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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 19, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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on their back by helping us. >> all right, bill. if you have your own tweet or miss, tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel. thanks to you for watching. hope to see you right here next week. >> hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. welcome to "america's election headquarters." >> i'm greg jarrett in for eric shawn. happy father's day to all the fans out there. top of the news this hour, we are awaiting details in the orlando massacre as the investigators prepare to release a transcript of calls made to police. plus, new questions about whether omar mateen's wife will face charges in this case. this after investigators revealed she allegedly drove him to that nightclub to case the scene and helped him buy the ammo used in the attack.
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and why donald trump now faces new criticism for his comments about the shooting in suggesting that authorities should start profiling. >> we begin with orlando and the investigation into the massacre at pulse nightclub. one week after the shooting, the fbi getting ready to release transcripts of the gunman's telephone calls and his conversations with police negotiators as he held hundreds of people hostage. steve harrigan live in orlando with the latest. >> reporter: we could be learning shortly some of what the killer told police during that killing spree, which lasted three hours exactly one week ago. the attorney general lynch said that she intends to make some of those transcripts public. she's going to be here on tuesday and she wants this investigation, she said, to be as transparent as possible. across florida, we have seen a number of memorials to the victims.
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this morning at 2:02 a.m., that's the exact time the killing starts ringing a week ago, the church bells rang out. at an orlando city soccer game, there was a pause in the action at the 49-minute mark to honor the number of victims who were killed last week. and 49 seats left vacant. tonight, there's expected to be a huge candlelight vigil in downtown orlando, as many as 20,000 people expected for that. and across central florida, we've seen a wave of funerals, many of the victims so young, just in their 20s and 30s, often the houses of worship just overflowing with people attending those funerals. there have been $7 million raised for the victims' families, and city officials say they want to do everything possible to get that money to the family members directly as quickly as possible. arthel, back to you. >> steve harrigan, thanks, steve. donald trump discussing the orlando massacre on the sunday talk show circuit. he's offering a controversial suggestion for how to prevent
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future terror attacks. trump saying the united states should consider profiling muslims, adding, "it's a matter of common sense." elizabeth with more on that. >> reporter: donald trump is bringing up racial profiling not long after he doubled down on his temporary muslim ban proposal. this on the heels of the orlan massacre. the presumptive nominee says it might be time for u.s. officials to start acting as other countries do. >> everybody wants to be so politically correct and they want to do what's right and they're afraid to do anything. words that are killing us. right now, we have some pretty big problems. and they're problems coming out of radical islamic -- you know, the radical islamic groups. >> this is uncharted territory so far this election cycle. he also reiterates people on the terror watch list should not have the ability to buy a gun, veering from the gop party's historical stance against any
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gun control measures. trump says he wants to begin a dialogue with the national rifle association about flagging or banning those individuals. and although his comments occasionally divide members of his own party, prominent republicans such as paul ryan continue to walk a very fine line, uniting the party, but pushing back on what they say is offensive. >> i do believe, we have more common ground than not. yes, there are things that he has said that i don't agree with. >> this as donald trump continues to reach out to voters. reports are the presumptive nominee will have a private meeting on tuesday with 900 top evangelical and social conservatives in new york city. they'll tackle issues ranging from the supreme court vacancy to religious freedoms. >> elizabeth, thanks. on the democratic side, a new hillary clinton ad released by a pro-clinton super pac setting its sights on donald trump, calling him dangerous.
