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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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six states voting in the goldible state. donald trump schedule to do speak at 9:00. that's it for us, fair, balanced and unafraid. here comes greta "on the record" from new jersey. >> this is "on the record" coming to you live from the absolutely beautiful jersey shore. right here in this state the polls close in under an hour. new jersey is the most densely populated state in the entire country. and it's one of six states where today people are voting and drama in the democratic race right next door in new york secretary clinton is expect to do tell her supporters tonight that she is the presumptive nominee: senator sanders says well not so fast. is he out west where people are voting in california. sanders insists he will take coffee -- california tonight. karl rove on the chaos right now that's brewing in the democratic race. carl karl, senator sanders
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refusing to back down. is this hurting secretary clinton? >> well, it's -- yes, it is. it could be temporary. let's see what he says after tonight's results come in. he says he is going to go back to vermont following tonight's outcomes and assess his campaign. i personally believe that even if he loses california tonight, which i think is likely, he will lose knowledge with -- new jersey with its 142 delegates. i believe he come in a close second in california behind clinton. even then i think it's likely he will continue his campaign until the convention that opens on the 25th of july in philadelphia. he has declared this a political movement to transform the democratic party and, thereby transform the country. i don't think you throw in the towel and play nice if you are bernie sanders. he has never run as a democrat until this time never attended the democratic convention. every election he has won since mayorship of
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burlington nearly 30-some odd years ago, congress, the u.s. senate. he has always defeated a democrat. he has no deep loyalty to the democratic party and i think it's likely he will continue this crusade beyond tonight. >> all right. he wants to transform the democratic party. will he in light of the fact that he is not likely to be the nominee and he certainly has been a thorn in the side to what is now the presumptive nominee or the expected presumptive nominee, secretary clinton? >> yeah. well he already has transformed the democratic party by getting her to come strongly to the left. she has said things and advocated things and endorsed things in this campaign that are clearly out of touch with the sort of center democratic leanings of her husband and what she displayed back in the 1990s. she has gone further to the left than even president obama on some things. but, look, here's the transport thing. what does bernie want? he either wants to get some things that he thinks he can get, that he thinks will be good for the democratic party and good for his movement, like abolishing the super delegates and
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making some platform changes or maybe he wants to ask for things that he knows he is not going to get. because, by failing to get them, he helps build the sense of -- build on the sense of resentment that a lot of his supporters have. they think this is a rigged system. they think he has been treated poorly. they think he has been chasing a gigantic political machine that has been orchestrated by the clintons and involves the democratic national chairman. they are upset. the question is do you cause those people to stick together as a movement more by having them achieve things at the democratic convention or do you get them to stay together by asking for things that you cannot and do not get and keep them alive with a sense of resentment around a shared belief that things were taken from them or kept from them at the democratic convention? >> does sanders help donald trump in november? >> i think it depends. you know, there was an interesting thing -- and i don't want to make too much of this. march 20% of sanders' supporters said they would
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support trump in the fall. i find that hard to believe. and i suspect most of them are going to fall in behind hillary clinton there are two big questions. one is what's the degree of their enthusiasm and, two, what's the degree of their turn-out. some may simply say apox on both their houses i'm staying home. sending money, showing up to work and knocking on doors and ringing telephones. they may stay home and vote but without a great deal of enthusiasm. that could hurt her. i will say this, there is a group of his voters which are increasingly difficult for her to get, which are younger voters. in march in the abc/"the washington post" poll she was beating trump 65-25 among those 30 years or younger. in the may poll, she was beating them 45-42. this was a critical group for barack obama. if she doesn't carry young voters anywhere close to what barack obama carried them by, she is going to have some difficulty in some of these battleground states. >> carl, thank you.
