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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 10, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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scratch on this pretty boy. justin bieber posting this picture after picking a fight with someone twice his age. the pop star getting a beatdown outside his cleveland hotel and some of his body guards helping him out. don't go away. we the kings are getting ready to perform for the concert series. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ tgs friday, june 10th. i'm ainsley earhardt. a fox news alert. america rocked by an earthquake overnight. people jolted out of their asleep. coming details. and president obama's endorsement of hillary clinton causing a twitter war. president obama slow jams his economic record. >> we've added more than 14
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million new record and lowered the unemployment rate to under 5%, to the actions of my administration, we were able to stimulate the economy and get our country back on track. >> yeah. it looks like president obama brought his speech writer to the slow jamming but are you really better off now than you were eight years ago. we've got the numbers the president wasn't able to fit into the tonight show because your mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ ♪ we the kings, they have got such a nice sound. they are going to fill up the canyon of concrete here at 48th. we're in a canyon of concrete.
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that's all there is to it. you can see right there, they just finished up the sound check there. the performance today at the famous daves cookout that we have every friday. it's the all-american concert series brought to you by ex-pedia. that song right there it's called check yes, julia. they sold 250,000 copies of it. it was released in 2007. brian was pointing out this morning. this is the line outside to get to the concert. oftentimes, this time of day to get the free food. these folks are lined up to hear we the kings. if you are around 48th and 6th avenue around 8:00, they are going to kick things off. please join us. >> they get free food too. >> absolutely, we'll slober on some sauce on the ribs. >> what did you say? >> slather. slober is drul -- drool. >> instead of marion nating. >> i'm not really sure. i'm glad you pointed out.
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real quickly. just in the middle east, they were performing for the troops. you know they care about the country. newt gingrich will be here. geraldo no last name and mark cuban, somehow we'll fit all three names in this show. is mark cuban going to get involved in politics? >> i think so. not this cycle. next cycle. >> he will actually run. >> i will not commit him, but i will say there's an excellent chance he will jump in at some point. >> a lot happening. three hours, kicking off with a fox news alert. heather tells us about an earthquake. did you get dressed together this morning? you are all wearing blue. >> so are you. >> fox news alert, a 5.2 magnitude earthquake rocking southern california overnight, jolting people right out of their beds.
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this video coming into our newsroom. it shows a shand did he leer swinging. it hit east of los angeles and felt as far as san diego. more breaking news. it has been a busy overnight, a gunman accused of shooting a deputy. he respond -- she responded to a call at derifield, ohio. the shooting causing police to lockdown the community. the sheriffs deputy has been released from the hospital. the other victim is expected to be okay. this communication with air traffic control could be to blame for a deadly plane crash in houston. first, there was confusion about which runway to use, then the tower reportedly told the pilot of the small plane it was too high to land and asked that
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pilot to circle around once again. moments later, the plane plunged to the ground, hitting an empty car. three people on board that plane were killed. brothers jerry and tony gray and tony's wife dana were on board that plane. they died. they were headed from oklahoma to houston to visit their sick father. and a quick-thinking teenager saveds a drowning toddler. 18-year-old brianna mosley puts her cpr training into action. as soon as she sees a three-year-old on the deck not breathing xing the toddler's nine-year-old c out of the water. >> the first thing i thought to do was mouth-to-mouth, give her breath so she can breathe. >> well, it worked, luckily. that goodness. by time responders arrived, the little girl was breathing once again. and those are your headlines.
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brian, reminds me of your kids. you got some life guards there. >> very boring to very exciting. >> very quickly. see you guys soon. now on to the race to the white house. president obama has officially said he's with her and her is hillary. >> the commander in chief throwing his support behind his former presidential rival hillary clinton but even that is not stopping bernie sanders. >> yep. garrett teney is live in washington, d.c. with the latest. bernie is putting down stakes for at least another week. >> good morning to you all. these high profile endorsements are now pouring in for hillary clinton. it was president obama who opened the flood gates yesterday. >> i want those who have been with me from the beginning of this incredible journey to be the first to know that i'm with her. i'm fired up, and i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary.
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>> after that, progressive massachusetts senator elizabeth warren who is a potential vp pick she's ready to get in the fight for hillary as well. joe biden jumped on the clinton campaign too. despite those endorsements, clinton's democrat rival bernie sanders says he's going to still going to compete in the last democratic primary here in d.c. on tuesday and take his campaign all the way to convention. >> it would be extraordinary if the people of washington, our
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the clintons and the obamas hate each other for and the president to back up hillary clinton, even though he probably rather have joe biden as president, it says something to you about a deal being baked up four years ago. >> he's just paying back, paying back the clinton family for supporting him. >> if joe biden had gotten in, if it wasn't for the tragic death of his son, beau biden, he
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would have gotten in. >> what do you think the president said to bernie sanders in that closed door meeting? do you think he said you got to get out? get out after tuesday? >> according to the "washington post," what he said was, hey, bernie, i'm going to be endorsing hillary clinton and bernie sanders campaign says okay you can endorse hillary clinton but would you please wait until after the voting? >> after the voting on tuesday, which he didn't do. >> about but then bernie sanders got that meeting which he got 45 minutes in the white house. >> and bottom line is bernie sanders gets out and the momentum is against him but he's got that thing -- fervent fan support. to convert those fans to hillary
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clinton fans will not be easy. bernie has no thoroughly buy in. therefore, he's got some leverage. >> after the president endorsed hillary clinton, there's a twitter war. as you can imagine there always will be when you have hillary clinton and donald trump. it started with donald trump. >> first up, donald trump tweeted obama just endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama but nobody else does. >> i can't do the voice. delete your account. >> after she said that, trump came out, how long did it take your staff of 823 to think that up and where are your 33,thou emails that you deleted? >> right. and also reince priebus got in and said some interesting things. i'll play the role of anthony weiner since there was not any
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audition. too late for some of us. >> reince priebus he says if anyone knows how to use a delete key, it's you. speaking to hillary. >> hillary clinton as we've heard her explanation for the illegal email server set-up in this house, she didn't understand how the whole email thing works, whoever the genius is who included the word delete in hillary's tweet yesterday, they got some explaining to do today. of all the words to use, that wasn't one to use. >> it's very popular for a young generation, when that tweet came across that account, she had someone younger tweeting for her. >> we've got a lot to talk about coming up on this friday as well. good news our veterans are
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finally getting treatment at the va. bad news, the doctors aren't so qualified to do the test. new details. sickening to come up. >> once bernie sanders' drops out, we know it's inevitable. where do the supporters go? our next guest thinks maybe they will support hillary, but maybe not. >> now that bernie is not going to be the nominee, who are you going to vote? >> i most likely wouldn't vote. olay total effects a skin transformation that rivals the leading department store moisturizer. revives skin to fight 7 signs of aging. with olay, you age less, so you can be ageless. olay. ageless. with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurce
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we should not be having a situation where wall street corporate america and billionaires are failing to pay their fair share of taxes. these are some of the issues that many millions of americans have supported during my campaign. these are the issues that we will take to the democratic national convention. bernie sanders still staying in the race at least through tuesday, pledging to take his ideas to the convention in philly where hillary clinton is set to become the official democratic nominee so why can't a proceed congress sieve socialist like sanders ever win. >> let's ask adam levine. welcome back. what do you think -- what do you think bernie sanders needs right now in order to get out in support? >> bernie sanders needs to hear hillary clinton and the democratic party attempt to
3:17 am
unite his supporters and her supporters around a common bold progressive agenda. talk about scpnding -- expanding social security benefits, debt-free college. she needs to give him that mental license. >> he's got to get all three of them? >> in general. statements they both endorsed during the primary. the most common thing we hear from sanders supporters and luke warm clinton supporters is did she mean what she said in the primary, she can answer that in the next two weeks by keeping the volume high on these existing progressive positions. >> bernie sanders says the system has been rigged against everybody. the problem is hillary clinton has been part of the system for like 30 years. it's kind of like, wait a minute, we liked him because he was an outsider, socialist, she's part of the system. >> there were real differences
3:18 am
between sanders and clinen to. the question is what will it take to unite the party. here's what it won't take, sanders being told to get in line. the primary didn't matter. all you got to do is get in line to defeat trump. that will turn off new voters and independent voters. >> jesse watters took to the streets. >> now that bernie sanders is not going to be the noom -- nominee, who are you going to vote for? >> i most likely wouldn't vote. >> i'm going to wright him -- write him in. >> i feel like no matter who i vote for. i feel like without a revolution we're hopeless. >> why don't you like hillary? >> i don't think she has very good intentions. >> she's got a lot of friends on wall street. she gave a lot of big speeches on wall street. bernie sanders railing against
3:19 am
wall street and donald trump has self-funded his campaign. a lot of people are going maybe some of those people rather than go to hillary will go to trump. >> we'll see, what she does the next couple of weeks, months, will matter. i would be interested to know whether these young people have student debt. if she keeps the volume high, i want any student of any public college graduate without any debt. >> if you are a devout socialist, do you worry at all that the american people want too much? we already have $20 trillion in debt. do you think they can have a politician effectively run on free education, expanding social security and jacking up taxes? >> debt-free and free are two different thpgs, the idea you could get through college
3:20 am
without huge debt. republican voters would want that. republican, independent, and democratic voters want an unrigged system. they don't want companies like ge not paying taxes. not have it fall on the middle class. >> absolutely. ths where -- let's see where they go. coming up on this friday, the president wants to bring thousands of syrian refugees to the united states but the price you are going to pay about $20,000 for each person, seriously. >> yep. >> then what if we told you the best way to live your life was to make death your friend. that from a man who inspires top athletes and hollywood hot shots. that story and message next.
