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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  June 12, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> fox alert, we are learning more about the man responsible for the deadliest mass shooting in united states history now described as an act of terror. he had been on the f.b.i.'s radar before shooting and killing 50 people. inside a florida nightclub. >> at least 53 people were injured in the overnight shooting before a swat team was able to shoot and killed suspect. investigators have been searching a car at his father's house in port st. lucie florida. 29-year-old omar mateen was questioned by the f.b.i. on two occasions for allegations he threatened his co-workers. the f.b.i. said that mateen called 9-1-1 during the shooting and pledged allegiance to isis. florida governor rick scott calling for a "moment of silence," at this hour 6:00 p.m. east coast and is clear on what sort of act, he, the governor
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believes this to be. >> this is clearly an act of terrorism. it is sickening. it should make every american angry. >> the gunfire started at the nightclub as it prepared to close for the night. witnesses now describing the chaos. [ inaudible ] you turn around and someone is screaming low is blood spattering," and i did not know in it was mine and i got out and i relied it want mine but someone else. >> and we are following the federal investigation from washington and catherine will be with us in a second but, steve, is at the medical center where so many of the victims were brought. it is just a short distance away from the nightclub. steve? what are people saying about what it was like inside the club? all the overwhelming reaction we
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are getting from people inside the pills nightclub during the shooting and made it out is disbelief. they could not believe someone was inside the club with an automatic rifle shooting innocent civilians one after the other saying they hear the sounds, the pop, pop, pop and they thought it was part of a song or the show but when people were dropping they realized what was happening. we heard, boom, boom, boom, and we thought it was like the stereo. but after the second shot there was a pause and then it started shooting, shooting, shooting and we knew something was wrong and everyone dropped to the ground and people started running. >> one shooter. 103 people shot. 50 dead.
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a number that could rise. >> so person hostages, so many trauma surgeons were brought in and our heart goes doubt them. tell us how thing are now? is it getting back to normal? >> the hospital was on lockdown. back to normallations now. the remarkable night for the level one trauma center. one trauma surgeon was on duty and six were called in and the wounded began to arrive shortly after 2:00 a.m. initially they were taken by ambulance and then by police vehicle and in the end they were so man they were taken by civilian vehicle on the back of pickup troops and first responders were working on them trying to save their lives. >> hard to knowledge ma, people being flown in the back of a pickup truck to get to the hop. >> steve thank you all the good folks at hospital for all of their hard work. >> the f.b.i. is now taking control of the orlando investigation after confirming
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the shooter response i, omar mateen, had been on their radar several years. our chief intelligence correspondent has been working and catherine her ridge is in washington, what do we know about the f.b.i.? >> the suspect has contact with the fbi in 2013 after making inflammatory comments that alarmedded co-workers. omar mateen was interviewed twice but the claims everyone not substantiated and the marry was considered closed. in 2014 he was interviewed by the f.b.i. because of a possible connection to another florida man in late may 2014 the 22-year-old drove a truck with 16 tons of explosives into a restaurant to kill syrian government soldiers. chairman of the house homeland security security committees briefed by the file my and homeland security today said the committee wants to know of the decision not to charge or put mateen under surveillance.
