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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 23, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> young nick, there he is. harris: great to have you today. we had a lot going on. a lot of breaking news. you will be back with us tomorrow as well. see you tomorrow. stay here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web. now, "happening now."
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cour courts ruling. president obama expressed disappointment. >> two decades, everyone acknowledges that it has been be
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broken and the fact that the supreme court doesn't just take us. >> the supreme court ruling that halts the president's executive amnesty. this is a win for the constitution. it is a win for congress. and congress not the president writes our laws and the supreme court validated that it very core essential fundmental principle. >> chris wallace is anchor of fox news sunday on the fox news channel. the president acted like it was no big deal and didn't so many to suggest that it is a defeat for his administration, but he did get smacked down essentially by the supreme court? >> yeah, i don't know that i agree with with you that it was a not a big deal. i think he was seething with frustration. and the supreme court letting
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the lower court ruling stand because they couldn't come to a decision was a 4- 4 tie. the president's executive action that would have deferred deport pation for 5 million people illegally is dead. it will be dead through the rest of his presidency. he will not get it through. and that is something he believed in and a big legacy item and that will not go anywhere. it is a double defeat. one of the reasons that he lost on a tie vote is because republicans in president congress blocked his attempt to replace anton scalia. and he gets a defeat from the court because it is dead locked 4- 4 and also from the senate, because they are refusing to ratify or confirm his nominee to
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the court. >> i was frankly surprised that there were four justices who sided with the president. typically the supreme court in separation of powers doesn't like the president making law for himself. >> no, that is true. that is a fair point. we have seen that on this point in a number of issues both with president bush and president obama when they feel a president is going too far are the executive power and beyond the separation of powers, checks and balances that are enumerated by the founding fathers in the constitution, they tend to slap presidents down and say stay in your lane. and one assumes that the four who voted against this and against the president's plan and uphold the lower court ruling, they seem to be saying you overstepped your bounds.
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as paul ryan said, congress makes the laws. you can't impose them by yourself. >> there is great glee in 26 republican led state including the state of texas where governor abbot put out the news. the action by the president was unauthorized abuse of presidential power and the supreme court rightly denied the president the ability to grant amnesty. the president himself said he is not a king who can write immigration laws. this is a ruling and victory for all law-abiding americans including the millions of immigrants who came to america following the rule of law. the president's own pronouncementes in the past that he didn't have the power to do this didn't help his case,
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chris? >> that's right. more than two dozen times when the president announced the executive action, because pro immigration groups pushed for him to take greater action than just the deferment of deportation when it comes to the dreamers and it would affect up to 5 million people. he was pressed to do that. he said he didn't have the authority and then changed his mind and decide he did. the other thing. the practical defeat for a president but not a supreme court ruling that said he didn't have the authority. they are letting the lower court ruling stand. this is not the decision by the court and my guess is by president obama and will on get a full compliment of nine
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justices and this is why it is an important issue whether it is trump or clinton. they would name very different people to be on the supreme court. >> fascinating and pivotal issue in this election. in the building behind you, the democrat sit in ended on the house floor. did it accomplish anything? >> we talked about it. they got attention for it. i didn't know it just ended and they lost in a power play because paul ryan came in and said we are going on recess for two weeks. they felt sit nothing the dark would not accomplish a lot. politic system theater. we have seen ted cruz's 13 hour filibuster and the 13 or 14 hour filibuster by rand paul and this was theater by democrats and it
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didn't change the position and they have given up and they got attention for a few hours. >> we'll talk about it more this weekend. >> that's probably true. >> chris wallace, thank you. catch chris on fox news sunday for a one-on-one interview with hillary clinton's campaign manager. and former house speaker newt gingrich who will be on the program this sunday. check your local listings for when it is in your house. >> bernie sanders admitting that it is not likely he will be be the democratic nominee. it is the closest he came to conceding to hillary clinton. this is before the speech this evening on the status of his campaign. mike emmanuel, what else is the
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senator is saying. >> reporter: he is finally acknowledging the math problem. theish is how does he keep the people who turned out to vote for him. the concern for democrats, many could just disappear. will his die- hards consider him a sellout. his campaign is negotiating with the clinton campaign. and acknowledged his political reality. >> it doesn't appear i will be the nominee and so i will not be determining the scope of the convention. >> reporter: sanders dodged the question of endorsing clinton. there is no deal in endorsing and a spot at the convention.
