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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 20, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist. this is humira at work. sandra: many thanks thanks to judge napolitano. join us on the web. "happening now." >> a fox news alert. the fbi providing chilling information about the night of the orlando terror attack. omar mateen murdered 49 people inside of the pulse night club. >> the brave men and women of the policetment and orange county sheriff and fbi and others should not be second guess. they performed valiently in the early morning hours. lives were saved because of their heroic work. >> much more on the developments
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in the orlando massacre investigation and police reaction. >> we are covering all of the news right now. this is "happening now". >> looking out of the back door, there was a wall of flames. >> western wildfires raging and temperatures are soaring. >> and the terrifying scones as crows work to beat back the flames. >> new questions on party unity. >> and last thing i would tell them to do that. >> why trump's nomination is a very strange situation. >> and cavaliers are nba champions. >> and how the cleveland city is getting ready, it is all "happening now".
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>> we begin with that big shake-up in the trump campaign. donald trump abruptly firing campaign manager corey lewandowski. i am melissa in for jenna. >> and i am eric shaun in for jon scott. trump and lewandowski partied ways and as that gathering looms, the gop seems no closer to uniting behind the presumptive nominee. house speaker paul ryan said he will not tell fellow republicans they have to vote for trump. >> the last thing i would do is tell anybody to it do something contrary to the conscience this is a unique nominee. >> hillary clinton is criticizing trump's building record and rolling out a ad
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campaign. >> carl is standing by. and start with jennifer griffin on the latest on the democratic. and we'll first go to blake. >> reporter: corey lewandowski has scribbled let trump be trump. and now trump has spoken. corey lewandowski controversial manager is no longer with with the campaign. there are report was inupon fighting from lewandowski who was with trump from day one and paul manafort. they were both locked in a my way to the highway. and manafort was willing to walk within 48 hours and the trump
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children convinced their father to trump lewandowski and manafort won out. the shake-up will signal a change in tone, but trump will be trump. >> certainly the changing. and the tone of the campaign is going to change. i would be surprised if mr. trump is somebody different. he's not going to be. that's what he s.>> reporter: the campaign did not officially describe it as a firing. that was not used in the statement. the campaign is grateful to corey for his hard work and dedication and we wish him the best in the future. however, the inhouse animosity played out on twitter with senior advisor michael, dingdong, the witch is dead. and no public comments from corey lewandowski himself. >> man, you got to wonder what
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is going on behind closed doors in the trump tower. >> meanwhile hillary clinton is slamming trump on his business record. and what is the latest there, today, jennifer? >> no reaction from the clinton campaign to the removal of corey lewandowski as the campaign manager for donald trump. i have reached out to the campaign. but we know that hillary clinton will be giving two major speeches this week. aides said she will take donald trump in terms of his economic policies and using his own words against him. one of those speeches? raliegh, north carolina and tomorrow columbus, ohio. that's where she will outline her economic vision. she is adding to her team jacob
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levanloft, senior economic advisor of obama. he's responsible for the president's efforts to raise the minimum wage and an issue that bernie sanders urged clinton to move on to. elizabeth warren visited hillary clinton's headquarters in brooklyn drivering the following message. >> i have one message for you, don't screw this up. warren is one of eight possible vice-presidential picks that the clinton campaign will vet this week. clinton will attend two fundraisers here in new york in a top hedge manager's fund home. and another by a wall street venture capitalist. she will attend a star studded
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fundraiser in harvey winesteins' house hosted by hollywood stars. it is hard to understand how the clinton campaign will recognize wooing elizabeth war withen and bernie sanders on one hand and continuing to raise money on wall street. as the famous bank robber asked. why did you continue to take money from the banks? he said that is where the money is. >> and the clintons certainly know where the money is. thank you. >> the trump campaign shake-up comes as mrs. clinton is up seven points over donald trump. this was released a short time ago. registered voerss and mrs. clinton at 47 be percent and mr. trump at 40 percent in a head-to-head match up. and with the general election turning to over drive. what is the shake-up this
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morning mean? the successful run up to the republican primaries and the reports of camping infighting and jokeying intrigues, what does the departure mean for trump candidacy. karl rove knows all he was a chief of staff to george bush p. what happened? >> for inside ares who knew what was going on in trump world told me that there were two competing factions one pie mant fort and lewandowski. he was rarely in the headquarters, only time he was in the trump headquarters was when trump was in the headquarters in trump towers. he travelled with the candidate and that meant upon he was the last person to talk to trump before trump did things.