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. now it is time for news by the numbers. first 25,000, that's how many vets the va admits have been examined for traumatic brain injuries by staff not qualified to diagnose traumatic brain injuries. letters are now being sent to those affected, offering new exams by qualified people. next, 2,463. that's how many gun applications in san diego are going nowhere. this after a federal judge ruled the second amendment does not give you the right to carry a concealed weapon in public. if challenged, it could lead to a supreme court battle. and finally $20,000, that's
3:25 am
how much u.s. taxpayers are spending for each and every refugee coming into the united states. a new report found 47% of refugee households receive cash assistance. a handful of refugees have been arrested for various crimes, including supporting isis. you are stuck in a job that you hate or a relationship that's not going anywhere. well, it is time for you to wake up. in his new book, "you are the one," kute blackson, a trns for medication al -- transformational teacher is here. >> i help people transform to become their most authentic selves. >> you talk to top athletes and
3:26 am
hollywood big shots. they come to you. >> they want to discover why they are on this planet. they want to love more. they want to live an authentic life. i help people tap into that and express that. >> tell us what we can get from your book, you are the one. >> ultimately, you'll find your purpose and there's a few keys that i have that i want to be able share. >> what are those? >> the first key, i talk in the book, make death your friend, ultimately we're all going to die. we act as though we're going to live forever. we waste time on things that aren't a priority, things that aren't consequencetial. are you ready, are you loving fully? are you expressing fully? are you being who you truly are and so when you realize that death is real, it's coming, it's guaranteed, then you don't waste time.
3:27 am
you use it as an inspiration. >> you also say tell the truth. >> yes. one thing i've seen when i work with clients around the world that come to my events, the thing that keeps us stuck, we're lying to ourselves, we're pretending, rationalizing, settling. we're afraid to tell the truth, we're afraid of the consequences. what will happen if i tell the truth, i'm not happy in my relationship and/or my job, telling the truth shifts reality. the truth will set you free. ask yourself the question what is it i'm pretending to not know. >> realize you are not who you think you are. what do you mean? >> we're often living expectations that have been passed down to us from our parents, family, grandparents. we're told be normal, just fit in, you are not enough and i think freedom comes from being in touch with who you really are. >> recognize that your thoughts
3:28 am
are not real. >> 65 verks,000 thouts a day. most of them are the same as yesterday. under the circumstance thoughts i'm not loveable, i'm not deserving. we have to question our thoughts. we have to question is it real, is it true, we're living as if those stories are fact and they are really not. what i like to tell people observe your mind, observe your thoughts. thoughts, they just pass through. >> no one owes you anything. >> yeah, this is my favorite one. this is the one that changed my life. no one owes us anything. it requires that you give up any sense of entitlement and take full responsibility for your life and your happiness. no one is going to save us. ultimately, you are the one. >> you realize how blessed you are. kute blackson talking about his book, "you are the one." thanks so much. great message. that's an up-and-coming guy.
3:29 am
two minutes before the top -- bottom of the hour, you've got a mad man holding a museum staffer hostage at knifepoint. >> please let go! don't do this! >> what we know about that man and how police brought it all to an end. that story next. plus president obama slow jams his economic record. >> we've added more than 14 million new jobs and lowered the unemployment rate to under 5%. through the actions of my administration, we were able to stimulate the economy and get your country back on track. >> well, that sounds great, but are you really better off now than you were eight years ago. we've got the numbers the president did not slow jam. right, happy birthday to kate upton, she is 24 and soon her career will hit turbo speed. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn
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because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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when i first took office, our nation was facing one of the worst resessions in its history. since then we've added more than 14 million new jobs and lowered the unemployment rate to under 5%. through the actions of think administration, we were able to stimulate the economy and get our country back on track. ♪ oh, yeah. president obama stimulated long-term growth ♪ both the public and the private sector ♪ >> that's not only funny, it sounds terrific, but is it true? maybe not so much. >> i think he forgot a few other
3:34 am
things that happened when he was president. >> have you ever tried to slow rap median household income. in 2016, it went up -- it actually went down, that's the average salary in this country. people are making less today than they did in 2000. >> unemployment rate is like 4.7%, that's great, right? no, there are 14 million more americans not in the workforce since obama came into office of january of 2009. that's a 15% increase. keep in mind as well, millions of americans are discouraged because there are not enough jobs out there. you are considered employed if you work one hour a month and when you take the number of americans who are discouraged and have dropped out of the workforce, you combine those with the actual people who are unemployed, unemployment rate in this country rises to 23%.
3:35 am
>> that's interesting. so they say if you work just one hour, you are employed. >> this federal government considers you employed. >> you can't live on that. >> of course, you can't. >> you can live on an hour a week. >> an hour a month. >> okay. lack of domestic growth has been the most stunning thing and the hardest thing to deal with. the gdp has not risen 3% since 2009. first it was retracting and then it went up to 2.5 and the last month, it was terrible. in the big picture, is our economy changing? have we adjusted? when you grade president obama, economy was a crisis when you took over and then a stimulus package, what did that do, most of the money went to states who kept workers employed and the money dissipated. no u.s. president has ever not had 3% growth in a single year and the president, do you
3:36 am
see up 3 plus number there? nope. president obama, first u.s. president not to produce an annual gdp of 3% or better? >> that's the monetary value of all the goods produced in this country. >> and the question is hillary clinton going to run on obamacare and the question is i guess not, because no one ever brings it up. despite by the same token, the -- obamacare, the cost of health care has risen 150% faster than inflation since 2009. so many people have health care, at what cost, what detuctible and what does it cover? >> the big question is when people go to vote in the month of november, is the economy, is jobs, are jobs going to be important? if so -- >> you are going to hit the streets later to find out.
3:37 am
>> there are a lot of people in the streets. it's going to be a good day to do that. >> they are in line to our concert series today. first, we hand it over to heather nauert. a couple of headlines i want to bring to you right now. another arrest from the violent anti trump hoe -- protesters, bringing the total to six now. a teenager charged with battery and gang violence. remember this attack from the protest. that poor woman pelted with eggs as men stood by doing nothing. police at the event were told to stand down despite an angry mob launching those eggs at her. >> this was a general pro law enforcement crowd, it's not a knock on police in general, in in specific instance it's shocking to see 250 people lined up and not lifting a finger to help the victim.
3:38 am
>> the victim also calling for the mayor to step down. watch a moment as a man takes a gift shop worker hostage at knifepoint at a museum. >> please let go! don't do this! >> well, that happened at high desert museum in oregon. police believe he didn't know her are. people in the museum watched as he violently dragged her through different exhibits. >> it's a male versus female. it's physical. he's threatening to kill her. he's a large white male adult, 35 years old. he's holding her arm under her neck. >> police shot and killed him as he leave the big. a texas valedictorian heading to college. >> i am one of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the shadows of the united
3:39 am
states. >> that is la wrista martinez. we told you about one yesterday. she bragged about her full ride to ut. a city biker here in new york city was tackled by the nypd. okay, here's what happened. that clueless biker taken down by police on park avenue in new york city yesterday, after passing a barrier for president obama's motorcade. we're told the guy was blasting the song call me maybe in his head phones. >> obama in town yesterday blocked so much traffic.
3:40 am
>> yeah, for a change. usually, we barely know he's here. >> we know when the un is here and perfect the president is in town. >> who are you going to pick up on a blind date? >> this is one date. he's not going to go home with her at the end which is good. let's say, unless he puts her on the handle bars and he's saving money for a really nice dinner. saving $25. >> we're going to be talking with dating. maria joins us from outside with a look at the weather. >> we expect that heat to be building across the eastern u.s. we've been waking up to temperatures on the chilly side across the northeast. that will be changing saturday and sunday. it's pretty quiet out there. we have showers moving across parts of the northern plains and later on this afternoon and evening, we anticipate a risk for severe weather across
3:41 am
portions of the great lakes and also into montana and that threat will continue saturday into sunday across the northern tier of the nation. quickly taking a look at current temperatures, very warm already in the center of the nation with temperatures widespread in the 70s and that heat building already today, reaching the 90s in minneapolis and down into texas and trim digits -- triple digits across the southwest. coming up on this friday, it's the signature of donald trump's campaign. >> are going to make america great again! >> but he's also making dating great again. meet the guy behind the plan to hook up trump supporters. and we're wrapping up our summer series with the top technology with for your road trips this summer, like that cooler, it keeps ice frozen for three days. >> what? >> yep. kurt the cyber guy is coming up.
3:42 am
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put something on. it's time for your business headlines. the fda putting you at risk. a new report finds the fda is too slow on recalls, leaving the public in danger. one example, there was a peanut butter recall, five months passed before the fda identified it's as sam necessarily la. and deep fried twinkies are coming near you. you need to heat them up just to enjoy them. they are being sold exclusively at walmart stores for the next year. orlando's tallest, fastest, longest roller coaster is opening today at sea world. the shark-themed coaster is 200
3:46 am
feet tall. it's a track that's nearly a mile long. hold on tight. thank you, brian. for today on this friday, it's day five of our week long summer road trip series and today we're talking tech and the best gizmos and gadgets for the front seaters here. >> kurt the cyber guy joins us. >> i'm ready for a road trip this summer. this is the hottest ride. this is the volvo xc 90. it's the number one suv of the year. >> my wife and i just bought this car two weeks ago. it is the safest coolest car i have ever seen. >> here's what's cool about this. this is an app that comes with the car and we can lock the car, and then we can unlock the car and you could be anywhere in the world and be able to control your car. it also tells us how much fuel
3:47 am
until empty. 228-mile range on the car. >> you can also start the car. if you are in the house on a cold day, you can start the car. >> i'm going to start the car, and my wife is going to be in the kitchen and she's going to run out to the garage and think what the heck is he doing, as a safety feature, i think it only runs for 15 minutes before it shuts off. beautiful car. >> this is cool. you are on your way, no matter what car you've got and you are taking your summer road trip, right? this is the latest technology in a cooler. you got to bring your stuff along, right? we've got the beverages, whatever you want, the kids want. wherever you are going to stay, you save a lot of money. >> it keeps things cold for three days. >> these are polar bear coolers. we use these constantly to shift things when you travel. le it will not leak inside your
3:48 am
car. >> how much are they? >> they start around at $99 for the 48 -- they do it by soda size. 48 fit into this one. 24 fit into this one. this starts around $99 when it's nie lob -- nylon. >> i see you got a computer back here. >> why not bring my tablet. look what i plugged into the back right here. i put it in the 12 volt adapter in the car. this is ride-fi. this is from sprint. >> your car a hot spot. >> it makes your car a hot spot. up to eight devices can access that. instead of paying for everyone's device to have its own device. >> how much does that cost? >> it's about $168 for the device and then it starts at about $35 a month, depending how much data you want. various plans.
