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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 17, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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day. and happy father's day, i would like to wish every father a happy father's day. >> happy father's day juan and bolling. >> "special report," think it's chris wallace. >> dissent inside the state department as dozens of u.s. diplomats call on president obama to attack the regime of syrian president assad. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. diplomacy isn't working, that's what more than 50 u.s. diplomats say, about president obama's syria policy. the extraordinary dissent filed by career state department officials reveals a stark internal divide over the president's handoff approach to the bloody civil war in syria that's killed more than 400,000
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people. chief washington correspondent james rosen reports tonight on how the president is responding to this rebuke from the inside his own administration. >> with isis and syria high on the agenda for president obama's closed-door session with saudi arabia's deputy crown prince, the white house faced a quiet revolt at the state department. where 51 officials used the so-called dissent channel. product of the vietnam era, to warn president obama that his syria policy is not working and to urge him to hit the assad regime with air strikes. the status yoe in syria, said the dissent cable, according to "the new york times," will continue to present disastrous challenges. the white house couldn't say if mr. obama red the critique of his policy. the state department while confirming receipt declined to discuss the contents of the cable saying it's classified. >> i think it's an important statement and i respect the process very, very much and i will probably meet with these people or have a chance to talk with them when i get back.
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>> president obama has ruled out u.s. strikes against the assad regime, even as he has said for five years that assad's days are numbered. the kremlin which has propped up the assad regime, warned that such strikes could plunge the region into total chaos. >> translator: the most important thing is to prevent the collapse of the country. >> at the same time pentagon officials confirmed russian sukoy strike fighters bombed syrian rebels trained by the central intelligence agency near the southern syrian city of al tanf. with a second strike occurring after the u.s. had used an emergency hotline to demand that russia halt the operation. defense secretary ash carter said the hotline hadn't been used professionally and called the russian strikes in the mildest of rebukes, problematic. >> the russians said they came in to fight isil. that's not what they did. >> experts say it's unprecedented for so many signatories to file such a
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dissent. hannah gurman is the author of the "diplomat papers". >> the dissent channel has had little to no direct impact on foreign policy. and that's what some critics have argued this is is a way of containing and quelling dissent within the state department. >> administration officials say they don't know how this dissent made its way into the pages of the "new york times." but that no investigation of that is presently under way. and that none of the people who signed the dissent will face reprisals. james, thank you. a major victory for iraqi forces in fallujah today. as they took back territory long held by isis. today's advance comes a month after the start of a u.s.-backed offensive to reclaim the city from the terrorist group. correspondent connor powell reports on the victory and whether it's a sign of things to come in the war on terror.
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>> the fight for fallujah nearing an end. for weeks, millions near the isis strong hold have been pounded by land and air by coalition forces. but today iraqi troops entered the city center and raised an iraqi flag over a government building. >> iraq's prime minister declared victory. but commanders on the ground say there's still more fighting ahead. isis militants have fled many of their checkpoints and are putting up only sporadic resistance. >> translator: the city has been freed. what's left is the northern half and our forces will go in the next three hours and liberate it. >> with food and medicine in short supply, civilians continue to flee the city there are growing concerns that iranian-backed she yoit militias are targeting sunni citizens leaving fallujah. potentially reigniting sectarian tensions, that enabled isis' rise two years ago. the.
