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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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12% of you say yes. you heard my take on it. it's okay if we disagree. thank you for being part of a very busy story day on this tuesday. i'm gretchen carlson. now we'll head over to bill hammer live in orlando for shep. i'm bill hammer in for shepard smith this morning. live in orlando, the wife of the terrorist of the deadliest shooting in american history knew he was planning the attack and did nothing to stop him. that's where the federal law enforcement is telling us at this hour. omar mateen's wife confirmed purchases of his guns to federal agents. that he shared his plans with her and that he may have called her from the nightclub where he slaughtered 49 people. that source also telling fox news that authorities will most likely arrest the wife, but that has not happened as of this
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hour. sources also tell iing authorits that she drove her husband to the nightclub at least once before the attack. there's additional reporting now, nbc news, abc news, also saying she knew about her husband's plans. and they report the wife told investigators that this comes as the associated press reports the killer was a regular at the gay nightclub and has been going there for at least three years. phil keating is live with more and steve harrigan is live with the details on what we are learning now. steve? it appears the police arrived at the club in three waves. first the initial officer who heard gunshots fired and soon realized he was outgunned by an assault rifle and called for
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reinforcements. two more police officers arrived on the scene and enter the club, running right into the fighting. and finally, nine more officers arriving. most of the shooting and most of the killing occurred during the first hour inside the nightclub. and one of the most terrifying places to be according to survivors was holed up inside one of the bathrooms. >> the shots kept getting closer and closer. and at one point everyone was just like, shh, be quiet, be quiet. and that's when they started going through the wall towards us. i can't remember how many bullets, it's like he unloaded. i was hit in my foot, my left foot, my right knee. >> during that hostage standoff, s.w.a.t. officers tried to do
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what they could, save what they could, pulling out the air-conditioning unit to let four people crawl out to safety, bill. >> there's a lot of forensic work going on here on orange avenue where we are. what is the latest you're hearing on that side of the investigation from the experts? >> reporter: for the past two days, more than 30 forensic experts have been working at the chaotic crime scene trying to piece together exactly what happened. keep in mind, more than 200 rounds were fired and they are tracing every single shot to determine who was responsible for what. one in three people in that nightclub was hit by a bullet. keep in mind, those s.w.a.t. officials who were fires were being fired upon, shooting against a concrete background. they also had to deal with a lot of disinformation. keep in mind, the killer said he had four suicide bomb vests tied around some of those hostages. bill, back to you. >> toosteve, thank you. steve harrigan.
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now i have judge napolitano here to help analyze what we have been hearing. thank you for your time. the wife is talking, cooperating and apparently she's saying a lot. should she be arrested? >> she should absolutely be arrested for a couple of reasons, bill. first of all, she's a flight risk in light of what she told the government. secondly, she's a material witness to the commission of enormous felonies. and the government needs her to testify should there be any limitation. and she told the fbi and the world that she may have participated, facilitated and conspired with her husband in such a way to produce these events. >> what i think of when the story broke, is i think of san bernardino. and i think about the case where the wife was in it with the husband. right now in the case of san bernardi bernardino, he was born in america just like this killer,
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but the wife of san bernardino came from overseas, considered a black widow. now it looks like she was the one who did all the inspiring with him. oftentimes we do not know, judge, the deeper we need to go into these stories. it's quite likely that, well, there's a lot more that she knows than what we have been told so far. and if that is case, perhaps it doesn't stop with her. what is your reflection on that, judge? >> you're right. there's a couple observations that need to be made. first of all, the fbi has its own regulations that when someone confesses to something, the fbi has to corroborate those words. is it believable? is there other evidence to corroborate it? when the person is confessing, have they adequately been mirandized? does she understand she is entitled to a lawyer? was a lawyer there? and if a lawyer was there, was a deal cut with the fbi in return for her testimony? we don't know the answers to.
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this finally, did she tell them of her own involvement to resist them or in such a way to help him? a conspiracy is an agreement among two or more people to perform a criminal act. when one of the two performs the act, the other is just as liable. so depending upon what she told them she did and whether it is independently verifiable, she could be exposed to the death penalty for the slaughters perpetrated by her now dead husband. >> wow. so there's other reporting that suggests she was with him when he bought ammunition. you can think about how much significant ammunition he bought for this. and if she drove him to case the nightclub a week ago or two weeks ago, whenever that event occurred and did not tell police, although now she's saying she tried to talk him out of it.
