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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  June 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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air saturdays at 11:30 eastern on fnc. and my book "wake up america" goes on sale later this month. details at erikboll please remember, the spin stops here, because we're looking out for you. right now on "justice," he hated this country. he cheered on 9/11. he met with suicide bomber. so why did he have the same rights that you and i have? >> be sto stop making it easy as possible for terrorists to buy assault weapons. >> the terrorist in orlando was the definition of the wrong hands. >> guess what? i agree with them, and with donald trump. it's tonight's opening statement. >> you put me in there, we're going to save that second amendment. we're going to save your guns. plus new polls show donald trump slipg. how can the donald get his groove back? and more from your street
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justice road show in california at a trump rally. >> what does that tell you? >> that they are hiding the facts. they are not listening to these guys. these guys are telling the truth. >> so get to the point. "justice" starts now. hello, and welcome to "justice" i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. now to my open. it's real simple. you don't like america, you want to cheer as the world trade center comes down you want to meet with a known suicide bomber? okay. then you have given up your rights at the altar of american freedom. if there's a terror investigation on any level, you lose your right to fly, your right to buy a gun, and your right to privacy. any rights you had take a back seat to our national security. if you're on a no-fly list a terror-watch list if you are
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under terror investigation, you have no second amendment rights. you cannot buy a gun. you cannot fly on a plane, period. we can't allow to you do this to us again. and we will not allow you to use our constitution as a shield while you put our loved ones our neighbors, and our nation in danger or worse. all right, folks. our government is simply not doing enough with the information that it has. federal agencies don't always share information with local law enforcement unless there is a joint terrorist task force. and even then agency competition and all that goes with it hurts the investigations investigations. laws must be changed. we saw it when the fbi investigated the boston bombers. and we're too blind to connect the dots where homeland security
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simply allowed startsarnaev to fly back and forth to czechia three times. omar mateen was investigated three times. they believed his responses were perceived as responding to anti-muslim comments. part of the reason foreclosing his case was that mateen was a security guard. so he must be okay. seriously? i've always been a fan of jim comey's. you know that. but i couldn't believe it when i heard this one. >> i don't see anything in reviewing our work that our agents should have done differently. >> i want to hear there's nothing the fbi could have done differently, especially when you
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keep telling us there are more terror attacks coming. you just sit back and say, we couldn't stop it? jim, come up with some ideas, like matching a no-fly list a terror-watch list with the purchase of a gun. how tough is that? we don't want to hear this non-sense that to do so might alert a terrorist and harm an investigation. hell the fbi visited mateen three times. you don't think he knew he was bog being watched? and pray tell, why does the fbi even remove people from a terror watch list? if there's no probable cause to make a criminal case then don't arrest the guy. but don't use our freedoms as a rationalization to free people up who want to kill us and take them off the list. so you don't have probable cause to charge them with a crime. so?
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that doesn't mean you can't keep them on a watch list based on reasonable suspicion, a lesser standard of proof. hell the nsa has all our metadata and they know everything about the rest of us. why can't you have a list? and from what i hear most people who should be off the list can't get off it. and you want to take this guy off yourself in you are not locking him up. not convicting them of a crime. you are not jailing them. you are simply stopping them from buying a gun. and what's with this non-sense that words like sharia and jihad are scrubbed from the fbi's lexicon and intelligence reports? you guys are so hog tied and so witched out, you don't have the ability to even think logically anymore. jim, you are the head of the fbi. it is not impossible. jim, you are j. edgar hoover. you know how to make them pass a law. and if a judge wants to let them
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fly somewhere, then you know what make them pay for a u.s. marshal to accompany them. search them, search them and then search them again. do a colonic if you have to. and for the rest of us i've told you this before. i told you this after san bernardino. take a look. get a gun! buy one legally. learn how to shoot it. and be primed to use it. and i don't care if you get a long gun, a handgun, a revolver a semiautomatic. get whatever gun you can handle. and don't let anyone talk you out of it. the second amendment to the constitution and the united states supreme court, confirm your right to have one. i'm telling you this again. get a gun. because this government ain't in a position to help.
