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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

10:00 am you're getting out your tablet. kennedy: i am. harris: she loves facebook live and our new little position. find uson the "outnumbered" fnc page. see you tomorrow. "happening now," now. >> we continue the coverage in the terrorist attacks in benghazi. the whole thing could come to a head this week as democrats release separate findings today preempting the long- awaited results from the republican committee that is expected soon. there are several letters that went to the chairman of the house select committee from the white house. there is a stand off under way and all of the details on the rapidly developing story just ahead. also we have this. fox news alert. the dow down 200 points and more
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fallout from the brexit vote. >> british prime minister david cameron said this will not happen fast. what will that mean for the markets? we are covering all of the news in "happening now". >> we face an uncertain future. nmarkets are falling again. >> britain prepares to exit the european union. >> plus, iraqi forces liberate the city of fallujah. and isis fighters are in retreat. what is next in the battle to defeat the islamic state? travel nightmare, passengers watch in horror as flames erupt from their airplane. it is all "happening now". welcome to the second hour of "happening now" on this
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monday. i am jon scott. >> i am heather childers in for jenna lee. there is a brand new snapshot of the general election as donald trump secures funding to take on hillary clinton. jon roberts for us outside of trump tower in new york city with more. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. it is a british saying, we are all talking about p brexit. donald trump has his knickers in a fix as hillary clinton is leading him by 12 point. the you new abc poll has him at 51 and donald trump to 39 compared to donald trump with with a two- point lead over hillary clinton. and there is another poll out today. nbc shows a tighter race that has hillary clinton 46- 41. and that is compareded to 46-
10:03 am
43. donald trump reacted to this. saying the dirty poll by abc washington poll is a disgrace. they admit more democrats were polled. on fox and friends, trump's son eric said this. >> they admitted to polling manny more democrats than republicans. >> it so manies like they are the exact numbers. and it makes you wonder what is actually happening. >> reporter: donald trump is hitting back against hillary clinton and the clinton campaign that released's new video of his respops of the brexit vote on friday where the clinton campaign said he seemed to care more about the golf resort than the economic impact of the brexit. but yesterday his campaign
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chairman paul manafort said the hillary clinton campaign is running scared in the wake of the exit. >> she is part of the problem that is rejected. she tries to distract from the commercials, she is afraid of the consequences of what brexit represented and what the trump phenomenon in the primaries represented. historic number of peoples voting for change. >> reporter: donald trump got a lot of attention. republicans said we need you to're back home. but he was in the right place. he will have a big speech on trade. he will speak in an aluminum recycling plant in pennsylvania. and then a rally after that. >> thank you, john. hillary clinton campaigning
10:05 am
with senator warren in ohio sparking speculation of the democrat ticket. the pair double timing donald trump. >> i just love to see how she gets under donald trump's skin. as elizabeth made clear donald trump proved every day, he's not in it for the american people. he's in it for himself. and elizabeth reminds us of that every chance she gets. well, on twitter trump responded. crooked hillary is wheeling out one of the least productive senators in the u.s. senate. goofy elizabeth warren who lied on heritage. we'll talk about it with
10:06 am
phillip. michael warren on line editor for the weekly standard. do you think we are looking at a potential here? >> yes, we think the vice-president candidate ought to be an attack dog, there is no better person for hillary clinton to pick than elizabeth warren except carly fiorina of getting under trump's skin and having effective attacks. that could work if that is the path hillary clinton wants to go. you heard in that video clip, you have to consider the fact that hillary clinton is not good at it at all getting under trumpa skin. elizabeth warren might be nice to have the jabs here and there throughout the fall. >> these two had a frosty relationship over time. there was an event back in december when 14 of the democratic senate females got
10:07 am
together, 13 of them did and elizabeth warren was the only no show in the lunchion for hillary clinton and what happen and is it real? >> one of the main things that happened is democratic party wants to do whatever they can to make sure donald trump does not win in november. that is powerful for voters and elected officials. trying to get the other party not to win in november. we have very unpopular characters of hillary clinton and donald trump. elizabeth war withen is where the democratic party is now. she may not be terribly productive because she is new. and part of the advantage there, she gets to bring a new face to politics and a set of characteristics that are resonant with the democratic party and why hillary clinton is embracing her. >> does she help with
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independents and possible republicans who might be upset with trump? or does she appeal to the liberal voters in the democratic party. >> it is a double- edged sword. what does she not appeal to the the center of the country, does she overshadow hillary clinton is my question. she shores up hillary clinton's weakness and she might point out those weaknesses that hillary clinton is not dynamic on the stump and elizabeth warren is and she is popular with the base of the party. so you have to wonder if bolstering of hillary clinton's weakness don't help point those out to voters and then you add the problems in appealing to the center of the country which is maybe shaky on trump and may not like elizabeth warren's progressive politics.
