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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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committee. jeff sessions and for the clinton campaign minnesota senator amy klobuchar. it should be interesting. it's a seven day workweek. that's all right. kimberly guilfoyle is in for greta tonight. she goes "on the record" right now. the evangelical vote donald trump's big play to trounce hillary clinton's in november. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for greta van susteren. for the first time you are hearing a key part of donald trump's strategy to beat hillary clinton in november. here he is at the faith and freedom coalition conference. >> we want to uphold and the sanctity and dignity of life. [cheers and applause] marriage and family as the building block of happiness and success. so important. [ applause ] and, by the way, i know
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many, many very successful people, the happiest people are the people that have that great religious feel and that incredible marriage, children, it's more important than the money, folks, believe me i know plenty with lots of money and they are not happy people. religious freedom. the right of people, of faith to freely practice their faith, so important. freedom of any kind means no one should be judged by their race or their color, and the color of their skin should not be judged that way. and right now we have a very divided nation. we're going to bring our nation together. i win, we are going to bring our nation together. [ applause ] the importance of faith to united states society, it's really the people who go to church, who work, and work in religious charity, so important and share their values. these are the foundations of
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our society. we must continue to forge our partnership with israel and work to ensure israel's security. [ applause ] keeping people of faith safe from threats like radical islam whether protecting them here or standing by israel, all of us need to confront together the threat of radical islam. we have to do it. [ applause ] now, hillary clinton or as i call her crooked hillary clinton. [cheers and applause] she is as crooked as they come, refuses to even say the words radical islam. refuses to say words. this alone makes her unfit
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to be president. >> chairman of the faith and freedom coalition ralph reid ran today's big event and he goes "on the record" from washington, d.c. thank you for being here with us. big event and seems generally like it was well-received. how did you think it went? >> i thought it went really great. i think donald trump really helped himself today, kimberly. you ran a good bit of some of the most critical highlights of the speech. you know, woody allen said that half a life is showing up, and donald trump showed up. that's important particularly when you are trying to court the faith-based vote. he did a lot more than just show up. i mean, without insulting the intelligence of the audience or straining his pander muscles on issues that are critical to this community, of the right to life, of the sanctity of marriage, of the importance of supporting the state of israel, of the importance of appointing judges who will not legislate from the bench but will interpret the law
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and the constitution on opposition to the iran nuclear deal and preventing state sponsors of terror like iran from gaining access to the world's most dangerous weapons, religious freedom, he really hit all the right notes. i mean, i did not speak to him before he walked out on that podium other than, you know, pleasantries back stage. and if he had asked me to write down on an index card the five things that he ought to hit, he hit every single one of them and we never communicated about it. that shows a very good instinctive politician. >> okay. and then the aftermath, i'm sure you spoke to quite a few people that attended and perhaps some that got to meet him for the first time. what was their reaction to this because, of course, this wasn't donald trump off the cuff. he was using a prompter and was focused on message and hit the top five as you say. >> yeah. it was not donald trump unplugged. he came to accomplish a purpose and deliver a message and i think people, some people were very
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surprised, pleasantly surprised. peculiarly as he walked through the issues and his understanding of the importance of the judiciary. you know, kimberly, this is the first time really in modern american political history that we have had a presidential election at a time when there was a supreme court vacancy at a moment when the highest court in the land is divided 4-4. whoever gets to make that pick in january of 2017 is going to decide the fate of a supreme court and the federal judiciary on issues that we care about for a decade or two decades. she's folks do not want hillary clinton to make that pick and the fact as he said in those remarks that he has released a list of 11 potential jurists who are some of the most respected conservative jurist notice country i think goes a long way to building trust. >> he also says that they are all pro-life. so if you could pick one
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thing that you would say resonated the most with the evangelicals there, what would you say it is? the supreme court picks or what issue? >> you know, i feel like they all were important. but i have been to a couple of other events where he has spoken, including a trump rally that he held right before the super tuesday primaries, and i would say the thing that comes off the most authentic and the most genuinely trump is when he talks about the need to ensure that faith is no longer marginalized. and whether it means defending christians in the middle east, who are being subjected to systematically question accommodation or genocide by the likes of isis or whether it's being able to say merry christmas and honor faith and charities in the united states, it's time for faith and for christianity to be given the place in our society that it should be, a place of honor, rather than a place of insult and marginalization. >> all right, ralph, most important question is about
