. it's ridiculous. >> when you sit there and you find out and it become more transparent about where federal tax dollars are going to, you know, it can be very irritating and frustrating and you can understand why people are hesitant to send in their tax checks to the federal government. >> absolutely. we're talking about gender reassignment surgery for veterans. va hospital has 500,000 plus people on a waiting list that have been waiting for more than 30 days and we could be spending up to $3 billion on gender reassignment surgeries. what do you think? >> you know, listen, that is a larger number than i would have thought, to be honest, after doing the research. >> we double checked it and that's a fact. >> yes. having said that, i think that there are, as i look at my research, there are more pertinent things that the veterans in the united states, we should be spending money on. for one, ptsd. two, one of the biggest things
3:27 am
is transitioning these veterans from military life to private life in the private workforce. so when you are a private company, like i have my own private company, and you examine the expenses that need to be allocated. you look at the bigger expenses, what needs to be addressed right away before you go talk about gender reassignment surgery. >> what about california? the california assembly has approved a bill to permit 390,000 illegals to get about obamacare. >> this is exactly where i think the government gets themselves in trouble and we don't -- we do not have the transparencely that was sold to us by the current administration, ainsley, and this is taking advantage of or trying to take advantage of a loophole within the state of california to fund illegals in our country through tax dollars and through obamacare, and i think that it is appalling and it is another example of where americans get frustrated with the lack of transparency. >> they are not paying into the
3:28 am
system and yet the people who are working hard are taking care of them. >> that's exactly right. i don't think that's a fair trade. >> this one is appalling. the federal government is paying more than $1 million to determine if cheer leaders are better looking in a group versus individually. >> ainsley, this is the biggest example of -- it's prepos terous, seriously, are we spending money on cheerleading when we're running a $20 trillion federal deficit. if you are a private company and you want to identify a marketing effort and spend money in that direction and it's your own money and raised your own money privately, no problem. when you are using federal tax dollars to the tune of over $1 million to address these sort of irns, i think it's an inappropriate use of funds. >> we wonder why trump and sanders are doing so well. anti establishment. >> we've told you about a boy
3:29 am
who called 911 when his drive drove through this red light. remember. this is more serious. >> 9 1e. umm my mom is really trunk. >> where are you at? >> we're on some type of madison or something. >> nothing like a few pancakes and politics to start this primary morning and that's exactly what steve doocy is doing in new jersey. hey, steve. >> that's right, ainsley. eggs and issues. the polls have been open here in new jersey for about a half an hour, but the boulevard diner opened 24 hours a day. they never close. steaks, seafood, cocktails and breakfast. if you are in the garden state and over around north bergen and 92nd street and 501, stop on by. i'll get you breakfast. michael cera's birthday today.
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3:34 am
i just had the great big omelet. i'm right next to the pie case. look what i'm having for dessert. >> wow. >> pie for breakfast. >> you are an adult. >> i can have pie for breakfast. >> you can. >> people look up to you for their diet tips. you would blow all that up just for pie? >> i already had a healthy omelet and some home fries and six cups of coffee, so i can wash it down with a mile high pie, hello. >> steve, this is the question, when you are a kid, you can eat all the oreos you want and never dwayne -- gain a pound. when you are an adult you can eat pie for breakfast, and you do gain the weight. you probably don't, but most of us do. >> that's what makes life unfair. suites. >> hillary clinton eating -- hitting that delegate figure.
3:35 am
>> she and bernie sanders still taking aim at this guy named donald trump and his latest controversy. >> fox news senior national correspondent john roberts is live outside trump tower in new york city where if i had a dollar i would bet you they would serve you pie for breakfast as well. john. >> it doesn't open until 8:00, steve, so anything you can get is here on fifth avenue from your diner would be much appreciated. good morning. this is the last day of the primaries. donald trump should be raising his hands and triumphantly breaking through the tape. he still finds him under fire from democrats and more members of his own party. senator from new hampshire is saying donald trump needs to
3:36 am
withdraw his comments. donald trump continuing his criticism of judge kuriel, encouraging his surrogates on an hour long conference call yesterday to keep going at the judge to suggest that he can't be impartial. he can't be an impartial judge and donald trump is being treated unfairly. although, last night on bill o'reilly's program, trump did dial it back a little bit on the issue of the judge's heritage. here's trump. >> i don't care if the judge is mexican or not. i'm going to do great with mexican people. i provide jobs. i don't care about mexican. we're being treated unfairly, bill. very, very unfairly. >> the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders continue to bash up on this. they see this is beginning to
3:37 am
fracture the republican party and they want to use this as a rhetorical crowbar. donald trump thinking i've survived things in the past, i think i'll survive this one as well. you don't want to be writing your opponents campaign commercials. >> everything that's happened so far with donald trump, things that are controversy, they seem to break his direction, sometimes they hurt. in the big picture, do you think this is the one time donald trump says you know what, the more i think about it it's misconstrued or somehow back tracks or apologizes? do you think the damage is that great? >> in trump world, politics means never saying you are sorry. i think eventually this will fade but this has got more sticking power than a lot of the other things, i think, particularly since it comes at this point in the campaign where he's just trying to pivot in the general elections. there are a lot of republicans who certainly wish he hadn't said this. they have to win the white house and protect an awful lot of down
3:38 am
ballot races as well. they are scratching their heads saying if this thing sticks to us, we're in real trouble. >> donald trump will be at his golf course in west chester. steve is out in new jersey at a diner there. what are the voters saying? >> i've been talking to my neighbors over the last day or so about the whole judge thing. i have not found a single neighbor here in new jersey who really cares about that. now, mike here is for a small businessman round table that they have every tuesday, right? >> yes. >> what kind of business are you in? >> i own a cartridge world franchise in north arlington. >> fantastic. if i needed a cyan cartridge i could get it from you at a good price. >> absolutely. a very good price. >> what's the issue for you here in new jersey? >> as always, it's the economy. >> which of the candidates -- i got a feeling you are going to vote d today because this is a very blue state. >> yes.
3:39 am
>> who do you like better? hillary or bernie? >> to tell you the truth, i don't like either of them. >> why? she represents the clinton dynasty. he represents the premise of a lot of free stuff. >> i know about that. there's nothing you get for free. you pay eventually. >> i know that. you are right about that. tell him. >> that's what i'm kmoerned about. it's not -- >> you are going to vote for one of the two of them. >> no, i'm not. >> are you a democrat? >> no, i'm conservative. >> are you going to vote? >> yes. >> for who? >> whichever other conservative is on there. i believe rubio is still on the ballot or cruz is still on the ballot. >> and john kasich. >> yes. it's probably going to be kasich. >> well, that's a headline. who has been talking about kasich? kasich is winding up with mike's vote from the cartridge place. >> i'm sure he will call in
3:40 am
right away and thank mike. >> i guess he's taking a stand. that's the way he feels. it's going to be interesting to see who the people from new jersey vote for. >> we can't hear you. >> mike you are, getting a free breakfast on steve. >> hold on. he's having pound cake. >> don't you love a diner? we got to hand it over to heather. she's over here, steve, behind where steve normally sits. >> it's very early there. thank you so much. we have some other headlines that we've been following for you. aside from the election, one lawmaker has had enough of the blue angels, san francisco supervisor john avalos says the aerial acro bats are a threat to safety and they shouldn't be allowed to fly over the city. he only wants them to fly over
3:41 am
the bay. remember this kid who call 911 on his dad for running a red light? >> 911, what's your emergency? >> daddy went past a red light. >> he did? >> uh-huh. >> well, it's happened again with a different child, and this time the child's mom was drunk. >> 911. >> my mom is really drunk. >> where are you at? >> we're on some type of madison or something. >> her 12-year-old son calling lakewood, ohio, police to tell them she was drunk. she admitted she had been drinking vodka before she was arrested. >> did you see this an epic meltdown to say the least for north carolina state's baseball coach, the umpire unable to contain elliott abbott.
3:42 am
he gets right in the face of the home plate umpire. he was finally tossed in the third inning for arguing balls and strikes. he's suspended for two games. the team without a coach for their regional championship. this was the same coach that was bitten by a copperhead last month. >> i believe so. >> maybe that had something to do with the meltdown. >> maybe the venom made him nuts. >> what a great example for the kids. if things don't go your way, go crazy. >> i've gotten word that judge napolitano is here. hillary clinton is insisting she hasn't been contacted by the fbi about her email server scandal. is that true? have you had any contact yet with the fbi? you or your agents over this matter? >> i have not been asked to come in for an interview. i've said i'm more than willing
3:43 am
since last august. >> but judge napolitano says there's much more to that story and her pattern of dishonesty. he's next. we're going on a high tech road trip. we have all the hacks for your vacation. a phone charger that will also charge your car whendies. >> don't yell at me, ainsley. >> sorry. ♪ ♪ nexium 24 hour introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets. so now, there are more ways, for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr. the easy-to-swallow tablet is here.
