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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 22, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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it's all fun and games until someone gets stuck inside a barney the dinosaur head. firefighters forced to cut it off. she put it on as a joke to scare her friends, but it didn't end well. >> and barney still loves her. all right, "fox & friends" starts now. have a great day. well, good morning to you, and to your family. it is wednesday, it is june 22nd, 2016 i'm ainsley earhart, and this is a fox news alert. surgeries frantic search alert for his father and three children after they completely vanished from their sailboat. the breaking details, straight ahead. meanwhile, attorney general know why that islamic terrorist killed all those people down in ornltd, but she revealed a plan to win. >> our most effective response to terror and to hatred is
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compassion, it's unity, and it's love. >> love. really? all you need to love. all right. we're going to tell you more, straight ahead. hmm. and olympic disaster. one of the popular athletes in the world saying no to rio. another one opting out of the olympics because of the zika virus. and brazil has no money. also, mornings are better with friends. hi everybody, welcome to studio e, midweek, and ainsley and i, we all haved a dorned ourselves in pink. >> should be a little pink in my life. >> i'm a little communist today, and it's right around here. >> huh? >> happy days. it's a reference often used on happy day. >> two daughters, pink for the girls. >> if we can stereotype. >> and breast cancer awareness.
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>> there you go. all right. >> let's go over to heather, what you missed overnight, good morning. >> good morning, good morning guys, hope you're off to a good days. fox news alert. there is a desperate search under way for a florida family lost at sea, believed to be lost at sea. brand new video shows the coast guard checking out the water near ft. myers, florida, trying to locate a missing man and his three teenage children. they set sail on sunday morning. the father called his brother saying that the boat was getting pounded by six-foot waves. the coast guard is asking the public to keep an eye out for that missing family. we'll try to get you more details about the boat. 31 million people now in the path of more than 21 dangerous wild fires, two of them threatening to merge into one explosive inferno in southern california. the giant plumes of smoke over the los angeles skyline, look at that e, triple digit temperatures keeping the 20-foot
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high flames alive across the sweltering southwest. nine states affected so far. that deadly heat wave topping 118 degrees in phoenix. a group of people claiming to be on a rescue mission sparking terror fears and a major new york city crossing. police finding several loaded guns, knives, body armor, 2,000 rounds of ammunition, where they stopped a pickup truck for a crashed windshield outside of hol hand tunnel. the three people inside that car were arrested. they say they were on their way to save a teenager in trouble with drugs. police do not believe there is any connection to terror, but what an arsenal and reason to be concerned. zbrrvelgts one of the best golfers in the world dropped out of the olympics, rory mcilroy won't travel because of the concerns about the zika virus. his health comes first before anything else. he also says even though the risk is low, it is a risk he is
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unwilling to take. golf is back in the olympics for the first time since 1904. and those are your headlines. >> it was going to be arguably one of the most exciting events ever, but everyone's bowing out, now the word that lebron james is saying i don't think i want to go. >> so much mentioned. >> by the way, heather mentioned the pickup truck that tried to come into new york city yesterday, here's the headline on the new york post. kooks of hazard. can you look at this vehicle. you wonder why they got stopped. officially got stopped because of a cracked windshield. look at that vehicle. >> it says we the people up here. >> higher ground tactical. >> yeah, when they first came across, i thought, here we go again, just a bunch of knuckleheads. >> seven guns, 2,000 rounds of ammo in that truck. go ahead. orlando shooting now, loretta lynch had a press conference yesterday, head of
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doj and she said she's not sure of the islamic terrorists motivation, even though he went in screaming "allah akbar." we don't know the motivation of that, but we know how to fight it, take a listen. >> i cannot tell you that we will ever narrow it down to one motivation. people act of more than one motivation. we stand with you. to say that the good in this world far outweighs the evil. that our charm and humanity transcends our differences and that our most effective response to terror and to hatred is compassion, it's fun unity, and it's love. >> our most effective response to terror is compassion, unity, and love. you know what, i think our most effective response to terror is to call it what it is. it's islamic terrorism. keep in mind, there is a religious component to it. the administration refuses to call it will islamic terror, but
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there is, you know, you just look at it, you've got to be correct. not politically correct and call it what it is. but this administration simply won't do that, that's probably one of the reason why is they put out a transcript heavily redacted, then, it blew up in their face, they put out what was there, however, they never translate 12 it back. they left it as god, he actually said ayala, mark wants to know why haven't we heard the tape. >> why do we not have his voice? you play 911 recordings all the time when they're criminal cases. why is that? they don't want us to hear him speaking arabic, they don't to want hear him say i pledge allegiance to al baghdadi, praise be to god, i'm in orlando and i did the shootings. they don't thpt to be about islamic radicalism, guns and homophobic. it would be absolutely clear to
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the american people what this is about. >> so, for a guy to tell you his motivation, for his background to indicate his motivation, for his wife to be a suspect and indicate his motivation, for his dad to come forward and you've got some problems there with his youtube videos, and you see his background, it's hard to imagine that motivation and motivation and what inspired him is actually a mystery, but it is. also to her point, i guess somebody came forward wearing make-up they change his voice and said i had a homosexual relationship with the shooter and that's why he was in there. that didn't come out at all. there's no anti-latino verbage coming out of his mouth according to almost all reports. the other thing that's important to add is that they have to be honest in saying who this guy is because we have to stop the next guy. and if love would stop them, why do we have an army? >> why is she telling us to love? we are loving people and being
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compassionate. try telling that to the terrorists, burning people alive, cutting off people's heads and see what their response will be whether you look and say, you should love. >> yeah. loretta lynch would not give any specifics about the investigation or the mote ifz. she said people often act out of more than one motivation. and she announced that the feds were giving the cops down there about a million dollars to help -- >> we'll never hear the 911 calls, not in this administration. >> no, they're too politically correct, they don't want that out. speaking of politics, cnn poll came out, when it comes to various policies, hillary clinton beats donald trump on immigration, foreign policy, women's rights, and trade. however, donald trump is way ahead of her when it comes to the economy, combatting terrorism, and gun policies. and because he is so much better than her on the economy, she had a speech yesterday where she really tried to let him have it.
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let's sample just a little bit of that. trump would take us back to where we were before the crisis. he'd rig the economy for wall street again, well, that will not happen on my watch. i can guarantee you. he said, and i quote, i'm going to do for the country what i did for my business. he's written a lot of books about business. they all seem to end at chapter 11. [ laughter ] and over the years, he intentionally ran up huge amounts of debt on his companies, and then he defaulted. he bankrupted his companies, not once, not twice, but four times. >> she went after trump for wall street, meanwhile, i did research, three out of her top five individual donors are wall street banks. j.j. morgan, $675,000 for the
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three goldman sachs speeches. >> we'd like to know what she said, but won't release the transcripts. >> heavily redacted. hillary could release them, just redact them. >> donald trump did a wise thing, he was live tweeting and it's beginning of a rapid response team that he's got to do. he's got at that. yells out, i'm not sure he pounds them out, but that's when he says during her speech. i think one thing to take a step back and do, say listen, when you're in business, you take risks, you hire people, things happen, sometimes good, sometimes bad. learn from it, grow from it, that's what keeps the economy going. being a professional politician doesn't keep your economy going. asking people who are successful for money doesn't mean you are successful. meanwhile donald trump came out on lou dobbs last night. >> she's crooked hillary. let's face it, she always has been. and nothing's going to change. and the last time she spoke, i let her speak, and i notice
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everything. i smeen many of the things were outright lies. fabrications. and i said, this time we're going to cover it point by point and we're also going to cover it, i'm going to do a speech after she speaks. >> donald trump is going to give a big speech. and we believe this is probably going to be the speech he was going to give a week or so ago where she just details all of her scandals and all of her character flaws in his estimation, it'll be later on. >> you have a lot of people saying they don't want donald trump to continue to tweet. i like it because i know if she's giving a speech, i'm going to see his response to see if what she is saying is accurate. i have no problem with doing that. >> the key is having a response. you have to have a rapid reaction. >> and people are saying he should do it quickly. some are saying respond quickly. >> while she was speaking. >> what was different about yesterday, and it seems more professional than it has in the past, it would indicate to some that maybe the campaign has fallen. is it not only was a kind of -- the voice of a consultant, but
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they were also very heavy on statistics and stuff like that. so it's not just a point of view, it's some facts. >> right. it's going to be interesting to see who these hires are. there are a ton of hirings going on. >> cory said they'll double the size of the staff yesterday. meanwhile straight ahead on wednesday, the kajs of injecting politics into national security, ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, on the decision to remove radical islamic language from the killers 911 calls and the fallout. plus no good deed goes unpunished. a hero who saved several lives gets a bill for his bottled water. >> you've got to be kidding me. >> i wonder if there's a copay. i work 'round the clock.
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attorney general loretta lynch promising an open investigation into the orlando terror attack a little over a week ago. just days after the administration tried to censor the terrorist's 911 calls. is lirge really to blame or is president obama simply plilt sizing national security and throwing his own people under the bus in the process? joining us right now is former ugs ambassador to the united
3:17 am
nation, john bolton, ambassador, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> little curious, your point of view. we had the -- it was almost susan rice where we had the current attorney general out on five sunday shows, of course susan rice was promoting that it was a tape responsible for the benghazi attack which we know is completely not accurate and loretta lynch saying we didn't know what the motivation was of the shooter, and also said in addition a number of things like we're going to put out a transcript, but we're going to redact it. we're going to edit it, they had to backtrack. this from the most transparent administration from history. >> well, look, i think it's very clear that in both cases the obama administration was motivated by their ideology, which is do not face a global threat of terror, we're not at war with terror, this is a law enforcement matter. but i think in both cases also it shows really their contempt
3:18 am
for the american people because my goodness, if you treat the american people like adults and give them all the facts, what the real nature of the attack in benghazi was, the full transcript of the orlando tapes from the shooter, the peasants might overreact, you have to shield them from reality or they'll do the wrong thing. i think that's more outrageous than the ideology. >> we have a full screen, a part of the transcript where mateen says, my name is, i pledge allegiance to, and then it was omitted and later they added that it was al-baghdadi of the united states, pledged allegiance again. what's interesting, because he was speaking between english and also arabic apparently, when he said ayala, they translated it to go god, even though they did say ayala, they're just cleaning it up because we can't handle the truth.
