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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 16, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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bill: big morning here and more to come, right? heather: so much happening. bill: thanks for everything you've done here with martha being away. heather: nice to have you back. bill: "happening now" starts now, i'll see you a little bit later, at 3:00. ♪ ♪ jon: good morning. president obama on his way to orlando right now to meet with families of the victims gunned down in that nightclub terror attack. welcome to "happening now," i'm jon scott. melissa: and i'm melissa francis in for jenna lee. we are also learning chilling new details about the shooter, omar mateen, apparently using his final words to warn of more attacks in america as the fbi asks for the public's help in learning everything it can about the man behind the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. jon: peter doocy is in orlando live with the latest.
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>> reporter: jon, during his terrorist attack on sunday morning here at pulse, terrorist omar mateen paused to see how much press he was getting, searching on facebook using the terms "pulse orlando" and "shooting." we learned that in a letter homeland security chairman ron johnson wrote to facebook ceo mark zuckerberg, a letter that also reveals days before murdering 49 innocent people, the terrorist also posted on facebook that, quote: in the next few days, you will see attacks from the islamic state in the usa. in the last hour, we got an update from the orlando regional medical center. doctors there are still treating 23 victims, 6 of them are in critical condition, 3 of them need surgeries today. and since sunday morning surgeons have performed 50 operations on club goers. we have also now seen a new look at the club inside before omar mateen arrived. this photo was provided to us by
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a survivor. his name, adrian lopez. you see him in front smiling with friends. minutes later, though, they were all just trying to stay alive. >> my reaction was just to go back inside and see if they were at least okay or moving. and i was so in shock that i only saw just bodies on the floor. >> reporter: so survivors are hurting and so are victims' families who are about to get a visit from president obama and vice president biden here in orlando in the next few hours. it's going to be president obama's eighth visit to a city that was affected by a mass shooting. jon? jon: peter doocy there in orlando. thank you, peter. fox news is america's election headquarters. there's a new poll on the race for the white house. according to the latest survey from cbs news, hillary clinton holds a six-point lead over donald trump.
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43-37% among registered voters. that margin unchanged from a month ago. most of the interviewing for poll was conducted before the orlando terror attack. let's talk about it with larry sabato, director of center for politics at the university of virginia. larry, it's good to have you here. we'll dig into the numbers just a little bit. the margin is unchanged. the two parties seem to have cemented their candidates. do you see a trend or a prediction as to where the race goes from here? >> no, it's june. you've heard me say this a million times, jon, over many election cycles. [laughter] i'm not going to vary from it. it's june, and these polls can change like the weather. but i have to say this is about where the polling averages are, the two major -- the two leading polling averages have clinton ahead by five points. so this cbs poll is almost exactly where the polling averages are.
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jon: yeah, let's look at the trend. six points up for her this month. last month she was also up by six points. but in april and in march before that, she had a ten-point lead over donald trump, so i suppose if you're trump, you can say, you know, things are trending in the right direction. >> well, candidates always find in the numbers encouraging numbers. [laughter] you know? you may have to have to dig down below the surface number, but i've never known a candidate who could not find encouraging news in a poll. so do what you want to do with any poll in june. jon: yeah. ten points -- six points is better than ten points if you're donald trump, but it still means a loss. let's take a look at what the cbs poll found some of the qualities to be. do the candidates say what they believe? 56% say, yeah, donald trump says what he believes. with hillary clinton it's only 33%. but when you get to the question -- and this would seem
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to be the big one -- are they prepared for the job of president, only 30% see trump as prepared. 59% say hillary clinton is prepared. when they're going into the voting booth, larry, isn't that the job that voters ask themselves before they pull the lever? >> sure. and that's a reason that the republicans and the trump forces can be happy the election isn't today. but we have 100 and, what, 145, 146 days to go. a big, retwining moment normally -- redefining moment normally comes during the convention. that's your chance to tell your story in your own way. and the networks actually cover it for the most part. so those are critical moments. and we'll see how donald trump uses that moment x we'll see how hillary clinton uses it the following week for herself. jon: again, most of the questioning for this poll was done before the orlando attacks,
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but they asked which candidate would be better on handling terrorism. donald trump comes up short here. hillary clinton wins that 50-43%, terrorism and national security. when it comes to gun policy, the two of them are virtually tied. clinton gets 46% of people who like her gun policy, trump at 45%. i was a little surprised by the terrorism numbers because he is perceived to be a strong leader and a tough guy. but he comes up on the short end when it comes to handling terrorism and that kind of policy. >> jon, of course again, this is one poll. like you, i have seen contradictory results in other polls saying the opposite. a new poll, new survey by reuters just came out that indicated that the numbers didn't change much after orlando. but, of course, we'll have to see.