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>> thank you. >> and here in new jersey, recent polls gave secretary hillary clinton a big lead over senator bernie sanders but anything can happen. and on primary night, remember michigan? well, a short time ago i walked the boardwalk to get the pulse of knowledge voters -- new jersey voters in this area. ♪ ♪ >> bingo. >> you have voted today? >> yes. >> who did you vote for? >> hillary. >> why? >> i like hillary. i like bill. >> donald and hillary, that's a big deal. me personally i would rather want donald to win. ♪ >> do you have a favorite candidate right now? >> bernie sanders. >> are you excited about voting this year. >> oh, yeah. >> can i take a snap chat with you guys? >> take a snap chat. first time i have had a snap chat on the air. >> monmouth county democratic convention chair
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ben goes "on the record." niles to see you. >> this is exciting. democratic state must be the state that will make secretary clinton the democratic candidate although the a.p. named her last night. >> historic day first nominee of either party. this will be a day that democrats and americans look back as a day that really changed history. >> do you have any sense of the turnout to be the. >> turnout is low. seeing enthusiasm this is the first time new jersey has mattered in quite a while at least on the democratic side. bernie sanders has put a lot of new people into the party. it's going to be interesting to see what the voter registration numbers are at the end. >> how busy was bernie sanders here in the state. >> he was here a few times. not as many time as president clinton or secretary clinton or chelsea clinton. it looks like he has put most of his effort in
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california: senator sanders said his number one priority is to make sure donald trump is not the president. at the at the end of the day, the party will be unified and work together to stop that goal. >> some young voters, yet, when i go out and talk the to the young voters today some said they vote were going to vote for bernie sanders. they didn't know it was prime american day. they can show up at campaign event but if they are not going to go out and vote for you that's not going to help. >> you clearly senator sanders has brought in a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of new energy. some of these states young people voting and see what impact it has in november. >> how is donald trump going to do here do you think. >> donald trump is going to do terrible in new jersey. we have a republican nominee two sitting presidents of his party not even supporting him. the moderate wing of the party is not going to be supporting donald trump. >> what do you think she needs to look for in a running mate. >> look at somebody like new jersey's cory booker or
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somebody help us with the swing states florida, ohio. sherri rod brown, there is a lot of fantastic people out here. >> is president obama popular here. >> polls in new jersey president obama. i think is he going to be one of her biggest asset. >> people are excited because people this is probably the state put her over the top. >> historical day. she is over in brooklyn and new jersey has always had a close history with the clintons going back many years. >> it's a beautiful state. a lot is going on. the polls are about to close. what happens to you your job as the county chair what do you do? >> focus on november and make sure donald trump does not become president. >> we'll see what happens in this state, ben, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> >>, the crown gel tonight is -- jewel is the state of california. will secretary hillary clinton cruise to victory? look at the crowds bernie sanders is getting. san francisco chronicle
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reporter is live in san francisco. john, how does it look in california tonight for bernie sanders and secretary hillary clinton? >> well, everything we have seen in the past few days shows that it's going to be a very close race. i mean, there is about 3 different polls that came out and they all showed clinton up by 2 percentage points. again, as you said, bernie sanders is pulling in crowds everywhere in the state. but, getting those people to the polls is the real question. >> are there certain sections of the state that seem to prefer secretary clinton over senator bernie sanders or visa versa? >> well, you are going to see the same thing you have seen elsewhere in the country. the latino parts of the state are going to be for clinton as are the black communities, mainly in southern california. some of the more progressive areas like the san francisco bay area, you likely to see more votes for bernie sanders coming out of there. but, it's a big state and you can probably pick
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something for everyone if you want to look around. >> democratic party leaders, do they want bernie sanders to not, you know, after tonight, whether he wins or loses california, they want him to sort of pack up and join the clinton train or the democratic leaders in california want him to keep going on to the convention? >> oh, the democratic leadership in california is totally for hillary clinton. i mean, governor jowl has endorse many people. even nancy pelosi became one of the last congressional leaders who said i voted for hillary and i'm for hillary. they would like to see this end tonight and the complete and total pivot towards the fall campaign against donald trump. >> i think that governor brown endorsement was quite interesting for secretary clinton because going back many moons, governor brown and the clintons have not enjoyed a very friendly rip. >> -- relationship.
