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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  June 18, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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♪ [national anthem] hey, friends, good morning. it's saturday, the 18th 6 june, 2016. i'm anna kooiman, this is "fox & friends." brand new pressure on the family of omar mateen, including his wife as new details reveal what really went down in the weeks leading down that dreadful attack. >> donald trump says it's easy to stop the next terror attack. >> if some of those wonderful people had guns strapped right here, right to their waist and this son of a [bleep] comes out and starts shooting. [cheers and applause] and one of the people in that room happen to have it and goes boom, boom, you know what? that would have been have a
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beautiful, beautiful sight, folks. >> boom! right between the eyes. we will tell you how those comments are going down this morning. and netflix expanding its children programming with this. >> we got to do something for boom box. >> and is under siege. >> i'm going to build a wall. >> what will kids think about that? what are adult tots think we will find out because mornings are better with friends ♪ and i know it's going to be ♪ a lovely day ♪ lovely day. >> coney island in brooklyn. that is manhattan. we are having a big old time here on the "fox & friends" plaza. >> you heard from bill
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weathers it's a lovely day. we are joined here by peter johnson jr. >> i didn't bring the hot dogs nathans did, their 100th anniversary. >> how many can you eat. >> 40 in 10 minutes. >> i eat them all at once and sometime eat the buns. i do it all together. will get even show. more in there we do neath need to get right to this though. age a-year-old -- a 5-year-old viciously attacked by a mountain lion in his own backyard. >> 2 or the boy was playing in the woods near his neighborhood in aspen, colorado when his mother heard terrifying screams. she jumped into action trying to fight back against the wild animal, physically pulling it off her son
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physically saving his life. the boy is expected to be okay. brand new video just in of disney workers installing a temporary fence at the scene of this week's deadly alligator attack. the newberryier stretching where 2-year-old lane graves was snatched by the vicious reptile outside the grand floridian resort and spa. also seeing the brand new warning signs about dangerous alligators and snakes. guests can expect to see at all disney water front locations. and a freak thunderstorm carved the path of destruction. people waking up to scenes just like this. trees toppling on to cars and causing massive amounts of damage. friday storms brought heavy rains and winds damaging cars, homes, schools knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of people. the storm was strong but it was not a tornado. a father delivers his baby on a highway after siri
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keeps messing up his call to 911. family was on the way to the hospital when mom realized she wasn't going to make it. >> i said he is crowning. is he like huh-uh. he put his hand down there like oh my gosh. calling 911. starts calling john somebody on my phone. come on. >> technology at finest. didn't matter anyway. little everett had plans of his own. mom was pushing and dad was delivering and kids got a ticket to the show watching their mom deliver. those are your headlines. >> she is a cheery new mom. that's impressive. >> latest in the orlando terror investigation. surveillance video captured the gunman's rampage as he executed his victims inside the nightclub. >> tucker, we are learning he also made final preparations like turning over a share of his home to his sister for just $10. >> peter doocy is live in
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orlando as he has been all week with the latest details. peter? >> peter, anna, and tucker. that's right. investigators do have a ton of surveillance footage from inside pulse nightclub and we're told that they are very carefully reviewing that footage to see if there is any sign that he had help here on sunday morning. they are probing to see how familiar he was with the layout of pulse from the way he was moving around a, how he targeted his victims. and abc news report quoting someone who has seen the tape says that on it you can see the terrorist, quote, walking through the rooms mowing people down. there is now a bartender from a different establishment who told the associated press that omar mateen stalked her about a decade ago and sent her a lot of uncomfortable messages on facebook. she described him as a loaner and recalls the terrorist giving off a weird vibe when she ran into the northwestern a park.
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lived in fort pierce where the victim had been living with his wife and kid and recently transferred ownership of his apartment to his sister and brother-in-law for $10. the transfer of the quitclaim deed happened pack in april when a reporter from the daily mail asked the brother-in-law if he had any idea a terror attack was coming. he said no comment. there is also a new cnn report citing law enforcement forces that the terrorist gave his wife access to his bank account shortly before driving to orlando and murdering 49 innocent club goers, but she has not been charged or accused by authorities of any connection of having any connection to what happened here six days ago now. back to you in new york. >> not yet anyway. peter doocy. thank you so much. great coverage out there. >> nobody has been charged but there are interesting clues emerging about the role of the family in all this. $10, the house sold by this man. >> we look at the quitclaim deed here this morning. i have a copy of it right here it, shows in april it
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was transferred for just $10. so, is it a financial shenanigan, number one, number two, is it some estate planning? but number two goes with he number three. is there some family knowledge? is there some forethought of this plot and killing spree, this terror act in which the entire family was come complicit. he was going to die that day and there was a transfer. we have no knowledge on this at all. those are the questions that investigators will be posing today, especially when you hear responses from the brother-in-law "won't comment" on prior knowledge of the attack. >> we do know that he was quite a political activist. foreign born born in afghanistan. he was online attacking donald trump as a white supremacist. he liked the video online 10
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lies about islam. video northbound 4 islam violence. >> other democrat post he was involved with. >> charged family members for the wife what's talked about first degree murder, providing material support and misrepresentation of a felony and acknowledgment of a felony. how hard would it be for charges to be taken up against her? >> it depends on the evidence. you know, in cases like this. we have seen complicity, potentially with family members and wives in other actions that we have seen around the globe. it's based on the intent of the person, of the wife and the actual material assistance that she provided. so you need both. having knowledge alone does not call upon her to prevent the crime. if she provides assistance and knows of the intent, then that's a crime and she can be charged, as you said
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with murder, attempted murder, material support to terrorism under federal law. >> when you talk about those other federal instances around the globe, there was a former federal prosecutor on the kelly file last night and mentioned in the one of the hostage takers had used wife's cell phone to speak with collaborators. the widow of one of the bombers in the boston bombing computer evidence, photographic evidence she had gone to some website to see if she would get a reward for her husband being a martyr. that wasn't enough to level charges. >> that's absolutely correct. the final point here is the wife's lawyer, when she has a lawyer, will make the argument that the text during the massacre indicate that she had no knowledge. but a smart prosecutor would allege, say, well, was that pre-textual? was there, in fact, knowledge, but your husband was trying to cover it up to protect with you regard to what knowledge you had. a lot of questions. not a lot of answers.
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we will know in the coming days. >> here is a conclusion donald trump has drawn from this. so the attack began a little after 2:00 a.m. there was a police officer on the scene who was off duty. he apparently exchanged gunfire with the gunman. it went on for three hours. donald trump says if people in the crowd had been armed, it would have ended differently. >> if we had people where the bullets were going in the opposite direction, right smack between the eyes of this maniac, if some of those wonderful people had guns strapped right here, right to their waist or right to their -- waste or right to their and this son of a [bleep] comes out and starts shooting and one of the people in the room happen to do have it and goes boom, boom, you know what? that would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight, folks. believe me, we are going to save that second amendment.
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we're going to save your guns. >> donald trump saying the answer is having more guns and if bullets were flying in the opposite direction, the carnage possibly would have been reduced here. >> call the police, they are there for three hours and 49 people get killed. not an attack on the police but it is a reputation to the point lesson making, have a lesson call the police don't defend yourself, they were there three hours and 49 people were murdered. >> while he was there making posts on facebook page, making phone calls, pledging allegiance to isis while he was doing so on the phone and also saying so in front of all of his victims. yet, the left is saying that this is not an issue of isis and radical islamic terrorism but it's a matter of gun control. peter. >> and clearly donald trump is tapping into a lot of the sentiment and concern there is about gun-free zones in america where people take it upon themselves to say the second amendment doesn't apply here there have been many, many situations where civilians have stepped out and stopped crimes. that's what he is pointing
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to here. saying if folks had guns, they could have stopped crimes. en. >> police didn't stop the crime. i'm not bashing police. let's be real. three hours? >> we don't know what happened in those three hours. >> we know the police were there three hours and 49 people were murdered. >> he was holding folks at that point and operating in terms of that. >> i'm just saying it's not the entire answer. >> no. i understand. absolutely. absolutely. >> here's the gallup poll in the question. broken down by party affiliation. what do you make of the incident in orlando? 48% of democrats say it was islamic terrorism. republicans 79% say it was islamic terrorism, main problem. and then it flips around on the question of violence 41% of republicans say it was a question of gun violence, 60% of democrats do. >> 12 minutes after the hour. >> he pledged allegiance to isis while doing it how
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could it not be islamic terrorism? >> i don't know how it could be a question. pretty straightforward. no question it was a terrorist act. act of islamic extremist terrorism. >> he said it was. >> the day that it happened he said to so. >> unfortunately many times. >> donald trump short list for vice president growing longer by the day? >> everybody wants to know who i'm going to choose for vice president. who do you like? he set newt. they say sessions. he says condi rice. we have a lot of good people. you'll be happy. >> throw it up into a poll. one of those candidates was just asked and asked to be scratched from the list. ' surprise. it turns out that the government system to tract detainees released from gitmo. it didn't work so well. we have that coming up. ♪ oom has your back.
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>> if you see something, tell us, so we can look at it. in every single one of our cases as we look back, somebody always sees something that he had should have told us and they didn't. >> the plea to the public is if you see something, say something. that's reminded americans every day by the federal government. after attacks and foiled plots. yet, has the policy always succeeded and has it failed on multiple occasions after vigilant citizens spoke up and said something. so, is political correctness getting in the way of investigators really doing their jobs and protecting us? here to discuss this is eric o'neil, national security strategist for carbon black and former fbi operative and phil haney former department of homeland security employee and author of see something, say something. so, eric o'neil, i pose it
3:18 am
to you first, where are we in this country in terms of see something, say something on the right track? off the right track? are we too politically correct? do we not pay attention to what the folks are saying from america? >> thanks. i think we could do much better, post 9/11 see something, say something worked exextremely well, everything from report things that are suspicious to in transit stations, metro and train, is that your bag? and it worked. and i think we got complacent. there is less reporting and then i think when there is reporting, either it's not followed up on correctly or it's followed up as we saw in the orlando shooting and nothing is done about it. and there is also this chilling effect where people are afraid to say something if they think they will be labeled a racist. >> phil haney you have written a book on this subject. where are we on this subject? i know you have talked about the clock boy and the
3:19 am
indications there and how that was received and how in some ways he almost became a hero at the white house. what are your thoughts this morning on seeing something, say something? >> well, the teacher that commented on the bomb or what he thought was the bomb was criticized and called an islam phone and racist for what he said while the boy that brought the bomb or the box was made into it like you said a hero. the thing that we need to consider more than all of the rest of this is the centrality of the family. people within the family and the community are on to see something, say something. but they are violating the structure of their own society to do that that's something that we have overlooked. the centrality of the community and the family. >> eric, how do we overcome that in terms of reaching in to communities in america and saying, listen, if your brother or sister or mother or father are engaging in unamerican and terrorist acts, you really do have to turn them in. how do we change the
3:20 am
culture? >> i think that we need to, just as you said, reach in and gain the support of communities. now, it happens after catastrophic attacks. big bad things happen and people are more likely to speak out when they see something wrong or that just first them that gut feeling, that cop instinct that something looks off. because those terrible things that happen like what happened in orlando, like what happened in 9/11 or in san bernardino, they all encourage people to speak out. well, the important thing is when people do speak out we have to take them very seriously. >> take them seriously, last point. going into a hard break. important discussion this morning. >> you are very welcome, thank you. >> and what happens when the liberal media tries to prove how easy it is to a gun and the system actually works. see this. and they tried to order a burger but the chef didn't like their politics. should restaurants be able to refuse service to supporters of donald trump? one couple with an
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180 days in the making. the soyuz is home. touch down confirmed. american tim copra brings tim peek and russian astronaut undocked from the iss returned from earth at 5:15 eastern time this morning in kazakhstan. anna, tucker? >> thank you. after attending a trump rally in virginia last week a couple divided to stop by a joint for lunch they got a whole lot of disrespect. >> they join us to share their story. it's great to see you this morning. tell us what happened exactly in this restaurant. >> well, we had left the trump rally and then we were hungry, so we stopped to buy
3:26 am
the cookout in heights. the drive-thru was very packed, so we went to the window to order as soon as we approached the window it's oh hell no, i'm not waiting on them. and then it kind of scurried between three or four people and then finally somebody came to the window and waited on us. and took our order and everybody was laughing, taking pictures. >> so you say eventually they did serve you but that wasn't good enough for you. were you surprised by the reaction? just because you are wearing your donald trump make america great again hat or t-shirt or whatever you were wearing, that they would treat you this way? were you surprised about that, lauren? >> yeah, i was. you know, i have heard on the news about people being bashed about who they support or if they support
3:27 am
trump or hillary, bernie, whatever, i never thought that i would experience it myself. so, when i did, i was shocked. it was crazy. >> here's a statement from the restaurant we are quoting now, the employee that was rude was immediately terminated per policy. this was ice lace lated action of a single person doesn't cookout operates. denying anyone from eating at one of our restaurants would be totally out-of-line and ludicrous. >> you say there was more than one person. >> yes, sir. >> who was not willing to serve you. how many people? >> well, like i said, it went between like two or three people. finally we got waited on. they took our order. and we were waiting on our order and then an order came up. it was a bag and milk shake is which what we had ordered. lauren went to get the bag and milk shake. as soon as she went to get
3:28 am
it the girl said oh no, not for you and laughed and gave her a dirty look. >> gosh, we hate that this happened to you. it shouldn't happen to anybody for their political values and beliefs. we appreciate your time. shannon and lauren. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> doesn't matter how are supporting, it shouldn't happen. 28 minutes after the hour. what was it likes a terror was being unleashed inside the pulse nightclub in orlando? up next, you will hear from one of the cops who rushed into the scene in his very first interview. that's coming up next. >> plus, turns out the government system to track detainees released from gitmo doesn't work very well at all. at least one terrorist disappeared into thin air. we will bring you the latest on that story. >> summer is almost here. that means it's time to hit the water. we have boats for any budget. peter johnson jr. getting in on the action. ♪ rock the boat ♪ don't rock the boat baby ♪ rock the boat ♪ don't tip the boat over ♪ rock the boat.