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everybody wants to know exactly what's going to happen after each major event, and they expect big changes. i've learned over the years that most things are not big changers. they are not game changers. we tend to believe everything's a game changer. most things are not game changers, and even though this horrible incident has caught the entire country's attention, it may not have any kind of lasting effect on presidential campaign. jon: and that six-point margin that we see, five, six-point margin that we see right now, that could change a lot between now and november, november 6th. >> people can count on it. you know, we're going to be here so many days talking about new polls that have different results and contradict prior polls, be we snow -- and we know why we do it, because we live in the moment. and certainly, cable news has to. you're on all the time. but we need to put it into context. what happens in june is not nearly as important as what happens at the convention ares
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or what happens at the debates or what happens in the final weeks of a campaign. jon: you know it's going to be hot in cleveland and philadelphia this summer. >> for sure. jon: larry sabato, thank you. >> thank you, jon. melissa: now on to capitol hill where a congressional panel is holding a hearing on religious freedom, exploring whether protecting religious freedom around the world should be a foreign policy priority. shannon bream is live in washington with the details on this one. tell us more. >> reporter: well, melissa, calling threats to international religious freedom one of the most pressing challenges of our time, today lawmakers will look at oppression around the world and how it's impacting us right here at home. that includes how we balance taking in religious minorities from regions where they are under constant threat while also making sure bad actors from those regions don't take advantage of asylum policies here in the u.s. earlier this week president
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obama talked about the need for peaceful people to work together against one of the greatest offenders, isis. >> as president, i have repeatedly called op our muslim friends and allies at home and around the world to work with us to reject this twisted interpretation of one of the world's great religions. >> reporter: gop congressman chris smith who will chair today's hearing has worked for years to combat the harassment around the globe from china to the middle east. he says today, quote: it is no coincidence that the worst violaters of religious freedom globally are often those who are the worst threats to the u.s., those who wish to do americans the most harm and those who most want to tear down the pillars of tolerant and democratic societies. earlier this year after months of pressure, secretary of state john kerry finally used the word genocide to describe what's been happening to yazidis, christians and shia muslims at the hands of isis. in today's hearing lawmakers will push to see what the state department has actually been
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doing to put an end end to it. melissa: yeah, we'll see. shannon bream, thank you so much for that. jon. jon: new legal developments to tell you about in the brutal home invasion that left a connecticut are mother and her two daughters dead. one of the two men convicted in that horrific crime has now been resentenced. plus, the heartbreaking death of a 2-year-old at a popular disney resort. what the sheriff is saying about the investigation into this tragedy. and we want to hear from you. donald trump says he may have to go it alone after criticism from republican leaders. is that a feasible strategy? our live chat is up and running. go to to join the conversation.
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yesterday hayes became the first death row inmate to be resentenced officially to life in prison. new developments in a cold case as the fbi now offers a $50,000 reward for information about a serial killer known as the east side rapist. he terrorized several communities in california in the '70s and '80s, committing at least a dozen murders and 45 rapes. plus, murder charges dropped against one of the brothers accused of killing a couple in washington state. he still faces a charge of assisting in the crime as his brother remains at large in mexico. melissa: new information on the deadly alligator attack at walt disney world after searchers recovered the body of 2-year-old lane graves. the sheriff say shes he will -- he will look into why disney postered no signs -- posted no signs where the attacking occurred.
