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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 8, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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cleveland. and then the next week we're going to cover the democrats in the beautiful city of brotherly love, philadelphia. >> looking forward to that at the end of the july. >> a lot of great features. don't forget the "after the show show." bill: and then there were two. two standing after a long, bruising campaign season. bernie sanders refuses to back down as we say good morning after a late night last night. i'm bill hemmer. martha: good morning. good to see you. been a long time. several hours at least. hillary clinton make a declaration of victory. she became the first woman to clinch the party's presidential nomination. >> thanks to you, we reached a
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milestone. the first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a main party nominee. martha: that's a big deal, but bernie sanders is not walking away from this race. he vows to fight on in july. >> next tuesday we continue the fight in the last primary in state. martha: hillary clinton clinching more than 2,700 delegates, well above the number needed for the nomination. donald trump is ramping up his attacks on hillary clinton. >> our infrastructure is a disaster, our schools are failing, crime is rising. people are scared. the last thing we need is
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hillary clinton in the white house or an extension of the obama disaster. bill: jennifer griffin is on the clinton campaign. jennifer, you were there last night. what struck you most about her speech? >> i think what struck me most was how subdued in some ways the speech was. aide tell us that was by design. on the one hand she had to navigate what was arguably an historic moment while not alienating bernie sanders supporters since bernie sanders still refuses to concede. >> it may be hard to see tonight. but we are all standing under a glass ceiling right now. but don't worry. we are not smashing this one. >> before she spoke, the
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campaign played a 2.5 video called history made. references to the women's rights movement starting in seneca falls, new york. she talked about the 19th amendment where women received the right to vote in 1920. aides tell us she was editing her speech up to a few seconds before she went up on stage. she put a phone call into bernie sanders to congratulate him for his wins in north dakota. which was interesting since she won by up a landslide in california. >> i know it never feels good to put your heart into a cause or candidate you believe in and to
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come up short. i know that feeling well. as we look ahead to the battle that awaits. let's remember all that unites us. reporter: her aides say they would like bernie to step aside remarking she has three times the delegates she had when she conceded in 2008 to barack obama. martha: after last night's five-state sweep, donald trump has enough pledged delegates to secure his spot as the presumptive gop nominee. good morning, john. reporter: a big night for donald trump last night. he has way more than enough delegates to be the presumptive
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nominee. he has 300 more than he need. so so much for the pundits who said no onel will get to 1,237. he has been under fire for his comment about the judge on the trump university case. he reached out at one point to bernie sanders supporters to say why don't you come over to my campaign and boldly predicting victory in november. here is trump from last night. >> i am never going to let you down. i will make you proud of our party and our movement. and that's what it is is a movement. recent polls showed i'm beating hillary clinton. with all of her many problems and the tremendous mistakes she has made, and she has made tremendous mistakes, we expect our lead to continue to grow, and grow substantially.
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reporter: he was using a teleprompter last night to stay tightly to the script, getting high marks from the chairman of the republican national committee. contrast that with what many of his fellow republicans have been saying in the last couple days. martha: he will spend type now going after his opponent. reporter: he will give a major speech early next week all about hoik. the scripted remark hitting her on a number of fronts from foreign policy to donations to the clinton foundation. >> hoik turned the state department into her private helping fund. the russians, the saudis, the chinese all gave money to bill and hillary and got favorable treatment in return.
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it's a sad day in america when foreign governments with deep pocket have more influence in our own country than our great citizens. reporter: it's clear he's not only going to be attacking hillary clinton, but bill clinton as well. he will be in washington friday, then he start a tour of some of the 15 state he believes he can put in play in the november election. bill: michael moore, "the weekly standard" staff writer. donald trump's calculation last night was what? >> not to go off script. that's why he had the teleprompter. the's only maybe a low energy to use a phrase on a victory night when he should be waving the
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flag. a lot of republicans in washington and in governor's mansions are starting to worry about some of the rhetoric about judge curiel and how that will harm not just donald trump's chances but the down ballot. bill: but the strategy was to put all that behind him. >> and to exude a professionalism the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell almost begged him to do yesterday. bill: bernie sanders. what's he going to do? >> he's going to fight on to the convention. he has been mathematically eliminated for several weeks here. i think he will pushgenda as much as he can into the democratic platform and show he has a movement within the democratic party behind him and the democratic party has to accommodate that more socialist
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leading part of the party. if you can influence agenda and platform maybe he can do something there. bill: hillary clinton, how strong of a candidate is she after the fight? >> she is stronger than she has been in recent weeks. i think you will see democrats come home to hillary clinton. but she has difficulties as well. if trump can make the case that electing hillary clinton is electing a corrupt cleptocrat he has a chance of wing. but he has two high negatives. she has the slight advantage and not in as bad a position as many people thought in this long,
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drawnout primary. martha: our own bret baier will sit down with the presumptive nominee. it will be very interesting. she is in a good mood. she had a good night last night. she seemed relaxed and enjoying the moment. it will be interesting to see what she has to say tonight. bill: 6:00 with bret baier. martha: bernie sanders not giving up. here he is last night. >> we'll take our fight for social, economic, racial and a environmental justice to philadelphia. martha: those are the issues that galvanized bernie sanders supporters. bill: is donald trump making
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progress unifying the republican party? martha: people are talking about his tone last night. a rare moment for him as he used a teleprompter during an acceptance speech. will that help him or hurt him. >> our campaign received more primary votes than any gop campaign in history. this is not a testament to me but a testament to all of the people who believe real change, not obama change, but real change is possible. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. ♪ experience the thrill of the lexus gs f sport. because the ultimate expression of power, is control.
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>> i am pretty good at arithmetic and i know that the fight in front much us is a very, very steep fight. but we'll continue to fight for every vote and every delegate. bill: the message from bernie sanders late last night, early this morning. pell fight into the convention into late july, or will he. this despite mounting pressure to step aside and allow hillary clinton to surge forward. i spoke with the chairman of the democratic caucus about how hillary clinton wins this year. bill: how does a democrat around the white house when that jobs number was so dreadful.
