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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 7, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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to the polls today. we'll talk to steve in the "after the show show" too to find out what the diners think. >> i'm a jersey boy be did way. >> david copperfield, thank you. stay tuned. bill hemmer and martha maccallum are next. bill: we are four months and 50 states down the road. today is the end of the primary election road. hillary clinton as apparently secured the delegates she needs to secure the nomination for the democratic party if you include the superdelegates. martha: everybody is looking at california tonight. but there are other states out there, including new jersey.
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sanders reminding voters that nothing is official until philadelphia in july. watch bernie. >> there is nothing to concede. secretary clinton will not have the requisite number of pledged delegates to win the nomination. she'll be dependent on superdelegates. they vote july 25. >> california is about the future. california will help us make the future we want for every person in this country. and we are going to come out of the primary even strong tore take on donald trump. bill: hillary clinton apparently hit the magic number 2,383.
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bernie sanders is 1,569. martha: we start with john roberts live at trump towers. many would think this is the time for donald trump to be coasting and working on the general election, but that's not as we have learned donald trump style. reporter: this should be a big day for donald trump, he should easily pocket five victories, but concerns that he squandered the nomination by wrapping it up early, i appeared last night on bill o'reilly show. he did dial back a little bit on gonzalo curiel's ethnicity.
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but he was asked if he regrets his comments. >> every time i go into a show all they want to talk about is trump university. but i think we turned it. thousands and thousands of students favorite high marks, necessity loved it. it's a civil lawsuit that should have been dismissed a long time ago, but the judge is treating me very unfairly. reporter: dialing back a little bit from the judge's mexican heritage. in the primary campaign you have to throw a lot of meat to the base. but in the general you have to reach out. martha: it's not clear if the
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campaign is making the transition to the general elect mode. donald trump's fellow republicans are saying he need to stop the fixation on the judge and the story. reporter: also the way he's talking about the judge. senator tim scott, the on the african-american in the senate said this is racially toxic. senator lyndsey graham is encouraging republicans to remove their endorsement. donald trump shows no signs of backing down in his criticisms of the judge. in a conference call with some of his surrogates he was encouraging them to step up
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their attacks. >> i don't know if the word intensify criticism was used but he encouraged us to fight back when there are ridiculous charge out there whether it's this or other things. he encouraged us to push back, and i think you will see all of us do that. reporter: this is having an effect on some of the people donald trump need support of at least in the party. i was told that some republicans sidling up to donald trump are taking a bit of a step away. we just saw ivanka trump walking into the building very happy. they are looking forward to the results of tonight's primary. bill: let's get some analysis of byron york. byron, good morning to you. i'm going to bounce around a little bit. were you surprised the
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associated press made a call at 8:3. >> eastern time? >> yes, and everybody else was, too. there is no question about the outcome of the democratic race, but some people were asking why the associated press decided to update it superdelegate count. nothing actually happened last night to put hillary over the top. the a.p. simply updated it count of superdelegates. bill: the question is important. how does that affect turnout in california if at all? >> it's unclear. it's like news organizations refrain from announcing results while the polls are open. here you have hillary clinton being declared the presumptive nominee of the democratic party. unclear whether that will call some of her voters to stay home or inspire bernie sanders to go to the polls to show it's not
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over yet. bill: i have not heard anyone make a call for california. i think it's a coin flip. >> there are 15 polls in the democratic race this year in the real clear politic average of polls. hillary clinton has been ahead in every single one of them. that lead has shrunk so it's too close to call. a loss in california while it will be an embarrassment in california won't change the race. bill: it's not the way you want to end things. >> one democrat said losing california will hurt hillary clinton as much as losing california hurt barack obama in 2008 and he did lose california in 2008.
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bill: donald trump will have a press conference tonight. what does he say? what's his tone? >> he does not have any friend in the republican party, specifically on the issue of attacking judge curiel's mexican heritage. he will need to dial it back. remember trump made some grievous errors, he attacked ted cruz's wife. he later expressed regret. and he dialed it back. bill: thank you, byron york with your analysis. martha: keep it here at america's election headquarters. the big prize tonight is california. we'll be on from 11:00 to 1:00
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eastern type as those results come in. that's what happens. >> two thing really curious about. what is donald trump saying? those are your two areas of concentration. martha: you have a.p. putting their thumb on the scale. as byron says, we don't talk about polls on the day of these races. the other big issue is president obama when his endorsement is going to come in for hillary clinton. the thumb on the scale may move bernie sanders to change his tone, but we'll see. bill: nancy pelosi endorsed her this morning. barack obama may do it tomorrow. martha: a complete lockout for people from tropical storm
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colin. the storm is heading up the east coast. it's expected to bring heavy rains to the carolina coast. phil keating is on the coast in gainesville, florida. officials expressed concerns about flash flooding. reporter: several more inches of rain are expected in the sunshine state today thanks to the tropical and moist conditions left in the air thanks to tropical storm colin now moving off the coast of jacksonville. but overall, flooding and damage due to this tropical storm, very isolated, not widespread. it blew ashow with maximum wind of 50 miles an hour. and it moved across florida so fast as far as tropical storms go it could have been a lot
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worse. a couple report about possible tornadoes or strong wind sheer ripping off a few rooftops. florida power and light which serves 10 million floridans. i just spoke with the governor's office which has been in contact with the state's emergency operation center. as of now, no significant reports of damage in the state of florida but the state of emergency remains in effect. reporter: the day in the carolinas will be a lot like yesterday in florida. it's going to be a lot of rain, but the storm is 60 miles east of myrtle beach and heading off into the atlantic. maybe one or two more days of this miserable weather.