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>> what does this mean for hill phil donald trump. >> donald trump is ark greszive going after clinton and accusing her of getting money from foreign regimes. >> the clinton foundation helps poor people around the world get access to life saving aid medicine. donald trump uses poor people to produce his line of suits and ties. >> bernie sanders spoke at a national latino group. clinton did not and the organization is calling that a lost opportunity. >> interesting stuff. thank you so much mike. jon? >> all right now, a historic vote underway in great britain. they are deciding whether or not
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to remain part of the european union. they are calling it the brixit vote. charlie joins us live from london. >> reporter: well, if you look at the polls tis pretty tight. 50/50 interviews on the street. and looking at the bookies, they are calling for a blow out that britain remains in the eu. and brixit exit does not happen. we haven't figured out. bookies are laying high odds that britain will stay in the eu. i am used to media bias being a reporter in the u.s. i never seen newspapers, the bbc, the bbc sounded like over the last couple of days advertising to remain. and brixit people are fighting
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establishment and conservative polly klaas on on politicians. and they are coming out against brixit. and even wall street, look at s&p 500, standard and poors. a brixit would lead to a major down ground. polls look tight. we'll know later on tonight. 3:00 a.m. london time, lookinga the bookies it is a remain blow out. and brixit loses big- time. if brixit does win, tomorrow will be a choppy day in the markets and the pound selloff and see it bleed over to the u.s. markets and a lot of turmoil and turbulence. the u.s. banks are manning up
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for that. and if they remain tis another day at the office. >> world knows that the polls are not spot on. charlie, enjoy london. thank you, charlie. >> he will. it is impacting the markets today. a live look at the dew right now. up 155 points. and feeling positive about it so far, it could be be a different picture if they vote to leave the european union. and tune in to fox business network tonight and tomorrow. >> new clues for a family who went missing and a heart breaking discovery. we have a live report next. >> wildfires out west, forcing hundreds to evacuate their homes. 200 more people forced to evacuate by a new fire.
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>> california officials say 30000 gallons of crude oil are spilling for the pipeline. and so the pump is shut down. and officials are initializing. and that is new clues in a missing family from florida. and the coast guardotting a possible p flare in the gulf of mexico where they are are searching for the family. the man and his three teen agent children were hurt after trying to sail from sarasota to fort meyers. one body was discovered
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yesterday. phil keating has the latest from miami. >> reporter: more on the possible flare. the coast guard empsidewaysing it may have been a flare and may not have been. it was spotted in a plane and on a boat. the search and rescue remains active for the dad and his sons and chlor evidence at some point in the journey they tried to get information. the family was living on the 29 foot sail box. the father and three teenagers. relatives confirmed that they found becky's body yesterday. she was wearing a life jacket. sunday morning, they set out for a father's day sail and south to fort meyers. the body and debris field were found west of the island
10:19 am
including six unused life jackets and an emergency flare that had been used to no avail. >> i know how devastating it is. and we are treating it with utmost respect. it is a dire situation. >> reporter: the coast guard recovered both of the kyakts and the sarasota tripugn reported that a woman that on monday evening, she thought she saw a sailboat struggling offshore. but that boat was pushed out in the gulf of mexico. john. >> so sad. phil keating live from miami. thank you, phil.
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>> donald trump stepping off the campaign trial to focus on business in scotland. will that calm his fundraiser efforts? and the what does it mean for officers facing charges? >> i hope people will be outraged enough about this to be vocal and protest after this to show they have not gone to sleep. it is very important. them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. jen stops working, but her aleve doesn't. hey mom! because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours?
