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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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he does all kinds of mini donalds. who knew. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight that is it for "special report" fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. the u.s. supreme court tells president obama no, he can't do it. the deadlocked supreme court blocking the president's executive order immigration plan to shield millions of illegal immigrants deportation. also shields the right to work in the united states. this is a major blow to the president that could have defined his legacy. texas attorney general ken is following and texas solicitor general argued the case both go "on the record." good evening, gentlemen. >> thanks for having us on. >> good evening, greta. >> general, first to you, is this a dead lock or a smackdown of the president? >> obviously four-four, but it gives us the win we were looking for. we won at the fifth 60 and
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preliminary court. we will go back and try the case on the merits. it's a win for texas and for the united states. >> scott, is this a decision about immigration or about executive power? >> today is a great day for the separation of powers and the rule of law. this lawsuit has always been about executive overreach. it's the congress' job to write the laws. when the president is choosing which laws to enforce and which laws not to enforce this should trouble every american. this was fantastic victory pushing back on executive overreach. >> scott, you actually argued it. tell me if i'm correct. you went to court and got from a single district court judge which is all you would have, obviously, an injunction. a federal judge telling a president he can't do it. it then went up to the court of appeals. went your way and said the president couldn't do it. one thought he could. had from there it goes to the supreme court. because it's 4-4 tie, the other decision stands.
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is that the procedure we are in? >> that's right. now that the supreme court has ruled on this and it has affirmed what the lower court did, our injunction blocking the president's immigration policy is in force and, keep in mind, this was just a preliminary part of the lawsuit. so we will go back to the trial court. we'll put on additional evidence and we will continue to make the case as the court of appeals held that this was unlawful. >> you any, general, actually quite amazing. stepping back, one federal judge essentially told the president no. he can't do it. it's quite remarkable, isn't it? >> it is remarkable. remarkable a federal judge did it. he wrote an opinion. remarkable you have states filed lawsuit and stuck together from a pretty long process. says a lot about the merits of our case and how important it is to our states and constitution. >> general, in order to bring kasich show you were hurt. how did this hurt for your state of texas that gave you
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a reason to proceed on. this so what we were able to demonstrate is this cost of drivers license is going to cost the state of texas millions of dollars. owrch legislature is not prepared for it never voted on it. not in our budget. coming never had a vote on it fairly easy for us to show actual harm and a continuing cost that we haven't accounted for. >> you know it's interesting. i thought how can that be a cost because i thought you pay for your drivers license how could that possibly be a cost why isn't it a wash? what i understand and kroncke, -- correct me if i am wrong, texas subsidizes drivers license where if you paid the full freight you wouldn't have that. >> or am i wrong. >> we pay most of the cost of drivers license it's fairly expensive to issue them. we have a large state. this would be a large number of people. it would cost the state millions of dollars and again it's not part of our government we haven'tted for it. >> scott, the president didn't like this decision he
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said among other things today's decision is great to those who seerk our economy and immigration system. you are trying not to grow the economy which is something else which isn't good and trying at the be rational to the immigration system. >> the president has said many things throughout this case. he said he took an action to change the law. he said what this immigration policy was doing was granting illegal status. that's exactly what the court found and today they upheld the decision. we agreed this does change the law. it's congress' job to change the law not the president unilaterally. >> general, does this have a bigger, wider imoocket upon in particular narrow issue? texas? >> certainly for us, that's what it is about. because we have many lawsuits against the federal government for the same purpose, not their job really what you are call
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about. of the president's duty is to expreempt and not excavuto the law. exactly what we're trying to stop. not just because it's president obama, we don't want a republican president doing this as the well and we think the message needs to be sent. >> general, thank you. scott, thank you both. and today's supreme court ruling is a major blow to president obama's legacy. both sides of the political aisle coming out strong after the court's decision. >> today, the supreme court was unable to reach a decision. >> i want to say a word about the supreme court ruling that we just got that halts the president's executive amnesty. >> today's decision is frustrating to those who seek to grow our economy and bring a rationality to our immigration system. >> this is a win for the constitution. >> republican press constant currently are willfully preventing the municipal court from being fullly
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spraches. >> it's a win for congress a and it continue. >> this is politician year in election year they use to steer people. >> it's fundamental to checks and balances. >> i'm sure this isn't going to surprise you but the 2016 candidates aren't keeping quiet about this. donald trump are twolds same course expand. taking jobs from hispanic and african-american workers. >> and senator hsk she took to it could tear apart a million families facing deportation. we must do better. senior political reporter heidi and "fortune magazine's" nina easton. nina, is this a major blow to the president's legacy and i hate that word because i think legacy is another word all about me.
