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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 22, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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i didn't defend anybody. harris: not yet. we still have 10 more seconds. sandra: see more of him on "outnumbered overtime" on the web. find us on face books at back on noonan eastern. watch greg on "the five" tonight. house democrats are protesting congress's inaction on gun violence and demanding that house speaker paul ryan to vote. >> real business is not getting done and we are covering all of the news "happening now". an all out assault on wildfires raging in several western states and army of firefighters battle the flames, triple digital
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temperatures fan the flames. hillary clinton's former it advisor going behind closed doors for more e-mail controversy. what did he say. >> investigators say she left to fianceto die. how could that impact the case if she didn't understand her rights? we start with the new filings from donald trump revealing unconventional spending practices from an unconventional campaign. >> i am jon scott. >> through the end of may, the trump campaign paid 6.2 million for trump's corporate products or services. and that is ten percent of his
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total expenditures and several instances in which mr. trump is the recipient. >> james rosen joins us live to explain? >> reporter: supporters say the 40- 1 deficit he faces with hillary clinton cash on hand can be wiped away in an instant by the billionaire and donald trump has and cash on hand about the trump campaign spending of the associated press went to trump owned firms and products and rent for office and campaign space. use of trump's airplane and logo hats and bottled water. and no one should expect him to epirich the business rivals.
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but he has to charge reasonable commercial rates. >> he may promote it part of the business acumen and that can come back to haunt. and that looks like too much self dealing here. >> trump self funded his winning primary campaign. and the top aide urged observers not to make too much of the cash on hand disparity. >> he can self fund the campaign and put 40 or 50 million right this second and be even and ahead. and seven points is nothing when you are 138 days. >> reporter: experts told us that despite the appearance of mr. trump in the campaign. in his filings, the candidate is not paying himself a salary, those are reimbursements of out
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of pocket expenditures. >> those are deep pockets. >> you bet. >> former it specialist for hillary clinton getting grilled by a conservative watch with dog group today. he testified before the judicial watch. he didn't give them answers they were looking for. chief intelligence officer catherine herridge is with us. what did happen? >> reporter: judicial watch of brian pagllano lasted an hour and half and he invoked the fifth. he read the same crafted statement each time. they asked all of the questions and the officials say it was a sad day for government transparency. he struck an immunity deal with the justice deputy in part of the fbi ongoing probe and he is
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within the legal rights to take the fifth if he so chooses. there is new issues in the clinton campaign. and on the use of an unsecured private server by then secretary clinton for government business. the document said how the use of private e-mail was not prohib beitted and give government officials the flexibility to determine which are public and she turned over more e-mails than any other secretaries secretary. meanwhile asange will release more e-mails. and there is no doubt she put ease over security. >> it is just showing that when you take it out and put it out in the open environment it is
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vulnerable to attack from the hacker are -- hackers and government. >> reporter: the clinton campaign said there is no breach but it is it getting harder to argue because of the groups that have the e-mails and wiki leakses has a track record of providing authentic documents. >> we'll talk to greg jarret to break down the legal. >> donald trump sharpened his attack on hillary clinton going after her past record and questioning her judgment and calling her a world class liar. >> she simply lacks the integrity and temperament to serve in the office. from the bottom of my soul, i know this to be true. no secretary of state has been more wrong, more often and in
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more placeses than hillary clinton. her leadership and volitantic and impulsive and disdainful of the rules and the most terrifying thing p hillary clinton's foreign policy she refuses to acknowledge the threat posed by radical islam. hillary clinton wants to bring in people who believe that woman should be enslaved and gays put to death. hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states. [applause] i know these problems can all be fixed, but not by hillary clinton. only by me. >> let's bring a couple of analyst. nina easton with fortune magazine. and christopher bedford editor in chief of the daily caller
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new's foundation. it seemed to be that donald trump nina said that hillary clinton had a try out for the office of commandener chief when she was secretary of state and in his words she blew it. >> he came out with all guns blazing. we expected this general election to get ugly. it get ugly faster than any of us anticipated. we saw hillary clinton playing on the fact that most americans think that donald trump would be a dangerous president and so she called him reckless and would plunge the economy in recession and he comes back with guns lower. impulsive and volcanoic and single- handedly responsible for the rise of isis. it is hard to see how it could get uglier from her.
