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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 17, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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(woman) because dad made us promise we'd keep mom at home. (vo) call 844-4-brightstar for your free home care planning guide. >> we are back in an hour, "outnumbered" starts now. >> stunning developments in the orlando terror investigation, text messages sent between the killer and his wife while the horrors of the nightclub were still going on. whether this sheds any light on what she may have known as other red flags may have been missed. i am sandra smith. with me a syndicated radio talkshow host megan mccain, dagan mcdowell, national security council member and veteran of the bush and obama administrations, jillian turner and we welcome back veteran
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correspondent geraldo rivera. you are "outnumbered". can i just say thank you. after a crazy morning, for making it here. >> a tree fell on my car. >> you weren't in it. and you weren't with anybody else but it was crushed. >> a tree fell on your car and you still made it to the "outnumbered" couch. >> that was this morning? oh my gosh! >> the car is flattened. great to have you here. let's get started with new development emerging in the orlando terror attack. multiple reports say omar mateen and his wife exchanged texts during the carnage at the nightclub, his wife asking him where are you, he responded do you see what is happening? no, she said. that omar mateen ending with i love you, babe.
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this as a florida gun store owner says his shop tipped off the fbi about a suspicious customer, they turned away six weeks before the orlando attack. they were alerted after a man they learned was omar mateen tried to buy body armor for law enforcement. and 1000 rounds of ammunition. since there was no sale, they did not check his id. >> it is very sad it was that close, law-enforcement got their hands on. it was the sickest feeling you could have to your stomach. you don't think we are compassionate, innocent people die for no reason. how could it have been
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prevented? >> the associated press reporting a florida woman said omar mateen's doctor nearly a decade ago and stand no one ever in the case of the florida bartender. never alerted the authorities. >> the text messages he sent to his wife during his savage massacre in the orlando nightclub, sounded exculpatory. seems as if she did not know what was going on at the time when he was inflicting his murder. that, i think resonates in her paper but there will be an intense investigation. was she concealing knowledge of a crime? was she aiding and abetting a
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crime, was she the worst possible in terms of culpability, a conspiracy to commit that mass murder. and start with the conversation in the gun store, speaking in a foreign language. past due and would indicate a crazy dad, the afghan taliban sympathizer or was he speaking arabic which would indicate to me more likely there were some isis connections. >> i don't think you can conclude she didn't know that is what he went to do that evening but at least at that moment she wasn't aware what he was doing and what he was carrying out. >> that would be concealing knowledge of a crime. severe in terms of criminal action on her part. if she only knew generally speaking. >> these are just a couple of
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the stories we have heard about this guy. i don't want to offend anybody. stop telling us if we see something say something because people saw things, they said something and nothing happened. two investigations by the fbi were closed. this is a problem of political correctness and related to ed snowden. everyone worried about the security of their personal information is not worried about protecting the lives of innocent people. he worked as a security guard in the st. lucie county courthouse and because inflammatory remarks about jewish people, women, the fort hood shooter, get him out of here and what did he do? he was reassigned to a residential golfing community and launched a discrimination complaint, i am muslim and you can't say anything about me in the in -- despite the fact that i'm a terrorist. >> the problem with red flags
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was our intelligence community has been systematically over the last few years stripped of its most important, most effective counterterrorism tool, wiretapping and metadata. when the fbi was investigating this guy, i believe would have closed the information gap. that is the information that would needed rather than the investigation to arrest this guy. >> many people are confused by this. the gun owner alerted the fbi. there was no follow-up whatsoever. >> the fbi called them once. no idea what the fbi did after
