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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 10, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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the 5:00. boy the way my book making the case is now out on paperback and audio i recorded on itunes and amazon. mr. bill o'reilly is next. good night. welcome to "red eye." hello. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the show, president obama endorses hillary clinton. and the woman who became the internet sensation known as chewbacca mom has got hundreds of thousands dollars of free stuff and now charging $20 for autographs. all i know is there better not be a sex tape coming. >> millennials do nothing but stay inside and order poohed dah >> order food and watch netflix. >> during a show she never
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hears boos and after a show she gets booze. joanne nosuchunsky. he is more greek than yogurt. call her raisen bran. the senior stock, liz mcdonald. >> and why bother writing an intro? he will just talk over it. right next to me, gavin mcginnis. let's start the show. it is starting to look like bernie sanders may thought be president. on thursday the current commander-in-chief formally endorsed hillary clinton with this video. >> i know how hard this job can be. that's why i noy hillary -- why i know hillary will be so good at it. i don't think there has ever been anyone so qualified to hold this office. >> the president made another
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video with a message for sanders. he didn't have to rub it in, did he? when the obama endorsement news reached trump he couldn't resist his thoughts on twister. obama just endorsed cooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama, but nobody else does. five minutes later hillary's team responded, delete your account. and shortly after a reply, if anyone knows how to do -- to use a delete key it is you. wow. >> that's a good one. >> why did he have to take the joke? shouldn't he have left it to trump? >> that's who makes the jokes. he is the first comedian presidential candidate. or he is a joke depending on where you stand. >> the country is divided on that issue. this is a few good dayses for hillary. now she has obama's
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endorsement. why did it take so long? >> for hillary? >> for obama to give her props. >> he was waiting to see how much the country was feeling the bern. he just made it. >> and there was an fbi investigation happening. i even still think it is a little more awkward. that means there won't be an indictment. >> it took so long, but is premature because he is definately showing his hand, isn't he? >> regardless they don't want bernie sanders. even if at the last minute they have to throw in a pinch hitter, i don't know if it is the right sports analogy, they will euz someone else. >> obama has a lot of personality. and people love him. they love the guy. no matter what happens with the country he has a better than 50% approval. will it rub off on hillary or
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will the contrast between how charizmatic he is going to hurt hillary? >> i don't agree with any of that. i think he is the most irritating president after his first year in office. even when he was campaigning he was annoying. sorry. that's my personal opinion. >> i'm with you on that, but how is it? no matter what happens with the country he still -- you know second term presidents are famous for having the low approval rating. he is still over 50%. why? >> i can't answer that. i would die wondering about that. i am curious about the person who said delete your account back to us. i am wondering if they will keep their job. i am wonder figure hillary hillary think, oh i should have been on snap chat and everything would have been vaporized including the tweet that the intern probably got fired for that, sending that off to trump and it sets him up to go back at her.
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>> gavin, shouldn't there be a rule in hillary's camp, no jokes with delete in them? >> she is a total amateur. what sharping is trump is famously good at twitter. they are two very old dudes who are better at twitter than young people. >> they figured it out. he saved about $80 million by tweeting. hillary goes not only is that cheap, but he gets the youngsters. they go and delete your account. she didn't think delete was a bad word for her. and she looks like an imbecile. >> trump tweets his own things. >> exactly. he does president say lol and lmfao or whatever. >> it will take awhile for the country to warm up to hillary. she was like america's step
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mom. she was forced upon us and we recent her. >> but it takes like nine years to like your step mom. >> it will take awhile. >> two terms. >> even susan sarandon doesn't like her and she played the step mom. >> that's interesting. that's an interesting detail. >> america doesn't like her, but she has trump. now she was saying all along i hope it is trump and i hope i can run against him. we here thought that was wishful thinking or she didn't want to run against him. do you think she is -- do you think she will be likable? >> she is making history. she is the first female presidential candidate to currently be investigated by the doj. that's history. that's the first time it ever happened. >> she is playing the history thing. >> it is a nightmare. i heard her the other day. she goes, you know, a lot of women are voting for me. they say i am voting for you. she said a lot of men are
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voting for me too because they have daughters. so her only card is the woman card. if men vote for her, they are using another woman card. >> again, that seems like an amateur move. shouldn't guys who have sons vote for her too if she is good for the country? >> that's not her policy. she has one policy and it is her gender. >> in the mid90s when the monica lewinski scandal broke she was seen as the victim and her approval went above 90%. they know what happens when you play a victim card so trump attacks her and she can be perceived a is a victim and approval ratings go up. i don't think the hillary campaign is ready for donald trump. it is like a silly string fight. but then watch out the cannons are coming. >> speaking of that, donald