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this as clinton's camp releases video showing senator elizabeth warren visiting clinton headquarters. bryan llenas with more. anything behind these images? >> reporter: this newest ad is part of a strategy by hillary clinton and the democrats to unload a relentless barrage of negative attack ads against donald trump this summer. clinton and the democrats investing some $41 million over the next six weeks for commercials in key battleground states like ohio and florida. the democratic super pac priorities usa using 18 million of those dollars for specific ads painting trump as a con man, a bully, and dangerous for america. >> the trump theory on war. i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. >> the democrats trying to take advantage of their rich war chest to define who trump is early on for voters in this general election, as trump plays catch-up with fundraising for a
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campaign that has been primarily fueled, thus far, through personal loans, to his campaign, and appearances on news networks. also continuing to lend her voice to attack trump is massachusetts senator elizabeth warren who officially endorsed clinton about a week ago at new hampshire's democratic convention yesterday. she called trump a "thin-skinned racist bully." she also visited the campaign headquarters and said this to the staff. >> think about it. in terms of a small insecure money grubber, who doesn't care about anyone or anything other than himself. think about a man who runs for president who can be defined in a tweet. >> she's obviously speaking about donald trump. the attacks expected to only get more heated this summer. clinton's competitor bernie sanders who has not dropped out of the race says he personally intends to help the democratic
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party to "defeat trump" and defeat him badly. >> bryan llenas, thanks. >> no problem. attorney general loretta lynch says everything is being done by the book in the fbi investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails. lynch telling chris wallace that the president's endorsement of clinton changes nothing. >> i don't get involved in whom the president endorses and i don't have comments, as i said before, on any of the candidates. the investigation into the state department e-mail matter is going to be handled like any other matter. we've got career agents and lawyers looking at that. they will follow the facts and follow the evidence wherever it leads and come to a conclusion. >> and you can see the full interview with attorney general loretta lynch on "fox news sunday." check your local listings. the u.s. senate is gearing up to vote tomorrow on four new proposals tackling gun control. the amendments facing a very steep hurdle on capitol hill. lawmakers there are once again locked in a heated debate on the
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second amendment. democrats forcing the issue to the floor with a marathon filibuster following last weekend's massacre in orlando, the worst mass shooting in u.s. history, now becoming a major flash point between both political parties. garrett tenney has more from washington. >> reporter: on monday, it is highly unlikely that any of the proposals will receive enough votes to pass. attorney general loretta lynch appeared on all five sunday shows to argue the administration's case for stricter gun control legislation. specifically, the amendment from california democratic senator dianne feinstein that would give the attorney general more latitude to deny the sale of guns to suspected terrorists on watch lists. >> we have a very strong law enforcement interest in protecting the types of investigations that, in fact, put people on the watch list, or that may be around those individuals, and so it's very important to us that we have the ability to conduct this in a way
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that lets us protect that information. >> reporter: president obama also called for a ban on assault weapons in his weekly address, but the nra is pushing back, arguing that while no terrorists or suspected terrorists should be allowed to purchase guns, the administration is unnecessarily chipping away at citizens' second amendment rights without providing due process. >> the truth of the matter is those guns were banned in paris and it didn't stop that terrorist attack. they were banned in brussels. they were banned in california and it didn't stop san bernardino. the point is that criminals and terrorists are not going to be deterred by one more gun control law when they're willing to walk into a gun-free club and commit murder with a firearm. >> while none of the four proposals up for a vote are expected to pass, republican senator susan collins of maine is working on an alternative compromise that may be able to gain bipartisan support later this week. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. well, extreme heat out west
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fueling six major wildfires in the sunbelt. some 65 million people potentially in the path of danger, stretching from california through new mexico. temperatures now topping 120 degrees in some places. boy. lauren blanchard live in los angeles now with more. that is really heating up, huh? >> hi, arthel, it certainly is. firefighters out west are making some progress against six fires burning in four states, but that extreme heat could worsen the conditions. in southern california, the sherpa fire is threatening hundreds of homes as the flames are only a few miles from coastal communities. firefighters were given a lucky break last night when expected winds died down. in some areas, there are mandatory evacuations in places and residents are worried as red flag conditions are expected this week. >> the fire was so close.
