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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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studio. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. it's good to be back. greta goes "on the record" right now. what a nightmare of a day for the obama administration. the white house called out for into the cooperating with the benghazi investigation and then a stunning defeat for the department of justice. the supreme court delivering a stunning 8-0 voight to clear republican governor of corruption. sending the case back down to retrial. all that in minutes. right now a brexit blowup trump vs. clinton and the gloves are off. in fact there is practically blood on the floor. clinton who called brexit wrong is spending wall street money on an add -- ad on a correct call. >> it's from britain's historic vote to leave the european union. global markets are plummeting.
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>> every president is tested by world events. donald trump thinks about how his golf resort will profit from them. >> when the stock market goes down more people turning to turn bury. >> brand new sprinkler system the highest new level. >> he is talking about sprinkler system. >> volatile world last thing we need is a volatile president. >> i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> eric trump, son of donald trump joins us. how are you. >> good, how are you? >> clinton says these are volatile times and we don't need volatile president she means your father. >> britain has always been the nation's greatest ally. we won two world wars. she says they are going back to the back of the line if they leave the eu. ohio crazy is this? they're our greatest ally and he is effectively offending it why did he even have to opine?
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>> in the ad that secretary clinton also says that she quotes your father as saying when the pound goes down, meaning from the brexit vote, that more people come to his golf course and she was suggesting that is he more interested in his golf course than the american people and perhaps the british people. >> i don't think at all. i think they voted in the u.k., they voted to leave the eu and they voted for many of the same reasons and problems we have here. they have rampant immigration and safety concerns. they don't think they are being represented well. tremendous red tape and inefficiency. they want their country back. so many themes, greta, have you here in the u.s. it's similar. it's economics 101, right? if the pound goes down it allows more tourism in the country and foreign investment and outside people come in and buy properties for less amount of money and reinvest in the economy. that's economics 101. that's why people devalue curb is i all the time. we see that happening all over the world. they do that for that exact
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reason. that's just part of it the people voted, something happened.ment the currency went down and hey maybe there is opportunity that comes out of that that's exactly what my father was saying. >> what do you make of the fact that your father and secretary clinton are fighting over brexit. this is a vote in the u.k. we have enough problems over here. i realize some implication over here. now the two of them are duking it out over the brexit vote. >> her administration and obama's administration has gotten absolutely nothing right. they can't feel the pulse of the people. hillary clinton who was secretary of state should know this stuff better than anybody, she called it wrong. she said they were absolutely going to stay in. she didn't see this coming. she is too worried about going out and making $141 million while she was secretary of state to actually get the pulse of the people of our greatest ally. that's really, really sad. and she called syria wrong and she called libya wrong and iraq wrong. she hasn't made one correct decision ever in her, you know, in her long period of
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time in government. and, you know, she clearly doesn't have the pulse of the people either in the u.k. or certainly in this country because we are facing the exact same issues that they just voted on. my father maybe talking about these issues for months and months and months. >> do you think that senator bernie sanders, who has tapped into it on the democratic side, he would have been a formidable opponent for your father than secretary clinton because senator sanders clearly has tapped into the discontent as well. >> listen, he certainly was talking about trade, there is no question about it. that's a common message with my father. we are being ripped off by so many countries in the world whether it be 500 billion-dollar trade deficit with china. 80 billion-dollar trade deficit with mexico and the list goes on and on and on and bernie spent a lot of time talking about that macy part of brexit. they had major deficits. some the trade deals aren't helping the u.k. you know, some of the currently is i problems aren't helping the u.k. so problems like greece and some other countries. they are subsidizing and
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floating. yeah. you know, probably. >> all right. before i turn to another topic i want to ask you john roberts one of my colleagues says that tomorrow your father if he were president would label china a currency minuter manipulativer something china has never done before. >> he has been saying that nor ha long time. he has been saying that china has been ripping of 00 united states. they have been. if you look at the 500 billion-dollar trade deficit every year. they ship everything into the united states. if we try to ship one good, one service into china we can't do it. they devalue their currency. they take our jobs and manufacturing. if you look at the manufacturing of the united states between 2,000 and today, we have lost a third of our jobs. i mean a third of our jobs have gone overseas to that country because of devaluation. my father has been talking about this since the beginning and something he is i object credibly passionate about. he wants to put america
