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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  June 7, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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night. let not your heart be troubled. california closes in 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> it's historic showdown, all but set. polls are closed across the state of california. welcome to america's election head quarter coming to you live from the braurdway pier in san diego. >> hi, everybody, i'm megyn kelly. fox news can predict hillary clinton has enough votes to clench the nomination. and now, fox news can project that former secretary of state hillary clinton will defeat vermont senator bernie sanders in new mexico's democratic presidential primary, based on early vote tallies.
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>> donald trump winning multiple states tonight, now, with enough bound delegates to win the nomination outright. trump spoke this evening, going after hillary clinton. >> to all of those bernie sanders voters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of super delegates, we welcome you with open arms. i fought for my family. i fought for my business. i fought for my employees. now, i'm going to fight for you, the american people. hillary clinton turned the state department into a private hedge fund. it's a sad day in america when foreign pockets have more influence in our great country than our citizens. america is being taken apart piece by piece. we're broke. our infrastructure is a disaster. our schools are failing.
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crime is rising. people are scared. the last thing we need is hillary clinton in the white house or an extension of the obama disaster. carl cameron is live at trump national golf club in new york where trump spoke tonight. carl? >> reporter: hi, bret trump delivered a speech with a teleprompter assistance, making sure he kept his rhetoric to a victory speech, and not getting into pit falls talking about trump university. he's taken a lot of heat in the last few day was criticism from fellow republican who's say his assertion the judge in the case because he's of mexican heritage
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is impartial. trump recognized he's got a lot of critics because of this flap and he tried to reassure folks that he understands and he can control his temperment but he's not going to back down when challenged by an opponent, listen. >> some people say i'm too much of a fighter. my preference is always peace, however. and i've shown that. my goal is to bring people together. if i'm forced to fight for something, i really care about, i will never, ever back down. >> reporter: trump has been asked to apologize by mitch mcconnell. paul ryan suggested that some of the rhetoric used might be racist. he has said he understands the sponsibility and he has work
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to do with republicans, several today, jeff blake, the senator from illinois, mark kirk, lindsey graham of south carolina, all saying that they're not going to endorse or in cases have rescinded their endorsement because of this flap. the battle is on. trump is going to give a big speech on monday in new hampshire focused on some attacks he did today and elaborating on other things. >> i want to bring you this election update now. our decision desk says california is still too close to call on the democratic side but this big. they're saying hillary clinton has now secured enough delegates, not super delegates, but delegates to clinch the nomination on the democratic side. that would undermine a major
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argument bernie sanders has been putting forth for justification for staying in the race, saying he's going to pull more super delegates over to his side and deprive her of them. in terms of hillary's numbers in california, decision desk she has enough to put her over the top with pledge delegates. former arkansas governor mike huckabee, a former presidential candidate himself and a donald trump supporter. governor, great to see you. let's speak about the trump speech tonight. many are calling to the beginning of the trump pivot to the presidential trump, to the one that brings more people in, and as opposed to alienating certain factions. do you agree? >> i do agree. and some of the so called republican leaders probably got off the train too soon. if they'd seen the speech they would have recognized donald trump is very capable of getting right back to the message that
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made him the nominee, talking about how the system is rigged and jobs have disappeared and trade deals haven't worked. america is getting the short end of the stick and americans are stick of watching russian fighters flight over our navy destroyers within 30 feet just as a way to say we can do it. they want america to be strong and to win. they believe donald trump can make that happen. whatever squabbles he has with a judge are absolutely insignificant compared to the squabbles they have with the very republicans that have screwed up their country. >> well, you know, nonetheless that we're hearing calls as you heard carl cameron report from mitch mcconnell for trump to apologize for what he said about judge curiel, dismissioning him as incapable of giving him a fair trial because of his heritage and paul ryan said this. listen to him, on trump. >> claiming a person can't do
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their job because of their race is a a textbook racist comment. it should be disavowed and it is absolutely unacceptable. >> should trump apologize? >> no. not unless he wants to. and anybody that calls donald trump a racist is -- that is nonsense. there is not a thing -- >> they'd say it is a racist are these racist comments? >> i don't think so. i really don't. what we have is once against, the chattering class of the washington press corps. one goes out and says something, they all say the same thing. it's a bunch of parrots repeating what somebody else said. rarely do you see an independent voice saying this is a civil matter, donald trump should focus on things like focused on tonight. to make this something we tear our garments into and act like it's the end of the world, that is nonsense. >> how is it not racist?