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>> it's a who to one piece of his legacy and how important this with year that findth supreme court. flashback to anothers in in 2010 and also, the supreme court reeled its legality and took owlts of the you cans on the obamacare front. now you have a recalling hearing that takes out the wind out of the sales on democrats for immigration, also puts immigration out there front and center. >> we have never been able to come to terms with completely no bright line. how much power does the president have. the supreme court now by a split has said that the president just went too far. a trial court judge said the president went too far. what does this do to the president? >> well, this is an argument that republicans have made consistently about this president that he has
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overstepped his bounds in terms of using executive authority on gun control, on climate change. certainly a lap on the wrist throughout the door and makes republicans feel what you justified and not on the constitutionallality at all. it does strengthen their hand in making that argument. puts front in center as executive auction sail vary not able to work with corpse hike gown crossing avail herself of executive authority to get those things done. >> it is a big set back to hillary clinton that has made it clear that is going to years to members aren't accurate. i went up to university
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house was democrat and estimate was democrat. he had all the chance in the bolder to do it. >> there is a lot of people who think that the president should have taken immigration on first. there is bipartisan bill passed like riewrk back then. >> he died to go with obama care on vote. everybody went to the trenches. >> i know nobody agrees with me in this town. what's wrong with multitasking. everybody says one or the other first why couldn't this do do one at the same time. >> at the blow up and really stepped up deportations. he is called border crossings at a lowest level 19970s. thinking that was going to happen in the house. then what happened? >> eric cantor got what we call cantorred. he got pushed out and really shocking loss and a lot of
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people think that was on the immigration issue. 2014 really made republicans rethink whether they wanted to play a game on this immigration issue. >> i'm going to take the last word when he didn't do it when he had the house and senate as democrats rather than ruling one his leave and working with lncht g yrmt set no you won't don't do both. baltimore police officers say sar goodson acquitted in the freddie gray case. officer goodson faced the most serious charge of any of the six officers charged. former homicide detective and katy ted williams and katie phang. this was a bench trial and not a jury trial. tell me. >> hi, greta. this was a packed courtroom and you couldn't hear a pin drop when judge barry williams sat down and read his 39 page decision where
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he ruled that the prosecution did not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. that officer caesar goodson gave freddie gray a rough ride. this watt a sounding defeat for marilyn mosby, the prosecutor who rushed to judgment in bringing these charges and, get, tonight, the big question is will she drop the charges nit light of the fact that caesar broad son was her best chance for getting a conviction in this cases? >> another question should be should she resign tonight? she has spent a fortune and didn't do much of an investigation. had you could you get two acquittings and. she made the case political in the beginning. what in the world is marilyn moseley doing as state prosecutor there. >> she has exhibited
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professional lack of security at this point is she going to lick her wounds and walk away and drop the charges against the remaining officers? frankly, it seeks electric huffing and puffing but it blew its case down today with officer hudson's complete acquittal across the board. as you know, we are governed by rules of protect conduct. in marilyn there is a specific one for prosecutors. you have to refrain from prosecuting a case when you know you do not have probable cause to do so. if marilyn mosby does not step away from the prosecution of the remajor officers, she can be looking at a bar complaint against her specifically. frankly, if i'm deputy states attorney i'm embarrassed that she keeps on put me through the trenches to prosecute a case i cannot prove. >> all right, viewers, i am going to bring the viewers in at home and vote on twitter. should marilyn states attorney marilyn does buy
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all the jurors. ted and katie had a very passionate statement which i don't agree with. lack of professional maturity which i think is quiet kind. not exactly what i would be find about her lacking professional maturity. i don't know what she is cooking. worse yet, it's had consequences. >> i have to wholeheartedly agree. marilyn mosby seems to be the mike nifong, we remember him, the duke lacrosse attorney. there is ringing around baltimore right now where marilyn mosby had told the public that she had the sheriff's department conducting an investigation. it is now coming out vis-a-vis one of the sheriff deputies that, no, he was not conducting an investigation is that he signed off on an investigation. clear rush to judgment on the part of marilyn mosby and her team.