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>> and all against the back drop, comes the information about the guccifer 2.0 who claims to be the ones who hacked the national democratic documents and has information from her e-mail server and that plays in to what trump is talking about, reckless. >> it certainly does. we don't know too much about the guccifer giechlt but he has documents and access to hillary clinton's files. the whole thing that the republicans and conservatives are attacking the hillary clinton campaign for she didn't keep the files secure. americans, that is not words they use in their day-to-day stuff. but if it leaks from russians and putin and the iranian hacker. that shows she had a irresponsible time as secretary of state. >> at the same time her it
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specialist finished a deposition he refused 125 times to answer questions and invoked his fifth amendment rights, what did that say? >> it said we did not learn anything from today's activities, that's for sure and a reminder to people, that the other shoe hasn't dropped. we still don't know st. if there will be an indictment against hillary clinton. >> she said that is not going to happen, nina. >> i don't think anybody knows this if that will happen. it is under investigation by 150 fbi agents. it will go to the fbi director james comey who will make that call and whether or not that puts him at odds with the justice department and white house and attorney general and the white house or not. he will have to make that call. there is it still more to come and it is not something that
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goes away. >> james comey works under the pursue of the justice department. can he insulate himself from the politics? >> i think he can. it would be difficult for loretta lynch to ignore the recommendation of indictment if he comes forward in this. he had a reputation for being willing to challenge the white house on serious and dramatic things. there is a rumor around town, that he is not unaware of the political calendar and he would not want to bring the indictment after the democratic party named the nominee. and if this is going to come, it is going to come before the convention and so he doesn't interfere in the american democratic process. >> he would let the democrats pick another nominee?
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>> political considerations and one of the major parties of the american system doesn't have a decided candidate and that would be unhealthy and that is a rumored consideration for comey. and it looks like he would try to give the democratic party to realign and put another person as opposed to taking down a major candidate. >> it would certainly give donald trump something to talk about if that campaign goes. what a year. thank you. >> and an accused burglar not wear withing a mask but a bathing suit when she stole from two homes. police are now asking for her help to track down the bikini bandit. plus this. more than 20 wildfires are raging out west and destroying homes and forcing evacuations and how firefighters will get
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>> house democrats shut down house business with a unprecedented sit in. nancy pelosi is talking about it. we can't have a vote because we truly believe that we the win the vote. the people depepping on the bill support responsible background checks and legislation that is bipartisan and no-fly and no buy legislation that is bipartisan. i am honored to be here with colleague cliburn. and gross. and bubby rush.
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and thomas mike thompson who was on the task force. and robin kelli who will speak about the gun violence that happens every day in our country. since orlando, probably nearly couple hundred people and over 150 people died from gun violence and we want to address that issue as well as to deeply pray for those who lost their lives and their family members in orlando and all of the mass shootings before that and remembering those who lose their lives to gun violence every single day. with that, i am pleased to yield to the assistant leader mr. jim clybourn of south carolina. >> that is the house minority leader introduce the names a laundry list of speakers who
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will talk about the gun control bill that the democrats want to bring to the floor of the house and they are interrupting house business and never happened before in this way. they are on the house floor blocking other business from being done including the financial reform bill that was under consideration. and right now everything ground to a halt because of that. we'll monitor what they are are saying on the steps of the capitol and if there is news worthy information we'll bring it to you live. >> breaking right now, firefighters battling more than 20 wildfires out west in california. resources are redirected to two fires burning near los angeles and along the border with with mexico. adam housely is live from duwarte, california.
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how are things looking? >> reporter: you got that right. they are two fires that are now onre. we'll give you a look. they are making headway. the pictures are dramatic but the fire is burning away from the homes and up the hillside. cooler temperatures and higher humidity helped. but hot temperatures are expected back this week. the aerial view shows the to pograpy and not as many hand crews. it is done 24 hours a day now. and the helmet cam verticaly on one of the arreldrops. a cool perspective to give you an idea of how they are fought from the area. you don't see this very often. this is cool video when it came in. and across the west.
10:19 am
20 fires from alaska to arizona and colorado to california. temperatures are difficult and the overall drought in much of the region. firefighters are stretched and we are early in the fire season. if it we come back here live, we'll show you the drop right now in the complex fire in san gabriel. we are not far from downtown los angeles. when you come in to land in los angeles you can see the mountains off to the right. that helicopter is dropping water with. they are making headway. and they are allowing the homeowners back in their home today at noon local time. we had a chance to talk to a couple that left because of smoke last night. they are leery because of the conditions and you can get the winds coming in any time and also we expect hot temperatures to come back later this week, heather.
