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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 9, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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this chance. >> another wrote, this does not affect me. congratulations young lady! i will gladly pay my taxes to help others. good morning, it is june 9. i'm ainsley aerhardt. we are live in tel aviv with four dead after terrorists open fire. and we are live at the white house. will bernie sanders will convinced by the commander in chief to drop out? we'll tell you what we know. and carrie underwood and country's music biggest stars under the same roof for the cmt awards. so why did pitbull go?
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that is so country. there is outremain now from the country music awards with pitbull showing up with scantily clad women. >> maybe they are wearing boots. >> no, no boots. >> oh, cowboy boots. nope. >> let me just tell you, mornings are better with friends. we've got a wide-ranging program today including a whole bunch of stuff about the cmts. what was pitbull doing there? we have a beautiful story about a mother who was told by her doctor to have an abortion. she's going to be joining us today. >> that precious little girl, yeah. but first we begin with the fox news alert, brand new chilling video of terrorists filled with hate opening fire inside a crowded market in israel. >> look at that, the palestinian gunmen posing as orthodox jews
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kill four people at point-blank range. and there's action on both sides, colin powell is live outside the tel aviv market. conner, what can you tell us now? >> reporter: good morning, brian. amazingly, this attack happened just a little more than 12 hours ago. but the market here is already open. people are enjoying this as they were last night, which says a lot about how resilient tel aviv is in terms of the attacks. now the israeli police have both attackers in custody and say their names are khalid and mohommad from a small town that has long had a very dense relationship between palestinians and israelis. a hotbed of extremism. last night the israeli police say two men came to this market in tel aviv, sat down, ordered and then began to open fire. israeli police don't have much of a record on the two individuals. but there is a lot of speculation that they did have
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some outside help. have a listen. >> this attack shows every sign of having been planned by a central terrorist organization. you know that from the way the terrorists were dressed and the weaponenry they were carrying. >> reporter: now hamas is not taking credit but did praise the attack. and one of the difficulties here israelis officials have had in terms of trying to figure out who helped and who planned this is that a lot of these attacks that we have seen the last nine months or so are what they describe as lone wolf attacks. this one seems slightly different with the two individuals from the palestinian west bank getting through check points and getting their hands on the weapons. but hamas said they have nothing to do with it while praising the group. now, in response to last night's attack, israel revoked 83,000 permits for palestinians to visit the holy city of jerusalem during ramadan. it's not clear how long that will last but that seems to be
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the first of what will be security measures taken by israelis during the first few days, brian. >> thank you, conor. it's unbelievable they have put that place together and people are eating again. conor powell, thank you so much. >> police in tel aviv wanted to close the market down in april because of security concerns. it's just one big soft target. >> one of our producers, lauren, was talking in our ear before we came on camera telling us her family lives in israel and tel aviv and was calling them last night to make sure they are okay. they are all okay but cannot believe this is happening because they go there often. this is a very popular area, a new area just built recently. and max brenner, we have a restaurant here with great food, well-known for their hot chocolate. and today there's going to be a meeting that bernie sanders requested a the white house one-on-one, the president with the upstar candidate.
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at 74 years old, he's at the zenith of his career. will he close that chapter and say i had a great run? or will he keep the door open? >> a lot of people are going, he lost to hillary clinton, so what could bernie, sort of leverage could bernie sanders have? there's a story circulating that at this meeting he may ask the parent to dump debbie wasserman schultz. a number of democrats don't see how she gets through the convention. it's been suggesting that a congressman from hawaii will take the position at the dnc chair. nevertheless, the president of the united states was across the street at 30 rock yesterday and taped a "jimmy fallon." the entire interview runs tonight. what is curious is he takes a shot at donald trump who starred in "the apprentice." listen to the end of the sound byte.
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>> is bernie going to endorse hillary? >> i'm sure they are going to have a conversation. >> is he going to drop out or stay in to talk to him tomorrow, he's coming to the white house. the main role i'm going to be playing in this process is to remind the american people that this is a serious job. you know, this is not reality tv. >> right, very serious job. >> taking a slam at donald trump there with the reality tv comment. i think he's going to be trying to convince bernie today to get out of the race. because liberal media if you read it are all trying to convince him to get out of the race, going after him now. >> that's the reality of that. >> but the one thing about the president is he's taking this job a little differently than most where he does every single talk show, which can be a slice of reality show. and he does a lot of things, for example, than other presidents do. for example, in 2012 remember the president's slow jam with swimmy fallon? that's the type of entertaining
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thing that donald trump couldn't do? >> apparently the president taped another slow jam. remember what this sounded like? listen. >> that means person on top -- what is it? >> it stands for president of the united states. >> they did do another slow jam in the news. however, they would not reveal -- they don't want the word to leak out what the topic was. >> but the photographer was posting pictures of them on instagram. >> but the point is, there is jimmy fallon. >> he goes on every single talk show, "ellen," and "the view," more than barbara walters did, you are trying to teach a lesson to donald trump this is not fun and games. but for 7 1/2 years, it's been
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fun and games and golf. >> tell us what you think about it. write us at hillary clinton has finally secured the number of delegates when you factor in the superdelegates to vote at the convention, she has enough to be the nominee for democrats. she did a series of interviews with all of the people. she actually sat down for a rare interview with bret baier by satellite. she was at her location and bret was in abilene, kansas. over at cbs, she was asked about her unfavorable numbers and she had this to say about that. she doesn't take any responsibility for it. >> it is possible that your biggest obstacle is not your opponent but yourself. 52% of the american people who participated in the cbs news poll have an unfavorable opinion of you. that's the highest negative impression of anyone ever nominated by the democratic party since we started asking
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that question in 1984. do you bare responsibility for that? >> oh, i think i do. when serving as secretary of state i had an approval of 66%. i think it is fair to ask what happened? and tens of millions of dollars of negative advertising and coverage that has been set my way. i understand that and i know it's up to me to take the base i built and expanded by reaching to it to senator sanders' supporters and many others across the count industry, including republicans and independents. >> she blames it on negative advertising. to her credit she does where they don't have negatives like this personally. so it is up to her, number one,
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to try to turn that around. >> can she do that by doing the one-on-one interviews? yesterday she did four newspapers and five sit-downs at tv stations including bret. the question is, will she get many real questions? remember when she went up to her press conferences and got eight of the easier questions i've ever heard two days ago. >> she got questions by bret baier, you have seven or eight minutes with mrs. clinton. the headline out of that is the interview with fox news. she said there's zero chance the fbi investigation is going to be a problem for her as she marches on to the president i. >> whether or not she gets indicted, we don't know. however, the mcia name may have gotten out with her e-mails.
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stay tuned for that. you look great today. >> very good. >> thank you, brian. good morning to all of you. i have news to bring to you. brand new arrests this morning from violence outside a trump rally. remember when the woman was hit in the face by an egg by an angry group of protesters? three teenagers have been arrested and charged with assault and a deadly weapon. a fourth person seen here is wanted by police. keep an eye out for that guy. a crucial trial starts later today for the baltimore police officer driving that van when freddie gray suffered the deadly spinal injury. officer caesar is the only one out of six officers charged with murder. two other officers edward nero
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and the other officer are off the hook. and a murder charge is dropped. the yoga instructor is accused of ripping off employees before skipping town and filing for bankruptcy. and country music's biggest star in nashville for the cmt awards. keith urban kicking off that show. then carrie underwood stealing the show with her performance of "church bells." ♪ you can hear those church bells ringing ♪
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>> she took home the award for female video of the year and performance of the year. tim mcgraw getting overall video of the year with his song "humble and kind." and there was outrage last night if you watched the show. a lot of folks say on social media there was not enough country music. this after a performance by pitbull and fifth harmony. watch. rz. >> performing last night at the country music awards, a lot of people are upset about it. what do you think? e-mail us. >> a lot of bull or a lot of pitbull. you have to weigh in. all right. 13 minutes after the hour, coming up, we just told you about that violence at a trump rally in california. but get this, one blogger is calling for more violence. wait until you hear this one. and this woman once in charge of the scandal plaguing the phoenix v.a. could soon get
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or you want to know how many calories you burned. when you're doing this. or this. or this. or this. which means, you should probably wear this. beat yesterday with vivoactive hr. from garmin. all right. this type of violence by supporters is justified? this is according to a huffpo
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writer. violent resistance accomplishes this, but how can anyone on the left or the right justify that type of violence? and we continue to see it. so here to weigh in is conservative talk show host and psychologist and behavioral expert dr. jeana loudoun. you know about a movement known as the tea party. you see this violence happening, especially last week, what are you thinking? >> i'm thinking that it's a scary pivot. and i think that voters especially should take note. it's a scary pivot, brian, we have gone from a place where guessive leftists used to talk about equality that didn't work and have shifted to violence over just civil discourse which is how we in american traditionally handle our problem. >> right. for example, here's what the op-ed at the huffington post
3:19 am
says. violence that takes place at trump rallies and the blame should land primarily on his shoulders. really? >> well, it's interesting, he uses the excuse, this blogger does, that this group, that donald trump and his supporters are fashionist. i think that is really interesting because the definition of fascism is a political system where government-controlled business and labor and opposition is not committed. under this regime of obama with hillary's help, we all know, we have seen unprecedented growth in the size of government. just look at our $19 trillion debt. and hillary wants to expand the size of government control over businesses even further. what she's advocating for is actually more closely in line for the definition of fascism than anything donald trump or his supporters are advocating. >> a lot of these people causing the havoc are the sanders
3:20 am
supporters. is it something about socialism? >> i do think there's a collectivist mentality very dangerous to cause people to follow like lemmings. when hillary makes some suggestion that donald trump is going to be a dictator of some kind, then they rationalize in their behind behaving this way, mind behaving this way. >> let's have rallies and stop the violence. dr. gina loudon, thank you very much. >> thank you, brian. coming up straight ahead, we change gears. she's getting a full ride to the university of texas. good news, right? not everyone thinks so because she's in this country illegally and bragging about it. and actor chris chr christofferson was battling alzheimer's for years except he didn't have alzheimer's. we'll explain.