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bill: donald trump fueling the fire about the judge in the trump university lawsuit. plus there is this today. martha: chaos as a car bomb went off at the height of morning rush hour. who was the intended target of this. a group you may not accept. bill: there is outrange after a college athlete is convicted of sexual assault. >> it many an injustice and insult. you pay your car insurance
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everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. martha: there has been another attack on people killed in rush hour in a car bombing in istanbul. the turkish government says police officers were the intended targets. the attackers setting off a bomb. this happens on the second day of the muslim holy month of ramadan. the government has been fighting isis and kurdish separatists. >> i don't care if the judge is
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mexican or not. wbut we are being treated very unfairly. bill: donald trump defending his comments about the judge in the case against trump university. a memo from his own campaign instructed his supporters not to talk about it. how would you describe that call? >> i think the way it's being reported in the media misconstrues the whole tone and tenor of the call. the call was a positive call. he didn't instruct anyone to attack the judge it was a very positive call where the surrogates got to ask questions and get everybody on the same page.
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bill let me clear it up. he did not tell to you go after the judge. >> right. bill: he did not tell to you go after the media. >> no, he did not. bill: where is that coming from? because that's being reported everywhere. >> i don't know. other surrogates who were on the call said that's completely misrepresenting the call and how it went. he gave us to talking points. he said i wanted you all to be aware. 98% the media is not reporting that there are 9,078 pages of positive reviews about trump university. the original plaintiff when it came out she had written a positive review and did a video testimonial, she withdrew as a plaintiff. he just gave us positive talking points and facts about the case
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that haven't been reported. bill: what about -- are some people confused? there is a report scott brown and pam bundy said you all better get on the same page. >> not in the context of how it was reported. there was an email that went out, the tone of it was hold off on saying anything. we are going to have a call. so then once we had the call, it was now you can go back out and talk. we wanted to make sure everybody was on the same page. that's common on any campaign. with similar talking points and facts about the case. bill: some have been confused on the message in the talking points. >> what it is is the campaign is expanding. there used to be just four of us
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doing surrogate work. but the campaign is growing. it's widely reported hillary clinton has almost 800 people working for her campaign and we have 80. we have already put away our primary and she hasn't with that's more people. it shows the power of the businessman approach donald trump has. but we are at the point where we are ramping up and adding people at all levels of the campaign to expand and grow our reach. bill: i have got two more quick questions. why not leave the judge case alone? >> it's been so reported in the media and it's kind of unfair. here is a successful businessman that provided an opportunity for other people to learn from him. as for you, a very successful newscaster opened a school for newscasters. it's not going to guarantee
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every single one of those students will be successful. but if 98% of your students were happy with the course you taught. you would feel bad if you got sued saying they wanted their money back. bill: give our viewers a sense, what was his mood, what was his attitude on that one-hour call? >> his mood was very, very positive. he was actually jovial. it was a very positive call. that's why it's so unfair whatever reporter seems to have access to listen in on this call reported it in such a negative fashion. he's a great guy, a nice guy. the call is very positive. he said take a positive message out there and that's what we are doing. martha: another critical primary is getting underway.
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there is a lot of talk about california. but voters are going to the polls in new jersey as well.
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martha: voters heading to the polls in new jersey for one of the final states in the election primary. reporter: there are a handful of voters at this polling station. but one of the polling workers said it's far less busy than usual for a primary. a key grown for that we believe might be the fact that hillary clinton and donald trump are now according to the pundits
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presumptive nominees. 126 delegates for democrats. 51 for republicans. only registered republicans and democrats can actually take part in the polling today. what you cannot do is change your party affiliation. those casting their votes today say they do not believe predictions from the pundits and they say their vote today is important. >> yogi beara used to say it's not over until it's over. i don't think it's set in stone yet. >> i think bernie does have a chance to get lucky. i know hillary is leading. but it's lot of the media pushing that. i'm still going to vote for who i think is the best choice.
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reporter: up until last night many believed it would be the state of new jersey that would take hillary clinton over the threshold. the calculation of the superdelegates changed all that. in the words of tone i sow pran oh, some people feel robbed. martha: thank you very much, david lee miller. jersey is strong. bill: you must feel a lot of pride today. martha: i do. bill: we'll have a tanning beaned laundromat? do it all jersey, it's your day. martha: laundry, tan.
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bill: jim, the man who set up hillary clinton's private server faces a big deadline today. what kind of information does bryan pagliano hold now. martha: hillary clinton finally breaking her silence with the news media for 8 whole minutes yesterday. so were there tough questions out there for hillary clinton yesterday? >> i am obviously really excited about that but i'm not letting myself focus on it. i want people 20 come out and vote tomorrow. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ >>
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bill: the final six states
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voting in the presidential primary. it could be a record turnout. donald trump has the state to himself among republicans. but bernie sanders and hillary clinton locked in a tight race in california. what can we expect in terms of turnout today, adam? reporter: like martha with new jersey, california usually doesn't have much of a say in the primary on the national side of things. polling does open up in california though a lot of people did vote by mail. the numbers are nearly 18 million people registered in california. that would be the most ever possible to vote. nearly 3/4 of the population here for this primary. they do expect a big turnout. but there are concerns in regards to the a.p. report.