3:19 am
>> right. king abdullah of jordan who is obviously a ruler of a muslim country described this threat of the radicals as civil war within islam. now, if that's a characterization he can handle and the people of jordan can handle, i think even the american people can handle that, expect that the administration doesn't think they can. >> yeah. now you're over in london, there's a big vote whether or not the british will exit the eu, right now, it's pretty much split right down the middle, how do you think it's going to go, ambassador? >> well, i'll take a stab, i think leave will win -- >> leave the eu. >> leave the european union. despite this anonymous campaign by the cameron government, by the british establishment, i think people want self-government. i think they think the eu is too distant, too out of control, too unaccountable, i think it'll be a narrow win. if that happens, this will be the biggest news out of europe since the fall of berlin wall until 1989. >> which would be better for the
3:20 am
united states in our relationship with great britain? >> unquestionably, britain leaving european would be best. european union has made europe less than the some of its parts. defense of the west, our security overall is reduced by the european union. and by the efforts of the main leaders of the eu, to make it a separate poll in international affairs, separate from the united states. that weakens nato, it leaves it open to criticism in the united states. so i think a separate britain, if the u.s. will negotiate a trade agreement with it quickly, i think a separate, inagain the britain is entirely in our benefit. >> all right, well the big vote is tomorrow. john bolton, sir, thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. donald trump just sat down with the most influential evangelicals in this country, one our next guest. can he win over that community
3:21 am
going into the general election? reverend a.r. bernard joins us with the key to winning the faithful this november. and remember the woman who got that nasty parking note from a man, assuming she wasn't a veteran because she's a woman. well she called him out and this morning, he's responding. ♪ it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the cla250 for $299 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets. so now, there are more ways, for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr.
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quick headlines now, grad you're up. the bone yard that's where our marine plane goes when they're not fit to fly. now back from the graveyard. restoring them to a c-plus status to fly again. all because there's a massive production delay in the latest models. and forcing the va patients to wait was standard operating procedure according to new documents. supervisors instructed employers
3:25 am
at facilities across texas to zero out wait times, so there was no way to track how much longer veteran's seeking care waited to get care. unbelievable. nearly 1,000 evangelical leaders met with donald trump yesterday as she addressed their concerns about candidacy. so did it work? >> well, let's talk to the senior pastor of the christian cultural center and member of the trump's evangelical advisory board, reverend a.r. bernard, he was part of a small group that met with mr. trump, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so what'd you think? >> i thought it was interesting. first of all, let me say i'm impressed that he asked for advi advice. there's a big difference for a committee of 1,000 and a committee of 20. right, and you have 20 people in a room, you can really have a discussion, and he was really open. i'm impressed with his sincerity, his authenticity.
3:26 am
>> there were 20 of you that sat down at dinner and then he talked to the thousand pastors yesterday. i know you know hillary clinton, she visited your church in brooklyn and i know you've known donald trump for eight years. compare and contrast them when it comes to their faith. >> faith. i know hillary's faith. you know, she's in the method church and you know, that's been her identification. donald says, mr. trump says that he is a presbyterian, when it comes to issues of faith, you need time to see how actions and lifestyle line up with the values of that faith. you know, i haven't had him under observation. >> what about -- i read a couple of accounts of what he talked, one he talked about the conservative judges who went to the supreme court regarding abortion, which apparently thrilled the crowd. a lot of the people there like that idea, but also he suggested
3:27 am
to lift the ban on politicking where currently if you have tax exempt status like the church does, if you mention anything political, in an endorsement kind of way, you can lose your status. >> yeah, and that goes back to the lyndon johnson era when something was passed that basically said that as a clrgeman, we're not allowed to endorse a political candidate. not representing the church, if i step outside my church grounds as an individual, i can, but not as a representative of the church. and that's something he wants to rethink about. and also, also in the civil rights movement, that was really about preventing black clergy who were very involved in politics at the time, changes taking place and who would have pushed certain agendas. >> you want to see him address minority issues too? >> absolutely. my context is. different than the clergy gathered in that room yesterday and at the larger meeting.
3:28 am
all right. i'm one to know -- look, if he becomes president, i want him to represent all of america, but i'm going to have a special concern for how he's going to address the plight of african americans and people of color in this country. that's a reality. and i said so yesterday, i said, you know, the millennial african americans and jen ex african americans don't have the same love affair with the clintons that the baby boomer african americanss had. what the millennials and jen x knows about the clinton knows what they've googled online. $30 billion in the crime bill which was passed and impacted masds incarceration. especially amongst african american men. >> what was the reaction from the other pastors in the room yesterday? were many walking out saying we're ready to endorse? >> endorsement was not the conversation. you know, most of the issues among the leaders are rally,
3:29 am
same-sex marriage, issues like that. >> most pastors don't endorse anyone. >> you can't. >> at the pulpit -- >> as individuals we can endorse them. >> just not in front of the church. >> jerry jr. has come out and he's for trump. >> right. >> just can't do it in front of the church. >> let me ask you something, can you tell me the four things women want. >> absolutely. >> that's the name of your book. >> material, decisiveness, consistency, and strength. i have seven sons, this book would be required reading for any man who wanted to date my daughter. >> seven sons. >> no girls. >> that's why i have so many sons. >> you'll get some grandchildren. >> go through the four things. >> 85% of relationships fail. or doomed to fail, 40 to 50% of americans end up divorced. 60%, second time around, they end in dors. >> maturity, grow -- >> maturity. women want a man to be responsible for his words, thoughts, motives, action --
3:30 am
>> decisiveness. >> you have to have a set of clear values and principles that guide your decision-making process. >> consistency. >> you want to make sure your values and actions like up. that creates security and safety. >> and strength. >> strength, the courage to live out convictions. it's very important. and the strength to be gentle and kind. zblch like the strong, tim mcgraw. >> that's right. >> now those four things, also apply to our president. >> those four things also apply what people look for a leader. maturity, concisiveness, strength, and leadership. >> it's all in your book. >> i want to know what men want. >> that'll be the next book. the democrat secret files on hillary clinton hacked and made public. wait until you see what's inside. we are live in washington after the break. and no good deed goes unpunished. a hero gets a bill for bottled water at the hospital.
3:31 am
but first this just in, happy birthday, meryl streep, she's just 67 and dresses like donald trump when she has time. >> your problem is that you haven't got the courage for this fight. you haven't. to fight hard for anything. its all been given to you, and you feel guilty about it. accepe a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't play anything less than my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'm going for it. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin... eliquis had both... that's what i wanted to hear. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding.
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of course there's also people who want to stop hillary clinton from being president. in fact, eight anti-hillary films could be released in the coming months and some seem familiar. first, there's the devil wears talbot. that sound familiar to you guys? then there's, it's a wonderful laugh. and finally, there's you've lost mail. and it's a good season.
3:35 am
>> oh. >> you've lost mail. >> the only thing is she doesn't wear talbot, she wears armani. >> did not make any ripples in the mainstream media. sarah palin, back when she was part of it, she went shopping once at sachs fifth avenue. >> and also wrote on her hand. >> i do it every once in a while. >> it's very useful. >> it helps when you don't wash. >> hillary clinton exposed once again, thanks to hackers. >> they have posted treasure-trove of documents online loaded with research from the dnc. so what do we know about what's in the leaked documents? steve never asked me a question like that, he'd ask garrett tenny about that question. >> good morning, y'all. there are literally thousands worth of pages in this document, going back more than ten years. this hacker is known as goosifer
3:36 am
2.0. he accessed these from the computers. as of now, we cannot say that these documents are the real deal, but for the most part, they appear to be standard opposition research. many of these files are just previous media reports on various topics that clinton could be attacked on, and then has explanations on how it is she could counter those attacks. some of the file names include 2016 attacks, 2016er attacks, hrc defense mast r dock, and then hrc defense e-mails. clinton foundation donors, more than $2500,000. and the master docks. the dnc was aware on where she could be attacked. and one of the files contains details on requirements for one unnamed speaking engagement. including a standard payment of $225,000, chartered round trick jet that needed to be a bulk
3:37 am
stream 450 or larger of course, and three adjoining rooms for her staff. lastly, the requirement was $1,000 for a stenographer creat the stipulation that the organization would not receive a copy. while there are thousands of pages and the dnc is not commenting, noticeably absent is republican trumptive nominee donald trump, most of the documents focussed on republicans that were previously candidates that are no longer in the race. steve. >> shows you how surprised they were. >> thank you very much. >> goosifer 2.0 was in a twitter conversation with one of the editors at vice magazine where they were talking about what was going on there. he did it because he likes the first, the guy who's in prison right now here in the united states, he was also romanian, so the editor started talking to him in romanian, and the answers
3:38 am
were not grammatically correct, and it kind of looks like maybe he wasn't romanian, talked about talking in russian, that didn't work well. >> they believe it's related to the russian hackers. >> that's what the cyber security firm said. >> elizabeth warren and joe biden were also seemed to be on there. >> is it illegareal? don't know. good morning, everyone. isis in indiana. there is now a teenager whose accused of trying to join the terror group. he was arrested as he was trying to board a bus from indianapolis to new york city from there he planned to flight to raqqa. he's been on the radar since 2013 after posting youtube videos of the radical cleric. the feds say he researched thousand make pressure cooker bombs, just like the ones used in the boston bombing and thousands of possible targets in indiana. he tried flying to the middle east five times last year, but was stopped each time.
3:39 am
a good samaritan jumps into action saving a family from a car crash. why was he slapped with a $150 fine, well because he asked for a bottle of clean water to clean off a little cut that he got while he was rescuing a father and three children trapped in a van. first responders looked over the gyre. the fire department says they are obligated to provide the same service and billing for every single patient. huh, what do you think of that one? do you remember the veteran who got the nasty note on her car because she parked in a reserved spot for veterans. that quickly went viral. we covered it here. the person eventually realized they made a big mistake. that person now owning up, sending that vet a hand-written apology, here's part of it right here, it is a good reminder to not judge a book by its cover. >> we're your brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, cousins, friend, coworker. >> well the veteran saying she
3:40 am
does forgive the person who are wrote the note. by the way, same thing happened to her once to leah gabriel, she served our country. trending this morning, father, son bond is more than skin deep. take a close look at this. one kansas dad getting a tattoo on the side of his head to match his son's scar following brain cancer surgery. that is eight-year-old gabriel, he was diagnosed last year and said his scar made him feel like a monster. so what did his dad do? he was heartbroken by this, he decided to do this himself and get that tattoo, if people to want stare, they can stare at both of us. gabriel is doing well and that tumor has not developed. >> what a great guy and a wonderful dad. >> how do you read it without crying? god. erin, she's a mom too, has a little boy, we're looking at each other, could you imagine? >> what a gesture. let's go outside, maria, it's hot all over the country.