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i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. must be gerry. hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with the all-powerful drivewise app. it's good to be in, good hands. good morning, everyone. the terror attacks that happened in orlando was breaking on "fox & friends" last weekend. we brought it to you and in the coming days we heard from the victims, the survivors, the physicians this who were helping to save countless lives. now we are starting to hear from the heroic law enforcement officers who ran into danger when everyone else was running out. listen to elmer delgado.
3:33 am
>> i began yelling hey, get up, get up. we have cover for you. come on out, come on out. it took a minute to realize that those people weren't getting up there was a reason why those people weren't getting up because they were shot. some of them were already dead. when you see that it's just very emotional. i remember an officer behind me yell is he moving, is he moving and him and someone else ran and pulled that person out. i remember when they grabbed maybe the second body or so we heard another round of shots. and i remember the deputy that was in front of me fell back to try to get cover, kind of held him just so we both wouldn't fall and we just went back and pulled out more. you put this uniform on, you expect the worse. what i witness, you see it overseas. you know, you see it done in other places.
3:34 am
but when it happens at home, in your backyard, that's kind of really hits you wow, this is serious. i pray that one day it all stops because there is no reason someone should be taking people's lives, especially in that form and manner. >> i can't imagine more eloquent statements as to what went on and the impact of a person who is a stranger to those people there. going to live with that forever. >> he was reunited with one of the victims that he was able to pull out. his name was angel cologne. his story struck me. he was shot they times in the leg and trampled by people on the way out. the gunman came and fired a shot, tried to hit him in the head and his hand was up by his head. it hit one of his fingers or somewhere on his hand and hit hip in the hip. he was shot five times and survived. officer delgado was able to pull him out and likely save
3:35 am
his life. >> good for officer delgado. i'm confused how this exactly unfolded wanted how there could be so many police officers on this scene for three hours and it continue to do unfold. >> we haven't seen a time line as to how many folks were murdered and the tact at what point and were there attacks thereafter. clearly the police had no knowledge before the incident. they had not been given any tip al-jaafari. >> there was a police officer at the scene from the very first moment. weighs off duty cop working. >> off-duty police officer working at the premises and he lived, thank god. >> no police officers were killed. >> no police officers killed. a terrible tragedy and on this day we remember the victims of this terrorist attack. >> yes, we do. 35 minutes after the hour on a saturday morning now. turning to other stories now making headlines in this fox news alert. they said it wouldn't happen. now a frantic search is underway for a dangerous known terrorist after he simply vanished.
3:36 am
jihad, a former gitmo detainees that president obama let go in uruguay was under close supervision and now nowhere to be found. the u.s. is helping in the massive manhunt. he disappeared crossing the border into brazil. most likely using falsified documents. and could a donald trump condoleezza rice ticket be in the works? well, fat chance. rice says she's not interested in being trump's vice president or anyone's vp for that matter. her chief of staff saying she is happy at stanford and plans to stay there rice returned to the university after george w. bush left office in 2009. she has no plans to go to the republican national convention in cleveland next month where trump is slate to do be officially declared his party's nominee. a new netflix' children's show focuses on donald trump? >> there is only one way to do it. we have to build a wall. >> wall, wall, wall.
3:37 am
>> a new episode on all hail king julien centers around building a wall to keep foreign animals out because cartoon animals feel it's taking away their job and housing. dolls that sound familiar. you features new song called don't touch my stuff. kicking off father's day weekend in the most millers way turning it into a competitive sport. they are using their sleeping babies as yuma jianga stands stacking here to rows on them. >> doesn't have any rules. find cereal, sleeping baby and back await a minute see your funny pictures email us at those are your news headlines. all right, tucker, back to you? summer is in full swing and that means boating season, if you are looking to get your father out for father's dayen othe fourth of july and you ought to be and don't think you have the money to buy a boat we are here to help.
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>> after sunday's deadly attack in orlando. many are wondering what more, if anything, police can do to stop a mass shooting from happening. >> in fresno, california, police officers have developed a high tech command center that kicks into gear the moment a crime is reported. >> kurt the cyber guy joins us now with an inside look. sounds like top notch. >> you know what this has us asking this morning is my own police department red jr. to the type of orlando style attack that could happen to my community? after the orlando shooting i spoke with fresno pd police chief jerry dyer. he told me that the police response in orlando seemed pretty spot on. many local police departments could get an edge on crime by embracing the same technology used in his city. take a look at. this fresno police department. state your emergency. and where exactly are you. [siren] >> we just got a call where
3:46 am
are we going. >> going to the area of marks and weber. male, five children in the parking lot at the location. >> what are some scenarios you are thinking about in your head? >> the male's frame of mind. we have mental issues. >> they are investigating right here, the scene. the data went into the computer about that fast. it shows prior events at the address. and that's what brought us here. >> after investigation, there was nothing to indicate that happened and so we concluded that it was -- had to have been some type of misinterpretation by the person who called. in. >> this call may have turned out to be a false alarm. but thanks to a program called beware and high tech crime center officers are fully prepared as they approach crime scenes. >> kurt the cyber guy, welcome to the fresno police
3:47 am
department realtime crime scene ♪ ♪ >> the reason we created this center was that our officers, when they are sent to calls, they have very limited fact. very limited information. yet, they are expect to do make these split second decisions. we want them to have the information they need. >> and that's where beware comes into play by using algorithm what address may produce a greater threat to officers. >> we can go into the where program. asterisk by it that tells us there is some sort of a criminal history that he has. >> how does this information now conveyed out in the field to the officers change the way they arrive? >> maybe they slow the call down a little bit. maybe they request an additional officer. or even a mental health worker to come to that location so that they can handle it more safely. >> and that isn't the only technology police chief
3:48 am
jerry dyer utilizes. >> this is shot spotter. so this can hear gunfire around the city and triangulate its position. >> gives you latitude and longitude so you can pinpoint it. >> this allows for immediate notification, the officers driving to the area. they know exactly where they are going. some cases us getting there very quickly is the difference between life and death. >> they are also making use of cameras across the city. >> all of our elementary schools and high schools, we have cameras in every one of those. in the event we had any type of an incident on campus where a suspect is armed with a firearm, an active shooter god forbid, wield be able to see hallways, classrooms, we could then access that particular classroom, see where the student was, and guide the officers in to that particular student. >> should this technology be in all police departments around the country. >> i have got to believe in today's environment, with all the challenges and all the threats that we face in
3:49 am
law enforcement, the more technology that we can have in our possession, the safer our communities are going to be. >> you want to know if your community is safe? you want to ask your own police department if they have these kinds of tools and, if they don't, well, this guy is a model is the future technology. not saying this is a cure-all to any orlando-styled shooting. what he is just saying is when you could have the tools and get the edge you are in much better shape? always cutting edge stuff with you. thank you. coming up, plenty of headlines to cover. judge alex is grabbing a hot dog and getting his energy before he joins to us react at the top of the hour. >> bass pro shop usually comes to us. this morning we sent rick reichmuth to them. he is some of the top fishing and hiking gear for the summer. ♪ good day
3:50 am
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3:53 am
summer is almost here. that means it's a great time to get out in the great outdoors. >> what a better place to do that go hiking and fishing and tips on that than a trip to bass pro shops. >> rick reichmuth is live at the massive bridgeport connecticut store. good morning, rick, how is it going? >> good morning, everyone. we came out to a bass pro shops this morning. normally you guys come to us to our plaza. i am so excited that we came to your store because this is incredible. you guys have this aquarium back here, a bolling alley, a bar, a restaurant. obviously all of the gear that you could ever want to be outdoors. >> that's right. well, first off, all the bass pro associations want to thank you and "fox & friends" for coming to our home this time. we are super excited that you are here. like you said, our motto is your adventure starts here.
3:54 am
it's not just hunting and fishing. if you name it, you can get into it here. of course our iconic fish tanks right here, these are a reflection of the native species of fish to this area and the animals. the mounts. you could go to any 77 one of our stores and you will not see two stores are the same. >> a lot of the stores you go to kind of the same. you have tailored your stores to the wildlife in the area and that's what you specialize in. >> absolutely. you see everything from the white striped bass. the large mouth. believe it or not the world record stripe bass was caught up here in connecticut. 81 pounds. hang on the the wall over there is he a great, great fish. really nice to be this close to new york city but, you know, you really feel like you are in the country. it's a beautiful part of the world. >> 60 miles outside of new york city. i think a lot of people wouldn't think that you would have the biggest stripe bass ever caught right here which is pretty amazing. i want to bring in loretta.
3:55 am
thanks for having us here. >> thank you. >> you are the general manager of this store right here. it's a beautiful store, clearly. and it has so much to offer. carping gear. you have a fudge store. there is a lot going on. but all of these murals that you have up here are hand painted and reflect the area around. >> we are here to honor the great heritage that connecticut has and its outdoor. essentially it is lake. kent state park and the mystic seaboard to name a few that we have murals on in the store. >> all hand painted? >> yes it is hand painted. took tedious time and came in here a couple weeks in advance to make sure they had the right outline for the murals. >> 77 stores. obviously you guys bass pro shops, we think of fishing. >> right. >> but it's so much more and people can come out and hang out for the day and have a great experience. >> absolutely. especially with our fishing event going on. we always have something to
3:56 am
give back to kid does and everybody. just kind of introduce them to the outdoors. we have everything in here from the boating to the camping, to paddle boards. the whole nine yards, you know. it's not just hunting and fishing for sure. >> we have eric back here in this tank. hi, eric. thank you guys. we are very excited to be here our morning long. >> happy to have you. >> rick reichmuth live on the scene at bass pro. coming up next, the fbi tried to lure the orlando gunman into a sting operation thee years ago. political correctness seems like it played a role in all of that judge alex joins to us react. >> imagine driving to work and seeing this on the highway. where did that ostrich come from? ♪ baby you were born to run ♪
3:57 am
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from garmin. hi friends, good morning, today is saturday, the 18th of june, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. we have a fox news alert for you now. another little boy attacked by a wild animal. this time a mountain lion in his own backyard. >> sent out page, give them a heads up of this 2 or 3-year-old attacked by a mountain lion in the trauma room now. >> and the brave mother who came to his rescue. >> and the another fox news alert on the orlando terrorist's family and their potential connection to the attack of last sunday. as donald trump insists it could have been stopped. >> one of the people in that room happened to have it and goes boom, boom, you know what? that would have been a beautiful, beautiful site, folks. that would have been a
4:01 am
beautiful, beautiful site. [cheers] >> right between the eyes. the debate over gun control in the orlando massacre continues this morning. we will bring you the latest. >> and on the eve of father's day, is your dad cool like this? >> keep it real homeys. >> we're going outside to get some of your fatherly advice this father's day weekend because mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ ♪ hot fun in the summertime ♪ hot fun in the summertime. >> yeah. >> morning show to have a giant hot dog on the plaza it, of course is, "fox & friends." good morning. >> waking up with you, you know, in hot dog costumes,
4:02 am
that reserve that for the 101st anniversary for nathan's hot dogs. celebrating by having fun with you on the "fox & friends" plaza. >> i was on the wave runner already this morning. i got wet. i changed my suit. >> peter johnson joining us this morning. >> good morning. happy to be with you. thank you. we have a fox news alert this morning. chilling new surveillance video capturing the orlando gunman's rampage as he executed his victims. >> this as we learn that the murderer also made final preparations before the massacre. for example, he turned over his share of his house to his sister for only $10. >> peter doocy is live in orlando with the details. good morning, peter. >> good morning, anna. just two months before his terrorist attack here in at the pulse nightclub in orlando that mateen unloaded his share of that house for 10 bucks. fox news has obtained legal documents showing the transfer of the quitclaim deed from omar mateen to his
4:03 am
sister and brother-in-law for almost nothing. and we sent a crew to speak to the brother-in-law, but he wasn't interested in saying anything. a daily mail reporter had slightly better luck. she asked the brother-in-law who did benefit from this very strange real estate deal if he had any idea a terror attack was being planned, and he said no comment. we're also told there's a lot of surveillance footage that shows the attack in progress, and investigators are very specifically looking to see if there is any evidence omar mateen had any kind of help here at pulse they are also looking at the way he moved around the club to see how familiar he was with its layout and at the way he targeted his victims. and abc news report quoting someone who has seen the video says that on it you see the terrorist, quote, walking through the rooms, mowing people down. this is going to be a very difficult weekend in orlando, funeral services started yesterday and will continue today. more than $8 million has
4:04 am
already been pledged to the one orlando fund for victims and their families. it was going to be districted to those in need through nonprofits but past survivors of tragedies in places like sandy hook and aurora, colorado said similar funds weren't helping them very much. so now the lawyer who supervised the victims' fund after the boston marathon is going to advise the officials here about just how to best spread out that $8 million to the 49 victims families and 53 injured survivors. back to you. >> make sure it goes to all the right places. peter doocy live in orlando. thank you. >> we are joined by judge alex ferrer who joins us often on this show to sort out the day's events. great to see you. >> great to be here. >> are are the family implicated in this. >> i don't know but they certainly should be. in an investigation like this you don't cut short any corners.
