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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 20, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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home owner chases a very bashful bear out of his dumpster. >> hey bear, bear, get out of here. >> hey, bear, scat. it climbs out and runs away into the colorado wilderness. >> that is not a small bear. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ good morning to you and your family. we hope you had a great weekend and fathers day. it is june 20th. it's the first day of summer. i'm ainsley earhardt. attorney general loretta lynch making her case to america, the orlando attackers allegiance to isis will not be released when the 911 call transcript comes out today. >> what we're not going to do is further proclaim this individual's pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups and further his propaganda. >> wait until you hear why not. >> i think i've heard enough. meanwhile as the white house
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removes the radical references, donald trump has a different idea about how to prevent terror. >> we really have to look at profiling. we have to look at it seriously and other countries do it and it's not the worst thing to do. >> profiling? would that work here? we're going to talk about it coming up. and it turns out grown men really do cry. really tough request men too. lebron james letting it all after the cavs historic comeback that ends a 52-year drought and now the new title land which we call cleveland. congratulations to them and the nba with 1:00 left, tied at 89, game seven. you can't ask for something better than that. i'll give you something better than that. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ hi, everybody. welcome to the show. it is as ainsley said, the first day of summer and, of course, yesterday, father's day. >> yeah. it was a time for kids to give their parents cash for a change
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and let's first stop, doocy land. >> that's right. we're out at the lake and as you can see my daughter mary came up from washington along with sally. we went to one of the first of three buffets yesterday. we started with a golf lesson. we started with an ice cream cake from dairy queen. >> ice cream cake, what flavor? >> chocolate and vanilla and on the inside there's an oreo. >> you are looking at my father's day. this is the first year we actually had a pool. that's caitlyn's idea. there's my wife dawn and sister-in-law karen and those are my two dogs exhausted because they are getting so much attention. >> and this is moving through,
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that's brian,s that's my nephew jack. >> brian in your zoo shirt. >> and my brother jim and my nephew oren. >> i roasted and i grilled. i still have that smell on me. >> he said he was having a party. our invitation got lost in the mail. you were getting the pool ready? >> we went double, my brother's surprise party, he turned 50. >> and you watched the nba finals and the u.s. open. >> first things first, you have a question, ask ainsley. >> mothers day was a while back, but i'm sure at your house you probably celebrated fathers day. >> it was fun. there is my husband will. >> we'll make a contest to see whose head is bigger. >> she has a very large head. she does. we keep getting it measured every time we good to the doctors office. >> perfectly proportioned.
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>> she has an ivy league brain. >> there you go. i love that picture. it's a great selfie. >> we would love to see some of your pictures. send them our way. you could email them or facebook us or tweet us. we're talking about orlando. we know 18 people are still struggling for survival in the hospital. we know this, today is the going to be the day and tomorrow orlando is going to be visited by the attorney general but today is the day we're going to get excerpts from some of the calls, all three calls from the terrorist inside that club the night of the attack. >> before we talk about that, we're talking about gun laws and gun rules and the senate is going to take a vote on several new gun laws today. >> there are -- two are suggested by democrats, two are going to be suggested by republicans. but with election year politics and the nra, the prospects are
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dim that any of them will actually pass. >> you need 60 votes. >> and here's the thing, on the republican side, what they worry about is you wind up with no due process. it's one thing to say we don't want guns in the hands of people who shouldn't have them but if urbaned by the government, you should have your due process. what's curious is senator murphy was on one of the chat shows yesterday and he was talking about his proposal to end the gun show loophole and the interviewer said, wait a minute, that would not have stopped what happened in orlando nor in newtown nor in san bernardino why are you pushing something that would not have made a difference? >> a lot of people are saying at least it's a step in the right direction. let us know what you think. i know two republicans came up with some of these bills and two democrats are sponsoring these bills as well. >> everybody can agree that nobody wants terrorists to get guns.
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somehow if you are investigating a guy, i don't think they should be walking in and buying the smallest or biggest gun. even the nra was saying, hey, listen we don't want this guy to get a gun. we don't want him to be able to get it. we want communication to go through that allows that gun -- that gun shop owner to stop. >> the nra is saying we don't want terrorists to get guns, period. i think everyone would agree with that. on that topic, he walk into that nightclub last sunday and he walked in saying that he's tired of what america is doing to his country, bombing his country, and loretta lynch was on all the sunday shows yesterday talking about this. >> as it turns out, the government apparently thinks we cannot handle the truth because they are going to censor what omar mateen said in orlando and remove all references to radical islam. >> it's unbelievable they feel as though we have to hear what went on inside that club but they feel as though we're going to be furthering his message by
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hearing what exactly he said which was pledging allegiance to isis and al baghdadi allegedly. they are going to edit that out. perhaps, because they don't want that to be the main story, they want guns to be the main story when we all know when it comes to san bernardino and this attack in particular, major hassan in ft. hood. >> let's listen. >> what we're announcing tomorrow is that the fbi is releasing a partial transcript of the killer's call with law enforcement from inside the club. >> including the hostage negotiation part of this? >> yes. it will be primarily a partial transcript of his calls with the hostage negotiators. >> you say partial. what's being left out? >> what we're not going to do is further proclaim this individual's further allegiance to terrorist groups. we're going to avoid
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revictimizing those who went through the horror. it will contain the substance of his conversations. >> here's the thing about it, if you are going to release the transcripts so we can see what this man said to the police officers from these three calls, release the transcript. they are censoring it and in effect they are removing the motive. >> the reason he did this. >> right, exactly. we want to know why did he it. if he's going to pledge his allegiance to the guy who runs isis or rail about anything, we're grown-ups. >> we've been through it a lot longer and much more mature than they give us credit for. unless you have an agenda that this would push forward. >> they do have an agenda and the president of the united states made it clear last tuesday, they want me to use radical islam. i'm not gonna, that's a political talking point. >> if you disagree with him, you have to be a lunatic.
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>> donald trump says he's looking what's going on in the country. i think we have to start profiling to a degree. he hates to do it but we have to. listen. >> i think profiling is something we're going to have to start thinking about as a country. other countries do it. you look at israel and others and they do it, they do it successfully, i hate the concept of profiling but we have to start using common sense and we have to use, you know, we have to use our heads. >> so maybe that's a trial balloon, get people talking about that. you know, he has famously talked about a temporary ban on muslims from hot spots coming into the country. what about profiling? what do you think? email us at "fox & friends" if you are waiting on people inside mosques to say there's a crazy guy sitting here in the third row, we're going to call the cops. don't hold your breath. it's not happening. somebody knew mateen was a crazy guy and they didn't say
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anything. >> guns don't kill people and it's the person behind the trigger and this individual was pledging allegiance to isis, saying that he wanted america to stop bombing his country. let us know what you think. do you think it's the guns that are the problem or the people behind the gun? >> heather nauert has more news to tell us. fans and hollywood mourning today after the sudden death of star track actor anton yelchin. just 27 years old. he was killed by a freak accident at his home in california. his body was found crushed between his jeep grand cherokee and a brick mailbox. the car was in neutral and the was engine was running. questions were raised after
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there were recalls. nascar driver mike wallace and his daughter brutally attacked. he said three drunk men kicked him in the face repeatedly. his adult daughter also kicked in the ribs. the three men arrested in charlotte and now charged with assault. dustin johnson celebrating the biggest win of his career, hes first major tournament victory. his ball moved very slightly on the green. that's against the rules. he ended upping by three strokes after sinking the winning putt on fathers day. he hugged his son and hugged his fiancee, who is wayne congress -- gretzky's daughter.
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while that was closing out, game seven of the nba finals. tied with a minute left to go. lebron james on the road was able to win game seven leading his cavaliers over the defending champion warriors. watch this lay-up and watch lebron james block this shot at the end. it wasn't even his man that he covered. that's why they call him the king. kyle irving would hit the winning shot. >> everyone this morning was talking about lebron james crying, brian. >> yeah, he was. talk about that. they couldn't believe it. he promised a win and a very emotional lebron james right there. >> i was happy for him.