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that's a weak excuse. >> it's very interesting legally. because there's something called the concept of withdrawal, a person withdrawing from a conspiracy. washing their hands of it. telling the fellow conspirators, i don't want to do this, i have cold feet, i'm not involved. she may have very welcome to that conclusion three quarters of the way through her interview when she saw how poorly it was going for her. all of this is going to depend upon what words she used, what ideas she conveyed and whether the fbi can corroborate what she said with other evidence in the case. >> just put a fine point on this, if this plays out the way we're describing it, you're saying she could face the death penalty. >> yes, under federal law and under florida law. >> judge, thank you. andrew that napolitano working
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through it with us. we have a regular customer at the pulse nightclub saying he saw the shooter trying to pick up men there and tells the associated press he once met omar mateen at the club. the customer's friends called because they thought mateen was strange. you also have a former classmate at a police academy here in florida that tells the palm beach post newspaper he believes mateen was gay and said the two would sometimes go to the club together and mateen also asked him out. according to "the l.a. times," a member at the pulse said he messaged him on and off on the gay app. and the shooter's father said his son was not gay. he said if he was, why kill those he loved? only god can punish homosexuality? this is not an issue for humans to punish, end quote. investigators say that the gunman called 911 during the
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shooting. we know he placed two calls to 911 and a third call came from the operator, a reverse 911 call back to him inside the club the night of the killing. at that point he pledged his allegiance to the islamic state but they say he also mentioned other terrorists, including an american suicide bomber with the al s lrkl nusra front who is fr florida. outside the gunman's home in fort pierce, florida, 120 miles south of orlando from where we are, bill, this is a conflicting picture of the terrorist killer now emerging. >> reporter: oh, to say the least, bill. very puzzling. keep in mind, it was day one, sunday evening, when omar mateen's father who also strongly opposes homosexuality, first planted the seed that what possibly motivated his son to go to the pulse nightclub and start opening fire had been recently seeing two men kissing down in
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miami. so to now learn from numerous regulars at the gay club that mateen, a married man and father of a 3-year-old son, perhaps was living a secret life as well, even using the gay men's dating app jack for the past year truly complicates the picture of a self-radicalized terrorist seeking martyr codom for his religious beliefs. >> he was trying to pick up people, men, he's a homosexual and trying to pick up men. he would walk up to them and then he would maybe put his arm around them or something. and maybe try to get them to dance a little bit or something. and then go buy ak or something. >> and apparently mateen didn't just drive from here where his apartment was two hours north to into to day clubs in orlando. according to the "post report" saying that the former colleague
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of his in the academy would frequent gay bars around port st. lucie. reuter this is afternoon now reporting that through a spokesman, the owner of the pulse nightclub, saying he had no knowledge that mateen was ever one of his customers. bill? >> so we'll see how that plays out. his wife came back to their apartment last night, bill, did she talk? >> reporter: she did not talk. and essentially, she has gone into hiding, although it is safe to assume that federal investigators are keeping a close eye on her. well, most of us were sleeping last night around midnight, that's when the wife and her friend drove up to the apartment to remove some of her personal items, things that were left behind, not confiscated by the fbi's big search. she quickly went in and out keeping her face covered the entire time, not answering a single question, as their toddler sat in the backseat. again, federal law enforcement sources telling fox news that she is cooperating with the fbi. that she knew about her
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husband's violent aspirations, even drove mateen to the pulse nightclub on at least one occasion and possibly even took a call from mateen while here n and he was in orlando late saturday night, early sunday morning. >> it is remarkable where this is unfolding. you just never know where the story leads. we have seen it time again, phil keating, thank you. even though he got the fbi's attention on three different occasions over the past few years, the viewer had no choice but to let him go free. in a moment, i'll talk to one top official about why he says investigators' hands were tied. that's ahead on this tuesday edition live from orlando. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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we heard from the fbi director that right now, however, at the moment given that investigation, and as it goes forward, there was a lot on the line right here that doesn't make sense, quite frankly. bill gavin is with me out of boston.