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shame on them. >> teddy o indicated at this, rather, 20 seconds left. should marilyn mosby not just drop the cases but change her job? >> you know it probably would be tempting. maybe she should go pack to doing civil late quation. should marilyn no, sir buy mothers out $6.4 million to the civil settlement to the gray family before these cases ever went to trial. at this point i think we all think that marilyn moseley needs to rethink maybe she should do her job anymore and i don't think she can. >> ted and kate katie, thank you both. baltimore order of police wants many of the charges dropped lake on twitter vote. gazebo march goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. how are you? >> very well. your reaction to today are acquittal. >> sowble we are very
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employeesed and united states woe anticipate that was going to happen because the facts speak for themselves. we knew all six of these officers were wrongly charged to begin with. >> and i don't mean -- in our discussion i don't mean to understate the great tragedy of the man who died in can you say today. the question whether or not there was rank and file view of marilyn mosby these thighs citizens they have to work with her offering in friewght my keim in -- >> handle calls where obviously our relationship with marilyn mosby is strained. it's just on the top tier. we still work well with the state attorney's office. of course we have our doubts because she's is in control. so we're doing the best we
4:16 pm
can we are still out there doing our job each and every day. >> suppose she doesn't drop the cases among the remaining disperse. then what? what are the police going to say. >> pell, we be continue represent these officers as long as it's necessary and we will -- you know what? at the end of the day, there is three days that's been tried, greta, and she hasn't got a conviction on one and today's case the judge did an excellent job. he covered everything. he articulated his decision. if she doesn't get -- if the light bulb doesn't go off now, i don't know if it ever will. i think it's a gross misjudgment. the discontinues of baltimore are suffering because paying. we have to move forward on this. >> this is a judge's decision to show how he very carefully went through all
4:17 pm
the evidence. he explained his verdict and having badge criminal defense lawyer for years, bench trials usually don't favor the defendant and have a judge favor all these police officers speaks very highly about what the evidence evidence is in this case. have you spoken to marilyn mosby, the state's attorney. >> no, ma'am. i haven't spoken with her until the first trial started i supported. >> do you want to speak with her? >> i would love to. i would like to talk to her. maybe we could come so tom sort of reasonable conclusion to this and get all the work together. for us to get baltimore moving forward we have torque together with the citizen was of erlt and its with. we have need to borrowed there still is don't get me wrong. he had a nation to weak and
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live. freddie gray and his family. lieutenant, thank you, sir. and donald trump launching new attack ads aimed right at secretary hillary clinton. you will see et brand new ad that skewers clinton. after a long day, dave stops working, but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer
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4:22 pm site's first post part one of what trump calls crooked hillary's legendary >> have you always told the truth? >> i have always tried to. ♪ ♪ >> we have seen wage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video. >> next day, within 24 hours, had you a conversation with the egyptian prime minister you told him this, we know the attack in libya had nothing to do with the film. it was a planned attack, not a protest. >> the "on the record" political panel is back. "u.s.a. today" senior political reporter heidi and "fortune magazine's" nina easton. heidi, well, what a website to buy for donald trump. your thoughts. >> they are both launching websites odd within 24 hours of each other. this specific ad people already angry about benghazi are going to keep them
4:23 pm
angry. here is the question i had after talking to abulbasher of in congressional republicans. this is where donald trump might do well to listen to them. why is he focusing on libya. things obviously to be angry about. she sat for 11 hours of testimony and gowdy himself said we didn't come out of there learning much new. libya, she was the main architect of libya and it's become a disaster over there and the republicans who i talk to say you really need to stay focused on libya really appeal and disturb a broader swath of the electorate than people already exercised over benghazi. >> that's great vulnerability. libya became a failed state after we intervened without plan b. >> is that her fault as. >> she was secretary of state. she argued for engaging. >> engaging in the beginning. >> what you see here with hillary and with trump is they are figuring out what the public hates among the two most popular
