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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 19, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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lovely bride, so happy anniversary to you and happy father's day to you as well. greg is here, happy father's day. the father to olivia and grace. happy father's day to you, dr. samadi. happy father's day to all of you and thanks for watching. one week after the deadly mass shooting in orlando, new details about the gunman and his ties to radical islam. while congress gets ready to debate gun control tomorrow on capitol hill. we'll take a closer loom. plus campaign 2016. donald trump pushes back hard against critics in the media and some in his own party for as hillary clinton fights to get bernie sanders off her back in time for her party's convention next month. get ready to fire up those grills and open up those boxes of ties, we celebrate america's dads this father's day with your pictures from home.
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thank you for spending your day with us. i'm shannon bream. >> happy father's day to everyone out there. i'm leland vittert. welcome to "america's election headquarters" from washington. >> it was exactly one week ago today that america woke up to the news that a gunman open fire in a nightclub in orlando, slaughters people. today those people are being remembered. a candlelight vigil is being planned. while the investigation into what motivated the gunman continues. steve joins us from orlando with the latest. >> reporter: we expect to get new information shortly. the attorney general said they plan to release on monday partial transcripts of phone calls between the killer and law enforcement officials while that attack was under way. keep in mind, the killer made at least 16 phone calls while i was
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slaughtering 49 people inside the pulse nightclub. several calls to 911. he spoke with crisis negotiators as well. the attorney general said she wants this investigation to be as transparent as possible. she herself will be in orlando on tuesday. in the meantime, memorials across orlando continue. the church bells rang this morning at 2:02 a.m., exactly one week from the start of that massacre. the bells rang 49 times. a soccer game in orlando was also paused at the 49-minute mark. a massive vigil scheduled for this evening. we could see more than 20,000 people at that candlelight vigil. in the meantime, funerals continue across central florida. many of the victims just in their 20s and 30s. often churches overflowing with crowds. two police officers were injured at a funeral procession south of orlando on saturday. an impatient driver tried to push through that funeral procession. two officers injured taken to hospital.
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they're expected to make a full recovery. back to you. >> steve live in orlando. thank you, steve. tomorrow the senate takes up debate on four different pieces have gun control legislation. it comes after a democratic senate fill buster and a full week of president obama's push for more gun control in light of the orlando terror attack. many republicans say it's the wrong debate, certainly at the wrong time. garrett joins us in studio. we have the debate in senate. any chance any of these four pieces of legislation can pass? >> there's always a chance. is it likely? probably not. i wouldn't put a whole lot of money to. but it's clear, though. this issue has become one of president obama's top priorities for his last few months in office. it's clear that congress is not going to go as far as the president would like in restricting gun sales. but there is hope for something to be done. that progress is not expected to come tomorrow, though. when the senate will vote on four gun reform proposals. none of them are expected to pass. including a proposal from
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democratic senator dianne feinstein, which would give the attorney general a lot of latitude to deny the sale of guns to suspected terrorists. this week the justice department announced its support for that proposal. this morning the administration took the rare step of sending attorney general loretta lynch onto all five sunday morning shows to make its case. >> two very, very important tools. first, the ability to block a sale. the second, which relates exactly to the concern that has been raised is in the context of an individual challenging that, it gives us the ability to set forth procedures, not to disclose sensitive or classified information. >> for its part, the nra has said this week it fully supports reforms that will prevent terrorists or suspected terrorists from buying a gun. this weekend the group released a five-minute video pushing back on the obama administration's argument that harsher gun
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control will prevent attacks like that in orlando or san bernardino. >> we have a serious problem in this country. a catastrophic situation. it has nothing to do with firearms. it has nothing to do with the second amendment or even gun control. it has everything to do with radical islamist terrorists. the problem is, criminals and terrorists will not be deterred by one more gun control when they walk into a gun-free club and commit murder with a fire firearm. >> that's the same argument many republican lawmakers have made this week. it's one we'll continue to hear, particularly into the election this fall. >> it's a debate that's been going on for decades in america. thank you. you can see chris wallace's entire interview with u.s. attorney general loretta lynch coming up next and again at 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel.