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and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter, hashtag judge jeanine. joining me now by phone former assistant director of the fbi and my friend james kallstrom. all right, jim, let's talk about jim comey. all right? we're both big fans of him. both worked with him. both loved him. all right. do you want to tell me why jim comey was against this allowing them to buy a gun when -- or was in favor of allowing them to buy a gun for fear that it would blow up the investigation? what is he thinking? >> you know i don't know. it's hard to explain some of this. all i can tell you is that i've been contacted recently by a number of -- great number of agents that are working this stuff right now. and they tell me that this politically correct blanket is getting heavier and heavier and
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heavier, that i wouldn't recognize the attorney general guidelines anymore, and that really, the muslims have been sort of corralled over as special privileges where the fbi really can't go there or can't do things. >> solemn ask you this -- >> i'm sure the reason that was closed is that's what the guidelines probably say. >> what guidelines? i keep hearing about people on a terror watch list or on a no fly list? jim, do you know what the difference is? i can't figure it out. >> just on a prior point and i'll get to that. the attorney general guidelines judge, those are really the guidelines that find their way down to the fbi and how the modus prann die and how thing work. the no fly list is the real, real mess. it always was. it was a mess when i was in. and there is all kinds of people on there that shouldn't be on there. there is all kinds of people on there with no rationale for being on there.
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once you get on there, you can't get off. this is legend about people having their divorced wives put on there. all crazy stuff. teddy kennedy was on there. there was a two-year-old baby on there. and it's a big, big problem. it's a mess. that's why people don't want to have that as any kind of a barometer. >> jim, so then why would kpoemy y -- comey drop this guy from whatever list he was on. and then he comes out and says -- we don't want to stop them from buying a gun either. and of course the white house, typical in the comey white house, apparently bad blood, as i sense it and i've said it before comes out and says oh, yeah we shouldn't allow them to buy a gunful it's no excuse that you've got a terror investigation going on. >> well i don't know. that whole thing sounds crazy to me. and you know it's probably the terrorist watch list the fbi maintains that they were taking off of. and i'll guarantee you that's
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because of this a.g. guidelines and how these things work. the agents can't lean forward very much jeanine, in this politically correct world we are in. >> why would they remove words like sharia and jihad? >> because they are fixated on this issue we just spoke about. they are fixated. and i don't know why. i mean we've got a fifth column in the government. we've got a fifth column in the news media. we've got a fifth column on the college campuses the professors. i mean, we've got real problems jeanine. >> well i know we do. the thing that bothers me jim, is this whole idea of you got the no fly list then you have got known and suspect terrorists. and that's a group that's apparently on some terror screening database. and last estimate is 1.1 million people. >> well i could be wrong but i don't think that's the terrorist watch list. i think the no fly list is --
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that's -- we are probably mixing up the two. the no fly list is a big, big problem. i think there is a lot more control over the the terrorist watch list. >> jim, what should happen now? is this about terrorism? is this about guns? is this about the fbi, you know not being able to connect the dots? what is going on. >> it is a combination of all these things. i mean the democrats go immediately to guns because they don't want to talk about the thing we just talked about. radical fundamentalist islamic terrorists. they don't want to talk about that. they can't want to talk about the immigrants that are coming to the country, we don't have a clue who any of them are, they don't want to talk about the wide open border. >> jim, real fast you know what's interesting, anyone wants a background check on anyone who wants to buy a gun but we don't have the ability to do background checks on the syrian ref geez coming in. jim comey him says we have no database we can't do anything and we can query them until the
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cows come home. >> i know. >> we can't vet the refugees but we have to vet the americans buying guns. and by the way, my open makes it clear, some of these people should not be able to get guns. and i am a big second amendment person. >> i agree with you. and you know sharia is not consistent with our constitution. >> absolutely not. jim, thanks for being with us. according to new reports federal authorities received surveillance video from inside the pulse nightclub that shows shooter omar mateen firing his assault rifle, as they call it and systematically killing his innocent victims. joining me now is muslim scholar and author dr. ahmed. thanks for being with us tonight. let me first put one issue aside. and that is you've got, as i understand it there are some -- there are 56 muslim -- 56 countries that have a muslim majority. 37 ban on the homosexuality, ten
