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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 20, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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was going to play a big role. >> she will play a role. >> that's it for "your world." i'm going to be at fox working it out for you and what it means for your money. thanks for watching, see you tomorrow. hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle with dana perino. this is "the five." some breaking news in the presidential race. donald trump fired a campaign manager less than a month before the republican national convention. campaign sources tell fox news it was an ongoing power struggle between him and the convention manager. the gop nominee's children may have played a role in the shake up. in a statement, the trump campaign said he was grateful to
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corey for his hard work and wishes him the best. lieu w >> why were you fired? >> i don't know the answer to that. what i know is what we have been able to achieve in this election cycle has been historic. i'm proud to be a small part of that. a general election campaign against a very well funded giant organization like the clinton campaign is very different than running against those primary state elections. i had a nice conversation with mr. trump. i said to him, it's been an honor and privilege to be part of this. look, i wouldn't change one second. >> trump addresses the firing tonight on the "o'reilly factor." we have the first look at that. >> i think corey is terrific. i watched him before. he was terrific toward me, said i was a talented person. he's a talented person. he's a good guy. he's a friend of mine. i think it's time now for a
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different kind of campaign. for corey, ime proud of him, he did a great job. >> see the rest of that interview on o riley add 8:00 p.m. eastern. there were reports earlier on there was tension in terms of campaign direction between paul who was brought into the campaign subsequent to corey being in charge and getting trump in the direction he was going. >> yeah, we will set it up a little bit. the communications director. she and corey were pretty much the inner circle to donald trump. there's michael kohn, one of his attorneys as well. remember when there's a delegate issue going on. the trump campaign was winning the elections. the delegates were jumping ship after they won a state. they brought in paul to start that bleeding, that slide. he came in and the way i understand it now is that there was some back and forth between corey and manifort.
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the way we are hearing or i heard is he approached ivanka and jared, donald's daughter and son-in-law and said look, it's me or him. we are not getting along. they may have pushed for maniford. he's been around since may of last year. a little bit of a surprise to me. they were the ones hoping they were there from the beginning. michael caputo was a campaign adviser for the trump campaign. he tweeted ding dong the witch is dead and a picture of the witch's feet sticking out of the bottom of the house. >> great movie. >> so, that tells me there was an internal strife going on. then he resigned, michael caputo, just minutes ago resigned. a lot going on in the campaign. they want to fix this before
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they depict the convention. >> dana, from a communications standpoint, how do you think this was handled? will it have long term or short term impact? >> bear with me. i have a few things to answer that. >> perfect. >> the timing of this is unfortunate for the trump campaign. this is a decision that could have gone on friday and played out over the weekend and trump could have started fresh and shown a pivot to the campaign. i think the caputo thing is interesting. it shows drama is not settling. also, i think it shows how ammicable the departure was with trump and lewandowski. i think trump came to it reluctantly, but it was the best thing to do for the campaign, for whatever reason. they will hopefully tell us at some point. the rnc leaders were concerned.
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manifort -- the narrative over the weekend was look at the falling poll numbers and then you had the orlando issue backed by the mexican judge. >> right. >> this is actually a good pivot for the campaign. the third thing is donald trump's other audience was the media. sometimes the only way to change the subject with the media is to have a dramatic thing happen. getting rid of your campaign manager, 19 weeks before the election is a big deal, unusual. but, it will allow the trump campaign, hopefully, in the next 48 hours or so to turn a corner. then we'll see what else happens. >> certainly an interesting and unexpected turn of events. this is so close in for the final heat. >> i think they blew it. this was the perfect opportunity to do it like the apprentice where they filmed him in the back of the limo. they interviewed him, you
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haven't heard the last of me. they always say that. everybody on a reality show says you haven't heard the last of me. ironically, that's usually the last you hear of them. corey served a purpose. he was like a lieutenant in a novel. he's there for loyalty and muscle. they don't expect intellect from him. he does his job. if you expect him to be sensitive and perceptive, that's on you. he's there, he's basically a loyal henchman. i think it was good news trump listened to someone. that means there's hope. maybe it's his family, but he's listening to somebody. there's a confusion between loyalty and a yes man. loyalty is important. a yes man can be damaging. my manager criticizes me every day. i hate him. i could fire him, but i don't because i know somebody's got to tell me i'm an idiot. you need somebody to tell you that. it's trump's family that holds him in and says, look, time for
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this guy to go. he finally listened after some months. >> his circle of trust. make no mistake, the campaign manager of the trump campaign is donald trump. he's the shock collar. he is the one that chooses. this is why he gets where he is. he is not second guessing his decisions. you have to do something about the general election to get in. >> you have to bring in others. the key point is party unity. what you know is paul manifort is known to peel in d.c. he got into politics under circumstance and serendipity. paul mani fords is not always liked by the players in d.c. he's been around and willing to make a deal. he's a conduit to trump.