6:33 am
many were registering as democrats. the democrats are a closed primary, but republicans and independents you can still vote depending on how you answer a lot of questions. now take into a account the new delegate tally from the associated press report. the a.p. tally includes superdelegates. it has clinton ahead clinching the nomination even without the pledged delegates. sanders said california is a state he can win but he needs the turnout to do so. they are pretty upset with this and a lot of people question the timing of it. bill: if sanders wins california, what does that mean? >> there is a lot of money
6:34 am
raising here and powerful politicians that come from here. democrats were upset that this report came out. secondly, they believe if sanders wants to win the state it could show a possible maybe weakness in the clinton campaign and sanders alluded to the fact that would help him sometime this summer when they meet for the convention. he did say he might reassess his campaign if he doesn't win here. but they are all about the turnout in california, and they are not happy with the ap report. bill: adam housley live in l.a. hoik rrp hillary clinton held a -- hillary clinton held a gaggle with reporters yesterday. but nobody asked about her emails or the inspector general's investigation where
6:35 am
there were discrepancies between her take on it and what the i.g. said. >> you are on the cusp of being the nominee of a major party. what does that mean to you? >> i'm so focused on all the states voting tomorrow. that is my singular focus. >> i am obviously really excited about that. but i'm not letting myself focus on it yet. i want people to come out and vote tomorrow. >> do you feel [inaudible] >> i do. you saw it yesterday. i have seen it for more than a year. martha: matthew littman, political consultant and former speech writer for vice president
6:36 am
biden and rich lowry. >> it's unbelievable. reporters didn't have a chance to ask her a question for a month and this is the best they can do. they should turn in their press credentials. these weren't just softball. some of them were gushing. it's embarrassing. >> this is within the normal bound of the campaign. while barack obama has been criticized for not having enough press conferences, as opposed to what's going on on the republican side. i'm glad this is the question, whyn't she have enough press conferences. martha: don't you think she should have been asked about the i.g. report and the email issue? she is about to be questioned by the f.b.i. it's not that these questions
6:37 am
aren't interesting. if she becomes the first female nominee. but the fact because there has been such a spell of time when you can't ask for anything. it's incumbent upon these reporters to ask her these questions, no? >> i think the press should be asking tough questions all the time and not asking softball questions. i like the way they do it in england where the press is tough on the prime minister. i think that's great. i think the press and the u.s. gets tougher with both candidates. that's fine with me because i think hillary can handle it. but i want to contrast what you are saying about the press and hillary as opposed to what's going on in the trump campaign. those questions about racism and donald trump is much tougher. >> trump, no matter what you think of him, he puts himself out there and he answers questions. the reason hillary doesn't hold
6:38 am
press conferences is she is not adept on her feet and is gaffe prone. and if you hold a press conference some reporters will have the self-respect to ask about the emails. and she can get away without holding press conferences. >> i don't agree with that. when you say trump puts himself out there. he does and he tries to bully the press into asking the questions he want, or doesn't answer the questions he doesn't want to answer. martha: he does answer them. he could say i don't want to talk about that, i want to talk about the economy. he says they asked me about it and i have to answer it. he says i'm answering the questions you are asking. >> that's not right. what he's doing is acting like a big baby basically because he doesn't want bad press about his business.
6:39 am
that's why he's fighting back and attacking the judge, and he's too much of a baby to understand the press is going to question him on his record. that's why he's answering, because he's thin skinned. >> he stand there and he goes back and forth and it gets very interesting. but he put himself out there. martha: does it bother you that they came out with this report on the cusp of five primaries today and said that she has sewn it up when in fact the superdelegates won't be counted until july? does that bother you at all? >> the count is the count. there is nothing you can do about that. but californians should go out and vote today. obviously if you are hillary clinton this is a great day. pelosi endorsed her this morning. and i assume bernie will be on
6:40 am
the hillary bandwagon. martha: when hillary clinton was asked about being the first woman nominee. she said i have men who come to me with their daughters and talk about how significant it is as a lesson for their daughters. she doesn't want to spend too much time in that category talking about women. >> she has a problem with men. that answer reflected that. bill: no, martha! the state department admit it knowingly deleted 8 minutes of a press conference on the iran nuclear deal. one of the lawmakers calling for
6:41 am
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dust and hair than the store brand stop cleaning. start swiffer ing martha: there will be no charges against the mother of a little boy who got into a gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo, forcing officials to shoot the gorilla. people were outrained over the killing, demanding the mother face charge. authorities are saying there was nothing to charge the mother with. >> had she been in the bathroom smoking crack, letting her kid run around the zoo that would be a didn't story. but she was attending to her children by all witness accounts and the 3-year-old just scampered off. martha: the zoo said they felt
6:45 am
they had no choice but to act. the barrier was 3 feet tall, now it's 3 1/2 feet tall. bill: lawmakers want the state inspector general to investigate why the state department deleted 8 minutes of a press conference plea years ago. bureaus lack of transparency and openness. first news and john kerry, you want him to testify. >> yesterday we invited him between the start of next week and july 15. we want him to come and testify what's going on with this iranian deal.
6:46 am
we tried to get to ben rhodes who was the sales pin but the white house claimed executive privilege. let's get the senate confirmed first. >> so kerry could refuse? >> i suppose he can. but he does have a duty and responsibility to respond to committees of jurisdiction and we happen to be one of them. would you expect the i.g. to take up your case now? >> i joined chairman rice in asking the inspector general to look at why it is there were 8 minutes of a video that james rosen questioned at the state department that was suddenly deleted. because now they decided it was done on purpose. even secretary kerry expressed outrain. but to say they tried to figure out who was responsible for it
6:47 am
and fixed the problem, they haven't been able to do that. bill: kevin corke asked this question. >> can you state categorically no senior official in this administration has never lied about any aspect of the nuclear deal? >> no. bill: is that no it didn't happen or no i can't answer the question. >> in the white house transcript that was deleted and taken out. contrary to putting an asterisk. they extracted that. the white house chief staff mr. mcdunna said what is the policy here. you have got a very substantial question, one that is pivotal to what the white house is doing on
6:48 am
iran and it's taken out of the transcript as discovered by abc news. bill: 8 minutes of the briefing removed. what's the incentive behind that. why do it? >> because it's political spin. it's a white washing of the record. we don't know the basic answers of what this iranian deal was. how much did we pay the iranians. what is secretary kerry doing in europe trying to increase banging opportunities for iran. we don't know what the side deals are. then you see the record was cleaned up and washed out. bill: i know you want to figure out who did it. according to john kirby, he suggests a phone call was made so there is no email trail. >> at the end of the day, it's a small place. even the secretary himself is outraged by this.
