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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 20, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> our wish for you is that you will have some sunshine in your day. you are watching "fox and friends first". i am anna kooiman is nr heather childers. >> good to be with you, anna. >> good morning. thank you for starting your day and week with us. historic night in cleveland. lebron james brings home the title. >> final seconds. it's over, it's over. cleveland is a city of champions once again. the cavaliers are nba champions. >> they have it. the calves coming back from a 3-1 series deficit to beat the golden state warriors in an epic game 7. the city's first championship in some 52 years. kel re, what a night it was. >> what a night indeed, ladies. it's over. it's over. we will talk about it forever. this is an incredible championship series. the final game 7 was the stuff that sports legends are made of,
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and in the end the cleveland cavaliers making history. irving hit a three point shot that put the cleveland cavaliers in the lead. lebron james closes the deal with his tenacious defensive skills. the calves did something no team had never done. down three games they fought their way back and defeated the best team in the nba, the golden state warriors. lebron james said he would -- did what he said he would do. the victory so overwhelming james was struck with emotion as they cried tears of joy while ecstatic fans leaped for joy celebrating the first major sports title for the city since 1964. >> when i came back i knew i had the right ingredients to bring
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this franchise to a place they hadn't been. that's what i was going about. >> that's what he did. the young man for akron ohio played for the cleveland cavaliers again. they broke the spell that kept them from going all of the way. the victory coming on father's day. cel leb bonn james -- lebron james winning most valuable player. >> tragedy strikes hollywood with the sudden death of star trek actor anton yelt son. >> the 27-year-old killed a freak accident at his california home. his body found crushed between his car and a brick mailbox. the car was found with the engine still running. heartfelt responses from some of
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the biggest names in hollywood. jj abrams calling the actor brilliant, kind and gifted. >> mike wallace and his daughter brutally attacked and posting the horrific details on facebook. they knocked him out cold and kicked him in the face. the daughter kicked in the ribs trying to protect their father. the three men are charged with assault. writing a thank you for facebook. i want to thank my family and friends for helping to protect me from a worse beating as i lay unconscious on the ground. the three guys that beat my family were arrested and out of jail before we were out of the hospital. also reporting abby in just hours closing arguments begin for a third police officer charged in freddie gray's death. second degree murder after allegedly giving gray a rough ride in a transport van back in
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2015. he suffer add final sinjury in custo custody. two major verdicts on abortion and immigration could come down in just hours. first the eight justices will decide whether a texas law holding abortion clinics to hire medical standards would get in the way of a woman's legal right to have an abortion. the high court deciding the president went too far blocking the deportation of them in the united states illegally. >> a killer in his own words. transcripts from three 911 calls omar mateen made the night of the nightclub massacre. being released in hours. they are blocking key parts of the calls. we are live in orlando with the latest. a >> what do we know? >> we know he said a number of things that kept swat teams from
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storming pulse for three hours. we are going to hear what some of those things were. the attorney general says the transcripts with the 911 calls had hostage negotiators are included. the transcripts will apparently include some of mateen's statements about american policy that indicates motive. this comes as the chairman of the house home land chairman commission warns internet radicalism is pervasive exactly how mateen's aspirations were missed despite obvious warnings. >> he is on the radar several times saying he had affiliations with al qaeda. terrorist organizations.
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he w attended the same mosque with a suicide bomber. there are flags going up that we are going to take a close look at. >> family of mateen's wife released a statement with abc news saying she doesn't understand cause and effect and she endured years of learning difficulties as a child and teenager. the family of the 49 innocent club goers continue laying their loved ones to rest and any show of support 50,000 people showed up to a vigil near a downtown orlando lake last night. that was more than double what organizers expected. >> peter doocy live for us in orlando. >> donald trump has a controversial new suggestion from combatting domestic terrorism. democrats are taking a different stance force ago gun control. kristin nishfisher is live withe
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on this. >> the senate will have four amendments to prove background checks and making it harder to purchase guns. two are from democrats two from republicans but none are expected to pass. loretta lynch made the rounds to make the obama's administration's case on gun control. >> if you are going to take someone's constitutional right, don't you have to give them due process and prompt due process? >> you have to give them both. the amendment gives those two important tools let's us do that. >> the nra says it fully supports forms to prevent suspected terrorists from buying a gun. they slammed the others by saying the debate on capitol hill is like drying to stop a freight train with a piece of kleen kleenex. >> the fact is we need to face what's coming. they are trying to kill us.
