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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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factor." ♪ ♪ >> it is 5:00 p.m. here on the west coast. 8:00 p.m. in the east where polls have now closed in the state of new jersey. and fox news can now project that hillary clinton will clinch the democratic nomination, becoming the first woman in american history to top the ticket of a major political party. eight years to the day after she conceded to rival barack obama in the 2008 democratic primary. >> although we are not yet ready to say whether clinton will win the state of new jersey outright, the fox news decision desk can project that she will win enough of the state's delegates which are awarded proportionally to easily surpass the 2383 need to do clinch the democratic nomination. >> but there is a caveat.
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clinton's victory are based in part on super delegates who do not tech likely vote for a a nominee until the convention next month. bernie sanders has vow to do stay in the race in hopes to abandon clinton and support him instead. >> that's the question here. what happens here tonight there is a little drama. we will be watching the results in new jersey as well as the five other states tonight. we will be back here at 11:00 p.m. eastern time when the polls close right here in the goldible state of california. >> i will be back with the kelly file at 9:00 p.m. eastern and donald trump is going to be having a press conference tonight which you will see only here at 9:00. but, first, "the o'reilly factor" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. did hillary clinton catch a break because donald trump
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criticized a federal judge? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. later on, secretary clinton will make a victory speech as she now has more than enough delegates for the nomination as you just heard. she still has the fbi investigation to deal with other than that she simply has to defeat donald trump to become the next president. however, that might not be so simple because the populist campaign trump is running has energized millions of voters. the clinton campaign is counting on mr. trump continuing to create controversy that will dilute his message. last night on this program mr. trump reiterated that he believes the judge presiding over the federal class action suit against trump university has treated him unfairly. mr. trump says it's all about politics because the judge is of mexican dissent and may not not applaud trump's strong stance against illegal immigration. today mr. trump issued a statement saying he is done talking about the situation. but the story will remain.
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and it's worth analyzing in a fair way. if you read the "new york times" today, there is an article stating that mr. trump has attacked judges in the past who have ruled against him. some of those judges were white. the truth is, if mr. trump feels aggrieved, he will criticize you or me or anyone. that's just the way he is. so those who are calling mr. trump racist, apparently do not know his history. he is an equal opportunity patterner. but it was unwise for the presidential candidate to spotlight the judge's ethnicity. that mistake gave the trump haters a free pass to vilify. >> this is really did about the most serious position in this country and he is defaming and detracting attention away from the essence of this case. this is an individual, donald trump, who is a charlotte ton and who is a racist. >> ms. viverito has despised
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donald trump for years. everybody in new york city knows that her charge of racism went unchallenged. that's wrong. whether it's trump or hillary clinton or president obama, no add homonym attacks carry any credibility. they should all be condemned. this racism business is totally out of control if you watch my interview with donald trump last night, the last portion of it was instructive. >> i think the judge is an honest man. i don't think he is hosing you. i really don't. i have checked him. >> well, i hope so. look, i want him to be. >> yeah. i think he is honest guy. >> mexican or not mexican, i want him to be. all i want him to do is give me a fair shake. when we have thousands of people say trump u is great why does this go forward? >> finally i suggested the judge may want, by his only choice to recuse himself from the case, not because he has done anything wrong, he hasn't.
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but this situation is far more than civil litigation. the law firm representing the plaintiffs is major supporter of the democratic party. clinton hundreds of thousands of dollars to give speeches. it's not a stretch to see the class action suit as a political can cudgel. it's a very bad thing. judges have to be strong in the face of criticism. but with this case, having a direct impact on the presidential vote, it would be better if there were not a whiff of any political agenda. would it not? and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction to today's voting on the presidential race in general, joining us from washington, the always effervescent charles krauthammer. do you believe there is a political component in this trump u deal, charles?