6:49 am
but let's solve it. someone has to be held accountable. bill: do you think someone purposely edited the briefing? >> and how vint's on iran. bill: today you are saying someone knows more about it. somebody knows names. >> absolutely. bill: we'll see if john kerry takes up your invitation. martha: we are watching a live event going on in d.c. paul ryan is rolling out part of the gop agenda. this is a focus on poverty. we are going to keep a close eye on this. paul ryan very much in the news lately. he gave a somewhat tepid endorsement some would say of donald trump, then expressed outrage over his comments about
6:50 am
the mexican judge in the case against trump university. if paul ryan has comments about that we'll catch him for you. there is backlash building in a stanford swimmer's sexual assault case. his father as well as the judge in this case are sparking even more outrage. bill: trump and clinton wrapping up their spots for the november election. >> look at benghazi. she did the ad on the phone call. she was sleeping wherever she was. but she wasn't answer that call when our ambassador and others needed help. i think i'll do great with women. olay total effects
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narrator: sometimes it's the things that the rest of us don't see that can make all the difference in california's classrooms. it's part of my responsibility as someone who's experienced to allow the door to be open for younger teachers. the teamwork between the teachers is essential. when we collaborate with each other... makes everyone stronger. by helping my fellow teachers be successful, i'm helping kids be successful. narrator: the california teachers association: educators who know quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
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martha: outrage after what some are calling a slap on the wrist sentence for a andford university swimmer. his name is brock turner. he will serve 6 months for sexual assault. authorities just now release his mugshot almost a year and a half after his initial arrest. how are people in santa clara and in california reacting to this sentence. reporter: brock turner is 20 years old, a former star swimmer at stanford. in january he sexually assaulted a woman at a frat party. two men saw it happening and held him down until police arrived. judge aaron persky gave him just
6:55 am
six months in jail saying he thought turner was less accountable because he was drunk. >> the punishment does not fit the crime. this predatory offender failed to take responsibility, failed to show remorse and failed to tell the truth. >> if my daughter were the victim of this i would be livid, i would be asking for a very serious punishment. reporter: a recall on judge persky is under way. he said he was lenient because prison would have had a severe impact on turner. martha: what's the reaction on campus? >> andford kicked him out but the community is livid after reading his letter to the judge. it was turner's father's letter.
6:56 am
he complained his son no longer enjoyed eating. >> you look at the survivor's reaction and her view of her own body. >> the reaches had to the father's letter was so miserable i couldn't finish the whole thing. bill: voting is under way right now? six states in the final super duper tuesday showdown. in california, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are neck-and-neck. who gets the go in the golden state tonight? >> if we can't win here in
6:57 am
california, north dakota, montana, new mexico. we are going to go into that convention with enormous momentum. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you
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& in a world held back by compromise, >>
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martha: donald trump not backing down from the comments he made about the judge in the trump university case. he says the judge is biased because he wants to build a wall and the judge is of mexican heritage. we have been following that as we welcome you to shower two of america temperatures newsroom. we welcome you to another big primary day. some republican leaders have expressed concern about the rhetoric expressing they could drive away hispanic voters. trump telling o'reilly he's not
7:01 am
worried about that possibility. >> i don't care if the judge is mexican or not. but we are being treated very unfairly. martha: chris stirewalt, the ""digital politics"" editor joins us now. >> greetings from california. march very done very kinds of sort of. martha: donald trump kinds of sort of stepped back from the judge comment. >> this one has been heard. when you talk about generalities. that's the genius of trump is generalities. it's not that mexican or that muslim. it's those members cans or those muslims. the problem is with this he's
7:02 am
talking about a specific person, and he's talking about a federal judge. it's harder for his supporters to explain what he's talking about and they are trying to walk it back. martha: there are voters who say they don't care about this issue. and yesterday there was a bloomberg report inside the conference call which claimed that he was irritated that these supporters and these surrogates who speak on news programs have been told, if you are asked about this issue, what you should do is just say it's a legal matter, let's move on to other subjects. but he got upset according to this report. he said take that order and throw it the hell out. are there any other stiewrp i'd letters sent to you folks? one of the reasons i want to
7:03 am
have this call is you are getting stupid information from people who aren't so smart. >> he would never say anything like that it doesn't sound anything like him. he needs to get as far away from the republican party and the republicans in normal conduct as possible. his candidacy has been an earthquake. hillary clinton is likely to beat donald trump. there are more democrats than republicans. if he tries to be conventional and politically correct, he will lose. that will include on his part not being polite, not being politically correct and not feeling good. all he has to say do i have a fraud suit against me from trump university? that judge is mexican and i don't like him. martha: this is about him. it's not about how you make america great again.
7:04 am
and it looks like he cares have much about his own reputation where this suit is concerned. he could get on a personal level. but taking the conversation politically, it doesn't feel like it's a smart thing to do. >> it's been sad to watch these people explain what donald trump meant. what he meant to say. what he meant to say is he's defending himself vigorously in this lawsuit. roberto gonzalez and others coming out trying to explain it away. you won't untrump yourself. trump has defeated you, he has taken over your party and you can't explain away what he thinks. he means to win this throughout and win the presidency and he will keep on doing what he's doing. martha: the difference between the primary and general. it doesn't feel like the trump campaign has made that transition.