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punish it by death. so do we know if this guy is -- someone who is gay? did we figure that out yet, or no? >> we can only go based on how it's been reported in the media. certainly his practices would indicate someone that had covert gay life-style of some kind. perhaps he was exploring it. i think certainly under all those environments you described he would be identified as gay. >> and so he knows it that according to his religion and most countries that are majority -- i me wrong, period end of the story. >> categorically it is a moral transgression in islam to practice homo sexual practices. there is no dispute about that anywhere. >> okay. let's now talk about noor, the wife. first wyche we know he was beating her. she gets a divorce. second wife. >> previously divorced that he marries. i remember reading she hadn't visited her family in years and
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only visited when her father died. only came to her father's funeral. >> i noticed that, too. i thought that remarkable she had a son who was 3 years old and why would she not be able to see the gran parents regularly? >> what does that tell you? >> i think she may have been isolated or controlled by him. in particular not being allowed to buy her own plane ticket. a controlled or battered women. >> i have worked with battered women but there is so much that jumped out at me that contradiction that. number one, he gave her access to bank accounts. he added her to his life insurance policy. they were in contact during the attack. >> drove him to the gay bar. these details indicate she was aware of something developing. she was certainly aware of the
6:15 pm
changing financial circumstances in their marriage. some reports reported she was given lavish amount of jewelry who was not a high earner immediately prior. >> what does that tell you? where would he be getting that money? >> i don't know how expensive the jewelry was. but it would be out of character. there was no occasion. and it surely should have been for some peculiar reason perhaps he knew he was saying good-bye. perhaps bribe to keep her quiet. >> if she knew this thing was going on at the time we know she didn't call law enforcement and say, my husband's in there. isn't that enough? look if the guy is in there, she is not under his control at that point. >> i totally agree with that. in fact i would say if she had aknowledge of this she should be arraigned and prosecuted to the most severe degree. not only has she failed by the standards of being an american citizen. but she has utterly failed being a muslim which demands that you turn in even your parents, your husband, yourself if you
6:16 pm
violate something that could endanger all of society. >> very quickly, you made a comment earlier about her ring. >> yes i was troubled. i saw a picture of her in a car leaving in front of the press and she was still wearing a fiery diamond ring an engagement ring which made me think if one's husband had just committed mass murder would you not want to destroy all symbols of your marriage to him? maybe that was the expensive julie he bought her but it was peculiar to notice. >> thank you for being with us. donald trump slips in the polls. lee carter is here. we'll take a closer look at the new numbers out this week. next i'm joined live by national spokesperson for the donald trump campaign katrina pierson. "justice" is back in a moment. some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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the presumptive republican nominee, donald trump, in las vegas, and phoenix for big rallies. while in vegas trump doubled down on his ban on muslim immigration in the aftermath of the orlando attack. katrina pierson joins me. donald met with the mra once
6:21 pm
already; is that correct? >> he has, yes. there is going to be a subsequent meeting with the nra to discuss these issues. >> okay. and where does donald stantd stand on this whole issue of you know the possibility of banning certain people from purchasing guns? >> look mr. trump has been one of the first people out of the gate talking about being able to defend yourself in this world of terror that we live in. he talks about those in paris and those even here at home. if they had been armed, these disasters could have been -- the casualties could have been decreased significantly. mr. trump does not want to infringe on the second amendment. in fact that's why he is working with the nra, to come up with a solution to this problem when you do have someone on the terror watch list that purchase as gun. but what we've seen, judge, in san bernardino this individual went to a friend to get the gun for him. so what we do know is that terrorists if they want a weapon they will get a weapon. so how do we move forward so
6:22 pm
that our government isn't failing like in the case of orlando in keeping americans safe? >> it is a good point. i mean stroke purchasers are the biggest problem out there. somebody goes in and purchase as gun for somebody else. at the very least it is an extra step. if it stops some people stops anybody, it's fine. donald has called for a temporary ban on muslims until we know what's going on. so when we've got someone who is on a terror watch list donald agrees that they should not be able to get a gun, correct? >> oh, absolutely. absolutely. and in this case, you know your opening was dead on. this is not an issue about guns. this is an issue about terrorism and our intelligence agencies because we simply cannot have someone like this individual under investigation twice with a father who had expressed love for terrorists and running for president in afghanistan.