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how is it not a racist statement to say the judge is incapable of giving a fair hearing because his parents are from mexico? >> i think the issue, and what donald trump probably should have done is talk about the fact his affiliation with the la raza legal group is ideology. >> you know a judge can give anybody a fair hearing not required to check his or her political affiliations before taking the bench. you know that, sir. >> sure. i know because i've been through a lot of courtrooms and judges because you get sued all the time. i know, megyn, sometimes, you get hauled in before a judge that has a political agenda. >> there is no proof that this
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judge -- >> to prove their suddenly above it all, nonsense. >> what has he done to suggest he has a political case against donald trump? this was filed in 2010. >> i've not spent a lot of time digging through the details of the thousands of pages. >> shouldn't he be careful about impugning the integrity of a supreme court judge? >> donald trump has been accused of did he frauded people. >> he has every right to say the judge is unfair and disagree with rulings. i'm asking you about the different comments. the one that got him in trouble. this isn't megyn kelly making this up. this is donald trump saying the junl can't be fair because his parents came from mexico. >> i just think people have been harder on donald trump for something that has nothing to do with him being a public official
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and getting taxpayer money than they have on hillary clinton who, under taxpayer funded authority probably did something that was not a civil issue but a criminal issue. that has a lot more impact upon whether there is a fitness to be president than anything donald trump has ever said, or done. i don't think there has been a balance about that, at all. >> donald trump said he's going to give a speech on monday addressing what he says are the issues with hillary clinton and the clintons in general. so we'll look forward to seeing that. thank you, governor. >> thank you. >> fox news predicts donald trump will win california and as noted before, he will have the most-bound delegates to get the nomination, not just the unbound delegates, also bound delegates, a donald trump win in california and continuing his road to
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nomination. hillary clinton celebrating in brooklyn after clenching the democratic nomination. >> tonight's victory is not about one person. it belongs to generations of women, and men, who struggled and sacrificed and made this moment possible. let there be no mistake. senator sanders, his campaign and the vigorous debate we have had about how to raisin come, increase upward mobility have been good for the democratic party and for america. >> california congressman javier bacera has been mentioned as a possible vice presidential pick. thank you for being here. your reaction to tonight and
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hillary clinton's speech and clenching the nomination. >> thanks for having me. it's a great day. i was with my daughter just a little while ago. it's historic. donald trump wants to talk about building walls, hillary clinton breaking down barriers so there is a real contrast and. >> you say secretary clinton is about building bridges and not walls, bernie sanders says as late as yesterday he's continuing this battle if he wins california. take a listen to this. >> secretary clinton will not have the number of delegates to win the nomination, she will be
8:13 pm
dependent on super delegates. >> we're reporting she'd get to that number of, with bound delegates. the pledge delegates. what do you tell bernie sanders and his supporters tonight? >> i think we tell him he's run a great race. he had animated so many people who many were never participating in an election before. he's done a phenomenal job of focusing on issues that are important to americans and a role to play moving forward. i hope what he does is to recognize that he can help us unite. americans so we can move towards november and i don't think there is a need to talk about contrast by donald trump. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are clearly different people to donald trump. so when hillary clinton goes out there as nominee to talk, and i hope with bernie sanders working
8:14 pm
with her, we're going to have a potent team of people ready to move this country forward. i know a lot of young folks and progressives are very happy. we've been with hillary clinton for a long time. this will be a great election not just for americans but those who consider ourselves progressives as well. >> congressman, one thing. you know this last jobs report was very disappointing no matter who you talk to. and one of the things in this election that bernie sanders really hit on is this anxiety about the economy. so, as administration tries to tell us the economy is much better, and there is a silver lining to this report, how do you look at the economy? and how do you reflect those sanders concerns? >> welsh more than six years of continuous job growth, more than 8 million americans going back to work, those are all good things. but you're right. this last month has to be on the minds of a lot of people. that is why we need to have a president that will have a congress that will work with the
8:15 pm
president because you can't continue to have a congress that is asleep at the wheel and certainly trying to block everything the president tries to do. we've got to be about creating more jobs. that has got to be job one. so far, the congress can't get funding to help prevent a zika virus outbreak that could be dangerous to many people, including pregnant women. if we had a government that could work together so congress won't obstruct everything a president wants to do, i think president clinton will be able to move forward. i think, come november, we'll probably see not just hillary clinton in the white house, but we're going to see a very different congress, senate and house, come november 8th. >> congressman bacerra, we appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you, bret. one senator pulling his
8:16 pm
endorsement of donald trump, and we'll get a reaction from the trump campaign on that. >> the pivot to general election. trump versus hillary. who has the upper hand? we'll do the delegate math live from the broadway pier, here in san diego. [engine revs] ♪ ♪ [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here.
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donald trump is not a racist. so allegations that he is are absolutely contrary. >> my advice would be talking about the issues american people care about. and to start doing it now. >> those kind of comments need to be in the rear view mirror, it's time to, this is a reflection point, especially today and it's time to move ahead. >> chris christie with donald trump and illinois senator mark kirk uneven doersed donald trump saying he lacks temperment to be president. senator lindsey graham calling on other republicans to do the same, saying quote, this is the most un-american thing from a politician since joe mccarthy.
