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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 21, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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nobody really made a lot of money but it is better than losing. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. i'll be visiting tonight with megyn kelly. charles payne in for neal caputo. his wife left the state of florida. right now, i do not know the answer of that. i believe she was going to travel but i do not know her location now. >> wow, even the attorney general doesn't know the exact location of the orlando terrorist's wife. is that a worry? welcome everyone. i'm charles payne in for nick caputo. how unusual is it that the attorney general wouldn't know where the shooter's wife is particularly as all this evidence mounts that she knew a lot about what was going on? >> well, charles, we were first to report last week based on the
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single law enforcement source that she had left florida and we understood she was visiting relatives possibly in mississippi. for some context, it is not unusual in fbi investigation once they have done multiple interviews with a subject and they have gathered information to, in effect, to cut them loose to see where they go, who they talk with and who they asoishate with and whether that is consistent with or conflicts with the information the subject gave them during the interviews. i am reading between the lines. i suspect the attorney general has a fairly good handle or fix on where the wife is. it was not something she was willing to discuss in that very public setting, charles. >> you can understand perhaps the theory of cutting them loose but trailing where they are going. the american public already upset about the mishandling of this thinking that, wow, this is a tragedy that could have been prevented.
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now this. it is just not a good look. >> i can't really speak for the look except for what my experience tells me. i don't want to get into too many of the sources an methods. i can assure you the fbi has a very good handle on where she is and who she is speaking with and what her activities are. it may have been a detail that the attorney general was not briefed on because of what they call the granularity or the specificity. i can assure you the agents working on this are really in the know on what she is up to. >> katherine, i am not sure if you can speak to this or not. the american public waiting to see if any charges may be filed against omar mateen's wife? >> that's right. she did not speak either to an element of the story that first reported, which is that there is a grand jury that has been opened and is weighing evidence in this case. we know from our reporting that she told investigators that she knew he had a plot. she knew about the weapons purchased and she helped him in
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at least one surveillance of thñ pulse nightclub. we have talked about this before. that can go to at the very least material support for a terrorist plot or accessory to murder or accessory to attempted murder. your point is well taken. given what happened with the transcripts yesterday and the redactions of the references isis and the suddenly reverse in the afternoon where the full transcript was released. this is evidence it was politically motivated and not driven by the sang hctity of th investigation. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. omar mateen may have plenled his support of isis. just don't call it radical islamic terrorism. using the term radical islamic extremism is not a
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counter terrorism strategy. it is a political talking point plain and simple. >> a political talking point plain and simple. governor rick scott is at the scene. when you hear the white house repeat over and over again that this is not radical islam and lump it in with other tragedies across this nation, how does that make you feel? >> charles, it's frustrating. i've talked to families, met with families, cried with families, gone to funerals. i was just meeting with one of the victims. they are still looking for answers. they would like more information. if it happened to your family, you would like more information. we are still mourning here. i know there is going to be a lot of politics coming on. we know this was isis and evil
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and radical islam. we have to say this is enough. we can't stand this happening in our country again. i don't want it happening in my state again. back in 2014, a journalist was beheaded by isis. i don't want that happening in my state. this was an attack on our gay community and our hispanic community. we need to take isis seriously and stop it. >> you are reluctant to publicize this a few days after the state. you are a central figure in the republican party that president obama is saying has undermined the effort and in some instances actually using the words radical islam or radical islamic terrorist has been counterproductive helping isis as a recruiting tool? >> i think about the families. i have sat down with them. i have cried with them. i have heard their stories about how their loved ones pled to death. i have talked to victims that
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have multiple gunshot wounds. here is what they want. they want more information. i understand that the fbi can't put that information out. it would hinder their investigation. if it doesn't, they should put out the information. let these families get more information and try to find out why this happened. we want to make sure this never happened again. we have to focus on destroying isis. >> having said that yesterday, we saw the attorney general release the 911 call, the first 911 call made with heavy redactions in an effort to sort of block out at least what the administration was saying, trying to somewhat save or help or mitigate the damage to the families. they reverse their thinking on that after massive public out ranl. how do you think the administration is getting to the bottom of this when it feels like they are doing more blocking and tackling which for some reason we don't know? >> i think about the families and the victims still sitting in