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>> you make me sound like al can alka-seltzer. political component? look, i don't know how you jump from saying the law firm for the pro-clinton democrats and thus the judge have to recuse himself? >> no, i'm saying it's a political deal and folks should know it. >> it started long before trump was running for president. >> it doesn't matter though. >> it has nothing to do with the clintons. that's ridiculous. >> hold, it, hold it, hold it. donald trump said, wait, wait, wait. i heard this argument and it's bogus. your argument is completely bogus. donald trump, from the jump, didn't like president obama, from the jump. asking about his birth certificate, questioning where he was born, questioning whether he was a citizen, all of that. this law firm deeply embedded in democratic politics at the outset of that couldn't stand donald trump. all right? so, when trump u comes before them, they take the
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case on contingency, charles, no money. they took it gleefully. you are going to sit there and tell me there is no political component there? >> the idea that the plaintiff's lawyers have political loyalties one way or the other has no bearing whatsoever on the case or on trump's comments about the case. and, in fact, the issue is not that he went after a judge, the issue is that in going after a judge, he is making a speech, first of all, in february in arkansas where he says, by the way, the man is hispanic. the man is mexican. and then in the rally, the one that caused all the controversy, may 27th, san diego, he says the judge is mexican. what has that got to do with anything? who introduces that factor in talking about unfair. >> i think it was unwise for him to do it but i will tell you what it has to do with it, okay. trump believes and he is a
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man as i pointed out who is going to go after anybody, all right? he believes that because of his strong anti-immigration, illegal immigration stance that anybody involved in pro-latino activities, as the judge is, because he is with the san diego lawyers of la raza, all right? that trump is drawing a conclusion that he doesn't like me. that conclusion may be fallacious as i told him. there is no record or fact that this judge is prejudiced in any way, shape, or form. it's not. the folks should know all this, charles. they should know every bit of it. >> of course it's fallacious. you yourself said last night he appears to have confused the la raza lawyer's association with la raza. >> yes. >> and then you say in a wonderful bit of spin it's an understandable confusion why is it? doesn't he have a staff who could tell him about that? i thought he hires the best people in the world? >> i don't know who he hires, i'm just telling you.
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>> you are admitting that he made a mistake as a result of a mistake. >> right. >> he then accuses the judge of being biased and then as a result of that, the judge ought to recuse himself? what kind of logic is that? >> no. the judge ought to, in my opinion, because this is far more than civil litigation now, this would effect the presidential vote. we just don't want to have any whiff of it. but, look, if he doesn't recuse himself, i'm not angry with the judge. the judge's personal decision to to do it, all right? i'm saying it wouldn't be a bad thing for the country. all right? but i understand the other side that it looks like he would be folding to intimidation. you don't want that and all of that all right. let's go on to the bigger picture. one of the biggest mistake that trump made in addition to to inciting people that don't like him any way. he lost four or five day of his message in the electric cycle now is he explaining why he doesn't like hillary
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and what he might do for the country that was a bigger mistake that i think trump understands now. >> whether or not he understands it, the pressure on him is enormous. you cited the democrats who have denounced him. what you didn't cite, this again, is rather surprising, since the pressure is not the fact that obama or clinton or councilman or woman in new york is upset, it's the fact that the speaker of the house had said that what trump had said, citing the earth miss city of the judge is a textbook case of racism. that is a serious charge from a man who cannot be called a liberal. you have got -- >> charge i know trump, he would do it -- a white judge, he would do to a green judge. >> that's a nice tricky rhetorical gesture. >> it's the truth. >> i will explain to you why. >> read the "new york times" today. >> i am not talking about what's inside his heart. is he a racist or not? you know him, you say he is not. that's not the point. when you are running for
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president and you make statements that are on the face of it racist and the speaker of the house of your own party says so, that that's what counts. whack what's in your heart. i'm a psychiatrist. no one can know what's in your heart. what's important is what you say and what you do. >> all right. i'm going to give charles another two minutes because i have to educate him on this. you know why ryan said that. and you know why other senators and congress people are saying, number one, it wasn't right that trump pointed out his ethnicity, charles and i agree. that was not a smart thing to do. not a right thing to do. >> we are not talking about smartness. >> the reason that ryan and all the other republicans are making a deal out of it is because they have to win seats in the house and the senate and they can't afford to alienate hispanic voters across the board. that's why they are doing it it's another political play. >> you appear to know the
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motives of every actor on the scene. >> that's a gift i have. >> yeah. i know. it's interesting that you did this without any psychiatric or medical training at all. >> that's your department. >> you are an example to all those of us to trained in the field. but we acquired some humility in training knowing how hard it is to understand why. we are talking here about facts. >> yes. >> it was a racist statement. it's undeniable racist statement. and it isn't just a mistake. a tactical mistake. it is something quite revealing and quite scary in a country where you don't call a fellow citizen a mexican who was raised, born in indiana and was appointed by arnold schwarzenegger who has called him a hero because of the way he stood up to the mexican cartel. we too not judge people by. >> i pointed that out. >> but by their lives. that's the point. that is what is so offensive about it. >> but, and i mean i'm going to take the last word.