8:21 pm
if anyone is looking for an off ramp this, is probably it. there will come a time when a love of country will trump hatred of hillary. joining us now, dana perino, great to see you. what do you make of that? that there will come a time when the love of country will trump hatred for hillary from senator graham? >> it's a strong statement from senator graham. one thing donald trump has is that this is now a race between hillary clinton and donald trump and so many people are motivated for hatred for hillary clinton and unease about the fact she may be continuing seven years of barack obama. but this is a serious moment. there is unease in washington, in particular, officials
8:22 pm
understand this is not part -- probably the last time they'll have to condemn donald trump's comments, but one of the times they'll have to do it. he can give a good speech off a teleprompter but this does not change who donald trump is. he made these comments before and doubled down on them, and he asked sur investigates to be more aggressive in making these comments against the judge. >> is there a since just by looking at twitter and reaction from establishment republicans this speech by trump changed the dynamic. is it too late that he did this? after the past 72 hours he has had? >> yes. i think there is a sense there is this pivot to, steve's point there is going to be a lot of pivots. is that republicans are going to be put in this round robin of
8:23 pm
interviews having to denounce statements by their candidate. the question is whether trump can make this pivot. he's been saying this for some time, actually. and acting like a different person. i think he did act differently tonight. he is going to get into another argument? or get angry and start spouting off again? >> dana, that is how we, like news pundit people see it. is it going to be more presidential? he does not need to do any pivoting. letting trump be the full trump is the way forward for him. and yes, it's going to ruffle feathers but knowing he can spin the narrative and change the media back to his favor, like donald trump said. >> i think there is something donald trump said tonight when asked about republicans withdrawing their endorsement or
8:24 pm
getting wobbly on him. he said they're going to have to get over it. i would say for trump his team is going to have to accept there is going to be some republicans who aren't going to be able to get there. he needs to get over it, too. i don't know if you can make this happen, but if you can be the presidential candidate that says i understand the republicans across the country aren't going to have so speak for me, so i'm going to speak for myself and they're going to run their races and allow for separation and accommodation for republicans in really tough races like in new hampshire where donald trump will speak on monday. that is tough decision for her. donald trump should want her to win, more than he wants her endorsement. saying that that is a tough race. >> figure out a way to say let's separate. >> the stark difference between donald trump, what he was saying tonight on various issues, on energy, the economy, on thing that's republicans want to fight
8:25 pm
on, and hillary clinton, is the republicans have to focus on if you're a republican, saying look. i mean if you're a republican who wants to be for donald trump and is uneasy bit, you're cheering and excited. you say okay. this is somebody who is saying the things that would allow me to get behind him. it's a huge mistake for trump and his team to be little people who have concerns about donald trump. what the guy said seven times was racist. it's not petty to have concerns about that or pri objections to get behind somebody like that. a challenge is now, making this case that you know, yes, he said these racist things. yes, we condemn them. and terrible, but he's got to be the next president of the united states. it's time to rally around him. i mean, mitch mcconnell, i think said good things today in
8:26 pm
denouncing what trump said and says, but it's time to rally around hillary clinton. some people aren't going to be ready to do that if they're worried the candidate is going to consider things that are racist. >> good to see you. >> primaries are all but behind them. hillary clinton and donald trump are gearing up for what could be a tough general election season. bill hemmer is live with how tough it might oob we miss you. don't be long, okay? i want to take you back to 2008. obama, 356. mccain, 173. mark is 270. remember? that year, obama won ohio, florida and virginia. 2012, obama 332, romney, 206 again, 270 is your marker.
8:27 pm
obama wra won ohio, florida, and virginia in back to back elections. now, in 2016 this is what we've done. we believe the states in gray are battle ground states. up for grabs now. we believe there is an even dozen at 12. we think hillary clinton starts at 217, donald trump, at 163. if you see for hillary clinton, if you're to win ohio and win florida look how close she'd be to that magic number of 270. she'd maybe need to, maybe a nevada, maybe an iowa and she's have the white house won. let's put more a typical scenario into play here, let's say nevada is democrat, wisconsin is democrat. let's say some of the more typical states like arizona goes red. georgia stays red and so does north carolina. trump would be a 205 in the
8:28 pm
electoral college faceoff here. if you're to give him ohio and give him florida he's still 18 away. what is this scenario to win? is it virginia? can he turn it red or not? that would give him a number to what he would need. iowa, new hampshire, and virginia could go democrat. trump would win. do you see how difficult it is for him and her? and easier slot now at the moment. we'll be mixing this thing up in the next five months, guys. back to you in san diego. hillary clinton is looking to shut the down on bernie sander was a win in california. right now, that race is too early to call in the golden state. >> the backlash on the trump campaign. we're live in california.
8:29 pm
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closed in california. on the democratic side, we can project hillary clinton clenched her party's nomination, but here in california, the race is too early to call. the clinton camp hoping to shut down bernie sanders right here. >> in new jersey, hillary clinton is the declared winner, and also in new mexico. >> bernie sanders is the projected winner in north dakota and neighboring south dakota, we're waiting to call that race. we're keeping an eye on montana. >> no matter who wins the rest of tonight's contest, hillary clinton has now won a majority of pledged delegates. that is key for her. she's already looking ahead to the general election. jennifer griffin is live at hillary clinton's event in brooklyn. jennifer? >> reporter: eight years to the day after conceding the nomination to then senator
8:34 pm
barack obama hillary clinton did what she fore shadowed she'd do when talking about those 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling. tonight, she made history. >> it may be hard to see tonight, but we're all standing under a glass ceiling right now. we're not smashing this one. thanks to you, we've reached a milestone. >> reporter: the crowd of the navy yard, some going back to new hampshire and iowa. she congratulated bernie sanders for the extraordinary campaign, making the point hillary has three times more delegates than president obama had when she conceded in 2008. the campaign played a two and a half minute video called "history made", images of the womens rights movement
8:35 pm
referenced to the first womens rights conference in 1848. she talked of the 19th amendment and the women's right to vote in 1920. now, she just needs to unite the democratic party. back to you. >> here with more, joe trippi and karl rove. both are fox news contributors. we're missing chris wallace tonight. and first, the tale of two speeches. hillary clinton's speech, donald trump's speech. karl? your thoughts on delivery and substance? >> well, i thought it was a unifying speech, a welcome change from the last week about his rep hencible comments about
8:36 pm
the judge in the trump u case. and i hear advocates like governor huckabee sort of defending him and saying what he wants to say. we saw the good trump tonight, a subdued good trump tonight. >> are democrats worried about that trump? or licking their chops of the 72 hours we saw trump? >> well, i find it hard to believe he'll be able to keep being the guy we saw tonight. that is part of the problem. it's not -- it's his style to be blunt and kind of obnoxious. and i agree with karl. i think tonight's speech was one of the better ones.