3:49 am
you good to sprint and check your zip. >> do you have a dr. pepper in there? >> it is orange juice time. we have a diet coke but no dr. pepper. >> is that your favorite drink? >> diet dr. pepper is the best. >> coming up, we'll have the three best road trip apps. we'll put them on line. >> thank you so much. meanwhile, it is the signature of donald trump's campaign, you know this. >> we are going to make america great again! >> but he's also making dating great again. meet the guy behind the plan to -- it's kind of a love connection for people who like the donald. we have a huge show for you at home. newt gingrich, geraldo, and reality business star, mark cuban is going to be here. all of them will be on our show, so stay with us. ♪ ♪ nexium 24 hour
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3:53 am
hi. you want to make your love life great again, there's a brand new dating website just for that reason. it's trump singles. called it hopes to hook up the trump supporters to avoid that political talk that often happens on dates. david goss is the creator and david, this site just went up. what kind of success have you had? >> well, yesterday was huge for us. we definitely had a big following coming in yesterday.
3:54 am
after a lot of media advertising. so we were at about 500 the day before yesterday and now we're at 6,000 users. >> there's been a lot of people running for president. i don't -- it's the first dating site that's really launched in a president's name or a presidential candidate's name and likeness. tell me why trump singles takes a special person. >> well, trump is a special person. he's a different candidate from everybody else. the following that he has is truly amazing. and there's a lot of -- there's a stereotype that's put with a trump supporter and it's usually a negative one. so a lot of people that aren't fans of trump's are usually giving us -- giving us a bad name. calling us names, just looking down on us. and it's sometimes tough to date when you're a trump supporter so we're making it easier for people to find each other who are like minded, who have the
3:55 am
same political views. >> right. and real quick, david, same political views, but besides political views, describe the trump single. >> oh, the trump single is just a fun loving person. it's not anybody that's different from anybody else. we just have our views and we stick to them. we're proud of them. and we're not willing to -- we're not willing to give up on them just to date somebody. we're going to stick with our guns, we're going to be who we are. >> so it's not just for a billionaire, it's for every people. you also said one of the people that are online with you said, i think there's a special stigma when people say they're supporting trump because of the brash things he has said in the past, it gets projected on the supporters, it's hard to date when you're identified as a trump person so why not date another trump person? is that really the premise? >> yeah, it is. one in four relationships are destroyed by politics so this
3:56 am
takes that out of the equation where you're not having to worry about am i going to get along with this person because we're going to have different views? is this person going to hate me because i like trump? and i support him. you can go out, have a good time and be yourself and enjoy the other person's company. >> for $4.95 you can register online, correct? >> yes. yes. $24.95 for six months. >> hey, thanks a lot, david goss. see what donald trump says about it. i know you have not touched bases yet. >> thank you. all right. coming up straight ahead in the next two hours, huge show. newt gingrich is here. geraldo rivera is just getting dressed right now. billionaire business man and mogul, reality tv star and maybe the next vice president of the united states, mark cuban here live. plus, it's friday. you know what that means. ♪
3:57 am
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and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for more information, visit good morning to you. it's friday, june 10th, 16. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with this, fox news alert. caught, a gunman who shot a deputy and another person overnight in ohio is busted. what we're learn about the suspected shooter. plus, president obama is getting ready to set off with hillary clinton on the campaign trail. the real battle for the election may be online as hillary demands trump delete his account. that's funny. >> not going to happen. >> now everybody is getting in on the twitter war, even anthony weiner, huma's husband. >> right. that wasn't an error in the prompter. you said anthony winer is
4:01 am
tweeting? >> yeah. justin bieber is picking on a guy twice his size. i hope he said sorry, get it? your mornings are better with "friends." ♪ >> you know, justin bieber has been by "fox & friends." he came with one of the guests. >> selena gomez. >> i wasn't going to say the name. but i'll say the name, we the kings. you know their music, all part of the all-american summer concert series brought to you by exmedia. >> we love the concert series. we have a great jam-packed show for you. newt gingrich is here, geraldo rivera is here and mark cuban is
4:02 am
here. >> great that we have mark cuban with us because brian and i have been working up some ideas for some potential businesses. >> we might pitch them. >> you go first with the idea for the food trucks and then i'll follow up with -- >> what's your idea? >> i can't say on air. >> put food in trucks and put a window in there and sell it to people. >> they make a ton of money out in times square. >> they seem happy. >> from shark tank to news tank -- >> right. absolutely. >> heather nauert is here in the tank for us. >> i'm in the tank for you guys. good morning, everybody, breaking news to bring you. you know that gunman who was accused of shooting an ohio sheriff's deputy? well, that person has been caught. just a short while ago, overnight. police arresting this man, seen right here. he is accused of shooting the officer as she responded to a call at his deerfield township, ohio, apartment. police say that he also shot another man before he ran off. a community lockdown has now been lifted. the sheriff's deputy has been released from the hospital
4:03 am
thankfully. the other victim is expected to be okay. a press conference from the sheriff's department is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. this morning. with we'll be watching that. another fox news alert, also happening overnight. 5.2 magnitude earthquake rocking southern california. jolting people out of their beds. this video just coming into the newsroom a short while ago shows a street shaking, debris falling during the roughly 30 second quake. it was felt west of l.a. and then all the way down to san diego. so far, no reports of injuries or damages. and yet another alert, a noah's ark replica crashes into the coast guard ship. this happened off the coast of norway this morning. it was a 230-foot wooden biblical replica. it slammed into the norwegian coast guard vessel. no one was hurt. noah's ark is used as a floating museum. and justin bieber picks a fight with someone twice his size. watch this.
4:04 am
the pop star throwing the first punch before getting a beatdown outside the cleveland hotel right after the nba finals. several men restrained the men before he could do more damage to the biebs. the biebs posted this picture on instagram after. he says not a scratch on this pretty boy. the singer's currently in the middle of his huge purpose tour. yeah, easy to pick a fight if you have a bunch of bodyguards around you. did he -- >> he called himself pretty boy? >> yeah. >> he does train with mayweather. he does box a little bit so maybe it helped him. i don't know. >> thanks, heather. well, we saw this coming a mile off -- actually we have known for four years ever since bill clinton made the deal with barack obama at the convention in charlotte four years ago. okay, obama's in trouble with mitt romney so i will endorse him -- this is bill clinton talking as long as you endorse my wife four years later. well, that's what the president of the united states did yesterday in this video, cut two days earlier we know that from his neck tie. here's the president.
4:05 am
>> i know how this hard this job can be. that's why i know hillary will be so good at it. in fact, i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. i'm with her. i'm fired up. i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. >> but if you read the text of the endorsement, he puts hillary clinton on every major decision he's made. >> good. >> because now if you are devising a strategy to take on hillary clinton, you don't have to project what kind of president she'd be because barack obama says she was with him every step of the way. so you know what you're running against and the results will battle out themselves. so game on. so it's not -- i wonder what mitt romney would be like as president, you know what hillary clinton would be as president. she'll be a third term. >> well, bernie sanders said he'll go till next tuesday, at least, which is the d.c. primary that no one knew about until bernie decided to stay in the
4:06 am
race. we knew, but most people knew -- knew about the primaries on this past tuesday. but anyway, he met -- he met with harry we'd as well as joe biden and the president. no mention of hillary clinton in his speech yesterday and no mention of a contested convention. >> just beating donald trump. then came the twitter, after the endorsement came down. here's how it sounded. donald -- >> first donald trump tweeted out, obama just endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama but nobody else does. >> then hillary tweeted delete your account. >> and that's troublesome for her, because of her e-mail server. so trump tweeted out how long did it take your staff of 823 people to think that up and where are your 33,000 e-mails that you deleted? >> and while reince priebus weighed in by the way, you are an expert on deleting aren't you? anthony weiner said i haven't tweeted in a while. >> how do you know he hasn't tweeted in a while?
4:07 am
>> too late for some of us. in reference -- too late for some of us in terms of deleting the account. we should all delete our accounts. too bad, anthony, having some fun at his own experience and a documentary is coming out. >> i know. i'm thinking why, why bring attention to yourself again? stay off of twitter. >> why remind everybody, anthony weiner is married to hillary clinton's -- >> huma abedin. >> -- aide. unfortunately for hillary clinton yesterday in addition to all of these endorsements they're trying to unify the democratic party around her. unfortunately for her, during one of the press availabilities at the white house, josh earnest referred to the criminal investigation of hillary clinton. wait a minute, i thought it was just an inquiry. criminal investigation by the fbi. oops. >> yesterday, some new fox news polls came out and the people were asked who they prefer this election cycle look at the numbers.
4:08 am
42% of people say they prefer hillary clinton and 39% donald trump. >> and the big story, donald trump had a slight lead and now at a disadvantage. he has to feel encouraged that hillary clinton with all the momentum and the unification just has a three-point lead. >> well, keep in mind last week, he was up a couple. she wound up with a bump because she was declared to be the winner by the a.p. ask yourself this. what do you do when this candidate comes on tv? when hillary clinton comes on tv, 52% of you change the channel. meanwhile, let's see the bigger number for donald trump is 46% of you turn up the volume. >> so the majority of people like watching him and like hearing him. not the case for hillary clinton. >> a plurality. >> well, things happen. even if you're against donald trump things happen when you put the volume up almost all the time. meanwhile, other fox news polls, trump calls hillary crooked hillary. is that accurate?