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>> it came up that this individual had been under the radar of the f.b.i. in 2013 and in 2014. in 2014, more interestingly, ties to suicide bomber and had gone from florida to syria and back to florida, and most with the -- he was fighting for al-qaeda. it is structuring >> the committee wants more information from the f.b.i. as to why they closed the case on mateen at that time after the meeting, and he said the bureau is going through the suspect's car computer and residence to put together the timeline. >> what about isis? any claim of responsibility? or direction from isis? >> early this afternoon a news service part of the isis propaganda machine claimed
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mateen as an isis fighter in breaking news item on social media. what the post did not do was claim they had directed mateen to launch the plot in the holy month of ramadan but the f.b.i. confirmed the shooter called 9-1-1 and claimed athree agency to the isis leader while the plot was ongoing. i spoke with the republican chairman of the senate intelligentsia -- intelligence committee and file is be woulding to see if he was inspired by isis. >> a it has the hallmarks of some time of direction from a terrorist organization. the reality is, only through this investigation will we find the digital foot aren't we need to make the connection to a specific isis member or a specific cell the i am confident in the next 42-72 hours we will discover that. >> government officials briefed on the intelligence say one of the most significant developments in the last 18
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months has been the fact isis has expanded their number of operation alaning cells for plots outside of syria and now numbers half a dozen. >> catherine, what about mateen's father? i understand he lives in this country but announced a campaign for the presidency of afghanistan and has expressed support for for the sharia law. is he being investigated? all the f.b.i. is looking at father and son's immediate connections but we say law help form has not found anything derogatory about the father at this point. >> thank you catherine. >> law enforcement officers call it more than attack on a nightclub or the city of orlando but an attack on our nation. local officers helping scores of
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victims to safety overnight while a swat teamworked to take out the suspect. law enforcement teams across the country are working together as well. >> we still have a lot of work to do in the investigation. just afternoon today, there was a national teleconference spearheaded bit department of homeland security and law enforcement from and across the entire country came together to talk about what we must do to ensure the safety of our homeland. what has happened, it was not purely an attack on the residents of florida or orange county but an attack on our nation. >> a former secret service agent for president obama and an international security consultant is a frequent guest. when one of these things
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happens, this is some rear view mirror gazing and we saw, yes, we should have seen that coming or we should have done that. are there any red flags on this shooting that you can see that should have given local authorities, the f.b.i., heads up? >> yes. what i have discussed on this network quite a bit there is enormous political pressure, and i get this from a lot of my law help form sources, enormous political pressure when a potential terrorist case involves someone who could be slappic to handle the case differently than in it were, say, a case where someone was another religion. that treasure has real world effects. i was a federal agent, i know how the system works. we have in time of political correctness and the individual was on the radar of the f.b.i. and he then goes on to shoot people.
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i am sure there is someone in the file would knew this man was a danger and this could be political treasure to make this go away because they did not have direct red flag or direct sign. >> political pressure from where in the justice department? from the administration? >> it filters from the top down. i don't want to oversell this and be dramatic but there is political pressure in the administration and to be fair, this is not just on the obama administration this has been going on for a long-term. when the cases involve potential fundamentalists islamist who are interested in terrorist attacks, there is an extra level of scrutiny, probably a more precise way, allied to the agent's investigation. we have seen it with the new york police department and at the federal level. an example, the idea that the new york police department cannot conduct surveillance -- not according to the constitution it is legal in a public place but cannot do surveillance in mosques that may
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be, may be calling nor violence, is outrageous. in it was a christian church call for people to be killed, it would be obvious the f.b.i. or new york police department would investigate. all the political pressure is having real effects? >> isis claimed or credited this guy as a "hero," they did not say he was directed by them but they indicated he was a supporter and so forth. where does the investigation go from here? is it possible the f.b.i. or c.i.a. will look at his connections overseas and could be repercussions effort for what he did in orlando? >> yes. two points: there are no loneful woulds anymore. your guest did a great job explaining this is the new isis way to operation. whether three was instructed by isis directly to do this or
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inspired by isis, either way, this is how isis intends to rate in the future. to use propaganda to inspire people to conduct the attacks. second, what will happen after they secured this scene, it is all about networks. and making sure they get any potential co-conspirators in there were any, that means financial networks and going through all of the computer contacts, smartphone contact, and the network will be key, travel history, a number of government databases that contract that kind of a thing, and, also, checking with foreign intelligence counter parts, some stories through the media he may have had some contact with overseas jihad organizations. we will see in it materializes. >> thank you, dan, former secret service agent and international security expert. thank you, dan. >> florida senator and former presidential candidate marco rubio reacting to the massacre
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saying americans will not be terrorized and raising the community, the florida community, on coming together. listen. >> the americans were heartbroken as i have said it could have happened anywhere in the world. unfortunately today it was orlando's turn in a broader conflict we know there is hate in the world, some of it is inspired by ideology, and we have been in conflict a long-term and they seem to intimidate us and terrorize us. i hope they see they will not terrorize america, they will not terrorize floridians, we stand for and with all persons irrespective of sexual orientation, irrespective of their party ideology and where they live we are all machines and you are seeing the response today. this will continue and make us stronger. they will not win. >> senator marco rubio saying americans stand together no matter where 9 ideology or sexual orientation.