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♪ "dinner!" "may i be excused?" get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. all right. time for stories making headlines on this thursday morning. three more v.a. officials apparently fired from the phoenix clinic in the aftermath of the federal investigation into those long wait lines and poor care. blanch robertson, brad curry and dan deery were fired for failing to provide correct oversight. and if members aren't promoted in a certain amount of time, they have to leave.
3:25 am
it's called the up or out rule. they want to keep more i.t. specialists on the job. and in just a few hours, the u.s. will launch a spy satellite into space. the top secret mission, blastoff this afternoon from cape canaveral down in florida. the rocket is standing 236 feet tall. it's the most powerful many the world. rumor is it is an eavesdropping satellite to support our national defense. so i guess it is not a big secret anymore. and a shocking misdiagnosis. chris kristofferson was told he had dementia or memory loss, but it turns out it was a condition due to lyme disease. so memory loss, he was told alzheimer's. and it is just lyme disease which is treatable. >> yeah. you know, the thing about lyme
3:26 am
disease is it can slip by you and you cannot know you have it, especially if you live in the east or the west, minnesota, wisconsin, those areas. because the truth is, if you only get a characteristic rash 60% of the time, the bull's-eye rash, the red rash, 60% of the time, it can also be in an area of the body you're not looking for it. it can be in your scalp, under your arms, so the problem is it can be easily missed. what else can you have with lyme disease? fatigue, tingling, joint aches, memory loss and you can have the inability to think clearly, ainsley. so it is not impossible to simply just lose your memory and it could be lyme disease. those are later stages. but again, you could miss the rash and go untreated and say, why am i so tired? why do i have the tingling? what are the joint aches? it could be lyme disease. >> how do you find out? >> first thing, if you are in an area with ticks, get deer
3:27 am
fencing. number one, look for ticks on the children. get in the shower and feel for tiny bumps. they are the size of a point of a pep sincil. but then they expand. if you are taking a tick out, use a tweezer. get the whole thing out. if you don't, you can get lyme disease that way. and see your physician, get the tick checked. get your blood tested but it doesn't turn positive right away. so you know what i do, ainsley? i overtreat. if they are in an area with lyme disease, i will give antibiotics for preventive. strongly since there's so much lyme disease right now. >> just one antibiotic can prevent it. or if you have bitten by the tick, go to your doctor? >> go to the doctor. for most people, they would get the antibiotic. ask your doctor and say, look, test me, i don't know or i had a tick bite. if you can get -- save the tick,
3:28 am
bring it in. but you have to spray and use the deer fencing. you've got to wear long-sleeve clothing and use insect repellant with deet and check your children. because with children, it may just be why, why is my child more lethargic or fatigued? long-term effects are horrible but this is treatable. coming up, she's getting a full ride to the university of texas. good news, right? not empathies so because she's in this country illegally and is bragging about it. and what tastes better on the grill, chicken parts or the whole chicken? we're going to change the way that you think about barbecue this morning and save you some money at the same time. which is always good. but first, more from the cmt awards. here is carrie underwood.
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the padres asked him to throw out the first pitch of the game and it went just about exactly how you might expect it went. >> snoop dogg through out the ceremonial first pitch. and -- this is our cricket wireless -- >> miles per hour marijuana is not a performance enhancing job. >> i have watched him play
3:33 am
football, he's pretty good. maybe baseball is just not his thing. >> look at that. >> he goes way to the left. >> brian and i have both thrown out the first pitch at mets. it is an intimidating thing. but you really can't care. >> how did you do? >> it did not bounce. it was about there, so that is a strike. >> i think i did good. >> i would be so nervous. >> i do remember the catcher jumping after it. >> how did you do in that situation? >> i did it once a long time ago
3:34 am
but can't remember hold up i did. ainsley, let's have you do it. >> absolutely. not. >> our sons did much better than we did. >> because they are younger. all right. tell us about the news. >> good morning. good morning to all of you. 34 minutes after the hour. we'll start with a serious story. that horrifying kidnapped attempt caught on camera. a mother trying to wrestle her daughter away from a crazed kidnapper that unfolded at a dollar store in florida. and this morning we're hearing from the off-duty officer who helped stop the man from getting away. listen. >> it's sad that we have people like that in society. and i'm glad that it worked out the way that it did. because like the sheriff said, who knows what he would have done later on in the day or a week from now. >> no kidding. well, that suspect seen here is facing kidnapping and child
3:35 am
abuse charges. they were released from gitmo and went on to kill americans overseas. the defense department now admitting that a dozen former gitmo employees have launched attacks against the allied forces in afghanistan since let go from gitmo. the obama administration said this is classified and they are not commenting. we'll bring you more as we get it. she gradual waited at the top of her class but people are furious. why is that? because she's in the united states illegally and she's bragging about it. here's her tweet, quote, valedictorian, 4.5 gpa, full tuition paid for at u.t., 13 cords/medals, nice legs and oh, i'm undocumented. students can get in-state tuition. she since deleted her tweet and account because she's tired of
3:36 am
hearing about it. and a little boy breaking into his neighbor's garage over and over again just to play with their dog. the louisiana homeowner recently caught the kid on surveillance video and shared it on facebook to try to figure out who the kid was that kept entering the property. well, she wasn't mad. she was mad but she eventually told him he could come over whenever he wanted. nearly a million views coming in. and she later discovered that the 9-year-old boy's dog had recently died and he had been missing his companion. that's why he was going to her house to hug that dog. what a sweet little guy. outside to maria melina with a look at our weather. >> it looks beautiful across the eastern u.s. we are finally tracking quieter weather. the exception is across parts of south florida where showers are lingering early this morning. heading westward, we have activity across parts of the rockies with some showers. then later on some thunderstorms will be possible, especially
3:37 am
across the northern parts of that region. quickly taking a look at the temperatures, it is going to be warm out there across the plains. already mild this morning with temperatures in the 70s. and they should be climbing into the 90s even into parts of the dakotas. so a widespread section of the country already feeling like summer. now let's head to steve, ainsley and ryan. all right. thank you very much. >> it is grilling season, so exciting, summer is here and we have the tips to help you reduce your budget, which sounds nice while maximizing the flavor. >> the author of the brand new book "the every day meat guide" is joining us right now, ray, welcome back. >> good morning, how is everybody? >> good. you want us to maximize our meat. >> that's right. knowing all the cuts and everything is good but there are things you need to know about the meat. the more you cut a piece of meat, the more flavor it luoses. >> naturally. we'll start over here. >> chicken parts. the small parts, instead of the small parts utilize the whole
3:38 am
chicken. start by carving your turkey, just open up the legs, pop that out. it's this simple. turn it over. you put your knife in, and it will go right through, you cut the back off. >> that's a heck of a knife. >> this is very -- it won't go through bone only the cartilage. this comes out. i have this in the book with illustrations. then you just take this and pop that bone. take your knife, run it along the edges. put your hand in, pull it out. >> look at that. >> you're pulling it off the bone but that way you can cook the whole chicken. >> now what you're going to do is cook this whole chicken butterflied on the grill, okay? so it will stay plumper, hold more flavor and it will simply come apart when you're done. the best thing is to do your whole breast the same way, pop it out and have a butterfly with
3:39 am
a whole skin. >> honey, the torso is ready. >> country spare ribs. go to the store and ask for the rib-end pork chops is what they are, inch and a half. simply put them on top of each other. put your knife through the middle of the meat. that's how you make country style spare ribs. by cutting that fresh it will have more flavor. >> so for country style spare ribs. >> next are the burgers. >> originally this started my flavor profile. now it is dictated by fat content. so you don't have the same taste. it is bland. better to do for the classic burger taste, get a boneless chuck roast. once you get that, you want to make handmade burgers. because grinding is very tough on the meat and takes a lot of moisture out. >> what do you grind it with? >> well, you have it ground in the story. >> okay.
3:40 am
i had no idea. >> that will take a lot of flavor out. put it in the patty machine and press it, there's no flavor. you simply get it ground, take your meat and just -- without touching it too much, just form a loaf, a little bit, the diameter that you are looking for in your burger. take the foal and roll it around to the other side. take the ends, twist them the opposite ways, and that will tighten it just enough to make your burger. now, with a simple kitchen knife. this also stays nice and cold in the cooler so you don't have to freeze it ahead. just cut the fool off, take that meat, put it on the end. now you can cut a burger any size you want. you have a bigger one, just simply cut through and there it is. now you have just made a perfect not overly sweet burger that will taste a lot more flavor.
3:41 am
>> this is in "the every day meat guide." thank you, ray. >> good stuff. i'm starving now. coming up on this thursday, president obama could open divorce hillary clinton any moment. but wouldn't that be a conflict of interest for the administration because they are supposedly investigating her e-mail scandal. judge napolitano on this. >> he broke the story last night. and how do you make your love life great again. we'll tell you next. >> dating donald style. but more from the cmt awards. here's billy ray cyrus and "cheap trick." >> that makes sense. ♪ ♪ what backache?