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turnout in the general election. he is going to need evangelicals to come out in huge numbers for him against hillary clinton. will they do it? >> well, they did it in the primaries and they certainly surprised everybody. and there is two words that you need to say to this vote to get it fired up, and that's hillary clinton. >> there you go. >> if you let them know that she is going to be on the other side. if he keeps doing stuff like did today, they are coming in the general just like they did in the primaries. >> all right, ralph, thank you for your time this evening. >> you bet, kimberly, thank you. >> as donald trump was speaking at the faith and freedom conference less than one mile away secretary hillary clinton was giving a speech of her own. secretary clinton ratcheted up her attacks on trump. >> hillary clinton or as i call her, crooked hillary clinton, refuses to even say the words radical islam. this alone makes her unfit to be president. >> donald trump would take us in the wrong direction on so many issues we care about, economic justifiable, workers' rights, civil
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rights, human rights, the environment, all of that is on the line in this election. >> hillary clinton's wall street agenda will crush working families. >> this is a man who has called women pigs, dogs, and disgusting animals. kind of hard to imagine counting on him to respect our fundamental rights. >> she'll appoint radical judges who will legislate from the bench, overriding congress and will -- i will tell you, the will of the people will mean nothing. >> we are not going to let donald trump or anyone else turn back the clock. he says if women want equal pay, we should just do as good a job as men, as if we weren't already. >> hillary clinton has jeopardized national security by putting her emails on a private server, all to hide her corrupt dealings. this is the reason she did it, folks. it's to hide her corrupt dealings. she is now under criminal
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investigation. that was announced yesterday by the white house. i mean, it's criminal investigation. >> we have to ask: do we want to put our health, our lives, our future in donald trump's hands? >> the "on the record" political panel is here. from the "wall street journal" glen hall and from "fortune magazine" randal lane. great to be here with you this evening, gentlemen. so, randal, i will begin with you, kind of get your feedback in terms of the performance that you saw donald trump give, you know, teleprompter hitting the five important points for evangelicals today. how did you rate his performance? >> there is real one point where ralph read talked about hillary clintons he hinted at it before supreme court. that's what's driving. this that's what driving fundamentally his strength of evangelicals because he has got three times married, twice divorced billionaire who talks, you know, got on howard stern show it's not a natural fit but you still see him hold up and he ticked the notes and he got
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out of dodge. >> all right. so this shows a little bit, glen, that he can go, stay on message. be coached. hit the points he needs to, do the prompter and this is in the aftermath, of course, of the big, you know, tumultuous time in the press with the judge curiel. >> this is second time he has placed it safe, being on prompter and staying on script. you see his influence in the scripted but you see is he very carefully getting the message out. is he trying to show the g.o.p. establishment that he can play the game. >> okay. when you talk about the different type of groups, kind of lining up their people, right? and hillary is trying to get women and she is trying to get people on whole immigration issue. trump seems to basically need to really pull this camp in of evangelicals. you think they will come out in force to support him. >> well, he had, i felt, prompter trump today if you look who spoke before him carly fiorina and after him
4:11 pm
mitch mcconnell. neither of them mentioned the name donald trump. there does speak to a larger problem he has with the party. again, he tried to address that with the very bread and butter speech. evangelicals historically have turned out. history before of evangelicals not necessarily turning out in the highest numbers. he does run the risk of reverting back to history where they just won't show up on election day. >> glen, it sounds like is he going to have to scare them into action. come on, troops, put up pictures of hillary clinton. how the future supreme court could look. i think it's not going to be one pick. there is one on the immediate table that needs to be addressed there could be multiple. >> absolutely. that was clear in the messaging. he was trying to find common ground. s areas where they were in agreement. the threat of isis and islamic jihadiism. everybody is worried about that general side. also, the basics of, you know, the supreme court as you mentioned, randal, huge on everybody's mind and that really helps calm them because is he putting forward a pro-life different kind of agenda, pro-religion