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>> they didn't get along. jerry brown ran against clinton back in the day. again, governor jerry brown is a magnetist. he knows his politics. he says if we want to beat donald trump in november here is the person that we want to do. he also is looking at and saying let's make sure i get on the right bandwagon as far as california is concerned. >> john, thank you. and buckle up, donald trump has a news conference planned for tonight in just under two hours. trump will speak from the trump national golf club. last news conference all out attack on the media what's in store for tonight political correspondent carl cameron is live in briar cliff manor. >> it's set up to take questions. the body underwhere his staff is getting ready to make appearance tonight. here there is a teleprompter. he will work at some point with prepared remarks. this is a candidate who
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routinely derides candidates who use teleprompters. presumably he has things he wants to say. he is uncontested. this is the evening there is no question he is the presumptive nominee and yet donald trump finds himself facing more dissent from fellow republicans than arguably any other time during his campaign including when there were 16 rivals running against him. today mitch mcconnell the senate majority leader says trump's arguments about his trump university lawsuit and his criticism of the federal judge who is presiding over that case are stupid and negative and need to stop. paul ryan, the house speaker has said that trump should apologize and has to stop this sort of rhetoric because it's not hurting his own candidacy and alienating minorities and in some cases women, not the judge case specifically but a lot of the alleged sexism and misogyny trump is accused of by the left and by republicans that it needs to stop. with the two leaders of the house and senate taking that type of a dissenting opinion
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of trump's candidacy, there has now been some effect on senators. ron kirk, the senator from illinois, one of the most endangered incumbent republicans in the country essentially renounced his endorsement of trump today and said he cannot support him based important the things that he has been saying in the context of alienating hispanics and women. the senator from arizona, jeff flake has suggested that even though the push for a contested convention seemed to subside in recent weeks, that trump's rhetoric and the controversy around it could cause a resurgence of that movement. lindsey graham today urged people to take away their endorse. s and we have seen -- we have already seen examples of that. tonight, trump wants to focus on hillary clinton. today, he put out a statement that, again, relitigated, reargued this court case and in the last paragraph says and i'm not going to talk about it anymore. so we will find out tonight if he takes questions. if he does again bring up
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the judge or if he is going to respond to some of the criticism within his own party which says in essence if you do not condition form to a plate discourse you end up alienating the voters you want. if you are not careful it could bring down house candidates, senate candidates, mayoral candidates if they are republican and force to do answer for things that trump has said that so much of the electorate seems to find objectionable. greta? >> carl, what about the governor of this state where i am, new jersey, governor chris christie, has he spoken out about the trump university controversy? >> well, of course he did. he did when he voted today. he said that as far as he is concerned in 14 years of knowing donald trump and socializing with him and working with him he had never seen any evidence of the racism that he is accused of. having said that christie went to trump tower yesterday and met with donald trump and many believe that if anybody can take his ear and impose upon him some level of
4:15 pm
discipline, maybe chris christie is the guy. >> former rival. friends with donald trump number of years. at one point he was named as somebody who might run the transition. suspects generally believe christie is angling for and would very much like a position in the trump administration should the donald win. christie too has said he doesn't see the racism in his own reactions with his personally. when he made those comments he said that's all i have to say about it. even christie recognizes it's grus water. >> all right. thank you. get ready for the year 2091. that's 75 years from now. that's how long the statement department tells the rnc it would take to release emails from top aides to then secretary hillary clinton. the court filing reading as these requests would require the agency to locate, review, aamericans with disabilities act and arrange for inspection a vice quantity of material. the agency need not honor
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them. foia requests are not supposed to be labored over for generations. those records total 450,000 pages. and up next, you're going to hear from donald trump, the presumptive g.o.p. nominee making a statement about the trump university controversy. plus, trump's former omarosa. our coverage from seaside heights, new jersey, continues. in a good, clean salad, every ingredient is the main ingredient. whether it's big... or small. first to go. or best for last. sweet. or not so sweet. whether it's tossed... or twirled. if it's easy prey. or plays hard to get. every last crunch,
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welcome back to the fabulous seaside heights, new jersey. "on the record" is coming to you life on a huge night of election coverage.