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first again. our leaders just arpt doing that greta. >> your father also appears to be that sacking temporary ban on muslims. in december the ban included all muslims. here is what he said to our own john roberts in scotland. >> you gave a speech last week on your response orlando terrorism shooting. you said that countries -- >> -- orlando? >> yeah. you said countries linked to volume terrorism would be blocked. we a muslim coming from scott land or great britain? you have tweaked your policy on that? >> so, eric has his thoughts about muslim and immigration and swhag massaged. somewhat refined or narrowed? >> listen, i think as a muslim coming from scotland, the difference between a muslim faith coming from scotland is you can actually vet them. my father's biggest point was listen if you have 200,000 syrian refugees in
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this country they don't have files or documents. they are not in any database. there is no records on these people. the cia and isis quite frankly has said that they have infiltrated syrian refugees. you can't vet those people. he is concerned about muslims coming from terrorist-seeking nations, places that want to do harm to americans that wanted to have another, you know, orlando or san bernardino or brussels or any of these other attacks. >> what about a muslim coming from brussels because, you know, that certainly has been a hot bed of terrorism would a muslim coming from brussels would that be a definition of a muslim coming from terrorist country. >> let's pump the brake until we can do the proper due diligence. you have good people coming into the united states, safe people coming into the united states. have you people who embrace our culture and values and bring in the american way of life. will ache claim mate and assimilate. that's all part of his
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message. most of all he wants to keep america safe. >> eric, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, greta, great being with you as always. here in the united states, donald trump has tapped into voters frustrations big time. that's a lot of what led brit to divorce the u.k. from the eu. will the brexit vote help trump in november. from "the washington post aaron blake and from the hill a.b. stoddard. the brexit vote is that warning to establishment candidate like secretary hillary clinton? >> i think donald trump gets to claim victory on this that you he saw that coming and hillary clinton cannot. part of the strength message leadership in both parties is ignored mounding concern and anxiety among the electorate on both sides and therefore you have the power of donald trump as well as bernie sanders. we don't know where the narrative is going with the markets tanking and what the narrative of brexit will become. people are talking about
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regretting it maybe there will be a second vote. not likely to happen. people in the u.k., if they end up, you know, regretting it, if we see polls months from now, hillary clinton will try to use that to her advantage, at the same time you saw her campaigns spooked this weekend and they said this can happen here. donald trump has a real shot at becoming president no matter what people are saying. and that is because he is right when he says the people are feeling ignored. >> all right. i think if you look back, just a couple years, aaron, you will see that occupy wall street and tea party while they are on the different sides of the political spectrum they have the same beef. they feel wind ripped off. they feel cheated. they think the status quo has not helped them. they are done. they have this their turn. then you have san bernardino and donald trump. why is everybody so shocked look what they are doing at the u.k. and i think it has happened here. >> we don't view the same things as happening overseas.
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that's the big take away here. >> isn't it happening here? >> it's happening here. i think the big dirves between brexit and trump is that brexit was a vote against something. it was against the u.k. being in the eu. the presidential election of the united states, if it was against hillary clinton, it was yes or no or hillary clinton, the american people would probably say. no they need to also vote affirmatively for donald trump which i think is a bigger hurdle to get over than brexit vote had. >> the base voted against establishment. they voted against establishment candidate. every single one of those people was establishment. and secretary clinton may have survived bernie sanders but it has been ugly and tough. he still hasn't endorsed her, i don't think, formally. she has got trouble. it's like isn't anybody listen to the american people? how much more do we have to yell? >> that's something we have been saying throughout the primary. we saw it on the side that we hadn't seen it of before. this is nothing to discounted what happened with donald trump. it's certainly all about
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antiestablishment. the question is whether that works with the broader electorate and higher stakes that come with the presidential election. >> don't go away. we have more with you. it happened again. the u.s. stock market taking a nose dive again. the brexit vote causing a market meltdown. the nasdaq, s&p 500 down for two consecutive trading days. what does that mean for you? liz claman is live in new york. liz, what does it mean for everybody across america and usually i like to focus not everybody has stocks. everybody has got to put food on the table. >> absolutely. you want the good news or bad news? let me give you the good news first. >> good. >> if you, for example, don't own stocks but you are looking for that response to what's been going on because, yes, the dow jones industrials lost 800 points in the last two days. put that aside. airlines, you are going to start seeing the airlines with a lot of aggressive packages, greta, of travel. because the pound sterling, which is the currency for
