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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 20, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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imper nation is daunting. don't forget about donald trump tomorrow. >> have grate bill: good morning. a week after terrorist guns down 49 people in orlando, the senate takes up gun rights in america. the senate takes up four gun bills today. martha: i'm martha maccallum. as congress takes on guns, trying to prevent another massacre like orlando, the senate will vote on four bills today. gun rights advocates say it would not stop a terrorist like omar mateen. >> they don't care about laws. laws didn't stop them in boston
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or san bernardino in california where you have every type of gun law you could have, and it didn't stop them in paris where people can't own guns. they don't say, oh, gosh, they passed a law. what we are doing this debate on the hill, it's like they are trying to stop a freight train with a piece of kleenex. martha: the f.b.i. set to release the transcripts of the orlando shooter and police, but you will not hear the whole story. loretta lynch says they will edit out the reference to isis and his pledge of allegiance to isis. >> some of them are retreads of polled bills for universal
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background checks or the so-called gun show loophole. others are a little more related to the idea of a person who is or has been on the terror watchlist buying a gun. but it looks like they will be held to the 60-vote standard in the senate, meaning they will likely not get there. and in order to become law, they have to go through the house. >> your proposal would have done nothing in the case of orlando, would have done nothing to stop the killing in san bernardino. why are we focusing on things that have nothing to do with the massacres. >> we can't get into that trap. i disagree. if this proposal had been in effect it may have stopped this shooting. we can't get into the trap where
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we are forced to defend a proposal because it didn't stop the last trap. >> this is something you hear a lot from the gun control advocates saying you can't specifically tailor a bill to something that happened in the past. and that it would stop attacks in the future, criminal joy lens and suicides. they are trying to generalize from orlando into a larger gun control argument. bill: who is going to take on the censoring of the transcripts? >> i think this could attract a lot more on attention than anything over the gun tropical measures. the attorney general said she was going to release edited transcripts of these calls.
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and she said quite openly they were going to edit out his references to terrorism and his pledge of allegiance to the islamic state. i think that will be criticized all around. bill: it's a pretty remarkable position. bill: byron york leading our coverage as we begin a new week here. martha: donald trump suggesting profiling could be another way to prevent another terror attack on u.s. soil. he says it has worked elsewhere and may have been of use here. >> i think profiling is something we are going to have to start thinking about as a country. other countries do it. you look at israel and other countries, they do it, and they do it successfully.
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i hate the concept of profiling. but we have to start using common sense and we have to use our heads. martha: john roberts joins us live. there are so many layers to the trump story so let's start with this one. reporter: you look at what the delegates are doing. a few weeks ago it didn't look like it was real. but now it does look like it's real. here is the way it's breaking down according to a member of the rules committee. donald trump has 900 party regulars. then 683 either cruz delegates or stop trump delegates. they are the ones trying to cause trouble at the conviction. they need to convince the rules committee that the delegates should be unbound going into the
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convention. if that's the case, maybe they can unseat trump. he talked about it yet and says he doesn't see it going anywhere. >> i said this a lot. run a campaign we can be proud of that's inclusive and aspirational. reporter: that was donald trump talking about -- that was paul ryan talking about what donald trump would need to do to run a campaign he could get on board with. paul ryan has been wishy washy in his support of donald trump. martha: you have got donald trump look at paul ryan and the things he said there, and saying i don't know why he and mcconnell aren't with me. but he thinks i has got the numbers to steamroll anything he may come up with. reporter: it looks like this will be a brokered convention. but not in the true sense of a
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brokered convention. so it's going to be interesting. and the meetings of the rules committee, a week before the convention will be great to watch. we'll keep a close eye on this. martha: john, thank you very much. we'll see you soon. bill: the long i have particular nightmare is over for cleveland. >> it's over! it's over! cleveland is the city of champions once again. bill: the cleveland browns made history -- the cleveland cavaliers made history. it's the first time since 1964.
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le bron balling like a baby. the mvp leading his team from a 3-1 deficit which has never happened before. even though the gape has played out in oakland. 18,000 here. just so you know. that's where they play their home game. they had a sold out arena at the quicken loans arena. egg remained mostly peaceful. now next up for the city, donald trump and the republican national committee exactly one month from now. the city of cleveland just beginning celebrations, but the
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cavs' stadium is being prepared for that convention. reporter: while that series was an instant classic that came down to the final game. while the win happened last night in california, back home in cleveland like you said, the cavs' stadium is being transformed in preparation for the republican national convention. 250 people will work inside the quicken loans arena each day to convert the court. it would take 6 to 8 weeks to convert the space for the convention. the rnc also released a congratulatory statement in part saying this team is just the first winner cleveland will produce this summer. so a little four shadowing there -- a little foreshadowing,
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if you will. police will beef up security for that convention in a few week. how is that going? >> we have been reporting on this. there is concern whether cleveland will be ready for the convention. police got a little taste last night with the crowd in the streets. they were not protesting or rioting. cleveland reply $say along with federal agencies they will be beefing up their security tremendously. wednesday's parade for the cavaliers will attract 10s of thousands of people downtown. so the heat is on for the next month or so in cleveland, bill. bill: a little buckeye love. martha: make a grown man cry. le bron james. bill: he was in miami.
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he's like i'm going to win it for my hometown. no one knew of the transaction that he's going home. and he released it at the nike website. now it's actually happened. >> there was a lot of negative emotion. there i a lot of anger in cleveland. he came back and he was able to finish what he started at home. it was an amazing moment for sure. a couple areas for a long time have had a championship. guess what's second. you are ready. we have breaking developments in the fight against isis. military facility and individual
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service members are on high alert after a new threat from the islamic state. bill: scrubbing out the word of omar mateen in his transcripts of his calls with police durt attack. the f.b.i. will remove his word relating to radical islam. >> we are not going to further proclaim his pledge to terrorist groups and further his propaganda. . and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected.
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martha: a chilling report coming from isis. a terror group hack into a data base in korea. isis releasing personal information on individual in 21 countries. the military in south korea say they are aware of this breach and they are taking the necessary precautions. >> it's a partial transcript his calls with the hostage negotiators. >> what is being left out? >> we are not going to further proclaim his pledge of allegiance to terrorist groups
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and his propaganda. >> we'll hear him talk about some of those things but we won't hear him make his pledge of allegiance. bill: the f.b.i. will release partial transcripts of the conversations between mateen and the police. former governor rick scott joins me now. do you specifically know what will be edited out of that transcript. >> bill, i do not know. i talked to families. i have been down here since the terrorist attack. i talked to families that lost their loved ones. loved ones in the hospital. we are all looking for answers. why wouldn't you release everything. we all need to know. but especially these families. they know what happened. we are trying to understand why this happened.
