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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  June 28, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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"special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. we're following two big stories tonight. first, the stock market. despite a weekend to come to grips with the news, stocks plunged again over last week's decision by voters in the united kingdom to end that country's more than 40-year membership in the european union. the dow today in the u.s. was down 261. the s&p 500 lost 37. and the nasdaq dropped 114 points. more on the market and the next steps around the world after the brexit vote in just a few minutes. but first, the other big story of the day. the u.s. supreme court closed out its term with three major
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decisions today. and a critical one was on abortion. the high court striking down a texas law that pushed for tougher restrictions on abortion clinics. a decision that could have an impact across the country, and in the presidential election. shannon brean reports on the historic ruling. >> reporter: in a 5-3 decision, the supreme court struck down portions of a texas law that would have placed new restrictions on abortion clinics and doctors. backers of the law, citing the case of a doctor, said the regulations were about protecting women's health. proponents argued they were nothing more than an attempt to shut down abortion clinics in texas. steven briar said --
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>> without question, today's supreme court decision is a game changer. in the unrelenting assault on women's health and rights that has been going on in state legislatures for years. >> reporter: reacting to the decision, president obama said the regulations would harm women's health, adding, we remain strongly committed to the protection of women's health, include progress tekting a woman's access to safe and affordable health care. hillary clinton tweeted, this fight isn't over. the next president has to protect women's health. women won't be punished for exercising their basic rights. in his dissent, justice clarence said the court ignored long standing legal principles in order to reach a specific result. the decision exemplifies the court's troubling tendency to bend the rules when any effort oh limit abortion or speak in
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opposition to abortion is at issue. pro-life advocates say they're disappointed but optimistic. >> the tide is turning in our country. we just have to transform washington now. >> reporter: advocates say they want to go after the federal hyde amendment as well, prohibiting the use of taxpayer money for abortion. >> and today was a big day for bob mcdonald. >> reporter: he was facing jail time after being convicted on fraud charges. it was about taking gifts from a wealthy donor, and whether or not that was an official act for purposes under the statute. the court unconvinced by that,
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said the government interpreted that way too broadly. they sent the case back down for reconsideration. >> shannon, thank you. the former republican governor saying it is giving him a new lease on life, this ruling. the supreme court also upheld a federal gun law that bans people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns. in a 6-2 decision, the justices rejected arguments that the law covers only intentional acts of abuse, and not those committed in the heat of an argument. the decisions today by the court could have a big impact on the presidential race this november. the gop presumptive nominee has been saying that for months. donald trump hasn't stayed silent over new polls showing trump trailing hillary clinton by several points. john roberts reports from new york. >> reporter: there was silence today from the trump campaign on the supreme court decision on
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abortion, not even one of his trademark tweets. but the impact of this election on the federal judiciary is something trump warns voters about. >> on the supreme court, we're going to have probably three picks, but it could be four, even five. >> reporter: weeks ago, in an effort to appease the speaker of the house and conservatives wary of his past positions on issues, he released a list of judges. >> i will pick a panel of great judges. >> reporter: the move seemed to soothe conservatives, even boosting trump's poll numbers. but new polls suggest a number of unforced errors since then have taken their toll. a new poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump by 12 points nationally. a huge turn around since may, when trump led clinton by two points. another poll from nbc finds a
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significantly tighter race, with clinton leading trump 46-41, a gain of two points from a may survey. trump took aim at the abc poll calling it "dirty," arguing it sampled too many democrats. trump's son eric leapt to his father's defense. >> he had 15 million people vote for him in the primaries, the largest turnout of republicans in history. the momentum he has is incredible. >> reporter: in an attempt to drive his numbers down further, the clinton camp mocked trump's response to the brexit vote. >> every president is tested by world events. but donald trump thinks about how his golf resort can profit from them. >> reporter: trump's response, that he accurately read the mood of the british electorate, while clinton and president obama, with all their vaunted foreign policy experience, completely missed it. >> they get everything wrong, john. that's part of the problem our country has.