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manafort told him to do a. and sitting there was corey lewandowski and if trump's instincts were to do something lewandowski said do what you think is most comfortable. we'll see what happens going forward here. we had a dysfunctional campaign and see if it is less dysfunctional. most of the time it is an expression of the top. and see if trump needs to think about what he says before he sayses it and focus on clinton and obama than the other republicans. this is one step in the right direction. >> you talk about it is the typical jockeying and infighting for turf and pour in a campaign. you have run a presidential campaign. can you be the campaign manager and also body man? >> you can't. yeah, you can't. you need to have a plan and you need to have a plan of what it
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is you are going to say and go and the narrative that you want to build over the course of the campaign and in the last five weeks since securing the nomination of the republican party after the indiana primary and the suspension of ted cruz' campaign, we have not seen anything that donald trump did that was organized and well thought out. maybe that was the infighting. you need to be on the offense and he's been on the defense and flailing. and this hopefully removes the dysfunctionality in the campaign and we'll see if it has a more are taut effort. >> lewandowski had no national experience beside ises the primary campaign. what do you see under manafort
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and will make the experience. >> and david plouffe didn't have the experience when they ran the obama campaign. i had no national experience before the strategist of the 22004 campaign. it is a large task. we need to have an idea of what we are going to do and take the valuable commodity and alhoicate. and what states are we allocating it to to and message that we with want the candidate to deliver. and then how can that be planned out to help make sense toward a winning election. and he has not had a good 4 or 5 weeks. and as recently as may 22nd. he was ahead of hillary clinton in the national polls and since
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then declining. but she's not going up that much. and he can regain that ground, but he has to have a plan to do it and execute that plan and show discipline and where he focused his time and message. there is only one car rove. you know that karticle. and only one eric shaun. each unique. >> paul ryan would never said he would tell a republican voter to vote against the delegate. he is the chairman of the convention in a couple of weeks. >> he's also the speaker of the house, and he has to lead the republican caucus. and the republican caucus is fractured and what paul ryan is saying, i am for trump, and i hope you will be, too, but i will not pressure you. i thought it was a smart move.
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donald trump ought to step back and stop talking about his critics inside of the party. the less than trump talks about it the easier for people to figure out what they are are going to do it without with the scene. the more trump talks about it the more we ask leaders of mcconnell and ryan where they are. the more trump focuses his efforts on clinton and obama the better. he ought to be confident. and when he tells the critics in the republican party to shut up. i can do that if i need be. but it focuses on the difficulties in the republican party. and the less hugh he talks about it and more about obama and clinton the more attacks. >> karl rove; and sitting by the
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bay in san francisco. >> hillary clinton's campaign ramping up for the general election and the fbi investigation in her e-mail server is a major thorn in her side still. what the attorney general said about it. and orlando, attempting to heal one week after the deadliest shooting in modern history. the fbi releases new details. >> we'll not release the audio. and the killer made murderous statements, he did so in a chilling and calm and deliberate manner. i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady.
