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tv   Bob Massi Is the Property Man  FOX News  June 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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if the messaging changes over the next few days. >> we'll see. much more to learn. our coverage continues in new york now. >> we leave you with the flag at half staff over the white house. this is a fox news alert on the unfolding horror in orlando. authorities say the man who shot dozens of people in an orlando nightclub be an assault rifle may have had radical islamic leanings. one individual telling the associated press he was known to the fbi. at least 50 people are dead. the deadliest massacre in u.s. history. at least 503 others are wounded. we expect another briefing at any moment. we'll bring it to you when it happens. welcome back to continuing coverage at america's election headquarters. >> hello, everyone. this unspeakable tragedy is being investigated as the latest
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possible radical islamic terror in our country raged by a man who is said to say allahu akbar and pledged allegiance to isis. isis has taken credit. >> we continue our coverage for two hours starting with peter doocy on the scene. what's the latest down there? >> reporter: the latest is in the last few minutes we have seen more investigative vehicles moving toward pulse nightclub including a caravan of pickup trucks that had sirens on. they are now moving toward the nightclub. that's different from what was happening about 11 hours ago around 2:00 in the morning when bystanders and witnesses reported seeing so many victims. more victims than there were ambulances. they were being put into the back of pickup trucks and taken to the orlando regional medical
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center. we got an update for the first time about exactly what's happened at the orlando regional medical center. we heard they brought in six additional trauma surgeons. it is the only level 1 trauma center in south florida. they brought in six surgeons overnight. we are told they admitted 44 adults last night and nine had died since being checked in. most of the wounds are to the trunk and extremities and abdomen according to an update we got from the hospital that's less than a mile away from here. as to motive why did somebody go into the nightclub that bills itself as orlando's premier gay nightclub and kill 50 people and shoot 53 others? there's been remarkable consistency among officials from many agencies. they believe this is tied to
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islamic terror. listen to this. >> this is clearly an act of terrorism. it's sickening. should make every american angry. the first thing you think about is you can't imagine what the families are going through. the families are still waiting to find out what happened to their loved ones. >> and that's perhaps the most upsetting part about being here in world. many of the families still have not been notified about the status of loved ones who may have been inside pulse. they don't know if their loved one is inside pulse laying dead or if they are in a hospital being treated. we are told there were some hiccups with the hospital communicating to family members but they are communicating
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better now, 13 hours after shots rang out on orange avenue in orlando. >> it is a difficult situation, peter. i understand we did hear from senator marco rubio. what did he say? >> just like many of the officials it focused on radical islamic terrorism. we have a clip of what he said five minutes ago. we are all americans. you are seeing the response today. >> you can see that all of the officials we have been waiting to hear from most of the afternoon are arriving. i will try to get a few questions in. we'll bring you the latest from the press event after it happens. >> indeed, peter.
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peter has been very good there to make sure we get all of the latest. quite frankly the authorities have done an excellent job keeping the press informed. in turn, we are doing our best to keep viewers informed. mostly we want to remember that 50 people have been killed in a horrible atrocity on u.s. soil. let's dip in to this press conference. >> this is probably the most difficult day in the history of orlando. i want to thank our law enforcement professionals, our health professionals, victims advocates, counselors who are come to the aid of the community. while it is difficult for all of us, it is the most difficult for those families that are still waiting for information on their loved ones. as difficult as it is, i ask for patience and compassion and love. pulse remains an active crime
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scene and law enforcement is working the scene as efficiently and as diligently as they possibly can while also being respectful of the remains of the deceased. we are setting up additional means of communication. we have the hotline which is 407-246-4357 that we mentioned at the last press conference. anybody that has a loved one they believe could be one of the victims should contact that hotline and give their information so we have contact information when we are able to identify your loved one. aspire health has offered counseling services and can be reached through the zebra coalition and the lgbt center on mills is open with grief counselors. we are setting up a website which is city of which will be updated with the names of the
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deceased after the next of kin have been notified. you heard the president and the governor is here. we have all of the resources of the federal government, the state government, and our local government partners, all that they have to offer. our community will be grieving today, the next few days, the next few weeks and the next few months. we need to support each other. we need to love each other. we will not be defined by a hateful shooter. we'll be defined how we support and love each other. governor scott? >> thank you, mayor dyer. clearly this is an act of terrorism. you can't imagine this happening in any community. can't imagine it happening in your state, to the governor of a state, and can't imagine it
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happening in your country. i want to first -- my heart goes out to every family member that's been impacted. i know law enforcement is doing everything they can to notify next of kin. get as much information out as they can. they are working diligently together. state, local and federal. i want to thank our law enforcement for everything they do, they have done in this case and every day. i have asked for all the citizens of the united states to have a moment of silence at 6:00 p.m. eastern time tonight to mourn the loss of life and st l still -- and also pray for those fighting for their life and pray for the loved ones. i want to thank the law enforcement, especially those that walked into the shooting scene and risked their lives to save so many people. this state will be defined by its generosity, love.
