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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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america. election and election 2016. see you monday night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. good night from washington. bill o'reilly is up next. the royale factor ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor, the war on terror, the political equation. let's get right to our top story. the war of words over who is to blame for the orlando terror attack, senator john mccain ratcheted up the fight between republicans and democrats while speaking to reporters on thursday. barack obama is directly responsible for because when he pulled everybody out of iraq, al qaeda went to syria, became isis
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>> following outcry about his remarks senator mccain released a statement saying that, he quote, misspoke but the senator appeared defiant when pressed on the matter later on thursday. >> if the president had not pulled everybody out of iraq, you would have never seen the rise of isis, so he bears responsibility so i want to be clear. >> you want me to be clear, i'm not backtracking on anything, i'm saying that the president of the united states' actions, actions, were responsible because of the full withdrawal of troops from iraq which led then to al qaeda going to syria which led to isis and our failure to have a strategy to destroy isis has led the attacks on the united states of america and europe meanwhile president obama insists the united states is not letting up on campaign against terrorism. >> we will continue to be
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relentless against terrorist groups like isil and al qaeda we are going to destroy them. we are going to disrupt their networks and their financing. and the flow of fighters in and out of war theaters. >> joining us now to analyze from jacksonville, florida, adam goodman, the republican communications expert and from washington, huck, a former senior director for the obama white house. miss hawk, let's start with you, your white house on john mccain. took a shot directly at president obama. seem to do say he misstoke and doubled down later in the day on thursday. your thoughts? >> wow, i think the person most directly responsible for what happened at pulse in orlando quite frankly is the terrorist. let's start with that who is homophobe bic. clearly had mental health issues and had easy access to an assault weapon and ar 15. if you want to talk about policy failures.
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the iraq is not in a war that obama started. i highly doubt the american public wants to see ground troops in iraq, syria and afghanistan. but if that's what mccain is suggesting, then i think he should propose sending -- he should propose an an al alternative instead of blaming obama for national security failures. does he want to see american troops in syria. does he want to see american planes in syria. congress has full ability to be able to send troops or air planes over there and that is not something that they have done yet. >> let me do this before i throw it to you, adam. clarify a couple things. first of all, ms. haq, thank you for starting with is he a terrorist. i'm not sure what you said the other thing. you called the ar 15 an assault weapon which is not. john mccain was taking a direct shot at president obama. there are a lot who think he was right in that and then there are those who say wait a minute. we're not sure about syrian policy what we should be doing. maybe mccain's idea of what to do in the middle east may not be the right answer,
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either. >> eric, let's start with this. john mccain is a true american hero. and he brings a personal perspective to this argument that i think the president frankly doesn't have. as far as the back and forth, the president is the policy i have just learned from conversations i have had direct whether i federal law enforcement officials i have had, eric, going back to the very beginning of the obama administration, there was a directive to scrub training manuals for the fbi to. scrub them of any references to any groups that may be considered offensive in the world of political correctness. one of those terms was radical islamic terrorist. if we're north willing to call the threat for what it is, my opinion is, we're doing very little to stop it. >> um-huh. and ms. haq, one of the other terms they were told to scrub was jihadist. too we have a political correctness problem at the fbi, do you think? >> absolutely not. i think this is, again a red herring approach. instead of having substantive conversations
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about tough issues, is to say you are not using this word. you know, on a conservative side. you are not using radical islamist on the liberal side. we should only be talking about gun control. there is a whole bunch of things we need to be talking about but none of that is actually pointing fingers. it's what are you going to do. >> do you think president obama actually talked about both? you know he spent a lot of time talking about gun control right after he met with the victims of the terror. >> right. the eric, the clip you just played was not just about gun control. it was actually about what the current strategy is for fighting isis, which is eliminating the networks. cutting off their finances. and finding them using targeted drone strikes. now, here's the challenge. if we want to do more, if we want to be able to do more militarily, congress needs to get involved. that is not something the president can do independently. so i would like to hear from people like john mccain. what would the alternative be to having more ground troops in iraq or having more ground troops in syria? >> adam, honestly, let's
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eliminate the spin here. what is the alternative? at one point john mccain was questioned as to whether it was the right idea to be with -- remember the syrian rebels, he took some pictures of the syrian rebels and people questioned were those same people, did they end up isis fighters? >> right. i think that's the conversation, eric, we have to have moving forward. let me make two points. number one is while the president reassuring us the last couple days that isis once again was on control and on the run his own cia director brennan said there are no routes used by smugglers more and more utilize to do bring in people into the west, into the united states hole pose threats to us. this is a result, eric, of a foreign policy under president obama that has been wavering, tentative and tepid. and i think these -- what we saw, unfortunately, here in orlando and we are very close to it here in jacksonville the other day is direct result to some
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degree of a foreign policy that hasn't worked. >> ms. haq, this terrorist, held up a gun and said allah akbar. this terrorist contacted the police and said i pledge allegiance to isis and al baghdadi the leader. this terrorist had visited saudi arabia a couple times. this terrorist studied under anwar al awlaki the state imam that the fort hood and san bernardino terrorist studied under. why are we constantly pointing fingers at the guns. >> i will take that in two parts. first the terrorist network and connection of isis and the sad part is as the arab coalition and the u.s. support makes gans in the middle east, isis gets desperate and has called for lone wolf attacks. >> are we making gains though? >> and this is. >> you heard president obama take gains in the middle east and then we hears a adam points out brennan say maybe not gains.
