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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 15, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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penguins win over the san jose sharks. >> lots of stories to follow up on throughout the day. >> can't get over the parents and the child and the alligator. thanks for joining us. good morning to you and your family. it is wednesday, june 15th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. horror at disney world. a two-year-old boy dragged into a lagoon by an alley gator, the frantic father trying to wrestle that reptile as it snatched his child. and the focus on the orlando shooter's wife and why she knew he was going to kill people at pulse. president obama tears into donald trump like we've never seen before. >> we now have proposals from
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the presumptive republican nominee for president of the united states to bar all muslims from immigrating to america. where does this stop? >> this morning, trump responds. and boy, does he have a lot to say. meanwhile, let me just remind you, every morning, especially this morning, is better with friends. ♪ ♪ good morning, folks. live from studio e here in new york and studio a in washington, d.c. it's fox and friends. good morning, brian. >> i how are you doing, guys? how you keep those letters straight, i'll never know. in the next three hours, in the nation's capital, so much is going on. we'll have senator joe manchin, a democrat from west virginia.
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congressman jason chavez. and a meeting yesterday went from terror to gun control and that is in the nation's capital today among many other things. >> we look forward to brian. we need to go straight down to orlando. there's so much news out of orlando. right now a fox news alert. a frantic search after an alley gator drags a two-year-old boy into a lake. >> it turned into a horror scene as the child was swimming in one foot of water and the alligator grabbed him. >> a family vacation quickly turning into a nightmare in a couple of seconds. a couple and three young children visiting disney from nebraska. they were enjoying an outdoor
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movie night, a manmade lake between a resort and walt disney wor world. the two-year-old boy and father were splashing their feet around the lake when out of nowhere the gator snatched the two-year-old. the mother and father doing their best to save their child. >> the father entered the water and tried to grab the child. was not successful in doing so. at some point, i'm told that the mother also may have entered the water. so the parents diligently tried to child. they alerted a nearby lifeguard who was there in the area as well, but they were unsuccessful in their efforts. >> search crews are now using sonar equipment and helicopters to help find the alligator and the boy. it's being described as four to seven feet long.
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there's a no swimming line near the lagoon. disney world is also cooperating. with everything going on in orlando, guys, authorities promising to put all of their rescue efforts into finding this boy. we'll learn more in about 20 minutes at a news conference. this is something a parent will never get over. >> we should point out this happened while the sheriff was talking about how there was a lifeguard in the area. it's clear you are not supposed to swim in this particular lagoon. the lifeguard was nearby and apparently what disney does is any time a gator and there are so many gators down in florida, as you know, any time a gator gets over 4 feet, they relocate it to another area. this one was 4 to 7 feet. >> we're going to talk to an expert. many of our viewers live in florida and in the south where there are alligator. it is a manmade lagoon.
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you are not expecteding that. >> meanwhile, continuing in orlando, another fox news alert. the terrorist's wife apparently knew about his deadly plan but she never told the police. >> and now she could face more than 100 charges as an accomplice to murder. leland vittert is live from orlando with more. >> reporter: ainsley and steve, good morning, if this is true, it means that the massacre at the pulse nightclub behind me was entirely preventible. noor zahi salman, the wife of omar mateen could be charged. they think not only did she knew about his plans, she knew about him buying the guns, maybe even helped him case the pulse nightclubs among others. exclusive video from daily
3:06 am showing the family home in california where the feds went to search and tried to find more clues and the fbi and others note in situations like this, it's not unusual for someone else to know what was going to happen. >> when someone self-radicalizes, there's almost always someone close to that individual who sees the signs, who might be aware of what's going on and is aware that the individual is plting to commit an act of violence. >> reporter: this as we're learning more about how omar mateen is related to abu salah. this is important. there was an fbi investigation into mateen because of his relationship with abu salah. we know what the result of mateen being cleared was. this brings up this disturbing trend that happened after 9/11, after san bernardino and now
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hereafter the orlando terror attack of trying to look back seeing what dots could have been connected, what things were missed and by whom that could have prenktd these attacks. >> leland vittert, live in orlando. apparently they are finding jack pots on his phones and internet search history where he didn't encrypt anything. there's the picture of the wife right there. she could have saved them all. apparently, she drove him to the gay nightclub days in advance. knew all about it and did nothing. >> there's a grand jury about to be impaneled about making a massive arrest on her. peter, your son knows, steve, that's where the investigation is heading. the kbe is -- the question is only thing that documents these things together is 2013 when they signed a mortgage together. how did they even meet? is this one of those sham marriages put together with a
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terror intent like the one we saw in san bernardino and i bring you something else, they are also looking into his trips into saudi arabia. lavish trips, was it just to saudi arabia? did he go over to yemen? one other stop to the united arab emirates. when the president comes out this is grassroots domestic terror? really, to the middle east? what happened there, what happened here, what about the wife, and what about the dad? the dad gets more bizarre by the day. >> they are investigating every angle, including the in-laws. they were at their house as well doing a search, the fbi. we're talking about this all morning. speaking of the president, you brought this up. we've been talking about the word "radical". many people are going after the president for not using the term radical islam.
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he commented on that in a rant. >> that's the key to us. we can't beat isil if we don't call them radical islamists. we know full well who the enemy is. so do the intelligence and law enforcement officers who spend countless hours disrupting plots and protecting all americans. including politicians who tweet. we're now seeing how dangerous this kind of mind set and this kind of thinking can be. we now have proposals from the presumptive republican nominee for president of the united states to bar all muslims from emigrating to america. where does this stop? >> the president's comments clearly seem to deny that there is a religious component to islamic extremism, but there is. >> you think so? >> it's islamic extremism.
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donald trump watched the president and he had this to say. >> i watched president obama today and he was more angry at me than he was at the shooter. one of the folks on television said, boy, has trump gotten under his kin skin, but he was more angry. a lot of people said this, the level of anger, that's the kind of anger, he should have had for the shooter and the killers that shouldn't be here. >> good point. >> it's a great point. the type of anger to the islamic community, maybe the people in that mosque where he worshipped, the people that he visited in saudi arabia that wouldn't out this guy inside the islamic community and instead allowed him to flourish, get his arms and go into that nightclub and kill at least 49 people, wounding 53. i want to get your opinion on the president's stance. i have not seen him that angry since he was debating romney. where do you think the president
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stood? do you think donald trump was inappropriate? meanwhile, heather nauert has the latest breaking news that you need to know. horror for shoppers inside a walmart as a gunman storms in and takes hostages. >> found a lady hiding in a clothes rack. they are bringing naryn. we have shots fired inside. do not come to the back of the building. >> police say that an employee there, 54-year-old mohammad mak haddam held a manager honch. s.w.a.t. teams inside the store shot him and killed him. he had a semiautomatic rifle, hundreds of round of ammunition and 15 pounds of explosives. that's what police just revealed about this man on his way to a california gay pride event. 20-year-old james howell is now facing felony weapons charges.
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police finding several weapons, including knives and also a stun gun. he drove to california from indiana, he's been convicted of intimidation charges and has been banned from owning any guns. could senator bernie sanders be about to drop out of the race? bernie meeting with hillary clinton behind closed doors last night after the d.c. primary. neither candidate spoke about their 90-minute sit down but it's seen as the first sign of the democrats trying to unite against donald trump. sanders is expected to address the future of his presidential bid in an on line speech tomorrow. as the orlando community grapples with the terror attack they are being comforted by dogs. they come from a chicago-based ministry that travels the country to help those who are
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touched by tragedy. we'll get you some more information on that group later on in the show. those are your headlines. coming up on this wednesday, in the same speech president obama ripped donald trump, he also targeted our special forces, saying they know who our enemy is without calling it radical islam, but our next guest, a navy s.e.a.l. says mr. president that's not true. "the new york times" is targeting your second amendment. the secret program the paper is pushing. ♪ ♪ olay regenerist renews from within...