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bill, we have talked many times from new york city. well, the boston bombers, nadal hassan at fort hood, they knew about this guy, they knew about this guy in orlando for years. based on the explanation you have been given so far, is this making sense? >> it's not making sense, bill. it's not making sense in terms of what a normal person would think would be done. if you think somebody has done something wrong, you continue the investigation. but the bottom line here is that the department of justice has certain parameters by which an investigation can be conducted, particularly in a terrorism case. and in this particular case, it was difficult, you had to shut it down before you got enough information to substantiate a predicate offense. >> bill, you have -- the fbi director 24 hours ago said right now he believes they did everything the right way. and would not change anything. what is the problem? is it with the fbi? is it with the department of
12:17 pm
justice? is it the lulls in america today? how would you close the loop as people start to point fingers? and not only people down here but the politicians? go. >> i think in order to close the loop, we have to do what we did post-9/11. we have to increase the parameters by which the investigation will be conducted. what can be done in terms of the timeframe in which it can be done. this has to be look in a most serious manner. and i totally substantiate what the director has had to say. everything that was done that could be done was done within the parameters of what we could do. >> so you have to change the parameters, if that's the case, you have to allow them greater jurisdiction. >> i think probably what the investigators can do and the timeframe in which they can do it, but you have to be very careful here, bill, because i
12:18 pm
also understand you can't go on forever looking at somebody who you haven't got the documentation or predication to do it because there are civil rights everybody has in this country. and we don't want to trample on those either, so it is a delicate balance. >> quickly, the boston bombers worked to the and were brothers. now it looks like the wife had cooperation with her husband, more fully than we may realize. you have looked at this stuff, families operate together. look at san bernardino. that couple was in it together, bill. >> yes, they were. we'll have to tease a little bit more out of this, bill, but based on what she's already said, i think she's already committed herself to prosecution in this particular case. i totally agree with the judge. he's right. i think she could be prosecuted. >> bill gavin, out of boston today, former fbi, thank you, bill. in a moment you'll hear from the survivor of the orlando
12:19 pm
attack. a man who needed surgery several times after being shot and then trampled. he said he was sure he was going to die. he thought it was his time until a police officer dragged him out of there and into safety. >> i don't feel pain butti just feel all this blood on me from myself, from my other people, and he just drops me off across the street. and i look over and there are just bodies everywhere. we are all in pain. >> more on his story and what happened after he said the gunman left him and then came back. that's next.
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more survivors from sunday's massacre here in orlando are sharing their horrific experiences. and for some of them, they are now public for the first time after spending the last several days in the hospital. including one man who says he was convinced during the shooting that he was going to die. his name is angel colon. says the gunman shot him three times. he tried to get back up but everyone started to run and trampled him. so he was stuck. he said all he could hear were the shots and people screaming for help. when the gunman went into a different room, angel thought maybe he was safe. instead, the killer came back into the room where he was to make sure that people on the floor were dead. >> i hear him come back and he's shooting everyone that's already dead on the floor, making sure they are dead. i was able to peek over and i can just see him see everyone.
12:24 pm
and i can hear the shotgun get closer and i look over and he shoots the girl next to me. and i'm just thinking, i'm next, i'm dead. so i don't know how, but by the glory of god, he shoots toward my head but it hits my hand. and then he shoots me again and it hits the side of my hip. i had no reaction. i was just prepared to just stay there laying down so he wouldn't know that i'm alive. >> i'm next, i'm dead. angel thanked the officers for getting him out of there as well as the surgeons and nurses and the staff that were around today. he says he would be dead if it were not for them. and doctors say six people even at this hour are listed in critical condition or still in the icu. and one or two are profoundly ill. doctors also say they would be surprised if the death toll does not rise here in orlando. peter doocy is live at the
12:25 pm
hospital across town. we just heard from one of the survivors who was also a hostage, peter. >> reporter: we did. and according to this hostage, bill, at one point omar came into the bathroom where there were a few dozen people hiding and asked if there were any black people hiding out. when one very frightened hostage returned with an answer and said there are six or seven in here, omar mateen said he didn't have any problem with black people, that's not who he was there to kill. something else that we just found out about omar mateen inside the club, he was doing his best to cut off his hostages from the police and from their loved ones outside. >> it was the point in time where somebody's phone was going off who wasn't even inside the stall, who wasn't even inside the stall, the phone was outside. and because he was still saying, give it up, give it up. i just tossed my phone out because nobody was responding.
