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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  June 26, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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underscore jeanine. thanks for watching. "the greg gutfeld" show is next. see you next too. >> thank you. o. lauren is next with the fox report. >> brexit fears rattling the marketses and a new pene pone reality sinks in, donald trump said the news will not be bad for the u.s. this is the fox report. an entire continent on edge as fears rise that other nations may follow britain's lead and decide to leave the european union behin. it makes up the second largest economy. and a full fledged break up could impact trade. donald trump said the u.s. should not be concern canned
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about the break up. he said president obama and hillary clinton were wrong for urging britain to remain in the eu. >> they wanted their independence and they didn't want to be governed. you will have other country s, right now, they will come up and they want to vote also. it will not be the last. >> we have fox team coverage. benjamin hall is standing by in london with how world leaders are responding. john roberts spoke with with donald trump earlier today. hi, john. >> reporter: this was a trip that a lot of republicans thought donald trump shouldn't have made and an unnecessary distraction from campaigning, but in the end, being here on the uk in an incredible occasion and remarkable occasion was a boon to donald trump and added
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new relevance to the populs message. i had a one-on-one interview as he departed scotland to go to the united states. did he think the brexit vote have a trickle down. he said in the near term it could have a detrimental affect on the u.s. economy. >> it could hurt the united states. and the president shouldn't have got involve is ---ed. that probably hurt the vote. >> reporter: what can you do to impact the vote. >> get rid of our debt. >> reporter: he thought in the long run things will be fine. if they work hard at it things will work out in the end. >> the move to unboind the gop delegates gaining traction?
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>> yeah, it really is. you know, this is something that was kind of out there a pie in the sky idea. but it so manies to be gaining traction and a move to at the convention get a minority report on the floor of the unvention and unbind the delegates so they can vote on the first ballot and a lawsuit was introduced in virginia that would protect delegates against legal proceedings if they don't vote like they are supposed to vote. and all of that could create a lot of uncertainty. you get it on the floor, it may not go how it is going to. and i asked donald trump about what he thought about the movement to deny him the nomination? >> i have millions of people. 14 million that will be extremely upset if that
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happened. look you win. i won in a land slide and go out and try to take it away. they have been trying to do that from day one. >> reporter: this started as a small idea and gaining a lot of momentum and another conference call to gain more support for it. and the last conference call a this happened people lin. >> thank you. and top leaders from the remaining eu nations are reacting and saying they want the britain's divorce from the continent to be a swift one. that comes as calls from britains for a do over vote and wanting to hold the brexit vote again. emotions are not settling down in england. >> reporter: the storm is just starting and politicians
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pointing the finger at one another and hunt for a prime minister and the europeans looking at what they will do. the pound went to the lowest figure since 1985. credit rating moody down graded the uk from stable to negative. and they said it faced a long period p of uncertainty. and in berlin. there was emergency talks and the eu president said this would not be an amicable divorce. there is a back lash by the people who voted to stay in and said the margin was not large enough to warrant a victory and want to hold a second referundum and that received 2 and million votes and the other side said that is ridiculous. >> there is talk of another vote
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in scotland. >> reporter: as a region they voted to stay in the eu, and the first minister of scotland wants another referundum for scottish independence back on the table and rather be connected to europe than england and the hunt for the prime minister to within begin. the hard work begins. they have invoke article 50 and a two year process to renegotiate all of the different deals. europe doesn't want to see other countries following the way of the uk. expect a messy few years from here on out. >> benjamin hall, thank you for that report. reaction. fast and swift. dow tumble ped 600 points and banks had the worst day in five
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years and we'll get new signals tomorrow. that's when asian markets open for trading. we'll keep you posted on that. and a fox news weather alert. 24 people killed in widespread flooding in west virginia, and the death toll could rise as many people p are missing. relentless rains triggering the flood waters and left hundreds homeless and thousands without electricity. the governor declaring a state of emergency and requesting federal aid for areas that need it most. it is a disaster like anything they have seen. >> this is the worst i have sewn and i have seen stuff floating down the river and we had a flood in 2003 and it was nothing like. this >> garrett, how are people doing there? it looks terrible>> reporter:
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almost every single person was affected by this flood. hundreds of homes and businesses that people spent their lives building have been destroyed by this flood. this dairy queen is a perfect example of it. it was a stap wille here in this small town for 60 years and this is where people came when they were kids and brought their own grandkids and now you can see. this is what the roof looks like. two days this is what the pictures were from the elk river rose 14 feet above stage. it was completely covered with water. and now this is what is left of that dairy queen. sement slab knocked over and mud covering the walls and this is thick mud covering houses and
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roads and neighborhoods. today is the first real day for folks to come and see what is left. >> for a lot of folks, that means reliving the experiences as the flood waters were rising. lisa, we spoke to her and she told us, she was home and the river was rising and she was in the first floor. and then she moved to the second floor and covered the entire second floor and went in the a ttic with nothing more than an ironing born to sit on with two dogs. >> you are watching the water rise and you can not go out or get higher. it is gut wrenching. i counted my blessings every five minutes. i probably talked more to god in
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the last two days than i have in the last 45 years. >> reporter: it rips your heart open. she ate fresh hot food first time in three days today. that is the experience of so many people p here. and as they come home, their homes are gone and swept down the river. it will be a long recovery process and 24 people p are confirmed dead and that number could go back home. and search and rescue get back and start to see the damage and what it is like. >> that is heart breaking images. thank you for that report, garrett. terrorist strike guests in a hotel in one nation's capital. very scary stuff. gunshots ring out and the attackers take hostages. more from the terrifying scene
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ahead. massive wildfires reducing homes to ashes. thousands of firefighter trying to stop the flames. plus, politics, bernie sanders announcing who he will vote for. it is not himself. so why is he in the race? that's ahead, next. ♪ experience the thrill of the lexus gs f sport. because the ultimate expression of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection. for over 100 years like kraft has,natural cheese you learn a lot about how people cook. i wish i had like four different mexican cheeses but in one super melty cheese. it does exist! you still have two cheese wishes left.