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but, in the totality of the argument, because it's so emotional, the border fence is emotional, the threatened deportation of millions of people is emotional, when you have a judge who does advocacy work on behalf of latinos, in the totality of everything, okay? trump's opinion, which i do not agree with, his opinion isn't coming out from outerspace, charles, it's based on a pyramid that i believe is fallacious, but it's not some crazy rant that you would expect from a david duke. i will give you the last word to be polite. >> i'm not calling him a david duke. he didn't say it was a crazy rant. it was worse than that it was revealing of what he thinks about people of different ethnicities. >> including white people. >> one thing which is american. you are not a white american. you are not hispanic american. and to judge a judge on the
5:14 pm
basis of his ethnicity is to go against a principle. >> he didn't like the rulings. that's what it was about. >> but who raised the mexican issue, if not him? >> all right. good debate, charles. we will get lots of mail on that and we will send it to you. next on the rundown, is it legal will take a look at the trump university case. also a plan to punish opponents of planned parenthood. and later kirsten powers on the power of hillary clinton. can she persuade her doubters? the factor is coming right back. constipated?
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♪ with a full tank of freedom, ♪ find your own highway ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪ ♪ take you wherever you go. ♪ impact segment tonight. as part of his long statement released today, donald trump put forth a litany of complaints about the civil lawsuits against trump university. here now to analyze them, attorneys kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. i would like to say that you are attorneys, that you went
5:18 pm
to harvard law school, right? >> harvard, right. >> where did you go to law school. >> university of san francisco in california. private. >> you both read trump's statement where he lists grievances any legitimate grievances grievances in your opinion? >> basically what he says is he has been mistreated by this judge in the course of this litigation. but i went through all of the grievances and i would say that really this judge, so far, has been very fair. in some of the summary judgment motions the judge has said ruled for trump and some of them against trump. i will go through some of them with you. >> i don't want to try this thing on television. >> but very fair. very even handed. >> trump feels aggrieved. we all know that. >> right. >> you say? >> i would say very even handed this judge has been. >> and you say? >> i say that this has now become a huge political issue that it didn't need to be. >> you believe it's a political issue now. >> i think if anybody says it's not.
5:19 pm
>> said it wasn't and so did ms. kelly last night. >> it doesn't come through one prism. legal issues involved. political issues at play. and you have to look at it in the aggregate. >> what's the big political issues issue, you are the only one in the building agreeing with me. she is so brilliant it's a comfort. what's the big political component you see. >> the component where you look at the next system generated with the law firm very active with the democratic party in making donations and ties to the clintons. >> you agree on that. >> you can't be my e. you have to take a look at it they are bringing this case. huge issue no coincidence by trump but commented on the comments he has made. walking it back a bit. >> 2010 trump was wasn't running for president. >> it doesn't matter. trump was "on the record" anti-obama. >> but we're talking about donations that were made to hillary clinton. >> no. we're talking about the law firm in totality with a long history of aiding the
5:20 pm
democratic party including president obama. don't give me that, no. that's exactly what we are talking about. >> bottom line is it's worth noting because you would look at the whole fact pattern. >> that's what i did noted. i only have like 30 seconds. so just tell me what they are trying to do in california with planned parenthood, real fast. >> so this is crazy. it's going to be completely stricken down. it's ab 1671. it passed the california assembly. no date to vote on it in the senate. basically what they want to do is punish by one year, $10,000 fine the issue in the bill is to make it a crime to aid and abet illegal recording. >> if do you undercover planned parenthood they want to charge with you a crime. >> but also make you liable if you played the video that they recorded. >> put me in jail. >> exactly. >> first amendment in free speech. >> it's been delightful but i have to go. we appreciate it. one footnote miss guilfoyle's best sell book "making the case" there it is. now out in paper paperback.