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trump could pick his running mate this month and advisors are worried he will make the announcement on twitter. trump told bloomburg he would rather wait for the convention. he said i would like to save it, give it the old fashion way. and a virginia man says trump's image appeared on his bathroom floor. a trump supporter noticed the miracle while sitting on his toilet. >> what was he doing? >> sitting on his toilet. you can't see his face there? >> i can see the wizard ofs oz. >> clayton says it is clear as day. what are the odds? he is a lucky man. >> i can see trump clearly. i wondered what it was and a lot of people say he is racist, and then they say everything is racist so what they are
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saying is trump is everything and what they are saying is trump in a way is god. >> oh my gosh. >> i know it sounds crazy and i felt weird and i thought is that a miracle? and i was making pancakes and i thought do do you ever have a weird thought and you have a force around you and it is like someone only -- omnipitant is around you. and i thought oh my expletive, expletive, expletive. >> oh wow. >> i never even thought of superman, super trump. >> that had nothing to do with it. the cape and the s -- >> that is define. >> you have to do it backwards because you are flipping it, right? >> i didn't do any of that. >> it happened. >> i was in the bathroom and i saw trump. >> were you sitting? >> i was sitting and i got up to wipe and i saw --
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>> it was in the bowl. it looked just like him. >> do you want to bring this up a notch? >> i do love some potty humor. i think you see what you want to see. i saw george washington. what bill is he on? george washington. >> i saw barney rubble in the pancake with the cape. >> i saw some cheap ceramic tile. >> what about the tweets? reportedly his staff is nervous and you have to let trump do what he is going to do. and why do we think there will be one vice presidential pick? there will be a vice president of education. a vice president of finance and a vice president of women issue things and i am just making it up.
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he will tweet about whatever he wants to tweet about. >> isn't it great his advisors are cared of him and don't know what he is going to do? i love that. everyone consults their lawyers and they say i will have to clear it with my people. his people say please clear it with us. he says yeah, maybe. i might. >> is he tweeting about national security when he is president? >> everyone is afraid of them and they said they will have to brief him now that he is the nominee. at some point they will give him the briefing. >> this is not sensitive information. so what if he tweets it out. >> he doesn't have handlers. he is a one man operation. >> she should announce it as convention. >> that's the traditional way to do it. >> he is the most traditional candidate. >> that's it.
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doesn't trump know -- people say he is being silly. he just put his foot in his mouth. but he seems to know more than anyone because it always works for him. is he a lot smarter than people give him credit for? >> yes, and he has been training for this for years. he is the first reality show president. he is very aware that the country and the culture has been desensitized and every time he does something outrageous he says he gets more attention. >> what is the matter with reality shows? >> it was a reality show about entrepreneurs. >> because trump is a man of his time, isn't that what the president is supposed to be? someone who is tuned into what is going on in the world today. they talk about dignity and he is not dignified enough and presidential enough, but isn't it being redefined in our
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media age? >> he is president 2.0. they wrote a great book called "who wrote that" and they said you didn't build that. there were people who had all of this great stuff. it is an idea of the on -- of the entrepreneur. it was not honey boo boo mama. it was letsy make money and pull some celebrities in. look at how making money works. what a great thing to show americans. >> was that real though? when you looked at the apprentice, was it really about business or was it just games they were playing? >> it felt like games, but business games. that's what is fun. >> all reality shows are real. there is no story editors. >> i like "undercover boss." >> it is great. >> everybody wins. the boss is great and the
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workers are great. >> i like "bar rescue." there should be congress skew, dc rescue. >> if you don't bond you are doing it wrong. a woman said her life is incomplete if she doesn't start a family. he wants women to have at least three children. the president who is eager to boost turkey's population believes the fairer sex should have careers, but business shouldn't get in the way of baby making. the father of four said in a speech, a mother who rejects -- a woman who rejects motherhood however successful her working life is insufficient and incomplete. wow. you know what -- >> wait a minute. >> gavin wrote that for him. >> it is interesting. i want to go to --
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>> demographically if you want to replace the population two is just you and your wife again. if you look at the population the locals are just stagnant. it is mexican immigrants that are causing 100% of our population growth. >> he is being funny. >> wait, wait. let me take this -- let me take this point only. he is saying that replenishing the population. >> wait a minute. he is man slaining womanhood in an income dent way and birth control is treason. is his grip so state-of-the-art that it is like standing room only in turkey right now. people are pouring into the country and it is out of control. saying birth control is treason, and by the way if men could get pregnant there would be a four-day workweek and