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>> the second is concerned and we're concerned, we're supportive of prime minister abadi. >> last summer isis controlled a third of iraq and while the u.s. strategy of backing iraqi forces with mostly air strikes, noncombat military advisers has been controversial, it's paying dividends on the ground. ice s is now only controls mosu. even as isis has shown an ability to launch attacks around the world, it is increasingly being squeezed in both iraq and the neighboring syria. where russian and pro assad troops are moving on raqqah. chris? >> connor powell thank you. today more of the 49 victims of last weekend's massacre at the pulse nightclub in orlando were laid to rest. as loved ones pay tribute to the lives lost we're learning disturbing new details about the killer's past and what he did in the months leading up to the
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attack. correspondent steve harrigan reports from florida. >> i need a big house. that's for sure. >> after being shot three times by the killer at pulse nightclub sunday morning. angel cologne had one wish, he wanted to thank the police officer who pulled him through broken glass and blood to safety. >> i've been wanting to see you, the man, that took me out of that horrible place, that was filled with craziness. and i was so happy. >> officer omar delgado was one of several first responders who entered the club while there was still an active shooter. he pulled out four people. >> you only get one life. and i'm glad now he can be with his family and continue living his life. and all because we all assisted him. and getting him out. as fast as we could. >> six victims remain in critical condition here. across orlando, back hoes are digging graves, three victims
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will be buried at greenwood cemetery on saturday where the city has waived the plot fee and the filing fee. local merchants are donating flowers and limousine services. new details continue to emerge about the killer. he texted his wife two hours in the attack asking if she had seen the news. his widow, who admitted to authorities that she knew of his plans to carry out a jihadist attack, has yet to be charged with a crime. we have also learned that weeks before the attack, the killer tried to buy level 3 body armor, military grade from a florida gun shop along with 1,000 rounds of ammunition. the gun shop refused to sell him anything. >> our intuition was correct and it's just, it's very sad that we had him that close. he was that close. that we law enforcement could have got their hands on him. >> the gun shop notified the fbi, but there was no name or
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purchase ornd and the surveillance video was too grainy to trace the killer. >> right now the fbi is examining surveillance video footage from inside that nightclub to try to determine if the shooter may have had an accomplice. chris? >> steve harrigan in orlando. thank you. a new poll finds people's political affiliations weigh heavily in how they view the orlando massacre. 79% of republicans see the incident as islamic terrorism. while just 29% of democrats say the same. 60% of them consider it domestic gun violence. the poll taken two days after the nightclub attack shows as a whole, americans view the shooting as terrorism. the growing complexities of today's terror climate present new challenges for the fbi. and agents are learning to adapt. in a fox news exclusive, chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge goes inside the fbi's training of its elite
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evidence response team. >> less than week before the pulse attacks, embedded with fbi response teams where the training is shifting from bomb investigations like the 2013 boston marathon attack. to close-quarter complex scenarios with high-powered assault weapons, like the san bernardino shooting and now orlando. >> these active shooter type terrorist scenarios has been a game-changer. >> evidence response team section chief says crime scene evidence, sol of it microscopic is like a giant jigsaw puzzle and the feds help to code it. >> our ability to bring in additional resources, in particular from the fbi, firearms specialists to come in and do the trajectory work associated with those scenes, to tell the story what happened on the scene. >> inside the pulse nightclub, fbi evidence response teams are building a timeline based on the forensics, like this drill they tag and videotape evidence to understand where every shot was
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fired and in what sequence to build a legal case. >> toic pick up a piece of evidence, collect it in a defensible manner, so you can get it into court to engage in prosecutions. >> another training scenario takes a page out of december's san bernardino shooting where the terrorists had a bomb-making factory in their garage. >> they may build booby-traps into a secondary location. some place they know law enforcement is going to gather for a scene. or that they're going to search. >> even household items are useful to the investigation. and run through databases to verify a link. >> if we find similar-sized screws, similar-shaped screws if they're the same manufacturer we might be able to match up what we find at a bomb scene. with what we find where it was made. >> it's not just physical evidence. the teams gather intelligence from cell phones and documents to disrupt future attacks. >> we expect the investigators
3:11 pm
to get in and exploit immediately and transmit that information out as rapidly as possible. >> with isis directed attacks, at the brussels airport and subway, as well as the paris concert hall and restaurants four months earlier, the fbi teams are on the move. >> we're a lot more busy overseas than we used to be. we're getting five, six, seven, eight nine. >> there have been two mass casualty attacks inside the u.s. inspired by a foreign terrorist group in the last six months. with the c.i.a. fighting that isis has foreign fighters, the expectation is that the severe threat level will continue for the foreseeable future. chris? >> catherine herridge at fbi headquarters, thank you. up next, campaign discord on left. first, here's what some fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox carolina, the charleston community is remembering nine people killed one year ago in a bible study class. the mother, emanuel church is
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holding several events to honor the victims. the suspect in the shooting goes on trial in november. fox 25 in boston where investigators are looking into the cause of a helicopter crash on cape cod. the chopper went down in a pond this afternoon with two people on board. both were rushed to the hospital and there's no word on their condition. and this is a live look at los angeles, from fox 11. the big story, a wildfire west of santa barbara that has grown to more than six square miles. the fire has been stoked by high winds that's expected through the weekend. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway.