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>> when you have had 8 years of continue to us jobs growth. you have continued to see job growth, and that's what we want to see versus during the bush years when we saw massive job loss. it's also making sure american workers who are putting their all into their effort make more money as well. bill: wages have been stagnant and you had a democrat in the white house for 7 years to mike that happen. how does she win the white house with and county under investigation by the f.b.i. >> doing what she has done. she has gotten more votes than anyone has in a primary process so far. she has gotten over a million
6:17 am
votes more than has donald trump. and i believe she has appealed to so many different community. unlike donald trump who seems to be dividing america. bill: donald trump last night put the focus back on the clinton foundation and her server saying she used the state department as a hedge fund. now, you see the general election play out. what is her defense on those charges? >> her defense would be, i released more than two defend kids of tax returns. donald trump how many have you reef leased. if you are so concerned about disclose our. show us your tax returns. he's the only presidential candidate i can remember who has been unwilling to release his tax return. make sure you have been able to go ahead and show the american people where you stand. bill: she'll have to defend the clinton foundation and defend this charge about using it for her personal gain.
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what is trump going to do and say in return? >> take a look at my tax returns. donald trump, let us take a look at your tax returns. show us you have done things the trite way. show us you pay taxes and show us you haven't been receiving money from the same people you are attacking. just as you are trying to hide from your racist comments, show us you have know how to create jobs for the american people, not just for yourself. bill: he says he can put states in play that are not typical. can she? >> i believe hillary clinton will become come gettive in every state in the nation. i think what's going to happen here is donald trump will finds his message is not appealing to so many people. and he can continue to say in my state of careful's going to put it in play. take a look at the numbers of people who voted for donald
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trump versus hillary clinton and bernie sanders. it's very clear the majority of americans are moving towards hillary clinton, not donald trump. bill: how does this ends with bernie sanders? >> i think democrats will come together in a united voice in notch wanting to break down barriers and build bridges. bill: and materials is not going quietly. >> i don't think anyone wants the voice of bernie sanders to go away. bernie sanders excited so many people. i believe democrats want the power of the message resonating with the message of secretary clinton. his fight wasn't just for himself, his fight was for the american people, and that's what
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hillary clinton is fighting for as well. bill: we have a lot to discuss in the coming months. hope you come back. martha: one of the first members of congress to endorse donald trump is facing a tough election of her own. what is the impact on the down ballot. >> i will never ever let you down. i'll make you proud of our party and our movement.
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>> tonight we close one chapter in history and begin another. our campaign received more primary votes than any other gop campaign in history. no matter who they are, we spf more votes. that's a great feeling. martha: he was reflect on his wise to the gop. here is a look back at how all this unfolded. >> i am officially running for president of the united states. >> with that trump was off and running. the brash businessman wasted no time jumping into controversy. >> they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime, they are rapists march are the trump backlash began.
6:25 am
>> this party does not prey on present jiewf diss. >> he's not a serious candidate mart * when 17 candidates sprawled sack two stages, the candidate took front stage. what followed was a string of insults and run-ins. >> he's little. my name is lyin' ted cruz. martha: fueling an outrage and narrative that donald trump just couldn't last. but something was stirring in gop america. >> he's not a typical politician. martha: fans were flooding trump events, turning out in record numbers. rick perry and scott walker the first to see the writing on the wall. >> i will suspend my campaign immediately. martha: graham and pataki were
6:26 am
up next. but they thought things would change when people started voting. they were wrong. >> desire for an outsider along with anger toward the federal government are two big things driving republican voters. huckabee, paul and santorum were done, but new hampshire was huge for the businessman. then like dominoes a deep bench of strong gop candidates with a wealth of experience in government started to fall. >> we are going home to new jersey tomorrow. jeb bush promised to win in south carolina. >> in south carolina we'll do really well. he was gone before the polls even opened. super tuesday was the final straw for dr. ben carson. >> i will still continue to be heavily involved. martha: and the never trumpers started to panic.omney broke hie
6:27 am
with a full-on trump assault. >> donald trump is a phoney, a fraud. mart * but none of it mattered. marco rubio was the next to go after a crushing loss in his home state of florida. ted cruz the last man standing trite before indiana held its primary. cruz called the hoop and basketball ring as trump bromanced bobby knight. the next day kasich called it quits as well. then donald trump who defied all odds and expectations hit the magic number. there would be no contested convention. he had vanquished them all. now it was all about trump. >> crooked hillary. martha: the man they said would
6:28 am
never last is neck-and-neck with hillary clinton in key battleground states. as america braces for what will be the nastiest race america has ever seen. martha: it's a credit to him and the people who support him across the country. where we go from here is anybody's guess. bill: john kasich sit down for an exclusive interview tomorrow 9:00 a.m. eastern time on the fox news channel. he's the host governor for the republican convention six weeks from now in his state. will he support donald trump? will he endorse? martha: donald trump promising a number of times he would pivot. he would become more presidential if he won the republican nomination. now that moment is here.
6:29 am
can he turn it around? can he make good on that promise and can he make it stick? >> my advice to our nominee would be to start talking about the issues that the american people care about and to start doing it now. ke reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. martha: nothing like a little queen to start off the night. donald trump telling the republican party they will not regret making him their man. >> you have given me the honor to lead the republican party to victory this fall.
6:33 am
i understand the responsibility of carrying the mantel, and i will never let you down. too much blood, sweat and tears. i'll never let you down. i'll make you proud of our party and our movement. martha: rnc chairman reince priebus praised donald trump on twitter. he's a man who has had substantive conversations with donald trump the past couple months. alan colmes, and mark snyder. a big night last night, a defining moment in all of this. pete, what did you make of donald trump's speech? is it a turning point? >> i like what he had to say. i like that he said he
6:34 am
understood the responsibility he has as carrying the mantel as a republican. and i like that he talked about the conservative movement and i hope he keeps it up. we just have to get rid of those crazy rants. he will have people follow him if he start performing well. that's the key here. d.c. tends to be a fairly transactional town. when you are performing well people love you, when you don't, you don't. martha: in term of moving beyond some of these issues. moving beyond judge curiel, is this something you think donald trump can do? >> no, last night he was reading a teleprompter speech he didn't write. that wasn't donald trump speaking last night.