8:37 pm
but the problem the other candidates in senate races out there have to worry about is how many days does that last until they have to explain something reprehensible away? i think people on the democratic side are happy to be celebrating this historic woman of the first woman to be nominated by a major party. if you have a daughter, and i do, whether you agree with hillary clinton it's a big, important night in history. a lot of republican women and democratic men and republican men have gotten us to this day. pioneers on this side. so i think there is a lot to with optimistic and happy about tonight on both sides. but i think, you know, it is
8:38 pm
history and we should remember that. >> karl he we had a report from bill hemmer who laid out a map and trump is an unknown factor. so how do you think the electoral benefits of the democrats have baked in holds up to the trump? >> well, this is the big intangible and big question. i will remain viewers that the battle ground states change from election to election. west virginia last went for a republican in an open race for presidency in 1928, before 2000. bob dole lost 16 points. george bush won by six, bush won arkansas, the home state of bill clinton.
8:39 pm
won tennessee, al gore's home state. these states, bush came within 5500 votes of winning oregon. so the states change from election to election, and there are some that remain the same, florida and ohio. but trump, the argument behind trump is that he can appeal to blue color democrats. meaning iowa and new hampshire have been competitive states, may leave more slightly more republican and states republicans hoped to win like pennsylvania and wisconsin, wisconsin and minnesota may come into play. i think the big one is going to be pennsylvania. if trump moves pennsylvania, lot of bhu color people. older democrats who no longer feel they're democrat. if we can win florida and ohio and pennsylvania he's got a good shot at becoming president.
8:40 pm
>> we have a lot of time to talk about the map. thank you. >> there are reports from across california of high voter turnout? >> and nearly one year ago, donald trump began his journey. a look back at that wild presidential primary and where we go from here. >> our campaign received more primary votes than any g.o.p. campaign, this is a testament to people who believed real change, not obama change, but real change is possible. i'd like to make a dep--
8:41 pm
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trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief welcome back to san diego. the party vote has billy idol playing. one year ago, donald trump descended that escalator and entered the political arena for the first time. what a wild primary season it has been. looking at the winner on the g.o.p. side. hi, martha. >> hi there, so when donald trump entered this race, few thought he can make it through the gauntlet of 16 experienced candidates. this is a billionaire who was
8:45 pm
not used to the unglamorous life on the trail. they were wrong. >> i am officially running for president of the united states. >> with that, trump was off and running. the brash businessman wasted no time jumping into controversy. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> and the trump backlash began. >> trump's candidacy is a cancer on conservatism. >> when 17 candidates sprawled across two stages, the top-polling candidate took center stage. >> you wall women you don't like fat pigs. your twitter account. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> who what followed was a string of insults and run ins. >> he's little. little, little. what is your name?
8:46 pm
my name is lying ted cruz. >> ruling the outrage that donald trump couldn't last. but something was stirring in g.o.p. america. >> he's not a typical politician. >> fans were flooding trump events, turning out in record numbers. >> we're going to have a winner. >> scott walker the first to see the writing on the wall. >> i will suspend by campaign. >> still, the nay sayers believed things would change when people started voting. they were wrong. >> i just want to see a change m government now. >> desire for an outsider, along with anger towards the federal government. these are two big things driving republican voters so far this year. >> huckabee, paul, and santorum were done, but new hampshire was huge for the businessman. >> thank you, new hampshire. >> then, like dominos,
8:47 pm
government started to fall. jeb bush promised to win in south carolina. >> after atlanta, we're going to do really well. >> he was gone before the polls opened. >> south carolina we'll never forget you. >> super tuesday was the final straw. >> it will continue to be heavily involved. >> the never trumpers started to panic. former republican nominee mitt romney broke his silence with a donald trump assault. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> marco rubio was the next to go after a crushing loss of his home state in florida. john kasich and ted cruz, the last men standing, right before indiana held its primary. >> god bless the hoosier state. >> trump romanced bobby knight. >> the people of indiana have
8:48 pm
been incredible. >> and the buzzer sounded. the next day, kasich called it quits as well, and hit the magic number. there would be no contested convention. he'd vafrngished them all. >> we have a bunch of real dummies. >> now, it's all about trump. >> the man many said would never last is neck and neck with hillary clinton in key battle ground states. >> tonight in new york, trump was, many said, more presidential but promised to speak in the coming days in how hillary enriched herself in public service. trump went after him in two brutal ads, on comments about a
8:49 pm
disabled reporter and a judge. look out tooks, this is not tiddlywinks. >> back to you. >> tiddlywinks? jiminy crickets. >> both parties are trying to take states they haven't in decades. that is coming up next in california. as we listen to the party boat here in san diego.
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narrator: sometimes it's the things that the rest of us don't see that can make all the difference in california's classrooms. it's part of my responsibility as someone who's experienced to allow the door to be open for younger teachers. the teamwork between the teachers is essential. when we collaborate with each other... makes everyone stronger. by helping my fellow teachers be successful, i'm helping kids be successful. narrator: the california teachers association: educators who know quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
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welcome back to san diego, california. we're broadcasting live this evening. i want to tell you california is too close to call on the democrats side. we have projected hillary inton has enough pledged delegates to win the nomination.
