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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 14, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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ali family had an amazing event, really one for the record books, just tremendous, an honor to ali. >> thank you, juan. set your dvrs to never miss an episo of "the five." "special report" is next. a passionate president obama defends how he talks about terrorism as investigators into the orlando nightclub attack turn their attention to the terrorist's wife. and what she knew. this is "special report." >> good evening, welcome to washington i'm bret baier. eel speak live with homeland security secretary jeh johnson in just a few minutes. but first an update on the war on terror turns into a war over words. today president obama launched a fiery response to republicans, and specifically donald trump, over the president's refusal to use the term radical islamic terrorism.
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to define the attacks being launched by terrorists like the one who killed 49 people in orlando early sunday morning. president obama using the words -- saying using the words would do nothing to stop the acts, this as we learn the terrorist plans to attack in florida were no secret. and were much more detailed. fox team coverage. correspondent peter doocy is in orlando where we're learning new details about the shooting. we begin with correspondent rich edson who has president obama's push-back over defining motives. >> we expected a report on the status of the fbi investigation into the orlando killer and on the u.s.-led coalition against isis. we got that. and much more. a national security update turned first condemnation of republicans. >> you hear language that singles out immigrants. and suggests entire religious communities are complicit in
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violence. do republican officials actually agree with this? >> three days after orlando terrorist attack. three straight days president obama has addressed the nation on camera. today's installment followed a meeting with his national security council. after delivering a battlefield update of air strike totals and troop movements the president launched into a defense of his opposition to the phrase "radical islamic terrorism" and his rhetorical strategy. >> what exactly would using this label accomplish? what exactly would it change? would it make isil less committed? not once has an adviser of mine said man if we really -- use that phrase, we're going to turn this whole thing around. >> president then scolded his opponents. primarily donald trump, claiming their rhetoric is inspiring extremism among muslims. >> it will make us less safe. fueling isil's notion that the west hates muslims. making young muslims in this country and around the world
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feel like no matter what they do, they're going to be under spi suspicion and under attack. we've seen our government mistreat fellow citizens and it has been a shameful part of our history. >> trump's response? the president claims to know our enemy and continues to prioritize our enemy over our allies. for that matter, the american people. when i am president it will always be america first. some republicans like house speaker paul ryan continue to oppose trump's call to halt muslim immigration to the united states. >> i think the smarter way to go in all of respects is to have a security test and not a religious test. this is a threat that simply must be defeated. and right now, right now the president doesn't have a plan to get the job done. >> the white house says the president will travel thursday to orlando to pay respects to
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the victim's families. bret? >> rich edson live. thank you. are the reports true, rich that the white house today snubbed a top saudi official? the saudi defense minister, i guess, a big player in the kingdom. >> there's some confusion over that, bret, because the saudi media is saying that the meeting will happen. houfrt white house has no such meeting on its public schedule and will only say that the president's schedule is in flux because of the orlando terrorist attack. the administration and saudi arabia have had a relationship of cooperation and of controversy over the last few years. >> rich, thank you. we'll follow that. the investigation into the orlando terror attack took another turn as we learned someone else knew that omar mateen wanted to and planned to kill. correspondent peter doocy has that report from orlando. >> the plat to attack pulse was something omar mateen told his
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wife about. but she didn't tell anyone until 50 people were dead, including her husband. a federal law enforcement source tells fox news that noor mateen now admits she knew about the terrorist's violent aspirations. and even drove him to the gay nightclub at least once which is interesting given the way bar regulars remember him. >> he's a homosexual and he was trying to pick up men. he would walk up to them and then he would -- maybe put his arm around them. >> mateen's first wife said her ex had gay tendencies. his hostages are speaking out. >> everybody could hear who was in the bathroom. who survived, could hear him talking to 911 saying that the reason why he's doing this is because he wants america to stop bombing his country. >> that 9/11 call also included a salute to american suicide bomber monar abu salah.