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they are not going to attack hard togers. they are going to protect their targets with guns. they are going to go for shopping malls and churches. we need vigilance and preparedness. we need a full court press on personal protection. >> yesterday donald trump offered a different solution. he suggested the best way to stop terrorism in the u.s. is to start profiling people inside the country. he call it is a common sense tactic one that is necessary in the wake of orlando. as you might imagine that comment is generating a lot of controversy this morning. >> kristin fisher, thank you so much. >> marco rubio only has a couple more days to make it official. sources say he will run for reelection to the florida senate. he said for months he wouldn't try to keep that seat but changed course last week saying the orlando massacre made him consider how to be the best
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serving his country. >> the supreme court justice clarence thomas the conservative justice there. the washing toen examiner is reporting that thomas never planned on playing on the supreme court until he died. he is planning oh stepping down after the november election. the next president says the power in the supreme court could further shift making it 3 conservatives to 4 liberals. did you know that today is the official start to summer? even though it has been so hot. >> it was painfully clear for some out in the southwest temperatures are climbing up to 120 degrees. the dangerous heat leading to the deaths of four mikers in arizo -- hikers in arizona. >> sparking this wildfire in arizona. making it difficult for firefighters battling five fires across four states right now. >> maria molina is tracking the dangerous heat. >> we are expecting the heat to
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continue out there for at least today. eventually things could start to improve as we head into tomorrow across parts of the southwest and west. we are talking triple number heat. the high pressure system remaining dominant through the day today. it will continue to bring the elevated risk for hot temperatures. you are also talking a fire danger because of low humidity in combination with the heat out there. red flag warnings are also in effect. we had risk of forms today from the interior northeast to the midwest. it will include damaging winds and even hail with some of the storms. temperature wise you mention the e heat out here. forecast high temperature 116 degrees expanding eastward across the plains.
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temperatures in the middle 90's as well. high temperature in new york 84. they will be rising. we are expecting them to be in the upper 80's by tomorrow. meteorologist maria molina. thank you so much. >> 115 degrees out west. >> a mother sees her son's head in the mouth of a mountain lion and somehow manages to save him. hear how she did it. >> we need to have a process consistent with the law to protect ongoing investigations. >> democrats force ago vote on gun control presumed to fail. our political panel on deck to weigh in. >> have you bought tickets from ticket master lately? you could be owed a big free bee. you may want to cash in coming up. hey, honey?
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>> obviously, we want to be able to have the tools we need to stop individuals from obtaining a gun that shut not have them. we need to have a process to protect ongoing investigations and protect sensitive matters. this gives the department of justice both of those tools. >> that was loretta lynch speaking ahead of senate vote on new gun control measures in the wake of the orlando terror attack. >> we have our panel this morning. thank you for being with us. we always appreciate it. let's get going on this gun control debate. kathy, i will start with you. i think we all know this is not going anywhere. how much of the democrat's effort to push this forward is simply politics to make republicans look bad when they know it doesn't look so great? >> right.