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the hospital. i just met a man that was lucky enough to make it out. he was telling me the story about where he hid and things and waited for the first responders. first off, let's thank these police officers that went and took that risk. people want information. they want to understand what happened. i want transparency. tell us what happened. give us the information we can. if it doesn't, tell us what happened. >> you just mentioned the first responders. i know that the state of florida requested federal funding to help for this incident to be declared a disaster or emergency. most of those funds, $5 million of those funds were turned down. the administration did offer up to $1 million to pay the
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overtime for first responders. is that enough. do you guys need more money and do you think the administration should have second thoughts to come through with the rest of the money. >> at the state level, we are providing every resource we can. look, the boston bombings were horrible. this has been used for other things. used for president obama's inauguration, the same type of funding, the boston bombing, which is a horrible act that happened. so we need the same thing here. we need all the federal resources possible to help these families, help our first responders, help our state and our city and our nation to actually get back to work. >> governor, you talked about the victims and their families, the survivors and their families, the ones who perished wanting answers. i understand the state of florida is conducting a probe on how omar mateen had a license to carry firearms despite a past
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riddled with red flags. how is that going? >> well, orlando police department, the sheriff's department, the florida department of law enforcement is working with the federal agencies like the fbi and atf. they are all working very well together. it is a great team effort. they are following all the leads and getting as much information , can. they are doing everything they can to find out what happened. i want to make sure this never happens again. we are going to figure out what happened here and i am going to work at the state level with everything i can. i need a federal partner. i need to have somebody that understands we have to destroy >> governor, i want to shift just a minute. i know this is a solemn day, a moment particularly where you are standing. i want to shift for a moment to politics. a new poll showing out that hillary clinton who had a w one-point lead in your state has
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now stretched that to 4739. what happened in your state that all of the sudden it shifted so strongly to the democratic nominee? >> as you would expect since this shooter, this horrible terror act, i have not followed what is happening in politics. i support donald trump because i believe we need a president who is going to focus on jobs and a president that is going to destroy isis. hillary clinton is basically going to do same thing that barack obama has done. she had her shot. right now, what i want to do is make sure we help our families, we mourn with them, we help our victims, we help their families get all the services they need. there will be plenty of time for politics later on. >> have you scheduled any kind of special service for the victims and the survivors and their families? >> here is what's great. we have had so many, unbelievable, support. the vigils we had, we had
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thousands and thousands of people sunday night at a park come in, just come together. i always believed that good things are going to happen. i believe this is a horrible act against the gay community. my hope is we are going to come together and unify and continue to make this a place where everybody is going to come together and live and come to visit. >> governor rick scott, thank you. i know it is a tough time. we appreciate you taking the time for us. >> thank you, charles for those issuing refugee warnings, the secretary of state says, stop the fearmongering. >> who has just declared donald trump the king of death. not hillary clinton. we'll tell you why next. ♪
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voting on whether or not to stay in the european union. some lawmakers want the president to stay out of this debate. republican senators, at the time cruz, mike lee and jeff sessions signing a letter to that effect. they say they are disturbed on recent pressure about the you have can hau.k. to remain in th. let's go out to charlie on the potential fallout. charlie? >> reporter: i guess you could say the entire liberal media and members of the popular culture, including david beckham and just about everybody else of the left persuasion, including president obama, wants britain to remain in the e.u. you have people worried about unfettered immigration and jobs being taken away. the populous appeal going to
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donald trump in the u.s. is basically for the exit vote, which is known as britain exit, so we define it. it is all over the media and internet, it is known as brexit, britain exit. that's the definition. that's what they are saying here. that's what they are up against. the fascinating thing, charles. i am not a pollster. i don't know what the margin of error is on my unofficial survey here. it is probably very high. you would think you are in a place like london, pretty cosmopolitan, more left than center. we have a mayor here that's clearly left of center. yet, if you talk to people on the street, it is split pretty much 50/50 on whether to remain or go. whatever the popular opinion is from the intelligentsia, david cameron, there air lot of people here. based on that, that anecdotal