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the united kingdom is so weak. it fell to 31 year lows that means that our dollars strengthened and our dollar will buy a lot more. you will see a lot of people look at aggressive packages putting together let's go to europe and paris and united kingdom. your dollar is going to buy a lot more. that's certainly good news. here is where the bad news comes in. if your pension happens to own stocks you are taking a hit short-term. say you are working at a company has a lot of exposure to the. like colton pours and. they will buy lots of our product and perhaps you may see layoffs for example. there are two sides to this story, greta. it's really not something that we can see shake out over 48 hours of trading days. >> all right. we only have 30 seconds left. are these good buys or
4:13 pm
should we waited a little bit? >> when it comes to stocks? >> yeah. >> it's always the point where people are most fearful and running away that a guy like warren buffet say tip tow -- toe through the tulips. >> see what comes out of a developing story of the united kingdom. >> i still don't get the difference between vegas and the stock market. >> there is none. >> i think they are both the same. anyway, odds are even vegas may look good tonight. anyway, liz, thank you. >> any time. >> and then british prime minister david cameron speaking to the british penal telling them he will not try to stop brexit but he won't help at least not yet. >> the british people have vote to do leave the united kingdom. not the outcome that i wanted for the country i love. there can be no doubt for the country i love. i don't take back what i said about the risks it is going to be difficult. we have already seen that there are going to be adjustments within our
4:14 pm
economy. complex constitutional issues and challenging new negotiations undertake with europe. but i am clearenned at cabinet agreed this morning that the decision must be accepted and the process of implementing the decision in the best possible way must now begin. the british government will not be triggering al teller 50 at this stage. before we do that we need to determine what kind of relationship we want with the eu. that is rightly something for the next prime minister and their cabinet to decide. i have also made this point to the presidents of the european council and european commission and i will make this again to the europe mean council tomorrow. mr. speaker, this is our sovereign decision and it will be for britain and for britain alone to take. tomorrow is also an opportunity to make this point. we are leaving the european union but we must not turn our back on europe and rest of the world. >> john kerry unexpectedly bouncing around europe today. secretary kerry is trying to mediate the brexit divorce between the brits and u.k. fox news foreign affairs
4:15 pm
correspondent benjamin hall is live in u.k. benjamin. >> hi, greta. you just heard david cameron staying there this morning was about calming the nerches and calming the markets and people of u.k. showing them we are reunited as we move ahead in this. frankly, it just didn't work. as the markets opened this morning, the pound as have you been saying plummeted to lowest level since 1985. to make it worse, would he have heard that the s&p and fitch have now downgraded the credited rating from aaa to aa negative. very anger in the continent. european leaders met how they should respond. many were furious after voting to leave the eu would take months finding a barack obama and beginning preparations for divorce. secretary kerry arrived talking to august the kind parties hoping to unsettle nerves. stressing no matter what happened in the future, that special relationship will always be strong.
4:16 pm
for many here, will the u.k. remain strong and today it's hard to see. political part in turmoil. a cause for a vote of no confidence from the europe. 34 leaders stemgd down. the alcohol country wondering what and who next. boris jobs the frontrunner to replace david cameron. today he tried very hard to remind people what this vote had been about, sovereignty, democracy and taking back control. we expected this downturn a few days after the vote. this is always part of the plan. the markets hate uncertainty and volatility. give it time and we will forge a new united kingdom which is separate from europe and which will be stronger without them. of course, right now, that is very, hard to see in the markets as have you been reporting are in turmoil. fascinating to see what happens. but people here very uncertain. greta? >> benjamin, thank you. the obama justice department
4:17 pm
embarrassed by the supreme court. the doj losing 8-0. includes the four liberal justices. the supreme court voting unanimously to vacate former virginia governor bob mcdonald's corruption conviction. the one time rising republican star took $160,000 from loans and gifts from a businessman. in exchange the doj said governor mcdonald promoted a dietary supplement. but the doj may have overcharged the supreme court ruling taking the gifts was, quote, distasteful but not against federal bribery laws. and secretary hillary clinton rolling out the attack dogs against donald trump. but you know trump. is he not silent about it you will hear what trump is saying next. also, is the white house trying to stonewall the benghazi investigation? catherine herridge is standing by to go "on the record."