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>> orlando is, woulds its way through the horror of the shooting, a scare across the country in south california. heightened security in los angeles after police arrest a man armed with guns and explosives. they say he was there for the gay parade in west hollywood. >> the initial statement was made that he would go to the pride festival and beyond that he did not make additional statements anything further than that. [ inaudible ] the f.b.i. are investigating the matter. he is in custody. the evidence and the individual... [ inaudible ] >> according to the associated press the suspect in the potential attack is from indiana. no identification was given yesterday. continues of thousands of people
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gathered for the parade. police say he has no connection to the orlando massacre. >> donald trump has a new state on the orlando nightclub shooting. as president obama weighs in. >> today as machines we grieve -- as americans we grieve the brutal murder, massacre of dozens of innocent people. we pray for families who are grasping for answers with broken hearts. i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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and dig mid that define us as a country. no act of hate or terror will change who we are or the values that make us americans. >> president obama early today condemning the tragedy in or land do as an act of terrorism but as act of hate. isis is claiming responsibility for what is now the deadliest mass shooting in united states history. but the president is still not referring to the attack as an act of radical islam. we go to the white house. after this terrible tragedy, what is the president doing? >> here at the white house the president has ordered the flags to be flown at half staff and he has ordered the full resources of the federal government to be made available in the investigation. he has ordered the national security team to make every effort to make sure they figure out what sort of connection this shooter may have had with terror
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groups. the white house just released this image of the president meeting with f.b.i. director and his assistant to homeland security and counterterrorism and made his way to the white house briefing room. it was the 15th time he had to speak after a mass shooting i'll president. >> we know enough to say this was an act of terror. and act of hate. as americans we are united in grief and outrage and in resolve to defend our people. >> while he did call it an act of terrorism he never used the word islam that donald trump seized on instantly saying in his remarks today president obama disgracefully refused to say the words radical islam," for that reason alone he should step down in hillary clinton still cannot say the two words, radical islam, she should get out of the race for the presidency." already we seeing this becoming a big issue on the campaign
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trail. no surprise there. >> what about hillary clinton hick? are she and bernie sanders saying anything? >> hillary clinton was very quick to come out and talk about gun control in the aftermath of shooting and she, too, issued a statement regarding in part "we need to keep guns like the ones last night out of the hands of terrorists or other violent criminals and it reminds us again that weapons of war have no police on our streets." after bernie sanders, so far he has not brought up gun control a a point of contention but he said in. >> isis must be destroyed. and we have to do everything humanly possible to prevent the type of tragedyies from occurring again. >> another thing president obama was supposed to make his first campaign appearance with hillary
3:22 pm
clinton since he endorsed her last week to make the appearance in wisconsin on wednesday but the white house now said that event has been postponed indefinitely. john? >> thank you from the white house tonight. >> the f.b.i. now getting more details of the two previous interacts or investigations with omar mateen. listen to this. >> the fbi first became of mateen in 2013 when he made commends to co-workers and alleging possible terrorist ties. the f.b.i. thoroughly investigated the matter including interviews of witnesses, physical surveillance, and records checks. in the course of the investigation mateen was interviewed twice, ultimately we could not verify the substance of the comments and the investigation was closed n2014, mateen again came to the attention of the f.b.i. because of possible ties to an american
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suicide bomber. the f.b.i. conducted an investigation including an interview. we determined that contact was minimal and did not constitute a substantive relationship or a threat at that time. >> the meeting was a face-to-face meeting with the homicide bomber. now, with ambassador john bolton former ambassador to the u.n. and senior fellow at american enterprise institute. we are glad you here. house speaker paul ryan tweeted we are "a nation at war with islamists terrorists." is this a new normal? >> a it has been for the past 15 years, at least since the attacks on 9/11. the problem is president obama and his allegation for its entire length in office has not been at war with islam. they have tried to treat this only as a law enforcement matter, not as a struggle withen ideology that disspices our
3:24 pm
entire wear of lie. >> we heard from the president fairly early when he said it was an act of terrorism but not radical islam which frustrated some but an act of terrorism s that something? >> words only are words, the real question, what is president obama doing? if he said radical islamic terrorism it would not change his policies. the fact is this is war and not law enforcement. this attack is not the equivalent of a jumped up attack on the corner grocery store it is an act of war against the united states. obama has never acted response. >> we have less than a year before we have a new president sitting in the white house how should that person whoever it is, donald trump or hillary clinton whoever, hand did this situation? you have said maybe we should go back to a george bush-style approach where we take them out there so we don't have to fight them here. >> 9 first thing is you understand you are fighting an
3:25 pm
ideology. forget the magic words, it is an ideology that despites our way of life. the way to defeat it is to defeat it mill taylor in the -- militarily where it exists. the president said the objective is to destroy but he is not doing it. in isis maintains stable bases of operation the attacks will continue. this is not cost free to leave isis out there. >> what is the solution? we have air strikes going on? >> that is not enough. >> we have people on the ground. should we put more boot on the ground? what is the solution. >> you need a solution to destroy the control over the territory that now it has in iraq and syria but while we have fiddled around and pursueed this strategy, isis is spread into north america and yemen and pakistan and moving around the world. each day that president obama delays and does not treat it seriously a day that make it worst.