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that, he has no idea. >> might be a relatively simple, the gun shop owner made about this suspicious person making a call in a foreign language, access to omar mateen's phone, they could find out who omar mateen was following, that would help enormously. >> i don't want to come out like i am attacking the fbi. they have investigations related to the islamic state and maybe they can monitor 5% of these people but the bigger picture is i look at apple not cooperating, the san bernardino terrorist iphone and what was the response from apple? something we believe is too dangerous to do, opening the phone is too dangerous to do but could find out about other
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plots. >> you are echoing the frustration, you see something say something. a lot of people said a lot of things and not much happened, investigated by the fbi twice, there was no follow-up. a gun owner called the fbi. numerous things over an extended time, people were alerted to this man being crazy and possibly radicalized, he shot 50 people and doesn't look like anything has changed. >> from the time he was a kid in elementary school are problems. the gun store owner wished there was something else they could have done. in the week of the orlando terror attack president obama facing harsh criticism from republicans linking his foreign-policy to the massacre. arizona senator john mccain saying, quote, barack obama is directly responsible for it because when he told everybody out of iraq, al qaeda became isis and isis is what it is today thanks to barack obama's failures which he later clarified saying he meant mister
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obama's policies are to blame, not him personally. senator lindsey graham not holding back. >> barack obama is to blame for the rise of isil. he dismantled the ability to defend this country. we no longer interrogate terror suspects. we have less fbi agents in 2017 than in 2013. in that regard i blame president obama. >> the new york times reporting 50 state department diplomats find an internal memo critical of the president's syria strategy and called for military strikes against bashar al-assad's government. your foreign-policy expert on the couch, what do you make of two statements you just saw from two political leaders in this country. >> big countries from both senators. i have tremendous respect for both of them and their policies and service. lindsey graham claims we no longer interrogate terror
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suspects come just flat out incorrect, wrong and very misleading so i have to disagree with everything else he had to say based on that but when we look at what is happening, republicans are blaming the obama administration. their policy with isis. liberal democrats on the other hand are blaming republicans for lack of gun control. it is turning into a political mashup. i keep coming back not to repeat myself but the idea that if we want our intelligence community to do the job of protecting the homeland we have got to arm them with all foreign-policy tools. not ask them to do their job with one hand tied behind their back which is what is happening. >> following this massacre, the killing of 49 people in this nightclub, this man when he walked into the nightclub to kill these people declared his allegiance to isis. we are looking for blame in the
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wake of that. why has isis continue to gain strength particularly over the last eight years? what do you make of what your father said? >> it is weird to talk about something in the firestorm of comments, you have a daughter too. i will say i 100 support everything he said and i agree with him. i am on twitter right now. everyone everywhere on the left is blaming an ra members, that is a problem that is going on in america and a lot of people blaming anti-lgbt politicians, people not for gay marriage. a lot of blaming going around everywhere. if you blame the nra and islam a phobic politicians i don't understand why you can't criticize the policies of president obama and at the same time a lot of people for a long time said isis is rising, there will be more tax, we have to do something, all these people coming out saying we have to do
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more in syria. i don't understand what is controversial. >> can we point out radical islam, islamic extremism is homophobia and death to homosexuals, death to gays and lesbians and people who are transgender and bisexual. no one on the left talks about that. radical islam and homophobia are inextricably linked. i quickly went to point out the way the president talks about the islamic state over and over again, should know by now he does not view it as the threat that it is. whether you go back to right before the attacks in paris the islamic state was contained. right before the san bernardino attacks, white house spokesman said there is no credible threat to the homeland and we heard the same from john brennan who said something different. >> is the president to blame for the rise of isis?