8:54 pm
>> i should point out she's ahead in the early vote. the projection models. >> she has been a pledge delega delegates. >> it's still a big deal for bernie sanders if he wins california. this surprising election year could put unexpected states into play in november. voters having gone for the republican nominee. this year, the g.o.p. may have the ground game to change all of that. mike tobin is live tonight hi, mike. >> you saw paul ryan and governor scott walker saying he beats the alternative. and conservatives voted the team. wisconsin has not voted for the grand old party since ronald
8:55 pm
reagan rolled through. this could with the year wins win again. >> we're going to determine a sense here. they have democrats to thank for it. demonstration and attempt to recall governor walker galvanized conservatives. and. >> there is a republican machine together, who to vote for. >> getting out the vote for trump, however is another story. conservatives mobilized but voted for senator ted cruz. >> it's terrible in the primary. i mean, the right wing radio shows continue to go after him. >> very influential in
8:56 pm
wisconsin, conservative talk radio is still not warming to trump, even in light of hillary clinton. largely because he insulted the base that supported walker three times. >> it's going to be hard to turn the state around and get momentum against hillary clinton. >> reagan democrats, antiestablishment voters could come through for the trump. if not enough to put him over the top in wisconsin, analysts say he'll be hard-pressed to win the nation. bret? >> next hour, stier walt, kurtz and crowley with a focus group you've got to see to believe. stick around. from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression,
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9:00 pm
♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ it is midnight on the east coast, 9:00 p.m. here in california. hillary clinton making history tonight, winning enough pledge delegates to secure the democratic nomination. good evening, every one, i'm megyn kelly. >> i'm bret baier. hillary clinton becoming the first woman ever to top the ticket of a major political party. it could make it more difficult for sanders to continue his campaign. sanders shows no signs of slowing down, at least not yet. >> the big prize tonight is california. and now, it's too early to call it on the democratic side. the clinton team hoping a win
9:01 pm
will officially put an end to the sanders campaign. >> fox news can project clinton will defeat sanders in south dakota's primary. tonight, the presumptive nominees on both sides went on the attack. >> america is getting taken apart, auctioned off to the highest bidder, we're broke. we owe19 trillion going to $21 trillion. our infrastructure is a disaster, our schools are failing. crime is rising. people are scared. last thing we need is hillary clinton in the white house or an extension of the obama disaster. >> we believe cooperation is better than and empowerment is better than resentment and
9:02 pm
bridges are better than walls. donald trump is tempermently unfit to be president. when he says let's make america great again, that is code for let's take america backwards. >> joining us now, fox news digital politics editor chris sti stirewalt. good to see you how great is this? >> why is it great? >> there have been polls that showed sanders up. she's having a great night, up 20 points. this is what her husband did in 1992 when he he beat jerry brown, the former and future governor of california she's doing what she needed to do. >> tonight is the night to make a big speech. >> and well. >> she's getting mocked for what
9:03 pm
she said in that last sound byte. we don't need to make america great again. he means he wants to us us backward. it doesn't roll off the tongue. she's had a long time to think it over and this is what she settled on? >> they should layoff 150 of their focus leaders and talking point team. what is the genius of trump? it's him. right? he tweets it, he does it. he says it. that is why, well, great respect for people who said good things about what trump said tonight. that wasn't him, that was teleprompter, canned, republican mumbo jumbo. that is political gobbleygook. trump says people want to be refreshed. hillary clinton sounded the same. >> white house puts out this statement the president talks to hillary clinton and bernie sanders and scheduled to meet on thursday. this is the time? where this is their own unity new hampshire? and they're trying to get
9:04 pm
everybody to come under the tent? this is when barack obama has to, he doesn't like politics, right? he loves people adoring him. but what does politics come down to? this conversation. you have to say bernie, bro, love you, feel it. great. stop. because then, the president owns it. >> what incentive does bernie have to listen to that? he's not even a democrat. >> he's going to get shellacked and going to get shelled. there is potentially -- if he gets blown out, she's going to win on pledge delegates, she's going to win outright. >> that sticks a fork in him. >> big time. that allows the president to say you had fun, do your thing.
9:05 pm
remember this. for every democrat, what is on the line? all of obama's agenda. you cannot truck the idea of replacing barack obama with donald trump. it's not a well, it was complicated. both candidates, trump and clinton made hat tips to bernie sanders. >> bernie bros. >> and goes to show you this is why we'd like this because it's fun. you can put together people to be 135 or 140 million people that are going to vote. if you can put 5 million people to put something together, you can heard and his supporters have been heard. hillary clinton was farther left than she wanted to be. and she will pivot to the center after tonight.
9:06 pm
and will say a lot of those words. maybe differently. the reality is that if you can get 5 million people together in the united states of america in 2016, people will listen. >> the pivot speeches, people are referring to it, other question is it too late? somebody saying we have so much time to go this is not even a pregame. it's maybe like the day before the convention, suggesting this time is doesn't count. the third of the people would never vote for a democrat, the third would never vote for a republican. the fight is for the other third. mitt romney got 93% of the republican vote. donald trump is trying to consolidate that. he's doing a better job than people thought he would have done and succeeded in that way.