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it doesn't make any sense to me. you wouldn't release the entire transcript. >> you disagree with there is decision. >> absolutely. it seems like this is another example of not focusing onhe evil here. it's evil, it's isis. it's radical islam. at some point, we lost 49 lives here and we lost a journalist who was behead by isis. we need a president who says i care about destroying isis. i want a focus on how do we get rid of isis. this is wrong. it's hurting our country. this is an attack on our gay community, our hispanic community, our entire nation. bill: she said she did not want to revictimmize the victims. >> i have no idea what she means. i have gone to funerals and sat
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down and cried with the parent. i have visited individual in the hospitals. they are grieving. they want answers. if it was my family i would want answers. we would all like answers. she should release everything that doesn't impact the investigation. i can understand if it impacted the the investigation. i get that. but she is not saying that. it doesn't make any sense to me. we have to get serious about destroying isis. bill: what do you think the motivation is? what is the administration afraid of? >> it appears they don't want to talk about isis was involved. it's the result of evil, radical islam. we have to call this for what it is. we have to defend our country. we have to stop saying isis is not the problem. they are the problem. they want to destroy it. they are killing us.
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49 people in my state massacred because of radical islam and the evil of isis. bill: she said we are trying to get as much information about this massacre out and make it public. i don't get that impression. i don't think the american people are afraid of the facts. you are a week into this, plus, 9 days later, and there are so many holes that have yet to be filled in. what would explain the reluctance? the fact that the investigation is still hot? what would explain that? >> i think local f.b.i. is doing a great job. i think it orlando police department, law enforcement, they are working together, following the lead. but all of us, if it was my family i would want the information. what the attorney general is doing by not releasing this information -- she is not saying
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it's impacting the investigation, i would get that. this appears to be, the president doesn't want to focus on isis. that's what we have to focus on. we have to focus on destroying isis. this is wrong what she is doing. bill: all of this is source information. and none of it is coming from official sources. my best to you again in our city in the state of florida. martha: president obama's endorsement of hillary clinton raises questions about her email probe. loretta lynch saying the president's public support will not affect their investigation. bill: nasty fires out west, crews fighting the flames in triple-digit temperatures. >> this is my heart and soul and everything i ever cared about.
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bill: the city of rome electing its first female mayor. the election is a referendum against the italian mayor rensi. she is called by some to be the donald trump of rome. interesting. martha: this is the scene over the southwestern u.s. firefighters battling massive wildfires. record-breaking temperatures of 120 degrees. william lajeunesse live in
6:26 am
goleta, california today. reporter: this is gay six of the sherpa fire. you have a red flag warning for l.a., santa barbara and l.a. counties. that's dangerous for fires, and the excessive heat index is for people. the area hasn't burned in 65 years. a lot of dead fuel. and the old plants have gotten taller. and that means you have higher flames. if you have a wind coming through that creates a spot fire and that drains the manpower. >> the big difference is that the temperatures are picking up and the relative humidity, the amount of moisture in the vegetation is dropping. it will be in the single digits in a lot of places. when that happens, an ember
6:27 am
getting outside the lines, today it's around a 100% chance of starting a fire. reporter: this fire is 61% contained. they couldn't get the hand crews into the steep areas. so they soaked areas with a fire retardant. they will hopefully try to stop the fire from breaking out. >> the heat obviously affecting fires all over the southwest. >> there are several problems. the lower humidity means some of the fuel can literally go up like newspaper. then you have the effect on the firefighters themselves it's one thing to lay out the pool and be 90 degree. but it's another thing to be up there with gear on. we had three people suffering
6:28 am
from shee heat exhaustion yeste. also down near the border fire, they had to evacuate 75 people east of san diego. a lot of animals had to be evacuated as well. 112 in beverly hills. the heat is problematic here in california as well. we expect temperatures near 100 degrees today. bill: we are awaiting an update from the f.b.i. the feds will release partial transcripts of the phone calls made by the terrorist killer during the attack. martha: donald trump saying the country should consider racial
6:29 am
profiling in the wake of the terror attack. is he right about that? we'll debate. >> what donald trump said is what the american people know is common sense. if somebody had been there to stop this faster fewer people would have died. that's not controversial. that's common sense. it's more than a network and the cloud.
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including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated, responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you're free to focus on growing your business. centurylink. your link to what's next. bill: we could get significant supreme court decisions. access to abortion, the use of race in college admissions and whether millions of undocumented immigrants will be able to remain in the country. we could see a higher number of the votes because the court is operating with 8 justices instead of the usual 9. the session goes another week or two. but this is the crunch time when they want to get the decisions out before they take their
6:33 am
break. after 10:00 a.m. there could be movement from the court. we'll let you know. >> i think profiling is something we'll have to start thinking about as a country. if you look at israel and others they do it successfully. i hate the concept of profiling. but we have to start using common sense and we have to use our heads. march very donald trump doubling down on the use of racial profiling. trump first endorsed limited profiling of muslims in the west back in december. now in the wake of orlando, he says it's a preventive across particular we have to use in september. marianne marsh, welcome to both of you. there is a lot of hysteria that surrounds this issue. some of it may be well placed, some of it not. some of these ideas are things
6:34 am
we discussed quite a bit since 9/11 in terms of the best way to go after the people perpetrating these crimes. your thoughts? >> slitly. you can certainly -- absolutely. you can start with acknowledging the fact that when isis says they are using our freedoms against us to attack our western values, that's an issue we have to come to terms with. but if we are not going to use the profiling to our advantage and also to stop terrorist attacks, see something, say something, it has failed once again, we'll go nowhere. and we had all these warning signs that we ignored and here we are with another terrorist attack on american soil. it's time to accept them when it's learning from our mistakes and moving forward to protect the country.
6:35 am
>> katie makes a good point. we have ignored a lot of signs. but racial profiling isn't going to prevent crime. it's more about politics. the question we have to ask is how do we fix it. in the wake of 9/11 we changed the way we think of security. we changed the doors on the plane. why does the f.b.i. consistently seem to have these suspects in their sights, they interview them, then they release them. why is this happening? there is a heel host of questions. martha: the limited timely takes runs out on the amount of time they are allowed to have somebody. maybe we should extend the amount of time people remain on these lists and we need better communication with local law enforcement. but when we you look at who omar
6:36 am
mateen cited in his transcript. there are similarities between these individuals in terms of age and religious affiliation, in terms of background and prior arrests. look at tamerlan tsarnaev and omar mateen. both of them had been arrested in abuse cases before. calling it racial profiling is not the way to go about this. but you can put pieces of that information together that are evidentiary that make sense. in many ways as much as people react to what donald trump said here, and some of that reaction is understandable, the common sense part of it, it's something a lot of people can connect with. >> the justice department isn't simply editing out references to isis. this is government censorship.