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we are resilient. we love people in our state and we'll continue to do that. anybody thinking about doing something like this in our state our justice is swift, penalties severe. we have a great law enforcement team who will do the right thing. we have declared a state of emergency for orange county and i know the federal government provided all the services anybody needs. i would like to turn it over to the attorney general pam bondi. >> today is a tragic day. we are making it clear anyone who attacks our lgbt community, anyone who attacks anyone in our state will be gone after to the fullest extent of the law. today my office has been working, bringing in victims' advocates throughout the state of florida here to orlando. if you are missing a family member, a loved one, we will be here to help you. you're hearing on a horrible,
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tragic, violent day the word love. that's what we need to continue to do. we need to look out for each other, take care of each other. we will be available as a community, as a state. we have all received calls from around the country of people offering their support in this horrible, horrible time. our mayor has done an incredible job. the fbi has taken the lead on the investigation. they are remarkable. back in the command center, watching federal, state and local law enforcement and prosecutors all work together second to none in our state. we should be very proud of the law enforcement, the men and women in uniform all working together as a team. thank you very much. now the fbi. i'm sorry, our police chief. >> just to clarify we had 11 orlando police officers who exchanged gun fire with the
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suspect and killed him. they have been relieved of duty as per standard practice. we will release their names over the next couple of days. they risked their lives for the people and patriots at pulse. we are committed to do so again. at this time we are going to continue with the investigation, assist the fbi to focus on identification and next of kin. i want to take the opportunity to thank the outpouring of support from local law enforcement. we have had multiple sheriffs in different counties respond. different police chiefs. everyone in central florida reached out. i also want to thank the businesses in this area. they have all stepped forward to
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assist law enforcement with food, water. so we really appreciate that. thank you. >> this is going to provide a brief update. this has been a trying day. the level of support has grown as well. i appreciate the support we are receiving. we have a lot of work to do yet in this investigation. just after noon today, there was a national phone teleconference spear headed by the department of homeland security in which law enforcement from across the entire country came together to talk about how to ensure the safety of our homeland. what happened here wasn't purely an attack on the residents of florida or the residents of
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orange county, orlando here. this was an attack on our nation. we appreciate the support from across the country in this evident. i had three deputy sheriffs engaged in the rescue effort that also fired weapons. they have been relieved of the law enforcement authorities pending an investigation. what we do typically in orlando is call upon the department of law enforcement to do an independent investigation of any law enforcement officer-involved shootings. that hags bes been done in this. they will do their investigation concurrently with that of the fbi. thank you again. >> thank you, sheriff. just to reiterate, the fbi has taken the lead in the investigation. i want to thank everyone behind
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me knowing you may or may not see currently working with shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand who worked to get to the bottom of this senseless act of violence. here are some talking points to address the questions earlier. bear with me as i go through them. we are gathering information now. we want to share as much as we can. the individual believed to be responsible for the terror attack at pulse early sunday morning has been identified as omar mir seddique mateen. an american citizen born in new york, age 29. he died engaged in gun fire with police officers this morning. the fbi became aware of him in 2013 when he made inflammatory comments to co-workers alleging possible terrorist ties. the fbi investigated including interviews of witnesses, physical surveillance and r0rds checks n. the course of the investigation mateen was
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interviewed twice. we were unable to verify the substance of his comments and the investigation was closed. in 2014 mateen again came to the attention of the fbi because of possible ties to an american suicide bomber. the fbi conducted an investigation including an interview with mateen. we determined contact was min tall dantd cand did not constit threat at that time. it is reported that mateen made 911 calls this morning stating his allegiance to the leader of the islamic state. we are looking into any and all connections domestic and international. we will be as transparent as possible and as accurate as possible. given the ongoing nature of the investigation we'll continue to provide updates when information becomes available. thank you.
