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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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accomplish anything for gun control. only 10% of you believe that they actually did. thank you for being part of "the real story" for a busy thursday today. i'm gretchen carlson. have a fantastic day. >> a supreme court setback for president obama. we're breaking down the immigration decision in the nation's highest court, one which president obama called heartbreaking. then democrats ending a wild 25-hour protest in congress, but they say their push for gun control is far from over. i'll speak live with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. later, donald trump taking off for his first trip overseas as the likely republican nominee. but seems this visit has nothing to do with politics. it's all ahead in this hour. i'm trace gallagher. the supreme court has deadlocked, blocking an effort by president obama 0 protect
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illegal immigrants from defeater pacing. the order would allow parents of children born in the u.s. to to stay in the done the lee years and apply for work permits. but 26 states challenged president obama's saying the abused his power, and went around congress. the president called the ruling heartbreaking. he says he took action after congress refused to act. and he insists he did not overstep his authority. watch. >> i have pushed to the limits of my executive authority. we now have to have congress act. and hopefully we'll have a vigorous debate during the election. that's how democratics are supposed to work. >> texas led the battle. the state's attorney general said, quoting, today's decision keeps in place what we have maintained from the very start. one person, even a president, cannot unilaterally change the law.
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this is a major set baeck to president obama's attempts to expand executive power and a victory for those who believe in the separation of powers and the rule of law. shannon bream is live in washington. what does the ruling mean nor long-term of the president's deferral program. >> right now the programs are on hold. the tie means the lower 0 court ruling stays in place and that amounts to a nationwide injunction against those deferral programs. also means this issue could matter even more than ever in the fall election, in reacting to the tide, president obama pointed to the fact his nominee to fill justice ask ya's seat has not gotten a hearing, and hillary clinton said, donald trump would do great harm to our families, communes, and coup triif allowed to do things like set immigration policy or pick supreme court justices. trump responded saying the court blocked, quote, one of the most unconstitutional acts ever taken by a president and says clinton's position will give
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away american jobs. >> also a major ruling on affirmative action. >> this case has been going on for years and started when a white applicant to the wherever of texas at austin says she missed a spot because she was passed over in favor of less academically qualified minor applicants. the university of texas automatically admits students who graduate in the 10% of their high school class, then there's other consideration that include race. the court held the university could continue using that criteria in a blistering dissent more than twice the length of the opinion, justice aleta -- olito slammed the ruling and said the ruling furthers what he calls, quote, offensive stereotype. >> we're waiting other being decisions. >> a big decision another of texas station, lawsuit which requires abortion clinics to meet surgical standards and
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mandate that doctors performing abortions have hospital admit privileges within 30 miles. opponents say it's about shutting down abortion clinic. we also find out whether the conviction of former georgia governor become mcdonald with stand. he is accused of exchanging action for gifts. a number of justices expressed skepticism about the law. >> shannon, thank you. a man wearing a mask went into a movie theater with a rifle, opened fire, and took people hostage according to police in germany. a local official says it's unclear where l the -- whether the gun was real. cops shot and killed the suspect who did not hurt anything. dozen -- were exposed to tear gas when the police stormed the
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building. the situation lasted about three hours. benjamin hall is live. >> reporter: this may now thankfully be over bit it is a familiar scene. heavily warmed s.w.a.t. team members going into places like cinemas and otherwise tranquil settings that should be family friendly. authorities say this masked man entered the movie theater in southwest germany with what appeared to be a rifle. he fired up to four shots, which may have been blanked. then he took the up known number of people hostages, special forces were on the ground quickly and entered the cinema as soon as they got to the scene, fired tear gas and then able to locate the man and the people he was holding before shooting him dead. the only injuries were from tear gas. we have no information below the assailant's identity or motive but authorities say there appears to be no islamic connection here. what is it showing us is how effect the germans of.
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hey may have been a lunatic and a fake gun but people are taking no chances and german efficiency at its best. democrats call it's victory. republicans call it's publicity stunt. as lawmakers end a rare and dramatic protest in the house of representatives. democrats left the capitol a couple of hours ago-ending their sit insure after some 25 hours, trying to pressure the republican majority allow a vote on a gun control bill. specifically, plan to stop people on the government's terror watch list from buying guns. with congress scheduled to leave tomorrow for a week-long break the protesting democrats threatened to hold up the vacation until they held a vote. [chanting] >> they're chanting "no bill, no break." the video is shaky because it's from law mosquitoers' cell phoneses chance was not allowed to use the cameras since the house wasn't technically in
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session so lawmaked streamed live o and twitter and waved pages with names of gun victims and showed photos of the 49 people murdered in orlando. the republican majority refused to budge. house speak are paul ryan says a ban on gun seas for people on the watch list would violate their second amendment rights without giving them chance to maker their case in court. the speaker tried to restore order but didn't get very far. >> the chair wishes to make an announcement regarding decorum. >> protesting democrats shouted of the plea to get over the business, and he went ahead with the scheduled votes. at one point the tension piled over with the republicans confronting his democratic colleagues. >> i'm talking about radical islam.