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there's no magic to the phrase "radical islam." it's a political talking point. if there's anyone out there who thinks we're confused about who our enemies are, that comes as a surprise to those who spent these last 7 1/2 years dismantling al qaeda for example including the men and women in uniform who put their lives at risk and the special forces that i ordered to get bin laden and are now on the ground in iraq and in syria. >> there you have the president yesterday afternoon on the defense calling out donald trump as he tries to explain why he won't use the word -- the term "radical islam" to define terror
3:18 am
attacks like the one in orlando. former navy s.e.a.l. and joins us now to react. i can't tell you how many papers and blogs i have read what the president did yesterday as a temper tantrum. >> it was. that is beneath the presidency to come out like that and say he spent the whole speech also justifying what he has done against isis. look if he had done all that stuff, we wouldn't be having this conversation because we probably wouldn't be having these terrorist attacks. >> those people would not be dead in orlando. >> i believe so. >> what do you make of the rationale where he's not going to use the term radical islam. he says words don't matter, why does he say isil, instead of isis? why doesn't he call it what it is? >> a couple of days hillary clinton used the term radical islam. why won't the president? >> it was a loose use of the word. the fact of the matter is we want a president who identifies
3:19 am
the enemy and understands the threat like donald trump does and that's what obama is refuse to go do, by refusing to use the word radical islamic terrorism. >> do you think it's part of the fact that he's in the twilight months of his presidency and yet while he has told us all along he's got this thing managed, as we found out last sunday morning at 2:00 in the morning, he doesn't. >> he absolutely doesn't. he doesn't here domestically and globally. >> the chief of police was stabbed in france i think it was monday. this is a guy swore allegiance to isis. >> what about the president who said something the guys who went and killed bin laden? they were able to do that, they were able to identify the enemy without calling them islamic extremist. >> do you think how much trouble it took to get that operation done? we were denied at the top every single time. our troops overseas have their
3:20 am
hands tied behind their back. this president is not on our side when it comes to the military. >> the guys who are wearing the camo know the enemy and the enemy is radical islam. >> the enemy is radical islam. when i say radical islam, i'm getting a lot of heat from a lot of people. people are like you are islam-phobic. there's 160 million. 10% of muslims who are happy to live well within our customs and borders and integrate with society but there's 70 to 80% in the middle that won't say anything if they see a bomb in someone's house. >> there's a religious component to this extremism. >> right. >> and you cannot deny it. carl, thank you very much. what do you think about that? email us at fox and fox news alert, police down in orlando are about to give an update on another breaking news story this morning, where an
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alligator grabbed a two-year-old at 9:00 last night at disney world. they are still looking for the child in the lagoon. another blackeye for debbie wasserman shultz. hackers, wait till you hear what they stole. it's embarrassing. legalzoom has your back. for your business, our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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we've got some quick headlines for you on this wednesday morning. russian hackers targeted apparently the democratic national committee, the dnc. the spies broke into their computer network to steal research data on, among other things, donald trump. the hackers had access to all communications for a year and were looking for campaign strategies and foreign policy. apparently they got it. and it's official, hillary clinton's email are under a criminal investigation. a judge revealing the
3:25 am
information in a court filing, denying requests to publicize the immunity agreement with brian pagliano. he's the technology aide who set up clinton's secret service at her house in new york. he's cooperating with the fbi so he won't be prosecuted. fox news alert. breaking right now, the orange county, florida, sheriff's department in orlando about to give an update on the frantic overnight search for a little boy. >> listen to this. 9:20 last night, an alligator viciously dragged a two-year-old into a lagoon at disney world's grand floridan resort and spa. >> witnesses say they were enjoying an outdoor movie night, setting up a picnic, a manmade lake between that resort and
3:26 am
walt disney world when a gator came up through the water and snatched that little boy. >> the boy was standing in about a foot of water at the time. the mother and father did their best to attempt to save the child. the father tried to wrestle with the alligator. the mom tried to as well. it's a family of five down on vacation from nebraska. they arrived on sunday, i do believe, and generally what they do down at disney world is if a gator is more than four feet long they relocate it. i can tell you from personal experience we had a time share years ago and we saw gators in the water and on the path as well. >> brian is in washington, d.c. and brian we're awaiting this press conference, as you can see. it looks like they are getting ready, preparing to tell us the latest information. >> sheriff demings has now had to shift gears as of the initial report that came in at 9:16 last
3:27 am
night in terms of the grand floridian. i've stayed there five or six times. my family is huge disney fans and i believe there are signs there that say you should not go near the lake or swim there. there was a two-year-old in the water. the father and mother heroically went in to help. we understand there's a 50-person rescue team throughout the night trying to locate the gator and the child. it's even dangerous for the rescue team because they don't know what's in the water. >> the florida fish and wildlife commission is on location there. they send an alligator, a number of trappers to aid in the operation. they are going to be there until the child is found, and it does look as if they are preparing down at disney world in orlando to make a press statement very, very shortly. >> steve, i grew up down in the south where we had to worry
3:28 am
about things like this and we were prepared on what to do if you see an alligator, i remember my parents sitting us down and telling us what to do. it looks like this press conference is about to start. our producer is going to bring up the volume as soon as we learn the latest information. we were always taught that they will grab their prey, grab them into the water and do that tailspin. >> it sounds like they have just introduced one of guys from florida fish and wildlife. >> let me give you the update from last night. last night, multiple boats searched the lake to no avail. the two-year-old male child has not been located. we still have kept multiple deputies on scene over night, more are coming this morning, fresh eyes to give another fresh look at the water. we will have additional deputies in the air as well. we will continue this. it's still a search-and-rescue operation. it's still a search-and-rescue
3:29 am
operation. we're very hopeful. we're hoping for the best. sometimes you get the worst and we're certainly hoping for the best. counsellors and victim advocates remain with the family through the night and are still with them today. i'm sure that will take place over the next several days. we will continue the search with the cooperation of the florida fish and wildlife commission and right now we're going to bring in some fresh eyes, some additional personnel to continue with the search. as you know, it took place at about 9:00 last night. we received this call, the fish and wildlife commission showed up as did ready creek. the child was playing about a foot or so in the water when the alligator came up and attacked the child. the father tried to rescue the child. there was a lifeguard on duty as well. the lifeguard was not able to
3:30 am
render much aid. too far away apparently and the gator swam away with the child, unfortunately, and we've not been able to locate that child. we will continue to search throughout the course of the evening. i'm going to turn it over to mr. wattley from fish and wildlife to give you more details from their perspective. >> thank you. and we sure appreciate orange county sheriff's department and how you responded in our partnership and first our thoughts and prayers are with the family and we do want to keep hope and we want to continue doing everything possible, state and county government working to find this young child and we're going to do everything we can to support them and also support our partners here at disney. >> what can you tell us. [ inaudible ] ? >> we don't have the details on the latest report. we know that we work very closely with disney to remove nuisance alligators as they are observed and reported.
3:31 am
we have a very good close relationship with them in that regard? >> how often do you see that? >> we're still focused on trying to looking for that little boy. >> how common is for a human to be attacked by a alligators? >> it's very rare. >> was the boy allowed to be in the water even if it was a a little bit? >> i'm not familiar with what the rules are with regard to that. >> the sign says no swimming. >> why is there a lifeguard? >> is that against the rules? >> all we know he's on the edge of the water. it says no swimming. my understanding is he was not swimming. [ multiple people speaking ] >> we have alligators in fresh water in florida. they move around, so it's really
3:32 am
hard to say that one would be there any particular amount of time. [ multiple people speaking ] >> if there's a sign for no swimming, how often does that occur? >> i'm not familiar with the parameters for wimg -- swimming or not swimming in that area. we're still focused on trying to find that young boy. >> how likely is it that you'll be able to find the gator anywhere near here? >> i'm optimistic. we'll have some success, but it may take some time. [ multiple people speaking ] >> i think it's too early to get into those kind of speculations about what may have happened. we still just need to focus on trying to find the child. >> you are saying that you are hopeful. obviously, everyone hopes that's the case. the sheriffs last night was talking about realistically. realistically this does not look good this many hours afterwards.
3:33 am
>> you are asking a fourth quarter in the first quarter. it's a very embryonic search. we're not focused on what the outcome is going to be. right now we're searching hopefully for a ril boy -- little boy to bring the family some comfort. we're not talking about what may happen down the road. we're focusing on the here, now, and today, that's what we're focusing on right now. we're not going any further than that. >> how long will it take you to get to the fourth quarter? >> we're going to be evaluating each and every day. we'll be talking about how far we're going to go, how long it will take, but right now, those questions, my investigate arynts even asked. right now we're trying to find a young boy. [ multiple people speaking ] >>. [ inaudible question ] >> repeat the question, please. >> how close was that father able to get to his son? >> i don't have the proximity, all i no he is he was able to get over there fairly quickly and the struggle did ensue. the father has minor lacerations to his arm. he was able to get over there
3:34 am
fairly quickly or how was or close he was, i don't have that information. [ multiple people speaking ] >> i've to talk to disney about that. i'm not sure exactly what's been down. >> historically, are there instances where someone has been taken by a gator and found this many hours later? i mean [ inaudible ] >> again it's a very rare thing to happen in the first place, but when it has happened over the years, it really varies greatly on the circumstances. it could be -- we could have success soon or it could take hours. >> but you had situations where many hours later someone is found and alive and everything? >> i wouldn't say that. i said after a longer period of time, you know, the hope does dim but we're still keeping hope. >> the question over here. >> what has been the biggest challenges so far in the search effort? >> well, it was dark last night, obviously. the water was murky.
3:35 am
we couldn't get a good look at it. we were trying to set up as quickly as we possibly could, so getting personnel in place and -- but the jurisdictions did work very well. fish and wildlife was out here very quickly. we have boats in the water. i believe disney's boats were already in the water and were the initial ones to start searching. bringing everyone together initially. we got together very quickly but still so far to no real avail in finding the young boy. >> how will daylight affect your search? >> daylight hours, in some ways will help. al areally -- alligators are still active and we'll be able to see more. we'll be able to observe more. i think the conditions improve and we'll have more success as the sun comes up. >> as the galley investigate -- alligator has been spotted? >> we've already taken four alligators and look add and we
3:36 am
couldn't find any evidence they were involved. we've already taken four alligators out to be analyzed. they have to be euthanized to be analyzed. we have not have an estimate. >> what would you tell the guests as a fish and game person, that sounds pretty scary after an alligator has taken a child, you've taken four alligators. what would you tell the guests on this property? >> i would tell them this is an extremely rare occurrence. we always tell people to be careful around water bodies. many enjoy florida safely. but you have to be very careful. [ inaudible question ] your press release calls it a search-and-recovery effort [ inaudible ] >> it will be a fresh set of eyes.
3:37 am
they will bringing an additional sonar boat out sometime this morning. there will be additional boats in the water with the ability to see deep in the water to see if we can find some sort of a form or anything that might give us an indication as to where this child might be. [ inaudible question ] >> i'm sorry? [ inaudible question ] >> i do not know. this is the seven seas lagoon. i'm not sure how large this body of water is. >> if you will look on the map. you'll see it's connected, there are several bodies of waters, fairly large lakes connected with a canal system. it's a pretty extensive body of water. >> have you spoken with the family? how are they holden being up? >> they were extremely shaken up. there's been some pictures we've seen of a very beautiful happy family, so imagine if it were you. i mean, what would you be. you would be broken up. i have children. these investigators have children, the searchesers have
3:38 am
children. the disney personnel have children. imagine if you would, how would you feel? you wouldn't feel any differently than anybody else would feel. it is tragic, heart breaking. it's simply heart breaking. there's no other way to say this. you know how a father who witnesses this, sees this, you know how this father must have felt. i have three children. i cannot come to grips with what it must have been like to be in that situation. i can't imagine it. [ inaudible question ] ? >> on the sheriffs office part, we have our marine unit which is out here. that's basically -- probably about 14 guys or so that have multiple boats that i think three of them have sonar if i'm not mistaken. i have to get a correction on that. three or so have sonar. the aviation unit was out last night. they are coming back out again today. that's a helicopter with a couple of personnel on it.