4:09 am
49% said yeah. 47% said no. >> about 50-50 there. >> the polls -- the independents do pick of the candidates, of the three candidates who do you like? a plurality like donald trump and the second was gary johnson, the libertarian. then came hillary clinton. >> well, it seems to be an election where the men picked donald trump to a tune of 50 -- to a tune of 48%. the women like hillary clinton at 50%. so who can get the other gender is going to be key. >> yeah, i think the independents, you're right. those are the ones to look at. switching gears in less than two hours the funeral procession for legendary boxer muhammad ali is going to begin in louisville, kentucky. >> down goes foreman. thousands are expected to attend including fox news's own jonathan hunt who joins us outside of ali's childhood home. >> reporter: brian, ainsley, steve, good morning to all of
4:10 am
you. it will be a solemn day here in louisville, but i think it would be a day in which the entire city and the world for that matter celebrates the life of muhammad ali who of course died at 74. just one week ago. this by the way is his boyhood home. this is where ali grew up. he was born january 17th, 1942. he spent his early years in this house. humble begins for a man who reached such greatness. as you look at this now, there are already some people coming out, ready to pay respects to him. there have been a lot of flowers left here. a lot of balloons. a lot of messages expressing great love for the greatest of all time. yesterday, of course, we had the muslim funeral service. ali's body which was washed, anointed and wrapped in keeping with muslim tradition within 24 hours of his death lay in a closed casket at that service and 14,000 people turned up to pay their respects to muhammad
4:11 am
ali then. we expect many more along the streets of louisville today. and then of course the huge memorial service at 2:00 p.m. eastern is expected to be a two-hour service after the burial. among the speakers there, president bill clinton himself, as the entire world says its final farewell to the greatest of all time. brian, steve, ainsley? >> hey, jonathan, real quick question. does anyone live in that house right now? >> reporter: no. this is actually been restored, steve. i think that was steve, for -- as a sort of museum. it actually has opening hour, business hours you can see over there, daily 10:00 till 5:00. it was a project that was only recently completed and something that louisville is very proud of as a city, steve. >> all right. thank you very much. jonathan hunt. the greatest from such humble beginnings. >> we'll cover that coverage live this afternoon. want to carry a concealed
4:12 am
weapon? too bad. that's right. just got put on hold. we have all the details. and bernie is about to bail out of the race on tuesday night. probably. for president. where will his supporters go? many say he'll vote for hillary, but we'll hear from the actual voters coming up next. >> who are you going to vote for? >> i'm not going to vote. >> going to write him in. >> write bernie in? >> yep, write bernie in. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. so yostanding up.ddle. with a friend. or you're a skier. or snowboarder. or a skier with two kids who snowboard.
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4:16 am
next tuesday in a few days here in washington, you will be having the very last primary of the democratic nominating process. it would be extraordinary if the people of washington, our nation's capital, stood up and told the world that they are ready to lead this country into a political revolution. >> and then he promised them statehood, d.c. >> that's right. >> senator bernie sanders vowing to stay in the race. but not for long. tucker carlson says that bernie, he's actually always -- or still a winner. even if he drops out, right, tucker? >> it depends what contest you're talking about.
4:17 am
good morning. i mean, look, if you really thought a 74-year-old charmless man would be the president you'll be disappointed. but this was a memorial moral crusade to move the democratic party to the left. by the way, is there a single person still at a bernie rally? because they believe in him and they want the party to be reformed. so he's won the argument. does anybody believe hillary clinton would have come out in support of obamacare for illegal aliens if bernie hadn't be in the race? of course not. he moved the party to the effort what and succeeded. >> she had to disavow her husband's administration from the crime bill to welfare reform. she used to be pretty strong on enforcing our border. now that's totally flipped on its head. but when bernie sanders goes what stays, tucker? >> that is such a smart point. she won the nomination. all she had to do was give up her own husband's legacy in the process. a steep price.
4:18 am
you're right. part of what this has done to the democratic party is revealed the deep racial divide that we didn't know existed. he won every white liberal in the party but not enough in the end. but how many will vote for hillary in the fall? some will. the young ones will say, look, donald trump is a racist. that will move some of the votes to hillary for sure, but some won't. or i think rural liberals, rural democrats who voted for bernie, some of them are winnable by trump especially if he keeps on his populist economic message. >> well, jesse waters to that point, he went to vermont talk e country. he wanted to find out who they're going to vote for. >> now that bernie is not going to be the nominee, who are you going to vote for? >> i most likely wouldn't vote. >> i'm going to write him in. >> write bernie in? >> yeah. write bernie in. >> i'm not voting. i feel like whoever i vote for
4:19 am
won't change the things that need to be changed. i feel like we're at a rove -- without a revolution we're hopeless. >> why don't you like hillary? >> i don't think she has good intentions. >> hillary is part of the system and the system is rigged in their minds. >> rigged by wall street specifically. every bernie speech basically was noun, verb, wall street. he blamed the flint lead water crisis on wall street. hillary clinton took more money from wall street than any member of the u.s. senate, more than chuck schumer which is amazing. she's of course taking more money from wall street now than anybody who ran for president this cycle. this is a huge stumbling book for his supporters. trump has attacked hedge fund managers and is putting forth not a conservative but a populist message. he has the potential to win the supporters. it's unclear how many. roseanne barr said i'm not voting hillary. that tells you something is going on. >> thank goodness she didn't
4:20 am
sing it. tucker will be here on the couch. what is coming up this weekend? >> first of all, kimberly guilfoyle will be here on, all weekend, one of my favorites on fox. but the campaign begins right now. obama has endorsed hillary clinton. we knows who's running. we have coverage of that going through saturday and sunday. miss it at your peril. herman cain coming in, one of our favorite guests ever. >> coming live from belmont. do we want to leave the concert stage up? >> yeah. i like to sashay around in the commercial breaks. sure. >> tucker carlson from the windy city, chicago. >> city of broad shoulders. >> indeed it is. the state department in the dark about hillary's e-mails until this. how this picture changed everything. now you see me. now you don't. >> if you think you have seen it all, take another look. ♪
4:21 am
>> before you spend your money is that movie worth seeing? look at that. there's kevin mccarthy. he just saw the movie. he's going to tell us next. >> that's why he waved. ♪ soon. i like the bride more than the groom. turquois dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no one's got moves like uncle joe. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's go, book with choice hotels and get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times. book direct at you always have a choice. this personal essay is way harder than i thought,oney. it's just not in my nature to brag on myself. not even a backdoor brag? what's a backdoor brag? sneaking something wonderful about yourself into everyday conversation, like when i tell people,
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♪ "dinner!" "may i be excused?" get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. e. 7:24 here in new york. we start with a fox news alert. the white house just giving the green light to our military to drop more bombs on the taliban. the move in the wake of increased violence in the middle east. it also gives u.s. forces more flexibility to assist afghan forces in critical operations. this is good. >> can we bomb them in pakistan? >> that's the key indeed. you have seen this picture a million times. not only here on fox news but around the world. but that picture apparently was
4:25 am
at the beginning -- was it the beginning of the endb for hillary clinton? the state department didn't know that hillary clinton was using a private e-mail address until someone visited texts from hillary and saw her using her blackberry in the picture. hey, where did she get that? >> unbelievable. it's a big weekend at the box office with three summer movies hitting the big screen. which ones are worth your money, ainsley? >> i'm so glad you asked me that. we'll ask kevin mccarthy, because he's the expert. the founder of good morning, kevin. >> brian, steve and ainsley, it's 4:20 here in los angeles. i could not be happier to be on with you guys. i'm actually out here to -- i'm interviewing with ellen degeneres for her new movie "finding dore." i'm excited. >> she's such a neat person. the first movie you're going to review, "now you see me 2." the first one was great. how about this one?
4:26 am
>> this is a little bit of a step down unfortunately. i liked the first one a lot. it was a robin hood themed type of magician film. you have had a great cast, morgan freeman and eisenberg. now they're trying to pull off a he's for a tech genius and the problem is the first half of the film doesn't really take off for a while. there's two great scenes in the movie but overall does not reach the level of fun. i gave it a 2.5 out of 5. i recommend the rental, not terrible. but not great. i sat down with dave franco who is james franco's brother to find out how he throws cards the way he does in the movie. really fascinating how he does it. watch this. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> hold in your left hand. >> okay. >> now take these two fingers. pinch this corner. >> okay. >> nope nope. yeah. in slow motion, here's what it looks like. so it's like this and then like kind of twist at the very end. boom. yeah.
4:27 am
try it. >> nice. >> not too bad. >> i'm really sorry, hit the timer. >> that was legit though. >> i used to be better at this. >> wow. >> card tricks. >> actually, hit the timer in the room. i hit somebody by mistake with the cards. i apologize if you're watching right now. i did not mean to hit you with the card. >> so that is pretty cool. you get the people to do stuff a little different. they go for it, kevin. meanwhile, there's another movie out called "the conjuring 2." >> yeah. if you want to see a 32-year-old grown man screaming in a movie theater than just come watch that movie with me because it scared me so badly. and this is the sequel to the first film, based on true case files from ed and lorraine warren. they're going to london to help a house that has malicious demons inside. very, very well executed movie. very scary. james wand directed it.
4:28 am
very, very scary. i gave it a 4 out of 5. worth seeing but know going in it will give you nightmares. very, very scary. >> great. >> all right. before you go, tell us a little bit about war craft. >> yeah, steve, i never played this game in my life. it's a big video game franchise, but the movie is directed by duncan jones, david bowie's son. he directed "source code." what they did in this movie by the way i believe we have some behind the scenes footage they created the orks versus humans. they had humans that created the orks so they'd make -- digitally in the computer. very cool how they pull it out. the visual effects are amazing, it takes a little while to get off the ground. but a 3.5 out of 5. don't waste your money on imax and do not waste it in 3-2, not worth the movie. see it in 2-d regular. >> kevin mccarthy, in los
4:29 am
angeles, 4:28 in the morning. >> this is true. >> thank you, kevin. another roadblock if you're looking to carry a gun. what liberal lawmakers have thought of now. plus, it's friday. and that means music. ♪ >> yes, we the kings are here for the all-american fox summer concert series. find out what they're doing to honor our military. we'll go to that stage to talk to that band because it's that show.