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the russian military and pentagon are pointing fingers over an air strike in syria. the defense department says russia deliberately targeted u.s.-backed officials in an air strike in southern syria. russia denies that saying the air strike was 200 miles from where the u.s. says opposition forces were operating. the pentagon stands firm in saying they ignored the instructions or didn't send them up the chain of command in time. a rocky bikers, yes, bikers, took to the street of baghdad to celebrate the recapture of most of fallujah by u.s.-backed iraqi troops. fallujah was the first iraqi city to fall to isis more than two years ago and was the last isis foothold in the anbar province. meanwhile, despite the victory, the u.n. announced today that thousands of civilians continue to flee the ruins of their city currently now overwhelming refugee camps.
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let's take a closer look at the fight against isis, particularly the threat here at home in the wake of orlando. we are joined by joel rose enberg. fizz fir his book out now is "the first hostage." thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> i want to refer to one of the president's statements this week when where he talked about the term radical islam. he mocked those saying it won't solve the problem. in your estimation, knowing what you know about that region, and your deep experience and studies there, does it make a difference or not? >> it does. there's no question that the vast majority of muslims, 1.6 billion muslims in the world, are not violent. they're not dangerous. they're not a threat. but all the polling shows that between 7% and 10%, roughly, of the islamic world does believe in suicide bombing, does support the islamic state violence, does
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support al qaeda. so this is a problem because in a world of 1.6 billion muslims, those people could be recruited and drawn into violence in the united states or around the world. >> how important is it to use the correct language, the correct terminology? president obama says we have to be careful about our statement so the world does not believe we're at war with the muslim faith, as you mentioned, more than a billion people we're talking about, but doesn't that make the language we use even that more important? sure it is, absolutely. look at people like egyptian president abdul fatah sisi. he went to the harvard of islam a few years ago and he challenged the clerics and leaders of sunni islam that they have to get their house in order. there's essentially a civil war
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going on inside islam. yes, the vast majority of muslims don't interpret the koran assen couraging violence against unbelievers but there are verses in that tex. and al sisi challenged the these logical leadership of sunni islam to fight and explain what the differences are. jordan's king abdullah has also made that case and gotten more than 500 muslim clerics to sign onto a statement explaining the difference between the sort of radicalized violent islam, that is in the text but many muslims don't agree with it, and what more moderate muslims think. this is an important argument. i would say that if american leaders are not studying the theology and even the escatolg of islam, they're not going to understand what motivates the lone wolf or the movement like islamic state. >> what can could we be doing
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better in the u.s., what could our leadership on both sides of at isle to better combat this? because there's been a big conversation about whether or not the orlando gunman was directed by or inspired or motivated by. the end result is the same. we have dozens of innocent people who are dead. >> yeah. well, this is the most dangerous part of saying this is just violent extremism. that's what the president is saying. well, it's certainly violent extremism, but what is it that motivates a young man, 29 years old, omar mateen, to be a killer of 49 people in a club? that's not just being a violent person. he believed he was being driven by a version of islam. that's what he believed. it doesn't matter what president obama believes about islam. it matters what the individual believes. so, we've got to study what it is -- the narrative as well as the theology that's drawing americans but also people all
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over the world into murderous, sometimes even genocidal levels of violence. if you ignore that, you are ignoring the part of the problem, which is the motive. >> joel rosenberg, we thank you for visiting with us today. i hear your new book will be out the first of next yeek, so we look forward to that as well. thank you, joel. >> thank you. i appreciate it. we want the country to be, we are your friends, your neighbors, but we want base to be gone. >> video out of japan now as tens of thousands of people took to the streets of okinawa to protest the u.s. military presence on that japanese island. it was one of the biggest demonstrations in two decades against u.s. bases in japan. protesters marched through sweltering temperatures. as you can see, a lot of them wore black to mourn the killing. an american contractor is
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suspected in her death. many say they want american troops out of okinawa and they're calling for a preview of the u.s./japanese security agreement. >> i love you. thank you, arizona. thank you. thank you, arizona. >> republican national convention just a month away, many within the party are still questioning donald trump's conservative credentials. can he bring evangelicals firmly into their fold when he meets with conservative today. the democratic convention around the corner. what is hillary clinton's strategy for dealing with a rival who just won't call it quits? that's coming up. plus, crews out west battling not just wildfires but gusty winds and scorching heat waves. the latest after this quick break. >> just make sure you protect your property as far around as you can possibly go. and then go some more. >> get all the crass cut down for maybe 300 feet around the house. they know that i'm pretty well secure. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle?