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millions of kids struggling to pay for an education, for millions of seniors barely surviving on social security. for families that don't fly to scotland to play golf. >> but donald trump known for not just taking punches but firing back on twitter, crooked hillary is wheeling
4:22 pm
out of one of the least productive senators in the u.s. senate goofy elizabeth warren who lied on heritage. the "on the record" political panel is back and "the washington post" aaron blake and a.b. stoddard. if your children act like this, if they were calling somebody a goofy hat and liars, what would you do? >> well, that's not the question this election season. >> now tell me what you think. >> the interesting thing about elizabeth warren everyone says she is so exciting she is being vetted for v.p. clinton ♪ going to pick her for vp because she is free. she is going to attack donald trump. she is going to build a national network for herself in the future. she doesn't need to be picked for vp and hillary gets to have this super progressive hero in her ranks and she is going to make these appearances for her. this tease about how they are going to end up on the ticket together ♪ remotely -- is not
4:23 pm
remotely near the truth. >> is f. she was behind in the polls and want to do create excitement factor and throw a wild card into this race, that's not how clinton operates. she is big on loyalty. warren has not been incredibly loyal to her. upside of elizabeth warren is bringing the bernie sanders supporters into the clinton camp. if there was a big concern about that happening maybe she does bring in warren. the poll came out showed only 8% of sanders' backers going for trump in the general election. 80% of them going for clinton, basically the same crossover as in 2008. the rallying effect happened quickly. no, sir much much concerned about loading bernie sanders supports. >> i guess i was juvenile this morning, here is what i tweeted when i saw the two of them campaigning
4:24 pm
together. here is my tweet. i said the dress code color memo was red. they both were wearing the democratic blue. but they were dressed the same. that's pretty juvenile and non-substantive of me. >> you know what? when they were in unity, new hampshire, obama and hillary, they were in -- she was in similar blue suit and he was in similar blue tie. i think it's purposeful. >> look at us all wearing pink here by the way. we all got the memo. >> whatever is closest to the closet door from the cleaners. who does she wick? >> i still think that she will surprise. i think donald trump's campaign keeps promising everyone nervous republicans is he going to pick someone who knows washington and a list of six people. i think she could still pull out some admiral or general and shock us all. she keeps talking. her campaign talk about senator tim cain of virginia because he was a governor and experience and ready to be vice president which elizabeth warren would not be.
4:25 pm
i really think that she is going to end up shocking ghus trump? >> for trump? you have got to look at jeff sessions, bob corker, newt gingrich. some of those guys are in the mix. his vice president is going to be so much more unpredictable than hillary. hillary has all the reason in the world to go with somebody like tim kaine. he is the safe pick here. is he a guy who they know what they are getting. feel good where they are if she goes with him. >> wild guess with trump newt gingrich who knows washington inside or out or governor mary fallon because then between now and november not that she is going to bring him votes is he not going to get attacked on the women's stuff between now and november and she of course used to be in congress and now she is governor. >> real contenders. >> tomorrow night i will change my mind. anyway thank you both. and republican outrage is growing as the white house will not cooperate on the benghazi investigation. catherine herridge plus kimberly guilfoyle both here next.
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battle brewing about benghazi report. leading the select benghazi says the white house will not turn over to the committee what it needs. members in the white house deadlocked over whether president obama should answer questions about the deadly 2012 attack. today democrats releasing their benghazi report. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. obviously the democrats is preemptive. let me turn to the dispute the committee, gowdy has had with the white house. what's it about. >> the committee chairman
4:30 pm
first contacted the white house in 2014 and said we want to have a series of questions put to the president about what he was doing that night. also, when he first learned who the terrorists were who were behind the attack and whether he had ever signed off on a covert weapons operation to arm the libyan opposition. >> which, of course, was your story a couple years ago. >> over a year ago. this was not a conspiracy story. after we did our reporting there were significant documents from the defense intelligence agency showing that the u.s. intelligence community was tracking the movement of weapons from libya to syrias are immediately after the attack there was conflicting testimony from the director of cia and national intelligence about weapons and moving from libya into syria. >> we never get to the bottom. if the white house won't answer questions and maybe they don't have to because of executive powers. wouldn't you think on that whole transparency thing the president ran on in 2008 he
4:31 pm
wouldn't answer the questions? >> i can't speak for the president. one of the issues that still remains unresolved is why the u.s. was in benghazi with such a large presence? what many people forget is that it was more that than two dozen people operating out of that cia annex in benghazi. this was a facility so secret even on the night of the attack senior members of the administration did not know about its existence. >> catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> hovis the five kimberly guilfoyle goes "on the record." kimberly, your thought about the benghazi report or the white house not cooperating, not answering those questions and the democrats doing preemptive report tonight. >> once again, you know, overuse of the executive privilege by the president and the asserted by his attorney advising to not answer any of these questions. i couldn't agree with you more. what about the transparency that has long been promised and long denied by this administration in terms of putting forward the answers, the information about what happened on the night of the terrible benghazi attacks?