4:24 pm
candidates -- unpopular candidates we have ever had and they are drilling down. so you had hillary noting that more than half the public thinks is he a dangerous -- dangerous as the president she drills down on that. reckless. so on. he knows from looking at her polls that she is considered untrustworthy. we have crooked lying hillary clinton. and i think heidi is right. you need to go beyond your base particularly in the language you use in a general election. right out of the box, okay, you are appealing to that primary crowd still but where are you taking this? >> he actually had had an interview with sean hannity on the bank issue on the whole transcript. let's listen to that. >> for whatever reason she doesn't want to give those speeches and i don't know. there is something going on there. because bernie sanders could not over a long period of time get her to give the speeches. and he wanted them very badly. but, she made a fortune with this stuff.
4:25 pm
and what's the purpose of it. what are people getting for it look at it and the whole thing is very strange. frankly, she is very strange. >> heidi i have got something to say about that in my off-the-record. the issue about the transcript. sheets theist are from banks she gave speeches to and banks largely responsible for our recession in 2008. why won't she turn those over? >> i suspect that she was not nearly as critical of the banks when speaking to them on-on-one for a paid fee than she is on the stump. this is much more on point for donald trump. this is something that bernie sanders really bludgeoned her over in the primary in terms of her connections to wall street. one line can you draw from bernie's people to trump's people. something if he is wise keep
4:26 pm
up. her come back is why aren't you releasing your tax returns, donald trump. >> you need to stick around for my off-the-record at the end of the show. you just set that up. up next, a nail biter, we are only moments away from the first results in the historic vote. what does the vote mean for your, yes, your money? that's straight ahead. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid,
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just hours historic vote in britain so-called brexit vote will decide if europe should stay in the european union or leave. major impact. that includes your retirement savings and mortgage rates. so far polls have shown the vote could go either way. what are the early votes showing fox news affairs wynn gentleman minute is live in london. what can you tell me? >> hi, greta. voting has finished counting underway. at first it said it was going to remain 4 or 6 point. just hearing in the last few moments that the vote is a lot closer than you imagine. at stake is the future of the uk. the future of europe. that has repercussions the world over. 346 million people are said to have register to do vote for this 70% of the population. highest ever turnout. referendum here at the heart of this: cut all ties with the european union or go it alone or should they remain part of this european super
4:31 pm
state on u.k.'s behalf david cameron who has led the campaign to stay in europe arrived at the pony station. scare mongering throughout the campaign. those who want to stay in cut the u.k. off from largest trading partner and lead to a slump in the pound an the economy worldwide. those who want to leave say that the u.k. simply no longer has control over it, so laws, they are decided by unelected bureaucrats in brussels who control immigration policies and destiny. two big differences here could go either way at this point. we are trying to get more results as they come out. greta? >> well, it certainly is fascinating to watch. we are watching breathlessly from this side of the ocean. thank you. >> as he just noted the brets appear split. votes stay and leave are neck and neck. benjamin wants to say.
4:32 pm
good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> why do you want britain out of the eu? >> we want to take back control of our laws. of our democracy, of our borders, and of our taxes and our money. we certainly don't want to cut all ties with europe as benjamin was saying just there. i have never heard anyone suggesting that why just want a growling return of powers so we can be a self governing such as you are or any other state in the world takes for granted. >> i have read article says angela merkel who is, of course, the chancellor of germany has begged cammeron's support in your honor. is that what you wrote or said? >> doesn't sound like me. the issue here as you were just hearing is very evenly divided vote. at this point with the first results trickling in it's impossible to tell who has won. we can tell it's fairly close.