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agenda. he said the words, and, you know, he has promise to do do the deeds, that's an effort. >> so, this is something interesting, too. let's talk about hillary clinton, she has got some great momentum. the last week she got president barack obama to endorse her even though she is under criminal investigation you heard those words from the white house. she has got elizabeth warren and joe biden, how powerful is that for her going forward? >> probably the most key is actually [inaudible] the sitting president relatively popular compared to the do two candidates. ' met this morning and key meeting pause fundamentally she is the only person who outbernies bernie as a national candidate. if she can get not just her endorsement but pretty strong attack dog. you get elizabeth warren on your team and mitigate the fact that bernie is a little bit so-so right now. >> so this is, i think u very important. do you think though that elizabeth warren can help
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hillary unite the party. she has been hit hard from the left because of bernie sanders. she needs something to try and pull those votes. in. >> she is the one who can do it because she was neutral throughout the primary. she didn't endorse either candidate. she speaks to the same base that bernie speaks to. and she has been really respected within the party in her first term as senator. she is the one, if anyone, who can could that. >> all right. let's see it it's seeming more and more like that. maybe the u.s. is ready for a double ticket. two females for the price of one. all right. i got two guys here for the price of one, glen and randal, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> governor chris christie harsh words for republicans refusing to get behind donald trump. >> my talk yesterday in that meeting was pretty direct and it was enough that everybody complained. and, you are a republican, it's time to get on board. and help the nominee. or if you don't, you are helping hillary clinton being elected president. one or the other. there is no choice anymore. we now know who the two
4:14 pm
nominees is going to be. there is no speculation any longer. if you are republican and not helping trump then you are helping hillary. >> so, is governor christie right? chairman of the american conservative union matt schlapp goes "on the record." good evening, matt, what do you make of christie's words? is he very loyal to trump. jumped in right away to help him and let's be honest did a leg sweep on marco rubio at the debate that really did benefit donald trump. >> yeah, he did. chris christie is a blunt talker, kimberly, to say the least. and the type of blunt talk that he had on debate stage is similar to what he is saying today. is he a little bit of the enforcer for donald trump reminding conservatives. >> the muscle. >> the muscle, that's right. the jersey muscle that conservatives and republicans across the country. this is just simple logic which is in america we have a two party system. we only either elect republicans or democrats. you know, we have always had two parties.
4:15 pm
you know, from the beginning of our democracy. and boy, if you don't vote -- if you are a republican or conservative and you don't pull that lever for donald trump, you are helping hillary clinton. it's just a fact. >> but have you been able to get that message across two republicans? we spoke earlier in the program with our panel about the importance of people stressing supreme court picks, two conservatives, in order to get them to unify because certainly has been a party divided. it hasn't been a unified embrace. it seems to be moving more in that direction. >> well, you know, my take on this is a little different from chris christie's. i'm a midwestern guy so maybe i use different language. i actually think we need to get these people very opposed to trump, we have got to give them their space. every voter has to follow their conscience, including conservatives and republicans. they ought to do what they're called to do. i think there is a lot of republicans because they don't really know trump as a politician, that they are somewhat divided. can you see that kind of conflict inside them. they say i like him for these things but i don't
4:16 pm
like him for those things. i think over the four months the one thing donald trump and his campaign have to continue to do is do what they did today. they have to spend time courting conservatives, courting religious conservatives. >> yeah, evangelicals. >> courting people in this coalition. usually republican nominees at this point don't have to do that they're going to need to do that courting will pay dividends. i think more and more people will come to his side as i have. >> buy a nice corsage for the prom. just a couple hours ago, mitt romney still is not feeling the love. saying he is not going to vote for donald trump or hillary clinton. what do you make of that statement that declaration and, you know, what's the problem here? what's the problem? >> it's the same thing for mitt romney. he has to follow his heart and follow his conscience. i have to say, i'm rather disgusted by it because i, like a lot of conservatives, pulled the lever for mitt romney. my wife and i wrote him a check. we were all on board when it looked like he was going to get the nomination after the other conservatives had failed. that's the way this process
4:17 pm
works. that's what every candidate signs up for. he is such a sore loser. is he not helping his cause. and it makes it look like he actually should have run for president. and that's what he should have done, kimberly, is he still calling some of these candidates who ran for president and other people urging them to run as a third party. is he doing everything he can to hurt the republican party. and, you know what? his father did that to barry goldwater and i think all of us are rather disgusted by this display of being the spoil sport. >> yeah, it's pretty disturbing because we would have like to do have seen this fire when he was running previously and was afraid to do a knockout punch. remember that debate with candy crowley? >> oh, boy. the knockout punch came from candy crowley. >> exactly, oh my gosh. matt, thank you so much. it's really been a pleasure. >> thanks, kimberly. >> will the president's endorsement of hillary clinton effect a doj investigation into her emails? that's next. also, one of the world's largest sporting events is a major terror target.