6:35 am
if he be maintain that when he doesn't have a teleprompter, he said we are going to take care of our african-americans. that feed into the narrative that he doesn't get it. this doesn't paper over a year an insult campaign. martha: there are a lot of things that people say in the course of a campaign that they are able to overcome. who knows if these are so integral to donald trump and who he is or not. some people say he's like an uncle who says stuff and people just laugh it out. joe biden has also said stuff. back in 2007 during the course of that campaign here is what he said. you have got first mainstream african-american who is
6:36 am
articulate and bright and clean and nice-looking. >> donald trump's narrative -- >> alan -- martha: he apologized right away. i just want to point out -- >> donald trump spent a year doing this, starting with calling mexicans who come to his country rapists. donald trumper in apologizes. martha: pete? >> i think donald trump is always going to be donald trump. that's the problem. his candidacy has been all about him, not about an ideology. when you are talking about party unity he need to bring people behind him. if he start keeping it between the lines and focusing on hillary clinton and not some obscure judge from indiana, i
6:37 am
think he will have people get behind him. if he keeps going down these rabbit holes, it will be problematic. >> i think it's time for him to be a serious candidate for president. you need to apologize when you make a mistake and get on script. martha: mark mckurd said given my military experience, donald trump does not have the temperament to command our military or our nuke your arsenal. and there are concerns about the down ticket in this whole thing. >> you have jeff flake, an arizona senator saying it should be a contested convention. you had paul ryan saying what
6:38 am
trump said textbook racism but still supports him. >> i think fortunately it's a long time between now and november. it might be getting late very quickly. but june to november is an eternity in politics. and donald trump if he listens to his own word last night and takes this responsibility seriously he has an opportunity to turn it around. the american people know him. he has 100% name i.d. they know his bluster and signature line "you're fired." but he need to be a serious candidate for president and get the job done. >> you have the conventions and the debates. those will be the defining chapters in the next stables of all of this. good to see you both. bill: the first congresswoman to
6:39 am
receive an endorsement from donald trump lost her seat last night in north carolina. it was a rare i couple bent on incumbent battle that you seldom see. this happened after a rare redistricting session. she also faced a lot of outside pressure and money. martha: it's hard to say at this stage of the game whether a race like this is indicative down the road. whether that's part of the story, we don't know yet. a mom wrestles her daughter out of the hand of a kidnapper in broad daylight in a dollar general store. bill: donald trump usually going with the flow. how will howard kurtz analyze
6:40 am
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martha: scary moments for a mother and it's caught on camera. a man grabs a 13-year-old daughter from a mother and drags her through the aisles. the mother is chasing him. the mother is literally hanging on to her daughter as she gets dragged through the store. >> unprovoked, grabbed ahold of the young girl. essentially a tug-of-war battle.
6:44 am
i don't know the motive, but i'm sure it wasn't at good one. martha: the girl and the mom are both okay, the sheriff caught the guy outside the store. >> we can't fix the rigged system by relying on very -- and i mean this so, so strongly -- on the very people who rigged it. and do not ever think anything differently. we can't solve our problems by count on the politicians who created our problems. the clintons have turned the politics of personal enrichment into an art form for themselves. bill: not only was the message there, but did you notice something different for donald trump? he took a rare turn on the teleprompter for that victory speech. the republican nominee staying on script. howard kurtz host of "media
6:45 am
buzz" is here. did this technique work for him? >> it was a restrained and disciplined speech and probably reminded his supporters why they like him. but it sounded like a canned politician speech. it's unfair for a pundit to say donald trump needs to be more serious but then when he does it say he was kind of flat. but it was a marked contrast from the off the cuff unscripted from the gut which has defined a new way for him running for president. bill: he would prefer no teleprompter. >> trump had a tough task last night, unlike hillary clinton who smoothmatically eliminated bernie sanders. he was coming out of a firestorm. paul ryan, effect book racism.
6:46 am
mitch mcconnell, he should apologize. senator mark kirk, unendorsing him. he was fighting a two-front war. it was quite an extraordinary situation. bill: barack obama used a teleprompter for his entire presidential career. it's become the norm. >> it's not a felony for politicians to read what is written by a speech writer. but trump is such a gut player. a couple people noted, wow, he hasn't tweeted in 16 hours. we are used to a fuselage of charges and counter charges. and now he's reining it it in. we have been through cycles where he is quite for a week, then he picks a fight with the press. the question is dose have the
6:47 am
self-discipline to stick to this. bill: i think it was five or six in this cycle wheree used a prompter. more to come? >> he said he's going to go after the clintons. i like the way he always includes bill in his criticism. i imagine that will be something where he will have a script. but what a contrast with hoik who is not a great the orator but in the last couple weeks seemed to have become more comfortable mocking trump and speaking to a crowd. this is the only election cycle i can remember where hillary clinton she seemed to generate more energy in the room. bill: many commented she brought
6:48 am
volume down in that speech. did you notice that? >> it was hard not to notice. >> men get in trouble when they say something about the way a woman speaks. i saw four women and msnbc saying she has learned to modulate her voice, saying she is not a natural public speaker like her husband. but she has hit her stride. bernie sanders has yet to acknowledge he lost this thing. and she is talking about gender, being a woman. 2008, she barely mentioned it. the first night of the first day of the new general election campaign we can finally say that without contradiction. and i think while hillary gave an effective speech, she also --
6:49 am
trump is going to try to hang president obama's record against her. so in an outsider year, is trump going to be able to overcome some of his self-inflicted wounds and pivot to the message that was so strong and under estimated in the primaries. will hillary clinton be able to effectively run? >> we'll keep watching and reading. martha: hillary clinton and donald trump just getting warmed up. we are months away from the general election. bill: a bike ride ends in death for many in the midwest. >> a bunch of bikes hit the front of his truck and a couple of them flew. i went back to my house crying
6:50 am
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bill: a group bike ride ends in tragedy. five bike terms killed when a pickup truck plowed into the group. witnesses say the driver was all over the road before the crash. >> he screamed and said watch out. the dude swerved over and almost ran over my foot. i stepped back and blacked out. before i could spay watch out to the bikers, it happened. >> all i heard was a pop and a big crash. as soon as i found out he hit bicyclists i went -- bill: the driver fled on foot but he was caught.