4:05 am
whether you have a situation like we have learned that the wife knew about the incident or knew about his terrorist plans whether she knew it was that particular night or not, you certainly need to look at everybody in the family. you know, the circumstance with the brother-in-law, very suspicious. i mean, why we say no comment when asked a direct question did you know about this terrorist act pending terrorist act. i mean, anybody in their right behind would say absolutely not came out of left field for him to say no comment raise as big question about whether this is a lot broader than just a single act by the shooter? and back to the wife, in order to level charges against her, some of those that are being talked about now are first degree murder, attempted murder, providing material support and were knowledge and concealment of a felony because she apparently drove him at one point to the pulse nightclub possibly to help him case the location. said she tried to talk him out of it. was with him at one point when he was buying ammunition. >> sure. >> what needs -- does law enforcement need in order to
4:06 am
charge her if so? >> most people aren't aware of the fact that simply knowing that somebody is going to commit a crime does not obligate you legally. morally of course it does. morally to report it. becomes a crime. felony in federal court if you take any other overt act like concealment, try to hide his participation. but you also become a principle if you assist in anyway. if you encourage somebody to commit a crime. if you assist them, drive them to buy the ammunition and drive them to case out the place, you are as guilty as the person to commits the crime. you are as responsible for the 49 deaths and 53 attempted murders as he is obviously that's where they are going with her. now obviously if they are looking at the family as well, they are going to look to see if there was any encouragement and aiding and support and the transfer of the house becomes an issue in that regard. >> judge, let's talk about something that hasn't really been reported much. there was a sting operation allegedly by the fbi. >> right. >> into this terrorist back in 2013. after he made a threat
4:07 am
against the st. lucie sheriff. and they reported it to the fbi and allegedly, according to the report, a confidential informant went to terrorist mateen and tried to find out what was going on and get him involved in something. >> sure. >> what does this mean in terms of whether we were successful or not successful? did the fbi do what they were supposed to be doing? did local folks do what they were supposed to be doing. >> we are looking at hindsight very valuable for us but not so valuable for the fbi. at the time they knew this gentleman was working at the courthouse and had made some threatening comments to deputy who had made a comment about the middle east. so, of course, they investigated. when they investigated, they put a confidential informant to try to suggest about possible terrorist attacks and things like that to see if he could be lawyered into it because it's not entrapment if the person is already predisposed to commit the crime. he didn't bite. it didn't go any further and the fbi after they reviewed
4:08 am
everything. hot head, made a comment. we don't have anything here. i can't blame them for that they are following thousand and and thousands of people. they try to see if there is any substance they can go on. >> this guy was reported at least four different times for being a nut case. prison guard got booted out of that because he was crazy. security guard people complained about his behavior. hostile work environment. muslim. gun store reported him for being crazy. >> the gun store didn't identify him because they didn't have his name. they just said they had somebody here they didn't have his name or identity. now they identify him. >> some so flamboyantly nut and threatening that even a gun store which wants to sell guns says no way i'm not selling guns to this guy. >> and he claimed bias the whole time like they are being mean to me because i'm a muslim. >> it's new race card. it's the islamo phone card and being played over and over again and government is buying into it pc is going to cost a lot of lives in
4:09 am
the track we are going. fbi has thousands of people all of whom they are reviewing for this reason. you don't get investigated by the fbi because you made one isolated comment. you get investigated because there are pieces of information that go wait a minute there may be something here. the manpower that they would need to follow a suspect, to stay on top of him 24 hours a day, they would probably need 20 agents for one person. >> what happens if you let in a million people from muslim countries. >> right now? it's a huge mistake. >> does it make us safer? >> absolutely not. >> then why are we doing it? >> i think it's legacy. i think that he is more concerned about his legacy than is he about doing what is rational under the circumstances. we know, the fbi has said we have information that they are going to try to sneak terrorists into these groups that are coming here under our immigration, lax immigration policies. they told us it's going to take 18 to 24 months to screen all these people. we are taking our time and now we are hearing no, no, no. we are speeding up the process and last weeks we have let in more immigrants from dangerous countries,
4:10 am
based upon our terrorism risk than we haved in the last seven months. so is it a good policy? absolutely not. it fills a check box on his legacy. i guess that's why we are doing it. >> quickly, in your opinion is, it fair for the president to say this is a matter of gun violence and seeming to down play islamic terror, radical islamic terror? >> i think that's as ridiculous as saying that the boston bombing was a matter of crock pot violence or pressure cooker violence. you know, it's stupid. terrorists will use whatever means available. if they don't have guns, they will mow you down with a car. >> should we ban crock pots. >> pressure cookers. >> box cutters, too. >> always a pleasure. >> i'm taking that line. that's so smart. >> ten minutes after the hour and on to other stories making headlines fox news alert. breaking overnight, 5-year-old viciously attacked by a mountain lion in his own backyard. en. >> give heads up of this 2 or 3-year-old attacked by a
4:11 am
mountain lion in the trauma room now. >> the boy was playing in the woods near his aspen, colorado home when his mother heard the terrifying scream. she jumped into action pulling the big cat off her son, likely saving his life. the boy is expected to be okay. donald trump defending the second amendment in the wake of the orlando shooting saying it's easy to stop the next terror attack. >> some of those wonderful people had guns strapped right here, right to their waist or right to their ankle, and this son of a [bleep] comes out and starts shooting and one of the people in that room happen to have it and goes boom, boom, you know what? that would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight, folks. >> donald trump went on to say if he is put into the white house, no one's guns will be taken away. and new overnight, a freak thunderstorm carves a path of destruction through parts of virginia. people waking up to scenes like this. trees toppling on to cars and causing massive amounts
4:12 am
of damage. friday's storms brought heavy wind and rain and knocked out power to 160,000 people. the national weather service says the storm was strong but not a tornado. and caught on camera, a run away ostrich dashes down a busy highway. its owner has -- was driving his pet to a farm when the giant bird jumped out of the window. exhausted the ostrich named chick a boo stopped to rest allowing the owner to take her back to the car. he says chick a boo has never done anything like this before. terrific terrific. -- tisk, tisk,. >> if my name was chick a boo i would be running down the highway, too. >> inspect her first prime time interview. >> donald trump falling behind hillary clinton in the nationwide polls. it's a much different story in the battle ground states. a closer look next. >> and major new developments this morning on the plan to build a big,
4:13 am
beautiful wall, where? well, around the white house. ♪ ♪ ♪ experience the thrill of the lexus gs f sport. because the ultimate expression of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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recent national polls spelling real trouble for the trump campaign. the current real clear politics average has him trailing hillary clinton by about six points. 44 to 38. is trump actually doing better in places where it might matter in november like the swing states? and how does his performance compare to mitt romney's back in 2000 is 2012 at this same moment in with us now
4:17 am
is lisa booth president of high noon strategy she has the numbers. great to see you his sancht hi tucker, how are you. >> some saying it's over for trump. paul ryan campaign for hillary clinton, are republicans abandoning trump because they say they think he can't win. you say the real numbers are different. tell us what you mean. >> tucker, you know this everything in washington, d.c. and particularly the mainstream media always gets overensensationallized. that's what we are seeing now. look at the numbers in key states, virginia, pennsylvania, ohio, and florida, trump actually looks pretty much like mitt romney did. mitt romney lost so donald trump is going to do a little bit better than that, especially heading into november. if you look at the numbers for where mitt romney was in 2012 to where donald trump is in 2016 they are pretty darn similar. let's get into it a little bit. if you want to put up pennsylvania, we can get into pennsylvania. look at the pennsylvania race and in 2012 obama was
4:18 am
up 8. and right now donald trump is at 4. so, you know, there are pretty close. not too far away. donald trump is actually doing better than mitt romney was in 2012, so i think that's important to know. he is also outside of the margin of error there. now if we head into, you have got pennsylvania there now if we head into ohio, obama was up 1.18%. or hillary clinton is up by 1.4%. so now both of those are within the margin of error which is important to know. >> interesting. >> if you have a margin of error poll, it's essentially a tied election. >> so florida is the state that i think everybody agrees probably have to win if you are the republican. how does it compare? >> yeah. you have got to win florida. and president obama was up by 3% in 2012. and if you look at now in 2016, hillary clinton's up by 4. now, important to know one of those polls had hillary
4:19 am
clinton up pretty significantly without that it would probably look closer like 3%. again, 3% is within the margin of error. so it's a pretty close election in florida. so if you really look at these key, you know, battleground state polls, donald trump is not doing as bad as the mainstream media would like people to believe. >> and the republican leadership, again, it's not just the liberals and the press. they are all liberal, of course, also republicans in d.c. article of faith he can't win. let's go to the commonwealth of virginia 2000 123 obama 48, romney 45. now in the matchup in 2016 is hillary 43%, trump 39%. so about the same. trght. >> right. exactly. as you mentioned donald trump outsider candidate. that's leading to, you know, a lot of this conflict and, particularly, we know that the media, particularly the mainstream media really likes to oversensationallize that they love conflict.
4:20 am
they love conflict in the republican party. so, yes, so it's important to look at the numbers and see where romney was then and where donald trump is now in comparison, which is pretty close. >> the press hates trump. they think he is a fascist. and they think it's their moral responsibility to crush him. we will see if they cncht just look at the editor's notes. great to see, tucker. >> two seconds. >> lock at the huffington post in the editor's note every article about donald trump get an idea where they are on this. >> lisa booth, thanks a lot. >> thanks, you tucker. >> up next, elizabeth warren latest for hillary clinton what it tells us about the fall campaign on the way. pretty interesting. stay tuned for. that is your father cool like this one? >> keep it real, homeys. >> we're going outside to get some of your father additionally advice this weekend. kevin mccarthy's movie
4:21 am
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in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
4:24 am
welcome back. some quick headlines. socialist super hero elizabeth warren making a stop in hillary clinton's campaign headquarters in brooklyn amid speculation she could be tapped as clinton's running mate. multiple posts surfaced on social media showing her snapping pictures with clinton stars.
4:25 am
quickly taken down. apparently supposed to be a secret not so well kept colorado congressman bowing out of the senate adding to the speculation marco rubio may run to keep his old seat. the senator reportedly reversing plans, leaning toward running for re-election to the seat he swore he was giving up after a failed presidential run. >> i thought he hated the senate. >> he is going to miss it. >> well, grab your popcorn. a big weekend at the box office. two new separate movies hitting the screen. the question is which ones should you see? >> i know just the foreign act. kevin mccarthy. the founder of in other good morning. >> good morning to you guys. peter johnson jr. i haven't seen you in so long. >> good to see. >> you findy finding dory, what do you think of it? >> 17th pixar. first 16 over $9.6 billion
4:26 am
at the box office. sequel to finding nemo. and this time around doory, ellen degeneres character is trying to find her parents. cool interesting note about the movie. the kid who played nemo in the 2003 movie is actually too old now. 22-year-old he couldn't voice the character of nemo anymore. they had to recast that character with a younger kid who sounded just like him. very cool point of the film. i sat down with ellen doe general rest. big deal for me first eight years i did this as a movie goer i did it as a freelancer. my mom and dad had to support me financially. my mom would actually write letters to the ellen show to try to get me on her show as a movie goer. fast forward 2016 i'm doing it full time. i sat down with ellen and i had to tell her this story and this is what she had to say. watch. this this is surreal to meet. >> you hello and tell your mom look at you now i'm on your show. >> what with a hank and al
4:27 am
bundy talk about. what would they discuss if they would meet together? >> they would have a lot to talk about. >> that would be a great idea. can you finally get to the cleveland and your owner is hank -- >> they would have a lot in common. at the beginning, especially. >> i will direct. >> you can direct. >> i'm in for this. subme in. i will be in. i love you guys. >> all right. thank you. >> so, my mother is writing to ellen, too, without reply. >> i gave the movie a 4 and a half out of five. the question i asked to mr. ed o'neil. his character hank in finding doory. he plays octopus. if that character could meet al bundy. that's why we had that reaction there. movie 4 out of 5. not as classic as finding nemo. it's fantastic film. i loved every message about love and friendship. the animation is amazing. 4 and a half out of 5. one of the best films i have seen this year so far.