7:05 am
everywhere they go, he's campaigning in california. people say why? he's expending energy on that rather than focus on the general. the key word you used was "trump campaign." i don't think there is a trump campaign. there is trump. he said the rnc will take care of it with the numbers and the dat and the states. i owned rnc so the rnc will do that. the conference call in the bloomberg reports which shows he's doing this himself. usually that's a function that falls to another person. but trump briefs his surrogates. he tells them to stand up for the trump, not tell people what they will like. martha: he continues to be
7:06 am
determined to be that way. enjoy sunny california. bill: san diego fits him well. biggest prize today is california. bernie sanders's campaign focused on the superdelegates who they say could be persuaded to change their allegiance. leland vittert is on it. how does the news from the associated press affect turnout? >> real fear here as the polls open in california for bernie sanders folks. they will hear this news, it's a lost cause and i'll stay home. sanders needs a win in california to keep the legitimacy on the momentum. they say declaring clinton the nominee is a rush to judgment.
7:07 am
in order to make that determination you have to count the superdelegates. people who can change their mind up until the convention. >> i think it is premature for any endorsement. it's up to the people to make that decision. this is not me talking, it's the democratic national committee. >> get out the vote events, those kind of things flying out of santa monica. if he loses here, there will be enormous pressure for him to drop out. bill: hillary clinton is heading east. >> heading back to new york, and the campaign has said all this news of clinching the nomination is just a little bit premature. she again does not want her folks to stay home. that could give wind to sanders'
7:08 am
sails. >> we are on the brink of an historic, historic, unprecedented moment. but we still have work to do, don't we. we have six elections tomorrow. and we are going to fight hard for every single vote. reporter: one big thing that could change tomorrow in terms of the democratic race. it's clear president obama is itching to get into this race. we hear an endorsement for how many * could come as early as tomorrow for this race. and for the first time a sitting president has higher favorability ratings than those who could replace him. bill: leland vittert live in
7:09 am
santa monica. keep it here for continuing coverage throughout the day. martha and i join bret and megyn later tonight 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. east coast time. california could be head or tails. martha: that's the argument for bernie sanders. if he wins california, we heard that new jersey voter expressing the sentiment, she doesn't like to be told what she should think. and turnout will be huge more bernie sanders. that's why you have to stick around and watch tonight. don't go nowhere. tropical storm colin is slamming the southeast dumping heavy rain and florida, georgia, the carolinas. but the storm is expected to loss of of its punch as it moves
7:10 am
offshore. good morning, thank you. >> we thought colin was going to come to its thing and move on. but we are getting a lot of residual rain. i would like to say welcome to sunny florida, but unfortunately not the case right now. this is 62nd avenue north. take a look at this. we have seen cars and trucks and everybody else go through water this deep. come over here and take a look. we are talking about maybe 14 inches or so. i expect to see fish or dolphins swim by or manatees. kind of amazing concerning the fact that this road is blocked off. people are scooting around the blockade. when they know you just don't do that kind of thing. if your car sucks up water or your truck sucks up water you
7:11 am
are looking at a big bill, $3,500 or so. there is one tow guy pulling people out for free just to help them out. martha: thank you very much. we have breaking news out of d.c. bill: paul ryan is talking about this judge matter. >> i don't think they are right head. the thinking behind it is something i don't personally relate to. but at the end of the day this is about idea. this is about moving our agenda forward. and that's why we are moving the way we are moving. >> he makes comments like this to undercut. >> i do think these kind of comments undercut these things and i won't pretend to defend them. i'll defend our idea and our agenda. what matters to us most is our principles and the policies that come from those principles and our ability to give the people of this country a better way forward.
7:12 am
we believe we have a better likelihood passing that than we would with a president clinton. >> [inaudible] in january -- >> in public. >> you said at the time you hoped he would come to the center and talk about poverty. i'm wondering if he is on board with the policies you laid out today, if you briefed him and have you talked with [inaudible] >> i haven't talked to him about where he should campaign. i discussed with him the tone of his campaign. the idea. and we have had an exhaustive discussion about these policies. we talked about welfare work. we talked about this agenda and the policies contained in this agenda. that's why i believe we are far better off advancing these
7:13 am
policies than we are with the hillary clinton candidacy. >> what do you make of donald trump doubling down. >> i just fundamentally disagree with that. i think it the wrong. the way i look at it, if you say something that's wrong, the thing to do is across many it was wrong. we have if you work to do here in the house than to comment about people running their campaigns. >> [inaudible] >> i don't know what in his heart but i think that comment itself is defined that way. i'm not going to defend these kind of comments because they are indefensible. i think our likelihood of getting these idea into law are far more likely if we are unified as a party. i see my job as speaker of the house to help keep our party unified.
7:14 am
if we go into the fall in a united party. we should focus on the solutions and not attempt to defend the indefensible. thank you very much. i knew you would be asking political questions. >> [inaudible]. >> what do you think of that move and other jurisdictions [inaudible] >> i think that will actually do more harm and good. bill: those are the questions about the judge. the house speaker says he disavows trump's comment and said absolutely unacceptable. he says it's the textbook definition of a racist comment and he won't defend this. this is so extraordinary because they are in the same party and you have got now the nominee for the party and the house speaker
7:15 am
are not on the same page. rarely does this happen. we are watching paul ryan from the hill. we'll be back with a lot more reaction on this next attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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martha: bernie sanders campaign blasting the media for declaring
7:19 am
hillary clinton the winner based on the superdelegates who don't technically cast their votes until null at the convention. iement premature. it's the democratic national committee that says don't lump together pledged delegates with superdelegates who may or may not change their mind. >> good morning. >> what did you think about the fact that the a.p. put out that report that there was no election to sort of count in term of that at that moment. but they decided to release the news they believe she has the 2,383. >> donald trump was declared the presumptive nominee of the republican party.