3:26 pm
>> you talk of ideology, we cannot take the ideology. >> that is an argument that said you cannot fight nazism. you cannot fight cop nix. of -- come any. of course you can. when they use their ideology to attack up the response is clear but for the president of the united states. >> in world war ii, 50 million people died. >> how many more victims of terrorism will be there? that is what i am wandering, where does this go from sneer if we cannot change the immediatology, you suggest we can, i certainly hope we can, i am not sure how we do it. >> politically and militarily. that is hearts and minds? >> look, first you have to believe this is an ideology. the president does not believe that. he believes these are isolated acts, it is a low-grade infection that will continue for a long-term. he is fundamentally wrong on that >> but he is on his way out. for the next person, how do they
3:27 pm
handle that? >> they need to go back to putting a priority on the global behalf against terrorism and understand to devote it you have to find allies in the islamic world that understand what a threat it is to them and more plenty of them out there and be straight with the american people. when you sigh an act of warlike -- of war, like this, tell me how you will defeat the people molt separate -- motivated to kill american citizens on our own soil. ought american people are way ahead of their political leaders and the political leader who figures that out, could be the next president. >> ambassador bolton, thank you for joining us. there is an op-ed on our website today. >> eyewitnesses are sharing their accounts of what happened when the gunman turned an orlando nightclub into a killing field with the latest developments including the suspect's past brushes with the
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today is tragic. and we make it clear anyone who tracks our lgbt community or
3:31 pm
anyone in our state will be gone after to the fullest extent of the law. >> that is florida's chief law enforcement officer, the ton general letting it be known acts of hate are not tolerated in her state as new details come out on the down man who murdered 50 people at an orlando nightclub. f.b.i. agents confirm they twice investigated omar mateen and the first time after he made comments to co-workers about possible ties to terrorism. peter doocy has the latest from orlando. what about the weapons that mateen used? >> we know a lot. both of the guns that were found on this dead terrorist's body were purchased legally here in florida in the last week. the a.t.f. tweeted out similar images, one was an ar-style rifle and the other a nine millimeter semi-automatic firedn
3:32 pm
screamed, those are the weaponed that were fired at club goers while he phoned to dispatch a pledge of allegiance to isis. they were purchased legally because this terrorist was not under investigation and was not under surveillance although he has been closely associated enough with radical islam in the laugh three or four years and interviewed multiple time by the fbi but the interviews provided investigators enough context to quickly conclude this was a terrorist attack because at the first press briefing that happened four hours after the incident began, the f.b.i. normally is slow to share details said they had "indications," there was a suspect who was leading toward radical islam and now they have more than indications but a lot of concrete evidence. >> what about the owners of the nightclub?
3:33 pm
>> we are hearing from them now for the first time this evening, we got a statement from barbara polma who said "like everyone in the kept i am devastated about the horrific event nasdaq place todays pulse and the men and women who work there have been my family for nearly continue years. from the going pulse has served as a place of love and acceptance for the lgbt community, i want to express my profound sadness and condolents to all who lost loved one. my grief and heart are with you." orange county florida is in a state of emergency declared by the governor as officials begin the process of identifying and removing the 50 dead victims from inside pills nightclub. the hospital is so overwhelmed trying to save the surviving victims tonight they are now asking family members to stop showing up at the hospital tonight they want people to come back in the morning to find out
3:34 pm
what happened to their loveed one as the rest of the city tries to come to grips with exactly what happened at 2:00 this morning. >> you don't have to have a license in florida to carry a handgun or to own a handgun with mateen had a concealed carry license. that is one of the citizens. >> right. it was through his work as a security guard. he was a security guard since 2007 at a florida-based company. they say they are horrified they did not know anything about this but there will be a lot of questions of how any other instances, now they know the co-workers were the ones in 2013 who called the f.b.i. because they were conditioned three was making terrorist statements and bragging of connections to terror groups which seemed to be...maybe there was something to that.