4:28 am
>> what about central intelligence? >> yeah, the rock and kevin hart. this is kind of cool. the movie itself has a great anti-bullying message. when the movie opens up, it takes place 20 years prior while they were in high school and both the rock and kevin hart both look very, very young. now, here's the cool thing. the rock's character is a lot heavier in the scene, so they actually had a guy named in and film those moments. i asked the rock how he was able to get his face on that person's body to make those scenes look so realistic. watch this. >> here we are at the junket, my man, here is kevin mccarthy. i want to do my man. look at me. look at me. >> hey, my man. >> good to see you guys. >> for me it was a little bit more face replace glment can you slide across the floor? do you really do that? >> no, that was actually. >> is he a good sport. >> my guy doing it. sione great dancer. when you have got to get naked in front of a school and get naked in front of
4:29 am
all the cameras to dance and do your thing and is he a bigger guy he did it and embraced it. he was amazing. they have face replaced me on him. i still had to do all the dances and also had to get naked which was his favorite part. >> oh, yeah. >> one of the best days on set. >> i gave the movie a 4 out of 5. it's great anti-bullying message. i was bull idea myself in school high school and middle school. school to see how they incorporated that into an action comedy. the rock is fantastic in the movie. it really delivers on comedy and drama and action. i think it's the best thing the rock has done since the run down. kevin hart is great as well. great chemistry. worth seeing this weekend i gave this movie 4 out of a. for both finding dory and central intelligence scenes in the ending credits. stay seated until the end. >> save popcorn for the end of it? >> exactly. >> did you ask the rock why he didn't say i'm not going to work out for few months and eat get fettuccini
4:30 am
alfredo. >> -- available on my facebook slash kevin mccarthy fox. it's very uncensored and very funny. >> that's a cool jacket you are wearing. >> it was a pacman suit. >> excellent. >> thanks, kevin. >> thanks, kevin. >> coming up next, major new developments this morning on the plan to build a big, beautiful wall around the white house. not your house, the white house. >> plus, rick is at bass pro shops and he is in over his head. >> well, i didn't realize that they would put me to work when i came to bass pro shops. somebody has to clean the tank. >> we're going to check right back. in rick is just ahead. he is in the tank. >> mean and complete. nothing says summer like hot dogs. celebrate nathan's 100th
4:31 am
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yes, they did, anna just had six of these puppies in under five members. you think it's not possible. she proved otherwise. these are not puppies, these are hot dogs. >> exactly. ♪ we're got to get to nor fun with nathan's hot dogs coming up. right now turn attention to headlines. british lawmaker jill cox. a 2-year-old thomas maher making defiant statement before the judge giving name as traitors -- arrested for shooting and stabbing of jill cox in broad prod daylight. advocate for keeping britain inside the eu. she lives behind a husband
4:36 am
and two young children. apple is disarming your phone. next emogi update will not include two rifle images. the tech giant objecting to new additions uni code creates the emogis. the images were tied to the upcoming olympic games. microsoft apparently also agreeing on the late change. 72 new emogis will be ruled out in the updated on june the 21st fence surrounding the white house could soon be 11 feet tall. art commission signing off on a plan that would raise as well as wyden and strengthen the fence. it still needs final approval before construction begins in 2018. the proposal follow as series of fence hopping incidents. if you will remember one man even making it into the white house in 2014. another man hopping the current 7 feet fence last thanksgiving money can't buy you -- sure buy you ripped jeans. made by the company fear of
4:37 am
god. hottest pants in the fashion world right now. what justifies the eye popping price tag? simple, it's not too skinny and the rips are in just the right places. that's according to a miami store owner where the jeans are flying off the shelves. 80% to 90% of the next collection is already sold out i got an idea buy a nice pair of wrangler jeans or levis and you can pay me $800. >> trend setting straight from the internet and asks and answers the question, what's the point of having kids if you cantor temperature them once in a while? these are fathers. what are they doing, anna? >> these kids are just trying to take a nap. babies with taking naps and dads are piling up cheer cheerios like it's a jiang go game. i crushed this cheerio challenge thing. i said this on twitter i got 7 and then she moved. >> scott martin writes this
4:38 am
on twitter i tried the cheerio challenge and got extremely competitive. >> that's fantastic. nothing bad about that. it s. it passive aggressive? a little bit. kids wake you up middle of the night find best way to get back at them. that's a pretty harmless way we're talking president kind of advice that you might have gotten from your dad or the advice that you have given. what would you say on father's day? >> the advice i just have just be there for your children, just be there for your kids support them. >> did you get any advice that you particularly remember? >> yeah. my dad was always there for
4:39 am
me even through some of the things did i younger that i don't want to talk about on tv. >> absolutely. yes. how are you? good morning? >> good morning. >> what's your name? >> dorothy. >> dorothy, so what kind of advice did you get from your dad that you want to talk about today? >> okay. that was good advice. >> stage fright, sorry. >> what do you think a good father be in america? what should a good father be doing? >> i agree with mike. staying with your children, be supportive gist be there for them. >> that's great advice. i'm peter, how are you? >> my name is eantd. >> where are you from? >> texas. >> we're so happy you are here. did your dad give you advice. >> best advice my dad gave me was to drive a stick shift. we chugged a lot and made it through. i still can drive a stick shift today. >> and you didn't bust the car. >> i didn't. did i not. no. >> are dads better nowadays or not as good?
4:40 am
do you think dads are tougher? >> i think dads are better today. they are much more involved in a child's life. they don't just sit over there on the couch and reading the paper and going to work and providing for the family. they're actually more active as a dad. >> that's a smart point. >> on dads, what do you say? >> dads. >> i love my dad. my dad taught me how to hunt and fish growing up. that's a tradition that he has passed down to my grandchildren and i'm very grateful he did that my kids stay in the woods or on the lake. we don't get in trouble. >> quickly, last thing. what do you remember about your dad? >> well, my dad was always into sports. he was big into baseball and he taught me how to play baseball and throw a good fast ball pitch. i think that's important my dad played ball with me a lot, too. tucker, what do you say on this father's eve. >> my father would tell me the secret of life was to enjoy the passage of time, john denver or james taylor.
4:41 am
when you were 10 and wish you were 13 and watch tv movies. 16 and drive a car and 16 wish you were 21 and drive a beer. >> daddy drinks because you cry. my advice to kids have a ton of kids. people have too few children. you can't afford it who cares. have more. >> make the government pay for it, is that what you are saying. >> no. not at all. >> never give up. never give up. >> thanks, peter. >> disney company installing knew gator warning signs after attack that killed a toddler. should those have been there in the first place or should parents have known better that debate coming up. >> plan to let illegal immigrants serve in the military. what do you think? i work 'round the clock.
4:42 am
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we have got some quick headlines for you. first up, the house rejects an effort to ban illegal immigrants join the military by just one vote. lawmakers voting 211 to 210 to reject an amendment by arizona congressman to close back door amnesty program open by president obama. linking to trump's presidential campaign. outrage after the va abandoned its authority to fire five senior executives quickly. the law was passed by congress two years ago in response to the long wait times of the v.a. hospitals. a fired executive argues the law is unconstitutional and denies her right to appeal her firing. meanwhile, you are much more likely to die on the job as a federal employee than to
4:46 am
be fired. anna? >> all right, tucker. thanks so much. a quarter till the top of the hour, disney adding danger signs and putting up a protective fence after the deadly alligator attack that killed a 2-year-old little boy lane graves earlier this week. is this too little too late? reports say the resort staff warned that gators were getting too close to guests but disney ignored the problem. here to discuss the legality and liability jenna sill bore and spencer. both prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys. god morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> johnna, i will start with you, which is such a tragic situation, what do you think the outcome is going to be as far as liability goes? this is interesting because i think disney does have a defense against liability. i mean, look, there were two wrongs here. one, a child should not be without beyond arm distance from a parent no matter where you are when you are 2 years old. simple sign warning of alligators probably would have allowed the parents not
4:47 am
to leave the child alone. so much public outcry even if disney defended perfectly. disney will pay anyway. >> quietly would you say? >> i don't know if it's going to be quiet. i think that disney has a major public relations problem now. so whatever they do to try and make this family whole and, of course, they will never be able to make them whole again, they are going to want the public to know that these are the steps that at the took. because as a resort owner they had a legal obligation to keep their customers safe. it's a reasonable obligation under the law. and the question here, i think, as a matter of law is, did they warn their guests? did they let them know that there was this kind of danger? i think, based on the way this has been reported, most of us would say that they didn't. so disney world, if they were smart, in my opinion, offer this family a sum of money and other things to make them feel whole and do things to make it safer at
4:48 am
their resort so it doesn't happen again. >> disney has given a statement. they did this yesterday. they said we are installing signage and temporary barriers at our resort beach locations and working on bermt, long term solutions. we continue to evaluate processes and procedures for our entire property. and as part of this, we are reinforcing training with our cast for reporting sightings and interactions with wildlife and communications to guests on this topic. jonah, pretty much everybody who is there a large portion of them are tourists. they may not be from florida. floridaians know the dangers of alligators but some other folks may not. >> i think that was precisely the problem here. you have a family from nebraska. they are not familiar with the lay of the land in florida. you are at a resort where you think everything -- i mean, they bill itself as the happiest place on earth. you don't plan on being eaten by alligator there a couple of simple signs not no swimming but alligators, beware, i think those parents would have made a different decision and we wouldn't be talking about it today. i'm so sad that we have to.
4:49 am
>> me too. remi, the new signs they are putting unand the temporary barriers if they keep that up and make it even stronger or higher, potentially, could that stop liability in the future? >> potentially. and as lawyers, we talk about warnings so that the company is not liable. let's take a sit back and have some perspective. why are there alligators in this lagoon, steps or feet from the resort? i think in my opinion, disney would be wise to try and remove all of these deadly animals in its resort. in its areas where people have access. ladies, thank you four your time. what a tragedy. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. threatening co-workers and buying up guns, not the only sign the orlando terrorist was planning an attack. he did something else with help from his sister has he raising eyebrows this morning. details coming up. and bass pro shops usually comes to us. but this morning we sent rick reichmuth to them. rick, what's coming up? >> hey, guys. well, obviously people are thinking about getting gifts for dad.
4:50 am
we will be here with luke snyder and bass pro shops talking about great gifts they have. i had no idea that you could go bowling at a bass pro shops. and the strike that i'm about to get okay. that's coming up. stay with us. show me movies with romance.
4:51 am
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show me more like this. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. we have been taking a look at everything bass pro shops has to offer which includes as it turns out a bowling alley. >> rick reichmuth is at their bridgeport connecticut store. good morning, rick. >> i did not think we were going to be boggle at a bass pro shops. i have never seen anything like this. this has got to be fun for
4:54 am
kids as shark ball return. >> bad idea doing this on tv. but, but. >> you are a professional bowler. >> i was in the pbr not pba. >> i'm really happy right now. so you guys have a bar. you have a restaurant. a bowling alley, a bass pro shops i didn't know that happened. >> this is a really unique experience for families right here. you know, the attention to detail. everything, kids come in here and their eyes get this big around and they just light up. it's all about making those family memories. >> come here and hang out as a family. >> that's right. private dining rooms. >> speaking of family. it's all about dads right now. buying gifts for dads. you always have amazing deals. >> we like to pride ourselves in knowing how to do father's day. we have this gerber mini tool right here. great little gadget. tons of little bells and whistles on there get that for under 10 bucks for dad and stick it in his pocket. >> these head lamps, every
4:55 am
time if i'm backpacking or camping. this is what i want. i don't want a flashlight in my hand. >> that's right. put it on your hat that thing is going for 10 bucks right now. can't beat it it's a core o. thee different deals. walking through the woods with the green light. >> all right. gift cards. your gift card is one the best out there. >> it is. number one gift card in america for the as i remember fact that these things never expire. if you misplace it, you lose it, somebody steals it, we will replace the amount that was on that card. there is no fees on that. no hidden fees like some will gain interest and take some off. >> disappear over time. >> no. >> this water filter is the best thing that's out there. >> that's right. so this actually won an award from "time" magazine as one of the inventions of the year. we're awful proud to have it here. it's, you know, under 15 bucks and as long as have you running water, a stream, if you are out in the wilderness, you just stick it in there and drink. >> running water in like a
4:56 am
puddle? >> just to prove it, we scooped this out of the river back up here, and we have raring to go for you if you are brave enough to give this a shot. >> soak it in there for like 10 seconds. >> what do you think? >> i mean it tastes like water. and i'm going to put on twitter here in a little bit by this afternoon and let people know how i feel. >> don't tag us. this is a great thing, you know, if you are out there in the wilderness and don't want to pack around big water bottles and stuff. >> it honestly all kidding aside 99.9, it's a great tool. >> luke snyder, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> my husband's parents use those when they go camping. >> i use them life straw. >> a lot of restaurants in new york city. >> i used one yesterday, actually. >> that is a great product. you can drink mud puddles, it's amazing. >> delicious. 56 minutes after the hour. donald trump narrowing down his short list for vp. >> everybody knows who i am going to choose for vice
4:57 am
president? he says who do you like? newt sessions, he says condi rice. we have a lot of good people. you will be happy. >> one of those candidates just said hey no, thanks. >> someone is almost here. that means it's time to hit the water. boats for any budget now.