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hillary clinton set in stone in many cases. is it possible for her to persuade doubters to vote her into power. joining us from san diego kirsten powers. little play on words there. hillary clinton first woman ever to secure the nomination of a major party. she is going to be speaking a little bit later on. but, negatives very, very high. everybody knows her. is it possible in your opinion to persuade people who don't really like her to come on over and vote for
5:25 pm
her? if so, how? >> well, yeah. she can persuade people to vote for her. i don't know that she can necessarily persuade them to like her. i think the good news for her is that she just has to be more likeable than donald trump who also has extremely high negatives. so if she was running against a different person, it might be different. but i think they pretty much cancel each other out in terms of their negatives. >> then what about the stay home factor though? >> um-huh. >> i'm sure you -- i was -- surprised on how quickly the polls tightened up after trump won indiana. >> right. >> you know, it's a tie right now. i mean, people are looking at both of them. and hillary clinton is going to need to persuade people to vote for her. and i'm not sure how she does it. do you have any suggestions for her tonight? >> well, i mean, one of the things is that you have to remember that the number of people actually persuadable voters has just been shrinking. it's a fairly small number of people. even among i wants.
5:26 pm
mostly independents leaning republican. or independents leaning democrat. what ends up happening what you saw with trump is people rally behind the personal who represents the party that they identify with. and i think you are going to see the same thing with hillary clinton. i think initially you are going to have sanders' voters upset but probably ultimately will come around to her. her problem is, of course, that a lot of these voters are young and those people don't tend to turnout unless they are incited. >> stay home factor here is going to be very high. remember, mitt romney lost because of the stay-home factor. because, you know, three to five million republicans and independent leaning people didn't show up. they didn't like him. so barack obama benefited greatly from that. >> but don't you think that's possibly going to happen with trump as well? >> yes. >> look what's going on with him right now in the republican party. >> there are a whole bunch of new voters engaged now in this race because of the populism of it. but you haven't given me any suggestions and i thought you might have one or two.
5:27 pm
for secretary clinton to say, okay, look, i have got the nomination now. now my strategy is to try to persuade people that i'm not really all that bad who don't like me. her supporters love her. >> pause it's not -- because she is not -- she has been in public life for 30 years, 40 years? >> nothing she can could. magic tricks? >> i don't think there is anything she can do to make herself more likeable. but i think she can convince people that she is the best person for the job. that she is the most experienced and that she is better than trump, which is what she has to do in order to win. she doesn't have to convince people to like her. >> i still think that in any election, the likability factor elected barack obama. i'm positive of that eight years ago today, hillary clinton concede to do barack obama. and i covered that race and i really -- and obama won because people liked him more not because he was more experienced or difference in ideology. they liked him because he looked like a better guy. >> you are oversimplifying
5:28 pm
as you often do, bill. [ laughter ] i think it was more complicated than that there are a lot of reasons people voted for barack obama and it wasn't just because they liked him. like i said, it doesn't matter because donald trump isn't well liked. she is running against somebody who has high negatives just like her. and so it cancels -- it really cancels each other out. >> one of the two is going to have to get those -- a few of them i concede very few there are still few who could go either way and they have to try to get them. kirsten as always. as the factor moves ahead, gutfeld and mcguirk watching the last primary and they will have some very important things to stay say about it that may be overstating but we can only hope. bret baier on what bernie sanders will do now and whether his supporters will cause trouble. hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. factor follow-up segment tonight, both hillary clinton and donald trump set to give speeches tonight. both have won new jersey. but basking in their respective victories will do them little good. with us here in new york city elizabeth booth and here in new york city. i don't want to beat this story to death but i'm cirrous about this. you know trump, he bashes everybody. as i said in the talking points memo. right? everybody. if you do something he doesn't like, he doesn't care what color you are. you could be barney the dinosaur who is purple. he doesn't like you. he will say barney is