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3:47 am
>> i have not been asked to come in for an interview. i've said i'm more than willing since last august and i would like to do that sooner instead of later and get this matter wrapped up and behind us. >> but is that the entire truth? let's get reaction from fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. >> it's nice to be with you, ainsley. >> she's not been asked to come in for an interview. >> couple of thing, when you are represented by counsel, which, of course, mrs. clinton is in a criminal investigation of which she is the subject, the fbi cannot speak with you directly. the justice department through its lawyers, not through fbi agents, speaks to your lawyer. so it's lawyer to lawyer. so when she says i have not been asked to come in, that might literally be true, but it is highly misleading. when the fbi is at the tail end of a criminal investigation, as they are here, this may seem counterintuitive to people unfamiliar with the procedure, they give the subject, the
3:48 am
target of the investigation, an opportunity to come in and explain to them their version, this case her version, why she should not be indicted. she has already been given that opportunity. justice department lawyer to her lawyer. my guess is it's already been scheduled. she's trying to make it sound like i'm waiting here waiting for the fbi to call and they haven't call. that's something the folks need to know. folks at home also need to know that when the inspector general of the state department, that's the person in the state department, responsible for making sure that high--ranking people in the state department obey federal law, like the secretary of state, when the inspector general of the state department wanted to ask her about her emails, she didn't answer. she refused to talk to him, and she wouldn't let any of her aids talk to him. so her statement i've been waiting till last august to talk to somebody about this is a second lie and a second substantial misleading statement in all this. the third lie that she told to
3:49 am
george stephanopoulos in that same interview, she said i just did what has been done before. that's absurd. powell, albright, rice, her predecessors in the office, did not have home servers, did -- away into a nonsecure venue where it was more than likely hacked. hacked by our friends, the israelis, foes, the russians and chinese. these are the problems she's going to confront. this is the information the justice department wants to present to a grand jury. there's plenty of evidence to indict her just from the public record. there's plenty of evidence to convict her. the question is will the president, will the attorney general, permit justice department lawyers to present this evidence to a grand jury? we should know the answer to that before the democrats convene in philadelphia. >> that will be interesting and maybe that is why bernie sanders is staying in this race. >> bernie sanders is probably
3:50 am
staying in this race because democrats are so much doubt about her honesty. >> and if she gets indicted, he could be the candidate. all right. thank you so much, judge. >>candidate. all right. thank you so much, judge. great to see you here. bernie sanders refuses to quit. does that make him sexist? judge laughs at that. a reporter asked him that question. he had a similar reaction. he was a little frustrated with that. summer vacations can go downhill very quickly. >> when they close the road, they put up big signs like this one. oh! >> but this morning we have the vacation hacks to keep you on the road. tired of re-dosing antacids? try duo fusion! new, two in one heartburn relief. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours
3:51 am
in one chewable tablet. try new duo fusion. from the makers of zantac.
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3:54 am
all right. we're continues to get you road trip ready with our summer road trip series. >> we have the hacks to ensure a smooth ride and here to share this is travel expert mike caudill. tell us about this amazing car. >> it's the 2017 chrysler pacifi pacifica. this is the real deal, ready to hit the road. here's what makes it unique. eight usbs inside the vehicle and the cup holders. the kids can power everything inside this vehicle. this ten inch screen is called you connect theater. why is it important? it has the first ever video game console built into it. you can play the video games and
3:55 am
you have the are you there app, are we there yet, mom or dad? every 15 minutes it will pop up a notification. and by the way if you spill the peanuts in the back of the vehicle, a fully integrated vacuum cleaner inside. >> by the way, this is our first audition worthy family. >> the family is here. >> here we go, fully connected car in this car. >> yep. so moving from the car to the tire right here, this the bridgestone drive guard tire. why is it important? it's important because this is a run and flat tire. it means that if you pop your tire, you can go 50 miles at 50 miles an hour without having to change. >> wow, a long way. >> if i could pick a favorite item it had to be this. the wego. >> yeah. this is the same size as my iphone. this will charge your car. get that out of here, that's circa 1950s. it will charge your car, your
3:56 am
connected devices. leave it in your car -- it comes out. all you have to do is walk up, charge your vehicle. away you go, less than 15 seconds and under 100 bucks. >> check this out, ainsley. this is the windshield wiper. >> windshield wiper was invented in 1903 and this is called scrub blade. the person that invented this was tired of the bugs splattered on his windshield. he said this has to be a way to get rid of the bugs and the diamond cuts allow you to cut through the snow and grime and sleet and -- >> how much is this? >> you can get these on the website or on amazon. scrub blades. >> what's going on over here? >> look, 104 degrees in southern california last week. people were blowing out tires, it's hot. you want to keep your family safe. >> real quick, you have a tow rope, emergency on the side of the road, wear a t-shirt, protective gloves. >> keep your family off the road. pull off the freeway, out of the sun. >> mike caudill, thank you so much.
3:57 am
you made summer more perfect. thank you, generic family. top of the hour, we are live in new jersey. a place called california with primary coverage. this is the last super tuesday of our lives ever. olay luminous illuminates skin with pearl optics science. your concert style might show your age, your skin never will.
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with a non-insulin option, click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. good morning. it is -- what do we call this super duper super tuesday. last one. june 7th. hillary clinton just secured enough delegates to clinch the democratic nomination, but didn't tell that to do bernie sanders. shh. >> there's nothing to concede. secretary clinton will not have the requisite number of pledged delegates to win the democratic nomination. >> we are live in california where the sanders campaign is going full speed ahead. and steve is there in new jersey. >> while the democrats are divided, donald trump tells his surrogates to keep criticizing
4:01 am
the judge in the trump university case. is that the right strategy? we are live in jersey where the polls opened one hour and ten seconds ago. every day his mom packed bible verses in his lunchbox. that is until the school called the cops on him and now the family is fighting back. that 7-year-old boy and his mom join us live this hour. let us pray they're on time, because your mornings are better with "friends." you are looking live at the outside of the boulevard diner in north bergen. we want you to find the guy in the inside. because he knows there's six states voting today. california, montana, new mexico,
4:02 am
north dakota, san diego -- excuse me, south dakota. do you know the other state? >> well, let's see if san diego is a state, san francisco, is that one on the states? >> you hurt my feelings. >> the dakotas are voting and so is the great state of new jersey. we are here at the boulevard diner where they're convening a business roundtable. we'll talk to some of the people about who they're voting for today. i have got my sample ballot that came in the mail, actually in the last week. and on the democratic side on the number one line, you've got bernie sanders followed by hillary clinton. of the people i talked to who are democrats neither one -- nobody is really excited about either -- they kind of like bernie more than hillary, but then on the republican side, you have trump. you have ted cruz and you have john kasich. he actually talked to a guy at the counter a little while ago who said he was going to vote for john kasich because he did
4:03 am
not like trump. what's interesting about the people here in new jersey, regarding the trump university thing, i have not found one person who really cares about that. it's not going to change their vote. they hear the mainstream media talking about it. but it does not matter to them. which is contrary to what you see on the mainstream media. >> well, almost every big wig republican candidates have come out and condemned the remarks. >> but the people who are actually voting doesn't matter. >> right, in new jersey it's a big one for hillary clinton if the polls are indeed correct. but the bigger story is the super delegates. >> that's right. we have steve out there in new jersey. we have heather nauert at the bottom of your screen in yellow. she is getting voter reaction in pasadena, but we'll start with the guy in the bottom, leland vitter in is santa monica. what have you got there? >> hard to follow that introduction. california, the polls open here
4:04 am
in three hours and sanders is really trying to down play this news about hillary clinton securing the nomination saying it is a rush to judgment and certainly telling his supporters to get out and vote in droves, when the polls open in just about three hours. meantime, clinton says well, it's important to vote, but probably pretty happy to have heard what she heard. >> but we still have work to do, don't we? we have six elections tomorrow. and we're going to fight hand -- hard for every single vote. >> well, sanders is calling foul because of the delegate count. declaring clinton the winner requires counting the votes of super delegates, people who can change their mind up until the convention. sanders says not so fast. obviously he wants the momentum coming out of california as well. as sanders threatens to stay in the race all the way to the convention in philly. reports indicate that president obama could formally endorse
4:05 am
clinton as early as tomorrow. keep in mind, this is a year where endorsements have matter very little, but president obama had a higher favorability rating than clinton or trump and obama can do a lot when it comes to unifying the democrats behind hillary clinton in the coming weeks. back to you guys. >> thanks so much. and by the way, steve is over in new jersey, leland is over in california. but the big story today in "the new york times," ainsley and steve, president obama is dying to get into this race. he's got a special animosity for donald trump. >> yeah. we have to see if he does get into the race. will that help or hurt hillary clinton? >> overshadow her? >> a lot of people don't like the direction the country going in and people are saying i don't know if you should associate with president obama, but yet he wants to come out and speak in her favor.