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you -- >> no-fly zone. no gun. no-fly zone, no gun. no fly, no gun. >> no fly no guns, a reference to keeping guns from people who are not allowed to fly. finally, speaker ryan adjourned the house a day early, sending lawmakers home for the independence day holiday. on their way out they passed protesters who gathered to support the democrats' sit-in. [chanting] >> those protesters urging the democrats to keep up the fight. and even though the remaining hold 0outs ended their sit-in this afternoon they promised to keep up the pressure for gun control. we'll talk live with lay mostly cloudiers on both sides of the debate. first to garrett teny live on capitol hill. 25 hours. any sign the protest accomplished anything? >> well, in terms of actual votes or legislation, no. but for democrats the fact that
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we're here talking about effort to push gun control reform is a win for them both in the short term and the long run, looking ahead to the general election which they save head they're going to continue to push gun control as an issue and it's also a fundraising tool for the democrats. the campaign committee started sending out fundraising e-mails featuring the protests. today house speaker paul ryan said this kind of behavior sets a dangerous precedent for how work is done in congress. >> i've done the iowa state fair. the soap box. i've done wisconsin re-calls. so, that, i'm used to. but on the house floor? no. what we did was we watched a publicity stunt, a fundraising stunt. >> leading the protest was congressman john lewis, who said
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this afternoon that democrats sent a strong message to both republicans and the country. >> we will continue to insist to demand action, whether it's on the floor or around america. we're not giving up. we're not giving in. we will continue to work. >> that work will not pick up again until july 5th when congress returns from the week-long break. trace. >> what about analysts do the think gun control stands a chance in this congress? >> well, thus far it doesn't look like there has been much of a hope. we have seen several host of proposals that have gone by the wayside here but there is still a proposal from maine senator republican sues can -- susan collins. her build received a key vote this afternoon. but if the amend fails when congress gets back from their break, that would mean that congress would have failed to pass any of the many proposals
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that have come up for dealing with both gun control and terrorism in the wake of orlando. >> garrett tenny, live. we'll hear from both sides of the sit, in, one democratic lawmaker, one run. was it's publicity stunt or a real change or a push for change. that's coming up next. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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>> more now on the house democrats' push for gun control and the 25-hour sit-in. lawmakers left the floor this afternoon it bun democrat just tweeted, this isn't the end. it is just the beginning, hash tag end gun violence no bill no break, and no more silence, that from them democratic congressman of new york, joe crowley, who is live from capitol hill. thank you good to see you. >> thank you. >> speaker paul ryan calls this a publicity stunt, is it? >> i think the only publicity stunt i saw was at 4:00 in the morning this morning, when speaker ryan pulled the gimmick and that was he called for an adjournment. when he knew fully well we were scheduled to be on the house floor today and tomorrow doing the people's business and now we're not. his republican colleagues are free to go home and that's not what the schedule said. that's the gimmick being played out here in washington today.
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not giving the american people a vote on the issue we want a vote on this issue. >> here the thing, congressman. the big push by democrats is to make sure we expand background checks and make sure that people on the flo-fly list cannot guy bucks but a similar measure failed in the senate. a compromise measure likely will also fail. so what's the hope for democrats going forward? >> the hope is that the senate will act and do its thing and the house will act. and take a position on these issues as well. our constituents want to know how we stand on this issue, not only verbally, they want to see us take an actual vote on the floor and see he house of representatives actually working and that is act on legislation, and legislation is important. not just simply standing up for a moment of sigh cleanse and sitting down and doing nothing. that fiends to end. >> so your big frustration is congress' inability to address
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anything. is that what i'm reading. >> his in. the record speaks for itself. the republican led majority has not done anything. they haven't been able to do anything here. led by a small minority within their own caucus, very far right-wing minority, who have held them hostage. now they're holding the american people hostage when they refuse to bring up common sis -- was we say in queens county, no-brainer bills. to require people on the terrorist watch list not to buy a gun. that's a no-brainer to expand background checks, give police officers some police departments and law enforcement additional time to research these individuals, that's other no-brainer. >> you're right on that. the polls show that americans by and large are in favor of expanded brown checks, but you look state to state and more states are increasing gun laws. these concealed carry laws and carrying a weapon in public. what do you make of state's movement versus public opinion we should expand the background check.