4:30 am
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starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (children giggle) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. the president he has a lot of -- a lot going on as he wraps up his term in office including the construction of his official presidential library which will
4:33 am
be built in chicago. it will be a place -- beautiful. it will be a place devoted entirely to obama and his achievements or as it's also known, msnbc. [ laughter ] >> throwing some shade over at msnbc. their own cable outfit. >> throwing some shade, i like it. let's go over to heather with some headlines. >> good morning. good morning, everybody. i have a couple of headlines to bring you right now. this video you're about to see is frightening. watch here. the moments take place when a man takes a gift shop worker at a museum hostage at knife point. >> don't do this! >> well, this happened at the high desert museum in oregon. police are trying to figure out why nicholas burger grabbed the staffer. he didn't even know the woman. the people watched in horror as he violently dragged her through
4:34 am
different exhibits. >> there's a female -- he's threatening to kill her. a large white male, adult, 35 years old. he's holding her arm under the neck. >> police shot and killed him as he left the building. do you want to carry a concealed weapon in california? well, you can't. it was shot down and the court said that the second amendment said you can't carry a concealed weapon. that upholds the state law requiring that people give a specific reason for wanting a permit. self-defense doesn't count. a challenge to that ruling could set up a supreme court battle. lots of people following that closely. a yale student slamming a new petition to get rid of white male poets from classes. students there claimed the works of authors like william shakespeare create a quote hostile environment for students of color. zach young said it has nothing to do with race.
4:35 am
>> their argument is that of the eight poets all are white men and therefore this creates a hostile climate for students who do not bear those demographics. now, if we were to take that logic in another field like physic, we'd be missing out on the great foundational discoveries because sometimes it's not always the most diverse pool that was there at the founding. >> we didn't have that we wouldn't have civilization. young said they need to talk to the professor directly, not start a petition. david letterman has been off the year for more than a year and now he's talking about his late night replacement, stephen colbert. listen. >> the first day of stephen's show, when he went on the air an energy left me and i felt like, you know, it's not my problem anymore. and i have kind of felt that way ever since. >> wow, take a look at him. how different he looks. the former host says he doesn't miss being on tv a single bit. those your headlines.
4:36 am
let's head outside to maria molina. with a look at the weather. >> things are heating up across the eastern u.s. coming up this weekend. it has been pretty chilly out, especially across the northeast. waking up with temperatures in the 50s. but that is all changing. unfortunately things are also getting a lot stormier out there across places like the midwest and eventually into the northeast. but the radar right now, very quiet. we are dealing with a couple of showers across parts of the northern plains and in the southwest and later on today and also into this evening we do have the risk for some severe storms across portions of the great lakes and also the northern rockies. that risk continues to move eastward as we head into saturday. and the threat is coming in parts of the southwest as we head into sunday. a quick look at the temperature, 70s in the center those will b feeling very summer like across a big chunk of the nation. now let's head on stage. ♪ all right. you know this platinum selling
4:37 am
rock band for their hit song "check yes juliet." now the new single "sad song" has gone viral with over 30 million youtube views. you can preorder their newest album on itunes as of today. joining us right now, we have travis clark of we the kings. >> and we the kings band. >> thanks all you guys for getting up with us. >> thank you. >> talk about the new song and the way it's given traction. >> i have to give a shout-out to all the background dancers who showed up very early today. they're amazing. we have a brand-new song, it's actually -- it's called "sad song" along with the story of tonight from "hamilton." we here in new york city where "hamilton" is. we have those songs that are coming out on the album for the very first time, called "so far." coming out june 17th. >> you have done a lot work for
4:38 am
the troops in middle east. you have sung to the troops. why is that important to you? >> i think i speak for everybody, every day we -- you know, we're free and living and doing the things we love. sometimes unfortunately you don't think about all the sacrifices that our troops are making every single hour of every single day. >> absolutely. >> so the chance that we had, we went to the middle east and to africa and also to japan. just to play and to sit down and talk with them just for a few minutes. it was just -- it's the most amazing show we have ever been able to be part of. >> we're very popular around the world with our troops. what's your message to them now? >> i love you guys. they know it by now, but there's nothing that we could do to repay you for your service. your guys are amazing men and women. so brave. thank you for letting us to be free and to be standing right here. >> that's an awesome message. you know, when i first heard about the title of your band, we the king, i was thinking, man, they have egos. >> we're very cocky.
4:39 am
>> but as it turns out, it's based on the high school you went to in florida? >> we actually -- so we all grew up in bradenton, florida. we went to king middle school. >> king middle school. >> we all wanted girl friends, and the only way we could get girl friends is if we started a band. we couldn't think of any names, and we said, let's name it after the school we went to. >> did that work? >> is that why "check yes juliet" was she a girl in fourth grade that you -- >> juliet was every girl. >> got it. >> too many girls that we tried to make our girlfriends. >> because you were kings. >> well, romeo ended up getting juliet. we were kind of like -- we were definitely not romeos, no. but i'm excited because this is my first time being in new york, as a father. and my beautiful baby girl of 6 months. i flew her here with my wife. >> where are they?
4:40 am
>> they're probably in the greenroom eating all the food. >> what's her name? >> that's my daughter kinsley and my sister-in-law carrie. >> fans of yours. >> they are. they know every word. >> she is absolutely amazing. we actually put -- when my wife was pregnant, we put belly buds on her so she'd recognize my voice. we'll probably play the music here and she'll have head phones on and we'll fall asleep. i don't know if our music is boring. >> travis, you have introduced your family. >> these are my best friends from left to right, coal owe, the most attractive member of we the kings. >> how do you feel about that? >> he was voted by the fans the most attractive member. john stamos, he gets compared a lot to john stamos. john tweeted him saying he was better looking. you guys agree, right? [ cheers and applause ] to his right and my left we have hunter thompson. he started the band with me.
4:41 am
my best friend charles trippy on bass. [ cheers and applause ] and then my good friend, gary duncan on the drums. >> did you name the band before you got the tattoo or after the band hit turbo speed? >> i got the tattoo and i said, hey, guys, need to stick with the we the kings name. >> where is the tattoo? >> i got it here in new york. i was afraid to move because i didn't want the guy to mess up. so he was like you're sitting here like a stone, like a rock. yeah, it doesn't hurt at all. but every tattoo -- if somebody is stabbing you multiple times it should hurt. >> just about 20 minutes from right now you'll start your hour-long concert right here. if you're in the area come down to 48th and 6th avenue. ladies and gentlemen, we the kings! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> and let us tell you what's coming up next. we'll stream the whole thing live on fox
4:42 am
>> a little boy falls down a hole, that hole right there, while playing in the park. so why was that hole even there in the first place? >> that's right. and today we're rolling out a new segment. courtesy of the liberty meter. where does hillary clinton fall? and what about donald trump? john stossel joins us next with the liberty meter results. you do what it takes to be healthy. but can your multivitamin do more for your immune health? now one a day has the first multivitamin with probiotics to support the 70% of your immune system that's found in your digestive tract. new one a day with probiotics. your multi with more.
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which means, you should probably wear this. beat yesterday with vivoactive hr. from garmin. tmom didn't want another dog. she said it's too much work. lulu's hair just floats. uhh help me! (doorbell) mom, check this out. wow. swiffer sweeper, and dusters. this is what i'm talking about. look at that. sticks to this better than it sticks to lulu. that's your hair lulu! mom, can we have another dog? (laughing) trap and lock up to 4x more dirt, dust and hair than the store brand stop cleaning. start swiffer ing all right. and then there were two. kind of. ♪ >> thank you so much! >> we've got our candidate.
4:46 am
one of these people will almost certainly be our next president. >> we're going to win so much you're all going to get sick and tired of winning. >> now we have to ask what would they do? >> that's right. tonight on fox business network, john stossel will answer this important question. >> but first, a preview of his show. and score both candidates on some of the nation's top issues. good morning. >> good morning. we felt like we should look at what that i'll say they'll do and what they have done. >> great. >> you have the liberty meter, right? >> that's my gimmick for tonight. right. >> gimmick. >> are they good for liberty? >> which is my important topic. >> sounds perfectly legitimate to me. first off when it comes to spending, where is -- what does the liberty meter say? >> hillary, i give hillary the lowest score to give. because she promises another trillion dollars in spending. >> more social security. >> she won't -- more social security -- well, bernie said that. has she said that? she had $350 billion for reduced college tuition.
4:47 am
$200 billion for child care. we're going broke, free stuff. more stuff. >> who's going to pay for that? >> beats me. that's a good question. >> so hillary, bad. one. what about donald trump? >> trump, it's hard to know what he'll do. he's hard to score. i give him a two because he says he wants to spend more on the military and the border and he won't cut entitlements. but no one is as bad as the democrats. >> you know, as i look at the liberty meter it reminds me of that game -- was it called simon where you'd push the thing and the lights would come on? >> runs out of batteries. >> we may have borrowed the idea from seemen. >> what about threatens abroad? >> hillary from a libertarian point of view gets a one. she has never met a war she didn't want to be in. bosnia, iraq, she wanted to intervene in libya, somalia. sometimes obama holds her back, but i think we are less safe when we try to police the whole world and she likes to do that.
4:48 am
>> what about trump, how did he do? >> well, he said some good thing, like our allies ought to pay for their share of protecting themselves. i like that. i give him a two or a three. >> let's talk liberty and immigration. first off, hillary. where does she stand on immigration? you gave her kind of high marks here. >> look, your conservative fans don't like this, but as libertarians we say immigrants are good for the country. she says there should be a path to -- >> even if they sneak in? >> no, they shouldn't sneak in. but 10 million, most want to have a better life. they want to work. give them a way to be here legally. i give her a four. i don't give her a five because she doesn't talk much about work permits. democrats aren't much into work. but she's at least realistic about it and donald trump says, deport them, put the wall up. even though most don't come from mexico, they fly in and overstay visas. ridiculous. >> you give him a one. however, people out there say if
4:49 am
you're going to be in this country, you have to do it legally. you have to sign the guest book on the way in. >> i agree. i wish they would. but once they haven't, we have to deal with it realistically. >> you're saying put them to work so they're paying taxes, paying into it. >> most want to work. give them work permits. we had such a thing under bush and that's better than people hiding, then there's more drug trafficking, more crime when people go underground. the more things you make illegal, the harder it is to police what's right and wrong. >> you have a show tonight at 9:00 on the fox business network. anything we should know about it? >> it's -- it's the scoring the candidates, tell you what they say they'll do and what we think about it. >> we gave you a preview of the stossel-o-meter. >> that's it. >> let me tell you what's straight ahead. a lot more on the way including newt gingrich. somebody else named geraldo
4:50 am
rivera and a third person, mark cuban. will he be the next president of the united states? and with school practically finished we have the hottest toys designed to keep your kids cool this summer. but first on this date in 1980, this song was topping the charts, "funky town." ♪ put some distance between you and temptation with meta appetite control. clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. new, from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand.