4:32 pm
where was the president? and this wasn't the first time we have seen this happen. as you recall, the president also refused to answer any proffered questions with respect to the fast and furious investigation and the gun walking as well where we lost one of our border patrol agents. so, this was no surprise that it happened like this, but it is shameful nonetheless, i don't think this violates separation of supports and making it that the president answer questions unilaterally at his own discretion. he should answer. >> i will tell you the thing that really sticks with me. i can understand the confusion of fog of war that night. here is what i don't get. i didn't get susan rice with that silly ridiculous video thing three days later and even more than that, nine days later on september 20th, the president is talking to univision and he talks about the offensive video cartoon. he uses it he says it's a video. but that's not all. on the 25th of september,
4:33 pm
that's two weeks later, he is talking again. this time is he on "the view." and on "the view" the television show abc. he is still using the video. it -- is he that uninformed that he is still talking about the video two weeks later that he is completely bizarre is he completely that uninformed or refusing to tell us the truth? nobody thought it was the video after about three or four days. nobody even thought it was 24 hours later. nobody thought that night. why was he still doing that? that's what i want to know? >> it's terrible because who was pushing that video? they marched out susan rice and paraded her on sunday talk shows to perpetuate this false narrative to the american people when our own secretary of state knew that evening she that was a lie. she told her daughter in a were email chelsea clinton the truth. can he go on "the view" but he won't answer the question of the lawmakers, the legislators that are paid for by the american people.
4:34 pm
by you and i to find out what happened and why are there four dead americans that could have been saved? it's really shameful. >> i think that's just terrible. and i know that some people think it was because he was trying to pretend it wasn't al qaeda because he was facing the november election for president. his re-election. i mean, i just don't get it that's the question i want to know. is there mr. president why 10 days later and why two weeks later we are still trying to sell that stupid idea of the video to the american people. did you not know? were you the only one in the country who didn't know or were you trying to bam boofl us? i don't get that one. that's what i wish he would answer. i'm taking the last one on that. kimberly, thank you, i always watch the five. >> all the best. >> thank you. tonight on hannity, meet the secret service officer stationed outside the oval office during bill clinton's presidency. here is a preview. >> there has been examples i cite in my book where she blows up at people. she has blown up at me before and agents and her staff.
4:35 pm
as the one time i saw her staff so afraid to tell her about a mistake that was made. they weren't upset about the waste of the mistake, ordering the wrong invitations they were terrified that someone was going to have to tell hillary clinton that there was a mistake made. >> you can see the rest of sean's interview with gary berne. tonight at 10:00 p.m. on hannity. a boy attacked by a shark "on the record" griff jenkins investigates the dangerous risk of increased shark attacks and where they could be on the move this summer. that's straight ahead. >> remember the time you saw true patriotism. serve fellow man. it's what makes this country great. share your pride on facebook, twitter and instagram, #proud american. the lobster and shrimp summerfest
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the engine light. emergency landing back in singapore. touching down the right engine and wing erupted in flames. 200 people on board but luckily nobody was hurt. new twist into the doomed egyptair flight 804. there is no evidence that points to terrorism. so now the paris prosecutor's office is investigating other possibilities and opening a manslaughter investigation. the paris to cairo bound plane went down last month in the mediterranean 66 people were on board. california wildfires claiming lives over the weekend. scorched by six separate blazing. more than 4400 firefighters are battling intense flames. homes burned to the ground. hot and dry temperatures are fueling the flames. and a new york city bridge looking like the old west. man riding a horse leaving a second horse stopped by port authority police. taking photos of the scene. police escorted the cowboy from the bridge.