3:41 am
>> especially the west and also in the plains. triple digit heat, but i want to shift gears and focus on the midwest first. out here we're tracking a storm system that will be sparking up some thunderstorms and we have very dangerous threat today for severe weather, including a strong tornado, some hail and also some damaging winds out there from states like wisconsin, illinois, extending into portions of ohio. and this threat will continue throughout the afternoon and overnight hours. and eventually by tomorrow, the threat for severe storms will be lesser than today's threat, but thank you will extend across parts of the mid-atlantic, including philadelphia and down sbu richmond with a threat for damaging winds as well. heavy rain forecast with a storm system as it moves through potentially as much as six inches of rain. flash flooding will be a concern across indiana, ohio, and also into west virginia and there's a look at those forecast high temperatures. we were talking about the heat just a second ago, and you can knee is kansas city, 102 is the forecast high temperature there. you're talking triple digits across portions of texas, oklahoma, and in phoenix,
3:42 am
arizona, they've been impacted already for days, today will be another one. 113 degrees forecast, and their heat will last even as we head into this weekend. let's go back inside. >> most of the map is orange. going to be hot. >> today we need the italian ice. >> right. bring them back. >> let me contact benjamin and see where he is. he's down in philly. still ahead on this wednesday, our next guest, after exposing bias in their civil rights division of all places. is political correctness dictating how the country's top lawyer goes after terrorists as well? the doj whistle blower here next live. patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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3:46 am
up with the most reasonable interpretation, the one that fits the facts. i cannot tell you that we will ever narrow is down to one motivation. >> or just listen to the wiretaps. loretta lichblg in florida yesterday, unsure about the motive behind the terror attack. a motive that the terrorist clearly spelled out in the 911 calls, three of which he made to a s.w.a.t. team members while he was in the middle of this attack. said this, i pledge allegiance to al baghdadi, could you take that two ways? why is the justice department ignoring what seems to be obvious? here is with us is former doj official, jay christian adams, jay christian, what am i missing here? it seems as though we got the motivation, what's going on? >> every american, except perhaps the ones at the justice department know the motivation for why he shot up pulse. he said it, it's clear. this added to the loretta lynch
3:47 am
has is political correctness endangering the lives of americans. people with common sense know the motivation of omar mateen, it was radical islam, unfortunately or attorney general doesn't get it. >> so you were there when the department of justice, you left, you're a whistle blower, where this come from? afterall, this is the same loretta lynch that decided the worst attack in our history. >> the civil rights division is populated with the most radicalized lawyers, hundreds of them, who think america is the problem. radical islam isn't the problem, it's america. it's populated with people who have bought in entirely to political correctness. they're hanging out at the wrong crowd, brian, loretta lynch and vanita gupta have associated themselves with all the wrong people. for example, a group called muslim advocates, they've gone to their gala, they've said we stand with you, that's a quote
3:48 am
from these officials, we stand with muslim advocates. this is an organization that what'sled the new york police department to stop monitoring radical mosques. this is an organization that is trying to stop the war on terror, stop the war on radical islam, why is the justice department associating itself with groups like muslim advocates. >> to our credit, loretta is pushing back on closing gitmo and shuttering the place, but this also is loretta lynch that has a relationship with president obama, can you bring us behind the scenes between the relationship that's likely taking place between those two. >> well the only reason loretta lynch season standing firm because we're learning that people that the president has released from gitmo are now trying to kill americans and engage in acts of terror -- >> and have. >> and have. so she is to look reasonable compared to the unreasonable president. but lynch, lynch still is in charge of an agency that is
3:49 am
making america less safe. the civil rights division, the justice department is doing all the wrong things public air brushing radical islam out of the orlando attack. it's a dangerous precedent, it's going to cause more harm in america. >> you know what i like about it jay christian? it was so farcical, her explanation, originally on those five sunday shows, sunday, by monday, somehow, someway, they were pressured into actually putting the actual verbatim interchange between the islamic extremist who killed 49 and wounded 53 and didn't leave it reda redacted. hopefully we'll get the entire transcripts, why we have partials, i still don't get. thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. meanwhile, another vicious alligator attack near disney world, details straight ahead. and feeling down? feeling lonely? maybe you just need to get away. we have the perfect destinations to bounce back to your very best
3:50 am
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well, we have all been down in the dumps at some point in our life, but sometimes all it takes is to get back in the groove is just a solo trip.
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like elizabeth gilbert's in "eat pray love." >> i'm going to italy and india and i'm going to end the year in bali. >> well, here with her travel trips to reduce the guilt and boost your self-esteem is lifestyle expert and miss travel guru herself francesca page. >> good to be back here again. >> we love having you on. if you don't have good self-esteem you need a trip, right? >> right. >> what do you ask yourself? >> do you mind working up a sweat? so the first option -- >> you don't want to sweat. >> well, i recommend a solo trip abroad. great things can come from traveling by yourself. rediscovering yourself, to meeting in people and learning something new. which is why i suggest doing a language course abroad. madrid is vibrant in the summertime. >> you have done this before and it takes guts. >> it does. >> but if you have bad
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3:57 am
>> follow me at miss travel guru or go to miss travel >> she gets paid to travel. hillary clinton says donald trump would be a danger to our financial future. what is she bringing to the table? a fair and balanced debate, next.
3:58 am
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good morning. it is wednesday, june 22nd. i'm ainsley earhardt. it happened again. another vicious alligator attack near disney world. details straight ahead. >> oh, no. meanwhile, attorney general loretta lynch says we may never know why that islamic terrorist killed all those people in orlando. but she does have a plan to win. >> our most effective response to terror and to hatred is compassion, unity and its love. >> all you need is love for the terrorists. great. >> okay. if we can tell them that because they seem to need more.
4:01 am
somebody help her. [ screaming ] >> all right. it's all fun and games until somebody gets stuck in a barney head. [ laughter ] stuck in a barney head. >> so true. >> hey, mornings are better with "friends" except for her. >> just another reason not to be putting on costumes. >> nice to know, no matter what state you are, there's somebody in the group who is going to tape your problems. >> right. >> i know you need some help, but i want to tape this and post it while we call 911. >> i'll help you after i get the video up. >> i need the video. >> this is going to go so viral.
4:02 am
>> i have instagram and snapchat. >> all about the instagram. let's go over to heather with some headlines for us. >> i do. a scary story out of florida. another alligator attack in the state. a man forced to fight for his life prying off the vicious reptile with his bare hands. a 58-year-old man says he heard his horses in his backyard barn wrestling around so he went to check on them. he found a nearly nine foot alligator that had attack and sinked his teat into the man's leg. he suffered major blood loss by is expected to be okay. thank goodness he's alive. this happened in bushnell, florida. about 60 miles from disney world where an alligator tragically killed a 2-year-old little boy. another alert to bring you. a desperate search under way for a florida family that is missing at sea. brand-new video shows the coast guard taking a look at the waters near ft. meyers, florida. they're trying to locate a man and his three teenage children. they set sail off the coast of sarasota on sunday morning and
4:03 am
he called his brother that afternoon, saying the boat was getting pounded by six foot waves near englewood and the coast guard is asking for the public's help to keep a lookout for the missing family. please get in touch if you know anything. 30 million people are in the path of 21 dangerous wildfires raging out west. two of those wildfires are now threatening to merge into one explosive inferno. it's known as the super fire. that one taking place in southern california. giant plumes of smoke seen over the los angeles city skyline. deadly triple digit temperatures keeping the 20 foot flames alive across the sweltering southwest. this is all happening in nine states. imagine that. a deadly heat wave toppling 118 degrees in phoenix and we are getting incredible video of the fire. and this is an incredible story. i love this one. favorite of the day. no man left behind. an 86-year-old vietnam war hero will be awarded the medal of
4:04 am
honor this summer decades and decades after he saved dozens of american lives. on may 19, 1967, that's charles kettles. he flew his helicopter into enemy fire rescuing our soldiers from the north vietnamese ambush. he took the time to take care of their wounds. he managed to find eight soldiers who were mistakenly left behind. can you imagine that? the awards ceremony will be held at the white house on july the 18th. what a hero that man is. i hope we get a chance to meet him. >> like a movie script. >> it sure is. >> thanks, heather. this is like the movie script. a bad movie. we have the dialogue. we know the killer for three hours in orlando arrived armed to the teeth. he claimed to be armed even further with bombs in his truck. we know that he pledged allegiance to al baghdadi, we know he pledged allegiance and called for america to stop bombing in syria, iraq and
4:05 am
afghanistan and he called all of his brothers -- muslim brothers to take arms. in fact, he said he can expect more attacks here at home. the question is why is there a question to his motivation? >> right. well loretta lynch had a press conference yesterday and said we don't know what his motivation is. we don't know what the islamic terrorist motivation was, but we do have a way to combat terrorism. listen. >> i cannot tell you definitively we'll ever narrow it down to one motivation. people act out of more than one motivation. we stand with you to say that the good in this world far outweighs the evil. that our common humanity transcends our differences and that our most effective response to terror and to hatred is compassion, unity and its love. >> that's absolutely terrific. if only it were true because the only way to fight extremism -- islamic extremism is to crack down on it. and to know it and to label it for what it is.
4:06 am
when you look at the transcripts, even though they still -- keep in mind, about 20 minutes of the transcripts still have not been released. there's no -- that's the way it looked when it first came out. they omitted a bunch of words. then they added it, although the transcript still says god when he said allah. there's no reason to keep the transcripts secret. yet the administration is. and brian was talking to j. christian adams a doj whistle-blower half an hour ago. we know what the motivation. well, not all of us. there are some people who don't know. listen to this. >> every american except perhaps the ones at the justice department know the motivation for why omar mateen shot up pulse. he said it. it's clear. and this attitude that loretta lynch has that we're never going to know for sure it's political correctness, endangering the lives of americans. people with common sense know the motivation of omar mateen.