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chocolate covered advil by now. >> you could get an abortion at mcdonalds if men got pregnant. >> i heard all of those in a woman joke book. joanne i know you want it to yield to gavin -- >> this is like a presidential debate right now. >> let's say he wasn't passing a law, but making a suggestion. it was a presidential suggestion, but he was saying let's have babies. what's wrong with that? >> as a woman i would like to have it all. i would like to have a career and a family with a lot of kids and i would like to keep my figure and keep my youth and have enough money and resources so i cannot only have it all, button. >> it all. -- but enjoy it all. but women need to make concessions and pick and choose what they want, career and family. it is not possible. unfortunately to have it in the way we want it. women are picking. i don't think any woman should be shamed for whatever choice she makes. >> bea yawn say has -- beyonce
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has it it all. >> you have a spread she had on a seating plan or there is creating life three times and then shaping their lives. >> find yourself a man. >> get a ring on it, girl. >> you said that beyonce does have it all. does she? >> yeah, she has a big career and the baby she has raised for about 12 to 15 minutes. she has it all. one kid is for losers and two kids is for [bleep] and three kids is for the bare minimum. >> i have no words. >> what does that mean? >> gavin's rules. >> i was trying to come up with the nicest word i can for that. >> now we have to bleep his too because everyone will know what he said if you -- all
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right. why are kids dropping out of sports at a young age? i blame the convenience of seemless. the story when we return.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. hillary clinton is picking up important endorsements at her bid for the white house. is comm president obama. >> i know how hard this job can be. that's why i know hillary will be so good at it. in fact, i don't think there has ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. >> the president's nod follows his meeting at the white house
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with bernie sanders. mr. obama praising sanders forgetting young voters involved and highlighting the issues of income inequality in money and politics. a federal appeals court gives a heavy blow to gun activists. they do not have the constitutional right to carry a concealed weapon in public. they uphold the california state law that says an applicant must have a good cause for a conceal carry permit. and it will only have an affect on conceal carry laws and can be appealed to the u.s. supreme court. 15,000 people are turning out to remember mohammad ali in his hometown of louisville, kentucky. a leading muslim scholar offered condolences to ali's family and talked about what everyone lost. >> the passing of mohammad ali has made us all feel a little
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more alone in the world. it has taken something away from the very sweetness of life itself. it has brought us all a nagging sense of sadness. >> an inner faith service will beheld later today. i'm jackie ibanez and now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines, log on to fox a new study from the national alliance of youth sports shows that 70% of kids stop playing competitive sports by age 13. when asked the reason, most teens say it is just not fun anymore. the question is why? julie anna w minor at the "washington post" gives a few reasons and i will summarize a few. first, it is not designed to be fun. as kids get older the programs are geared to the more competitive kids. the kids that want to have a good time are squeezed out.
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and the push for kids to specialize. increasingly kids are pressured to find their passion and excel in that area. the problem is kid don't know what their passion is. that's what being a teenager is about. trying lots of things, failing at stuff and most importantly, wasting a lot of time which brings us to the current focus on success. parents are hyper focused on college. they shouldn't be will. these successful students are not just unwinding after a tough week. they are blowing off steam that built up from their entire over planned adolescents. we don't need successful kids. we need happy kids. and don't worry. they have plenty of time to be successful. did you waste a lot of time in adolescents? >> i have been wasting a lot of time until now.
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did she mean -- was that code for african-american kid? >> no, she was saying -- >> there is like a point when you say i can't compete anymore. >> the thing is you do have -- it is a minority -- it is multi-racial, but it is students who really want to compete like pros. the other kids are like, i can't deal with this. what are you going to do? what do you think the answer is. do you want to make it fun for everybody? >> it has to be catered to the top ones. you have to keep sports competitive. we have to keep churning out the best athletes. but everyone else has to get off the couch once in awhile and go out and play kick ball. there was a lot of fun as a kid. you pick the slowest on the block. if he was fat you threw the dodge ball at him a bunch. there are other ways to have
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fun. >> i loved your talking points, but this is making something out of nothing. this is -- this has always been that way. since when did people continue to play sports as they did when they were little? remember "fast time at ridgemont high." we had slackers and it has been this way for decades. editors are assigning stories because there is nothing else to write about. i don't think it is true and i think that's always been the case that most children stop sports at 13. >> you don't think it is getting more competitive and serious? >> yes, but it wasn't like that in the 60s, 70s and 80s. >> i wasn't a jock but i wanted to do sports so i ran track. i ran in the fall and spring. >> that's what track did. that's what you did. what we are talking about now is the people being crazy and parents being crazy their kids have to be successful and doing sports and keep going and going. knock it off.