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5:00 am
i'm anna kooiman. this is "fox & friends weekend." a fox news alert. another little boy attacked by a wild animal. this time a mountain lion in his own backyard. >> send out [inaudible] give them a heads up a 2 or 3-year-old attacked by a mountain lion in the trauma room now. >> his brave mother came to his rescue. >> and another fox news alert for you this morning. the orlando terrorist family may be connected to the attacks of last sunday. meanwhile, donald trump insists it all could have been stopped. >> one of the people in that
5:01 am
room happened to have it and goes boom, boom, you know what? that would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight, folks that would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight. >> goes boom. we will tell you how those comments are being received this morning. >> and netflix expanding its children's programming with this. >> what are you doing? we have to build a wall. wall, wall, wall. wall. >> are they teaching kids to hate donald trump? we'll find out because mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ can't buy me happiness but it can buy me a boat. >> we are celebrating the kickoff to summer. the real kickoff to summer happens just in a couple of days. we will let you have some fun on the water. >> you need a boat in order
5:02 am
to float on the water. and we -- i need. >> stating the obvious. >> i would like to have a pontoon boat in the city streets mount it and go around on the pontoon boat. >> i would love it. it would have to be a carnival going on for that to work. perfect for a parade. >> i would love it. >> all right. we will get to your boats on the plardz in just a minute. right now, latest on the orlando terror investigation. the fbi questions a member of a mosque attended by the gunman. >> this as weigh learn the shooter made final preparations before the massacre including selling his house to his sister for $10. >> there is a lot going on in this story. here to sort it out for us is peter doocy. god morning, peter. >> good morning, tucker. for the first time in connection with this case someone from omar mateen's mosque has been interviewed by the fbi. reuters is reporting that a pair of agents went to the florida mosque yesterday, met with the man for about a half an hour, but we do not
5:03 am
know right now what his name was or what his connection to the case is believed to be. the fbi director james comey came here to orlando yesterday to thank first responders. he gave them a pep talk. then apparently shook almost 300 hands, but his investigators are still hard at work reviewing sunday morning surveillance footage from pulse nightclub for any sign of an accomplice. they are also analyzing omar mateen's movement to see just how familiar he was with the club's layout and to see how he targeted his victims. investigators had discovered some very strange financial activity in the last two months as omar mateen unloaded his share of a house to his sister and his brother-in-law for $10 plus other valuable considerations. the quitclaim deed was transferred for almost nothing back in april. that brother-in-law did not wants to talk to our crew when they showed up on his doorstep and when a daily
5:04 am
mail reporter asked him if he had any hint that omar mateen was plotting an attack, he said no comment. funeral services for that teach's 49 victims have begun. some are out of town. many here are here in the orlando area. the one orlando fund is covering the costs of airline tickets for hundreds of relatives. the city is covering the cost of burial plots and the mayor says is he consulting with the lawyer who supervised the victim's fund after the boston marathon to make sure that the $8 million in pledged donations is spent as wisely as possibly to help as many people as they can. back to you. >> thanks a million. peter doocy live from the scene in orlando. >> new information this morning that omar mateen sold his house to his sister for just about $10. his share. so was he making these preparations ahead of this awful attack? >> and family members now being placed on the american noily no list. and so a lot of investigators are asking the
5:05 am
question this morning was this just a simple financial shenanigan to hide the value of a home with regard to this transaction between the father and the brother-in-law and the sister or was this some precursor to a known terrorist attack that the family might have been aware of it? we don't know the answer. >> we don't. >> to those questions. what's disturbing this morning and we are seeing that videotape now is that the brother-in-law refused to comment on a simple question whether he had an awareness or not of the attack before it took place. i'm going to tell you my reaction. if someone asked me that question and i wasn't involved with some attack i would say heck no. >> absolutely not. >> get off my steps and don't ever ask me that question i'm an american but that was not the response. >> that is the brother-in-law. from afghanistan, a left wing political activist and we are seeing this morning his online activity. >> social media.
5:06 am
>> includes long rants on facebook how america is racist and donald trump is a white supremacist and this country is inwelcoming to him. see that theme of people moving to this country and immediately adopting grievance stance against the country he moved to. he liked the video this is perversely millers 10 lies about islam number four is the lie muslims support violence. >> new information coming to us on the heels of hearing about omar mateen's father seddique has youtube channel and anti-american show who many have called it that and expressed support for the taliban. 49 innocent people lost their lives and donald trump has a plan to stop the next terror attack. he says we need to strengthen the second amendment as bullets were flying in the opposite direction, maybe the carnage wouldn't have been as bad. listen. >> if we had people where the bullets were going in the opposite direction right
5:07 am
smack between the eyes of this maniac. if some of those wonderful people had guns strapped right here, right to their waist or right to their ankle, and this son of a [bleep] comes out and starts shooting and one of the people in that room happen to have it and goes boom, boom, you know what? that would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight, folks. believe me, you put me in there, we're going to save that second amendment. we're going to save your guns. >> and really riling riling his crowd hand gestures and calling him an s.o.b. and using buzz words with gays and guns. he certainly got a rise from the crowd. >> he wasn't being critical of guys, no. >> no, no, no. saying. >> he is right about the second amendment. one choice, one candidate for and it one candidate hot
5:08 am
not at all for it? >> something the congressional leadership ought to keep in mind as they continue to campaign. >> the issue becomes, you know, we know the denial of radical extremism and radical terrorism. now there appears to be a denial that there was a terrorist act that took place in orlando one week ago. we get involved with this notion well, it's based on mass shootings and gun control and like that. this is a terrorist act. >> hasan assange works for the daily show. is he an immigrant. he sums it up this way. >> every day in our work places, in our homes, in our religious institutions there is covert or overt discrimination or phobia towards people of different religious, racial, or sexual walks of life. and the same goes for congress. you make almost $200,000 a year to write rules, not tweet, not tell us about your thoughts and prayers. there are 294 sitting members of congress that have accepted contributions from the nra, that doesn't
5:09 am
include the millions of dollars from outside lobbying, is this what you want your legacy to be that you were a could have done something congress but you didn't because of outside lobbying that you were complicit in the deaths of thousands of americans? >> so is that really the lesson of orlando that it's america's fault that it's your fault, my fault or is it the fault of the guy who pledged allegiance to isis even as he was shooting 100 people. what kind of perverse person could watch what happened last sunday and say, you know, it's the nra's fault? a radical muslim kills 50 people in orlando yet the congress and the nra and you, and you are responsible. know would not responsible the guy who did it are responsible. >> we are used to watching the internet guided disturbed messages, i can't think of something that's more misguided, disturbed and disturbing. >> >> it's hillary clinton's position and obama's position. america itself is culpable for. this our bad values who led to this. guy inspired, foreign ideology brought here by
5:10 am
successive administrations with their refugee program and says it's our fault? >> maybe we ought to strengthen what we are doing over there so we have don't have fight them over here. >> stop letting in crazy people. that would be good. >> about donald trump is that there is a new poll out, there is a reuters poll that shows him closing the gap between himself and hillary clinton. she comes in at 45.5%. donald trump at 34.8%. that edge drop 3.6%. he is closing that gap. >> we will see. >> look, if you care about these -- this is not election about nothing. this is election about real things. and i think trump has a lot of responsibility to clearly articulate his views and the views of people who voted for him in the primaries and not be frivolous about this. >> continuing responsibility and got to evolve and prove in a lot of ways. >> the threat is metastasize and we are seeing it unfold like we did last weekend. 10 minutes after the hour. turning to other stories making headlines. fox news alert, breaking overnight, a-year-old boy is viciously attacked by a
5:11 am
mountain lion right there in his own backyard. >> sent out [inaudible] heads up of this 2 or 3-year-old attacked by a mountain lion in the trauma room now. >> the boy was playing in the woods in the aspen, colorado home when mother heard terrifying scream. he jumped into action pulling the big cat off her son. the boy is expected to be okay. cops slapping handcuffs on a man for allegedly bringing a gun near a donald trump rally. some reported a suspicious person on the fourth floor of a parking garage in houston. unclear with the gunman supports the republican nominee or meant anyone harm, but he was wear a donald trump t-shirt when he was arrested. trump has reportedly worn a bullet proof vest to some of his past rallies. father delivers a baby on a highway after siri keeps messing up his call to 911. the family was on their way to the hospital when mom realized she wasn't going to make it. >> i said is he crowning.
5:12 am
he is like huh-uh. he put his hand down there and oh my god telling sir rahry to call 911 and starts calling john somebody in my phone is he like that's not what i meant. turns out it didn't matter. little everette had plans of his own. next thing they knew mom was pushing and dad was delivering newest child in the backseat of their car. both mom and baby are doing just fine. reminds me of that song rambling man ♪ i was born in the backseat. >> of a greyhound bus rolling down highway 41. wherever highway 41 is. >> rolling down highway 41 >> i love that bless everett. okay. he pledged allegiance to isis. then he shot 100 people but democrats not too concerned with a terrorist in last week's attack. they are more worried about the guns. do the american people agree with them? that's coming up next. >> do you want to take a tax deduction? well, you will have to pass a drug test first if one lawmaker gets their way. the debate straight ahead
5:13 am
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perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. those who defend the easy accessibility of assault weapons should meet these families and explain why that makes sense. >> 87% of the measure people say no fly, no buy, except for the republican members. >> the american public have already made up their mind that they want a background system that captures potential terrorists. >> democrats this week making sure the gun control debate stayed front and center of the conversation in the wake ever the orlando terror attack. meanwhile a recent gallup poll shows that slightly more americans perceive the
5:17 am
orlando massacre as an act of islamic terror rather than a simple act of gun violence. is the war on radical islam taking a backseat on the war on guns. prevent gun violence. he joins us on set. >> good to be here, tucker. >> what's an assault rifle? >> it's not a question of talking about certain kinds of guns. >> it is though. wait, the president has said and democrats in congress say that we should ban assault weapons or not let terrorists get their hands on assault weapons. before we proceed, let's define it specifically what is assault weapon. >> i'm not here to define what assault weapons are have you heard anybody define it, we are against certain weapons of war. whole conversation about guns this week is assault weapons weapon of war. >> that's absolutely not true. >> you can't make it meaningful unless you define terms. >> not the conversation happening in congress. not practical legislation being proposed. we should talk about that because there is going to be
5:18 am
veto on monday. what we can do to keep any kind of gun, assault weapon or handgun out of the hands of people with hate in their hearts and people intent on doing harm. a lot we can do starting with the legislation proposed on monday. >> i'm interested you wouldn't define it let's move on. the legislation propose wood prevent people from the terror watch list or on the no fly list from buy nothing firearms. they would be stripped of a constitutional right without due process. do you think it's fair for the u.s. government to punish people who haven't been proved to have committed wrongdoing? >> it's ironic that a lot of the same people who claim to be strongest on terrorism are in favor of defending the rights of people who are known and suspected terrorists. >> how can a person be a known terrorist if he is not convicted? since when -- hold on, i thought our whole justice system was based on the notion that government can't just suspect you. they have to prove you of wrongdoing. >> are you saying there shouldn't be a no fly list. >> that's a separate argument. >> here is what i happen to
5:19 am
think since you asked. if we don't think your trust to do fly, if we think you are so dangerous you can't get an on airplane what the hell are you doing living in my neighborhood? you should be in jail or deported. >> sure, okay. so you should have that conversation. >> hold on, american justice, do you think the government should punish people without proving them guilty? >> i think if. >> apparently do you. >> known and suspected terrorist. >> by whom? >> why don't you let me finish. >> because it's a basic question. >> because if somebody is a known or suspected terrorist, the same kind of person you wouldn't want. >> known or suspected by whom. >> finish one sentence, please. >> >> known as suspected terrorist someone you don't think live in your neighborhood and you are prepared to make that you think that person should walk into a gun store and buy a gun. >> should the person be allow to do vote. >> you do this for a living i think it's fair to ask you a question deeper than what a poll might reflect which is what other rights should we take away from people we suspect of being bad people. >> this is what i think and this is what the american public thinks. i'm not reading polls i'm
5:20 am
telling. >> you i want to know what you think. >> i started by saying this is what i think. i think there is more we can do to keep guns out of the hands of people who have been convicted of violent crime. people who are domestic abusers and known and suspected terrorists it starts by going into having a law. >> you stated people who have not been convicted of anything ought to have second amendment rights taken away. >> i am saying people who have been deemed by our government. >> by whom on what grounds. >> by the attorney general, by the investigations that go into these people. >> on the basis of suspicion. >> on the basis of suspicion you want to kick these people out of four yashed. that's what you just said. you said you don't want to have them living in your neighborhood. >> i think you should be convicted before you are punished because i'm an american. >> listen. >> we are out of time. >> of course we are. all right. good talk. >> maybe you could define your terms. >> i would love to be back. >> dan gross. learned a lesson on how to be a better father with help from some of the best known fathers in the world president george w. bush and president clinton. ron fournier shares thoughts
5:21 am
on each of them and what he learned from each of them. stay tuned. ♪ the stars and stripes ♪ and the egel flies ♪ if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis,
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hey, everybody, good morning to you, 24 minutes after the hour. turning to quick headlines for you. a state of emergency is declared in california as a fast-moving brush fire triples in size destroying dozens of homes and now threatening hundreds more. fire officials say the inferno west of santa barbara has grown to nearly 6,000 acres. the fire is 20% contained so far. conditions are expect to do get with the winds on the rise and the extreme heat wave coming. and just moments ago nasa welcomed home three astronauts. the return over 108 days in
5:25 am
the making. >> of soyuz is home. touch down confirmed. >> nasa streaming the whole thing live 186 days and 250 experiments in space later. american tim copra, britain's tim peek and russian astronaut returning to earth this morning in kazakhstan next guest says george w. bush and clinton taught him to be a better father. >> ron fournier author of the new book love that boy with two presidents and road trips what my parents taught my about expectations. pride of detroit michigan ron fournier. good to see you ron. >> good to see. >> you you have been on the road with more politicians of anyone i know. >> that's because i'm older than you. >> you are the hardest working man in journalism. what did you learn from presidents about being a father? >> so much. so much.