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ignorance and fear and isolationism. this troubles me as a republican and more as an american. bernie sanders saying he will probably check her name in november but not bowing out of the race. if his name is not on the general ballot part of his progressive platform will make the cut. >> sanders is eking out every last publicity. he wants to put the platform left as he can. >> what we are trying to do also is to come up with the progressive that the democrats and a platstorm is a piece of
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paper and it doesn't mean anything. we have to demand that that platform becomes part of the democratic congress agenda, and not just words. >> reporter: if he doesn't endorse clinton they may not show up. sanders could be the exception as media coverage of him wanes. >> clinton concerned about the brexit vote? >> it was a stroke of bad luck for clinton and stroke of good luck for trump. he scheduled this trip to scotland when the world was upended. the message resonates in europe.
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as does the message of styling. >> the european union is not working and part of the reason it is not working, europe is overregulated. power is centralized in brusselses. clinton offered the tepid statement. we receive the choice that the people of united kingdom and make sure the economic uncertainty does not workman's compensationing families in america. they are concerned about a cautious middle of approach, when much of the west is west or pop pullist or bricks bricks or sanders. >> thank you for the report. and don't miss fox news sunday. chris wallace will sit down with
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>> planning is under way for a permanent memorial for the terror attack victims in orlando. they will preserve letters and notes and signs left as makeshift memorials outside of the pulse night club where 49 people were killed. the flowers will be turned in to
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fertilizer for a memorial garden. design will be unveiled at a later date. in texas, two people killed and five others hurt and investigators are on the hunt for the gunman or men. lauren, was it a random shooting. >> fort worth, texas police are reaching out to anyone who may have witnessed the shooting. they are bringing in their gang unit. information indicate its was gang police say arrests are imminent. the shooters fled this morning. it was at studio 74. mument pel people were carrying guns and when the shooting began he helped to get people outside
2:23 am
of the side of the building! music was great and it happened very suddenly. went from a night that was supposed to be good to you know, a night of festivities, to a night of disaster. we really didn't anticipate that at all. >> reporter: police say one man was shot and died outside of the front door. an unknown number of people shot and killed another person and hurting five more. they're treating the whole insdept as a homicide investigation, laura. >> this is so scary right after orlando. and so why exactly was the party going on? what is the reason? >> it was never supposed to happen. the owners had been calling it trespassing and saying that the employees were unaware that the party was unauthorized. it is a place for kids in
2:24 am
underserved areas to learn how to dance and it is supposed to be a safe haven and they try to avoid parties like this. pieces of a boat, only remaining clous in the search for a family that disa pored while sailing in the gulf of mexico. the florida wild life commission taking over from the coast guard which is suspending their search. the commission will evaluate the evidence recovered to figure out whether the boat sank or where they found the debris or if the family had to abandoned ship. the bodies of the father and daughter are found but the two teen boys are missing. they never showed up in fort meyers to do repairs. pope francis not mincing words to what most call a genocide. it prompted a standing ovation
2:25 am
from one country's president. and first the deadly california fire. >> the fire is fierce and rapid and cognizant and ready to evacuate at a moment's notice. a new investigation under way in the scene of the destruction. we are live on the ground, next.