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jay i -- i disagree. >> sports is sports lessons. it is like music lessons. my kids go to guitar and drum. i don't care if they don't like it. they can cry and i feel nothing. you are going there. if you want to have fun, go and play drums on your own and go play on your own and play soccer in the backyard and street hockey. as far as the sanctioned time with music lessons it is about getting better at it and concentrate and don't have fun. with sports it is get competitive and get out there and organized sports is about winning. you should keep doing that in high school. it is a great lesson winning. as far as lessons go, do that on your own time. >> sometimes winning can get expensive. when i was growing up i was on a competitive dance team, a dance troupe and i was tired of going to less sons five days a week and rehersing and i told my mom i want to quick and i expected her to say no,
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don't. but she said you are saving me money. you go to classes and choreography. >> and you didn't have to become a weird person. >> not only was it kid not wanting it, but the parents driving them to practice and driving them to -- >> it should be very simple. the fact that the market can't handle that -- >> look at the way it came down. you are all about competition. the gals are saying let's calm down. >> i played sports, four sports in high school. i played volleyball through college. i was captain of all four teams in high school, but there are kids who didn't want to do it and i hung out with them. they were great kids. >> they are called losers. >> they were not losers. >> you take days out of the week whr you are competitive. what is wrong with that? >> everybody do what you want. he is brilliantly -- he is brilliant -- he is andy
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levey. i couldn't read the pic. andy levey is next. subscribe on itunes and fox
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time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed at the "red eye" news desk. >> gavin, before we get started, what the hell is this? can you put it up? >> that is a cultural icon which is me permeating every
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part of the pop culture. >> this is from aqua man rebirth on sale now. and i believe the name that is used here is dave. it is clearly you. it is from my show. >> you look like the most interesting man alive. >> have you ever spoken to me? sin tau lating. >> do you know the artist. >> that was randocalorisian. >> president obama endorses hillary in a twitter war. shortly after clinton's delete your response previus responded. the rnc needs to step up the rapid response. >> andy, your twitter time is a lot shorter than most, you and all of your twitter friends. >> it has nothing to do with
12:34 am
me. i didn't tweet anything. >> you respond quickly. you are rapid fire. most people check it at the middle of the day and respond. >> there should be at the rnc checking the twitter feed all day. >> i guess you are right. >> liz you said you wonder if the intern who sent the tweet will get fired for it. tom, you said it was obviously a mistake. are you kidding? did you see the positive play it got? >> that's a good -- i was just being hypothetical and annoying. >> whoever tweeted that will get promoted. >> it got positive play from hillary fans, but it was -- >> it got positive play from the press, i agree. >> it brought up the whole deleting e-mail thing. >> the problem is because he took an hour to tweet that and trump took longer, at that point it was, you blew it. if they had fired back right away and i am not kidding when i say they need to step up
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their rapid response game. if they had tweeted back right away that would have been part of the story. all of the stories were out there before the tweets went out. >> that's a major mistake. >> gavin, you pointed out your account is a common twitter meme. i think i found the best one. can we put that out? coins -- coincidently that is you. you said the dems don't want bernie anyway. so maybe they can name someone else. >> a lot of people are talking about clinton and making her a vice president which puts her right there to step in. >> she is smart enough. i might expect that from her. >> and she would make all of the bernie people happy.
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>> by the way regarding president obama endorsing hillary, i don't think hillary was going to get indicted regardless, but did anyone think the justice department would indict anyone the president endorsed? one bureaucrat could say this will be embarrassing for the president. >> yannis, you said hillary is making history. she is the first female candidate to be under investigation we the doj. a new fox news poll shows a 60 to 27% margin voters think hillary is lying about how e-mails werabled. were handled. and voter think u.s. safety was at risk because of the mishandling of national secrets. i don't have a question for you, but i wanted a way to get that in. >> that's a good joke is what you are saying. >> it was a very good joke. if gary johnson is thrown in the mix he gets 12% of the vote. >> that went up. >> that's up from 10%. >> that was up from five.