4:06 am
>> and the conventional wisdom is if hillary is going to run for president, she'll be a shoo-in. 06 the people i -- of the people i talked to here in new jersey they're not crazy about hillary or bernie. i think some will stand on the sidelines. the associated press has declared hillary the winner the day before california and new jersey which is curious. they say when you add the super delegates and you add her pledged delegates together she's over the magic number of 2,383. but what's interesting about that is you have bernie sanders people going, wait a minute. those 400 super delegates, they don't vote until the end of july. and they could change their mind, so bernie, which is absolutely true, she's going to come out tonight and say i win, but nonetheless, bernie has a point. those super delegates don't cast their vote until the end of july. >> that's true. but he would have get hundreds to change their minds. don't you think he might be staying in because he's banking on the fact that hillary might get indicted? >> well, you never know. but what if bernie wins tonight
4:07 am
in california? that's going to be really hard for hillary clinton. heather nauert is actually out in pasadena. she's in front of the city hall. beautiful morning there. and heather you have been talking to the californians, haven't you? >> that's right. good morning, steve, great to see you all today. you know the latest polls have hillary clinton and bernie sanders within about two percentage points and voter interest here in the state of california is really high. even though we came out with that news yesterday about hillary clinton and of course donald trump having enough delegates to clinch the nomination, voters here don't care. they're still excited to turn out and vote today. we spoke with folks from all sides of the political spectrum to hear what they had to say. a ton of people have registered to vote within the last 45 days that's the deadline to register the vote. the majority went for the democrat, 500,000 of them did. about 136,000 registering for the republican party. independents here in the state
4:08 am
of california, huge, 24% of the electoral population here registered independents. so we talked to a bunch of them and let's take a listen. >> reluctantly i'm voting for hillary clinton. >> why is that? >> because i feel that if she doesn't have a decisive victory here, then her momentum is going to stop and that she's going to lose a lot of credibility in the general. >> i like donald trump. i feel like he's a man with confidence. he's the kind of man we need to run this country. >> i'm a register republican but because of the unusual nature of this election it's left some of us mainstream california republicans at quandary. what do you do? >>i usually -- i'm republican. but i don't like any of the candidates, i'm going to vote libertarian. >> you're going to vote for --
4:09 am
>> johnson. >> why? >> i don't agree with the democratic nominees or with donald trump. >> do you think there's too many people coming in and it's a burden on the system. or do you think it's fine the way it is? >> i think it's fine the way it is. in california, a large part of our economy is based on and is supported by illegal immigrants. >> i think illegal immigration is a big problem. i would like to see him build a wall, but at the same time, i think it's a lot of propaganda. >> immigration a huge issue here when you talk to democrats they say keep it the way it is. we like these people in our communities. they're nice folks, hard working. republicans on the other hand, tend to say they're a drain on the system. a big issue here in california. the polls open at 7:00 a.m. so we'll watch that as it comes. we'll check back in in the next hour. >> all right. heather nauert is up in the middle of the night just for us and especially for steve. no time difference in new jersey, right? >> no. it's eight minutes after 7:00. >> that's what i've got. must be the same. >> brian, i'm sitting about --
4:10 am
i'm sitting about three miles away from you, across the hudson river. >> okay. [ laughter ] i wanted to make sure. i wanted to make sure. >> you know how those long islanders are. once they're there, they don't venture out anywhere else. >> i know. it's all about new york. >> we'll hand it over to heather for some more headlines. >> okay, we have some serious news to talk about. extreme weather for you. some video just in, tropical storm colin slamming florida with winds so strong, look at the palm trees. nearly snapping in half. and a new incredible picture coming that shows the calm before the storm off the coast. then this backyard security camera putting the storm's power into perspective. 50 mile per hour winds whipping patio furniture all around right into the air. 20 million people under a state of emergency right now. and a possible tornado knocking down power lines. colin now gaining strength as it
4:11 am
moves northeast. so be prepared. and seven police officers are killed in a car bombing during morning rush hour. the blast ripping through a bus -- at a busy intersection in istanbul. it's the fourth bombing in turkey's largest city this year. four others are also dead. and 36 more injured. and it was a plot ripped right from a hollywood blockbuster movie. and a massive security lapse you may remember. it is now blamed for one of the biggest prison escapes of all time. david sweat now confessing he and richard matt wanted to break out faster than quote the "shawshank redemption." a new report says the two could have been caught 400 times, but the guards barely counted prisoners. it took matt and sweat 85 nights
4:12 am
to cut their way out of the maximum security prison, thanks to tools smuggled in by prison seamstress joyce mitchell. and when can we expect to find out what hillary clinton really thought about the transpacific partnership? >> how about june 50th? >> sorry? >> well, not too far off, november 31st. the only problem -- yep, that day does not exist. and that is when the obama administration says it is releasing clinton's e-mails on the trade agreement. the tpp becoming a big issue on the campaign trail. clinton supported it as secretary of state but she is bashing it as a presidential candidate. those are a look at your headlines. brian and ainsley? >> thank you, heather. meanwhile, at 12 minutes after the hour let's move ahead. remember when the head of the v.a. said this about what -- what's the big deal about wait times for treatment? >> when you go to disney, do
4:13 am
they measure the number of hours you wait in line? what's important? what's important is what's your satisfaction with the experience. >> yeah, we like the ride. well, it turns out disney does study wait times and so does the government. the outrageous new numbers ahead. and critics say trump is killing his campaign with his tirade against the judge. haven't we heard that before? we have a response next. stay with us on this final super tuesday from california, new york and from new jersey. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere.
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what's in your wallet? critics and supporters quick to pounce on donald trump saying he's squandering his general election head start by picking fights after first consolidating the party. but our next guest says it's just the opposite. ed brookover is a senior adviser to the donald trump campaign and he joins us right now. what do you mean, it's just the opposite when mitch mcconnell and paul ryan and alberto gonzales and marco rubio about say his comments about the judge were wrong? >> well t washington elites have been misreading donald trump since the day he announced.
4:18 am
first he thought he couldn't -- they thought he couldn't win the nomination, couldn't secure the republican support and now they think he can't beat hillary clinton. they'll be wrong again. >> is calling out the judge's ethnicity helped trump? >> i think the sense is he speaks his mind. he calls it like he says it. this judge has been mistreating him since day one. i think americans can relate to hawaii. >> in a way, possibly. do you think he's being mistreated because the judge is mexican, which is pretty much the issue, which other supporters have had with his comments? >> i think what mr. trump has said is he's had trouble with this judge from day one as i said earlier. and he's looked at all of the different factors and that may be one of them. and who knows what the reason is that the judge has been giving donald trump these bad rulings. but whatever it is, we're not afraid of this case. mr. trump is not afraid to take it on.
4:19 am
we're ready to have our day in court when it finally comes. >> on the priority list, where do you think trump university should be? >> very low. >> so why is it first? why was it first all weekend? >> well, because the liberals and the opponents try to keep bringing it up. the mainstream media keeps away from what donald trump wants to do to make america great again. >> so you can parity your way through i'm not looking to talk about the ongoing case and move on. has that been discussed? >> >> it has been discussed but mr. trump is not afraid to put the facts out there, to talk about the case and the 10,000 students that went through trump university. and are very happy with it. to talk about the fact that the plaintiffs in this case actually gave donald trump university very very high grades when they first went through it. >> what are the chances at an effort to put this behind him because in the big picture trump university doesn't matter, we agree. i think most agree be that.
4:20 am
except for this plaintiff in this case. what are the plans to address this and squelch the controversy to say i shouldn't have brought up the heritage, it takes from the merits of case? >> i think mr. trump is taking the facts head on. we want to take the facts head on, let the public know our side of the story and having a discussion with hillary clinton about what it is that can make this country great again. >> has rick wiley been replace in the this campaign? >> i think that's under way. jim murray, a very talented operative, has taken rick's place and we're going to move ahead with a strong campaign and a strong ground game this fall. >> we'll see what happens. it will be exciting. ed brookover, thank you for joining us, trump campaign adviser. >> thanks for having me, brian. every day his mom packed bible verses in his lunchbox, until the school called the cops
4:21 am
on him. the 7-year-old and his mom join us live, being they're not in jail. remember when hillary clinton said this about her money trouble? >> we came out of the white house not only dead broke, but in debt. >> turns out not really. turns out, the big story, her jacket. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing what aremaking a cake!ht now? ayla reminds me of like a master chef and emiana reminds me of like a monster chef. uh oh. i don't see cake, i just see mess. it's like awful. it feels like i am not actually cleaning it up what's that make mommy do? (doorbell) what's that? swiffer wetjet.