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this has been a very, very politicized issue since the shooting last week. there is no way around that. even the president has gone with it so much. it's not that there isn't a concern on the part of democrats and republicans. the way they approached it has been very political. we have had a gun control attempt after sandy hook, one after san bernardino now we are going to have another today. what is more significant about today, though, where we are now verses any of the points in the past is the fact that republicans are willing to compromise and they have extended the olive branch with something needs to be done about terror. the democrats refuse to can a knowledge that and shoot that down. >> even donald trump says i think there should be changes when it comes to the no fly list. why has it become so political. >> it shouldn't. there is about national security
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protecting your interest and my interest making sure we can go to bed safe at night. the issue here is they want to make sure suspected and identified terrorists cannot have access to guns. i am bewildered bide the group that think terrorists should have any rights especially constitutional rights that trump aren't national security interests. i am hoping as a speaker said before we are going to have some kiep -- type of compromise because this subjeit shouldn't republican or democrat issue. >> it is sad when it becomes so pal cal so shortly after. >> in politics trump blasting the gop critics who accuse jeb bush of mounting a convention cue of some sort vow to go win the republican party, the general election without many of the leaders in the party. can he do that? if the election were held today
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given how people feel about donald traufrp couump, dcould h today. donald trump is saying where is respect? he feels to dial in aretha franklin. he has won more votes than any other party candidate. he has every right to be the nominee at this point. the challenge is he has principles that are not consistent with the republican port. he hasn't put a traditional campaign strategy in place. it may be fine for the primaries but may not carry for the national. the leadership concern is real. can they find a way to come together and make it happen. it is a little iffy. if they don't mifind a way to happen he could make it a land slide. >> this was my strategy through the primary season, the media
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and fellow republicans told me i wasn't going to end up winning this thing. does he have a point to say i know what i am doing? he has a different election. general election voters which are different than primary voters, they want to know who is he? is what is his policy issue. he will meet with he have gel cals to discuss where he stands. it will be interesting. >> thank you. >> great job. 19 minutes after the hour. the parents of a little boy killed by an alligator are speaking out for the first time. you will hear that. also disney is continuing their damage control putting out brand
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". this coming in overnight. a heartbreaking debut from the parents who lost their little boy to an alligator attack. the family says they are overwhelmed with the support and love we have received but they are asking for privacy while they grieve. disturbing video of a disney employee fighting off an alligator feet from tourists.
2:24 am
agitated gator was lurking in the waters. alligators not an uncommon site near the ride where tourists sometimes feed them. now a temporary fence is now in place around disney world aesz seven seas lagoon where lane gray was scratched by a reptile and dragged under water. there are warning signs at all disney waterfront locations. lane will be laid to rest tomorrow in his home state of nebraska. a colorado mother is summoned by the screams of her 5-year-old son only to find his entire head in the mouth of a mountain lion. she pride the animal's jaws open and fighting it off until her husband came home and rushed them to the hospital. >> green older model lexus just buzzed me going on exit 105. >> that must be the dude with his son who got attacked by a mountain lion.
2:25 am
>> they are expected to make a full recovery. his mother being call add here row this morning. >> to a fox business alert, apple major stand against donald trump in the up coming national convention. >> cheryl casone is here this morning. >> this is apple. we have seen the company start to go get a little political in the past. now the company is saying it will not provide any monetary support or technical support to the gop convention that is coming up in cleveland, ohio. no official comment coming from apple. several reports confirmed this is happening. basically the gop, apple the company is saying because of comments that donald trump has made about women, minorities and i am grants that tim cook according to the reports, tim cook said he couldn't be a part of the gop convention. >> donald trump called for a boycott at one point. >> may be sour grapes.
2:26 am
may need to check our ticket master account. sounds too good to be true. >> if you can remember what e-mail you were using this is a result of a lawsuit. it is a class action. it has been in the court system for years. ticket master is paying up. they are not admitting built. it was over fees all of the extra order processing fees. a lawsuit came up against the company because the attorney said you are over charging your people. the $45 million settlement. go to your account, log in to ticket master. they didn't send anybody e-mails by the way. you will see discount codes and vouchers if you were one of those people affected during the lawsuit time. >> i am going to do that. >> it is my old e-mail account, though. >> finding dorie. animated film record. >> it did 136.2 million over the weekend. that is a record for any animated film.