7:20 am
there were unbound delegates that declared for trump. martha: but he wasn't running against anybody anymore. >> hillary clinton will technically be the nominee. but there is a practice in this country, and senator sanders recognized it in 2008. in 2008 he endorsed barack obama as soon as he got magic number. even though at that point hillary clinton did not drop out of the race. he endorsed him even thought it was superdelegates that put barack obama over the top. he want a double standard here. >> that happens a lot in elections when something works to your advantage. people say this isn't the way it should be done. but he has a tremendous amount of support. he has won many state just as hillary clinton did when she ran against barack obama. he want to make sure the voices
7:21 am
of his people are heard at that convention. what should be done about that? >> i think we definitely agree the voices of the people should be heard. that's why secretary clinton is saying hold on a minute. let's have the six states vote tonight. she wants everyone to go to the polls. we'll have a nominee by the type we go to bed tonight or wake up in the morning. it was done on the republican side and the democratic side in 2008. but the associated press did extensive analysis of this and called the superdelegates over and over again over months. as you will see in their report. not one ever wavered in their support. martha: do you think the superdelegate system should be changed next time around? >> i think that has been suggested. i will say this about
7:22 am
superdelegates. democratically elected. members of congress, members of the dnc who are elected. there is a process to become a superdelegate that's very democratic. you're late for work. you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee, and back out of the garage. right into your wife's car. with your wife watching. she forgives you... eventually. your insurance company, not so much. they say you only have their basic policy. don't basic policies cover basic accidents?
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martha: there will be no charges against the mother of a little boy who got into a gorilla enclosure. video captured video of the gorilla standing over the little boy and dragging him through the enclosure. >> had she glen the bathroom smoking crack letting her kid run around the zoo, it would be a different story. but that's not what was happening.
7:26 am
she was attending to her children by all witness accounts and the 3-year-old just scampered off. martha: the zoo says they rekret harambe's death but felt they had no choice given the circumstances. they increased the height of that barrier. it went from 3 feet to 3 1/2 feet. some might argue it should be tawrl than that. bill: we are going to check out the states up for grabs today. the exception being north dakota. but california is the big prize. at a time 172 delegates for republicans. we thought that would be the story on june 7. turns out this is the story. 475 for democrats on the line. the manager of larry sabato's crystal ball at the university of virginia's center for
7:27 am
politics, how close is california between sanders and clinton? where do you score it? >> i think california is very close. clinton has led basically every poll, bust most recent ones showed the margin as low as 2 points. crystal ball we built a model that tried to predict what the outcome would be. our model came out with clinton plus 2 which mirrors a lot of the polls. one thing to watch tonight is california is so symbolic for sanders. clinton is already the presumptive nominee according to a.p. but we'll see early results come in and there are indications clinton will do well in the early voting and absentee voting, so clinton may jump out to a big lead. so sanders may chip away at that. voting may take several days. bill: that's the first time i heard that.
7:28 am
not just a late night, but a slate week. >> for the democrat sick side for the delegates it doesn't matter so much who wins if it's close they end up splitting the delegates. this is sanders public relations making the argument superdelegates should switch. it's not good for him that it will take days not weeks before settling this thing. bill: you look at the electoral map. just a traditional tall are you, 270 is the marker you have need to get to. let's give democrats nevada and colorado. let's give them wisconsin and iowa. for the republicans we'll give arizona, georgia, north
7:29 am
carolina, now you are at 248-205. she would have a short ride after that if the scenario were to play out. how and where does crumb win. maybe virginia goes back to a more traditional state, perhaps. trump would need to take florida, he would need to take ohio or pennsylvania, then he's 3 shy. either ohio or new hampshire up in the corner. the problem is, which would give him 271. it's harder for him than it is for her. >> i think that's right. the fact that trump has so little appeal with non-white voters suggests clinton starts out as a favorite in nevada and colorado that have significant hispanic populations. v has been -- virginia has been
7:30 am
trending democratic the fast few years. he probably has to do well in the midwest. no republican has ever won without ohio. so that's a must for trump. a state like pennsylvania. george w. bush tried to win it twice and couldn't do it. bill: kyle, thank you so as much. we have five months of this. talk to you real soon. tell larry we said hello. martha: paying tribute to a 9/11 hero and her work at ground zero. >> she served her country, she served her community, this is a small way for us to honor her on her way out.
7:31 am
>> ... (politely) wait, wait, wait! you can't put it in like...
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martha: today today day that a clinton former it technician has been ordered to produce an immunity deal he reportedly made with the doj. he will face deposition by government watchdog groups. that is a picture of brian pagliaro. he is the individual who set up hillary clinton's primary email server at her home and sources tell fox news that his testimony would make him a quote, devastating witness against mrs. clinton. correspondent katherine harris joins us live from washington with more on this. reporter: clinton it specialist brian liotta intends to exercise his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination in a civil suit wrought by judicial watch. it's not clear whether partly out of immunity deal will be sealed by the judge or made public, giving us the first insight into the fbi and justice department negotiations for his cooperation in the criminal investigation. the transcript of state department aid even more who
7:35 am
ran secretary clinton's office at the state department was released late monday, testified under oath, mole said he can't remember when he first learned clinton was using private email for government business. mold who is helping to implement the koran deal could notremember a 2011 email where he suggested clinton get a government account and a government issued blackberry.he said quote, i don't recall why, no. i don't recall the circumstances that led me to write that. we learned yesterday from the state department they halfway 2000 requests now . following 2008 and said some may now take decades to resolve. martha: senator grassley of the judicial committee is getting involved. what's his involvement, catherine? reporter: this letter obtained by fox news was sent to the justice department and fbi by republican senator chuck grassley who has a powerful senate judiciary committee, sing the reporting of fox news and the government has notified clinton after the romanian hacker known as lucifer publicly claimed he breached her server with ease. the government struck a pre-deal with him for his
7:36 am
cooperation and other the law the justice department is required to notify victims of hacking also based on new court documents, the fbi has asked a federal court judge to file a second secret declaration about the status of the clinton email investigation. these findings are part of a separate suit brought which it also includes emails between the state department and the fbi about clinton's use of that personal server. martha: more to the story, thank you very much. bill: as the primary season comes to an end, donald trump and hillary clinton are in for five grueling months . but how would this matchup braked on on the issues like security, the economy, healthcare? american enterprise institute columnist for the washington post and the fox news contributor, mark, how are you doing? >> how are you ba i'm well. i'm going to take it too obvious ones and they let you go at it.