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>> allow me to finish. >> maybe we are not making the gains we should. we have the state department internally saying maybe we are doing things wrong. >> i think everyone -- this is gone on far too long with what's happening in syria. everyone is frustrated. common accepted facts in intelligence circles as you beat back isis on the ground in syria and iraq, they start to spread to europe and they start to spread to the united states. that's a separate problem. >> is that a gain? adam is, that a gain if we are pushing them back in iraq and syria yet they are more and more instances of terror right here on the homeland? >> eric, just ask anybody who lives in orlando today. the answer to that is no. we don't feel safe. >> we don't feel secure. we even had the homeland security director say recently that the people coming in, they don't really know enough about them to be able to give us assurances. this is a time where we have to open dialogue and conversation as americans to get an answer, and the answer is not being unwilling to call this for what it is,islamic radical terrorism. >> i think a big part of the
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answer is now that it's coming to american homeland, it's not make it easy for people to get ar-15s or any other weapons. >> oh stop. >> absolutely. >> we had such a nice segment going too. another segment and another time. thank you very much. next on the rundown, does president obama know how to fight the war on terror? there is now a major dissent from state department officials and disturbing warning from the head of the cia. right back with that.
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foreign correspondent is in istanbul this morning. richard, this seems quite remarkable to have such an open break with the president from his own administration. >> have any think it express as deep frustration that is even within the state department about the current u.s. policy in syria. don't forget, 400,000 people have been killed in this five year conflict. >> well, that follows an amazing contrast between president obama and cia director john brennan over where things stand with isis. >> isil is under more pressure than ever before. isil continues to lose key leaders. >> our efforts have not reduced the group's terrorism capability and global reach. the resources needed for terrorism are very modest. and the group would have to suffer even heavier losses on territory, manpower, and money for its terrorist capacity to decline significantly. >> joining us now to analyze from washington david, a former state department official and with us in studio, ryan morrow of the
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clarion project. david, you saw it right there, president obama says one thing and john brennan says another. on several occasions with regard to syria. now within the state department. some 50 people signed a memo saying our syria policy is all messed up. he doesn't know what he is doing. >> well, i don't see an agreement between obama and brennan. >> really? you don't see a disagreement? >> no. there is not a disagreement. >> president obama says let's bring more refugees and brennan says by the way this refugee program isis fighters may actually be coming into that program for one? >> what president obama is say something true. which is we are making progress against isis in certain aspects. we have taken back territory. we have taken out leaders. we have reduced the number of fighters and we are making an impact on the ground, on the battle front, in iraq and syria. what brennan is saying, that doesn't mean there is still not a terrorist threat. of course there is fighters can reach us. they are trained to try to do terrorist attacks in europe and the u.s. even more difficult to combat is these homegrown
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terrorists who are inspired by isis but may not have had any actual contact with isis like the orlando attacker. now, i do see a discrepancy between some of the folks who are now calling for air strikes against assad in syria, and the president's stated position. and that's a very interesting development. >> let's stay on this for a second. ryan, if we are fighting back, if isis is losing some gee graphic regions in the middle east, yet, they are stepping up the terror attacks here on the homeland, are we winning? >> i would say that we are making progress and brennan did say that. but president obama is overselling it. the problem there is that that allows isis to beat expectations. when they beat expectations, and endorsement from allah. we need to change that. only way you change that is smash their sites in rocca. smash their sites in capital in da beak. you smash them so hard they
5:16 pm
wonder why allah. taking allah's blessing away and win i'd long call war. >> brennan having differences on president obama winning and whether the methods that isis will be attacking us. also, james comey had differences of opinion with president obama, whether or not we're wishing. he said we have over thousand open investigations on home grown terror right here. yet, president obama, you listen to him, things are going in the right direction. >> again, he didn't directly contradict the president. this is a complicated situation. the battle against isis has many fronts. there is the front in iraq and in syria. there is the home front, protecting us from terrorists. there is the capability of shutting them off from social media. so that they can't recruit new forces. and we have to look at each separately. we are making some progress. >> where? >> in iraq. >> where? >> in iraq and in syria. >> you are talking about progress being made in iraq and syria. you admit we are losing ground here with the homegrown terror going on in the united states. and also.