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late today, donald trump issuing a long statement about the growing controversy over his comments about the judge presiding over the trump university case. trump saying, in part, it's unfortunate that my comments have been misconstrued as a categorical attack against people of mexican heritage. i am friends with and employ thousands of people of mexican and hispanic descent. the american justice system relies on fair and impartial judges. all judges should be held to that standard. i too not feel that one's heritage makes them incapable of being impartial. but, based on the rulings i have received in the trump university civil case i feel justified in questioning whether i am receiving a fair trial that statement coming from trump after a day of mixed response from fellow republicans on the controversy. house speaker paul ryan had this to say. >> i disavow those comments. i regret the comments that he has made. i don't think -- claiming a person can't do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. i think that should be
4:21 pm
absolutely disavowed. it's absolutely unacceptable. but i do believe that hillary clinton is the answer? no, i do not. >> and governor chris christie defending donald trump after voting here in knowledge. >> i have said this before that i know donald trump, i have known him for 14 years, and donald trump is not a racist. so, you know, the allegations that he is are absolutely contrary to every experience that i have had with him over the last 14 years. and so we're going to end it there. >> and joining us, trump supporter and former contestant on the apprentice omarosa goes "on the record." nice to see you omarosa. >> hey, greta. >> so, i know you are a big trump supporter. your thoughts about this latest round where donald trump has fired some comments off about this federal judge. he has now made a statement in writing. what do you think? >> well, i'm going to take him at his word. particularly him saying that
4:22 pm
these comments were misconstrued. and i also think it's important that i know him personally and he certainly is not a racist. he doesn't have issues with people of color and i think it's important to note that he will not become the poster child for this country. i think paul ryan is not getting the point here. the point is trump wanted a fair trial and he deserves that and that's what this country guarantees and our justice system. >> omarosa, there is one thing content some people say he is racist. some people say he is not racist. setting that whole issue and debate aside because in many ways certainly that's one aspect of it. the other is the strategy. what's the strategy of making public statements about a federal judge as he did, knowing that it's going to blow up on him and, frankly, if you have got a beef with the judge can you file a motion in court to disqualify him. but donald took to the airwaves. >> well, greta, there has been so much misinformation about this trial. and i believe that donald was seeking to clarify some of the things that reporters are not stating and not
4:23 pm
clarifying. and so i think that that's really where he came from. it's also important that my job, as the vice chair of the national diversity coalition for trump is to let people know what's going on in the campaign, what's happening in this movement that donald trump has started and that it is an inclusive campaign and there is room under this tent for everyone. >> well, tonight's a big night, especially here in knowledge -- new jersey and california as well and other states. we will hear from probably secretary of state hillary clinton i assume at some point after the polls close in california. we will also hear from donald trump. can you give us some idea of what you think donald trump is going to tell us tonight? >> i am so excited, first of all. we have to mark that here we are a year later after he announced that he was going to pursue the nomination. here we are on the brink of him going to cleveland and accepting that party's nomination. and we're here to celebrate and have a good time and really mark the long journey it's been, greta. it's been a long road getting here. tonight he is going to have
4:24 pm
some substantial comments and substantial remarks. and he is going to pivot to the general and show everyone why he deserves to be commander and chief. >> when he general are we going to see less food fighting and more issues and statesman conversations? >> is he a man of substance. there are lots of positions that you have yet to hear about his positions and outlook on how is he going to make america great. i am excited that we can start to focus on policies and not personalities and not making things personal. this is an opportunity for people to see donald trump as the true leader that he is. and he really does have an incredible vision for this country and you will see that tonight in his comments and as we move forward towards the general. >> well, we are not going to hear who his vice presidential choice is tonight. at least i don't think so. but we are all anxious to see who he adds to his ticket as we march towards the conventions. omarosa, thank you for joining us. >> always a pleasure.