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lieu an dou lewansky was not. this is a new one, ask to send a billionaire money. why is that? if you look at the money totals in terms of add strertizing, it's like hillary clinton is spending $23 million in swing states. how much is donald trump spending? zero. zip. >> she's up 100% in swing states over him. >> just what you are talking about, the polls. look at the polls. the most resent have her up by 12 something. look at the swing states. again, the swing states really count. donald trump needs to flip it. >> here is the thing. trump has a big edge over hillary. it's hillary. you know, he may be freddie kruger, but she's jason. he may be leather face, but she's chucky. isn't that amazing?
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it's true. it's a mirror image. he may be michael myers, but she's hannibal lecter. >> how many do you have written down? >> that's it. i can come up with more. >> there's no doubt trump had a rough 10 or 12 days up until the weekend. maybe he needed a big change in the campaign to say, look, let's draw a line. that was the past. let's look forward. there wasn't a poll down that had him down by seven. he came back a little bit. who knows. for me, watching trump, i just don't like him on the teleprompter. i like him saying it. i know they want him on that so there aren't slip ups that people go crazy about. what really drew people to trump were talking off the top of your head. >> my concern is that i don't know where paul manifort is on
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this. he's going to be the campaign manager. i hope he doesn't pivot to a hard core, you know, politician because i don't think that's his strength. >> the unity is the key, right, eric? you need the republican party coming together. what we have seen when trump's numbers go down is not that hillary is picking up. donald trump is losing critical support among independents and republicans. >> trump is in a weird spot. do you keep being you and would you keep your base, who are thrilled, then you may not get -- you get few converts. open up your arms, become passionate and risk pissing off the hard base? he thooz figure out where to go. >> the one thing that is helpful is lewindowsky deserves credit. you wouldn't be where you are today and trump knows that.
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that's why it looks ammicable on the surface. what he can do is something lewindowsky couldn't do. the campaign has been confusing support at the rallies, which is robust and amazing and great energy with support in a general election and those two things are not the same. i can understand if that's true he went in and said it's him or me. at this point, if you are looking 19 weeks into the general election, had to be manifort. >> you brought up about corey and donald trump being very close. yeah. they get along. they like each other. >> michelle fields. >> loyal. >> people said it's time to let him go. trump said no, i'm going to stay with him. >> he tiring her to replace him. that's what i heard. >> may or may not be true. >> may not be true. we are checking on it as i speak. >> may not be true.
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yesterday, attorney general loretta lynch would only release a partial transcript of the 911 orlando call. my word, what could they leave out? >> we are not going to further acclaim this individual's claim to terrorist groups. we will hear some of those things, but we are not going to hear his assertion of allegiance. this will be a printed transcript. it will capture the back and forth between him and the negotiators. >> after much outcry, they caved, releasing the whole transcript claiming the controversy was becoming a distraction. distraction being another word for embarrassment. the terrorist should be
2:17 pm
forgotten, the link to isis should not. if you are going to release this one, don't leave out the key parts. those people were killed because of radical islam. remove thag from the call is like removing the shark from jaws or the nazi's from schindler's list. if the killer mentioned the kkk, would this be an issue. trump security, which brings us to islamic phobia, a hall pass to horror. what if the terrorists name was joe smith? it's not. they focus on guns. it's like blaming arson not on the arsonist, fwu fire. we are told how the left loves science. here is science. islamism preaches the murder of infidels, then murders infidels,
2:18 pm
cause meet effect. how could you deny that science, mr. president. why are you giggling? >> i liked your -- >> science? eric, are you surprised they changed their mind? >> no, no, no. i'm not surprised, they had to. the outcry was incredible. the gunman/terrorist, depending on what side of the aisle you reside on, what he said has a bearing on what his motivations were. what his state of mind was when he was pulling the trigger, killing people. if you think it's a terrorist, like i do or a gunman like some on the left think, it depends on what he says. if he says i pledge allegiance to isis, a jihadist, then you know he's a terrorist. i don't know what this big issue is of calling terrorists terrorists. radical islamists terrorists. why are we afraid to say you can't win the war against people