5:17 pm
>> i have not admitted that. >> brennan did. brennan said we have a problem here. he also said we have a problem with what you just pointed out. >> brennan did not say we are being. >> explosion of people being radicalized here in the united states within. in other words, born here and proximate causing radicalized right here. >> what brennan said was smart and wise, which is we have to continue to be vigilant here in the u.s. and we have to expect there will be more attacks. that does not contradict the president. we should be doing that? please, the president is simply saying we are winning and everything is fine. ryan, i'm trying to figure out where we are winning. he has a cia director telling us we have problems, fbi director telling us we have problems. 50 people in the state department saying it's not working. who is advising this guy? >> here is how you reconcile the two positions, isis is losing territory in ira and syria. that's very important. as brennan said it has not resulted in the reduction of their terrorist capability. that goes back to the ideology. that's why it's so important to identify the threat as
5:18 pm
islamism. >> you are saying you are a football tammy and gaining all yards. never geght get in the end zone and they're scoring. never going to win the game. >> incomplete. very important that you take territory away and you take away that momentum so they can't claim to be successful. if you are not going after the islamic ideology as a hole whole, you will not get at what creates isis. destroyed isis and replaced by another group. >> david, i will use the same analogy with you, we are gaining more yards on the football field but they have more touchdowns, they are winning, yet our president and coach says guess what, guys, we are winning. we're not. >> no, the big prizes in iraq and in syria. it's taking back their strongholds. >> david, 49 innocent people were killed last weekend. the big prize, they're winning the big prizes. we aren't. >> we distant stop every attack here, unfortunately. we wish we could. and we especially cannot stop every homegrown terrorist attack when we
5:19 pm
don't even know that they are sympathizing that isis. that they have connected with isis, and that they are planning to do an attack like this. we need to try and do better. let's look at the real prize which in iraq and syriaened a taking them out of their strong holds and making pro-depress. have we gotten the touchdown down there no we have not. can we do a internet job? yes we have to do a internet job of arming and supporting indigenous forces on the ground in iraq and syria take back cities. >> i have got to go right now. gentlemen, thank you solve. new poll shows republicans and democrats see things very differently when it comes to the orlando terror attack. dana perino will be right here to analyze that just moments away. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank.
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in the factor follow-up
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segment tonight, how americans are responding to the orlando shooting. a new gallup poll shows just how widely split americans are over what they think is to blame for the attack. 79% of republicans said it was an act of islamic terrorism. only 29% of democrats think so. but, 60% of democrats blamed gun violence. only 16% of republicans thought guns were to blame. president obama appeared to make clear which side he comes down on during his visit to orlando thursday. >> those who were killed and injured here were gunned down by a single killer with a powerful assault weapon the motives of this killer may have been different than the mass shooters in aurora or newtown. but the instruments of death were so similar. >> joining to us analyze my fellow co-host of the five dana. we are a divided politic.
