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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  June 12, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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morning, we have seen it progress from -- it looked like a mass shooting with motives unknown to islamic likely. islamic terror attack on our soil, the biggest since 9/11. >> 20 people have been injured and hopefully no more die. more continuing coverage. good morning. we continue to follow the breaking news this morning out of othrlando. the attack killed approximately 20 people, injuring dozens more. good morning, welcome to "sunday morning futures." i'm maria bartiromo. we're awaiting a briefing from police in florida. it's expected to get under way in about 15 minutes. we'll have more information about this incident. the fbi now looking at the possibility this is an act of terror. here's what we know right now. police say that the gunman armed with an assault-type rifle, a handgun, and he was carrying a suspicious device. he took hostages and open fire inside a crowded nightclub. listen.
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>> oh, my god. they're all shooting back and forth. >> all of this before a s.w.a.t. team stormed the building. they killed the suspect in a gun fight. take a listen to this witness who was inside. >> i was right there. all i was hearing was bang, bang, bang. i thought it was part of a song. i turn around and see people screaming. there was blood splattering. i didn't know if it was mine or somebody else's. when i got out i realized it wasn't mine. >> peter is live in orlando right now. it wasn't until you asked the police, is this related to terrorism, we learned, in fact, this is how they're investigating it. >> reporter: right. and we do want to be careful. he said that they have indications this suspect may have leanings towards radical islamic terrorism. whether that was it or not, the
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question remains, why was pulse, which bills itself as orlando's premiere gay nightclub, targeted by this gunman last night. the video you just showed of the shootout in the streets, as best as we understand, based on what authorities are telling us, that was the beginning of the night, what turned out to be a very long, deadly night here in orlando. at 2:02, a police officer -- orlando police officer, who was working security at pulse confronted and engaged this suspect in a gun fight. there were some backup police officers who came to help him shoot it out with this suspect, but the suspect made its way back into pulse where there were 320 people partying just after 2:00 this morning. so, about eight hours ago. now, many of them did manage to escape, but 30 were held hostage
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until 5:00 this morning. so, for about three hours this gunman held 30 hostages. at 5:00, while authorities and the s.w.a.t. team still had the cover of darkness on their side, they decided they needed to breach the door, try to save those people. they did save the 30 hostages. they did kill the gunman right there. but when they surveyed the scene, they realized that there were at least -- or approximately 20 people dead inside. we do not still have a precise count, victim count, because the bomb squad was in there. we understand that this suspect had some sort of a device in addition to a long gun and a handgun. but just to -- just so you have a sense of how urgent the scene was, pulse, as this was all unfolding, tweeted at one point, everyone get out of pulse and keep running. we understand that of the 320,
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there are 42 people at hospitals right now. at least 20 dead. we hope to get more information about the shooter at a press conference that's scheduled to go off within the next ten minutes, maria. >> we're being told the number of fatalities may be a lot worse than what we know right now. we also know 42 people have been taken to the hospital. what can you tell us about those people hospitalized? >> reporter: well, to the first point, our producer in washington, chad, who has some of the best sources in the news business, is being told that the number of those killed may increase dramatically. so, that is from a very reliable source. that is something we may hear from this press conference. as for the 42 people taken to the hospital, it sounds like the injuries are pretty severe. we're going to hear from a doctor from the hospital soon. but marco rubio just tweeted out, if you live in central florida, blood donations are
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needed after mass shooting at pulse nightclub. he says, it links to an article that says they need o-negative, o-positive and ab plasma. we know those who were injured and taken to the hospital, which is not too far away, there was such a rush, and there were so many victims that police officers were putting them in the back of pickup trucks. one local reporter wrote early this morning while we were on our way here, we saw an officer performing chest compressions on someone on the way to the hospital in the back of a pickup truck. we're waiting to hear how the folks at hospital are and waiting to hear what they found inside pulse. >> thank you. we'll be hearing from the police in a briefing in about ten minutes. peter, we'll get back to you for your live coverage. thank you. joining me live on the phone is director of new york state public security. jim, thank you for joining us this morning. let me just say that authorities
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are investigating whether this incident was the work of islamic terrorism. the fbi has been called to investigate this shooting. what would necessity be looking at to see if this was homegrown or had ties to islamic terrorism? >> well, maria, it sounds from -- i watched the interview of the asac gave, the fbi assistant in charge. he did identify it as tied to someone of interest. jim comey months and months and months ago talked about how they have cases on isis people in every state of the union. well over 100 cases. probably closer to 200 cases. and the notion that the fbi or any police agency can keep track of this many people, you know, is farley. we need to consider, i think, changing some of the laws of how we have to wait for people to take a massive homicide
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operation like this before we can actually deal with them. >> what do you make of the fact he had a long gun, a handgun and this suspicious device, jim? obviously -- >> he meant to kill a lot of people. there's nothing new here. the saudis pushed this -- you know, they fund most of the radical clerics in the united states and most of the mosques and most of the schools. and the notion that people are going to come over here and be part of the big melting pot is just crazy. it's not going to happen. they're not going to simulate. but the government seems not interested at all. and knowing who comes into the country. i understand this fellow was a citizen. nevertheless, they're coming over the border in waves. the ins is releasing, you know, murderers and kidnappers massively. i mean, it's just crazy. we have to put an end to this. but i don't think we can change anything for a while.