5:26 am
first of all, i think our last several presidents have been good dads judging by their kids. specifically here with president bush and clinton, president bush taught me the power of presence, the power of listening. when he sat down with tyler, my son, who is mildly autistic, for an hour, he asked question after question and after question described it as oil drill. i popped in right after he had told tyler or after tyler told president bush he didn't like sports. i was getting kind of nervous. tyler was giving one or two word answers. we think maybe they are embarrassing us. i told president bush hey, what about the tigers? what about i mentioned something about sports. just to try to change the subject and bush looked at me like would you shut up. did you just hear your son say he doesn't like sports? i learned to listen. he got tyler to say for the first time what tyler want to do do with the rest of his life he wanted to be a comedian. he told tyler self-efacing story white house bono for
5:27 am
bono. and told the power of being self-deprecating to make fun of yourself before somebody makes fun of you, which is a great lesson for any young boy but especially a boy with special needs who gets bullied. >> your son has autism and when he was diagnosed you say your wife told you that you needed to step it up. what did she mean? >> we had just walked out of the doctor's office and my wife beautiful blue eyes, love her to death. we just celebrated our 30th. walking out and eyes are puddled to tears she is saying step up. you have got to step it up. you have got to spend more time with your son. you have got to get our son outside of the basement and outside of the house and into the world. all these things we thought were uncomfortable for him. shaking hands, looking people into the eyes beings having a conversation we just learned weren't uncomfortable for him but unnatural because he has as berger's syndrome. get him out in the world so he would practice these skills. and we get in the car and on the way home she says specifically what you're going to do is go to presidential sights, presidential libraries, presidential historical venues because the
5:28 am
presidency, covering the presidency is what kept you away from our family for so much. and he loves social science and the presidency. so you are going to use that job that took you away from us to help him. so off we went on these road trips countr. she called them road trips i called them, of course, guilt trips. it was a great experience. i recommend every mother and father do this. just to spend more time with their kid and listen to your kid. understand that it's not our job to make our kids into an image of us or to meet our gptions. it's our job to help them find their passions. >> you are a great father. >> no, no. i am just learning how to get better at it. >> what does tyler think of this book? >> tyler, he says that he wants -- how does he put it? i want to be a covert celebrity. >> covert celebrity. >> like the guy you had on earlier. what he means by that is he is very proud of the attention the book is bringing to autism. is he very proud of being autistic. he just define himself.
5:29 am
he says i have blue eyes. i have you a autism. i don't talk about it is he not big on attention. he isn't big on anything that isn't around his circle of happening now. it's kind of how these guys are wired. you will see in the book and if you go online there is a wonderful video. autism speaks. funny guy just very proud of himself and learning about how he can be his best self instead of how can he live up to what his dad wanted him to be. >> i love that. >> i love that title, too. love that boy is the book. two presidents eight road trips what two presidents taught me about being a father. >> it's a low bar but. >> it's great. you would know, hey. happy father's day. >> great father as well. first it was stop trump and never trump. new movement called anybody but trump. does it have a chance of working? we're live in washington with the details on that next. then we have got boats on the plaza this morning. but, we sent our rick reichmuth to bass pro shops
5:30 am
to grab some fishing gear. rick, what's coming up. take a look at how many fishing rods they have here. this is incredible. perfect timing because gone fishing event is underway right now at bass pro shops. we have luke snyder and kevin newsom here. we will be talking with fishing with little kids coming up in just a few minutes. stay with us. ♪ everything you're pretty good at now, you were once, well, pretty bad at. but you learned. and got better. at experian, we believe it's the same with managing your credit. you may not be good at it now. but that's okay. because credit isn't just a score. it's a skill. and you can get better.
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experian. be better at credit.
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hey there, how are you feeling? i hope you you're doing well. 34 minutes after the hour. donald trump hitting the campaign trail out west with stops in vegas and arizona. voters show up in drove to his rallies, the presumptive g.o.p. nominee could be losing political support from his own party. that's for sure garrett tenney live from d.c. with details on the anybody but trump movement. good morning. >> anna, peter and tucker good morning. we started with the stop trump campaign then there was never trump and now there is the anybody but trump movement. and this is likely the last real shot for anti-trump republicans to prevent the presumptive nominee from representing their party in the general election. this new long shot effort comes from a small group of delegates who will help set up the rules for the party's
5:35 am
convention in july. according to the "the washington post" one strategy the group is considering is passing a conscience cause rule and preyengs meeting that rule would allow delegates to vote for whoever they want on the convention's first ballot rather than being required to vote for donald trump. the rnc which has been working overtime the last couple weeks to keep the party unified dismissed this report saying in a statement all of the discussions about the rnc rules to undermine the nominee is silly. no effort strategy or leader of this movement. it is nothing more than a media creation and a series of tweets. last night at a rally outside houston. donald trump brushed off this latest movement as well. >> you know, you don't hear about the tremendous numbers of people, and i'm even talking about the politicians that are totally supportive. if one person raises a little question it's like oh did you hear. let me tell you, folks, we have tremendous support. tremendous.
5:36 am
>> and donald trump is working to build that support out west today with rallies in las vegas and phoenix, both swing states in november. tucker, anna, peter? >> garrett tinney, great to see you. not surprising you have the speaker of the house, republican paul ryan attacking trump every day, in effect working on behalf of the hillary campaign. that's how i read it. >> after endorsing him. >> of course there is going to be, i think there is going to be drama at the convention. >> there is going to be drama. there really is. he invoked the word conscience. there is a conscience clause for delegates. was he suddenly signaling them. >> would you encourage your members over whom you preside to vote trump? not really. >> interesting. more on that but first we need to get to this. fox news alert for you. they said it would never happen, this morning a frantic search underway for a dangerous exgitmo detainee who government supervision and vanished into the thin air. released by president obama two years ago was supposed
5:37 am
to be living in you're uruguay. made a switch border. detainees in uruguay made news. they got worldwide attention last year after states department spokesperson marie harp said this. >> we can work with countries around the world to help improve their governor nance and economy so they can have job opportunities for these people. >> not true. the former terrorist suspect released and uruguay refused every job offered. some were given passports as incentive to leave. could a donald trump, condoleezza rice ticket be in the works? fat chance. rice says she is not interested in being trump's vice president or anyone's vp for that matter. staff says she is happy at stanford and plans to stay there. she returned to the university after george w. bush left office in 2009. former secretary of state has no plans to go to the republican national
5:38 am
convention in cleveland next month where trump is slated to be officially declared his party's nominee. >> netflix children's show coming out with a brand new episode that's its spot line from the election. sound familiar. >> only one way to do it. we have to build a wall. [chanting wall] >> new episode on all hail king julian taking a jab at donald trump with the furry characters building a wall to keep foreign animals out. why? because the cartoon characters feel that other animals are taking away their jobs and housing and features a new song called don't touch my stuff. those are the headlines. >> given new meaning to the term loony tunes. propaganda never ends. >> well on a happy note if you are sick of politics we have boats. tons of them on the plaza this morning. rick has left at bass pro.
5:39 am
welcome back, rick, what are you doing now. >> back here at bass pro shops. look snyder you have a number of events gone fishing. >> johnny morris gone fishing event store wide. the kid does get to come out here, it's freeze, get to catch a fish. give a certificate. commemorates the experience. introducing these kids to the outdoors fishing. bring in a video game. give them 5 pucks off and donate the video games. >> that is the best, get the video in out of the kids hands and get them into fishing. >> everyone of these have catch and release fish tanks. >> invite the kids. great experience for them and proven fact. when these kids get introduce to do this. it makes them happier, good
5:40 am
mentally and physically to be in the out doors. >> kendall newsom here you have done amazing stuff professional football player and now professional fisherman. you have two professional careers. i have none. but you started a great organization about teach a child to fish. >> teach a child to fish started in 2008. our mission is to teach. we have got a fish on right there. look at that teach kids fish fishing programs true value of life and preserve the outdoors. >> you fished with your dad and still fish with your dad. >> my dad and mom got me out early fishing and now me and my dad fish regularly every saturday. sometimes we go different places to get him out of the house and we fish regularly. >> such an amazing thing to teach kids. hey, have you been fishing for a long time. >> yes. >> when did you start? >> when i was a little kid.
5:41 am
>> when you were a little kid. now that you are bigger, what do you think about fishing do you still like it as much. >> yeah. >> it's amazing stuff bass pro shop sponsors your program and over 3,000 kids to date you have fishery program. >> i love to see adults and young people catch fish doing activities they get in less trouble and do better in school. teach kids how to fish and get them on your way. >> smiles on the kid doe's face. >> thank you, guys. >> thanks, rick. >> you are a hucky man, rick. how would george w. bush respond to the thai attack. we have some sense. dana perino hour live.
5:42 am
tax deduction? pass a drug test first. if run lawmaker gets their way. stuart varney and here he is. happy to sea him joins, starts the debate next. >> i certainly do. >> ♪ living in the hall of fame ♪ the world's going to know your name. every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. must be gerry. hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with the all-powerful drivewise app. it's good to be in, good hands.
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5:45 am
well it's the american way. a congresswoman has recommended drug testing americans who get tax breaks. >> who to weigh in the host of fox and business stuart varney and friends. >> gwen moore. >> from milwaukee. >> correct. has introduced the top 1% accountability bill. it would drug test anybody who claims $150,000 worth of
5:46 am
itemized deductions. she does not like the drug testing of people who get welfare. back up for a second. when we're giving our money in welfare, there is nothing wrong with testing the people who receive it to see if they should receive it. i think there is everything wrong with drug testing us to see how much money of our money we can keep. >> the key here is she conflating welfare payments with tax exemptions. they are not the same. >> it's a case of revenge. >> she does not like testing welfare recipients for drugs. do go the other sign of the coin tax the rich. >> is she trying to prove a point. >> she is trying to prove a point. >> a swiftie proposal in some sense. >> it gets a head lion, doesn't it? drug test the 1%. >> makes you angry, doesn't it. >> it does me. it's a saturday morning, i'm trying to be, you know,
5:47 am
reasonable. >> but the mind set that allows this is that a tax break is in fact a welfare payment. in other words, it's our money, belongs to congress and we are generous enough to give you money. >> she thinks it's her money, the government's money. it's not. it's my money. stop taking so much of it and don't tell me i have got to be drug tested if i want to keep more of it. please, forget that. >> 21st of june, you are the most american person i know you are have from that island. you have a view on this. you are for the removal of the u.k. from the european union. >> yes i am. if i was voting i would vote to leave the european union. i want return to the british. open affairs. at the moment we are run by brussels. number two, protect our borders. it's just like america, isn't it? same issues going on over there. and i want to leave the
5:48 am
european union. restore sovereignty to the british people. >> i suspect to some degree it's the elites threatening us. you leave europe and, you know, you will pay the price. i think that's a threat. i think it's overloaded. i think there will be some volatility in the long run i think britain will be better off because europe is essentially a neo socialist society. it's go nowhere. it's no growth. and i don't want to be a part of that. you don't grow if you are part of that. get out. that's my opinion. >> other countries that have left like the united states, australia, new zealand and canada they are doing okay. >> what do you mean left? >> out on their own. >> it was a sad day. >> stuart varney with happy day. good to see you. >> thank you very much. >> god bless. coming up, mixed messages from the administration about the fight against isis. >> isil is under more pressure than ever before. isil continues to lose key leaders. >> our efforts have not
5:49 am
reduced the group's terrorism capability and global reach. >> are the president and the cia chief really not seeing eye to eye? former white house press secretary dana perino reacts at the top of the hour. >> plus, it can be hard to sleep in the summer heat. do you need some help getting those z's kurt the cyber guy has the gear for you. there he is tell us about some smart bed adaptations that can help us with our sleep patterns. wake up. >> hit the snooze ♪ i hear the secrets that you keep ♪ when you're talking in your sleep ♪
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5:52 am
hey everybody. what does your dad really want for father's day this year.