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>> that's why we need to have a vote on the house floor so see where people stand and. the state representatives need to take a position. at the end of the day, people are being slaughtered. 49 people at a time in discotheque. 20 children in connecticut slaughtered in their classroom. people are not safe in a classroom, on a disscore floor. we need to fight a solution and right now the republican colleagues are putting their heads in the sand and they're leaving washington. they're agreed to be here for a debate or even discuss this issue. >> congressman, thank you. >> thank you, trace. >> republican congresswoman marsha black burn with the other side of the debate, coming up next.
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republicans on capitol hill say democrats weren't looking to pass gun legislation but were trying to raise money. paul ryan showed off fundraising e-mails some democrats sent out referencing the sitin, we just heard from congressman joe crowley, a democratic and now congresswoman marsha blackburn. the democrats are saying this thing highlights the hypocrisy of the republican who they believe won't bring this thing to a vote on the floor because they won't go up against the nra, even to make small changes. your reaction. >> you know, well, the truth of the matter is, the bills they wanted were defeated in subcommittee, bipartisan votes. they were defeated in the senate, bipartisan votes. senator collins' compromise today defeated. bipartisan vote. they're not happy they did not get their way. so rather than coming to the table and working with us to fix the flaws that exist in the
12:22 pm
terrorist watch list, they decide to have a sit-in and send out e-mails politicizing the death of 49 people in orlando. it's absolutely disdespicable, and further nor what they have done, the house rules -- they have violated rule 17 clause 5 and several others. they're in flagrant violation of this. what they did is against the rules. personally i think the all ought to be rep ray mappedded for -- reprimand. >> you're talking about bringing their own cameras in, about the sit insure in general, those being rule violation is. want to clarify something. what they're saying is most americans do support background checks. they support background checks. in fact there's even a good number of nra members who support these background checks. so, is there a compromise to be had here or are republicans steadfast in their stand against this? >> well, think walt we have to do is look at this. first and foremost the issue is
12:23 pm
terrorism, and people that are on the watch list now cannot buy a gun. there are flaws with the wash list. when you have nelson mandela and senator ted kennedy on the watch list, no fly-list you got a problem. so those need to be fixed. when it comes to background checks, background checks are done. there's nobody that is arguing brown checks. democrats wanted some bills-couldn't get them. instead of working with us to fix the flaws and working with us to bring the mental health bill to the floor today and to bring the bill to fix that recommending -- registry to the floor they want to stage a sit-in. >> dem carrots think the sit-in won them in points. you hear the postmortem talking points and shay say, this won if some points. made the republicans look bad.
12:24 pm
your thoughts on that. >> i think that for the democrats, it made them look silly, and look as if they were on trucking. when you have a mental health bill that will help address some of the issues with severe mental illness and the democrats prefer to take a day doing a sit-in rather than having the bill, when rather than saying, okay, the bills we wanted, they've all been defeated, house, senate, let's find something that we can work on to help address this problem. whether it is with the mental illness, whether it is with terrorism. the issues need to be addressed. we have a radical islamic extremist that killed 49 people in orlando. this is on top of chattanooga and san bernardino. we know what the issue is. the fbi, our local law enforcement, are giving us some ideas of what needs to be fixed.
12:25 pm
let's get it done. >> congresswoman, marsha blackburn, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> long-time congressman chaka patah says he is resigning immediately two days after the feds convicted him in a corruption case. he originally said he wantedrous sentencing in october. a jury found the pennsylvania democrat guilty on all coups including fraud and money laundering, prosecutor said he used a lobbyist as a, quote, human atm. the defense blames who campaign aides. >> free cable for a year sounds pretty good, right? a charter communications rep says the company will be giving one year credit to some customers after a congressional investigation found charter has been overcharging people. lawmakers released the report claiming both charter and time warner, cable, those two companies, did not refund customers who they knew they had overcharged. the report shows in the first four months of this year, time
12:26 pm
warner overbilled by $640,000 across the country. time warner and charter recently merged. a major vote today on weather the u.k. should leave the european union. some analysts say the result could have a major inpact on your 401(k) and more. details on that ahead. plus, the cop facing the most serious charges in the death of freddie gray, cleared of any criminal wrongdoing. so, what does this mean for the other officers who have yet to go on trial in gray's death? he had the most serious charges. we are live at the courthouse coming up. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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reports four tornadoes touch down near chicago. no reports of anyone hurt. check out this video of police rescuing an elderly woman from a burning home. [shouting] >> this is in chile this week. they had to smash their way into the house to get to her. the woman was burned but is expected to survive. the solar impulse today becoming the first aircraft to cross the atlantic ocean using only energy from the sun. it landed in seville in spain after a three-day journey from new york city.