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with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. >> we wanted to release the transcripts at this time so that the public would have a better idea of the time line in the morning hours of june 12th, and also that you would have a better idea of what the law
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enforcement officers on the ground were dealing with when they made the decision to enter the night club. >> investigators in florida moments ago explaining their reason for releasing partial transcripts from the night of the orlando terror attack giving a glimpse in the law enforcement decision- making process on on the night of the shooting and the transcripts providing disturbing new details on the killer's motive. steve, what are we learning from all of this? >> first of all a precise time line from the information released in the transcripts. three calls from the killer nine minutes and 16 minutes and three minutes. we are getting i killer motivation as well. the killer called him self
10:19 am
a islamic jihadi fighter and soldier and wanted the u.s. to stop bombing syria and iraq. controversy of what was not released. any reference of the isis loyalty redakted and that raised a lot of questions today, melissa. >> beyond the issue of what was left out of the transcript. police sounded defensive today. >> a lot of questions were raised. three hours that the police breached the back wall using an armored vehicle. and the chief spoke about those questions in the morning press conference. >> there was a misconception that we didn't do anything for three hours. that is absolutely not true. our officers exchanged gunfire
10:20 am
with the suspect and forced him to retreat in the bathroom. we let the negotiator to take over and have a peaceful resolution. >> reporter: it was in the three hour stand off officers pulled people out of the dance floor and pulled eight people to safety through a hole-in-the-wall, melissa? >> a lot to be said there. thank you so much. president obama endorsed hillary clinton for president p. what is the chanceseses of her being indicted in the investigation of private e-mail server. up next, attorney general loretta lynch answers the question. >> does it make it harder for to you handle the crim nam investigation into into clinton when your boss says she should
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> attorney general lynch weighing in on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal and if the president's endorsement has an impact on the fbi investigation. >> does it make it harder for you to handle the criminal investigation into clinton when your boss is saying he thinks she should be president. >> i don't get involved in whom the president endorses and i don't comment on any of the candidates. the investigation of the state department e-mail is like any other matter. we have career agents and lawyers looking at that. >> the conservative judicial watch is looking at clinton's time in the state department and
10:25 am
even her staff. emily shireses. and kevin paul scott is a republican strategist who worked on mike huckabee's campaign. kevin, let me start with with you. does this matter if she is not criminally indicted. >> i think it is tough if she is not indicted. the clintons are so corrupt so long, the reality is that the general public is tiring of this. this is a super serious allegation. the public is tired of hearing about the e-mails and unless there is a criminal indictment i don't think it will affect her campaign. >> i don't believe they have not had any conversation? >> i do believe her. the thing is do people think that obama would not endorse hillary clinton? i think his endorsement throws things off and assume
10:26 am
a democratic president would endorse the democratic candidate. we have a flurry of concerns. >> i don't know that the concerns are sudden. she is a political appointment and appointed to a life changing post. their thoughts are aligned and he wants hillary clinton to it continue his legacy unlike donald trump who would undo everything he's done. does that set it up for the her not making the decision. comey coming up whether or not to indict. is there a independent thifrd party to do that? >> there is a concern about the overpoliticalization of the justice department under barak obama. he wants his policy to continue. >> but for anyone. you flip the roles and had this at stake by all characters
10:27 am
victim offed. it is human nature that would be feeling pressure whether it is it spoken or not. that's what individual councils are all about. >> i do think the fbi. >> yes, i think what we are talking about loretta lynch. >> the fbi makes a recommendation and the department of justice didn't follow-up that would cause far greater problems and democrats understand that risk. and clinton has seen highly distrustworthy and overly connected. >> kevin, the idea of judicial watch said she's taking public office for financial gain to a new art form and they always have. go back to the cattle futures and people accept that from them as the price of what they would
10:28 am
will view as their competency. does it take something else come along to make the public pay attention. does the economy have to fall apart? >> i don't know what to take. from the clinton presidency with scandals from benghazi to now e-mail. clintons are completely corrupt. the public is not listening anymore. it would take a criminal charge or break down in her campaign to wake people up and pay attention to what is happening. >> thank you, guys. >> have you heard about this? the troubling spike in crime in u.s. cities. some call the ferguson effect is to blame. and why she said more crime will be the result. hearing how hot it is out west. raging wildfireses fuelled by
10:29 am
triple digit temperatures. how long will it be before they finally get a break. >> if one goes up. they will all go up. i am just trying to stand my ground.