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>> reporter: in that interview he did with me on saturday night, trump indicated he's soon going to change his stance on a muslim ban. he would severely restrict all immigration from states with linkages to terrorism, he's also going to give a major address on trade tomorrow in pennsylvania. a couple of headlines from that, he will instruct the treasury department to label china as a currency manipulator and take cases to the w.t.o. which demonstrate china's behavior violates its terms of membership. >> john roberts, thank you. the two new polls out today, one showing trump down 12 points, the other just 5, have some wondering whether polls can be trusted at all. brit hume is here to parse the numbers and figure it out. >> trump supporters suspicious about the latest polls showing
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him down as much as 12 points should remember a couple of things about polling. trump supporters complained the abc poll was the result of too many democrats being polled. that may or may not be true. there has long been a chicken and egg question in political polling. party affiliations in this country tend to be loose, and voters off associate them severals with the party whose candidate they favor. so it's impossible to know for sure whether the people who favored hillary in that poll did so because they're democrats or said they were democrats because they support hillary. that wall street poll had a five-point margin for clinton and a virtual tie if third party candidates are included. that's better news for the trump camp, but all polls shows her ahead by about seven points. what's more important is of the last 21 polls going back to may, not one has shown a trump lead. while he's winning republicans with roughly 80% sup need to do better than that.
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mitt romney got 93% of gop voters, and still lost. it's impossible not to conclude at this point that trump is behind. is it insurmountable? no. it's still early, but he clearly has work to do. >> and the last one he was heeding in was the abc/washington post -- >> the one that's suddenly become dishonest. >> i want to ask you about former virginia governor mcdonald and this ruling in the supreme court. what do you think it means long-term? >> well, there's a lot of comment today has been it will make proving bribery almost impossible. what the court basically said, and it had nothing good to say about what mcdonald had done. what they ended up saying was, what the contributor got in exchange was not official acts. he set up some meetings. he allowed events in the state capitol, but these were not i
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believe -- not official acts. so what will have to be shown is there was some official act performed in exchange of the gifts, which is what the court said was not present here. >> brit, thank you. the fallout across the pond over the vote to heave the eu continues today. standard and poors has stripped the united kingdom of its credit grade, from aaa to aa. the ratings agency citing the vote as something that will lead to less effective policy in that country. prime minister david cameron said he will hold off on starting the exit from the eu, leaving it to the next leader following his own resignation in october. nominations for cameron's replacement get under way this week, with the hope of having a new leader in place by september 2. among the names are boris johnson, who backed the leave campaign, and theresa may, who campaigned to stay in the eu.
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two countries that did not overwhelmingly vote to leave are considering other options. northern ireland is looking at ways they can maintain a relationship with the european union, while scotland could vote again to exit the uk. the referendum to do just that failed two years ago. despite reaction from wall street and around the world, the obama administration continues to say there's nothing to worry about. here is our report from the white house on their attempt to play down affairs. >> reporter: with secretary of state john kerry and jack lew leading the way, the obama administration was out in full force today, trying to put up a brave front in the face of the united kingdom's vote to leave the eu, hoping to allay fears that could the outcome could hurt the united states. >> it remains for us to see how this -- [ inaudible ] in order to fully understand exactly what type of trade
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platform or exactly how -- the full measure of our -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: secretary lew said there's no indication this will lead to another financial crisis at home. >> policymakers here and around the world continue to have tools. the challenge is to use those tools effectively. >> reporter: many wondered if the ensuing brexit outcome caught the white house off guard. susan rice speaking in colorado over the weekend, rejected the notion that the administration was unprepared. >> we had already on the economic team coordinated with our g7 partners and others in advance in anticipation, particularly the leave outcome, not because we thought that was the likely outcome, but because it was the more consequential
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outcome. >> i think this is a situation that requires u.s. leadership, the uk unfortunately as a result of this vote, finds itself in the midst of a political crisis, and it's at risk of perhaps even disintegrating. >> reporter: supporters of the leave camp say that's just not so. >> please, please, please, london is not a financial center for europe. it's a financial center for the world. europe is becoming a little backyard. 85% of the global economy is not in the european union. >> reporter: and to that point, white house officials insist that when it comes to brexit, the average american simply has nothing to worry about. white house principle deputy press secretary eric schulz telling us, there are a number of economic measures in place. it may be creating concerns in markets around the globe and here at home, but the impact to
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your wallet could only be temporary. liz is here to tell us what this current selloff means potentially for all of us. good evening. major concerns on wall street today? >> i would say. so much for the keep calm, and carry on tour that the obama administration was trying to put out there, although it did partially work. we did see a significant selloff. friday was a nightmare, the dow losing 611 points on friday. add another 260 points just slashed off the dow today. but it was calm. it was orderly. and there was no chicken with its head cut off running around on the floor of the new york stock exchange feel to it. i was down there both friday and today. this is not a so-called lyman brothers moment where the banking system is freezing up. people are worried, they don't like to see their 401(k)s hacked up like this.