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the new u.s. skyscraper world trade center has hit its full height. three world trade center is one of several buildings to go up here in the site of the terror attacks in 9/11. a thousand workers were at the
12:32 pm
ceremony. some of them helped clear the rubble after the devastating attacks 15 years ago. now there's only one tower left to build before the trade center site is complete. so far only the foundation is built for that last tower. not guilty on all charges. that is the verdict in the trial of baltimore police officer caesar goodson in the death of freddie gray. prosecutor says goodson left gray in shackles in the back of a police van without a seatbelt. they say the officer failed to get medical help fast enough. gray died a week later in the hospital. today the judge ruled prosecutors did not present enough evidence to support their claims. goodson is one of six officers charged in the case, and the third to stand trial. so far the court has not handed out a single guilty verdict. april last year, freddie gray's death sparked protests that sometimes turned into violent riots. doug mckelway is outside the courthouse.
12:33 pm
there are calls now for the state to drop the charms against the remaining -- the charges against the remaining officers. >> that's right. within two hours of the verdicts being read today the fraternal order of police of the city of baltimore issued a statement in which they suggested, quote, that mrs. mostly -- mosley he consider he ma leg prosecution. one officer had a hung jury so has to be retried. the mayor of the city of baltimore, stephanie rawlings blake, issued a contrary kind of statement to that urging the citizens to be calm here, allowing the entire process to come to its conclusion. but really, trace, this was the very best case the state had. if anybody was going to be made aware of the rough ride, the quote-unquote rough ride that freddie gray experienced, iti'2 would be at the hands of caesar goodson, the driver of the van. that is what they promised in their opening arguments but
12:34 pm
failed to deliver as the trial progressed. the most damning evidence was from the other prison in the van at the time. this man testified the ride, using his words, was a smooth ride. he also testified that he heard on the other side of the partition on the back of the van fretie gray thrashing about and then 45 minutes of surveillance video which showed the van in the streets of baltimore, make nothing evasive maneuvers or fast stops or starts. that left the judge perturbed at the case the state built. >> the judge went through each charge very methodically, applying the evidence to those elements. judge williams was clearly bothered that the -- something was promised and then not
12:35 pm
proven. >> reporter: after the verdict was read the defendant, caesar goodson, threw his head back in apparent relief him was bee sieged upon by family and friends who hugged and kissed him. marilyn mosby, the state's attorney, heaved a cy of a -- a sigh of ex-s per racing -- exasperation. >> heard from the president of the naacp. >> racist just ever present in a situation like this. even considering the fact that the defend was african-american, the prosecutor african-american, the judge, african-american. >> he is such a good online, color doesn't make any difference. i don't think color or race played a role in this. the only thing that race played a part in this is that more black men are victims of this kind of situation. all of them don't die but they're victims of police going too far.
12:36 pm
>> reporter: there's another side to that story. the police are not going far enough. we're seeing until city after city. the fbi director, james comey made the case that police are pull back in the face of the youtube clips and cell phone videos don't want to be implicationed as these six officers and as a result in many cities, murder raids, especially black on black murder rates are escalating. >> folks now heading to the votes for a vote on whether britain should leave the european union, and all that is happening in europe, an bits say the brexit measure could have an impact on our economy in the u.s., on everything from our retirement savings to mortgage rates. as we told you yesterday, prime minister david cameron could face a lot of pressure to resign if britain votes to leave the 28-nation bloc. and polls seem to show the vote could be either way. supporters sale the u.s.' strict
12:37 pm
rules are -- the eu's strict rules, rather, but opponents saying staying staying is better. >> the president made his opinion cloud and clear when he visited that region, saying he wants u.k. voters to vote today to remain in the european union, and at that time, his warning was, as follows. he said there we be, quote, less influence in europe for those voters should they decide to vote f to -- vote to leave the european union and would be, quote, at the back of the cue for trade deals if they do not vote to remain in the eu, however in the days and months sense then the white house has been very, very cautious not trying to weigh into this vote overseas. yesterday the white house press secretary josh ernest was asked and said the president is monitoring the debate but didn't put on a full court pitch from the administration.