9:07 pm
the question for him is can he run as a republican? i don't think so. i don't think the numbers are there. i think what he needs to be is centric to bernie voters. he needs to go to hillary clinton's left and repudiate the system. and there are a couple lines in the speech tonight, i thought the speech is that he shouldn't have been telepromptered and flat. but a couple lines spoke to that larger issue. the system is broken. i may not be your dream date but let's blow this whole thing up. and susan sarandon is joining the trump team. she wants to reach out to the pro owe gresive left, hillary clinton, that is a tough thing to do. >> it would be an ak waurd embrace. >> she wants to reach out to moms, she wants to reach out. >> she can come on the kelly
9:08 pm
file. >> he's coming on special report. >> i'm lappy fhappy for you. >> she will. she'll come. the truth is, the question for hillary clinton just remember, franklin county, ohio, on election night, what will we be talking about? franklin county ohio. we'll talking about central florida and women, especially and what hillary clinton wants to take, republican-leaning women and say come vote for me. >> republicans do well with married women. the poll showed them up up only one point. which i think mitt romney won by 14. >> college educated white people, he's doing the same with white people without college degrees. >> poorly educated. that is how he referred to it. >> there are words said in that
9:09 pm
election. hillary clinton is going to go break the republican coalition. >> it's fascinating and not clear. it's one of the fun things that is hard to predict. >> i know. >> thank you. donald trump focusing his fire, his attacks on hillary clinton. saying the last thing america needs is carrying on what he calls the obama disaster. monica, good to see you. your thoughts on tonight and donald trump's speech and delivery? . >> i think we saw something of a turn around moment tonight on the part of trump. this approach has been let trump
9:10 pm
be trump. that has gotten him into hot water now and again. what i think you saw tonight was a change in strategy, a change in approach and a change in tone. on the part of donald trump. the speech tonight, i think was one of his strongest speeches, since he got into the race. and i think he was focused on the number one issue concerning voters, jobs and the economy. and he was focused on a broader theme of rebuilding america. i think he would be wise, bret to focus on distinction between mrs. clinton's message, one of big government america and on his big theme of big america. restoring america to big themes of restoration of the things that did make us great in the first place, limited government, fiscal responsibility, strong national defense. i think if he can stay
9:11 pm
disciplined, like we saw him tonight, and pepper in some of that raw authenticity, if he sticks to that approach, then i think he can pull the whole thing off in november. >> what do you say about republican who's have had doubts about the ability to stay on that message? saying last 72 hours haven't been fun to be part of. but they look to that speech and say yes. more of that. >> yes. i think what he shows is that he's capable of that. and we have seen previous speeches given on foreign policy, on economic policy in the past he has stayed on message. again, i think it's a fine line for trump. the kind of, again, the kind of authentic personality we've seen from him resonates with a lot of
9:12 pm
people. now, i think there is an understanding on the part of the candidate as well as the team that he's not just speaking for himself anymore and no longer speaking for his party, he's now speaking for the country. and there is a greater responsibility that goes with that. so he's walking a fine line and now understands that he has to reach those persuadable voters in the middle who are going to decide this election. they need reassurance as well as the hope he's been giving to them. so now he's got to offer reassurance he will be responsibility commander in chief and responsible president of the united states. >> monica, thank you very much. >> great to see you, bret, thanks. >> bernie sanders set to address
9:13 pm
supporters less than an hour from now. president obama will be meeting with the vermont senator on thursday. mike emmanuel is live tonight. mike? >> interesting developments with the president calling for hillary clinton and bernie sanders tonight, congratulating hillary clinton on getting enough delegates to be the presumptive nominee and congratulating bernie sanders for energizing americans with his core message. he's expected to go home to vermont tomorrow to reassess his campaign. his campaign manager said he thought there was a 0 chance of sanders standing out. sanders poured his heart and soul and everything he had into winning in california, the golden state, campaigning nonstop here over the past two weeks, and believing if he can win the golden state, he can make a case of democratic super delegates that he would be the
9:14 pm
stronger candidate to take on donald trump in the fall. and again, sanders meeting with the president on thursday, and at this hangar in santa monica, it's been a spirited crowd as they wait to hear from senator sanders. they're hoping for an up beat message from him. megyn? >> mike, thank you. >> donald trump taking shots at hillary clinton tonight. and trying to reassure republicans he will not let them down. we'll have more coming up. >> plus, focus group you need to stick around to see. next.
9:15 pm
9:16 pm
9:17 pm
9:18 pm
general election taking shape now. presidential races in six states today. we can project hillary clinton will clench the democratic nomination tonight, as she moves to the state of california is up for grabs. the race as the fox news decision desk is calling it, too
9:19 pm
early to call. and there is a higher turn out. that could mean that her supporters are coming out in big numbers. a win here would put pressure on bernie sanders to end his campaign. >> the white house is saying bernie asked for. not the white house. tonight, we got to hear from a focus group of voters. and it got intense at moments. here is some of what they had to say. >> i think you have to address the disaffected voters, the hundred million people that don't vote. the candidate on either side taking control of that particular sector, because this is a nuclear election. it's going to be nuclear. this is going to get big and going to be bigger than anything that we've seen. and i think that the motivation
9:20 pm
behind that is going to be the candidate that can talk and make them vote. that is the winner. >> this is a spirited election that none of the above voters are probably going to decide. swing states are going to come downe that don't want trump and hillary. and have to pick one. >> howard kurtz is a fox news media analyst and host of media buzz. great to see you. they were very fired up, still a lot of never trumpers in there and trump supporters fed up with many not getting behind the nominee not only because they love trump but because they can't stand hillary and can't understand why even hold outs won't get on board to support her. >> there is that split in the republican party.
9:21 pm
what struck me tonight is that donald trump is fighting a two-front war. and he is battling loud voices in his party. hillary clinton said it's almost exactly what the republican senator said in announcing he was uneven doersing trump. she had the easier path tonight. >> we're learning she's created a new website, trying to win over, they're going after the elements of the other party they believe are and he got hammered
9:22 pm
over the military donations to the veterans and we spent the week talking about how this his comments on the hispanic judge that can't be fair because his parents are from mexico. >> yes. he can't help himself, he likes to lash out at critics. i strz struck by words where he talked about i will fight for you and he's saying sometimes, i go too far and said this is not about democrat or republican and
9:23 pm
almost like hillary clinton led with gender and led with history making nature of her clenching this nomination. and we talked about the glass ceiling. >> yes. i know back to trump. the thing about donald trump despite the controversy why won't he apologize? trump shows strength. that is what voters see in him. they like that. they say look. we know he's not perfect and they say things that are sometimes offensive, he is strong and they do believe he will fight for them in a way they haven't seen in a way are do nothing politicians.