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some quick headlines now, more than a year after calling off their wedding, look at that, bristol palin and dakota meyer are officially married. the couple has a 5-month-old daughter together and right now the newlyweds are on their honeymoon. congratulations. and they fell in love, but if you are a donald trump supporter still looking for love, a new website is hooking you up. and it is free. is making dating great again by helping match you with another die-hard trump fan. so far, 50 si0 singles have sig up. >> reaction is huge! thank you very much. hillary clinton just clenched her party's nomination a couple nights ago but the investigation into her private e-mail server is still ongoing. in april president obama told fox news that she would get no special treatment from the federal government. >> i guarantee that there is no
3:46 am
political influence in any investigation conducted by the justice department or the fbi. not just in this case but in any case. period. >> and she will be treated no differently. >> guaranteed full stop, nobody gets treated when it comes to the justice department. >> reports suggest that president obama may pubically endorse hillary clinton for president the next couple of days after he sits down with bernie sanders. so where does that leave the fbi director james coomey and loretta lynch? we'll talk to senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. judge, this does put the whole situation in a curious state because you've got the president of the united states, the chief law enforcement officer for the u.s., and yet he's got his arm around hillary saying, you know what? we need to elect her president of the united states. what does that same to coomey
3:47 am
and lynch? >> it not only says to coomey and lynch, i know you're investigating somebody but i really want her to succeed me. and it says the same thing to the fbi agents in the field. you're talking about hundreds of human beings, federal prosecutors, fbi agents, investigators, clerks, researchers and thousands of person hours investigating mrs. clinton on two fronts. the e-mail scandal potential espionage, the failure to keep safe secrets that have been put in your hands and public corruption, making decisions that secretary of states hillary clinton benefited her husband. he's not saying, stop investigating her and we're not going to present this to a grand jury, but how can we continue with this investigation knowing that our boss wants this person who is the target of the
3:48 am
investigation to succeed him? that is called a conflict. >> no kidding. you had hillary clinton talking by satellite last night with bret baier on "special report." and she said regarding the e-mail investigation, zero chance she's going to be indicted because the rules were unclear. that is not true. >> that is absolutely not true for several reasons. on her second day in office, she signed a document, by the way, she told bret last night she didn't remember the document. well, we have all seen it. it's a public document. it followed a two-hour tutorial that two fbi agents gave her on the proper care and lawful requirements for handling state secrets. she said she doesn't remember the document. that document says what the rules are. and the rules are if the material is confidential secret or top secret, whether it is stamped confidential, secret or not, you have to keep it in a secure venue. second, the up specter general
3:49 am
of the state department, her state department, investigating her. that's the investigation she refused to cooperate with. that demonstrates she violated all the rules, rules that she enforced against other employees of the state department when she was running it. >> judge, she's a lawyer. she knows how it works and is also a politician trying to game the system. you have a suggestion, you think there should be a special prosecutor appointed by the president. good luck with that. >> well, good luck with it is right. the special prosecutor would be appointed by the attorney general. the interesting thing with -- >> good luck with that! >> that person would be subject to the fbi director, the attorney general, the white house or public opinion, that person would have their own budget, their own fbi agents and could do what they thought was right, but finding the right person, good luck. the president's conflicts are unbelievable. i'm going to give you another one. some of the top secret information found on mrs. clinton's server was e-mailed to
3:50 am
her by president obama. so he himself participate in taking state secrets and putting it in the non-secure venue. might he be secrets and put it in the nonsecure venue. might he have to be the witness in this case against her and might that influence the decision for her to be indicted? >> well, he wants her to be president so let's see what happens. thank you, judge napolitano. what do you think of that? e-mail us at you won't hear this on mainstream media, a hispanic attacked at a trump rally. >> i had a friend with her glasses ripped off. someone that was standing at the police, she said, so why didn't you -- why aren't you doing anything? and the officer said we were told to have a stand down by the police chief and mayor. >> told to have a stand down. that as a left-leaning columnist says the violence is justified. and packing the car for a long trip could be like solving
3:51 am
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oh, trips. >> all right, steve, you don't know how to all that stuff -- you always pack too much stuff. steve, how do you fit it into your car for the summer road trips? >> well, we have the pack hacks to save you space. as we continue our series. >> joining us right now is lori wing and a mom as well. you're in charge. what advice can you give us? >> first we have the customized
3:55 am
bag. >> life that. >> you mean -- that's for ainsley? >> unbelievable. >> the company did one for you too, brian. >> it's on the ground. >> my girls -- my kids lost out to my dog. [ laughter ] >> that's $149. >> what's the name of the company? >> myfly luggage. and eagle creek, they have packing space for organizing. it's a space saver. >> wonderful. >> a great idea. >> all right. what about these collectible boxes? >> then this is by laura ashley. it's online only, collapsible. you can put all your stuff in there. >> you don't have soccer balls floating around the car. put it all in there. this fits nicely. >> all right. >> this is finders keepers. but what it does is it's a key chain. your key goes on the end. >> that's great. >> oh, nice.
3:56 am
>> so you don't have to dig in your bag for your keys. >> you just need one per bag. >> take it out of your purse. >> you don't have to dig for your keys again. put them on backpacks too. >> and over here -- >> i have my lean-to ready. >> these are great. you know how the cotton towels are big and bulky. this is folds -- it's the size -- >> it's cute. >> it has snaps up and down. not only can you see that, but look at this, steve. >> no more struggle. there you go. >> you can put that -- >> finally. >> flip it over. >> this is the june in may beach canopy. only seven pounds. and it's water proof. >> terrific. >> typically you don't use the sandbag, it goes in the sand. >> oh, "fox & friends" later on -- thank you, lori, thank you. coming up, katie couric's
3:57 am
reputation under fire for deceptive editing on a gun rights documentary, but now we're learning this play not be the first time this has what -- this may not be the first time this happened. what would we believe? what should we believe? >> i believe this is yours, steve doocy. >> what would be your first clue? the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue.
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4:01 am
>> a stand down? that is a left-leaning columnist says, the violence at the rallies, justified. and this just in. breaking news. it's about millennials. it's shocking. apparently, they don't like doing anything and they're -- and they're doing exactly that. nothing. a new study reveals. we'll explain because your mornings are better with "friends." relax. ♪ saluting a hero this week. we bid farewell to bretagne, the last 9/11 search and rescue k-9. today we'll celebrate the other k-9 heroes as well. they're in our green room. we have the dogs and their handlers who are doing a wonderful service for the united states. we'll salute them and remember
4:02 am
bretagne. >> we do remember bretagne helped to save and find some of the bodies after 9/11. and when you watched her walk, they euthanized her, they were walking through the firefighters that were saluting her. i couldn't help but get tears in my eyes. >> sad. only reason those dogs get on the couch is because they do extraordinary things. normally dogs don't get couch treatment. meanwhile, what's happening today at the white house. bernie sanders at his request will meet with the president of the united states. >> in which room would that be in? >> right -- the window on -- excuse me on the right, right? you walk -- >> far right? >> far right. they'll be meeting in the west wing. >> you don't see that. >> yeah. what's going to be the format of talks? after all, the last time they spoke on the phone, the president and bernie sanders, 30 minutes. it doesn't seem like anything was resolved. bernie sanders said i have a rally tonight in washington, d.c., and i'm going all the way to philadelphia. what could president obama actually say today to change his
4:03 am
mind? >> drop out. go. go away. >> that might be good. >> they feel like he's doing more harm to the party and the party needs to unite. sound familiar? republican side. >> absolutely. >> so mrs. sanders who wanted bernie to go hard after hillary clinton, and she -- she hopped on our channel on business 2 and she was the one who ramped it up. he said some things in the final few days to indicate he thinks there's something going on with the clinton foundation. and some of these e-mails. >> well, brian, not just jane sanders but it's a lot of bernie sanders' supporters. they don't like hillary clinton. but nonetheless, the president will be on -- his full interview with jimmy fallon is tonight. they did release some clips. here's the ironic thing. listen to the president talking to the state of politics right now and how being president is really serious. it's not like, you know, what donald trump does. >> is bernie going to endorse hillary? >> well, i'm sure they're going
4:04 am
to have a conversation. >> is he ever going to drop out? [ laughter ] or he's going to stay in? >> well, i'm going to be talking to him tomorrow. he's coming to the white house. and the main role i'm going to be playing in this process is to remind the american people to -- this is a serious job. you know, this is not reality tv. >> he is so right. being president is so serious. >> exactly. >> the president would never do a tv show that was not serious. >> not possible. not possible. >> right? >> never. >> watch. >> a question, in 2013 you pardoned the turkey. what do you have planned for 2014? >> we'll probably pardon another turkey. we do that every thanksgiving. >> i have -- your first wife -- i mean -- >> first wife? do you know something i don't know?
4:05 am
>> he's right. it's a serious job. >> exactly. >> not reality tv. you cannot kid around. >> nope. >> with that job. >> nope. >> that is great. >> keeping up the high standard. >> backstage with jimmy fallon last night, dancing after he made the comment about it being such a serious job. >> yeah. we asked you what you thought. troy e-mailed how can he, president obama, say a man who created thousands of jobs is not qualified? >> glenn writes if the president put the same energy into protecting the country as he has appearing on talk shows or playing golf, we would be a better place. and that's a quick look what's going on because the president also said he's worried about the republican party. i'm sure he's very concerned -- >> thank you very much for writing us. >> so much sense he's concerned. >> absolutely. because he doesn't like the way -- what they have done over the last 7 1/2 years. apparently he doesn't understand how an opposition party operates. >> right. >> all right. huffington post, they have a columnist by the name of jesse benn and what he did was essential defended the violence against the trump supporters.
4:06 am
writing in the face of media, politicians and gop primary voters normalizing trump as a presidential candidate whatever your personal beliefs regarding violent resistance, there's an inherent value in forestalling trump's normalization. violent resistance accomplishes that. >> wow. >> really? >> this is the same organization that took down the column that talked about how hillary will be indicted in matter of 40 minutes. this is the organization that feels it's not irresponsible to talk about the need to have violence at a trump rally. >> wow. then juan hernandez, a trump supporter, he was attacked at the san jose trump rally. he said that police were told to stand down. listen. >> i had a friend who had her glasses ripped off and she went and talked to the police and someone that was standing there, and she said, so why didn't you do anything? and the officer said we were told to have a stand down by the police chief and mayor. and i don't doubt that.