4:07 am
it was radical islam. unfortunately our attorney general doesn't get i. >> right. we have to throw in a lot of cam flash uniforms because the army thinks you have to fight fire with fire. but she's saying fight fire with love. >> like the beatles say. >> michael bolton probably said something similar. >> she did say clearly it was an act of terror and an act of hate. and the motive may never be known. >> do you think they care if they're loved or not? do you think the terrorists are chopping off heads and burning people alive, walking into the nightclubs -- >> radical islam, they want us dead and they want all gays dead. so it's certainly hate. but it's terror. >> right. >> it's hate. you know? that's what terror is. >> what we think. >> yeah, talking about donald trump, going to -- remember we told you yesterday he spoke to a thousand evangelicals here in new york at the marriott. he wanted to sit down with them and get their take on faith and what he needs to do as a
4:08 am
presidential candidate and wanted their opinions. they all said they were very appreciative. some said they'd endorse him. this is donald trump talking about that meeting. >> she has been in the public eye for years and years. and yet, there's no -- there's nothing out there. it's like nothing out there. it's going to be an extension of obama, but going to be worse because with obama you have your guard up. with hillary you don't. it's going to be worse. >> so ben carson earned his keep. he set that whole thing up and he got everybody together and everyone said one thing for sure -- nothing has been done for like this before. and for donald trump to win, he needs that group. 25 million evangelicals said i'd rather not vote than vote for mitt romney. he's got to convince them that we're going to vote for trump. >> well, i mean, at the end of that video, and the video is actually taken by a radio show host. fellowably the name of -- fellow by the name of e.w. webb. he ran for lieutenant governor of virginia a while back. he put that up i think on his
4:09 am
facebook page. which the headlines are trump is questioning hillary's religion. she drew up as a methodist, went to church -- a methodist church when her husband was president of the united states. we had reverend a.r. bernard on a little while ago. we asked him what the meeting was like and this is his -- this is his assessment of what happened. >> the endorsement was not the conversation, you know? most of the issues of most evangelical leaders are israel, same-sex marriage, supreme court justices. if he becomes president, i want him to be president of all of america but i want to know how he'll address the plight of the african-americans. >> the good news for him is, somebody else has, speaker ryan. he's put together a comprehensive program using the templates of jack kemp who talks about enterprising zones and getting off welfare and a progressive -- i think some
4:10 am
people are very encouraging way. remember two weeks ago he had the chapter added to that. i think one way for them to get closer, tell me about your program. take the jacket off, take the tie off and go walk the streets of the cities. >> paul ryan is actually in the news this morning because politico just put up an item that says he will not raise money for donald trump. >> right. he's doing to focus on the house and the senate. >> nonetheless, he's throwing the convention -- he's the host. he's not going to raise money for the guest of honor. seems a little odd. straight ahead, 7:11 here in new york city. hillary clinton claims a president trump would be a danger to your financial future, but isn't her plan a page out of president obama's playbook? a debate coming up next. somebody help her. up [ screaming ]
4:11 am
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all right. hillary clinton making a dire economic prediction yesterday if donald trump wins the white house. >> donald trump's ideas about the economy and the world will cause millions of americans to lose their jobs. he's written a lot of books about business. they all seem to end at chapter 11. we can't let him bankrupt america like we are one of his failed casinos. >> well, critics say her own plan is no different than president obama's plan who happens to be by the way the first president to never see 3% growth in seven-plus years. here for a fair and balanced debate is stephen moore, economic adviser to the trump campaign and best selling author and robert wolf, clinton supporter, outside adviser to president obama. so stephen, did hillary clinton make an effective argument yesterday? >> well, you know, i kind of had to laugh when she said that
4:16 am
donald trump was going to bankrupt the country. i think most american think that barack obama and hillary clinton have done a good enough job at that already. they have doubled the national debt in eight years so it's surprising that she says that trump is going to bankrupt the country. by the way, brian, i'm working with donald trump. we have a tax -- we have a tax and economic budget plan and i were going to balance the budget within the next six or seven years. we're not going to run up the debt by $8 trillion -- >> steve, someone has to address the entitlements. i'm not sure anybody is. robert, you wanted to take down donald trump. not you, but hillary clinton take down donald trump. i didn't hear much positive from hillary clinton about what hillary clinton would do. >> okay, well, it's clear that some of the points she's making on infrastructure and advanced manufacturing, clean energy, certainly are going to bring jobs and better wages to the country. i mean, infrastructure the fastest multiplier of gdp growth
4:17 am
for every dollar spent at the multiplier. she's put out an incredible policy. i think you see a real difference between the two. i like steve, we're on the different sides but he's a smart guy. for everything he says on debt, i can give the argument on deficits. donald's brings a deficit to the country of tens of millions. we had a moody's investor saying it would bring us north of 7% recession. it would hammer where he's increasing debt, he's talking about defaulting on debt. nobody has brought up the idea of defaulting on u.s. debt. >> stephen, what do you say about that? >> well, look, listen to the things that hillary talked about. by the way, it was an hour speech and she talked five minutes about what she was going to do. mostly it was an attack on trump. infrastructure spending, raise the minimum wage. doesn't that sound familiar? exactly what we have done in the
4:18 am
last eight years and it really come down the fact that i think voters when they go to that voting booth in november, they're going to make this decision. do i think the country is going in the right direction and if they do they'll vote for hillary. if they think that things are, you know, have gone off track and all the polls show that clearly, that by two to three to one margins that the country going in the wrong direction, they see what's going on with 95 million people not in the workforce, 40 million on food stamp, real unemployment rate of 10%, $19 trillion debt, i don't think americans want more of the same. that's what hillary argued for yesterday. >> i think one thing is clear. one has been in business their entire live, one has been in politics their entire lives. so you can't bankrupt the company if you don't own one. right, robert? >> listen, there's obviously a difference between someone who nab in the private -- who has been in the private sector and someone in the public sector. i think the experience that the secretary has has as senator and secretary of state no disrespect to donald trump, but it blows
4:19 am
away who's ready to be president. and if we're talking polls i think actually the country came out saying that who's ready for -- to be president, i think the secretary was up by two to one favorability. although i don't look at polls because as you know, fox had romney beating obama in 2012. so, you know, i was the guy that backed obama when he was at 1%. so we don't need to look at polls, polls will go up and down and fluctuate. i think when we look at the plan and the economic policies between both sides, there's one that will bring unemployment back. there's one that will bring huge deficits back and one that will bring wages down and one who won't. we'll be able to make a vote. huge differences between them. >> steve? >> look, this issue about whether americans want another professional politician, they may but i don't think so. i think donald trump has actually created job, that's
4:20 am
something that hillary has never done in her entire life. except in politics. that's why donald trump won the republican nomination. you know what, let's try someone who's actually run something. we have had a president for eight years who couldn't run a lemonade stand. look, if you look what's happened to job creation, look at what happened with the debt those are run in a negative sdrektion. -- direction. >> that's not accurate. come on, please. >> the weakest recovery ever with seen -- >> job creation, 75 straight months of private sector job growth over 14 1/2 million -- >> no worker participation. we know that janet yellen is very concerned about the direction of the economy. >> everyone is concerned. no one is challenging that we're concerned about the direction of the economy. i was there the lehman weekend. we know we were losing 800,000 jobs with the republican president. now we know we're gaining on average 200,000 a month. >> robert and steve, thanks so much. one person who's vilifying wall street and one person taking a lot of money from wall street
4:21 am
and that's hillary clinton right now. meanwhile, straight ahead, this reporter thought it would be easy to buy an assault rifle, but the only problem is the laws worked. and daughters do you talk to your mothers on the phone five times a day or more? is that normal or nuts? we'll find out. everything you're pretty good at now, you were once, well, pretty bad at. but you learned. and got better. at experian, we believe it's the same with managing your credit. you may not be good at it now. but that's okay. because credit isn't just a score. it's a skill. and you can get better. experian. be better at credit. new mirafiber from the makers of miralax. fall in love with a new daily fiber. it's the only fiber that supports regularity with dailycomfort fiber. so unlike others, mirafiber is less likely to cause unwanted gas.
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time now for your "news by the numbers." first up, 90%. that is how many of the crimes committed by released criminal aliens went unreported by the obama administration in 2014. officials claim that it was about 1,400, but the actual number of crimes was more than 13,000. next, 72. that's how many new emojis are coming out. all right. there will be a symbol now for bacon. for avocado, yes, we love that.
4:25 am
for pancakes. steve, when you're on the road covering the campaigns. don't expect to see a rifle. apple was quick to shoot that idea down of course. finally, number one, chick-fil-a, america's favorite fast food chain. steve? >> there's our favorite. all right. who is normal and nuts? we ask ourselves every once in a while. psychiatrist and medical a-team dr. keith ablow joins us from boston to answer your questions. good morning to you, dr. keith. >> good morning, steve. how are you? what have we got today? >> we have three e-mails. the first one comes to us and it says this. my wife talks to her mom at least five times a day. we only got married less than a year ago and it peoples like she talks to her mother more than me. i don't remember it being that way when we were dating. is she normal or is she nuts? keith, she's probably just looking for advice, right? >> well, no.
4:26 am
she's nuts, right? >> nuts? >> married a slightly crazy woman. here's the thing, she doesn't have one spouse, but two. two-thirds of her marriage is to her mom and there's a reason for that. there's a reason that this fellow selected a woman who isn't really able to bring herself to the marriage. she's still tied up back at home. why? you've got to ask yourself, sir, are you really ready for a marriage? if you are, you have to reclaim the other two-thirds of your wife. you can do that in therapy, maybe. >> well, it looks like what you're saying is he married a wife and got a backup wife in the form of his mother in law, right? >> that's the most optimistic way to look at it. i don't think he got much because guess what? she's in need of a little piece of this fellow. a little support, a little emotional interaction. physical passion i'm sure. but look, the bottom line is she's still her mother's daughter and married to her mom. not married to the mob.
4:27 am
married to her mom. >> okay. dr. keith, blaming the guy. thank you. next up, one of my close friends is always applying to be on a reality show. she uses the cash prize as an excuse. but it's taking up all of her free time. is this normal or nuts? she wants the fame and you say it's nuts? >> it's as nuts as if she were spending all her time chasing down a couple of grams of cocaine. because you know what? virtual reality and reality tv, facebook and the rest of it's just america's favorite drug right now. this woman may say i want the cash, i really need the dough. look, if you worked a fast food job this number of hours you'd be in the moy. you're losing time and money. you're a fame obsessed person. get real. be my friend. talk to me. tell me what's wrong. >> so that person is nuts. so far we have got two -- >> yes. we're not doing well.