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evidence, you would think it is going to be close. it is very unofficial. they don't have as good of polling. america, we have better polling than they do. >> they also have the bookings, charlie. thanks a lot, buddy. we'll come back out to you. right now, want to go to alabama republican senator jeff sessions who signed that letter asking president obama to stay out of the brexit debate. senator, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, charles. >> to update the audience, president obama was actually out in the united kingdom and london sort of selling the idea they should not only stay in the e.u. but it felt he threatened them economically if they don't. >> it was a subtle threat. that's sort of offensive, to me. i think it is wrong. this is our best ally in the world, i suppose, the u.k. they need to be able to make their lawful decision the way they choose to make it. we absolutely should in no way punish them or threaten them if
1:18 pm
they execute their constitutional right, their rights under the english law. >> where does the president -- where do you draw the line? obviously, we want the president to be abreast of things in the world and know what's going on but is it to your point he subtly threatened them? >> it was a subtle threat. i don't think we are making that up. i believe it was wrong to do so. charles, i've given some thought to this thing. nation states still remain in my opinion the greatest functional entity. when you get to the global entities, they don't work very well. for example, when we had the immigration crisis in europe, the european union should have been the institution to respond. they did nothing. when the nation states started protecting themselves, the e.u. attacked them. instead of being a positive
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force, these transnational institutions often block real action that is necessary to benefit the lives of the people in the countries. >> i want to shift gears a little bit and talk about supposed here at home. secretary kerry making comment that is the refugee application process poses no greater threat to this country than any other group and that those that say as much are fear amomongers? >> that is absolutely wrong, charles. we believe we have now over 580 people that have been convicted of terrorism in the united states since 9/11. almost all of those were from islamic countries. we know that syria, in particular, the european investigators and law enforcement are saying that two groups are moving into brussels belgium with attempts to --
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hillary clinton wants to increase the number of syrian refugees from 10,000 to 65,000. the experts have told us we have no ability to investigate and verify the backgrounds of these individuals. other experts have told us that the terrorists are attempting to infiltrate the refugee movement. i think he is totally wrong on that. the facts dispute him. >> i want to shift gears one more time and ask you about the trump campaign. yesterday, big news with the firing of corey lewdowanski. hillary clinton attempting to hit donald trump really hard in his wheeconomy. we have the record of finance and the moneys raised or not necessarily raised. how healthy is the donald trump campaign idealogically? are you all on the same page? do you know what the marching orders are and do you have the
1:21 pm
money needed to carry them out? >> this campaign made a decision that will help them advance strategically and more coherently into the future. that's certainly the goal of it. i liked corey and had no problem with him but he never managed a national campaign like this. i think it was an appropriate decision there. on the money situation, well, first of all, trump has said he will put the money in that's necessary himself if he has to. i hope people will contribute to that campaign. i think they will. secondly, he dispatched 16 formidable opponents, many of them spent ten times or more than he spent on their campaigns. it goes to prove this idea of buying ads to do attacks on people doesn't seem to be working like it used to. it is more important to have votes than money. >> well, no doubt he has rewritten the rules for the primaries. we'll see if he can do it for the general election. i appreciate you taking the time
1:22 pm
out, thank you very much. >> thanks, charles. the battle of the billionaires, mark cuban says donald trump does not have the cash. wait until you hear what donald trump says. dro drones, you think they are a nuisance now? get ready and watch out.
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donald trump saying he will self-fund his campaign if he has to leaving billionaire, mark cuba, to ask, well, what is he waiting for? cuba tweeting, if donald trump were tracks alley as rich as he says he is, he would write a $2 million check to propel his campaign. he doesn't have the cash. john roberts at trump tower on what he is saying back. john? >> reporter: charles, good
1:26 pm
afternoon. this is a line of attack that mark cuban has m pursued saying that donald trump doesn't have the money he says he does, that he doesn't have the liquid asset that is mark cuban does. donald trump not responding to this from mark cuban. let's take you back to the beginning of the month when mark cuban was saying something similar. here is his p response. mark cuban is a dummy. he has no idea about business or politics. i man i imagine he hasn't changed his mind much about him. he hasn't released his tax returns. i remember talking to him about this idea on the plane with him from st. louis, missouri, to chicago. that fateful night they had to cancel the campaign rally. i said to trump, are you going to fund your campaign yourself. he said, i don't know. it is a lot of money, probably
1:27 pm