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>> the president is to blame for not eradicating isis, not having a surge like how many military assets do you need to wipe this out, to extinguish this state from its very existence. he has been wrong to lowball isis, and absolutely there is culpability on the president's fault, so is there culpability on the part of the george w. bush administration, the invasion of iraq, culpability on lawrence of arabia in 1918 for creating iraq in the first place joining sunni, shiite and kurdish people. go to the historical background on who is to blame for screwing up, there is plenty of blame to go around which is why i detest the political approach to this. >> one person living in that white house for 7.5 years. >> the mother emmanuel massacre, the same conversation we are having about the bartender who thought the guy was a freak and
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didn't tell us he was a racist and how he got into that church, the one thing missing from that a year ago in charleston, south carolina, is the radical islamic side of it. in sandy hook, these sociopaths, to think that the access to guns has nothing to do with that is as artificial -- >> a lot more coming up. in the aftermath of orlando a showdown living on capitol hill as lawmakers get set to vote on gun control legislation. why a top senator says the real issue, terrorism, is getting lost in the fight over guns. some republicans say donald trump needs to shift his game plan or he could face a big hurdle in the general election. . he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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>> the debate over gun rights were a divine in the wake of the orlando terror attack. on capitol hill, democrats the filibuster for gun control legislation senate leaders say they will allow vote on four measures next week. the 2 democratic sponsors, two republican. president obama in orlando meeting with victims families
9:19 am
urging congress to act, even appearing to lay on guilt trips on opponents of more gun restrictions. >> those who defend easy accessibility of assault weapons should meet these families and explain why that makes sense. >> i hope senators rise to the moment and do the right thing but i hope senators who voted no have a change of heart. i hope the house does the right thing and helps end the plague of violence these weapons of war inflict on so many young lives. >> in a fiery floor speech ted cruz says limiting gun rights is the wrong focus. >> this is political distraction, political gamesmanship. i think the american people find it ridiculous. in response to an isis terror attack the democrats say we have to restrict second amendment
9:20 am
rights of law-abiding citizens. this is not a gun-control issue. this is a terrorism issue. >> megan mccain, you are a defender of the second amendment. is this a distraction? >> much like gun free zone there is no gun free zone in the world no matter what policies you an act, crazy people will commit violent acts, law-abiding gun owners who want to get a gun, the way all americans can and do, what to put more legislation that will only impact people who are going through proper channels. i am proud second amendment rights defender. it is exhausting to go on twitter talking about the politicization of what is happening in this terrorist attack, or the foreign policy administration, and put another law in place it will make a huge difference. >> democrats and republicans, the bills discuss next week
9:21 am
center on a terror watch list, democrats want anyone a mature watchlist banned from buying a weapon, republicans have a version of that, 72 hours for a prosecutor to go in front of the court. >> no sense whatsoever. i am a proud member of the nra as well but the sale of military assault style weapons, like this person everybody is talking about, the interview by the fbi, find the with no waiting, but a military style semi machine-gun. i have seen piles of dead people. >> he wasn't able to have seen the gun legally, would have been able to illegally. >> not that they. not like that. he got the gun last week and
9:22 am
this week -- mother emmanuel, a year ago, no radical islam involved, same story, get your hands on one of these. >> to that point the killer in that church shooting should not have been able to get a weapon, it was a foul up in the background checks so again, do more laws prevent crime? >> good laws in place to protect american citizens from deranged people and terrorists. we have anti-drug laws, doesn't mean because drugs are outlawed people can't get them illegally but it is our responsibility, the nation have laws in place that protect the american people and protect the homeland. >> senator dianne feinstein's idea about banning weapons sales to anybody on the terror watch list. and -- let me finish my point.
9:23 am
this terrorist in orlando on the watchlist, we see these weapons. and they can -- let me finish my point. >> 400 million weapons. >> all guns are weapons that is not all guns are weapons, they are not interchangeable. not all guns -- legal gun owners use guns for all the right purposes, mostly -- >> 400 million guns. >> we are not talking about what is coming, to kill and maim. talking about the root -- >> aurora, sandy hook, planned parenthood, no one talks about that. >> let me talk about one terrorist attack, san bernardino, they kept in place
9:24 am
the assault weapons ban and what kind of weapon to the terrorists use, the rifle should have been banned, and that law, by the way france, very strict gun laws. there is also -- >> everyone should be -- >> something to say for fighting scale, nobody has guns and people have 400 million, why can't we keep guns out of the hands of terrorists and would be terrorists -- >> talking about abortion in this country, not you but people act like anyone who is a gun owner goes through proper changes legally and wants to defend themselves. people -- >> our freedom is not having the government tell us how many guns we own but how to fight for ourselves.