7:37 am
on women versus men, hillary clinton easily beats donald trump. a new poll that came out for our viewers to see it. she's at 51 percent, he's at 32. got a lot of ground to make up . >>. eric: that's not right. there's the economy. now do me a favor, go back to the poll on the economy because he has beaten her on this issue repeatedly so how then does this shakedown? >> she's going to have to spend a lot of time focusing on the war on women's and women's issues because donald trump has effectively neutralized many of the democratic party's economic attacks by effectively adopting their positions. think about how do democratic and republican candidates attack arrivals question mark they attack them for approaching an increase in the minimum wage but donald trump supports an increase in the minimum wage.they attack them for supporting
7:38 am
trade deals that send our jobs abroad. donald trump opposes those trade deals. he says he going to get those jobs back. they attack democrats for wanting to privatize medicare and social security, donald trump says he's going to leave medicare and social security alone so there's a whole host of issues, they attack them for tax issues for hedge fund billionaires. donald trump says he going to raise taxes on hedge fund billionaires on most of the economic issues where democrats attack republicans, donald trump has taken their positions so that leaves hillary clinton, war onwomen, misogyny, bigotry and those things so it's going to be a very ugly campaign . bill: he's an asymmetrical candidate. go deep into your big brain and tell me how that works out. >> it's unclear right now. he's winning on the economy but also he pointed out that she has a lead on women. she also has a 27 point lead on foreign-policy.she has a 27 point, and traditionally republicans have a huge advantage over democrats when it comes national security. hillary clinton is beating
7:39 am
donald trump by 27 points on who can handle foreign-policy and why is that? that's interesting. donald trump is campaigning from the left on foreign-policy. trump can win 40 percent of sanders quotes, he said that publicly so how do you do that? on foreign-policy, he is echoing the same positions that bernie sanders has taken. he says for example, he attacked hillary clinton for her vote to go to war on iraq like bernie sanders. trump attacked hillary clinton for the intervention on libya like bernie sanders. he attacked her on trade deals like bernie sanders. he said were going to stop spending money on wars in the middle east so we can invest in infrastructures and roads and bridges like bernie sanders so he's again, on foreign-policy taking a host of democratic positions . bill: to summarize this then, you think he neutralizes her own domestic issues, many of them. >> many of them but foreign-policy would be a different bag. >> sure because she can't get to his right on domestic issues because that's the democratic electorate but she's trying to appeal to
7:40 am
center right republican internationalists by getting to his right on foreign-policy. you look at her speech last week, what did she say? she said on the only candidate in this race who understands that america doesn't lead, there's going to be a vacuum in the world. she said she's going to get tough with putin. she said she's going to listen to our generals. those are things you would normally hear from a republican candidate butit's what she was saying during that campaign. her record if you look at her record, she abandoned our allies and caved to put in. she didn't listen to our generals when we pulled all of our troops out of iraq so she's got a bad record when it comes to listening. she's trying to get to trumps right when it comes to foreign-policy . bill: that is very fascinating analysis.mark, thank you. thank you.martha: i heroes salute for the last surviving search dog from 9/11.
7:41 am
fellow officers and firefighters remembering britney as the golden retriever gave her last visit to the veterinarian. her handler making the difficult decision to put her down due to kidney failure. she spent nearly 2 weeks at ground zero searching for survivors and then she searched for remains. she was two years old when she and her handler traveled from texas to search the records of the world trade center site. >> she's part of the family. it's like losing a child. she's part of our family. i've known her her entire life and she's always been there. >> and she's one of you. >> she has, she's one of us. so it's hard. martha: she also helped with the search and rescue efforts after hurricane katrina. she retired at nine that yesterday died. she was 16 years old and a hard-working young lady. she did some very admirable work, just evidence of the
7:42 am
loving relationship between people and dogs. bill: 19 minutes before the hour. there's outrage about the case against this former stanford swimming star. many are saying he got off the hook with a light sentence after sexually assaulting a woman who was unconscious. we will debate that. >> ultimately, the fact that this defendant prayed upon an intoxicated stranger on a college campus should not be viewed less serious than if he assaulted an intoxicated stranger in downtown palo alto. >>
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
martha: going outside after a former stanford swimmer was found guilty of a brutal sexual assault on an unconscious woman at a party.