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especially when you have big all-american names like boeing getting cut by 3% or union pacific or say for example honeywell. all of those names were down today. it's a tough day. >> it gives people perspective. but in the broad global economy, how important is great britain? >> that's a great question. and as great britain goes, it's not that great in that it's not even one of our top five trading partners. great britain is certainly significant from a cultural and political stand point. but from a trading stand point, it's not that big. that's why it's a surprise for us to see oil dropping suddenly. we were getting close to $50 about a week and a half ago. now we're just above $46 a barrel. and by the way, great britain and its usage of crude oil, they don't use that much energy when compared to say china or canada or the united states.
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but it is important to point out that this is a psychological situation, and the markets hate uncertainty and they hate surprises. >> so expect more volatility basically? >> absolutely. >> thank you, liz. don't miss liz on our sister network, fox business network. have a good night, liz. up next, west virginia braces for more rain. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox 2 in st. louis where the governor vetoed a gun measure that would allow residents to carry concealed residents without a permanent, the governor citing concerns over public safety. republican lawmakers can still override that in september. fox 31 in denver, where a community is mourning the loss of five family members, including three children, after they were killed on their way to
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church sunday. the family's minivan was truck by an amtrak train after the driver of the van failed to yield. only one passenger, a 4-year-old girl, survived that crash. and this is a live look at los angeles from our affiliate fox 11. the big story there tonight, firefighters are making progress against the wildfire that killed two people and destroyed 200 homes in central california. crews say that fire has burned through roughly 68 square miles, but it is now 40% contained. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway. we'll be right back.
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another round of heavy rain could cause more problems for west virginia today, where flooding has already killed at least 23 people. several west virginia cities and counties are under flash flood warnings this evening, including clenendon. good evening, garrett. >> reporter: bret, good evening. this is one of the hardest hit areas in west virginia. we are downtown where just a few days ago this entire area was under water. smoez maul businesses were all that's left of the fragile
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economy that's been suffering. across the state, hundreds of families don't even have homes to come back to. you can see one of those individuals is diana sanders. you can see her home in this video being carried down a flooded creek. her husband, billy, was inside that home. he's one of the 23 people who have lost their lives in these floods. and now diana, like so many others in the mountain state, spent the last couple of days searching for debris, looking for their belongings, including pictures and her husband's knife collection. >> they found him in between those two houses under a bunch of stuff. i'm not going to cry. i won't. not in front of you. >> reporter: this weekend, president obama granted federal disaster declarations for the state's three hardest hit counties. today, the governor of west
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virginia visited those areas and the massive relief efforts that are already under way. >> we're a strong people in west virginia. we're resilient. one of the things i love about being from west virginia, as i've traveled around the to the stricken area, just to see the outpouring of love and care that west virginians have for each other. >> reporter: officials are keeping a close eye on these storms tonight, brit. even a few more inches of rain could cause a lot more trouble for folks here. >> garrett, thank you. police are still investigating a protest outside california's state capital that turned violent sunday, leaving ten people with stab wounds. fights erupted between a white nationalist group and counterprotesters. so far, police have made no arrests. four suicide bombers have reportedly been killed. five people wounded, at least 15 more in a christian lebanese
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village. while no terror group has claimed responsibility, isis has carried out previous attacks in lebanon. next up, hillary clinton flaunts a potential vp pick. and the democrats let the former secretary of state off the hook
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the pentagon is touting a major victory against isis in fallujah. a spokesman said today that iraqi forces have completely liberated that city from the terror group after a month-long operation, backed by coalition air strikes. fallujah was the first iraqi city to fall to isis in 2014. and the group's last major strong hold in the anbar province. officials say the focus now shifts to securing mosul. democrats on the house select committee on benghazi,