12:37 am
>> the trump on the bathroom floor -- sorry image of trump. >> is that your bathroom floor? >> i love that the guy who saw this said he was on the toilet and add -- and admiring his tiling. >> pretty good one. >> gavin, you said isn't it wonderful his advisors are afraid of what he might do? i get that and don't disagree. if he wins, all of this was a brilliant way to do things. if he loses it was a spectacularly bad way to do things. >> that's the beauty of an election. the stakes is high. >> absolutely. turkish president thinks women who don't start a family have incomplete lives. congrats on pronouncing ardawan correctly. i will exit the story with that. 70% of kid stop playing
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organized sports by age 13. 30% have the great santini for a dad. tom, you read this as kids stopped playing competitive sports by age 13. it is organized sports. i feel like you don't necessarily have to play organized sports to play competitive sports. you know what i mean? >> i don't know. what do you mean? >> i grew up and played little league and went to baseball camp and played organized sports. on days we weren't, we went out in the street and played roller hockey and played football. if the weather was halfway decent we were out playing sports and it wasn't like kill the guy competitive, but you wanted to win. >> and you picked on the weakest kid. i'm sure that's down as well. we did sports and little league, but then we did whiffle ball. i'm assuming it is down. i am looking at the neighborhoods. i am going through my hometown. >> you are sounding like a "washington post" editor assigned this story. >> to be fair it could be that with you in the neighborhood parents don't want their kids out there.
12:39 am
>> you're right. >> i'm sorry. tom got picked on. i'm sorry. >> liz, i do agree with you. i think this is nothing new. maybe the numbers are higher. again, it does president mean the -- it doesn't mean the 30% or 70% are inside playing video games. >> that's right. >> there is something wrong with that and i think they are sitting at home playing video games. kids don't go out and play anymore because parents are wimps. >> i don't claim actual knowledge of this by the way, as not being a parent. >> leonore skinazi is the expert. >> it is not like uh tar rewhen we are kids. you are in a virtual reality. >> i wouldn't know because i am older than 12. the requisite age of someone playing. >> totally agree. >> what system are you on? >> xbox. >> promoted. >> i am mostly ps4. i have an xbox too.
12:40 am
>> so you can get on your headsets and talk to 12-year-olds around the world. >> don't knock it, baby. >> that's how we keep our finger on the pulse. >> coming up, how much money has chewbacca mom made since she went viral? here is a hipt, between $-- here is a hint, between $2,000 and $2 billion.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. the stage is set in kentucky today for a final farewell to boxing legend mohammad ali. family, friends and fans will gather in a louisville arena for a public memorial service honoring the three-time heavyweight champ. former president bill clinton will be among those in attendance. ali embraced the muslim religion , but there will be various religions. he died at the age of 74 after a long bout with parkinson's disease. a rare display of bipartisan ship on capitol hill. the house has a rescue package to help ease the cry -- crisis. th three weeks puerto rico has to make a $2 billion debt payment. and then the white house warns that failing to act could result in, quote, an exhibiting -- an economic humanitarian crisis.
12:45 am
>> a warning to congress from the head of the cdc. he says the delay in approving money to fight zika is impeding efforts to those mosquitoes that transmit the virus. they note that epidemics can spread in dayses and weeks and that the sooner congress acts, the better. they have voted to begin talks with the house over differing funding measures. the white house is asking for at least $2 billion. an update on the deadly terror attack in tel aviv. they are raiding workshops in the west bank. they are suspected of manufacturing the type of gun used in the bloody attack. four people were killed and five more injured in the chaos. israeli officials are now also blking tens of thousands of palestinians from entering israel during the muslim holy month of ramadan. now back to "red eye." for all of your he lines go to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel.
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internet sensation chewbacca mom roared into the internet scene a few weeks ago. since it is as old as hillary clinton here is a refresher. >> this is worth every penny. >> she received $420 thousands worth of free stuff including a trip to disney world and free bikini treatment. the biggest gift came from florida which offered her whole family full scholarships. unfortunately for chewbacca mom they are in a cross free zone. there is more.