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leland vittert is live near the resort. >> reporter: well, disney clearly new that there were alligators in that pond, and they have now told the associated press that they are going to thoroughly review their alligator warning signage all over the walt disney world resort complex. sadly, that will be too late for lane graves and his family. they were here on day three of their visit. they were at the beach next to the seven seas lagoon, and that's when a day to have came out -- gator came out of the water and grabbed lane. he was about a foot or so deep in water wading around when it happened. his father tried to fight off the gator. that did not help. the gator got lane anyway. his mother was pacing up and down next to that beach and saw the signs that said no swimming as she looked out to try to find her son, but there were not any signs despite the one million alligators in florida that said beware of alligators. >> you're probably not going to be able to keep alligators out of that lake, you know?
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it's going to be a very daunting task. but certainly to warn people to at least let them know, hey, there are potentially animals in here that can eat you would be a good idea. >> reporter: now, during the search for lane sheriff along with some gator trappers pulled out five alligators, killed them all. they're not sure if any of those were the ones that attacked lane. however, disney has a policy that anytime a gator gets over about four feet long, they try to pull it out of the lagoon and relocate it with trappers. whether or not they're going to reevaluate that policy along with the policy about the signage is yet to be seen. melissa. melissa: wow. such a sad story, leland. thank you so much for that report. jon. jon: you just feel for those parents. melissa: you really do. jon: home depot becomes the latest to file a lawsuit against major credit card companies. why home depot says cease v.a.
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and -- visa and mastercard are putting you at risk of hack attacks. also a grand jury will determine whether charges are brought against the widow of the orlando gunman. our legal panel here to talk about that. ♪
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watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. jon: well, home depot is now the latest retailer to file a federal lawsuit against credit card companies over security concerns with chip technology. the company's accusing visa and mastercard of failing to upgrade security measures, leaving retailers at risk of cyber attacks. home depot says credit card companies still rely on accepting customers' signatures for transactions instead of using a pin number which is more secure. home depot claims the credit card companies are not adopting more secure technology in order to maintain their market dominance. last month walmart filed a
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similar suit against visa. melissa: now to new reports on the orlando shooting massacre. a attorney apparently planning to bring evidence before a federal grand jury on the widow of gunman omar mateen. the grand jury will determine whether to bring charges against her. she has been cooperating with law enforcement since the shootings but reportedly gave conflicting statements on when she knew about her husband's intentions in the hours before the attack. so if she knew about the attack, what charges could she face? let's bring in a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, we also have mercedes colon, also a criminal defense attorney and a fox news legal analyst. mercedes, let me start with you. so what's the standard here? because there's a lot of conflicting things going on. there's the accessory and spousal privilege. >> that's a really great point. here's the issue. spousal privilege, she can't be forced to testify about any
8:22 am
criminal intentions, criminal acts, any discussion regarding criminality that her husband may have had with her. and it's interesting that she keeps cooperating because, frankly, the privilege is so concrete even if she were before a judge, a jury, at trial, in front of federal prosecutors who are trying to get information from her, once she asserts the spousal privilege, game over. she cannot be forced to continue to cooperate. melissa: but, keisha, she can be a conspirator, can't she? if she helped, if she drove him. we've seen reports that she drove him to the club in the past, you know, when he was casing it. >> right. melissa: we've also seen reports she was there when he bought different ammunition. if she helped in any way, opportunity that make her a co-conspirator? >> absolutely. and that's where she will be criminally charged. it wouldn't be helping to prosecute her husband, but if he assisted him in any way and if there was a meeting of the minds, she would definitely be charged as if she actually, you know, followed through with the
8:23 am
plot like, you know, what he did. melissa: yeah. >> so that's what her biggest concern should be right now. melissa: yeah. mercedes, how do you battle back against that? i can see some sort of obvious things that they seem to be setting up so far, you know, i mean, he's -- was obviously an incredibly violent person, but even before this point we heard about him abusing, you know, if not one, both of his wives. that could play a role if she said she was coerced? >> exactly right. certainly, they're going to float that defense, but here's the catch. in order for you to say you were living under this duress and, therefore, can't be criminally liable, she has to have had imminent physical threat of danger at the time of the commission of the crime. so she had to actually be in that immediate area where he's committing this horrible massacre and say i had to help him, i couldn't do anything, you know? he's telling me he was going to kill me. that's the real defense, and that's a big issue -- melissa: that's a tough sell.