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a massive brush fire continues to sweep across southern california and it still threatens hundreds of home. in arizona, crews have fought summer temperatures to try to enlarge some of their
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containment areas. as you can tell from this video, though, they have a lot of work to go. conditions may get worse. take a look at this. potential record-breaking heat moving across the southwest. 117 in palm springs. 110 in las vegas. 120 in phoenix. meteorologists expect more triple-digit temperatures. this is a record heat wave, especially troubling considering those fires. in early june temperatures reached as high as 117 in phoenix. can you see now 120. but perhaps, as they say, it's a dry heat. not sure if that helps. dtonald trump is home in ne york taking a break from the campaign trail after two rallies on the west coast. the presumptive republican nominee is dismissing efforts by some delegates and operatives to block him from getting the official nomination at the convention. he is calling the move, quote, illegal. elizabeth prann joins us with
10:18 am
the latest campaign news. >> you're right, presumptive nominee sddonald trump is pushi back that as reports emerge that coalition delegates are trying to block trump from getting the gop nomination. they say they're urging, quote, a conscious clause. house speaker paul ryan made headlines this week when he told republicans not to betray their conscience when it comes to backing their party's presidential nominee. perhaps we're looking at two groups here. the common theme is, quote, conscience voting. what does donald trump say to those who are not publicly supporting him? here is his stance, so is speaker ryan of walking a fine line while uniting the republican party. >> honestly, they should go about their business and they should do a wonderful job and work on budgets and get the budgets down and get the military the kind of money they
10:19 am
need and lots of other things. and they shouldn't -- they shouldn't be talking so much. they should go out and do their job. let me do my job. >> i do believe from speaking we have more common ground than not. yes, there are things that he has said i don't agree with. there are policies he's pursu a >> democrats are also working to come together. they're gathering for the national committee's forum in phoenix this weekend. while bernie sanders has not officially con seedsceded he tes followers the priority now is to defeat donald trump. we know both campaigns are most likely keeping an eye on polling. the average poll this month has clinton pulling ahead over donald trump. >> elizabeth prann with the latest, thank you. here for more insight into the clinton campaign strategy heading into the convention, and for that matter is hillary
10:20 am
clinton campaign surrogate, good friend, democratic strategist, also served in the bill clinton white house. we might have to make that distinction. reasonable people can agree the clinton campaign really underestimated bernie sanders and the threat he posed. he's nodding approval. he won't say anything. is there a chance you look at these numbers right now with clinton up by six points against trump and you have a problem of complacency, you have a problem underestimating trump and the turnout he can bring? >> that's certainly not what i'm hearing from the clinton campaign. i do think -- >> what are you hearing? >> i'm hearing leave no stone unturned. this is a fight we're going to take right to the finish line. it's going to be a tough fight. >> what worries the clinton campaign about the donald trump candidacy? >> its unpredictability. if ted cruz had been the nominee, there's a playbook for that. you can pull it off the shelf. it's something we democrats have done for the last three elections. donald trump poses a different kind of challenge.
