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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  June 18, 2016 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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the death toll in orlando could have been much higher had the attack not happened within a mile of central florida's premier trauma hospital. victim started to flood the hospital around 2:00 a.m. turning a busy saturday night into one of the worst mass casualty events. little less than two dozen of the survivors are still left in hospital. appreciate you being with us, sir. when was the last time you slept? >> thank you very having me. i slept last night.
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probably the first night that i actually got some decent sleep. >> we hear all the time about drills. mass casualty drills. these drill, those drills. is there anything that can prepare a team like yours for what happened on saturday night, sunday morning? >> well, i think that you know, we do drill annually in march. throughout central florida. and i think it definitely does help. especially with organization with the ems, organization with just how to take care of the different levels of the injured. it certainly doesn't totally prepare you for an event like this, but it does help. significantly. >> we all know how horrible this has been for the victims, but some of the things that the police, firefighters, the ambulance workers, of course the doctors saw during the past week has to be profoundly life
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changing. probably the nicest way to say it if the english language has words for it. have you been able to sit around and think about what happened and process it or have you been on autopilot since saturday night? >> i would say most of the week, we've been on autopilot. wednesday was probably the last day that everything was really, really busy where we had multiple cases to do throughout the day. thursday and friday has started to kind of slow down and the patients are starting to go home and i'm starting to kind of think about things now. having talked with loved one -- >> what are your thoughts? >> colleagues and friends, well, i just think that one orlando and the community has came together and really that, the outpouring of emotion, the outpouring of support is what's kept me going all week.
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you know, when i'm by myself and have a moment to think about it, it's really when it gets hard and i think the same thing would be said by my colleagues. but yesterday morning, we had a kind of a debrief with all of the surgical residents and faculty and it was very, it was probably just the very beginning of how to deal with this process. >> well, we know it's going to be a long process for you and your team and dare i say that the folks who were shot were lucky to have you and them there working on them and being there for them. we appreciate your time, sir. i would include you in the group of heroes that everyone's thinks. god speed, sir. >> thank you so much. >> all right. ♪ >> a talented young singer gone way too soon is being remembered my friends and fans.
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a memorial service was held for christina grimmie. the 22-year-old was shot to death last week in orlando following her concert. her family received condolences from thousands of mourner, many of o them fans who traveled across the country to pay their respects. >> live pictures now from yosemite national park in california. you can see president obama there at the bottom of what appears to be air force one. he's scheduled to be giving a major speech about the 100th anniversary of the national parks here. in about an how and 20 minutes. he was down in new mexico yesterday touring the national park. 2:00 p.m. eastern his address to the nation from what will be a stunning backdropful. meanwhile, a scathing criticism of the president's handling of syria following a controversial leaked memo from dozens of state department
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diplomats. we'll tell you what they're they thinking about the president's policies. >> not going to speak to -- ..
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when you woke up this morning.
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51 state department career diplomats critical critique of his syria policy. they advocated for more military force. the president has ruled out any direct u.s. military involvement on the groupd despite saying the assad regime in syria must go. all this happens while the pentagon just con if i weres russian fighter jet bombed rebels in southern syria. that prompted this reaction yesterday from ash carter, who told reporters an attack on forces, no members of the terrorist network, isis. let's bring in general jack dean. he's also a fox news analyst and someone we go to for all things
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related to isis and military involvement. i want to ask ask you fist and foremost, mistorically, how have we dealt with russia in the past and how are we toling with them now on the heels of the news that russia b fighter jets have bombed some forces in southern syria. not necessarily targeting isis members at all. >> sure. for almost 50 years, we dealt with russia and the soviet ewan yn. democratic or republican president. didn't back down with them. what we've done since russia is attempting to reemerge and become a world power and the leerd of russia somewhat of a bully and a thug. >> saw that with ukraine and others. >> likes to throw his weight around. the reality is though that this president and those who advise him, have always been paralyzed by the fear of adverse consequences. so as a result of it, this is a
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fear escalation. they fear reaction. they do nothing. thus didn't even help the ukrainians, all they wanted was weapons to help. and putin said if you do that, i'm going to escalate and we did nothing. when they came in to syria with their military intervention, limited military intervention, 30 something airplanes, nothing comparable to united states military power. even in the region. the first bombs they dropped were against syrian monitors that were supported by the united states. that was intentional. we should have cratered that runway and tell them there will be no attacks on our forces again. and if so we'll stroi the aircraft sitting on the -- we did not do that. we used rhetoric. we continue to use rhetoric and they continue to bomb and kill the monitors that our cia are armeded. that force by the way, the reason they describe it is