3:39 am
you have a dive team which consists of ten individuals that are also here, ready to suit and up go in should they need to go in and then you have multiple commanders and other persons who are on scene, so altogether, 50 or so last night. i'm expecting roughly the same amount from the sheriff's office today, but you can speak to the -- >> and we've had another ten or more officers on scene since soon after the incident and we've had a number of boats, up to four boats. we're going to be here and keep bringing whatever it take to get the job done. [ inaudible question ] to find out if they were involved? any evidence on how many could possibly be in there and is this a needle in a hay stack? >> no, i don't believe it's a needle in a hay stack. i believe it's a matter of time. we've got some really good professionals out doing this job today and they are very dedicated and they know what they are doing and i believe they will come to some success. >> we'll take a couple more -- hang on. we'll take a couple more questions and we'll have to wrap
3:40 am
up. >> biggest challenge. >> from the orange cooffice, we searching, ma'am. we're going to keep searching and searching and searching until we just can't search anymore. the sheriff has an all hands on deck approach to all of this. we're going to keep searching until we find something. the question is being asked when are we going to call it off, we'll call it off when we call it off. right now, there's no discussion that. >> what do you rule in and rule out the gators you do find? >> it's really a matter of observing the gator and observing whether there's any evidence and it's something our investigators are trained to do and hard to get into kind of a detail of what that would mean, it's something that you to be trained to be able to do. >> how does the predatory nature, the actions of the alligator, are there cases when a gator, you know, it's possible to survive and find yourself left somewhere by an alligator
3:41 am
or being held alive by an alligator or is it invariably something awful? >> i'm not going to scplat -- speculate on what may or may not have happened. anything is possible. we're going to keep hope. >> have you ever seen a child this young survive an attack? >> i don't think so. it's -- because it's so rare. [ inaudible question ] >> we haven't found evidence yet. we're still looking at those alligators but we don't believe there's evidence that they were involved, but again it's something that you have to be trained to look for. you find evidence when you take an alligator, there's certain indicators you can look for. >> we're going to take one more question and we're going to have to be done here. [ inaudible question ] >> that's an ongoing conversation between fish and
3:42 am
wildlife, the sheriffs office and the park. i'm not sure exactly when they are going to go back to normal operations, but that area certainly is now a crime scene. all right. they are wrapping things up down at walt disney world where the orange county sheriffs and the florida fish and wildlife talking about a little two-year-old boy who was dragged into the water by an alligator last night at 9:20 in the seven seas lagoon at walt disney world. for perspective, let's put up -- we've got a map that shows how big this seven seas lagoon is. as you can see right there, as big as walt disney's magic kingdom. it's up to 14 feet deep and it connects with the adjacent bay lake. as they said at this point, it's still a search-and-rescue operation. >> there was no calling it off.
3:43 am
it was people speaking as parents. when you see the overhead shot, ainsley, you see what kind of job they have ahead of him. plus you have to worry about your own safety when you are diving into that water. >> still a search and rescue, a family of five come from nebraska to enjoy disney world with their family and we'll keep you posted. >> orlando, last week, the singer from "the voice" was assassinated at the club. at the nightclub, 49 people murdered. now this, the alligator attack at walt disney world, unbelievable. update on the breaking story, the pulse gunman's wife apparently knew about his plot to kill and she said nothing and she drove him to the nightclub. why would she say silent? our next guest, a muslim scholar, looks at why women are drawn to terror.
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a fox news alert, the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter apparently knew of her husband's deadly plans and did nothing to stop him and now a grand jury investigation is under way. so why in the world didn't she call police? joining us now is dr. qaunta amed. thank you so much for being with us. what do you know about this woman? >> from the guardian, we know she was previously married, when she divorced she was quite impoverished. we know from neighbors she didn't know she existed. even though she had a three-year-old child, she didn't visit her mother on the coast until the father died.
3:48 am
it sounds to me like she was isolated and abused woman. like the previous wife. daefs stating that these deaths could have been prevented. >> what does the faith teach women? do you have a duty to society or duty to your husband? >> great question, all muslims, men and women have a duty to self, and society. if nothing else, if muslim woman, had a duty to protect society around her. now if she was an abused wife, abused women are disempowered, isolated, banned from moving around, not able to communicate, monitored. this husband who was a son of a gun if i can put it politely may have intimidated her, i will take the child away, i will kill you. who knows what forces were driving her. >> she had to know if this was
3:49 am
going this attack was going to take place, zloef him to the nightclub and said they were scoping out disney as well, she had to know she was going to get caught and if she knew something she could go behind bars and who is going to be left to raise her child? >> i agree, and therefore this brings the other uncomfortable thing is was she a collaborator. we know a lot about women who collaborate who are themselves jihadists, who are suicide operatives. this woman was not and much of that data comes from israel's experience with suicide bombers. women are adjourned -- under estimated as jihadists. i think the picture is multifactorial. my feeling is just from her circumstances that she may have been powerless and, therefore, compelled to collaborate with him. >> that's what the first wife said too. thank you so much for being with
3:50 am
us. very fascinating. >> my pleasure. coming up, what make congressman david jolly walk out of a closed door briefing on the orlando attack that he calls disgusting. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for
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3:53 am
a classified house intelligence briefing about the orlando terrorist attack quickly turned political when the first question after briefing addressed gun control, rather than terror. joining us right now, florida gop congressman dave jolly was there. he heard the first question and walked out. he joins us to explain. congressman, great to see you. we should say that you listened to the fbi director james comey and dhs homeland security secretary jeh johnson and then the questions started.
3:54 am
>> well, members have an opportunity to ask questions and so from the left the questions quickly turned to gun control and frankly, a colleague who earlier in the day had accused republicans of being complicit in the studios stood up and was prepared to ask a question. i had heard that narrative before. those aren't the voices i seek counsel from. i chose not to stay in the room. >> what did you expect to get out of that top secret brief qug? >> look, it was a very important briefing about the activities of the law enforcement. that they were able to learn about the terrorists. this was somebody who was seeking to commit terror on our soil. and he unfortunately achieved it. so it was a very valuable meeting from the law enforcement perspective. >> what bothers you talking about gun control here, what do you think is the downside is? >> this a moment that the country should be unified, demanding solutions. the answers to this no fly list, no buy question, are not on the left, that continues to abandon
3:55 am
the second amendment and frankly due process. and it's not in the inaction on the right. the american people want solutions here. if you are on the list, you shouldn't be able to buy a gun. i'm a second amendment advocate. i don't want someone on the terror watch list buying a gun, however, we must ensure there is due process. the current list is flawed. so let's ensure we fix the list. >> well, steve hays is coming up in ten minutes. he's on the no fly list. the late ted kennedy on the no fly list. >> no recourse to get out of it. >> this is maddening to you, nothing to do with the no fly list. this is a guy of afghani parents, who might have a complicit wife and killed 50 people and he was looking at downtown disney and other locations. is that when joe crowley got up to talk about the gun control, you thought it was insincere? >> their proposals would not have stopped this.
3:56 am
i have legislation that says you're on the list you shouldn't be able to by the gun. the government should tell you you're denied, you're on the list and the individual has 30 days to receive hearing and the government has to prove you can't buy a firearm. we need to protect due process for those who are on it and shouldn't be. >> this killer walked into the gun store days before the massacre took place. and the background check had him clean. yet, the fbi has been tailing him -- met him twice in 2013 and 2014. that seems to be the issue. >> it is. there was a clear breakdown in law enforcement. they know it with conviction. >> friday you have a big announcement about your career. >> i will make an announcement about my future intentions. >> you're going to run for
3:57 am
rubio's seat if he doesn't run. thank you very much. coming up straight ahead, the focus in the orlando terror attacks now turn to the gunman's wife. she apparently knew about the attack but said nothing. we are live in orlando, straight ahead. [phone buzzing] some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection. so or a man of adventure.e. or a man of culture who's out for adventure. you know when to hit the scene... or get far away from it.
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on ev-e-ry purchase, ev-e-ry-where. i shouldn't have to ask. what's in your wallet? good morning. it is wednesday, june 15th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we have a fox news alert for you. horror down at disney world, a 2-year-old little boy dragged time the lagoon by an alligator during the fireworks last night. a frantic search is under way and police are hoping for the best, but they're fearing the worst. >> of course they are very shaken up. there's been some pictures we have seen of a very beautiful, happy family. so imagine if it were you. >> we are live with those breaking details in just moment. >> heart breaking. plus, the focus in the orlando terror attack now shifting to the gunman's wife. what she apparently knew and why she didn't tell the police. she could have stopped it. brian?
4:01 am
what kind of marriage was that? and president obama rips into donald trump like we have never seen before. >> we now have proposals from the presumptive republican nominee for president of the united states to bar all muslims from emigrating to america. when does this stop? >> wow, this morning, donald trump responds. and let me remind you despite everything else going on in the world, your mornings are better because you're with "friends." we'll get back to brian, but right to the fox news alert. the frantic search intensifies after the alligator drags a 2-year-old boy into a lake at a disney world hotel. >> officials down there we just heard from them in the press event are staying positive. they just wrapped up some comments moments ago. they are hoping that as daylight comes up, that will help find
4:02 am
the 2-year-old. >> today my understanding is we have already taken four alligators and looked at those alligators and determined right now, we couldn't find any evidence that they were involved. so we have already taken four alligators out of the lake to analyze. >> abby huntsman is live with the breaking details for us. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning. crews are continuing to search right now, hoping that daylight is on their side. a family vacation quickly turning into a nightmare in a matter of seconds. the couple and their three young children visiting orlando from nebraska. staying at disney world's grand floridian resort and spa. witnesses say they were enjoying an outdoor movie night and a man-made lake between the resorts and walt disney world. the 2-year-old boy and father, they were splashing their feet around the lake and the gator snatched the boy, violently pulling him into the water. the mother and father doing their best to save their child,
4:03 am
which hits home for every single parent out there. >> it's just simply heart breaking. no other way to say it. so you know how a father who witnesses this, right, he sees this, you know how a father -- how that father must have felt. i have three children, i'm just trying -- i cannot come to grips with what it must have been like to be in that situation. i can't imagine. >> reporter: search crews are using sonar equipment and helicopters to help find the alligator and the little boy. the gator is being described as about four to seven feet long. it's also important to note that there is a no swimming sign near the lagoon and disney world is cooperating with everything going on in orlando, guys, authorities promising to put all their rescue efforts into finding the boy. this something you could never live down, never forget. so heart breaking. >> they'll never forget it. they probably saved all their money, staying at a great hotel on the property at disney world,
4:04 am
brought their three little kids down there and this happens. we're all heartbroken for them. remember them in your prayers this morning. >> abby, thank you very much. the key though, they're still describing it as a search and rescue operation. they have 50 men and women out overnight, brian kilmeade. and it's a huge body of water. 14 feet deep in some spots. four alligators. they already -- they have to euthanize them to see if there's any evidence there. so far, they haven't found the boy. >> brian, you've stayed in this hotel. what it is like? is the water -- a lot of families that wade in the water there? >> it's beautiful. but i have never seen family goes to the water. it was only in ankle deep water, so i'm not going to fault the family. you want to get on that mono rail and go into the park for the most part. the pools are there. i don't ever look at the lake and think i want to go there but i can understand if you're a 1, 2, 3-year-old kid with a parent, i can see wading in there. i won't judge the parents there, but when you're there, you're
4:05 am
thinking pool and park. >> well, you know, they have the fire works there every night. or over the magic kingdom so it sounds like they were down in the water wading in the water, probably looking up. didn't even look down in the water to see the algaiter. >>. great point. >> as soon as it happens. the dad jumps in the water and started to wrestle the gator. >> and then the mom came in shortly after. >> unbelievable. now another news story out of orlando. >> out of orlando, that's right. the terrorist's wife knew of the plan, but never told police. >> now, she could face more than 100 charges as an accomplice to mass murder. >> wow. leland vitter is live from orlando with this unfold investigation. leland? >> reporter: well, steve, brian and ainsley, good morning. if this is true, it means the massacre that has shocked our country could have been prevented. a grand jury now coming together to look at noor zahi salman, the wife of omar mateen. married a couple of years ago.