4:07 am
like i don't doubt she had reported that, she said that. because when we were walking around we saw that. we saw the cop just standing there. >> juan got his nose broken. he was walking and he got blindsided and he also said he's a republican. he said it was easier coming out as gay than as a trump supporter. >> wow. >> do you believe that? >> well, here's what i don't believe. you go into a rally, a peaceful rally. and then you come out -- >> you get punched. >> you get beat up. you expect the police to defend you. you know, if you're inside the rally and you're punching people, they have to deal with you that way. but for the people to be peaceful, to simply exercise their freedom of expression and going about and hearing what donald trump has to say and then go outside and get beat up and the cops don't do anything. because of political reasons? or whatever reason the top cop and the mayor think. that's nuts. >> well, how about the girl that got the eggs in her face, the security guards were holding the doors. they finally let her in. >> i heard on another channel
4:08 am
she had that coming. >> wow. >> because she was wearing a trump shirt. >> right. and by the way the cops know how to do this. i went to the huge event in nassau county, long island. and there were protesters but they put them to a separate place and guess what happened? the protesters got on television and the people who went to the rally got on television. both accomplished the goal, no one got their nose broken. >> you can have differing opinions. that's what america is all about, but the violence, that's never condoned. should never be condoned. >> right. what do you think about that? e-mail us. on this thursday and heather takes us first to israel. >> that's right. that's where there's a lot of violence certainly yesterday. we have new information about that. brand-new chilling video of the terrorists as they opened fire inside of a crowded market in tel aviv, leaving four people dead. the palestinian gunman dressed as orthodox jews in order to try
4:09 am
to disguise themselves and blend in. people are running for their lives. witnesses described the horror. listen. >> yeah. he had a rifle in his hand and he was shooting at people point blank sitting down. >> the gunmen are cousins and they're in custody. hamas praising the attack. the prime minister benjamin netanyahu calling it a savage crime. look at this right now, it's a live look outside that market in tel aviv. it's already been reopened. a testament to israel's resilience. well, back here at home, a high school guidance counselor who asked the judge to go easy on the stanford swimmer accused of sexual assault is changing her tune. kelly owens is apologizing for telling the judge that brock turner was undeserving of jail time. he'll spend six months behind bars after sexually assaulting a woman who was drunk and passed out behind a dumpster. we are hearing from the man who stepped in to stop that attack.
4:10 am
>> essentially we called the guy out. and after a while, after a brief like conversation, the guy decided to run. and my friend peter chase after him, then i quickly covered her. >> turner blaming his behavior on booze and what he call the college lifestyle. hillary clinton now doubling down saying her e-mail scandal will not be a problem in the general election. she sat down with our bret baier to talk about how she's dealing with the fbi investigation. >> has anybody from the fbi talked to you or your representatives? >> i know they have been interviewing a number of people and i have told people to cooperate. i'm looking forward to also participating. i have offered to do so since last august. but the fact is, nothing that i sent or received was marked classified and nothing has been demonstrated to contradict that. >> the foundation investigation, the fbi investigation, the e-mail, you're saying zero chance that this is a problem for you in this election? >> absolutely.
4:11 am
that's what i'm saying. that happens to be the truth. >> well, there you go. finally, country music's biggest stars under the roof for the cmt music awards. keith urban kicked it off and carrie underwood stole the show with an incredible performance of "church bells." take a look. ♪ ♪ singer, hear those church bells ringing ♪ >> great song. she took home awards for female video of the year and performance of the year. tim mcgraw's earned the night's biggest prize, video of the year. some fans were not happy with the show last night. saying there wasn't enough country music. and what on earth were pitbull and 5th harmony doing there? ♪ ♪ the way you lick your lips i like that ♪ ♪ act like a bad girl >> yaw, "bad girl", not much of a country show especially if
4:12 am
you're watching with your family. but we are getting a lot of e-mails on this, steve, brian and ainsley. >> thank you very much. martin says country will soon go the way rock went. trying to please everyone by having pit bull at the awards, it is ridiculous to have him at the country awards. >> you know the last time this was mixed was donnie and marie, a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll. jonathan says i haven't seen a good cmt show since the '90s. >> my wife and i changed the channel in the first ten minutes. one well known country musician performed. only one. >> most husbands and wives can't agree on what to watch so they watch in separate rooms. >> we watched it. my sister was there. >> was she? was she offended -- >> i didn't ask her. she's asleep right now. i don't think so. she's a school teacher in charleston, south carolina and one of the teachers gave her tickets. she was so excited. >> of course.
4:13 am
>> what do you think? e-mail us. >> okay. we have you very busy this morning. she's already under fire, accused of selectively editing an anti-gun documentary and another scandal for katie couric. you're going to hear from a man she interviewed who said he was made to look like an idiot on purpose. and what forced a flight attendant to snap on a passenger? can you say pasta? the story straight ahead. >> you're not giving me your name? what's your name, sir? shut up. don't talk to me again. >> sir, i'm just asking what your name is.
4:14 am
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now with lightweight spf 30. katie couric already under fire for deceptive editing of an interview with gun activists. in her new documentary "under the gun." making them look like they had blank stares and no answers to questions about background checks but newly leaked audiotapes tell a different story with activists actually providing answers. and it turns out this might not be the first time couric crossed the line. subjects from her 2014 documentary "fed up" now accusing couric of similar practices. one of those interview subjects is have david allison, the associate dean for science at
4:18 am
the university of alabama at birmingham. and the director of the nutrition obesity research center. he joins us today from alabama. good morning to you, doctor. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> okay. so this 2014 documentary that katie couric was behind called "fed up" it focused on obesity and the food industry. they asked you to be interviewed for it. why were they interested in your point of view? >> they had reached out to me before as they were planning the movie. and indicated to me that they were particularly interested in having a diversity of viewpoints. that they heard i had some views and some evidence that was not the same as some of the other people they had interviewed. and that they felt that some of the other people they had interviewed wither pushing very hard on a particular point of view. maybe stretching beyond the evidence. and they wanted me to come in and talk about and give my point of view around the issues of the scientific evidence. >> she sat down with you, and you were taped for 90 minutes. they wound up using just a fraction of it. and we're going to show folks
4:19 am
the clip of what wound up being shown to the public. >> one question you might ask if sugary beverages contribute more so than the other calories. that's a challenging question to ask. >> let me ask you that. do they? >> there are reasons to believe they might, but i don't think the evidence is quite clear. for example -- >> what would be the science behind that? >> well, the ideal study might be requiring people to -- excuse me, let me start again on that. let me get my thoughts together. >> okay. >> we know that sugar beverage consumption is producing diabetes. >> that's the clip after they taped 90 minutes. was she just out to make you look like an idiot? >> well, what her motivations were, you can speculate as well as i.
4:20 am
my best recollection is it was about a 90 minute interview. i wasn't as clever as the people in the other movie had actually taped it myself. at the beginning of the interview, ms. couric made it clear to me, which is the standard practice in taped interviews if something didn't out quite right. i needed to go back over something, stumble over the words, let us know and that's what i did. i should speak in terms that people who are not trained scientists would understand. when i got to that moment and she was interrupting me and asking me to convey the scientific evidence and what that would be, i wanted to carefully choose my words what a randomized control trial was. i waited, i gave a very clear answer after that pause. she denied the american public the opportunity to really hear the evidence and the ideas. >> right. sure. >> and showed only the pause. >> absolutely.
4:21 am
we'd love to have couric on if she wants to talk about it. thank you for your story. doctors told her she should abort her baby because she has down syndrome but her mother has other ideas. now her message to the doctor going viral for all the right reasons. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. oh, hi! ooh. hi! goodbye thick sunscreen. hi! [ nervously laughing ] hello coppertone clearly sheer. it provides beach level protection that's ultra light to let your skin breathe. coppertone clearly sheer. hello sunshine.
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4:24 am
yep, you can tell by the logos it's now time for your news by the numbers. first $1 million. that's how much worth of pot was found in the ceiling of a tractor-trailer coming across the u.s. border from mexico. the weed was disguised as a truck load of onions and shallots. 200, that's how many people showed up to the funeral of world war ii vet vine.
4:25 am
only four people were expected to attend until word spread about the service on social media. finally, 14.4 pounds. that's how much that newborn baby weighed. the baby from kansas quickly earning the nickname sumo wrestler baby. all right. >> i hope the mom had a c-section. all right, a mother's powerful message is going viral this morning. courtney baker's doctor suggested that she have an abortion because her baby had down syndrome. she refused and now that baby is 15 months old and she is beautiful. and mrs. baker wrote to that doctor saying this. quote, you were so very wrong to say a baby with down syndrome would decrease our quality of life. so my prayer is that no other mommy will have to go through what i did. my prayer is that you too will now see true beauty and pure love with every sonogram. courtney baker and her gorgeous
4:26 am
daughter emmy, 15 months old, they join us from orlando. thank you so much, courtney. >> hi. >> she's so sweet. we learned -- when we learned about the story we wanted to have you on. tell me what it was like when you were pregnant. what did the doctors say to you first of all? >> he said that he really thought we should consider our options and when we said that we knew we were going to keep her, you know, there were no options for us. so we were just -- we were going to keep her and he suggested we go talk to somebody and i'm -- i'm completely lost. i'm sorry. >> no, it's okay, because when he told you that news, were you fearful -- you have two healthy children. you had gone through this twice before. when you heard that news, how did you feel? >> i was -- you know, i just wanted --
4:27 am
i just wanted everyone to know -- >> were you scared? >> i was terrified. >> you went through those emotions? >> i'm so sorry. >> no, that's okay. courtney. we understand, listen we've got plenty of time to go through this. i wanted to run an excerpt. i want to find out why it was important for you to write these words to your doctor. this is what you wrote in the letter. i am so sad you were so very wrong that a baby with down syndrome would decrease our life and i'm heartbroken that you might have said that to a mommy, even today. but i'm mostly sad that you will never have the privilege of knowing my daughter emerson. why did you write that? >> i think that he needs to understand that the conception -- it's such a misconception there's no value in the life of a person with down syndrome. you know, she's changing the world and these babies are so precious and i want -- not just
4:28 am
all the doctors to know that, but all the mommies to know that that are pregnant right now who are in that -- making that decision. >> when they put her in your arms, what went through your mind? >> i was still a little afraid the first day. it was really -- the first night that i just absolutely fell in love with her. and, you know, it's been the best year of my life by far. she's brought so much joy to me. and to so many other people. >> i'm sure. what is her personality like? >> she's hilarious and she's smart and she's fun and we just -- we just -- all we do is just watch her. >> what about your daughters? what has she taught you and your daughters and your husband? >> she's really grown our faith, you know? i think she's grown us as people. my oldest daughter wants to work with special needs children. my little one wants to -- they
4:29 am
both want to adopt down syndrome children. it's grown us as a family and it's changed who they're going to be. it's changed the trajectory of their lives and they're proud of her and they're better people. we're better people because of her. >> she is such a gift. what is your message for those ladies that are watching that have been told by their doctor that their child will have down syndrome or something else? what is your message to them right now? because they might be -- having to make a decision too. >> yeah. that little baby inside of you is going to change the world. going to change your world. it's -- you know, i really felt like my life was over and my life has started. you know, your life is just beginning and that -- the greatest -- it's the greatest thing in the world. >> just beautiful. thank you so much. god bless you both.