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our house was divided. we had a friend over and he was pulling for cleveland and my husband was pulling for golden state but i could have made the case for both because i like a lot of the players on both. i like the fact that he went to cleveland and he promised cleveland that he was going to win. it's been 52 years since any team in cleveland has won a championship. congratulations. >> congratulations. >> we'll be in cleveland in a few weeks so hopefully he will get on that. >> i'm going friday. >> you are? >> i'm going friday. >> starting the convention early. why are you going? >> i'm shooting a story for the convention week. >> good. they will all be talking about this. >> i'm going to bring everybody a t-shirt. >> good. straight ahead on this monday. liberal celebrities crying for gun control like susan sarindon, tweeting prayers are not enough. time for a ban on automatic weapons. do democrats really know what they are talking about? and could the u.s. supreme court make a liberal shift to the left? the brand-new threat to the
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sarandon. >> she wrote prayers are not enough. time for a ban on automatic weapons and there is only one reason they exist and that is to kill our fellow man. here to react to that is larry king. thanks for being with us. what's your reaction to that? these politicians, many politicians, i should say, and many celebrities are totally misinformed. >> you are completely right. they are totally misinformed. they are ignorant and they don't know what they are talking about. rifles base onned ar 15 platform are semiautomatic rifles they have been on civilian possession for over 100 years. it is not an automatic weapon. there's no such thing an assault weapon. it's a political term. >> they have been effective because you turn on the mainstream media and they are talking about assault rifles and stuff like that. when you say machine guns are automatic weapons.
3:19 am
>> correct. >> they have been banned since 1930. >> since 1934. they have been heavily regulated. >> what is the difference for the audience that is watching that doesn't know the difference between a semiautomatic and an automatic? >> a smook fires one biological -- a semiautomatic fires one bullet with each bull of the trigger. automatic weapon or machine gun fires as many rounds as are in the magazine with one press of the trigger. you hold the trigger and it keeps firing until it runs out of ammunition. >> assault weapon is a pejorative political term. vox, the block website put up some images of, you know, the ar-15, and people the internet because they said wait the average person can't get a grenade launcher for that. >> right. it's a semiautomatic rifle. it functions no different than
3:20 am
any other smook rifle. it is not an assault weapon. that is a political term by the gun control community expressly for the purpose trying to ban semiautomatic rifles. if we make people to think they are machine guns, they will be easier to ban. >> ar is the company. not assault rifle? >> ar stands for armor light rifle. modern sporting rifles are the most popular rifles being sold in the united states today. there are 12 million of them. just since 1990. they have been able in the commercial market since the 1960s. >> larry king, thank you very much for giving us some answers. >> thanks for having the opportunity to explain the facts to the public. >> straight ahead. mother finds her screaming five-year-old son in the mouth of a wild mountain lion in her
3:21 am
own front yard. how she manage to save him? >> we know the orlando terrorist pledged allegiance for isis. who do we blame for the attack? not radical islam. >> i think i have to put it more on the republicans. >> 100% the republicans. >> guns, republicans, islam. with's range of properties, rebel and key can wing it all the way to jordan and chelsea's wedding. rumble! road trip. there she is. uh oh, oh, oh, oh, what?
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thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. >> question for you. what's to blame for the orlando terror attack? according to the people in brooklyn, don't blame radical islam. >> do you think islam played a role in those attacks? >> no, not at all. >> i don't think it had much to do with islam to be honest. >> okay. >> i think it was another situation of a lonely deranged
3:25 am
male. >> is it unfair to say islam played a role? >> yeah, really. >> i don't think it was fair that islam played a role. >> i don't think it was an islamic crime. >> it had nothing to did with islam. great. those answers despite the fact that the alleged attacker -- do we say alleged still -- pledged allegiance to isis and al baghdadi. let's talk to al. you went to brooklyn. when did you go? >> a few days ago. >> and how many people did you talk to? >> i would say i talked to 20 peopleover all. >> that's pretty much the reaction you got? >> across the board. it was 18 out of 20 people answered exactly that way. >> even though he pledged allegiance to isis, we've seen this written. al baeg -- baghdadi says he's the man and there's a link to the suicide bomber from the same area and the mosque. >> on the left, there's this
3:26 am
bizarre need for cultural relativity to say one culture isn't superior to another. if you are bog to besmirch them, that he pledged allegiance to religion and they are not interested in doing that. >> let's to find out who is to blame for the attack. let's see what else they said. >> republicans or islam, who would you blame more? >> i think i have to put it more on the republicans than islam. >> 100% the republicans. >> guns, republicans, islam. >> guns way more than islam. way more. >> if you are going to blame islam, you got to blame all the religions. >> buddhists? >> yes. >> really. those radical yoga people. >> i don't think homophobia and islam -- islam is like a very
3:27 am
peaceful religion, very peaceful people. >> unbelievable. wouldn't you say that? >> i say that we make a mistake when we say these are fringe leftists who take this position because let's not forget that our attorney general loretta lynch was on cnn, fox news and nbc, what does she say, she refused, just like they did, she refused to say that radical islam was the motivation behind this. she talked about home foe phobia, anti salsa dancing. the paper of record, who do they blame, they blame the republicans, "the new york times." >> there should have been a laugh track if it wasn't so brutally sad. she's going to be releasing transcripts of the interaction of the three calls the killer made with cops. they are going to edit out all
3:28 am
the references to isis and al baghdadi. >> they are trying to twist the reality what it is. >> ami horowitz, thank you very much. 27 minutes after the hour. tech giant apple reportedly pulling all funding from the republican national convention because that company that does business with china and saudi arabia doesn't like donald trump. that story next. and a huge public university no longer requires students to take math classes. wait till you hear what they are replacing it with. and lionel richie turns 67 today. we'll play one of his songs. ♪ ♪ i laugh, i sneeze...
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♪ ♪ >> i found myself hanging out down here. ♪ little did i know this would be my perfect year ♪ ♪ everything was going and is going better than it ever could ♪ ♪ better than i thought it would ♪ >> amazing. that's your shot of the morning. country music superstar craig morgan serenading me on stage friday. he writes the songs. he's so good at it and it takes a very tal end person to do that. >> absolutely. he said well because ainsley asked him what's it's like to write a song? you just talk about things that you know personally and he asked a couple of questions of ainsley and kicked out this song. he is going to in two hours you'll actually hear his impromptu "fox & friends" jingle we'll be using the rest of our
3:33 am
lives. >> who else is on stage? >> that's his son wyatt. >> this is the after the show, when you went to do radio, he told me tell me about your last year. i told him i got this show and i had a baby. >> i'm pretty sure there's going to be some royalties. >> gosh, he looks a little submiten by you, ainsley. >> oh, no. >> steve, brian, who? good morning to all of you. had a great weekend. first off out of colorado, a hero mom prying a mountain lion's jaws off of her five-year-old. the mom heard her son's screams and she found her son's head inside the mountain lion's mouth. she pride the animals jaws open.
3:34 am
>> the green older model lexus just buzzed me going like i would say 105. >> all right. that must be the dude with his son who got attacked by the mountain lion. that little boy was playing with his brother when he was attacked. he's expected to make a full recovery. we're grateful for that. is conservative supreme court justice clarence thomas about to retire from the supreme court? the washington examiner said that thomas never planned to stay on the supreme court until his death but he's expected to step down after the election. with the n president expected to appoint a replacement for judge scalia. we're working on that story on our own. we'll bring that to you. not good at math. wayne state university is the college for you. one of the largest public universities in the state of michigan dumping math as a requirement and guess what they
3:35 am
replaced it with? diversity curriculum! what do you think about that? and a world record in patriotism, the daughters of the american revolution collecting more than 100,000 letters to send to our troops overseas. their original goal was only 10,000 but the letters kept coming in from folks around the united states. they plan on sending them out on wednesday or thursday. love to bring that story to you. >> those are your headlines. let's head outside to maria more -- molina. >> the big story is the heat across the southwestern u.s. we're talking up to 123 degrees in places like palm springs, other areas like arizona and nevada also forecasted to be very hot, well into triple digits and well above average. phoenix, that heat is forecast to continue until the end of the
3:36 am
workweek. because of this heat, we have excessive heat warnings in effect and keep in mind that that will also keep the fire danger high. temperatures also climbing across nebraska and across parts of texas. it's going to stay hot out there. northeast, parts of the midwest today, we have the risk for possible severe weather, including the risk for damaging winds. back inside. >> thank you very much. >> the latest trend is couture and it is called duct tape. it's being used to make everything from handbags and necklaces, and hats. >> in her new book, "duct tape bags" the author is here to show us how you can turn a kol -- colorful roll of duct tape into a beautiful beach bag.