12:38 pm
>> we have been very clear about the president's view that united states benefits from having u.k. as a member of a strong ei but this a british people who should decide for themselves. >> reporter: top administration officials have weighed in. the treasury secretary, jack lew, said it would be in the best interests of the u.k., of europe, and of the global economy, for u.k. voters to decide to remain in ei. >> everybody in the u.s. is worried it how this might affect they're investments. >> right. check your 401(k) today. chances are it's doing pretty good. the market has been on a tear. the dow has been up 150 points or so. market as a whole up about one percent. here's the reason why. investors love certainty, and the tracking polls, even though it's been tightening, there's a feeling that voters will decide
12:39 pm
to remain in the european union. there's a few bookies over there in the uk and the overwhelming money is on remain. however, there are certainly factors should the e.u. -- the u.k. voters decide to opt out. the chair to the federal reserve, janet yellen said there would be, quote, significant economic repercussions should u.k. voters decide to leave. >> we should find out. the polls close 5:00 east coast time. let's bring in josey cox. with the "wall street journal." blake is saying the polls are leaning now for staying in the i.u. what are you hearing? >> it's really been such a rollercoaster ride. polls have been neck and neck. the most recent polls have seen a very, very marginal leave for the remain camp, about that has
12:40 pm
been enough to encourage investors to provide a little certainty. and to really, really boost markets, the confidence in the market, starting off strongly today, hitting close to a six-month high. the benchmark index has been rallying really hard. so, it seems like confidence has returned to the market but it remains to be seen. we'll get results in hopefully the area hours of tomorrow, friday morning. so, that will definitely rule markets. >> i know the markets love certainty but there's a lot of people saying, if they stay in the e.u., this is bad for down the road. isn't there going to be a little volatility either way when the vote comes down? >> absolutely. especially because there's been so much divisiveness in the lead up to the vote. both sides are so passion not what they're -- passionate what they're arguing for staying and
12:41 pm
leaving. what happens britain's relationship with the etch up has --eu has to change,. >> what about david cameron? the theory was, if britain leaves the e.u., he is out, and if they don't leave, what now what? happens to the prime minister then? >> that's another big uncertainty. a lot of people are asking that question. especially as he has been so -- such a strong proponent of remaining in the e.u. and has been very passionate about that. the rhetoric has been strong and members of his own party, the conservative party, have been against him and have been argue fargo leave vote. so a lot of divisiveness there, even within the party. so, the next couple of weeks will be really, really decisive in determining who will be future leader of the country and whether david cameron has a future in that position.
12:42 pm
>> josie, thank you. >> thank you. >> for more on the brexit vote, check out the fox business network with coverage all day long. you need a breather from the presidential campaign? donald trump is taking one. now heading to scotland for a little business and we will take you there live. next. everything you're good at now,
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think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so guess what, i met them at the zoo. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ crews working to clean up tens of thousands of gals of crude oil after it spilled from a pipeline in california in ventura county. initially estimated 200,000 gallons of oil may have spilled from the pipeline. now it was more like 30,000. officials say the oil traveled a half mile down a ravine but never reached the beach. still no word on the cause of the spill. a different pipeline last year ditched more than 120,000 gallons of oil in santa barbara county.
12:46 pm
official says corrosion caused thad spill. donald trump set to make his fir international trump since becoming the presumptive republican nominee. the is flying to scotland to attend the opening of golf course. he bought the course in 2014. the course is more than a century old and the republican has american important $300 million rennovating it. he has bought a dozen courses in u.s., britain and ireland over two decree okayeds and told the reuters news agency that every one of them makes, quote, a lot of money, but reuters analysis shows that trump might be losing hundreds of millions of dollars. the mogul says it's not true and says reuters overestimated his expensed and underestimated the value of the courses and the news agency reports he refused to provide figures to back up his claim. john roberts is live.