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>> a wife who divorced after a couple of marriages and called him "violent man." thank you, peter. >> we are learning more of the victims who were shot in the massacre as folks in orlando do what they can to try to pitch in to help the survivors. look at the lines in orlando, hundreds of people line up to give blood, stretching in line for blocks and blocks, hospitals say they are extremely grateful for the help. >> a little after 2:00 this morning, we were notified of many rims, gun shot victims as central florida's only level one trauma center we immediately activated our has casualty incident plan and we prosecute in six trauma surgeons to respond including one pediatric trauma surgeon and spent the morning operating on a number of victims. we continue tritone them. we have found many of them are
3:36 pm
critically ill as a result their injuries. >> all hands on deck. think of the live they must have saved. now a check with our new york city newsroom as we lend of the victims in the tragedy. >> the true scope of the attack lives in the names and in the faces of the survivors and the 50 dead. this attack occurred at a gay nightclub, the pulse orlando during gay pride month. we are just getting the name of the victim now identified where negligence of kin have been notified. six names so far, and another name just came, sotomayor, 34. stanley almador, 23. campo, 20. and evan ortiz, 36. peter gonzalez cruz, 22, and
3:37 pm
another 22-year-old and the first faces of the victims of of the worst mat shooting, and stanley was only 23 years old and according to facebook worked as a pharmacy technician. we have a photo of sotomayor, jr. only 34, and we show the an incorrect photo a moment ago, but this is eddie sotomayor, jr., only 34, friends on facebook said "we weren't ready to lose you my friend praying for are your family, we love you forever." shots rang out at 2:00 a.m. and an officer shot at first and then the gunshots were fired among the 300 people inside of the pulse orlando and many are feeling lucky to be alive. >> a friend i was with was shot in the back and i took off my
3:38 pm
bandanna so he would not continue to plead and the pant leg was red and i was hands were covered and i did not know what to do but stand this. >> pulse nightclub posted after 2:00 a.m. get out of pulse and run and the next three hours gun fire could be heard as police and ambulances rushed to the scene. >> right now we have shots fired outside. >> my god, people are getting shot, dude. high god, dude. firing off shots. >> between 2:00 and 5:00 a.m. hostages were held bit gunman until he was shot and swat members saved 30 hostages as mothers and family members waited in agony, the victims' namessor updated at www. cityofr slash victims.
3:39 pm
>> so many young lives lost. we are praying for the families and the victims. >> blood banks are still looking for donations as people line up to dough flight and help the wounds in the attack. we are told main of them are in critical condition. we have a media spokesperson for a blood bank at capacity. you do not need further donors? >> we have asked people now ... we are willing to wrap up, we have an had overwhelming response, surreal to say the least the number of people that have come here when i was here this morning i drove up and i did not recognize the place it was likened to hen lend with the number of people would have come to donate and as the day went on we realized we were in decent
3:40 pm
condition at the traumaant but it did not containing the people standing in line, and a particular time of plasma, "ab," that would help the victims and as the day war on we probably in all of the centers at one blood center need about 3,000 people and probably somewhere in the order of three times as many we have seen on any given day. >> it is obviously a fantastic response to the carnage. obviously, also, there are a great many of americans around the world if you are >> paled and what to do your part i am sure you encourage them to visit that are blood bank. >> this happened in orlando. but it is more than just an
3:41 pm
orlando story. it is a florida story, a national story, an international story and after doing interviews all day today and i have had from parts of europe to canada, just amazing. the people who are here are here to will are up their sleeves and willing to do something and it doesn't mean... [ inaudible ] can you do this to profoundly affect people now or in the future. there is not much we can do to turn them away although we are looking for specific blood types they we feel very strong, a very close night community and i can tell you it is a mixed community of every person from every walk of life here. >> thank you, spokesperson for a blood bank in orlando at comfort
3:42 pm
but your local blood bank where you are watching this broadcast could certainly use some help. it could be a good way to pay tribute. >> absolutely. we talked how this reminded us of 9/11 and so many people in new york city and an the country felt like all they could do was to give blood. >> americans are big hearted people. >> we sure are. >> new day on the weapons of the gunman during the shooting and when they were purchased as we are hearing some of chilling 9-1-1 calls. >> orlando, we have shots fired and you have requested to stay back and do not enter. >> gunfire. gunfire. gunfire. >> all personnel, if you are not at your base you are not in a position of cover.