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because they've been somewhat effective. >> you talk about criticism, rhetoric as opposed to action. we saw this week that 51 within the state department have gave really a scathing review of the president's directive and involvement in syria or lack there have. what surprised you about hering not only the critique, but the sheer number who spoke out against the president and the administration's reaction because they said on friday and i'm reading a part, that the president has always been clear that he does not see a military solution to the crisis in syria and that maremains the case. doubling down on his stance. >> it's also a false choice about this military solution. i know for a fact, necessary action to enhance his diplomatic play he needs to make. in other words, we have run out of diplomatic options and you can use military power and
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action to get that lip dipmatic solution. i know this for a fact because he asked me back in january 2014, what are some options that i could propose within the confines of the white house and national security team. most of those were all rejected. i think this has been festering in the department of state among career professionals for some time. why? 500,000 dead now. 11 million people displaced from homes. these numbers just roll off our mouth. but in terms of dimension, there's four million syrian refugees outside of the country. contributinging to the migration kn flow. when will this stop? i think that's what's happened here. the number is is significant. 51 career professionals. this is not one lert of dedissent and obviously, just o fed up and they know that if you take some limited military action, it's possible, not
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definite, but you could get a settlement in syria and stop this human carnage that's taking place. >> yeah, you look at that reaction at the same time, you hear from john brennan, the cia director, who has a completely different vantage point of how we're fighting isis and it really gives you pause with what's going to happen with the rest of the president's term. thauk so much for joining us. really interesting. >> always good talking. >> great conversation. coming up, speaking of russia, there's putin. he's responding to its track and field athlete who banned from the summer olympics in rio. imagine his response. and zero gravity and back to earth after some time on the international space station. ♪ good to be back home again real cheese people know
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international olympic officials say they welcome a sweeping ban on russia's track and field athletes from the upcoming summer games in brazil. this is amid a growing scandal over widespread doping in sports specifically among the russian teams but leaders in moscow have vowed to fight what they call an injustice. just because they got caught or because they were doing it in the first place? >> injustice because they say more people are being punished than need to, at least that's what they're officially saying. never before has an entire nation of olympic delegation in a sport been outright banned because of doping. that is exactly what has happened. all of russia's track and field athletes will be banned from the 2016 olympics in rio de janeiro as a result of an unprecedented
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doping scandal unearthed in november last year. finding for years russia operated a government-sponsored widespread doping system for its olympic athletes. russia's track and field athletes were suspended from international competition after that damning report in november. today, the international olympic committee saying it quote, welcomes and supports yesterday's decision by the international association of athletics federations, the iaaf, ruling russia has not made enough recommended changes to be allowed to participate in the olympics. the russian government has always denied that the doping was government sponsored. now russian president vladimir putin is calling the ban unjust and unfair, because russia's innocent and clean athletes are being punished. >> the responsibility must always be the person who committed the events and nobody who is not directly involved should suffer. therefore, i expect we will speak more to our colleagues from the anti-doping organization.
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>> there is a possibility clean russian athletes will be allowed to participate in rio individually, meaning not for russia or wearing russia's colors. the usa track and field say while they support the decision saying quote, that the continued suspension of the russian federation came after a thorough and fair process, it is the only proper course of action given the compelling and powerful evidence presented to counsel. ultimately counsel chose to act to help rebuild the integrity of the sport and the public trust. there you have it. russia is expected to find some way to appeal or is going to try to. the ioc meets tuesday and hinted more far-reaching punishment could be on the way. >> pretty rich when you hear putin talk about justice and fairness. thanks, brian. still to come, donald
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trump's not backing down from his proposed muslim ban. in fact, he's reiterating the point in the wake of the orlando attack. we will have an in-depth look at his proposal. and more memorials are going as people continue to honor the 49 victims of the pulse night club attacks. we have a live report coming up. >> the fbi continues to learn more about the killer's actions as well as his financial history. with the right steps, 80% of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke.
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more victims of the worst mass shooting in u.s. history are laid to rest today. we will tell you their stories with a live update on the investigation from orlando. plus, just a few weeks before the democratic convention begins, hillary clinton just can't shake bernie sanders. so what does he want? meanwhile, secretary clinton and her husband bill clinton are celebrating the birth of their second grandchild. it is a boy. thank you for spending your saturday with us. i'm elizabeth prann. >> nice to be with you. hour two of america's election he