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p pree..ed a must be finding that seemed to resolved hillary clinton for any wrongdoing and rips republicans. four americans, including the u.s. ambassador to libya, died in those attacks. this as the republicans wrestle with what the president did that night. catherine herridge has our report. >> reporter: the republican led benghazi select committee in the white house are deadlocked whether president obama should answer questions about the 2012 terrorist attack that killed four americans. ambassador chris stevens, sean smith, and two navy s.e.a.l.s were killed. saying the constitutional separation of powers, the white house counsel said the president would not cooperate. >> given all of the other priorities pending right now before congress, common sense measures to combat gun violence, maybe they should get to work on
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something they can impact. >> reporter: trey gowdy sent these questions to the white house, among them when did the president learn that terrorists were responsible. the white house spokesman said republicans are unwilling to accept mr. obama was deeply engame ee engaged with the attack. sthz is a republican conspiracy theory. >> reporter: given the president's q and a, a republican spokesman said it's no surprise that president obama would rather answer questions from derek jeter than answer questions about the benghazi terrorist attacks. the report found that hillary clinton never denied security requests for benghazi. >> that's this concept involved of inoculation, given someone an injection of bad news to prepare for bad news.
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that's what we're seeing here, they're trying to inoculate the public from a fairly negative report. >> reporter: tonight, the release of the republican report is imminent. trey gowdy is promising his report will break new ground. a review of the democrats finding find there are as many references to donald trump as there were about the two navy s.e.a.l.s killed that night. murmurs over hillary clinton's vice presidential pick grew louder today. jennifer griffin reports from ohio tonight on a potential ticket for november. >> reporter: hillary clinton's aides tried to down play this was an audition for her running mate. but it sure felt like one.
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>> i'm here today because i'm with her. yes, sir! >> reporter: it was the first time massachusetts senator elizabeth warren and clinton hit the campaign trail together. the biggest roar came when warren mocked donald trump's favorite slogan. >> when donald trump says he'll make america great, he means he'll make it even greater for rich guys just like donald trump. he will crush you into the dirt to get whatever he wants. that's who he is. >> i do just love to see how she gets under donald trump's thin skin. >> reporter: clinton has been in ohio three times in the past three weeks. an indication of how important this ttleground rust belt state is, where even republican voters are up for grabs. >> who do you think hillary should choose for vice president? >> i really like elizabeth
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warren. she fights, she attacks. >> reporter: other names, virginia senator tim kaine, ohio senator sherrod brown, julian castro, new jersey senator cory booker, and california congressman halcongress m congressman javier bacerra. >> a lot of people are writing about you in american politics, there seems to be a theme. boring is the fastest growing demographic in this country. >> reporter: trump responded to warren and clinton campaigning in ohio. as clinton tries to salvage support, senator elizabeth warren has become a tucoat for the causes she supposedly supports. sources close to the campaign tell me that warren is not necessarily at the top of the vp short list.
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but her stock may be rising today after her performance here in cincinnati, especially if the campaign feels that she can attract the white union voters who have been leaning towards trump and the sanders supporters. >> jennifer griffin live in cincinnati. thank you. brexit, what's next? plus, presidential polls here in the u.s. the panel weighs in on it all, next.
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i think that's why i'm doing so well in the polls before i even really start. i think you look at some of the states i'm up, and i'm even in some of the major stating. yeah, i think that's probably a part of it. it's happening. it's really happening. and i see it very strongly in the united states and you see it all over the world. >> when britain voted to leave the european union, he crowed about how the disruption could end up creating higher profits
1:39 am
for his golf course. even though in 24 hours, americans lost $100 billion in value from our 401(k)s. >> two major candidates talking about brexit and the political fallout here. this is some new polls that came out today. nbc/"wall street journal" poll, between clinton and trump has it at five points. the abc/washington post poll separates it by 12. it's down to 10 with all the candidates, the third party, as well. and the real clear politics average of polls, this is the latest polls. there you see 6.8, i believe it is. so with that, let's bring in our panel, george will, maura, and laura ingram.