4:22 am
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because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand,
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can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. all right. now time for your "news by the numbers." let's get started. first, just over half a million. that's how many veterans have been waiting for a month or more to see the doctor at the v.a. that's the longest wait time since january. next $12,450 that's how many this armani jacket at it is. the irony is clinton wore it during the income inequality speech. 94, that's where our own
4:25 am
greta van susteren ranks on the forbes list of influential women. >> thanks so much, brian. well, a school is sparking outrage for calling the sheriff's office on a 7-year-old for handing out bible verses to classmates. a teacher at the elementary school in southern california banning the bible notes during lunch saying there should be a separation of church and state. a sheriff's deputy even showed up a at the boy's house -- up at the boy's house and told the boy and his mom to stop, because someone might get offended. the family alongside the liberty council is threaten legal action, saying it violates the boy's civil rights. joining us is christine zavala and her son, and with a litigation counselor with the liberty council. christina, i'll start with you. tell us what happened, tell us the back story here. >> well, it was just that he was going to public school and i wanted him to be blessed at
4:26 am
lunch. so we did that and every day i would ask him how is school, what was in your lunchbox? one day, he was like, well, i didn't -- i didn't get to read it because the student took it from me. i was like, okay. well, what do you want to do? and he was like, can we give him a scripture. so that's what we did. we gave him his own little note and wrote his name on it. that's all we did. we were just sharing what he wanted. and after that, he asked for more. caleb asked for more because more students asked for it during lunch. it wasn't during teaching time, it wasn't interrupting. i said that was fine. and one day a teacher said to tell caleb there was a separation of church and state. i know she had no sinister motives but she wanted him not to get in trouble and she asked us to do it after the school bell, outside the school waiting
4:27 am
for the school bell to ring. that's what we did. we obeyed. >> okay. >> then after that -- yeah. >> caleb, how did this make you feel? >> good. >> it didn't make you -- how did it make you feel when she said no. >> sad. >> why did it make you feel sad? >> because i wanted to hand out bible verses. >> you were just trying to do the right thing, right? you care about your friends at school and you're just trying to share bible verses with them, right? >> yes. >> all right. well, i want -- so what happened next, christina? you got the -- you got a lawyer involved with the religious liberties nonprofit called liberty council? >> yeah. after the principal came to my husband and saying we couldn't do it in front of the school, it had to be on the -- on the public property on the sidewalk, we wanted to know what our legal rights were because it's not
4:28 am
like the poll -- it sounded like the policy kept changing based on what they didn't like. >> let's bring in roger. what is your role here and what are you going to do moving forward? >> well, liberty council represents the whole zavala family in this matter where you have ignorance of the law, and a gross abuse of police power. it is our goal to make sure that caleb's rights are protected and to make sure that all of his classmates who have been instructed improperly on the law will actually -- will learn what the constitution says about church and state. you have a case here where a whole classroom full of kids know less about citizenship now that the school year is over than when the school year began. we know that caleb is going to be all right. the story that got the teacher's attention and started all this was a story about a young man who overcame a great injustice through a life of integrity and a life of forgiveness. that's the story of joseph in
4:29 am
the bible. we know that caleb is going to learn from this and we know that his parents will teach him valuable lessons in this. but our goal is to make sure his rights are protected and the rights of all the students are protected and they can speak about what they want, and not be hard timed by the school administration and not by the police. >> please keep us posted. we'll continue to follow this story. thank you for joining us. coming up, she was born a male. but this high school student is now competing as a female in athletics. and winning a lot. is that fair? we report, you decide. and it is a big day on the campaign trail and we are fuelling up with pancakes and politics. steve, as you see right there, live in new jersey getting the pulse of the people. steve? >> that's right, ainsley. i have actually had to come outside because i had to work off the home fries. we're here at the boulevard
4:30 am
diner here at north bergen boulevard and 92nd here in north bergen, new jersey. talking to folks at the diner. a small business roundtable happening right now. the polls opened 90 minutes ago so who did they vote for? we'll talk to them from the garden state. olay regenerist renews from within...
4:31 am
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try align, the #1 ge recommended probiotic. [phone buzzing] some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection. yesterday was the primary in puerto rico. and i read that some lines to vote were over two hours long. many decided to leave. yeah. i think the founding fathers put it best when they said give me liberty, give me death, but i ain't waiting for two hours. >> all right. that was jimmy fallon, finally back to work as is steve. steve, this not -- you don't even have to come to 1211 sixth
4:34 am
avenue but you're getting paid. >> this is fantastic. i feel like guy fiori of -- i'm like the diners, drive-ins of fox. >> how far away from to you live? >> there are a couple of left turns in there, trust me. >> all right. let's talk about the election because this is a big day. hillary clinton hitting that magic number, the a.p. reporting overnight she has all the delegates she needs to clinch the democratic nomination ahead of six contests today. >> she and bernie sanders still busy. taking aim at donald trump in his latest controversy. as john roberts knows. joining us right now. >> yep. >> john roberts joins us right now from donald trump tower. >> reporter: good morning to you. there are a growing chorus of republicans who are urging
4:35 am
donald trump to please stop talking about gonzalo curiel, the judge overseeing the litigation in the trump university case. but in an hour long conference call yesterday with some of his surrogates that included jan brewer of arizona and pam bondi and scott brown, he said keep going at this guy. you know, keep talking about the fact that he doesn't believe he can get a fair shake from him. that the judge cannot be impartial. so donald trump did last night on bill o'reilly's show back off a little bit on the idea of judge curiel's mexican heritage. but listen to what he said when bill o'reilly asked if he regretted what he said. >> all they want to talk about is trump university. i think we turned it because thousands and thousands of students have signed documents saying it was a great school, they learned a lot. they gave it high marks. i think we turned it. at least people understand it,
4:36 am
it was a simple lawsuit that should have been dismissed a long time ago. but the judge is treating me very unfairly. >> reporter: meanwhile, on the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders are using this as a cudgel with which to bludgeon donald trump. they see a lot of republicans headed for the exits and are only time too happy to hold the door open for them. here is clinton and then sanders. >> everyone who supported me or anyone who supported sanders has lot at stake from preventing donald trump from being our president which i can barely say. >> i believe from the bottom of my heart that the american people will never vote for a candidate for president who is basing much of his campaign on bigotry. >> reporter: you know, this was supposed to about triumphant day for trump. it's the last day of the primary season but instead he's mired in a controversy of his own making. what our brit hume said yesterday, kind of amounts to political malpractice. ainsley, steve, brian?
4:37 am
>> see if he can reverse the momentum and see if it happens tonight at his golf club when he'll probably take some questions and say thanks for everything, thanks for giving me a historic number of votes. >> yeah. he was talking about brit hume last night. he said that bernie staying in the race, hoping that hillary does get indicted and if that's the case he can take the nomination. >> absolutely. i'm here with some diners. have you already voted? >> no, not yet. >> who are you voting to -- for? >> john kasich. >> so john kasich and truz are still on the -- ted cruz are on the pal lot. why not donald trump? >> i practice immigration law, so i can't support his policies. >> in the general, even though you voted for the republican, you'd vote for hillary?
4:38 am
>> most likely, yes. much. on this side we have jimmy, who do you like today? >> hillary clinton. >> why are you going to vote for hillary? >> the choice is clear in my opinion. hillary is the experienced candidate. i think she could do the best job for the country. >> yeah, but what if she's indicted as we heard ainsley mention about brit hume. >> they're talking about that, but i think if that was the case she wouldn't be running. >> oh, come on, she would too. >> i don't think so. i think she's a strong candidate. i think the indictment thing going to go away. >> does the e-mail thing bother you? >> no, not at all. >> does the benghazi thing bother you? >> no, that doesn't bother me either. i think she was the secretary of state, yes. >> and her biggest achievement? >> that she's an experienced senator, secretary of state. and she'll do great as president of the united states. >> all right. jimmy, thank you very much. let's go back over here. john's wearing his golf hat.
4:39 am
a good golfer. much better than me. who are you voting for? >> well, i voted already, i voted for john kasich. >> another for kasich. >> yes. >> would you consider yourself independent, liberal -- >> i'm an independent. but when i went to the polls i had to choose between the democrat or the republican, so i voted for john kasich. >> you vote every election so in november. given the fact that you -- today on primary date voted for john kasich that your choice is hillary or probably donald trump -- probably hillary and donald trump. >> it will be donald trump in the general election, yes. >> why don't you vote for him today? >> because of a protest vote. i didn't like the things he said about -- over the last week. sounded kind of racist to me. i didn't care for that. >> real quick on this other side, this guy is going to vote for donald trump. he just mentioned the judge thing. has the trump university changed your vote?