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expert and author of the new book called "well played." she join us now. that's awesome. >> saddam hussei'm so excited. this is for those who want to add more playfulness in your lives. not only for yourself, but for the kids as well. >> let's show the fun toys available. >> i talk about unabashed, open ended play. this is the hottest new game. it is called wet head. it's so easy to play. there's a spinner, right, and it tells you what to do. as you twist the little pegs if you twist the wrong one, you get drenched with water. >> all right. can we demonstrate it? >> let's see about this one. let's see what happens. twisting, what happens, water is coming down all over his head. he doesn't mind, because it's summer and it's hot. supposed to be hot. >> the kids don't care if they get wet. >> like russian roulette with water for your kids. there it is. you take turns. >> are you having fun? >> yeah.
4:55 am
yeah. >> all right. what's the next one? >> i always talk about getting your kids out and doing adventures. but you don't want to give them the action cam but they love to record stuff. this is the kiddie zoom action cam. it's really easy for them to use on their own. the parents don't have to help them. it can record all of their adventures. still photos and videos. great, only 50 bucks. >> all the kids love the wet head. >> i know, it's the hottest new game. >> what's the next one? >> this is next thing, this is hydrolacrosse. these can go in the water and they float. you take them to the pool, the backyard pool, whatever you have. then they can also play this outside. the youngest of kids can learn lacrosse. >> what about this? >> this is awesome. this is by slacker, a sky board. and these kids -- now they can't jump as high as they could normally jump because we have lots of things in the background, but they have bungee cords on the side, inflatable ball. they can hop and jump super high.
4:56 am
great, active play for kids. in the book i talk about getting kids out and active and playing with them. parents will love that too. >> teaches them balance too. this is a cool toy. >> this is fantastic. i talk about trampolines. this is the trampoline. they can be scary for parents because of the safety issue. this is a springless trampoline, the safest on the market. you continue have to worry about kids getting pinched by the springs. they can bounce off the walls, bounce back in. they can jump super high in it. so we have a springless trampoline for my boys. it's the thing they go to over and over. >> it's not as tall. you have the nets on the side so they can't fall off and break a bone. >> they'll never jump higher than that. they can bounce in and out. >> okay, thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up next, screwing over our veterans once again. how the v.a. massively messed up
4:57 am
traumatic brain diagnoses for more than 25,000 vets and how they're trying to fix that. plus, newt gingrich, geraldo and billionaire businessman, perhaps your next vice president, mark cuban. they're all here. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
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it provides beach level protection that's ultra light to let your skin breathe. coppertone clearly sheer. hello sunshine. good morning. it's friday, june 10th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. president obama's endorsement of hillary clinton sets off a war of words including hillary telling trump delete your account. and now anthony weiner is getting in on the action. no pun intended. meanwhile, president obama slow jams his economic record across the street from us. >> we have added more than 14 million new jobs and lowered the unemployment rate to under 5%. through the actions of my administration we were able to stimulate the economy. and get our country back on track. >> well, that sounds great. but are you really better off
5:01 am
now than you were eight years ago? we'll hit the streets and ask. jimmy fallon, if he's out this. hey, the president wants to bring thousands of refugees to america. and the price you're going the pay is about $20,000 each. really, is that great to you? sounds great to me, because my mornings are better with "friends." >> sorry. >> don't worry about it. ♪ ♪ juliet, are you with me ♪ i won't go until you come outside ♪ ♪ check yes juliet, i'll keep tossing rocks at your window ♪ ♪ there's no turning back for us tonight ♪ >> let's see the hands in ♪ ♪ run, baby run
5:02 am
from this side ♪ ♪ you give them a chance ♪ ♪ run baby run because it will be you and me ♪ >> there you got, travis black of we the kings. the featured performer today. during our all-american summer concert series brought to you by expedia. >> i love the millennials. they're all out there. this crowd they're so cute. so nice. >> they like to be referred to just as millennials. we put little -- hi, millennials. >> because they get a bad rap and they're good people and they're the future of america. >> i want to say this, yesterday's big story was millennials like to stay indoors on weekends and just lay there.
5:03 am
>> i was asking them, who are you for? bernie sanders and i said, who are you going to vote for now and they said we don't know if we're going to vote. >> if you want to watch we the kings on your device, go to and see the live stream behind us. and the presidential candidates trade punches of course on twitter. >> yep. the nasty fight sparked by president obama. >> gareth tenney has more. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's a sign of the times when you don't need a debate stage when you have twitter that's where the general election battle between trump and hillary clinton seemed to kick off yesterday. after president obama officially endorsed clinton with this video posted to her website. >> so i want those of you who have been with me from the beginning of this incredible journey to know i'm with her. i'm fired up. i cannot wait to get out there
5:04 am
and campaign for hillary. >> reporter: donald trump quickly dismissed the president's endorsement though. tweeting obama just endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama but nobody else does. clinton's campaign shot back at trump with a short and sweet, delete your account. that tweet went viral and quickly became the most retweeted post she's ever had. with more than 370,000 as of this morning. but her use of the word delete also got plenty of responses. in light of the scandal surrounding her state department e-mails. rnc chairman reince priebus tweeted, if anyone knows how to use a delete key, it's you. and even disgraced new york congressman anthony weiner responded to the post, tweeted too late for some of us. donald trump had the last word though. responding to the tweet from the campaign, saying how long did it take your staff of 823 people to
5:05 am
think that up and where are your 33,000 e-mails that you deleted? if yesterday was any indication, twitter will play a role in this general election like never before. back to y'all. >> unless donald trump does delete his account. maybe he'll do that. >> why would he do that? >> that would be news. >> that would be news. >> right. >> of course, hillary clinton who's made it very clear she doesn't understand how e-mail works now we're supposed to believe she's at home tweeting. >> right. >> all right. somebody else who tweets unfortunately many things, geraldo rivera joins us right now live from miami. what do you make of the president coming out yesterday and endorsing hillary? we knew this was coming, it was a deal he made with bill clinton four years ago. >> first of all, steve, i don't know exactly what you were referring to when you said alluded to the fact that i tweet over much. at 2:00 in the morning with maybe not quite enough clothing on. but -- [ laughter ] i think that in 2000, al gore made a serious mistake not
5:06 am
taking bill clinton's endorsement, not wrapping himself around -- >> it was a sex scandal. >> yes, while that is absolutely true, the fact of the matter is that bill clinton was still reasonably popular. as i recall he was like 60% in the popularity. i think also with president obama he has picked up -- he's finally above 50% for first final since 2013. it's not bad idea for hillary clinton to do her best to wrap herself around the incumbent president and let the voters -- if the obama thing is positive to you it might make you more apt to vote for secretary clinton. if you're rejecting president obama you're probably a donald trump person anyway. >> all right. let's talk -- speaking of donald trump, it was a week ago donald trump was out in san jose, california, and there were a lot of people inside his rally. when they came outside, a lot of
5:07 am
his supporters were attacked by the anti-trump people. i mean, physically attacked. and the cops did nothing. here's the father of that young man who was chased down by the angry mob. he was talking on the channel last night. listen. >> do you think they were told to stand down? >> well, that's what we have -- that's what i have heard from numerous people. even people who are police officers they were told to let the protesters protest. but these weren't protesters. these are people looking for a fight. no one chasing my son trying to exercise his first amendment rights. >> and what did the fire department do to him? >> nothing. he tried to jump on the truck as you can see in one of the videos. they pretty much rolled up the window and just drove off. >> why would the say say if there's trouble, don't do anything, stand down? >> you know, i wasn't in san jose. it did appear to me that the police were relatively passive at least in the beginning. ultimately, they formed a line behind which the trump
5:08 am
supporters could be separated from the mob. it was a mob as i have said on this program many times before. this mob will not accomplish its intended purpose. it will not turn people off to donald trump. it will do exactly the opposite. it is very ill-advised. i think that if indeed the san jose cops stood down, then there may be an action on behalf of the woman who was assaulted in that absolutely unforgivable way. but my caution is to the people t activist, if they want to accomplish the thing they say they oppose, keep rioting, keep assaulting innocent people. keep behaving badly and you'll drive all these voters to donald trump. i have to -- can i say something happy? all this sad stuff. here i am. my brother from another brother is here. >> tony orlando! >> tony orlando, exactly. look, can you tell us apart?
5:09 am
[ laughter ] >> i don't know -- >> people walk up to me -- what's so funny? i have had people say geraldo, but no one says to him, tony. >> no. but we used to joke, you know, we have been together 40 years in public life. we have always joked that we're brothers from another mother. and tony is here with a great, great charity, homes for heroes. tony, tell us quickly. >> in the 43 years i have been working with veterans, since "tie a yellow ribbon" i have been working with organizations, this builds and gives homes to the wounded warriors. we have three with us today by the way. here on "fox & friends." who don't even know they're going to be receiving -- >> big surprise coming up. don't touch that dial. about 8:45 eastern time, you're going to see some veterans get very, very happy. >> geraldo and tony, thanks so much. >> from the humid, sunny miami. >> all right. such a happy story. we love that organization. thank you so much. all right, let's hand it over to heather with some headlines for us. >> good morning.