8:24 am
>> it's a very high threshold, but i can see her trying to say i had mental, you know, problems because i was so afraid of him that i didn't have the menace ma to commit this crime. it is a very difficult burden to overcome in the defense. melissa: it seems like this could be a really important element of this particular situation though, mercedes, because we sit here and we talk about afterwards what could we possibly do differently next time. people are talking about, oh, you can't block out the internet, you can't stop terrorists from getting weapons. one thing we could to, though, is scare the people around these potential terrorists into thinking if they don't alert authorities, they're going to be the ones left behind to pay the bill. and if she does go to jail, wouldn't that send a message to other spouses or even just other family members or people who know? i mean, there's always people around after these things who knew beforehand, right? >> what a great point, because that's really what's going to ultimately happen. there's such public sentiment behind this. you have to have her pay for this massacre. he's dead.
8:25 am
he's not going to be able to pay it, but now you have someone who may have known, who knew he was getting the ammunition, casing disney world and other places. ultimately, the massacre at pulse. plus, they have to say to themselves if you have this type of situation, you cannot see something and not say something. melissa: right. >> now we're going to go after you. melissa: that's the point they're always trying to drive home. these are people who clearly aren't. this is a federal grand jury convening. don't they nine times out of ten indict? >> right. i have a feeling there are going to be more people who knew about this plot. it's not going to just be the wife. and you're right, it does send a great message to deter this type of activity and have people realize they could be criminally charged if they don't tell when they know things like this. melissa: mercedes, i've heard it could be as serious as the death penalty. if she ends up being guilty of conspiracy to committing mass
8:26 am
murder, could you imagine it to go that far? >> absolutely, it could. you have to impanel a jury that's willing to say we will face this individual to die. of she's facing 49 charges of murder and 53 charges of attempted murder? it's unbelievable. melissa: right. >> unlikely she could walk. melissa: what do you think is the most likely outcome? >> i think it's premature, but just based on her inconsistent statements to law enforcement, i think there's going to be an indictment. will there be a conviction? we don't know yet. melissa: an important case to watch. we appreciate it. jon? jon: more on our top story as we look at the growing threat of terrorism with the orlando attack putting the focus on lone wolves like this guy. what can we do to stop them? plus, pulling an all-nighter in the senate. a nearly 15-hour filibuster of sorts pushing for gun control. but will lawmakers be able to hammer out a deal on this divisive issue? our political panel weighs in.
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battle against isis as we take you on board the uss harry s truman aircraft carrier while fighter jets pound terror targets in syria and iraq. >> americans election headquarters and the issue of gun control as the orlando terror attack sports democratic lawmakers to launch a nearly 15 hour filibuster. the non-stop speech finally coming to an end after gop leaders agreed to allow votes on gun-control legislation including one that would ban people on the government terrorist watchlist from getting gun licenses. joining us now, angela mcclellan, fox news political analyst and also santina jackson, fox news contributor and radio talkshow host. thanks to both of you for joining us. let me start with you. this is a tough one because i think for the american
8:32 am
public, anytime we have one of these shootings, everybody retreats to their corners. you don't want to get off your ground, on the other hand you don't want to look intractable when the countries in crisis. who is winning right now? >> the terrorists are winning right now. who's losing right now, the american people and the faith that our president is keeping us safe. i applaud congress for doing what they did yesterday because americans now need to see that our leaders are working for us. but melissa, it's it's a new point. the enemy wants to kill the infidel so if the enemy wants to kill the infidel, they're not going to respect our law so this is something that's more symbolic. what we can do to actually deter this is if you see something, say something. americans need to be vigilant. >> you want to respond to that i studied with this to be quite frank with you because i come from, i support the second amendment fully, i do. but i also come from the martin luther king tradition of nonviolence in which we support negotiation over which we
8:33 am
really need to have a conversation i think angela and melissa, about impulse control. not just gun-control. the fact is, i believe people ought to be able to hunt and protect themselves, protect their home but the challenge you've got right now is that when you introduce drugs, not mental illness, but drugs and alcohol into the mix people make horrible decisions so why don't we look at protecting existing background checks, right? and also banning some automatic weapons and then we can move forward. >> what about this idea? what about the idea of giving an inch in order to move on to another conversation? you're saying this conversation is focused totally in the wrong direction, we need to look at isis and the people who want to come kill us. does that take getting something on gun-control in order to change the conversation to that? >> let me answer your question by saying paris france as some of the most