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and the fbi realize that the pulse shooter and the bomber were much closer than they thought. pulse survivors are also now remembering that the terrorist announcing his rifle jammed and asking if there were any black people in the club. >> and the gunman responded back to him saying that you know, i don't have a problem with black people. >> elsewhere in the club, the terrorist wasn't so talkative. >> he is shooting everybody that's dead on the floor. making sure they're dead. >> while that's happening the hospital down the street received the first wave of victims and called every doctor possible. >> i said this is not a drill, this is not a joke we have 20-plus gunshot wounds coming in. >> the emergency rooms and operating rooms were quickly crowded and there was a lull when the shooter was barricaded inside. but then a second wave. two dozen more gunshot victims.
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>> trauma bay was very full. >> fox just learned federal prosecutors have convened a grand jury. they seek to charge omar mateen's wife as an accessory to 49 counts of murder. 53 counts of attempted murder. lying to federal authorities and failing to tell authorities that the attack on the pulse club here in orlando was coming. brett? >> peter doocy live in orlando. thank you. >> isis has claimed responsibility for another horrifying attack, this time in france. police say a 3-year-old child witnessed the murder of his mother by a terrorist who also killed the child's father, a police commander, at the family's home in a paris suburb. the terrorist identified as larosi aballa streamed the attack live for three hours on facebook. police killed aballah when they raided the home. the shooting deaths in orlando once again bring to the forefront the fight over gun
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control and emotions are running high. the fight between the right and the left. >> it is a measure that cavernous divide in america over gun ownership that even yesterday's call for a moment of silence on the house floor erupted in anger over three gun control bills blocked by republicans. >> is the gentleman stating an inquiry? >> yes. mr. speaker i'm particularly interested about three pieces of legislation that have been filed in response -- >> the gentleman is not -- the gentleman is not in parliamentary action, the clerk will report the title of the bill. >> some democrats walked out of the moment of silence frustrate oefrd what they believe is it's hollow symbolism. >> in as much as it's involves silence, it's perfectly reflective of the gross negligence that the congress has shown. >> gorp gun control, the republicans prerefusal to ban
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semiautomatic long guns that omar mateen and others have used to cause terrible carnage in rapid fashion. >> democrats are using a new phrase, weapons of war to describe such guns. >> we have to make it harder for people who want to kill americans to get their hands on weapons of war that let them kill dozens of innocents. >> many second amendment advocates now believe that orlando proves yet again america is at war. they want the right to appropriately defend themselves. the divide is now front and center in the presidential race. >> i believe we americans are capable of both protecting our second amendment rights, while making sure guns don't fall in to the wrong hands. >> she wants to take away americans' guns and admit the very people who want to slaughter us. >> for democrats, raising the gun control issue now is having the opposite of its intended effect. "the new york times" analysis found more guns were sold last
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december after san bernardino than any month in two decades, the previous record was december of 2012 after sandy hook. it's a pattern that's expected to repeat itself this month after orlando. bret? >> thank you. russian hackers now have insider knowledge about the democratic strategy in the presidential election. after the democratic national committee was forced to call in a security firm to deal with a massive security breach by two separate russian groups. chief legal correspondent shannon bream is here with the latest on the breach. good evening. >> a spokesman for the kremlin is denying that the russian government was involved with the dnc hack. which apparently gave two different groups access to all the dnc's email and chat traffic, as well as that opposition research on donald trump as far back as last summer. >> the way it works with a lot of russian hacker groups is they are given permission to operate and target for instance u.s. financial interests or western
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financial interests. the kremlin turn as blind eye in an exchange. they sometimes do contract work on behalf of the kremlin. >> without a formal link to the russian government, countries like the u.s. have almost no options for responding, whether through diplomatic or military channels. the top after their invasion of ukraine we must expect that russia will target our institutions relentlessly. the democrats presumptive nominee, hillary clinton, who has faced tough questions about whether the private server she had set up during her time as secretary of state was ever hacked said this today in response to the news. >> i will be absolutely focused on as president, because whether it's russia or china, iran, or north korea, more and more countries are using hacking to steal our information. to use it to their advantage and we can't let that go on.
