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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 8, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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sandra: thanks to charlie hurt for joining us on the couch today. it's always fun to have you. we hope to have you back soon. bret baier has hillary clinton on at 6:00 p.m. "happening now" starts right now. nate. >> the medical examiner revealing what caused the accident that many thought was a suicide. isis, upping the ante. how the islamic state is using suicide attacks and what the troubling thing means on the war on terror. and identical twins in a nasty fight. one woman drove off the cliff and she survived and now facing
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murder charges. a mom fights off the would be abductor. and all on "happening now". but we begin with a whole new phase in the presidential race. the presumptive nominees of both parties now declared. welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am greg jarret. >> i am melissa francis. and hillary clinton and donald trump declaring victory. clinton make history and becoming the first woman to clinch the nomination of a major party. but bernie sanders is not conceding anything. he is vowing to take his campaign all the way to the democratic convention. >> we are going to fight hard and we take our fight for social
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economic, racial and environmental justice to philadelphia. >> as hillary clinton and donald trump are shifting to the general election in a rough and tumble competition. >> when he says let's make america great again, that's code, let's take america backwards. that's what time and opportunity and dignity were reserved for some and not all. promising his supporters an economy he cannot recreate. we however, we want to write the next chapter in american greatness. he wants to win by stoking fear, and rubbing salt in wounds. and reminding us daily just how
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great he is. well, we believe we should lift each other up and not tear each other down. >> kim is the editor for the wall street journal and melinda is roll call editor in chief. dan is this uglier than anything we have seen pr before? >> absolutely. it will be the dirtiest presidential campaign in any of our lifetime. hillary clinton described donald trump unfit temperamentally for president. he intends in a speech to go personal against the clintons about their personal and finances and past. donald trump will be attacked by
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hillary clinton, he will not take a detour. we'll see a nuclear war. >> at the same time the clintons are very rough and tumble political veteran ares as well. it is going to be a lot. >> absolutely. normally when a nominee clinches the adversari congratulates them. there have been calls of congratulations, and noise and flourish and bow on the night it happens. instead as you you showed in the clips, you had donald trump saying, clinton is taking personal enrichment and made it an art form and hillary clinton talking about donald trump being unfit. this will be nasty without any question. >> we'll play fa that clip just to be fair.
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and dan, let me ask you, in the meantime as they set their sights on each other. they are trying to divide up sanders' people. they need the votes that are out there and they have a chance to get them. dan, who gets most of them and how do they each do it. >> i think donald trump will make his own economic popullist pitch to bernie's people and how is hillary expect to appeal to them? she proposed a series of government spending and programs such as free college tuition and infrastructure, banks and the like. i have a question as to whether the economic anxiety that it everyone agrees is top of the concerns in the electorate, if that is what some of sanders' independent voters want to hear from hillary clinton or whether in fact they will be susceptible
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to donald trump's personal charismatic argument to turn the economy over to a businessman. >> we'll listen to what donald trump said. >> our infrastructure is a disaster. our schools are failing. crime is rising. people are scared. the last thing we need is hillary clinton in the white house or an extension. obama disaster. [applause] >> you would assume bernie sanders' people go right to hillary clinton. but he makes arguments about what is wrong with the country right now and certainly sanders' folks think that the country is not going in the right direction, who gets sanders' people? >> you have to believe that most will go to hillary clinton in the end. eight years ago, there were disappointed hillary clinton's
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backers who voted for barak obama and when i hear donald trump talking about infrastructure. that's what democrats wanted to do and that is a commonality with democrats and i think that hillary clinton's best tool in winning over those sanders' supporter ares is look at the guy i am running against and donald trump will use the same logic, republicans, not maybe what the establishment republicans want to see. i am not hillary clinton. you hear that from paul ryan and mitch mcconnell and take itting after the racial remarks that donald trump made about the judge and yet saying we are with him no matter what. >> because he's not hillary. dan, what advice would you give to the candidates and what is the best tool in their box? >> i think the best tool in
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donald trump's box is indeed donald trump. it is his persona and cha ris maand that ability to perform on television and in social media has the possibility of putting hillary clinton in the defensive throughout the campaign. she's not that good on going on offense. that's what he does, now matter what attack she launches, trump will put her on her back feet. she has to find a way around the trump persona. >> it will be an exciting summer to watch it all unfold. and watch fox news as hillary clinton sits down with bret baier tonight on special report at 6:00 p.m. eastern, greg? >> more tension between the united states and china. we learn that a chinese fighter jet gets close to a u.s. plane
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in the east china sea. kristin? >> reporter: greg, this is the second time in less than a month that a chinese fighter jet came too close to an american spy plane. the most recent incident happened the day secretary kerry was in/beijing. >> our position is very clear with maratine law, we want traditional, historic, freedom of navigation and overflight to be respected china said it will be respected. >> reporter: if asked if this incident was timed to be when secretary kerry. they said ask the americans. the spy plane was on routine
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patrol. and the chinese fighter jet came too close, too fast. it seems to be a case of improper airmanship as no other provocative maneuvers occurred. this happened over on the china sea. the part that is in dispute of china and japan. it is where/beijing is militariarizing the islands. they are harming china's maratime security. carter said the u.s. military will fly, sail or operate wherever international laws allow. and he believes that the skies over the south and east china seas are fair game. >> thank you. the u.s. trying to keep things in check in another part of the world.