8:34 am
restrictive gun laws in europe did that did not deter isis from getting their weapons of war which is guns and bombs so again, passing this law, re-creating a lot, doing gun-control background checks does not stop that. what we need is a george w. bush like president that will protect us area because if you recall, when george w. bush was in office, we did not have an attack on our homeland after 9/11. >> but you know what? i have to be honest with you. i think doctor king had it right 50 years ago. he said the bonds we drop overseas can explode at home. we got to look at policy that makes people angry and that endangers our armed forces all over the world. so i think what we need to graduate this conversation angela, not just look at ... >> the gunman ... >> angela, angela, you have got to have a policy discussion. [overlapping conversation] melissa: we got to go one at a time. let me ask you about donald trump's response to this
8:35 am
because he seems to be breaking with the republican party on gun-control saying that the people on the terrorist watchlist should be banned which is also at odds with the national rifle association which endorsed him. angela, what do you think about this? i heard two different takes on it today on the radio. it was amazing. i heard on radio station saying he had lost his mind, he was making the gop furious, that he had really done himself in. i changed the station and someone else was saying he was going to thread the needle and bring everyone together, what a genius moved to win the issue. reactions to be to the exact same move, how do you think it comes out? >> if you're on the no-fly list, that does not mean you've been convicted. that does not mean the us has
8:36 am
proven anything so it could be an american citizen that might have had a breakdown at the airport and you put him on the no-fly list. does that mean they don't have the second amendment right? i disagree with donald trump. leave our second amendment alonebecause if you look at our gun laws where we restrict background checks and what have you in different states , in different cities it does not deter the congress. the crime rate increases. melissa: was this a clever political move on his part because he sounds rational to the other side or was it a disaster on his part because he alienates people like angela who might have been on his side otherwise? >> let me say this angela, you matter. americans are only 4 and a half percent of the global population. 95 and a half percent of the world exist beyond our borders. we have to be very careful about what we say. we need to get on the other side what we say. when you talk about banning muslims and not breaking that conversation down, i didn't say you. we are speaking of mister trump, yes? i'm saying we got to mature
8:37 am
this conversation . this is not just about the enemies and they're coming to get us. no, no. we have some people who have some problems in the united states right now so this conversation we're having is making us sounded like we hate one and a half billion people. are you serious? >> but angela, back to what we are talking about. this idea about donald trump coming into this place on this issue, does it help or hurt him? was it genius or a huge mistake? >> it helps him with the masses. does it help him with the gop? melissa: if you recall we defeated mitt romney. publicans if needed mitt romney in 2012 so i believe donald trump making that statement, it is genius. he can bring more people to his side but he is alienating the republican party. melissa: we got to run. i love seeing you guys on together doing this, i don't know if the audience knows you are dear friends because you laugh when it's all over.
8:38 am
>> she's amazing. >> she is, but we disagree agreeably. i'm not sure that america can take that lesson from us too. jon: the department of homeland security issuing an updated terror threat advisory in the wake of the orlando attacks. dhs secretary jay johnson saying officials are concerned about homegrown violence extremists who could strike with little or no notice. still, with all the red flags raised about nightclub shooter omar mateen, into fbi investigations amid warnings from his family and coworkers, what more can be done to stop more tragedies like this from happening? let's bring in david centauri, a former policy advisor to the obama campaign and a former state department official. that's the question on everybody's mind accommodated. there were so many red flags about this guy, to fbi investigations that he still manages to get hold of a
8:39 am
couple of guns legally and commit this atrocity. how do we stop loan walls like in the future? >> we basically have three fronts against isis now. we have the traditional front which is the battlefront in iraq and syria and now also in libya. we have in terms of fighting against and preventing isis trained terrorists from fanning out to europe and the us and planting and implementing attacks and we have a third front now, which is homegrown terrorists which are inspired by isis, sickly, somehow inspired by isis in the quiet of their own homes. their most difficult to detect and that's what's really going to be a big obstacle and challenge for law enforcement authorities in the us. now, this terrorist,the orlando attacker , across the fbi's radar and we would hope that they had tracked him closely but they did do an investigation.