5:53 am
a good night's sleep? curt the cyber guy is here to help dad get a better night sleep. anybody for that matter. >> how did you sleep last night. >> not bad. i got about five hours. >> average people get about 7 hours. 60 percent of americans say at least one time per week we have a really tough time sleeping. remember when the sleep technology came out and we're going to wear stuff. to track your sleep? it didn't really create solutions and world has e involved since then. you would put this underneath the bottom sheet on your bed. and it straps across. and what it does is it measures a lot of information through its sensors. and your body heat and pulse rate. you wouldn't what? >> you wouldn't feel it. >> you won't feel it. and you put it actually closer to the head. so it is not like underneath your body. and what that does is it measures a lot of information
5:54 am
while you are sleeping without you having to wear anything. and then makes suggestions based on how you are moving in bed as to how you are sleeping. >> like you mentioned with the wristwatch or whatever that's been tracking this in the past. sometimes having this information is good but it makes you stress out even more about itful. >> this is residence med. just came out. what this does is sits on your night stand. has a lot of functionality to it to help you really study your sleep. then also some tools to help you get to sleep. for example you mentioned you were going to a stressful live shot. everyone goes through that. so this will actually have a function called relax to sleep. relax to sleep will listen to your breathing as you are trying to go to bed, playing soothing music and it cams you down to the beat of your breathe o you
5:55 am
relax a lot more. >> if you have tried to frog pond and thunderstorm and all that and the apps. >> it is the intelligent version of that that is actually listening to you and how you sleep. measuring that as well as the light in the room and it will wake you up at a time that is the best time where you feel the most refreshed. the biggest breakthrough we're seeing right now this is a crowd funded device. this is not just some strip across the bed. what it is is the entire mattress pad right here. this is a company called eight. you cannot get your hands on this yet. it is so advanced. let me just tell you one thing it does. aside from it measuring 15 different things while you are sleeping. what it also does is it the tell the temperature in the room for you where you sleep the best. say for example in the middle of the night it starts to get warmer and you start to warm as if you are warm, it knows. this now is connected to, for example, a nest thermostat.
5:56 am
it will lower the temperature in the room before you get disturbed. >> does that work if your husband, his thermostat runs a little cooler or hotter than yours. >> i guess you get two? one for each side. i'll get the answer for that one. and it's connect. it knows not just when you are getting up in the middle of the night for the bathroom but it knows when you are getting up in the morning and it turns on the coffee pot. that is where we are going. very intelligent. i set mine the night before. i like do that. and then this app. this is pretty cool. imagine the idea to program your own dreams. well, there is actually some physiology and some study behind this that shows there is some proof that you can suggest your own dreams. and dream on is an app you can download. you take a dream and it will help suggest how you are going to dream that night.
5:57 am
>> chris the cyber guy. >> follow me on facebook. i'll put all these on there and -- >> i do follow you. thanks so much. four minutes before the top of the hour. more "fox and friends" coming up. how easy is it to buy a gun? you got to see it.
5:58 am
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because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car. -- saturday the 18th of june, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. another little boy attacked by a wild animal. this time a mount b lion right in his own backyard. >> his brave mother came to his rescue. orlando terrorist has a history of threatening coworkers and buying firearms. but he did something else with the help of his family that may have pointed to the attack. all this as donald trump insists
6:01 am
it could have been stopped. watch. >> one of the people in that room happened to have it and goes boom, boom. you know what? that would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight, folks. that would have been a beautiful sight. >> a beautiful sight. joined now with political fallout in a minute. and is it your dad cool like this dad? >> keep it real homeys. >> we're going outside to the fox plaza to get some of your fatherly advice this father's day weekend. remember homeys. ♪ ♪ hey good looken, what you got cooken ♪
6:02 am
♪ how's about cooking something up with me ♪ >> come out celebrating 100 years in business. >> and hank williams. >> and the original cool dad. >> in the house. >> i've got great daughters, thank you. glad glad to be in the house. i'm the master g. >> whatever that is. you know in america. >> on deck we're going start with your news head lines. starting with this fox news alert. -- after a series of overnight raids in brussels. the 12 suspects required immediate intervention. the search is however not turning up guns or sploesist. officials have been aggressively trying to prevent the next stream of attacks before it happens. and breaking overnight. a 5-year-old is viciously attacked by a mountain lion
6:03 am
right in iz own back yard. >> the boy was playing in the woods near his aspen colorado home when his mother heard. she jumped into action pulling the big cat off her son. likely saving his life. the bhoi is expected to be okay. wow. >>. >> announcer: and overnight, a freak thunderstorm carving a path of destruction through parts of virginia. people waking up to scenes like this. friday's storms brought heavy wind and rain and thokd out power to more than a 160,000 people. the national weather service says the storm was strong but not a tornado. the army is rolling up its sleeves, literally. forthood is allowing soldiers to roll up their sleeves. the army's official explanation
6:04 am
for not allowing it. it protects forearms from the sun and insects which has widely been perceived as a weak just fiction for a seemingly arbitrary rule. now a latest in the orlando terror investigation. >> this is as we are learning that the shooter made final preparations before the massacre. including selling his house to his sister for 10 bucks. >> live with all the details. >> there is a ton of new information about the terroris we're learning this morning like that very strange real estate deal from april. two month old documents say he transferred the quit claim loan on his share of the house to sister and brother-in-law. and sent a crew to the brother-in-law's house. when a daily mail reporter asked
6:05 am
him point-blank did you though your brother-in-law was plotting an attack he said no comment. there is also an nbc news report that one of the reasons omar mateen flungd out of a department of a corrections training program is because just after the virginia tech massacre in 2007 he made comments about bringing a gun to class. and that concerned classmates and instructors. around the same time about a decade ago, a bartender says mateen was stalking her sending a lot of unwanted and uncomfortable messages on facebook. that bartender describes him as the loaner who gave off a weird vibe. for the first time in connection with this case, the fbi has now interviewed someone from his mosque. they met for half an hour yesterday. we don't know his name or connection to the terrorist. the funerals are continuing
6:06 am
today. as one orlando fund works to distribute 8 million dollars to the victim's families and to survivors at the hospital, there are still 23 victims being treated. six of them remain in critical condition. back to you. >> thanks. dayna prino has joined us. there is a lot going on. and in order to sort it out there is no better person. >> all the developments i any are very interesting. and on monday just hours after the attack i remember watching a usually very cautious jim comey, the fbi director say on monday, based on what he learned so far there is nothing the fbi would have done differently. and i thought gosh. three different interviews and finding out that the possible family connections i think with the house, the fun store saying that they called the fbi and the fbi doesn't have a picture so they can't put it together. and hind sielgt is perfect.
6:07 am
and i know it is hard to connect those dots. but there is still i think -- there is not clarity. on what happened. except for i think there is clarity on what inspired it. but there is not clarity on how we failed to connect the dots. so with that in mind we read yesterday that in the course of his two terms, the president has issued visas to about a million residents from majority muslim countries to come here. you also have to ask yourself does that make america safer by doing that? do you think this president has asked himself that question? >> i think the president feels like he is right. and he is i saying these comments from the beginning. one, he is immediately defensive because he thinks he's going to be blamed for the terrorist attacks. and two the other thing is he immediately goes to what he thinks is a solution. which is gun violence. the poll we saw yesterday from gallop was shocking to me. do we have that? >> yeah let's show that right now. >> here you have a terrorist attack on innocent americans. and the question is put to the
6:08 am
public, if you are a republican, what do you think caused it? 80%, islamic terrorists. but democrats the majority say it was domestic gun violence. i think both things could possibly be true. but the president is so convinced he is right. the far right is so convinced they are right and you basically have a lack of leadership and this vacuum that is not being filled. >> and the anger you saw from the president about the gun violence and towards donald trump and republicans who he says are blocking legislation that would curb gun violence. it doesn't seem to be matched for the topic of islamic terror. radical islamic terror. >> so the interview you did in the last hour with gentlemen from the progun, gun control group. i sensed your frustration because i actually could be somebody that might be persuadable on gun control legislation. but every time i ask for some sort of persuadable evidence or
6:09 am
facts or logic or to answer simple questions like you were asking him, you don't get good answers and that i think is frustrating. >> you do get a lot of moral posturing i think. you get a lot of people standing up and beating their chest and saying i'm more virtuous than you and -- >> good talking point. when he's saying you want terrorists to be able to have guns and i'm not saying that. >> -- proved guilty before being punished. like a crazy idea. >> that is where he's going to be able to say the public support is on our side. >> and donald trump seemed to indicate that he believed that people who are on no fly lists shouldn't be having guns. in terps of clarity on the terror issue, i agree clarity because it is terrorism. there is a sound bite from a comedian who says all kind of strange things in terms of what this really was. and i'd like to know your
6:10 am
reaction. >> every day in our workplaces and our homes, our religious institution, there is convert or overt discrimination or phobia towards people of different religious, racial or sexual walks of life. and the same goes for congress. you make almost $200 thousand a year to write rules. not tweet. not tell us about your thoughts and prayers. there are 294 sitting members of congress that have accepted contributions from the nra and 245 doesn't even include the millions of dollars from outside lobbying. is this what you want your legacy to be? that you were a could have done something congress but you didn't because of outside lobbying. that you were complicit in the deaths of thousands of americans? >> watching that, what's yours reaction? >> i feel like everybody is looking at this through a prism. he could be right there is discrimination but. >> not the issue. >> it is not the issue.
6:11 am
and this is the problem. there are all sort of things you can talk about. the assault rifle ban, gun violence. you can talk about discrimination and all sort of things but all the issues take away from the fundamental question of how do we focus on the ideological threat a generational war, that his generation is going to have to fight. they are not going to slow down the recruitment of lone wolf -- >> this guy comes from a culture anded a here'ses to a religion in this home sexuality is perceived ads the dealt penalty offense and yet somehow it is the fault of ordinary americans. there is no movement to kill gays among americans. that is the status kwoe in the middle east. who's fault is this? >> we know that mateen went to disney world. cased out that joint and decided it was too hard a target. so then he went to the pulse nightclub. >> softer target. less security. >> twlfs not as much security. and then he's in there for three
6:12 am
hours checking his facebook page to make sure that he's getting the recognition that he wanted? there are so many threads to be pulled here and the sad thing is there are actually some things that could be done. which is you have to snuff out isis at its source and that is not what we're talk about. >> these are not american believes at all. >> he thinks they are though. >> traditionally these are not american believes. this is a foreign world to you that he's bringing here. >> there is a religious component seems like your putting your head in the sand doesn't it? >> yes it does but that is why the leadership needs to stop patting themselves on the back or worry about being blamed and start saying where can we agree? and there are some agreements. the terrorist watch list bill and. >> let's talk about what donald trump said. he had a very simple solution. dayna is going to stick around to talk about rumors of her boss
6:13 am
george w. bush coming out of retirement to help the gop and what that might mean for the race as well. plus we all know that pool parties can be highly intimidating and that doesn't even change if you are a dog. a jasper, that's right. the ♪ why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you
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i'm getting dark chocolate and a hint of butterscotch. how about you? i taste - whaaaaaaaaaow. wha wha na na na na na na da ba da ba da ba daw! it's good. if some of those wonderful people had guns strapped right here, right to their waste, or right to their ankle. and this son of a [ bleep ] comes out and starts shooting and one of those people in that room happened to have and it goes boom, boom. that would have been a beautiful sight folks. >> the crowd is going nuts.
6:17 am
that effective. >> it is for that crowd and certainly some of the base. i don't know how well it works for him in the general election. there was somebody in there with a gun. and hindsight 2020 and nobody knows what it was like. and dark and -- >> -- fau [ inaudible ] >> and it still took three hours. >> preventing him from going the in the first place, that is the solution. >> that is the key. >> not glorifying violence. >> he was born here. that is the other thing. >> he was born here. >> well we just imported a million more people from that nation. >> i know. the other thing is and we've gone back to immigration. he was born here so he's an american citizen. the recruitment from isis, that is the key. >> --. >> it is a foreign ideology. i would argue. he didn't get that in santa
6:18 am
monica. richie republicans want to hold the senate. about 10 senators are going to get an assist from george w. bush, which is really donald trump's job as the head of the party but the president is willing to come in and do it. >> but he'll be effective at that. >> i think so. >> what is the most popular video on youtube right now? >> has to be this one. >> the socially awkward dog? >> did you see the socially awkward dog in the pool? >> just to be clear. that is jasper --. >> he loves watching videos. >> hi. >> this is jasper. this is his debut. up. there we go.
6:19 am
>> an announcement yesterday. do we have the trailer? can we show it? no? so we have a book come out. ♪ so what is the trailer for? >> it is for a new book called let me tell you about jasper. and as the book written by me but also includes these great photo shops. and it is going make you laugh.
6:20 am
a non political book in a political year which is a fun project to have. >> and he's got one of your bow ties on there. >> he's like gazing at himself in the monitor. >> he's gazing at peter. the other half of the dayna team. >> so has all the note ritety gone to his head? >> people recognize him more than me? is that jasper? and one guy, can i get a picture. and he really just wanted a picture with the dog. i wasn't offended. >> they are truly hilarious. >> i'm kind of being pushed over. bye guys. >> love it. thanks. >>. >> announcer:. still ahead. fighting with political correctness. they want to band words like jihad because it is disrespectful. ♪
6:21 am
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6:24 am
24 minutes after the hour. quick headlines. elizabeth warren making a stop at hillary clinton's campaign headquarters. multiple reports surfaced showing warren photos focusing with staffers. taken down, supposed to be a secret. and. senator reportedly reversing plans leaning towards running for reelection. to the seat he swore giving up after a failed presidential run. >> all right.