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>> they're investigating this as an act of terror. what does that mean in terms of what the fbi needs to look at, jim? all of your years at the fbi, when you are investigating something based on potential ties to terrorism, what's most important in that investigation in terms of what they're looking at? >> well, i think the connections people may have, things they've said, what they're talking about on their social networks. you know, people overseas, you know, particularly now during ramadan where they're putting out the word, kill the beast, and particularly homosexuals ought to be petrified because this radical islamists, you know, they're the first people they want to kill or throw off a roof. so, basically what the connections are and what this person has said. a lot of times people are saying things online, but, you know, they're talking about these things. you know, it's not enough for the fbi to lock people up. >> of course, the fbi said this
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individual came prepared. in other words, he came with the intent to kill. >> oh, without question. and he probably had that device, whatever he was carrying, is probably a bomb. he's probably going to end it all with a big, big bomb, but for whatever reason, that didn't happen. >> we'll get more information when we hear from the police in six minutes live when they have this police briefing. thank you for weighing in this morning. we appreciate it. thank you, very much, sir. want to bring in sebastien gorka, the major general, matthew horner, distinguished chair at marine corps university. the author of ann an upcoming book "defeating jihad." dr. gorka, thank you for weighing in. your thoughts on this horrific incident this morning. >> what can you say? if this is a jihadi attack, which is looks like it is, this is the most significant deadliest attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. in san bernardino we had farook
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malik, who isis who pledged allegiance to isis. they killed 14 people. now it looks like jihadists have outdone san bernardino and targeting the minority people, the gay community. this is shocking. but it is part of their strategy. it's part of their m.o. we know isis executes, throws people off buildings for being homosexuals. this is part of their religious doctrine, their ideology. now they're bringing it to america. please note, maria, two weeks ago america, the federal police and nypd arrested the 101st isis suspect on u.s. soil in the bronx. this isn't a hypothetical threat. it is a real one. it is already here. more than 100 people have been killed or arrested on u.s. soil linked to isis. and it looks like we've got another one. >> so, what you're saying is there are members of isis
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already in america, waiting for their cues in what people call sleeper cells? >> well, there are people who are linked. there are many ways to be linked to isis. unfortunately, we always want to see the command and control connection, the idea that, you know, abu baghdadi in iraq is sending out orders to jihadis here. it doesn't have to be that way. it can simply be a sympathetic connection through ideology. the san bernardino shooters swore allegiance to the new emperor of islam, and they said, we have to kill infidels. that's all the connection you need. that's why i want people to jettison the concept of lone wolf terrorism. that's a phrase to make you stupid. they're all connected. connected to the idea of global jihad. it looks as if it's come home to
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other dan dou orlando as well. >> we know president obama has been briefed. josh earnest said in a statement a while ago, any necessary assistance to pursue the investigation and suspect the community is what the president has directed all federal officials to provide. what do you think the u.s. should be doing at this point on a federal level, dr. gorka? >> on a federal level, maria, getting rid of the political correctness. in the last seven years president obama, secretary clinton, they have betrayed the american people by allowing politics and political correctness into the threat assessment. after san bernardino, the attorney general, the most senior law enforcement officer in the united states said, the most important thing is that we don't have an islamaphobic reaction. people are dead on the floor of that christmas party, they're in the hospital. the first thing they think about is political correctness.
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hillary clinton has said, i will not use the phrase radical islam. then, what is this? what is happening in orlando, in philly, san bernardino? it is people who say they are jihadis, who say they're doing it for allah. it's time to did get rid of the political correctness. >> i want to to stand by. we're waiting for police briefing on this orlando shooting. we'll hear directly new information from the police coming up. but in the meantime, i want to bring in congressman peter king, chairman of the subcommittee on counterterrorism and intelligence. congressman, thanks for joining us this morning. what can you tell us about the shooter? >> i think more information is going to come out in the news conference, but he is from afghanistan. he has been trained in weapons. they have his name. i don't want to release it before they do, but i can understand now why the fbi was so quick to say this morning
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that they thought this had isis connections or at least isis ideology. again, there's a lot more that has to be learned on this. again, they do have his name. he is from afghanistan. originally. and it's -- i think the question now is, was this a lone wolf acting? was he recruited by isis? was he directed by isis? also we have to keep in mind we're during the ramadan season right now, and isis often likes to carry out spectacular attacks during this period. for instance, right now in europe there is the european soccer championships. i know the europeans are extremely concerned about that. and, you know, here in the u.s. with fourth of july coming up. again, we really are -- we are on our guard. i'm just surmising right now, the fact that this was a gay gathering, often in this country we don't understand the intensity of hatred islamists
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have toward the gay community. that can be an added fact why this attack was carried out. >> congressman, what do you make of the weaponry used? he had a long automatic rifle. he also had a handgun and a suspicious device. witnesses reported seeing a bomb in the gunman's possession, but the police have not confirmed this detail. they did say that the gunman was armed with an assault rifle, a handgun and this unidentified device. what do you make of this unidentified suspicious device? >> again, it's a question of whether or not that was, again, a bomb ready to go off which didn't go or, again, we have to wait on that. i can tell you, without going into more detail, that he is trained in the use of weapons. so, he knew what he was doing. >> right. congressman, let me get right to congressman grayson. he's giving a briefing. stay with us, peter king.