6:54 am
today he's in police custody. martha: arizona and california reporting a surge of border crossings. they are refugees from china, romania and central america. where is this happening? reporter: all along the southern border in the past you didn't see a lot of central americans. here is the phoenix bus station, a group of central americans arriving at border with backpacks and tickets stop join relatives. the agency says they were finger printed but they did not verify where they were going or who they were going to stay with. arizona doesn't have beds for
6:55 am
1,400 families and children. one center was shut down because of a measles outbreak. there were 800 chinese:immigrants. they are look to for a better life, and the border patrol is work on the latest figures. last month the commissioner asked lawmakers to expect 75,000 central american children at the bored, perhaps equal a number of families. the commissioner asked for $12 million for the surge. texas will be at the brunt of it. the yuma sector saw 28 kids in 2014, so far this year 1,800.
6:56 am
there are 1.5 immigrants every year. and illegal immigration is adding a city the size of albuquerque in the u.s. every year. bill: donald trump landing major blows during his victory speech. martha: what about bernie sanders? he says he plans to stick in this race until the convention in philadelphia. but will the pressure build on him to bow out? he will meet with the president thursday. our election coverage rolls on here in america's newsroom. >> if this campaign has proven anything, it has proven that millions of americans who love this country are prepared to stand up and fight to make this country a much better place.
6:57 am
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martha: it is on. voters in the final states have their say and now hillary clinton and donald trump wasting no time to go at each other. the opening solve those of what is certain to be a bruising battle for the white house. pennsylvania avenue, she wants to go there and he wants to go for the first time. to now of america's newsroom. i'm doing great, how are you doing. bill: i'm doing strong. good morning. trump speaking a short time before clint last night, taking the former secretary of state and her husband to tax on a range of issues starting with this he can't solve our problems by counting on the politicians who created our problems. the clintons have turned the politics of personal enrichment in to an art form for themselves. >> he's not just trying to
7:01 am
build a wall between america and mexico, he's trying to wall off americans on each other. martha: she wants to bring down barriers, she says we are stronger together. hillary clinton was in a strong position last night. news digital politics editor, she won california handily. she on new jersey handily. it was not close between her and bernie sanders and she looks like she was feeling good about everything last night she did better than expected.she the polling averages, she did all that you wanted to and she was able to slam the door on bernie sanders. he leads the nominating process with a? as we said once before but with an exclamation point. that's what she wanted and she was also able to do it on the week that donald trump had to reset his campaign she's so she was feeling good but with what we've got a lot of football play before we get to the fourth quarter. martha: that's for sure. what does she have to do over the next several weeks and if there's an argument to be made that she has to sort of
7:02 am
sounding very grown-up like you did last night, he talking about the thingsshe's been talking about, tearing down barriers and all of that . not building walls, we are stronger together. how much did he get out of last night going forward? >> the most significant pop she gets is among democrats and will rally around her. she was already about 90 percent of democrats, you will see that number go up. you will see a polling bump for her in the head-to-head matchup with from. her problem is as the sound you played there perfectly illustrated, the problem is corrupted and insider nest and washington stuff. that's her biggest liability and that is one place where trump has the freest hand to go after her because he ran once before, he's never held elected office, he never held a public service position in his life he is able to come at her as a true outsider and she got have a better answer than what you got. eric: martha: that put such a point on it because she has a long record and he does not have a record. when you put trump university up against ben ghazi and the
7:03 am
email scandal and the fact that she's the first person to secure the nomination in this country who is actually under current fbi investigation, he's going to have quite a bit of material. >> when you put it that way you make it sound kind of bad. i don't know. it's wholly true. these are the two least liked major party nominees in history, in the history of never been this bad and there is the disaffection among republicans and democrats for their own nominees, etc. so now we see people having to revert to their party norm. i'm a republican, and i'm a democrat, i'm going to go with my team but something we are going to watch is this.
7:04 am
>> candidates who win are the ones whose voters tell their friends, neighbors and family i really support this person. i think you should go do that. that's how barack obama on, that's how george bush on. we've never seen such low affinity for candidates, we don't know how this is going to work. martha: clearly during the primary season, donald trump was able to get a lot of that rolling. people just saying trump, trump, trump. when you talk to them in different parts of the country, very enthusiastic. one of the strongest things i thought he said last night was what we played, that has turned the politics of personal enrichment into an art form for themselves . i think they're getting a little bit deeper. it could raise the question also, he said in the first debate donald trump said yeah, i pick up the phone and ask about supporting hillary clinton and then you call them back when they are in office and you can get somewhere with that. is that going to hurt him? >> i doubt it. his argument basically is yeah, i'm part of a corrupt system but i've been exploiting it for myself to make money, make profit.
7:05 am
the danger for trump is twofold. number one, the trump university and the fraud stuff, it's his business record, really what it says he is that his record will have to defend but the other danger is the most effective attacks that hillary clinton will also trump is to basically say he's not temperamentally suited. he does not have good enough conduct he can't control himself well enough to be a effective president and a safe choice. martha: and these brutal ads about him mulling a reporter which is a top ad that came out yesterday and also the stuff about the judge so we will see. great job, good to see you and we will see you soon. bill: on significant question remaining, what will bernie do? will he fight all the way to the convention that month? he gave an indication last night about that. >> all of you know, all of you know that when we began this campaign a little over a year ago, we were considered to be a friend campaign. [cheers] but over the last year, i think that has changed just a little bit. [applause]
7:06 am
bill: that from very early this morning and here's women that are out at santa monica california. what are you hearing about what is next for him in the next day or two? reporter: good morning bill. the big thing that's going to happen in the next couple of days is meeting with president obama and conventional wisdom would tell you that bernie is out when it comes to this but intentional wisdom has not done us much good over the past couple of months here. few things that could change. one, the possibility of that fbi investigation into clinton, number two, sanders has always said thisis about a revolution, that's exactly what he said last night . >> we take our fight for social, economic, racial and environmental justice to philadelphia pennsylvania. i am pretty good at this and i know that the fight in
7:07 am
front of usis a very steep fight but we will continue to fight for every vote and every delegate . reporter: actions speak louder than words and to that point bill as you are discussing, he's going to be laying off more than half of his campaign staff. also meeting with president obama, president obama has been wanting to get into this race in terms of making an endorsement. conceivably that start with an endorsement of hillary clinton so we can imaginethat meeting with the president and sanders could be uncomfortable . bill: what happens to sanders supporters? they are in love with him asa politician as you know leland . reporter: truly in love with him but also taken by his message. both trump and clinton are going to want them but that might be easier said than done. last night at sanders rally in santa monica before he left, they were chanting things that we cannot repeat on television. saying things like this.