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i said there's one woman and five dogs. just wake me up if i need to go. >> the cedar fire in arizona has already engulfed 12,000 acres of land. temperatures are also in the triple digits with low humidity and fire officials don't expect any break. in new mexico, the governor has directed the national guard to help secure communities impacted by a massive fire in the central part of the state. it's already burned over 17,000 acres and expected to grow as winds strengthen and is only 9% contained. so far this year, nearly two million acres have burned in the u.s. more than triple what we saw this time last year. and we haven't even hit the peak of wildfire season. >> which is really unfortunate for all those poor people who have lost homes and could possibly lose more homes. the best to everybody. lauren, thank you. right now, a search is under
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way. fire crews find a crashed minivan at the bottom of a river. so what happened here? and despite taking heat for his response to the orlando terror attack, donald trump coming out with another controversial national security proposal. plus, there is this. >> i'm raising a lot of money for the republican party, and a lot of beneficiaries, and i like doing it. but we have to have help. we have to have help. life is like a two-way street, right? otherwise, i'll just keep doing what i'm doing. i'll just keep funding my own campaign. >> donald trump threatening to cut off the republican party if they don't help him raise the money he says he needs to campaign in the general election. but now, hear what one leading republican is saying about whether the party will unite behind its presumptive nominee. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle?
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time for a quick check of the headlines. a pair of 3-year-old twins have died after being found unresponsive in a truck outside their home in louisiana. this, according to police, who say their mother reached out to neighbors yesterday saying she was looking for her children. a jury finding a former
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vanderbilt football player guilty on all counts in a campus rape case. prosecutors say he encouraged his teammates to rape and unconscious woman in a dorm room in 2013. he now faces a minimum sentence of 15 years in prison. dive crews searching for the driver and possible passengers of a minivan that was recovered from a river in philadelphia. witnesses say the van was speeding near a shipyard this morning when it crashed through a fence and plunged into the water. donald trump renewing his call for a temporary ban on muslim immigration following the deadly terror attack in orlando. that proposal, of course, drawing very strong criticism, many pointing out that the gunman in this case was born in new york city, not far from where trump was born, and now the presumptive republican nominee advocating another controversial approach.
1:18 pm
take a listen. >> i think profiling is something that we're going to have to start thinking about as a country, and other countries do it. you look at israel and you look at others and they do it. they do it successfully. you know, i hate the concept of profiling. but we have to start using common sense and we have to use -- you know, we have to use our heads. >> joining me now is jamie weinstein, senior writer for "the daily caller." every day seems to bring a new version or variation on what to do. and he hasn't, curiously, offered any specific plan. do you wonder whether even he understands what he's saying or proposing? >> i do wonder. i mean, i think it's worthy of debate in the aftermath of a terrorist attack, an islamist terrorist attack, to debate profiling. but we don't exactly know what even trump is exactly proposing. certainly more legitimate to the debate than the gun debate, which i don't think would do anything, but trump hasn't put
1:19 pm
out a policy proposal detailing what that means. as you mentioned, even last week when he's talking about the muslim ban, we don't know where that stands, where in the policy preparation that is. it seems like on the one hand, it's a total muslim ban. then it's a ban from people from terror-sponsoring countries. so, you know, it would be nice to see an actual policy proposal put out from the trump campaign that you can have a debate on. but it's hard to have a debate when it's kind of just ideas that come off the top of donald trump's head and no detailed policy proposal to follow. >> and that may be consistent with his entire campaign. hillary clinton, for example, has a formidable campaign organization. a very elaborate field structure. mega money, of course. super pacs. ad strategies. and an incumbent president who's quite eager, it seems, to trash donald trump. yet donald trump has none of that, but he keeps talking about i've got big crowds that cheer me on. is he mistaking crowds for
1:20 pm
support and strategy? >> he very well may be. the most illuminating stat i saw today was someone put out a stat showing -- remember back in 2012, they said that romney lost the election because barack obama defined him early through putting out ads in the key swing states to define who mitt romney was. well, you know what the spending was for that? it was 55% for barack obama in ads, 45% for mitt romney. right now, the advantage in spending on early ads in those swing states, it's 100% for hillary clinton. zero dollars have been spent by donald trump trying to define hillary clinton in those swing states. so it's 100 to zero right now in those early defining ads. so when you speak of the trump campaign, in some sense, there's not really much to speak of. it's pretty much him giving speeches from town to town wherever he goes. >> well, it may be exhibiting itself in the most recent polls. he was up three or four points. now he's down as much as 12 points. what's unusual for a major party nominee are trump's negatives.