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>> see if he left any personal statements that would indicate his motive. possible evidence of others. police will tell us more. they've been pretty good about releasing information to the public as quick as they can. [ inaudible ] >> that's been released publicly. that information was released publicly. [ inaudible ] >> well, i think it's more likely than not that it was an idealogically motivated attack. right now we don't have any direct information that he was associated with any particular group. but it does seem that it's no coincidence the attack took place where it did and when it did. >> reporter: do you think the attacker -- [ inaudible ] >> i think it's very likely the case. we'll know more if there's more through his personal papers, his involvement in social media, so on. we'll learn more about that over time. it wouldn't surprise me.
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>> reporter: why do you feel that club? why do you feel that club was the target? >> oh, because it's a gay club. and it might be that we've seen a commission of an awful hate crime last night. [ inaudible ] >> well, our sadness and the fact that we well understand, and it could have happened to anybody. it's in the nature of terrorism, there by the grace of god go i. that's the function of it. over 20 people are dead, more than 40 injured but thousands of people feel some degree of fear. all of these people, every single one of them that died or was injured, was innocent. it could have happened to any one of us, any time. that's the nature of terrorism. >> reporter: the white house was notified. >> yes. he's in his late 20s. he lives in port st. lucie. he himself is a u.s. citizen.
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that is not true of some of his family members. omar mateen. [ inaudible ] >> police will release that information wn they're ready to do that. >> reporter: you said the white house has been notified? >> yes. what i've been doing, at sheriff deming's request, to let those in the hospital trying to let their injured relatives provide that assistance without violating privacy laws, what are called the hipa laws. we're doing part in my office to make sure there are no bureaucratic impediments to coming forth with the injured. [ inaudible [. >> i don't know. i don't know. [ inaudible ] >> every victim. >> reporter: have you heard anything about motive? >> well, let me put it this way, the nationality of family members is indicative.
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but again, the police are holding back that information until it's time for that to come out. until they've done a fullback ground check on him. they have gone into their home, found whatever evidence may be in his home, computers and writings and so on, as well as checking social media. >> reporter: do you think he might have had an accomplice? >> there's no evidence of that at this point. [ inaudible ] >> the police never actually said it was a bomb. they said it was a suspicious device. all the killing that was done was with an assault rifle, with a single weapon, assault rifle. it was done very quickly also. i'm sorry, i can't hear you, ma'am. [ inaudible ] >> it will take many hours, many hours. there's an enormous amount of havoc right now. there's an enormous amount of blood everywhere. i spoke to someone on the site. there's an enormous amount of evidence to be collected
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systematically over the day. >> we have a larger press conference. >> to the podium? >> oh, okay. >> they were wanting it for their remarks so they had details in front of them but you aren't hearing, so -- okay. >> we are listening to a briefing from congressman grayson in florida, who just called this an act of terrorism. i'm talking with congressman peter king of new york right now. congressman, anything strike you about what we just heard from congressman grayson as he called this an act of terrorism? >> yeah. the fact that congressman grayson is on the ground, obviously, he's getting direct briefings. i don't think he would have said that unless he was told it was terrorism. early indicators -- >> i'm sorry, congressman.