7:08 am
>> i absolutely want bernie to stay in all the way and the bernie or bust movement is very strong even if bernie sanders does endorse hillary clinton, people will not back hillary clinton. reporter: those views could soften over time but keep in mind that bernie sanders was hard to clinton's left. clinton is going to have to move a little bit to the center now for the general election bill. bill: wayland that are in santa monica california. they meet at the white house tomorrow. thursday, there's a primary washington dc so sanders planned this event to be in washington anyway so that will happen tomorrow and we will see what they say. sanders requested a meeting but he's got millions of supporters and followers were looking for some direction . martha: 'sargument got a lot tougher after california last night. he had one california he had a very different day today looking forward than he does now having lost by 13 points so we will see.
7:09 am
it's new tension between the united states and china. this after us military commanders in the pacific say that a chinese fighter jets conducted a quote, unsafe intercept of a us spy plane over the east china sea. so more tensions as we see this continuing to be an issue. kristin fisher by the white house. explain what happened here p6 us military says this biplane was just on a routine patrol in international airspace when a chinese fighter jet came too close, too fast, right above the east china sea. that location is very important because it is the center of a bitter territorial dispute between china and japan. it's also just north of the south china sea which is where beijing has been building and militarizing those artificial islands and china had already been demanding that the us .surveillance but then this happened. the official word from us
7:10 am
pacific command is the innocent initial assessment is this seems to be a case of improper ship and no other provocative or unsafe maneuvers occurred but keep in mind this is the second report in less than a month on a chinese fighter jet making unsafe intercept with a us spy plane over the waters around china. martha: was especially bold because the secretary of state was in beijing at the time, right? reporter: he was there in beijing on the day this happened. it was a preplanned meeting with some very high-level chinese officials. they were not talking about this incident but they were there to talk about that ongoing territorial dispute in the east china sea. >> our position is very clear with respect to maritime law. we want the traditional historic freedom of navigation and overflight to be respected. reporter: when asked is this unsafe intercept timed to coincide with secretary kerry's visit, all spokesman
7:11 am
for the chinese foreign ministry would say is asked the americans. martha: like you very much. bill: we find a new demented nominee in the democratic side, hillary clinton saying she cannot wait to debate in the fall. what would a matchup between these two look like westmark. martha: we cannot wait to see that. and trumpmaking a play for the bernie sanders voter . does he havea shot ? >> she will probably get about half of the bernie supporters and i believe trump will get the other half and here's why. half of the bernie's reporters, they are excited about free stuff. the other half, they are looking for something more than that. >> you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
7:12 am
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7:15 am
>>. martha: so now that hillary has to the democratic nomination, she is looking forward one more thing: she cannot wait to take on donald trump. she told abc news last night he's looking forward to that first debate.>> i think it will be a singular moment in american history because i think i will have a chance to make clear why i believe that he is not qualified and temperamentally unsuited to be president. martha: a singular moment in history. ed rollins was campaign manager for ronald reagan, 1984. he's also the manager of a super pack supporting donald
7:16 am
trump. joe trippi with howard dean's campaign manager and a fox news contributor. always good to see you gentlemen. and, let me start with you. she's obviously looking forward to her face-off with donald trump and he will have not debated in quite a while when this moment comes. you have concerns about that? >> he's a superb debater. he had lots of experience in the primaries. i think it's going to be a very anticipated debate. she's going to be about substance and policy, he's going to be about how i project and leadership. he has to bea little bit careful in the sense that she is a woman, she is very substantive. she can't be too strident, he can't be too aggressive. he has to make his point, have to argue with her aggressively. there's a lot of water between the first debate and a lot of things are going to be said and a lot of bombs thrown at eachother before then but those debates are going to be the biggest thing . martha: is going to be something else.
7:17 am
here's a taste of what we might see from last night when trump says , and distinguished judge born in indiana can't do his job because of his mexican heritage or he mocks a reporter with disabilities , or calls women pigs. it goes against everything we stand for. >> hillary clinton turned the state department into a private hedge fund. the russians, the saudi's, the chinese. all gave money to bill and hillary and got favorable treatment in return. martha: what you think about those lines of argument? >> first of all, i agree with dave, it's going to be a debate forthe ages. it will be , i mean, whatever the rating is, everybody will be watching to see it but look, the problem here is i think almost all the attacks that you hear from trump are things i think that people have already heard in one shape or form about hillary clinton from decades over her career and if they believe
7:18 am
those things at all, if they believe them, they're already voting for trial. martha: maybe, but go ahead. finish up. >> trump on the other hand, the problem is for attack about his temperament etc., he tends to go out every other day and sort of proves the attack,proves the point . we even have a us senator in his own party saying that his military experience tells him that he can no longer support trump because he shouldn't be commander-in-chief read what i'm saying is, those attacks because trump sort of reinforces and has a tendency to i think his speech last night was a lot better but he has a tendency to reinforce those attacks whereas hillary, look, you heard about whitewater.
7:19 am
it was disproved. there have been many attacks which have been disproved, there's a lot out there that might be proved but ... martha: that might be the problem is there's a lot out there. there's so much history, so much baggage many would say in the clinton background and i think it comes down in many ways, ed, to whether or not this is a change election. whether or not people are tired of the old which we seen a lot of in the primary as part of this process trump is obviously the candidate of change and what he has to argue throughout this is not what she did in whitewater, not what she did in the white house, it's what is your abilities to lead the country? she failed miserably in the state department on syria, on libya, on ben dossey and obviously made evasive moves on emails, those are things you can challenge her on but at the end of the day he is the guy can go in there, make the tough decisions.