2:19 pm
unless you name your enemy and let everyone know they are the enemy. >> makes them 49 dead people wrong, that's why. they don't want us to hear the troous and want it to be radical islamism at all. they are at a crew said against guns. this exposes them. >> from the start, i remember the sunday morning i was hearing about this. we are hearing a terrorist investigation. we see this as a terrorist incident. i didn't know what. it's obvious now when you read or listen to the transcript, he is talking about perpetrating terror. i don't know that it's not calling terrorist. >> they leave out the "i" word. >> defend this one. >> i am. >> even if you love the administration, you cannot defend that -- calling the name -- saying -- >> okay, let me make the case -- let me make the case they make. what you hear from the fbi
2:20 pm
director, this guy is confused. he likes one group, he likes isis, al qaeda, he likes hamas. they all have contradictory backing, support and aim. he's going for anything. >> they are all radical islamists. give me a break. >> how did they handle this? what do you think happened? >> i think it was more innocent than wanting to hide the fact that it was terrorism because they said that. what i imagine happening is there's too many cooks in the kitchen. somebody with good intentions saying maybe we should not further the propaganda, let's redact this. the communications people that aren't in the room or they don't have enough of a skeptic to say, excuse me, i'm not going out there and saying that because x, y and z. also to say, if you do that, immediately the country is going to say, you are trying to hide the fact that it's terrorism. i feel they have somebody -- >> i totally disagree.
2:21 pm
i think they wanted to water it down. that's why she didn't release the most powerful thing you can play in court, compelling evidence that grips the jury is audio or video. when you have the words of that man speaking and what he's saying and talking about jihad and talking about -- this is exactly what the administration is trying to water down and tone down. >> emphasize the issue, kimberly. >> what we heard today was paul ryan saying hey, you have to let this out. i think it's a political effort. everybody knows this guy, as we said earlier, was a terrorist who said he was doing it -- >> there was an attempt, i think last week, i'm not going to name names, an attempt by some to say he was a lone gun, deranged, upset because he was gay and not out of the closet. the other thing the fbi announced today is now that they have released the full transcript, they want to make sure we all know it says god
2:22 pm
instead of allah because it was translated. you don't have to translate names. >> there's too many cooks in the kitchen, but there's only one chef, loretta lynch. she oversees the fbi. you know who has the most right to the full transcript? the gay community. the lgbt community should hear who killed 49 of them. >> they need to know the truth about what happened. >> you are making this into a political -- either that the guy was anti-gay or anti-american. he's deranged. >> he's one of them. >> anti-gay. islamism is anti-gay. >> what we have here is a specific situation where this guy perpetrated a horrific crime, tried to use islamic
2:23 pm
terrorism as the cover but it was anti-gay -- >> oh, no. >> where did he commit this crime? at a gay club. >> jihad -- he said he's a jihadist. >> we have to move on. >> entering the world of absurdity. next, we are going to capitol hill where senators are considering four gun control laws in the wake of the terror attack in orlando. stay tuned.
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farxiga may help you lose weight. do not take if allergic to farxiga. if you experience symptoms of a serious allergic reaction such as rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking and seek medical help right away. do not take farxiga if you have severe kidney problems, are on dialysis, or have bladder cancer. tell your doctor right away if you have blood or red color in your urine or pain while you urinate. farxiga can cause serious side effects, including dehydration, genital yeast infections in women and men, serious urinary tract infections, low blood sugar and kidney problems. stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away if you have signs of ketoacidosis which can be serious or life-threatening. farxiga. ♪ i am everyday people we are everyday people. visit and ask your doctor how you can get farxiga for free. you are looking live at the senate floor where lawmakers are about to vote on four gun control measures eight days after the deadliest mass shooting in our nation's history.