6:25 am
to the department of homeland security now being told to combat violent extremism with sensitivity. >> is this really what the dhs should be focusing on days after the orlando attack? >> here to discuss, bo deedle. are we being too nice? should we be caring about their feelings. >> no we're worried about political correctness. they want to put a hundred million dollars into teaching people about jihad and this. and enough with the political correctness. take the money and put it into hiring more fbi agents.
6:26 am
you have about 14,000 fbi agents covering this whole world and we do not have enough people to investigate these threats. right now we're at a war. whether people like it or not we're not going to stop the idealistic values and views of people who want to see us dead. whether home grown orb coming over with the syrian alleged immigrants here that our own cia director said that is how they will come into our country and like a cancer they will be our country and our neighborhoods and we got to watch every single day. >> what if someone were to call a liberal sensitive or bigoted. isn't that the worst possible thing that could happen. >> my opinions of them are exactly that. >> isn't that the worry. they are more terrified of being called bigoted than they are of being attacked. >> where would you come up with spending a hundred million for this non sense. if you are part of a jihad and
6:27 am
you want to kill all other infidels. that is exactly what it is. so let people understand. that is not the right way to go. this is what we could teach people. that is wrong to do. but to spend a hundred million dollars is ridiculous. >> i'll be the devils advocate. you agree most american muslims are terrific people. >> absolutely. >> law-abiding, fine people. >> absolutely. same as most christians are good people. but the ku klux klan are psychopa psychopaths. >> if you kwuz the word sharia and jihad somehow we're not going to get the recognition of the good muslim americans. is that nonsense? >> it is nonsense. there is a sharia law that talks act men being able to beat up their wives and that you have to have four witnesses to have a rape and all. baa lone. this is america. you want to come here and you're muslim. you want to come here and you're
6:28 am
jewish. we abide by the american law. that is not shera land. all right? >> and what to do about the terrorist threats and gun purchases and the idea kicking around. let's share little bit of it. whether you are a cop in new york city, a cop in orlando, or fbi in d.c. we are all americans trying to stop terrorists that want us dead. law enforcement in this country should be able to share potential terrorist threat information. >> this is something that we faced after 9/11. we got big bird who stopped surveilling mosques. they stopped the intelligence coming in. my problem is this. we have hundreds of thousands of law enforcement people all over the country. the fbi has to step up and share it. if they get a communication in orlando florida about this guy they interviewed on on 2013 and 2014 they should have given that to the local orlando cops, let them follow up. he tried to buy a gun.
6:29 am
you apply for a gun you put your social security, your date of birth and name. you got a three day waiting period. they should put a red flag on that person that he was investigated by the fbi. let the fbi get the local guys. and investigate. you got informants on the street. queue got fbi from washington coming into the orlando talking to somebody. how about using the local guys. let's share our intelligence with a hundred thousand law enforcement. cops are standing there that. come back. they don't have clearance. that is baloney. use the local cops. if you have an immediate threat. let's have hundreds of thousands of help to the fbi. we are at war right now. we need them there. i deal with fbi guys in the private concern right now. we need more people. until we get them, immediate, use law enforcement all over the
6:30 am
country. >> bo deedle with straight talk. thank you bo. we love you. >> happy father's day. what happens when the liberal tries to prove how easy is it to buy a gun and the system, you know, it actually works. you've got to see what they did. >> and is it your dad cool like this? we're going outside to get some of your fatherly advice this father's day weekend. and nothing says hot dogs like weenies. that's next. ♪ ♪ (woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words.
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♪ ♪ i can't stop the feelin' ♪ so just dance dance >> summer's here. and the question every mom asks her kids, are you getting enough hot dogs? nathan's is here to help. >> president of nathans for thirty years. wayne noshts. how you doing? >> great.
6:35 am
getting ready for july 4th. >> and what happens then? >> july fourth and coney island is outrageous. joey chestnut looking to regain his championship from matt stonie. and it is going to be outrage s outrageous. >> the female champion will be there. >> 45 is the record for the females. >> unbelievable. how many would you recommend the average person eat a summer. >> i would say two. at once. >> what is the most you have eaten at once? >> i've eaten four. >> have you ever tried to be in this contest. >> i have never tried and i never will try. >> what is it for you? >> these guys are the athletes. they train for this. they are very serious about this. we had a lot of fun with it but to them this is an intense competition. >> culinary olympians. >> absolutely.
6:36 am
>> i've interviewed them. and they are very intense people. >> and it is a great way to be in new york and celebrate july 4th. >> i love not only eating like two hot dogs as you say but i love the french fries. the hot dog and the french fries and a big coke. that is a summer day. let's go to the nathans stand. should we have one now? >> let's have one now. i've got my limit. >> do we have -- does everyone want some hot dogs? can we have hot dogs more everyone? >> absolutely. >> wayne is the boss of nathans and he says hot dogs for everybody. >> thank you very much. where's tucker, where's anna. we need hot dogs for them. >> later in the show. hey wayne, is it possible if i try on the belt. if i try on the belt if i go down the slide at the end of the show? is that cool? >> sure. >> all right. joey chestnut. it's on.
6:37 am
they said it would never happen but this morning a frantic search is under way for a exgtmo detainee. jihad deha was supposed to be living e ing iing in yururuguay. >> working with countries around the world to help improve their governance. question help them build their economy so they can have job opportunities for these people. >> not true. the former terrorist suspects released in uruguay refused every job offer they were ever offered. and eventually some were even given incentives to leave. and paula reed told store
6:38 am
owners the gun was herself. but when the story aired, she gave the gun to someone else. and that is illegal. caught on camera. a run away ostrich. the giant bird jumped out of the car window into five lanes of traffic. exhausted and scared. the ostrich stopped to rest, allowing its owner to take her back to the car. he says she's never done anything like this before. ♪ little ostrich hopping down the freeway ♪ >> do you know why? they make very unpredictable pets. 4re7b8legends and lies broue real wild west to your television screen. now back with a brand new zblis and fox senior vp of marketing
6:39 am
got a behind the scenes look. >> i got a sneak peek what you can expect in season 2, legend and lies, the patriots. check it out. >> how is this season different from the last? >> this season is a little more epic in the sense that it is a continuing narrative. we cover about 60 years of history from the 1760s to the 1820s. and we follow a lot of our main character, john adam, george washington throughout that period of time. >> do not fire until you see the whites of their eyes. >> fire. >> what made you want to tackle this part of history? >> well presidential election. so we need to get back to the, you know, the people who were running the country when it first started what they believed and how they conducted themselves? >> is there something you think
6:40 am
audiences will be surprised to learn? >> we're trying to get the myth out of it. and everybody knows george washington and john adams and ben franklin but you don't really know the guys. after you finish watching legends and lies you will know the guys. >> we have to send you to makeup and wardrobe and get you across the river here. so you will be kind of in a pivotal scene. >> as general washington makes his way over here. you are going to lead this soldier. >> rolling rolling. action. >> you will have your boat within the hour. thank you for your service. >> how do i get paid? >> that is a matter for congress to decide. good luck. down. >> >>. you can catch legends and lies and patriots only this
6:41 am
sundaycenes like the boston tea party, paul revere's ride and first shots at lexington and concord. and even more good news. you don't have to spend $30,000 on the tickets to hamilton because a couple of hours in now they will feature aaron burr and hamilton. >> there you go. >> it's not rapped but it is just as good. >> the blinding glare of the light. >> and there is a blinding glare. >> the sun as we call it. good to see you. coming up. president obama isn't shy when it comes to donald trump's big beautiful wall. >> building walls won't do that. it won't boost the economy and it won't enhance the security either. >> you are not allowed to have a wall. but you are not president obama. there is a big new beautiful
6:42 am
wall going up around his house and it is taller than you can imagine. >> and the s your dad cool like this? >> keep it real homeys. >> peter johnson jr. is hitting the streets to get your fatherly advice this weekend. don't miss it. ♪ anything could happen ♪ anything could happen ♪ anything could happen ♪ if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. you begged us for head wliens. we are now delivering. first up the house rejects effort to ban illegal aliens from joining the military. lawmakers votes to reject an amendment that would have closed what he called a back door amnesty program created by
6:46 am
president obama without help of congress. >> building walls won't do that. it won't boost our economy and it won't enhance our security either. that's right. walls county make you safe. you are not allow to have one. unless you are president obama. he's getting a massive one around his house. an 11 foot fence. it's been approved and yes you are paying for it. >> this morning we've been asking all morning long, what is the best faurl advice your dad ever gave you. >> i'm out with the friends on 6th avenue and we're talking about fatherly advice. i have the beautiful and smart gracie here. what advice did your good looking father who's behind you
6:47 am
here this morning give you is this. >> he gave me advice to always be sweet to people and love the lord. >> that is good. dad what's the name. >> james garner. >> what advice did you get from your dad. >> love the lord, love your country, love your family. >> so you passed it on. >> yes, sir. >> what kind of advice did you get. >> spend time with your son our daughter, whatever your interests are. basketball, tennis. >> whatever they want do, you do it too. >> and they will love you. >> i agree with you. thank you so much. good morning how you doing. where you from. >> peter, from halifax virginia. >> did your dad give you some advice that you want to share today? >> he did. just being trustworthy and integrity. every day. being trust worthy and every day everything you do. >> and how old were you when you
6:48 am
got that advice. >> gosh, 6, 7 years old. >> and don't even have to think about it. that is what you remember. >> still have your dad with you. >> i do. >> god bless you. i lost my three years ago and i think about him every day. good morning. how are kro you. >> good morning. >> what kind of dads do we have in america now? better than we used to have are they more sensitive? more interested in the kids? better? worse? tougher? stronger. >> i think they're trying to be. when we're growing up our dads with your always there. there was alms a specter of them over your shoulder. so if you did something they took care of right now then. and now days they are not strict enough and it is showing with the respect factor and the way people act. >> let's ask gracie. i have the expert on the kids. what do you love most about your
6:49 am
father? >> he is very sweet. and he surprised me taking me to new york because i'm from florida. and he surprised me taking me to new york because he's so sweet and i love him so much. >> i love that. happy father's day to everybody. coming up. summer is almost here. that means it is time to hit the water. we've got some luxurious boats that aren't too expensive. some are. some aren't. and you got to see all the bells and whistles coming up on "fox and friends" a lot more. stay with us on here. we're on 6th avenue in the sun. ♪ ng) fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums.
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summer is in full swing and that means you ought to be in a boat. if you are looking to get your family in to one this father's day there are sot great options out there. here to tell you about what boats are worth paying for is the world's boat expert. great to see you. what are we in right now. >> first every boat is worth paying for. >> every boat but especially this one. >> find the one that is right for you. >> is this right for me? >> is this? >> you tell me. >> this is a 25 foot boat. it is designed for water sports. this is when people want to really invest in their lifestyle. >> this is if you are not kid at all. >> no. this is super high-tech.
6:54 am
and see this watch i'm wearing. i can actually be surfing behind the boat on a wave. and i can switch the side of the wave and then surf the other way. >> on your watch? >> yeah. i can change the wave right from here. >> plus it's got a wicked stereo too. what retail is this? >> about $155,000. >> is that u.s. dollars. >> it is u.s. dollars. >> it is not pesos. >> there are all kinds of boat out there. so go to discover boating dotcom. hit the boat selector tool. and. >> what do the small aluminum fishing boats go for? >> 10 to $20 thousand. somewhere in that realm. it is not extraordinarily expensive. >> no and worth it another. i'd love starting a the --. >> this is like the daddy of the mac dad daddy of all boats it
6:55 am
somes like. this starts i understand at $180,000. so you must be able to catch a pretty big blue marlin with? >> you absolutely can. this is a serious off shore sport fisher. this is regulator 20. bigot in carolin built in carolina. and every electronic you need to find the fish and safely find your way home is here. >> lot of technology here. >> a garmin system with a chart plotter. fish finder, gps and everything you really need. it really all of the electrics across boating make it more accessible and easier to go out and find the things they want, which is fishing. >> and how fast is this boat? >> oh gosh. this is fast. if you want to get off shore with your twin 300s, you are
6:56 am
going to go -- >> how smooth is the ride? because i get super seasick? >> this is a as you were smooth ride. the way they build their boats, you are smooth. known for a legendary ride that cuts right through anything. >> what is this go for? >> this starts at 180,000. >> and --. >> absolutely. and wifi built? >> you can have wifi built into a lot of -- >> oh my goodness. >> and down with our buddies from nathans hot dogs after the break.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
so tomorrow, is your dad a hero. send us your pictures. we're celebrating father's day all morning long. >> oh my god. look at that. the winner. >> you're going down. celebrating nathan's anniversary. america on alert. as isis calls for more attacks. meanwhile new questions if the fbi could have prevented this attack in orlando. warning signs may have been missed. and now politicians in washington say our agencies may need more help no matter the cost. is more spending needed now? hi everybody. i'm dagen mcdowell , this is bulls and bears. welcome to everybody. gary, you say that you know where we could get more money to better prote


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