5:33 pm
corrupt and i don't like barney. okay? i don't understand when you extrapolate down to a mexican american, the judge. >> right. >> it's wrong. i don't think, as i said, 15 times already, he should have done it, but i don't see it's this racist deal because i know that if the judge were lithuanian or polish or japanese trump would have said exactly the same thing. >> two things to say on, this bill. one there is a pattern here. there is a real pattern in which he says things like you know most white people are killed by black people wrong. >> when did he say that. >> he said that job the date. >> when? >> go look. second thing mexico is sending its worst people and they are rapist or keep the muslims out. at some point then paul ryan says, you know what? when you say that a man can't do his job because is he mexican, that's a textbook definition of racism. that's paul ryan. that's not juan williams. >> you are discounting and, again, i'm going to get off
5:34 pm
this. you are discounting the fact that he said bad things about other judges who were white. and it was the same context. they ruled against him. the same exact context. >> here's the thing. in this case, and i think this is why republicans even more so than democrats are upset here is he is not even talking about the immigration issue and how it impacts america. is he really talking about his case and his problems with this judge and instead of saying i think the judge is incompetent or stupid or made the wrong move, he is saying. >> is he associating it with political stuff. okay. i got that. but, that would be fallacious analysis rather than rank racism in my opinion. everybody is against me. i'm just giving you what i think, and that's what i always do. so let's get over to you, miss lisa. kirsten powers had no advice at all for hillary clinton. i was shocked. i thought she would have something. where mrs. clinton, secretary clinton could do
5:35 pm
something in the general campaign to persuade people not to dislike her so much do you have anything off the top of your head she could do? >> it's tough for her because she is not a likeable person. >> how do you know that? i have met her a couple of times she was final. >> gives speeches. focus group in new hampshire that was put out there where the majority of the focus group attendees felt like she was out of touch. they felt like she was unrealitiable. >> that's not dislikeable. out of touch isn't the same as nasay. >> what we know hillary clinton is going to do. going to go to hispanics and say look at what -- look what he is saying about you. she is going to go to women and say look what is he saying about you. >> she is selling a policy, not a person. do you have anything? >> she is a tough package to sell. >> no doubt about that. do you have anything where hillary clinton could do in her campaign to make people not dislike her so much? >> yeah. i think what your experience was is telling. i have interviewed her. i have been with her, and she is very likeable. >> that's because you like her. >> no, no; i don't know that
5:36 pm
you like her. >> i'm neutral. >> so i'm neutral too. >> no you're not. no your into the. >> she can do small groups. small groups. 320 million people? that's a lot of time with the small groups. >> when you, lisa, and i are together it's a small group and you can see who we are. >> here is hillary clinton's problem. she has barely defeated a back venture in congress who is a self-avowed socialist who literally just joined the democratic party and she barely defeated him. she has been constantly overestimated. >> that's what i'm trying to get at. she just squeaked it out over bernie. >> right. this is supposed to be her coronation she barely defeated bernie sanders and she technically hasn't. >> juan a democrat, lisa a republican, the consensus is that you guys all believe there is nothing she can do. >> no, no, no. i didn't say that. >> give me a specific. >> i said specifically i think. >> small group? >> look, i don't think that she is great.
5:37 pm
>> in a general election? >> i don't think she is great in a big stadium. i don't think she can do that i think if people come to know her. >> she has got to go door to door? >> no. she does things where people feel like they are coming to know her. that she is authentic. authentic. >> her overall objective is to try to bring donald trump's numbers down. >> a lot of negatives. in fact, bill o'reilly is predicted it's going to be a sewer. >> it already is. >> it already is. thank you very much. bret baier, greg gutfeld, bernard mcguirk all warming up in the bullpen, which one has his fast ball going? we'll find out after these messages. in a good, clean salad, every ingredient is the main ingredient. the strawberry poppyseed... romaine, mandarin, pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, strawberry... strawberry... salad with chicken. at panera. food as it should be. ugh. heartburn.g ] sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies.