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amendments to tighten gun laws. the proposals include banning gun checks and gun sales to suspected terrorists. none are expected to get enough votes to move on. the gun control push won't deter terrorism. >> look right in the face of the people we are facing. they don't care about the law. laws didn't stop them in boston. laws didn't stop them in san bernardino where you have every type of gun control law you could have. they didn't stop them in paris where people can't own guns. they don't say oh, gosh, they passed a law. i don't think i can do it. what we are doing with the debate on the hill right now is like they are trying to stop a freight train with a piece of kleenex. >> how did you think of that metaphore? >> i thought it was excellent. imagine debating four bills on box cutters after 9/11. that's the insane -- could i -- i want to bring up the idea of profiling. can i just --
2:29 pm
>> would you like to see a soundbyte first, before you do that. >> yes! >> donald trump and rudy giuliani talk about profiling. >> i think profiling is something we have to start thinking about as a country. other countries do it. israel and others do it. they do it successfully. you know, i hate the concept of profiling, but we have to start using common sense and we have to use, you know, we have to use our heads. >> of course you profile. that's what policing is all about. here is where it's wrong, when you do it based on race, religion, sexual orientation, just for that reason, just because you don't like them. if you are doing it based on hard facts that lead to protection of the public, like a group of one type. >> you have no problem with what he said? >> i have no problem. of course you should profile, based upon hard facts. >> your thoughts on that?
2:30 pm
>> it's not racist to profile an idea or a doctrine. you separate islamism from arabic people, you will be fine. behavior has to be profiled unless you think acting like a terrorist is somehow part of a genetic make up. if you actually think that's part of who they are, you are the racist. that's what president obama painted himself in a corner. he can't say islamism or radical islam. he can't make the distinction. he's the one seeing people, not behavior. now you have reverse profiling. if a terrorist is muslim, that's helpful as a protective shield. that's why this guy wasn't investigated, the orlando killer. that's why hassan got away with it in ft. hood. we are dealing with reverse profilism. >> you said he wasn't investigated. >> you know what i mean.
2:31 pm
>> yeah. >> they were scared of being called islamphobia, so they let them go. >> i don't know. >> so mean to fbi agents. you think they were stupid and incompetent. they made the best effort. you can say hey, you should have gone farther. nothing to do with profiling. >> the four amendments they are going to vote on tonight, none of them would have prevented the orlando shooting. >> expanded background. no fly, no buy, the terror watch list, which he wasn't on at the time. the mentally ill making those mentally ill not able to get guns. gun show loophole. >> they are sensible. >> some of them, you can work with. i agree with a couple of these, including the five-year lookback. if you were on the terror watch list five years ago and taken off, if you buy a gun, they are going to freeze the sale for the moment. >> delay. >> then investigate you. those are sensible things.
2:32 pm
but, practice what's going to happen. they are talking about this. they are going to get closure, then it won't pass. >> you think it's going to fail? >> the proposals are going to fail. >> why is that? >> you are not going to get 60 votes. >> why is that? >> you are not going to get 60 votes. >> the republicans refuse to do -- >> three are propose zed by republicans. >> what about the -- >> also the watch list. there has been movement, we'll get kimberly in here. there's a research study that found people who prioritize gun rights over gun control are four or five times more likely to support advocacy groups, contact public officials and be active. that's why it continues. >> because they are in it. they have skin in the game or muzzle in the game. this is something we care about.
2:33 pm
we are passionate about the second amendment. it's an identifying factor to them in terms of life. it's part of the lifestyle choice whether it's target shooting or that kind of thing. they embrace it as a sport. there's more of a psychological commitment to it. they want to go and vote abtd it, get involved, contact their public representatives. that's why you won't get 60 votes. people in those communities are hearing from advocates and pressing them on it. >> i don't think that's it. when i look at the numbers, it's clear. 71% of americans favor -- >> that's a general number. >> requirements on guns, loopholes. when it comes to republicans, really important to say, 60 plus percent of republicans favor tight background checks, closing the loophole for gun shows. that's incredible. the republican representative says we can't do this. >> you are talking state or
2:34 pm
district or specific >> i'm talking senators, united states senators. >> also in terms of the house -- >> eric? >> juan, the vast majority of people killed by guns in america are killed in cities by people killing each other, right? >> yeah. >> which one of these gun rules, if strengthened would stop the ten or 15 shootings a weekend in chicago where people are dropping dead because honestly it's african-americans, shooting other african-americans and they are dying. if you tighten any one of these gun laws, it won't affect chicago and other cities like it. >> they are handguns. >> which will it help? >> you want to replay what happened? >> i just want to know which gun law if you strengthen will stop the killing in chicago. >> let me tell you something, i think if you believe terrorists should be limited from getting guns, people who are per spected
2:35 pm
terrorists -- >> can you just pick one. pick one of the laws that will help you. if you make it tougher to buy guns in states like indiana and export them to cities like chicago, that will stop. that will help to stop the level. >> gang members are getting illegal guns. they are not going let me check in with my neighborhoods counselor and go buy a gun in my name so i can get busted when my slug goes into my buddy. i was a prosecutor. >> sell them illegally. >> also, jail sentences. they have to be put away. these criminals have to be put away longer. the gun crimes have to have harsher penalties. >> everyone wants justice reform. >> illegal guns. >> next, legendary baseball announcer ben skully shreds socialism. your car insurance policy is 22 pages long.