8:40 am
they did him and apparently when they compared it to others who they viewed as real press, they determined he was not a threat. it's unfortunate and i expect there will be a change in procedure as a result. jon: but how are you going to know whether this was just an angry, maybe bipolar individual who is conflicted about his sexuality and decided to shoot up a gay nightclub versus somebody who really was an isis sympathizer. just because he claims he did it on behalf of isis doesn't necessarily mean that was true, does it? >> it's a good point. he maybe both ofthose things , and isissympathizer but also someone with very serious mental problems . and fording through that is going to be one of the biggest challenges but we also have to have a reach out to the muslim community in the united states, to do a better job of convincing them not to be in contact with isis, not to view isis as anything other than a very
8:41 am
serious terrorist organization that intends to do serious harm to innocent people. jon: what about social media and i don't know, doing something more to monitor what's coming out of isis and who is receiving those messages? >> social media is a big part of it obviously. isis has done a good job unfortunately overview recruiting people through social media, reaching people around the world through social media. there is a very active campaign to shut down that social media and to counter the information that comes across on social media. there are experts that know more about what we are doing and what we could do better. we of course have to be vigilant also about protecting freedom of speech and freedom of getting information through social media which so many of us do. jon: the fbi, as i understand it was not allowed to share the results of his investigation. once they looked into the sky and the concerns they had and
8:42 am
found they had to close the book on the investigation, that was it. they were not allowed to share that information with local police departments, for instance. maybe that's a good thing, i don't know what there is this information locked up that doesn't always necessarily result, well it's not always a good thing. >> that's a really unfortunate part about this. too many of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies are still sideload and not sharing information. we've made progress on that on improving the sharing of information but tragedies like this will cause changes in procedure and hopefully there will be more sharing of information like this between law enforcement authorities so we can better identify people like this attacker. jon: david do furry, formerly with the state department, thank you. melissa: soto will soon cost
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jon: we told you the senate been discussing gun-control legislation and the speaker of the house says the issue coming out of orlando is terrorism, not gun-control. let's listening to the speakers weekly news briefing . >> did you already ask one? okay. just making sure. >> regarding the constitutional public health ... [inaudible question] ... >> don't think i've ever heard of it before. i think that's a new one.
8:47 am
i don't know whole lot about it. i hope and assume this will get worked out. who's with the post here, by the way? kane is here, okay. last question. kane. yes, you're trying to come up with one now, aren't you? the bonus, where's the bonus. >> this morning mister speaker you rolled out ... [inaudible question] >> you know, you can't make this up sometimes. i'll just say we represent a separate but equal branch of government. we just spent the morning talking about how valuable the separation of powers is and how we are trying to restore the entire principle
8:48 am
of self-government, of government by consent. we lose our freedoms in this country including all of the bill of rights if we don't robustly defend the separation of powers and were going to fight for those rights on the half of our citizens so that we remain a self-governing people. let me leave it at that and make sure you call your guys this weekend. jon: speaker of the house paul ryan, father of several young children himself saying hebelieves that terrorism is the real issue we need to solve , that gun-control and individual rights well, violating individual rights is not going to be something coming out of his branch of the congress at any rate. this at the senate has been arguing for more gun-control or arguing about the prospect of more gun-control. we will keep you updated here on fox. new information on the egypt air disaster with that plain black box, the cockpit voice
8:49 am
recorder just recovered now from the floor of the mediterranean sea, about 10,000 feet down. the wreckage also found from the plane , mysteriously veered off course , crashing into the sea, killing all 60 people on board. joining us now, jp cussed on a, a former airline pilot. first of all, they're going to be taking a look at the wreckage itself. in. is the plane in lots of little pieces which would suggest some kind of midair breakup or is it largely intact? >> first of all, the area of the wreckage was quite spread out. i don't think you're going to find it was a heir breakup or an explosive device that sent it down in lots of small pieces. however, with this new type of aluminum all aboard the aircraft is more brittle so the impact on the ocean could have broken it off so i suspect you're going to find large sized pieces of the aircraft down there because if the fuselage was broken up , completely, you would have had four more bodies,
8:50 am
surfacing which has not occurred. i would expect that the fuselage is going to be reasonably intact and probably the tail section is going to be where the flight data recorders are and i don't know whether they were covered this one from the tail section or it broke loose and was on the seafloor. jon: is the cockpit voice recorder. your mind, which is the more valuable? the black box or the flight data recorder? >> i was hoping they would find the voice recorder first because the flight data recorders got 1000 parameters, is going to give you the system's layout of what was going on but what i want to know is, in the cockpit, what were the pilots pilots facing that they made no emergency callout, that there was movement to the aircraft to the left or right and that began the descent. what were the oral warnings quest to mark what were the crew saying? what checklists were they calling for?