6:37 am
a lot of things these cases have in common is people were scared of being called islamophobic. the f.b.i. dropped its case on mateen because they can't want to be called islamophobic. the neighbors in san bernardino didn't call in because they were afraid of being labeled january imus limb. martha: what is wrong with what katie just said? >> what doesn't make sense is again they had all these people. if what -- it's what they did afterwards. martha: you have to address the fear of regular citizens who knew these people to say anything, to see something and say something came from the fact by their own admission they were afraid they would be accused of being islamophobic.
6:38 am
this is something we need to get beyond, don't you think? >> in boston they did. let me use katie's word against her. if isis is using our freedoms against us. what you do do is give them our freedom. compromise our principles and freedoms and values isn't the answer. the same issue exists in the african-american community where 17-year-olds were killed and people won't say who did it. it'it's an educational issue. giving up our freedom is not the answer. >> see something, say something. until of course you say something and you are named a bigot not just by people in your own community, but by the obama administration itself. >> what both of you are ignoring is the fact the f.b.i. and mete- and most these cases had people
6:39 am
on the radar screen. martha: marianne, you have to ask yourself why? if you talk to the f.b.i. or people who have been at the head of the cia. they will tell you the restrictions placed upon them in terms of how long they are allowed to investigate people make them leave many of these cases cold. if they don't have something yet, they have to take that person off the terror watchlist. we have to consider extending those timelines so they can watch these people longer. but you are making it sounds like they dropped it because they didn't feel like doing it anymore. >> then that's the problem to fix. in the "the boston globe" there is a great story about how state law enforcement officials have a lower burden of proof. change that for the f.b.i. profiling is not the answer. extend the time, don't let them
6:40 am
buy guns. jim clyburn is not allowed to buy a gun because he was arrested protesting civil rights. but everybody on the no-fly list can? >> i want to make the point that the f.b.i. stripped the term "jihad" and "islammic terrorism" from the f.b.i. training manuals to avoid the issue we see in case after case, f.b.i. agents, the agency as a hold and the civilians are afraid of being accused of islamophobia and it's getting people killed.
6:41 am
>> johnson will win thement s. open. bill: a pretty good father's day. dustin johnson won his first major tournament. he was assessed a one-stroke penalty during the penal ground as the ball moved slightly on the green after he was getting ready to address it. the greatest golfers in the world who were not on the course were tweeting about the u.s.g.a., asking what in the world were they thinking. martha: you can't let a decision go on for self minutes. you have to stop play and determine whether you are going to assess a penalty. but they didn't. bill: he played well enough it
6:42 am
didn't matter in the end. but a great job. well done. martha: good way to spend father's day. a hollywood star, have you heard about this? he died at the able of 27. we'll tell you about the freak accident that claimed the life of a "star trek" actor. bill: is president obama's endorsement of clinton a factor in the email scandal? chris wallace asking this critical question. >> you are a political appointee of the president. does it make it harder for you to handle the criminal investigation into clinton when should be president? it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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martha: we have what could be a major piece of news from the trump campaign. this is attributed to the "new
6:46 am
york times." the "new york times" is reporting the campaigns parting ways with campaign manager lewandowski. he has been at donald trump's side throughout the campaign. he has been controversial. paul manafort was brought in to also be in charge of this campaign at the convention and managing the convention. but if this is true, it's a major move on the trump campaign's part to fire campaign manager corey lewandowski. we'll get you more information on that and find out what behind it as we move forward. we do expect some scotus decisions perhaps coming down. they said they will leave in place the ban on assault weapons in new york and connecticut.
6:47 am
>> the state department matter will be handled like any other matter. we have career agents and lawyers looking at that. they will follow the evidence and come to a conclusion. >> does that create a conflict for you. >> no, this is not a conflict for me or anyone. bill: loretta lynch saying the president's endorsement of hillary clinton is not a conflict. is this a conflict of interest? >> when she says we have career lawyers and agents investigating her, she is correct. that's not the point. the point is at some point the investigations will end, the evidence will be on her decks and she who has been appointed twice by president obama. want to be the u.s. attorney in
6:48 am
new york and brooklyn. she'll have to decide whether the person president obama want to succeed him will be the defendant in a criminal case. it's hard to believe she hasn't addressed this with the president. she told chris wallace she and the president have not discussed this. it's almost inconceivable that she has not kept the white house abreast of what the f.b.i. found. >> we never discussed the clinton case. i have never spoken about it with the president or anyone at the white house. that's not the kind of relationship i have with people there, and it would be inappropriate to do so. bill: it would be inappropriate but you are suggesting otherwise.
6:49 am
>> i don't know what her relationship is with the white house. but i would think the president would want to know the gravity of evidence the f.b.i. is accumulating. he is the chief law enforcement officer of the land. he knows mrs. clinton is in the cross-hairs. and he emailed four of the top secret emails. bill: you are suggesting she is not telling the truth. >> i'm suggesting she doesn't want to confront the obvious which is they must have talked about it. the investigation on the emails is over with the exception of the mrs. clinton hself. >> so the third week of july, your suggestion is he asked her whether he should get behind her candidacy. >> she may very well have said i don't want to talk about this because i have to give you a
6:50 am
professional recommendation. she may have said that. but to suggest there is no communication going on is a head scratcher. martha: lots going on as we look at the heat and southwest as well. air-conditioners in arizona. topping 100 degrees and still rising. bill: elizabeth warren, a friend of hillary clinton holding nothing back when it comes to donald trump. >> every day it becomes clearer that he's a thin-skinned racist bully. every day it becomes clearer that he will never be president of the united states. looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic.
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martha: working a number of
6:54 am
stories and breaking news. the heat wave gripping the southwest. temperatures in phoenix, 118 degrees on the first day of summer. one of the highest ever record. dozen of people have been hospitalized. marina, how bad is this expected to get today? >> temperatures will just keep climbing in parts of california, nevada, arizona. they are expecting temperatures to exceed 120 degrees. for instance in phoenix, arizona. take a look at the forecast friday. 112 degrees for the forecast high temperature that's well above average than is so used to dealing with those hot temperatures. because of this extreme heat we have a number of warnings in effect across parts of southern california, nevada, arizona and extending farther north into
6:55 am
portions of utah. this entire region could be looking at temperatures up to 120 degrees. some will even see greater temperatures than that. other areas are also going to be dealing with the heat. in st. louis 99 degrees for the high temperatures. tomorrow that heat continues to expand across portions of the plains. martha: thank you very much. bill: confirming the news, corey lewandowski from the trump team is out. in a statement the donald j. trump for president has today announced that corey lewandowski will no longer be working with the campaign. the campaign is grateful to core
6:56 am
cory for his hard work and dedication. he's from the state of new hampshire. he comes down to trump tower. they sit and have one conversation and do a handshake and they were a team at that point. that was about a year ago. now today they part ways. martha: you can't ignore the paul manafort argument to this. and there are some polls showing some pulling away of hillary clinton. a lot of discussion about perhaps he hasn't hand the post nomination period and squandered some of the opportunity. brit hume will speak to us about this major news from the trump campaign when he joins us just a few minutes away. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. oa skin transformation that rivals the
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martha: bombshell news from the trump campaign just moments ago, cory lewandoski is no longer with the campaign.