12:47 am
they are making appearances at expos for fans to take photos and get autographs. it is costing $20 for 10,000 imperial credit. >> god bless her. you are wowing another her income. >> it is shocking. i have a theory about her. it is just a theory, but i think she is high and not on marijuana, but on, you know, like prozac or whatever pharmaceutical we are giving out now to depress people. we have a whole sea of junkies in the country on oxy and i think we have a whole sea of potheads that are not on pot, but on like aussie tau minute -- on acetaminophen. >> not like that. that is the drug giggles. >> to me that's the giggles you get when you put on a talking mask. >> can i ask you a question, how much did she get? >> $420,000. >> how much was the bikini wax
12:48 am
worth? 300,000? >> depend on if it is one off or monthly for a year. >> just asking. just wondering. >> what i don't under is is the college doing it so they get publicity or what? >> i really don't know. i don't have an answer for that. >> you are thinking about the bikini wax. >> maybe they are concerned about the intelligence to the children. >> well, look, this kind of thing happens every six months. you have the guy with the -- we have double rainbow guy. >> i will make everyone feel much better about not getting these free gifts. she has to declare them on her tacks. >> it will be a tough year. >> people forget about that. they go on game shows and win all of this money, but it is
12:49 am
not really free. >> the irs is watching. >> it is taxable income and that sucks. >> that's not anything compared to when she doesn't have her drugs. >> you said, again, you should say it is tear theoretical. >> it is a theory. i just have an inkling that when someone giggles that much they are on -- there is a pot-like drug. >> it does seem silly. shooy is a youtube sensation. we have honey boo boo and tv reality stars and why is this just a step down? >> you make one video and you go viral and this will last about a month until somebody else does something crazy. >> i want to know who is asking for the autograph. >> i don't begrudge her, but let her get the 20 bucks. in two months when she is as hot as double rainbow guy, her autographs are not going to get $20. so now is the time to cash in. >> how come the street fight
12:50 am
guys aren't -- they get millions of views. i don't think they are trying. they should try to sell -- they would watch all of their videos. they pack a sweet punch. >> you should represent those guys. >> when we return, how do millennials have fun? the answer may bore you.
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millennials would rather stay in and watch netflix and order seemless than go out to a bar. millennial discovered the need to socialize face-to-face is waning. food, shopping and even sex are an app tap away. the weekend is my time to relack. i enjoy not having to interact with people. another said it is cheaper to stay home. it is the price of admission for my barber shop smack down this friday night. that's fantastic. we will put that on the web p i think we will stream it. they'll find out president it will be fantastic. >> i love a stream. >> joanne, what do you think of this? you are a millennial.
12:55 am
>> i am a millennial. >> just stay home and use apps? >> everything at our fingertips. tap that app? that's great. i don't like to interact with people because i do it all day. i like to go home and not talk to anyone. i just watch whatever show is on netflix. but it is about balance. you need to go out so then you can have great photos for instagram and people are jealous of your life. >> but they don't have balance. >> it is crazy. these kids, when is something convenient enough? i used to think food delivery was the most unfathomable. you call another human being and tell them to deliver it to your doorstep. but now a kid is like, why would you want to use your mouth to talk? you are using it later to eat. why do you want to use it for two purposeses? is this a north korean prison camp? whatever slight inconvenience effort left there is on the planet they are trying to eliminate it until we are not
12:56 am
moving. >> even though it really is -- it is more convenient to call, but i get on my computer and i go through the dumb system to order food now. why do i do that? >> i hear what you are saying. what next is going to be made? >> a slit on your door and the guy kicks the food to you. they have a key to your apartment and you don't have to get out of the bubble bath. if you don't want to chew it they will chew it and then regurgitate it. >> we know who takes bubble bathes. >> you like your netflix. >> and i go out a lot. this is mostly about millennials. the real elephant is wearing lingerie and it is called porn. >> what? >> these young people are watching too much porn. the men have no libido. they don't want to go out. the women don't want to go out because the men have no libido so no sense going out if no one wants you. we just killed their whole sense of gusto.
12:57 am
>> i have to cut you off, gavin, but are you right. >> stop it. he is right. >> gavin is right. very thanks to my panel. >> very thanks to you. >> that's how little time i have. [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. tonight new fox polls. welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. it's good news/bad news for hillary clinton. the good news for her -- she's now leading in the general election match-up against presumptive nominee donald trump. who is down six points to 39% from a high of 45% last month. the bad news for secretary clinton is that when asked, 60% of voters believe she's lying about her emails. when you break down those numbers, not only do 90% of republicans think she's being untruthful. 64% of independents and 35% of democrats also believe she's deceiving the public.


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