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pardon me. i want to get back to grayson. the suspect has been i.d.'d as omar mateen of port st. lucie. lease listen in. >> today we're dealing with something we never imagined and is unimaginable. since the last update, we have gotten better access to the building. we have cleared the building. and it is with great sadness that i share we have not 20 but 50 casualties. in addition to the shooter, there are another 53 that are hospitalized. because of the scale of the crime, i've asked the governor to declare a state of emergency. we are also issuing a state of emergency for the city of orlando so we can bring additional resources to bear to deal with the aftermath. our focus is going to be on identifying the victims and notifying the families. we're setting up a hot line for
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concerned family members. there's 407-246357. the identification process may take some time. we ask for your patience because we want to be accurate. concerned family members can call the hot line, however, and let them know that you have someone you're concerned about. i continue to be so proud of our community, the suspect that is shown, the response that has been made. i'm also thankful to entities from all around the country and all over the state of florida. the governor has made all the resources of the state of florida available. orange county has made all of their resources available. we have assistance from the white house, so every possible asset we have brought to bear. mayor. >> of course, let me start with expressing my sympathy for the
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families, for the loved ones of those who we have lost in the last 24 hours. we know this affects a large sect of our community. we know we have a very close-knit lbgt community, who have been dramatically impacted by this. so for everyone that's impacted, i want you to know our hearts and prayers are with you. we are a united community. what we saw last night does not reflect what we feel in our hearts and our souls here in orange county. and i am calling on every citizen here in orange county to never forget that we stand together in times of adversity. but we don't just stand together as the city of orlando and orange county. we stand together as a country. we have heard from texas, we have heard from states all over the country wanting to know what they can do to help. so when evil like this is comes to our community, we respond in force. i guarantee you, we will do that again. and thank you all for everything you do to make this such a
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wonderful place to be. we know it's going to take time to be able to answer the questions of the loved ones. and there's nothing, nothing more difficult than waiting to find out the status of the people you love. please, be patient. we're doing our best. thank you. >> as mayor dyer said, at this point the nightclub pulse has been cleared and deemed safe of any devices. we're in the process of clearing the suspect's vehicle, which is a van right outside. and just we ask that people be patient. unfortunately, there are many victims inside the club. like was said, priority will be on the identification of the victims and notification of the next of kin. i also want to take this opportunity to thank all the outpouring of law enforcement support from as far away as boston and chicago that let us use their resources, if needed. and, of course, great community support from the central law
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enforcement community as well. i also want to commend the heroic and courageous actions of the initial responding officers who exchanged gunfire with the suspect. and also the heroic and courageous action of our s.w.a.t. team who rescued at least 30 victims -- possible victims and brought them to safety. so, again, at this point, just patience because, unfortunately, this tragedy and the amount of bodies that are in there, amount of victims, is going to take some time. thank you. we'll answer questions at the end. >> i'm sheriff jerry demings, and i join our entire community in offering our sympathy to these families who have lost loved ones. this has certainly been a tragic day for all of us. in that this is a day of worship in most places in america, we do
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call upon the members of the clergy to pray for those families and for this community and this nation for healing. in the last several hours, the men and women here and law enforcement have been working diligently to ensure the overall safety of everyone involved up. all have seen most recently where there were members of our hazardous device team, bomb units have been working from the orange county sheriff's office with units from the orlando fire department to make certain we did not have any secondary type devices or what have you, that were in the crisis site itself. that process has taken an extended period of time to ensure the safety of everyone. so, that's why we have not been able to remove all of the victims, if you will, from the crisis site at this point.
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that process is continuing. we likely have another hour to two of operation or necessity to ensure the safety before we can begin that process. but we do appreciate the collaborative effort amongst all of the different local governments as well as our state and our federal government. we've all come together in unity to address this issue. and on behalf of our entire community, we thank you, the media, for covering these events and this tragedy. thank you very much. >> reporter: can you please confirm, 50 are dead? >> we'll take questions after we're finished with prepared statements. >> hello. the fbi has confirmed the subject involved in this shooting incident. at this time we are making the notifications to the next of kin, so we will have that name to be officially released to you
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at the next press conference. what i want to put out right now is that as we all know in many situations, people come and go to nightclubs such as these. if anyone out there attended this nightclub and then left before the shooting happened, i would urge you to still call in and come talk to our investigators because you don't know exactly what you may or may not have seen. we would appreciate everyone coming forward no matter how small the evidence in your mind may be. the other thing is, we are actually setting up a family assistance center at the hampton inn located at 43 columbia street. we currently have it at omc but worry going to move it to the hotel to accommodate more family members in an attempt to reunite people with either their loved ones or gather information on people who have not yet been located. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: in addition to 53 in the hospital? >> you mentioned earlier --
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>> i thought we had one more. we have a couple more people who are going to speak and then we'll answer questions. >> good morning. a little after 2:00 this morning we were notified of many victims, gunshot victims, as central florida's only level one trauma center we immediately activated our mass casualty incident plan. we immediately brought in six trauma surgeons to respond, including one pediatric trauma surgeon. we have spent the morning operating on a number of victims. we continue to operate on them. we have found many of them are critically ill as a result of their injuries. and we are in the process of trying to reunite families as we identify the names of these victims. as has been mentioned, this will take some time. we ask for your patience. but we will reunite the families and victims just as quickly as we can. thank you. >> reporter: do you need blood
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donors? >> blood is a wonderful gift. that can all be arranged through the local blood banks. please don't come to the local hospitals. but you can work through the local blood banks to be able to donate. that would be a tremendous help. thank you. >> reporter: your first name? >> michael chetham. >> good morning. my name is mohammed, senior imam of central florida. i'm here today to stand as faith leader with our law enforcement community and our city leadership in this hour of horror that was brought upon our city. i've worked with these leaders for over 20 years. i know their caliber, their strength and their determination
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to make sure this city is safe. and i call on everybody in the community, anybody who has any information to please call the fbi, share what you know. it may help answer many unanswered questions yet. i also call on my fellow faith leaders, jewish, christian, muslim, hindu, whatever faith you follow, please, pray for the victims and their families in this hour on this sunday morning. it's supposed to be a beautiful morning, but it is already a very heartbreaking morning. i want to praise the courageous efforts of our opd who risked their lives, put their lives on the line.