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. he defied the odds, becoming the gop's presumptive nominee and donald trump continues to forge ahead. despite the misgivings of many in his own party. while republicans are split on trump, they're united in trying to hold on to gop control of congress. senior national correspondent john roberts reports from dallas. >> where's that horse i want to go with the horse. hey, you want to, you want to hit the papers tomorrow? >> as donald trump began the second year of his political career, a sharp warning from the speaker of the house, there are
3:17 pm
limits to what paul ryan will accept from trump. >> nothing is a blank check, you never give anybody for any reason a blank check on anything. >> on wednesday trump suggested he may have to go it alone if republicans don't get on board with him. rnc chairman reince priebus played down any split. tweeting flying to dallas with donald trump. reports of discord are pure fiction, great events lined up all over texas. republicans will win in november. >> three party fundraisers trump attended in texas, including one in san antonio that drew a few hundred protesters were said by sources to exceed expectations. but many republican lawmakers are still uneasy about or downright opposed to trump in an interview with nbc. the house speaker encouraged his members to vote their conscience. >> the last thing i would tell is tell anybody to do something that's contrary to their conscience, of course i wouldn't do that. >> senate republicans in tough races have launched a plan b to
3:18 pm
protect themselves against trump's enormous disapproval ratings. george w. bush has hit the campaign trail, stumping for john mccain, kelly ayotte. rob portman and roy blount urging voters to maintain control of the senate as a check and balance to the white house, whoever occupies it. marking the first anniversary of his campaign at a rally in dallas, trump gave a speech that was remarkably devoid of controversial moments, preferring to focus on criticism of his presumed opponent. >> aside from abolishing the second amendment hillary clinton is going to raise your taxes, big league. that's the last thing you need. she has to. you know she doesn't want to talk about it. >> trump refrained from reiterating his call on muslim immigration. though he warned that we need to keep immigrants from entering the country. >> you saw what one sleaze bag, over the weekend, what he did. the horror that he wreaked on us on us as a nation. no more, folks.
3:19 pm
no more, just no more. >> trump's disapproval ratings are higher than they've been at any time since just before he got into the race last year. the good news for trump looking ahead, he got those numbers down into respectable territory by the middle of october, early november. just when he would need to this year. the question, though, that may separate donald trump from the presidency? can he do that again. chris? >> john roberts with the trump campaign in houston. thank you. it looks more and more like florida senator marco rubio may run for another term in the senate. republican congressman david jolly announced today he's dropping his senate bid running instead for re-election to the house. jolly previously said he would bow out if senator rubio decided to run again. there are four other candidates, including rubio's close friend florida,'s lieutenant governor. rubio told reporters this week he'll discuss any political ambitions with his family this weekend.
3:20 pm
the deadline to file for a senate run is the end of next week. hillary clinton clinched the democratic nomination more than a week ago. but bernie sanders is still a candidate. sanders telling supporters last night they must take their agenda and their delegates to the democratic national convention. while sanders stays in the clinton campaign is getting support from others on the left. correspondent jennifer griffin reports. >> in vermont last night, many expected bernie sanders to concede. close aides indicated otherwise. >> we must continue our grassroots effort to create the america that we know we can become. and we must take that energy into the democratic national convention on july 25th, in philadelphia. >> i want to answer your question, it's a simple yes-or-no answer, is bernie sanders still running for president? yes or no. >> yes, he is, yes, he is. he's an active candidate for
3:21 pm
president. >> sanders added he's not being considered for clinton's vice president. but the two campaigns are in constant touch and the short list of vice presidential candidates includes his like-minded equivalent, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. seems to be at the top of the short list continuing to make headlines, democratic sources tell us she visited hillary clinton's campaign headquarters in brooklyn today. while meeting with a large number of clinton staff, she took selfies with many and talked about the dangers of losing this election. she said to the staffers, don't screw this up. aides refused to say whether they have asked for her financial information for the formal vetting process to begin. another veepstakes short list mentioned, corey booker downplayed rumor he is could be clinton's running mate. even though he and clinton have a lot of chemistry and real affinity for each other on the campaign stage. >> i'm hearing so many more from media folks like you asking me these questions, it's flattering but i'm not being vetted.