10:21 am
he will pose a significant effort, at least, in the west, in the rust belt states and where democrats consider a fire wall. i think we'll win there but not without a fight. the clinton campaign is focused on how do we hold the line, and maybe one swing state like florida or virginia or north carolina could tip the balance. in order to do that, we're going to have to fight donald trump in the upper midwest. >> we talk about the firewall, pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, wisconsin. >> correct. >> those kind of states. those states respond pretty consistently to an economic message, which is what we've been hearing the clinton campaign talk about. >> true. >> do the terror attacks, san bernardino, orlando, and let's say we get one, two, three more, god forbid, before november, does that all of a sudden shift the topic to something you guys don't want to talk about, inside trump's wheelhouse, muslim bans, that kind of thing? >> not at all. i think the qualifications secretary clinton brings to
10:22 am
these conversation appeal to a large swath of the american electorate. there are certainly some voters who will respond to donald trump's arguments if there's another, god forbid, as you say, attack. but we've noticed in the polling following orlando there are many people repulsed by his arguments that then look to hillary clinton as more of a seasoned professional, someone who's been there before and has actually negotiated across the world with our allies. it's far too simplistic to say attack on americans is help for trump. that's way too simplistic. everything we've seen cuts different ways. >> peggy noonan said the only words hillary clinton needs to say is, i'm not trump up. look at the polling, unfavorability, trump, 70%. clinton, 55%. so, she has a 15% margin there. that's still high for presidential candidate. then you look closer into
10:23 am
hillary clinton's polling, you see is hillary clinton honest and trust worthy, 66% say no. that is a new all-time low or high, depending on how you look at that number. isn't it easier to become more likeable in trump's case than it is to become more trustworthy in clinton's case? >> well, i want to answer your question this way, for the first time in american history we have two nominees this unliked. that's a fact. you just have to look at history. it's a fact. but voters are smart. i never underestimate the reasonableness of the american voter. what voters look for is this someone who will fight for me and help me and work for me? look, you don't have to like your lawyer, okay? but if you want a good lawyer -- >> don't you have to trust your lawyer, though? >> sure you do. in fact, you want your lawyer to be able to win. you want your lawyer to be effective. what i'm saying to you, voters have been asked this question. do you like her? yeah. do you like her more than trump? gentlemen, i like her more than trump. i hate to tut.
10:24 am
this way. it's a choice between two candidates. >> and then the poll is who would you like to have a beer with? >> i want to have a beer with you after this. >> i hear you're having a barbecue. >> i am. put an extra chicken breast on the grill for me. >> you got it, buddy. >> all the best. thanks 230r coming in. >> thanks. speaking of father's day, if you're a last-minute shopper, we have the perfect gift for you. send us a picture of your dad. we'll share some later on in the show. what better present to your dad than seeing him on national television. tweet us @shannonbream or @lelandvittert or your best best is @anhqdc. a week after the devastating murder of "the voice" grimmie, another contestant is targeted. we'll tell you about that. we're here for a fair and balanced look although donald trump's effort to win over
10:25 am
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down with evangelical leaders in new york to try to gain support of a group that is often skeptical of trump's conservative credentials. political experts say the next 29 days till cleveland are key for trump to try to unify a party fractured by the bruising primaries, but past two weeks have not been so friendly. to mr. trump. john pierre, former deputy manager for o'malley. thanks for being here.
