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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  June 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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it was a three-hour long bloodbath at a gay nightclub in orlando, florida. >> the pain is far from over as families are trying to figure out if their loved ones are among those dead or injured. >> oh, my god. people are getting shot, dude. >> get out of here, man. >> oh, my god, dude. >> the guy is firing off shots. >> 50 people were killed and another 53 were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. >> the gunman, omar mateen fired dozens of rounds. he shot at hostages and police. he pledged his allegiance to isis during a 911 call.
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>> been horrible all day long. the terror group has since taken responsibility for the deadly violence but it is unclear if isis orchestrated the attack or simply inspired it. witnessed described the scene. >> after the second shot there was a pause and started shooting, shooting, shooting and that's when we knew something was wrong. everyone dropped to the ground and people started running. >> it just happened that quick. that quick. nobody knew. it's just like somebody else, like some normal person like you walked in to the club. and it just -- just happened. >> we see quite a few gunshot wounds but nothing to this scale. >> reporter: police say they killed the 29-year-old shooter and the fbi is leading the investigation on the scene. president obama spoke to the american people following the attack. >> we need to demonstrate we are defined more as a country by the
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way they live their lives than the hate of the man that took them from us. as we go together, we will draw inspiration from heroic and selfless acts, friends who helped friends, took care of each other and saved lives. in the face of hate and violence, we will love one another. we will not give in to fear or turn against each other. instead, we will stand united as americans. >> as you might imagine, orlando, florida, tonight is a city in an enormous amount of shock and sadness and likely to remain that way for many weeks to come as people there try to cope in the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in american history. at the same time, police and federal investigators are trying to learn all they can about the gunman behind the deadliest terrorist attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. we are joined live from orlando with the latest.
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>> reporter: greg, not only trying to learn more about the gunman but more about the victims, as well. 23 hours ago, the running gun battle was just beginning here on this street. now behind me, the only sound is the generators from the multiple command centers that have come out from the fbi, the atf, local law enforcement as they try to put this crime scene back together. still inside the pulse nightclub, a couple hundred yards behind me are the bodies of some of the victims. keep this in mind this evening, there are 50 dead. eight names that we know. that is 42 families hoping for the best and fearing the worst that will come when their loved one is positively identified in the coming hours and days. witnesses describe the horror that played out on this street last night. >> change ammunition, and
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another ammunition. i could smell the ammo in the air. i was like this is a gun not fireworks we need to leave. >> omar mart teen walked in with a handgun at 2:00 a.m. there was an off duty police officer working security. there was an exchange of gun fire between the police officer and the terrorist for a while. there was some type of standoff, possibly a hostage situation for three hours. during that time, mateen called 911 and pledged allegiance to eye sis. he was talking about wanting the united states to stop bombing isis and text messages from those caught inside the club telling their family and loved ones and their mothers that they loved them. it would appear as though mateen had serious psychological issues. listen to his wife.
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>> once after we were married i saw his instability and saw he was bipolar and would get mad out of nowhere. that's when i started to worry about my safe safety and after a few months he started to abuse me physically, very often and not allow me to speak to my family. keeping me hostage from them. and i try to see the good in him even then, but my family was very tuned in to what i was going through and decided to rescue me out of the situation. >> unfortunately mateen was left to his own devices. video of the fbi among others searching his car. as we learn more about him, he was a security guard, he bought these weapons in the past week oar so and was able to buy these weapons despite the fact he had been the subject of two separate fbi investigations in 2013, 2014, one of which was because of his ties to a known suicide