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nato troops are parachuting in poland. and this is the biggest exercise performed in poland since the clash of communism back in 1989. russia considers these types of exercises and acts of aggression in case you are wondering. it comes before they expect to put troops in the baltic states. >> we turn to the next big event. democrat and republican conventions. we have more when "happening now" continues. >> washington is out of control. this is unsustainable practice. it is going to win rapidly.
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>> just in, a medical examiner releasing his findings on a car crash that killed a oil magnate ruling it an accident. his suv hit a bridge support in
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oako city and burst in flames. it happened one day after he was indicted by the federal grand jury. the investigators questioned whether it was intentional. the 56-year-old had traces of a sleeping aid in his system but there was no conclusive evidence that he committed suicide. the focus is shifting to the next major event in the presidential race and that is the national conventions. the democrats will get together in july in philadelphia and republicans in cleveland starting july 18th. are they getting prepared? we have a little bit of time. >> reporter: we do have a little bit of fine. the nba finals are going on. the problem for the trump campaign and republicans, they
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are deciding on the major events of this. donald trump wants these conventions and events to be more show biz and in his words less boring than the 2012 install nment tampa bay. they compare today to the big reality show and unveiling the v, as opposed to the convention and having donald trump speak every night and move some of the events to maybe a larger baseball stadium or larger football stadium. the convention ceo said they are exploring the options. >> we have not made final decisions. cleveland has a lot of great venue. it was always in the planning of great venues that would somehow be a part of the convention experience.
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now with strong opposition within their parties to the presumptive nominees, democrats and republicans are dealing with possibility of protest out doors. and the republicans only former living nominee to attend is the 1996 pick bob deal. for democrats, bernie sanders and their supporters are looking forward to a fractured convention. eventually they will coa lease. >> they are passionate and it is expected that people get passionate about things. we are not concerned when we get to philadelphia that we will not all coales around our presumptive dominie and march to a victory in november. >> reporter: as for security officials here in cleveland and philadelphia, they will be prepared. though with opposition even
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within the parties and outside, security remains a concern. lisa and greg, back to you. a terrible crash leaving a woman dead, her twin charged with murder. as the suv carrying both women goes off of the cliff. police say it was no accident. the legal pnel is here to weigh in on that. and a mother's worst nightmare. a teenage girl grabbed in a store by a potential abductor and what happens when a mom fights back. >> i never saw an instance like this where a subject or the suspect would grab a young girl. y they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids
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>> right now a would- be kidnapper facing child abuse and kidnapping charges at a frightening incident in a florida dollar store. the man drag a 13-year-old through the store until the mother caught up with him and fought him off. >> i think that something kicks in and you think your child is hurt. >> she may have saved her daughter's life today. i don't know the motive but it was not a good one. >> the store manager flagged an off duty deputy who blocked the suspect and arrested him. he's identified as 30-year-old craig manillo. >> a preliminary hearing for a woman accused of killing her twin sister. 37 year old aliceon drove an suv
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over the side of the cliff and plunging the vehicle 200 feet to the below. amazing that anybody could survive. the crash killed her sister but aliceon survived and taken to the hospital in critical condition and police arrest ared her on murder charges. they say she intensionally drove off the cliff. her lawyer called it a terrible tragedy and an overreach by prosecutor. but an eyewitness said the sisters were fighting right before the crash. >> aliceon did not intend to harm the person she was closest to in the world or herself. >> i could see a pair hands yanking on the driver's head and she was angry and arguing with the person yanking and she was
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in a rage. and joins me now is brian, defense attorney and udete who is a former prosecutor. you are skeptical about the charges and i admit i was, too, until i read the prosecutor's evidence. they have two eyewitnesss and on board computer that shows no effort to brake. why do you think that the prosecutor's have it wrong. >> first of all, it is a cliff side calamity. and not a murder case. the first thing i look for in evaluating murder cases, why would the suspect murder somebody and here is no motive to kill anybody? there is no financial gain here. >> every day people get angry and despondont .