9:24 pm
>> having been through dozens of trump again rated controversies where all of the geniuses said wow this time, he's done. he was able to supply them a question is they can continue to do that, can he sell himself to a much broader general electorate? republican leaders are considerate criticizing him. and it was their collective failure that paved the way for a donald trump to win this nomination with a highly unorthodox campaign. what people forget is that trump has an extraordinary ability to change the subject to drive the conversation. >> absolutely. >> unlike anybody, ever. people are laughing that he's his own pr guy. he got on the phone with the sur investigates saying how to
9:25 pm
handle trump university. it's because he is the master at it. no one can do it better than he can. and it's great to see you. >> georgia mate be one of the key battle ground states to watch. peter doocy is here tonight. it's hard to believe. >> right. georgia hasn't been a swing state. the last time i went blue in an election was the first time clinton was on the ballot in 1992 but that could soon change. >> there are folks coming are from california and new york and others.
9:26 pm
>> voter numbers tripled between 2004 and 2012. the state has the 12th biggest population. they're directing tons of valuable resources down south for the first time in years. >> we've been able to attract staffers, just leading folks on the ground that are working campaigns from battle ground states to come to georgia and help us build infrastructure that we need. >> the win margins are gone. but republican strategists aren't worried about losing elections. >> these new residents aren't going to the polls just yet. many perhaps aren't citizens in this juncture. >> they crunched numbers and concluded that changes likely won't translate to democratic
9:27 pm
votes until in the 2020s. >> i think they know they've got a few more election cycles to go. >> the problem for republicans near in georgia isn't the voters here are hostile to donald trump. the problem is that not many of them are expected to be loyal. >> hillary clinton making history. her path was not as simple as she may have planned. we'll take a look back at the democratic primary season, coming up. and may not be your father's political convention. what team trump is promising for rnc this summer. what they have in store, live from san diego. >> they just get the dj from the boat. >> yes.
9:28 pm
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9:32 pm
in a rally in santa monica. >> right. >> the 1:00 a.m. slot and now, the first major party in this country, with you but getting to this moment, can't be easy. watch. >> it was eight years ago today when hillary clinton conceded the democratic primaries after a string of stinging losses. >> we weren't able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, it's got about 18 million cracks in it.
9:33 pm
>> the consolation prize, a secretary of state. many believe it would position her perfectly for 2016. she announced her candidacy in april, 2015. >> i'm running for president. >> the kons census, it was her time. no one would oppose her, but bernie sanders had other ideas. >> i am proud to announce my candidacy for president of the united states of america. >> in the beginning no one gave him a chance. the craziest thing started happening. bernie sanders became cool. >> i will only vote for bernie sanders. >> i will vote for him no matter what. >> trump was eating up the oxygen in the room. >> we'll make america great
9:34 pm
again. >> hillary facing questions on benghazi. >> what difference, at this point does it make? >> and her e-mail server. >> i thought it would be easier to carry one device instead of two. at the time, this doesn't seem like an issue. >> then, came the wake up call in iowa. >> he came back and won new hampshire. it was clear the clintons were getting nervous. >> senator sanders called me unqualified. that was a first. >> and then, super delegates, the numbers still on her side. sanders turned his eyes on wall street to what he thought was corruption. >> i won't use the word rigged because we knew what the rules were. what is really dumb that you have closed primarys.
9:35 pm
>> we're going to put coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> by the time the bus pulled into west virginia it was clear there was a race going on. >> i don't know how to explain it in what i said was out of context to what i said. >> the miners seemed to be leaning away from the party altogether. >> we're going to put miners back to work. >> now, eight years to the day after leaving some of the cracks, hillary has the numbers to smash through it. >> we're on the brink of a historic moment. >> hillary clinton is a a thief
9:36 pm
an should be in jail. >> donald trump's ideas are different and dangerously incoherent. >> it looks like they got that person in hillary clinton. now, donald trump will say that brings backage with it. she'll say he's unfit to be president. let's see, you'll hear more of that language in november. back to you. >> thank you. >> bring back our panel now. so this is when you watch the packages on he got to where he is. what are we in store for? what do you expect is going to happen over the next five months. >> i thought that that was excellent. and i thought it was missing an
9:37 pm
element. it's a key ingredient for what we can expect. that is barack obama, he wants to get out there and sounds like a big endorsement is coming regardless of what bernie sanders decides to do. and it will be unusual to go out and campaign, he's popular with democrats and gas prices are low. and he could play a very pivotal role for her, she's going to need him to help unify this party. he's a missing element. >> kirsten, both sides looked at hillary clinton and said she's not a great campaigner. never been a great campaigner. she acknowledges that. and is this a variable
9:38 pm
affliction? >> we're going to probably see more fire from her because i think trump is going to be an tag onnizing her that other people don't do for whatever reason. so we may get to see more of who she is. he may rattle her out of her comfort her private persona and public persona as anyone who knows her are very different and so i think one of the things that is good is to show that other side. >> one thing we haven't talked about is the so called fbi primary. and the chance that hillary clinton could be facing criminal troubles between now and november, or, that she doesn't get indicted and we get announcement out of the department of justice it's not
9:39 pm
going to happen which will lead to outrage. we find out something is going to affect the race somehow. >> there is go going to come a time when that story is not only a big story or part of the election but the dominant story. we'll learn more about what evidence the fbi accumulated and we'll see more behind the scenes and there is more to learn about that. if she is, if the fbi does recommend indictment then you've got a new situation. something where just the fact of a recommendation will do potentially serious damage to her candidacy. and will have to answer more questions than answered thus far. >> do you buy into the theory joe biden can step in? >> you know, i mean, let's not rule out after this election, after everything we've seen, you can't say that won't happen. >> i will say i think bernie
9:40 pm
sanders people believe that is a live scenario. would be the democratic establishment and president swoop in and usher joe biden in. it seems far fetched and feels far fetched to talk about. if it happens you'll play this back and make me look like an idiot. >> there you go. what is the legality of this? do you believe that president obama and his administration would take a referral and move forward? you know, the decision that loretta lynch would make separate from a barack obama administration? >> it shows how reckless hillary clinton's decision was to have this e-mail server. and allowing to do whatever it's
9:41 pm
going to do. he promised. so he's caught in this vice and it's because of hillary clinton's reckless decision. >> do you think the clinton campaign wants to run against donald trump's teletrump? >> teleprompter? >> teletrump. >> they want the other guy. yes. that is what not what they're looking for. >> are you going into the party boat after this? >> i hope so. >> young guy. >> thank you, panel. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> it's too high.