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>> a state department spokesman said today, if the hacking allegations are true, it would be deeply concerning to the administration. bret? >> shannon, thank you. the head of homeland security just finished up a classified briefing on capitol hill and joins me on set to share the latest in the investigation into the orlando shooter. next. d if she drives like this,u can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car. before it became a medicine,
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the paris attack in orlando opens the door to many questions about our nation's security. just a short time ago homeland security secretary jeh johnson wrapped up a briefing with house members. and secretary johnson joins me now. mr. secretary, welcome back to "special report"." >> thanks for having me. >> the latest on the investigation, first of all about the shooter. when did his radicalization begin? >> well the investigation is barely two and a half days old after the attack. it's still an evolving picture there are lots of law enforcement agents on the ground in florida, investigating every aspect of the shooter's life. i suspect we're going to know a lot more very soon. what we know at this point is that this appears that this was a case of self-radicalization, it was not a terrorist-directed attack. as we say, it was more in the
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nature of a terrorist-inspired attack. it does not appear to have been part of any group or any cell. and the environment we're in right now is reflected by this horrific attack. we have to be concerned about the homeground violent extremism. for both the president and me, homeland security, the protection of the american people against this type of threat is our number one priority. >> isn't there a mistake made in the original surveillance into the investigation into this guy? >> well the fbi director has spoken to this publicly. the shooter was under investigation for a period of time in 2013. he was investigated thoroughly. he was interviewed several times. at this point there was nothing further to pursue based on what we knew at the time. >> what about these videos the. was it the videos of the awlaki videos and he's watching them
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24/7. >> there's some indication he was self-radicalized based on things he was seeing on the internet. which is why one of the things we're focused on in homeland security is how do we, how do we encourage internet service providers to take down prohibited content. content that violates the terms of their own service. they're pretty good about doing this. but it becomes a more and more difficult task as the terrorists become smarter. >> has in the wake of the apple case and all the back and forth with the federal government, has the cooperation from the tech community been hampered? >> i would rate the cooperation from the tech community to be pretty good on a case-by-case basis. there's a lot that we get from y cooperate in our national security law enforcement efforts, consisting with law and prifgscy interests. there have been high-profile disagreements, obviously. but i believe the tech community wants to help and there are places where they definitely
3:19 pm
have. >> what about the relationship between mateen and the american suicide bomber in syria? >> what do we know about that? >> that, too, is an evolving picture. and i don't want to get out ahead of the investigation. but we know that the shooter was reinterviewed in connection with an investigation of the suicide bomber. exactly what their relationship was, we don't really know at this point. >> but he knew them? >> unclear. unclear at this point. >> communications? >> unclear. >> the wife. we just reported there are charges now with the wife. what do you know about that picture? >> again, it's still early in the investigation. what i have said publicly numerous times, which i think bears repeating is that when someone self-radicalizes, there's almost always someone close to that individual who sees the signs, who might be aware of what's going on.