7:00 am
clearly the closest confidante to donald trump when he launched campaign. you see him to the left of mr. trump. they have been side by side. this is big news. no other way to look at it. welcome to brand new hour of "america's newsroom" i'm martha maccallum. bill: after finishing second in iowa he won in new hampshire. that started to pave the road for more victories along and across the country. martha: fox news senior political analyst brit hume joins us now with his reaction to this. brit, good morning to you, what do you think? >> hi, martha. couple things, martha, seems pretty clear what happened in the past three weeks the trump campaign was woefully unprepared for the kind of national effort that the winner has to mount and mount pretty quickly once the nomination is sealed. there appears to be way insufficient money to compete with what hillary clinton and her team is spending on attacking donald trump.
7:01 am
it appears that in terms of voter mobilization efforts and all of that, that the campaign intends to rely because it must completely on the rnc, and trump himself of course has wandered off into all the cull today sakss talking about -- cul-de-sacs talking about things that don't have to do anything with the campaign and making it hard for republicans trying to support him so someone i guess had to take the fall. i don't know what the interior fighting was, and who won and who lost but it is not rat all surprising that something had to give here. besides, what we don't know, martha, whether this signifies trump himself is about to make a major change in the approach of the campaign. that remains to be seen. martha: that's clearly one of the big questions. there were reports out there there were screaming matches between the communications director and lewandoski. that story, as you say will be told down the line in fullness no doubt. however, it raises questions about whether or not the
7:02 am
direction of the campaign is of concern to donald trump and corey lewandoski by all accounts has been the person within that campaign who has been saying let trump be trump from the very beginning. >> perhaps so, but if he didn't want trump to be trump not all clear that trump wouldn't have gone on being trump anyway. martha: good point. >> you see what i'm saying? martha: yeah. >> also saying, lewandoski whatever his strengths may have been, he was certainly loyal to donald trump, trump had a lot of success with lewandoski at the campaign manager, if you look at his background it does not appear he had the experience and the skill honed over years of national campaigns to rin a national campaign. and it is not an easy thing to do. it has to be a massive undertaking with all sorts of intricacies and team work and lots of people -- it is a huge thing. and you have to stand it up in a very short period of time. it is not easily done.
7:03 am
so, what would appear trump needs somebody a very seasoned pro to pull the whole operation together to build it up to the scale that will be needed. >> his prior experience had been running a senate re-election campaign in new hampshire for republican bob smith. had never had experience at the national level in a campaign but, donald trump was the first to point out all along the line, brit, this is not your normal campaign and we do things differently. they had an enormous success as you point out through the primary period but now you've got some skiddishness in the polls for donald trump. >> skiddish indeed. martha: as you pointed out yesterday on "fox news sunday," you get moments to reintroduce yourself to the american public. during those moments you can add to your numbers. that opportunity, as you pointed out, squandered since he got the nomination? >> yeah. i think, martha, he is now, in the polling averages he is stands now below where mitt romney ever did, which is a bad sign because mitt romney lost. i would also make, say to you, martha, i know that trump has
7:04 am
been urged to mount a voter targeting, computerized voter targeting, micro targeting operation which was hugely successful for the gop in '04, on even grander scale successful for barack obama in 2012, which i thought was the greatest voter mobilization effort in history and trump has told people who said to do that, well, he doesn't really need that, he does rallies. maybe he is beginning to realize doing rallies may have been him to win the republican nomination with plurality of primary voters but not near enough to win democrats which have a built-in electoral college advantage. martha: if you think back in presidential campaign history to other periods where there has been disarray within the campaign, where a campaign manager fired at this stage of the campaign are there historical comparisons to be made here that may shed some light?
7:05 am
>> well i think of reagan in 19, in 1980, fired john sears but that was back before, around the time of the new hampshire primary. martha: yeah. >> that was early in the game. you know i just think, you know, that trump won this nomination maybe some weeks ahead of where he was expected to, and he needed, to have a national organization already in place and somebody capable of running it and he didn't and so here we are. it is going to be very interesting to see whom he chooses to come in and try to build this out, to some extent from scratch, very late in the game. meantime, of course he is getting pounded by the clinton campaign which has decided the best way for them to win is beat on trump and so far, so far, it seems to be working. remember what happened to mitt romney, martha, back in 2012. he had a long struggle to get the nomination and he spent all
7:06 am
of his preconvention money, so at this stage of the campaign where you have this opportunity to build your support, he was tapped out to a great extent and was unable to respond to attacks on him begun by republicans, you remember result ture capitalist, you remember that? martha: yeah. >> democrats weren't to town and it hurt him and i'm never sure he recovered. martha: 45 million in swing state ads coming out against donald trump and he may have realized he is up against something he will have to contend with. >> exactly right. martha: as business manager i will make a change. we'll see if he can turn it around. brit, thank you very much. bill: we reached out with the trump team. we hope to speak with them very soon. stay tuned. you're a month away from the convention. significant headline. we'll try to dig for reasons coming up in a moment. news keeps breaking this morning from orlando. here we go. fbi will release partial transcripts between the calls
7:07 am
between the orlando terrorist, omar mateen and police during the massacre that killed 49. attorney general loretta lynch said only partial references will go out. editing references to islamic radicalism. >> as we said earlier he talked about his pledge of allegiance to a terrorist group. he talked about his motivations why he was claiming at that time he was committing this horrific act. he talked about american policy in some ways. the reason why we're going to limit these transcripts to avoid revictimmizing those who went through this horror. bill: peter doocy live in orlando. explain all of this. how far do the transcripts grow, go, rather, explaining omar mateen's motive, peter? reporter: potentially further than anything we've seen to today since last sunday, bill. we know on the transcripts, the terrorist, mateen, does talk to hostage negotiators about his feelings toward american policy we know he does not talk about problems with gay people from
7:08 am
his position inside of the gay nightclub. we will not see what he said about pledging allegiance to the islamic state because the justice department says they don't want victims to get up set of and they don't want isis to have any new material for their propaganda. >> we're not going to hear him make his assertions of allegiance, this will not be audio. this will be a printed transcript. but it will begin to capture the back and forth between him and the negotiators. we're trying to get as much information about this investigation out as possible. >> reporter: we should get a lot of new details with the these transcripts exactly what mateen said or threatened that kept the s.w.a.t. team from going into pulse for three hours on sunday morning, bill. bill: wow. much more to come. peter doocy. headline from there. more when we get it, live from orlando. thank you, peter. >> busy morning. we're awaiting u.s. supreme court justices to hand out rulings. they're about to take their break are to the summer. several big cases we're keeping
7:09 am
an eye on involve affirmative action, abortion, the texas case about the clinics whether or not they can remain open. the court is evenly divided since the death of justice antonin scalia. we could see ties about the possibility of that when he passed. will there be compromise rulings. we'll get you that when we boil it all down as they come forward. bill: meantime this, is rocking the political world and campaign of 2016. corey lewandoski, one of the earliest to sign up for the trump team is now out. the campaign putting out a statement about 20 minutes ago saying that corey lewandoski is leaving the trump campaign. how does that all work into trump's campaign and what their strategy is and what happens internally. all this we're going to work through in a moment here when we talk with the trump team. stay tuned. more on that coming up. it is news that i don't think anyone anticipated but this is what it is. we'll try to dig for answers and explanations in a moment here.