4:28 am
>> not so far. >> not doing well. >> here it is. dr. keith, i get depressed in the summer, especially around memorial day, fourth of july, labor day. i don't usually have plans but that never bothers me. so why am i so sad? am i nuts? >> you know what, no. no. this not nuts. this is fairly common. seasonal affective disorder does not just occur during winters. we're not all hibernating bears. during summer, some people say, look, every june, every may, whatever it might be, your pattern, i get depressed. and the bottom line is this can be a cyclical thing. you can treat it just like depression. so whether you're uses oral antidepressants or psychotherapy or ketamine which is successful at treating these things you don't have to do it all year long. the ketamine infusions you do only when you're depressed then you don't take it at other times potentially. so this isn't crazy. this is common. >> the other thing is that
4:29 am
person could just call their mom four or five times a day just to, you know, see what they're up to. >> it works for so many people, steve, and then you get on the reality tv show. and then you're all normal until you're not. i say, pay me now, pay me later. might as well come in today. >> if folks have questions wondering whether or not if they're normal or nut, send your questions to dr. keith ablow at see you next week. >> thank you. coming up on a wednesday, time and time again the president says we are winning the war on terror while top military officials tell a totally different story. is a revolt on the horizon? lieutenant general michael flynn gives us an insider look at what could be happening behind the scenes and he comes up live next. and somebody help her. all fun and games until somebody gets stuck in a barney head. i hope she survives.
4:30 am
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legalzoom. legal help is here. all right. 7:33 here in new york city. when it comes to terrorist targeting the united states, the president has a much different taken that the people he appointed to keep us safe. watch this. >> instead of getting dragged into another ground war in the middle east, we are leading a broad coalition including arab nations to degrade and ultimate destroy the terrorist group. >> our intent being to destroy isis with the means that he has approved so far i think that's an unattainable objective. >> the world is less violent than it's ever been. it's healthier than it's ever been. it's more tolerant than it has
4:34 am
ever been. >> when the final accounting is done 2014 will have been the most lethal year for global terrorism. >> isil is not going pose an existential threat to us. they are a dangerous organization like al qaeda was, but we have hardened our defenses. our homeland has never been more protected. >> their ability to have a safe haven from which to gather resource, people and plan and plot increases their ability to mount a sophisticated attack against the homeland. >> from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. >> we have not contained isil. we are making significant progress. this campaign at this stage is firing on all cylinders. and as a result, isil is under more pressure than ever before. >> despite all our progress on isil on the battlefield and in the financial realm, it has not reduced their global reach. >> oh, my goodness.
4:35 am
>> wow. >> why is the president's own intelligence advisers that he asked to work for him telling a different story than he's telling the public? is a revolt on the horizon? >> join us is lieutenant general michael flynn, appointed by president obama. good morning. general, thank you for being with us. >> hi, good morning. >> what's your take on this? why is the president saying something and making it sound so rosy time and time again and then someone on his team saying quite the opposite? >> yeah, here first of all, there's not revolt. we have to make sure that we totally understand our constitutional role of civilian control of the military. so i want to make that very, very clear to your audience. that's number one. the second thing, i'll harp on what attorney general lynch said yesterday because it's apropos -- it's specific to what you guys just showed. she talked about, you know, how we are going to beat this enemy through compassion, unity and love. no, we're not. to win, we have to demonstrate
4:36 am
willingness, determination and resolve. and that -- those three components is what you heard in all of the intelligence advisers, the former secretary of defense gates, chairman of the joint chiefs dunford. we're not demonstrating the three things in warfare, whether it's political warfare, ideological warfare or the component of the military as pengt of what we're doing, whether it's in iraq, libya, syria, we're not demonstrating those things and that's the frustration you're hearing coming out in these advisers to this president. >> but general, we don't know what motivated omar mateen, according to the attorney general of the united states. even though he was yelling allahu akbar, talking about allah, pledging his allegiance to isis, but we don't know what
4:37 am
the motivation. >> well, oversea, in europe, clearly in north africa and the middle east, in central asia, i mean, this is a global war. we are in it. they have declared -- they being the islamic state and the elements that support that have declared war on us. they actually declared war on us a number of years ago. so this is not something new. now they are executing their campaign plan and part of that campaign plan is not only the execution of this massive immigration problem that exists in europe, but also direct attacks here in the homeland that we just recently saw again in orlando and sadly until we have the willingness to clearly identify this enemy and get after this ideology, we're going to have another attack here. we'll continue to meet like this. >> lieutenant general, here's the thing. i get that it's not a revolt. but that's as close to an alarm system as you will get from an
4:38 am
appointee and friends with the president. they're saying that the president either is out of reality or intentionally telling us things that are not accurate. and they will not be accountable for what he is saying. that's why we show them back to back to back to back. you sat across from the president. where's his reality? >> i never sat across from the president, he never asked for my expert judgment on this subject. that's disturbing enough for a guy who served almost five years in combat against the guys. and his senior military intelligence officer. so that's beside the point. but i will tell you, this is -- we have a president and we have advisers going back, you know, the entire time he's been there to include hillary clinton who only recently is starting to come around, that have denied the existence of this ideology
4:39 am
within this religious framework. because they just -- he particularly the president has a deep seated belief that this is not a problem like we -- like we the rest of america sees it. i mean, my god, how many times do we have to have these attacks where somebody is yelling allahu akbar and attacking us for a distorted religious belief system? it will happen again. so what i would offer to you is that we have to make sure that we allow -- frankly our military advisers, particularly our military and intelligence advisers they have to tell the truth and really have the candor they need. i'll tell you, you guys just displayed it pretty clearly. going back, going back to 2012, coming into the when the president was going against the last, you know, in this case romney, i mean, there was a willingness to basically not tell the truth to the american public leading into that election. >> sure. >> we knew then that the growth
4:40 am
of radical islamists groups that were defined by our our state department had nearly doubled by that time. >> romney wasn't effective in going after that. >> exactly. he was not. >> the attacker -- >> and before the election, you know, they spun that fairy tale. lieutenant general, i have heard your name bandied about in the last month or so, you know, he would be a good guy to be on donald trump's vice presidential short list. would you have any interest in something like that? >> look, my interest is in this country and protecting this country. i spent the better part of my adult life defending it. and i will tell you that we are in a very tough position right now and what we cannot afford is we cannot afford this country to continue in the direction it's going. and you know, i miss serving in the military. i definitely do. i love this country. and i am willing to stay in the arena.
4:41 am
>> this sounds like a yes. >> continue to fight. >> this sounds like a yes, you are interested? >> well, i'll tell you, you know, guys, i am at a point in my life where i'm beyond the nonsense stage i guess of my life. and now this is about the future of this country for my own children and my grandchildren. i mean, we are facing a very, very difficult enemy and we're facing a very difficult economic time and so whatever, you know, is asked of me i'm willing to do it as long as it's for the good of this country. >> there you go. >> lieutenant general michael flynn. >> we look forward to your book coming out shortly. >> thank you. excellent. >> straight shooter. >> that's what we need because without that, without calling it what it is, it's very dangerous. >> never dangerous to toss over to heather nauert. >> yes. it is. >> you won't get in trouble. >> good morning, i hope you're off to a great day. another disturbing case to tell you of isis in america. take a look at this man.
4:42 am
an indiana teenager accused of trying to join the terror group. akr akr akram musleh was arrested trying to board a bus and he posted pictures and he posted pictures of making pressure cooker bombs and he sought terror targets in his home state of indiana. he tried flying to the middle east five times last year. a reporter's attempt to show how easy it is to buy what some would call an assault rifle. this whole thing backfires. the reporter was hoping to coast through the process of buying an ar-15 at a local gun store. but during the mandatory 24-hour waiting period the store refused to sell to him because he failed his background check. and this part is a little embarrassing for him.
4:43 am
the store said that it was uncovered that mr. steinberg had an admitted history of alcohol abuse and a charge for domestic battery involving his wife. therefore, he wasn't able to buy a gun. steinberg claims he was denied because he was a member of the media. wow. what a story there. it's all fun and games until someone gets stuck inside a giant barney the dinosaur head. [ screaming ] >> oh, that happened in alabama. a 15-year-old girl -- you can see her right there. that's the barney head on her head. her friends were forced to try to pull her from both sides like a tug of war, but no luck. so they decided to cover her in vaseline and it got her more stuck. and then the firefighters got her out. i think that was from kilmeade's house. >> i want to hear that 911 call.
4:44 am
they called the fire department? crazy. >> covered in vaseline. >> all right. we have a fox news alert, planes taking off right now in the desperate search for a family that vanished during a father's day sailing trip off the coast of florida. more on the race against time in a live report coming up next. think yotry nexium 24hr.'s best for your heartburn? now the #1 choice of doctors & pharmacists... for their own frequent heartburn. get complete protection with nexium 24 hour.
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oh, hi! ooh. hi! goodbye thick sunscreen. hi! [ nervously laughing ] hello coppertone clearly sheer. it provides beach level protection that's ultra light to let your skin breathe. coppertone clearly sheer. hello sunshine. fox news alert, coast guard planes taking off desperately searching for a family lost at sea off the coast of florida. >> a father and his three teenage children missing since sunday. >> shayla reeves from fox 13 in tampa has the latest. >> reporter: well, right now, search efforts are being coordinated for multiple crews to locate this family.
4:48 am
we can tell you coast guard members have been on the water now for several hours looking for any sign of the father and his three teenage children. now let me take you to this map. this map shows you englewood, located between sarasota and ft. meyer, florida. it is in that particular location where the father reportedly had his last communication with family on sunday. they ran into trouble on their way into ft. meyers for a sailboat repair on sunday. the father called his brother, saying that the boat hit rough water and those on board were trying to survive off shore near englewood. a spokesperson for the coast guard said they've been searching overnight. some of the efforts concentrated in that area between englewood and ft. meyers. to give you the idea of the total trip it's 80 miles between sarasota and ft. meyers. so this is the area that multiple coast guard crews are trying to cover as they look for this family.