7:46 am
he was sentenced to six months in jail. critics say that does not fit the crime and are even pushing to recall the judge in this case. the district attorney, wanted brock attorney to serve 14 years in the state prison and says a six month sentence amounts to basically a slap on the wrist. >> the punishment does not fit the crime. this predatory offender failed to take responsibility , failed to show remorse and failed to tell the truth. martha: joining us now, randy bell and former prosecutor and defense attorney and brian claypool, criminal defense attorney. good to have you here. there's so many details to this case but i want to give people the thumbnail sketch of what happened that night. this woman who is older than a college student, she ostensibly had finished college, was home with her younger sister and they were only going to be home together that one night so her sister was going to this party and rather than stay
7:47 am
home which was her original plan she said i'll go with you. i'm going to be the oldest person but i will go with you. she did get drunk by her own admission. she was unconscious. she was! being sexually assaulted by this young man which he was convicted of by a dumpster on the ground when they were found by two young men who went over to them and literally pin him down and stopped him from further assaulting her. that's my understanding of what happened. how does that amount to six months in prison? >> it's very easy in hindsight to criticize the judge and there is so much about this case that i heard in terms of soundbites, predatory andthis that and the other. at the end of the day, sentencing is not simply about punishment . it's not simply about retribution. there's much more that goes into sentencing and this judge by all accounts was very fair, very evenhanded and very conservative. he sat on this trial, listen to the victim testify, listen to the defendant testified. if he felt that the defendant was lying or obstructing justice, the defendant
7:48 am
doesn't have to show remorse. he said i didn't do this. six months in jail? if you never spent a second in jail, that is a lifetime. the collateral consequences of this conviction, a lifetime of being a sex offender. forget about getting a job. forget about the olympics. don't tell me he got off with a slap on the wrist. that's simply not the case. martha: let's have some statements by the father because this is also getting criticism. the father said his life and never be the one he dreamed about and worked so hard to achieve. that is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action by this 20+ years of life. brian, what's your take on this thing? >> martha, this decision by the judges pathetic. let me tell you why. first of all, shame on the judge. shame on that father's comments you just showed an shame on stanford university. let's start with that father's comments.
7:49 am
he doesn't mention the victim in any portion of that comment. he focused on the perpetrator. my dad was a decorated war hero. he's buried in arlington cemetery.if i did this to a young woman he would look me in the face and say they sure consequences. his dad is not focusing on the victim. the judge, let's talk about the judge now. i couldn't disagree with randy moore. here's why. in california you got consider both mitigating and aggravating circumstances. here are the aggravating circumstances this judge didn't consider. she's at a dumpster, she's unconscious, it took two people to pull him off and the fourth thing is, nobody is considering the psychological impact on this young woman. this is a lifelong poisonous, toxic scar that she's going to have to live with for the rest of her life and he faces six months for this? this is absolutely unconscionable . martha: a 7000 page world statement, here's a part of it. i tried to push it out of my mind but it was so heavy.
7:50 am
i didn't talk, i didn't eat, i can interact with anyone. after work i would drive to my home and scream. i didn't eat, i didn't sleep, i didn't interact with anyone. i became isolated from the ones i love most. the description of what she went that night at the hospital to prove this assault is horrific. randy, how is this justified? >> it is horrible. this is a tragedy beyond my ability to describe but i will respectfully submit that one of the most this difficult job on this planet is to be a judge and again, we can sit here all day ... martha: did it also matter that he was a stanford grad and captain of the lacrosse team? is it relevant in your mind? >> when you are sentencing a defendant, you look at his background, his character, you look at the whole. it's the totality of the circumstances. it's not just the offense the soul of course that's going to factor in. the judge got letters from friends and family, all attesting to this young man's good character. the judge looked at the defendant past and present and he also look at his future and this young man is still going to jail.
7:51 am
martha: the focus on this young man and less on this young woman.sorry guys. we will get back to it. thank you very much for being here the in the morning, rush-hour explosion leaving 11 dead. what we e learning about who is responsible. >> in a good, clean salad, every ingredient is the main ingredient. the new green goddess cobb
7:52 am
with avocado, bacon, freshly made dressing, tomato... and chicken. at panera. food as it should be.
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7:54 am
martha: chris christie the governor just cast a vote, now taking questions from reporters. >> i don't know the history of the trump university case so i'm not going to speak on it. i know donald trump, i've known him for 14 years and donald trump is not racist so the allegations that he is are absolutely contrary to every experience i've had with him over the last 14 years so were going to end it there . >> governor ... mo ryan
7:55 am
called it textbook racism today. >>this is mister ryan, he is entitled to his opinion as his everybody else who has an opinion on this. i've expressed my and that's all were going to talk about this. i'm going to go in the car and go back because i've given you my opinion. >> was it a mistake to mark . >> i'm not going to get into repeating a campaign we're in the middle of. there will be plenty of time for postmortem after the campaign is over but i'm not going to micro analyze every bit of the campaign because you know what? the voters know and what matters here is winning and losing first and foremost. and what matters here is where the country's direction will be after whoever wins this election. that's what i'm focused on. that's my job for donald is to focus on setting up a government once he's elected in november and that's what my focus is today and micromanaging, it's not
7:56 am
micromanaging a campaign.if you got questions other than the judge kerfuffle, i'mhappy to answer . my approval rating goes up and down in this state. i've said this before. i'll say what i said, 75 percent i didn't believe it and there's 26 percent who said i didn't believe it and the fact is i don't govern, i've never governed based upon my approval rating. you guys are much more concerned with my approval rating that i am. i never candidate for office again in this state so quite frankly ... >> he has voted in new jersey, a state that matters today. it helps hillary clinton get over the top later tonight. during the commercial, the questions were repeatedly about trump university and chris christie saying he doesn't know enough about it, didn't offer much of a comment after paul ryan said it was not acceptable so that continues there. in a parking lot in mendocino county new jersey. >> said i'm never candidate
7:57 am
for any office in this again so we will see what that means. christie as he faces the moment and cast his vote in new jersey, we will be right back with more. >> you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone.
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martha: we will be back later tonight. bill: 12 hours. martha: in 12 hours. have a great day everybody, we will see you tonight. "happening now" starts now. melissa: of fox news alert on the final super tuesday in primary season. voters across six states now casting their ballots hours after the associated press reported some superdelegate commitmentshave clinched the democratic nomination for hillary clinton , making her the first woman ever to top a major party ticket in the us. on the gop side, a new wrinkle in the controversy over donald trump and his attacks on the judge overseeing the trump university case. hello everybody, i'm melissa branson in for jenna lee . jon: i'm eric shawn in for john scott. trump under fire as he


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