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bomber who was an american. also because of threats he made at work that had terrorist soundings to them but neither time the fbi was able to connect the dots and put this together. they could have possibly prevented this tragedy here in orlando. a lot of questions unanswered for folks here in orlando. they are dealing with the grief and shock before they begin to ask those questions much less answer them. >> indeed. leland, thank you very much. in the wake of the massacre there, another startling development on the opposite side of the country. federal investigators now questioning this man after he was arrested in santa monica, california, early on sunday. 20-year-old james wesley howell is a resident of indiana but he was armed with three assault rifles and chemicals which investigators say are used to make explosives. he was arrested after police received reports from residents
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of a suspicious man sitting in a parked car. at the time, howell told cops he was headed to a nearby gay pride parade. an annual event that draws hundreds of thousands of spectators. so far there's no evidence of a connection between howell and omar mateen, the orlando gunman. investigators have not come up with any hard evidence linking isis to the attack, not yet at least, although isis claimed responsibility. if omar mateen was self radicalized what can we do to stop lone wolf attackers from taking lives here at home? joining us is the department of homeland security whistle-blower and former employee. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> as we mentioned isis claimed responsibility but how can we determine if there is a direct link between mateen and isis or if he was self radicalized? >> well, we have to understand, first of all, what the
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motivation of every islamic group in the world, including isis, hamas, hezbollah, the unifying factor with all of them is the motivation of sharia law. that's the overriding goal of the global islamic movement, implementation of sharia law. you may ask what does that have to do with the shootings in orlando? it has a lot to do with it. because from the islamic perspective, there will not be peace until all of the things that oppose sharia law are removed. as far as isis, or self radicalized, as a counterterrorism specialist, i found that very seldom are people actually self radicalized. it happens within an environment. usually face to face and one on one. that means people that you are close to, who believe like you do, people that you may meet at
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the mosque or other social places that share their beliefs with you, not just isolated from the internet. it's not in a vacuum. >> the question i would ask following that would be his family. do you believe his family would have been aware of his radicalization? >> yes, very much so. even the news accounts that we read today, although they are piecemeal, it is obvious there were differences in the accounts that they were giving to the reporters. it seems some knew more than others, but it's virtually implausible or impossible to believe they were not aware of his leanings toward what we call radicalization, which is really a compliance with what we call sharia law. >> a lot of discrepancies. his father said he was not religious. his ex-wife said he was not very
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religious and then you have this imam of this temple he went to saying he was there on a regular basis. the fbi, we know they investigated him back in 2013. what would have been involved in that investigation? >> my premise is the most likely reason that he was investigated is because he knew the suicide bomber that was from his same mosque. >> the first american to carry out a suicide attack in syria. >> yes. that's another example of what i eluded to earlier, this didn't happen in a vacuum. i'm guessing, or surmising that once they started to look in to his facebook, phone records, the suicide bomber, they found connections on his social network and the first thing they did is go back and look at those connections to see who else
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might be involved or who else might have been influenced. >> as part of the investigation back in 2013, they would have spoken to his family members, his father specifically who alleges this was a result of two gay men that he saw kissing a couple of weeks ago? >> well, yes. that's what we heard on the media, but there's a lot of obvious responses to that. why go to the place specifically? then you have to factor in again, what does islam teach about homosexuality? and you cannot avoid, if you are going to have an honest discussion about what motivates individuals, you can not avoid what sharia law and the traditions of islam teach about homosexuality. it's not favorable. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate you staying up
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with us. >> you are welcome. thank you. the coming days will be crucial for the fbi as they investigate if omar mateen had ties domestic or otherwise to terrorist cells. reports say that mateen called 911 about the time of the attack and pledged allegiance to the es lammic state isis and the boston bombers. he was investigated twice before for ties to islamic extremists. why wasn't he under tighter surveillance? joining us is a fox news middle east and terrorism analyst and also foreign policy adviser to the donald trump campaign. thank you for being with us. is the government watch list a fraud because clearly guys on the list, like this person, mateen, is not being watched on the watch list. >> well, greg, the list by itself, the current status of the list is one that is correct.