10:25 am
>> why would she risk killing herself. >> murder/suicide. >> and let's talk about that, then. was there a mechanical malfunction and head grabbed by her sister and shaken that her foot hits the gas pedal and drives over the cliff. there is two plausible options that having nothing to do with knowingly or intentionally killing a sister. >> unless they never got along. you sort of agree with brian here, but again, i bring up murder/suicide. is there any conference killing somebody be and turning the gun on yourself. you pull the trigger and don't succeed? >> absent a confession by aliceon that she tried to commit a murder/suicide. there is no evidence to suggest that.
10:26 am
second-degree murder is the intensional killing of a person. a charge of manslaughter would be be better suited. you have two siblings fighting in a car. siblings do fight. i hate to break it to you. when someone is tugging at someone's hair it is not uncurveball to hit the brakes. >> it is second nature. when you are driving for a few years, you know where the brake is next to the acceleightor, come on. >> you are also attacked by somebody be in the driver's seat. we don't know whether ann grabbed the wheel? and i think the case is defensible. and i want to bring that up. there is an affirmative defense
10:27 am
in hawaii and murder is reduced to manslaughter if the defendant is under the influence of extreme mental or emotional disturbsance for which there is a reasonable explanation. it is the difference of life behind bars and doing 7- 10. >> what that is diminished capacity defense and means that aliceon did not knowingly or intentionally kill her sister because of a mental challenge or heat of passion as well. that is another defense to use. with that said, greg. i don't think they apply. it was a knee jerk reaction by the police. and they have no evidence of a homicide here and they made a quick premature charge. do we have any evidence of prior altercations tweep the sisters?
10:28 am
>> we hear that all of the time. and you know that. >> brian, udeke great to see is you. >> isis on the battlefield, is pushed out of the territory. the deadly attacks that isis is using in record numbers. with bernie sanders vowing to fight hillary clinton all the way to the nomination can president obama help bring them. >> this ad, sanders is carrying a positive message. and wants to change with a political revolution. >> all i want to hear is word philadelphia.
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help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >> we will continue to fight for every vote and delegate. >> bernie sanders refusing to suseed. he vowed to soldier on in washington d.c. and swaying at the convention.
10:33 am
sanders said he will meet with president obama tomorrow and discuss the common goals. mea lacy and former senior spokesman and now the executive director of joefrjtown university institute of politics and public policy. our segment is over. nice to have you see ya. >> good to be with you. >> sanders is giving mixed signals. does he mean he will concede or will he not concede. and if it is the former, maybe he will go to the convention and try to get his agenda on the platform even though that is meaningless in any convention. >> i suspect is sanders' goal is to make sure folks are putting his issues front and center. and hoping that income inequality and things will be
10:34 am
what democrats focus on and hang nothing there because of the whole fbi issue is hanging over hillary clinton's head. >> fbi primary. >> and i think he's wondering would the super delegates that something is so flawed they will throw it to him. i think it is unlikely but may be part of his calculation. >> long ago, clinton's campaign suggested that the nomination would be be secured in march and went to the last primary in june. does this demonstrate she is a weak candidate? >> she is. bernie sanders did something extraordinary. he put together a movement and went for three percent in the polls to making hillary clinton take longer than donald trump took to wrap up his nomination. that is extraordinary. >> mo, sanders is meeting
10:35 am
tomorrow with president obama and he's a statesman of the party and leader of the democrats and will he pressure sanders in giving a full throated endorsement to hillary clinton? >> i don't think anyone will pressure him. he will do it on his own time and earned the right to do that. i was on the other side of the equation when i worked for hillary clinton and the math worked against us. we had late wins and we kept going until the last vote was cast because we wanted to make sure supporters had a chance to cast a vote for her. there is one more contest, dc, he earned the right to stay in. and after that he will have to decide on his own terms if he wants to it continue the attempt. super delegates in the history of the democratic will not go