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>> democratic congressman of philadelphia resigned from congress after being convicted on tuesday on all 22 counts in
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a racketeering case. the jury found him get of using nonprofit funds to pay p a illegal campaign loan. he lost the primary but would remain in congress until sentencing in october. other ideas, chak a fattah resigning for congress effective immediately. >> cooler weather is changing the tide for firefighters in california. they are making progress in the twin fires. they have destroyed 5000 acres so for. the fires burned dangerously close to homes. and folks also forced to evacuate in southwest utah. a wildfires burning in pine
10:25 am
valley. more evacuations could come. >> breaking now, a judge finding the third baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray, not guilty. officer goodson faced the most serious charge of all six officers arrested. second-degree murder. prosecutors say he injured gray in a rough ride and failed to get him medical attention. the defense argued that gray caused his own injuries by thrashing around in the back of
10:26 am
and her team after two dozen witnesses it was a mere over sight that there was no evidence of a rough ride or indifference to human life. and i am sure that was an oversight and not just another mosby fail. you know what happened after the funeral. they started burning the city down. marlin mosby said we am bring charges against the six police officers. you think it was a knee jerk action to calm the city? >> i think they succumbed to political pressure. we should applaud the judge who
10:27 am
acquitted another acquittal. i expect four more if mosby. there are calls for outrage already. and there should be called for mosby's resignation. the judge was a civil right's lawyer for the doj and this is a career jurorist and a professional lawyer unlike the one in the state attorney's office and the justice that everyone's seeking could have been had on may onest. she could have said there would not be be charges against the officers. keep in mind when you issue an indictment for six police officers. you are indicting a system. this was billed as a response to police brutality and police racism despite three of the six officers being black.
10:28 am
and the police chief fired by the mayor a few months after was also black and the calls for outrage are a result of marlin mosby succumbing to the political pressure early on. >> the judge said the state failed to prove there was a rough ride or officer goodson was in any way responsible for the death of the prisoner shackled in the back of the van. >> you are right. if you can't convict the officer who the state's attorney believed responsible for freddie gray's death. you will not get a conviction who failed to buckem the seat belt. one thing that judge williams did, fail iffing to seis cure a seat belt on a prisoner in his courtroom results in criminal
10:29 am
culpability. and by the mere fact they failed to put a seat belt on freddie grey gray, he will not find criminality in. >> jay, thank you. >> thank you, jon. >> massachusetts police turning to social media and warning drivers to stay alert. how this traffic sign ended up in a driver's windshield. >> look at that. and donald trump heading to scotland to take care of business. will this help him or hurt him? my belly pain and constipation?
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it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico®. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. well, donald trump is taking a couple of steps off of the campaign trail to tend to overseas business and checking up on the golf courses there. it is his first trip since he was nominee for the republican party. >> reporter: good early evening to you. final touches on the resort in prepation for donald trump's trip. he will get on his plane and wing his way to reopen turnbury after spectacular changes to the course dealing with the 9th, 10th and 11th, holes. he will give a press conference
10:34 am
right in front of the light house. wait until you see the view there and talk about this brixit. it is a very big news story. earlier today, he was talking about money and specifics. his fec filing that we found 20 percent of the campaign spent in may was to trump properties for things like rentals and catering and that sort of thing. donald trump would love to offer them for free, but the rules will not allow him to do that. >> they to stories, trump receives money from the campaign, that's not the truth, i have to by law, i would love to use my places and not charge. it is better for me. i would like it much better. >> he also talked about the fund-raising numbers.
10:35 am
and the fact that hillary clinton in 3 million and he doesn't have worries about monies. he raised 3 million and matched that with two and announced he had forgiven the 50 million that he loaned to his campaign. and he told hugh hewit not to worry. >> we are raising a lot of money when you saw that filing, that was a very short period of time and when we just barely started. we had a day yesterday and we had a day before yesterday and we are raising a lot of money. >> here is what is going to greet trump on sunday in scotland in aberdeen a mexican flag underneath the
10:36 am
scottish flag. don't know if trump will see that but the media is putting it on the air. here in turnberry there are protest as well. and there are folks on social media and the royal avrnient which is the governing body announced that after trump said that about mexicans and muslims, they will not give the british open to turnberry to 2022. the rnan is not saying that is in reaction to what donald trump said, but people are reading it that way. >> watching the developments from turnberry. >> some of the critics frowning on his trip to scotland. here is the garland nixon a democratic strategist and
10:37 am
radio talk show host. ford, i want to start with you. i look at the articles talking about the fact that donald trump is paying his company back and i wonder if they understand the law that you can't not pay yourself back otherwise coke-cola could run the ceo for president and uses resources and having them out there as president. you think they realize the law? >> what trump is doing 100 percent by the book. but the perception when he lends himself money and showing that a contribution it looks like he has a perception of double-dealing. you have to understand on wednesday, trump had one of the best days of his campaign. a takedown of hillary clinton and if i am hillary clinton i would be scared of the trump i saw wednesday.