10:30 am
happy father's day, ron. >> happy father's day to you. >> as we look here, this week has been a bunch of unforced errors for donald trump. how do you recover from that now in this very key period? >> this has been a very difficult time for donald trump. what he needs to do right now is get back onto a message of making hillary clinton the focus. he needs to change the referendum from donald trump to hillary clinton. he needs to go after jobs and economy, national security. we can't get into intra-party fights. he can't talk about judges with a mexican heritage. he needs to focus on hillary clinton and her weaknesses. >> the flipside, hillary clinton hasn't had to do much the past two weeks and she went up in the polls six points. >> that's exactly right. we talk about how donald trump got 13 million, 14 million primary voters. excites the base. now we're in a different part of this. voters are starting to pay
10:31 am
attention. general election electorate is very, very different. he has to build a coalition. but what he's doing instead is going after whole groups of people, dehumanizing whole groups of people. he has to figure out how he's going to pivot and be much more presidential. and he lost that. he squandered that the last seven weeks. >> was this the time, ron, for trump to sort of make the pivot, become presidential and let everyone forget the primary, the jog to the center you hear so much from primary to general election? >> yeah. this definitely is that time. he's wasted a couple of weeks here, but it's not over yet. if you look at the state-by-state polling, he's only one point down in ohio, a few points down in pennsylvania. the fact that he's only down that much is significant. if you look at hillary clinton and her unfavorables, it shows he can bring it back if he refocuses his message. >> we just heard from a clinton sure gate saying they're not taking anything for granted. you look there, though, in terms of the polling although
10:32 am
evangelicals. it's an area he's very weak. a lot of people questioned his credentials. evangelicals history, bush got 74%, mccain 74%. romney got 78% of ivevangelical vote back in 2012. are evangelicals an area hillary clinton has a chance to peel off, maybe not win, but take away from key turnout from trump? >> i wouldn't be surprised. looking at the down-ballot with races in arizona and new hampshire, he's in big trouble where independents and other groups are saying, hey, we want senate-seated republicans to unendorse donald trump. so, anything is possible there. he's going to hurt the down-ballot. that's what we're seeing. because he's not reaching out to these different groups. evangelicals is definitely on the table here. >> they're there for the taking. ron, to that point, trump may not have fallen off a cliff in the past two weeks but he
10:33 am
certainly slid down a very steep hill. is this the point where you have to stop that slide with an ice axe, least the hill and the cliff get steeper? >> he needs to pivot back onto hillary clinton. he needs to refocus his attacks on her. i don't think it's too late to get these evangelical voters. most of them are going to support the conservative choice between the two. they're very -- >> what if they don't support anybody? >> i think less -- well, what that means is the top organizations will turn off their machines. they are not going to encourage -- >> focus on the family, those -- >> yeah. they're not going to encourage people to go out and vote. but large groups of evangelicals will still support trump. just the machine needs to be turned on and donald trump needs to convince the machine he's the guy who can do the job. >> that's who he's meeting with this week to see if he quant convince those folks that he's the man. stance on gay marriage, abortion, school prayer, those kind of things. appreciate you both being here.
10:34 am
all the best. come back and talk to us. meantime, enjoy the good weather. >> thanks. >> thank you. moving on, the security's term is winding down for summer but there are more than a dozen cases that remain to be decided, including three potential blockbusters. so, the justices are id idealogically split. what can we expect? shannon bream is back with the panel coming up. this guy, ben stein, is here, how will the guy who once played a teacher. let's say he won't be handing out any as. he'll surprise us if he hands out an "a." ♪ ♪ thank you for all the joy and pain ♪ what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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gained fame on "the voice" is dead. fuentes died yesterday, who was shot in chicago while celebrating his birthday with friends. he was ambushed at his car, later died. police say, they have no suspects. the tragedy comes less than a week after the murder of christina grimmie, who appeared on the u.s. version of "the voice." the 24-year-old singer was shot and killed by a lone gunman while signing autographs in orlando. the supreme court is wrapping up its term in just days since the passing of justice antonin scalia in february. while president obama's pick to replace justice scalia remains in limbo, their work continues. tomorrow we could get rulings involving abortion, affirmative action. president of the constitutional accountability center is joining us and carrie severino, great to
10:40 am
have you both. >> great to be with you, shannon. >> i want to start with the abortion case out of texas. in fact, all three of these cases we mentioned are coming from texas. this one has to deal with a state law that was passed setting specific standards for abortion providers in their clinics. elizabeth, how do you think it turns out? we're always looking at the potential of a 4-4 tie in these cases, which would leave the lower court ruling in place. >> yeah, if there is a 4-4 tie that would be terrible for the country because that would men women enjoy their fundamental rights just based on where they live. they can't enjoy them differently because the court can't function with eight justices. i think all eyes will be on justice kennedy. i think kennedy will join the more liberal justices and say they have reaffirmed there's a constitutional right for women to choose if a woman can have an abortion. that means it will only be good in theory and not actual fact. i don't think justice kennedy and the supreme court majority
10:41 am
will allow these laws, like texas', to stand. i think they'll strike them down. >> carrie, do you think they come to a very narrow agreement of some kind that wins over justice kennedy's vote to the more liberal side of the court or allow something this important to end in a tie? >> well, i think it's a possible it will be a 4-4 decision, but i think in that case, we'd see it come up again to the court. i think it's so ironic in this case. we have a group called whole women's health arguing to lower health standards in order to raise their bottom line. i think it's going to be hard, actually, to win justice kennedy's vote, but it's frightening we have at least four justices on the court who don't think states have a right even to make reasonable health concerns for their women, bringing up the health standards in response to things like the tragedy in maryland. so, i do hope we see the supreme court saying, we've got to have health for women and sometimes that means making reasonable standards on abortion.