4:41 pm
unclear if he will face any charges. and that's tonight's speed read. >> and an 11-year-old boy attacked by a shark. the boy grabbed by the shark while surfing off a busy north carolina beach. the boy suffered severe wounds to his foot. is he expect to do make a full recovery. just two weeks ago another teen was bitten at the same exact beach. and last year across the globe there were nearly 100 shark attacks and 5 of them happened right here in the u.s. we sent griff jenkins to the remote marine laboratory in sarasota, florida who learn more about sharks and shark attacks. >> last year saw an unprecedented number of shark attacks. 89 reported worldwide. so we came to the marine laboratory here in sarasota, florida to learn what they think may be in store for this summer. >> we were surfing and we saw one of these guys, how should we behave? how concerned should would he be? >> first of all, i have tell you that probably if we fell in the water right here, as long as there wasn't food in
4:42 pm
there, these guys would probably all scatter. if there is food in the water, different story. >> dr. bob peters has been studying sharks for more than 40 years. while he says the evidence shows we may have more bites, we doesn't necessarily be afraid to go in the water. >> really important for us to understand especially in the u.s. that of all these numbers so-called attacks that we see every year, a lot of them are done by smaller kinds of sharks, and they are not anywhere close to being fatal. >> bite, not attack. >> bites not attacks. >> he says one key that may be useful for the future is tracking sharks. >> this is a part of laboratory that the laboratory doesn't see. marine experimental research facility where we actually work on large sharks and rays in captivity. watching what these animals do and understanding their daily lives and their annual life cycle and the course of their entire life has been very difficult until just recently when we had this kind of technology to actually track the animals
4:43 pm
and see them in almost realtime. see where they are going and understand what their habitats are and what their needs are in terms of survival. >> if there were the threat of a predator shark, could something like this be used to find out if one realtime near the beach or near swimmers? >> absolutely. this is showing us where the animals are. this is filling in the gaps in our knowledge of where these animals move in space and time. >> this is the actual tracking mechanism you can watch these sharks. >> you can see in this case we have two great white sharks that are being tracked off the u.s. atlantic. one we zoom in on her last ping, her last satellite transmission. she was just off of ocean city, maryland. so, kind of close to your headquarters. i think she may be looking for you, griff. we think she is on her way up to the cape.
4:44 pm
>> my wife isn't going to like this. [ laughter ] >> and if you are interested in tracking where sharks are right now, you can check out the global shark tracker. there is link on and, it's time for your campaign flash. donald trump continuing to make news today. trump telling our own john roberts that he is modifying his proposed temporary muslim ban. >> when you look at what's going on, it's radical islam. it's radical islamic terrorism. but we have to be so vigilant and careful, john. we are going to have other attacks and it seems to be coming from a certain group, unfortunately. but you look at orlando. you look at san bernardino. you look at the world trade center. you look at paris, frankly. so we have to be very, very careful. very strong and smart. >> i understand that. i have heard you say that a number of times. could you tell me, specifically, would you ban all immigration from certain countries, only muslims? >> terrorist countries we are going to be so tough. we are going to either ban or people have going to have
4:45 pm
to have a very good excuse to come in. because if we don't do that we are fools. >> muslim and non-muslim. >> also look at non, absolutely. i don't want terrorists in our country, john. we don't want it you don't want it i don't want it we're not going to have it. >> in december trump called for total and completed shut down of muslims entering the united states and he said it would be temporary. that's your campaign flash. and the news in west virginia is horrible. and tonight, it may be with to get even worse. we take you there next. >> i was in the pentagon on 9/11. we lost 78 of our army teammates that day. we took more casualties in the pentagon on that day than in any day in the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the next day 9/12 in the morning early, walked around the army work spaces. i knew i would find people that were hurting from the day before. on their faces was anxiety, sadness, fear to be sure. but overwhelming determination because they knew we were at war.