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george, we debated what we're going to put you in the middle seat after the weekend's news. we wanted to clear the deck. she talked about it. you said the republican party is leaving you, and the fallout obviously donald trump saying that you lost your way long ago. [ laughter ] >> i think i'll find my way even without his guidance. i think the republican party is in some turmoil. turmoil can be healthy. and there are those who say we should wait and rule the rebel after november. >> for the people who say, by encouraging republicans to vote -- to not vote for trump, that you are essentially voting for hillary clinton, what do you say? >> i say, a, not voting is an expression of opinion, which is what voting is for. second, hillary clinton for four years would be a terrible thing. but it would be a terrible thing resisted by a united republican party. a president trump vowing to
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double down on the executive authoritarianism of the current president would confront, i'm afraid, an invertbrate republican party. >> last thing, for those who say you're voting not necessarily for trump but you're also voting for the supreme court seats, that this next president will put on the bench. >> that's serious consideration, and those who have supreme confidence in donald trump's juris prudential thinking say he should be trusted with that. on the other hand, there's the other two branches of government to worry about. >> mara, the fallout of the brexit, how does it play? >> donald trump was triumphant. he said i was for this, it amplifies my message. he's against trade deals, and now i think the question for donald trump is, can he amplify
1:42 am
that message, that anti-elite, anti-globalization message? is he a disciplined enough messenger to do that? tomorrow he's going to ohio and pennsylvania and he's got an opportunity to do that. >> laura? >> first of all, i just want to respond a little to what george said. it's a pretty big gamble to think that we can withstand four years of hillary clinton. we know what she's going to do, a radical left swing agenda, at least two seats on the supreme court. we've seen two terrible decisions. we saw a terrible affirmative action, an abortion decision that was 5-3. i think just on the supreme court alone, that is just a catastrophic loss for conservatism. anyone who cares about original meaning, original intent, and everything from steve colton to
1:43 am
alison ide, who are on the short list of donald trump's list would be fabulous. that's a big gamble. on the issue with brexit, it's an independent movement. and we're -- george wrote a great column about this. this is a moment to think about sovereignty, national interests, national defense, boarders, immigration. and he's not against trade, mar mara. trump is for trade deals that work for america. the last few trade deals have been disastrous for the american worker. tomorrow he's giving a speech about trade. we'll see whether he can put together this message in a coherent way that ties some of his economic ideas to a smart, more market efficient trade policy. >> is the gop changing on this issue of trade?
1:44 am
is it shifting or is it temporary? >> it clearly is shifting somewhat. the only academic field that has moved to the right in the last 50 years is economics, in part because the chicago school and others, milton friedman and the rest have convinced the world of what seemed to be obvious from david ricardo on, under the doctrine of comparative advantage, everyone benefits from free trade. that is now in doubt. there's really no election evidence in this -- in the last century that protectionism is a political winner. what mr. trump is doing is going back to -- he's a good 19th century republican, when the republicans, the government was funded had no income tax, it was funded by selling land and tariffs, and the republican party was the party of tariffs to protect industry. >> can i just say something about trade? free trade was once described as
1:45 am
everyone gets a discount, some people lose their jobs. that's what is so tough about telling free throw trade. -- selling free trade. if you lost your job because of trade, if you had a steel plant in your community and it's not there anymore -- >> is trump closer bernie sanders or the gop on trade? >> he and bernie sanders come at it for different reasons. back to this point is always going tobin unfairly punishing one sector. ronald reagan imposed temporary tariffs on harley davidson. wildly popular. george w. bush posed tariffs on chinese steel. the bottom line is, if the trade deals cost so much to enforce for american corporations, when does america stand up and say we
1:46 am
have to stand up for ourselves. when we are not getting relief and the cheating is notorious, why should we sell out our sovereignty and economic future to unaccountable bureaucrats? >> go ahead. >> mr. trump has promised to go down the aisles of walmart stamping 45% increases on all chinese imports. it would send people that go to walmart, making walmart our largest private sector employee. >> elizabeth warren has rolled out today with hillary clinton. is this a test run for a possible vp? >> i tend to think she's on the bottom of the very short list of vp possibilities. but she is some wingman or wingcome for hillary clinton. she really gives it to donald trump in a way that hillary clinton doesn't. and i think she's a great asset
1:47 am
for clinton. i think she'll bring some of the sanders voters into the fold. >> and they both like blue. >> laura, last word. >> elizabeth warren is an attack dog and she does a great job of it. most of it is personal insults. when trump insults her, everyone says this is horrific. when she insults trump, she's o brave and effective. so she can play the woman card. our panel weighs in on the supreme court decisions, next.