4:06 am
she could be charged with 49 counts of accessory to murder. 53 counts of accessory to attempted murder and failure to notify authorities of an impending terror attack. they think she knew about his plan, they think she knew about him buying the guns and may have helped him to case the pulse nightclub, bringing him here. authorities say this is not unusual to have an assistant if you will. this comes as we learn more about mateen's relationship to abu saleh. he was the first suicide bomber investigated because of his investigation with mateen. with. that's when the fbi cleared mateen and now they're taking a second look. >> we know that the shooter was reinterviewed in connection with the investigation of the suicide bomber. exactly what their relationship was, we don't really know at this point.
4:07 am
>> reporter: and this goes back to the dot connecting situation and after 9/11 and after san bernardino, the fbi has always gone back and looked and seen what could we have put together that would have prevented this and that's now this key question here. n not only as it relates to the wife, but the suicide bomber if they should have known things and didn't. >> all right. leland vitter, live in orlando, thank you. brian? >> we heard about a second arrest. joining us on the set is stephen hayes. thanks for coming in, i appreciate it. you had some interesting observations about the wife, if indeed she was involved and the way they even came together could leave clues to how far, how deep this goes. >> yeah, i think there's a lot more to learn about the wife. we know from talking to investigators and talking to law enforcement intelligence officials there are many unanswered questions about the wife and particularly how she came to meet omar mateen. you know, she was in california. he was in florida. there's not much record apparently the people who know
4:08 am
them both or knew them both are not talking, not spending a lot of time talking to law enforcement officials. we need to know. i mean, was this some kind of a sham marriage, was it like t the -- >> san bernardino. >> that we saw in san bernardino, lots of questions there. >> right. steve, this all plays into the investigation, what the president was saying yesterday and the president i think we all observed was beside himself with anger about donald trump's tone, correct? >> yeah. let's watch. >> that's the key they tell us. we can't beat isil unless we call them radical islamists. not once has an adviser of mine said, man, if we used that phrase we'll turn that whole thing around. we know full well who the enemy is. so do the intelligence and law enforcement officers who spend countless hours disrupting plots. and protecting all americans.
4:09 am
including politicians who tweet, but we are now seeing how dangerous this kind of mindset and this kind of thinking can be. we now have proposals from the presumptive republican nominee for president of the united states to bar all muslims from coming to america. where does this stop? >> steve, do you think it's appropriate for a sitting president to go after someone who is running for president? >> yeah, look, if the president of the united states thinks that this is jeopardizing national security to have this kind of a debate, he's well within his rights to say it. i would have liked to have seen that kind of emotion and anger and indignance from the president about the terrorists themselves, not just about donald trump. i understand why he's troubled. i agree with some the substantive critiques that the president makes about the ban on muslims for instance. but to see the president go off like this, it was a bit odd. >> but some of your contacts in
4:10 am
the intelligence community do say -- saying radical islam, it helps moderate muslims. >> no question. people want to have that distinction made. they say this is not the case, as the president suggests we're implying this is all about a religion. the entire point of the qualifier, the entire point of saying radical is to distinguish it from the rest of the religion. so many people i talked to in the intelligence world, in military circles, people who have been over on the ground, fighting on the ground saying, please make the distinction. call it radical islam. this is such a straw man for the president, nobody believes that by calling it radical islam, it's panacea, that the battle is over, that which the president implied. the reason that people have been critical of his failure to use radical islam is because it speaks to the larger failure. a policy failure, to take the
4:11 am
enemy seriously and to define it in the proper way and come up with a strategy to defeat it. >> i think it's just beginning. "washington post" asked how do you feel about a muslim ban and 64% of republicans said they're for what donald trump is proposing. >> right. >> steve and ainsley? >> steve and brian, thank you very much. meanwhile, you just heard president obama saying -- calling terrorists islamic radicals is not a military strategy. is that true? four star general jack keen will sit down with brian with a message next. and the secret program, the paper, is now pushing. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin
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♪ ♪
4:15 am
♪ take on the unexpected with a car that could stop for you. nissan safety shield technologies, available in the altima, sentra and maxima. what exactly would it take? would it make isil less committed to trying to kill americans? would it bring in more allies? is there a military strategy that is served by this?
4:16 am
the answer is none of the above. but there's no magic to the phrase radical islam. it's a political talking point. it's not a strategy. >> president obama says calling terrorists radical islamists is not a military strategy. let's ask four star general and fox's military analyst jack keen. he helped design the surge that peace. general, your reaction to the president's tone and tenor about radical islam? >> sure. well, first of all, i don't have a big of issue with naming it. i think the most descriptive term is radical islamist and one we should likely use. if the president wanted to use global jihad, fine. but we're involved in the ideological struggle in the 20th
4:17 am
century with the political and religious ideology that is comparable to what we dealt with communism and naziism in the 20th century. the global jihad that i'm describing here is -- it has doubled in size in terms of the number of countries involved since the president took office. the fatality five years ago were north of 3,000. today the fatalities from radical islam are averaging 28,000 a year, according to the investigative project on terrorism. the reality we don't define it, we're not explaining it to the american people, what's the lexicon, what's the tenet, what's the speech associated with it and most importantly we have no strategy to defeat it. >> not according to the president. he says, not only do i have a strategy we're essentially winning. let's listen. >> and our message is clear. if you target america and our allies you will not be safe. you will never be safe. iraqi forces have surrounded fallujah and begun to move into
4:18 am
the city. meanwhile, in the north, iraqi forces continue to push up the tigris river valley, making gains and preparing to tighten the noose around isil. isil has lost nearly half of the populated territory it once controlled in iraq and it will lose more. >> your reaction, are we winning? >> no. absolutely not. the major group that we targeted since the president came into office was the al qaeda. and he talks about the level of effort. yes, there has been a level of effort and we have killed hundreds of leaders. the al qaeda has grown, doubled in size since the president took office. it is still expanding to this day since we killed osama bin laden -- >> not isis, but al qaeda. >> that's al qaeda. the number one enemy that we're after, it has doubled in size and it is expanding now as we speak. the president talks about iraq and syria. the issue has always been syria, not iraq. that is the center of gravity,
4:19 am
of the isis movement. it is from there that they conduct the internet campaign. it is from there that they motivate others to kill their fellow citizens. >> but we're getting closer and closer to eliminating them he says. >> this is an incremental campaign that not going to be ended until the next president takes office. the president already admits that. he says, what i'm doing is setting the conditions. this thing should have been crushed last year. >> we don't have the troops in there to do it. we're asking other people do the fighting. we're advising, correct? if isis is our enemy, are we attacking our enemy the way america can attack our enemy? >> no, you know the answer. absolutely not. i'm focused on syria. the problem in iraq begins to go away very quickly in you dealt with syria. the arabs came to us early on when isis occupied -- by the way they've had this for four years, and they came to us early on, look, we can put together a coalition. you have to lead it, you have to put some troops on the ground with us. to take them down.
4:20 am
we said no. we said the thought was, what the president's thought was, all that will do is an occupation force will force more people to come to that jihad. that makes no sense because it's syrian arabs taking back syrian lands. >> so when he says he's going in with a hundred ops, that neat the effort that will bring them to their knees and time does matter. >> yes. that's not decisive, not consequential. >> general jack keane, thanks so much. >> good talking to you brian. >> to get the analysis of where we're going, few better people than we can go to. thank you. meanwhile, straight ahead, a woman finds this note on her car. this parking is for veterans, lady. learn to read and have some respect. only problem is she's a veteran. and "home free" is back, and
4:21 am
they're competing, and we have host mike holmes up next. >> jennifer, you won this brand-new home! real cheese people know how to get big flavor out of each and every itsy, bitsy, little, bitty bite. new sargento snack bites, just 20 calories per stick, with larger than life flavor, like colby- pepper jack and savory garlic & herb jack. you can nibble 'em, grab 'em, skewer 'em, pop 'em. you can call 'em big, bold, and brazen. real cheese people know better than to call them mild. new sargento snack bites, big flavor in a little bite.
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. time now for your news by the numbers. first, 49%. that's the amount of voters surveyed who think that president obama had made the country weaker. compare that to the 40% who think the country is stronger. the number comes as the president's approval rating is at the highest rate. and four of the new york macy's stores are walking off
4:25 am
today. finally $35,000 that's how many it will cost to fly an unlimited number of times between new york, london and paris for a year. airline company -- what is the name of this country, steve? la company is offering that deal. $35,000. meanwhile, "home free" on fox is back and better than ever. this year the show's contestants are paying it forward. with homes for their personal heroes. >> donate a kidney to my father and saved his life. no one deserves this more than jennifer. >> that's awesome. joining us is the co-host of "home free," mike holmes and contestant brian. tell us how the show works. >> well, last year we renovated houses all across atlanta and gave them to deserving family, but this year because they know that they could win a home, well, we had to do -- we had to
4:26 am
find someone who had a hero to help us and build home free boulevard and every single hero gets a home. >> brian, tell us about your hero, jennifer. >> my hero is jennifer. well, she's a complete stranger to me. about a year and -- a little over a year ago, actually couple of years ago -- >> there she is right there with your dad. >> yeah. i love her. love you, jen. so a few years ago my dad was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure, and we were looking for a donor to save his life. you know, i thought i'd lose my dad. it was a very dark moment for my family and i. and -- >> because nobody in your family was a match. >> no one in my family was match. my dad is type o. that's universal so he can only receive from a type "o." it took 2 1/2 years, i was going and sending messages, putting out social media messages, looking for an angel to step up to the plate and then i sent an e-mail to jennifer not knowing she was going to respond to me. there she was, she responded to
4:27 am
me. and two months after that initial e-mail, it was a transplant. she literally stepped up to the plate and donated her kidney to my dad. you know what the best part about this is, that she did it from her heart. it was selfless. she didn't want anything in return. >> a stranger. >> how is your dad doing? >> he's doing well. he's doing well and my dad is finally back. you know, my dad's -- he's a musician. he loves to sing. and for 2 1/2 years he wasn't singing. and he can finally -- he's back on his feet. >> that's great. mike, just watching brian tell his story, you can see why this is such a powerful series. >> it is. it's going to touch on every single emotion you have in the human body. imagine there's ten other stories like this. what would you do for your hero? how far would you go? and me being the skilled -- my job is to teach them, they have
4:28 am
to work with me and tim being the will, he pushes them left, right and center and the strategy is how they work together to move ahead, to get to the next week. this is a big game board. >> you're talking about tim tebow. he's a friend of our show. good friend of ours. great guy. this is the perfect match for him because i know his personality and what a great guy he is. you're doing so many wonderful things on this show. honoring the heros. whoever wins they get the dream house, right? >> every hero gets a home. whoever makes it to the end gets the grand prize. that's a dream home and $100,000. >> so jennifer gets a home and you might get a dream home if you win. >> exactly. we have the moment when you and tim tebow revealed that your personal hero, jen, won the house. look at this. >> even when he loses, you still win. jennifer, you won this brand-new home! yeah! i won this for you. i won this for you. this is a reality. this is a reality.