about 500 to $700 billion. he wasn't sure he wanted to sell enough property. he suggested he didn't have the liquid assets to do it in order to fund that campaign. he needs some help when it comes to fundraising. trump taking on hillary clinton in a newly reinvigorated rapid response operation. trump will send out something on twitter. while hillary clinton was dissing his economic policies, he was there following her every step of the way. at one point, talking about debt. suggesting that he was the king of debt. great for me as a businessman. bad for the country. when hillary clinton and barack obama were in the administration together, the debt was $10 billion and it is now -- $10 trillion and it is now touching $20 trillion. he says he handles debt better
1:28 pm
than she does. >> two rich frenemies. thanks a lot, john. why is one of america's biggest companies making planes for iran. hillary clinton says donald trump would just rig the economy for wall street. is that why she is the one getting all that wall street cash? there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
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military for over 75 years. hillary clinton going after what donald trump says is his strong suit, his business background. mike watching the political fight on the campaign trail. mike? >> reporter: hillary clinton attacked donald trump's business history, recognizing the economy could very well be the top issue in november's general election. clinton says trump's ideas are dangerous and claims there is at least some bipartisan concerns. >> liberals and conservatives say trump's ideas would be disastro disastrous, the chamber of commerce and labor unions, mitt romney and elizabeth warren. >> donald trump tweeted during the speech, including this one,
1:33 pm
hillary defrauded america as secretary of state. she used it as a personal hedge fund to get herself rich, corrupt, dangerous, dishonest. a new poll gives trump an eight-point lead over clinton, who would be best to handle the economy. today was mostly attacks by clinton to try to cut into trump's lead over the economy. she will travel to north carolina tomorrow where she will lay out her vision for the economy which she says will be good for every american. who has the best plan to get our economy moving back. we have shelby, jessica and morgan, a fair and balanced debate. morgan, which one will get us back in gear? >> i think it is pretty simple. if you want another four years of what we had for the past eight years, no quarter have we had even 3% economic growth.
1:34 pm
you go with hillary clinton. we have had over 4,000 regulations this year alone that could cost the industry up to $100 million from the obama administration. just in this year. if you want more regulations, higher taxes and low gdp, there is your candidate. hillary clinton understands this. a couple of times i heard her allude to what morgan is saying. it is bush, president obama inherited this from bush. what he did with what he got was pretty good and you take it further. >> she has that argument. she hit trump back on his lack of specifics. who is better for the economy? it is really hard to say. we don't have that many specifics from donald trump. he says he is coming out with some more maybe in the near future. >> in broad strokes, we do know from the ronald reagan playbook, lower taxes, lower regulations. morgan talked about these regulations. $22 billion in regulations, lower fee and the business
1:35 pm
climate that has created this sluggish economy where no year has seen 3% gdp growth. >> it is true. if we look at trump's plan, we know he is going to touch taxes and doesn't plan to touch entitlements. when you look at his plan, it doesn't add up. until he comes forward and explains more details. >> we don't know the details. nevertheless, jessica, here is the thing. hillary comes out and says that donald trump is going to help wall street. now, for a lot of people who understand how much money she has made from wall street, millions and millions of dollars, giving speeches where she doesn't want to tell what she said to earn that money, it is a little rich coming from her that donald trump is going to protect the people that lined her pockets. >> it is except donald trump wants to cut the top rate of tax from 39% to 29%. she is going to raise the top rate of tax for 4% or 5% for those earning over $5 million.
1:36 pm
wall street likes hillary clinton. they will probably like donald trump more if all they are looking for is to make money. the business community is frightened to death of a donald trump policy. his free trade policies. >> the business community, whether it is a ceo of a fort yur 500 or the ceo of a mom and pop shop, the uncertainty the obama administration has placed on this economy is what is driving them crazy. why is their so much liquidity on the balance sheets of other big corporations because of the regulations. >> entrepreneurship fallin to a record low. why aren't the gears moving in part? to be quite frank, president obama has laid out a policy that usurps the american economy, that takes from it because of social welfare justice. this is what hillary clinton is talking about. tell me if this makes sense to you. is this her game plan, higher wanls will produce more demand which produces higher wages. she calls it the virtue of cycle. the higher wages don't come from
1:37 pm
the free market. they are mandated higher minimum wage, overtime pay. those kind of things. they backfire. >> clinton wouldn't be better for those industry that is rely on minimum wage margins like fast food, like retail. higher wages means you have to cut your hours an your employees. >> hillary clinton isn't for the $15 minimum wage nationally. >> she is for $12 and she will cut a deal with bernie for $14. >> i understand. she obviously wants to raise the minimum wage. we have a 70% consumer-based economy. more money means more people are spending. >> to your point but when you say let's look back at what reagan accomplished. let's look back to what bill clinton accomplished. a republican and a democratic playbook. could we have 3% growth? yes. i would love that. >> what did obama do wrong? >> to my mind, he didn't create enough middle wage jobs. he went for the low wage jobs.