4:40 am
>> no, it has not. i believe that you get a lot of people who are -- who do well in the class, who do poor in the class. you're going to get different opinions but it hasn't changed my mind at all. >> so you're going to vote for donald trump? >> absolutely. >> were you a donald trump fan from the beginning? >> i was a rubio fan until he sunk a little low and then i stuck with donald trump. >> all right. well, i know you have to go. thank you very much for letting us crash your breakfast. all right, so there you have, ainsley and brian, a good feeling for a wide spectrum of people voting today in new jersey. if you had -- if you had to calculate the polls, two for kasich, one for trump and one for hillary. >> steve, we have david copperfield coming up in an hour. you make people appear and reappear like he does. every time you turn to the right, there was somebody else -- are they leaving without paying their check? how are you doing this? what's your secret? >> they're actually still here. jimmy is right over there. everybody is still here. >> jimmy, jimmy, shimmied out of
4:41 am
there pretty quickly. let's hand it over to health we are the -- heather with the headlines. >> no dash and dine there. imagine this, looking out of your airplane window only to see smoke pouring into the sky. >> look at all -- >> see that in the background? passengers forced to rush right off the american airlines plane when flames ignited on the runway at the airport in seattle. the cause -- a machine used to start the engines went up in flames. so is bernie sanders sexeis for continuing to run against hillary clinton? a reporter asked. >> your question implies that any woman, any person, any woman who is running for president is by definition the best candidate. so any woman who runs.
4:42 am
>> well, the democratic presidential candidate asked if the reporter was serious. apparently they were. outrage this morning over a high school track star. she identified as female and she cleaned up in the alaskan track and field championships and now some of the others are slamming the school district saying it hurt their chances at a college scholarship. they say they do not discriminate on gender identity. back to you and brian and ainsley. >> i'd be disappointed i trained my whole life as a woman and you lose against a man who thinks he's a woman. >> what's coming up? >> it's funny you should ask, jimmy carter was taken to the contested convention and he lost. so why does bernie sanders think he can do this and not hurt the
4:43 am
party? scott rasmussen looks at the past to predict the future next. and now brad meltzer has a brand new book that's a whole lot like his real life. he'll join us with the thrilling story. there he is. you do what it takes to be healthy. but can your multivitamin do more for your immune health? now one a day has the first multivitamin with probiotics to support the 70% of your immune system that's found in your digestive tract. new one a day with probiotics. your multi with more. what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. hillary clinton has the delegates to clinch the democratic nomination, but bernie sanders says he is still in it to win its. >> there's nothing to concede. secretary clinton will not have the requisite number of pledged delegates to win the democratic nomination. she will be dependent on super delegates. they vote on july 25th. >> and the upcoming democratic convention seems to have a lot in common, believe it or not,
4:47 am
with the 1980 dnc. and here with the history lesson, political analyst scott rasmussen. what is the president of rasmussen media group as you know. scott, you were actually at the convention here in new york in 1980. very similar to what with sanders and clinton. >> that's right. i know it's hard to believe i was that old, but we had an incumbent president, jimmy carter running for re-election. a lot of democrats were unhappy because he was moving to the center with deregulation. there was a challenge by ted kennedy from the left. he lost early on, but he was winning the last states just like bernie sanders. but when it came to the convention, carter had more pledged delegates and kennedy thought they wanted to vote for me. the first rule was to unbind all the delegates. same talk that we heard this year from republicans. it didn't work.
4:48 am
at the convention after he lost that vote, ted kennedy finally conceded, but that election set the stage for what we know as super delegates. >> wow. the rules changed in 1980 and that will present bernie sanders from winning probably. >> the hunt commission was formed to figure out what to do to prevent outsiders like carter or mcgovern from taking over the party again. it was specifically designed to give the party bosses more control so they created super delegates. >> to prevent someone like bernie sanders to win. >> whether he wins this time or not -- the odds are against him. hillary clinton has a 243 delegate lead. among the pledged delegates she has a huge lead among the super delegates. if the rules are changed because bernie sanders doesn't like the outcome the results and the consequences will be just as unpredictable as they were the last time the rules were changed. >> a lot of people -- the people
4:49 am
who go to the polls and vote, that should be the winner and the loser. >> elizabeth warren said i'm a super delegate, i don't believe in super delegates. but we don't know if that's the best system. the entire process is badly, badly broken from the ground up. right now though it's working pretty well for the democratic party because without super delegates, hillary clinton would still be the nominee. the democrats have the option if something bad happens, if what judge napolitano talks about the fbi primary defeats hillary clinton, will those super delegates, that i'll be able to change their mind and give the nomination to someone else. >> thank you for that perspective. he hosts a tv series about conspiracies and brad meltzer is here about his new book that imitates his real life. but first on this day in 1981, kim carnes topped the charts with "bette davis eyes." remember that one? ♪ og or cat from fleas and ticks.
4:50 am
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4:52 am
4:53 am
all right. glad you're with us. he's best selling author and a host of a show about conspiracies but did you know he was hired to brainstorm about terror attacks? it's true. his story tells the story of a man who moonlights for the government. congratulations on "the house of secrets." tell me about the red cell team. >> the government called -- the department of homeland security called me years ago and asked me to brainstorm different bays that the terrorists could attack the united states. my first thought they're calling me, we have bigger problems than anybody think, but i was honored to be part of the red cell team.
4:54 am
they paired me with the secret service agent and the chemist. >> and you had some interesting questions in this. what kind of deals would you make to stop the terror attack? if you could get in touch with the lieutenant of bin laden what would you do to stop the terror attack? >> well, the book is a fiction, a thriller, but i talked to the officer and he said a dictator who hated the united states was actually secretly through a luntdz -- lieutenanti working fr us. i said, why would he do this? he had a sick child and only the united states could provide that care. we actually got information about how to keep munitions of the hands of the terrorists. i used that, i mean, it's in the book n the thriller, but i didn't make it up. it's real. >> you talk about something else that's real. that's more about something that faces the americans and you give a great example on "legends and lies" about the patriot cause
4:55 am
and benedict arnold and george washington. >> so the book opens up and it's a body is found with an object stuffed into the dead chest of this corpse. it's a priceless book that belonged to benedict arnold and it's a true story too. but arnold and washington, their last moments together were some of the most heart breaking in u.s. history. what happened is, they say it's only one of the only times that he's betrayed by his friend that george washington is seen crying. in a private letter, benedict arnold said, don't kill my wife. she didn't know i was a traitor. and also the staff. and he said, please send me the baggage and the clothes and washington does it. to this day, brian, nobody knows what is in that secret baggage that george washington sends back. but when you read "the house of
4:56 am
secrets" i don't want to ruin chapter 85, but the answer is in chapter 85. >> it's called "the house of secrets." brian meltzer's latest masterpiece. >> more in the series. >> do you know what's good for father's day? making my kids go to college. >> that's great. democrats calling hillary clinton their presumptive nominee on this primary day. but bernie sanders says wait a second, not so fast. is he hurting democrats more than he's helping by staying in? laura ingraham will be posed with that question and about four others. and he mystifies audiences with his tricks on live tv. he has some tricks up his sleeve. david copperfield is live the next hour with his latest challenge.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
good morning you to you and your family. it's june 7, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. and just so you know it's election day, for the last states in the nation. this is your last primary season. i should say last primary tuesday, but hillary clinton might have taken democratic nomination before the contest even starts today. the a.p. already declaring her a winner. but bernie sanders, well, he disagrees. >> there's nothing to concede. secretary clinton will not have the requisite number of pledged delegates to win the democratic nomination. >> laura ingraham is going to weigh in on that in just moments. steve? plus, ainsley, all he wanted to do was show his support for donald trump, but an arsonist
5:01 am
burned it down. and he vows to build it ten feet taller. and illusionist david copperfield has wowed audiences for decades. ♪ and for his next trick, he'll appear before congress. he tells us why and he's join us live to discuss that. it won't be an illusion. neither is this. let me just remind you, mornings are better with "friends." today is a big primary day but it's not stopping people from eating breakfast in new jersey. >> right. you can eat breakfast on primary day. >> steve is throughout. where are you, steve? >> well, i'll tell you, ainsley,
5:02 am
i'm at the boulevard diner here in north bergen and i already had breakfast, so i'm going to have dessert at 8:00. >> this is why we love diners. they have a case full of dessert. >> right. >> i'm hoping to gain 25 pounds before november. >> wow. >> one pie at a time. >> right. as you know, we have laura ingraham coming up shortly. meanwhile, we have heather nauert following the race over in california and then we're visiting with leland vitter. but the a.p. kind of shocked everyone last night by saying who do you think -- we did some late math and the late math and it said that hillary clinton is the nominee. >> she needed 28 delegate, 28, steve. so the a.p. called the super delegates to say, hey, are you going to support her and enough said yes and that took her over the edge yesterday. >> that's exactly right. let's bring in laura ingraham,
5:03 am