4:25 pm
>> and voters from coast to coast are making their presidential picks. we're going to take you live to polling places next. plus, much more from the absolutely beautiful and, yes, really fun jersey shore. that's straight ahead. >> all right. very busy day here at "on the record." i'm here getting ready for tonight's big show. >> here you go. [ laughter ] >> like that, huh? breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents.
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we're back from the beautiful seaside heights, new jersey, tonight is a huge election night especially in the democratic party. voters in six states hitting the polls tonight. "on the record" has live team coverage from polling locations coast to coast. here in new jersey polls close in just under 30 minutes. fox news correspondent molly line is live in elizabeth, new jersey, molly? >> hi, greta. the garden state doesn't usually get so much attention at this point in the primaries. but, as you mentioned, the democratic race is still on dragging forward with 126 pledged delegates at stake here in new jersey. both candidates have invested quite a bit of time here. they have held rallies. secretary hillary clinton is expect to do score a big win here over senator bernie sanders. it's unclear that a clinton victory on the east this evening will sway support among voters that favor sanders and are still heading to the polls for a few more hours out west, particularly in california where that race has been so tight. despite the prolific
4:30 pm
predictions among the media that hillary will be making history. she has down played the forecast instead focusing on the contest as has powers. donald trump already the presumptive nominee is expected to wrap up new jersey's take all delegates. the one former governor christine todd whitman urged those who do not feel that trump represents their values and send a message or vote today for senator ted cruz or governor john kasich who both remain on the ballot. whit han, of course, is supporting kasich. although hillary claims she has the numbers to win and donald trump is the presumptive nominee at the polls today. people told me they still want to cast their votes and ensure that their voices would be heard. as you can see, greta, this is the evening rush. lots of voters still streaming in here to make sure that those voices are heard. california has all the big numbers. the big state. but tonight those polls close as you mention, 8:00, less than an hour from now, and that will give us our first numbers of the evening. greta? >> molly, thank you. and on the other side of the country, way over on the other side of the country,
4:31 pm
californians are turning out to vote. fox news correspondent jonathan hunt is live in california. jonathan? >> hey, greta, we have spoken to election officials in several counties across the state in the last hour or so. they describe turnout today as being anywhere from high to moderate. certainly we have not heard any official describe turnout in any voting location as low. so it looks as though california will have a healthy percentage of residents turning out to vote today. here in culver city, we are in the heart of california's 37th congressional district. that is one of the most reliably democratic in the state and, therefore, in the country. all the voters we have spoken to today almost to a person said were voting on the democratic ticket. the majority seem to be leaning towards hillary clinton rather than bernie sanders. none of them said that they felt they had been dissuaded from coming out to vote despite the associated press
4:32 pm
declaration that the race was, in effect, over and hillary clinton already has enough delegates to win the nomination. conspiracy theories abounded online as they tend to. bernie sanders supporters saying it depresses the vote and bernie sanders is hurt by that. hillary clinton supporters saying if she has already got the nomination then her voters would be less likely to show up. whatever the delegate count, both candidates want a clear victory here in california. bernie sanders, obviously, to keep his momentum going, to keep the argument going that the super delegate should change their affiliation between now and the convention. and hillary clinton wants a victory. she wants to put a bow on what has been a long, tough, primary process for her and bask in victory in the nation's most populist state as she finally shatters the gas ceiling when she so he famously said she had put so many cracks in eight years ago. greta? >> jonathan, thank you. and donald trump is expect