4:46 pm
when i saw that that workforce was present for duty in total, it was overwhelming for me. i said to myself they're all here. my god, they're all here. >> share your pride on facebook, twitter, and instagram #proud american. ♪ ♪ it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the cla250 for $299 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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this is a fox news alert. a horrific nightmare in west virginia now. search and rescue teams trying to find survivors of the deadly flooding there. killing at least 23 people. thousands of homes damaged or destroyed. and it's about to get worse. more rain is on the way. "on the record" has live team coverage and the forecast and we begin with fox news garrett tenney live
4:51 pm
in clendenin. >> every person we have talked to has a heart breaking story of loss. we are in the middle of main street and this is a ghost town. only activity is the local boxing club where they just started going inside and they're cleaning out. this is what it looked like here just a few days ago when this entire area is flooded elk river rose 14 fleet feet above flood stage. nearly the entire downtown area under water. even now statewide, 10,000 people don't have power in more than 3,000 don't have running water. more than 400 families are sleeping in shelters tonight, after losing their homes. back here on main street, you can see this is how high the water got. can you see the water line here. this is momma payne's diner. look inside you can see the tables, chairs, jukebox all
4:52 pm
completely ruined. that's what is so sad here, greta. this area like so many others across the state of west virginia, they were already struggling before these floods. these small businesses they make up about 90% of west virginia's workforce and now that's going to be really hard for them to come back from that. this afternoon, west virginia's governor, he came to the state and he said this is going to be a very long recovery process. >> this is thousands of homes that in my opinion will not be inhabitable again. thousands of other ones that would need some kind of rehab done for them or fix it up. same thing with businesses. >> >> greta, officials are worried about more rain and the possibility of more flooding. because this area can hardly take what it's already gotten. >> garrett, thank you. and sadly as garrett noted, more rain is predicted to be on the way. fox news meteorologist janice dean is tracking it all. janice. >> hi, greta, yeah, unfortunately over the next
4:53 pm
six hours we could see the potential for more showers and thunderstorms along with this cold front. the good news is we are almost out of the woods. we just have to get through the next couple of hours. you can seat last 24 hours where they got an inch or two inches of rainfall and this ground is saturated. it can't hold any more rainfall. can you see the flooding pictures. this is, you know, in some cases historic rainfall across portions of west virginia over 10 inches in a lot of these areas in a matter of hours. radar precipitation we are expecting maybe half an inch at most as this front moves through and then we will have a clearing out. we have flash flood watches and warnings. each of the area where we had our reporter but, again, the potential for more flash flooding for west virginia, throughout the evening and into virginia as this cold front exits the area. we have to get through the next couple of hours. we could see potential for pop-up showers and thunderstorms. in and around the clendenin
4:54 pm
area and southern portions of the state of west virginia. so, for clendenin, this is what we are looking for in the forecast over the next four days, at least five days we are going to be dealing with clearing skies which is excellent news. real quick, greta, severe storms across the high plains tonight in colorado where we have tornado watches and unfortunately some warnings, which we will keep you up to date throughout the program. back to you. >> janice, thank you. and poor west virginia. wow. janice, thank you. coming up, something none of us should forget. i'll explain off the record. shmorange! and it rhymes with the color of our bottle. hey, baby, make it your first word! (baby babble) not even close. reach for the orange, it's 100% shmorange! our vitamins contain no gluten, dairy or artificial flavors. so we invented a word that means that. shmorange! and it rhymes with the color of our bottle. to help spread the word, we made t-shirts! reach for the orange, it's 100% shmorange!
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4:59 pm
19 u.s. air force personnel died in that attack. 53 others injured. who did it? hezbollah with a truck bomb. and they blagg bragged about it. they were proud of it hezbollah is a terrorist group with a mission to destroy israel and frankly, if given the chance us, too. do you know who arms hezbollah? where they get their money for terror? iran. this past friday hezbollah's leader boasted as long as iran has money, we have money. and right now iran has lots of money from the nuke loor deal u.s. just struck with iran. i digress. what i really wanted to do here and now is just make sure those 19 families know yes, we remember. we remember the names of these courageous men. they are on your screen right now. these 19 lives mattered. they are heros who made the ultimate sacrifice and we must never forget them. june 25th, 1996. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. join me on facebook tomorrow 1:00 p.m. lunch with greta. i will be answering your questions live right on my
5:00 pm
feyes page. if you have not liked my page do it now so you can pattern pate tomorrow and share did t. with your friends. bill o'reilly is up next. good night from washington. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: tonight talking points will put forth what is best for america. >> i changed my registration to unaffiliated 23 days ago. >> pundit george will no longer a republican. will anyone care and what about the gop elites? brit hume has some thoughts. >> what are you afraid of? >> the ocean. >> i have irrational fear of hospitals. >> probably my feet getting tickled. >> also "watters world" on what americans fear most. >> i think i know what you are afraid of. >> what do you think i'm afraid of.


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