9:25 am
that is the final word for now. new polls show donald trump trailing hillary clinton. the gop say trump needs to run a traditional campaign. when this damages his outsider credibility which has worked so well for him so far. the most recognizable women with hillary clinton's camp looking to reintroduce her. how they plan to do that. yet % fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with ke plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium.
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i'm getting dark chocolate and a hint of butterscotch. how about you? i taste - whaaaaaaaaaow.
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wha wha na na na na na na da ba da ba da ba daw! it's good. >> the couch is fired up today. >> names coming out. >> donald trump trailing hillary clinton in a head to head matchup showing him hitting historically high unfavorable ratings as gop leaders are calling on their presumptive nominee to change his mandate. an op-ed in the wall street
9:30 am
journal, karl rove says trump can't rely only on tv interviews and needs to start running ads and raising money. here he is this morning on fox. >> we ought to expect when it comes to cable news and network news there is going to be a greater parity in the amount of coverage in each candidate than we have seen before. she may need to raise $600 million more between now and november. republicans feel they are lucky they will be fortunate to get to 300 million. maybe this is such that it is so unconventional. >> not clear. >> not clear. >> geraldo, to you first. does he need to start running a more conventional campaign? >> probably. no one has made any money betting against donald trump in the last few years. all of these laments that his campaign is over i would caution people. >> you know him so well. you and trump go way back.
9:31 am
>> every day for six weeks last year. when he saw me raising funds he said you raising money for my friends, we have a lot of highroller mutual friends manhattan-based and other businesses and i must say having spoken to some of them in the last several weeks they are expressing real concern, what is he doing? why is he sells inflicting so many wounds? he will come back, he is great, resilient and all the rest of it but why do yourself in a ditch if you are going to fight your way out? should have had -- he is the nominee, she is not the nominee, could have really gone 10 points up instead of 10 points down. >> trump being trump, does he change something? is he keeping something up his sleeve as far as strategy? >> and abc poll shows 70% of the american public have an
9:32 am
unfavorable view of him, dauntingly high. hillary clinton at 55%, not like she has popularity. >> she became first lady in 1992 so more people know about her. >> donald trump needs to be focusing on hillary clinton, hurt me a email scandal, people dislike her, foreign policies the obama administration, keep target on the left, she is not doing that and when gets distracted especially in the general election it happens. >> as far as money he needs to raise, he needs to spend, donald trump, gotten so much free media, free publicity, doing so many interviews. >> presidential campaign is a place where the maximum of all publicity is good publicity falls away, it is not relevant. 's coverage is starting to hurt him. it has flipped on its head a little bit for the first time, someone who cares about foreign
9:33 am
policy, i think the best advice i could give him would be to not say anything further that is going to inflame sectarian tension in the middle east. when you look at foreign policy numbers between trump and clinton she is leading him 50-43, the latest numbers. this is an area people want to see consistency, don't want to see him thinking of things off the top of his head on the fly. that works really well for him. >> when he stepped up, gave it big speech on foreign policy which many people applauded. >> i thought that was the most -- >> presidential. >> that i have seen him, the most legitimate i have heard his commentary on these issues, glad to see he clearly thought these issues through. for me it was a comforting speech and i would like to see more of that.
9:34 am
>> the biggest wake-up call is his bad poll numbers. >> we have seen in almost every rally particularly in the beginning of his campaign you read his pullovers out loud to the crowds and they would cheer. i think he is sensitive to that. karl rove has talked about letting the rnc take over the ground game in terms of registering republicans, identifying supporters and getting out the vote which is not a bad idea and the fundraising, raise the money to run the ads because he needs to have ads out there. when people see him on camera they just see him on camera and not really listening particularly to a message that is sometimes off. they need those ads was next week a big fundraiser in new york city. john paulson, stephen feinberg, anthony scaramucci. >> one lucky guy next week. >> $50,000 next thursday. >> got to move on. hillary clinton's campaign hoping to reintroduce voters with a pair of new ads in eight battleground states.