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>> i want to take a look at favorable/unfavorable ratings on hillary clinton. 46 percent favorable rating and 54.9 unfaf ifforable. pretty bad numbers except they beat donald trump's. >> that's right. there is so much of the dynamic of the 2016 race come down to those numbers. trump is more unpopular at this point in time and you are seeing a shift in the polls. the point of warren over shallying on hillary clinton. you can say the same about sarah palin. she overshadowed mccain. we have seen parties coa leasing around their candidate. the democrats are voting for the democrats and clinton locks down
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the democratic base and republicans are iffy on trump which the new post on abc shows they are. that might be a recipes of success. >> there is news breaking on benghazi situation. we want to get your thoughts on. that >> this alert. democrats on the select committee on benghazi issuing their own report saying that hillary clinton never personally deny the requests of the additional security ahead of the attack in 2012. this is before the long- awaited results of the investigation which republicans say could come tomorrow. >> reporter: what we are seeing is the culmination of the investigation in benghazi. the democrats have launched a preemptive strike by releasing their own report. the republicans as you mentioned could come as tomorrow.
10:11 am
and one of the main findings of the democrats is that security was inadequate in the day of the attack in benghazi. but they are not conceded that there were multiple warnings that security was inadequate including a meeting in august 2012, it was so important combroun to the defense secretary and chairman of the joint chiefs, though mrs. clinton said it never crossed her desk though it was addressed to her. there is a leak of letters between the benghazi select committee and question the president of what he was doing that evening and even two years of investigation there seems to be a big black hole of what was happening to the president on that evening. based on the letters, the president's lawyer advoiced him not to answer the questions, it
10:12 am
would be be a violation between the powers of the executive branch and congress. for the republicans and their part in this, one of the things we will see, they did interview dozens of witnesses that was never interviewed by any committees involved in benghazi and one of the issues reenforced in the findings is that the idea that the video was to blame was a creation of the officials in washington and never reflected the intelligence on the grouped and that is consistent with our report nothing fox news, heather. >> catherine herridge, live for us and thank you. jon? >> we'll get back to the the panel on this. phillip, and michael warren, on line editor for the weekly
10:13 am
standard. i think back to when the discussions were underway of forming the committee and democrats were thinking of boycotting and not assign issing members to the joint select committee, and ultimately they did and now coming out with their own sort of minority conclusions and hoping to what trump the republican conclusions ahead of time? maybe put out some of the republican fire that might be coming? >> there is a concept in politics of inoculation and giving an injection of bad news. and that's what they are trying to do inoculate the republicans which is fair to assume. it is impossible not to look at the lens of the 2016 election that will overhang all of this and all of the response through which people look at. unless there is a bombshell in the reports it is unlikely the
10:14 am
democrats will sway away. >> witness that michael, the minority report or letter, is coming out. people complain about the polarization of politics. but now two parties releasing different views of what happened? >> that's right. and hillary clinton, barak obama and democrats long accused the benghazi select committee of being political and partisan. now we have the boy cot and then a minority report. it is the democrat's advantage to make it a partisan issue and that is the election implications. the minority report, there is a moment where the democrats say we'll never know what was the cause of this. that shows you how unserious
10:15 am
this document is when we do have plenty of information reported on fox news and discovered through the investigations of this committee that there were a lot of, and a lot of evidence that it was a planned attack of a terrorist group and calls in question the report. came in the 2012 election season as well. michael and phillip, thank you both. in the meantime, a major victory in the fight against is sis. iraqi leaders taking back fallujah. where they are fighting, that's up next. on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. is happening now at red lobster. summerfest and if you love lobster and shrimp,
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>> a major victory for iraqi troops after a month long military operation. city of fallujah fully liberated
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from isis is control. that leaves the city of mosul in northern iraq as the last big isis strong hold in that country. more on this with lieutenant mitch utterback. and thank you for joining us. >> thank you, heather. >> as we mentioned fallujah was the first city to fall to isis in 2014 and prior to that 2004100 u.s. troops who died there at the hands of al-qaeda insurgents and 1000 were injured. clearly it is significant in terms of a symbolic meaning. but is it a strajic win as well? >> it is a tactical victory for baghdad, heather. fallujah was the last bastion of isis control in the anbar province and deadly attacks were
10:20 am
launched in baghdad. it was very, very destructive suicide attacks. they had to eliminate the threat in fallujah and used most of the iraqi special forces. >> what role did the u.s. play in taking back fallujah? >> well, the u.s. role in this goes back to 2003 when we advised the iraqi special forces. they took the fight in fallujah and fighting throughout the country in the fight against isis. and the the partner advising made the iraqi special forces the best in the middle east. and our role in this is advisors and providing air support and providing intelligence support to the iraqis at command centers that allowed them to go in from of fallujah and take out the enemy. >> moving beyond the anbar
10:21 am
province and cities and territories in the northern portion of iraq controlled by isis and specifically mosul. >> iraqi special forces and military will conduct after action reviews and go over the what they have learned. they will refit and recover and plan for the significant campaign they have done to date and on their own. there will be limited u.s. support here. this will be be the biggest fight iraq had on their own. they have veterans all the way back to the battle of boz rawhen iraq took back the city from externaling control. in the time of the pm's choosing they will start the campaign in the north. >> good news that they have retaken fallujah. thank you. >> thank you, heather.