3:22 pm
>> others on the short list, virginia senator tim kaine, ohio senator share rod brown and julian castro of texas. democratic sources tell fox news that when sanders met president obama last week he asked how do i land this thing? meaning the movement that he has launched. he is very concerned about not appearing like other establishment candidates and being perceived by his supporters as selling out. that's why he is taking this all the way to the convention. clinton advisers tell fox news they're not frustrated, they seem to understand why sanders is doing what he is doing. they just want his voters. chris? >> jennifer, thank you. the dow lost 58 today, the s&p 500 dropped 7. nasdaq was down 45. for the week, the dow lost 1.1. the s&p 500 fell 1.2. the nasdaq dropped almost 2%. next the pope under fire after his unscripted comments about marriage ignite criticism
3:23 pm
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politics has come to a halt in england as the country mourns the loss of a member of parliame parliament. many came to the houses of parliament in london to pay respects to jo cox, killed thursday near leeds. prime minister david cameron called her murder an attack on democracy. a man with a history of mental problems was arrested. before her death, cox campaigned for england to stay in the european union. and now many are concerned the political divide over whether to leave the eu may have led to her murder. the battle over what's called brexit has been going on for months. with a final vote set for next thursday, correspondent benjamin hall reports from london on what's at stake.
3:28 pm
>> the river thames became the latest battleground in a political war engulfing the uk at its heart, should britain remain in or exit the european union. in just six days the british public will put it to a vote. to stay in or leave. david cameron believes that leaving could mean economic ruin and a lack of global influence. >> britain isn't diminished by being in the eu, just as we're not diminished by being in nato or being in the u.n. we enhance our own strengths. so a stronger in, we're stronger in, and we're also safer in. >> those who wish to leave say the uk has lost control of its own trade, borders and sovereignty, which they clay lie in the hands of unelected bureaucrats in brussels. >> i believe very strongly that running your own affairs, controlling your own laws, borders and your own economy gives the country the best opportunity to put in place what's needed to succeed in a very fast-changing and
3:29 pm
unpredictable world. >> the leeds campaign claims that the remain camp says the figure is vastly inflated. the leave camp says untapped immigration puts unbearable strains on the health and benefits system. the remain camp says immigration must be tackled from within. president obama has also weighed in. saying he believes britain was better off inside. delivering what was widely seen as a veiled threat if they left. >> and uk is going to be in the back of the queue. >> and that was quite a backlash against obama when he tried to intervene like that but chris at the core is the issue of sovereignty. should the uk stay inside the 28-country bloc europe which is tried and tested, which many people consider to be a safer pair of hands. or should they leave to try to forge their own future, their own immigration policy. doing bilateral trade agreements with other countries?the possib and very dangerous to consider.