3:37 am
>> first, you get a long strip, about 18 inches long. >> how many different colors do they make? >> a lot. i believe duct brand, they constantly rotate the colors. >> because of you, you've written four books about making things with duct tape. >> because of the popularity of duct tape. these are day-glow colors. they come in glitter. they come in glow-in the-dark, all different patterns. >> what are you doing now? >> what we're going to do. we're going to take the trip, lay it so the sticky side is up. what we're going to do is make it double sided. what you are going to do is make a faux weave. >> she was working on one earlier. >> you would lay the strips
3:38 am
vertically and lay strips on top horiz horizontally. >> and it actually works. >> it holds a lot. >> when did you start doing stuff like this? >> i started doing stuff like this when my kids were really little and i needed crafts with them to keep them occupied as we went from paper crafts to playing around with boxes, we found duct tape and we started wrapping things with duct tape. >> because your husband was complaining because you were buying too many bags, right? >> he was not happy with my bag obsession, and honestly when i make my own bags, i can make it to match the outfit that i'm wearing. >> look at what she's made. >> this one is amazing. look how cute that is. that looks like something that would cost you several hundred
3:39 am
dollars. how much is a roll of duct tape? >> $5. >> and you could make with one roll of duct tape, you would make one bag. one big bag. >> her new book is called "duct tape bags" thank you very much. that is so cool. >> coming up on this monday, apple pulling the plug on funding from the republican national convention because they don't like donald trump. if you own an iphone, how does that make you feel? >> and you go on vacation to leave your troubles behind, right? did you know taking a trip can fix those troubles as well? where to go to fix a rocky relationship? straight ahead. olay luminous
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it was one of the most action-packed episodes of "game of thrones" ever. hbo streaming service crashes right before it started. the problem was fixed after the episode was over. go figure. and it was the laughter heard around the world. [ laughter ] >> the chewbacca mom is being i am -- immortalized with her own action figure. >> brian, thank you. apple taking a bite out of donald trump. dropping their support for the republican convention because of the presumptive nominee. why, apparently? it's in protest to some of trump's comments in the past but
3:44 am
should the company be getting political? let's talk to wayne alan root. he's the author "the power of relentless." he's also a trump supporter. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing okay. >> apple does not like donald trump. they have had a brilliant business model. they have got gizmos we all love but as it turns out they don't like the republican nominee. very big mistake. tragic. i think tim cook will regret this decision, the ceo of apple. i'm very political but i don't mix it with my business. i don't tell my customers how they should vote. i don't tell the democratic party what they should believe in. if i did that, i will be out of business really quick. apple has a big problem now, there are 60 million odd republican voters. if every one of us pulls our support of apple products or sells our apple stock, i think
3:45 am
the board will very quickly to make a decision to fire tim cook. disastrous mistake and i would call for a boycott. every republican in america should boycott apple products and pull their support of apple stock until this decision is made to fire tim cook. what a terrible, terrible, prejudiced biased mistake by the ceo of apple computers. >> while we love the design and everything else whether it's an ipod or ipad or whatever, it's made in china. isn't this really the kind of company that donald trump has been talking about they ship the jobs overseas where things are cheaper? >> that's exactly what i was thinking. he's bringing attention to the practices of silicon valley which i think in many ways are bad business practices but again i'm very libertarian oriented. free market oriented. you have the right to do what
3:46 am
you want as a company. i'm somebody who supports donald trump and i believe in america first. i believe companies like apple are shipping jobs overseas where they pay people subhuman wages, but on top of that the workers in the united states are very often brought in on hv 1 visas and they are replacing smart americans that graduated from great american universities. apple offended me in various ways. i have an apple desktop, an apple laptop. i have four kids and i've got multiple businesses. they all use apple products. i don't know if tim gets it, you just offended people like me, never republican in america, i no longer want to buy apple products. if they don't make a decision, a change in direction very quickly, as this week, they have lost me as a customer forever. >> it's interesting. i know you told a producer who talk to you yesterday when hillary said last year businesses don't create jobs,
3:47 am
government does, did i ask apple to boycott the dem convention? and there are a number of companies that are pulling their sponsorship from the rnc. there's apple, ford motor company, hue let packard, u.p.s., motorola, walgreen's, wells fargo. what does that say to the average republican or conservative or somebody who leans to the right about those companies? >> look, i have a new book coming out in september, it's called "angry white male" i think it sums up how a lot of us feel. you can be prejudiced against one group in america. white males. nobody ever pulls out of anything if you say something nice to nas -- nasty to a business owner, or a white male. i'm angry at barack obama that he won't say the words islamic
3:48 am
extremist or sclawk terrorist in the same sentence. why don't they pull out of the democratic convention because americans and westerners are being killed all over the world and barack obama is extremely sympathetic to the muslim cause or religion, that offends me but i've never asked any business i do business with to get involved with politics. this is a very big mistake. you've offended millions of people like me whether you want to call me an angry white male or you want to call me a republican, a conservative, a capitalist or a constitutionalist. what about my rights? my views? does anybody care? because i spend a lot of money in america. i think you better start caring. >> there you go. wayne alan root who just called for a boycott of apple until they change their decision. we reached out to apple for comment but they did not respond. wayne, thank you for joining us from las vegas. we look forward to your new
3:49 am
book. >> thanks, steve. i'm not surprised they didn't respond. >> me neither, ul -- actually. >> democrats put their push for gun control in overdrive, ahead of a vote to ban more guns today but the nra not going down without a fight. >> let me say something to every political hack pretending you know the difference. stop talking. >> will they take that former navy s.e.a.l.s advice. he's on the program. you go on vacation to leave your trouble behind. did you know taking a trip can take care of those troubles too? where to go to mend a rocky relationship at home and she's next. >> the assault weapon ban controversy after the horrific orlando attack, is it time for
3:50 am
veterans to speak now about gun safety. we have asked servicemen to take aim at both sides of the issue. join me, gretchen karlson, we're debating the ban on the real story at 2:00. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing
3:51 am
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3:53 am
it is summer and we're getting into the heart of vacation season. did you know that a get away can totally change your relationship. today we're kicking off our week long very case series. we may take a issue that you may be facing and it's a perfect fit for you and your partner. jo what are we talking about today?
3:54 am
>> we're going to talk about vacation and reslapgs. the first question is have you been to europe yet as a o couple and experienced it together? if you haven't, it's definitely a recommendation. the reason being is that europe is known to cultivate romance, scenery. >> even if you don't get along, you're going to come home -- >> yeah and my recommendation is canning a european river cruise. >> so this is if you have not experienced it yet. >> yeah, you get to do the cities, towns and cultures and by the river. that's unique and romantic. >> which ones will you see? >> well the two that i like are
3:55 am
are rome and italy. then there's one known as the majestic and that goes from paris down to borromd bordo. >> you're selling this very well. >> now, what if you have been to europe? >> i would like at the tropical skragss from mexico, bahama's and japan that. the thing about all inclusive is that you get to spend time ton relationship. all of the hard who recollect is taking out. >> what do you need to look for in an all inclusive or not to look for? >> if you don't know what we're looking for i recommend down chill travel sites
3:56 am
they have a search and save. >> some inclusives you go and restaurant onen they say site but you have to book now because they fill up fast. that happened to us and all of the restaurants were gone and then i went to another all inclusive and then it was amazing. how do you know what is good or not? >> well, you can go on and pick and choose the things that you're interested in with the kids, water sports. when you get there, it's all set up and ready for you. >> thank you. see you tomorrow for self-esteem. >> thank you. attorney general lynch about to release the 911 call made by the orlando terrorists.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning. it's 7:00 here on the east coast and it's june 20th, first day of sum is er. the leader to isis will not be released when the 911 transcript call is going to be released today. >> we're not going to further proclaim the pledge of allegiance and prop gan adah. >> wait until you hear why not. we're live in washington with that story. did the kwhiet house remove the radical references. donald trump has a different way to prevent terrorism.