1:38 pm
a lot of people part of the middle class that ended up losing their jobs. the jobs they got back were minimum wage or not. it was not enough. there is more you can do with the democratic playbook. >> he was very fortunate since he was a great politician who moved to the middle. >> she talked about bernie sanders in that speech today. she pulled some lines from bernie sanders and she pulled some lines from mitt romney. she managed to pull it off. it was a long speech. >> i will ask you about this, morgan. she said a mccain adviser said under donald trump we would lose $3.5 million, incomes would be stagnant, debt would implode and stock prices would plummet. she has been able to borrow from a lot of republicans. this is what donald trump is talking about. he has this idyllic plan that republicans generally like. why are they working against him? guys like a rest of the party,
1:39 pm
mitt romney jumping on board? >> i assume what the mccain adviser was talking about was trade. that's an area for fiscal conservative that is he is going to differ with the party. if that's the case, if that's what he is talking about, i agree with him on the trade issue. that's a place that i would like donald trump to move to a more traditional republican position. here is the bottom line for all of this. the founders of our constitution had three pillers of government. this administration has made the fourth pillar, the regulators. this is a big problem from the ceos and the mom and pop. i am going to harp on the regulation. it has become the fourth pillar. >> the investment, that hurts the middle man. >> demi lovato is going to quit social media. who cares, right? when you find out why she is doing it, then, then you might care. i laugh, i sneeze...
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look who is not feeling very social, singer, demi lovato says she is quitting twitter and instagram. some say she is blaming her fans. she says she will stick with snap chat. she says, i like snap chat because i don't have to see what some of y'all say. follow me if you want. some say stars need to take the heat but others disagree. i don't understand these stars that are so far above their fans that they can ditch them in public. >> this is a great example of that. demi lovato, not only does she act like she is above her fans. she was just on instagram trashing mariah carey. it is okay when she is dishing it out but she can't take it. it sends a terrible message to
1:44 pm
our young people they should exist in the safe space of snap chat. i don't like the message it sends. >> how can you go home and throw away all your cds? or am i too old you don't have cds, do you? >> no, we don't use cds anymore, karls. demi lovato has a huge fan base, almost 40 million followers. this isn't necessarily about her fans. these are people that just get on social media and throw hate and shame at everyone because it makes them feel better about themselves. >> like her? >> of course, she has stuck her foot in her mouth. a lot of celebrities do. this is her personal choice. demi lovato is a role model in a lot of ways. she has suffered with addiction, mental health issues. she is a huge role model for that. she has a foundation for people that are struggling with mental health. she is doing what's right for her in this situation. that's a good role model. >> kirsten, she stood up for mental disorders, eating
1:45 pm
disorders, doesn't that make it more important she stay strong in the weathering heat of a few dumb tweets? >> i kind of agree with you. i haven't gotten rid of my social media accounts, my twitter. i get horrible hate tweets all the time. a lot of times, you have to make the healthiest decision for you. a lot of young people live their lives on social media. they exist there. their self-worth is dependant on how many likes and shares and followers she has. her stepping down and saying, i'm not going to take this. i am going to decide to remove myself. that shows young people they don't have to live their life ond social media for worth and validation. you can say whatever you want to your kids, get off social media. they don't listen but they listen to a celebrity. she is showing you don't have to live on social media to be worth something. i hope she stays off. >> here is the thing. she makes a lot of money. when you accept the celebrity treatment, private jets, million dollars, big houses, part of
1:46 pm
that is also been accessible to the fans and letting them have their opinions. i think it is a huge mistake. i'm not sure how jaded this society has come. maybe it is a plus. i don't know. >> like you are saying, her latest album is literally called "confidence." real confidence is about being able to face criticism and move on from it. >> she is moving on from it. she is saying, i don't have to listen to this. i can do my own thing and live my own looich. >> it is so important to listen. >> you don't have to listen to people that give you death threats and threaten to rape or kill you. people do that all the time on social media. >> no one is arguing with you on that. i think, emily, i want to give you the final word here. you have people that surround you and they can kind of filter that stuff, block these people for you. i think she has a lot more people that love her, look up to her on the social media platforms. they might feel disrespected
1:47 pm
right now? >> i think that's absolutely accurate. i think what's kind of sad, in a broader sense, she is not the average person. maybe it is the right choice to tune out social media and the hate. for her, she is the role model like you were talking about. she should show the young people who have such a hard time taking criticism. i work with millenals and we need to learn to face that criticism. >> thanks, charles, thanks, emily. i am not sure if you are ready but you better be. there may be more drones in the sky. >> drones is making 1 million plans. it is too bad they are for iran. no. it said, "blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. liberty mutual insurance.