8:51 am
everything they were facing will give me an outstanding idea without going through the data recorder of what occurred cockpit and what the pilots were facing? >> what are the prospects of finding that data recorder, more with jp to study when we return. >> train; i did. first thing he thought of was am i gonna to take care of my family? i did come across cancer treatment centers of america and i said oh, this place sounds awesome. when i got to cancer treatment centers of america, i got a great oncologist. also a naturopath, a nutritionist. they all worked together as a team to come up with a treatment plan designed specifically for me. we believe in whole body treatment. and we have all those care providers here who communicate with each other to come up with the plan for the patient. i knew i was in good hands. it was that simple. at cancer treatment centers of america, we treat cancer, every stage, every day. it's not one thing we do, it's the only thing we do.
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jon: top of the hour brings us "outnumbered". sandra and harris, what do you have? >> the president travels to florida to meet with families of the terror attack victims. the cia director saying isis's global reach continues to expand. is there any way to stop the terror groups spread of evil?
8:55 am
>> it's unreal right now and donald trump says republican leaders, i will go it alone if i have to. what it means to the continued questions about the gop unity. >> hillary clinton getting an endorsement from a major celebrity but is it based on policies or her gender? all that plus a hashtag one lucky guy, "outnumbered" on this friday, back to you. jon: see you then. of the hour. we told you that the authorities have relocated the cockpit voice recorder from egypt air fright flight 104, 10,000 feet down in the mediterranean sea. j.p. tristani, a former airline pilot is with us now. we know from those engine transmissions, those engine monitor transmissions that there were warnings of smoke in the cockpit and smoke in an electronics bay under the cockpit. does that tell you anything or what worries you most, i guess coming out of those warnings? >> what is frightening is that a formal runway inside the electronics bay that could have been sending out those what they call acorn warnings transmitted back to the flight operations center, any smoke, fire of unknown origin that is a warning
8:56 am
system in the aircraft that calls for the most difficult checklist that any pilots can face because it is accompanied also by smoke. you also have a possibility that you may have to don a full smoke hood, not just positive pressure masks. what you're doing is laying on top of thepilots , more and more difficulties to combat a checklist that is very demanding and has to go through very set procedures so the very fact that they may not have made the emergency call out was because they were fighting a cascade of problems that could have been actually driving them toward incapacitation. >> they have a cockpit voice recorder and that should give them a good lead . >> i think it's going to tell a good portion of the story. jon: j.p. tristani, thanks for your expertise. melissa: new next hour of
8:57 am
"happening now", terrifying footage capturing a speeding car plowing through a store window. look at that. adding a young woman, the dramatic aftermath and what police are saying about it.
8:58 am
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9:00 am
"outnumbered" starts right now >> president obama arriving in orlando we are told in the next hour, he is expected to meet with families and loved ones of the victims killed in sunday's nightclub massacre and a lot coming to like about a savage did this. and his wife. some of his chilling last words. this is "outnumbered", i'm harris faulkner. he is sandra smith, host of kennedy on foxbusiness, kennedy herself. democrat strategist julie regency and are hashtag one lucky guy fox contributor and direct veteran pete hegseth. outnumbered, but not really. b


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