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one of the officers, as we heard, was injured. and that's a risk they take every day to protect us. no one could have predicted this. no one could have prepared for it. this could have happened anywhere. it's like a lightning. so, they have done marvelous jobs to save as many lives after the shooter began shooting. and we are glad that this situation is completely under control. there are no other shooters that this person does not know to be connected with, a network or other people. so, the city residents and the visitors should feel safe. the city is as safe as the best in the world. and i want to also caution many
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in the media from rushing to judgment and from, you know, sensationalizing the story because we do not want this story to be shifted from the focus what it is. it's a horrible tragedy. we are mourning. we are sad. we are heartbroken. and it's not really time for any sensational news, just -- and rushing to judgment. so, we should all wait for information, facts come out from the investigators. and we will all see what happened, understand it and stay together, to work together to keep our community strong. i want to thank mayor dyer,
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mayor jacobs, our city leaders, chief mina and sheriff demings for their leadership, ron from the fbi. i think many times in the past this has been discussed as the worst nightmare. and we are sorry to know that it happened to us. we don't wish this on anybody else. and we hope this would be the last of the mass shootings that our country has been going through. i think as a nation we need to look at this issue of mass shootings because we just had one too many today. and i think we should do something about it to stop the mass shootings that are happening all the time. thank you. >> questions? >> reporter: sir, you were able to very early on say the shooter
7:35 am
appeared to have leanings toward radical islamic terrorism. how is it you were so quickly so sure of that fact instead of being a hate crime since it was in a gay club? >> early on when we had a possible identification made, we run everything on the ground, whether it ends up being the actual individual or not. although this time, i can't say exactly who the suspect or deceased shooter is. once we're able to do that, once the notification is made, then more details will be able to be shared most likely from our counterterrorism division up at fbi headquarters. >> reporter: can you tell us what type of arsenal was found? how many rounds do you think was fired off? >> right now the weapons recovered from the suspect, who is dead, was a handgun and an ar-15 type assault rifle. an unknown number of rounds, but there were additional rounds. >> reporter: was there any call prior to the shooting, either to
7:36 am
911 or another location, kind of indicating anything? >> we have no indication of that as of yet. >> reporter: was there any communication with the suspect in those three hours before you went in? between the arrival, shots were fired and you finally going in? >> there was some communication, but we're not going to release that right now. >> reporter: why did the s.w.a.t. team wait three hours? >> remember, this is a situation involving hostages. a situation involving things that happened very fast. you know, i think it was important for them to know exactly what they had. once the initial shots were stopped, they were dealing with a hostage situation. so, you know, in that -- in that time, we need to set up, re-evaluate, reassess what's happening and make sure that all the pieces are in place. we have the -- enough staffing to take care of any situation. we have armored vehicles that come to the scene. and those were crucial in the
7:37 am
rescue of those hostages. so, any time we have a hostage situation, we're definitely going to use extreme measures to make sure we have enough personnel on the scene. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: in between the time -- >> i can't speak to that right now. that will be part of the investigation. >> reporter: early this morning they thought maybe 20 victims inside. that number has risen to 50. is this now one of the top mass shootings in the country? >> absolutely, yes, it is. this morning, just based on what the initial officers saw, without jeopardizing any more safety, you know, they thought there were at least 20. but now it's, yeah, up to 50. so, definitely one of the worst tragedies. [ inaudible ] >> yes. >> reporter: any indication that he had outside help?
7:38 am
>> there's no indication of that right now. but that will all be part of the investigation. >> reporter: do you know of the 50 who were killed, were shot during the initial shooting? two, was there any shots fired after that initial shooting? >> there was an initial shooting at 2:0 2, numerous shots fired, and then gunshots between the suspect and fbi. >> reporter: the 50, do you know if they were all killed during the initial shooting or killed after that? >> that's unknown at this time. >> reporter: is this being classified as a hate crime or terrorism? >> at this point in time we're conducting a general investigation, period. we're find out if it's hate crime, violent crime or terrorism. we're at the very early stages. we can't give you things that aren't 100% accurate because it's not fair to you.