4:29 am
jennifer, you own this home. >> i'm getting choked up. >> that's great. she had no you when she came in that day and you presented her with a house? >> she had no idea whatsoever. it was hands down the best day of her life and hands down the best day of my. >> yours too. >> you have a bunch of them. >> i love my job. i give away houses. >> i can see why. >> well, tune in to "home free" thursdays on fox. we'd like to thank mike and brian and good luck to all of you. >> thank you. >> we'll be watching. all right, coming up on this very busy news day, a fox news alert. frantic search under way at this hour for a 2-year-old toddler, dragged into the seven seas lagoon at walt disney world. animal expert jeff corwin is going to join us next. it is a search and rescue operation. >> that's right. >> at this point. plus more fallout from the attacks on orlando. hillary clinton changes her
4:30 am
tune. now saying radical islam. are democrats in trouble? utah congressman jason chaffetz is here to react to that. okay, so what's our latest data say? our customer is a 21-year-old female. heavily into basketball. wait. data just changed... now she's into disc sports. ah, no she's not. since when? since now. she's into tai chi. she found disc sports too stressful. hold on. let me ask you this... what's she gonna like six months from now? who do we have on aerial karate?
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between your shoes and foot pain. so you can move with confidence. new dr. scholl's cushions. we want to keep searching and searching and searching until we can't search anymore. the sheriff has all hands on deck approach to this so we'll keep searching until we find something. the question keeps getting asked when are we going to call this off? we'll call it off when we call it off. right now, no discussion of that. >> that is correct. a fox news alert. absolutely horrifying story we have been following all morning. a toddler attacked by an alligator last night, 9:20, dragged into the walt disney world lagoon as his frantic father tried to save him, wrestled with the alligator for a moment. it was closing time, the family was watching fireworks. they were staying at the grand floridian hotel when it happened.
4:34 am
crews still searching for the boy. they couldn't help but they feel the horror of the family. >> it's tragic. it is heart breaking. it's just simply heart breaking. no other way to say it. you know how a father who witnesses this, right, he sees this, you know how a father must have felt. at this particular point in time we're not focused on what's the outcome going to be. right now we're searching for a little boy to bring a family some comfort. >> well, to help us with some perspective on this awful story, animal expert, good friend of the show, jeff corwin. jeff, you have been watching this unfold, but you're an expert in this area. yo extensively, what's your thought? >> first of all, it's heart breaking. my thoughts go to the family. i'm really shocked by this. disney does an incredible, immaculate job of managing their parks. but i also keep in mind that disney is a vast place. many thousands of acres.
4:35 am
and even though this is a man-made lagoon, even though it's highly regulated, it is not impossible for a creature to make its way through the matrix of that wilderness into one of these lagoons. >> at night? >> at night, and not only did they capture this terrible moment, but also they found other alligators there. and they were actually sampling them to see if they had -- were the potential culprit in this tragedy. >> yeah. >> steve and ainsley? >> they pulled out four alligators they said in the press conference to see if there was any evidence of the little boy. they did not find any evidence of that, thank goodness. but what do you say to the families that are watching that live in the south, that live in in, live in areas where we have alligators. it is summertime, kids are riding their bikes around the lagoons and the alligators are very quiet in the water. we have heard of the dogs being snatched by the lagoons, at the beach, but a human being, what can you say to the parents that are watching? >> well, first of all, we need
4:36 am
to establish this. this family as i understand it did nothing wrong. they were on the ultimate family vacation, sitting on the edge of the lagoon. but alligators are predators. a 12 foot alligator can be invisible. it scans, waiting for that moment and it grabs on the its prey. normally, it's an opossum, a raccoon or a bird. but small children are vulnerable in alligator country. >> talk about the quickness, the quickness in which it happens. >> incredibly fast. lightning fast. these animals can remove -- can move at a shocking speed when they go to dispatch their prey. keep in mind not so long ago about three or four decades, alligators were critically endangered but they have made a remarkable comeback. >> 1.3 million in florida alone. >> up from just a handful 40 years ago. but as people expand and we take
4:37 am
over alligator habitat, these conflicts tend to increase. the other big thing is a lot of people have become very comfortable in that -- in alligator country. not unknown for someone sitting around at the fishing pool feeding the baby birds, a alligator loses its fear of humans. >> you said we're taking over alligator territory. long before walt disney built his resort down there, that was alligator territory. and this is one of the things that happens. we displaced them. but they come back. >> they do. they have recovered and also, keep in mind that walt disney world and their parks have an incredible conservation program. but yes, they have recovered and they are surviving. but, you know, tragedy like this we look at it and say who's at fault. the alligators just doing what alligators have been doing. there are ways we can live more safely with alligators, but it's
4:38 am
like this -- moments like this remind us of the tragedy. >> but they have signs throughout the lagoon area, and down south there are signs everywhere. beware of the alligators. >> absolutely. and you can actually swim in waters that are inhabited by alligators as long as it's a truly wild scenario. whenever the humans and gators start sharing habitat, and that comfort zone increases and that respect decreases, that's when these conflicts happen. but you're absolutely right. this was completely marked. this was a no swim area. it was a man-made lagoon. this family wasn't swimming, but they were at the edge. and it's the small animals and small children that are most vulnerable to situations like this. what really shocks me is that if this alligator was as i've heard between four to six feet in length, i have never heard of a gator that small dispatching a human being. or this child. >> for the parents watching what do we tell our kids?
4:39 am
my dad said, run zigzag if you're chased by alligators. there are so many alligators that i grew up, this is a real thing that parents have to tell their kids. because they could -- they're fast, but they can't turn side to side really fast. if you seen an alligator run in a zigzag. is there anything we can do as human beings to fight back against the alligators? >> i don't know about running the zigzag, because you're staying in the area for the longer period of time. but when a alligator or crocodile lunges forward, and it expends its energy it's for a quick period of time. i would can only do it for 30 or 40 feet and then the lactic acid builds up and it slows down. what you need to do is just be completely aware of your surroundings and be completely plugged in. it is florida. there are millions of alligators there. you need to keep that in mind
4:40 am
when you're by a lagoon with your pets or children. >> it's still a rescue operation, we still -- >> let's hope. >> we want a miracle to take place. jeff corwin, great to see you and thanks for coming in. all right, i appreciate it. we have more breaking news now. heather nauert, you've got -- you have been following the news. the gator. >> good morning. this coming in from overseas. breaking news, terror fighters may be planning to attack france at any minute we are told. this brand new warning aimed at not only france, but also belgium. the countries are already on high alert since the massacres that took place in paris last year and then also in belgium as well. just yesterday, a terrorist slashing two police officers, a husband and his wife, to death. right in front of their 3-year-old boy. that happened just outside of paris. that killer live streaming the entire attack on facebook. well, this new warning comes during the soccer tournament. this event had been singled out by our state department in its
4:41 am
travel warning for americans who were considering traveling overseas this summer. we'll bring you more as we get it. a "new york times" columnist calling on congress to suspend second amendment rights in secret. the writer adam wriinkler said that terrorist attackers should be put on a secret list without a conviction. he write, quote, although that denies the person on the no buy list the opportunity to rebut, we do the same thing every day with search warrants and wiretaps for criminal suspects. what do you think about that? you can't judge a book by its cover. that's why one veteran is schooling a stranger who left this rude note on her car. the note read, this parking for veterans, lady, learn to have some respect and rebecca hayes posted this on facebook -- quote, i'm sorry you can't see
4:42 am
my eight years of service in the u.s. thatnavy. i'm sorry you can't conceive of the fact that there are female veterans, i'm sorry i have to explain myself to people like you. most i'm sorry we can't get to have this face to face and you didn't have the integrity and have intestinal fortitude to identify yourself. i served, did you? that response is going viral. well done, go navy lady. how about that? >> she's not only a hero but very smart. she is a tough cookie. >> i like her. >> we're talking about that as a navy alum. hillary clinton said she's happy to say radical islam, but president obama just undermined her saying it's useless. jason chaffetz is here with how this could actually help republicans.
4:43 am
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4:47 am
politics? joining us with his reaction is chairman of the house's overnight and government reform committee, jason chaffetz. congressman, always good to see you. i want you to react to that. is it pure politics to get the president to say something, does it make things worse? >> he's exasperating the situation because he does not have a strategy. at the root and heart of this, the president will not define the enemy and he has no strategy or plan in order to defeat it. >> he says he's waiting for congress to give him a war declaration. >> well, congress has given him all the authorization that he needs to define a strategy. in fact, we required it in previous legislation to develop that strategy. he gave us seven pages or so of just some talking points but i defy anybody in this country to step forward and tell us what the president's strategy is to defeat isis. he doesn't have one. >> the president said when i talk to people at centcom they
4:48 am
don't say, use these terms and and everything will be better. but centcom is making things seem a lot better. what happened to that investigation? >> well, there's a spin that's coming out of this and i worry that they're trying to be so politically correct. we have the rules of engagement that don't allow us to define and kill the enemy and go after and make sure that we're playing an away game as opposed to the home game. and the investigation into what was happening at centcom is still on going. >> how many people have we captured. here hillary clinton comes out, and says i'm happy to say radical islamist or jihadists. but she had a problem in december when asked by george stephanopoulos. >> this is the heart and root of why hillary clinton lacks credibility. she is willing to say or do anything when it's completely convenient. i do think mr. trump made a very good point yesterday when you want to see the president fired up, it's when he's talking about republicans. it's not when he's going out and talking about defeating isis and protecting the united states of america. you don't see that, him fire -- that fire in the belly. you see it when he wants to talk
4:49 am
about donald trump. >> you're censuring, you're censuring the irs commissioner today? >> today in our committee at 9:00 a.m., we'll talk about that. the irs commissioner when you lie to congress, when you have a duly issued subpoena and you fail to comply that's not an optional thing. we'll work to hold him accountable and censure him today in our committee. >> i didn't know he was still there after what he's done. congressman jason chaffetz. always on the move, thank you. appreciate it. great to see you. coming up, a killer connection to the florida mosque where the orlando terrorist worshipped another worshiper who was there carried out a suicide bombing in syria. is it time to bring back mosque surveillance? we'll discuss it with former nypd commissioner bernie kerik. how that would look. and this, "time after time" by cyndi lauper which is played every nine minutes somewhere in america was number one on the charts.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
the orlando terrorist the second attacker tied to the ft. pierce islamic center in florida. abu saleh who also worshipped at that mosque carried out a suicide bombing in syria, so is it time to bring back surveillance of the mosques to keep people safe and root out the violent radical? joining us is bernie kerik. thank you, commissioner, for being with us. we ahead rudy giuliani on
4:54 am
yesterday how when he was mayor, we were surveilling the mosques and he thwarted several attacks. what's your opinion? >> i think we should be criminally profiling. i think we should be doing predictive profiling. that includes going into the mosques when necessary. look at orlando. san bernardino. ft. hood. boston bombers. we were aware of these guys. they were on the radar already. the federal or local radar. we should have been in the mosques where these guys worshipped. looking at the people around them, there's -- this is criminal profiling. this is things that you would do under any other circumstance, in any other investigation. but because it involves religion, you have people on the left that say it's racial profiling. no, it's not. it's not racial profiling. you're criminally profiling. you're predictive profiling based on things that you know that these people do. >> you could ultimately save lives you're saying and that trumps any type of profiling?