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>> i am laura engle julie banderas. it is the bottom of the hour. relentless rains in west virginia creating scenes like this. 24 people killed, hundreds more are now homeless. the governor declared a state of emergency in dozens of counties and requested aid for areas that need the most of the it appears that everyone was able to get out before it was too late. >> my cousin pulled out and said it is time to go. he got his truck to high grown. it will all clean up mud and water. it will take a while. >> we have more deadly weather out west. a wildfires in central california, flames are so pierce that crews are taking to the
2:30 am
side. and entire blocks burn to the ground. blamed for two deaths and destruction of 150 homes. >> my grandmother's house, i just bought the house from the represe renters and i just lost it. >> in lake issabella. these images are just devastating. >> they absolutely are. tragic and sad. and we are in a state of emergency here in kern county three hours north of los angeles. these communities are devasta devastated. we have seen block after block just like this and the homes, nothing left. rubble and debris. and so many families lost everything. the good news is that the fire is making its way away from the
2:31 am
communities and we had good weather conditions and burned 37000 acres. they are battling day and night and working to protect 1500 more homes that are threatened. some residents are slowly trying to make their way back. mary saw her property for the first time. >> it looks like a bomb went off for real and i am surprised not more people have died from it. >> reporter: the weather today was good. but tomorrow, it is it going to get worse. 104 degrees. hot and bone driveway. you have to remember, laura, we are in the midst of william california a five year his moric drought. >> what do we upon about the people who died? >> reporter: it was tragic
2:32 am
a couple trying to rush to safety and overcome by p smoke and flames. one of their family members had an emotional tribute on social media and pleasing for people if they are asked to evacuate, to simply leave and not try to ride it out. and late today, we came across a crime scene in this neighborhood surrounded by burned homes and the authorities will not tell us what is going on. one leader said they haven't gone to every home here and he would not be surprised if they find more bodies in the days to come. will, thank you so much. >> and for more on the wildfires and flooding of west virginia. we'll go to janice. this is terrible. >> one area getting too much
2:33 am
rain and the other not enough. current temperatures across the map. a cold front slicing through the midwest. and we have very warm temperatures in the central part of the budget. and the gulf coast and heat indexes over 100 degrees. temperatures are warm over the southwest. and will car, north of los angeles. and then cooler temperatures to the north of the region. and the active wildfires continue. and there is a situation. and 17 large fires burning. and 100 acres each. it just looks dire. we have monorred it over the last couple of months and in an xrepgzal and extreme drought in southern california. they didn't get the moisture they needed from the winter
2:34 am
time. dry conditions and there is warm temperatures. and in terms of forecast rain showers. and we have rain getting in new mexico and california. and we'll talk about the watches and warnings. we have a tornado watch until 9:00 local time. we have a severe thunderstorm warning and south of u, of michigan and in the central u.s. you can see the tail end of the gold pressure. >> we have an enhanced. we could see harj hail and dack being will, torontos.
2:35 am
and. over to the another nest. >> we have robbery and ten inches of reasonable on tuesday. and incredible damage and lot a lot of pokes with the precipitation. and the eastern part of the state. and monitoring that closely. this is the area hardest hit. clenon, west virginia. we'll see the potential of storm and>> reporter: >> calendar and that much collarary that will give relo
2:36 am
where we have sor and unfortunately as we get in the the summertime months. california and the refer potential of more consider consider. and and imagine >> i could, i would. and janice, nob. thank you. >> can there was a deadly soej in somalia's capital, ne. and began a gun men. they helped haves and took hostage. it is a it comes in the and at a here left civilians dead.
2:37 am
>> it is our top story as we go around the world in 80 second ises. china, heavy rains and causing land slides, diagramming victories and swelling refers. it is bothth 700 people. there was a slaughter of one.foif million people a joanicide. the poup parked a had you ever of hur clus. and he lid praeth it is in the stand oregular and. marketing, six successes after the korean war. north goefr're year year invaded the stauth.
2:38 am
they were forced to wait until and the wontings of and mania? >> it is the up in rethe u.s. promentsed one hospital in this the suspepgz. the it is more the that's the fox trep a right-hand the tret why goj plus. >> federal foilings showed trump receives campaign is the cam 59. i am jeff rosen, back to the
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>> well known conservativist columnist saying he's registering to vote as independent. he made the announcement to the federalist society and the columnist has been critical of donald trump before. he wrote in a column saying if trump is nominated, the gop must keep him out of the white house. trump said will is a major loser. and donald trump is charting new
2:43 am
ground with how his campaign is funded. the review from may showed that the campaign paid p millions of corporate products. >> ivan caand eric and john. run the company. i will do it for america. >> what will come with corporate empire. >> the filings showed him actively engaging his company as vendors. it pays rent and catering fees and contracts to emblaze hats and wine and goods and services. >> the associated press reported that of the relative pittance that he raised.