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who is aware that the individual is plotting to commit an act of violence and may be headed in that direction. so this is why our see something say something campaign is so important. public vigilance, public awareness can make a difference. and is important. encouraging people who are maybe one, two, or three degrees of separation removed from somebody headed in the wrong direction to say something. not necessarily law enforcement, but to a community leader or somebody else. >> is this radicalization on the rise? is america safe? >> we have to be concerned about the homegrown violent extremists. we are taking the fight to the islamic state. pursuant to the president's direction. we're killing these guys. where they rear their heads in places like iraq and syria. but we've got to be concerned about those here in the united states. who self-radicalize, which is why our whole of government efforts to take them down with law enforcement, to build bridges to the american muslim community so they help us help
3:21 pm
them. has become all the more important. bret. >> the department's terrorism advisory bill rolled out in september expires on friday. the most recent bulletin refers to a heightened threat environment. due to self-radicalization and homegrown actors. in light of all of this, how do you now classify the threat environment in the u.s.? >> we're going to be issuing a new bulletin very soon on or before june 16th, when the old one expires, we're definitely going to have some things to say about orlando. and the current threat picture. i've literally taken pen to paper on this document and it's going to be something that we will be issuing very, very soon. in the next day or two or three hopefully. >> why isn't that a credible threat? the isis continued calls for attacks inside the u.s., spurring somebody like mateen to act? >> well that's actually the reason why i revised our national terrorism advisory
3:22 pm
system. because the old system depended upon what we refer to as a specific credible piece of intelligence. when isil makes a public call for attacks and we see attacks happening in places like canada and europe and now here in the united states it creates a certain threat picture that we think we need to describe to the public, there's no specific credible threat of the traditional type that we think of. >> i heard you say today that homeland security now is tied, intertwined with gun control. this is lindsey graham moments ago on the senate floor talking about this issue. >> when people call for gun control, you don't understand what's going on here. this is not a gun control issue. if it were, there would be no attacks in europe this is a radical islamic effort. sometimes individually, sometimes collectively. to break our will. to destroy our way of life and
3:23 pm
we're not dealing with it sufficiently. we should have an approach to this problem as if we're at war. we should follow people who are sympathetic to the enemy. monitor their behavior to prevent what happened in florida. gather intelligence, we should never close a file against a suspected sympathizer to isil because you can't prove a crime. >> your reaction to all that? >> well bret, i think we have to face the fact that in this environment, sensible gun control, where we minimize the ability of a terrorist to get his hands on an assault weapon, is a matter of homeland security. it's not just a matter of public safety. it is a matter of homeland security that we wrestle with the notion and legislation to address sensible gun control measures consistent with the second amendment, consistent with the right of a responsible gun owner to continue to own his gun. >> so you don't buy the argument that hey, 9/11, they didn't have it.
3:24 pm
they had box cutters and there are bombs and no matter what, the terrorist threat is still going to come after us. >> i think we have to as a matter of common sense, minimize the ability of a terrorist to get ahold of assault weapons. look at the damage that this shooter was able to cause in one nightclub in the matter of just a couple of hours. with an assault weapon. >> last thing, you have this subcommittee that recommends that you don't use all of these words that religiously continuing tinged, you don't use jihad, sharia, this committee has recommended this. one of the people on that committee is a syrian immigrant who has had people on the internet have said this woman has been tweeting out 9/11 changed the world for good and there's no other way to say it i just hope we can have open conversations about our differences. how people talk about this,
3:25 pm
seems very important to you. >> well, the subcommittee is a subcommittee that makes recommendations to us. i'm focused more on the reality of the fight and the reality of the challenge. in our efforts here domestically to build bridges to american muslim communities, what these communities repeatedly say to me for example is -- the islamic state is attempting to hijack my religion. there's this big debate about is it islamic extremism versus violent extremism which the president talked about today. as a practical matter we will get nowhere building bridges to american muslim communities if we dignify the islamic state as occupying some segment of their religion. islam is about peace. and that's what i hear repeatedly from american muslim communities. >> have you stopped any other outside of the hemisphere, illegal immigrants coming across the border in recent months?