1:21 pm
take a look at these abc news/"washington post" polls that just came out. clinton's unfavorable rating is at its highest, 55%. as bad as that is, it is nothing compared with trump's 70% unfavorable. it's really astronomic and stunning. and among independents, take a look at this. 68% of independents view him unfavorably. and that, of course, is a key voting group. and trump does even worse among women, an astounding 77% view him unfavorably. what's notable among these polls is that trump's negatives have grown substantially worse than the same poll found a month ago. so what has happened in that month? >> yeah, it's truly stunning. if you look at those numbers, what you really see is two historically unfavorable presidential candidates. we've never seen unfavorables like this for two candidates running, which makes me think,
1:22 pm
how is a serious third party candidate not jumping in the race? under normal metrics, you would have to say with 70% unfavorable rating, donald trump is toast. but we're not talking about a normal candidate. who knows what donald trump might pull out of his hat this election cycle and surprise us again. you could get rich by just taking the opposite bet of all of those who said donald trump's campaign has sunk during the primary. so while it looks like this guy just doesn't have a shot at the general election, i wouldn't count him out just because donald trump has pulled out greater things in the past than we're seeing right now. >> lots of twists and turns down the campaign road between now and november. >> absolutely. >> so we'll likely be surprised many times over. jamie weinstein, thank you. >> thank you. meanwhile, donald trump's supporters expressing optimism that the republican party will warm up to their presumptive nominee. senator jeff sessions saying on fox news sunday that he doesn't
1:23 pm
think trump will have to fund his own campaign. >> i think we're going to get unity. let me give advice to my republican colleagues. they need to look at the election returns. they need to understand that the american people are not happy with gridlock in america. >> and trump saying yesterday that if the gop does not support him, he'll raise the money himself. america is marking one week since the deadly terror attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. how the city of orlando is paying special tribute to the 49 victims tragically killed inside pulse nightclub. this as the fbi digs deeper into the investigation of the gunman. ♪
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i want to clarify one of our poll graphics we've shown a moment ago. 68% view donald trump unfavorably. the graphic had a typo and said 38%, but the number is 68%. a show of solidarity in orlando one week after the killing of 49 innocent victims in pulse nightclub. people pausing for a moment of silence across the city. at 2:00 a.m., the exact time the attack started. memorials also going up in honor of the victims as the fbi
1:29 pm
prepares to release transcripts of conversations between the killer and police negotiators during the attack. joining me now is danny coleson. good to see you. >> you, too, thank you. >> so attorney general loretta lynch is stressing transparency in the orlando investigation. tell us, why is that so important? >> well, i think it's important for the american people to know who this man was and what he was motivated by. but the thing that strikes me, we're hearing right now all over the news media that the fbi is looking to this man in great detail. shouldn't that have been done before 49 people died? we have this whole thing backwards. the attorney general guidelines put such great limitations on the fbi. they're not allowed to look at these guys in-depth with common sense before they commit these horrible acts. i'm not trying to preach here, but i think we have the whole thing backwards.
