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  Hannity  FOX News  June 14, 2016 7:20pm-7:33pm PDT

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welcome back to "hannity." earlier today i sat down with the presumptive republican nominee, donald trump. i asked him about the orlando terror attack. the president's inability to say radical islamic terrorism and what needs to be done to better protect americans from the growing threat of radical islam. watch this. mr. trump, thanks for being with us. obviously the worst attack on our homeland since 9 /1 1. i want to ask you a couple things. the fbi is actually looking into a thousand people, all across the 50 states, that are isis-related. those are the investigations that are going on now. the fbi knew this guy, claimed at work he was connected to al qaeda and hezbollah, reports he cheered after 9/11. they looked into him for ten months. he got free. how do we fix that? >> well, they had a bad day. i'm a big fan of the fbi. things can happen.
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and i guess they didn't have anything concrete on him and you can understand it. but we have to really increase our intelligence gathering in this country. we have people in this country that are just as bad as him, worse than him. >> right. >> and they're plotting things right now and we're letting more in. hillary clinton's letting everybody in. she has a 550% increase over obama, she wants to let that many more people in from syria and from various places. now, i just think it's insane because we don't know what's going on. we have no control over it. but you have people right now, sean, worse, in my opinion, worse and maybe with bigger minds than this savage that just got killed. so, so, i mean, the concept of allowing more people in when you know many of them are going to have problems and going to cause trouble is incredible. >> when you call for temporary ban on refugees, people coming from countries, i'm sure you
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know that the director of national intelligence, james clapper, the fbi director comey, assistant fbi director, house homeland committee chairman, mike mccaul, obama's former special envoy to defeat isis, general allen, they all said and isis has said they will infiltrate the refugee population. now, the president insists we take these people in. hillary's all for it. to me, that's gambling with people's lives, the american people's lives. why would they ever risk that? >> sean, on the migration, on the line, the big line with thousands and tens of thousands and even millions of people, you have people with cell phones with the isis flag on them, okay? number one, how do they get cell phones? number two, why are there so many men, young, strong men, but they've got cell phones with an isis nflag on them. many of them. the press doesn't want to report it. what are we doing?
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there's no common sense, in strength, no common sense. look at what's happening in germany. it's a total mess. people living in germany want to leave. >> isis infill rated in paris, we saw the result. infacilitailtrated in belgium. isis has said they'll infiltrate here. my question is it seems the narrative has gotten off base. i think the question has now become why was the president and hillary clinton willing to gamble with the lives of the american people? because to me, that is an unnecessary risk. do you think the country miscalculated as it represelate the danger? >> totally miscalculated. it's not even a miscalculation. it's common sense. you're letting people in from syria. they have no documentation. we don't know where they come from really. this could be the all-time great trojan horse. we'll bring the trojan horse out of retirement. this could be the all-time great trojan horse. we're allowing these people -- and hillary clinton wants many more to come in. obama's got a certain number. she wants to increase it by
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550%. is this insanity or what? now, i don't think it's going to work. i think the people are too smart. the press covered my stuff, whatever i say, inaccurately. that's why i like to do live -- >> we don't edit you. >> no, no, you're great. i appreciate that. i love shows that don't edit, but i like live television but a on live television you say what you have to say, but i give -- i just terminated, took away the press credentials of the "washington post." they said, they made the statement that i said that obama essentially obama went in and shot the people. i mean, what they do, that is the most dishonest painpeaper, many dishonest papers. "washington post" is a joke. >> "the new york times." that boomeranged back in your favor because the women mentioned in article came out for trump. >> those women were so incredible, i'd like to give them medals. they deserve it. they wrote an article like i was
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bad to these women. they came back and said, we really like donald, he was great, a great guy. talking about many years ago. it was such a false article. and yet, a week later, the same guy, the same writer who's a real sleaze, but the same writer wrote another story, something else, highly inaccurately. so, you know, you really have to get the word out yourself because the press is really dishonest. i don't mean, like, they made a mistake or they didn't quite cover it wrong. they are so dishonest. you can make a speech, a perfect speech, everything said perfectly, and they will try and find things that maybe this or maybe that. so i mean, i hope the people and i hope the voters know what's going on in this country. >> let me move to hillary clinton and the clinton foundation. i want to go through some things with you. >> go ahead. >> she took up to $25 million from saudi arabia. she took up to $5 million from the government of brunei and qatar and the uae. i want to talk about their rights. in the three cases of saudi
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arabia, brunei, and qatar, they actually allow the assassination or the execution of gays and lesbians. >> that's right. >> in staud raaudi arabia, wome drive, can't vote, can't go out in pub hi public without a male. four eyewitnesss for rape under sharia. my question for you, she never until yesterday kprcriticized te countries, never until yesterday said radical islam. she was shamed into it. >> she was shamed into it by me because of the pressure i put on her. here's a woman who takes all this money from these countries and says she's loves women and she's totally with the gays and, you know, whatever group you might talk about. the gay, lesbian. now, let me just tell you, sean, how can she be? they want to kill -- they actually throw gays off buildings and she's taking money and i'm calling for her to give back all of the money she's