7:10 am
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7:13 am
martha: shake-up at the trump campaign as campaign manager corey lewandoski has now parted ways with the campaign. we're joined by senior advisor barry bennett in. barry, good morning. good to have you here this morning. >> hi, martha. martha: what do you think? why did this happen? >> mr. trump obviously made a decision this morning. i have not yet talked to him
7:14 am
about it or anyone at the campaign for that matter but i think they wanted to go in a different direction. it is his campaign. he is entitled to do that. corey is a good friend of mine. i hate to see this happened. martha: why do you think it happened. >> presidential campaigns grow like this all the time. seldom does the same person stay in charge the whole campaign but general election is much different than a primary. obviously mr. trump wanted to make a change. martha: but it is, we were talking to brit hume sort of the history about these things. he talked about the reagan shake-up in 1980 but that campaign manager was replaced before new hampshire. we're now three weeks from the republican convention. so who do you believe will take over the campaign? will it be paul manafort? >> yeah, i think paul is totally in charge. martha: paul is totally in charge. in terms of what has happened, because we talked, you heard all across the spectrum people
7:15 am
talking about perhaps opportunities been squandered since donald trump sewed up the nomination and there has been no pivot. that the campaign has not pivoted as you point tout tot general election, what kind of changes with paul manifort the person in charge now? can you confirm that? >> he is the campaign chairman. he is person in charge. martha: what kind of campaign changes can you expect to see? >> i don't think we'll see dramatic changes. everybody wants the campaign to be about pain, people who can't find jobs, people whose wages haven't risen and peoples whose kids go to schools that can't teach. and the heroin problem and donald trump is the campaign for the people in pain. that's what we want to do. martha: sounds like you're frustrated with the subjects that campaign is focusing on? >> i'm not frustrated with donald trump. i want to use the skill set he has to become a champion of people. when he gets going on that vain, he will be unstoppable.
7:16 am
martha: characterize for is if you can what the mood has been within the campaign because poll numbers are looking weak? he is now below where mitt romney was at this point. we know what happened to mitt romney. >> you know, one, i think, you know he, the margin and rcp average has gone down a couple points. that is because hillary clinton got the nomination and democrats are coming home to her. that is kind of natural. that should be expected. you can't measure campaigns bit week. like measuring sunshine by the ounce. it is really irrelevant. martha: will we see the long-awaited pivot that has been much discussed where donald trump moves off of, some of the stuff that he has been talking about, starts talking about thin looks at the last few weeks, they feel like what a missed opportunity that he had. even in regards to florida, to come out right after florida, gee, i had it right. everybody is giving me credit for having it right. all of that kind of talk that focuses everybody on other
7:17 am
things, other than kind of substantive matters you talked about, should people who support donald trump have any confidence that pivot is now coming given this news? >> again, i wouldn't call it a positive vote. it sounds like it's a big move. the campaign has always been about the mexican heroin problem and schools that don't work and government that is waitful and people who can't find jobs and no one is getting a raise. that is the kind of things this campaign has been about over a year. we need to talk about that more for sure. martha: all right. we will see. barry, thank you very much for jumping on with us this morning to cover this breaking news. we look forward to talking to you again soon. thanks. bill: been watching twitter. looking for a comment from donald trump. nothing yet. want to bring in howie kurtz, fox news analyst and host of "mediabuzz." i don't think anyone predicted this. what do you think is afoot? growing pains or more than that? >> this is donald trump's highest profile firing since "the apprentice." not that unusual in the hot house of presidential campaigns.
7:18 am
corey lewandoski ultimate loyalist, straight-shooter got him toward the nomination but not a lot of experience managing a bi complicated presidential campaign. bill, there is two issues here, message and mechanics. on message it is all trump. i talked to him on friday. he didn't think he made his makes. didn't regret his tone on orlando. he is driving that train. on the mechanics the trump campaign is mom-and-pop shop going up against clinton's 800 people. donald trump is proud of that he needs a bigger, aggressive, more professional operation. he guess he decided to have somebody else at the helm. bill: wow, did he address that with you? did he give you a suggestion he was going to expand the operation or move it into another phase? the. >> you know, the only thing he said, because he wasn't giving it away, was there was some things that are not 100% as i would like with our young campaign. in trump speak that is like, okay we've got a problem i have to do something about it. i did not say i saw this coming
7:19 am
although there was a hint yesterday. corey lewandoski was announced as scheduled guest with chris wallace on "fox news sunday." by the time show made the area, douse douse had been pulled and jeff sessions was -- lewandoski. bill: wow, i didn't realize that. that happened, huh? >> uh-huh. bill: howie -- go ahead. >> i was towing to say, you have major parts of the republican party moving away from donald trump, either criticizing him or, distancing themselves and i think while trump doesn't need the entire establishment behind him, he did need to make some kind of pivot i think this is problem i let first step, more to come. bill: you had the line of the morning. most high-profile firing since "the apprentice." onward we go. good to see you. howard kurtz in washington, d.c. martha. martha: the other big story, investigators are about to release the transcripts of the conversations twine the police and the shooter during the orlando terror attack but they
7:20 am
say one part of that will be redacted and that is the shooter's pledge to isis. why would they do that? our panel will debate that decision, plus this. >> final section. it's over! it's over! cleveland is a city of champions once again. the cavaliers are nba champions. bill: generations have passed. to be able to say that. they are partying in cleveland. for very good reason. celebrating the first major sports championship in more than 50 years. martha: a lot of happiness. >> 52 years. ♪ [we are the champions ♪ or the rd norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years!