4:55 am
>> listen, if we had gotten into the mosques where the people were, looked at their associates and really got into what they were doing on a daily basis there's a good chance that some of if things could have been prevented. >> it's come out that he was connected to that one suicide bomber who went over to the middle east who trained in the middle east, came back and he was recruiting individuals and one of those guys that he tried to recruit is the one who contacted the fbi. >> right. >> that's why mateen was even being investigated by the fbi. >> that's right. and you know, that -- and this brings a whole other element to this and that is the constant communications between the federal government, the fbi, federal agencies and the local law enforcement agencies. >> well, that's -- i'm glad you brought that up because yesterday rick scott was talking as his disappointment, how there is not communication between these agencies. how can we improve that? >> there has to be communications. i mean, that's got to stop. you know, the fbi agents went to see this guy on two or three different occasions. in doing so, i personally feel
4:56 am
they should be taking the local law enforcement with them. a local detective from the local police department, local precinct, they should know that this guy's on a watch list. he's a sympathizer. he's a supporter. they have thousands of police officers in communities around the country that can be looking at these people when the fbi is gone and not there. >> right. >> the fbi only has 14,000 agents for their entire national network of what they do. it's not enough. they have got a thousand -- they have more than a thousand the guys under watch. they need more people. and they need assistance if they can get that from the locals. >> we're listening. thank you so much. good to see you, commissioner. a fox news alert, a toddler attacked by an alligator and dragged into the lagoon down at disney world. the latest details on the frantic search just ahead. then president obama takes on donald trump with the strongest attack yet. is that appropriate for a sitting president to do? former white house press secretary, there she is, dana
4:57 am
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5:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, june 15th. i'm ainsley earhardt. and this is a fox news alert. horror down at disney world, a 2-year-old little boy dragged into the theme park lagoon by an alligator. search and rescue crews are now there on the ground. they're hoping for the best, but they're fearing for the worst. >> you know how that father must have felt. i have three children. i'm just trying to -- i cannot come to grips what it must have been like to be in that situation. i can't imagine. >> i don't think anyone can imagine that. that officer join us live with the latest on his frantic search just minutes way. steve? another fox news alert. a chilling new warning from isis this morning. terror fighter place be planning to attack at any minute.
5:01 am
a brand-new threat aimed at france and belgium. the country still reeling from last year's terror attacks. we have breaking details from europe straight ahead. brian? and donald trump and president obama spar like we have never seen before. >> i watched president obama today and he was more angry at me than he was at the shooter. >> what president obama said that got trump this worked up. we'll go over that, because dana perino gives us her take just around the corner and that's exactly what she looks like. meanwhile, mornings remain better with "friends." x. happening at this hour t frantic search is intensifying for the 2-year-old little boy after an alligator viciously dragged him into the lake at the hotel down in disney world. >> kicking and screaming and
5:02 am
parents did everything they could to possibly save the toddler, but the reptile swam away with the child. officials are trying to stay positive. vowing not to give up. >> we just want to keep searching and searching and searching until we just can't search anymore. the sheriff has an all hands on deck approach with this. so we'll keep searching until we find something. the question keeps getting asked -- when will we call this off? we'll call it off when we call it off. but right now, no discussion of that. >> meanwhile, abby huntsman is live with brand-new video of the search. we have our fingers crossed, hope against hope. >> reporter: this one of the worst stories that you have ever heard. we have new some video coming in from the newsroom that we can play for you. if we can play that. as you're seeing right now, crews are continuing to search right now, hoping that daylight is on their side.
5:03 am
you can take a look at the brand-new video. this come into the newsroom. the search crews have been out all night, all morning doing everything they can to find the little boy. a family vacation to the happiest place on earth turning into a nightmare in a matter of seconds. the couple and their three young children visiting orlando from nebraska, staying at disney world's grand floridian resort and spa and they were enjoying an outdoor movie night. they set up near the lagoon and police say the 2-year-old boy and his father were splashing around in the lake and then the alligator pulled him into the water. the father tried to wrestle the gator but he was not successful. we spoke to animal expert jeff corwin who stressed that this could happen to anyone. >> you really need to do is just be completely aware of your surroundings and be completely plugged in. it is florida. there are millions of alligators there. and you need to keep that in
5:04 am
mind when you're by a lagoon with your pets or children. >> reporter: now search crews are using sonar equipment and helicopters to help find the alligator. the gator is between four and seven feet long and there's a no swimming sign near the lagoon. disney world is cooperating and with everything going on in orlando right now, you guys, authorities promising to put all of their rescue efforts into finding this boy. it's one of the worst stories you can think, and you have to hold on tightly to your children this morning. >> no kidding. thank you very much. just real quick i reached out the disney this morning to get a statement on the rescue operations. so far, this is what they sent to me from the vice president of walt disney world resort, he said everyone here is devastated by the tragic accident. our thoughts are with the family, we are helping the family and doing everything we can to assist law enforcement. so again, they have a lot of assets and they have a lot of security. and i'm sure they have been all
5:05 am
over this for the last -- since 9:16 when the first call came in last night. >> that's right. we'll have the public information officer from orange county with us in about five minutes for the very latest on the search. >> yeah. just such a tragic story. no one to blame here. the parents are great parents, they were taking their kids on vacation, probably saved all their money to stay on the property. just terrible. also out of orlando, another alert. we are taking a live look at the opening of a family assistance center to help those affected by the pulse nightclub shooting. >> this as we learn the terrorist's wife apparently knew about his deadly plan. even drove him to the place once or twice, but she never told the cops. >> now she could face more than 100 charges as an accomplice to murder. >> wow. leland vitter has been following this story as it unfolds. it is unfolding as we speak. he remains live in orlando with the latest. the investigation broadens, lee
5:06 am
land. >> reporter: exactly, brian and the fbi is behind me still collecting evidence at pulse nightclub. they are now looking at noor salman, the wife of omar mateen. they have convened a grand jury to possibly charge her with accessory to murder and failure to notify the fbi. they think she now about her husband's plans, knew about him buying the guns, and may have helped him case not only the pulse nightclub, but also walt disney world and still did nothing about it. feds say this isn't unusual. >> when someone self-radicalizes, there's almost someone close to the individual who sees the signs, who might be aware of what's going on, who is aware that the individual is plotting to commit an act of violence. >> reporter: now, there are new questions about how omar mateen was related to abu saleh, the
5:07 am
first known american suicide bomber and this was investigated a couple of years ago by the fbi and they cleared mateen, but there are new questions that the connection may have been closer than initially thought. what if any role that that played with mateen planning the terror attack. we saw it after san bernardino and now what we are seeing now, looking back and seeing what dots could have been connected. what dots were missed by the fbi that could have prevented a terror attack. back to you all. >> all right. leland vitter, live in orlando near the pulse night club, thank you very much. of course, famously as we have detailed in our reporting, the killer pledged his allegiance on a 911 call to the police just during the siege. dana perino joins us right now. i'm sure you were watching with great interest the president of the united states who seemed awfully thin skinned yesterday. he was responding to all of the criticism that he has not used the term radical islam unlike hillary clinton who used it this
5:08 am
week. listen to this. and then dana's analysis. >> that's the key they tell us. we can't isil unless we call them radical islamists. not once has an adviser of mine said, man, once we use that phrase we'll turn this thing around. not once. we know who the enemy is. so do the intelligence and law enforcement officers who spent countless hours disrupting plots and protecting all americans. including politicians who tweet. but we are now seeing how dangerous this kind of mindset and this kind of thinking can be. we now have proposals from the presumptive republican nominee for president of the united states to bar all muslims from emigrating to america. where does this stop? >> donald trump really got under his skin. >> well, it's kind of not hard to do, but i have watched every presidential speech with a
5:09 am
little bit of an eye to how george w. bush handled it because i worked for him. very different men, very different time, different threats they're facing, although this one is arguably like after 9/11 in terms of al qaeda, but isis arguably much more powerful with a different way to communicate in terms of our recruiting loners and losers like mateen. when you're speaking as a president, you have the audience, the enemies and our allies. it seems like president obama always is talking to the american people saying don't worry so much about it. it's not that big of a deal. you're going to have to understand that we're doing all that we can. i think that after orlando, it wasn't the time or the place for it. people wanted to know -- >> 48 hours. >> are we going to adapt a new strategy? what are we going -- we can't have our young people who are just out very innocently having a great time be gunned down by isis sympathizers. something could be done differently, i do think that president obama is responding to
5:10 am
attacks from the republican nominee. for suggesting that he was sort of aiding and abetting the enemy. i would have been upset too. but i think the way i would have handled it is to say president obama, you go be the comforter in chief in orlando and let somebody like biden go after him. >> brian, i think you have a question. >> yeah. >> dana, something you said. i have been -- i see where you used to live full-time. but dana one of the things i'll take issue that you said. there's no different in the enemies you have a different leader and the president of the united states can talk about the challenge of islamic extremism, but instead he pivoted to guns and donald trump. i think that gets people who aren't in the political process extremely unnerved. >> right, i think that's right. obviously there's two things happening here. the first thing that the left did was to say guns -- gun
5:11 am
violence is the issue here. that doesn't ring right to people. at the same time, the immigration policy of america and banning muslims coming into the country doesn't address the orlando thr mateen was born in america and was a u.s. citizen. we have a home grown threat, recruited by isis through online means and by the imam there at the mosque and aided and abetted business and his wife and the fbi director said the next day -- usually a cautious man in terms of james comey's countenance on this issue, he said, let's be cautious, let's not get ahead of ourselves. he said on day one there's nothing that the fbi would have done differently. that's what i think the american people are frustrated with, how can we say we won't do anything differently when the jv team is now killing 49 people and injuring 53 and rattling the country because soft targets like the pulse nightclub are all across america and people who live everywhere, men and women, say that they're worried that there could be a terrorist
5:12 am
attack in their home country. home cities. >> we are all worried about it. >> but the president said don't worry about this, we've got this and the people are saying we want to make sure we've got this, and he says we do, and we're not focussed on the victims. >> people are worried about the soft targets. >> we'll be watching you today on "the five." meanwhile, another fox news alert. back to the top story, frantic search for a toddler taken by the alligator last night at disney world. a spokesperson for the orange county police department joins us live with the very latest details from orlando next. incredible bladder protection in a pad this thin, i didn't...