7:20 am
he's not a politician and change the way the country moves. she's been a part of the system for almost 4 decades and obviously, your electric get obama for four more years. you let you get a whole new game. martha: he's going to have to be more specific about what that game entails if you want to get people to sit up during that debate and say i get where you are going and maybe i could go there with you so we will see. add joe, thank you very much . bill: later tonight, brett sits down with hillary clinton and i must see interview tonight on special report. see it all 6:00 eastern time right here on the fox news channel. do not miss that. donald trump celebrating his success. >> i'm truly honored your support. together, we accomplish what nobody thought was absolutely possible. you know what that is. we are only getting started and it's going to be beautiful. bill: now the primary season in the rearview, what now in cleveland? check it out. what the candidates and the parties are planning on those summer conventions, we take you there live in a moment the nine and another scare at the zoo, two weeks after a child fell into a guerrilla enclosure, this time one of the animals got out area .
7:21 am
>> we knew we would be guarding this animal, these animals are trained, they're not pets. there would be no safe way to lower her back in the exhibit. >> olay total effects a skin transformation that rivals the leading department store moisturizer. revives skin to fight 7 signs of aging. with olay, you age less, so you can be ageless. olay. ageless.
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narrator: sometimes it's the things that the rest of us don't see that can make all the difference in california's classrooms. it's part of my responsibility as someone who's experienced to allow the door to be open for younger teachers. the teamwork between the teachers is essential. when we collaborate with each other... makes everyone stronger. by helping my fellow teachers be successful, i'm helping kids be successful. narrator: the california teachers association: educators who know quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
7:24 am
martha: the salt lake city zoo was shut down after a leopard in escape the enclosure. officials at the hogle zoo say the big somehow managed to get through the cage. how could that happen? two papers told visitors to take shelter inside buildings while crews urged for the leopard. they spotted her near her cage an hour later. the leopard was sedated and taken to a holding area. no one was injured. there's nothing more beautiful than a leopard. unbelievable.
7:25 am
bill: the zoo is going to need a bigger boat. get on it. the primary season winding down, attention turns the next month's convention and there will be fireworks. in philadelphia, that's where the democrats convene. bernie sanders bows not to get up before then. republicans will be in cleveland. wow. won't that be interesting. donald trump plans his own twist and we are waiting to see what those plans will be. here's rich edson live now in cleveland ohio with more from there. good morning. reporter: good morning bill and republicans are hosting their convention in this building next month . the cleveland cavaliers are in the nba finals so some of that report in that building is going to have to wait. republican officials say they had anticipated that though, the nba finals may be among the least of their concerns. >> this is amazing. thank you folks. reporter: donald trump says he expects a showbiz republican convention and want to avoid the boring pageantry of the 2012 convention in tampa.
7:26 am
>> this is the ultimate reality show. it's the president of the united states. >> when asked what that means, the trump campaign says it's too soon to discuss details of the convention programming. campaign aides say trump is considering speaking all four nights instead of one speech the final evening. they said he may wait until the convention to unveil his running mate and his convention planners are also exploring moving events from a large arena to a larger baseball stadium where a much larger football stadium. >> i think when the selection committee first chose cleveland, it was always in the planning. you have these great venues that would somehow be part of the convention experience b6 regardless of the menu, trump's candidacy has opened divisions in the electorate and republican party. many who have endorsed and criticize his policy positions and rhetoric. republican vips are skipping the convention. the only living former gop president or nominee hoping to attend, 1996 the bob dole. for democrats, conservative party sanders supporters claiming the party raid the nominating process to figure
7:27 am
hillary clinton, down millions of votes sanders supporters say they plan to port illinois nomination in philadelphia and use that division to secure the nomination for sanders. but democratic leaders say theyexpect party unity . >> it's to be expected that people get a little passionate about things but we are not concerned that when we get here to philadelphia that we will all be able to coalesce all along our presumptive nominee. reporter: as for security both here in cleveland and philadelphia, city officials say they will be prepared for the conventions though with such strong opposition to both presumptive nominees, security remains a concern. bill: rich edson in cleveland ohio, thanks rich. martha: isis is turning to an old tactic as the us-led coalition tightens its news on the stronghold in iraq and syria and what it means for the war against these vicious terrorists . bill: donald trump delivering a big message to bernie sanders supporters.
7:28 am
saying, come join our team. will that work with mark we talked to the trump team about that live in two minutes. >> to those who voted for someone else in either party, i will work hard to earn your support and i will work very hard to earn that support. you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes
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to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some... he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. look at that pie chart! boom!
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7:32 am
long war journal exclusively reviewed by fox news shows isis suicideattacks in iraq and syria have reached an all-time high despite the intensified bombing and special forces campaign. in the month of may, isis documented 119 suicide attacks, mostly against iraqi army and shiite targets , bringing the 2016 total to nearly 500. that's a record number including this bombing in baghdad may 30 when more than one keyboard killed and another 50 injured in three bombings including two suicide attacks. as iraqi forces and shiite militias continue to press the islamic state in fallujah, their main base west of the capital. those numbers may reflect a loss of territory, counterterrorism expert they isis has achieved coming al qaeda did not which was successfully bringing suicide attacks into the mainstream and the new numbers show a new depth and widespread depth of radicalization. martha: what does the state department say about their terror assessment? >> the state department says isis is not enjoyed major battlefield successes in the last 12 months but coordinated attacks by isis followers like the suicide bombings in brussels showed the groups intent to be a global player and three use suicide bombers is identified
7:33 am
and trained in iraq and syria outside the middle east. press by fox news, the state department conceded isis has expanded its reach. >> they have in some places, yes. they have in a couple different ways. one by inserting operatives into other theaters, notably into libya where you are seeing leaders come out of iraq and syria and associate with pre-existing radicalized groups. reporter: we first reported this in march of last year, the death of a senior isis operative was relocated to libya to establish a base of operations which has evolved into a kind of plan bto train and recruit . martha: thank you very much. bill: donald trump rolling out the welcome mat for supporters of bernie sanders during his victory speech last night. here was a taste of that message. >> to all of those bernie sanders voters who have been left out in thecold by a rigged system , superdelegates, we welcome
7:34 am
you with open arms and by the way, the terrible trade deals , that bernie was so vehemently against and he's right on that, will be taken care of far better than anyone ever thought possible and that's what i do. bill: let's talk to the truck trump team right now. campaign advisor barry, how are you? why would sanders supporters vote for donald trump? >> you know, they've been talking about a lot of the same things. governmentthat not only doesn't help people but doesn't seem to care. trade deals and export jobs, profit strangled overseas, government ineptitude . the heroine problem flooding across the border from mexico. these things don't get taken careof. is very much an anti-washington message that they both share. solutions can be different , more than slightly different problemsare the same . martha: bill: is there evidence they would?