12:26 pm
so we are assuming that the person's whose phone it was was either already shot, is dead or they just didn't know it was their phone that was outside of the stall. >> reporter: and we're also hearing from other victims that they did their best to play dead as the terrorists worked the room and shot people who were already either dead or just trying to remain still. bill? >> listening to the press conference, peter, doctors described how the victims came in by the truckloads. this is someone no one could anticipate or even likely experience before. >> reporter: right. they said it was a lot more intense than the weekly large scale disaster training that they do at this facility. one doctor described it like being in a war zone, they got an initial 20 to 25 victims. then there was a little bit of a lull here at the hospital while
12:27 pm
half the victims were held hostage at pulse nightclub. but when they were released after the terrorist was taken out, it was another two dozen or so and many needed surgery right away. >> the o.r. was filled with a patient, we would proceed with operative intervention, whatever was needed. and then would literally walk from that operating room to another operating room and do it again and again. >> reporter: and one doctor explained that they had been working here at the hospital with the fbi to help piece together exactly what happened inside because based on the type of wounds that different patients had, they can tell how far away the gunman was from them if the victim was running away from the gunman and if that person was shot with a handgun or with a rifle, bill. >> two blocks away probably saved some lives. peter doocy live at the hospital
12:28 pm
in orlando. one of the comments from the surgeons earlier said one came and then another and then another as you just heard. and there was no notification. another survivor of the massacre in orlando says that he feels guilty about making it out alive. >> someone told me you were given a second chance at life. i said, is that what this is? but i don't, i regret it. i regret having a second chance. people were reaching out to me saying, god's got a plan for you, he'll be okay. i'm like, he had a plan for everybody. why? >> that's luis burbano who fell to the ground when the shooting started and managed to crawl out. 25 people tried to push the way through the door as the gunshots got louder and closer. some did not make it. burbano saw other people with bullet wounds collapse to the ground. he said since the attack he's had a lot of trouble sleeping. and for the first ti life, he says, he's having what
12:29 pm
he calls blank dreams. and we're also hearing today that the pulse nightclub was not the only place the killer cased leading up to the attack. katherine herridge working our sources in washington. what she's finding out as investigators dig up new leads on this story and there are many. katherine herridge is next.
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12:32 pm
to pay their respects to the victims of last week's attack. the singer lady gaga was holding back tears when she gave her speech. >> we represent the compassion and the loyalty of millions of people around the world that believe in you. you are not alone. >> also in manhattan, thousands packed the streets for a vigil outside the historic stonewall inn, a landmark of gay rights movement in america. we have more from orlando.
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12:35 pm
washington with all of that. catherine, good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. the shooter did surveillance at two targets prior to buying the guns about a week before sunday's attack. we understand the surveillance included the pulse nightclub as well as downtown disney. the fbi has mateen's samsung phone and we know the bureau gained access to his computer. investigators are looking for direct digital evidence of his interest in and advanced survey lons of these targets such as web searches for direction, maps and hours of operation. disney said a statement late yesterday, quote, unfortunately we have all been living in a world of uncertainty and we have been increasing our security measures across our properties for some time. adding such visible safeguards as magnetometers, canines on site as well as less visible
12:36 pm
systems that employ state of the art security technologies. >> we are also learning more about the connection between the orlando killer an the american suicide bomber in syria. we talked about this yesterday, catherine, but now the story is getting deeper. what more did we learn? >> fox news learned today that the relationship between omar mateen and the american suicide bomber was much deeper than previously understood by federal investigators. and the bombers returned to florida in 2013 is under fresh scrutiny. where's what the fbi director told us yesterday about what they knew about the two men two years ago. >> we learned from the investigation that the killer knew him casually from attending the same mosque in that area of florida, but our investigation turned up no ties of any consequence between the two of them. >> reporter: mateen's name surface in the fbi investigation of a palestinian american who in
12:37 pm
july of 2014 blew himself up in syria on behalf of al qaeda, becoming the first american to do so in syria. now remember in the 911 calls from the club, mateen pledged allegiance to isis, the boston marathon bombers and his friend, this man, the american suicide bomber salah. they went to the same eastern florida mosque. >> the fbi closed his file because the obama administration treatsed treats radical islamic threats as a crime. if the file was open, we could have stopped it. >> the fbi director james comey said they did a full investigation of mateen but found no evidence he committed a crime or was providing material for terrorism. and that is the legal threshhold they operate under, bill. >> okay. catherine, more to come on that.