5:13 am
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5:16 am
so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. we've got a fox news alert. new video in to our newsroom of a horrifying story we have been following all morning. 9:00 last night, a toddler and his parents were standing in about a foot of water at the seven seas lagoon there adjacent to the grand floridian hotel at walt disney world when out of nowhere an alligator grabbed a 2-year-old boy and pulled the toddler under water. >> steve, it's a family from nebraska, a family of five. they were there with their three children. having a nice vacation, and this
5:17 am
alligator comes out of nowhere and pulls the little boy into the water. crews have been searching all night, they aren't stopping now. officer jeff williamson who is the spokesperson for the orange county sheriff's department joins us now. thank you for joining us. the sun has come up. how has the search come since the sun has come up and since the press conference? >> well, i guess we've got a fresh set of eyes right now at this particular scene. many of the people who were here last night late had been at multiple vigils for grieving families from the pulse shooting. so we have got a lot of tire people out here last night and this morning we have fresh eyes. our sonar boat will be out here along with the florida conservation wildlife boat and held will be in the air, our dive team is sat the ready. they can suit up at any moment, and go into the water should anything be discovered. we have new eyes, fresh eyes and some more energy on the scene than we had last night.
5:18 am
so we're hoping for something great to happen today. >> jeff, the last we saw the little boy, it was 11 hours ago. is this still considered a search and rescue operation or is it search and recovery? >> right now, it's considered search and recovery mode. we are still looking for him. we are somewhat hopeful. we have got to be. we're going to keep being that, you know, until we find a reason to be otherwise. but we are still -- we are still in search and recovery mode at this particular point in time. like i said, hoping for the best, but, you know, certainly being realistic and having been in law enforcement long enough to know you want a good outcome but sometimes you don't get. we'll be aggressively searching this water with multiple personnel today with an aggressive marine unit, fish and wildlife is out here. disney has been a great partner in this. we're hoping with all of our eyes and ears on the scene hopefully we can find some way to bring somewhat of a pleasant
5:19 am
ending to this catastrophic incident. >> officer, you said the divers were waiting to go into the water until there was some sort of evidence, maybe a finding of the little boy. why is that? why aren't the divers under the water now? >> it is a huge body of water. it would be like looking for a needle in the hay stack right now. the smarter thing is to do -- search the quaer the with the sonar. if you get a hit, that would be a way for you to look for something. right now, it's -- it's just not -- quixotic thinking to we can dive into the water and find something. it's better to search for something, get a hit and then send the divers down. >> that makes sense. >> jeff, i know they haven't released the name of the family yet, but tell us about the family, where they're from. how they're holding up.
5:20 am
>> it's family of four. they're from nebraska. a mom and a dad, a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. i have heard reports that five in the family, but it's four. it's a 4-year-old and the 2-year-old and the 2-year-old is the one dragged into the lake by the alligator. they're distraught. as anyone -- as a dad personally i know i would be heartbroken, crestfallen. you give me the adjective, i would be it right now. that's what they are. we have victim advocates on scene at this particular point in time. just trying to bring whatever relief, if that's even a possible thing to have in this situation, but to bring relief to the family, to do everything we can. when i say everything, i mean many of us including me have not slept. we're going to work day and night. we're going to work to bring
5:21 am
some relief, in whatever way possible to this family. >> we know you have a big job ahead of you. thanks very much. more "fox & friends" after the break. hmmmmm... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. named one of car and driver's 10best, 10 years in a row. igoing to clean betteran electthan a manual. was he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean.
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good morning. 24 minutes after the hour. we have some breaking news from overseas right now. terror fighters may be planning to attack in france and belgium at any minute we are told. this brand-new warning aimed at those two countries. those countries already on high alert since the massacres that took place in paris last year and then also belgium of course. just yesterday, a terrorist slashing two police officers, a husband and his wife to death. outside of paris. and right in front of their 3-year-old little boy. there's a look at their house right there. that killer then live streaming that entire attack on facebook.
5:25 am
well, the new warning comes during the european championship soccer tournament. our u.s. state department singling out that event in a recent summer travel warning to americans who are planning to go you have seas. be careful if you're in that area. this morning brand-new information about the gunman killed in the hostage situation in walmart. >> a woman hiding in a clothes rack, bringing her around. we have shots fired. do not come to the back of the -- the back of the building. >> police say that 54-year-old mohammed, a long time employee, came in and fired a gun before dragging his manager and co-worker into the office at the amarillo store. s.w.a.t. teams then shot and killed him. it stemmed from a dispute with his boss. those are your headlines. >> thank you. another fox news alert. survivors of the orlando massacre now sharing horrifying stories from inside the pulse nightclub sunday.
5:26 am
>> shooting everyone that's already dead on the floor. i'm there laying down and i'm thinking i'm next, i'm dead. >> doctors describing the hospital like a war zone. "fox and friends weekend" co-host, anna kooiman with more. >> good morning and good morning to you at home. the chilling firsthand accounts are hard to hear about. shooting victims trampled, bones shattered, covered in blood and screaming for help. patience carter was an intern is part of our fox family and she was shot in the legs and left unable to walk. she had run back into the nightclub to save her friend, akyra murray. they were on vacation together and murray didn't make it and now carter says she's overcome with survivor's guilt. >> i never thought in a million years that my eyes could witness something so tragic. looking at the blood and debris covered on everyone's faces, looking at the gunman's feet
5:27 am
under the stall as he paces. the guilt of feeling lucky to be alive is heavy. >> an nyu student was held hostage for some three hours and her life was spared after the gunman said he didn't want to shoot black people. that night, trauma surgeons seeing a wave of patients like never before. one sharing a photo of blood stained shoes. writing this, the blood that soaked through my scrubs and my shoes will stain me forever. doctors say the images are surreal. >> we're just giving patient after patient after patient. we'd literally walk from one room to another and do it again and again. >> this was the largest disaster that we have probably could have imagined. >> reporter: right now out of the 44 people taken to the orlando regional medical center, 27 are still there. six in critical condition.
5:28 am
five in guarded condition. and 16 are stable. doctors say they still expect the death toll could go up right now. it remains at 49. ainsley and steve? >> we hope not. thank you so much. meanwhile, president obama is traveling to florida tomorrow to show solidarity with orlando. but you know what? he didn't call or write after the attack to the governor. florida's lieutenant governor carlos lopez cantera calls that unacceptable and he joins us live next. an alligator pulled a 2-year-old into the lagoon, how in the world did that happen? an expert joins us next. -greasy. seresto® kills and repels fleas and ticks for 8 continuous months. seresto®. from bayer.
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so yoless intense?k out. there we go. which means you need to know your heart rate. when you're going up that hill. or holding up that post. or hiking on that trail. baaaaah! that was weird. or you want to know how many calories you burned. when you're doing this. or this. or this. or this. which means, you should probably wear this. beat yesterday with vivoactive hr. from garmin. right now it's a search and recovery mode. we're still looking for him. we are somewhat hopeful. we've got to be. we're going to keep being that
5:32 am
until we find a reason to be otherwise. we're hoping with all of our eyes and ears on the scene, hopefully we can find some way to bring a -- somewhat of a pleasant ending to the catastrophic incident. >> that was the public information officer for orange county, about ten minutes ago, with the horrifying story we have been following since 9:00 last night. a toddler grabbed by an alligator standing in one foot of water. at the seven seas lagoon next to the grand floridian hotel in walt disney world. as a dad desperately tried to save him. >> gator land director and expert tim williams joins us by phone from orlando with some insight and you see there brian is in washington, d.c. you want to ask the first question to -- >> yeah. thank you for joining us. we understand there were some in the water, some 50 rescue
5:33 am
workers were helping. what would be the best way to as quick as possible to surveil the area and find out what gator is responsible and where the kid might be? >> well, that's a great question. i think they were doing everything they could at the right time. night time is one of the easier ways to find alligators because their eyes glow and you can shine them with the little light. that's one of the best ways. and the fact they had that many people out there looking. you have to remember we have a lot of alligators in florida. and we have a lot of people that worked with them and work around them and are familiar with them and these -- these ladies and gentlemen know how to go about their business finding the animals. even though it's a difficult task. >> tim, when a gator takes something under water, what happens? >> well, it depends on the size of the prey, they try to drown it. and it's too large to devour, just to swallow, they normally swallow the food, then they have to break it up into pieces.
5:34 am
it's a very tragic, horrific thing. i do want to say that i have raised several children, i have several grandchildren about that size. and it breaks my heart hearing this story like this. i just -- it's devastating. >> yeah. >> devastating. >> there were no swimming signs there, but you know what? people have been sticking their feet in that lagoon for years. the family was just about standing in one foot of water. it's hard to believe that a gator could drag a kid off in one foot of water. >> well, they are strong. they're one of -- it's unbelievable how powerful these animals are. and they're quick. they don't look like they'd move much. they just sit around, looking kind of silly. but they can move very quick, and their bite has been measured at over 3,000 psi, they get
5:35 am
ahold of something it's theirs. it's impossible to turn them loose like a trap. >> all right, tim williams, thank you. >> thank you all. prayers for everybody. >> absolutely. >> yep. all around. well, here to react is florida's lieutenant governor and gop senate candidate, carlos lopez cantera. a lot of things going on in your state. we'll get your take on what's happening with this family at disney world first. >> it's a tragic situation. i'm a parent myself. and you cannot imagine how horrible the situation this family is going through right now. it's nightmarish. it's a horrible, horrible situation. >> it is. brian, you were down in orlando yesterday talking to the governor. what did you talk to the lieutenant governor about that situation. >> the governor came up, i never saw him as fired up because he
5:36 am
had met with the families and he knows how the velocity and where the investigation was heading, but the thing that stuck out with me, when i asked the governor what the president said, and he came out and he said that the president hasn't called. listen. >> has the president spoken to you yet? >> no, he has not called. a staffer has called. no, he's not called. >> he's not had any contact with me and nor has he contacted our governor yet. of course we'd be glad to meet with him. he's the president of the united states. >> don't you think, lieutenant governor, coordination with the governor of a state, not just a mayor of orlando is vital? >> oh, absolutely. and the governor had put in a request for a declaration of emergency which removes a lot of red tape, inner agency red tape, creates the ability to access funds in a tragedy like this. and there was no phone call there as far as i know.