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the sky is the limit for drones. the new white house rules clearing the way for a lot more
1:51 pm
of them. >> charles, get ready for this. when the administration made the announcement the white house was quick to say that by allowing more drones in the air under these guidelines, it would be good for jobs and the economy saying that drones could add $82 billion in economic growth by 2025. the operators must be certified every two years. this is bad news for walmart and amazon. under these rules, no practical use for a drone besides search, rescue or research. they say the drone must be in
1:52 pm
visible sight. that's not what they are envisioning or spending billions of dollars to build. we have no idea how long that is going to take. meanwhile, the biggest deal, boeing. i saw the same thing, sir. when i heard it, what are your concerns? >> well, there are three. first, we do have to understand, as stipulated, like iran is a known sponsor of terrorists, a sponsor of terror. that's no small issue. within the context of that, charles, we still have sanctions on them as a nation. we have to weigh very carefully what we do. this has tostates, i get that t
1:53 pm
first point is it's not a good idea. secondly, just because boeing is going to make money off the deal doesn't mean it's a good idea for the american people. we have to understand that sometimes supporting a nation which does bad things, even if you make money off it, is still a bad deal. the last point i'll make, full disclosure, i've worked with boeing before, nobody needs to get upset about that. this is a deal that boeing commercial is pushing. the board is pushing. because this is a commercial deal i'm not sure if boeing defense or phantom works thinks this is a good idea. >> what do you make of the notion that perhaps iran, which has complained since signing off on this iranian nuclear deal, that america hasn't pushed for more economic benefits for their country, and maybe this is somehow a way of addressing that? and by the way, in a lot of
1:54 pm
people have said because export/import bank, xm bank, boeing is a large resip yeth of that kind of money. and they see these deals being done, small businesses languishing in this country, this is nuts. i was at a meeting at boeing and a bunch of guys went to a meeting on this topic. so this is huge to them. we've got to consider what's best for the nation. simply because the board of directors directs you to grow 7% per year, doesn't mean you have to do things to enrich your enemy. let me say about the whole idea of iranians complaining about us not helping them economically, the last time i checked, it's the u.s. government's job to help us prosper in this country. not theirs so we need to look at
1:55 pm
how it benefits the united states. >> need a quick maybe yes or no. do you consider the deal to be unpatriotic on boeing's behalf? >> i do absolutely. i think airbus has a product, the boeing product is better than airbus. with that said you have to figure out sometimes what's best in your interests for the ethics of it rather than the profit. >> colonel schaeffer, i would like the iranians to note we did reach out to boeing. no response from them. we're getting fresh information about the orlando terror attacks, new questions about the shooter's wife, that's next.
1:56 pm
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attorney general loretta lynch says investigators are tracking every lead in the orlando terror attack. steve harrigan on what we know right now. >> the attorney general in town in orlando, nine days after the massacre behind me. she's assuring residents here that the fbi will get to the
1:59 pm
bottom of the killer's motivation. she said they will find out why he did what he did. even if it means reconstructing his entire life. she said the fbi would also look at its own actions in the past. noting the fact that the fbi had twice investigated the killer for possible terror ties and closed the case both times there was no new information given on any possible charges against the killer's widow, no comments also were made about that controversy yesterday. when comments about isis endorsing isis by the killer were redacted from initial transcripts and put back in, it caused a lot of controversy. but the attorney general staying away interest that in orlando today. charles, back to you. >> thank you very much. that's it for "your world." to catch me tonight on the fox business network. i'm going to leave you with eric and the gang. "the five" is next.
2:00 pm
hello, i'm dana perino, along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, eric bolling and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> our attorney general visited orlando today, met with investigators, first responders and victims of the june 12th terror attack. loretta lynch addressed reporters, but she didn't address requests to unredact an hour after a version was released without any mention of isis or islam. she did say the actual recording of owe marmar mateen could be rd as well. >> we're l


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