4:33 pm
to do speak tonight at 9:00 p.m. and you are going to hear him speak right here on fox news channel. now, he is taking some heat, including from fellow republicans for his tone, including his comments about the federal judge. so, what kind of tone will rehear tonight? former 2012 g.o.p. presidential candidate and donald trump supporter dr. ben carson goes "on the record." good evening, dr. carson. >> hi, greta. >> okay, dr. carson, i don't think -- maybe we will hear it but tonight whether donald trump will congratulate secretary clinton because tonight it probably will be official until the convention really official. what are we going to hear tonight from donald trump and is he going to be more statesman like or are we going to see him take, you know, land a few punches on clinton? >> i think you are probably going to pivoting towards the issues and general election themes. one of the things you have noticed throughout this whole primary season is that
4:34 pm
there has been a lot of attention on stuff that doesn't matter and relatively little talk about isis, about the economy, about, you know, the fiscal gap. all these things that have profound effects on our country and i'm hoping that we will start to see some pivoting toward. that will do recognize that donald trump is a very unique type of candidate and we have a unique situation with people at a level of frustration that we have not seen in our life times. therefore, the person who really appeals to that populist may not necessarily be your traditional politician. >> who do you assign the responsibility for? there has been so much talk about, you no know, people insulting each other and less about those issues that you laid out like isis and our deficit? do you assign responsibility to the candidates or to the media and the questions we ask? >> well, i think it's both.
4:35 pm
you know, when i was running, i would always try to pivot back to that that's why they never want to do hear from me in the debate. i think you just have to keep pushing it. and by necessity, we're going to have to move toward the issues. although i suspect there is still going to be a lot of personal attacks going on during the campaign. >> you and, of course, governor chris christie endorsed donald trump quite soon after you left the race. and we haven't heard from senator ted cruz. any thoughts on why he has not yet endorsed donald trump or if he will? >> well, you know, there was a fair amount of animosity that was generated between those two camps. and it may take a little longer to heal. but, you know, ultimately, i think all thinking conservatives will recognize that we're down to two basic choices here. are we going to go the progressive root route that
4:36 pm
has been destroying this country or are we going to go a different route. if we are not mature enough to make that decision, our children and grandchildren, all of our progeny will sur the consequences. >> do you have any quick advice tonight for senator bernie sanders? you know, he is on the losing end of this one. >> obviously, there is not a whole lot of things that he advocates that i would agree with. but, i do think he should stay in the fight. because the system is so rotten. and it really should reflect the will of the people and not the will of those in control of the party. and he is the perfect one to get that situation ameliorated. it won't help him but it could be helpful in the future. >> dr. carson, always nice to see you, sir. and tonight secretary hillary clinton and bernie sanders are battling each
4:37 pm
other for every single vote. can secretary clinton seal the deal and put an end to the campaign. 2016 coverage live from the jersey shore continues next.