1:30 pm
it is important. it's transparent. i'm glad the attorney general made those comments. and we'll be better for it as a nation, because it will help us to understand what these people are all about and start taking steps to do something about it. >> yeah. i mean, and to your point, i think that's what everybody what'ses to know, why does this happen, and what can investigators learn from this heinous massacre? can these discoveries prevent this from happening again? do you think so? >> no, not really. i think the fbi does a great job with task forces and the local law enforcement does a really good job. but until they're unleashed, until they can use common sense and not some artificial guideline that goes back to the church committee days that doesn't allow them to do a really good job, i think we'll see more of these things. i think congress, instead of puffing and strutting around and complaining about this thing, they need to take a look at these guidelines and make some decisions. do they need to be loosened? in my view, they do. i think the american people
1:31 pm
would like to see the fbi do a better job, and we want them to do a better job. they need to have the tools to do it and not be strangled by these guidelines. >> absolutely. i think everybody agrees with you. i wanted to ask you, what is the legal shelter that the fbi agents need to do their jobs effectively? >> they need to take the guidelines and revamp them so they're not constrained by the things they can do. there's only a few things you can do as an agent in a preliminary investigation. and they're not very extensive. also, if you don't complete the investigation a certain amount of time, we close it. that's what happened to the boston marathon bombers. that investigation was closed. and these things don't always lend themselves to timelines. another thing that's really important i think is that once they close the investigation on a preliminary, they can't even tell the local police department they did it. so the local police can't take it up and look at these guys. we really need to look at this. i'm all for civil liberties. i'm a firm believer in the
1:32 pm
constitution and privacy, but we need to have some common sense here and congress needs to look at this and stop pontificating and get back to work. >> do you believe, do you have faith that congress will get something done? >> i really -- no, i don't. i used to run the fbi's congressional affairs. and there are some good people, but they're so caught up in the idea of getting re-elected, that i think very seldom do they do really meaningful work. and this idea that we're going to keep people off the no-fly zone from our list from buying weapons, that's a great idea, but who sets up the no-fly list? there's another issue. will that stop these shootings? no. the gun genie is out of the bottle. this is not going to do anything except maybe get some people re-elected. >> so you said that you think it's a good idea to prevent people who are on the no-fly list to be banned from purchasing guns without an extensive background check.
1:33 pm
do you feel that there should be something else to that? should it be expanded beyond the no-fly list? i mean, if you're a terror suspect, this guy, the killer in florida. he was on the radar of the fbi twice. so what tools, again, legal shelter could the fbi have had at that point that would have been able to give them the ability to connect the dots, to get this monster off the street before he killed those people? >> that's a great question. it gets back to the guidelines. give them time to do their investigations. i'd also want to know who sets up the no-fly list. suppose i'm on it, or you're on it. how do you get yourself off? there's a lot of questions like that. but clearly, somebody that comes upon the radar that's on the no-fly list because they shouldn't be able to buy a gun. i'm a second amendment advocate. it says we need to look at these guys and do it with some liberty
1:34 pm
in our investigations and share information with local police so we can keep these things from happening again. this is a terrible situation that we've faced. i know the whole nation is nervous about, is church safe, is the nightclub safe? well, the answer is maybe not. >> i appreciate your perspective because you were in the game. you're former deputy assistant director of the fbi and still very much on top of the goings on inside the bureau. i hope we can fix this before more innocent people have to die. >> me, too. i pray that we can. >> same here. thank you so much. >> thank you. i want to tell you about a fox news channel exclusive report. anchor harris faulkner returning to her former home city of minneapolis to check out areas designated by the feds as key for recruitment by islamist terrorist groups. the department of homeland security says one in four americans trying to or actually
1:35 pm
joining the fight in syria are coming from some pockets of minnesota, the twin cities is home to the largest somali and east african community of any place outside mogadishu. harris and her team gained unprecedented entry into the most insular muslim neighborhoods to see who among them is willing to join our dhs and fbi in the fight for america's safety. >> we had a young man who decided to go to a different mosque than where he was supposed to go. that mosque turned out to be what he was being told different information, he was learning radicalization. >> he was being radicalized at a local mosque. >> correct. we know what's right and what's wrong. if he's being pushed to that side of the radicalization, we know. >> "fox report" with harris faulkner investigates isis among
1:36 pm
us and how minnesota is trying to stop young somali americans from joining that fight. tonight, 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> that's going to be good. hopefully harris's report is give investigators some insight into the mindset of these guys who are subject to being radicalized. that's the big fight. how do they get to these guys up here? harris, good on you for that report. meantime, new questions arising in the investigation in the orlando terror attack about who may have helped omar mateen plan the mass murder. reports that his wife played a key role in the attack. we will talk to our legal panel about what charges she could face, the wife, if those reports are true. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife...