5:10 am
let's start off with politics right now. could hillary clinton be ready to pick a running mate? according to today's "washington post," the presumptive democratic nominee will meet with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren later this morning. well, this comes one day after warren endorsed hillary. >> i'm ready. i am ready to get in this fight and work my heart out for hillary clinton to become the next president of the united states. and to make sure that donald trump never gets any place close to the white house. >> well, warren is the last female democratic senator to throw her support behind hillary clinton and she hasn't ruled out picking a woman. the man accused of shooting at an ohio sheriff's deputy has been caught. he was accused of shooting the deputy as she responded to a call at his apartment near cincinnati. police say that he also shot another man before he ran off. that search triggering a community wide lockdown which has been lifted now. the sheriff's deputy has been released from the hospital. the other victim is expected to be okay.
5:11 am
and then another fox news alert. this also breaking overnight. a 5.2 magnitude earthquake jolting people out of their beds. take a look at this video, that came into our newsroom not long ago this morning. it shows the street shaking in that earthquake and then the chandelier swinging. it happened during a 30 second quake about 1:00 a.m. pacific time. it hit east of los angeles and it was felt as far south as san diego. so far no reports of injuries or damages. california firefighters -- what heroes they are. take a look at this hole. a 16-month-old boy fell into that hole in the park. it's seven feet deep, 20 inches around and it's literally kind of swallowed up that little boy after he ran into it by accident. that was from a pole that was recently removed. it was only marked with caution tape. it wasn't covered but thankfully that little boy is going to be okay. those firefighters, they are the best for having done that.
5:12 am
you know kids, they just take off like that. >> they just do. heather, thank you. coming up, president obama using jimmy fallon to brag about his economic record, but are you really better off today than you were eight years ago? i'm getting up right now to hit the streets to find out. we told you about the american student who got a free ride to college as an illegal immigrant, but she's not the only one this morning. >> yep. and get this, from the shark tank to the news tank, mark cuban is here to talk politics and more. big show ahead. big band. please get dressed. >> how are you? >> please. i smoked a lot, and quit a lot but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time.
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but can your multivitamin to be healthy. do more for your immune health? now one a day has the first multivitamin with probiotics to support the 70% of your immune system that's found in your digestive tract. new one a day with probiotics. your multi with more. a lot of questions facing this nation, steve. what question are you going to pose to america right now? >> well, last night, the president of the united states was on tv. right across the street from the jimmy fallon studios. 30 rock. and the president made it very clear that we are in much better
5:17 am
shape than we were eight years ago. hi, can i ask you a quick question? what's your name? >> i'm alastair, i'm english, if this is political. >> that's right. i'm going to speak english. do you live in the united states? >> yeah. >> are you better off now than eight years ago? >> well, i'm married so yes. >> smart guy. >> what's your name? >> anna. >> the president of the united states last night he niece the -- he's in the legacy mode, he's telling the people as he slow jammed the news. are we better off now than eight years ago? >> absolutely not. >> why, what happened? >> >> i was in real estate in idaho and we moved to chicago. could not find a job. >> wait a minute. in the president's hometown -- >> in the president's hometown in chicago. >> was it dangerous there? >> you know what, we lived on the outskirts so -- but anyway, to this day, i mean, it's been four years. so i decided to start my open
5:18 am
little party -- own little party favor business at home. wrapping candy bar wrappers. >> you have a website you want to promote? >> i have an etsy page, wrap it up wrapper. so no, i'm not better off, thank you. >> here's a guy with a cup of coffee. favorite coffee. what's your name? >> tom. >> are you better off today than eight years ago? >> absolutely not, steve. >> why not? >> a lot of the people that i deal with in business, they're just not -- they don't have the funds to buy my products. i'm in the pest control business. i do part-time promotions, sales promotions. music promotions. and it's -- it's not. there -- it's not there. no stimulation in the economy at all. >> right. the president really doesn't talk about the number of people who have dropped out of looking for a job. and he doesn't talk about the
5:19 am
record number of people on food stamps. >> he has no idea what he's doing. >> well -- that's your opinion. all right. tom, thank you very much. >> you're welcome, steve. >> so ainsley and brian, what we have learned here in the streets, people not necessarily better off than eight years ago, except the guy who got married. now his life is complete. >> at least two out of three. so we're out of pests and no more bugs. >> we're looking up a the wrappers, etsy, i'm on there all the time. >> mark cuban is here and newt gingrich is here. >> come back in. >> this refugee came to the united states from the middle east and prosecutors say he was determined to kill americans. so why is he costing taxpayers $20,000 to get refugees like him settled here like us? and bernie sanders' campaign days are numbered now. what will happen to all of those supporters? newt gingrich has a good idea. but first, more from we the kings. here is "the story of tonight." ♪
5:20 am
>> so this song is called the story of tonight, after the wonderful broadway play "hamilton." ♪ we should try that one again. i want you to hear the beautiful piano playing. are you ready? make some noise! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ of the lexus is f sport. because the ultimate expression of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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some "news by the numbers" for you. first, 25,000, that's how many the v.a. admits have been examined for traumatic brain injuries by the staff and they're not qualified to diagnose them, apparently. letters are being sent out to
5:24 am
those affected offering new exams. next, 2,463. that is how many gun applications in san diego are going nowhere. a federal court saying the second amendment does not give the right to carry a concealed weapon. that ruling upholds a state law requiring people to give a specific reason that i they need a reason. self-defense doesn't count. really? $20,000. that's how much u.s. taxpayers are spending for each refugee coming into the u.s. the new report found 47% of refugee households receive cash assistance. six refugees from the middle east have been convicted of crimes including two iraqis that were arrested this year for trying to support isis. brian? all right. senator bernie sanders vows to stay in the race for now. >> next tuesday in a few days here in washington, you will be having the very last primary of the democratic nominating process. it would be extraordinary if the
5:25 am
people of washington, our nation's capital, stood up and told the world that they are ready to lead this country into a political revolution. >> let's see what happens. bernie won't be staying for long, so what happens next? let's talk to former speaker of the house, former republican presidential candidate four years ago and fox news contributor a fellow by the name of newt gingrich. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i don't think anybody was surprised that the president of the united states endorsed hillary clinton yesterday. i've got a question for you though. we have judge napolitano on yesterday, and he said given the fact that the fact is the chief law enforcement officer for the united states of america and you have hillary clinton under criminal investigation on two counts by the fbi, is that a conflict of interest for him to go ahead and endorse her while they're eyeballing her? >> well, you know, i thought it was very odd yesterday that
5:26 am
about an hour after the president released his endorsement video, the press secretary of the president said it's actually a criminal investigation. >> yeah. >> by the fbi. now, i don't know if they have walked that back since then. but, you know criminal investigation is strong language coming from the president's press secretary. i thought what a clever machiavellian step by obama. i don't know why my press secretary says criminal investigation. not my fault she's indicted. >> well, that's a very interesting -- or he just said it mistakenly. he hadn't made that mistake prior. and possibly contained in her e-mail, the name of a cia agent. we have been down that road before. also, different drone strikes and targets in an e-mail that was on her private server. how significant? >> well, that's significant, but more significant this morning is the story which i think is abc news that clinton in effect sold a seat on a nuclear weapons advisory group to a financier
5:27 am
from chicago who had no technical knowledge. he was appointed to the group who has the most sensitive secrets because it looks at pakistan, north korea, russia. and this -- and it's very clear this is pure corruption. this was cash for a seat on a board. the guy wanted something prestigious. she thought what the heck, it has the biggest secrets i trust him, why don't you trust him? the story that abc has is pretty startling and the internal memos of the state department in response to this are amazing in which all of the professionals are saying i don't know why he's on the board. he shouldn't be there. >> that is huge. this is why a lot of people a are -- they like bernie sanders. and he hasn't dropped out yet, but people are supporting him because they don't trust hillary clinton. her trustworthiness if you look at the polls it's really bad at this point. where are all the folks that were going to vote for bernieif
5:28 am
he does drop out, who are they going to vote for now? >> first of all, if i were bernie why should he drop out before the fbi drops out? as long as the fbi is in the game he might as well stay along until the convention. >> i think that's what he'll do. >> i think that's what he'll do, be a candidate to the convention. i noticed in the fox news poll that trump had been up a fair amount and now down by three. but the interesting thing, she didn't move at all. she's been at 42. i think as more scandals come out, she'll drop into the high 30s. hard to get a major candidate below 38 or 39, but i think she'll work at it. the new clear weapons scandal is another scandal. i think hillary has a huge head wind that people know she's dishonest. the numbers are staggering. 64% of independents think she's dishonest. 54% of the country think she endangered national security.