she joins us from the nation's capital. she hasn't had any pie yet. don't you think it's curious that the night before the big primary in new jersey and in california where it looks like bernie actually could beat hillary, the a.p. comes to her resc rescue and say, show's over. don't waste your vote for bernie because she's got it in the bag? >> i was listening to mark halperin speak about this. he made a great point. that, look, let the voters vote. let's this process play out. as it's playing out. and then let's see where it all lies. but to report this the night before, number one, i don't know how much that's going to affect turnout. it might hurt hillary, not bernie. i think it plays right into bernie sanders' narrative, that the system is rigged, protect the powerful, the establishment doesn't really give a darn about what you think or what you want or how you vote. they want to lock it up with very little debate and very
5:04 am
little conversation about the direction of the country. i think -- i think it actually helps sanders to have this happen. i don't know, i think it's stupid that the a.p. did it. >> it is strange. in fact, hillary clinton was saying everybody else still vote, it is a good moment. but i want to wait to see if she can get close to the threshold that you need without super delegates. because the whole thing is embarrassing. i think on both sides they're going to re-examine the whole pry mire process. but let me ask you, bernie sanders got a question is the reason you're staying in the race, don't you think that's sexist? and he was astounded. >> sexist? i mean, i don't -- i don't understand the argument. so now hillary is supposed to get special treatment because she's going to be the first? and this goes right to the identity politics argument that frankly is the only thing that hillary really has going for her. we talked about this, guys, but her foreign policy record is a shambles, from benghazi, to, you
5:05 am
know, the growth of isis. to 75% increase in casualties in afghanistan. the middle east in flames. the red line that disappeared. all of it. the e-mail scandal. so she can't run on her record. so the only thing that she can run on is this emotion, the emotion of i'm the first, the emotion of these charges that, you know, trump is unfit. trump doesn't like this group of people or that group of people. so there are the emotional arguments. they're never refutations about what trump said about the border or any of it. it's identity politics, a cynical play and i hope more americans are waking up to that. >> it's interesting, laura, the fact that hillary clinton who has not had a press availability, a real one in like 700 days, something like that, you know the -- over the last 18
5:06 am
hours the press mainstream media is talking about it's so historic, what does it feel to make history? i thought miss usa got tougher questions a couple of days ago that she got from the mainstream media. donald trump has gotten tough questions. but in talking to the people here in the diner in new jersey and some of the people in my neighborhood, you know, they have heard the comments about the trump university thing. but none of that is going to change their vote. they still say they're behind trump and they don't really care. >> i think the question of this election is going to be the following. is the united states going to continue to be a free and independent country where the rule of law is respected, the integrity of our borders is maintained, where the economy works for all people. is it going to be that country or is it going to the country of globalization, where we lose more and more authority, to foreign bodies where borders
5:07 am
mean nothing and being an american citizen is a hindrance. the economy is failing across the board. people know that. the job's report was horrific. i hope trump continues to hit that, rather than get sidetracked on private litigation. he told us, he continues to talk about the trump university because reporters are asking that question. he said he's squandering his general election head start. by focusing on that instead of the issues you just -- >> he told the surrogates not to back down. >> i will say this. over the last 11 months, for the most part trump's instincts have been better than most political pund pundits, analyst, strategists. i think he's relying on his own innate sense of things but at the same time, i do think that you have an opportunity to not just win this election. to completely transform the way the country works, better for regular people, working people. have this country humming again economically. a foreign policy that's pragmatic. this is within his grasp. and you could do so much damage to hillary right before the
5:08 am
democrat convention. it's ripe for the taking but i don't think he's going to advance the ball with new voters by staying on the trump university thing. i just -- that's my opinion. i think it's -- it's not the way i would advise the campaign but he's relying on his own insti t instincts and his instincts for the most part have been better than the rest of ours. >> laura, we talk about popular culture and society. how about this story this morning. there's a high school track athlete who was born male. identifies now as female, competing with the girls track team. and finished i think third at the state competition. i think we could have seen this coming. what do you make of this? >> well, it's another first, right? we're all into firsts so that's a first. then it will be the first field hockey player and pole vault star. let me just say this, and brian will love this story. i was in field hockey in
5:09 am
glastonbury, connecticut. at the end of the season one season we had the boys soccer team play us. we were ranked number one in the state so the boys decided they were going to pick up sticks, the soccer team and play against us. well, sadly for us the boys creamed us, okay? they killed us. we were number one in the state. they were faster. they were stronger. and they -- i mean, it made me really mad, but a they had better hand/eye coordination and had never picked up a stick before is this fair to the other girls competing? i don't think so. i think it's more gender bending. this is the next frontier until that's another frontier that e the -- you know, those who want to mix up the traditional social mores want to take us to. doesn't surprise me. it's not fair. until parents make your views known, this is going to keep getting worse. >> hey, laura, in the environment where people are taking performance enhancing
5:10 am
drugs to do better in sports we'll be in the situation we'd like to win first state championship so let's let a few men -- excuse me, some boys play with the girl's team and then take the controversy and take the trophy. >> do you think it will go the other way though? are girls who identify as boys, are they going to be the running backs of the football -- is that going to work out well? let's go the other direction and see how successful that works out. i mean, i have no -- i really have -- >> i don't know what to say. >> well, it's only the current conversation, but remember we'll be on to the next issue and then the next and the next. this is a current litmus test. you're not a human being with real feelings and empathy unless you're bowing down to the new movement. look, that's the way they want to frame it. it's up to the regular americans to say, look, i'm a good person. i don't think this is fair and i think most people don't develop their understanding of their own, you know, sexuality until
5:11 am
later in life. you know, i think it's -- i think it's confusing kids who are already pretty confused in this culture. >> i'm confused, and i'm a grown-up. laura ingraham, i have reached my maximum in maturity. thank you so much. >> thank you. all right, steve, brian, let's hand it over to heather with some headlines. >> please. >> we have to talk about serious news. 20 million people are waking up to some major damage. trees split in half, cars covered with debris and downed power lines as tropical storm colin's outer bands are lashing florida. 50 mile per hour winds whipping up overnight. so powerful they're snapping the palm trees in half. now, the storm even launching patio furniture into the air. colin getting stronger by the moment and moving northeast. still ahead, a report to show the storm's destruction trail. a mystery surrounding the
5:12 am
death of martial arts star, kimbo slice. he died after leaving a hospital in florida and at this point police are only saying that no foul play is suspected. slice, his real name is kevin ferguson, last fought in february and he was set to get back into the ring next month. he was 42 years old. $10 billion of your tax dollars wasted last year on wrong payouts for unemployment, food stamps and other entitlements and today speaker of the house paul ryan is expected to lay out his plan to fix that. some of the building blocks behind his vision for the so-called better gop you might ask? well, they are work requirements for welfare and food stamp recipients, streamlining dozens of food and housing programs and scaling back costly regulations to protect schools, colleges and universities. and now to o.j. simpson who is smiling for the camera. the 68-year-old sporting gray
5:13 am
hair in a brand-new mug shot. the corrections department upgraded all photos to make sure they're accurate. in the most famous trial, simpson was found not guilty of killing his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and his friend goldman back in 1994. was that '94 or '84? >> '94. >> 1994. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, heather. all right, let me tell you what's coming up straight ahead. a mother shock and furious after finding out what she thought were drugs in her daughter's bedroom, but the pills aren't what they seem. plus, steve is talking to diners and eating cake. as we continue live from new york, california, and new jersey. >> cake, pie and politics. >> yum. what body aches?
5:14 am
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5:17 am
now with lightweight spf 30. a rapidly developing situation, 20 million people under a state of emergency. that's lot of people.
5:18 am
under a state of emergency right now. tropical storm colin's outer bands lashing the east coast, brian. >> all right. gina benitez has a look at some of the damage. >> reporter: this is the most significant damage we have seen this morning. take a look behind me. this treetopli toppling on a du crashing and landing on this car right here. we have the electric company out here. they're working to restore power to the people who in this area. there are 23 people right now still without power. of course, not a huge number, but we have outages all over the area this morning here now. we do know there were two people inside the duplex at the time as you can see there on the top. that tree sheered part of the roof off. the great news, both of the people are fine this morning. i talked to both of them. the one on the top floor and the one on the bottom floor.
5:19 am
the one on the bottom floor said he was sleeping when this whole thing happened. he heard a boom and he went back to sleep because he said he didn't think it was anything. he just thought it was a normal storm sound, but of course somebody knocked on his door and he saw the damage and affected his vehicle. everybody seems to be doing okay, no injuries reported. that's the good news. so this area got the brunt of the storm. we'll continue to keep you updated throughout the day. back to you guys. >> wow. we knew it would hit florida. >> thanks. >> say hi to my in laws there. in winter park. coming up, the guy in this video -- what he does not know, the wild panther stalking at his trainer. but wait until you see what happens next, brian. and his trump sign was smashed and burned to the ground, but his response is classic. the sign just got ten feet taller. that trump supporter will join us next.