4:01 am
>> we have to look at profiling and other countries do it, and it's not the worst thing to do. >> will profiling work in the united states. vince takes a huge swing at socialism. >> you talk about giving everybody something free and all of a sudden there's no food to eat. who do you think the richest daughter in venezuela? the daughter. >> letting it all hang out o. that's not all. we will continue to talk about it because your mornings are all together when you're with friends. ♪ ♪ ♪ okay. so look at that. it's 5 feet long. grill masters to mange 750
4:02 am
breasts at a time and the 6,000 pound lid on the grill from an eight foot handle is opened by a hydraulic system. they have food that they're cook up for us. >> we all get behind that grill and take it down to the university of south carolina for tailgates this time of the year. >> sure. >> everybody there it would be such a hit if we drove up to the university with that. >> we would have a lot of grilling to do. >> when boy meets grill. they're in front of the building, and we will go out there in a while. >> can't wait. we have a lot of news to talk about. a killer in his own words. transcripts and terrorists omar mateen made a week asking will be released in a few hours. >> the white house is blocking key parts of the transcripts for
4:03 am
coming out. >> details on that. >> reporter: good morning. the parts of the transcripts include the terrorists comments on american policy, but they will not include the thoughts on gay people because he did not say anything about that. they will not include the pledge of allegiance to isis because the administration is redacting it. >> we're not going to hear him make the allegiance on that. this will not be aud yes but a printed transcript. it will be the back and forth between him and the negotiators. we want to get as much information out about this as soon as possible. >> reporter: we know it was hours that he had leaning and the transcripts are going to leave references to thei islami state out. they do not want to victimize people of the attack.
4:04 am
they 3r07promise that there's t substance and there's the motivation and the partial transcript provides the details that we have not heard about what omar mateen said about sending a s.w.a.t. team into the night club for three hours. attorney general lynch is supposed to have a press conference and it's going to be the first update that we have gotten from the feds in a while and the last q&a in orlando was on wednesday. back to you. >> okay. seen live outside of downtown or lan doech orlando. thank you peter. >> they do not want the bad guys to be able to use this as propaganda. the curious thing is when you think about it apparently they
4:05 am
don't think that we can actually handle hearing the motive on why the guy killed the people. it seems that it is what the government is doing by centering the positively desk. >> and that's exactly what's been brought up. if you think about it and 9/11 do we victimize people and talking about 9/11 and the attack. what about ft. hood? we did prevent that. >> i like what you said at the top of the show at 6:00. you said that we're all adults. just release the transcripts. >> yeah. >> we're all adults and can read them and make our own judgment. >> it's a remort. you decide. >> well, the senate is voting now on several new laws or voting today and trying to control gun laws. look at the things that they're looking at. denying gun sales due to reasonable suspension. if you're suspicious of someone, the government is going to
4:06 am
decide. nationwide 72 hour waiting period and i actually like this one. the fbi can call the gun shop and say don't sell it. the next one is is required background check approximafor p sells. they can viinvestigate. >> yeah like the part of -- that was senator murphy's suggestions on expanding to close the gun hole loophole. here is the thing. closing it would not have prevented what happened in orlando or sandy hook or san bernardino. they did not buy them at a gun show. this guy went through the background check and he passed up in newton. adam stole the gun. how do are you control that. >> you have to be responsible and you have to factor that in. there are gun checks at gun
4:07 am
shows. the fbi cleared him. maybe there's something if you have been investigated three times and maybe stay on the list for five years. you have to say sorry buddy. there's a tag on here and we have to wait for them to clear you. you don't get the gun until you're cleared. >> some people wind up on the terror watch list because they make a joke. there's a due process and that's what the nra says. >> a lot of these celebrities and lawmakers do not understand because they have never owned the guns and fired the guns. you should really ask the experts about this before making judgments. i will be the first to tell you about that. i don't know much about guns. >> don is a navy seal and nra guy and say s this. >> we need to get the weapons of war off the streets.
4:08 am
>> stop making it easy as possible to buy asalt rifle. >> stop talking. every word not only exposes the ignorance but the americans trying to survive in an age of terror you won't fully recognize. >> so why are they focus canning on all of the enjergy. >> they don't want to talk about terrorists. >> and lynch does not want to talk about islamic terrorists. the guy that runs nra and says the thing about the terrorists is that they don't follow the laws. >> looking right in the face of what the people are that we're facing. they don't care about the laws. laws did not stop them in boston and san bernardino when there
4:09 am
was every gun control that you had. it did not stop them in paris where people could not own the guns. they had i cd's and these bad guys do not say they pasted a law. i don't think that they can do it. it's like what we're doing on the debate is like trying to stop a freight train and a meese of kleenex. >> that's a unifying moment and that's how you're pro-american and it's not who was in the clurks but it's been used for the white house as a divisive moment. you're antegun and everything but antiamerican and this guy was. i know that there's a long line and those called antiextremist. >> donald trump says that it's not about the gun but the mentality and what they're thought. it's radical islam. he say that is they do need to
4:10 am
profile. listen to this. >> i think that this is something that we're going to talk to think about and other countries do it. you look at others and they do it. they do it successfully. i hate the con concept of the profiling. >> i do think that we have to do whatever it takes to stop the terrorist zwls whatever it takes. carol writes and says anyone can be a terrorists. profiling is a start. >> just so you know the germans have been changing the way that they handle terrorists since 9/11. they conduct mass identity checks on numerous occasions and 25 to 30 mosques. france is in a state of
4:11 am
emergency. they admit that had they have been taattacked so they're goin in the area to see who the bad people are. >> donald trump made the comments after what p happened in orlando and said something to the affect that some of the people in the club would have had guns and 20 minutes ago he put out a tweet. when i said that you if you had some people with guns i was obviously talk aing about additional guards and employees. >> people are worried about protesting the terrorists. what about protesting our people. if my child was in there i would say protect my child. >> one guy did have a gun and there was a off duty cop in full uniform. we don't know when he was over powered. i'm not sure, and that's up in
4:12 am
the air. >> it's 7:11 now in new york city and heather starts with a traffic store reerie oy out of yes, sudden death of "star trek" accident. the 27-year-old was killed in his home in california over the weekend. the car was in the neutral position and the engine still running. thousands of jeeps were recalled and there was no alert to tell them that it was in neutral and no word if his was one of those affected by the recall. we will keep on watching it. mike wallace and his daughter brutally attacked after
4:13 am
a rascal flats concerts. his 28-year-old daughter kicked in the ribs as she tried to protect her dad. the three men were arrest and now charged with assault. the championship drought is over thanks to lebron. >> it's over. it's over! cleveland is a city of champions once again. the cavaliers are nba champions. >> the cavs coming backwarriors. lebron falling to the court and then raising the first trophy in 52 years. thousands of fans celebrated the big win and all night long getting started. the cavs are going to return home and the victory parade is on wednesday. those are the headlines. >> cleveland rocks.
4:14 am
okay. thank you very much. our attorney general is redacting the 911 call. former un spokesperson is here with a warning for her. you dobts care if sanders is still running, but you may if you hear this. it's costing you money, and a lot of it. fa specially made for fast relief that goes to work in minutes. the only advil with a rapid release formula for rapid relief of tough pain. look for advil film-coated in the white box! relief doesn't get any faster than this. advil.
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4:18 am
today attorney general lynch making her plea to america why the white house won't release some parts of the orlando 911 calls. what's being left out? when he pledges allegiance to isis and the leader were. rick, what's the problem with that? save america from the trauma? >> well, i they it has policy implications. we have 51 diplomats that are confused and they do not understand it. the reason why is that we're not naming the enemy. this has policy implications and budget everyone la cases. who is the enmir?