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but it is incomplete. why? because if we look at those lists that law enforcement, fbi, or counterterrorism agencies have, it must have a logic and the logic is number one a direct tie. number two, an interest. the problem is since twine, one piece of the list can no longer exist. the obama administration edited this out. you find the fbi or other law enforcement would put people on the list and see if they have connection. >> if i'm the president of the united states and met with james comey today, the director of the fbi, as the president did, my first question to comey would be what in the world, james? you talk to this guy twice and he carried out the worst terrorist attack in american history? >> one could tell you the
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response will be, al-awlaki who was the chief in yemen has been invited to the pentagon to give a lecture, in the ft. hood perpetrator was given lecture and he had security clearances. so those lists that we are talking about, these jihadists are move and monitored. but the fbi told us they are looking at cases in all 50 states meaning hundreds of people. >> why isn't there more focus on people in america who are indoctrinated. >> that's a big question. that's the whole debate about direction taken by this administration which cancelled that monitoring because they considered that what motivates jihadists basically is jobs, economic issues, bad foreign policy. they don't give weight to the
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fact that there is an ideology indoctrina indoctrinating. to me, the largest circle is -- >> thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> joining us throughout the evening and morning hours is steven rogers, former detective with the new jersey police department. thank you for coming in with us this morning. >> you are welcome. >> i will follow up on what greg was talking about, the investigation back in 2013. highway there was not enough evidence and the case was closed. he was investigate on three occasions and it's a story we heard also very familiar with the older tsarnaev brother with the boston bombing. what needs to happen for these
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cases not to be closed? >> we have to change the rules of engagement. this is predictable. it begins a this white house. the president of the united states has to identify this as radical islamic terrorism. he has not done that. now, he also has to treat these individuals, these terrorists not as criminal suspects but as enemy combatants. we are at war. the president has to get that message out that we are at war and we will use every means necessary to stop these terrorists. when you are at war, that is when you could use the nsa very effectively. the white house reduced their capability to collect intelligence and then we can get local police and citizens involved. it is all reduced to one major factor, the gathering of information and intelligence. >> and better communication across different agencies, as well. >> a lot better communication but you need the information and intelligence to communicate. without that we will find ourselves in this situation again in the near future.
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>> steve, it is greg. if you were local law enforcement in orlando, would you be incredibly frustrated and angry indeed at the fbi? they didn't let you know about this guy and they had interviewed him not once, not twice but three times. he was on their watch list, on their radar and poof, they weren't paying attention. >> greg, we had this problem before 9/11. i remember when i was assigned to the national joint terrorism task force before that was seth up there was little or no communication between our federal, state and local agencies. i thought that problem was solved when the national joint terrorism task force was created. looks like we are back to pre-9/11. >> who do you blame? >> it starts at the white house. the president has to set the tone. he has to give orders out to the criminal justice axes an the intelligence -- >> what about the fbi director james comey? he could have done more to communicate with local law enforcement but there's a habit at the fbi that you keep everything to yourself, you tell
10:18 pm
nobody. >> that did go on in the past. i can tell you by working with them, we're the reason they have not had a major terrorist attack up until now. i don't know what is going on at the fbi right now but obviously something needs to be corrected. >> all right. steve rogers, thank you very much. >> the orlando massacre provides new ammunition for one presidential hopeful. >> donald trump claims weak leadership is costing us the war against terrorist. is he right? a former military officer weighs in. [ male announcer ] love drama? don't be a yes man. [ boss ] it is a very smart plan. so we're all on board? [ paul ] no. this is a stupid plan. hate drama? go to research. price. find. only helps you get the right car without all the drama.
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the orlando massacre
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triggered another outcry from donald trump, the republican presidential candidate is taking aim at president obama accusing him of being a weak leader in the war against terrorism. so is the u.s. losing the battle with isis? joining us by phone is a man that, a retired lieutenant colonel with the u.s. army and is president of the new rove group. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> do you believe it was a matter of perhaps political correctness that kept us from being able to track down and i void what happened last night? >> oh, absolutely. the administration is so concerned with political correctness, they refuse to stand up for our country and our values, against an enemy who's trying to take us down. it's proper, it is appropriate actually for all americans to expect their president to tell our security organizations to do all they can to keep us safe. that's not happening. >> what about in the work place
10:24 pm
itself? from what's being reported, there were fellow employees of the suspect who said, hey, you know, he's saying a lot of crazy things but then the employers did nothing. >> unfortunately, right now we are living in such a haze of political correctness that even in the work place when someone does stand up and say something is wrong, there are too many others that will shut that person down or call that person a hater and vilify them for standing up for what is right. >> do you believe this nightclub specifically was targeted on purpose? >> a gay nightclub was targeted absolutely on purpose. as americans, we embrace the individual right of peaceful assembly and the right of the right of the lgbt community. this islamic terrorist attack was a horrific affront to our way of life and our freedom.