5:24 pm
>> we have research to back it up. polling can be instuckive, people seeing in their own lives, water cooler in the office. with their families, on social network on facebook. have friends all different walks of life and they see this sharp divide that, for example, on this particular case with orlando, immediately, it's like oh my gosh, we have had another terrorist attack here on the homeland. that's my instinct. and somebody have a different perspective like oh my gosh, we have got to do something about guns. both things can be true, okay. but i think really disappointing is that we don't have a choice on whether we fight this war or not we didn't choose to go to war. we can choose how we end it. having a divide like this all the way up to the top of the leadership of our country with an inability to say let's pull together at least for a week and realize this is an attack on
5:25 pm
americans, innocent beautiful people in orlando and try to figure out what we do to move forward. >> what happens when the president a few days after this terror attack goes and comforts the families and first responders and comes to the podium directly after and mentions guns the way he did. he talked about the instruments of terror. the instruments of violencen are the same and that's code for guns, right? >> it is. here's the thing. if you are a democrat listening to that, it makes total sense to you because you feel like the reason that more innocent people in america are dying is pause republicans are blocking president obama's gun control initiatives. if you are a republican, and you listen to president obama's speech you think he he still doesn't get it he doesn't recognize the threat we are up against meaning islamic terrorism. i think that all americans want the same thing. we want to be safe. we want a strongs and growing economy. but you have different approaches in terms of how do you get there? i worry about this upcoming
5:26 pm
presidential election and how caustic it is becoming because immediately everybody went into camp. but the only way we win this war is if we are fighting together. >> president obama comes and he mentions guns a few times. that just pushes the dwight furnished, doesn't it? >> right. so the proposed solutions to this should not divert our attention from the real threat, which is the ideological war that you have been talking about on the program. solutions should be logically based. right now talking about ar-15s as you talked about all week that was not the weapon that was used. we also know that mateen loved the american, the floridaian that went to join isis in syria and blew himself up. if you are a committed jihadist, you will find a way. now, should there be a way for the fbi to have caught him earlier? to have prevented him from being able to buy the weapon? i think that there is some reasonable discussion and, in fact, the congress is having a debate on john cornyn bill. senator john cornyn of texas who has a way to talk about the terror fly list because
5:27 pm
that actually has to be changed. that's something, believe it or not, where you have agreement between the far right and the aclu. >> look at it this way, the terror watch list and the no fly list, this guy was on neither. so he literally walked into a gun shop and even if there was a you can't buy a gun if you are on no fly list or terror watch list. he wasn't on it so he would have been able to -- any new legislation wouldn't have affected orlando. >> that's right. we end up talking about the small ball things and not focusing on how do you destroy the safe haven where isis is able to plot and plan attacks and even if those are attacks where they are encouraging lone wolfs like mateen to carry out attacks across the world, that is how they are going to continue to hit us soft targets all across the country. >> guns became front and center very quickly, didn't they? >> yeah. >> dana, thank you very much. always great. plenty more ahead as this special edition of "the o'reilly factor" moves along this evening. two blockbuster interviews. donald trump and speaker paul ryan enter the no spin
5:28 pm
zone with bill. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark, the fight for fallujah is near an end. iraqi military special forces sweeping through the city today. the iraqi military now controls most of the city after weeks of fierce fighting that began in may. isis defense suddenly collapsed. only small pockets of isis fighters remain.
5:32 pm
concentrated in four districts on the city's northern edge. isis took control of the city more than two years ago. and hundreds of friends and fans lining up in new jersey to attend a memorial service for "the voice" singer christina grimmie. she lived in jersey prior to moving to los angeles in 2012. last week the 22-year-old was shot to death as she signed autographs following a show in orlando. the killer was after attacked by the brother. ' for all your headlines log on to in the election 2016 segment tonight, donald trump enters the no spin zone with some provocative comments following the orlando terror attack. this week, bill challenged trump on the muslim ban. they also talked about how to prevent more isis attacks in america. trump's relationship with the gay community, and hillary clinton finally using the phrase radical islamism. >> earlier today, hillary
5:33 pm
clinton did use words she has not used before. >> to me, radical jihadiism, radical islamism. i'm hear to say either. all this talk and demagoguery and rhetoric is not going to solve the problem. >> and your reaction? >> well, first of all, she didn't use the word. she said she would say the words are, but she didn't say the words. second of all is radical islamic terrorism. she is trying to soften it up. and she is doing that because she is afraid of president obama who has got a lot of power over her future, frankly, could put her in jail. >> she did say radical islamic terrorism is responsible. >> she didn't use the term. she used radical islamicism. she didn't use radical islamic terrorism. there is a difference. she didn't say it. she said she would use it bill, the only reason she did that is because i have been going after her. >> you have been pounding her and there is no doubt about it.