6:23 pm
so surely this individual should have never been removed from the list. >> let me ask you this. i mean right now there are those people who say, look you know if he hadn't have had that gun, he couldn't have killed so many people. >> well we don't know that for sure. that's all in hindsight and in retrospect. again, that's why we have gang members on the street right now with illegal weapons. it's not because they are legal. it's because they go out there and get what they want to do the destruction they set out to do. the question is how do we make sure this process -- and putting due process in place. that's what missing today. >> i'm sure they can figure this out. this is not so difficult. just in the last couple of weeks hillary clinton, you know general election real clear politics average, she is 44. he is 38. how is he going to turn it around? >> he is going to keep doing what he is doing. this really isn't shocking to those of us in the campaign particularly because we expected hillary clinton to get a little bump after she crossed her delegate threshold and i think
6:24 pm
now moving forward we are going to see more of a general election competition. we've already seen mr. trump out there talking about the clinton/obama policies of lackadaisical government involved in terrorism at home. look if we can't have the fbi surveilling these people 24 hours a day because of resources then why on earth are we giving iran hundreds of billions of dollars? that money needs to stay home at the homeland. >> katrina pierson thanks for being with us here tonight. after the fill buster in the senate a vote on gun control will happen this week. with me now gun violence prevention advocate and former executive director of every town for gun safety mark glaze. good evening, mark. let's see if you and i can agree on something. and that is that there are certain people who shouldn't have a gun. >> that's exactly right. >> how do we determine who those people are? >> one of the ways is pretty easy. i think you and i might give the
6:25 pm
trump campaign the same advice. that's what campaign staffers are backing off what the candidate has already said is in the bad position. donald trump has said terror suspects shouldn't have guns. that's why i think trump has a huge opportunity to say a guy who was under investigation for terrorism three times should not have access to a weapon of war. his staff tried to backtrack that. i think it's reprehensible. >> what do you say to the second amendment strict constructionalists who simply say second amendment doesn't limit the size of the gun or limit the size of the clip. in fact the reason you have a gun is to protect yourself from you know a government that's out of control. >> well in this case i am going to align myself with antonin scalia who was a gun lover but also no fool who said in the decision he wrote in heller. there is a decision to own a gun.
6:26 pm
that right is not unlimited. the government can impose limits when you need to do so to protect public safety. if there is any instance when you have public safety compromised it's when you have a guy who was investigated by the fi three times, was once or twice on a trough watch list and nevertheless we refused to pass legislation that would have allowed the government to stop him from buying that zbhun what's interesting to me is that the head of the fbi said we should let him buy a gun because we don't want him to know we are investigating him. then the attorney general comes out and says wrong, they overrule him on the gun sales debate. >> right. >> let's put that aside for a moment. >> okay. >> if you've got someone who mass a mental problem all right, and you know what i prosecuted murder cases for decades. here's the bottom line. i'm tired of people saying, you know they are crazy, they are just evil. but if someone has a mental problem because of hippa, how do you do a background check on them? the government doesn't let us.
6:27 pm
i used to sign these permits. >> it is a fair point. look the federal government has exercised its discretion to say to the states to say look if you have a hippa problem get past the hippa problem if this person is so seriously mentally im that they were actually adjudicated mentally ill in which case under federal statutes he can't have a gun. the gun lobby has made it so difficult to put somebody on a terror watch list that even when government officials know they should be they are relukt a on the to do it. >> the nra doesn't put them on the government watch list. it is the fbi. it is a database in the federal bureau of investigation, the terrorist breedinger in of the fbi. what are you talking about. >> but the nra has made them afraid to put anybody on that list. >> mark you make a lot of sense to me.