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tena overnight underwear and pads. only tena lets you be you. "on the record" is coming to you live from seaside heights, new jersey. and here in knowledge voters have about 20 minutes left to cast their ballots. "on the record" has live team coverage as the democrats are battling out for every last vote. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live with the clinton campaign at the brooklyn navy yard where secretary clinton is speaking tonight. jennifer, when is she going to speak and do you have any hints what she is going to say? >> well, it's very interesting, greta. there were six primaries today. the last polls will close in california at 11:00 p.m. tonight. but secretary clinton still plans to speak about two hours from now at 9:45 p.m. eastern. that's when she plans to give this historic speech. we have gotten some indication from aids what will be in that speech. she will certainly touch on
4:42 pm
being the first woman of a major political party to be the presumptive nominee for president. she has not wanted to look too pro-summous, -- presumptuous. as she prepares to break through what she has called the ultimate glass ceiling. a somewhat bitter bit of irony that on june 7th, exactly eight years ago today she conceded to then senator barack obama. she foreshadowed at that time that she may get another shot. >> if we can blast 50 women into space, we will some day launch a woman into the white house. [cheers and applause] and although we weren't able
4:43 pm
to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you it's got about 18 million cracks in it. standing in the way of what could be the first female president. >> your question implies that any woman, that any person, any woman who is running for president is, by definition, the best candidate. >> greta, we will be here all evening awaiting her speech and we will be here live afterwards, giving you the highlights. back to you. >> jennifer, thank you. nearly 3,000 miles away senator bernie sanders is getting ready do hold an election night rally there fox news senior political correspondent mike emanuel is live in beverly hills, california. mike? >> well, hi, greta. we have been hearing some buzz about the possibility of a meeting between hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders. but a senior sanders campaign advisor told us moments ago there are no plans for the two to meet in
4:44 pm
the coming days. we are also told by that advisor that senator sanders has been carefully following antidotal evidence in terms of voter turnout feeling like a strong turnout would be a sign that he could be winning here in california. the sanders campaign accused the media of a rush to judgment in terms of calling hillary clinton the presumptive nominee ahead of six primaries. bernie sanders was in good spirits this morning at breakfast in san francisco, tell reporters he felt good about the possibilities of winning here in california and thought that he was feeling great. while there are six states voting today. sanders has invested everything in california campaigning here nonstop for the past couple of weeks. we know he is going to go home to burlington, vermont tomorrow to assess his campaign. we are told by a senior advisor that sanders will get out on the road thursday, go to washington, d.c. for meetings and is expect to do hold a big rally with d.c. the next contest on the calendar. greta? >> mike, thank you. okay.
4:45 pm
isn't this beautiful? take a look at this. we are at the beach comer bar and grill in seaside heights, new jersey. a very special guest is next as our primary coverage continues. rad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. [ boss ] it is a very smart plan. so we're all on board? [ paul ] no. this is a stupid plan. hate drama? go to research. price. find. only helps you get the right car without all the drama.
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well, we're back. "on the record" is coming to you live from seaside heights, new jersey. the polls here in the garden state close in just members. what do new jersey voters want? >> hi. >> it's such a sunny day. >> my name is greta. >> i know who you are. i watch you every night. >> that's fantastic. have you voted today? >> yes. >> do you feel comfortable telling me who you voted for? >> donald trump. >> you have voted? >> yeah, this morning. my first time voting. >> who did you vote for? >> sanders. >> when clinton was president i felt like hillary was pulling strings
4:50 pm
i had -- anyway. i don't see her as a bad choice. >> are you going to vote for president. >> yes. >> who are you voting for. >> donald trump. >> how about you, are you going to vote? >> not yet but i'm going to vote for sanders, too. >> the owner of the wonderful beach comber bar and grill, this fabulous location and seaside heights city council member and mayor of seaside heights both go "on the record." good evening, gentlemen. >> good evening. >> okay, mayor, how big is this election here in this community? >> very important because economics plays a great part in our foundations here. we depend on tourism trade and donald trump will, who i am support something in favor of strong economics. >> michael how about you. >> i'm ready to make seaside heights great again. >> i catch that phrase. does that mean you are a trump voter. >> i'm a businessman in town and i believe that we need a businessman to run the country. >> what is it that donald trump can do for you, mayor? >> in this aspect we are looking at our federal level
4:51 pm