4:30 am
courtney and emmy -- >> thank you. coming up we said good-bye this week. the last 9/11 rescue dog and this morning we are paying tribute to the work done by -- done every day by heroes just like her. it is a tribute that you do not want to miss. that's coming up next. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country.
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4:34 am
>> back to the future. here's another kind of movie reference. weekend at bernie. sanders' hangover can end up hurting hill. backers turn against him. >> liberal media trying to get him to step down. they said -- they say it's about vanity and about stubbornness. >> well, there could be something to that. >> they think he's taking away from the votes from hillary clinton. >> then again, she does not have the requisite number officially because the super delegates can change their mind right until the -- up until they pound the gavel at the convention. >> let's get to heather. >> i hope you're having a great time. a senior field trip ends in horror when a semitruck smashes into the school bus that's filled with kids. it's all caught on camera. [ screaming ] >> well, you can hear the
4:35 am
teenagers scream at the moment of impact. you can hear that impact. the bus was forced to slow down because of engine trouble when the big rig plowed right into them. nine people were sent to the hospital. we'll let you know their conditions as soon as we find out. a real life food fight in the air. a flight attendant loses his cool over a passenger over pasta. >> what's your name? let me know -- >> shut up. don't talk to me again. >> sir, i'm asking what your name is. that's it. >> all right. the guy filming the video says it all unfolded after he asked the flight attendant why his row, the second and business class, was the last served. by the time they got to serve him they were out of pasta. egads. american airlines is investigating. we heard about dogs playing dead, but what about horses? watch this. >> why do you keep playing dead? pinto, get up. [ cow moos ] >> come on, pinto, get up.
4:36 am
his owner says he lays down like that every day. he gets calls from people thinking she has a dead horse in the pasture. i think that was our audio guy doing the cow sound. good one. there's news this morning about millennials. this may not surprise you. but the generation doesn't want to do anything. 18 to 34-year-olds would rather spend a quiet night inside watching netflix and ordering takeout than going to the bar or hanging out with friends. that doesn't sound too bad. they apparently need some time off to sleep from all their exhausting work of staying in. what's wrong with sleep? they don't like? people i'm supposed to go to maria, not to brian. let's head outside to maria molina. with a look at the weather this morning. hi, there, ms. maria. >> hi, miss heather. we're tracking beautiful weather
4:37 am
across the eastern u.s. we're expecting drier weather. the exception is florida, we have a lot of tropical moisture. lingering moisture out there. meanwhile in the some showers and storms that could pop up as we head on into this afternoon. looking at your current temperatures look at the plains. very warm already this morning. you're in the 70s from texas up into kansas city and those temperatures will keep heating up and feel very summer like as far north as parts of the dakotas. across new england, another chilly day in the forecast. some areas will see high temperatures only reaching the low 50s. now let's head inside. >> thanks. well, this week we all bid farewell to the last known four-legged search and rescue hero from 9/11. friends and family gathered to give 16-year-old bretagne an
4:38 am
emotional salute for her service. >> we're paying tribute to bretagne and the work done by her fellow search and rescue k-9s. >> chris patten is the search of the search management team in new york and here's with his dog and members of his team along with bella and baxter. then stu is the lead and the lieutenant with the new jersey search and rescue league and he's here with his dog and your dog's name is? >> [ inaudible ]. >> that's what i was going to say. so when you see the images monday when they had to put down bretagne after many years of service, for somebody who's in that business what does that do to you? chris? >> it's tough. it's tough because you realize that you're losing a dog that's done an incredible job during that tragic time in our country's history. and to realize the work put into that dock and then to -- into that dog and then not to have that dog around anymore hits home. >> to have everybody lined up as
4:39 am
they took the dog into the vet's office. >> saluting the dog. >> showed the respect. all the people that showed their respect to. that has to make you feel good. >> makes me feel proud the work that our dogs do is recognized and it's good that it shows the support for the handler who lost the partner. >> that's right. >> we all get to that time in our dog's life when we know that dog has had more years behind his or her career than there are ahead. and no handler has ever lost a dog likes to see another handler go through that. >> chris, you know like the -- you're putting the dog at risk just by doing their job. what is that like, trying to help out, but they're risking their life? >> we as humans know the risks and dangers when we go into situations and into searches and disaster scenes but the dogs don't fully grasp that understanding, but we're asking them to do this job anyway. they do it without any kind of
4:40 am
questions. no hesitation whatsoever. and they're right into it. >> stu, what types of things do the dogs do? >> what these dogs are trained to do again -- my dog isn't -- this dog isn't trained for urban search work, but in the urban environment what their job is to figure out under that pile the human scent is coming from and let people know that. they have to be right because that alert may cause five or ten or 20 or 30 rescue specialists to take their time and go work there rather than somewhere else. and if that was a false alert, then another person who's trapped alive may not get found in time. >> i see the blood hounds, the german shepherds. what are the best type dogs, breeds, for this? >> i don't know if you would agree to, i don't think there's a one specific breed. there's one certain criteria the dog has the drive, the -- >> what is that?
4:41 am
>> you want a dog highly motivated, will stay in the area -- like when we do our testing we'll throw something into the -- into something that's high cover, more wilderness. you want the dog to look for what we threw. if they can't come up with it, you want them to continue to look for that. which is going to show their ability that they want to do it. >> and stu, the key to the dog is unlike a machine which they have not developed yet, dogs have a nose on them that is so much more accurate than any other machine ever devised by man. >> that's exactly right. but the dogs' nose can tell the difference between a scent where a person has been and a scent where a person actually is and especially with our scenting dogs we don't want to know where the person was, but we want to know where they are and we want to find them. it's that ability that along with the characteristics that chris talked about, the desire to work, the intelligence, the body that can actually get out
4:42 am
there to do it, that makes them so versatile to us. and they save -- one study says that a dog can do the work of 43 ground searchers. >> wow. takes two to three years to train them. when they want to get to the lines at the tsa shorter, they use the dogs. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you very much. all right, still ahead, caught -- terror caught on tape in tel aviv. we're live outside that market. this is what you normally see -- this is not what you normally see launched from cape canaveral. >> and liftoff. the falcon soars from its perch toward the international space station. >> but today a much different story. as a spy satellite is launched into space. >> are we supposed to be telling the secret? >> but could the technology be used on our enemies, by our enemies? we have the details. ♪
4:43 am
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4:46 am
one pac cleans tough food better than 6 pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade. breaking overnight, look at this. chilling new video images of terrorists charging a packed market in tel aviv. armed with machine guns. >> you can see people running in horror trying to escape their death.
4:47 am
could you imagine? the attack now sparking brand-new fears here at home. >> connor hall is outside that market. connor? >> reporter: yeah, 15 or so hours after the attack, it's busy, it's crowded, it's open. the windows that were damaged last night have already been replaced. and it was crowded today as it was last night when two men from the hebron area walked into this facility dressed in business suits. they sat down, they ordered food. a few minutes later they began to open fire on the crowded restaurant. at least four people were killed, at least eight people were injured. the latest numbers we have right now, both individuals are now in police custody. one of them was injured by -- we think a civilian with a side arm who was able to bring down the attacker. prime minister benjamin netanyahu who was en route from
4:48 am
moscow, a trip there landed here last night and had this to say about last night's attack. >> this is a savage crime of murder. and terrorism in the heart of tel aviv. it's done by criminal terrorists who don't value human life or are willing to murder innocent citizens who are sitting in a coffee shop. >> now after several months of very, very intense and violent attacks in sort of the october to january period, we have seen a decrease of attacks here in israel. that's part of the reason why last night's attack was so shocking. things had calmed down a great deal in comparison to last fall.
4:49 am
israeli officials have revealed they will revoke some 83,000 permits that had been issued to palestinians for ramadan in response to last night's attack and we understand that two israeli battalions have been sent to the west bank as well. what other measures may be put in place we don't know yet. but israel's new defense minister said it will be more than just words. >> palestinians think it's a great day, hamas anyway. obviously it's a tragic day. >> thank you, connor. coming up next, one of the most popular questions that bob massi gets -- are time shares a good deal? >> i have one. >> can you lose a lot of money, steve? >> i hope not. >> bob massi is here to answer that question and to let you know, steve. >> but first on this day in history i bought a time share. also in 1973, secretariat won the triple crown. '73. the uss george washington launched the first submarine to carry ballistic missiles. in 1985, "everyone wants to rule
4:50 am
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shoshow me more like this.e.
4:53 am
show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. here's some headlines making news all across america right now. starting today, people who are terminally ill in the state of california can legally take medication to end their lives. california's the fifth state to allow that by law. the law comes after brittany maynard, a 29-year-old with terminal brain cancer moved from california to oregon to end her life. because it was legal to do that in oregon. to philadelphia now, which soon could become the first american city to tax soda pop.