3:30 pm
but at this point it is too close to call. and we'll find out next friday. chris? >> we'll stay on top of it over the next week. benjamin hall live from london, thanks. russia's track and field team was handed another loss today. that could keep them from competing at the summer's olympic games. the international association of athletics federations upheld the team suspension that was imposed after allegations of widespread doping by russian athletes. the international olympic committee could still allow members of the team with clean testing records to compete. but as neutral athletes, not associated with any country. ridiculous, and irresponsible. those are just some of the words being lobbed at pope francis after he said the majority of catholic marriages today are invalid, because they don't realize it's a lifetime commitment. religion correspondent lauren green reports on the fallout from the pope's remarks. >> pope francis once again
3:31 pm
stirring up controversy over his unscripted remarks. this time on marriage. in a q&a session thursday with a group of catholic clergy, francis responded to a comment about a crisis of marriage in the church. he answered quote, we are living in a provisional culture and because of this, a great majority of our sacramental marriages are null until because they, the couple, say yes for the rest of my life, but they don't know what they are saying because they have a different culture. his words unleashed a torrent of criticism from conservative catholics. "new york times" columnist ross doucet blasted, an extraordinary, irresponsible and ridiculous claim. >> father gerald murray, head of the u.n.'s parish, church of the holy family in new york city wrote this offhand remark will produce uncertainty among many people. >> and the editor of "first things" magazine called the pope's words the wrong message at the wrong time. >> by saying the vast majority
3:32 pm
of marriages are null. he gave catholics who are struggling in their marriages, a message of despair. >> the pope's message comes two months after his letter on the family called in english, the joy of love. in it he affirmed church teachings on marriage and children, while acknowledging nontraditional family situations and took some heat for among other things, chiding the church to be more welcoming to those who are divorced or living together outside of marriage. and for streamlining the annulment process. >> adding to today's controversy reports that the vatican altered the transcript of the exchange replacing the words "great majority" with "some" to apparently soften the pope's meaning. the vatican has not responded to those claims. the center force disease controls warn thousands of pregnant women in puerto rico could become infected with the zika virus as the mosquito-borne illness continues to spread there. the cdc says that could lead to dozens or hundreds of babies
3:33 pm
being born with birth defects. the u.s. territory has more than 1700 zika cases, here in the u.s., 234 pregnant women are infected with the virus. but all those cases are connected to traveling to areas with outbreaks. next up, obama under pressure. our panel weighs growing dissent inside the administration over the president's approach to syria. think yotry nexium 24hr.'s best for your heartburn? now the #1 choice of doctors & pharmacists... for their own frequent heartburn. get complete protection with nexium 24 hour.
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we welcome alternative views, we welcome input. we welcome dissenting opinion. >> this dissent is not unusual in the state departme. what is unusual is the scale of it, 51 diplomats all involved in syria policy. that, that is something i've note seen before. >> state department spokesman john kirby and retired four-star general jack keen with very different reactions to the news that 51 u.s. diplomats have signed a memo urging the u.s. to
3:38 pm
intervene in the syrian civil war. let's bring in our panel, mercedes sha lap, columnist for the "washington times," a.b. stoddard of "the hill" and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. what do you make of this memo signed by 51 state department officers critical of president obama's policy towards syria? >> it shows that president obama's strategy is clearly one of hesitation towards syria. we know that it has been a humanitarian failure. and the mere fact that you're seeing this widespread number of state department officials basically saying look, we don't agree, we need tougher military action. we know that the diplomatic accord are not working and that russia and that syria and that iran are calling the shots. this is an embarrassment for the obama administration. >> what they're basically saying, these officers is we need some military action to put pressure on assad to come to the negotiating table because right
3:39 pm
now he's winning and has no reason to settle with the rebels. >> that's right. let's think about it, in 2011 president obama said it's time for assad to step asite. assad is going to be ruling and being in power longer than president obama. president obama will leave and assad will still be the dictator of syria. we've seen over 200,000 syrians killed over 7.6 million syrians who have been displaced. i mean this is a tragedy. and the fact is, that when you have russian charges, when you have syrian charge in iran, it is about the u.s. not only just leading from behind. but the fact that the strategy is clearly not working and the state department is making note of it. >> a.b., just to be clear, what the state department is calling for is not more air strikes against isis, they're calling for more air strikes on the regime of the syrian president. >> president obama is well aware that this dissent has been growing at the state department.
3:40 pm
when the secretary of state left she said she would have supported earlier arming of the rebels and possibly a no fly zone. she was calling for something stronger. he obviously relented on the red line in 2013. even kerry pointed to a report in 2013 basically arguing that if he if he relented on that, it would be an encouragement to assad to use chemical weapons one more time, if not more. so this dissent is not new. ed a general keen points out, it's a number. but it's the countries like the uae and the saudis are watching them fight isis while the russians help assad basically dismate the country. we're not helping the rebel who is are fighting asads, we're trying to find isis here and there, it's ineffective and the rebels are losing the battle against assad. that's what the people are saying, he came to the negotiating table and he laughed it off. >> this is where it becomes kind of a rubik's cube. look at our national interest.