4:19 am
the fact is bryan that radical islamists are hiding money in islamic charities. we need to know that this is religiously based. they have to know how to go after the funding and finding. the fact that lynch is redacting the enmir and the specific enemy that's being called out here is really a pr move. you only redact -- >> was that the same in 9/11? >> yeah. >> how does she not understand a terror attack 15 years later. >> letting us know who the terrorists is fighting for is important. you only redact information when it reveals sources and methods. our intelligence gathering techniques that we don't want out there. we have the same problems in the hillary e-mails. they're redacting for pr purposes. >> you also say that your information tells you that the
4:20 am
lgbp are arming themselves like never before. >> yeah, we know that woman are targeted, gays and lease becanadians are targeted and they want to fight back. they're getting trained with guns and realizing that they can not sit around and wait. we have terrorists that can walk into any club across the united states is a target. that's the reality. what are we going to do sit around and wait for were the police to come four hours later? no, you want to have individuals that are armed and trained and ready to respond. >> we know that gays and lethey targeted. >> we're losing the secrete on drugs is that because there's nothing to fight the disease.
4:21 am
we do not have enough addiction counselors and this years republican convention is unlike any other, and it all starts with his wife. ♪ ♪ ♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise... jardiance works around the clock... to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. this can help you lower blood sugar and a1c. and although it's not for weight loss or lowering systolic blood pressure, jardiance could help with both. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing.
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4:25 am
. time for the news by the numb numbe numbers. $38,000 is how much you're shelling out each day for the bernie sanders security detail as long as he stay in the presidential race. the world aes fastest computer and it's the first time that they have done so using chinese design processors. that's how many letters they collected for troops over seas. the original goal was just 10,000. they're setting a world record. >> thank you. the numbers are staggering and overdose deaths rose 16 percent from 2013 to 2014. that's prompted a shortage of mental and behavior counselors and that's why hundreds of them met with lawmakers and pushing them to pass legislation to
4:26 am
address the shortage. vickie is there and we're with the behave cereal ior of health. good morning. >> good morning steve. we ha . >> we have a lot of people addicted to things and there's a short fall of those that can can take care of them. why is that? >> well, there are many workforce shortages but right now we're only managing to treat 20 percent on a good day of the people that actually need care. so as we need to increase that capacity with an opioid epide c epidemic. the pay is a median salary and less than $40,000 and there are amazing super heros working in the communities for little pay. they need more education. the insurance companies are
4:27 am
wanting master level people. on those salary, cannot go back and get the masters. we need programs like loan forgiveness and need to say to the pay ers this is a priority. >> absolutely. >> and just pay for it. >> we look at the numbers and the one that you gave us is staggering. 16 million adults suffer from alcohol abuse disorder and 2 million suffer from painkiller addiction and half a million addicted to heroine. okay. so you went up to capital hill and said look, we need help here. we need better as you detailed a moment ago a loan forgiveness and better pay and things like that. how are you received on capital hill? >> well, i think that there's more interest than working in my field. there's more interest whether it's the epidemic and opioids
4:28 am
and this is a brain disease. over 250 medipeople are dying everyday from the issue. that's like a major airplane falling out of the sky everyday. with we have made people understand and now i think politicians and community leader are beginning to understand that we have to address this issue and mostly by making sure that care is available in every single community. >> sure. >> so i think that you have detailed pretty well what you need in the future. the other component that we have not talked about is the human element of the rehab worker. this is a personal interest and when you apparently what i have read is when you're dealing with somebody in a rehab situation, you take a lot of the problems home with you at the end of the day. >> it's a tough job. it's a very difficult job. you're dealing with people that
4:29 am
are in a very bad situation with a devastating brain disease. it's hard. we need to make sure that we're taking care of them also. we need to make sure that we have policies and ways for them to help. i am a former teach the eeteach. i know the breaks and i got some peace. we're asking because we don't have enough people in the field. i hope that young people will realize that it's a great field to go into. amazing what you can do and amazing how you can help people get back into the community and manage this disease, but we need help from the government and in terms of the pay ers and insurance pay ers and medicaid to pay rate that is will allow the providers to pay a decent sal are erie. >> yeah, there are a lot of people suffering and need them in the business. vick vickie, thank you very much. >> thanks for putting the
4:30 am
spotlight on it. you bet. >> sounding the alarm. you have to. this day apple you will approximate approximate out of the rnc because they don't like apple. who needs an iphone when you have melania trump. hello. they say go big or go home. we're welcoming the summer season and that starts today with the massive 65 foot grichlt you have to see it to believe it. you have to see it to believe it. r have to see it to believe it. i u have to see it to believe it. l you have to see it to believe it. l you have to see it to believe it. i accept i'm not 22 i accept i'm not the rower i used to be. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but what i won't accept
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real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing apple dropping all support for the rnc and not providing
4:34 am
technology and funding for donald trump. here to react on the fox's netwo network. good morning. so tim cook is becoming political? >> well, they're political and politisized company in america. they have just with drawn any support from the gop suspension. before that they were public on gay marriage and tim cook told people that are climate change skeptics that they don't want the business. they would not open the a phone for the san bernardino ter rursruriss and now the gop convention. >> well, that's according to a report that came can out over the weekend. if you're in the business of selling something, it would seem if you want as many people to buy it, you don't cut off half of the customers. >> yeah, they have trouble in
4:35 am
china where they want to sell a lot of iphones. they have a trumped up charge and it's about the design of the apple app apple a phone and saying that cannot sell that in beijing. china is tweaking apple and tweaking american politics. that's what they're doing. apple stock has gone from 130 down to 97. it was once the darling of investors. >> yeah, we're waiting for the next move and we're waiting for it. >> tim comes out against trump and comes out against republican and they're big getted in a way. tim cook has no problem doing business in the gulf where they
4:36 am
execute gays and yet he has this response to trump and the gop. >> the irony is that we love apple and designed in california, approximate but this is what donald trump is talking about. they ship off all of the manufacturing to china where wages are much lower than the united states. that's the kind of story that donald trump says that if he is president of the united states, he wants to turn that wheel around. >> he has called fair boy could the of apple products. >> today we talk about a rally. >> two hours from now the stock has gone down 200 points. >> why? >> there was a political assassination last week and jo cox was murdered on the street and part of the stay campaign. britain should stay within the union. the brits have recoiled from that and now give the campaign more votes.
4:37 am
that means more stability in the way of money and wall street goes up. that assassination did go up and does affect our money. >> we're going to be watching you at 9:00 in the morning. >> i'm glad to hear that steve. >> i have not seen it before. >> and now to heather who has the headlines for us. all right. good morning to all of you. an alarming terror warning that we just got in to the news room. i s isis is calling for more lone wolf attacks. this coming from a south korean spy agency. they have collected information on 7 bases around the globe and hackers sharing information like addresses, google maps and all of that and calling isis supporters to move in. they're ramping in security at
4:38 am
military insulations as a recaution. melania trump about to take her as the next jackie kenny. she has said in the past she she would want to be like kenny and she is fluent in several languages and something is that jackie o was admired for. legendary dodgers announce ers takes a social swing at socialism. the country venezuela is dealing with massive shortages and there was a player up up at the plate and plays for the you brewers and that's when he started to talk. >> socialism and failing to work as it always does and this time in venezuela. you talk about giving somebody something free and there's no food to eat. who do you think the richest person of venezuela?
4:39 am
the daughter. any way, 0 and 2. >> well, that major slam came during the game on friday night. someone could bring attention on what is going on down there. those are the headlines. let's go outside. i am so jealous because i love brauts. >> this great big grill is touring the country and today they stopped by the plaza to cook up a spread. >> i hear of a safety tradition and then it's grill master and then murray is here and he is a point guard for the kentucky wild cat and top nba pick. good job. >> there's a change on thursday, right? >> so let's bring the camera around. tell us what we have cooking here? >> well with, we have the
4:40 am
original brauts here and then we have the grill ers here. this is the new thing and we love them. these are bacon cheddar and then the onion steak house here and then more over here. there's a little bit of cheddar in there. >> wow. what's your favorite? >> my favorite is the original br braut. >> why? >> because of the smell. >> by the way, he cooks them in beer. >> have you ever been on the to a football game and taking this thing? >> it takes up a footprint. >> why you use such a big grill? >> why? >> it's 55 feet long and you can fit 750 brauts at a time. >> do you understand what people
4:41 am
are doing when they're getting ready go play. they're waiting for you to play especially in college. >> yeah, the it's really something that people love to do and it's the first day of summer officially and a lot of people are looking forward to grilling. >> you're one of the top five, how does that feel? that's so amaze something. >> it feels good. >> what did you get from watching the game last night? >> anything can happen. they made a come back. >> yeah, they did. >> this all looks good. can you prepare it? >> you would definitely have some. they dwrus the product and you mainly like to eat it. >> yeah. good for you. >> never too late to learn. >> thank you so much. >> i love coming out. >> we love to have you here. >> thank you so much. we will hear from the grill masters later.