5:20 am
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5:23 am
some quick headlines for you. we have some crazy animal videos. watch this as the panther creeps up on that man, crawling quietly before attempting to attack him. oh, my gosh, no glass separating the two. but instead of fighting they start to play. why? because they know each other. the man and his organization helped to save the jaguar and hundreds of others in mexico. i bet you will not forget to lock your doors after this one. >> oh, my -- [ screaming ]
5:24 am
>> the bear standing up on his back legs pulling a family's door open. you can hear the kids crying out in horror. as the dad tries to wrestle the door back and close it. he eventually gets it closed. >> who taught the bear how to work the door? is he in a circus? remember when donald trump blasted the former mexican president for refusing to pay for the border wall, remember this? >> the wall just got ten feet taller. believe me. >> now, a trump supporter is using that same line after vandals set fire to a giant campaign poster in washington state. joining us right now is whatcom county sign coordinator, a volunteer, clay owen. clay, what happened to your sign? >> somebody threw gas on it on fire on private property. directly under a live power pole actually. really stupid. >> in every way. by the way, a crime. so you find out, you see it on
5:25 am
fire. did you take it down and say forget it, i quit the campaign? >> oh, heck no. you ain't going to bully a trump supporter like that said the next sign is going to get ten feet taller. >> what have you done so far? >> well, we replaced the sign first of all, and we hung two great big american flags, one on either side of it. big, beautiful american flags. if they want to set that on fire, then we have bigger problems, brian. >> that's true. where did you get this passion from, for a guy who's 3,000 miles away from you? >> well, i guess the passion comes from -- i guess i would say the politicians have had their chance. i found a candidate in president trump that i believe in and i believe that he believes in america just like i do. >> wow. so i understand you from a family -- you're from a family of democrats. this will be the first time you voted. >> yep. first time i've voted from a family of democrats. yes, sir, that is correct. >> and what is your family's reaction? >> well, you know, we're all
5:26 am
americans, so we have been handling it, you know, quite well. the whole trump thing has been separating a lot of people, but i have a great family at home, a great girlfriend. she's a combat vet so we go back and forth between, you know? they're hillary supporters, unfortunately. we go back and forth and give each other a bunch of stuff about it. for me, the -- there was no -- there was no choice. the choice was not hillary. so it's really easy for me to, you know, to go back and forth with the family about it and have fun about it. we have been doing signs too. >> so you're going to make it ten feet higher eventually. so you -- >> ten feet taller like the wall. >> like the wall. have you heard from the trump campaign? >> no, i haven't heard from them directly. i mean, we have our campaign guys and our volunteers from whatcom county. brad howard is doing a great job, thanks brad. of course, you know, my girlfriend and liberty have been
5:27 am
there right there with me supporting it. as long as we're having fun with it, that's all this matters. then getting the message out there to america that it's -- you know what, if you're a trump supporter don't be bashful. don't let him bully you, it's okay to be on the trump train. >> i guess so, clay, you say it is. you will not be intimidated and by the way, whether you like trump or not, do not burn the sign. clay owen, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me down here. >> clay owen. a big trump supporter. who won't be bullied. >> go trump! we told you about a little boy who called 911 on his dad who went through the red light. this is more serious. >> 911? >> my mom is drunk. >> what happened at the end of that call, we'll tell you. and from pan takes to --
5:28 am
cakes to politics to politics. steve will join us live from new jersey. right now, steve, am i correct? >> brian, you're 100% accurate. i'm here in the boulevard diner here in north bergen. a family of pastors having breakfast. and an intern as well. we'll talk about who they like, as we roll on live from new york, new jersey and california.
5:29 am
5:30 am
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5:31 am
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5:32 am
of our friends in new jersey. right, brian? >> yep. we gave him a huge budget. steve, are you buying? >> you know, i don't know that i have actually had to pay for anything yet. i have had 75 cups of coffee, a giant piece of pie and a complete omelet breakfast. [ laughter ] now i'm going to talk to some of the folks. right here, what's your name? >> gino. >> what do you do for a living? >> well, i bar tend, i drive for teterboro chrysler where i'm going later today. >> you have been out to the voting booth. >> yes, sir. >> do you want to tell us how it went? >> it went very nice. only one person ahead of me. i voted for trump. >> why did you vote for donald trump? >> i voted for ted to make thisk to the people, give it back to the people. >> you sound like the slogan on the hat. make america great again. >> make america great again. you know -- >> gino, the thing about the trump university, does that bother you? >> no. no, a lot of that stuff could be hyped. we don't know what really going on. and he's not saying that because
5:33 am
the guy is mexican that he doesn't like him. he's saying he could be prejudiced towards his case because of what he stands for and because of what he wants to do. a lot of people are misinterpreting a lot of these things. >> well, you know, the pundits they're paid to talk. gino, thank you. >> thank you. thank you, dooce. >> thank you. i love that. >> what's your name? >> carmine. >> have you voted yet? >> not yet, but as soon as i leave here i will vote. >> what do you do? >> i'm a retired firefighter. >> thank you for your service. who are you going vote for? >> donald. >> well, you have the shirt on and the american flag. why not hillary or bernie? >> well, i'm a republican, plus i think donald -- he's going to do a lot for the military and the vets. >> all right. >> our military is going to pot. and like ronald reagan, he built it up strong. nobody messed with us. >> yeah. >> i think other countries are going to start seeing that we're
5:34 am
vulnerable. >> the coffee is good. >> excellent. >> it is excellent. thank you. i'm going to take mine over here. this is a table of pastors. he's a pastor, his son, an intern for the pastor and his grandson as well. >> what's your name? >> dominic. >> tell us about -- have you voted yet? >> not yet, but i will be voting later today. >> okay. dominic also told me he's been on a dramatic diet. he's lost a lot weight, so we were talking about pasta. but i digress. who are you going to vote for? >> i'm voting against hillary and bernie. i'm glad there's still an anti-establishment candidate in the race. i feel like our problems are spiritual problems and jesus christ is the answer for those problems. >> amen to that. did i hear you were behind ted cruz? >> i donated to one campaign this year and it was ben carson. >> you're voting for --
5:35 am
>> trump. >> let's talk to your dad. can i squeeze by you? there you go. what's your name by the way? >> frank. >> frank, who are you going to vote for? >> i don't know yet. >> okay. >> let us know when you figure it out. so what are you going to do -- which way? >> i'm voting for trump as well. >> i'm in the trump table over here. >> that's right. >> why trump? >> well, like my son said, he's the one that's still running, that's anti-establishment. that we hope can shake washington up a little bit. and put republicans and democrats on their toes. for us as a country. >> very good. you have to talk to this kid about leaving that bacon. what's the matter with him? and finally, this is vivy, one of the owners here at the boulevard. so a lot of politics is discussed in these booths, right? >> yes. >> when people are talking politic, who are they most passionate about? >> trump. >> why do you think that is? >> they either love him or hate him.
5:36 am
>> because the reason i ask is because new jersey is a very democratic state. this is -- we were talking earlier to your co-owner, and he said that mainly democrats in this neighborhood. what's the number one topic that people are talking about? >> immigration. >> immigration. >> immigration. saying trump is racist. he's going to kick all the imgrants out and the mexicans. all that stuff. no one is really talking about hillary or bernie. it's all trump all the way and that he's -- mostly a racist, but -- >> so -- >> i can't say i actually agree. >> that's what they say. but does that impact you? >> personally, no. not at all. >> so people can say what they want to say. but it doesn't bother you. >> i have my own opinions all the time and, you know, i think he's saying what he thinks, just to prove a point. but i don't think as extreme as he says those things, that's what he actually means, you
5:37 am
know? people have to sit and listen and evaluate for themselves what they think he's saying, instead of going off of facebook. >> well, vivy, thank you for opening up the diner, it has been fantastic. all right, so ainsley and brian, there you have the pulse of the people of the garden state who are going to vote. some of them already have, on this the final primary day. >> interesting when you asked the pastor son who is he voting for and he said he was voting against hillary and bernie and he's voting for donald trump because he's anti-establishment and the only one left on the republican side. >> there you go. exactly right. and the other astounding thing is that kid left two pieces of bacon on his plate. >> right. >> grab it? >> i would like to see i.d. i don't know if he's old enough to vote. >> look at him now, he's eating the bacon now. thank you. thank you. >> frank eats the bacon. [ laughter ] >> all right. thanks, guys, thanks, everybody.
5:38 am
meanwhile, heather childers has breaking news that's been going on while we were talking. yeah, we do begin with another little boy. abandoned in bear infested woods by his parents as punishment, released from the hospital overnight. as the 7-year-old waves to the cameras looks pretty good right there. as he tells the reporters he is okay. he was treated for malnutrition and dehydration after his father made him get out of the car for acting up on a family trip. he took shelter at an abandoned military base and his parents will not be charged. and do you remember this kid? he called 911 on his dad for running a red light. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> um, daddy went past a red light. >> he did? >> mm-hmm. >> well, it happened again, but this time a different child and this time the child's mom was drunk. >> 911. >> my mom is really drunk. >> where are you at? >> we're on some type of madison or something.