3:41 pm
does trying to shake assad, trying to topple him, trying to create a new government in syria, does it help our hurt in the fight against isis? >> that could be argued either way. what cannot be argued is the fact that the united states accepting the obama doctrine that syria is a no-go zone, that the u.s. under him has essentially declared we will not do anything, and engaging only in diplomacy, which you have diplomats say cannot work unless you have an advantage on the field. that doctrine simply as it created a vacuum into which russia has now entered. reappearing in the middle east for the first time in half a century and which iran and hezbollah have now occupied. all of which are very strongly against u.s. national interests. there's not going to be a change in policy. obama is not going to repudiate his own doctrine and start a
3:42 pm
whole new adventure with six months left to go. i think it's not just the number of diplomats who came out against it. it's the fact it's on the front page of the major newspapers, it was leaked, meant to be seen. more important is the fact that these are diplomats demanding military action and essentially retroactively criticizing heavily obama's decision. years ago when this was feasible. >> to intervene in some way. five years ago the free syrian army was a working proposition. isis was still a minor element in the conflict. attacking the assad forces, weakening the regime. and getting rid of it. would not have been a boon to isis the way it is now. i think the policy of this point is impractical. the fact that you get diplomats whose life is negotiation, and that the use of force urging this even at a late date when it probably is not practical,
3:43 pm
indicates how terrible mistake obama made when he had the chance to do something. and did nothing. >> there was a development next door in iraq and in a is iraqi forces with the support of u.s. air strikes have finally pushed into the city of fallujah, pushing back isis. not take over the city, but at least moved into the city center. how significant is that, charles? >> it's very important. that was the first city that isis entered. it's sort of the key to anbar. it means the major population center still controlled by isis is mosul. which will be a very difficult proposition. but that mosul has one advantage, it's not almost entirely sunni, it's a mixed population. there should be more internal support. the squeezing in iraq has been working, but very slowly. in the end, the jackpot. the headquarters, the key do defeating isis is raqqah. and so far, we've done nothing. >> mercedes?
3:44 pm
>> i think we're also going do analyze whether the surge, the fact that president obama took out the troops and just decided to move forward on just a smaller group of more elite special forces in iraq. if that's really going to work. what we're seeing is two different scripts being written by the administration. you have the president saying we're making major progress on our fight against isis. then you have c.i.a. director john brennan coming out and saying wait a second, their expansion is still there. they have still have a capacity in spreading throughout the world. i think that it becomes a challenge for the president. while this is a victory. that we have seen in iraq today, it is one step forward and one step back. because at the same time what we're seeing is that isis is still very much a threat, very much an established organization. in the terrorist realm. >> and briefly, a.b., the difference just this week, between obama saying that we're making gains against isis. and brennan, the c.i.a. director
3:45 pm
saying yeah, we're making some gains, in the way it's making it even more dangerous and increasing its global ambitions was pretty striking. >> they're not on the same page, people in his administration are frustrated about the policy. i agree with charles, it's probably too late. if you talk to the people most expert on this, they say isis has permeated iraq so much and syria so much, it's probably too late. fallujah has been held for two and a half years. it's possible to make incremental gains. but in the long-term, probably not. up next. ♪
3:46 pm
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blank check on anything. so i don't know what that line is, but right now, i want to make sure that we win the white house. >> house speaker paul ryan expressing the weariness of republican leaders towards donald trump. and we begin our lightning round with the news that former president george w. bush will campaign for republican senators who face tough re-elections. so, mercedes, what does it say? here is george bush 43 who stayed out of politics almost entirely over the last eight years but now says he is going to get in
3:50 pm
to help these senators. let's put them on the screen. mccain and ayotte and blunt and portman and ron johnson of wisconsin while keeping his distance from donald trump. >> well, i think george w. bush is filling a role. is he filling the role that trump should be doing right now in the sense that the republican establishment, they feel comfortable with george w. bush. the donors feel comfortable with george w. bush. he will be raising money for these candidates that are in very -- in the swing states where we know that they are keeping their arms' distance from donald trump right now. i think for george w. bush, i think it's a smart move for him to come out and support these candidates that we know are going to have a tough race. >> a.b.? >> yeah, it's interesting. mcconnell told them months ago the senate republican leader they should cut their own path and run their own race and find some distance from donald trump. paul ryan has basically said everyone has to basically proceed with their own conscience and do whatever they want to do when it comes to donald trump. they are very open about it. and they are encouraging people in the hopes of