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hall of fame announcer has been delivering commentary on baseball for 67 years. on friday, he threw politics into the mix and hit it out of the park. it came when milwaukee brewers perez was up. scully offered this epic takedown of the utopia. >> bailing to work as it always does. this time in venezuela. you talk about giving everybody something free and all of a sudden there's no food to eat. who do you think is the richest person in venezuela? the daughter of hugo chavez. >> socialism left the country starving. people there are rioting and looting to feed their families.
2:41 pm
juan, let me start, you love wabl baseball. >> i do. >> do you like socialism? >> no. >> he ended with, oh, well, 0-2. >> i know. i like to listen to baseball on the radio. they talk about all kind of things. should he have used that platform for a political message? if it's a message you don't like, would you be here -- >> can i respond to that? >> you are talking about, what you are talking ant, appropriate hypocrisy. i railed against costas in a big way because of a gun rant. i ran into him in the green room and he was yelling at me. this issue is different, here is why. if you are anti-gun, it's a club pass to the most exclusive lounge there is. if guns are bad, e-mail inbox is
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full. no one is saying what scully said. instead, celebrities like sean penn and oliver stone will brownnose the chavez family and sleek off as people eat each other because they don't have food. it is hypercritical to make fun of costas with one exception, what he does, everybody does. that's the first time i have heard it on tv. >> that eels what's so shocking. so concise. he really nailed it. >> i can see the euphoria on your face. he did it right. it's like the delivery, the messenger and the way he said it and laid it out. oh, well. 0-2. it's funny. it's a nice way to say it. it also brings the point home, which is true. outgoing commercial flights from
2:43 pm
there, you can't get milk and beer. that's going to be a problem. >> toilet paper. >> toilet paper not that greg would use it. >> so much truth to what he said. it's not opinion that socialism is failing in venezuela. >> it's unusual. if you watch the oscars, you know you are going to get filled with political talk. this was unusual and i thought he nailed it. i love him. all men of his generation that are patriots. the interesting thing about venezuela is, it's so rich in oil resources. one thing they have done is created an enemy list. he put the leftist that is are loyal to him in charge of food distribution. if you agree with me, then you are going to get food. if you don't -- it's absolute think worst kind of humanitarian crisis. >> let me jump in here and say something that is of concern to me. bernie sanders supporters very
2:44 pm
passionate and very strong. guess what surprised me is when you look at the exit polls coming out of so many primary races, high percentage of democrats think they are okay with socialism. >> scary. >> right now, 60% of people 18-26 in the united states think socialism is compassionate. >> yeah. >> to me, scully can say what he wants to say. look at the front page of newspapers where people are fighting for food in venezuela. something is wrong here. the message going to our young people in this country is reason for concern. >> and that iran is making inroads in latin america and they will foster more instability, which is not good for us, either. >> hello. >> that's what -- for the first time in half a century, the cleveland cavaliers can call themselves champions. lebron james collapsing to the
2:45 pm
ground after bringing his team to a victory. emotional night. it's more than a network.
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it's how you stay connected. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you get an industry leading broadband network and cloud and hosting services. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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final seconds. it's over! it's over!
2:49 pm
cleveland is the city of champions again. the cavaliers are champions. >> cleveland took a victory last night. the cavaliers claim the nba championship title. they are the first team in the league history to come from behind vag trailed three games to one. here is the emotional mvp lebron james on fulfilling his promise to cleveland. >> got a gold. when i came back -- i gave everything that i had. i put my heart, my blood, sweat and tears in the game. >> greg, it's like a novel. he leads the city. he says, oh, i'm out of here. >> a fairytale. i want to point out the racism that we are having juan do the basketball segment. what a bad message to send to america that the cavaliers beat the warriors.