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>> reporter: you guys came back -- [ inaudible ] >> i'm sorry. a bomb? >> reporter: imam, the religious leader. what has changed in the last three hours that you're giving us less information? >> well, again, since the subject has not been positively identified to the next of kin, there's not a whole lot more we can share with you at this time. bear in mind, we do not want to jeopardize the investigation. while we feel confident there are no other threats to the immediate area or the united states of america, we need to be certain of that before we put any more information out. >> reporter: a u.s. citizen -- >> reporter: were any injured by officers? >> there was one officer injured. he was hit in the kevlar helmet with a round from the suspect. kevlar helmet did stop that round but the officer does have some injuries to his face from that gunshot. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: did he come in
7:40 am
shooting or -- >> we're still early in the investigation. unknown how he got inside the club. it appears like he was in there and then shots were fired, from the preliminary information [ inaudible ] >> it's absolutely terrible. 50 victims in one location, one shooting. it's absolutely one of the worst tragedies we've seen. [ inaudible ] >> one more time? >> reporter: did the casualties arrive at the hospital or were there bodies inside? >> exactly. there were more victims inside than originally thought. so, once it was safe for us to go in, we determined there were no devices, that's when we were able to discover how many victims were actually in there. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: could they get away
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from the gunfire? >> that will all come out in the investigation. right now we're going to focus on the identification of the victims and notification of next of kin. >> reporter: during that time when you thought there were 20 and -- [ inaudible ] >> at least a few hours. >> reporter: congressman peter king just said the shooter was from afghanistan and was trained in the use of weapons. can you speak to that? >> no. >> reporter: here we are, it's beautiful, one of the worst mass shootings in the u.s. your thoughts? >> absolutely, definitely a tragedy. not only for the city, but for our entire nation. we believe this is a tragedy that could happen anywhere in the united states of america. and what we need to do is continue to be vigilant and call if you see something, call someone, call anyone, the fbi, 911. if you see someone out of place or see someone acting strange,
7:42 am
strange behavior. [ inaudible ] >> no, we can't confirm that. >> reporter: how many people -- [ inaudible ] >> absolutely just to look into the eyes of our officers told the whole story. obviously, some of those officers had 20-plus years on. one of the lieutenants, one of the first on the scene, 23-year member of the police department and almost 20 years on the s.w.a.t. team. you could tell that they were all shaken by this incident, by what they saw inside the club. they did an unbelievable job, courageous efforts in rescuing many, many hostages. at least 30 from inside the club. but after it was all said and dorngs you cou done, you could tellgedy on eve enforcement officers. >> so, we're going to brief roughly every two hours. we're going to -- >> three hours, actually. >> we're going to brief in about
7:43 am
three hours. we're going to give you absolutely as much information as we can disclose. there are guidelines for opd and for the fbi and fdle, but we'll give you everything we can possibly give to you. right now, we want to focus on identifying the victims and notifying their families. so, i would hope you would lead with the information about how families can call in and check on their loved ones or give information about they might think their loved one was among those who are missing. >> can you give us that information? >> got it, chief. >> 407-246-4357. 407-246-4357. people can call -- if loved ones want to call and help us with information. they can call the fbi for tips,
7:44 am
1-800-call-fbi and hit option number 2 when prompted. 1-800-call-fbi, option 2. hot line for family members is 407-246-4357. >> we'll target the next media briefing at 1:30 today. we do understand that governor scott is en route, so he may want to do something before that. we'll keep you updated on that. the next law enforcement briefing will be at 1:30. >> we have been listening to a law enforcement briefing there where we have confirmed 50 people are dead. 53 others have been hospitalized. after a shootout at a gay nightclub in orlando. the shooter has been identified as omar mateen, of port st. luc lucie, florida. the suspect is a u.s. citizen.
7:45 am
his parents are apparently from afghanistan. the law enforcement agencies are calling this an act of terrorism. let's bring back new york congressman peter king right now, member of the homeland committee, member of subcommittee on counterterrorism. congressman, should we surmise terrorists are in america? >> well, there's no doubt terrorists are in america. whether or not he's a terrorist, he certainly appears to have been. no doubt -- fbi director comey said there are active investigations in all 50 states. just last week in new york, there was an isis supporter arrested. there's been any number arrested over the last year. this is ongoing. i can't emphasize enough that in many ways the security situation today is worse than it was or more dangerous than it was on september 10, 2001. i mean, isis is in communication, either directly or indirectly over the internet with many, many people in this country. again, in all 50 states.