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1:41 pm
the shooter's wife. the fbi learning this week she was aware of his plan to attack the pulse nightclub. lynch telling fox news sunday that the fbi's been in contact with omar mateen's family. >> where we are now is in the middle of a very aggressive investigation. yes, we are talking to everyone who had contact with this killer. and that, of course, includes the family members. we want to know what they know, what they saw, what he said to them. the investigation is ongoing. we don't have any announcements to make about other individuals at this time. but we are trying to recreate the days, the weeks, the months of this killer's life before this attack. >> our panel is here now. mercedes cohen, a fox news legal analyst, and keshia is a defense attorney. and former prosecutor. good to see you both. keshia, let me turn to you since you're the former prosecutor. if she drove him to get the ammo, if she drove him so he could case the nightclub, surveil it in advance of an attack and she knew of his
1:42 pm
plans, doesn't that make her an accomplice to murder? >> it certainly does. the keyword is if she knew. if she was just driving him to buy ammo, which is legal, she wouldn't be charged. if she knew what he was going to do and did not immediately disclose that to law enforcement, she could definitely be charged as an accomplice. >> it's not just aiding and abetting, it's conspiracy to commit murder, and we're talking about 49 murders. >> exactly. and 53 charges of attempted murder. so we're talking about decades and decades, she will not see the light of day if she actually gets convicted. >> a lot of people have said wait a minute, she knew the plan, yet she didn't pick up the telephone and call the fbi or call police. well, in america, there's no duty to call police. it may seem counterintuitive, but that's the law. but there is misprison of felony. we'll put it up on the screen. it's a federal law. whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony, conceals and does not as soon as
1:43 pm
possible make known the same to a judge or other person -- blah blah blah -- shall be fined three years. of course, 49 times three would be life behind bars. but as i read the supreme court decision that interprets that law, it says it has to be an active concealment, not just failure to report. so failure to report, just not picking up the phone, that's not a crime. >> right. that's where she would avoid prosecution. and one of the other things that came up earlier in the legal segment that i did was that there's such thing as spousal privilege. or immunity. where a spouse can't be forced to testify or say anything. >> but there's no marriage. >> he's dead. >> but there's another privilege. marital communications privilege that survives a spouse's death. it's different. because keshia and i had done that segment together. and the spousal privilege thought was attached. but because he's dead, you have this marital communications privilege that's very different.
1:44 pm
it does survive. >> a lot of husband and wife crooks and criminals, and they have never successfully hidden behind any kind of a privilege. >> what i think is when that spouse assists, or is a co-conspirator or accomplice. then it's actually charged. >>. >> what about duress? could she claim that i was under duress by my husband not to say anything, to participate? and could she also say i was an unwitting participant? >> that's a great point. you can see the family saying she was beaten up. she's not very smart. he was very controlling of her. it's not going to work. because the court has come down and says unless she was at the scene of the crime, and she's under imminent death, imminent threat of death, imminent threat of serious bodily harm, duress is the only time in these types of catastrophic criminal acts can that actually be a defense to her. >> can she also say, look, this guy was a big talker. she was always talking about
1:45 pm
doing stuff he never did. so when he was talking about doing this stuff and i drove him to case out the place, i never really thought he'd do it. >> that would go to her credibility. they'll ask her different questions as a part of this investigation to see, okay, does that make sense that she didn't believe this? if he's pledged his loyalty to isis and made comments about how he hated gays or other groups, it's unlikely that they would believe that she didn't think he would carry out this horrific crime. >> was it the right move for her to cooperate with investigators? they might view that as in her favor when it comes time to either charging or sentencing upon conviction. >> great point. i think that's what she was thinking. i'm going to cooperate, i'll get leniency. what she should have done is lawyer up, get an agreement ahead of time, say to the prosecutors i will give you every information i have, every document, every text, every e-mail. but i have to tell you, the only way i'll do that is if we have an agreement that you won't prosecute me. and there is no mention of that
1:46 pm