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>> the winds can shift so quickly. it is terrifying, adam houseley, thank you so much. >> three people arrested with a cache of weapons as they were about to enter the holland tunnel. new details why they were heading in the big apple. hillary clinton's aide in a deposition. just because the attorneys are asking questions, doesn't mean he is answering. after a long day,
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♪ "dinner!" "may i be excused?" get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. >> crime stories, we are following a san diego high
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school cheerleader in the murder of a homeless man. she pled not guilty. she is the girl friend of one of the brothers, but unclear what role she may have played in the crime. a british man trying to kill donald trump. the woman said michael sandford needs help and not prison. he was arrested on saturday. new details about the three people arrested in new york and the holland tunnel with a cache of weapons. they were supposedy on the way to rescue a teen in brooklyn. it is unclear what the weapons had to do with their plan. the man responsible for setting up hillary clinton's private e-mail server pleading the fifth 125 times today and refusing to answer questions in a deposition with a government
10:25 am
watch dog group. brian pagliano is the aide and faced questions from the attorneys for judicial watch. >> he would not speak today and he was granted immunicipality and so explain this. >> it seems odd. the immunity of prosecution was granted in a different case, the specifically the fbi's investigation of hillary clinton and others violating the espionnage act sending and receiving information on an unauthorized server. today's lawsuit is something else entirely. whether she set up the server to circumvent deliberately the public record's law. the second reason, the immunity is only limited and actually called derivative use immunity
10:26 am
and protects him from prosecutions for only what he said to the fbi and the doj in their probe but not incriminating himself in a deposition. >> in a civil probe. >> it is climbing up. anything he does say or the fact he doesn't say anything can reveal something to the judge? and can they bring in hillary clinton. >> the standards are difficult in a civil case. this guy set up a private e-mail server and communicated with hillary clinton and the so- called keeper of the secrets and he could answer questions about alleged misconduct or crimes and here are some of them. did clinton set up the server to circumvent the law on public records and did she know that classified information was stored and who had access and
10:27 am
classified markings deliberately erased and was it clinton who decided to delete 30000 e-mails and did she ordered the server to be wipe withed in. pagliano is a devastating witness and you kind of have to see whether or not that proves true. >> back to the immunity deal that is under seal. but we have learned things about it. >> the federal judge told us something. he read the immountainity deal in the lawsuit. he's made it clear that hillary clinton's continuing claim that the fbi probe is a security review is utter nonsense and completely untrue, as her claims have been. the judge sullivan said the immunity is related to a criminal investigation. what does that mean? it means clinton and others are all in legal jeopardy right now. they could be charged with crimes. which kind of makes clinton's
10:28 am
statements that she will never be be indicted and 0 chance of it, those are her words. that is incredibly subsidiary picious. how could she know that? folks at the fbi told her so, hilo unlikely. folks at doj told her so. probably not. folks in the white house told her so, that is likely scenario, and we know that the president obama has basically told everybody including the department of justice he doesn't want her indicted when he said two things. she never jeopardized national security. he doesn't know that. and none of what she did was intentional. he doesn't know that either. >> if she doesn't get indicted that there would be a widespread resolt. >> and it could be. >> and the white house may not get what they want. thank you for breaking it down.
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>> welcome bavenlth a daring rescue taking place in the bottom of the world. a small plane picking up two
10:33 am
workers from a remote science post in the south pole. they are en route to a british base on the post. and fly for medical treatment. it is a tricky operation for this time of year. greg explains from the london bureau. what make its so tough? >> reporter: it is very cold and dark. in the past couple of minutes, it is looking good for the rescue mission to bring back two ill people from the bottom of the world, the south pole. we spoke with an official and the plane carrying and confirmed two people has passed in his words, the point of safe return. we are getting regular reports on the progress of the plane. they are expected to land on the british base. yes, it is a difficult mission
10:34 am
and wintener theantartic. and filled with ice and snow and wind. in the past day, conditions are minus 76 degrees farren heit. and a wind chill of minus 115. conditions are so bad travel is put off to the summer. the rescue plane left yesterday to make the 1500 mile flight. and that and a back up plane just in case flew down from canada. there have been two similar missions in 2001 and 3. it was decide that the people were just too ill to be treated effectively in the research station. we don't have word on what is the problem with with two people. late word that we are getting, it is looking good and looking
10:35 am
like the plane will land in two hourses at the base. and then these two will go on and get treatment at more convenient and well equipped locations further away from this. good news that we have to report that we learned this in the past half-hour. >> we wish them the very best. breaking today, florida senator marco rubio will not be retiring from politics after all. the former presidential candidate changed his mind and will run for reelection to the u.s. senate after ending his presidential campaign. he said he would leave politic disciplines go back to life as a private citizen. he spoke to chris wallace. >> senator, why did you change your mind and did the orlando massacre play a role? >> people in politics don't like
10:36 am
to admit they change their mind. but i do change their mind and people sort of deserve to know why. a lot of reasons, i am clearly frustrated by what is happening in the senate, most americans are with the grid lock and inability to move forward. and the senate is where you can serve thed i said that in the campaign. hopefully move on major issues and we were able to do that. and i think the real reason and the deepest reason no matter what wins the presidential election, the senate's role of acting as a check and balance on ideas from the president will matter more in 2017 than they have in our history. that says a lot. i want to contribute to that. and i think whether it is hillary clinton or donald trump, our next president, no matter who the next president is, we will need senator willing to
10:37 am
encourage them to make the right decisions. >> can you watch chris' full interview with rubio tonight on special reports starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. new information about the latest round of missile tests in north korea. the country suspected of firing a powerful missile after a series of failed launches. benjamin has more. >> reporter: hi, heather. this last test shows what little affect the economic sanctions are having on the weapon's program. they tested two midrange missile and showed significant advancement. the first flew 90 miles over the sea of japan and the second 250 miles and that is further than any test so far. japan self defense force went on high alert following the launch.