2:27 am
the disney film got a lot of great reviews. the families jumped up to go see this one. number 2 was a new movie "central intelligence." kevin hart and the rock, duane johnson. 31.5 million. coming up coming up at 5:45 how much did they spend on guns and ammo? i will ask that question. >> cheryl casone, thank you. >> 27 minutes after the hour. donald trump pressure is mounting to find a candidate one month out from the convention. >> this is a strange situation. >> is paul ryan leaving the door open to a republican convention revolt?
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>> good morning. it is monday the 20th of
2:31 am
june 2016. killers call for release. omar mateen's chilly rant to police during the ram tabling public. >> we are not going to further proclaim this individual's pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups and further his propaganda. >> this as a vote on gun control heads to capitol hill. >> is the irs building the money irs spent on guns and ammo over the last 10 years. >> here is one that will make you smile, the cheerio challenge. dads stacking cereal on sleeping babies. it is going fierl. "fox & friends" continues right now. >> good morning. welcome to "fox & friends first". thank you for starting your day and week with us. i am anna kooiman. >> i am heather childers. it is 30 before the top of the hour. transcripts from the 911 call
2:32 am
that terrorist omar mateen made being released in just hours. >> the white house is blocking the key part of the calls. >> peter doocy is live with the latest on this. what are they leaving out? >> the justice department is going to leaf out omar mateen's pledge of allegiance to isis when they release the transcripts thhe made to 911 callers. we expect to learn more about mateen's motive. attorney general loretta lynch said mateen never mentioned how he felt about gay people as he attacked a gay nightclub but mentioned his sons on american policy. this comes as the chairman of the house homeland security committee is promising hearings on warning signs like mateen's facebook post about isis attacks on the way.
2:33 am
congressman michael mccall is also warning americans today that mateen may not be the only person in this country inspired isis. >> the threat is pervasive on the internet. radicalization not only foreign fighters coming back but radical on the internet may be the case here. it is so pervasive. 200,000 isis tweets a day. 1,000 investigations in all 50 states. >> meanwhile the family of omar mateen's wife in a statement to abc news she doesn't understand cause and effect as a result of childhood learning difficulties. last night here in orlando 50,000 mourners turned up for a downtown vigil by lake. the solemn crowd chanting we remember and that vigil came after a long, difficult week of funerals in the area for nearly 49 families. back to you. >> all right peter.
2:34 am
33 minutes after the hour. on to this. donald trump has a controversial new suggestion for combating terrorism. the democrats are taking a different stance forcing vote on gun control. kristin fisher is live with that. >> donald trump is suggesting something similar to what he proposed after the san bernardino terror attack. it is time for the u.s. to consider racial profiling of muslims in the united states. >> we have to look at profiling. i hate the concept of profiling but we have to use common sense. >> ob capitol hill the debate isn't about profiling it is about gun control. two are from republicans two are democrats. none are expected to pass.
2:35 am
attorney general loretta lynch made the rounds on all five sundays to make obama's case for gun control reform. >> constitutional right you have to give them due process and you have to give them prompt due process. >> you have to give them both. >> it gives us those important tools and let's us do that. >> the nra says it fully supports to prevent terrorists or suspected terrorists from buying a gun. the group replaces other democrats from quote trying to stop a freight train with a piece of kleenex. france have gun laws but that didn't top the attack there. do you agree? should the u.s. profile muslims weigh in on the facebook page right after the show #keep talking. today marks the official start of summer. that is painfully clear in the
2:36 am