7:35 am
>> if you look at the latest poll, 40 percent of the sanders voters say they won't vote for hillary. we don't need 40 percent of them obviously, four percent would be fantastic but i think we do quite well. bill: don't you think some of that changes, some of it wears off? >> in the trump effort, it was more for republicans. it was the establishment republicans coming home. bernie sandersis not getting the vote of the establishment democrats. they're not really democrats. they are unaffiliated, their first time voters, first time donors and they are sick of washington so it's verydifferent . bill: you are thinking 40 percent question mark. >> close to 40 percent of them are not going to vote for hillary. were not goingto get 40 percent . bill: what do you think you're going to get? three or fourpercent is devastating . bill: 304 percent, that would do it? >> i like to talk more about 304 percent . bill: last night i heard a few about the hedge fund of the state department, the clinton foundation using professional
7:36 am
life for personal gain. i think republican supporters wanted to hear that but where was that message in the last week? >> you know, the campaign is a long time coming. she just became the nominee last night. were going to talk about her, the foundation, what she did at state, what she did previously. the atm they created from the clinton foundation, all that kind of stuff, will be talking about it a lot . bill: you are on two days ago that got a lot of attention. and donald trump was on that call for an hour. it was your sense of atonement and the direction on that call because it seems somewhat contentious, laid out i wouldn't describe it as contentious at all. there was a lot of downloading of facts, a lot of the surrogates had never heard before. 19,000 cases of people who loved the class are available online and in public record. the history of the law firm
7:37 am
that brought it to suit, the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit got out of the case, yet the judge kept the trial going. all the things which were new information to a lot of us and very helpful area. bill: it was myunderstanding after that statement yesterday that he wants to put that behind him . >> this is not a campaign issue for trial. i'd muchrather talk about hillary clinton's record . bill: i'm certain, but that goes back to my question of where was that message over the past week? do you consider that a missed opportunity? >> certainly the clock is ticking and we can't turn the clock back but there's plenty of time left on the clock . bill: and on that clock, in five months, how do you see these two today? where are they and where is this election? >> i think it's the classic 30 year incumbent defender of washington and the status quo versus a brand-new candidate who is the agent of real change and not a friend of
7:38 am
the dc establishment. i love that position. bill: those that sell now in 2016? >> more than ever. more than ever. bill: how come? >> because people are tired of washington who cares more about their reelection than they do strengthening our economy. frankly their policies are pathetic. 30,000 jobs created last month? it's ridiculous. as for clunker stimulus, one, two, obamacare, we spent $10 trillion in new debt. we've got nowhere. there are more people in poverty today than ever. more people on food stamps today than ever. my health care, your care has gone up in price, not in quality. it's ridiculous. people are angry and they have a right to be angry you for your time. from the trump team, barry out of washington dc. join us tomorrow .
7:39 am
while governor john kasich, we will talk exclusively with fox news and there's a lot to talk about. you see that tomorrow in the 9 am eastern hour. he's the host of the convention that starts in about six weeks. he hasn't done an interview in several weeks. he was the last guy to drop out and has not endorsed donald trump. willie. >> mark we will find out the ninth he makes a lot of great points about an agent of change and that's why john and others like him who had an extraordinary amount of experience did notfind themselves in the position that front license open now. the question is whether he can ride the road and not make too many mistakes going forward so we will see. very interesting. so a tragic fall from grace, a decorated veteran , and astronaut in some trouble. what he's accused of and why could serve some time in jail. bill: a california judge comes a national outcry by sentencing a former stanford
7:40 am
student to about six months in jail for sexual assault. that did not go over well. he's just been given a new term on the bench and that is still being more outraged. we tell you about that in a moment. >> the judge went out of his way and bent over backwards to get this young perpetrator probation with a few weeks stay in the santa clara county jail. expedia. technology connecting you to what matters. a decorated air force pilot,
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
former astronaut now charged with murder. james house will junior was driving on a highway in alabama when he crashed into another vehicle, killing two young girls. court documents suggesting that alcohol and sleeping pills may have been a factor leading to that crash apparently he told officers he was driving to louisiana to pick up his son and he did not even remember . martha: a california judge under fire for his lenient sentence to a former stanford accolades convicted of rape. he gets a new term in office and election for santa clara
7:44 am
superior county court judge aaron persky was canceled because no one ran against him. he is receiving a lot of public backlash after sentencing brock turner to just six months in a county jail . this attention has been extraordinary towards the case. the term was found guilty of a sexual assault that was witnessed by two people who testified against him and all of this happened near the san bernadino university campus. we are joined by a former police officer and former circuit court judge, also judge alex, good to have you with us . >> great to be with you. martha: i want to thank you for all your thoughts on this that you sent over to us because you went through this judges decision and i know you're not quick to criticize the judge because you understand the pressures on these judges. what you believe that he was not harsh enough given this case, why? >> absolutely i do. i think this case, all
7:45 am
anybody has to do is read the letter that was read in court by the victim to really drive home the seriousness of this crime and how much it's affected her life and judges take a lot of factors in consideration in determining an appropriate sentence when somebody is convicted regardless of the level of the crime, but some of the things they take into consideration are any priors the defendant may have , whether the defendant was remorseful, whether alcohol played a factor, the age of the defendant, probation officers recommendation, all the things it put into the pot in determining a sentence. and i think the judge gave way too much weight to factors that really didn't deserve that much weight. the age of the defendant, the defendant was 19 years old. yes, that's young by some standards but certainly he's not 11. a 19-year-old, we get
7:46 am
18-year-old rifles and send them off to war because we trust them to do that. i was a police officer when i was 19. he was riding an unconscious woman behind the dumpster to rape her. we both knew what we were doing so i would not have given anyweight to that age. use of alcohol certainly is a factor in determining other somebodyacted in an unusual manner and the way they normally wouldn't . but it's not an excuse for a crime. if i want to sentence somebody to 10 years in prison or six years in prison for ray , the fact that they did it under the influence of alcohol might lead me to get them nine years because they never did anything like this other than on that on occasion but it certainly would not lead me to give them probation for a rate and this was a rate area. martha: what do you think would be an appropriate sentence? >> that i can't say because realistically, you do have to listen to the whole case and pay attention to all the factors but i certainly would have given him a prison sentence for arate area and the fact that he was a star athlete and the fact that i think the judge's words were , was it would seriously harm his future or whatever, what about her future? the bottom line is, he
7:47 am
committed the crime. martha: and that's what i wanted to point out. it is not often in a rape case you have two witnesses . there were two witnesses that testified and they are swedish doctoral students who were riding their bikes by the scene, they saw turner on top of the woman on the ground behind the dumpster. they said she was unconscious, was not moving the entire time and that they moved in to stop it so that's unusual. this is a conviction. a lot of times in convictions we see campus reports involved but this was in a court of law. it was not a campus court and he was convicted with two witnesses and as you say, her statement is so polished that it is worth showing to your college students, your teenagers in your house because it is quite dramatic. >> i would definitely encourage parents to read the statement that she wrote to accept that their kids were teenagers it's appropriate,
7:48 am
it's probably not appropriate below that agent to have them read it because the effect of the teenagers actions or a young man's actions, it really drives the point home and the fact that he has no significant priors, whatever that means, that's fine but if i don't have a significant prior and i murder somebody, i still murdered buddy and if you don't have a significant prior and you commit a rate, you still rate the money so probation sentence in my mind was completely inappropriate. i know he was following the recommendation of the probation officer which is a factor visit to consider that as a probation officer, that's not a judge. you can get recommendations wrong, misinterpret what the victim wants, they can have an agenda, their own personal viewpoints. as a judge, you make tough decisions. all that being said, i don't think he should be recalled. i think that's absolutely the wrong move the night understood. the role of alcohol, one last question which plays a big part in a lot of these campus situations which we all know and understand. is it any defense on his part that he was drunk?