7:46 am
they've had people go over to syria to be trained. in addition to isis, we have other islamists who are on the internet all the time. so, we have psychotics, lone wolfs, people acting directly at isis direction. this is all happening. again, i don't want to be scaring people, but what we saw last night in orlando can happen almost anywhere. that's the reality of the world we live in today. >> and the law enforcement just then said that this was an id idealogical motivated attack. what we do not know is what specific groups motivated this. no information on that. but we know there has been a state of emergency declared in florida and in the city of orlando. governor scott is on his way there right now. we'll get another briefing from the governor or other law enforce the agencies within the next three hours. what do you want to see now in terms of what the fbi is looking at, congressman? what's most important in terms
7:47 am
of next steps in terms of identifying whether or not there were others involved? >> well, believe me, maria, the fbi knows what they're doing. i just know some of what they're doing. they'll be looking first, going through his background completely. who he's been in contact with, whether or not he did this entirely on his own, going through social media, everying involving him. they'll be going through other information they have gotten in the last several weeks which at time may not have led to this conclusion but now they can piece it together. they also want to make sure this is not part of any series of attacks. that this is not, you know, planned to occur in other, for instance, gay nightclubs around the country or at other large gathering places. all this has to be looked at. also to see if it was distributed from overseas or whether it was spontaneous, whether he did it on his own, who he could have been in contact with. so, there's any number -- any and all the fbi will be looking at. they're the experts. they know what they're doing.
7:48 am
they'll be in contact with police departments around the country to see, again, if they picked up anything. again, they may find leads that they're not going to disclose or should not disclose. they'll be making that known again to police departments all over the country. also, internationally to see, again, if that can lead to anything else. as bad as this is, and it is horrific, they want to ensure it does not happen again. they want to make sure it's not going to happen again in the near future. that this is not a concerted series of attacks. >> one of the fbi agents said, what we are dealing with today, unfortunately, is unimaginable. congressman, this is, in fact, the worst mass shooting in u.s. history with 50 people dead, 53 others in the hospital. as we await more information. and there was some focus on this device that the shooter had in addition to two guns. apparently an ar-15 assault rifle and a handgun, as well as this device. why so much focus on what that
7:49 am
device potentially could have been? >> that could show the type of training he has. it could show -- they could find out, perhaps, where he obtained the materials in it. they could go to, again, your local distributors, local suppliers. again, all of this is going to branch out. this is going to have so many tentacles to it. it's going to reach out so far. again, it may not add anything new to it, but they have to run down every possible lead. again, they want to make sure there's nobody else in orlando, port st. lucie or anybody in florida that could be connected to him, apart from the other 49 states. certainly, anyone locally that could be, you know, involved with him. one that could be planning another attack or, secondly, they have information about other operatives around the country. again, i'm putting all these out as possibilities that the fbi will be looking into. again, more i'm not aware of. they are the experts.
7:50 am
>> again, the shooter was in his late 20s, we understand, a u.s. citizen, omar mateen has been identified from port st. lucie florida. the gunman is dead. 50 people are dead in what has been the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. congressman king, thank you very much for weighing in this morning. we appreciate your time today. i want to bring in gill alba, former nypd detective, president of alba investigations. thank you for joining us. from an investigative standpoint, what do you look at now? >> well, this is certainly to all law enforcement in the united states it's a shocking event to have 50 people killed under these circumstances. so -- especially in a terrorist attack. so not only are we going to investigate to find out what happened, but how we could prevent something like this or at least deter something like this in the united states because it could happen anyplace. that's some of the things that we're looking at.
7:51 am
what kind of connections did he have, how did he do all this, how was it planned, was it a hate -- not only was it terrorist, but was it a hate crime? there is a difference between somebody coming in and a hate crime as an american, but as a terrorist to come in and hate crime and shoot everybody, 50 people, kill 50 people could far, there is a different perception across the united states that this is terrorist that could happen anyplace and, you know, terrorist is how many people can you kill? what can you do to us to make us afraid as far as americans are concerned? and every time something like this happens we get stronger and stronger. but certainly this is a wake-up call to all americans, no matter where you are and what we do and how we will relax on a saturday night and a sunday morning that something like this, 50 people killed is unimaginable. >> which is why the police initially when asked whether or not this was terrorism said that the gunman was very prepared. in other words, that is what the
7:52 am
intent was. they are, in fact, calling this an act of terrorism. idealogically motivated attack. in terms of the fbi and connections, potential connections, to others in the u.s., what can you tell us in terms of terrorists right now in sleeper cells or in america living waiting for any ideological motivation? >> well, it's all a possibility, but the agent on this case right away said it was a possible terrorist act. so the fbi is really, really good at something like this and knowing right away who he was and what the situation is. so they knew it was a terrorist act right away. which was good for everybody in america to know the difference between that. but cells and all of this stuff is definitely -- it's not only the fbi that has to be aware of that, but law enforcement -- they have to work together, and also the population, us, all of us have to be super aware of
7:53 am