but funding for different projects such as beach erosion, sand dunes, and that helps us protect our properties and brings down tourists so our business people can enjoy economies as well as property owners. >> michael, have you always voted republican. >> i have been a republican my whole life. >> if the president were secretary clinton, do you think it would make a difference in your business? >> well, we try to do the best we can. we work with what we can that's what voting is all about. picking your choice of candidate. >> michael, -- i mean, mayor, have you always been a republican? >> no. >> oh, okay, good. that's interesting. now the plot thickens. when were you not a republican? >> when i was young. when i was 18 i was allow to do vote at that time and i was a democrat. and then i came to seaside heights and i converted. >> what was it that made you convert. >> i became a conservative. i started looking at workforce, knowing that is important to have good work ethics and at that time in the 1960's it was a little liberal to say least. but i changed my tune. >> michael, there have been
4:52 pm
rumors among many people but that governor chris christie might be on the short list for vice president. the list is -- actually there are quite a number of names on the list. what do you think about that? >> i don't believe he would be vice president. i believe he has a good shot at either attorney general or secretary of state. i think him and trump make a good team. i think trump might have a spot for him. he will make a good shot of it. >> what do you think about your governor as the vice presidential. >> again, i don't see him as the vice presidential. i do see him as attorney general. he has been very good to seaside heights when we had the storm and the fires. he was there for us. compassionate. >> what about senator ted cruz and some of the other candidates. >> christie has always been a seaside heights, new jersey man. he has been here and helped us on very hard times and everything else. he had sympathy for us and we all support him. >> what do you think of senator bernie sanders and secretary hillary clinton race? >> i think senator sanders is giving her a contest. i think it's over, maybe, with numbers but he has
4:53 pm
definitely got his voice and his people behind him. >> what do you think about it? >> the fact that it's very close tells you it's something. >> secretary clinton has had to go a little bit farther to the left because of sanders. do you see her coming back to the center or is she going to stay to the left. >> i think she is going to have to come back to the center. she will need the left's support. it's going to be a tricky job for her to compete. >> what about donald trump's tone, michael? >> i believe in donald trump. i believe in the businessman. and if he can't do the job, he knows how to get the right people to do the job. >> anyway, gentlemen, mayor, michael, thank you both very much. and coming up the new jersey polls closing in minutes. we are going life to atlantic city next. "on the record's" primary coverage from seaside heights, new jersey continues straight ahead. ♪
4:54 pm
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"on the record" is live in seaside heights, new jersey, and we are just seconds away from the first polls of night closing. it is a huge night in key states from coast to coast. kristin from the press of the atlantic city joins us. what can we expect here in new jersey as soon as the polls close? >> well, hillary clinton is expect to do win by double digits. that's what the polls to the race indicated. but, you know, being out there in the field today, there was still a surprising number of sanders supporters giving clinton, clinching the nomination last night. a big night for hillary clinton is expected here. >> how about the turnout? >> turnout was very steady. especially with the race, you know, kind of being over. you know, there was quite a number of people still going to vote, have their voice heard anyway. turnout was steady in the locations i was at. >> i sort of thought there would be a heavy turnout because new jersey is probably going to be the state that officially puts hillary clinton over the
4:59 pm
top. i know the a.p. reported last night that she had it but tonight is the big night in new jersey. >> yeah, yeah. and some people were a bit disappointed. they felt that had got the rug pulled underneath of them by having a.p. make that announcement yesterday. still steady turnout again. people still want to have their voices heard. >> well, it's very exciting here in new jersey. kristin, thank you very much. and a note to the viewers. stay with fox news all night long for the to the second 2016 primary coverage. polls close in just seconds here in new jersey. donald trump speaks at 9 p.m. eastern and secretary clinton shortly thereafter. that's all from now from the absolutely seaside heights, new jersey. if you haven't been here, you need to come here. see you live right here on this channel 7:p.m. eastern. good night. up next "the o'reilly
5:00 pm
factor." ♪ ♪ >> it is 5:00 p.m. here on the west coast. 8:00 p.m. in the east where polls have now closed in the state of new jersey. and fox news can now project that hillary clinton will clinch the democratic nomination, becoming the first woman in american history to top the ticket of a major political party. eight years to the day after she conceded to rival barack obama in the 2008 democratic primary. >> although we are not yet ready to say whether clinton will win the state of new jersey outright, the fox news decision desk can project that she will win enough of the state's delegates which are awarded proportionally to easily surpass the 2383 need to do clinch the democratic nomination. >> but there is a


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