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the man who shot and killed usama bin laden is standing by to go "on the record." stay with us. closing the stage
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president's endorsement of clinton could effect the investigation. here's part of that exchange. >> you don't think that that career prosecutor or that fbi agent takes that as some indication of how the president wants to see this case resolved? >> those career prosecutors understand they have a job to do and that that job that they are supposed to do, which is to follow the facts, to pursue the evidence to a logical conclusion, that that is a job that they're responsible for doing without any political interference. the president expects them to do that job. >> and joining us from town, one of my favorites, guy vincent. great that you are here with us tonight. i appreciate it let me ask you something. is this going to matter? it's one revelation after the next about hillary clinton and i mean, wow, when you think about it for a minute, you know, u.s. president just endorsed someone who is, in fact, under criminal investigation. >> well, happy friday,
4:23 pm
kimberly, but maybe not a happy friday for the clinton campaign. because of the issues that you just raised. i think these are legitimate questions that have to be asked. it's not just the president endorsing hillary clinton this week saying that he has got her back, people wondering does that extend to his department of justice that has been very politicized during his tenure, but, you remember a few months back he opined publicly that hillary clinton had not broken the law. had not endangered national security. while a lot of evidence actually points in another direction. whether he is deliberately coloring this case or tipping the scales or putting his thumb on the scale, it certainly looks that way. and the appearance of impropriety i think, is a serious one. >> it really is when you think about it and see the pictures of them there together. she was his secretary of state. he has now endorsed her. she is under investigation. he has essentially overseeing that yet, that would actually, in my opinion, as an attorney, be a good reason for him to say, you know, i'm going to stay out of it. there is a pending investigation. but, nevertheless, it seems like obama, biden, warren,
4:24 pm
all throwing hillary clinton a lifeline while at the same time bernie sanders is refusing to get out. >> yeah, and i think what's interesting is by accident, i don't think they did this on purpose but the white house made things a little bit harder for hillary clinton this week with that admission by josh earnst that we just played calling it a criminal investigation. that is something that her campaign has denied falsely for months. they call it a security review, which is not a thing. the fbi came out and said, no, this is a criminal investigation, which it is. so, look, again, it's not the fbi that determines whether or not she gets prosecuted. they can only recommend criminal charges. and even that i think, might be a stretch given the very politicized environment right now and the pressure on them considering that she is going to be the nominee. but, if they do put that recommendation forward, will an obama justice department attorney take them up on that recommendation with his attorney general looking right over their shoulder? i think that's an open question. >> i mean, you can imagine how horrifying it would be that, you know, the sitting
4:25 pm
president of the united states endorsed her and then she gets indicted? it seems like it almost impossible, given that fact pattern, especially in time before november. >> think about this. this president, i think a lot of conservatives at least agree, has a very healthy appetite for his own self-worth. he has a pretty big ego. he looks at hillary clinton as his only shot at carrying forward his legacy. so he has a dog in this fight for himself as well. it's not just a stake because he has endorsed hillary. it's his own agenda on some level that will be on the ballot in november. and to have his party's nominee under indictment would be a huge political problem for the democratic party, which again, feeds into this whole narrative and raises the types of questions that, frankly, are the premise of this segment. >> it's really true, the impropriety, the conflict of interest and the possibility of indictment before the general election. guy vincent. always a pleasure. thank you so much. >> thanks, kimberly.