4:54 am
city council planning a vote today to tax sugar drinks 1.5 cents for every ounce sold. now on to ohio. where medical marijuana is now legal. governor john kasich quietly signed the bill into law making ohio the 26th state to allow people to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. all right. ainsley? >> thanks, steve. well, looking toet get away wit it from a relaxing trip? well, americans purchased time share properties but is that the way to go? here to answer those questions about time shares is the host of "the property man," bob massi. good to see you. >> good morning, how are you, ainsley? >> i'm great. the first question, what type of a person should consider buying a time share? >> if you're a disciplined person, and you believe that you're going to travel generally on a yearly basis, you know where you want to go, you're willing to book it in advance, and make sure that you understand how the time share
4:55 am
works, then go by a time share because it could fit your needs. if you're not that kind of person, you're going to fall into that group that says i never travel, i'm tired of this. or i can't get the space i want. and they end up getting frustrated having to try to sell it which we're going to talk about. >> what is the biggest concern that seems to occur when owning a time share? >> all of the e-mails i get, ainsley, is people want out. you have older people who travel as much, they have medical reasons or people don't use it as much. they say, how do i sell it? i can't sell it. it's hard to sell. because the bottom line is all you're buying is space. and unless you bought from some of the big five, you know, the marriotts, the disneys, hiltons and other ones, time shares don't -- they don't go up in value. okay? they just don't. they're not an investment. so as a result, they'll say, bob in e-mail, how do i get rid of this? i help people -- i do help people try to get them cancelled which is not easy.
4:56 am
there's ways to do it, some of them they may not like, because we have to breach a contract and not pay certain things. it's a heck of a lot easier to get into the time share than out of the time share. >> so make sure if you're going to do it it's something you absolutely will be disciplined to do. thank you so much. oh, we have to people they have to watch your show. i have watched it, it's amazing. called "the property man" saturdays at 12:00 and sundays at 3:00. doing a great job. good to see you. coming up, it was the horrific kidnapping attempt caught on camera in florida. it is happening more and more. what can you do to protect your children? we have that in the next hour. and it was the biggest night for country music, so why did pitbull perform? your comments are pouring in. ♪ ♪ are you ready, are you ready 80% of women say a healthy lifestyle is a priority.
4:57 am
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shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. good morning to you. it's thursday, one more alarm clock, june 9th. on a friday. i'm ainsley earhardt. we have a live look at the white house because in two hours from right now, bernie sanders going to go there and he's going to meet the president. so will the commander in chief convince him to exit the race? that's the question this morning. then hillary clinton's unfavorable numbers are huge. >> 52% of the american people who participated in our cbs news poll have an unfavorable opinion of you. do you bear any responsibility for that? >> so what do you think she says? her stunning response, straight ahead. then she's getting a full ride to the university of texas. that's good news, right? not everyone thinks so because
5:01 am
she's in this country illegally and is bragging about that. think about that for a second while i remind you, in case there's a quiz later, mornings are better with "friends." >> yeah. well she said -- we'll talk about it here shortly, that's a tease. it has disturbed a lot of people. >> yes. it has. >> because she's got -- absolutely. >> she has great legs apparently. she brags about her legs. >> attractive, in the country illegally. >> if you have great legs should you tweet about your own legs or is that rude? >> men or women? >> if you have great legs you know who you are. tell me if you ever tweeted your own legs. >> let's hand it over to heather who has all the headlines. >> we talk about your triceps a lot and steve, your torso. there we go. i have some serious news to bring you right now. that's the horrific attack that took place in israel. we are now getting in some new
5:02 am
information about that horror. new video showing the madmen with machine guns charging a crowded market restaurant area in tel aviv. spraying bullets, leaving four people dead. the gunmen palestinian cousins who disguised themselves as orthodox jews. you can see people here, they run for their lives. they knock over chairs and tables trying to escape. >> he had a rifle in his hand and he was shooting point blank at people sitting down. >> those shooters are in custody. hamas praising that attack. but take a look at this. this will show you the resilience of israelis. that is the market right now that's a live shot of the market in tel aviv, packed with people at this hour. it is already reopened, just 15 hours after the attack. well, brand-new -- cut from the trump rally, where a woman
5:03 am
was egged in the face by the mob of angry protesters. take a look at this. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> awful, huh? well, three teenagers have been arrested overnight. and they have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. a fourth person, a guy you can see right here, is now wanted by police. take a close look and call police if you have any information. and this is what you would normally see launched from cape canaveral. >> and liftoff. the falcon -- >> but today there is a much different story. just a few hours from now the u.s. will launch a spy satellite into space. it is considered to be a top secret mission yet we know about it. it will blast off from cape canaveral this afternoon. the rocket stands at 236 feet tall. it's the most powerful in the world. and some are saying it may be an eavesdropping satellite to help support our national defense. this lady i'm about to show you she graduated at the top of her class and she's got a full
5:04 am
ride to college, but people are upset. she's here illegally. valedictorian, full tuition paid for. 13 cords and medals, nice legs, and oh, i'm undocumented. well, texas, that's where she lives, is one of 17 states to allow illegal states to graduate to get the cheaper instate tuition. she has since deleted her account, tired of the criticism. let's talk politics. you know hillary clinton clinched it according to her after the associated press said, yeah, she's got enough because we looked at the super delegates. the numbers have come in at the conclusion of the primaries. hillary wound up with -- this is critical. she wound up with 1.5 million fewer votes this time around than she got in 2008. and the democrats are actually down 7 million votes. so when you talk about energized voters who are going to turn out in november, maybe that's not so
5:05 am
good for her. so what she needs to do is rally the base and she can't do it while bernie sanders is still kind of standing in her way. saying hold on, madam. >> yeah, because so many people love bernie sanders and they don't like her. it's going to be interesting to see who gets bernie sanders' vote. >> d.c. primary is next week. bernie sanders says, mr. president, can i see you on thursday? he'll be at the white house, a big stakeout proposition, at 11:00. we know that barack obama last night, the president of the united states, he was in new york so he has to fly back. which brings us to another conversation the president was having and directed to. and that is really at donald trump. he knows donald trump from the reality star, he doesn't seem to like donald trump. he's worried about the republican party because he doesn't feel as though they have the right candidate. doesn't like the right tone. >> so we have one little clip that will be on jimmy fallon tonight.
5:06 am
and we're able to encapsulate everything we're talking about, whether bernie should get out, donald trump, here in 25 seconds. >> is bernie going to endorse hillary? >> well, i'm sure they'll have a conversation. >> is he ever going to drop out? [ laughter ] or stay in -- >> i'll be talking to him tomorrow. he'll be coming to the white house. and the main role i'm going to be playing in this process is to remind the american people to -- this is a serious job. you know, this is not reality tv. >> exactly. it is not reality tv. and for the last 7 1/2 year he's been very, very serious. >> very serious. >> very, very serious. ladies and gentlemen, exhibit "a" in 25 seconds. >> first question, in 2013 you pardoned the turkey. what do you have planned for 2014? >> we'll probably pardon another turkey. we do that every thanksgiving. >> i have -- your first wife
5:07 am
is -- >> my first wife? >> i mean -- >> do you know something i don't? >> being president is a very serious job. in fact, right after he said that with jimmy fallon, this is him backstage dancing. >> dancing. >> dancing with jimmy fallon. >> patriot tweeted this, maybe he should stay off comedy tv and the golf course if he concentrated his efforts we'd have a better country. patriot first says that. >> rick says the difference here is that president obama is not running for office while trump is. that's true. so the president of the united states was serious when he was running. >> so diane wrote, obama has partied these last eight years on taxpayers' money like no president before him. the party is almost over. >> well, here's the other thing. the only thing that donald trump has done that's reality, i think he did the "snl" when he was first running. besides that -- >> "apprentice." >> no, since he's started
5:08 am
running. >> anything comedy related. >> he's been running and doing his thing. if people don't like it, they don't like it. >> well, hillary clinton sat down for a whole bunch of interview, she even did a rare interview with fox news with bret baier and scott pelley asked her if she'd take responsibility for some of her problems and her answer might surprise you. >> it is possible that your biggest obstacle is not your opponent, but yourself. 52% of the american people who participated in our cbs news poll have an unfavorable opinion of you. that is the highest negative impression of anyone ever nominated by the democratic party since we started asking that question in 1984. do you bear any responsibility for that? >> oh, i'm sure i do. but i think when i was secretary of state and serving our country had an approval rating of 66% and i think it's fair to ask,
5:09 am
well, what's happened? and what's happened is tens of millions of dollars of negative advertising and coverage that has been sent my way, i understand that. i know that it's up to me to take this base that i built and expand it by reaching out, to senator sanders' supporters, to many others across our country. including i hope republicans and independents. >> donald trump's idea would be to get -- jack up those negatives even further by further defining the candidate. >> he said what happened in benghazi and the e-mail scandal, you at home, you have been polled. american has been polled and americans are saying her trustworthiness, it's not good. no one trusts her. >> there are two fbi criminal investigations. she did -- hillary did make history a couple of days ago. she's the first president nominated for president officially in july who is the subject of two active fbi
5:10 am
criminal investigations. one on the e-mail. the other into the corruption. you know -- >> there's a movie coming out about alleged corruption. >> that's right. we have talked to the judge about whether or not she will get indicted. well, whether she does or not, just the fact that they set up the foundation the way they did, knowing she'd run for president and the e-mail situation as well. what kind of judgment was that? donald trump says that is bad judgment. >> she doesn't have the temperament. she doesn't have a lot of things to be president. and including frankly good judgment. her judgment is horrible. and bernie sanders said that. bernie sanders said that her judgment is terrible. she doesn't have the judgment, the good judgment to be president. >> and she's got problems with the numbers i told you at the start of this segment. democrats say on 7 million votes in this primary season, whereas donald trump more votes than
5:11 am
anyone in history. he shattered the record by 1.4 million. >> steve, is that because more democrats are voting for republicans now? or is it because a lot of democrats aren't going to the polls? >> i think it's probably the republicans seem to be energized. >> right. today i cannot wait to see the polls come out. i know fox news has a poll coming out today and i think a few others are coming out to see what kind of bounce that hillary gets. and after the controversy over the weekend if donald trump pays a price in the polls. >> you got me excited. i can't wait to see the polls either. they're fun to look at. >> we'll have the results tomorrow morning. meanwhile coming up, we showed you the surveillance video from a mother trying to stop the kidnapping of her daughter. but child abductions happen more than you realize. what you all need to know. that's next and you need to watch it. how do you make your love life great again? yeah, i'm talking to you. we're going to tell you. >> how do you know it's bad?