3:26 pm
>> we have on some occasions apprehended people on the southwest border, from the middle east region. they refer to a special interest aliens. when that happens, all sorts of databases are consulted. law enforcement is brought in. and they are detained. as long as we can legally hold them, until we figure out who they are and what's going on and they're put into deportation proceedings. if there's a criminal case to be had, we'll bring a criminal case, but we'll detain them as long as we lawfully can until they are deported. >> roughly, that number? >> i don't have the number offhand. it's a relatively rare instance, but it's something we're very focused on. i've asked my people to double down on knowing exactly who the smuggling organizations are in central and south america. who may be making special efforts to find people in the middle east to bring them here. but if we find them we're going
3:27 pm
to detain them if there's a case we'll prosecute them. >> mr. secretary, we always appreciate your time. next up donald trump's battle with the media hits a new high or low, depending on how you look at it. y get in shape. not to be focusing on my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis. so i made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear, and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b,
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defianour citracal bones. easily absorbed calcium plus vitamin d. defy bone aging with citracal maximum. our highest level of calcium plus d. after more than four months of voting, the final primary of the 2016 election cycle wraps up tonight. what a long, strange trip it's been. the 2016 presidential stakes began with 17 republican candidates and five democratic candidates. and as we close out the voting tonight, there are still two candidates on the democrat side. and that is keeping hillary clinton on her toes. correspondent jennifer griffin reports on how clinton is trying to face off with donald trump and while also trying to court supporters of bernie sanders. >> as democratic voters in washington, d.c. went to the polls today in the nation's final primary, hillary clinton took the gloves off in
3:32 pm
pittsburgh, angrily rebutting donald trump's atergss in the wake of the orlando attack. >> went on tv and suggested that president obama is on the side of the terrorists. now just think about that for a second. even in a time of divided politics, this is way beyond anything that should be said by someone running for president of the united states. >> she was responding to remarks trump made on "fox & friends" yesterday when asked why the president didn't appear to want to fight terrorism. >> he doesn't get it or he gets it better than anybody understands. it's one or the other and either one, it's unacceptable. >> a point he reiterated in an interview with bill o'reilly. >> no one knows why he doesn't have more anger. >> which elicited this angry response from the democratic presumptive nominee. >> will responsible republican
3:33 pm
leaders stand up to their presumptive nominee? or will they stand by his accusation about our president? >> she said the country cannot afford a conspiracy theorist for president. meantime she barely mentioned her democratic opponent, bernie sanders. treating him with kid gloves for fear of alienating his base of young voters and independents, who may accuse him of selling out if he concedes too quickly. sanders spent the day on capitol hill and refused to say whether he would endorse her tonight after the washington polls close. >> why do you continue to refuse to endorse hillary clinton? don't you think your refusal is helping donald trump? >> what this fight has always been about is transforming america. it is standing up for working people. it is fighting for a progressive agenda. >> a nonanswer from the vermont senator, who still has millions of avid supporters. clinton will meet sanders on
3:34 pm
neutral territory here in washington, d.c. tonight after the polls close. aids to sanders tell us he has no plans to concede. bret? >> jennifer, thank you. donald trump is not one to mince words as we saw this time trump believes one publication distorted the truth. so he snatched its credentials, this isn't the first time trump has had a showdown with the president. howard kurtz reports on the battle between the media and the donald. >> it began after the orlando massacre with donald trump insinuating on fox that president obama was somehow holding back. >> we're led bay man that either is not tough. not smart or he's got something else in mind. and the something else in mind, people can't believe it. >> trump wouldn't clarify, but the "washington post" appeared to go beyond the facts with the online headline. donald trump suggests president obama was involved with the orlando shooting.
3:35 pm
trump yanked the paper's credentials for what he called false credentials. they've put their need bo for clicks above journalistic integrity. it was called nothing less than a repudiation of a free and independent press. when coverage doesn't correspond to what the candidate wants it to be, a news organization is banished. politico, des moines register, the national review and "huffington post." even as trump confidently does interviews, he repeatedly rips the media a as dishonest. >> you have a raving lunatic on the other side you know it's just a string of lies. >> and a "washington post" news story said trump gave quote a speech laden with falsehoods and exaggeration. such as calling the american-born orlando killer an afghan and saying clinton would abolish the second amendment.
3:36 pm
>> candidates hit back at news outlets by cutting off interviews, banning reporters may please the gop base, but may engage in this concern. would president obama engage in such retaliation. markets drop for the fourth straight session, the s&p 500 dropped 4, the nasdaq was down 5.