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[ inaudible question ] >> there were 911 calls and there was communication between the suspect and federal officers. that's been evidence. it is my understand iing. >> -- under heavy guard now. can you confirm that? >> i'm sorry. i missed it. >> i'm hearing that -- in the hospital under heavy guard. is that true? [ inaudible ] >> at this point we don't have a second suspect we are actively looking for. we don't know of a credible or singular threat facing the orlando area or nationally. we are providing physical presence for the hospitals and the victim assistance centers to make sure everyone is safe and
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secure. [ multiple questions ] >> that crime scene is still being processed. i can't comment on the interior. sir? [ inaudible ] >> as mentioned, they were inconclusive. nothing to keep the investigation going forward. >> had the echoed of terror. got a gun permit. >> investigation was closed, sir. [ inaudible ] >> i am not aware of any victims that passed since the last press
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conference. >> so we are trying to be as respectful as possible of the deceased people inside the facility. as we identify people we are making notifications and the police department and i believe the city are preparing a website to list those that have been made contact with. >> do you know how many have been contacted at this point? [ inaudible ] >> no. the scene is clear. like special agent hopper said it's a lot of victims inside trying to be respectful of that as well.
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[ inaudible ] >> the subject i mentioned earlier was not under current investigation at the time of the incident and wasn't under surveillance. all i can tell you is multiple interviews are being conducted as we speak. i have no details as to how far that's gone at this point. [ inaudible ] >> interviews and investigation, yes, sir. >> a few more questions. >> any word on where he got the weapons from? >> our partners from atf are here to speak to that. >> i'm the assistant special agent in charge of atf. first i would like to start by saying our condolence goes to the family of those impacted. atf has traced the firearms. we know this individual did purchase at least two firearms. they can legally walk into a gun dealership and acquire and purchase firearms.
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he did so within the last week or so. we are following up on that. i won't get into the specific location of the purchase. he did purchase two firearms -- a handgun and a long gun -- within the past few days. >> that's all the information we can release at this time. we'll provide more updates as they become available. >> do you know how long it will take? >> lots of information provided including that omar mateen purchased two firearms in the last few days. also that he did, in fact, place a 911 call before the massacre and the mayor reminding viewers of an information hotline that's been set up available for families to get information and that number is 407-246-4357.