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3:46 pm
>> a terrifying scene as describe by the wants. an act of terrorism, and the gunman legally purchased the gun used in the days lead up to the attack according to the a.t.f. tracing the firearms. we know this individual did purchase at least two firearms. he is is not -- he is legal to purchase the fire arrests, and he did so in the last week, and so for we are following up on that and i not get into the details on the specific location of the purchase. but he purchased two firearms both a handgun and a long gun. >> he did it legally. and now, we have a federal deputy assistant director of the fbi counterterrorism division. we have a lot of strong second
3:47 pm
amendment supporters here who watch fox news channel, including myself, however, a lot of people are looking at this, saying he was unseparate investigations by the f.b.i. over a period of years for making terrorism threats to his colleagues and he had a face-to-face meeting with a guy who became a homicide bomber in syria, how does he manage to buy the weapons? >> it all look pretty bad and it turned out pretty bad so we are going do have answers for all of questions but i would say right now that as all of this is coming together, it is going to show a lost weaknesses and vulnerabilities in how we approach this and our guidelines. we have seen before in the last few years and this is now a trend, we saw it in garland, texas, where the shooters were under investigation at one point in time, we obviously saw it with the best marathon bombings and the f.b.i. talked to the brothers before, and the problem is, first of all, you follow the guide means, you take a snapshot
3:48 pm
in time and you are forced to make a decision. the cases cannot go on forever. it is how it is. they made their decision. i have been there and had to make the divisions, too, the worst thing on work terrorism is to find out you will close a case when you are not sure in it will be the one that will comes back on you and does terrible damage to our country and families and to crete situations like we are seeing today. we have to goibility guidelines and the rues. i am measure sure they fit the kind of threat we face from isis and the decisions we make. at the least maybe we should start thinking about as we work a case and we are not sure when we get to the end of it, in it could be a recurring threat and maybe there should be more things in place to look at people. >> like what? >> you have done this in your
3:49 pm
work for the f.b.i. >> we used to have a domestic intelligence section that we do not have now. we talked to the police and share information but we do not do that. even after 9/11 we still do it. >> talking with our gifts today, those like yourself, painting a picture of so many investigations going on around the nation we cannot possibly, almost like the file is overwhelmed. what is your sense? >> in a certain it is, the volume is extensive. and you walk away from one those and make your best judgment and you go on the next day to the next set of kays and make your judgments there. we have to keep in mind we are going to find out more about this and find out specifically what happened with this person and what might have occurred or could have been done better. the problem is, we have prevented a last terrorist acts and we have done it all legally and we have done it by being
3:50 pm
aggressive and, now, veto ask, in in the period of isis, if we are just unable to deal with 9 volume we are facing, particularly when we do not dress or many not think we are addressing the overseas aspect of this. remember, something very important: these people are attracted to and are following and followed by the people that run isis. these are the kind of people they are trying to reach and this is where their motivation comes from. >> thank you, sir, for joining us, and all the work you have done with the f.b.i. >> reaction from the nation's capitol, calling this an attack on the nation as the white house lowers the gladding to half staff to honor the >> i just moved here. three, four weeks ago. and now this happens?
3:51 pm
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welcome back. we're now learning the name of the man who was armed with explosives and guns who was arrested in california today. ahead of the gay pride parade and sparking heightened security there. anita vogel has more on this. she's live from our west coast newsroom. anita, hello. what do we know now? >> yeah, hi there, heather. it did take place this morning in los angeles.