10:38 am
it is unclear if they were aborted or crashed. that takes the regime one step closer. >> american rocket scientist used to say that a test failure was a 90 percent success of how much they learned and enabled them to do better the next time. >> reporter: with each test, north korea is getting better. each of the last tests had been failures. but the regime carried on learning despite the pentagon. the missile has a range of 250 miles. it can hit the pacific and u.s. bases in guam and japan. what is remarkable is the ability to develop them despite the sanctions. and how little attention the u.s. is paying to the threat of north korea he said that had to
10:39 am
change. >> thanks. the federal aviation administration is trying to make it easier for a company to use drones f. you hope it speeds up amazon deliveriy, you are out of luck for now. >> attorneys for a woman accused of killing her fiance as the couple of kyakting search for a legal loop hole to use in her defense. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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10:43 am
they can fly by p airports. >> new details in the case of a new york woman accused of killing her fiance on a kyakt out nothing the hudson river. in a prelimary hearing, the court learned that angelica admitted to tampering with a drain plug in the fiance's kyakt and his paddle. the native of la tvia did not understand her mirrand knowa rights. she asked who is miranda as miranda warnings? we have bobbi and anahitta. and the claim she didn't understand what miranda warnings were. does that work? >> it is going to be a tough one with. you can claim that.
10:44 am
and the prosecution case rested on the confession. without her statement there is no forensic evidence or eyewitness. and the job of the defense is try to get the tapes inadmissible. and the defendant didn't understand her miranda rights and english is not her first language. that was evidenced of who is miranda who is a person? and also arguing that the tapes shouldn't be admissible because it was forced. it was coerced and she was under did your recess and she sat there for 11 hours and apparently complained that she was not feeling well and bleeding and suffered from a miscarriage and they just continued to question her. >> questioned her 11 hours. >> let's bring bob in here. bob, claiming that after the fact, and they spoke with her
10:45 am
first and then read miranda rights and can they claim that and will it work? >> the first issue why they didn't read the miranda rights when she confessed and it was recorded. they knew she was lying. and once she confessed to the crime that was not recorded and then they read her miranda. and the most important legal point p. who is miranda, the cop should s have stopped and said, you need to reinitiate to make sure she is willing to talk to you. part of miranda is that you can stop asking questions any time. i have seen the interviews with the local media and listened to her statement. she speaks perfect english and doesn't have an accident. i don't think it will hold true at all. one concern is whether the cops
10:46 am
should have reinitiated. all that means from that point forward, thrown may be thrown out. i think the meas and prosecutors get through this. >> let me pick up on that. can the prosication have it thrown out because the police didn't stop the interrogation when she asked what is miranda. >> that's the defense argument. and not only that she questioned the miranda rights. there are are two statements that the state is trying to make admissible. and the first one took place when the defendant was at the crime scene and the investigators came up and started to talking to her. she said i am happy he is dead and i felt trap. she was not in custody or an
10:47 am
interrogation and the defense argue she was in custody and not free to leave and miranda should have been read. and that could be tossed as well. >> what is the strongest piece of evidence. >> the statement. we know i am a homicide prosecutor. jury love to convict from the words of the mouths of the defendants themselves. you have to understand the rule of reason. when the cop knows there is inconsistency with the story he doesn't have to read miranda. when she said she did it that is a different situation. the cop is asking questions and people lie for all sorts of reasons and doesn't mean she committed murder. but when she said she wanted him to die. the cops stopped and brought her to the police station. if that gets thrown out the
10:48 am
prosecutor's is hob belled. >> she stood to get 250,000 from a life insurance policy. she claimed she felt trapped by the relationship. >> thank you. and great to see you as well. >> jon? >> and a truck driver faces life in prison after killing five bicyclist this month. details on the next step in the terrible case. and the latest on a series of storms in the midwest and tell you who is at risk. crowd sounds ]
10:49 am
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hi, everyone. something incredibly rare is happening on the floor of the house of representatives right