4:42 am
blowing the whistle when the white house said to stop investigating because they were muslim. now that former homeland security officer has a warning. joining us live, and that's next. and all of time square take over. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that is the amazing church choir and they belted with the musical message. next up and first they're stopping by our plaza. they're right over there. 7,000 people in the church. we can not wait to hear them sing. >> we have sot brauts. >> okay. thank you. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication...
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4:46 am
today the 911 calls made last week by the orlando terrorists will be released. one key part will be left out. >> well what we're not going to do is further proclaim this individual's pledge of allegiance to terrorists groups. >> so we're not going hear him talk about those thing sns. >> we will hear him talk about some of those things but not the assertion of allegiance. >> the next one says that this is the exact thing that puts us at risk. >> the author of this book out now, see something say nothing joins us right now. i am sure that you're not surprised by the stunning stance that we saw yesterday that's going to be leased today. >> it's dejavu all over again.
4:47 am
redacting was set back in 06, 07, o 08 when i was an active duty officer and started to remove intelligence information. >> bush was in the white house. who gave him the directive? >> that's right. there are issues of the investigations that i endured that are opened to this day. >> what were you told to sensor from us? >> in 09 i was told to take out information from 850 records that were relate today the muslim brotherhood network. that was the first time. it happened three years later and then the group that was aaffiliate window the mosque and i say group but mean network. they completely removed them. >> why do you think that they did that? >> protection of civil rights for those affiliated with the organizations. >> where are they worried about
4:48 am
that and not the individuals of citizen. >> the first thing is to protect america with the threat. >> on the network last week on the kelly file and said this about the pc culture. >> the rules of engagement what the bureau is being told but what they can do and can't do. they can't go sniffing around anything to do with the muslims. they can not go around to a mosque and do things that they would normally do. i'm not talking things of the chats but things that would normally be done. they come down from the white house and the same people that took all of the language out of the people and documents and can't be used in my memorandum. >> you're shaking the head? >> yeah, that's correct. it was set years ago and now we're seeing it in open public and before it was behind the scenes and now it's out in the
4:49 am
open. >> we also hear see something and say something and the title of your book is see something say nothing. why is that the title? >> well, you notice that we're told not to say nothing. i was investigated nine times be by taking my vow serious limit this is not just my story but america. these are the things that have happened science 9/11 and now. >> the elements is pc running a muck. >> yeah. it's a full blown disease. >> where are the others coming out? >> that's a question. i can't answer it. >> hubie: that there are more and will be in the future. for now i took my vow very seriously, and e i go where my vow leads me right here and right now. >> well, you're telling a story. >> thank you phillip. meanwhile it's monday.
4:50 am
donald trump is in big trouble. he is about to get a serious lecture from joe biden. call it a time square take over. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> right there in front of the american flag the church choir with the musical message. next up the hall and first they're stopping by the plaza. there they are. welcome. >> we're going hear from them in the next hour. this day bbryan adams was tg the charts with heaven. . it's reformulated to feel lighter on your skin, but still protects and stays on strong. new coppertone sport.hell.
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4:54 am
welle the belleview baptist church choir has topped down and they have taken us by storm and the big a. ♪ ♪ f. >> the choir is traveling from the country from their home in memphis, tennessee where they lead worship for 7,000 church members and the next stop is tonight with natalie grant. >> first they're here in the plaza and joining us now is the choir director and ladies and gentlemen and belleview i choir. [ applause ] >> fantastic. >> mark, you're the minister of music there and what's it like to lead them? >> privilege. they're an amazing group of people dedicate today the lord and work hard to prepare to lead and worship and then to get on plans and come to new york and
4:55 am
share the love of christ. >> how do you get there? >> practice practice practice. >> you were singing in time square, when was that? >> that was saturday and we did a flash mob and just a lot of fun. >> what was the response of new york? >> awesome. people are so friend economy we find this city to be a wonderful group of people and so kind. >> speaking of video cameras our friend that works at fox news is off camera you see him. >> yeah, we host his american christmas and the seeing christmas tree and several other events. >> so we have seen them before. >> we don't just sing about religious songs and in an hour, you're going to be singing about the king, elvis. >> well, we sing about the king
4:56 am
of king and then elvis. we're is from fmemphis and it's sweat tea and elvis. >> so most of these folks have never sang before. >> well, they have sung in church choir but most of them do not read music or have training. it's a volunteer choir and they work. >> so you work with them. >> we practice about an hour to an hour and a half a week. we practiced a little bit more for this trip. >> if you're over here, stop over real quick. >> great. thank you so much. >> nice to have you. coming up next on "fox & friends" the mayor of america is going to be talking about all things terror. and the choir is going to be singing for us. you want to stick around for that.
4:57 am
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4:59 am
. good morning to you and your family. it's monday first day of summer. attorney lichb getting the message out on begiguns as we h the transcripts of the orlando
5:00 am
shooter and they're redacted. >> we're not going further the pledge of the groups. >> what the white house is you pulling from the public record. >> as they redact, donald trump reacts and says that we need no use all means necessary to prevent more tacks. perhaps even -- >> and we really have to look at profiling and look at it seriously and other continseri s seriously countries do it, and it's not the worst thing to do. >> a push for profiling. will that work. and grown men really do cry. lebron james letting it hang out after the cavs pull a historic win. this ends a 52 year drought with sports. ti the indians are in first place
5:01 am
too. morning are better with friends. ♪ ♪ ♪ you ain't never caught arab bit ♪ and you're not friend of mine ♪ just a lie ♪ they said that you were high class and that was just a lie ♪ well you ain't never caught ar a rabbit, and you're no friend of mine ♪. >> that's the belleview baptist choir out of memphis.
5:02 am
>> 7,000 people go to that church. >> fantastic. rudy giuliani is going to be with us in a moment. right now heather is joining us with the headlines. big problems for donald trump. donald trump preparing for a major scolding today from joe biden. set to be the main focus of biden's speech in a security conference in washington. according to knewly released excerpts they're going paint him as a trump and stop short of naming him. trump is recently calling on an immigration ban on muslims and said that profiling is common sense in the wake of orlando shooting. new questions being raised after the sudden death of "star trek" actor anton yelchin.
5:03 am
that 27-year-old actor killed in a freak accident at his california home over the weekend. the body was found crushed between his jeep and a brick mailbox. the car was in neutral and the engine still running. the cars were recalled and the drivers saying that there was no alert to tell them that the car was in neutral and park. no word if his was one of those on the recall list. clearance thomas about to resnir retire? maybe that could happen. reporting that he never planned to stay on the high court until the death and planning on stepping down after the election. the balance could further shift and making it three conservatives to four libel rals. that coming on the same day that
5:04 am
two major verdicts could come down on immigration and abortion. we're working our own angles on that. it's a celebration and more than five decade in the makes the for cleveland fans. >> it's the five final seconds! it's over! the cavaliers are nba champions. >> the cavs coming back from the 3-1 deficit to beat them and that's the first time that's happen in the nba finals. lebron james falling on the court with tears of joys. the cavs raising the first trophy in 52 years. massive celebration in cleveland and got a little rowdy. fans jumping on top of a fire truck and others destroying a police car. no one was with inside of it. those are the headlines. >> they were happy. >> but there's a way to celebrate. >> they should not be destroying
5:05 am
a police car. >> how about four yankee world championshi championships. >> only been one. >> only been one since i left office. >> and then the stanley cup. >> mr. mayor -- >> we did not have anyone breaking up cars. since we did not lose when i was mayor. well we did the yankees lost in 2001. i don't get breaking up cars when you win or were lose. >> mayor, let's talk about politics. after the 15 hour filibuster er in con anecticut and they're gog to vote. when you look at them, none of them would have prevented what happened last week in orlando. >> yeah, some of them are okay.