5:12 am
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5:16 am
a florida man caught on camera as he tries apparently to kidnap a 13-year-old girl from a busy store. luckily, that girl's gutsy mother and an off-duty deputy fought back. but not all kids are that lucky, as that family. here to break down the truth about abduction in america and how to prevent it, peter johnson jr. >> we were talking about this before, so let's talk -- in looking at this video, it's terrifying, frightening, disturbing. i don't know whether i want to cry or whether i want to beat that guy. but let's talk about the statistic. over 460,000 missing person entries for children under 18. 5,000 were classified as involuntary which means abduction or kidnapping. in 2002, an in depth study found 1.5% of the children reported were taken by non-family members that's the good point.
5:17 am
between '97 and 2015 the amber alert program has been credited with discovering the 327,000 children. i love seeing the alerts, they have done a great job. >> as parents you try to teach your kids about stranger danger. if a stranger comes up and says, i lost my dog, i need help. that's bonus. no grown-up ever needs the help of a kid. >> let's break it down in order to help your child avoid the kidnapping. so our producers and i have spoken with great law enforcement people here in new york. point number one, adults do not need help from children. >> not really. >> instruct your children they don't need help finding a dog. so if an adult says i need help, say get away. number two, make sure kids know their information. where they live, their name. their parent's name. >> a phone number? >> a phone number. all of those kind of things. number three, make a plan when
5:18 am
you are in public spaces. we will meet at the front of the store. we will meet at the cashier. we will meet with the security guard. do not engage what would be strangers who are not in official positions. number four, we used to hear as kids don't talk to strangers. well, that's not enough anymore. there needs to be some education in terms of children. how they respond in terms of a stranger interacting with them. they need to be aware that their space cannot be violated. they need to be aware that they cannot be touched or imfor tuned or asked to do anything whatsoever. kids should use the so-called velcro technique. >> what's that? >> very interesting. it means hold on to a tree. hold on to a lamppost. hold on to a fire hydrant. hold on to a car. hold on to what ever you can to ensure that you're not abducted
5:19 am
in any way. very important. another important technique. law enforcement talks about this, let's pull back a little bit, the windmill technique. the ability for a child to keep moving his arms so an abductor cannot get the wrist or the arms of this child. stun and run. a kick to the groin. a kick to the shin. two or three fingers to the eyes. our young people have to be taught that. your kids were taught that, i was taught that because there was a golden three hours if the abduction takes place by the non-family member. we don't want to talk about the tragic circumstances. >> absolutely. >> thank god for this mother yesterday. >> and the kids should make noise. if someone starts to drag them out, who are you, stranger? >> stop, stranger. stay alive. >> peter, thank you. coming up on a thursday, this woman once in charge of the scandal plagued phoenix v.a. could soon get her job back. and this morning it could happen to three other fired v.a.
5:20 am
employees. how long are they really fired? and then she was the first female soldier in u.s. history to lose a limb in active combat. her next mission -- to compete in the rio paralympic games. retired first lieutenant and 2016 paralympic hopeful is here with her incredible story. and that is next. oh hank, you look red. are you sunburned?
5:21 am
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5:23 am
here's your thursday morning headlines. brand new information about the
5:24 am
gitmo detainees. the stunning admission coming from the senior u.s. official. prisoners targeted our military and a female worker and aide worker in afghanistan. 700 gitmo prisoners have been released. 80 are still there. meanwhile this woman once in charge of the scandal plagued phoenix v.a. with the wait list could soon get her job back and it could happen to three other fired v.a. employees. lance robinson, brad curry, dr. deering, all canned for quote, negligence performance of duty and failure to provide effective oversight, but a loophole could get them their jobs back with the u.s. federal government. true. ainsley and brian? >> thank you, steve. well, she was the first female soldier in u.s. history to lose a limb in active combat. now she has her sights set to compete in the rio paralympic games. >> she's as surprised as you are. she has garnered the attention
5:25 am
of the all-americans here hand picked to be one of six elite athletes to be on team budweiser, featured on the 225-foot tall mural being unveiled today. a big celebration. joining us -- >> that is so cool. retired lieutenant and 2016 paralympic hopeful, melissa stockwell. when did you find out you made the team? >> it was july 8, i hope to be swimming and biking and running and hopefully doing pretty well. >> all right. first bring us back to that bad day in baghdad. and what were the circumstances to your injury? >> it was april 13th of 2004. i was on a routine convoy through central baghdad and my vehicle was struck by a roadside bomb which could be a long story, but to make it short resulted in the loss of my left leg above the knee. i was in walter reed for a year. >> a year? >> a year -- i had some
5:26 am
complications, a lot of surgeries, kind of in and out. and i was waiting. but i was very lucky to have a strong support system with my family, friends and the other soldiers who, you know, extremely resilient going through circumstances we never expected. finally, walking with the prosthetic leg, getting back into athletics. learning about the u.s. paralympics. finding my life so many years later. >> you were telling us you're so fulfilled. you have a baby, dallas, you found love. a lot had changed for you in a positive way. how did you get from that hospital bed in walter reed to here? >> you know, i think a lot of -- believes in myself and really wanting to prove to myself just losing a leg wasn't going to stop me from doing anything i wanted to do wanting to live my life for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. a lot of people did not come back. i'm fortunate to have my life. so many have believed in me and supported me along the way. being here today is part of the
5:27 am
team budweiser and just, you know, sharing the same values as, you know, hard work and dedication into trying to make the team to rio and the same thing that goes into -- >> so much about your life, by listening to you. but the other thing that sticks out to me is the need to set goals. so whether you achieve it of not, if you have a focus every day that you get up, it gives you a reason. >> definitely. i mean, i think -- obviously, i mean, everyone should have goals in their life and to dream big. i think after losing a leg i realized the importance of life and how little things could happen so quickly and change the trajectory of your life. you know, it's all about persevering through those and being resilient and doing what you can do and hopefully -- >> and what a great designer, by the way. >> thanks. thanks. you know, actually it goes along -- you see here the budweiser -- it goes along with the america theme. the summer packaging of the american beer and the torch. i'm a proud patriot, i'm an
5:28 am
american. >> we love budweiser, and we're glad they're supporting you. >> very lucky. >> go america. we're proud of you. you'll represent us well. i hope you get that call. it was a huge night for country music, but where were the country music stars? we did -- well, there's carrie underwood. but we saw pitbull and 5th harmony. many of you not happy. we'll read your comments next. >> we like them, but we were surprised to see them. and donald trump said his short list for vp includes a former opponent who has not endorsed him yet. bill hemmer just met with steve doocy and he'll talk to us and then do his show with martha maccallum. y aches? what knee pain? what sore elbow? advil liqui-gels make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
5:29 am
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here's a big news story, the big story last night hillary clinton earned enough delegates to be the democratic nominee making her -- [ cheers and applause ] making her the first woman to secure a major party's nomination. [ cheers and applause ] okay. she gave a moving speech afterwards and told the crowd, tonight belongs to all of you. then bernie sanders is like, oh, so now she's a socialist. i mean -- now, perfect timing. perfect timing. >> yeah. perfect. >> right. talking about socialist, bill hemmer is here. >> i'm here. [ laughter ] >> exactly. >> a very social guy. >> usually half an hour before your show you're in your trailer, you have a team of makeup and hair people working on you. >> you have seen that? they're good. >> they're good. it takes a village. >> you scrambled early for a good reason. you had an opportunity to talk to governor of ohio yesterday. we have not heard from him since he dropped out of the race. >> listen, kasich is a long way from endorsing donald trump.
5:33 am
i think his words were trending poorly, trending the wrong way with me. the reason why i think this is so significant, if you were in philadelphia third week in july and the democratic governor of pennsylvania, tom wolf, did not endorse hillary clinton that would be a big story. >> big story. >> if rick scott in 2012 in tampa did not endorse mitt romney we'd be all over it. now you have a situation in ohio, you know how critical the state and the governor said he's not on board today. watch. >> right now, it's not looking good. look -- there was a guy -- >> you know how important ohio is in this election. >> yeah. >> if he doesn't win ohio, you can make an argument he does not win the white house. >> look t fact of the matter is, the qualities we need in the leader very important to me. this is not a game for me. look, i can't go for dividing, name calling or somebody that
5:34 am
doesn't really represent conservative principles. >> you are the host governor. >> yeah. >> for the convention that comes to ohio in 40 days. >> bill -- >> are you saying it's possible you can walk into that arena, in cleveland, ohio, and not endorse? >> absolutely. of course. look, i have been this way since i was in politics. i kind of call them the way i see them and never -- never more than today does a country need to be unified. do we need to stop all the fighting. do need to realize that we're americans because we're republicans and democrats. >> you know, the thing that shocked me about hearing john kasich talk like that is he pledged to support the nominee. he promised he would support him and now it's like, yeah, i wasn't really telling the truth. >> what's the reason? >> the judge deal really ticked him off. i said, take that out of the equation, pretend that never happened. okay, muslim ban, deportation,
5:35 am
conservative principles, the list is very long and it is considerable. i don't know how they bridge this gap. but he says the ball is now in trump's court. >> how? what is trump supposed to do? >> they spoke four weeks ago. and kasich said this is how i view america. >> he said if you want my endorsement, you have to change, donald trump. that's not going to happen. >> he did say that, he has to change. >> not going to happen. >> the equation on trump's team -- i'm waiting to hear back. he was just in new mexico three weeks ago criticizing the sitting governor in new mexico. trump clearly does not believe he needs politicians in order to win this election. >> right. right. >> we're going to find out whether he is right and that would be historic or whether or not he's dead wrong. >> you hear the establishment in washington who are saying -- they're criticizing trump and
5:36 am
people are saying why are they criticizing this? some people are saying they don't want trump to win because their jobs are at risk. but then when you hear kasich saying this he doesn't have anything to lose. he's already the government of the state. not in congress. but what about the betterment of the party? >> well, i think if you look at the trump spots that have air and you have seen them on our channel, see them on fox business, he is saying to republican politicians that i have seen your act for a very long time. and it's got to change. and that's the card he is playing. now, would kasich be on a short list for vp? i think clearly after the segment coming up at 9:00 that's far from the case. >> but donald trump does say he has a short list and one of the people on the short list does not endorse him. >> i don't think it's kasich. >> you don't think? >> but doesn't the governor does not get if he does not support trump he's really supporting hillary clinton? >> he said he won't vote for her, obviously. maybe he changes his mind. maybe this is a public
5:37 am
negotiation. i don't know that answer. but i will tell you, if you look at the electoral map, i have been working with brian murphy, we have 13 states that we consider battleground states and the trump team has 15. trump considers new york and california on that list. there's no way you can look at this equation for this election in november without considering the triangle of ohio, pennsylvania and florida. obama won all three in 2008. he won all three in 2012. can you win the white house with getting all three? i think it is very, very difficult. >> but the major difference is pennsylvania, it's changed very much in the last four years in terms of the demographics of the state. >> and the appeal that trump has to white working class voters. >> right. we'll watch the full interview when? >> see you at 9:00. >> thank you, bill. >> let's go over to heather. >> 23 minutes before the top of the hour. >> good morning, bill hemmer, great to have you here.