3:51 pm
retaining their majorities in the senate and the house to run their own race and it's george bush going to help raise some cash, i think they will take it everyone is going to run for the hills in terms of trying to avoid the nominee and the controversy surrounding him. >> charles, county gop hold on to its majorities in the house and the senate while keeping trump at arm's length? >> probably losing it in the senate, probably holding on in the house. hook, they have a nominee who they think is going to really hurt the down ticket republicans. i think they are probably right. they are each running their own campaigns it can't be done very well. and i think with bush, it's a matter of both personal revenge, which is he entitled to and principle. i think he hold trump in contempt and wants to separate the party from him. >> bernie sanders held online house party yesterday in which he spoke to about 200,000 of his supporters about his future plans here is a clip a major political
3:52 pm
task that together we face in the next five months is to make certain that donald trump is defeated and defeated badly. and i personally intend to begin my role in that process in a very short period of time. >> mercedes, where is sanders headed? is he playing his cards right? >> i don't think so. i think bernie is becoming more irrelevant. the media has already shifted toward the general election. democratic establishment are scratch scratching their heads going why is bernie still in. >> bernie sanders think hillary clinton is going to get indicted. maybe she is going, to but he should have suspended when his momentum was up, he should have endorsed her. if she was in legal trouble, he could unsuspend his campaign. is he using leverage and momentum every day. >> charles? >> is he yesterday's man. somebody ought to tell him. is that too harsh?
3:53 pm
>> it may be a little could quick. some say his support is slipping away so, in fact, he has less leverage today than he did a week ago. >> of course he does. the minute he lost the last big primary, you got hillary getting all the important endorsements, the president, the vice president elizabeth warren a natural sander right. it was over. >> winners and losers of the week, mercedes start with you. >> i would like to say the winners are the heroes of the orlando massacre. the nurses, the surgeons, the first responders, the police officer who was able to pull out. brenda who also saved her son and she took the bullet for her son. it really shows the amazing spirit of america during this time of tragedy. >> and your loser? >> loser is definitely the fbi. the mere fact that ne they did not. that amar mateen definitely went to slip through the crack was big problem and they need to be revisiting their bureaucratic protocols on how they need to keep people on the terror watch
3:54 pm
list. >> a.b., i have been looking forward to your winner. >> my windsor jack iolleo he just graduated from eighth grade from the thomas middle school in arlington heights, illinois by giving his graduation speech in five impersonation of the presidential candidates this year. take a listen. >> god bless the great school. we're learning language from spain, from france, from germany, and china. why should have to pay for the whole cinnamon roll? it doesn't make any sense. what we need is a cinnamon roll revolution. [ laughter ] >> bernie sanders is pretty good. we will have to move ahead. your winner? >> he just displaced larry david. my winner is hillary clinton. her opponent continues to slip. self inflicted wounds. she is consolidating her party. he is losing the con consolidation or at least stalled the consolidation.
3:55 pm
that occurred when he won indiana. >> and in 10 seconds, your loser? >> the russian olympic track and field team will apparently not be in the olympics and it couldn't have gone to a more deserving bunch of cheaters. >> yeah, they say the ones with clean records may have compete as neutral athletes. >> assuming there are any. [ laughter ] >> that's it for the panel. but stay tuned for a pool party that will leave you howling.
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♪ finally, last night, we showed you a pit bull so afraid of the kidden it list with, it's learned to at this tiptoe past him. tonight, a dog resort throw as pool party for its guests and they love it. [dogs barking] i love that one treading waters. i guess you could call it the dog days of summer. i wouldn't do that that's it for "special report." please join me this weekend for "fox news sunday." we will talk with attorney general loretta lynch about the orlando massacre and also sit down with trump campaign manager cory loon
4:00 pm
do lewandowski. greta is up next "on the record." [explosion] >> threat from radical jihadiism has metastasized. >> this is a very dark moment in american history. >> we would caliphate. >> i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. >> blow up the pipes. i would blow up every single inch. there would be nothing left. >> americans now have to move from fear to resolve. >> we cannot continue to allow thousands upon thousands of people to pour into our country, many of whom have the same thought process as this savage killer. >> our goal is not to deter or to detain