3:38 pm
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3:41 pm
committed to trying to kill americans? not once has an adviser of mine said man, if we really use that phrase, we're going to turn this whole thing around. there's no magic to the phrase radical islam. it's a political talking point. it's not a strategy. >> president obama passionate in his defense of not using terms "radical islamic terrorists" this as a fox news poll out tonight asked the question, has the obama administration made america stronger or weaker. you can see the results, although better from earlier, june 2014. still weaker, 49 to 40%. let's bring in our panel, we welcome monica crowley, "washington times." jeffrey goldberg "atlantic" and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. monica, your thoughts? >> the phrase that he used, there's no magic to the phrase
3:42 pm
radical islam, really struck me. if he really believes there's no magic to it, why doesn't he just use the phrase. you cannot hope to defeat an enemy unless and until you're able to define it. that's step number one, the bare minimum this president refuses to not just delineate who the enemy is and what we're up against, he also refuses to engage it. his steadfast refusal to name the enemy leads into a lack of a coherent strategy we've seen from the president from the very beginning. >> interestingry, he said it a day after the presumptive democratic nominee, she doesn't have a problem saying it. she doesn't want the indication that the u.s. is at war with islam. >> i talk to currencom, they say they would prefer not to broaden
3:43 pm
the subject and what they mean by that is they would rather not have a situation in which muslim who is are on our side feel as if we're talking negatively about their religion. that's where the guidance is coming from obama. i think he's hearing from his own experts and military experts, you know what, there's no reason to go out there and do this, if there's a chance we could alienate people who we need to defeat isis with. >> even with the word "radical." ? >> the chance is they could hear not radical or jihad, but they hear islam. think we have a clear understanding that isis is a radical organization. it derives its principles from a particular reading of islam and kills a lot of people. including a lot of muslims based on that. i'm not sure how much more clarity we would have. >> charles?
3:44 pm
>> the fact that the president goes way out of his way for seven and a half years to avoid the phrase that is object salutely the most descriptive of the enemy, he's doing it for a purpose. if it's a magical phrase, will it be, people who are arguing against him, are saying, i think the president said calling it a threat by a different name doesn't make it go away. of course it doesn't. nobody implies it does. but deliberately calling it by something meaningless, violent extremism is a completely empty phrase, no one has ever stroped on a suicide vest in the name of extremism. nobody dies in the name of extremism. obama is deliberately trying to deny or to hide or to disguise the connection between all of these disparity acts and groups and if you wnt to mobilize a country behind you, you need to
3:45 pm
tell them who the enemy is, ant why it's doing. >> fdr was battling the japanese high command and the emperor he understood that he could bring about the defeat of japan by convincing the japanese high command and the emperor to admit defeat. here you have a population of a billion, i'm talking about going into, talking about the war effort. i mean no, there's no equating what's going on here where you have a civilizational struggle within islam. you have some muslim who is want to kill us and some muslim who is want to kill isis. what he's trying to do i think is get on the side of the muslims who want to defeat isis. >> let me interrupt for one minute. >> including our friendly governments in the gulf states. >> graham wood from the atlantic who wrote a very detailed piece about isis wrote this, the reality is, that the islamic state is islamic.
3:46 pm
very islamic. and went into the rebounds why and why that's important -- the reasons why. it was a well-received piece. >> it's a very excellent piece. this what the president is trying to say. it's one thing to acknowledge this, it's another thing for the president of the united states to risk alienating friendly muslim governments that are doing all of the fighting for us, or much of the fighting for us. when they say please don't invoke islam in this struggle. >> look the fact that we're still having this conversation after all of these years, after 9/11 is absurd, outrageous and dangerous. we're talking about semantics here and the language and of course the language is important. but frankly i wouldn't care if the president referred to the enemy in terms of rainbows and puppies, if he had a coherent strategy and was actively engaging this enemy. he does not do that because he's got an ideological allergic reaction to linking islam with
3:47 pm
terrorism. and with any kind of serious military engagement in the middle east. therefore those two things are linked. if he makes that connection he's going to have to pursue more aggressive policy in the middle east and he has never been prepared to do that. >> quickly. i've got to go to a break. >> i agree with you, jeffrey this is a war in islam which is precisely why the phrase radical islam is the correct one. what it does, is it identify the split. there's the radical islam, there's the nonradical islam. and that i think states the case exactly as you would present it. >> i will say the king of jordan when i went over there said they're not religious warriors, they're thugs, they're thieves, they're daesh. it's the battle over semantics and the question is what's happening on the ground. next up the politics of terror and whether the candidates are making the right call when it comes to responding to the attack in orlando.