4:49 am
one other mention for you is one of the challenges depends on the condition of the family once they're found. a spokesperson for the coast guard told me if they're okay when found, they can be brought back to the tampa bay area. if they require medical treatment it could be a shorter drive for them to go to ft. meyers. certainly a lot of unknowns but we'll continue to keep you posted as we learn anything further. guys, back to you. >> shayla, real quick, no gps beacon on the boat that we know of? >> reporter: it's unclear if they have the new beacon on that boat. and this is a boat that the coast guard is asking everyone to be on the lookout for in this area though. >> shayla reaves, thank you. all right. meanwhile, welcome to the club, the american kennel club, that is. meet the awesome breed that just became the newest member. the club is going to the dogs. when josh atkins books at
4:50 am
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♪ "dinner!" "may i be excused?" get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. all right. we have an exciting announcement. please hold somebody tight. the american kennel club has introduced a brand-new breed making at their 190th dog breed. ainsley will name them all. meet the new breed -- it's the pumi. >> this is the pumi. joining us now is the vice president of the american kennel club, gina dinardo. she has brought us zsa zsa and leila. >> hello. >> beautiful dogs. tell me what makes them them. >> so they are hungarian herding breed. they were bred to move livestock like cattle and pigs from farms
4:54 am
in hungary which had -- from small pieces of land to larger pieces to herd. they known for this curly gray coat. they can come in black and white. >> here, want me to grab one? >> sure. >> how do you get recognized by the akc? >> you need at least a hundred in the country. you need a nationally geographically group of people dedicated to protecting the integrity and you have to do some dog shows and make sure you're an active club with the akc. >> so there are about a hundred here. these are beautiful dogs. >> they're pretty. >> they're very stocky. and a lot of times people need some herding. especially bigger families. >> herd your children, absolutely. >> instead of getting sitters. >> they're very sweet and energetic. they're easy to care for. you just have to comb out the coat when you bathe them. they don't need a lot of
4:55 am
brushing or grooming. they have the cute little ears and black eyes. >> what kind of family would need this dog? >> an active family. she sees her mommy. an active family, definitely. and because -- and you don't need a lot of time to groom it, but you need time to train it and to exercise it. >> okay. and do you feel as though these dogs are somebody that needs a trainer? amateur family? >> an amateur, training classes yourself. but they're smart enough that you can -- they're smart enough that you can train them. >> i don't blame the dog. she's barking at scott. we bark at scott every day. on a regular basis. so what does this mean for them to get accepted, how long have they been petitioning to get in? >> at least ten years they have been working very hard. what it means is you can see them at any akc dog show in any town in the country across america. including the televised ones. they can compete in the agility, obedience, diving. any of the events.
4:56 am
>> you know what i found fascinating, one it's called a pumi, but the plural is pumik. >> correct. >> with a "k." >> with a "k." why that? >> it's hungarian that's the plural. like puli is pulik. >> if i let her go will she run? >> she'll run over to her mom. >> should we try it. >> there she goes to her mama. >> there you go. oh, look at that. >> now she's jealous. >> let's let her go. go ahead. just like that. i'm going to go too. >> thank you so much. we appreciate that. still ahead, mike wallace recovering after getting attacked in a violent parking lot ambush in front of his daughter. this morning, mike wallace will react to his first national television interview since that attack. that's in the next hour. and police in california on the lookout for the bikini
4:57 am
bandit. where she hid her cash. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
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msame time tomorrow, fellas!? new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles. they massage key pressure points with each step, for all day comfort that keeps you feeling more energized. dude's got skills. new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles. good morning to you. it is wednesday, june 22nd. i'm ainsley earhardt. this is a fox news alert. it happened again, another vicious alligator attack in florida. the shocking details on this one straight ahead. that's not good. neither is this. attorney general loretta lynch says we may never know why that islamic terrorist killed all those people, but she did reveal a plan to win. >> our most effective response to terror and to hatred is compassion, unity, and it's love. >> love? really? all you need is love? we'll talk about that. >> altogether now. a bikini bandit on the run.
5:01 am
the search for this woman wanted for robbery in her bathing suit. but where did she hide the cash? >> good question. >> think about that at home while i remind you we have animation and a slogan. it goes like this. mornings are better with "friends." now the animation. ♪ >> it was not a parade in 1964 when the cleveland browns won the nfl championship. >> why? >> there will be a championship parade for the cleveland cavaliers today in downtown cleveland. led by one lebron james becau because -- >> they won the championship, brian. first time in 52 years that a team there in cleveland has won. so folks are already lining up, getting the kids together. i wonder if they -- i guess schools are out already, right? >> some of them. >> absolutely. >> i wonder if they'll give --
5:02 am
>> it would be cruel and unusual punishment not to allow the kids to go to that particular thing. we'll be in cleveland for a week or ten days for the rnc. a preview of coming attractions. >> maybe they'll redo the parade and we can take part. >> the whole world will be watching. nba is a global sport and most are pulling for cleveland. the next shoe to drop could be chicago because the cubs are having the season that we have never seen before for the cubs. >> nostradamus predicted the cubs -- >> in the book of revelations, it ends in a fiery ball. >> in the meantime, we go back down to florida. and some more gator news. >> confucius says that the cubs are great. all right. good morning to you all. another alligator attack to tell you about, once again happening in florida. a man forced to fight for his life prying off the vicious reptile with his bare hands. the 58-year-old man says he
5:03 am
heard noises in his back yard barn. when he went to check on what was going on the nearly nine foot alligator attacked him, sinking the teeth into his leg. he suffered major flood loss. lucky to be alive. he is expected to be okay. that happened in bushnell, about 60 miles from disney world. the coast guard planes taking off right now, actually a short while ago. in a desperate search for a family missing at sea. take a look. that's the coast guard hercules, i believe. they're searching for a man and his three teenage children who have been missing since father's day. they set sail on their 29-foot sailboat near sarasota, florida. the father called his brother saying they were getting pounded by six food waves near
5:04 am
englewood. the coast guard is asking for people to keep a lookout for that family. and we're praying for the best for of them. and sparking fears at a new york tunnel, and police found several loaded guns, knives, body armor, 2,000 rounds of ammunition and drugs when they stopped a pickup truck because it had a cracked windshield. this happened just outside the holland tunnel which connects new jersey to manhattan. the three people inside there they are right there, they were arrested. they claimed they were on they were on their way to save a teenager who was involved with drugs. police don't believe there's a terror connection. and the search is on for the bikini bandit. she has beener the rizing the community in nothing but -- been terrorizing her community with nothing on but a bathing suit. she has been on the run since the beginning of this month. wouldn't you like to be in that community, steve and brian? >> looking for a cover-up. >> yeah.
5:05 am
>> where does she hide them? >> the valuables. >> terrorizing the community? is that how you reported that? >> men are so upset. >> thank you, heather. loretta lynch went down to orlando yesterday to talk to first responders to see how the fbi is doing with the investigation into the mass murder at the pulse night club, just a little more than a week ago. she would not give specifics about the investigation or the motives. however, she did offer this up to the community down there on how to do battle with this kind of terrorism. >> i'll tell you definitively we won't narrow it down to one motivation. people often out of more than one motivation. the good in this world far outweighs the evil, that our common humanity transcends the differences and the most effective response to terror and hatred is compassion, unity, and it's love. >> all right.
5:06 am
several things wrong with this. >> love. >> first of all, we don't know the motivation? the guy runs in there screaming allahu akbar. actually, we can't listen to them, because they won't release the 911 tapes. they released the transcript. >> parts of it. >> then they finally released all of it. he was pledging allegiance to isis and al baghdadi and wondering why we america were bombing -- why we are bombing his country, afghanistan. that's my first problem with what she was saying. the second problem is how do you combat terrorism with love? you don't have to teach us about love. we do love. it's -- she wants us to look at isis, people that are cutting people's heads off, people burning people alive and love them? you think they'll listen? >> is go back to the san bernardino people. the people they worked with threw them a baby shower because it was a nice thing to do. how did he repay them?
5:07 am
he went back and killed them. love didn't really work in that case. >> right. right. >> but you know something consistent. which is the remarkable inconsistencies between how the president assessed the war on terror and what we're fighting and not fighting and how the professional advisers he hired to take on islamic extremism assess the situation. a stark example has been put together by our own chris white. watch. >> instead of getting dragged into another ground war, we are degrading and ultimately destroying the terrorist group. >> ultimately to destroy isis with the means he has approved so far i think that's an unattainable objective. >> the world is less violent than it's ever been. it is healthier it's ever been, more tolerant. >> when the final accounting is done 2014 will have been the most lethal year for global terrorism in the 45 years such a
5:08 am
date has been compiled. >> isil is not going to pose an existential threat to us. they are a dangerous organization like al qaeda was. but we have hardened our defenses, our homeland has never been more protected. >> their ability to have a safe haven from which to gather resources, people and plan and plot increases the risk of their ability to mount a sophisticated attack against the homeland. >> from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. >> we have not contained isil. >> we are making significant progress. this campaign at this stage is firing on all cylinders. and as a result, isil is under more pressure than ever before. >> despite all our progress against isil on the battlefield and in the financial realm, our efforts have not reduced the group's terrorism capability and global reach. >> that video is so damming because there you have the president saying one thing and his top advisers saying the polar opposite. do you know who has sounded a
5:09 am
lot over the last couple of years just exactly like barack obama? hillary clinton. >> absolutely. >> you could take the barack obama sound bites out and put hers in and make a devastating campaign ad. >> she could lose her best benefactor and say, listen, i was his secretary of state, i wasn't part of -- >> i had nothing to with foreign affairs. >> good luck with that because she needs barack obama badly. lieutenant general michael flynn, he ran the dia under the obama administration and he was asked to leave. here's his reaction. >> our military advisers particularly our military advisers and intelligence advisers they have to be able to tell the truth and really have the candor they need. i'll tell you, you guys just displayed it pretty clearly. going back, going back to 2012 coming into -- when the president was going against the last, you know, in this case romney, i mean, there was a willingness to basically not tell the truth to the american public leading into that
5:10 am
election. we knew then that the growth of islamist groups defined by our own state department had nearly doibled by that time. >> it's offensive, the president says i continue to spat out this rosy -- make everything look rosy it's offensive to us, because he basically is saying they're stupid enough to believe this. >> right. >> he's not listening to his advisers. these are people who have gone to battle, who have served our country overseas that are telling him what's really happening. he's not listening. >> jonathan gruber said you can't underestimate the stupid of the american voter? he works for them. >> yeah. something like that. general flynn was also asked if he'd be interested on the job on the donald trump team as vice president, it sounded like he was open to it. >> he talks to donald trump so we seal. >> 8:10. a nightmare for a nascar driver,
5:11 am
mike wallace and his daughter brutally attacked after a rascal flatts concert. both mike and his daughter lindsey join us live in their first national tv interview. which candidate could be the best to deal with wall street? >> we can't ever let wall street wreck main street again. >> but what about all those paid speeches for wall street investors? peter schweitzer is here with a warning next. >> don't walk by. with's range of properties, rebel and key can wing it
5:12 am
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but i'm still going for my personal best. and for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. a fertd fert. that's the east face of u.s. capitol where apparently hillary clinton is headed to talk to house democrats later this morning. yesterday, she did a speech where she blasted donald trump and his business acumen and later today she's apparently going to be giving her economic vision for the country. meanwhile, hillary clinton vowing to reign in the same banks that gave her millions for her paid speeches so why do her supporters ignore her deep ties
5:16 am
to the financial industry? here to tell us about her deep ties is peter schweizer, author and executive producer of the upcoming film "clinton cash." also a best selling book. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it's ironic she is saying one thing and yet her history is something completely opposite. >> yeah, it's interesting. in i direction you turn with the clintons and their finances you bump into wall street. her major contributor is wall street. major recipient of speaking fees and look at her daughter's husband who started a hedge fund, it was seeded by money from the biggest financial firms on wall street. so they have an orbit of financial ties to wall street. >> wall street loves her because she represents more regulation. >> that's right. i mean, this sort of the irony. this is what the supporters don't understand. she says we need to control the banks and they think this is great.