10:52 am
now. no, they aren't actually passing legislation, but we'll tell you why there are calls to turn on the floor are cameras right now. plus, chris wallace sat down with marco rubio who explains why he's running with re-election when he said he wasn't. and we'll tell you what new thing rubio has to say about donald trump. as well as the big speech that will happen from hillary after trump had his big speech earlier today. now hillary is going to be responding to being called a world class liar and the fact that she had something to do with the death of ambassador chris steven. she'll be live during our hour attacking trump. we'll bring that to you moments from now. parts of the midwest under severe weather threat with millions of people from illinois to wisconsin in the path of some dangerous storms. rick has that. >> yeah, big cities, think about chicago, you have the threat for tornadoes this afternoon or more towards the evening. and that could be incredibly problematic with all the population we have there.
10:53 am
same for wilmington -- excuse me, towards milwaukee. last 24 hours, storms have already moved through. now we will see it redevelop. areas of low pressure centered across minnesota. and this is our setup, a line of storms that will develop right here pushing down towards the ohio valley during the overnight hours. this is future radar. notice here around 7:00 p.m. eastern time, we start to see a few storms fire here. and some of those i think that's where we could see the tornadoes. then during the overnight hours, expect to see it turn into potentially a todderecho which a long swathe area of incredibly lo strong winds. here is where the worst of the severe weather will be. and this is the hash area you see. we could he seeing large tornadoes during the late afternoon, early evening hours here across parts of illinois, maybe down towards to the north of indianapolis. that is our tornado threat.
10:54 am
but very strong wind threat as go farther to the south of that. tomorrow we still have severe weather. i think not as bad as what we're seeing today. and along with all of this, tll be a lot of precipitation falling. some spots especially into west virginia tonight as that derecho moves through maybe seeing in excess of 5 inches of rain and that means we will have a threat of localized flooding, as well. so a lot of people involved in this path. >> a lot of scary red on that map. all right. >> and i grew up in that area of northern illinois and southern wisconsin. and the storms in the summertime would get really nasty. they're experiencing it now. so everybody stay safe p. so-called bikini bandit on the loose in southern california. police are looking for this woman. she took valuables from two homes this lancaster, california and also lake hughes earlier this month. the woman was just wearing a yellow bikini about the and
10:55 am
green top. she was caught on surveillance at one of the homes. police say she's in her late 30s, 5'5", and weighs 120 pounds. no word on where she stashed the bottles. if you have any information, call sait. clairita county sheriff. >> your honor, i didn't take anything. i didn't have anyplace to stuff it. >> please break in my house. new information in the case of five bicyclists struck and killed by a pickup truck in michigan. it happened earlier this month. now a judge will decide whether he will go through with a hearing next week to determine if there is enough evidence to try the driver of that vehicle on second-degree murder charges. witnesses say 50-year-old charles pickett jr. was driving erratically and tried to flee the scene once police arrived.
10:56 am
it's not clear whether he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. if convicted, he could go to prison for life. have you ever thought to yourself i wish i could enjoy a drink with my kitty cat? no? right now you can do that. we are not kidding. >> i don't have a cat. >> neither do i. now you can't spell nutriam i right?t nut, i mean whose to say it's pronounced nu-triton, anyway? my mixes contain delicious nuts, specially blended for your optimal nut-rition. that's right, i just changed a word in the english dictionary, forever. planters. nutrition starts with nut.
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like pinon meow. so guys, if you go to a girl's apartment, run the other direction. that's what i'm going to tell my single brothers. "the real story" starts right now. donald trump strikes back today. hi, everyone. this is "the real story." trump unleashes a blistering assault against hillary clinton partly blaming her for the rise of isis and accusing her of being a world class liar. >> it's a rigged system. her server was easily hacked by foreign governments, perhaps even by her financial backers in communist china. maybe her motivation lies among the more than 1,000 foreign donations hillary failed to disclose while at the state department. hillary clinton may be the most co


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