2:50 pm
typical millenials. they don't care. the bachelorette, tonight, we are going to find out if chad goes totally -- >> wait. >> the nba final. >> 100,000. >> that's what i thought. >> can we talk about this in a meaningful way? >> this is great. i bet you have a back loaded contract and a bonus if he got the championship, i bet you, i can smell the dollar signs. but, it's tremendous. it shows when you have one tremendous player, they are a game changer. they bring a team together. he felt bad when he left from miami and didn't accept the offer in new york and went back to cleveland. i'm bummed out about this. golden state warriors, they are one of the best to play in the league. >> to me, it was a great moment of tv after the game.
2:51 pm
it came from an unusual source, jr smith, a player for the cavaliers. >> my parents, my family. still the biggest inspiration in my life. they are who they are. they follow me. they yelled at me, they screamed at me, they loved me, they hugged me, they cried with me. they always there by my side, no matter right or wrong. >> to see, you know, a tough guy, basketball star break down like that. later, he gets up and hugs his dad on father's day, made an impression to me as black guy. dana, what did you think as a white lady? >> i watched. in terms of the story, i liked that. i think basketball seems easy. >> oh, my god! >> for these guys. i really think the court should
2:52 pm
be lengthened. it's like bounce, bounce, basket. bounce, bounce, basket. >> oh, my god. >> wait a second, is that >> everything happens in cleveland. >> the first winning team. 30.8 million people watched that game. >> fathers day. great. >> great. >> who saw that coming? anyone that saw three down no one thought. >> vegas people lost money. >> cavaliers is basketball's trump. >> take a bus to cleveland. what do you say? >> one more thing, up next. whatever you're drinking.
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wherever you are. splenda zero is a fun, easy way to get the perfect amount of sweetness, down to the last sip. zero calories. zero carbs. zero sugar. zero effort. new splenda zero. hello there. it's time for one more thing. >> one week and one thing, my book is coming out. this thursday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern, it's called a live signing. they bring a camera into my house, i sit and talk and sign books. you call and i answer. greg, you have done this. >> it's awesome, have some drinks with you. it's fun. >> if they buy your book, you call them, you get an inside look at the bolling family.
2:57 pm
o'ryan is going to be upset because you are competing with him. >> everybody is nice. >> check it out. there's the book. thursday night at 8:00. >> do it. buy it. wake up america. wake up dana. we love to read hear at "the five." dana laughed at somebody "fly over nation." she grew up in the midwest, so did i. i got to know her during the election coverage. you can't run a country if you don't understand it. coastal elites flying back from california, to new york to d.c. you don't get to understand what's going on in the rest of america. it's an entertaining read. she'll be on the kelly file. >> you get a watch a lot of cool movies. >> doesn't she sell the superbeats? >> she does. >> greg, what do you have?
2:58 pm
>> people asked why am i wearing a purple tie? today is june 20th, the longest day of the year and a day you honor the 15 million caregivers of alzheimers and the 5 million who suffer from the disease. it's a fatal disease, there are no survivors. it's hard for the caregivers as the victims of it. go to to learn more about it. we don't do enough. with the baby boomers, it ain't gonna be pretty. cure, now. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> this weekend we had a full moon and the 131st anniversary of the arrival of the statue of liberty. it started in 1865 when a french intellectual got the idea. he wanted to inspire the french to follow the american example of justice and liberty for all. he was responding to the 13th amendment.
2:59 pm
it was built in paris, cost $250,000. the pedestal, paid for by americans, $270,000, now worth many millions more. >> i got to go by it on a boat this weekend. it was nice. >> i have something to tell you about the daughters of the american revolution. you might have heard about the group. a lineage based service for women who are directly descended from a person involved in united states fight for independence. how cool is that? they are constantly giving back. the organization set a guinness world record for the most letters collected in one month. guess what the goal was? 10,000. guess what they hit? >> 30. >> no, 100,000 letters to military personnel. fantastic. god bless them for giving back. they go out wednesday or thursday this week. set your dvr so you never
3:00 pm
miss an episode of "the five." that's it for us. "special report" is next. donald trump's unpredictable campaign lives up to its reputation with a shake up ahead of the gop convention. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to with washington. i'm in for bret baier. it's monday and there have been plenty of fireworks for the gops presumtive nominee. trump doubles down on his immigration policy, clears up a gun control statement and says, "you're fired" to the campaign manager a month out from the convention. >> reporter: with a month out and poll numbers going the wrong


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