5:38 am
the woman accused of intentionally driving off the cliff to kill her twin sister is off the hook, at least for now. a judge dropped the murder charge for lack of evidence, but the prosecutor said he's looking for other evidence in the case. witnesses say that allison and ann dadow were screaming and pulling each other's hair before she drove off the cliff. they have a history of ripping off employees before skipping town and filing for bankruptcy. breaking overnight, raging wildfires forcing hundreds of people out of their homes. brand-new video just in. of crewing dropping more fire repellent in yarnell, arizona. if that town sounds familiar to you, that's where 19 firefighters died almost three years ago battling a wild fire. well, this time around 700 acres have already burned and this fire is still spreading. and how do you make dating great again? well, there's a new website for
5:39 am
that. matches up singles and trump supporters. the man heard how things were going great on a date until they started to talk about a politics. a hillary clinton supporter walked out and left his date with the bill after he realized she was voting for trump. and country music stars under the same roof for the cmt country music awards. carrie underwood stole the show with the incredible performance of "church bells." ♪ ♪ church bells ringing >> she took home awards for video of the year and some fans are not happy about it. they say there wasn't enough country music during that show and then you started to see this. the shaking and the shimmying and pitbull and 5th harmony. what on earth were they doing there? watch this. ♪ ♪ i like that, i like that act like a bad girl ♪ ♪ i like that ♪
5:40 am
>> well, we are getting a whole lot of comments on this. i think you have some of them to read. how about that, imagine you flip this on with your kids and then you start to see "bad girl" and shaking and all that stuff. >> right. they have to turn off their iphones where they're probably watching it anyway. >> must be sweeps. >> heather mentioned the e-mails. thank you for that. country music mhas been a phenomenon for a couple of decades and is being threatened by the hip-hop generation. >> i don't think so. who's in charge of this show? they should be fired. the real country artists should be outraged. i am. >> you can be sure that carrie underwood and brad paisley will perform at next year's billboard's latin music awards? no? according to bill. thank you. meanwhile, 20 minutes before the top of the hour, coming up the officer who drove the van
5:41 am
when freddie gray was fatally injured goes on trial in less than one hour. and a decision he just made about his trial could change the outcome in a very big way. we will explain. and caught on camera a kid sneaking into the woman's garage, but what he did while he was in there it's actually going to make your day. but first, more from last night's country/hip-hop awards. ♪
5:42 am
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we are keeping you in the know. here's a quick look at what's going viral this morning. a baby dolphin saved all thanks to that guy right there. he scoops him up off the beach with his bare hands after it washed up. that's in africa. the man carries it through the waves, slowly, placing that baby dolphin down in deeper water until it swims off safely. >> so long, flipper. a little boy caught on camera sneaking into his neighbor's garage, but it is not what you think. watch him. he's going to run in the garage. he gives the dog a hug. and then he runs off. he did it over and over and over again until the owner spotted him -- she thought someone was breaking into his house. she sets up a camera and catches
5:46 am
the little boy giving the dog a hug. he had just lost his dog. his companion. and he wanted to hug the dog. he went in there every day. isn't that so sweet? gives him a hug and he runs off. >> there you go. all right. meanwhile, changing gears, a third baltimore police officer going on trial in the death of freddie gray in less than an hour. >> yep. caesar goodson was the driver of the van where gray suffered a spinal injury after being arrested and eventually died. >> so amber miller is live outside that courthouse. good morning, amber. >> reporter: good morning to all of you, as you said we are live outside of the courthouse here in downtown baltimore waiting for the beginning of the trial for officer goodson. it is scheduled to begin at 9:30 this morning. but there is a bit of a twist this morning. as the defense attorneys are expected to ask for all charges to be dropped. now, this is after certain
5:47 am
findings were found in newly unsealed court documents. i believe you have video back there with officer goodson. if you want to roll that at this time. the judge in this case will hold a hearing this morning about whether the prosecutors in the state's attorneys office wrongly withheld discussions with a witness in this case. goodson as you said was driving the police transport van when gray suffered those fatal spine injuries. he is charged with second degree depraved heart murder and he's elected for a bench trial and that judge is judge barry williams. two more of the officers accused in the case of freddie gray are suing the city prosecutor. they have the two officers have sued marilyn mosby in federal
5:48 am
court. they accused her of acting impri improperly. resulting in their false arrest. she has not responded to the lawsuits filed against her and she cites a gag order. once again, we are live from downtown baltimore, awaiting the trial of officer caesar goodson at 9:30 this morning. >> thank you, amber, from baltimore. coming up, maria bartiromo knows her way around the stock exchange as you know, but guess what? she also knows her way around the true italian kitchen. that's because her first job was inside her dad's pizzeria. this morning she is sharing her family's secret recipe. you do what it takes to be healthy. but can your multivitamin do more for your immune health? now one a day has the first multivitamin with probiotics to support the 70% of your immune system that's found in your digestive tract. new one a day with probiotics. your multi with more.
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5:51 am
5:52 am
all right. this morning the fox networks are colliding. we are live on both the fox news channel and fox business -- redundant. >> yeah, like pepper and broccoli together. maria bartiromo and her sister, we're doing a simulcast "cooking with friends" in history. give us the history. >> well, my father had a famous pizza. there are articles written that rex had the best pizza in brooklyn. >> is this true, theresa? >> true. >> we decided to share it with you. she made it healthier than my dad. >> a little twist. >> like? >> so -- >> buy the dough?
5:53 am
>> you can buy the dough. yes, whole grain flour. you can control what goes on it, what goes in it. whole grain cuts down on -- >> she's going to demonstrate. >> you have to spread it out. >> throw it up in the air. >> he used to do it. but i'm afraid. >> try it once. >> come on. >> our dad did it with the big 18 inch dough. spread it out as thin as you the. while doing that, really important to do this. >> 90 orders in that time. >> it's really important, you always use your hands. so you go like this. >> so you oil the pan? >> yeah. oil the pan. >> make sure your hands are clean. that's how we do it at home. so i'm making this as thin as possible. >> through the magic of television, put it right in. >> thank you so much. >> absolutely oil -- just a little bit. >> right. >> you want to do that.
5:54 am
and then some sauce -- >> the delivery guy -- >> a light coating. >> spread it around. for the first eight minutes get the bottom. >> so you put it in the oven. >> put it in the oven, get a little crispy. out it comes and there you are. >> so magical. >> that's right. >> okay. so you know what, now maria, mom and dad are both watching this. in honor of our mom, start with the mushrooms. >> more tomato sauce, then the mushrooms. >> spread it out. >> i love mushrooms. >> our mom loves mushrooms. >> okay. and my sister tries to up the amount of vegetables you put on to make it -- >> there you go. >> when you want to eat pizza, just eat pizza. don't try to make it healthy. >> you know what, you don't meat really as a topping. it's just as delicious. >> pepperoni. >> of course. >> whatever vegetables you would like to add.
5:55 am
>> how many brothers and sisters are there? >> we have my brother and my sister, the three of us. >> right. the three of us. >> but rex -- we grew up there. i was in the coat check room. i found a sign, i have a picture of it. check your coat, 50 cents. please pay in advance. i framed it. >> always about the money. >> as the coat check girl what was the biggest tip you ever got? >> only a dollar. >> exactly. >> we could keep 50 cents, that was a big deal. >> i want to share with the audience the name of the restaurant, why it was named the rex manor. >> okay. my grandfather carmine bartiromo came here in the early 1900s. one of the ships he travelled on was called the rex, the rex vessel. he was a brick layer in italy. my father's father. he built the restaurant and he named it the rex, the rex mayor after the ship. okay. >> okay. continue. >> real quick -- >> you want to go light on the cheese.
5:56 am
light on the cheese. >> i go light on the cheese. >> oh, my hand moved, sorry. >> not so light. >> so then you put that in the oven. bake it for how long? >> well, half an hour. >> until the bottom is crispy. >> grated cheese. lots of cheese. >> thank you so much. round of applause. >> thank you for having us. >> maria, why is she popping up in the stores? >> there's true. >> that story -- >> i read that out loud. >> stick around. easy to help protect your dog or cat from fleas and ticks. with the performance you expect from a monthly topical in a non-greasy collar... seresto® kills and repels fleas and ticks for 8 continuous months. seresto®. from bayer. a farmer's what's in this kiester. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours.
5:57 am
preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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5:59 am
why are you in pork stores? >> my father has all of the contacts and said, i went to the store on 13th avenue and your head shot is right there. my father would say, i need another head shot. i would say, thank you so much. you're expanding me -- one store
6:00 am
at a time. >> that's incredible. >> your dad is so proud of you. >> and you too, theresa. >> happy early father's day, dad. >> you don't have to buy a card. we'll back here for the great american concert show. >> series. it's friday. bill: some republicans refuse to get on the trump train, and that's includes john kasich. he tells me on an exclusive interview that when it comes to backing trump so far, you can count him out. bill: some republicans expressing concern about donald trump, apparently worried the comments he has made will hurt donald trump.


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