10:25 pm
we all stand in solidarity with the victim and their families and it is really important going forward that the right and the right policies are enforced and created, if necessary, to ensure our values are preserved. >> what do you believe some of those policies should be? >> well, first we need to ensure that policies are in place and supported that will allow our security organizations to do their job. they need to be able to ask the right questions so they can connect the dots, such as questioning the ideology that condemns gays to death and other human rights violations. in this case, that's the islamist supremacist ideology called sharia law. >> why do you believe it has not been the case so far? >> again, that goes back to
10:26 pm
political correctness. because unfortunately, when somebody does ask those questions and bring that forward, people are condemned as haters. they are vilified by the pc propaganda for raising legitimate concerns. it is perfectly acceptable and right to speak out against those. we stopped the nazis, communism and we did it to preserve our american way of life and we need to continue to support our inalienable right over this islamist supremacist ideology that think that being gay is punishable by death. america is worth standing up for and we are to remember that. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. it was just past 2:00 in the morning on sunday as folks were taking their final sips of their
10:27 pm
drink and finishing up a night of dancing and soeblizing at this club. it was a fun night out for many turning in to a scene of horror. we are joined from our bureau in washington wug with more. >> i'd like to say good morning but it is clearly not one. the deadliest mass shooting in american history. the bloody massacre having the dubious distinction of the worst terror attack on american soil since 9/11, 50 dead and even more wounded. how did it go down? just after 2:00 a.m. on sunday, gun fire rang out inside of pulse, dubbed orlando's premier gay club. 320 people were inside at the time. an officer working extra duty in full uniform at the club, the first to respond. the gun battle ensued with omar mateen, the terrorist retreating inside and a tense hostage situation began. about 100 officers responded to the scene including s.w.a.t.
10:28 pm
members. then at 2:09 a.m., pulse posted an urgent message on facebook telling patrons to get out and keep running. 13 minutes later, mateen calls 911 pledging allegiance to isis and mentioning the boston marathon bombers. around fi5:00 a.m., three hours later, s.w.a.t. breaches the club and kills the terrorist. now the grim task of removing the victims begin while the top democrat on the house intelligence committee says no evidence has been found of direct communication between mateen and isis. according to law enforcement, mateen came to the fbi's attention back in 2013 when he made comments to co-workers that raised red flags. >> during the course of the investigation, mateen was interviewed twice. we were unable to verify the substance of his comments and the investigation was closed.
10:29 pm
>> the fbi is taking the lead on the investigation. they say it could take several days to i.d. the victims and process the grisly crime scene. greg and heather? >> thank you very much. didn't take long for politicians to weigh in on the latest terror attack on american soil. >> indeed. as condolences are pouring in from all over the world, we are live in the nation's capital coming up next. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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10:33 pm
solidarity for those killed in the terror attack. earlier today, president obama said he had ordered the fbi to lead the investigation in to the attack. >> although it is still early in the investigation, we know enough to say that this was an act of terror and an act of hate. as americans, we are united in grief and outrage and in resolve to defend our people. >> fllgs are now at half staff at the white house and all federal buildings as the nation mourns the loss of 50 lives killed at the pulse nightclub in orlando. on the campaign trail, donald trump made several tweets condemning the attack. later he released a statement criticizing president obama for not stating the attack was carried out by radical islamic terrorists and he went on to add the president should step down if he fails to do that and he stated if we do not get tough and smart real fast we're not
10:34 pm
going to have a country anymore because our leaders are weak. i said this was going to happen and it is only going to get worse. i'm trying to save lives and prevent the next terrorist attack. we can't afford to be politically correct anymore. hillary clinton for her part released a statement calling the mass murder an act of terror. clinton adding this, for now we can say for certain that we need to redouble our efforts to defend our country from threats at home and abroad. that means defeating international terror groups, working with allies and partners to go after them wherever they are, countering their attempts to recruit people here and everywhere and hardening our defenses at home. bernie sanders talked about the tragedy from his home in vermont. >> let me begin by expressing my horror at what happened in orlando. isis must be destroyed.