10:38 am
he is going to scotland, he is be burning up the phone lines and he could get money left, right and center. >> maybe he's running for president to get his brand out there. and i mean, gosh, the clintons never benefitted from their dealings in politics, oh, wait? >> you look at what happen with trump it had the opposite effect. there is a lot of people who abandoned the trump brand. and i think he's lost a lot of money. and i think donald trump is a wealthy man and wants to win this. i am not sure he wants to be president p. but he wants to win. i don't want to see a donald trump president. i think this is probably a good political move in an election cycle that is anti- politician, i think he's cementing himself as a businessman other than the
10:39 am
politician. >> i agree with everything that darling just said. >> he had a great day on wednesday with. and delivered a speech that the republicans wait withed for 20 years. it was devastating to it hillary clinton, he is be burning up the phone lines back in the states and send one with of his kids who are well spoken to do the opening. and when he has a great day and scurries off to scotland it makes him look liken unserious candidate. >> he stood in front of his new hotel in washington d.c. and he dragged reporters through the construction and i am only here to open the hotel and they were throwing political questions at him and he looked like a successful businessman who is going to turn the country around the way he turned the building around. why is it perceived so differently. doesn't this put him in the same
10:40 am
light? >> the poll tested and focus groove politicians are are at home watching donald trump because he trounced every one with of them. to deal with donald trump, democrats will have to find a new approach. conventional politics don't work for him. for us, it is beneficial for him regarding the electorate overoff. >> why him on the phone. why his son. but he is in charge. and why can't he keep going on his way and being donald trump? >> he can have people and he could pull a rabbit out and a perception of success. lord knows the press will follow him like he's hitting up the british open on the 18th hole. everyone is watching. he doesn't have a fund-raising apparatus.
10:41 am
and needs to be calling people who will bundle up and set up future speaking spots for him. he's raised 11 million in the last 48 hours. this should be prime time for him on the fund-raising front. he is going to need a heck of a lot more. >> appreciate your time, jon. >> we see new signs that isis is pushing back and stopping major advances against the army. this after it seemed like the thyme tide was turning in fallujah, iraq and the middle east. >> and the new information on the daring rescue in theant artica flight. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly
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>> fox news alert. that is maine senator susan collins who is a republican on the senate floor urging senators to support her bill to prevent those on the terror watch list from purchasing firearms. it doesn't appear that that is bound for passage, but she's making the argument with obviously a lot of legislators on both sides of the aisle have been trying to figure out ways to prevent another orlando style attack, because omar mateen had been on the terror watch list at one point. susan collins feels the terror watch list ought to be enough to keep you from buying a gun. we'll keep our eye on it and let you know. overseas in the battle against isis, islamic state
10:46 am
fighters backing down in iraq, syria and libya despite losses in all three countries. pockets of extremist fighters are holding off iraqi special forces around fallujah. the move by isis is preventing iraq from getting significant advances. this is one month after the government relaunched the campaign to retake the city. we have a fox news military analyst. and thank you for joining us today. what is your impression. situation? >> first of all, isis is a resilient organization as director brennan said. they are a cohesive organization in the situation of fighting. and they are expanding. this is a serious organization that goes about its business in
10:47 am
terms of establishing the caliphate and defending it and expanding in other affiliates. they are about p to open up a new one in bangladesh and philippines and expanded libya to six or sen fighters and motivating people to kill fellow citizens, what we are trying to say on fox and director brennan almost said it we have to get source. they will kill us and other people until we kill it. and to this day, melissa, do not have a plan to kill it. that is the harsh reality of this thing. >> you hit on one good point. i will start with with one. we don't have a chlor picture of what is going on and it depends on where you look. how they have taken background and they are coming from reports of facebook from isis military themselves. and you know, there is so much
10:48 am
information coming out through social media and other places, do we really have a grip on who is winning where and how that is changing? >> our intelligence agencies do and the institute that i am affiliated with, we track it daily and weekly and we have a good feel for what is taking place. this is not a ten foot tall organization. they lost every major fight they had with the kurd and starting to lose to the iraqi army mostly led by elite commandos equivalent to our rangers. this is a lightly armed force that can be be easily taken down, and yet they have been in the sanctuary since 2012 in their safe haven in syria this is coming up on on four years, two years since the president declared war against them.