6:28 pm
you just lost it now, three seconds ago. >> it is a saturday night and i'm talking to a judge. >> mark here's the bottom line, all right. >> yeah. >> if you've got someone who is a danger and i am a strong gun advocate. i mean, i believe in it. but you know what we can't have people gunned down like this. and if we've got a government that is allowing them to buy guns or doesn't identify them as nut jobs then shame on us and shame on the government for not doing something. >> we can absolutely agree on that. look, on monday the government is going to vote on a couple of bills. one would require everyone to go through a background check when we buy a gun. the second would require that if the government has reasonable suspension that you intend to commit terrorism with that gun then there should at lease be a pause on the sale. inker think every american can agree -- >> reasonable suspicion that they are going to buy a gun.
6:29 pm
>> reasonable suspicion they are going to commit terrorism with that gun. >> they are dropping them off the lists anyway without probable cause. so how are we going to even know who we should be suspicious of if they are not on the list because they have been dumped. mark i'm going to have you back. you make sense, kind of until minute ago. >> thank you ma'am. >> ma'am. my political panel is next. we'll finish talking about the gun debate and the terror attack. and part two of "street justice" on the road at a trump rally in california. stay with us.
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battling the cedar creek fire which has now burned about 12,000 acres and is only about 30% contained. iraqi special forces are detonating numerous ieds that isis fighters left behind as operations continue in fallujah. an iraqi general says fighting is still going on in a few neighborhoods but adds ground troops are getting support from u.s. and iraqi warplanes. fallujah's main hospital is also now in government control. i'm patricia stark. now back to justice with judge jeanine. for all your headlines, log on to the orlando terror attack is now pushing gun control and terrorism into the forefront of the presidential campaign. both parties' presumptive nominees vowing to take on terror. here with reaction chris haughn farmer senior aid to democratic senator schumer and chairman of the political organization go
6:35 pm
pack david avery wella. guys i want to do a couple of topic here. is this about guns or terror? >> both right. >> good answer. >> terrorists with guns. >> david, is this about guns or is this about terror? >> this is about terrorism. the bigger question is judge, americans want to know who is going to do something about this? and the reality is. >> americans --waiting for the government to do it we are in big trouble based on what we've seen. >> also we are 140 days away from the election. it requires suspension to reality to think that hillary clinton, who allowed four americans to die in benghazi is going to be the person to go after terrorists. >> all right. now i got to let chris talk. >> it's all about benghazi. the fantasy island of republican talking points. >> don't make fun of the facts of benghazi. here's the thing. a lot of people are saying now based on what happened, the
6:36 pm
horrific actions that this guy should not have been able to get a gun? >> should not have been. >> do you agree with that david? >> shouldn't have been. 91% of people who are known or suspected to be on the terrorist list could pass a background check. a person who wants to do bad is going to do bad.that's why we have to protect our borders. >> oh, come on -- >> multd multiple. >> david, david, i want to talk about trump. david, listen to me. david, should this guy have been able to buy a gun, yes or no? of course you are going to say no he killed people. >> judge, there are many ways for him to be able to get the gun. what we have to do is stop terror networks and make him not want to be in a terror network. >> okay -- what did you just say? >> the challenge is you have got to get people not to want to go into a terror network, which he clearly was a part of. this fight is a fight against
6:37 pm
terrorism. >> he's finished. >> it is a fight about terrorism. let's talk about guns. i think it's about terrorism, jihad. and i'm fed up with the government interviewing these people and saying oh, god, you know what he only said that because we are islamo phobes. >> there are sincible things that can allow people to buy guns and keep this terrorist off the market for guns. there have been proposal blocked by nra, people in the gop, belonged by people in the pocket of the nra. >> he likes guns. >> bernie supported background checks. >> i don't really fair. forget the generalizations. we want to save americans right now. >> absolutely? >> all right. so what about the nut jobs who get a gun because the president, for all his talk can't open up the -- >> we need a private sector solution to deal with hippa. private sector should take over background checks.