10:35 pm
we have to do everything humanly possible to prevent these types of tragedies from occurring again. >> speaker of the house, paul ryan took to twitter to condemn the attacks. the speaker tweeted, it is horrifying to see so many innocent lives cut short by such coward december. in the days ahead we will grieve with the families, thank the hero and hope for a swift recovery for the injured. the speaker of the house added as we heal as a nation we are "a nation at war with islamist terrorists." ryan stating the united states cannot back down in the face of terror and "we never will." >> kelly, thanks. with the u.s. military fighting terrorism on multiple fronts overseas, are we doing enough to defeat isis at home? joining us on this phone is dr. sebastian gorca, thank you
10:36 pm
for joining us so early. >> absolutely. >> you are the author of "defeating jihad." clearly we're not doing enough. you were speaking earlier on fox an you said the events in orlando represent a change in the united states. what do you mean by that? >> it means a new era of how the jihadis are bringing the war home to america. we have been fearing something very large, very symbolic, like the twin towers, a lot of people have been talking about weapons of mass destruction, or dirty bombs, but if we look at the trend over the last 18 months, isis is doing something different. we've seen the attacks in tel aviv. we have seen paris, brussels, san bernardino and now orlando. they are kind of doing a low-investment high-yield
10:37 pm
terrorism. they are bringing the war to the streets of america and from their point of view it makes a lot of sense. isis has more than 80,000 jihadists. the social media propaganda network is global, posting more than 50,000 social media hits every 24 hours. >> the year 2015, i heard you've say saw the most jihadi plots on u.s. soil since september 11th, 2011. >> thank you. two things that fox news has to be aware of. the university did a study that looked at all jihadi plots since 2011, the year that isis was contained and we're winning. the highest incidence of jihadi plots on u.s. soil. if we look at isis, since the caliphate was declared two years ago, we have arrested 103
10:38 pm
individuals on u.s. soil linked to isis. >> on u.s. soil. >> those numbers. i don't think that people hear what you are saying, 103 arrested on u.s. soil. that's staggering. >> yes, absolutely. and if you break it down by month, prorate it by month and compare it to the average number of al-qaeda suspects since september 11th we are arresting three times as many. that's 300% more isis suspects on u.s. soil. isis has destroyed al-qaeda's brand. they are the new jihadist of the 21st century and unfortunately this administration wants us to believe that everything is hunky dorry. >> but it is clearly not. >> thank you for joining us. appreciate your insight. >> thank you, heather.
10:39 pm
anytime. >> questions remain about the orlando gunman. was his attack actually driven by radical beliefs or maybe a disturbed mental state? >> now the shooter's ex-wife weighs in. we will tell you what she had to say about why she called off their marriage.
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as police try to piece together a motive, many questions remain about the orlando shooting, why he did it. was he drive by radical beliefs, or was he mentally unstable as his wife suggests. joining us is dr. daniel -- a forensic psychiatrist joining us on the phone from miami. thank you for being with us. you have probably spent a little time trying to piece together all of the puzzle here, the wife
10:44 pm
saying he's bipolar, he's vile and so forth. can you make sense of this? >> greg, what do we know about people who are self radicalized? very often they lack sense of self concept, a sense of belonging. whether there is something going on in their marriage or their occupation, the tsarnaev brothers the boston brothers didn't have any direction in their life and they were sort of rife for this to occur. people with mental illness often have poor judgment, impulsive, they didn't think things through and sometimes they can be violent. we know the majority of people with mental illness are not violent. in fact they are more likely to be the victims of violence but this can explain why someone like this would take on this belief system. >> is there a way to figure this out ahead of time? >> prediction and prevention are relatively difficult. we know with lone wolf attackers
10:45 pm
who don't have any organized structure in terms of their ability to act, you know, there could be things festering in their mind that set them off and there's often no warning signs. so it is something that is very difficult to prevent. as a society, we want to blame it on guns or mental illness. but these are still rare events and it's very difficult to predict a rare even and in this case a confluence of factors came together to make this happen. >> except the fbi interviewed this guy not once or twice but three times and they did so for good reasons. because apparently he was making all kinds of inflammatory comments to co-workers about ties to terrorist groups and ties to a suicide bomber. if the fbi came to you and told you that, what would you tell the fbi? >> i would say certainly these
10:46 pm