12:38 pm
catherine herridge in washington. in america they can turn you down when wanting to buy a gun if you are a felon. but not if you're on the terror watch list. democrats are now pushing against a legislation to change that and republicans argue that owning a gun is your constitutional right. and some people will end up on the terror watch list by mistake. the man who gunned down 49 people appeared on that list when the fbi investigated him. but when the feds closed the case, he was taken off the list. that was two years ago. we are live on capitol hill now with the huge divide over gun control erupting on the house floor yesterday. doug? >> reporter: that's right, bill. this happened yesterday when house speaker paul ryan called for a moment of silence for the victims of the orlando massacre. and democrats reacted in some cases by walking out.
12:39 pm
>> democrats were frustrated with the moment of silence. one member calling it a ritual of impotence to restrict some gun laws. it would stop people on the no-fly list from buying purchases. but republicans balked at that saying people like steven hayes, the fox news contributor, was on the list. democrats were also making a new push now in the aftermath of orlando to ban semiautomatic long guns that omar mateen and many others have used to cause terrible carnage in rapid fashion. and they are using a new term now, weapons of war to describe it. but many americans believe we are at war and they want to be able to appropriately defend themselves with their own weapons of war. >> weapons of war have no place in our streets.
12:40 pm
>> her plan is to disarm law-abiding americans, abolishing the second amendment and leaving only the bad guys and terrorists with guns. she wants to take away americans' guns and then admit the very people who want to slaughter us. >> president obama today also called for making, quote, weapons of war harder for americans to get. bill? >> doug, thank you. overseas today another disturbing incident here of murder, a french prosecutor saying the man who stabbed another police officer and his police officer wife, livestream video of it on facebook shortly after the attack. he reportedly posted video from the couple's home as he held her 3-year-old son hostage. police say they shot and killed the murderer and saved the little boy after a standoff. the prosecutor saying the killer pledged his loyalty to the
12:41 pm
islamic state and had a list of other targets. the officials say he has spent time in prison for recruiting fighters to jihad and the country of pakistan. that facebook page no longer active, but the islamic state group released an edited video of the killer inside the home. in it he admits to the murders. benjamin hall back on this story as he has been all day today in london. what more can you tell us about his connection to isis and what french authorities knew about him? >> bill, there's no doubt now that this was inspired by isis. the big question, to what degree did they direct it? and there are some indications they may have done so. just this morning the isis propaganda machine issued their own claim that it was indeed an isis fighter who carried out the attack. their website showed video of the murder which the attacker filmed during the assault and posted on facebook. but still it's unclear to what extent they had prior knowledge. what we do know is that again at 8:00 p.m. last night the attacker waited outside this home before stabbing the police
12:42 pm
commander. he went inside, he took the wife and the 3-year-old son hostage. and then three hours later all of them except the boy were dead. bill? >> what else do we know about the killer now, benjamin? >> reporter: well, he is a 25-year-old french moroccan by the name of larossi abballa. he recruited fighters to go fight jihad in pakistan. and his phone had been bugged by the security service. and today the french president francois hollande spoke about this terrorism. >> translator: the fight against terrorism doesn't concern only one country or a specific territory. the fight against terrorism must imply a determined international action. >> reporter: so hollande talking about the determined international action.
12:43 pm
it remains to be seen what that means. but we are hearing in the transcript that this attacker left online, he referred to another possible attack warning there may be another surprise coming, which will attack the euro 2016 soccer tournament going on at the moment. that's why 90,000 extra police are on the streets of france at the moment. very worrying just hearing about this now, another threat, possibly another attack may be in the pipeline. we are waiting to hear what connection to isis if indeed there's something else being planned. we'll keep you updated, bill. >> only seven months after bataclan and more. thank you, benjamin hall out of france, a country still on edge. more from orlando. first, a lot of news to cover in politics. word today of a major hack attack digging up details on donald trump. and you will not guess what the hack attack occurred. that's next. i work 'round the clock.