4:33 pm
what that means is whichever side wins it's going to have to take account that the other side represents a very large minority. so, if as i hope the country has voted to leave, we need to carry with us the nearly 50% of people who voted to stay. that's not going to be a mandate to do anything unilateral. we will want to move with the approval of european allies. of course we major in a market. remaining military allies. keeping our intergovernmental cooperation. this is not about walking away from europe. it's about repatriotting laws. >> has the queen said anything at all. >> she has been reported as asking dinner party guests any good reasons tore in the eu by connection we don't comment on what she has reported as saying. >> okay. so what's the impact on prime minister cammeron?
4:34 pm
obviously if the vote is to get out of the eu that hurts him because he wants that stay in. what if it's a close vote sort of the 50/50. half the people are very strong views one way and half the other? >> obviously he and i have been on opposite sides of this one. i'm grateful for him giving us the vote it's a great thing that an issue of this magnitude can be decided people of the whole. it's a great mechanism to remind our politicians we are representatives rather than rulers. it's our job ultimately to do what we're told by the voters. i'm grateful that cammeron for making the whole project possible if we do get a result to leave that of course, the verdict stands but we also need to understand that there is a need to carry the whole country together. you know, we can't as it
4:35 pm
were speak only for the 50% who vote god leave. colonel keeping economic ties ties with europe that means we won't rush into anything. >> can he stay on as prime minister if the vote is to leave. >> yes, he can. whether he will want to is only a question he can answer. that's ultimately his call. the one thing i really would say to people watching in the u.s. please do not think for a moment this is any kind of vote for protectionism or thundering ties with our european trading partners. quite the opposite. the main argument that we use on economics on my side is that the eu was too protectionist. it stood in the way of us having more liberal trading deals with australia and india and united states and the world. more global vote for britain engaged with every in the continent including europe.
4:36 pm
>> we are all watching very closely. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> up neck, think the brexit vote will not have an impact on you? think again. maria maria bartiromo is here next to. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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okay. if you don't care about the brexit vote, you should pause your wallet could be hit hard, stock market, retirement and mortgage could be affected. what does this mean for you and your money? fox business network global market editor and hosts maria baltimore goes "on the -- baltimore goes "on the record." >> thanks for having me. >> if you are sitting here thinking i don't travel to london. i don't live there. why does this matter? >> it matters a lot because of trade deals and regulation in place right now. i have the numbers right in front of me.
4:41 pm
and the eu is britain's largest trading partner and the largest recipient of britain's export. the us is number two. greta, if the bris decide to leave the european union, they are going to be faced with doing new deals in terms of trade. they have to renegotiate trade deals and renegotiate regulatory frame works. as a result that creates a lot of uncertainty. i will say this. there has been a lot of hysteria around. this man 1: you're new.
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this is incredibly sad. a second body has been found. a father and three teenage children vanished while sailing in the gulf of mexico. two bodies have already been found the coast guard is still holding out hope to find the other safe. phil keating is in fort meyers, florida. >> greta, this was a dire situation yesterday morning so tonight you can imagine how much more dire the situation is we still don't know the identity of this second body recovered today whether it was the dad or one of the two teenaged boys. but tragically that second fatality joins the 17-year-old daughter whose body was found yesterday and we do know that this second body was found just about five miles away from first body. there is a new photograph here of ace kimberly. he is the father and that's his 29-foot sailboat on which he and his three teenagers have been living for the past year in sarasota. the coast guard continues searching tonight for the two remaining family members still hoping for a rescue.