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thanks for stay staying with us. in the campaign 2016. out there with the. if nc election team running up huge tabs. so, baier, i understand you have hillary clinton on the "special report" show tomorrow. she is doing a series of interviews. >> i do. >> it's like four or five minutes, right? that's what you got with her? >> we don't know the parameters yet. we are hoping for more than that. we are happy to have her on. that's right, we have secretary clinton on
5:42 pm
"special report" tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. she will talk to others. we are happy that she is talking to us. >> okay. >> obviously there is a lot of questions as she clinches the nomination tonight. >> in that short period of time, people should know she can filibuster, it's like she is going to come in with her talking points and if you interrupt her you look like, you know, me. you don't want to do that. it's hard to interview somebody in a short space of time when they have an agenda, they want to get whatever they want to get out. i would like you to ask the question that we have been discussing this receiving evening does she have a strategy in the general election to win them over who may not have a favorable opinion of her? >> that's a fair question, bill. no question she has high negatives. they are not as high as donald trump but a little close as far as the negatives on both candidates. she has real problems. and vulnerabilities and her biggest problem, perhaps, bill, is going to be as she clinches this nomination she wants to reach out to bernie
5:43 pm
sanders supporters and the progressive left. but, at the same time, reach out to disaffected republicans and that's a real challenge. i think these polls in the next few days after what we have seen and after she maybe coalesces what she will with the democratic party it's going to be really interesting to watch. >> she will get a bump, i think, after california. the results are in this evening, i think she will get a bump up a little bit. i would ask her also, say president obama wants to drop the corporate income tax, you know, about 8 or 9 points to stimulate the economy which remains a disaster. do you think the economy is a disaster madam secretary? what is she going to say? unemployment numbers on friday crazy. and then say would you support dropping the corporate tax then she has to say yes or no or you can get indignant. >> yeah. let me just get a pad and pen and i will write down what you -- no, i'm just kidding. listen, i think that there are really great substantive questions that you can ask in five minutes.
5:44 pm
>> right. but they almost have to be yes or nos. you know, i had the same problem when i interviewed obama during the super bowl. and, you know, a lot of people you interrupted: i had to. the guy can do six minutes on your sneakers. he can do six minutes on your fingernails, anything. she can, too. anyway, do you believe -- are you surprised? are you surprised that the polls are a tie between trump and hillary clinton? i am surprised. are you? >> i'm surprised in that two ways. one, that, listen, she is this establishment figure. i think that what we talked about right there, that the democratic party is split. and i too think she will get a bump after tonight. i think -- i'm also pointing to about the polls is after the last few days where trump has had arguably a pretty bad couple of days, p.r. wise, whether that,
5:45 pm
too, effects the split. and, if it doesn't, then i think people are going to look and say, you know what? he survived all this and look out. is he a variable that democrats really are concerned about. >> do you think that most bernie sanders supporters will fall in line or will stay home? >> i think we have yet to know that answer, but i have talked to a lot of bernie sanders supporters who are adamant that they are not going to support hillary clinton. so, what does she too to get those people back in the tent? i think she tries to go as negative against donald trump as she can to show him as unacceptable. and then tries to do something to tip the hat at the sanders people. whether it is with her number two pick position on vp or something with the party platform. we're have to see. >> i think this sherri rod brown who is a player in the v.p. sweepstakes. very liberal ohio senator. >> i think so, too. he is probably the closest
5:46 pm
to ideologically. >> yes. >> somebody that both could help with the demographics in ohio but also the progressive side of the party. >> yeah. you don't get too much more left than senator from ohio. okay. so, have fun out there. we'll see you at 11 o'clock, right? 11:00 you are going to come on with the california numbers and everything? >> i will, with miss megyn and we will have all the states in a complete wrap-up. we have a lot of special guests and should be a good show. >> all right, bret. thanks a lot. we will be watching the hillary clinton interview tomorrow. gutfeld and mcguirk on deck. the boys are eager to dispense their wisdom. then some very good news about legends and lies, the patriots, right back. you can worry about them.
5:47 pm
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5:50 pm
tonight, what the heck just happened? trump and clinton win the new hampshire primary. with us now. g gutfeld, i think you should recuse yourself from "the five." the other four of them don't get a fair shake. >> i think it's true. i think i'm very biased. i should get recused for a whole month this summer. >> you'd like to get recused july and august. >> what's racist. >> why? >> having him recuse himself from "the five," that's terrible. >> why? >> gutfeld's not a minority -- >> can we talk about the primaries? >> okay, sure. >> you're running out of steam. >> yeah, i don't have anything. you go right ahead. about hillary, this should be a great moment for her. historic moment. but it's not -- it doesn't feel that way. it's like she won this but nobody really cares. it's like you finally are going
5:51 pm
to club med and you get a cold sore. the joy is out of it. i feel kind of bad. sanders, sanders almost is becoming the nominee. a socialist could be the president of the united states. that's like the unabomber becoming the president of -- it makes no sense. >> but sanders is behind -- >> that's what people don't understand -- >> she's way ahead of him. >> it includes some super delegates of course. >> so what, super, duper. he's 1,200 delegates behind. >> it is very historic that hillary is the presumptive nominee. in the sense she's the first presumptive nominee to be under fbi investigation. i would say yeah -- >> u.s. grant, he had a tough time -- >> that was my nickname in high school -- >> surprise crooked hillary wins in a state -- >> crooked hillary, come on, no crooked hillary on this program.