5:37 am
up to right now, there still hasn't been a phone call. >> but governor has agreed to meet him on the tarmac when he lands there on thursday. >> correct. the president is traveling to orlando tomorrow and the governor is going to do what he was elected to do. represent 20 million floridians and do what's best for them. and he's -- he's committed to this job. i mean, i was there in orlando on monday and tuesday. i'm sorry, monday and sunday. on the scene with the governor and our team and all we were trying to do, all we continued to try to do was to make sure all needs were met for the families of the victims, for those still in the hospital, for first responders, for the law enforcement and for the community leaders who are all coming together unifying to show solidarity and stand as one group in orlando against a horrific terrorist act. >> sure. carlos, the president of the united states yesterday got into a spat with donald trump. donald trump says, you know, the president doesn't use the term radical islam.
5:38 am
the president has for years tried to convince us all he's got it handled, but there in florida i'm sure a lot of people are disappointed that he doesn't have a better handle on killing them where they are, you know, over in syria and in iraq. >> exactly. i think the first thing you have to do with any enemy is define the enemy and know who your enemy is. and go to the root of where the problem is. which is at its source, which is in -- like you said, syria and iraq and destroy them over there. so that they cannot continue to disseminate this type of horrible messaging which is now clearly a threat to the safety and the security to the united states of america. >> a lot of people are saying by not saying the word radical that it's not going to solve the problem if he does use the word radical, but it's part of the problem that he's not using the word. do you agree with that?
5:39 am
>> i think the biggest problem is there's no strategy, there's no action that is making a difference. they continue to export their violence, they continue to carry it out on the ground. assad and putin are bombing not isis, they are bombing the free syrian army that are fighting against the dictatorship of assad. there has been no progress, at least from our perspective over here. they continue to export this violence and radicalize now american citizens. to carry out their violence around the world. and here in our home state. >> lieutenant governor, the gay community was targeted. that was latin night and they were targeted too. when i went to the vigil two days ago, they were talking about how they can't believe isis hit us here. do you sense the hispanic and gay community will be more mobilized to understand the threat here at home or do you look -- do you think they'll look at it as just something that happened and won't happen again? >> no, i think that it's pretty clear that this terrorist targeted that gay nightclub.
5:40 am
that was hosting latino hispanic night. i know the community is very upset about it, but at the end of the day he killed americans, we're all americans at the end of the day. we need to recognize this is a threat against the entire citizenry of the united states of america. >> sure. mr. lieutenant governor, you are running for the u.s. senate, marco rubio's seat he currently holds. he told the hugh hewitt show, i think when it visits your home state, impacts your community, it gives you a pause to think about your service to your country and where you can be most useful to your country and to some it sounded like he was going to jump back into the r e race. he has since denied that. but do you feel like that is a possibility he might actually decide -- you know what, i like the job, i'm going to continue with it? >> well, we were both there on sunday. and we spent some time together chatting before he left to drive himself back to miami. and we were both just affected
5:41 am
by what we were witnessing there, this horrific and horrible tragedy. it makes anybody pause and think about their life, not from a political standpoint, but from a human standpoint. >> what -- >> i'm sorry? you were both speaking at the same time. >> brian? >> do you think he'll run for the senate seat again, because there are indications that he'll go, amped up, mitch mcconnell wants him to. if he does, will you get out? >> i don't have any indication that anything has changed. i do know that what we both witnessed on sunday affected us both. as fathers, as americans, as floridians. it was a really horrible situation. >> all right. >> indeed. florida lieutenant governor carlos lopez cantera, thank you. coming up a brand-new poll on the state of the presidential race. which candidate do voters like
5:42 am
less? hillary clinton or donald trump? plus, many people are calling for more gun control in the wake of the orlando attacks. our next guest offered gun control legislation last year. it went nowhere. so why no compromise? west virginia democratic senator joe manchin joins brian straight ahead. obama slams trump, the president and the candidates continue their battle as they duke it out over using the term radical islam. i'm gretchen carlson as we referee this fight on "the real story." ♪ (woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words.
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5:46 am
sanders may be about to throw in the towel on his presidential run, he's expected to address the future of his campaign tomorrow in an online speech. well, this after having met with hillary clinton just hours before she won the d.c. primary yesterday. neither one revealing what was said during that 90 minute sit down they had, but speculations are swirling that the two could be teaming up to stop trump. which could be working. a brand-new "washington post" poll shows that 70% of americans have a negative view of the presumptive republican nominee. boy, he had a semiautomatic rifle and 15 pounds of explosives. that's what police have now revealed about this image who was on his way -- this man who was on his way to the california gave pride event. 20-year-old james howell is facing weapons charges. they found knives and a stun gun, and he drove to southern california from indiana.
5:47 am
he's now been convicted of i believe -- intimidation charges and banned from owning guns. as orlando grapples with the tragedy, they're being met with support from all kinds of americans and even the four-legged ones. comfort dogs, now arriving in the city with the purpose of bringing any amount of joy to the friends and families of those victims. the dogs are coming in from chicago, from a chicago based ministry that travels around the country to help those touched by tragedy. and thousands taken to the streets in downtown pittsburgh to officially welcome back the 2016 stanley cup champions. this is the penguins' second title since 2009. the celebration begins in a few hours. see you back here. those are your headlines. >> thank you. up next, president obama doubles down on his decision not to refer to what happened in orlando and elsewhere as radical islam. >> it's a political talking point, it's not a strategy.
5:48 am
>> well, democratic west virginia senator joe manchin, a democrat, is going to join brian in washington to react to the president next. but first, let's check in with bill hemmer to find out what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> welcome back. back in new york, the breaking news out of disney, just stunning. the latest on the 2-year-old boy an and an alligator. we'll take you there. also, what we know about the wife of the killer in orlando. that investigation is red hot. in politics the president went after donald trump, and trump returned fire last night. we have another big morning of news. we'll get on that, about 12 minutes away. see you at the top of the hour on "america's newsroom." real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them.
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there's no magic to the phrase radical islam.
5:52 am
it's a political talking point. it's not a strategy. calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away. this is a political distraction. we are now seeing how dangerous this kind of mindset and this kind of thinking can be. >> well, that was the president yesterday, on the defensive, calling out donald trump and everybody else as he tries to explain away how we won't use the term radical islam to define the terrorists who are trying to kill us. like the one in orlando. here with reaction, joe manchin. senator, i always enjoy having you in when we come to town. your reaction to the president's tone yesterday? >> well, basically the president he is who he is, 7 1/2 years, he's methodical, very thoughtful when he speaks, he doesn't get emotional. people think he should have been been more emotional about -- >> do you? >> about the act. well, you'd like the see that.
5:53 am
and i think the president -- what he is saying is that we have taken more territory back, we have killed more people. just by using the name is not the strategy. i'm on armed services we haven't talked about that as a strategy. i don't know a muslim in west virginia or a muslim anywhere in the country that doesn't believe that these people are radical. if they have been radicalized to the point they want to kill innocent people. >> if we use the term radical islamists it shouldn't offend them. you know they'll get stronger, this ever a legal system, they have a tax system. they have a news service. how does that showing that we're effective in fighting isis? >> i know. we have had radical christians, we have had people go into the churches, christians, kill people. >> and by the way the president did say radical christian. >> he should have said radical. people want to do so much harm to people -- innocent people and
5:54 am
people of their own faith. so i don't know, but as far as the strategy of how we're going to defeat isis, i don't think that that's part of the strategy. but basically not being -- not saying it and identifying them i believe that i don't have a problem with that and the president has given his reasons why he's not. >> but you would do it. >> i would do it in a heart beat. >> now i'd like to move to another target, you have putten gun control legislation out there and it's gotten no support. 58% support the banning of assault rifles. where do you stand? >> first of all it's not gun control then we you do the background checks there's a loophole. if you're -- if you have been mental mentally adjudicated, you're insane -- >> sandy hook. >> you should don't to the gun show because of the loophole. you can go to the one table and buy anything you want. you shouldn't be able to go on the internet. 78% of all americans agree with
5:55 am
that. we can't get that common sense piece of legislation. that's the building block to do anything. >> but why ask it -- is it you can't get a ban on people who have mental illness in a background check? >> yeah, doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. why we can't. >> because they're worried about the wrongly accused? >> they're worried about taking the rights way and wrongly accused. let me ask you this. i think all of us can agree that if you're on a no fly list, should you be on the no buy list? if we suspect you could do harm to america or americans you shouldn't be able to fly on the airplane. >> there's not the issue of orlando though. and people bring that up with orlando they're doing it for politics. >> but the bottom line is people want to see some common sense rational movement. we're not getting anything. >> but senator, you know what common sense is, if you're being investigated by the fbi over the last five years you can not get
5:56 am
an assault weapon within a week. >> i agree. >> senator lindsey graham will work with you on some level. >> he's one of the best to work with across the aisle, and one of the most rationale. >> i want everyone to weigh in. one of the real rational thinkers in washington, joe manchin. meanwhile, more "fox & friends," we'll wrap it from new york and from washington. you do what it takes to be healthy. but can your multivitamin do more for your immune health? now one a day has the first multivitamin with probiotics to support the 70%
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before it's history, it's news. >> well, brian at the conclusion of your interview with joe manchin you asked for comments on twitter right now. regarding gun contro >> you asked for comments on twitter about gun control. how do they gunned more gun control when what they have now didn't work? this is the government's fault, not the gun owners. martha: you are in dc joining us tomorrow.
6:00 am
>> look for lindsey graham to make a major announcement when it comes to fbi background checks and getting more funding. >> the man who killed usama bin laden will join us. we hope you too. see you then. >> what a stunning story. desperate search for a 2-year-old boy snatched by an alligator at a disney world resort. this orphic incident unfolding overnight after grant floridian officials holding out hope after searching for 12 hours. we say hello and good morning in new york. welcome to america's newsroom. >> welcome back. another incident in orlando. the toddler was waiting in this water when the gator suddenly dragged him into a lagoon. at a news conference officials say that


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