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real cheese people would never eat a slice wrapped in plastic when they can have a slice of 100% real. natural cheese slices from sargento. we're real cheese people. >> a fox news alert. a blistering heatwave in the west. phoenix 120 degrees.
10:33 am
searring heat fuelling the massive wildfires in several states. four people collapsed and died hiking or mountain biking. it is not only the heat that is a concern, forecasters tracking a tropical moving fast over the gulf of mexico. meteorologist janice dean has more on that. a lot to track down. >> there is a lot to talk about in the extreme weather center. talking about the heat first of all and then we'll get to danielle. 103 in feep iks. and dealing with heat in the southern u.s. hot advisories remain posted. we are going to feel 110 to 120 degrees. so there are the highs today. 120 degrees and a lot of these cities. phoenix, arizona 110- 115.
10:34 am
and the heat is not going to go anywhere. it is the next 5- 7 days and look at temperatures. 115 in phoenix and uman as well and las vegas and in the southern and central u.s. where the humidity levels are high as well. oppressive heat in many areas over the south and southwest. phoenix arizona, watching you again for a potential of setting a daily record today. yesterday fifth highest temperature on record of 118 degrees. that's not helping. the wildfires, 17 fires burning and over 100 acres in each of the wildfires. not much rain in the next couple of days. we might get little bit of a moisture from tropical storm danielle. this is the earliest on record we have seen four main storms.
10:35 am
it will move in mexico later on today. some of that moisture could get in the desert southwest with. i mean, it is an ongoing situation with the deadly heat. we could see large hail in the ohio valley and northeast, monday and tuesday and wednesday. watch in chicago. so melissa so much to to talk about. happy first day of summer, it is today it. >> thank you so much. eric? >> thanks, melissa. new question about the recent spike in crime in u.s. cities in the ferguson- effect could be to blame. according to the survey of the largest cities, homicide rates are up and nonfatal shootings are up 20 percent.
10:36 am
the war on cops. how new attack on law and order makes everyone less safe. we have the senior fellow of the manhattan institute here. heather, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> can you explain what is the ferguson affect and what is the rise in crime? >> the ferguson effect. a term i coined officers backing off proactive policing in inner city neighborhoods and criminals are becoming emboldened. last year there was a 17 percent homicide in the 56 largest cities and large black population, 50 percent more increase. black lives are taken at an enormous rate to not a word of protest to the black lives matter protestors. >> no one condon police abuse,
10:37 am
but as you point out, the end result is the poor communities that need policing the most. >> need officers to act courtesy and within with the law. the black lives matter is a fraud. it shows that the police are the biggest threat to the young black men. the biggest threat is black on black crime. blacks die at a homicide rate higher than whites and hispanics combined. whites alone it is 11 time disparity and that brings in inner city neighborhoods, trying to protect law- abiding residents who demand more policing and wants cops to get out of the car at 1:00 a.m., but
10:38 am
when the media besides fox and president obama say that is wrong. the cops back off. >> we see some in the community trying to dress this. why not more outrage and protest about what you are talking about? >> there is no echo in the mainstream media and racism sells. but this case it is it false. the best protection and agencies that are most dedicated to black lives matter is the police. racism is not a widespread problem. it is easy tore play the victim than address family formation and leaving too many raised without fathers and they are are becoming gang members. in chicago it is a shooting every 43 minutes. >> chicago is unbelievable. the homicide rate is through the roof.