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♪ i am everyday people we are everyday people. visit and ask your doctor how you can get farxiga for free. defending freddie gray's death was a homicide. "on the record" griff jenkins was inside the courthouse today. he joins us live from baltimore. hi, griff, what's the latest? >> hi, kimberly, the prosecution continued making
4:30 pm
their case that freddie gray died as an insult of an intentional rough ride whereby he suffered a fatal diving neck injury. as you mentioned, the highlight today was dr. carol allen the medical examiner who defended her autopsy report that this was a homicide and not an accident. but in cross-examination, the defense grilled her, arguing that her report was based not on fact. it was influenced by outside sources in a rushed judgment, even at one point they got dr. allen to admit that she had, quote, no evidence one way or the other as to the exact cause of freddie gray's injury because there were no witnesses or cameras inside the van. we also heard from three other witnesses today. one of them brandon ross. freddie gray's friend who had been with him on the morning of april 12th of the arrest who shot that now famous video from his cell phone of freddie being arrested and placed in the van and stops 1 and 12
4:31 pm
interestingly, ross was in handcuffs in the courtroom as a result of being incarcerated on unrelated matter. the state continues making their case on monday. and we have an expectation that officer william porter will take the stand then. kimberly? >> wow, fascinating case. chris, thanks for that update. for more on what happened of day 2 of officer good son's trial. we will go to "on the record's" ted williams. he was also inside the courthouse today and before ted was a lawyer he was fan tag tastic homicide detective. who would know this better inside and out. i was listening to that report and you were there today, wait a second. doesn't sound like that went so well with the medical examiner. it looks like sticking to their guns and then all of a sudden on, you know, cross, admitting can't say how it happened. >> kimberly, you're absolutely right. as we know and our viewers know, goodson is on trial for having given freddie gray a rough ride. well, they needed to connect
4:32 pm
the dots, kimberly, so what they did was put the medical examiner, carol allen on. yes, she could testify that his neck was broken, but on cross-examination, withering cross-examination, she was not age -- able to say, when where and thousand happened. she was left, kimblerly to speculate. and as you and i know that's not going to work in this case. >> if i was the defense attorney, i'm saying hello, reasonable doubt, you heard it from the prosecution's witness. their expert told you she doesn't know how this happened. so how you can put him away for life? i mean u it's just unbelievable. all right. what else stood out today? >> well, let me just say this, we have got a good judge in this case, barry williams, judge williams is no relationship to me. but, he runs a no nonsense courtroom. and the witnesses that are coming in, they needed carol
4:33 pm
allen, carol allen was their alpha and omega in this case. without carol allen, and what she had to say today and the speculation, as a matter of fact, she was an expert even on traffic that he may have -- there may have been some abrupt stops. i got to tell you. when you look at this, you wonder where is this case going? one of the things that came out was that there was a rush to judgment. they got to carol allen, even before they finished the investigation. she was putting out that this was a homicide. this was so unfair to these officers. >> how did they sneak that in? because that's pretty crafty somebody to get that out on cross. if a judge hears anything, wait a second, sounds like she was influenced ahead of time. >> well, it came out during the course of the cross-examination. there was an objection. the objection was sustained.
4:34 pm
but, it is sort of like toothpaste. once it's out of the tube, you can't put it back in the tube. and information came out that there was some speculations. >> i don't think this is boding very well. i don't know. too soon to call it, ted, but i think have you pointed out some really key points that are going to be hugely problem that the particular for a conviction. >> absolutely, kimberly. you are absolutely right. >> all right. and, ted, i really like your outfit tonight so, if you could stay, i would like to use you later in the show. are you good? >> we are reunited, kimberly. >> reunited and it ♪ feels so good. >> millions of soccer fans flocking to paris. one of the world's biggest sporting events is underway. the tournament is a major terror target. rob o'neill. the man who shot and killed usama bin laden is straight ahead.
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killed 32 innocent people. raiding an apartment and arresting a 31-year-old belt jump man that salesman suspected of helping arrange transportation for the brussels' attackers. investigators are now looking to whether or not he may have played a larger role in the bombings, isis has claimed responsibility for the two coordinated attacks. and, heightened terror fears tonight throughout europe. the massive euro's 2016 soccer tournament is now underway in france. but in the wake of thai attacks in paris and brussels, the second biggest soccer tournament in the world is feared to be a major terror target. today's opening game was held in the exact same stadium where the first bombs detonated in november's deadly paris terror attack. the man who shot usama bin laden, former navy seal rob o'neill goes "on the record." rob, thanks for joining us tonight. and i remember when this happened, a huge breaking news that terror attacks and there was even discussion at that time, wow, coming up is going to be this huge world