10:36 am
against the whale. >> going to the convention and convince the rules committee to allow the pledged members to be unpledged. >> hillary clinton's go in a strong convention. she won the majority of the pledged delegates and going in with a bigger lead than barak obama had over her eight years ago. only a fractions of sanders' in polling say they would not consider voting for her and every day they are moving toward her. she's coming in from a position of strength. he's earned the right to innewence the dialogue but not the nominee. >> donald trump made appeal to sanders supporters to support him. what is the likelihood of that? >> it is not particularly likely. donald trump likes to it talk
10:37 am
about that. it is true that sanders and donald trump supporters thinks that the system is rigged and needs to be fixed. but they have different prescriptions of fixing the broken system. they are just mad and not idea lodgeal they would cross oaf. but most democratic voters will come home to their own party. independent voters do, that is an open question. but the sanders/trump cross over once we get in november is small. >> there are reports that president obama is itching to get on the campaign trail and he loves campaigning and he wants to go after donald trump. and no one has a bigger megaphone in the united states in the free world. you listen. and his ratings are no longer under water. could he do damage to donald
10:38 am
trump? >> look, i think he can serve two purposes. one go out there and draw a contrast with donald trump and his entire approach and that could be hurtful to donald trump. but secondly he can sell his own legacy and solidify that grouped for hillary clinton. >> it is already starting to work. >> it is not just personal. >> his own legacy. >> well, no, don't get me wrong. it is about the approach that we have taken in the past years as a nation and do you want to reverse that. donald trump is saying america is not great. but he can make the case of why we are better off. >> thank you. >> new information on the battle to retake fallujah from isis' control. an iraqi commander confirming his troops are moving
10:39 am
neighborhood by neighborhood and furbing in the last remaining strong hold for isis in iraq. we are learning that the terrorist are staging suicide attacks in record numbers. catherine herridge has more in dc. disturbing details. >> reporter: yes, a new analysis shows isis' suicide attacks in iraq and syria reached an all- time despite the special forces campaign and bombing. isis had 119 attacks against the iraqi army and shia militia targets that is a record number of 500 including the bomb nothing baghdad may 30th. where 20 were killed and 50 injured in three bombings and three suicide attacks as iraqi forces and shiite militias push.
10:40 am
and the annual state department terrorism report said isis has not enjoyed major battlefield successes. but coordinated attack like the airport and suicide attacks show they will use it outside of iraq and syria isis has operations in 20 countries. the state department conceded that isis has expanded its reach. >> they have in some places, yes n. a couple of different ways, one by inserting operatives in other theaters and libya and they are coming out of iraq and syria and seek to associate with radicalized groups in libya. >> reporter: this may reflect a loss of territory. analyst told fox that the data
10:41 am
shows a widespread depth of radicalization we have not seen. >> that is really scary stuff. catherine, thank you for that report. fox business alert. department of labor announced jobs rose 2.5. highest number since 2000. hiring is slipping for the second straight month. experts say there could be hiring delays because of concerns about economic growth other reasons is lack of candidates and employers who are not offering enough pay. >> donald trump sounding more presidential last night in the the final victory speech in the primary season. is it enough to unite the republican party. >> you have given me the honor to lead the republican party to victory this fall. i will make you proud of the party and movement. ople
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donald trump delivering a rare victory using a teleprompter. it came after heavy criticism from leading republicans over the comments about the federal judge in the trump university lawsuit. trump lashed out and last night was more subdued. >> you have given me the honor to lead the republican party to victory this fall. we are going to do it, folks, we are going to do. it i understand the responsibility of carrying the mantel and i will never, ever let you down. to which work and people and blood, sweat and tears, i will make you proud of your party and our movement and that's what it is, a movement. >> this just in.