5:29 am
she's going to take donald trump all she wants. she has no weapon comparable to what we're learning about her. >> and that's one of the reasons why monday is going to be scandal monday for donald trump when he talks about all the scandals surrounding the clintons. newt gingrich, thank you very much for joining us. and have a good weekend. all right, coming up on a friday morning, president obama goes to jimmy fallon to brag about his economic record. >> we have added more than 14 million new jobs and lowered the unemployment rate to under 5%. through the actions of my administration we were able to stimulate the economy and get our country back on track. >> but are you really better off today than you were eight years ago? mark cuban knows a lot about the economy. >> he's a billionaire. >> we're hoping he takes us out the lunch. >> i want to see his taxes. >> yeah. right. >> good to see you. but first, mark we'll hand it outside to the plaza because that's where we the kings are playing for the crowd out there. >> you said you like me? ♪
5:30 am
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5:34 am
♪ in both the public and the private sector ♪ >> man. >> that's right. mark cuban, good to see you. >> you know the economy. >> yeah. we'll stop with the rapping. >> great to see you on the couch. >> thank you. >> i know, i feel so special. >> because you are one of the guys on "shark tank" we have some ideas for businesses. >> you know this is a short segment. >> you get that all the time now. >> how about this, an artificial heart that's also dishwasher safe. >> how much time did you spend thinking of this? >> it's a first. >> yeah. >> and the last. >> what do you think of this election? >> crazy, isn't it? now they're trolling each other on twitter. just you know what everybody learns in civics class what happened, this is the american way. it's just crazy and hopefully at some point we'll get to the issues. >> but what are the issues that you think we should be getting to? >> the economy, the economy, the
5:35 am
economy. more than anything. i think a lot of the headline issues even immigration is more a reflection of people being angry about not having job, not getting wage increases. >> sure. speaking of the economy we have some graphics we'll show -- put up. you're the first billionaire we have talked to today. in 2000 -- >> got trump's voice now. >> household median income was $57,342 and now it's actually less than that. in 16 years the median household income has gone down. not a step in the right direction. >> no, and you have to ask why. i don't think it's because of anything politically. technology has changed the game. the real thing is it's being to get worse before it gets better. >> in what way? >> technology will replace jobs and we have to start understanding what steps we're going to take to replace those jobs. >> but the problem is we no longer make anything in this country and we're -- >> no, that's not true. >> more of a service industry. >> that's not true. there's a lot more service
5:36 am
industry, but we make more things but the problem is we have become so productive that it takes a lot fewer people to do it. so, you know -- >> efficiency. >> exactly. on top of that we need smarter people because it takes newer people. they have to be trained in different ways than we're used to be being trained. >> what's the incentive to open up a small business here because you pay so much in corporate tax? >> because we want to get rich. it's not about corporate tax. i have counted how many businesses coming out -- >> how many? >> i don't know. "shark tank" aside, starting when i was 12, probably 15, 16 businesses for real. and not one single time did i ever consider corporate taxes. not one. or personal taxes. you know, an entrepreneur is an entrepreneur. whether you're born or you're bred or you have taught yourself and you're ready to go. once you have prepared and ready to take the next step the last thing on your mind is corporate taxes. >> but if you lower taxes you can hire more people. >> yes and no. look, i have a saying, it doesn't lead the system.
5:37 am
in pre-'60s, you were responsible for yourself, 100% of the way. then there was the great society in the '60s. then we kept on adding services. in the '80s, reagan said you can't die on the street then we added in the hospitals. that costs money and so despite the fact -- we're not -- we have to pay for that somehow. we can say we don't want to pay for it but that risk and that cost is there. we have to figure out better ways to accomplish it. >> for example if you make $1 billion and they make 16% of it, you say why am i doing this? >> i have written a blog post about this. after military service, the most patriotic thing i feel like i do is pay taxes. because i didn't get these opportunities for free. i have to pay for that military, i've got to pay for our position in the world. i've got to pay for the fact that all of this is here. >> you think you pay too much? >> no. the question to your point, 60%, now if i'm making $100 million in a year, and i'm paying 60% in
5:38 am
the -- you know, $100 million and $1, i might make a decision that's different. but the things that we need to have taken care of are not taken care of, it's going to cost me more. the biggest risk for a business person is when there's unrest in the streets. >> so taxes are not the issue. >> we talked about personal. >> if tacks are not the issue for you, what do the candidates need to focus on? you said economy. >> there's short term and long term. we have to make it simpler to start companies. if you go to start a company it doesn't matter if it's a lemonade stand and you're 9 years old or you're a plumber, you have to hire an account end, a lawyer. it's too expensive and too much resistance in the way to start a company. i think you need to grease the skids to make it simpler. >> great point. patriotic, supporting the military, the third thing would be service. >> oh, i put service ahead of it. >> what do you think you can
5:39 am
bring to the table politically that has you considering what you didn't five years ago or two years ago running for office, being a vice president? being a president. >> couple things. one, i'm fiercely independent. we are so -- we're so partisan right now. you know, we dehumanize the other side. so nobody is going to talk. you know, if hillary gets elected the republicans are going -- it will be worse than their dealings with obama. and trump gets elected it won't be much better. you need somebody who's down the middle who has good relationships with both sides, who doesn't have the baggage that comes with being part of either party. we talk about the raise of the minimum wage and there will be an acceleration of replacing the jobs. that's coming anyway. robotics are coming. we walk into the apple store and there's no longer a cashier. you know, all the jobs are not coming back. >> everything being made by apple is being made in china. >> it may be -- >> a big issue. >> it is a big issue, but you know what? i live in texas and in texas our biggest trading partner is mexico.
5:40 am
if we stopped trading -- if there's a wall, the texan economy goes into the toilet. >> sure. >> why? >> because they're our biggest -- it's not that we -- because we need the trade. right, need to do business with them. a big part -- hundreds of billions of dollars of our trade is with mexico. >> but is it unfair trade deals or are the trade deals -- they're good but the wrong type of deal is bad? >> no. you can say that about any deal. negotiating a big -- a deal that -- you know, impacts the entire world is never easy. there's no such thing as a perfect deal. any deal you have ever negotiated not both sides are thrilled with. >> okay. before you go, i have one final business item. how about if there was an app where you could actually get a taxi through your smartphone? >> okay. you had to bring that up, because uber -- the first guy he came to was me. >> oh, my goodness. >> because i had financed his previous company and so i said, travis, great idea. but you're going to run into all
5:41 am
the regulatory hurdles. let's renegotiate. he found someone else he gave him ten times the money at -- >> the big one got away. >> i think he'll be all right. >> i'll be all right. >> appreciate it. i enjoyed it. >> congratulations on your daughter playing at carnegie hall. >> thank you. that's exciting. meanwhile, coming up they sacrificed life and limb for our freedom and they're about to get a life-changing surprise. we'll bring that to you live. >> but first, more from we the kings. this is "would be a dream." ♪ ♪ do you remember the nights we were smiling for hours ♪ ♪ and anything remember the nights we drove around crazy ♪ we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people
5:42 am
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since 2013, the organization building homes for heroes has changed the lives of veterans all across the country. providing mortgage free houses for our wounded service members and for their families. >> today they're honoring three more men who bravely served the nation with a surprise of a lifetime. >> yeah. geraldo rivera has more and a touching contribute. hey, geraldo. >> hi, everybody. it is a wonderful, wonderful day. i am so happy and proud to be here, invited by a man i have tremendous respect and affection for. tony orlando. tony, tell us about building homes for heroes. >> well, this is an organization that provides miracles for wounded warriors. we have a special announcement. >> okay, we have the founder here. he was a rescue worker on 9/11.
5:46 am
that's where his motivation comes from. now, how successful has your program been so far? >> i made a promise on 9/11 that i would serve my country and we started to do one home. i never thought it would turn out like this. we're about to get our hundredth home and we're on target, next two or three years, 250 homes. >> okay. we have to move quickly, jpmorgan chase, you have put up the money. how many have you funded? >> we have provided 1,000 mortgage free homes to the members. >> all right. stand up if you would. fernando ferriero wounded in afghanistan. 2011. some severe injuries. what's your housing situation right now? beautiful wife sarah and son stephen. >> now we're living in north carolina. >> you need -- you need a nice place, don't you? >> yeah. >> i think -- are you excited
5:47 am
about this? >> very excited. >> okay. now tony orlando, quick drum roll. what have you got here? >> here we go. a miracle. >> this home now belongs to fernando -- >> thank you. >> that's awesome. finally, get a chance to have a normal life. >> all right. normal life is right. let's move along. quickly here. this is alberto diaz. stand up, everybody. stand up, family. okay. alberto and his beautiful wife kayla. son nathan and olivia. what's your housing situation right now? >> right now we live in the apartment in jacksonville. >> apartment. how do you feel about getting your open home there, hero? another man wounded in the ied explosion. >> i had no idea that i was getting a home for like 15 -- until 15 minutes ago. >> take a look, this belongs to you mortgage free. how about that? [ cheers and applause ] u.s. army specialist dee ad a and -- diaz and family.
5:48 am
>> geraldo -- >> look she's crying. >> look. >> congratulations. congratulations. >> kayla and his wife -- quickly. that's great. and finally, okay, wounded in a terrible crash 2004. your family -- what's your living situation right now? this is the redicktick family. what's your living situation quick? >> we're in alabama right now. >> you need a house? >> yes. >> well, where do we go for them, tony? >> here we go. here you go, buddy. >> there's your home. [ cheers and applause ] >> tony, a miracle. thanks to building homes for heroes. >> the best. >> you can see it oup the website. take a look, look at the diazs.
5:49 am
[ laughter ] have fun, folks. this is a great feel good story. helping out our veterans. get on with their lives. >> help you, home for heroes. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> geraldo, thank you very much. that was one of the best segments we have ever done on "fox & friends." >> we love building homes for heroes, a great organization. thank you for starting that organization and for changing lives. >> tony orlando, great to see him. coming up straight ahead -- >> we the kings continues the plaza party we have going on right now. ♪ up next, "sad song" as the summer concert series rolls on. >> but first, let's check in with bill hemmer. >> they sound great by the bay. a good crowd. good morning. what was on hillary clinton's private server? there's a new report that says there were conversations about drone strikes.
5:50 am
why this matters now. also, what americans think of it? we have new fox polling that tells us. where do trump and clinton stand today, new numbers on what the voters are telling us, and what you need to know about the zika virus today. and we'll watch the funeral procession of muhammad ali. that's at the top of the hour. when you booked this trip, you didn't know we had hundreds of thousands of places to stay all over the world. or that we searched billions of flights to get you here. a few weeks ago, you didn't even know where here was. now the only thing you don't know, is how you're gonna leave. expedia. technology that connects you to the people and places that matter.
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here is we the kings singing "sad song" this morning on our plaza. >> that's right. [ cheers and applause ] >> you guys have been absolutely amazing. thank you so much! this song is called "sad song." if you know it let me hear your beautiful voices. ♪ you and i we're like fireworks
5:54 am
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how about some applause for we the kings. [ cheers and applause ] been a great crowd today. watch the "after the show show" for one more song. what do you have, travis? >> we are going to play a song called "i feel alive." it's dedicated to all the fans going to the warp tour. bill: mourners filling the streets of louisville, kentucky. you will have 30,000 people fill an arena for this extraordinary life. there has been trouble for hillary clinton. a brand-new poll shows her in the lead against donald trump. but as she picks up the investigatio


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