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>> hi stakes for one pilot when an inferno erupts on the airplane. hundreds of people are on board. check that out on. more planes down on the ground. and out of control wildfires turned hundreds of homes into dust. i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ugh. heartburn.g ] sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmmm. incredible. looks tasty. you don't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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watch nbc's highlights and catch every live event on your tv with nbc sports live extra. i'm getting ready. are you? x1 will change the way you experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. >> welcome back. terrifying moments for passengers on a singapore flight. you can see the rapidly spreading four on the outside of the aircraft. it was headed to mi lanfrom singapore when it had to turn back because of an oil warning. the engine caught fire after the plane landed on the tarmac. the thing passenger and crew they waited inside of the cabin,
10:26 am
all 241 people got off of the plane safely. it is crazy. >> the triple seven is a safe and robust. the fuel is stored in the wings. and to soi see that fire underneath the wing system scary. >> i can't imagine sitting on the plane looking out of the window. >> and crews are bring nothing cadaver dogs to search for remains. this wildfires burned more than 36000 acres and destroyed 250 homes in the the process. many of those houses were owned by retirees. will carr live in the lake issa bella with the latest. >> reporter: the fire is 40 percent contained. the challenge for search crews, they are not only dealing with
10:27 am
a handful of homes, but entire neighborhood that are wiped out. it looks like a bomb went off. and they had nine teams going home by home looking for victims and why the death toll could continue to go up. there are separate crews out checking for gas leaks and hot wires. and residents have not came back. many want to get back in and see if their homes were still standing. some had to race through. and leave pets behind because they could not find them. one resident mary glea son. and she described how she found out her home burned to the ground. my neighbor next door called me and said they are both gone. i didn't know what she meant. but realizing that there was a fire and our houseses were gone is devastating.
10:28 am
>> she did have insurance but p told me many of her neighbors did not and that breaks her heart. that's what is going on here in the communities. 40 percent contained and the fire burned 45000 acres and at this point fire crews believe they are getting the upper hand on this fire. >> that is amazing work given those conditions. will, thank you. >> absolutely. >> and it is just three weeks if you can can believe it before the republican convention and there are signs that the party may be starting to it unite. house gop leaders are working with donald trump to make sure it goes smoothly in cleveland. and the supreme court handing down a ruling on abortion. and how it would regulate the clinics in the country. shmorange!
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asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> more signs that republicans are starting to unite behind donald trump. the rnc and republican nominee are heading off the ppo tential revolt from the convention that is just three weeks away. george w. bush and hank shove from the clinton- gore campaign. brad, i will start with you.
10:33 am
do you think that a coup is ineffable and resolt on the way or can they ban together and deep it from happening. >> donald trump is the nominee and he will do fine in the the convention and has work to do. we had a campaign shake-up last week and he needs to come out with a fund-raising campaign and get-out-the-vote effort that is complementary what the rnc turns over. the rules are yet to be written and a lot of trump delegates will have a part and what will all republicans be running on. >> and the delegates are working hard. they want a change the convention rules. do you think that they will do that. snshg chaos in the convention is bad news. and what is at stake is the loss
10:34 am
of the u.s. senate and house of representative by the republican majority. chaos, voters respond in outrageous ways and the republicans cannot afford to have anything unforward to go on in the convention. >> t benefit the democrats. >> to my democratic friends. you have bernie sanders to contend with and the support issers who tonight like hillary clinton. you have a challenge in your rules and platform and your nominee is under criminal fbi investigation. as bad as the republicans are. >> i upon not suggesting that the republicans are bad at all. i can tell you, that people are not sold on the trump argument. elites if they are sold would not be looking for cruz and would be standing behind trump. you read it in the newspapers and stories every day.