9:35 am
they never mention donald trump but highlight hillary's focus on children and families, foreign-policy and the range of issues despite her role as first lady, us senator and secretary of state, still plenty of voters don't know about hillary clinton. watch. >> she would grow up to be one of the most recognizable women in the world, causes have been at the center of the life. after law school, could have gone to a big law firm, instead went to work for the children's defense fund helping disabled kids get out of the shadows. >> here is -- >> it is so, watching hillary clinton history and saying advocate of life, who doesn't know who hillary clinton is?
9:36 am
everybody knows who hillary clinton is. >> wife, mom, grandma, women and kids advocate, sex state, 2016 presidential candidate. here is mine for her. desperate potus want to be, enemy of the truth, philandering -- wife of philandering ask, fbi investigation, working on laugh and smile. that is how people perceive her. >> i love you so much today. >> bringing back karl rove, political professional, there is a science to politics also but no doubt that if you are relying on editorials, he drives the ratings, he can get a lot of
9:37 am
attention but battleground states, where coverage on the local news or the network news is much less than the blanket coverage you can get from a commercial, she can out shout him, the message will reach a lot more people unless he raises the money and does the conventional stuff. i just heard today and want to verify, top sponsors of the rnc pulled out. >> it wasn't decision made recently. none of the sponsors were planning -- somebody wrote an article and tried to make it seem like it happened recently. >> walmart and all these others. >> i forget who was on the list but jpmorgan chase was one of them. they didn't sign up to begin with. even though they were there in 2012.
9:38 am
it is true they are not there but because of trump. >> is it possible, to reintroduce herself. everything you read off, everything in a recent memory, a whole new generation looking to get out and vote? younger voters come out to the polls? >> a new generation finding out about monica lewinsky. young women don't know who that is. one who works for me didn't know who that was. >> the campaign going on for a year. now is not the moment to do this. pretending that now, a little bit spurious, the campaign tried to do this six months ago and announced she would be more accessible and softer and was a little bit like they were falling over themselves to try to erase the record which you can't do.
9:39 am
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you learn a lot about how people cook. i wish i had like four different mexican cheeses but in one super melty cheese. it does exist! you still have two cheese wishes left. >> philadelphia becoming the first major city in america to pass a taxon soto. the city council overwhelmingly approving the measure which slaps a 1% tax on sugary and diet soft drink. the city hopes to raise $91 million with most of the going towards the mayor's plan for universal prekindergarten, community college and recreation centers. berkeley, california is the only other municipality with a similar measure. opponents say the tax will cost jobs, is discriminatory and singles out beverages, they
9:44 am
vowed to go to court to have the measure overturned. do you like the government making decisions about what you and your family should drink? >> of course i don't and you are kidding yourself if you don't see this passed on to businesses and it will affect business. i am against this to the core. did you see coca-cola employee said if this taxes past philadelphia will face the worst black market for non-alcoholic beverages since provision? a little bit of an irrational statement. however, you have to think about the consequences on business when you impose taxes like this and people not looking at it. >> they do it in a shady way. 30 cities and states in recent years turned this down, twice in philadelphia already. they put it on the distributors as if it will not get passed on to consumers and it works out at $2 and energy drinks is everything, not just soto. >> mayor bloomberg tried to do
9:45 am
the same thing. soda, going to get rid of coffee, it won't stop me from drinking what i want to drink because i am an adult and i can make my own decisions and most americans can. in any state overreach, talk about implications it will have on business, petrifying and i worry about this filtering to other states. drinking soda is like heroin. adults can drink soda. i drink coca-cola. the implication -- flavored water. >> we sit in the introit is discriminatory. people of lower income drink more sugary drinks, these are regressive taxes and i find it ironic that the left talks about we need green energy, you are
9:46 am
putting a regressive tax on people, hits lower income americans harder than it is people who earn more money. >> i am a stockholder in coca-cola, great start, great company, love their new package, their cans. it tastes good. generally speaking i don't disapprove of sin taxes. they drum up the price of cigarettes and reduce demand over time. in this case when you ban all these sugary drinks, what do you have kids drinking? what do they drink when they go to the market? >> what do you look forward to when you go to the movies? have the reason i see all the crap he sees movies i have a giant cocoa diet coke. and encourages people to look at sugar more and more. too much will kill you.