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we are told the orlando police department will have a news conference this evening at 7:00 p.m. before vigil. more on the attacks here in orlando, but there's other news breaking including russian hacker that is broke into the democratic national committee's computer database. and sold the opposition official information on donald trump. shannon breem is tying this all together back in washington. who is behind all of this. >> reporter: the suspect from the kremlin is denying he was involved in the dnc hack. most of the groups were not formally affiliated with the government, but the expert patrick tucker said this is how it works in reality. >> the way it works with the russian hacker groups is they
12:48 pm
are given permission to operate and target, for instance, u.s. financial interests or western financial interests. the creme lynn tukremlin someti work on a blind eye. >> reporter: sometimes they individually align with hacking groups themselves. but without a link to the russian government, they have no options to respond through diplomatic channels. the dnc said they quickly shut down the system once they found out what was going on. and the group that helped them said two hacking groups from russia are well-known for doing this kind of thing around the world. >> that is a connection you would not make. shannon breem in washington on that today. in a moment from orlando, we have more news on the investigation and how the wife of the terrorist killer is now emerging. that's next.
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x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. president obama going hard after donald trump this afternoon over what he calls trump anti-muslim rhetoric. the president responded to the presumptive republican nominee's continued push for a temporary ban on muslims coming to the u.s. president obama saying that america should not have any sort of religious test for refugees or anybody coming into the u.s. he says the constitution is clear about religious freedom, and that changing that is, quote, not what america wants. >> if we ever abandon those values, we would not only make it a lot easier to radicalize people here and around the world, but we would have
12:53 pm
betrayed the very things we are trying to protect. the pluralism and the openness, our rule of law, our civil liberties, the very things that make this country great. the very things that make us exceptional. and then the terrorists would have won. >> well, the president also hitting back at critics who have come after him for years when he has refused to use the term radical islam. president obama says that's a political talking point. trump has not responded directly, but since the shooting, he has doubled down on his proposal on the ban and a bit more after that. here is trump from yesterday. >> the only reason the killer was in america in the first place was because he allowed his family to come here. that is a fact, and it's a fact we need to talk about. we have a dysfunctional immigration system which does not permit us to know who we lit
12:54 pm
into our country and it does not permit us to protect our citizens properly. >> in the meantime, donald trump will deliver an address later tonight in north carolina. carl cameron has more on that now, on what we could expect tonight. carl, good afternoon. >> reporter: we're here in greensboro, north carolina. local law enforcement has told all officers, we want you around for security here tonight. we can expect donald trump to be just as combative as he's been for virtually the last year and a half of his candidacy. he is making no apologies whatsoever for his ban on muslim visitors and/or immigrants. what he wants to do now is halt all immigrants regardless of religion from those countries that, quote, have a history of terrorism. and as a consequence of that, he's really pushing the envelope very aggressively.
12:55 pm
when it comes to fighting isil and many of his criticisms of the obama administration, he'll say look, here's what we're going to do. then what he'll say is not what he's going to do, but what we're not going to do and rattle off what he considers to be the mistakes of the obama administrati administration and hillary clinton. it makes very clear he's going to make barack obama and hillary clinton be a referendum on them. >> it is obama/clinton/trump already. thank you very much. for her part, hillary clinton set to meet later today with her democratic rival bernie sanders. we're told it will happen in washington as the very last primary wraps up there later tonight. news organizations calculated that clinton has delegates she needs for the nomination. clinton is keeping her focus on trump, as you know, speaking to
12:56 pm
a group of union members in pittsburgh saying his comments on the orlando attack shows that he is not qualified to be commander in chief. >> just one day after the massacre, he went on tv and suggested that president obama is on the side of the terrorists. even in a time of divided politics, this is way beyond anything that should be said by someone running for president of the united states. >> clinton calling on republican leaders to stand up to trump saying his comments were disgraceful to the victims and families here in orlando. sanders also with his own set of criticisms today. here is bernie sanders on that. >> our goal must not be to allow politicians, donald trump, or anyone else to divide us up based on where our family came from, the color of our skin, or
12:57 pm
our religion. >> certainly, there would be more from all of that later. in the meantime, as we conclude this hour live in orlando, the wife is cooperating. she perhaps helped him case the nightclub behind us. nts, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. must be gerry. hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with the all-powerful drivewise app. it's good to be in, good hands. they keep telling me "drink more water." "exercise more." i know that. "try laxatives..." i know. believe me. it's like i've. tried. everything! my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know that.
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this hour, the orlando terror investigation turning to his wife. did he know this attack was about to go down? welcome, everyone. in for neil cavuto and this is your world. today, new troubling details emerging about the orlando shooter, his alleged ties to a suicide bomber, and now reports his wife knew about omar mateen's plans to attack the pulse nightclub. could she be facing charges? more on that in just a moment. >> they confirmed earlier today through a law enforcement source that