10:35 am
>> and brad, i want to ask you about that. you have convention lead hadders saying they want people to come together. and leaders, ryan and walker, encouraging delegates to do conscience vote instead. which is what the delegates are trying to argue at this point. what will it take for the party leaders and concan vention leader areses to come together? >> what it will take is the platform and rules committee to settle on what the rules will be and the platform will be for november. that's everybody's platform. not just donald trump's platform. there is discontent in the republican party. we had 17 people running for the office and in addition we have senate and house races to contend with as well. we have a big tent. we'll come together because we want to win against hillary clinton and who ever the
10:36 am
democratic nominee will be. >> trump's getting blue collar whites in the voting booth. that's not what the republican elites like a lot. >> i don't know who the elots are. >> you have to read the newspaper. >> this cabookie that there is a handful of people pulling strejs. it doesn't happen where we come from. >> and hank, as brad mentioned a short time ago, the democrats are having their own issues. bernie sanders wanting to change or contribute to large portions of that. >> bofth these putting on my political science hat they are in trouble. if they were not in trouble they would not have trump on one side. and sanders on the other. and hillary is there bought of
10:37 am
the elites. very serious issues going on here. democrats have problems and the republicans have problem, too. >> one of the problems that trump has is raising money. he needs to do it quickly. >> he can't coast in the convention hoping for the rnc check. that will not be big enough to win in november. he has to have his own separate fund-raising operation and behind the eight ball. he needs to hit the ground running in a 50 state strategy to raise over a billion dollars. >> thank you for joining us and we'll see what happens three weekses from now. thank you. >> and dew think that the mainstream media covered the gop infighting more than democratic? >> and the supreme court strikes
10:38 am
down the texas regulation on abortion clinics. the proposal would have closed many facilities this that state. it is expected to be the court's last session before it attacks its summer break. shannon bream is live outside of the supreme court with more. >> reporter: hi, jon. the abortion ruling came down and striking down portions of the texas law to meet the standards of the surgical center and requiring that doctors would have hospital admitting procedures within 30 miles. this is what the justice breyer had to say. that provides few if any health benefits for women and poses an obstacle for a woman seeking an abortion and undue burden on their constitutional right to do so. justice thomas said the supreme court change canned the game.
10:39 am
this is court's troubling tendy it perpetuates the court's habit of applying different rights to a boorgz. we'll follow the ruling. pro-choice advocates will go after similar laws in other states. and pro-life leaders say they will reenergize their movement. president obama said regulations would harm women's health. we are committing women's access to affordable health care and her right to determine her future. we saw a tweet from hillary clinton celebrating the decision as well. >> this was a 5- 3 decision, correct. and so even if skalia were alive
10:40 am
it would not have made a difference. but arguments behind the scene might have. >> ha is tough to measure. we assume he would vote with the three. there was a lot of back and forth. and he was known to be persuasive. and it would be interesting to know if he would have changed justice kennedy's mind. >> we'll never know the answer to that. still to come, growing concerns about the fallout from brexit. uk voters deciding to leave the european union. and why putin may be celebrating the decision. hi, i'm dominique wilkins.
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10:44 am
a two percent. everyone much waing the volatility of the stock market following the brexit vote. and of course, friday, the eighth biggest drop ever. jon impacting economieses in the world. >> a lot of questions about that vote and reports that russia was backing the british exit hoping it would weaken the european union. ambassador kennon is a former are ambassador to germany and undersecretary of state for political affairs. does a british exit from the european union, does it benefit the russia >> good afternoon, jon. i think sadly it does. one of putin's key strategies is to drive wedges within the western a liiance, and i think
10:45 am
the whole idea of russian television is to foment the wedges and there is a wedge between britain and the couldn't nen. they will be part of the nato. but increasingly that pro democracy voice in the european union will no longer be there. and as you probably saw it, there was a recent vote by the european union to extend sanctions against russia because of crimea and it looked to be a close call. it concerns me that six months from now, britain may not be at the table. >> so david cameron, who is the prime minister of britain resigning as a result of the vote said vladimar putin would be happy if britain exit. >> it would seem to be one of
10:46 am
the objectiveses to drive wedged in of the western a liiance, that this has taken one of the strongest pro democracy voices off of the top table in brussels. that is the european union. britain will have the g-seven and perm no, i don't five and nato in which to contribute and continue. we needed that strong british voice in one table in which we don't see. and that is the european in brussels. >> you said europe will be inwardly focused for the coming years, is thats inially a bad thing? >> jon, it is u.s. policy for 25 years since the fall of the berlin wall and unification of germany, to it support a stronger europe. a europe that comes together on a outward looking basis. europe is starting to fray and
10:47 am
turning inward. if you look at the debate since the federal -- results. there is little talk of the security issues. we need a strong european partner not just on internal european matters, but external foreign policy issues i iraq and syria and china and elsewhere. they will be so focused in continental europe and britain, they will not be that engaged and active and necessary part near we need. >> you talk about engaged and active. and you were a ambassador to germany. it looks to me europe
10:48 am
acqueiessed. >> i think they were strong and unionified on the sanks that rolled over every six months for two years time. they are running what is the process to try to get at the core political issues. are any of us satisfied with where things are today in crimia and elsewhere in ukraine? absolutely not. more needs to be done. but jon, it has to be done on a trans- atlantic basis. and u.s. and canada closely linked to the european partners. my concern ukraine and crimia, europe will be at the table, but distracted and again, not have britain in the top table in brusselses. >> distraction is never good when it comes to serious issues
10:49 am
like those. ambassador, we appreciate your expertise. >> thank you, jon. >> coming up, the world's largest manmade canal gets bigger. how it could change global trade as we know it. >> and one mother you don't want to mess with. and how she stopped a home invader dead in his treats. >> the next thing i know. streets were taped off and people were told to get in this house. because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours? i'm terhe golf. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love.