5:52 pm
that's what he does, not you. >> by the way -- he should get the vp nominee slot -- >> who? >> bernie sanders, he should, from hillary. >> no way. >> the acrimony is the best is ambassador to isis is probably -- >> no, bernie's going to go to iceland. >> it's beautiful. brecko vick is lovely. >> i want hillary to win so bill clinton can be the first dog. because it's going to be amazing to see him as really the first male. they can rehire monica lewinsky to show there's no hard feelings. >> stop. >> serious, though -- >> go ahead. >> will bernie sanders call her tonight to -- >> no, no. >> he won't? >> because what sanders and his crew, they're going to go to philadelphia in july. en masse, all right, they're going to go, and they're going to try to persuade the super duper delegates not to support clinton. plus sanders is waiting for
5:53 pm
comey, the fbi director, to say something. why would he concede, get out, when that's still hanging over -- >> how about donald trump, he should probably call her at 3:00 a.m., she doesn't pick it up and he can say, see, she missed a 3:00 a.m. phone call again. >> trump is giving a speech, i think it's a speech because, you know, it's obvious he's locked it down, nobody's running against him. can trump make a comeback from this judge thing? >> he always does. again, he also got hurt by this. this should be a special moment. it's like winning a car, let's make a deal and it's a used pacer. >> nobody's really overjoyed because they all have other stuff. last word? >> anybody who says, hey, listen, but he was convicted by an all white jury. you can't say donald trump is racist in what he's saying because then you're racist at the same time. >> i didn't quite process that but i'll watch the replay and i'll get it. all right, factor tip of the
5:54 pm
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an amazing cancer fighting in a moment. first, good news for legends, lies and patriots. highest rated program last weekend on all cable news channels. it doubled its demographic delivery from its first episode last year in the old west. thank you all for watching. this coming sunday, it will zero in on john adams, feisty guy, didn't like the press. that will be seen sunday at 8:00 p.m. we'll show you a clip tomorrow. also, father's day alert. get a free copy of legends and lies the patriots book. if you become a premium member or re-up. excellent deal for dad. an amazing assortment of gifts
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for dad on the website. now e-mail. lakeland, florida. bill, by suggesting the judge in the trump u. case recuse himself, you proved you are in the tank for trump and your interview with him was weak. bill, thanks for your pointed questions to trump. he knees to stay on point or he will lose. don hadly, salt lake city, utah. he needs to focus on issues, not personal stuff. bob shemcowski. i can tell you, it's a cesspool of political activity. if you don't believe some judges make decisions based on political beliefs, you must also believe in the tooth fairy. bowling green, kentucky. your analysis of ali's legacy was best i've healrd, a pithy picture of a complicated man. as a proud italian, i was offended by the watters world on
5:58 pm
the jersey shore using clips of the sopranos. you need to forget about it. lawrence lovely, ober lynn park, kansas. just finished killing regular be. don't know if nancy would have liked it, but i believe the president would have. we were surprised when our kids gave us tickets to see o'reilly and miller in atlanta as gifts for mother's and father's days. i hope you like the show. a few tickets remain in atlanta, denver and biloxi. mohegan sun, the day before father's day, june 18th. that show is going to be a blast. and fine' tonight, the factor tip the day. medical science making great strides in keeping people alive who have cancer. cures are close. the chairman of oracle, larry ellison, donated $200 million to the university of southern california for cancer research. mr. ellison, one of those vilified by bernie sanders and the socialists cadre.
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stops right here. yes, we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the general election is set. barring any dramatic developments in the campaign unlike any we have ever seen before, businessman donald trump will square off against former secretary of state hillary clinton this fall in what can only be described as a ground breaking and historic contest. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone, i'm megyn kelly, live from san diego, california. one of the six states holding elections today. at any moment, we expect donald trump to take the lectern at the trump national golf club in new york to discuss his campaign. as soon as he begins