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there is a website, city of florida governor rick scott asking for a moment of silence at 6:00 p.m. eastern time to mourn the loss of life. also to pray for those fighting for their lives. also want to point out that orlando mayor buddy dyer said we will not be defied by a hateful shooter. but how we love each other. >> joining us now to talk more about the carnage, richard burr, chairman of the senate intelligence committee. senator, thanks for joining us. i have to ask this question. how do we win the war on terror when we have the fbi admitting they interviewed the guy twice. possible ties to an american suicide bomber? he made inflammatory comments to co-workers running around the security ferm talking about isis. it sounds like what happened with the older tsarnaev brother
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in boston. what went wrong? how do we correct it and what should we do? >> i would tell i don't the first thing is we realize we are in a war in the united states and around the world. we are in a war against terrorism. the threshold for trying to identify an individual that might be a member or an arm of a terrorist organization is tough. the fbi has interviewed a lot of people in the last few years. as a matter of fact, the fbi has arrested and prosecuted over 101 individuals in the united states alone since january of last year who were committed to carry out a terrorist act in the country. their track record is good. as the agent said at the press conference they went through, did the background check, talked to the individuals that reported this shooter. they interviewed him on numerous
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occasions but they didn't find that link that's needed to raise the level of concern for him or do surveillance. >> being mindful of our civil liberties finding the link. what if there is no link. what if there are other factors? it's a free country but mindful of the liberties should we have something else? what if he's on facebook? what if he has e-mails, expresses these sympathies? should something more be done with the country's laws to get a better handle on this? >> i will leave the investigation up to the fbi and local law enforcement. from an intelligence standpoint i can assure every american that we've got law enforcement and agencies every day combing social media trying to look for the comments. the concerns about the individual, a group or a location.
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from a standpoint of an individual who might have been either directed or inspired in the last week, went out and legally bought firearms and committed a horrific act, quite honestly this is what many of us in the intel jents community have been saying for the last year if not longer. we have to take this more seriously, eliminate the desire that terrorists have to commit acts in this country. we've got to make sure that we go where they plan and where they start the communications. because if you look at our track record, we have taken tools away from law enforcement in the last 12 months, not given them more to prevent these acts. >> what do you want law enforcement to resume? >> we are at a point now that technology allows communications to happen where we can't see inside of them. it's encryption. there is a privacy issue, a
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debate now in this country. but for the fbi to really know what's out there, if they got probable cause they ought to be able to look inside the communication. we'll know more in the next 48 hours as the fbi looks through the electronics, media of the shooter. we'll know whether there were connections, whether there was encrypted communications. and that may lead us to what the next debate we might have in washington about tools law enforcement needs to prevent these acts in the future. >> it is frightening, center. chilling when you have this man who works at a security firm, had gun licenses. the firm does security for federal buildings. he has access to the guns at the same time he's got the co-wor r co-workers complaining. like said farook in san bernardino. nothing came of it. when you talk about the
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encryption and communications it is difficult no matter how hard the federal authorities investigate to leap to the next leap to see if there is probable cause that their talking will result in the carnage and travesty we have seen. >> i'm sure the bureau has gone back in the last eight hours, looked at the interviewed carried out with the shooter. the american people have to know the fbi has done a miraculous job at preventing terrorist acts. they continue to get better. but terrorists throw more and more at us and eventually something will sneak by. this was a horrific act. my heart goes out to the families that will be affected. america needs to understand. we need to take this much more seriously than we do today. we need policies that embrace that. >> finally in terms of radical islamic terrorism, look, 25 years. first killing was 1990 in new
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york city. the judges knew him. just two months ago in orlando there is an imam who was there, known for preaching for death to homosexuals saying it is allowed by sharia law. we don't know if it inspired this act. finally when you have this going on what would you say to moderate muslims, the community when people are out there and time and again whether it is san bernardino, little rock, ft. hood, we have these horrific situations and it just continues. >> i would say to muslims, america and the world, when you see something out of place. when you are concerned about an individual you have to report it. the reality is as we look around the globe today the intent by terrorists and capability exists
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because they go unchecked in areas that allow them to plan, communica communicate and there are a lot of sympathizers around the world, more than we can ever identify. that's the goal. to make sure we allow free speech, the protection of privacy. but law enforcement takes the mission seriously to keep america safe. >> we certainly thank the fbi for diligence. the facts about what happened here. we thank mateen's co-workers who were so alarmed a couple of years ago about what he was saying at the office they did pick up the phone and report him. richard burr, thanks for joining us on this sad sunday afternoon. >> you can say that again. as our coverage continues chilling new details on the gunman as emergency crews rushed to the scene in the moments after the shooting spree. a former fbi profiler joins us next.
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