6:38 pm
and they should sell insurance on every gun. let the nra sell it. >> david? >> the reality is that gun legislation that's coming up tuesday in congress has already been up in december. and it failed both bills that came up in december failed. and there isn't the 60 votes to pass it this tuesday. even if it does there is no indication the house is going to take it up. >> thank you nra. >> the reason for that is because senator feinstein's legislation wants to give all the control to the attorney general. >> you know what david, i want to fight with him. it's not the nra. it's the second amendment. and it is a slippery slope. >> no no. every amendment to the constitution is subject to reasonable interpret -- reasonable regulation put on by the government. background check is a reasonable -- >> if i want an ar-15 i should be able to have it. >> you are a law-abiding citizen, you should be able to have whatever you want. but if the you are a crazy tros or have members of the jury incapacities you shunt. >> it wouldn't have sofltd this
6:39 pm
problem. 91% of folks who are known or suspected terrorists on the list could pass a background check? >> how could they pass a check? we don't even know who the hell they are? >> we have to be very careful. we have to make sure we put people on these lists and agencies are talking to themselves. congress can fix this. >> what is going to happen when congress does nothing tuesday? david? what's going to happen? >> nothing is going to happen, judge. it is a going to be brought up and -- there aren't 60 votes. >> who does it benefit, david? >> the -- >> i'm not asking you, who does it benefit, david? >> >> the republicans are going to their corners the democrats are going to their corners. the fight is going to be for independents. >> for the democrats, everything has been benefitting the democrats the last two weeks. and donald trump is meeting with religious leaders. he needs a miracle to get back in good grace. >> he is meeting with the nra for a second time. next time come to new york so we
6:40 pm
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anywhere and the pain can be even worse than it looks. talk to your doctor or pharmacist. about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. the latest real clear poll for the general election matchup now shows hillary clinton with a five point lead over donald trump. will the increased threat of terror facing america change everything? here to break it down pollster -- political pollster my present lee carter. lee, we've got 44 versus 39 donald took a hit over the last week or two. why? >> he has taken a big hit. two things contributing to that. one, trump made missteps
6:45 pm
starting with his comments about the judge in the trump university says case going on with the self congratulatory e-mail. and now the conspiracy theory he is implying about barack obama. he can come back from it. the second piece is hillary clinton is pretty much seen as clinching the nomination on the democratic side. audio when that happens you see a bump. the important thing to note is her bump isn't as big as we would expect it to be. it's thinks decline. he has had a five point drop over the last seven days. >> five point drop over seven days is not good. but donald has come back from other slumps. >> he has. when he was down in wisconsin, it was a steep drop and he was three weeks when he was sinking and everybody said this is over. he was able to come back because he came book to new york strong, and focused on the issues that matter most to
6:46 pm
americans and that's why he was so popular. right now he has to get off the defensive position. on his heels, did you mean to say this. what's going on. he has to get back to the issues that matter most to the americans, the economy and national security. and right now people really care about national security. >> let's talk about national security. let's assume that tuesday nothing happened happens with all these proposals for restrictions on gun sales. who does it benefit if nothing happens? >> i'm not sure who exactly is going benefit from that. it's going the seem like gridlock of it's he not going to speak well to the establishment if they can't get something done. on the democratic side this is a gun control issue. on the republican side almost 80% -- 79% of republicans believe this is a terrorist issue not a gun issue. if we can take it back and make it about gun control -- i mean not gun control, make it more about terrorism and national security. >> who does it benefit then? >> it benefits trump. >> wasn't there a difference in
6:47 pm
the polls on foreign policy versus security. trump up on security and she is up on foreign policy? >> yeah. most people argue hillary is going to be better on terrorism because she is better on national security. hillary has a better record on foreign policy. >> she does? she has a record. he doesn't. >> a better -- i'm sorry. she has -- she gets better polling numbers on foreign policy and so people think that means more like diplomatic relations. it doesn't mean actually keeping us safe at home. it means she is going to have better relationships with foreign leaders in their minds. not saying what i think, but that's what the polling says. >> quickly, leigh, with bernie sanders saying you know this is a movement, and i'm still in it you know, what do you think that that does to the millennials? >> i think it's he going to
6:48 pm
really interesting. millennials think this is all about anti-establishment taking government back wanting people to fight for them. would we know full well 35% of millennials that are supporting bernie sanders said they will go and support donald trump if he is able to keep -- if donald trump can keep up his message, keep it as an movement anti-establishment he might pull that kind of a number. i don't think it's going to be that large because we know a lot of the young people when haven't registered don't necessarily turn out. but if trump could get them on his side it could be. >> leigh thank you for joining us tonight. street justice goes on the road next. don't go away. in 5 days, 10 hours and 2 minutes you are going to be 67. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting... 12 behind the sofa 2 behind the table and 1 and a half behind a curtain. test. . will make a life long dream come true. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them.