10:42 am
>> i want to stay with you, carrie, about our next case also out of texas. this has to deal with executive action, executive power by the president. some directives the administration gave with respect to immigration and blocking deportations of certain people who are already here. 26 states, with texas leading the way, saying the president overstepped his constitutional boundaries. again, facing a potential tie, where do you think we go? >> it's definitely possible it will be a tie. the significant point here that came out in arguments is this isn't just about saying we're not deporting them. this is really giving them a license to stay here lawfully. it's saying they have lawful presence when they're not here lawfully and then they can final for social security, earn income tax credits, and that's why texas is suing because it's going to cost them a lot of money. it could go 4-4 on a technicality where texas has the right to sue. that's frightening because that means the supreme court couldn't push back and that means the next president could take this executive overreach to a new
10:43 am
level. the next supreme court justice will probably be the deciding vote on this kind of thing, whether the court stands up to executive power, unfortunately, merit garland is someone who tends to go with executive. >> garland is the one who president obama has nominated to take that ninth seat on the court. elizabeth, final word on executive action immigration case. >> it's not just merritt garland who would rule in that way. i think we'll see justices say as the security has said before, the executive has exactly the kind of discretion to take into account whether someone has u.s. citizen children, whether someone is or is not a threat to national security. and using the limited resources that congress has delegated executive to deport just a small fraction of the people who are here without documents. this is a very sane, constitutional, lawful way of saying, we're going to focus our resources on removing people who
10:44 am
pose a threat to national security and not deport people who are members of our community, who are parents to u.s. citizens or lawful permanent residence. and i think that that will prevail on the supreme court and it absolutely should. >> we could find out as early as 10:00 a.m. eastern time tomorrow, in the morning. we will all be watching and waiting for those decisions. thank you both. >> thanks, shannon. >> thank you, shannon. the navy's newest stealth destroyer will sail the seven seas bearing the name of an american hero. >> with sally's blegs and mike's spirit, i take solemn pride in knowing the "uss mansour" will account. >> yesterday the mother of fallen navy s.e.a.l. christened the ship for her son. petty officer 2nd class michael
10:45 am
monsoor was killed in iraq in 2006 when a grenade was thrown into a lookout post. monsoor was next to the exit and could have escaped, but instead he threw himself on the grenade. he was awarded the medal of honor in 2008. >> truly in this day and age where we're looking to have heroes in society and people who are truly worth celebrating, someone to make that split-second decision which they knew was to their death. >> and what a reminder of those on the ship with the legacy to uphold. >> thank you to all our service members. >> god speed. aerial acrobaticacrobatics,g one teen back in the sky. we want your father's day picture from home. here are a few that have come insofar. we love when you share your snaps of your dad. that's courtney friel, still
10:46 am
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first the jet came barelying across right over us. i said, oh, my god! >> you got chills when that happened? and the f-35, the latest in stealth crafts when it works will make its debut at the air show as well. >> as the candidates head into the general election one of the top issues voters are worried about is the economy. our most recent poll on the issue shows voters prefer trump over clinton on the economy. what does ben stein think?
10:51 am
he joins us live to talk about that and more. mr. ben stein, great to have you with us as always. >> my honor. >> i know you think no matter who gets elected we have serious economic issues either way. >> well, both of them have a very peculiar idea oh about trade. both think we can bully and beat up trade partners and make progress by doing that. trade wars never work. there is not any example in human history of trade wars working. free trade works. free trade works well. not for everyone but for countries as a whole. beating up other countries and trying to get them into a trade war where we raise tariffs on them and they raise them on us never works. never works. >> just days ago mr. trump said i believe in free trade. that's official. he also said during the talk that he doesn't think what we have now is free trade. i think he said something like we have stupid trade.