agreement. but those are secretive anyway. >> but for her self-incriminating statements that she made to authorities, they might not have anything. >> a lot of defendants, a lot of possible defendants do that they feel like, oh, my goodness, if i just tell the cops everything now, i won't get in trouble or they'll be lenient. but as a defense attorney, i hate it. i'm like, do not talk. like mercedes says, lawyer up right away. >> were there enough overt acts by her? some overt act to convict her? >> oh, undoubtedly. and i tell you why. she's got to be scapegoated. we don't want anyone out there not to say anything when they know of something. see something, say something. >> good to see you both. >> good to see you, too. chelsea clinton releasing the first picture of her newborn son. the former first daughter tweeting this picture moments ago, along with the caption, at 7:41 a.m. saturday, our family and hearts expanded with aidan's
1:47 pm
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>> the pentagon hoping a conference call with now after russia launched airstrikes this week killing a number of united states-backed rebels in syria. the kremlin insisting it was an accident and the united states failed to update russia on the fighters' location amid new push by dozens of united states diplomats urging president obama to ramp up military pressure against syrian president deshauna barber. -- assad, and now the director of the margaret thatcher senate arrest the heritage foundation. good to see you, sir. russia said they did not have the coordinants but the second wave of strikes was after the united states military called russia on an emergency line. question is, what is russia up to? is russia trying to provoke a direct confrontation? or is this political chest
1:52 pm
pounding by vladimir putin because of his disdain for president obama? >> a culmination of all the factors. the russians are have a grand strategy chess game in syria and across the middle east. certainly, the russians have a goal here of keeping assad in power and limiting united states power in the region. only 30% of russian airstrikes have been targeted against isis so that is 70% of russian strikes targeted against un-backed rebels operating inside syria. the russians are a threat to the assad regime. the shapes have been intervening from their point of view to keep assad in power and to collaborate with the iranians and even supporting iranian-backed terrorist offices such as hezbollah. the russians are playing a major
1:53 pm
game of chess inside syria. they are succeeding at moment in terms of keeping the assad regime in power. that is undermining the efforts of the united states and the allyies to back some of the more moderate rebel groups in syria. all the next question, in the president took the advice of the 51 state department officials and order military action against assad, calling for targeted military strategics in syria, how can the united states effectively fight isis as its core with russia and iran moving? how do necessity necessity -- how do they cut off the head of the snake? >> it is a difficult situation. vladimir putin has outmaneuvered president obama to some extent that is what happens when the obama administration does not have any clear strategy with
1:54 pm
regard to syria. vladimir putin is ruthless operator. he understands there is a lack of projection of american power in the region the he has exploited that. it will be bound to be the next president the united states who has to deal with the current situation but president obama clearly has lost the initiative in syria. that is reflected in the defense memo written by 51 state department officials. clearly there is a deep divide in the obama administration especially inside the state department and growing disillusion with president obama's leadership of the syrian matter. >> and i have a follow-up, but i am running out of the time, and it would be what need tons done. can you come back and take bout that with me? >> i look forward to that. >> thank you. we are wishing a very happy father's day to a bunch of dads
1:55 pm
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1:59 pm
>> our staff is also wishing their dads a happy father's day. here is our producer with her dad, alex, along with her sister and her mom. good-looking family. >> very good looking. >> a writer, gabby, with her father, tommy. >> handsome, as well and our writer cell see works her dad, bill and one of our writers, grayland with her dad, robert. happy father's day to all of them. and i want to say a big thank you and happy father's day to my dad. >> a picture? a picture? >> there it is, me and my father, art, happy father's day, daddy, love you. >> here is a picture of me with my two daughters, grace and olivia. >> a famous backdrop you do not usually find in your backyard. >> a wonderful day throughout for all fathers and all families
2:00 pm
have a great day. happy father's day. >> "media buzz" is up next. >> have a great week, everyone. >> on the buzz beater, donald trump tells me that media hostility is partly to blame for the roughest stretch his campaign with details of my latest interview with the candidate. donald trump is drawing an avalanche of negative coverage after the orlando massacre especially after suggesting that president obama has a hidden motivation on terrorism. >> look, we are led by a man that either is not tough, not smart or he has something else in mind and the something else in mind is people cannot believe it. >> donald trump in his first reaction or tweet was to give himself a pat on bat and then he suggested that the president of the united states is involved in the orlando terrorism. >> the republican party


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