southwest where temperatures are climbing up to 120 degrees. leading to death of four hikers in arizona. dry conditions sparking this wildfire one of five burning across four states right now. temperatures making it hard for firefighters to gain the upper hand. maria molina is live for us on the plaza with the forecast. the fire is out of control. >> temperatures out there across states like california, arizona, nevada extending up into portions of utah. across the entire greening we have a lark area of high pressure that will rae main in effect today. the other concern aside from the heat is low humidity and gusty winds. that could keep the fire danger high. we have a number of red flag warnings in effect across parts of that region. otherwise acrosses the eastern u.s. the problem out here will be thunderstorms across areas from the northeast into the
2:37 am
midwest. they could be causing the problems in terms of travel out there. heads up from new york state to places like illinois and even into missouri. you have the risk for damaging winds with the storms that develop. a quick look at the high temperatures across the nation. you can see the forecast to be summer like across the southeastern u.s. parts of the plains and southwest. temperatures widespread into the 90's. in new york today you are only forecast to be at 83 degrees. take a look at what happens by tuesday high temperature forecast to be 89. things will be heating up across the northeast as well. >> maria molina thank you so much. paul ryan says he will vote for presumptive nominee donald trump because it is his responsibility to do so. >> this is a very strange situation. this is a unique nominee. but i feel as a responsibility institutionally as speaker of the how is that i should not believe ago chasm in the middle of the party. >> ryan says it would cause more
2:38 am
harm than good if he didn't vote for donald trump. even though the two have policy disagreements. the white house is a roadblock to enacting conservative reforms he believes are best for this country. >> a world leader maybe be lost in translation. vladimir put tin denies ever calling him brilliant. he called the presumptive nominee bright. he made the charge after journalist red one of his quotes about the trump out loud. no one deserves that level of praise. >> in cleveland championship drought is over thanks to lebron james. >> rebound taken. final seconds. it is over. it is over. cleveland is a city of champions once again. the cavaliers are nba champions. >> never done before. the calves coming back from a 3-1 series deficit to beat the
2:39 am
warriors. falling on to court and crying tears of joy. >> the party is getting started. their victory parade is whens. >> unbelievable game. >> golfer dustin johnson in pennsylvania his first major tournament victory. down by four shots at the beginning of the day. >> it came after practice puts. he was given a one-stroke penalty. in the end it didn't matter. he won 5-3. >> good for hip. a lot of come backs over the weekend. >> 20 minutes atop of the hour. a deadly prescription. a child given a dose of medicine
2:40 am
1,000 times its normal amount. >> how does this happen? >> i don't know. it is costing you big bucks. you will never guess how much.
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s >> /* /- ♪ ♪ >> how do you not want to wake up with that beautiful sunrise over new york city. you are watching "fox & friends first". 15 minutes to the top of the hour. the irs spending billions of tax payer dollars on guns and ammo
2:44 am
over the past decades. our sister network cheryl casone with what you need to know. >> a new report says the internal revenue service has spent almost $11 million on guns and ammunition and military style expenses. it wasn't just the irs but other nonlaw enforcement agencies that have also ramped up ammunition buys in the last few years. it could be attributed to agency officials going after sometimes dangerous identity thieves with criminal backgrounds. sometimes they are members of gangs. irs special agents carry m 15's, remington shot guns. the epa department of veterans affairs health and human services and fda and department of agriculture. raising hieyebrows. >> to find fox business network log on to foxbusiness.c
2:45 am >> hundreds of planes sent to iran. it could would be the first agr since the 79. the partnership could eventually benefit iran's military and terror groups like hamas. >> so much for rank and file. military leaders could be plucked off the street the plan aimed at bringing in top talent especially for high-tech steel. it will help the military fill important man power shortfalls, better unify active duty military in the civilian sector. it is part of the force of the future. >> an expensive reminder that bernie sanders is still in the race. his security detail is costing you the taxpayers more than 38,000 dollars a day. though hillary has been declared the presumptive nominee he has the secret service by his side.