10:46 am
new details about a meeting with house speaker paul ryan and other top republicans. speaker ryan told colleagues he feels comfortable will support the gop agenda in the house and stopped short of urging them to rally behind the presumptive nominee. we have the author of paper daily 202 news letter. and susan is the chief correspondent for the washington examiner. james, i feel like we have been in the moment before. here we go. he's following the prompter and he's staying calm and reince priebus, will it haft this time? >> no, i don't think it will. i don't think donald trump can change. we'll see. fifth time he's spoken from a teleprompter and it is come
10:47 am
after a establishment expressed alarm about his self disprin. and he talked abouteral. and got rave reviews and was back to you know, trump being trump, the very next day. and i think that is the question. a lot of people like paul ryan would love trump to talk from a teleprompter. and if you put him on truth serum. he would say i tell it like it is. and when you listen to the clip. it sounds like a conventional politician talking and that's not what trump's appeal is about. >> to the flip side of that, susan. republicans have to be looking at this and saying, no one has ever made the clinton stuff stick to clinton ones, the way it is on the pollitized like
10:48 am
before them. anything they have seemed to have done they get away and doesn't hurt them politically and maybe be he can make it stick as bombastic as it is. and would that be enough to make republicans to feel better about the rest of the stuff they get frustrated for. >> i think the republican establishment understands the up side of trump's personality. he is willing to take the gloves off and take on hillary clinton in the ways mitt romney was not and mccain was not. and that is a plus and that's what the republicans on capitol hill tell me. trump is different and why he is making mistakes and not a politician and he says what he thinks. and the problem with that is, he steers the party off course so much he's scaring away people who se support he needs to get
10:49 am
republican base to come out and vote for him. republicans are sending him a strong signal to tone it down and stay on course. but as james said he got message last night. but whether that will continue is anybody's guess. he tends to veer off course. >> we have seen the down side to this type of personality and the fallout about the comments of the judge and another thing we are talking about. he wants to make the convention watchable and efrnt taining and less boring. which could prove beneficial. you have a huge party on television and get people fired up that is a big plus. >> yes, the conventional will be an interesting dynamic. even rob portman senator from
10:50 am
ohio is acting like he will not be there. bushes not. >> romney not there. and so it is trump taking over his coronation and he is the standard bearer of the republican party now. and at one point, he the standae republican party now. at one point he talked about speaking every single night of the convention. usually the nominee speaks on the very last night of the convention. it will be fun to watch. >> i'm so sorry, susan, you get another comment next time. we got to go. donald trump saying that he will compete in democratic strongholds like california and new york, while some democrats say, come november, one traditionally red state will look as sweet as a peach to them. ♪ i said georgia ♪ georgia ♪
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hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. what is the trump team strategy now to actually try and win in november? we'll show you some very real possibilities who trump can turn several blue states red and how the team plans to do that. plus, could we be looking at a two-woman ticket on the dems' side? and is bernie on hillary's short list? hillary was asked those very questions and we'll tell you what she said. and a yoga instructor accused of killing her twin sister after driving a car they were both in off a cliff in hawaii. that's all moments from now on "the real story." donald trump looking to turn blue states red come november but according to analysts, one state that may be heading in the opposite direction is georgia. hi, peter.
10:55 am
>> reporter: hi. we visited the democratic party headquarters here in atlanta earlier in the week and were really surprised to see that it was filled with very experienced operatives who just got to town from more traditional battleground states like ohio and north carolina, and came here because they really think they can make georgia a swing state this time, even though the last time it gave its 16 electoral votes to a democrat in a presidential election was 1992. the main reason for democratic optimism right mao is a massive change in demographics. the number of latino voters here tripled just between 2004 and 2012. >> it's the perfect storm. georgia has been trending with its demographics to becoming a stronger minor/majority state. we do have a lot of active young people here and young people tend to be a little bit more hopeful for our future and more accepting of other people in general than trump appears to be. >> but experts say democrats may be getting ahead of themselves
10:56 am
because there is no evidence to show that ul of georgia's new residents are registering to vote right away. >> when you're bringing in new voters into the system, especially young latinos who were born here in georgia who are coming of age, they're going to hit their high voting propensity years in their 30s, not in their late teens and early 20s. and so as a result -- i think you have to wait a few years before we see the demographic changes really benefit the democratic party in the way that they want it to. >> reporter: republicans strategists in georgia say they think they've got until some time in the 2020s before this reliably red state does in fact go blue. >> peter doocy in atlanta, thanks. animal herders testing a new hi tech solution for driving safely on highways where wild deer are left, right and center. [ stuck in the middle with ♪
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so the final 30 takes us to
11:00 am
finland where they're testing a new app to alert drivers of reindeer in an effort to cut down on accidents. >> who knew about 4,000 reindeer are fatally struck every year. they're testing those well with the app. it will be available on smartphones later this year. that's good. >> what will they think of next? thanksoining us. >> "the real story" starts now. kicking it off with an alert for you today. bernie sanders has boarded his plane. i's on his way to go back to vermont. what is next for the green mountain state senator? hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story" for a wednesday. democratic party still divided after hillary clinton claims victory last night because bernie's not backing down. mrs. clinton picking up delegates to lay claim to the party nomination at the convention in july along with a big first for women in this country. senator sanders insists they haven't seen the last of him. >> thanks to you, we've reached a


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