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martha: british entrepreneur, sir richard branson getting involved in the so-called "brexit" referendum which would decide if the u.k. should stay in the european union. he is launching a nationwide campaign in newspapers and social media to keep his country in the union although the other forces are quite strong now. he says leaving would be devastating for the u.k. >> there is a few occasions in your life where you can see something going horribly wrong and this is one of those occasions where, if, yeah, if the wrong decision is made it will to irreparable damage to great britain and europe. martha: a lot of people in great britain say they're tired of people flooding into their country. if they exit the e.u. that situation would improve. the referendum comes this thursday. bill: we've got something going on in downtown detroit. just want to show this picture
7:25 am
here from w j.b. -- w j.b. k. it is described as a policecation. but beyond that, there is not a lot of information, police say they received report of a person with a weapon inside of the building. there is a towercam rainier the building which might be what we're watching. i do not believe that is helicopter shot showing people gathered outside of the street below. detroit police occurring to a local tv station they believe a man is inside of the coal man is noter. on the "detroit free press" website, employees and visitors are being evacuated because of a possible gunman inside. numerous police officers and officers surrounding area. s.w.a.t. team is called in. fox detroit reports that authorities are looking for a white man in early to mid 50s with a dark-colored suit. on a day like today that could
7:26 am
be anybody. dozens of people across the street from city hall. we're looking for answers. we're not sure what to make of this. we wanted to share the story with you and certain hope nothing comes of it certainly. back from detroit to "america's newsroom." martha: we are about to have the released transcript of the conversations between police and omar mateen that we believe will shed light, more light on his motive. however we've already been told by loretta lynch, the attorney general, if there is anything in there about him pledging his allegiance to isis we will not be able to reveal that information. bill: martha, four gun control bills set to hit the senate floor as democrats are accused of politicizing the recent terror attacks. will any of the four move closer or not? will lawmakers vote for tighter gun laws or not? >> they don't want to face the embarassment of their failure in this terrorist area and they want to cover their butts and not talk about. you can't save the country with
7:27 am
politics. you pay your car insurance
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7:30 am
martha: big political news this morning on the campaign front. emerged about 15 or 20 minutes ago that corey lewandoski and the trump campaign had parted ways. he had been with him since the very beginning when the campaign was rolled out last summer. controversial campaign manager and many calling for a pivot that has not come in that campaign. perhaps now there will be some changes. paul manifort, according to barry bennett, is the man in charge now and that may have been the case for some time. more to come on that as we get more information this morning. bill: also today, you will see this action on the floor of the senate. tighter control of gun sales front and center on the hill. the u.s. senate voting on four different bills, two from democrats, two from republicans sparking heat the debate. captain mark kelly, navy combat
7:31 am
veteran, founder of americans for responsible solutions and married to gabby gifford. welcome back today. if you could write your own bill, what would it be? >> do something nearly 90% of the americans support, close the loopholes in the background check system that allows people to buy guns without a background check. these are pretty big loopholes. you can go to gun show in most places, buy a gun without a background check. that could be the choice of somebody who is trying to get guns to do harm. you know, suspected terrorists. other thing, let's take people on the terrorist watch list and make it very difficult for them to acquire firearms. those are two simple steps that most americans support. bill: i want you to react to couple things. wayne laperriere from the nra talking on sunday and senator chris murphy on connecticut. you know where senator murphy is on this. he is driving on behalf of a filibuster.
7:32 am
first, wayne laperriere and react to the point he is making specifically right here. >> what happened this past week is the president, the whole gun ban movement said, hey, don't look at terrorists. look over here. divert your attention. take your eyes off the problem. because they don't want to face the embarassment of their failure in this terrorist area and they want to cover their butts and not talk about. you can't save the country with politics. bill: what about that, mark? >> well, i mean he says you can't save the country with politics but you can drive down gun violence with strong legislation and you can keep guns out of the hands of terrorists with the two bills that are being proposed and will be voted on today. i mean there is four bills. two of them are kind of like smoke and mirrors, to allow folks that, you know are supported by wayne laperriere to say they did something about this there are senator murphy's bills. a bill about background checks and another bill about closing the terror gap.
7:33 am
that could be really effects tiff. -- effective. bill: john karl was hosting abc's program on sunday and he had senator murphy on, and if you just listened to the way carl phrase this is question. we'll listen to it together. in fact. watch. >> you're proposal would have done nothing in the case of orlando. would have done nothing to stop the killing in san bernanadino. and in fact, was, unrelated to the killing in newtown. why the are we focusing on things that have nothing to do with the massacres that we are sponsoring? >> we can't get into that trap. i had disagree. i think if this proposal had been in effect it may have stopped this shooting. we can't get into the trap which we are forced to defend a proposal simply because it didn't stop the last tragedy. bill: you think about that. and these were significant and very important stories in america, changed lives of so many. but there was orlando, san bernanadino, even going back to newtown, connecticut. carl's right and none of this
7:34 am
addresses or would even fix or prevent those tragedies. what is the point, what is the point of doing it? >> well, i mean, the point is to strengthen our laws to make it more difficult for somebody like the shooter to get his hands on a firearm. he was taken off the terrorist watch list. let's assume for a second that did not happen. then he, with the right legislation he could have been prevented or at least slowed down in acquiring his firearms. not make it easy for them. consider this for a second, bill. this guy was taken off the terrorist watch list by fbi. you know what that means? that means thousands of other individuals on the terrorist watch list, the fbi considers them more dangerous than this guy. and right now those people can go into gun store, buy a gun no questions asked. that doesn't make sense to me. this can be fixed by the united states senate, addressing this issues, voting to close the back making it prohibited for terrorists to buy guns.