12:47 pm
>> reporter: you can work the numbers to whichever way you can't, to trace. that's the but beauty of being a business person. was out here looking at the renovations made at the course that it will be unveiled when donald trump re-opens the course. they're three of the most beautiful holes in golf i've seen anywhere around the world. donald trump focused on money today, talking about the fec filing which showed the 500 million his cam paint spent in may, one million, 20%, went to trump-owned businesses for hosting campaign events, catering, with hugh hewitt, donald trump defended his use of his own facilities. here he is. >> why shy give it to the club down the street or give it to a hotel that is not a trump hotel? no reason for that. if i do a news conference or some kind of event and at a club i have by law under federal election is have to reimburse at
12:48 pm
fair market, and all of that stuff. right? and i do that -- we do it very meticulous lou. so the hadline is trump receives money from his campaign so dishonest. >> trump was pushing back today against the fec report that showed that he had merely $1.3 million cash on hand compared to 42 million for hillary clinton. he said he has raised a lot of money, and that today came out very publicly said he had forgiven in the $50 million he loaned to his campaign trying to show naysayers like mark cuban that he is flush with cash. >> what about the trump campaign reboot? >> reporter: seems to be working for some republicans. the new focus on hillary clinton he showed with the speech on wednesday and fewer self-inflicted wounds in the last 48 hours seemed to be playing well. listen to what he speaker of the house, paul ryan, said when asked about donald trump today.
12:49 pm
>> i've said all along, we want to see the campaign improve, see the campaign improve in tone and approach in every respect. i heard it was -- he gave a good speech. i haven't seen the thing. read it. but when i see and hear things that i don't agree with, that i think are contrary to our principles as conservatives, and americans, i'm going to speak out. >> reporter: likely we'll larry in people near scotland speaking out as well. a fellow named david mills who liveds beside the golf course that donald trump developed is now flying a mexican flag along with a scottish flag and refused to give us his property to donald trump when he built the course. now he is a firm opponent of trump and likely to have a few friends join him when trump visits aberdeen on saturday. we're also picking up some rumblings on social media some some folks are planning to get together some protests here at turnberry tomorrow for trump's
12:50 pm
appearance but he is going to be way out on the golf course, on the ocean near the lighthouse so likely the protesters won't be anywhere near him. >> record on the street that john roberts is a pretty good golfer and might be able to swing a couple holes. >> reporter: i played her a couple years and it was an amazing round of golf. we had sunshine for the post part of today, and it's just started raining now, but gift ten minutes and it ill will change to something else, perhaps snow. >> john roberts, thank you. snide ahead, the rescue mission at the bottom of the world. a dramatic effort to save two people who fell sick south pole. that's next. real cheese people,
12:51 pm
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the crew has successfully rescued two sick people from a u.s. research station in south poll. the mission in negative 75-degree temperatures and high winds. this plane got them out using skis to land on the snow. planes usually don't fly down there this time of year because it is considered very risky. it took off from a different station in antarctica, flew to the south pole, picked up the sick workers and flew back to the first station. from there, another plane took them back to chile. rick leventhal has more. the weather made this difficult. >> it's ridiculously harsh down there monday was the first day of winter in the southern hemisphere. the sun won't rise until september and it's not just the mercury. it's 75 degrees below zero. the cold, dark skies can produce ice and snow and high winds quickly, making air travel dangerous. one point the mission was described as past the point of safe return but they used twin
12:55 pm
otter turbo prop plane. they navigated the 3,000-mile round trip in a journey described as incredible, and inspiring from the british station at antarcticas edge to the south pole and back. a second plane was on standby in case they needed search and rescue capability but did not. >> what do we know about the sick workers? >> the imagine fines federation manages the south pole station and won't divulge identities or talk about conditions citing privacy law. it's reported one of them had gastric problems and the other suffered a heart attack. all we know they're season employees of lockheed martin. scientist have had a saying there since 1956 staffed by 50 people who do environmental research and while there is a
12:56 pm
medical team they can only provide a certain level of care, and you can imagine workeres have gotten sick before but only the fourth time to do an emergency evacuation since 1999. >> movie in the making. we'll be right back for a landmark moment for the car that changed the automobile forever. it happened on this day in history. jen stops working, but her aleve doesn't. hey mom! because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours?
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1:00 pm
able and mercedes was born 114 years ago today. the vote is going on right now in britain to see if they'll stay in the e.u. the dow is doing well and "your world," charles payne in for neil, is next. >> talking about -- radical islam. you people -- >> no fly, no gun, no fly, no gun. >> the exchange that has gone viral. this congressman at the center of it is here. welcome everyone, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." democrats patting themselves on the back after their 24-hour sitin over gun control following the orlando terror attack and now the house speaker is firing back. >> they are sending out fundraising solicitations like this one. house democrats on the house floor. your contribution will g