4:40 pm
soccer tournament here and there was concern because there has been some chatter that it might be a target. >> of course it was a target and thanks for having me, kimberly. this is a lot of the same cells. these are planned out and ordered from syria and i'm sorry planned like in brussels and executed in france and brussels. even the man who was the man in the hat attacks in brussels he was even saying attacks at euro cup in france. this is obviously a big threat. you have got to figure even with the security, the draining resources. they are restricting freedom of movement. just not attacking at all. they are already on the winning side here, the terrorists are it's a shame. >> why is that? what should they be doing to counter act against that? >> this is a tough one. what she should be doing is they need to first of all get rid of the political correctness and realize hot enemy is utilize the intelligence that they have and break up the cells. a lot of these people in france in paris and brussels are fighting on home ground. a lot of these are homegrown
4:41 pm
people. they know what they're doing there don't be afraid of offending people. realize hot enemy is and find them in planning process. they are doing it now. they could be doing it earlier. these cells are there. this is a huge target. they are chomping at the bit for this. >> obviously they could have been more prepared by gathering intel and being more aggressive in terms of, you know, intelligence-gathering at the time. unfortunately now they are playing a little bit of catch up. >> yes, they are. >> some the things they are trying to do is mock terror attacks and drills. do you think those are effective? >> i think it's effective to train the law enforcement and security and the special operations to see how they will handle it. the issue is they are going to have role players there pretending to be victims and terrorists. it won't be on the level. the public isn't going to get much out of this. getting mind set. always good to prepare for what you are doing and come up with ideas based on the training that you did. it's definitely a good idea to do it. if there is an attack in one these places, the mob is going to be so big running everywhere, it could be potentially bad. >> that's an important point
4:42 pm
you bring up. people attending, the fans, people are huge soccer in europe, they want to go. what is your best advice to them in terms of what they should look out for, you know, be prepared, because many times it's a tip or it's intelligence or somebody sees something like in boston bombing when they saw, you know, the suspicious bag. >> i would go, personally, if i was in paris and had a chance to go to a game i would go. if i couldn't get tickets i would go to a pub to watch a game. i wouldn't let them deter me. personally i would be profiling, watching for people who don't watch the screens. people don't care about the game. supreme sneaking backpacks around. it's not going to be at the choke point, at the security point. at the eiffel tower where 90,000 people are watching at the fan zone. at the pubs where they are showing the games where people are gathering. they are not supposed to have big screens out there. that's been asked of them but they are still going to do it. mass in the streets. that's where the terrorists are going to attack.
4:43 pm
it's like at the airport it's not going to be a terrorist on the plane anymore. it will be in the line where you are getting your ticket and checking luggage. >> we saw that with the last attacks pushing the cart. >> they will keep moving the rings further and further back. they only have to be right one time and, you know, the security guys have to be right every single time. they, the terrorists are allow to do learn from what they do. teach each other from what they do. they keep evolving. >> they keep getting better and innovating ten steps ahead. >> they're not stupid. they have a goal and want to achieve it and they can. >> they're going to go where they are not being pushed back against and it's easier. >> certain. >> i rob ekneel, thank you so much. >> always good to be here. thank you, kimberly. >> will the judge on the stanford rape case get to stay on the bench? not in california lawyers get their way. smart analysis from the "on the record" legal panel is next. i love my shop,
4:44 pm
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get ready to speed read the news. thousands gathering to say goodbye to the greatest, muhammad ali funeral drawing star studded audience including bill clinton and billy crystal. the funeral was held at the kfc yum center in were louisville. that's where ali began his career. gawker has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. now assets up for sale. in march he was awarded $140 million for suing gawker posting a sex tape of hogan. the bidding war for gawker's assets has begun there is a 90-million-dollar bid. celebration underway in great britain. queen elizabeth is officially marking birthday. kicking off the festivities with thanksgiving service at saint paul's cathedral.