3:48 pm
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we cannot continue to allow thousands upon thousands of people to pour into our country, many of whom have the same thought process as this savage killer.
3:52 pm
we are importing radical islamic terrorism into the west through a failed immigration system and through an intelligence community held back by our president. even our own fbi director has admitted that we cannot effectively check the background of people we're lettg into america. >> donald trump after the attack, talking about immigration, refugees. this is the newest poll on this question regardless of how you intend to vote who do you think would be most effective against isis. and this is quinnipiac at 49-41, donald trump. michael, let me start with you. he spent a lot of time in that speech about that issue. yet, this particular shooter was born in new york, was not from afghanistan. and obviously that doesn't factor into that element. what did you think of donald trump's reaction and the fallout from it? >> well, i think this attack will undoubtedly change the trajectory of the campaign at least in the foreseeable
3:53 pm
future. you have external events that always end the best laid plans of any. that's true in this case. when it comes to donald trump he projects strength leadership decisiveness. whether you agree with donald trump, that is the image he has projected which has gotten him this nomination so far. also a common sense approach, at least that's how it's perceived among his supporters and i think a majority of voters taking a look at how he is trying to tackle these issues. i think for trump in his speech yesterday he strengthens his position on the temporary ban on muslims, which the latest polling on that was back in december with a fox news channel showing 50% of the measure people supported that. when they took trump's name out of it actually went up 55% of americans supporting that he also strengthens surveillance with mosques and other areas other suspicious activity might be taking place. i think because of that common sense approach, in light of this attack, i
3:54 pm
think politically now the advantage lies with donald trump. at least for the immediate future. >> jeffrey, some of the people pushing back are not democrats but republicans. house speaker paul ryan has asked about it today. has a hard time with the muslim ban temporary or not. >> security based not ethnic based or religious based which makes a lot of sense to me. let me register my dissent. i'm not sure what he was projecting to me was strength and decisiveness. i would say though that trump's message does resonate with large numbers of people, in part because, and this is, i think, a failing of the president. what the president does is sometimes is that he confronts the fear mongers without acknowledging the legitimacy of the fear. in other words, large numbers of americans, nonracist, non-paranoid americans think that islamist extremist terrorists are a danger, and so you have to do -- trump worked his way into this
3:55 pm
slot, by seeing an emotional void, i think. and so that is -- that's a serious problem. >> that's a great point. we have pointed out about the president's, you know, some people have called it a tin ear on their. >> lack of emotional satisfaction sometimes in the way he talks about it. >> look, i agree he projects strength. he is addressing the fear, which is a legitimate fear. like the democrats on the left, everybody has a proposal all of a sudden that is irrelevant to the problem. on the left, it's gun control. as if france with the most strict gun control in the world stopped its attacks. as if the bomb -- the shooter in orlando didn't admire and identify with the boston attackers. didn't even use guns. this idea that somehow terrorism is immigration problem is also, a false lead. >> we have much more to talk about. that is it for the panel however. stay tuned as support pours pous in to orlando from all over
3:56 pm
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finally tonight, a group of dogs doing its part to dual its part grieving. group of labrador radio treefers have landed in orlando to offer emotional support to those in the nightclub shooting. dog sphrs all over the country specially trained to help people cope with crisis. a crisis that has obviously taken a toll on that
4:00 pm
community. a nice story to end our show. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" from orlando right now. this is a fox news alert. is there a second terrorist? the wife of orlando terrorist omar mateen may have helped plan the murderous plot. brand new information tonight from a grand jury to investigate the killer's wife has been convened. "on the record" is coming to you live from orlando. and, of course, we are just down the street from the pulse nightclub where 49 innocent people murdered and dozens injured. tonight as the investigation is turning toward the killer's wife, we begin with fox news correspondent phil keating. phil was live outside the terrorist's home in fort pierce, florida. bill? >> greta, her name is nor zalhi salmon. she


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