2:44 am
6.2 million went back to trump companies. and that makes some people wonder if i am giving to a campaign that is wise. >> reporter: trump said it is all 100 percent. and kent gross is a finance attorney that advises major figures in both parties. >> he may promote that as part of the business acmen. i am a candidate and making money and that can haunt as well. people may say too much self dealing here. >> trump a pores in the fec filings as a recipient. he appears to have reimbursed out of pocket expenditures. some analyst warn second
2:45 am
guessing trump. >> he had 57 million, gretchen and he took out 16 candidates. >> she had 183 and she took out 174 year old socialist that was not a democrat until 23 months ago. >> the expend turs went to trump's. and only when the pga withdrew to protest his comments on mexico has the trump campaign hurt the trump portfolio. people walking on hot coals in an attempt to conquer fear. it was an event from tony robbins. someone unfamiliar with the process called 911. there was no need for it. that is the top story as we go
2:46 am
across america. texas, 30 or 40 people treated for minor burns in a self help program gone wrong. >> you have to be in a state of mind and it knocked me out of state seeing people hurt. >> motivational speak per tony robbins told followers to storm across the bed of hot coals to over come fear. >> i don't think they have the right mind set. >> five people had to be hospitalized. and nebraska, a heart doctor traveling from state to state. >> and one of our goals and outreach clinics is to bring sevenses closer to where the families live. to make it easier for them. >>ethan robinson is one of the patients. it was hard to find a heart
2:47 am
specialist close woi. >> it is hard to put feelings into words from the cardiology staff. they saved his life. >> south carolina. charleston holding a swimming lesson. 40000 kids making a splish. drowning is the cause of death in in children 1- 4 years old. >> medical errors may be the third leading cause of errors in america. how is that possible with the country with the best medical care. victim's families and health care families say deathses by medical mistakes happen more often. >> one person with a story is jany gardener.
2:48 am
she has a decade worth of experience as a nurse. laura ingle spoke to her in st. louis. >> 60 days of being a nurse i saw patients killed by a medication error. >> tell me about that. >> worse than that. i discovered the medical error. >> and bill hemmer anchors beware, danger at the doctor. that is right here on the the fox news channel. >> up next, story trending on line that will warm your heart. a chance meeting with a local musicians, changing the life of one teenager. >> telling me to go ask this guy, can i help takes his groceries to the car. >> how a complete stranger
2:49 am
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>> a big piece of new york is gone. new york times photographer bill cunningham died. he spent keckades capturing the hottest trend from biker shorts and bags. and it transcended fashion and street style and culture as well. cunningham was named to the french ledgion of honor in 2008 and he was named a living land
2:53 am
mark in new york city. he had been hospital otherwised after suffering a stroke. he was 87 years old. in tennessee a teen is battling his way out of poverty. he run into a kind stranger. here's more from memphis. and they have this story. every now and then, a chance meeting changes a lot of lives. >> i never have been a part of anything like this: an emotional story of fate that began in a kroger. and he went up to a complete stranger. and i guess faith told me to go ask this guy can i help to take your groceries to the car?
2:54 am
>> matt felt compelled to take him on a shopping sproe. he does odd jobs to support his mom. >> you have to spoke to him. >> what he saw brought a grown man to tors. they had nothing. >> i felt a overwhelming you maility for his situation. >> i had an air the mattress and it bust. >> and after he posted the video. >> when was the last time you had clothes? >> three years. >> the whole year fell in love with with a soft spoken teen. >> they raised 90000. >> and we were there as he gave them the most amazing news yet. >> you will get a nice house and it is going to be yours.
2:55 am
>> i don't know what to say. they told me not to cry. i might break down in tears and so appreciate it so much. i can't appreciate it no more. >> what chaunsy said. this angel saved him and matt said it is the other way around. >> it is like a new purpose in life. >> that is the memphis affiliate. whp q reporting. >> and lining up. this is not your typical dog show. and man's best friend battling for the world's ugliest dog. canned che i accept i'm not 22 i accept i do a shorter set these days. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat
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now. trying to take the first flight too soon. watch this. >> oh, let them go and let them down. let them down. >> oh, no, they are helping out the newly hatched birds determined to leave their nest. the problem is. they didn't have their wings yet. and they followed their mom to safety in a lake. and that's how fox reports this saturday. june 25th. i am laura. and thank you so much f ♪ [ playing the national anthem ]
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♪ ♪
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hi, friends. good morning. sunday the 26th of june, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. this is a fox news alert. raging waters and urgent rescues in west virginia as entire towns are under water and the death toll is rising. dozens are dead and the search for the missing intensifies. and the fallout from the brexit vote hits the race for the white house. donald trump calling out hillary clinton for her silence. >> she should go on camera. she called brexit 100% wrong. she was 100% wrong and she doesn't with an to go on camera because she's embarrassed. >> hillary is on the wrong side of history and her


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