4:51 pm
but, relatives confirm that the coast guard did, in fact, find 17-year-old becky yesterday and she was, in fact, wearing a life jacket sunday morning the family set sail heading down to fort meyers to get boat repairs. the daughter's body and debris field that the coast guard has been finding a lot of items from were all 40 miles west of sanabel island including six unused life jackets and emergency flare found with the burnt end indicating it had at some point been shot off in the last several days. sailboat itself still not found. >> our response was for from station fort meyers recovered a bucket in the debris area that contained birth certificates g ps. cell phone and a toolbox. >> recovered both of the
4:52 pm
kayaks being towed behind the sailboat. so at this point the coast guard believes all floatable octobers that were on this sailboat on which, perhaps, survivors would be holding on to waiting for rescue have all been recovered. and the uncle of the kids, the brother of the dad who lives in fort meyers, he believes there were seven live jackets on that sailboat n total and at this point all seven have now been recovered. greta. >> phil, thank you. and get ready to speed read the news. six tornsdz ripping through illinois. powerful storms leaving behind path of destruction. roofs ripped from houses. trucks overturned and power lines ripped from the ground. several people had to be rescued from their homes. thankfully so far no serious injuries. remember when iran kept 10 u.s. sailors and aired the footage of iranian state tv in the u.s. navy commodore in charge of those sailors was just relieved of duty. captain kyle moses was in
4:53 pm
charge of the two patrol boats that drifted into iranian waters. report on the january incident will be released one week from today. that's tonight's speed read. and coming up. you and i are being played by both secretary hillary clinton and donald trump. i will tell you how off-the-record. that's next. also, brexit vote and right now they being counted. will britain stay or go? stay with fox all night long. enz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the cla250 for $299 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day
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[ boss ] it is a very smart plan. so we're all on board? [ paul ] no. this is a stupid plan. hate drama? go to research. price. find. only helps you get the right car without all the drama. are they in or out. brexit notes are being counted. live in london, benjamin, what are the numbers? >> very interesting at the moment. getting closer and closer as we speak. it was going to be a slam dunk recently but leave pushing ahead. people saying this has to do with the rejection of elitist politicians in london north of edge demand. people heard this message that people from 27 other european. use the benefits and job system and take the jobs here. that's what people are angry about. the remain camp had this
4:58 pm
under. really pushing toward the leave side at the moment but too close to call. a lot of things happening at the moment. very, very interesting and a lot closer than we thought. that message has seemed to be getting across to them. long night for everyone over here. the future of the u.k. and future of europe at stake. greta? >> benjamin, thank you. well, let's all go off-the-record. one word, enough. yes, enough of the funny business. i'm talking about secretary of state hillary clinton playing hide hide-and-seek with the transcripts of speeches. why doesn't clinton want us to seat trans is so special aboe big rich banks that they got to hear from her and so unspecial about the rest of us? i wasn't suspicious months ago but with her dodging refusal to give it up. i'm now suspicious. how could you not be? she is not the only one playing hide-and-seek. why won't donald trump show us his tax returns? what's the big secret on that one? i know months ago i said if i were his lawyer i would tell him not to turn over
4:59 pm
those specific returns in audit. but not all of his returns were r. in audit and i'm not his lawyer. my job is to get you information. just like hillary clinton's game of hide-and-seek, you have got to ask trump, what are you hiding? both candidates, they are playing hide-and-seek at our expense. and at this point, it would be irrational not to be suspicious that something funny is going on. so, hillary, quit hiding, give us those transcripts. and, donald, you too. quit hiding, give us those tax returns. and if they don't, i sure hope they are into the surprised at the american people just don't trust them. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. live twitter voting results on your screen right now. should marilyn states attorney marilyn mosby drop all charges in the freddie gray case. 10% say no. 90% say yes. that's all for now. see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. i want to you go to my facebook page and like it. i'm doing so much more stuff
5:00 pm
on the facebook page that you simply have to see. go to my facebook page and like it. don't forget the brexit vote right here. we have a lot more on that tonight at fox news. broirl is up bill o'reilly is up next. good night. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this o'reilly factor special, election 2016. let's get right to our top story. attack politics between donald trump and hillary clinton rapidly intensifying. this week the two have been unleashing a barrage of bruising attacks against each other. >> hillary clinton and, as you know, she, most people know, she is a world class liar. >> every day we see how reckless and careless trump is. >> hillary clinton has perfected the politics of personal profit


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