7:49 am
>> no. it's not a defense of the crime, it's not an excuse for the crime. at most it is a minimal factor that a judge can consider in saying you know what? i've looked at his record. he never done anything like this before. he's never had any act of violence or any impropriety like this.the only explanation i can have was he invited so much alcohol that he just lost control of his faculties or whatever. it's no excuse at all but it might be the judge to say that's very different from this other guy who's a serial rapist for this other guy who's been violent his whole life. that's his character. that's not discussed character so that's fine but as i said, at the end of the day whether he has priors or doesn't, whether he doesn't under the influence of alcohol or doesn't, he still committed a horrible crime and there should be a commensurate punishment for that. as i mentioned as to the judge recalled, even a prosecutor doesn't think that's right. judges make serious decisions and when we make this mistake
7:50 am
like everybody does, it's going to be a significant mistake for that reason. martha: extraordinary impact on this young woman to be sure and it is a case that is worth studying foryoung people across the country. he may have, lighter than people think he should have . he will be a sex offender for the rest of his life so there's that part of the equation as well.judge alex, thank you so much. bill: in a moment,here it is considered one of the many swing states , a democratic stronghold for 20 years. return from blue to red and which state is it? a patty melt becomes more than just patty. ham unites with its better half. and a club sandwich becomes part of a club you definitely want to be in. real cheese people would never eat a slice wrapped in plastic when they can have a slice of 100% real. natural cheese slices from sargento. we're real cheese people.
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narrator: sometimes it's the things that the rest of us don't see that can make all the difference in california's classrooms. it's part of my responsibility as someone who's experienced to allow the door to be open for younger teachers. the teamwork between the teachers is essential. when we collaborate with each other... makes everyone stronger. by helping my fellow teachers be successful, i'm helping kids be successful.
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narrator: the california teachers association: educators who know quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
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educators who know quality public schools ♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. . martha: a stretch of beach in california is open for business after officials spotted at least two shorts about 60 yards offshore.
7:54 am
they use gypsies to try to scare them away and and the nearby shoreline remains closed after several large ones were spotted there since sunday after a woman was bitten about 60 miles away. shark season folks. bill: it's that time of year. love to hear about those kind of stories, they make me feel safe at home. wisconsin holds a total of 10 electoral votes and they could be big. the last seven national elections have gone to democrats in that statement this year, some analysts believe it could be anybody's game. my toe and live in madison where he has spent a lot of time the past couple of years. out of that statement? reporter: you heard the party leaders like paul ryan and governor scott walker reluctantly throwing their support behind donald trump, saying essentially he would be the alternative in the way the gop has evolved in wisconsin, party membersvoted for the team . >> it's always a battleground state. there's a very real possibility that the badger state could go for the grand old party for the first time since ronald reagan area they
7:55 am
have a democrat to thank for it, the demonstrations and attempted recall in the republican governor galvanized wisconsin conservatives. multiple elections of governor scott walker forced leadership to keep the machine well oiled. >> there is a republican machine. they polices, they follow the lead of the leaders in the city on who to vote for quite butthere is a problem and the problem is the candidate. conservatives in wisconsin motivated in the primary for ted cruz, not donald trump . >> he lost terrible in the primary. even the right wing radio show host still continued to go after him. >> i'm charlie sykes. >> very influential in wisconsin, conservative talk radio is still not warming to trump, even in light of hillary clinton, largely because the attack governor walker and therefore attack the base that supported walker three times. >> i think it's going to be hard for him to turn the
7:56 am
state around and get momentum and popularity, even against hillary clinton. >> the reagan democrats could come into play, and antiestablishment voter particularly in the rural parts of the state. you hear trump on the campaign trail quoting the people who once supported bernie sanders and the voter id law could work in the trump favorite but the reason democrats don't like voter ids are expected to work for the republicans the eighth it will be interesting, mike tobin live in madison. martha: the stage is set for the general election, officially underway and what a story this is going to be. team coverage on california right after this. >> (man) oh, looks like we missed
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8:00 am
bill: john kasich has a lot of things on his mind. we'll have that for you tomorrow during "america's newsroom." i have got to run. martha: i'll see you on the radio and o'reilly. bye, guys. gregg: making history on the road to the white house. hillary clinton becoming the first woman to clinch the nomination for the democratic party. melissa: donald trump and hillary clinton both hitting each other hard last week after wrapping up california. bernie sanders says he's still in this campaign.


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