5:17 am
we need this for control. but the problem is you need to look at a -- like dodd-frank, the regulations are written by the wall street firms. >> of course they are. >> they like the regulations because smaller competitors can't afford to abide by them. so the dirty little secret is, more regulation as offered by hillary clinton is what major wall street investment firms want. >> i can hardly wait for a couple of months from now during the campaign when she needs to appeal to the bernie supporters and bernie has been blasting wall street. said, look, the system is rigged and he's right in many respects. but she has to go to the bernie supporters and say we're on the same page and that's not doing to happen. >> no it's not. if you look at bernie sanders if you like his politics or not, you don't find a lot of money from goldman sachs or citi group. because whether again, you agree or not, bernie sanders wants to fundamentally transform wall
5:18 am
street in a major way that they don't like. what hillary clinton's proposing is actually a regulatory regime and a partnership between government and business that is beneficial to these large wall street firms. >> yesterday when hillary clinton had her speech railing against donald trump, one of the things she said -- it was a prepared speech, so somebody wrote it out for her. one of the things she said was, you know, my husband and i for the last 40 years have released our tax returns. you know, why won't donald trump? has the clinton foundation been forth coming with their financial documents? >> no, i mean, i think transparency is always a good thing. but the problem is that the clintons signed an agreement with barack obama in 2008 as a condition of her becoming the secretary of state. she said under oath the senate foreign relations committee they were going to disclose the contributors to the clinton foundation and they didn't. there are a thousand foreign donors we don't know who they are.
5:19 am
that's a basic thing they need to honor. >> one thing i heard, people criticizing hillary for, the financial donors, a number of countries that are not friendly to women. not friendly to gays. they gave her a lot of money. >> yeah. this is the thing that i think that i like to underscore when talking about clinton cash. we all get money in politics. wall street, big oil, et cetera. what you're talking about with the clintons is foreign money. foreign corporations, foreign financiers. our election laws don't allow those foreign entities to give to candidates. but the clintons figure out a way around it. they set up this foundation. they get large checks from the foreign entities and the speaking fees that's foreign money going straight into their pocket. >> we know there's a double standard in the way that the media covers the political parties. the republicans gets ten times the scrutiny as the democrats. your book has been a blockbuster
5:20 am
is the interest looking at the clinton cash or trying to dig up something about donald trump? >> i think a little bit. some good reports have been pursuing this for a while. if challenge not with the report, but with the ownership or with the editorial team of these publications. but there's no question that at some point, they're going to they the clinton scandals or these clinton issues, related to foreign money are old news. as if that settles the matter. but the fact of the matter is this is an unprecedented situation in american politics. as somebody who wants to be president of the united states that has this financial ties to foreign governments who wants something or in some cases want to do harm to the united states, we have never been there before. people need to take that into account. >> so old news, not a good answer. >> no. it's still a problem. even if it was a problem a year ago. >> it is. peter, thank you very much. >> thank you. straight ahead, it's a soldier's worst nightmare, being trapped behind enemy lines. >> when you know that that battle is mounting, there's so
5:21 am
much on the line. >> do you realize how -- >> an exclusive sneak peek of the new special "no man left behind." the real black hawk down, when the real heroes join us live, next. n do more for your immune health? now one a day has the first multivitamin with probiotics to support the 70% of your immune system that's found in your digestive tract. new one a day with probiotics. your multi with more.
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5:24 am
and she belongs to you only in minnesota some quick headlines for you. brand-new video just in putting us on the front line of firefighters battling an explosive inferno. that massive fire tearing through california 31 million people now in the path of more than 21 dangerous wildfires. two threatening to merge into one super fire in southern california. and the final leg of a life-saving rescue mission in
5:25 am
the south pole is now under way. moments ago, a small plane carrying a sick u.s. worker out of a science station leaving antarctica. the scientists are braving 24 hour darkness and temperatures 25 below. being trapped behind enemy lines is a situation that all fighters train for, few experience and fewer sadly survive. >> when you know that that battle is mounting, there's so much on the line. you realize how dire this situation has become. the last thing you can do is let your men see you lose hope. >> wow. in this special premiere episode, "no man left behind" the real blackhawk down people involved tell the true life story of the downing of two blackhawk helicopters during a deadly battle in mogadishu between u.s. forces and somali
5:26 am
militia. former ranger staff sergeant, keni thomas is here and former army ranger, randy ramaglia, and the battle is featured on nat geo's series and there are re-enactments to bring it to life. good morning. randy, any hesitation in doing over this again? >> no, not at this point. >> let's reframe what happened, that day. a deed, we started -- he's knocking out the -- >> the warlord in charge. >> correct. he has been attacking the untdzs and the troops. we went in. we were down. 39 minute, extracted the prisoners, waiting to go home. that's when the first bird got shot down. then everything sort of changes. then it becomes, okay, we have to rescue that crew. that's where the bulk of the battle took place was in the movement to the crash site and
5:27 am
then defending that crash site. >> how deep behind enemy lines? >> we were in the heart of the territory. we were in the strong hold of the militimilitia. >> 18 lost their lives that day. how many were involved from the clash? >> there was 120 of us on the ground. >> and over 70 wounded? >> yes, sir. >> you wanted to make sure something was done. if we're going to re-enact this battle and give more life to the movie, you wanted to make sure what? >> i think we bring up the operator, and they made the ultimate selfless act. then the many others that were involved. >> in what way did they make the selfless act? >> the first helicopter got shot down. there was a second crash that no one could get to it, because it was isolated except for two delta operators. and they were later awarded the congressional medal of honor. they both died trying to save the one pilot, mike durant,
5:28 am
still alive in the crash. >> they normally inserted and -- >> can we see the video feed of that? 200 to 1. 200 bad guys running to the crash site and they knew what they were going in against. >> any sense of how many the other guys you took out? >> they said it was about 1,000. >> overall. between us and the aviation assets. >> they never gave you armor or help and the secretary of defense les aspin got thrown out. >> he later resigned. >> it became a terror operation. >> correct. at this point, that's when we were brought in. >> that's when we realized that you're clashing with an enemy, that we're dealing with today. islamic extremisms and -- >> correct. >> funded by and trained by. >> and how is your view of how things are going today? >> i think it could be a lot better. if you look at the state of the world particularly over there,
5:29 am
if we were affected -- if we were effective, we wouldn't be in this position today. >> right. do you believe that -- do we understand our enemy? >> i don't think we appreciate how dangerous they are around what they're capable of. we keep thinking it's an isolated little thing. it happens in paris, brussels, orlando. it's not happening to me so it's not really happening. sooner or later, it's going to start affecting enough people they'll understand this is an enemy that knows what they're doing. they have a plan. >> right. guys, that's what's so great about this series. we'll get to know the people that fight the wars, who don't get enough attention what they did. what we watch is in black and white, and world war ii and voiced over. but this is real. keni thomas and randy ramaglia, thank you for joining us. by the way, you can watch this -- on the nat geo channel which is partially owned by
5:30 am
newscorp. it starts tuesday, june 28th. 9:00, 8:00 central, on the real life of the real blackhawk down story. coming up, nascar driver mike wallace recovering after getting attacked brutally in a parking lot. it was an ambush after a rascal flatts concert, right in front of his daughter. this morning, mike and his daughter are here in their first national television interview since the attack. remember the woman who got this nasty parking note from man assuming she wasn't a veteran because she was a female? she called him out and this morning he'd like to respond. (war drums beating)
5:31 am
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5:34 am
veteran nascar driver mike wallace still shaken up after being brutally attacked outside a rascal flatts concert in charlotte, north carolina, i believe on friday night. an event he and his family have attended together for many, many years. >> several men jumped him, here are the guys. they knocked him out cold, left him there on the ground, hitting him in the face over and over again. then they turned their attack on his daughter, lindsey wallace van wingerden. she was kicked repeatedly as she pleaded for them to stop. >> what the heck? mike wallace is joining us right now, and his daughter, lindsey wallace van wingerden. we won't show the pictures of what you looked like afterwards, mike, but could you reframe the events that led to this attack? >> well, you know, it was a simple night out at a rascal
5:35 am
flatts concert, it was a great show. to back up, as we pulled into the parking lot at the amphitheater, we -- this group was parked in front of us when we got there. and our parking stall, we left, hi, how are you doing? i talk to everybody about everything. we went into the event, had a great event, come out after the concert was over with. got to our car, had to go to our car and the people that we had the confrontation with, were parked right in front of us. so i was working my way around to the front of the car to get in the right side driver's door, and lindsey was going to drive and my wife and son were going to be in the back. there were a group of them in the back of the pickup truck, kind of tailgating. i guess you'd call it that. hi, how you doing, how did you like the concert? there was a large group of people, a guy in a muscle shirt, a young man standing in the back
5:36 am
of it. then all of a sudden, he started screaming, hollering and cussing, you know, quite adamantly about everybody shut up. this and that. then a lot of other language used. i remember looking up at him, hey, man, is there a problem, what's going on? and honestly other than getting hit in the face incredibly hard, i'm not a street fighter so i don't know that stuff is all about. i got hit and i honestly from that point don't remember hardly anything. and taking it from my family and friends as i was on the ground, knocked out, laying up against the car. they then -- three guys got to kicking on me and beating on me. >> wow. >> and my daughter got in the middle of it trying to get them to get off me. i mean, i just -- >> yeah. >> i recently had heart bypass surgery so i wasn't really in that situation -- >> right. mike, do you think they knew who you were? >> i have no idea. i don't know if -- i mean, we had seen them going into the
5:37 am
event. >> yeah. >> everybody was sociable. there was no problems. it didn't appear to be -- and came out trying to be sociable from our side. that's the one thing everybody tells me you talk too much all the time, but i -- >> you're being nice. i'm from that area. you're such a celebrity in charlotte, you're saying hey to everybody, being nice to the fans. lindsey, to watch your dad on the ground, i know you said earlier you thought he was dead. he had triple bypass surgery in the last year and had wrist surgery. when you see him on the ground and then you get attacked, what was going through your mind? what did you experience? >> yeah. you know, unfortunately what we experienced was one of the most horrific things anybody can ever see in their life and the images still replay heavily in my mind. but to see your dad laying there on the ground and these guys just beating him repeatedly, over and over, you know, and you