5:34 pm
>> if i didn't do that she would have never -- bill, if i didn't do that, she would have never said those words. >> i don't know that but you are much better. >> i do. >> mind reading thing. >> i don't want the credit. i don't want the credit. i just said i didn't pound her on that she would not have said it. >> you hammered the secretary today in your speech for basically saying, look, your, you, mrs. clinton are not protecting guys because your soft approach to islam in general or islamic fundamentalism in general discounts the fact that most muslims, perhaps most sharia law certainly had disdain toward homosexuals. so you really hammered her on that. was that fair? >> i think it's fair 100 percent fair. i'm far better for the gay community than she is. she talks a lot about it and yet she will allow people in that want to kill people from the community, from that community. and i think it's terrible. the same thing with women. they want to make women
5:35 pm
slaves. okay? they want to make women slaves. that's what they do. and, yet, she is fine with, you know, the women say oh, isn't she wonderful? she is not wonderful for women. she wants people coming. in she wants 500% increase in people coming in from syria that are radical islamists. okay? >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> in many cases. >> she wants to take in humanitarian under the humanitarian banner as president obama does and the democratic party does. the entire party. they want to take people -- >> -- and we should build, bill, bill. >> wait. let me ask the question. >> go ahead. >> but she would refute very vehemently that she would ever allow any radical muslim in here. she would never do that. so is it fair to you to accuse her of doing that? >> of course. because she doesn't know who is coming in. there is no paperwork. there is no documentation. sure, they think everyone is going to be beautiful. these people, they will tell everybody how wonderful they
5:36 pm
are and they will come in and then they will blow up a club like they blew up over the weekend or they will do something else. bill, i mean, she is allowing these people to come in, a 500 percent increase she wants. and they hate women, or certainly they want women to be their slaves openly said. >> radicals in you are confusing radicals and refugees. all right. let me ask you this question. you know. >> bill. >> we have discussed this. you know there are good, loyal muslim americans who love this country, who have died for this country. >> true. true i have many friends. >> do you believe that there is a danger now that because of your hot rhetoric about the topic, and i agree with some of what you are saying, okay, you have got to vet these people from overseas. you just can't let them waltz. in i agree. but you see that you could be contributing to a demonization of all muslims in general. is that possible? >> no. just the opposite.
5:37 pm
i really believe it's just the opposite. i have many friends. you know that i have said it before. i have many friends who are muslim. i get calls from many people thanking me who are muslim, thanking me. i have some incredible friends. some wonderful friends. some are very successful. some aren't. but i have many muslim friends. they are thanking me. many of them. not all of them but many of them. the fact is she is aloying massive numbers of people though come in and they are not all radicalized and they are not all terrorists. it doesn't take many, bill. if you take a loo one young man that did this damage. 50 people killed and probably a lot more to follow. they are very, very gravely injured in hospitals right now. they are wounded so badly. so this is one man. so, it doesn't take very many. but, we have many, in my opinion, you have many coming in. and they are smart and they are cunning, and they know how to get through the system. and, by the way, they have stolen our passport machine so they make passports better than we make passports. we don't know who is coming in and, frankly, our
5:38 pm
president stunt know what the hell he's doing. >> when we come right back, speaker of the house paul ryan responds to trump interview he's sounds off to bill o'reilly about the orlando terror attack. stay tuned. so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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thanks for staying with us, on this special edition of the o'reilly factor. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. and in the personal story segment tonight, speaker of the house paul ryan in the no spin zone. earlier this week the speaker came out against donald trump's call to ban muslim immigrants from coming into the u.s. and he came on to the factor to tell bill why. >> don't you think that americans have simply had enough of the muslim terror deal and that's why trump gets traction with his temporary ban? he is mobilizing people in an emotional way to support him. that's what it's all about. is it not? >> well, sure. if i'm going to ask a question, bill, i'm going to give an honest answer. the honest answer is i actually think a muslim ban based on religion is counter productive to our efforts to fight terrorism. more importantly, we believe in the first amendment, which is freedom of religion. so i really do think a security test. that's what we passed here in the house. we said you can't have the
5:43 pm
syrian refugee program until you have a security test where you can properly vet every single person and we passed that bill. it's sitting over in the senate. harry reid is filibustering it. >> in the meantime president obama is bringing people in -- >> -- that's right. so we don't agree with that. >> no. >> we passed a bill stopping it based on not religion. based on security. >> when you met with trump, did you discuss this muslim ban thing? >> yeah, we did. we discussed this and many, many other things. we did discuss this muslim ban thing. we just have a disappearance of opinion on this. i will leave it at that. >> you are not going to move him and is he not going to move you. last night we discussed collect collar ration of war if congress would declare on islamic jihad and name the groups declaring war on give more power to deal with them. has president obama ever called you, texased you, any of his guys and said you know this might be a good idea. let's discuss it? >> i haven't discussed this specifically with him in quite a while. i think i did a few months