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taken from these countries. okay? i'm much better for women than she is. i'm much better for gays -- >> what does that say, though, until yesterday, she got all these millions of dollars from these countries, and she never criticized their policies, their abusive policies to women, minorities, gays. they're a country that does not allow the free practice of religion. there are no temples,churches. there's no christianity in these countries but she takes their money. did they buy her silence? >> $45 million from one. look, look, they bought her off. she's paid off. politicians. but she's paid off. 100% paid off. and until we brought this up, and i brought it up, and then she talks about women, well let me tell you, i'm much better for women than hillary clinton will ever be. >> here's a big broader question e. if you grow up under sharia law, as a man, you think you have the right to tell a woman how to dress, whether she can drive a car, whether she can go to school or whether she can go to
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work and she would need four male eyewitnesss for rape, in some cases they don't even believe in marital rape. the question is if you go up there, you want to come to america, how do we vet somebody's heart and ascertain if they're coming here for freedom or want to indoctrinate and bring the theocracy with them? >> assimilation has been very hard. it's almost, i won't say nonexistent, but it gets to be pretty close. i'm talking about second and third generation. they come, they don't -- for some reason there's no real assimilation. >> right. >> and you see it all over the place. and, you know, what are we going to do? i'm not even talking about assimilation. i'm not talking about that. i'm talking about there is a percentage of people that want to do what this maniac did in orlando. there's a percentage of people. that percentage becomes -- the number of people become more and more as we take in thousands and thousands of more people. there's a hate that's going on that's unbelievable. okay? unbelievable. they don't mind dying. that's a hate that's going on
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that's unbelievable. and we allow it to happen. they use the internet better than we do. isis is using the sbempinternet better than we to. >> why can't barack obama and hillary clinton utter the words radical islam? >> they can but they choose not to. a lot of people don't understand why. personally, whatever the reason is, they can't say it. she said something yesterday, you know, because of me i'm forcing her into this -- >> shamed. i would say she was shamed into it. >> she was shamed into it but didn't really say the words. she said, i would be willing to use those words but she didn't do it. >> six months ago, she said she wouldn't use them. >> sean, hillary clinton especially in these times will be a terrible president. her secret service agent said she's a disaster. she's a total disaster. >> that book's coming out. >> she doesn't have the temperament. she talks about my temperament. my temperament is great. it's a tough temperament. that's what we need. her temperament, she's wacky. >> one last question. four big issues in light of what happened with this terrorist
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attack in orlando. energy independence i think is a big part. countries we have been dependent on that hate our guts. homeland security, i think certainly the issue of our defense, our intelligence capabilities. there's such big differences. the economy is bad. how big is this issue versus the economy? these are massive challenges. >> well, it's turning out, i'm doing very well on the economy in the polls. i'm leading on the economy by bar. i'll produce jobs. i'm going to bring jobs back. i'm not going to let countries take our businesses. there's going to be consequences when they do. believe me. they're not taking our businesses to the extent and we're going to take their businesses, businesses are going to come back into our country. so we're going to take care of that and the economy. but on any form of energy, we have so much energy right now under our own ground that modern techniques have, you know, found. so we don't need the middle east like we -- >> we don't need them at all. >> we needed it so badly years ago but we're protecting saudi arabia. we're spending $4 trillion, maybe $5 trillion total in the
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middle east over the last 15 years. could be more than that. we have to rebuild our country. our country's a mess. our airports are no good. our roads are no good. they're falling apart. i was with somebody the other day, one of the biggest trucking companies. he said mr. trump, we can't drive on the roads anymore, they're so bad. ruining their trucks. they're hitting massive potholes and really ruining it. so we have a lot of issues but the economy is a biggie. what's happened now with the attack, and there will be others because we don't have the vigilance. and the muslims are not turning in. if you look at what's going on -- they're not turning people in. >> borders, refugees, certainly -- the energy independence and intelligence. huge differences. you know, i know that the president and hillary clinton have made this issue about guns. but here's the interesting thing. when muhammad morsi, former muslim brotherhood head, referred to the israelis as descendants of apes and pigs, obama and hillary clinton gave
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him f-16s, tanks and $1 billion u.s. dollars. so if they're really concerned about weaponry in the hands of radicals, why would they give him all of that equipment? >> because i think that obama treats others far better than he treats israel. he treats israel so badly, i have many jewish friends and they raise money for him and raise money for the democrats. they say, what are you people doing? why would you do this? that iran deal was the end of it. that is the worst thing, perhaps will go down as the worst -- >> hillary was part of that, too. the negotiations started then. >> she was a part of it. she started it. it was her then john kerry took it over. it is the worst deal for them that i can imagine. so, look, we have a big election coming up. we have two very obvious choices and there's one obvious one and there's one obviously not so good and i will tell you, i'll do a great job. so many of these issues, sean, you look at energy, you look at borders, you look at the military. our military is totally depleted.
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depleted. we're using jets where they have to get parts from used old planes. you look at all of these digit things. those are my issues. so we're going to see what happens. we're going to see what happens. what happened in orlando is a disgrace. that should never, ever be allowed. >> and preventable. >> it's totally preventable. it's totally preventable. >> mr. trump, thank you for being with us. >> thank