what's going on. if you see something, call something, because we hesitate on doing something like that, even if we see a package on the side of the road, but this is all part of america and we have to get together and seriously with 50 people killed and being a law enforcement officer and i know all law enforcement across the united states see 50 people killed are all in shock over the many people that were killed under -- in that same location where there was 325 people and here you have over 100 people that were either killed or shot or even more. so that guy did -- one guy did so much damage that he had -- and what kind of device did he have? did he have a device where if he left the room he would blow up a certain area or did he put it outside if anybody responded they would blow up? all that stuff they're looking at. this is a combined investigation between the fbi and the local police. >> earlier u.s. representative alan greyson told reporters, quote, there's blood everywhere. there's an enormous amount of
7:54 am
evidence to be collected. he did say this is the early stages of the investigation, but also said that the gunman was organized and well prepared. we know now that gunman was omar mateen from port st. lucie, florida, and at this point we are understanding that the mayor of orlando has declared this a state of emergency and is asking the governor to do the same on the governor level. governor scott is on his way right now to orlando. your thoughts on next steps here. >> as far as the investigation is concerned? >> yeah. >> there's a lot to do right now with the investigation. first of all, make sure this is, you know, a lone wolf in america. okay? there's no other ties. or, you know, just like paris they had brothers doing it or other people, locations that they bombed additionally, but the fbi seems kind of knowledgeable in the fact that they think this is just one incident, but that's what they're going to look for, any ties and all that, and then
7:55 am
what's the bottom line? how to prevent something like this, how to deter something like this because prevention sometimes is almost like impossible but to to deter something like this and what to look forward to as far as across america, all law enforcement and how do we stop something like this from happening because this is now 50 people killed by a terrorist, could it happen tomorrow again? yes. >> right. all right, sir, thank you very much for joining us and weighing in here. i appreciate it. >> i want to bring back dr. sebastian gorkle with us, distinguished chair of military theory at marine corps university, author of "defeating jihad". >> how do you see it now after that briefing where we know 50 people are dead, 53 others are in the hospital and this was an act of terrorism. >> maria, we need to stop using words like shocking. nobody should be shocked. this is what they have been planning to do after paris, after brussels. nobody should be surprised. likewise, this isn't to be called a tragedy.
7:56 am
this isn't an amtrak train being derailed. this is part of the global jihadi strategy. it's not an accident. it is war against america. and lastly, please, please, i beg my colleagues in the u.s. government, we have to stop talking about this maybe being a hate crime. its not a hate crime. it is part of an ideological military assault on the united states of america. we have arrested 101 people linked to isis on u.s. soil since the caliphate was declared. this attack in part was facilitated by the policies of this administration, president obama and secretary clinton, that have allowed political correctness into the threat assessment. today i beg the white house, stop with the political correctness. we need to destroy this enemy before more innocent people, gay, straight, black, white, brown, yellow are murdered on
7:57 am
u.s. soil. >> you make a very compelling statement there, dr. gurka. tell us where you see this going in terms of an investigation of who else is out there. what other terrorists are in america right now? >> well, right now we have, as your previously guest noted, more than 900 leads being investigated by the fbi in every single state of the union. what we need to know right now is who this person was connected to, how were they accessing ideological material, who those ideologues were. this person killed 50 people. that is more than one mag a zeen worth of rounds inside a rifle, inside an ar rifle. this means he probably had some kind of training. who gave him that training? we have to find out the broader network and most importantly not just the connections to isis or jihadis, but who are the ideologues, the people he was in touch with that spun him up to do this attack now during the
7:58 am
season of ramadan. i know the fbi are doing this right now. we have to give them as much leeway as possible and stop the political correctness. >> yeah, and they were very clear that this is the beginning of the investigation. we should point out that the police and the fbi have already done an excellent job at least nine officers were involved in this shootout according to lawmakers earlier in their press conference, certainly coroner vans were seen traveling towards the nightclub and one officer received an eye injury when the bullet struck his kevlar helmet. the helmet is being said to have saved his life. at this point we will learn more from the authorities, dr. gurka. as your final comments here what are you looking for in terms of president obama? are you expecting a comment from the president today? >> absolutely. he must make a statement and he must not go towards gun control. this isn't about gun control or hate crimes. if he goes there, then we know he hasn't learned anything in
7:59 am
the last seven and a half years. it has to be about taking the tight to the global jihadi movement, every single member. we have to dee legitimize their ideology and support the muslims in the region of the middle east that are best positioned to destroy isis. we need to talk honestly about the threat and take politics out of any statement he makes today. >> yeah, and i'm glad you said that because already we have seen many people go right where you just mentioned. i want to point out to our audience that we're looking at live pictures of the gunman's home. this investigation is alive and very much in the early stages according to our police sources this morning. dr. gurka, thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate your time. again, we are covering this developing story which is at the beginning of the investigation according to the fbi sources. 50 people are dead, 53 others are in the hospital after the
8:00 am
worst mass shooting in u.s. history. our special coverage on the orlando nightclub shooting continues now with bret baier in washington. stay with fox news. oh, my god. they're all shooting back and forth. >> sights and sounds overnight in orlando. this is a fox news alert. a mass shooting in orlando overnight now stands as the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. the terror attack left 50 people dead. that is more than double the earlier official estimates. another 53 wounded and rushed to area hospitals. the mass shooting at one of the city's largest gay night clubs in orlando. the gunman was killed by police as they stormed the


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