3:54 pm
right near the gay pride parade, one of the largest around. people come from all over california and all over the country to take part. well, this morning, law enforcement arrested a man with a car full of explosives and at least one assault rifle and ammunition. within just the last hour, police have identified him as james howell of indiana, just 20 years old. he told authorities he was on his way to the gay pride festival and that he intended to cause harm to the parade. they were alerted to him by some very observant citizens who called the police about a prowler they saw, a man lurking around in santa monica, knocking on doors. and when police responded, they searched his car, and found the firearm and specific ingredients that could be used to make pipe bombs. officials say they believe this was an isolated incident and paradegoers say it is important to stand strong. >> at this point there is no known credible threat here in the los angeles area and certainly no connection to anything that has happened in
3:55 pm
orlando. >> we do feel safe and we do feel that it is important that we do not allow fear to dictate how we live our lives and that we celebrate and come together as a community. >> now, nonetheless, officials did step up security efforts today around the parade and there were no further incidents. but you have to imagine the arrest today only added to the tensions, people are already feeling around the nation. and it is also a reminder for everyday citizens to stand up and say something, when they see something that seems a little off. i mean, after all, that's how this guy got caught today. heather, back to you. >> anita, thank you. >> john? >> reaction from washington is pouring in after 50 people are murdered, 53 others injured in that horrific attack. the white house lowering its u.s. flag to half-staff in honor of the victims. president obama declaring the massacre an act of hate. members of congress are also offering tributes, plus questions about the implications of this attack on our national
3:56 pm
security. i'm joined now by congressman eric swalwell, a democrat from california, a member of the house permanent select committee on intelligence. i'm sure your committee will be looking into any warning signs that may have come before this attack. what is your initial reaction, congressman swalwell? >> thank you, john. we're meeting tomorrow to get an update, but right now america mourns the dead in orlando, prays for those that are still alive and thank you the law enforcement that went in with an armored vehicle and stormed the club and killed this terrorist. but a key question right now is who was this individual? was he directed by isis to carry out this attack or was he self-radicalized and was able to go down and buy a legally obtainable assault weapon of war to carry out this massacre. >> you mentioned that armored vehicle, that's the bearkat that they apparently used to ram into the club, is that your understanding? >> god bless that s.w.a.t. team that used that bearkat and went
3:57 pm
in to pulse nightclub, that's the only chance the victims in there had. they stormed the club and were able to ultimately take down the terrorist. >> but is that the kind of vehicle that the obama administration no longer wants local police forces to have? >> i want local police forces to have these types of vehicles. when they're trained and use them responsibly and situations like this show why they're important. now, we have seen abuses, you know, across the country with untrained departments, but this is a case where, again, thank god for the police who went in there facing those bullets flying at them. >> yeah. obviously your committee intelligence is one of the most revered and elite on capitol hill, but also charged with some of the most, you know, important secrets in terms of our national security. what are the questions you're going to be asking at that initial meeting tomorrow? >> you know, in addition to who
3:58 pm
was this individual, a larger question for congress is why do we continue to allow such evil people to have access to weapons of war like this, but also what was missed, what did this individual do that could have caused alarm for family or friends or any law enforcement in the area. i think, you know, i know the fbi is committed to finding these individuals anywhere they are, but we have to be perfect and it is very hard when you have somebody who has been self-radicalized and then can just go down and buy a readily available firearm and take out so many people. but those are the questions we'll be asking tomorrow because americans expect us to ask them and keep them safe. >> heather mentioned earlier, you know, the fbi is overwhelmed, there are investigations under way in every state of people with affiliations with isis. more than a thousand of them at last count. would you be in favor of, i don't know, beefing up the fbi
3:59 pm
or providing more funding to continue to carry out these investigations? >> yes, the intelligence committee is committed to doing that. i'm committed to doing that, john, at the same time, we may never be able to take evil out of every heart in america, but we can strive to take a weapon of war out of as many hands as possible. i hope that question is raised in a nonpartisan way before the congress to make sure that so many people are never killed and such a horrific tragedy again. >> congressman eric swalwell, a member of the intelligence committee, a democrat from california, we appreciate you coming on tonight, sir. thank you. >> thank you, john. well, good news perhaps is that there was no connection between those two -- the two men, the one who shot up the nightclub in orlando and then we heard another arrest had taken place in california, in connection with the gay pride parade there. that's a 20-year-old from -- excuse me, from indiana,
4:00 pm
apparently no connection. >> that's some good news on 24 horrific and very sad day. we're praying for the victims in florida and their families that does it for us. >> fox report weekend is up next. >> bye. fox urgent, the wait is excruciating. family and friends trying to discover if their loved ones are among the injured or the dead after a nightclub attack in orlando, florida, hit by terror. americans under siege for three unreal hours at the happeneds h man who showed them no mercy. >> oh, my god. they are shooting back and forth. >> oh, my god. people are getting shot, dude. >> get out of here. >> oh, my god, dude. >> 50 people dead. 53 taken to hospital with devastating gunshot wounds. the islamic state savages a


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