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6:52 pm
you may remember a few weeks ago, i visited a donald trump rally in san jose, california. we met so many people, we couldn't fit them all into one story. so here's more of what happened when i took street justice out west. why are you here tonight? >> i'm for trump! i want america great again! that's why i'm here. >> we think he is the last best hope for this country. and i have long said that i would support any loyal american over the scum that we have in washington today. >> so why are you here tonight? >> i'm a democrat so i don't
6:53 pm
know. >> you're a democrat? >> i'm supporting him because he's going to save our country and he's going to -- he's going to get rid of the establishment and the government corruption that we have right now. >> why are you here tonight? >> well the reason i'm here is because trump stands for what i came here for 35 years ago, and i feel everything is going down the tube. >> how about you? why you here? >> i love the whole synergy and energy that trump created and generated. >> i'm an immigrant. i'm coming from india. and i've done everything right and i've tried for years and years to get my family here. and the injustice that people like me feel when fence-hopping, law-breaking people are awarded with citizenship, when all the hard-working people like us are trying so hard to realize our american dream. >> how do you feel about illegals who come here and don't go through what you went through? >> i think that's -- that's
6:54 pm
horrible, to be honest with you. i think that's unfair to everybody, for those who really go through the process i went through and for all american hard-working families in u.s. i think that's something that absolutely must be changed. >> what about hillary clinton? what do you think of her? >> hillary clinton is the most corrupt woman in this country. >> i think she's like a puppet that has somebody writing all her speeches for her and she just says what people are telling her to do. >> what do you think of what hillary clinton said about him? that he was a loose cannon? >> well i think that she is a loose cannon. i think that she is worse than any other loose cannons ever. >> what do you think of the fact that hillary said today, he's a loose cannon and you can't let him near the nuclear button? >> she can say whatever she has and -- >> do you believe her? i mean she's been around a while. >> i have an open mind. >> what about that video of benghazi mr. open mind?
6:55 pm
>> i listen what they said and they're not being taken seriously by the media, those three guys -- the three soldiers -- the three people in benghazi benghazi. no one listens to them. they don't even get a chance to speak. >> so what does that tell you? >> that they're hiding the fact and not listening to these guys. >> so get to the point! >> the election is in november. i'm still -- >> hopefully your mind will close before election day. hillary clinton says he's a loose cannon. is he? >> i don't think you accumulate the kind of success that he's had in sum total if you're a loose cannon. i think that the determination in terms of how he's going to be will be seen in the next several months. and i think that the presidential ethos he's going to show will come full circle. >> we all know this state has gone blue every election cycle since 1998 and donald trump says he'll try to put in play. >> there you have it john
6:56 pm
roberts, the people you bump into at the trump rally. good night. >> good night. good to see you, judge. >> we'll be right back. in a good, clean salad every ingredient is the main ingredient. whether it's big... or small. first to go. or best for last. sweet. or not so sweet. whether it's tossed... or twirled. if it's easy prey. or plays hard to get. every last crunch, sprinkle and drip... should be as clean as it is delicious. panera. food as it should be.
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73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium.
6:59 pm
tomorrow's father's day. my dad, leo ferris was the epitome of a good man with a great sense of humor. part of the greatest generation a world war ii veteran, whose life was devoted to god, country, and family. dad was on the first navy ship to nagasaki immediately after
7:00 pm
we dropped the atomic bomb. he died at a very young age, almost 40 years ago, ahead of his time of head and neck cancer. thanks for joining us tonight. give your dad a hug. hi. i'm greg gutfeld, now with a new minty fresh flavor. here's what's coming up. >> does america still unite in times of tragedy? or are we letting our differences take over? i say yes. and if you disagree with me you're a dumb jerk. saying the words "radical islam." president obama says it doesn't matter. a former radical islamist says it does and he's going to tell you why. plus not happy with your choices for president? a new poll says you're not alone. and i mean a survey not a polish person. i've missed you america. it's been a hell of a week.


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