5:44 pm
ago we had discussed it. here's the problem. i agree with what you just said. i think we should declare war on isis and every one of these groups. fresh authorization of the military force. here's the problem. president obama wants to tie the hands of the military. president obama is saying that he will not accept an authorization of the military force that does not completely hamstring his successor and we're not going to do that we're not going to. >> if congress declared war. you know congress has the power to declare war. if congress declares war, all right? then, yes, he might be a bad commander in chief. yes. he might blow it. but, that's all going to be on him then. you guys have done what you can do. >> the point i'm making is, the only amf we find unacceptable ties the hands of the military. >> let him veto it i think americans are angry. i think they want action. >> i hear. >> you they don't want to hear we can't, we can't, we can't.
5:45 pm
pass the declaration of war. if reid tries to filibuster in the senate we will all know he is the big villain again. you have to show the american people that you guys really feel the way they feel that these people have to be dealt with. we 2001 and 9/11 and now it's 15 years later. it's september. and we still have to deal with these pigs. and these savages. and i think that people, american people are as angry as i have ever seen them in my lifetime. i think that congress has to reflect that now. >> talk about anger. we passed a bill last year calling for the president to give us a plan to defeat isis? what did he do? he sent us a few pages of talking points. is he phoning in on the war on terror. trust me when we say we share that frustration. >> he is only president for a few more months. and you guys have got to mobilize. now, you and i have talked before about kate's law. and this ties into terrorism, too. kate's law would make it easier for the authorities to apprehend foreign
5:46 pm
criminals, they are -- there is the alleged shooter. sentences define deportation. congress can't get it done and the folks don't understand why. steinle family so broken hearted they are suing the federal government because the federal government won't right the wrong. i'm going to come back now. >> we are going after sanctuary cities in the appropriation process. we are having a problem with the president on that. trust me you know we are frustrated about this. >> do a stand alone. do something, see? americans just want you to try. they want you to try. and if obama doesn't do it, or reid doesn't do it, let them take it. you try. you do the right thing. >> i will give you the lastward. >> you know that we're trying. you know that -- the reason we are so frustrated because in this divided government, we can't pass our principled conservative reforms to in the law. forget about the filibuster, we can't get the president to sign them into law. that's why we are offering
5:47 pm
an agenda that we're asking the american people to give us the kind of government that gets these things into law. how do we keep ourselves safe? how do we grow the economy. how do we reduce the intrusive government? how do very a national security policy to keep us safe? how do we replace obamacare? better gov gop. we pass these bills in the house and i do by filibuster or veto bid president. >> you pass it in a heart beat in the house, you know you will. pass it. then i can at least ram it down their throats. >> point taken. point taken. >> all right, mr. speaker. we appreciate it. >> directly ahead, new polls show trouble for donald trump's campaign, but is his support actually higher than the polls are letting on? that debate when this special edition of the factor returns. because the ultimate expression of power, is control.
5:48 pm
this is the pursuit of perfection.
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in the back of the book segment tonight, the polls and donald trump, new survey as out this week shows trumps unfavorables jumping and hillary clinton coming out ahead in direct match ups against trump. trump, however, isn't buying the latest numbers. >> when i poll, i do fine. but when i run i do much better. in other words people say i'm not going to say who i'm voting for. don't be embarrassed. i'm not going to say who i'm voting for. and then they get in and i do much better. an amazing effect. >> is it possible the latest polls aren't showing the actual support donald trump has among voters? joining us now tim miller former communications direct for a for the jeb bush campaign. you were the pac anti-trump pac. i'm guessing you think there is no way that trump has better voting totals than polls are showing now? >> in trump's words, sad, huh
5:52 pm
eric. this is sad that he is reduced to this, coming up with conspiracy theories. this is a guy trump has spent the whole primaries bragging about husband poll numbers and now the polls aren't right all of a sudden. look, harrienton who writes at 538, the best poll guy out there examined this. he looked at the primaries and if you look at trumps results in the primary in each state on average he came in about 1% lower than his poll numbers. so this is just a theory he is coming up with. >> nate silver in fact nailed the last election cycle. he nailed all 50 states. however he missed trump. 538 said trump cannot be the nominee and he is the nominee. so polls can be wrong. >> in the primary they were right. he was bragging about the polls the whole primary. it was some of the d. krchltd pundits no doubt, they didn't believe the polls. but the polls showed it.