4:49 pm
events throughout the weekend. don't be confused the queen turned 90 on. june 119. that's tonight's speed read. judge aaron persky the judge in the stanford rape case may see his days on the bench nourished. that's because a grouch california lawyers are asking judicial performance to investigate and discipline the judge. they say he may have engaged in misconducted. when sentencing broke turner to just six months behind bars for rape. the "on the record" legal panel is here. former criminal defense attorney and homicide detective ted williams. see, i made him reappear. and former prosecutor katy phang. thanks for joining me. guys, we have got to talk about this. everybody is very upset about this case. i don't know what happened with this judge. i mean, ted, earlier you and i were singing the praises of the judge, presiding. judge williams no relation to you in the case in baltimore. this judge on the other hand, i mean, what was he
4:50 pm
thinking? >> kimberly a full contrast and difference between judge williams here in baltimore and judge persky out there. judge persky has shown a disregard and insensitivity for the rights of just a human being. >> yes. >> kimberly, this young woman was raped six months in jail. and then her father comes out and says about this is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action? what in the hell was going on in this judge's mind? this insensitivity could not go unpunished. we shouldn't have judges like him on the bench. >>. no it's a disservice when you think about how tough it is, katy, for women and victims of sexual assault and violence and domestic violence to come forward and testify and the things that are done to them to destroy their lives forever. it's 20 minutes of him, you know, getting his rocks off
4:51 pm
and this woman is going to have to have to deal with it the rest of her life. six months behind bars, katie. >> it's not even six months kimberly and ted. we know that with basically credit time served and good behavior is he going to do maybe about three months total. the victimization of this poor woman not only started with broke turner that night but frankly continued with this judge. as we all know as lawyers as well though frankly judicial discretion can go pretty darn far. that's exactly what aaron persky has done in this case. he has exercised his judicial discretion and given less than what the prosecutor asked for which was six years and definitely less than the 14 years that he could have gotten, broke turner could have have gotten in this case. >> turner, what can be done in this case, it's difficult to remove a judge, it's problematic. >> it's very difficult to remove a judge. under these circumstances the only thing we can wish for and it's not going to happen would be that the defense would appeal the judge's ruling. if they did that, there
4:52 pm
could possibly be a re-sentencing. but, kimberly, this is something that our viewers should know. this goes on, unfortunately, all over this country. we disrespect women. we believe just because they have alcohol and even if they are unconscience, unfortunately, like this situation, that we can take advantage of them. this has happened in many courts. this is not only judge persky. >> it's awful. i'm glad you brought that point up. sort of like affluenza feel the statement by the defendant because of what happened and this is the culture, the swim culture. and this is what goes on at the university. i'm innocent, i'm a victim, too. i thought this is just the way things roll. >> absolutely. he was saying that he was succumbing to peer pressure, kimberly. i don't think the peer pressure from his friends and colleagues in stanford was to go and rape people unconscious at the time. clearly he want to do sit there and say he was
4:53 pm
suffering from pressure from outside forces. but the reality is he showed zero remorse. no accountability. and his father has continue to do add salt to the wound by saying that 20 minutes of action should not scar his son for life and it's disgusting. >> and there you see, right, from the father to the son. hugely problematic. at least i hope that people are learning something by us talking about this case. that this is a real problem of sexual assault and violence against women and judges are part of probe if they don't hold people accountable. ted and katie, always a flesh. enjoy your weekend. >> my pleasure. >> good samaritan jump into action to save a woman from a knife wielding attacker. we have the video next. because the ultimate expression of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection. poallergies?reather. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that.
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4:58 pm
[inaudible] >> take a look at this frightening video a museum worker fighting for her life as a man drags her across floor at knife point. [crying] >> let go. you don't have to do this. >> yes, i do. [crying] get up. >> here you see the man, nicholas burger holding amanda berry in a head lock. that's suddenly after he grabs her in the museum gift shop and began attacking her. can you even hear the scared children crying in the background. then, 911 calls come poring poring -- pouring. in police scanners describe the horrifying screen. >> male vs. female he is threatening to kill her. adult male 35 years old. holding her arm under her neck. >> before police could even get there, good samaritans come to the rescue. four people at the museum call out to the suspect and
4:59 pm
walk right up to him. risking their own lives to get him to stop his vicious attack. >> put it down. >> finally the four good samaritans convince burger to release barry. she frantically runs away as her attacker walks out. museum. >> oregon police arrived on the scene shortly after the suspect was armed with a knife. when they confronted him, police then shot and killed burger. i want to thank you for joining us this evening. and as always, don't miss me on the five. i will also be guest on "fox & friends" tomorrow morning about 8:30 eastern. before we go, my book "making the case" is now out on paperback and iphone and amazon. if you have a child nephew, grand kid. any young person graduating or going out to get a job, please go buy "making the case" for them. i'm not just trying to sale book here it could actually change a young person's life. if you don't believe me, check out the reviews on
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amazon. go buy the book. happy birthday to greta tomorrow. bill o'reilly is next. good night. ♪ ♪ >> hi i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the o'reilly factor, trump vs. clinton, the battle lines are drawn. now that hillary clinton has the democratic nomination locked up, the big time endorsements are starting to fall into place with president obama stepping off the sidelines to formally back her run for the white house. >> i know how hard this job can be. that's why i know hillary will be so good at it. in fact, i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. >> vice president biden soon followed throwing his own support behind


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