7:35 am
it is pretty easy thing to do. bill: last question here, you're not arguing take away guns? what laperriere would argue, take away guns, come after in the schools and malls and churches. >> i'm a gun owner. bill: just, the question, you seem to be very specific in your criticism and that is the background checks and terror watch list. do i have that correct? >> yeah, absolutely. why do we make it easy for terrorists to get firearms? we shouldn't do that. that doesn't make sense to about 80 to 90% of americans. we can doctor es this as gun owner and strong supporter of second amendment, people have the right to defend themselves. i do not think somebody we labeled terrorist keep off an airplane, have the right to walk into a federally-licensed firearms dealer to buy a gun. these are problems, that can be addressed with legislation. you know, gabby and i recently announced last week right before what happened in orlando
7:36 am
occurred we're trying to enlist some help from veterans, some pretty senior veterans. these guys are problem solvers. people like general petraeus, stanley mcchrystal, admiralled that allen, admiral wesley clark to coalesce around this issue seems to be getting worse all the time. we have 30,000 people dying every year. we have a congress that refuses to act. bill: mark, i appreciate you coming back today, okay? our best to gabby. mark kelly with us out of arizona. we'll see which way they go. we have more breaking news and we'll get to that now. thank you, mark. we'll talk real soon. >> thank you. martha: so as we wait for the report to come from the fbi about the orlando terror attack that will happen at the top of the hour, the feds are set to release partial transcripts of the gunman's call to police. and while we wait for those, we're getting exclusive look at a hotbed for terror recruitment that has been existing and thriving really in the united states.
7:37 am
harris faulkner went to there. she got a inside look at minnesota where one in four americans who join isis are recruited. she joins us now. harris, talk to us a little bit what is going on in this pocket in minnesota that has density of this issue like no place else in the country. >> more east africans and somali, former citizens, now american citizens outside of mogadishu, the largest population outside of their homeland in minnesota. so i want to start there. the headline with all of this, martha, from what we found out in the area that has been very insular, it is important that we get in there to form relationships with the media and fbi and the fbi is working on that through the u.s. attorney general's office in minnesota but headline in all of they call this radicalization of islam, radical islam. i did a ride-along with one of the police officers, one of seven muslim community police officers that minneapolis pd hired. they say it is important. got to speak the language. know the culture.
7:38 am
get in there on the ground. they're not calling 911 when these young men disappear from these neighborhoods. they want to go join isis and al-shabaab and other groups but mainly the islamic terror group because they're being recruited online. there is the open door online. the radicalization is happening among their own mosques. they know certain mosques that kids shouldn't be going to. that is unbelievable. you talk about religious freedom in this country? can it extend to the point where we know something is a problem, how do we deal with that as culture, as a society? martha: there are some concerned being called islamophobic. >> absolutely. martha: we talked about in a prior segment, it has locked down some of the basic common sense about making people aware of someone who is potentially dangerous. i know you spoke to some of the young men in that community. what do they say about it? >> this is important to have the conversations and for them to see us with our cameras in there wanting to get their story.
7:39 am
i was surprised by what they said, furious the religion is used this way. they say it like that. they're not scrubbing it. they're not saying this is not radicalization of islam. they're saying we're angry someone is using that in the name of killing, so forth. they're angry they're targeting. they say among them they have choices. guest an education. be somebody. so i think we have a little bit of us talking. can we watch? >> this mother has a kid who is missing. she called me so luckily we're trying to find her. >> so it has when young boys gone missing some of them have been radicalized? >> for us, one is too many. that is what we're trying to stop. we've done some good stuff, trying to work with the u.s., u.s. attorney's office here in the community. all of us, what is big is the security and the safety of our
7:40 am
country. >> i want to talk to you how unprecedented that access was for our cameras. when we first walked in there, people were turning. if we had had, with we had not had jabirl to smooth things over it would be a different story. it is like islamic sook. they recreated piece of home. commerce hub. them trying to gain financial independence in our country. impressive on the third floor of the mosque they drew the line. they would let the male cameraman up but not the female producer and myself. martha: really? >> we're in their world. they let us into their world. if we can do it, he talked about working with the u.s. attorney's office, the fbi. authorities can do it too. we have to call this and deal with this for what it is and they're willing to work. martha: how shocking is it, insularity, so intense. >> it is here. martha: you're not allowed to go
7:41 am
in at all is you can shocking but you twice shed some light in an area we haven't seen it before and we have to keep talking about what is going on there because it is very important. great reporting. >> thank you. martha: harris, thank you very much for being here with us. bill: we are awaiting these transcripts from the fbi. we already know that we will not see or her the entire story. the attorney general saying that the calls from omar mateen will be edited which will take out many of the references to islamic radicalism. ask yourself a question. why would the government even consider doing that? next. >> we'll be releasing a partial transcript of the calls. we're not going to be, for example, broadcasting his pledges of allegiance. we're trying not to revictimmize who went through that horror.
7:42 am
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cause one less cigarette feels pretty big to me. that's how zonnic helps me quit. with zonnic nicotine gum, every cigarette you don't smoke is a victory. 3 great flavors. $4.99 or less wherever cigarettes are sold. zonnic. every victory counts. bill: we have the an eye on detroit 20 minutes ago. appears everything is a okay. police say no active shooter at
7:45 am
city hall. security breach where someone got past a scanner with a handgun in a bag. it was done and over if it was anything at all in the first place. live from detroit. that's your update. martha: minutes away now the fbi is set to release transcripts of the phone calls that transpired between the orlando shooter and the police. very important to know what was said on both sides of that conversation in order to understand what his motives were. he dialed 911 as he gunned down 49 people in the pulse nightclub pledging allegiance to isis. we have not seen the whole story though and apparently we will not. loretta lynch says they will he had it out ref -- edit out references to islamic extremism. >> you say partial. what is being left out. >> what we'll not do is further proclaim this individual's pledge of allegiance to terrorist groups is. >> we will not hear him talk about some of those things.