are red flags, but think of all of the people on the internet who are making these radical comment and making anti-american comments that are islamofascists. the vast majority will never be violent people. how do we distinguish between people saying things that are unpopular or inflammatory and the people that will act on them. that's the difficulty in predicting who will be violent. >> wouldn't you have said to the fbi, you know what, because this isn't the one off, not even a two off, but three times this guy has come to your attention. wouldn't you have said to the fbi, hey, you got to watch this guy. you have to keep tabs on this guy. you have to follow him and monitor him, which is, by the way, the job of the fbi. >> i agree with you, greg, there's also a phenomenon known as hindsight bias. there were probably multiple
10:47 pm
suspects the fbi has interviewed that will never be violent. the fbi has limited resource and can only watch so many people at once and so for whatever reason they didn't deem him to be a significant enough threat until this happened. >> well, we'll find out. it's early still. doctor, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure, greg. the orlando shootings once again triggering the debate over the availability of assault weapons. >> coming up, how do we keep those guns out of the hands of terrorists? thought i told you to stay off our turf. and what would you know about turf, skipper? let's end this here and now! let's dance! flo: whoa there! progressive covers boaand rvs, okay? plenty of policies to go around. [ grunts ]
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the latest terrorist attack on u.s. soil again raising serious questions an concerns about the availability of assault weapons in our country and the ability of law enforcement officials to ensure those weapons do not fall in to the wrong hands. joining us now, david katz, former firearm and tactical instructor at quantico and a former senior special agent with the dea and now the ceo of global security group
10:52 pm
incorporated. thank you for being with us. >> you are welcome. >> should a guy who's been interviewed not once, not twice but three times by the fbi and on the terror watch list be allowed to buy firearms? >> okay. the fact you are asking me the question and it sounds so ridiculous to my ears my answer is absolutely not. the whole issue is, most people don't have a problem or shouldn't with normal law-abiding citizens owning weapons. these are not assault weapons, they are semiautomatic rifles. they have been around for decades. the issue is when someone rises to the attention of the fbi, as you said, three times he's interviewed for either statements he's made or ties to other known terrorists, plus, apparently he had issues with mental instability, if we can't keep a weapon out of that person's hands than there's nothing ke with do. there's got to be a structure in place where people lake that who
10:53 pm
wouldn't be allowed to fly on a plane can't go in and buy firearms and ammunition. >> you had all day to think about this thing. did the fbi drop the ball in your judgment? >> your previous guest did make a correct point. there are limited number of resources available. you can't follow everyone. >> i know. that's an excuse used all the time and it is often a vacuous excuse. >> to some extent. again, you are looking at it backwards, probably do this with thousands of people and the other thousand didn't do anything. my question is why interview them in the first place? i was a dea agent. if someone said, chap poe guzman, major narcotics trafficker, last thing i would do is are you a narcotics trafficker, good, i'm satisfied with that answer. why interview suspected terrorists and accepting base on their denial they are okay.
10:54 pm
>> i suppose sglsh the tsarnaev brothers were also interviewed the older one. >> and they were cleared, wonderful fellows. of course they were heinous individuals. >> absolutely correct and el chapo would say i'm a wonderful guy, i help widow and orphans across the street. the problem is that the fbi needs to rely more on their sources, don't they, and investigate the individuals that are on, for example, the terror watch list. that seems like a no brainer, doesn't it? >> for example, rather than just interviewing the guy, perhaps if there was a mechanism in place where all of a sudden a person on their watch list procures a weapon or several weapons a a quantity of ammunition that may say okay, listen, now our resources which are finite can be targeted to this guy. we know that he has terror connections and now he has purchased weapons. maybe now it is time to surveil him. >> what else would you do?
10:55 pm
>> i would definitely put in to place and i would do this, you know as a common sense measure. if a person is on a terror watch list, at very least, that person, american citizen, it is a constitutional right to bear arms but it is not a suicide pact. a second look at the guy or law enforcement has a chance to say okay this guy has firearms and what is he up to. i would do that and also in the case of mental instable. why do we allow people with a history of mental problems access to firearms? >> instead of interviewing him maybe they should have interviewed his wife or former wife. she would have spoke volumes about this guy is cuckoo and violent. >> i don't know that they didn't. i guess we will find out at some point. because you are a jihadist doesn't mean you have mental issues as well. i would say mental instable may
10:56 pm
make you more susceptible to joining a jihadi group but you are right, you don't interview the target. you investigate the people who will tell you and provide information about your target. >> good info. david katz, good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. a night out in orlando turns in to a nightmare.
10:57 pm
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