10:52 am
do his solutions work for you? his proposals. >> he thinks it's stupid trade if we let the chinese sell us well made quality goods at low prices. that's not stupid trade. that's good trade. the thing you must remember adam smith, the greatest economist of all time said was not everyone is a manufacturing worker, but everyone is a manufacturing consumer. everyone in america consumes manufactured goods. if we can get them cheaply from china, thailand or taiwan, much the better for us. very unfortunate for the workers and the industries affected. they should get retrained, compensation but we don't want to do anything to get involved in a trade war with our trading partners, especially mexico. by the way, he has an idea that we can somehow reach down into mexico like rambo and bring back the jobs. that's nonsense. it's just not going to happen. it never has happened. we haven't lost that many jobs to mexico.
10:53 am
it's a large number in absolute terms but compared to the size of the labor force it's nothing. >> does he get points with you for talking about rolling back regulations? >> yes. he gets points with me for that. regulation on the scale mr. obama added to regulations is a dead weight on the economy. mr. obama added something on the order of 400,000 pages -- not 400 pages, 400,000 pages of regulation to the u.s. code of regulations. that's a lot of regulations. it's very unclear whether that's needed. especially unclear whether the environmental regulation is doing more harm than good. >> let's talk about the virm. i know you have worries about what mrs. clinton may do with regard to environmental regulations and restrictions. trump has shown skepticism on the issue of how much impact there is whether there is climate change and what the government can do. how do you feel about that
10:54 am
issue? >> well, there is a lot of data that there has not been climate change. there is a lot of data that the world temperature climate if you take all the points in the world as an average has not risen in 25 years. this weekend it's hot in america but that doesn't alter the fact that since 1991 there hasten been much change. i believe in cleaning um the environment. i helped mr. nixon write the first proposal for the clean air act. we want to breathe clean air but how much impact will anything we do in california, detroit or columbus, o, have on whether or not air will be clean over the air. china and india have three new coal-fired plant as month. what good does it do for us if they are filling the air with coal dust. it's not clear that even that affects the climate. it definitely affects the air itself but the climate? it's not clear.
10:55 am
>> great to see you. next time i hope you are with us in person. >> great to see you and i would love that, thank you. all right. keep sending your pictures. you have only a few minutes left to share your father's day ph o photos with us and a chance for them to be on the air coming up. plus, a homecoming that has one school buzzing with good reason. tired of re-dosing antacids? try duo fusion! new, two in one heartburn relief. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try new duo fusion. from the makers of zantac.
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what? no hug? >> i love these? >> this sergeant first class surprised his young boyes after 14 months in kuwait. he dressed up as the school mascot, visited the gym before revealing his true identity to his sons. great father's day this year. >> a father's day they won't forget. a happy father's day to you out there. celebrate in the best way we knew how to wish you a happy father's day. here it is. >> you ent us pictures. >> here's jenny. she said her dad is the cooest, fastest older guy ever. >> i like that. hunter tweets that his dad, quote, you made me the man i am today, love you. great pic. >> look at this. a father and son taking the day to wash the car. >> adorable. >> this was our favorite picture of all. jack alan norris. there's dad lou.
11:00 am
wake up. you're on television. >> happy father's day. >> happy father's day from us to you. fox news sunday is next. >> happy father's day. i want to say it to my step-dad as well. thanks for watching. love you guys. i'm chris wallace. in the wake of the orlando massacre, a renewed debate over how to protect the homeland. >> this congress has mustered absolutely no response to mass shooting after mass shooting. >> you don't defeat terrorism by taking away guns. you defeat terrorism by using our guns. >> today attorney general loretta lynch on the president's push for tougher gun control. the threat of isis and the criminal investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. then on the trail. donald trump and hillary clinton square off over terrorism. >> it's going to happen again and again and


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