5:38 am
think they're killing your dad. and i say that over and over and many people that were around there, we thought he was dead that day. >> wow. >> and for -- to beg and to plead for them to stop, you know, you're hovered over top of them and they won't. then start on you. >> what did they do to you? >> well, it started whenever they were yelling at him or ran over him, when they started to punch on him. i got in between them, i said, stop. stop. he had triple bypass surgery, leave him alone. then a group of women and moms came up and started putting their hands around my throat. at that point -- >> what? >> at that point i got knocked down and i was kicked repeatedly. as i'm screaming help help help. i got back up. and at that point, ran to try to pull him off of my dad again. and there's three guys just beating him over and over. one of the guys comes from behind, knocks me down to the ground. got a lot more injure ares from that part and then when he wound up at the left front tire of the
5:39 am
car, i'm hovering over top of him, stop stop stop. they're kicking under me to hit him in the face. then i'm on the ground and i see my husband hovered over top of my them. i don't recognize my dad's face or my husband's face. at that point i thought my dad was gone because he wasn't moving. >> here's the good news, we started this thing with mug shots. the guys got caught. how did they get them? >> they were still there on the scene. you know -- >> unbelievable. >> people tell us if it was 30 seconds later they were trying to flee the scene. other people were involved and they ran. but, you know, fortunately these three right here were caught. and you know, it's a whole bad deal that we hope never ever happens to anybody or they never have experience. >> they beat other people up too. this is the third time they had done this. >> well, we don't know the extent of the other incidents. we were told they had been involved in other confrontations at the pnc amphitheater. again, that was information that
5:40 am
was relayed to us by other people we personally don't know that. but you know, apparently this isn't their -- it appears it wasn't the first time because they were really good at it. >> lindsey, first you and then your dad mike, how are you now? >> you know, physically we're healing. you know, i have a nice black eye, hard to tell right now because she put enough makeup on there. really sore ribs and breast bone and wrist and bruises. but, you know, the physical side will heal. right now what we're dealing with a lot more is the emotional side because those are traumatic images that you relive day after day. i'm thankful we're together as a family and i still have my dad here. >> mike, how are you? >> you know, as lindsey mentioned the emotional side of it. when you wake up from being knocked out, which not a common thing to do, you look up and you see your daughter laying on the ground, it's heartwrenching.
5:41 am
i look up at my son-in-law, and others are trying to help me. they have blood running down their face and that. it's kind of graphic, but myself i know i have to have an implant put in my front tooth. they knocked my front tooth back, so that's a five -- they say best case scenario, five month recovery, worst case ten months. got a black eye which it resulted also in the impact that the fluid in between your eye and your retina exploded. so i've got these floaters in my eye. and just, you know, just beat up. you know, as a guy it's not real cool to tell the world you got beat up. >> well, mike and lindsey, the nascar family i know is behind you, the fox family is behind you. thank you for what you do and what you stand for. god bless you. >> well, we appreciate it very much and please all the listeners and viewers, be aware of your situation in any public events. you know, we thought we were in a great environment and, you
5:42 am
know, we went to a great concert. i'd like to thank the rascal flatts group. they sent a nice heart felt prayer and get well to us. be careful of your surroundings. >> good advice. mike and lindsey, thank you. >> thank you, guys. >> thanks for sharing your story here. >> well, they've got three of the guys. let's hope justice is meted out there. >> absolutely. >> they need security in the lots. meanwhile, planes in the air right now, searching for a family lost at sea on a father's day saming trip. what was said in the last phone call made before going silent? we'll have that in a live report next. what would the white house look like if melania were first lady? our first look is straight ahead. calling out clinton. the war of words continues after hillary's attack yesterday. now it's trump's turn today. we'll go behind the scenes with help with our own chris wallace who will bring you the best
5:43 am
analysis. i'm gretchen carlson, "real story" at 2:00.
5:44 am
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we've got some quick headlines for you on this wednesday. remember the woman veteran who got that nasty note on her car because she parked in a spot reserved for vets? >> yeah. >> well, she was a vet. well, the person who wrote the note is owning up to it, sending the vet a written apology. and the woman is accepting it. meanwhile, one of the women made famous for claiming she was sexually assaulted by bill clinton before he was president now says she's being haunted by hillary clinton. juanita broaddrick tweeting i get at least one hillary robocall a day asking for donations. unbelievable. >> it is. >> the retired arkansas nurse
5:47 am
claimed bill clinton assaulted her during his campaign for governor in 1978. clinton denied her claims. brian? all right. here's what we have been talking about, a fox news alert. and brand-new video of the coast guard ships searching for a family lost at sea off the coast of florida. >> a man and his three teenage children they have been missing since father's day. and shayla reaves is live from st. petersburg sector with the latest for us. shayla? >> reporter: hi, good morning. i have been on the phone and getting a better idea of the expansiveness of this search. in fact, i'm told this search area is well over 100 miles. it stretches from tampa bay past ft. meyers and into the gulf. now, coast guard members have been out throughout the overnight hours into daylight, trying to find a missing father and his three teenage children. the four have not been seen since father's day. according to the coast guard, they were alerted by a family
5:48 am
member tuesday, concerned about this family. they have not seen or heard from in the last couple of days. apparently the four were making their way from sarasota, florida, all the way to ft. meyers and some time on the water they ran into trouble. the father reached out to his brother in the englewood area and he told his brother they were in some rough waters and he and his children were trying to survive in that englewood area. now, as we bring you back out here, we had chance to speak this morning with the coast guard. they took us on the property here where st. petersburg is acting as more of a coordination point for all of the agencies involved. of course we'll continue to follow this and keep you posted if we learn anything further. reporting here in st. petersburg, shayla reaves, fox news. >> thank you very much. >> time matters. so hopefully they're going to get lucky. all right, 12 minutes before the top of the hour.
5:49 am
here's what's straight ahead. what would the white house look like if melania trump were first lady? our first look, straight ahead. but first, let's check in with martha to find out what's coming up at the top of hour. >> good morning. we have round two, donald trump is about to step in front of the microphone to try to take apart hillary's attack on his business record. you will see that live coming up this morning. and a standing ovation for trump at the evangelical meeting. tony perkins will join us with his take on what happened in there. and loretta lynch says love is the response to terrorism. senator ron johnson thinks that means we are woefully underestimating this enemy. he joins us this morning with some chilling stories from isis survivors. busy morning on tap on "america's newsroom." bill and i will see you at the top of the hour. ♪ (woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
donald trump planning to present melania as a 21st century jackie o. so what would that look like? and whose book could melania take a page out for inspiration? well, joining us now is the author of "unusual for their time, on the road with america's first ladies" andy oak who is also a tv producer. thank you for being with us. >> good morning, how are you this morn? >> we are great. who is going to be the next first lady, bill clinton or melania? >> of course bill would take the role of first gentleman and keep his title as president. so we'd have madam president and mr. president if the clintons were in the room at the same time. but, you know, traditionally and historically, americans fall in love with the young, attractive first lady. melania is both. and she has all the ingredients to have a national and international popularity of someone like jacqueline kennedy.
5:54 am
>> she has compared herself to jackie o. do you see any resemblance there? >> she's a young mother, a former model, speaks four different languages. she's a smart cookies. if she chooses the right philanthropies she could have a popularity that could her help her husband's potential administration. >> i know when he makes the speeches we are looking at the ladies standing behind him and they're all attractive. >> absolutely. historically, first ladies help their presidential husbands' poll numbers. we like the ladies more than we like the husbands. they don't typically do policy. they're ambassadors for their husband's administration. on the world stage, melania trump could have massive, massive appeal. >> how should she present herself to the world on the world stage? >> well, she's dabbled in philanthropic endeavors. she's done some red cross work which others have done. some breast cancer awareness, which betty ford very famous
5:55 am
for. so if she took like a post 9/11 laura bush today with women's rights, women in the middle east, she's from a war-torn eastern european country, she could go that direction with refugees and helping with children and orphanages and that will give her a -- an international flair that already has, being a foreign-born first lady. she can capitalize on. >> she's not the first foreign born first lady, right? >> no. the first foreign born first lady is louisa adams. she was born in london, england in 1775 i believe. and she actually -- there was some concern that she might harm her husband john quincy adam's political career. you know, we weren't the big worldly country we are now.
5:56 am
it's more acceptable. where melania trump could capitalize on that -- on that flair, that elegance. >> she like jackie o speaks four languages which is of course very impressive. all right, thank you so much. congratulations on your success. the book is "unusual for their time, on the road with america's first ladies." thank you. more "fox & friends" is moments away. man, my feet are killin' same time tomorrow, fellas!? new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles. they massage key pressure points with each step, for all day comfort that keeps you feeling more energized. dude's got skills. new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles. and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further.
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5:59 am
all right. one for the road. the men's team gets crushed by the number one team in the world, argentina. they lost 4-0. they gave up a goal and messi, really good. that was unsavable. so the u.s. is out of the semifinal. they got to the final four. hard to imagine anyone beating argentina. but chile will play them in the final. >> we got pretty far, that's amazing. >> no. i thought it was good to get the final four on fox sports 1, but bad to get crushed like that. >> meanwhile on that happy note,
6:00 am
tomorrow we have a busy program planned. stu varney will talk about the highly anticipated vote on brexit. will bill: trump is set to deliver a blistering attack on hoik. as we say good morning. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: you have got both sides digging in for the general election. it's always a trump location to


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