7:46 am
>> we will lear him talk about some of those things but not hear his pledges of allegiance. martha: how can that be. >> ashley pratte and jessica ehrlich, welcome to you both, good to have you here this morning. jessica, let me start with you, what possible reason could there be to edit out anything from this transcript? the. >> well i think actually the piece that harris just did was very powerful about the radicalization going on even in minnesota really sort of hits the nail on the head here because the reason he played -- made all these calls, similar to when fbi handles serial killers when they place calls to news outlets, he called not just 911 but tv producers and everything else he wanted exposure because it's a tool going forward to radicalize other young people. i think making sure that's not available going forward is very important. martha: what about honesty in terms of the disclosures of what
7:47 am
happened here and the potential manipulation of the narrative from the white house? is there any other reason why they would be avoiding that, ashley? >> i definitely think here they're playing right into the president's playbook which is cowering to political correctness and not calling this what it is for fear of offending people but at same time we have to realize the threat is very real. isis and radical islamists, they are at war with america and values that we stand for. the people in orlando were slaughtered for their way of life and what they believe in and what they value and freedoms they have in this country. so that right there is exactly why this happened. that was the motive. we know that whether or not he was directed externally, he, the shooter, was inspired by isis. he was radicalized. this might have been a lone wolf attack but we do know he was sympathetic to it. for the doj to make this decision and not let the public know a real threat out there but not naming enemy, again cowering to political correctness i think
7:48 am
is just wrong and a grave mistake for future of our country. martha: let's play ric grenell from this morning. former advisor to u.n. ambassadors. here is what he had to say. i want to get your reaction, jessica. >> letting us exactly know who they say this terrorist is fighting for is important. not just about words. you only redact information when it reveals sources and methods. our intelligence gathering techniques we don't want out there. that is the only reason. martha: isn't it the american people's right to know what he said? >> well, i think we already do know a lot of what he said and we have had first-hand accounts from other victims that were there in the attack. so it is not really a question of, you know, motivation. that he is dead now. the concern i think going forward how do we prevent this from happening again and what are the tools that we use in order to combat what is going on online and how he was radicalized, whether he was through -- martha: i think a lot of people would say the more light that is
7:49 am
shed on this in terms of what moti the better off we are in fighting it in the future and that it is not going to prevent any further domestic terror attack to eliminate some lines from the transcript. >> we know he was radicalized. martha: sorry i jumped in. jessica, --ly, thank you. we have the transcript, at least part of the it. we want to go through it. bill: this is what we're getting from the fbi right now. they talk about a phone call that came in at 2:02 a.m. lee call time last sunday morning in orlando. the transcript goes like so. emergency 911 this is being recorded. in the name of god the merciful, beneficial and something is said in arabic, he continues, praise be to god and prayers as well as peace be on the prophet of god. i let you know i'm in orlando and i did the shootings. the 911 operator. what is your name? my name is i pledge of
7:50 am
allegiance to, omitted. okay, what is your name? i pledge allegiance to, omitted. may god protect him in arabic and on behalf of, omitted. 911 operator, all right, where are you? the killer? in orlando. where in orlando was the next question from the 911 operator? end of call. remember, there were three 911 calls that night. he made the first one and hung up. he made the second one and this was the exchange. there is a third reverse 911 call which the operator calls back the number that came in. so there were three there. then later they go into the crisis negotiation team, which started, according to this transcript at 2:48 a.m. and there were three phone calls, one nine minutes in length, one 16 minutes in length and one three minutes in length after that. catherine herridge is going through all this information as we are as well. catherine, want to get to you
7:51 am
now live in d.c. you knew this was coming and your initial reaction based on what we've seen so far? reporter: it is a pretty limited transcript, bill. it is only about three pages in length but three things immediately jump out to me. his pledge allegiance to the islamic state is consistent drum beat throughout these phone calls. it is not one-off or isolated event. he also describes himself as a soldier of caliphate. we know witnesses inside of the club described how omar mateen said stop bombing my country. that was not a reference to afghanistan. that was a reference to the islamic state in iraq and syria. he also threatens in the phone calls that there is a car outside that is laden with explosives and that he also has a suicide vest. that further explains the reluctance, if you will of the florida s.w.a.t. teams to go in immediately after the suicide attacks in france of november last year.
7:52 am
the view was that they could no longer negotiate with these people because they were willing to die. they would go in immediately. we have not seen it in florida. we have from the transcript, better understanding why there was delay. finally i would note, which is linkerring security question here, why his phone was not blocked because with an active phone like that he would have the ability to do remote detonation of any devices that were outside of the that club and to really decimate the first-responders but the bottom line in this transcript, his pledge of allegiance to the islamic state is really like a steady drumbeat woven throughout these phone calls. he pledges allegiance. he also pledges solidarity to other terrorists. then he also sort of takes on the mantle of isis saying he is an islamic soldier, presumably of the caliphate. so it is a pretty steady beat. bill: he tells the negotiator, the crisis negotiator, which was
7:53 am
not part of the original 911 call but it came about 40 minutes later, tell america to stop bombing syria and iraq, that is why he is quote out here right now.iator asked him what he had done? he said you already know what i have done. he referred to this vehicle outside that had bombs just to let you know. >> correct. bill: quoting him now, you people are going to get it. i'm going to ignite it if they do anything stupid, end quote. also referred to bombs that were used in france, his words, used in france, quote. next few days you will see more of this type of action going on, end quote. then, catherine, he hung up. reporter: there were three phone calls. i find the format of this transcript somewhat confusing in the sense we see sections redacted but based on my read there are paragraphs summarizing negotiations with the hostage negotiators. the questions i have why some
7:54 am
portions are word for word verbatim and there are redactions and some in sum if you will. there is nothing consistently with the transcript. we may have more at fbi meeting why it was done this way, bill. bill: he said victims rescued, he will put four vests on bombs within 15 minutes. 5:14 a.m., three hours after it was over with shots being fired inside. catherine, thank you very much. in washington. reporter: you're welcome, bill. martha: there is celebration in some parts of the country today. king james is now king of the world, at least in the basketball world as cleveland clinches the title ending a half-century drought. ♪ ♪ all i do is win, win, win,
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> ...
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7:58 am
bill: n on a good note today. a thrilling ending to a great series between cleveland and golden state, the drama started in the final minutes with lebron james. they up right there. that was followed by a clutch three-pointer, tyree irving but that shot heard all the way back to shaker heights, put the cavaliers up with 52 seconds left to play and you have history here final second. it's over. it's over. cleveland is a city of champions once again.the cavaliers are nba champions. bill: with that, the city of cleveland winning their first major championship in 50 years. the drought is over. jim gray, they are going nothing waiflike and north olmsted and all points in between. what does this mean for this town? >> believe land.
7:59 am
it means cleveland as a championship now, it's not just tim brown in 1964. they can forget about the fumble, the drive and john elway, they can now celebrate lebron james is the best player in the planet. unanimous mvp, he didn't win it in the regular season. these two teams were on 417 in the last two minutes of the game and for the golden state warriors, just the opposite. you see lebron james celebrating there, just the opposite. they go from 73 and nine in the regular season 253 and nine in the postseason. when the record for most games ever one in a regular season but it don't mean a thing if you don't win the rain. seth steph curry was not up to his game and it's a sad ending. fremont green suspended in game five. cavaliers become the first team in the historyof the nba to come back from a 31 deficit. they will love this forever
8:00 am
in cleveland. you saw lebron james right and the tears that came down, tears of joy and it's a great story . very sad for golden state but happy days in cleveland. bill: well stated, jim. jim gray out there in la. thank you jim. so the drought is minneapolis, 25 years, cincinnati 26. milwaukee, 45 so here we go. bill: martha: we will see youback here tomorrow . jon: we start with a fox news alert, expecting a news conference on the orlando terror attack to start a minute now. the agency releasing those partial transcript of the conversation between the terrorist gunmen and police negotiators add omar mateen called a 911 operator, in in orlando and i did the shootings. the justice department deleting parts of that transcript including references to mateen's radical muslim beliefs, his pledge to isis and what he claims was his religious justification for that effect .


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