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hi, everyone, i'm in for gretchen carlson. democrats on capitol hill are out with a new report on the benghazi investigation. even though they haven't been
10:53 am
very active on the committee, what they have to say. plus the war of words between donald trump, hillary clinton, and elizabeth warren. and a woman shoots a man dead in her bedroom. some say it's lucky she was armed. but was the shooting justified? more on that on "the real story," just moments from now. yeah, it happened in oregon. a mother fends off a home intruder with a bullet, shooting and killing a 59-year-old man that she discovered inside the bedroom of one of her children. she says she and her two kids returned home when they came across the guy. after a confrontation, the mother says she shot him with her handgun. none of her family members was hurt. praise mom. some of the first ships now moving through an expanded panama canal after a $5 billion engineering upgrade. u.s. ports spending millions of
10:54 am
dollars to get ready for the bigger ships that are now able to navigate the canal's locks. bill the k phil keating has more. phil, we're told this could be a global game changer. >> reporter: especially for u.s. east coast port cities like miami which has spent $2 billion getting ready for this, including these huge, ginormous container transfer cranes shipped from china. tens of thousands of manpain am yans and dignitaries watching as the boat glided through the water way. it took nearly a decade to complete. they installed bigger sets of locks, dug a deeper third shipping lane, all to handle the massive super bankers connecting asia with the rest of the world.
10:55 am
the 102-year-old panama canal was maxed out. now they'll be able to handle the ships, which are longer than three football fields. these ships can haul 13,000 containers. those ships will soon be coming to miami. >> we're more than excited. this is a huge, huge project for us. it's a game changer. it's a great time, very lucky for me to be director of port miami at this time. >> reporter: port miami also built a tunnel for all of the additional container trucks that will be via 18-wheelers hauling imports and exports across the land. they also dredged the channel to 52 feet deep, which is very important as well. one of these ships is coming in here today around 3:00, and this should be something to see. >> "ginormous" is a good word. thank you, phil keating.
10:56 am
we'll be right back.
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10:59 am
great story in our final 30, donations reaching $300,000 for a memphis teen whose story went viral. >> 16-year-old chauncey black approaching shopper matt white offering to carry his groceries for some doughnuts. instead white bought him a grocery cart full of food. after he saw where the teenager and his mother lived, white set up a gofundme page to help him out. >> you could tell he didn't have anything. he was asking to work to get some food, you know. and it just broke my heart. >> i've seen some nice people to help me, help us. >> they're establishing a trust to dedicate the money to chauncey's education and help his family move into a new house. >> that's a great story. >> we need more stories like that. >> good for you, america. thanks for joining us today. "the real story" starts now.
11:00 am
>> see you tomorrow. starting out with a fox news alert. democrats on capitol hill releasing a preemptive report on benghazi which claims that then secretary of state hillary clinton was not at fault in the attacks that left four americans dead. hello, everyone, i'm heather nauert, in for gretchen carlson, and this is "the real story." the white house is rejecting a request for the president to answer a list of questions about the deadly terror attack. let's start with catherine herridge live in washington. >> reporter: the democrats on the select committee issuing their reports today, finding that hillary clinton did not personally reject requests for additional security in benghazi prior to the 2012 attack. they also concluded that the crew on the ground conducted themself with extraordinary courage and concluded the defense department could n


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