10:39 am
toddlers are shot and killed. what can we do as a society to try to stop this and prevent this and address this issue? >> we have to persuade officers to be be proactive and enforce broken wind withos and low level quality of life issues. that is what law- abiding inner city residents are begging for. i met a cancer amputee said only time she feels safe to pick up her mail is when police are there. that is the voices that are not reported by the new york times. >> what happenses when the crowd have the cell phones and watched. and they are thinking this is documented and even if they are following procedures and guidelines, something can be misinterpreted. >> they are improvises use of
10:40 am
force that don't look bad. but the problem is too many people are resisting arrest. what people need to hear. if there is a cell phone video that does not capture the entire interaction, we have your back and now they don't trust that. >> you think it will be addressed? >> if we have different political leadership for sure. hillary clinton has been continuing the calame against the criminal justice that president obama has been engaged in. and saying they treat blacks and whites differently. >> they can't prove it. >> the tragedy and sadness for our nation and everyone, if we went back to what we saw in the inner city in the '70s and we with were there and know what it is like. >> until we get fathers
10:41 am
policing, it is the second best solution. >> thank you. we want to hear from you. this one about the fbi who are worried about a spike in the crime in our big cities. do you think less aggressive policing is to blame for that. go to fox"happening now" and you can join the conversation on this vital topic, melissa. >> the supreme court rejecting a challenge on the semiise automatic weapons. a live report from washington is next. and plus, getting a quick change after the cavaliers make basketball history and how the city is getting ready to the convention in july thanks to a flurry of activities. everything you're good at now, you were once... pretty bad at. it's the same for credit. even if you're not good at it now, that's okay.
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because credit isn't just a score. it's a skill. experian. be better at credit.
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>> it is a start for a big summer for cleveland. look at what they are doing to the arena. the rnc released the time lapsed video. hours after the cavs won. and lebron, where is lebron? >> i see him in the foreground. and look they are converting the court in the arena in the floor for the convention. 250 people doing that and working to make sure it is tiptop shape. how about that. >> new information on key supreme court rulings today. the court rejecting a challenge to the connecticut semi-automatic gun ban. and in the meanwhile we have three other big cases. and shannon bream is live in
10:46 am
washington. >> reporter: we are waiting decisions. it is things we will not hear. the justices turned away an a pole in connecticut. challenging the strict gun laws and praising the decision the senator said this. common sense limitations on weapons of war do not infringe on the law- abiding gun owners. we could get a decision out of texas challenging a state law of abortion to reach surgical standards and have admitting privileges of 30 miles. many on the left are counting on justice kennedy to side with them. >> i don't think it will be 4- 4. i think he will join the liberal justices, there is
10:47 am
a constitutional right for a woman to choose whether or not to have an abortion. >> we are waiting on a challenge to the president's use of executive power when the administration changed immigration policy and blocking millions of being deported. the decision goes far beyond that. >> this is giving them a license to stay here. when they are not here lawfully and then they can file for social security and that's why texas is suing. it will cost a lot of money. >> we'll have a decision on affirmative action and we'll get the next round from the supreme court on thursday. >> thank you for breaking it down for us. >> the fbi released the phone transcripts from the orlando transcript. no name, no isis or islamic state.