5:53 pm
>> i remember they had jeb bush neck-and-neck with donald trump and jeb was one of the first to drop out. >> yeah. look. we realized september or october that the polls were right. we didn't believe them at the start because we thought trump would go down. he is going to get crushed by hillary clinton. i came on your show in three months and told you that. all the data is there. you can wish and hope if you want. >> you also said he couldn't be the nominee. here's the problem with some of the pollsful they predict prior behavior. in other words donald trump brought out the vote no one saw coming. at one point there were 5 million more republican gop voters than democrat primary voters. that was unusual. >> he did worse in the polls in the primary. you can wish and hope that the data is on the side of trump struggling. >> this last ten days. prior to this, he wasn't struggling. in fact at one point he had take ten lead against hillary
5:54 pm
clinton. >> they have always shown that he can't win the general. here's why. you can't win insulting hispanics and women. >> until ten days ago, the recent round with the mexican judge and hillary clinton gets the presumptive nomination and so they flip back. >> eric here's the thing. donald trump has had terrible unfavorable numbers for six months now because you can't insult women, hispanics, americans, asians and think you are going to be the nominee. >> he had unfavorables for a year since june 16th of last year. >> you can wish all you want eric. but here's the things. >> i'm just looking at numbers. let's do this. we only have about a minute. let's do this. what do you have against trump? you are a republican, right? aren't you on this side? >> i'm glad you asked that. he is anti-constitutional, anti-rule law. this week he insulted our soldiers, he said the seweders in the iraq war stole money earmarked for iraq
5:55 pm
reconstruction. he dodged the draft. his character is too low. >> here's why you have to reconsider what you are doing. >> why don't you answer the question. >> i don't answer it. donald trump does. here's why you have to consider this. if, number one, scalia's seat is going to be replaced f. three more supreme court seats get replaced by hillary clinton, the less wins tim for a long time. you are a young guy. it will be a left wing court for the rest of your life. >> we'll be right back. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight.
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pf we go tonight i just got off the phone with o'reilly. he asked me to give you a quick reminder. father's day is almost here. if you are still scrambling to find a gift, his best seller, legends and lies the patriots makes for a great gift for dad. no spin there.
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and latest episode of legends and lives companion series airs tonight starring john adams, the boston tea party and the legendary paul revere. here a sneak preview. >> the red coats are coming out. >> what did you say. >> grab you are muskette if you be a patriot man. the regulars are on the march. >> despite the popular poem, paul refuse ear is not on his own. three others joined refuse ear with orders to commission more riders along the day. the decision makes sure the message gets out. while the warning makes it all the way to concord, near lexington paul revere's journey takes an unexpected and often untold turn. >> off stand, or you are dead.
5:59 pm
>> be not afraid, mr. revere. speak the truth of your mission tonight and you will not be harmed. >> it's you who should be afraid. >> what's waiting for us up ahead? >> we know you are after hancock and adams and the canada conquered. >> what's up that road? speak the truth or i'll blow your brains out. >> it's a great episode. be sure to check that one out. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor. i'm eric bowling. bill will be back on money. check out my show cashing in
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airing saturdays at 11 a.m. eastern on fnc. and my book "wake up america" goes on sale later this month. details at eric please remember, the spin stops here, because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, new details on the text messages orlando terrorist omar mateen was sending to his wife in the middle of his attack on the pulse nightclub. plus we're now learning that surveillance cameras may have captured as it happened video of the worst u.s. terror attack since 9/11. welcome to the kelly file. i'm sandra smith in for megyn kelly tonight. we already knew that mateen and his wife noor were in communication at some point during the attack. today we learned a lot more about what exactly happened did and what was said. nbc quoting a source close to the family says it s


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