5:06 am
i think that it's sending the wrong message right now. this is a big gun control issue. vote on them a month from, but the problem is that it's not a gun control issue. this is an issue of islamic extremist, terrorism. >> not the tax administration. >> we have had four of them, knives, box cutters, bombs. they have chemical and biological weapons, ask they got guns and gun control states that are heavy and countries that are heavily gun controlled. >> right. never let a crisis go waste. that could be why they dispatched loreta lynch to five
5:07 am
gun shows yesterday. the bombing and murder. >> yeah, that's not necessarily the merits of the legislation. the reality is that they are changing the narrative. what's the narrative? it's a weak president and the last four years and in the last four months and five months they have had more terror attacks than we have had since i don't know when. the weakness is unbelievable. they refuse to identify the enemy and refuse to do anything for five years. some people are saying that they create something in which this happened. he is is trying to get the pressure off of them. >> he is sending out lynch to talk about the shows and during the appearances she talks about altering the transcripts. >> cleaning them up. >> from the guy in orlando and
5:08 am
we're saying that we're going to talk out islamic terrorism. >> what we're seeing tomorrow is is that the fbi is releasing a partial transcript of the calls with the law enforcement inside of the club. >> putting the hostage part of this -- >> yeah it's a partial transcript of the calls with the hostage negotiators. >> you're saying partial. what is being left snout. >> well, we're not going further pledge the allegiance to the terrorists groups. we don't want to revictimize the horror, but it's the substance of the conversation. >> that was difference than what you had. >> that would mean during the second world war if i called up and said that i'm part of the natzi movement and i'm going kill 49 americas and we left out the natzi movement, there's a
5:09 am
degree of deninl here that's terrorists to be encouraged to dmit fcommit m attacks. >> what's the opposite? >> well, the thinking is proven wrong with paris, san bernardino, by this attack. i don't know. in a period how many attacks have we had like this in the past? >> a lot. >> too many. >> we don't have a period compared to this. this is in direct response to our weakness and now this is almost impossible to explain. >> but mayor, if you remove all references, you're removing the motive. >> yeah. yeah. i mean if i did that in court as a prosecutor my boss would fire me. the jury wants to know the
5:10 am
moti motive. the killer has told us the motive for the crime. it would be like removing -- i'm killing my friend because he cheated me out of money. that's the motive. he announced the motive. if he cheated me out of $2 million. >> they're saying that angry guy and der ranged and. >> why don't they do it for the mafia? to spare the italian americans. why did they remove all references of the mafia? if you did it and did not see the connection, cannot bring them down. >> what do your think of donald trump saying that he wants to think about profiling individuals? >> we always profile. >> not officially. >> when i was involved in police work and u.s. district attorney and you call me up and say a
5:11 am
6'2" man with blond hair and blue eyes is the killer, i go and look for hum. you give me a larger amount like that i start to look for the group. i say is the kkk here in new york. of course you profile. that's where policing is about. here is when it's wrong when it's based on sex, orientation and that region just because you don't like them. if you're doing it on hard facts that lead to protection of the public like a group of one type. >> so you have no problem in what he said? >> of course you should profile based upon hard facts. >> do we have hard facts? >> he gave them to you on the telephone and loreta lichb ynch she is taking it out on the phone call. it's fparis and san bernardino
5:12 am
and ft. hood. we're doctoring a transcript. >> that's a gun conversation. >> yeah, this is very very dangerous what they're doing. it's dangerous and leads to more attacks. the more that you pull back, the more that they push ahead. >> rudy, thank you. good see you. >> we just told you about the gun vote and now the nra is firing back with a navy seal. >> every political hakt and saying that you know an ar 15, stop talking. >> will congress listen to him? he will join us live next. just call him the bear whisper. >> hey bear. bear. >> did that work? >> wait until you see the size of that beast. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars
5:13 am
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5:17 am
we need to get the weapons off the street. >> let me say for those pretending to know the ar 15. stop talking. every world not only exposes the ignorance but the con attempt for ordinary americans trying to provide the age of terror were that you won't recognize. >> a new attack aide and it's releasing on those bans and weapons like it and in the wake of the orlando shooting. this is going be the gun control measure and as many as four today. why should gun owner be like that or are certain guns better off not speculated. here is former navy seal don. when you said stop talking what is the most ignorant statements that you have heard about guns
5:18 am
since the terror attack? >> well, great way to start the week with a mind set and educating people. that's the number one thing. when you say assault weapon and weapons of war, it shows the level of ignorance to what we're talking about it. i've had enough. the gun community has had enough. the people that want to protect themselves has had enough. the trigger for those that don't know what's going on and how i should be thinking about this and the knee jerk reaction, the trigger should be that if i am listening to someone say assault weapons and weapons of war you should figure out that they are try to go say what people want to hear or don't know what they are talking at. yesterday you had on seth and i just watched the interview and it was painful the lies coming out of his life and talking about nine out of ten people don't want aassault weapons and weapons of war. he is saying what people want to
5:19 am
hear. a politician, i'm tired of them. f with we need a real leadership and everyone knows what's going on. we're having a problem with guys saying what people want to hear. >> i want an ar 15 and democrats and republicans will say athat you don't need that to go and shoot a deer. why do i need an ar 15 on the street? >> well, the bottom line is if i talk to someone that says that, my first question is have you ever been in front of a bad guy? the percentage of something happening to us is probably really small, but guess what? it's there and life threatening. i want to give people the opportunity and chance to deal with that. is it making sense and first of all it has dmog with hunting. when we have a response in the country and first of all i give my up most respect to law enforcement and first respond
5:20 am
er ers. when we call it's a three minute response time on a good day and we're hoping that they show up with a gun that we're talk thing about banning. how does that make a sense to be able to have it myself? the people that i train with and when you have the proper mind set, it's not about writing off the accountability and embracing it and knowing that there's a response time. i want you to be prepared in the event that the small percentage props up. >> i am glad that you're on our side. as things move forward, we will have you back. maybe this week. >> if people want to find out more, just go to our web page. >> thanks don. the middle of a flag folding
5:21 am
ceremony. >> it's a white stars and blue field and the new consolation. >> the reason that he spoke about god and first is the belleview baptist church and evan now. ♪ every time a pga tour professional sinks a hole-in-one, quicken loans is giving one lucky winner reason to celebrate. one shot from them. one mortgage-free year for you. it's the quicken loans hole in one sweepstakes and you could be the next winner. enter today at for your chance to win a year's worth of mortgage payments. hello welcome to holiday inn. running our own business, we've been traveling a lot. a hotel looking to help small businesses succeed is incredible. thank you. holiday inn is an extension of our team.
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5:24 am
time for mu quick money headlines. isra islam taking the fight under ground. they will build it under the strip under ground. it's helping to block immigrants from sneaking. it's the third type of wall of the kind. six flags is bringing the
5:25 am
roll roller coasters and planning to expand to the arabic kingdom. no word on when it's going to happen in saudi arabia. caught on camera an air force veteran thrown out of a retirement ceremony because his tribute to the flag mentioned flag. >> it's the stars and strips and it's the white stars on a blue field and then the new consolation and each star remits one individual state and together we're united indy visible. >> joining us now on the right is the man in the video and air force veteran and retired master sir along with mike and the first liberty of institute. thank you for being with us.
5:26 am
>> thank you. >> thank you. >> after seeing you removed, what happened? why did they come and remove you? >> i was invited by the master sergeant to recite a flag ceremony that he had heard in the past. he told me that it would be a highlight of the retirement if i did that, and that's what i was attempting to do for himself and his family. >> just because you used the word god you felt that you were removed? >> i believe that there's an issue with the speech because not only does it mention god on one occasion, but six times. >> okay. so you have given the speech and said i want you to come and give the speech because it's meaningful to him and it was about him on that day. mike, you how did you get involved in that. when you watch the video, what's the reaction? >> well, when i see that video
5:27 am
as a veteran myself i can't feel but outrage ared and disgust at what i see. he has the freedom to express it when he is invited there to give the speech by the retiring airman and so first liberty institute and we got involved with he was reached out to us and to hold the air force accountable. >> so what are you asking from are the air force? >> well, what i would first like is an apology. to see something transpire like this in the nation and we have people that serve the nation like chuck did for 26 years and his family is there to witness this, it's something that is just hard to imagine. i would want an apology for chuck, me and to be able to
5:28 am
looeat least the air force throwing someone out and to have a speech like this and then thirdly that those the people that did this be held accountable for the actions. >> well, mike berry thank you for being here and master sergeant, thank you and for serving the country. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and god bless. never forget after the 9/11 attac attacks. is it forcing us to lose sight of the darkest day? our next guest says yes. we're ushering with a 65 foot grill. we're out there enjoying it and grabs it before we meet some special grill masters and more from the belleview baptist church choir. man, my feet are killin' me.