5:39 am
>> well, tanisha robinson's son called the lakewood ohio police she was drunk. officers were able to locate that car before any of the three children inside were injured. she admitted she was drinking vodka before being arrested. and finding drugs in their child's room, well, that is one of the biggest fears for any parent. but this isn't what it looks like. nope. a texas mom texts her daughter a picture of the bag with the colored pills asking what are these? and demanding she come home. well, her daughter responded, mom, they aren't drugs, don't put them in the water. when mom asked why, her daughter said, just do it. so she did. and they turned into foam dinosaurs. it was just a kid's toy turns out called magic grow capsules. the mom's response, never mind, don't come home. a good mom, i think. back to you. >> i mean, i had those when i was growing up. remember you put them in the water and they -- they opened up
5:40 am
into sponges. >> yeah. that's what does happen. also i had sea monkeys as a kid. >> i had those too. >> i still have them today. still alive. maria has yellow rubber duckies. >> sure. i'm sure they'll be floating across the gulf. we want to talk about tropical storm colin because it's on the move. maximum sustained winds at 50 miles an hour. it's fast moving storm. moving to the northeast at 33 miles per hour. already exited florida and jut off the coast of the southeast. the storm system can bring more heavy rain to the region. and the dangerous parts is in the southeast coast and there could be storms that could bring an isolated threat for a tornados. here's a look at the forecast track, over the next couple of days the storm will continue to move away from the east coast and eventually it will be continuing to weaken. that's welcome news around the tampa area, though, in parts of south florida, still expecting
5:41 am
several more inches of rain. potentially more than half a foot of rain across some areas. by the way, in the northeast, we do have the threat today for some storms and some of them could bring some isolated severe weather including isolated tornadoes, damaging winds and large hail. let's head back inside. 19 minutes before the top of hour. here's what's straight ahead. illusionist david copperfield has wowed audiences for decades and for the next trick he'll appear before congress. but before he does, he joins us live. and you just heard what the voters think in new jersey but what about in california? our heather nauert is live in pasadena. heather? >> good morning, ainsley. 72% of the eligible voters in this state are registered to vote. we spoke with a lot of them. they're excited about the election despite the fact that hillary clinton and donald trump already basically have the nominations sewn up. when we come back, i'm going to bring you some of the voters,
5:42 am
tell you what they're thinking and you might be surprised who they're supportering this year. we'll be right back.
5:43 am
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and going for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. well, welcome back. you know, today is a huge day, brian. >> yes. if i want to toss to heather nauert in the studio, like i usually do, i would have come up empty. because she's in pasadena, california, talking to the primary people. >> what time is it there, heather? >> good morning, it's about 6:00 a.m., 5:45 or so. around that. so the polls opened at 7:00 a.m. pacific time. a lot of voters are really excited about this election. i mentioned this earlier, 72% of the folks who are eligible to vote in this state are registered. so you're going to have a pretty
5:46 am
big turnout despite the news that hillary clinton has enough delegates to have clinched the nomination. a lot of hillary supporters out here. usually you find a lot of trump supporter, not a lot of hillary clinton supporter, but here it's different. you have an odd mish-mash of those who are supporting, like, for example, republicans are thinking of supporting hillary clinton because they don't like donald trump's stance on immigration. and you have others who are planning to vote for donald trump and democrats who are going to vote for trump. what can we say, that's california. newly registered voters are among the young voters here, 18 to 29. a lot are enthusiastic about donald trump and others about bernie sanders. you just registered to vote for the first final. >> right. >> with which party? >> i want to do the republican.
5:47 am
>> so you're registered republican. who do you like? >> i like trump. >> why do you like donald trump? >> i like how he speaks his mind. >> what do you like about hillary? >> i think she's a strong candidate, she has a lot of experience and a lot of good ideas and it would be nice to have the woman's perspective. >> i like trump but i don't think he's qualified to be president of the america. he doesn't have facts to back anything he says. if he could back it up, i'd be more inclined to vote for him. maybe that will change by november. >> hillary. >> donald trump wants to build a wall. what do you think of that? >> well, it's -- i don't have any objection to that. i mean, it's mainly security. >> democratic my whole life growing up. so it make sense. >> your parents you mean? >> yeah. my parents are. >> who are you going to vote for in the primary? >> hillary clinton. >> would you ever vote for a republican? >> if it was a different candidate. >> would you vote for bernie or hillary? >> i would cross party lines, because i'm pretty moderate republican.
5:48 am
rather than vote for somebody who said some of the things that he has -- he being donald trump has said in the past. >> and the polls open just a little more than an hour from now. by the way if this place behind me looks familiar, this is city hall in pasadena. the same one used in "parks and recreation." having a great time, i love talking to the voters. >> thank you so much, heather. >> thanks. >> and pasadena is a beautiful area. you can fly into john wayne airport maybe. he mystifies audiences with his logic defying tricks on live tv and he has tricks up his sleeve for us. david copperfield is live next. i want to check in with bill hemmer to see -- he's going to wing it or did you prepare anything? >> this is the studio where they do "america's newsroom" every day. >> oh, the same studio?
5:49 am
>> i recognize it, yes. >> the voters will tell us something. how close is california, what does trump say and do after the vote today? who's got the edge in the clinton versus trump lineup? we have a terrific cast on that. and john kerry testified about the missing eight minutes on iran. we'll get answers. and where the storm is going today and a case of sexual assault not going away quietly. martha and i will see you at the top the hour. (politely) wait, wait, wait! you can't put it in like...
5:50 am
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5:52 am
well, welcome back. steve doocy is in new jersey. steve, your final moments there behind the bar. >> i am behind the bar. who knew that the boulevard, you could actually get a drink. my neighbor j.r. here in jersey sent me this.
5:53 am
free drinks for everyone tonight. you're buying. and then there's bernie sanders. this fellow's name is sonny. he's having a bloody mary before work? >> yes. >> you do this every once in a while? >> yeah. >> what business are you in? air traffic control? >> no, dog grooming. >> you're voting later on today, and what are you looking for? >> a resume, most experience. >> you're going to vote for? >> hillary clinton. >> why? >> her experience, her background. >> what is her number one achieve. >> i would say tolerating her husband bill. >> you know, a lot of people would say that, sonny. that's right. >> pretty much it. >> all right. so now you're going to go groom some dogs? >> yes, sir. i am. >> good. >> what dog do you hate to see come into the place? the collie because there's so
5:54 am
much hair or the golden retriever? >> i would say the cocker spaniel. most difficult to groom. >> thank you for sharing. brian and ainsley, back to you. >> thank you. six states going to the poll today. it's a big deal. >> and do you know who else is a big deal, david copperfield, he'll be joining us on the couch. don't go anywhere. ? we're good. ? okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure. but can your multivitamin to be healthy. do more for your immune health? now one a day has the first multivitamin with probiotics to support the 70%
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5:58 am
now appearing in the studio we think is the real david copperfield himself. >> i see him. he's actually here. >> can you touch him? >> yes, he's here. >> hands off. >> all right. fantastic. >> thank you for being with us. >> tell me about the sequel. >> it's great. we went to the premiere last time. we spent a lot of time creating new magic, it is pretty spectacular. there's new twists and turns an jesse eisenberg did a lot of fun. >> well, the first one is great. we can't wait to watch the second one. >> a big hit. >> premieres on june 10th. you're here to talk about what you're doing on thursday. you're going to congress. why? >> we're making magic an art form. congressman sessions dropped a bill about making magic an art form. we feel it's very, very important to make it an art form, like ballet, like jazz.
5:59 am
like theater. >> what would that do if magic becomes like ballet -- >> it's not about getting money. government grants or taking tax dollars. it would help young performers get grants from foundations and from corporations to do that. also protecting intellectual property. creating respect for the art form that's given us the cinema. magicians created the cinema. we wouldn't see movies if it was not for magicians, among other thing. >> you said you wanted to do a trick in front of congress, but security wouldn't allow you to do that. >> we'll talk to them, have some meetings with them. to explain why -- >> they were scared you'd make them disappear. >> they're great people. we'll work together to hopefully make this work. >> you'll stick around for the "after the show show," and you're doing your radio show. >> we have speaker paul ryan coming up. >> steve is out in new jersey all morning. he's talking to voters all day because it's a big election day. six different states are going
6:00 am
to the polls today. we'll talk to steve in the "after the show show" too to find out what the diners think. >> i'm a jersey boy be did way. >> david copperfield, thank you. stay tuned. bill hemmer and martha maccallum are next. bill: we are four months and 50 states down the road. today is the end of the primary election road. hillary clinton as apparently secured the delegates she needs to secure the nomination for the democratic party if you include the superdelegates. martha: everybody is looking at california tonight. but there are other states out there, including new


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