2:46 am
they will stick around until he officially drops out of the race or says he doesn't need them any more. >> that doesn't sit so well. >> the time is almost 10 minutes to the top of the hour. flying under the radar, a troubling new study over ry parent needs to hear about kids and concussions. the cheerios challenge. stacks them on their sleeping babies. it is going viral and you are not going to want to miss it. >> what is coming up on "fox & friends." can you do that? >> i have never tried it. i am old to make the cut. i am not pro cheerios but it is great for children. >> let me give you this secret away. we are joined by former new york city mayor and good friend of donald trump rudy giuliani. he will bring us inside the trouble on the rnc and elsewhere. the dhk whistleblower who i see is a the fear of offending
2:47 am
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the lexus gs f sport. because the ultimate expression of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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there you are. thanks for waking up with us on a monday morning. a mother demanding action from a colorado pharmacy after her 8-year-old son died just months after an overdose. her son jake took clondine for three years for adhd. the doctors discovered he was
2:51 am
given 1,000 times the prescribed dosage. he would recover and return to his normal life and then returned to the hospital last month where he died. the pharmacy admitted their mistake but they want the pharmacist fired. a troubling new study shows up to 2 million kids a year could be sustaining concussions and even worse, half a million or more of them go undiagnosed and untreated. researchers gathering data from hospitals and school athletic departments are pushing for an official tracking system which could help determine which sports put the kids at most at risk. an historic comeback for cavaliers fans. >> we have fox news headlines with the story that everyone is talking. i'm pretty sure people are out in the streets still celebrating. >> 52 years of heart break over,
2:52 am
lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers are now the nba champions. >> it's over! it's over! cleveland is a city of champions once again! >> cavs fans are going crazy on social media. at which timing lighting up with incredible fan reaction. >> an emotional night for that guy to say the at least and ohio governor john kasich getting on the excitement. cleveland, home of champions. grats@cavs! >> and we're going goo-goo ga-ga
2:53 am
over babies. >> chelsea clinton gave birth to her second child. 7:41 a.m. saturday, our family and hearts expanded with aidan's arrival. we're blessed. hillary clinton posted this picture. and ivanka trump had her third child back in march and she just shared adorable new footage of her little bundle of joy as well. >> that sweet video is going viral on instagram with over 120,000 views. >> look at that outfit. i love that! >> maybe one day soon they can do the cheerios challenge. >> on political babies. the cheerios challenge is the latest social media challenge and it may be the most adorable one yet. it involves dads stacking cheerios on baby's faces.
2:54 am
patrick quinn, the co-founder of life of dad blog started it. he was on "fox & friends" yesterday and revealed how it all began. >> really, it stemmed from a little bit of bore dom, i was hanging out, holding my newborn son and my older son left some cheerees on the couch next to me. i popped one on my son's nose and went from one to two and went from there. >> cheerios even tweeted about it and said we're into it. let the challenge begin. >> he said there must be a string on some of them because the stacks are way too tall. >> or they are glued together. almost five minutes until the top of the hour, the prisoner now known as the snake man after seeing this video. it's not too hard to guess why. how far one convicted criminal went to investigate jail. good grief. the unbelievable amount of
2:55 am
letters these girls collected for troops overseas. ♪ ♪
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go to and never go to the post office again. he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some... he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. look at that pie chart! boom! you've never seen a number like that! you feel me lois? i'm feeling you. yeah you do! let's do this! watch out he just had a whole thimble full of coffee... woot! woot! the ready for you alert, only at la... quinta! yeah! before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. transcripts from the 911 calls omar mateen made during the orlando massacre. the whies has -- white house has
2:59 am
removed parts of the transcripts referring to allegiance to isis. and two measures of gun contr control, but none are expected to pass. and, friends, it's time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a patriotic world record shattered. the daughters of the american revolution collecting more than 100,000 letters to send to our troops overseas. next the bad, this russian president now known as snake man after he escaped through a tiny hatch on his cell door. he stripped down to accomplish his mission there. when he got out, he put his clothes back on and walked right out. and a calm and collected home owner chases a very bashful
3:00 am
bear out of his dumpster. >> hey bear, bear, get out of here. >> hey, bear, scat. it climbs out and runs away into the colorado wilderness. >> that is not a small bear. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ good morning to you and your family. we hope you had a great weekend and fathers day. it is june 20th. it's the first day of summer. i'm ainsley earhardt. attorney general loretta lynch making her case to america, the orlando attackers allegiance to isis will not be released when the 911 call transcript comes out today. >> what we're not going to do is further proclaim this individual's pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups and further his propaganda. >> wait until you hear why not. >> i think i've heard enough. meanwhile as the white house


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