10:48 am
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xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. hi, everyone. hammy monday. i've gretchen carlson. breaking news for you today. we're hearing from corey lewandowski for the first time now since being fired by donald trump. what is he saying about how he was let go by the trump campaign and being escorted out of the building? we'll also have a new poll out on the presidential race. you'll hear about it here first so who has gained the edge over the last few weeks, hillary clinton or trump? and a big announcement today on "the real story." don't miss my very special guest who will help me do just that just six minutes from now. and a fox news alert. take a look at vice president
10:52 am
joe biden delivering a keynote address at the center of new american security at its annual conference in the nation's capital. he's expected to start attacking donald trump's aggressive approach to foreign policy and say that mr. trump has had the attitude and insecurity of a bully showing his remarks and declarations have been empty bluster and our u.s. needs to rely on our foreign partners. this is an aggressive stance by the obama administration to push back against donald trump. we'll monitor the vice president's remarks and keep on that as he continues in his speech this afternoon. here we go. a fox news alert out of orlando. investigators releasing partial transcripts of the phone conversation between omar mateen had with mateen on the night of the terror attack at pulse nightclub but the fbi deleting
10:53 am
part of the dialogue including when the shooter pledged allegiance to isis. a former prosecutor and criminal defense joins us and heather hanson is a trial attorney and is here as well. let's talk to our viewers about why we hear the actual transcripts and tapes. we hear them in the case of celebrities, when something has happened and you hear people calling it on 911 and in the case of the alligator and 2-year-old. this has to do with transparency and people knowing what has gone on, right? what's the value? >> well, the value is it's public information, and the public has a right to know. in fact, in a case like this you can make a foia request, a freedom of information law request and you, the media, me, anybody is entitled to get that information. the problem here is that we're being lied to because the police, the administration gets up and they say, listen, we're not going to release all of it because we have a right not to disclose an ongoing investigation, but that's not the real reason they are keeping
10:54 am
it from us. they are keeping it from us because they don't want to propagate isis. we're not talking about selling t-shirts, talking about a matter of national security, our security and we shouldn't be lied to like this. >> heather in, some ways they are trying to have their cake and eat it, too, in this case because you can see from the press conference when they were releasing the information, what they were really trying to do is address the three hours, and they have gotten a lot of complaints about were people dying in that name? were you not doing anything in that time and they wanted to show in fact they had removed the air conditioner and gone in through different ways and working very hard during that time but at the same time they had the legal right to hold some of it back. it may have backfired though. >> certainly backfired. listen, we would not be talking about as much, the fact that this man pledged allegiance to isis if they had just released the whole tapes, released the entire transcript. by keeping that word out they actually have us talking a lot more about it and giving it a lot more attention. i think it was a misguided decision. however, it was a legal decision. under the law because the investigation is still ongoing.
10:55 am
i mean, look, they don't release the actual transcripts. we don't get to hear it, only get to see it in writing n.part, that's because they don't want to get people more fired up about this. they want to continue the investigation. the same holds true with deciding to redact certain parts of information. i think ultimately what they wanted was not actually what happened because here we are talking about the fact that he pledged allegiance to isis. >> in the beginning, person that came out who i think was from the attorney general's office said that they want to avoid revictimizing, you know, the families in this case, but then when local authorities came out they said we don't want to propagate their violent rhetoric, their cowards. we know what he said though. >> we do know what it is. >> we had already heard the reports so what's the point? it was already out there? >> another big fat lie. nobody wants to revictimize these people, but we are investigating this so it doesn't happen to more people. i mean, come on already. if they -- if they were truly saving us from something, then
10:56 am
don't release any of this until the investigation is complete. >> to play devil's advocate, the exact language is important to the people who do it, and i think we'll come to find that the exact language he used was not specific to isis but perhaps even more specific so that could be part of why they don't want to have other people following suit. ultimately i think we will see the entire transcripts. i think once the investigation is closed freedom of information act. >> are they forced at that point? do they have no choice but to release the whole thing in its entirety? >> not necessarily. someone in the press most likely would be the one to win that type of be a argument but they have would to file a motion to get the information and then the government would say we classified it and then this is why and the courts would decide. >> can be a challenge. >> thanks, melissa. >> we'll be right back.
10:57 am
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thanks, guys. big fox news alert for you today because the trump campaign announcing a dramatic shake-up. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. happy monday. this is "the real story" today. after a year at the helm of the trump campaign it comes time for departure of longtime manager corey lewandowski and it was announced a short time ago. this happened 27 days away now from the rnc convention in cleveland as trump works to pivot his campaign towards the general election. senior national correspondent john roberts live for us at trump tower here in new york city today. so, john, any indication of what was behind corey's firing? >> reporter: yeah. there's a lot of talk. we've talked to some folks inside the campaign, and you get kind of conflicting stories as is always expected to happen in a case like this. lewandowski himself has been talking. he sort of played down any riff with the trump campaign, but other he's how we understand thetic tthe tick talk of how it went down.


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