9:47 am
i disagree with this whole thing. >> some lady and a raincoat standing outside going hey. can't be more expensive than they already charge. >> brought it in from wilmington. >> reading, writing, arithmetic, basics of education but a major public university dumping math as a requirement and might be replaced by diversity classes instead. is math not needed for some majors or is this pc to the ends degree? ade mobi it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so guess what, i met them at the zoo.
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>> on scott with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now". jon: donald trump en route to san antonio. he finished a fundraiser in dallas and has another one before going to a big rally in houston. he is waging an unconventional campaign. we will talk about how that has helped and hurt him in the general election. the russian track and field team is banned from competing in the rio olympics. track and field governing body ruling the country has not done
9:52 am
enough to earn real safety after allegations of cheating and drugs. big news out of florida. republican congressman david jolly dropping out of the senate race. that means he will run for reelection as a congressman instead and that clears the way for marco rubio for the campaign for reelection as a senator. giving up the seat, that could be changing. >> we will be watching. one of the largest public universities in michigan dropping its requirement that all students complete math class before graduation. instead they may replace it with at least one diversity class. of the three subsequent classes administrators say they support mathematics but only certain majors require it. isn't math essential as a building block of learning?
9:53 am
>> i still support common core. the educational system should have to deliver a minimal knowledge of what civilization is about. you can't do it to this high tech world without a basis in math. you want to learn diversity look around you. wayne state, big campus, walk around, look at your neighbors, figure out diversity. man is not going to be absorbed from your surroundings. >> the fact that math teachers crucial problem-solving skills. without a what will happen? >> big mistake to drop math anywhere. nobody hates math more than i. you can teach diversity all day long, i am fine with that but it is a bad decision when it comes to dropping math because we are very uncompetitive. when it comes to competing with countries like china, india and these kinds of policies are
9:54 am
going to drag us. >> maybe this college is admitting what we already -- what is already going on at universities across the country. we heard multiple stories of universities excusing students from math classes because it was too hard, because it is evidence of a broader problem in this country that you pay $100,000 to $200,000 for four your education and they don't teach you how to have successful career. they don't teach you anything you can use in the real world. they are teaching you diversity rather than science and technology and engineering and mathematics and how about the diversity of more women in those fields? talk about diversity. give me my math. if i'm paying that much money. >> let me tell you who is hiring, computer programmers, if you want to be on wall street, completely different, if you want to get work when you graduate college not having math
9:55 am
skills won't help. >> a lot of statistics talking about young girl starting at a young age, 12 or 13 and going into adulthood. i hated math when i was in college and high school. i think also rather than illuminating math altogether, teachers -- when i was younger i felt i am so stupid i can't do this. coming from a different angle -- >> i was a calculus student. i will drag -- it helps calm me. let's show what happened this morning. more "outnumbered" in a second. we will be right back. do you really know what it means? no. the answer is no. because it's complicated and science-y. but with my nutrition mixes, you don't have to worry about the science. you can just put it in your pie hole.
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sfx: duracell slamtones >> tune in for a new episode of legends and lives, the patriots, about our country. and john adams in the boston tea party. sunday at 8:00 pm on the fox channel. before we go we show you what jillian saw when she walked out the door this morning. a picture? please explain. >> that was 5:00 am washington dc, sitting with lovely people, it all works out for the best but that is my car that was four month old, a subaru forrester. you better step up.
10:00 am
a new two cedar. and a very big treat. lined with cars. >> how is that possible? >> goodbye to the car. "happening now". >> new reports that omar mateen checked facebook in the midst of the carnage and also texted his wife with. >> it is a somber day in orlando. steve is in orleft-hando and we start in fort pierce,


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