9:42 pm
who can see up that high? >> doug and i went to les mis the other week. who can see that high? >> so trump is pivoting and promising quite a show. what does that mean? what the first reality show convention could look like is next.
9:43 pm
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9:46 pm
next month's republican convention is rapidly approaching and the trump campaign is promising the ultimate reality show. what does that mean? rich henson is live with a look. >> republicans are hosting a convention here next month with the cavaliers in the finals, prep work in this building is on hold. republican officials say they have anticipated this so the nba finals may be the least of their concerns. >> this is amazing. wow, thank you. >> donald trump says he expects a show biz republican convention and wants to avoid the boring pageantry of the 2012 convention in tampa. >> it's the presidency of the united states. >> the trump campaign says it's quote, too soon and campaign
9:47 pm
aids do say trump is considering speaking all four nights instead of one speech. they say he may wait until convention to unveil his running mate. and they're exploring from a large arena or football stadium. >> it was always in planning. that you'd have great venues part of the race. >> many criticize his policy positions. the only living former g.o.p. president or nominee promising to attend is bob dole. >> democrats, concerns of bernie sanders supporters claiming the party rigged the nominating process to favor hillary clinton. sanders supporters say they plan to thwart clinton's nomination
9:48 pm
in philadelphia. and use that division to secure the nomination for sanders but democratic leaders expect party unity. >> it's to be expected. people get passionate about things. but we're not concerned when we get here that we'll be able to coalesce around our presumptive nominee. >> as for security here in cleveland and philadelphia, officials say safety is still a concern. bret and megyn, back to you. >> we'll be ready, thank you. >> crazy to think about going back there after a year from that first debate. you know, at the time i was like who? now, i've learned. >> over time. >> so senator bernie sanders is
9:49 pm
set to speak about 45 minutes from now. very, very late. you can see supporters a waiting and booing hillary. they're in santa monica. bernie sanders is showing no signs of dropping out tonight. we're going to take you to that event and our panel is next with final thoughts for you on what tonight means and what it doesn't mean, next. (man) oh, ld most of the show. (woman) and there's no way to restart it. (jon bon jovi) with directv there is. ♪ you see, we've got the power to turn back time ♪ ♪ so let's restart the show that started at nine ♪ ♪ and while we're at it, let's give you back your 'do ♪ ♪ and give her back the guy she liked before you ♪
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9:53 pm
we are back with the panel now with their final thoughts on the evening. let me ask you this, in terms of donald trump and what we're going to be seeing from him from now on from this point forward. past is prolog or the pivot holds. >> i feel like if you had a friend that said sthey were goig to get married to a guy and they said i can change him, that's not going to happen. when mitch mcconnell said donald trump needs to get on message. he is on message for him. i think trying to change donald
9:54 pm
trump is not a good idea. both parties are different than they were four years ago. some people think this is it a great thing. one thing i think donald trump has to focus on is the organization for fundraising not just for his presidential run but for all the candidates he's supposed to bring along. >> if we don't see a big bump for hillary clinton after tonight and after what we've seen with donald trump after the last few days will that set off alarm bells in the party. >> i don't know about alarm bells. at this stage of the race if you looked at romney, it looked like he was going to potentially beat obama so it's too soon to be panicking but democrats are hoping hillary will see the same kind of bump that we saw with trump which is once bernie sanders is out of the race and he's going to endorse her and
9:55 pm
the president endorses her that people will rally her. right now they're neck and neck and we should see her beating trump. >> i think she's going to position herself as the safe choice. she's campaigned for president obama's third term. i think you'll see more of that and try to portray donald trump as someone who is unhinged. i think that carries great promise if you think that playing sense makes sense. if you look at the map, you look at organization, however, the country wants big change. donald trump represents big change and if you look at the number of people who say that they don't like the direction that the country is headed in right now, 3-1 people say they don't like the direction as opposed to those who like the direction. that is her big challenge. >> can donald trump get bernie sanders supporters.
9:56 pm
>> i'm skeptical. i think maybe a few but not enough to necessarily make a big dent. he needs more republicans or the reagan democrats. >> women marry men thinking they'll change and they don't. men marry women thinking that they'll never change and they do. >> and they do. >> have you ever heard that one before. >> deep thoughts. >> free of charge. >> thank you very much. don't forget tomorrow hillary clinton on special report, 6:00 p.m. eastern time. >> this guy right here. >> yes. >> and then the kelly -- well sometime soon. >> then we have the convention. we'll see you. >> thanks for watching everybody. . januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works
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the general election match basically seven, hillary clinton versus donald trump as we wait for senator bernie sanders to speak. tuesday evening in west. >> welcome to america's election headquarters, hillary clinton basked in the cheers of her supporters as she became the first female nominee, a historic night, the first one have a major political party. this as fox news can project that after multiple wins tuesday night clinton will have enough pledged delegates to secure the democratic nomination


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