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three big u.s. supreme court decisions today. first in a 5-3 decision the supreme court struck down portions of the texas law that would have placed new restrictions on abortion clinics and doctors. in the majority opinion, writing the majority opinion, judge steven breyer wrote this: the surge center requirement like the admitting privileges requirement poses few if any health benefits for women and poses a constitutional right on their un
1:52 am
with that we are back with the panel. george? >> to pick up where clarence thomas was 78 years ago. 1938 the supreme court began the process without any warrant in the his industry or text of the document of giving us a two tier system of rights. it would be fundamental rights that the court picks and prefers and lesser rights. and all fundamental rights of which abortion has now become one would be subject to strict scrutiny whenever any government action affected the exercise of that right. given that, as settled law as it now is, it was not surprising that the restrictions on abortion clinics were ruled to be a significant burden on the exercise of a fundamental right. so, this was foredeigned. >> not surprised both sides to pro-life. >> not surprising. it tells that you perhaps the better strategy for the
1:53 am
pro-life forces is to go after the fundamental right to say that -- to try to overturn roe. if you just are going to talk about restrictions on abortions which they have been successful in many states putting on, it's not going to work. >> reporting on this has been largely really, i think, misleading. they say well this is restricting women's abortion rights. these are surgical procedures where we have had women badly injured as a result of botched abortions. >> gosnell. >> gosnell. we had horrific conditions, unsanitary conditions. all these women's rights advocates, i'm for women's health. really you? are for women's health, a state decides they want to have attending privileges for these doctors and i put that in quotes who carry out these procedures. that means they actually are better doctors. they have privileges at various hospitals and so forth. so, they are saying that's anti-women to have higher standards of clinics. now, excuse me, what?
1:54 am
how is that anti-women? it's making it safer, if this procedure occurs it's
1:55 am
officials and citizens is not corruption. >> one person happy? >> one person happy, more other people could be happy, too. other politicians accused of corruption along these lines like senator bob menendez might find that the case against him crumbled. >> i have got to leave it there that's it for the panel. stay tuned, we have one more tale to t
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finally tonight, alabama woman discovers a snake had
1:58 am
her backyard she talks to it while shooting video of it. the definition of a viral video. >> hey, mr. snake. [ laughter ] you are a long boy. that's the snake skin we saw. it was yours. touch on the tail and see what you do. whoa, you are mean. you are a mean snake. [gasps] >> he bit it, mother. >> you missed screen in the studio. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. it's good to be back. greta goes "on the record" right now. >> it is tuesday, june 28th. this is a fox news alert. home grown terror. the frightening call for al qaeda for lone wolf terrorists
1:59 am
to target. >> hillary clinton and elizabeth warren teaming up to take down the presumptive nominee. >> look at him in that hat. >> is trump walking back his muslim ban. the campaign for the brand new response this morning. >> you have to see it to believe it. the terrifying rollover crash with comedian jay leno in the badge seat. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning to you.
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you are watching "fox & friends first" today on this tuesday morning. >> i am abby huntsman. thank you for starting your day with us. we begin with a fox news alert. white persons a call to action from al qaeda. >> urging lone wolf jihadis to avoid targeting places where minorities are found so their attacks are not labeled hate crimes which could out shine isis. isis also trying to inspire lone wolves in a chilling new video showing the las vegas strip and the golden gate bridge in san francisco. police calling the threat not credible. >> a 10-year-old kidnapped at gun point waking up in his own bed this morning. he was at his aunt's house in dallas when three men stormed