10:49 am
it is it pretty outrageous, melissa that the situation is permitted to go on. >> it is a two- fold problem. that. the home base and that tops to exist. the organization lives and beyond that, they get pounded in that spot they fan out to more and more places and more countries in the world. and that feels insurmountable almost. how do you deal with that spread all over the globe. >> well, we have no strategy to deal with radical iks lam that morphed into. fatalities from radical islam was 3000. but now it is war- like numbers. radical islam is expanding in the globe. we haven't brought country s
10:50 am
together to keep with this. and that is amazing to me. the lack of leadership that the united states displays here when global security is at risk and compare how we deal with soviet union and we organized soviet union, we organized nato to deal with that ideology. we have no plans to deal with this. >> no, we could have stepped in and joined arms to do something about this it's devastating. thank you so much for joining us. we always appreciate your insight. thank you. >> good talking to you, melissa. an amazing rescue to tell you about in antarctica. one of the harshest journey on earth. more on the mission to save two lives. heart was set on going to the zoo. so we said if you need safelite to come to the zoo
10:51 am
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hey, everybody. president obama uses the supreme court ruling on immigration, he's blaming the gop. we'll ask texas governor greg abbott to respond to the president's attacks. very interesting new polls out there, testing various vp picks for both trurp and clinton. and an official with the republican national committee chastising his own party, accusing leaders of undermining donald trump. he'll be live in six minutes from now. a daring rescue at the bottom of the world after two people became seriously ill while working at a u.s. research facility in antarctica. a rescue crew braving the
10:55 am
extreme cold. to save the sick workerses from the south pole research center. >> john, it may be summertime here, monday was the first day of winter in the southern hemisphere. the sun won't rise in the south pole until september and the conditions are ridiculous harsh. it's staffed by close to 60 people. it was minus 75 degrees there yesterday and the frigid, cold, ice and wind make it extremely dangerous to fly there. but a rescue mission was ordered due to the emergency of two works are. it's 3,000 round-trip. it's incredible and inspiring, down to the south pole and back, the workers were then put on a flight to chile where doctors
10:56 am
are treating for gastric problems and a heart attack. this is just the fourth rescue in 17 years. they used a twin otter turboprop plane. pilots had to spend hours warming the equipment before takeoff, including the batteries which could fail in the extreme cold. they had to navigate those pitch-dark skies. at one point the miswas described as past the point of safe return. they navigated the environment and the patients are getting a level of care that they couldn't have at that south pole station. they haven't identified the workers citing personal. >> rick, thank you. we'll be right back. steuriz processed cheese food. it's only required to contain 51 percent real cheese. with sargento natural cheese slices, you always get 100 percent real.
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sargento. we're real cheese people.
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i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. afdave stops working, but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours? take a look -- teen drivers, massachusetts state police
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posted this photo on facebook -- reminding drivers to slow down when approaching construction zones. they say an 18-year-old struck the sign warning of a loan closure, came crashing through his windshield. a good cut on the head. he's okay. >> i bet he learned his lesson. thank you for joining us. fox news alert today. high drama at the high court, 4-4 supreme court blocking president obama's immigration plan. hi, everybody, welcome to the real story. i'm gretchen karlson. activists squaring off outside the court today as justices are set to rule on restrictions on abortion clinics. shannon, let's talk about the two big decisions that we got


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