5:29 am
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with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. well, if you missed after the show show that we do online after this program, you missed a lot. for in stance craig morgan that
5:33 am
was the performer on friday and we were talking to him about writing songs and he wrote a song in prompt two and then i said hey greg, how would you like to write a fox jingle. without a pen and paper, he came up with this. ♪ we are your favorite show on the tv ♪ everybody likes to make fun steve ♪ all bryan's pretty smart and he's nowhere near as pretty us ♪ get it on right here on fox and friends ♪ >> very nice. >> they don't make fun of you.
5:34 am
i don't care. it's a fun show. >> that was really cute. >> does he want money. do we have to get that. >> we should play that everyday. >> yeah, i will see if i can can get it in the budget. >> apparently we get it on. >> i love the we're your favorite show on tv. thank you very much and it's time for the headlines with her. >> thanks. good morning to everybody. that was such a great song. nice job. some serious news to bring you right now and we all remember the horrific sandy hook school shooting. less than an hour from now the maker of the rifle that was used will ask a judge to throw out a lawsuit claiming that the weapon should not have been sold in the first place. families said that it's meant for the military and too dangerous to sell to everyday people. a federal law shields them from
5:35 am
most lawsuits over criminal use of their products. a hero mom prying a mountain lion's jaw off her child after she hears the screams this in front of their home in aspen, colorado. literally prying the son's head and her husband rushing both of them to the hospital. >> it's a green older model lexus going 105. >> okay. that must be the dude with a son that got attacked by a mountain l lion. >> the boy suffered injuries to the face and neck and the mother has injuries trying to save him. you're going to want to see this one. a man remains cool as he can
5:36 am
when he come cans face to face with a giant bear as it goes through the dumpster. >> hey bear. bear, get out of here. >> look at that massive thing. >> he gets out of there and the bear does as it's told and climbs out of the trash and then takes off. powering through the pain. the super fan is not letting a little bit of surgery stop here from seeing beyonce say. she had her wisdom tooth pulled out and tweeted out the picture of here's and ice packs and medicine and said we have wisdom teeth at 6:00 and beyonce say at 7:00. those are the headlines. we will see you back here shortly. >> that was amazing. >> quiet a fan. did you get the wisdom teeth out? >> no. >> it's painful. a deadly heat wave in the
5:37 am
southwest and four have died in arizona where temperatures were 120 degrees many phoenix and dry conditions and wild fires across four states. maria is here tracking the d dangerous heat. >> yeah, it's going to last for a big chunk of the work week. it's going throughout friday today and temperatures 120 degrees in places like california and even into parts of nevada. so the excessive heat warnings are in place there with the elevated fire danger and also because of the hot temperatures with the dry conditions. i want to take you east ward now and extending across the northwest we have the storms today and it's going bring in delays at the airport and also the possibility of the severe weather and damaging winds. anywhere from missouri and new
5:38 am
york state we're going to be dealing with the storms. now over to ryan. >> thank you. appreciate it. we're lighting up the grill and we have brats and everything else and hamburgers and everything else. here to talk brats and basketball a pair of grill masters. playing the roll of bret and then murray for the kentucky wild cards and top pick of the nba coming up this week. >> this guy you have to respect him and he comes up with a great idea and the commercial is a big success. what was it? >> i'm a big lover of cars, so i wanted to incorporate cars so why not incorporate the big taste grill in the car. the goal is to understand that they're chasing the big taste grill and they won't to know why. they smell it and people are chasing it.
5:39 am
>> you get to go the football games and tailgate. >> well, i don't drink no beer but i will having them burgers and the grill ers and going to the game with the team. enjoying the fans. >> well football is known for the tailgating and last night everybody watched the game. what is is the thought of the v back three games to one? >> it's a come back and they stuck to the game plan and major performances and curry is one of my favorite players and the cavs got it. >> tell us things to make it better? >> well, you want to make sure that it's low and slow heat. you want to get a even cook.
5:40 am
you never want poke the brat. let the flavors out, and that's the way. >> this has been basting in something. >> we have beer sitting on top over there on the side. this is all natural. this is only johnsonville. >> okay. i have to ask you to help out. we have to feed the choir. we're going feed the choir in just a moment thanks a lot. coming up straight ahead tell me what's coming up straight ahead? okay. america said never forget after the september 11th attacks but is the president's refusal to say islamic radical terror forcing us to lose sight of the darkest day? the next guest says yes and joins us live. singing on our plaza and singing us out winonce gain is
5:41 am
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5:45 am
welcoming goodwin. you voted for him to be president of the united states? >> one time. >> one time. after 9/11 where as you're talking about how we all pledged and we will never forget and people have forgotten and this president in particular has forgotten that we're at war. >> well look i think that he has always down played and i site the speech in cairo in 2009 and that's a road map to everyone that it's done. he offered himself as a broker in the islamic world and he taught that he would be able to heal the breech. as you quoted the president of the united states is not a broker. especially with a foreign enemy. he must lead the nation to victory.
5:46 am
we're at war, but he does not see it as a war. therefore, there's no victory. >> in the column you said that he gave himself the assignment and then the cairo speech and sighting theize lam i c islamic does that impact? >> well, any of us can put ourself in the position and growing you up with fathers both of the father and step father were muslims and it had an impact on his life. he has talked about that and i'm not suggesting or saying that she a muse lirges bmb, but the d is shaped and he wants to heal the breech. in fact, it's only godden worse because of the terrorism issue that he will not admit. the even the president of egypt says that the ideology is driving so much violence. our president simply won't admit it. >> you look at the news to today
5:47 am
and where loreta lynch went on and said you know what, we're going to release the 9/11 transcrip transcripts. >> in this case it's 911 not 9/11. >> yeah. 911. we're going to gedt rid where h pledges allegiance. the excuse that i think is not truthful is that we want to spare the families. well, how are you sparing the families by censoring the facts and why he is doing what he is doing. i think that he is part of the obama administration and does not want to acknowledge the role of islam at all. they will do it in the most modest way to down play, but in fact we go back to 9/11 and this is all continuation on what happened on 9/11 and started before and we pledged that we would never forget and the
5:48 am
president is now trying to down play the significance of that event and the role of islam in it. i think it's leading a, to distrust because americanss know better and b, they're getting more lethal and happening more around the world. the president's ideas are simply wroo wrong. >> that's a good one. you should read the column. >>. okay. you met them last hour and the belleview choir sings songs from the hometown of memphis and then from the king elvis presley. they're doing the wave. so is martha on the 12th floor. good to be back everybody. we have decisions that are expected in about an hour from now on president's obama executive actions on immigration and the texas abortion clinic.
5:49 am
loreta lynch says that they will edit the allegiance pledge to isis. what's that about. trump says that he does not like it but it's time to profile. paul ryan say that is he will not stop in and we will see your here at the top of the hour. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close.
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so you got them in the last hour and they have been playing us out all morning. >> now before the debut they're back with a mash up of songs and memphis's favorite songs. ladies and gentlemen, belleview baptist church choir. all right. let's get out of the way and they're going to do two
5:53 am
different elviss. ♪
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. we had a young elvis and a later elvis. what is your name? >> tim. >> do you have a last name? >> elvis. >> and? >> andrew robinson. >> being in memphis and doing a
6:00 am
imper nation is daunting. don't forget about donald trump tomorrow. >> have grate bill: good morning. a week after terrorist guns down 49 people in orlando, the senate takes up gun rights in america. the senate takes up four gun bills today. martha: i'm martha maccallum. as congress takes on guns, trying to prevent another massacre like orlando, the senate will vote on four bills today. gun rights advocates say it would not stop a terrorist like omar mateen. >> they don't care about laws. laws didn't stop them


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