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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 28, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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you are. according to this blogger saying the camera's selfie mode automatically air brushes your pictures. the filter is set on filter 8 cleared away her freckles. >> no, i'm on her side. "fox & friends" starts now. >> bye. good morning to you and to your family. it is june 28th. i'm ainsley. what we just learned about the phony video blamed for the death of those four american heroes right there. then stunning new claims from hillary clinton's former secret service agent about how she was when she was first lady in the white house. >> i feel so strongly that people need to know the real hillary clinton and how dangerous she is in her behavior. she is not a leader. >> main street media not covering his claims.
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i think they'd do the same if it was donald trump they were talking about? h'm. >> and can a parent being urot a murder trial? >> a parrot? that's what a judge is deciding on what the parrot is saying, don't shoot, over and over again. mornings are better with friends. >> that would be quite a murder trial where they bring in a parrot because they keep saying something that had never been said before in that parrot's lexicon about, don't shoot, don't shoot. >> it reminds me of something angela lands bury would have written in "murder she wrote." >> the parrot's owner was killed and they are saying, the parrot is saying, don't shoot, don't shoot. >> i don't know. if you get a veterinarian who
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comes in and says they repeat what they hear over and over again. >> we're going to talk about it this morning. >> we are. suddenly members of the animal kingdom going court. in the meantime, let's start with this fox news alert. top of the hour on tuesday morning. a new disturbing report just released by house republicans on the deadly benghazi attack on september 11th, 2012. >> the more than two-year investigation could mean big trouble for hillary clinton and the obama administration. we've heard that before. katherine is live in washington pouring over all the details. hey, katherine, what have you concluded so far? >> reporter: good morning. the video explanation for the 2012 benghazi attack was crafted in washington. state department security agents in benghazi that night immediately reported that they heard chanting, explosions and
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gunfire as 70 people were at the compound carrying an assortment of ak-47s, grenades and rocket grenades. americans on the ground never reported a protest. they identified a key white house meeting on september 11th, 2012 cluck senior deputies to the cabinet as well as then secretary of state hillary clinton which convened at 7:30 p.m. eastern. while the meeting was supposed to be about benghazi. at that time ambassador chris stevens was missing. five of the ten action items referenced the video. >> the report interviewed more than 80 witnesses previously not
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called to testify. ben rhodes who prepped then u.n. ambassador susan rice for her national appearances five days after the attack. in one of the appearances on fox news sunday she said what sparked the violence was the airing of the video. as you'll recall they released their own report concluding the defense department would not have done anything differently. the state department security was inadequate. >> this is really something. so, katherine, to review, this all happened about seven or eight weeks before the big election and barack obama had famously said that al qaeda is on the run, we're winning this thing. suddenly for this terror strike there to happen, but for you to say that the talking points were crafted by political operatives in the white house, that just looks political, doesn't it? >> one of the key findings in
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the republican majority report is that after the initial statement was put out by the white house and state department on the night of the attack linking benghazi to the video, there was analysis from the cia that had errors and that the white house latched on to those errors to justify what they said. what we may find is why the administration stayed with the video explanation right through september 20th, nine days after the attack, to justify what the president said very publicly especially at the united nations. >> i know at fox it's the first story. some of the things, katherine. for people listening at home. the thing that's new for the first time the white house said they were meeting. they had an opportunity to see
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it unfold live. and also you say the report reveals there were more than 80 witnesses not called before congress. when they say we've heard it all, they're going through this for political purposes can actually not say that anymore. >> well, there's going to be a lot in the transcript of the individuals, and there's a lot of detail in this report based on what i have read so far that we have not seen before. just to emphasize the take away for me is that on the night of the attack there was immediate information that was circulated to clinton and others which spoke about the suddenness of the assault, the number of terrorists involved and how they were heavily involved. there was nothing about video and protest. then days later they latched on to that as a shield. i think critically, we may see
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more of this in the entire report, is this deputy's meeting on the night of the attack itself at about 7:30 eastern because at that time from what we know, the emphasis was the forward leaning posture was to try to find the ambassador. it reflected the video and that could be deemed as political. >> could be deemed? the ambassador's missing and you're worried about an explanation. >> they had an election to win. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> this is something. democrats take away yesterday starting with -- >> a little bit later we'll talk to the judge about what an e-mail that hillary wrote to chelsea knowing -- saying exactly what was going on as opposed to what she said was going on. >> and for her ambassador chris stevens to ask for help over and over. >> we heard during the capitol hill discussion, they asked for
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help. speaking of hillary, you know that the blues brothers were john belushi and dan aykroyd. the blues sisters, there they are there. matching in blue pant suits. hillary clinton and elizabeth warren. there she is all smiley. she turned out to be even -- she was an attack dog for hillary. she used a word donald trump has used to describe her. >> donald trump says he'll make make great again. it's right there. no, it's stamped on the front of his goofy hat. did i say goofy? look at him in that hat. >> she's calling him goofy making fun of his physical appearance. hillary had a response -- do you remember hillary saying she's not going to go there, she was not going to do that. she was making fun of donald for -- for donald trump to be
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doing that. this is what she said about him back in may and you heard what elizabeth warren said last night. listen to what hillary said back in may. >> i am not going to respond to the insults and the attacks coming from donald trump in this campaign. we are better than that and we will act like that. >> right. elizabeth warren listing the accomplishments, but she had none. you can see that donald trump's communication team instead of going after warren personally, you vilify wall street. you're against the tpp. over 24 times hillary clinton spoke positive for the tpp. instead of getting personal sayingpocahontas, they were talking about the hypocrisy. they're saying they're very
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similar. they're trying to get the bernie sanders voters. >> after their dueling blue pantsuit appearances there's a lot of speculation saying perhaps she would be considered vice president. here's the number one reason why that's not going to happen even though hillary would love her supporters and whatnot. to your point, she's all about railing against wall street. hillary took $41 million against wall street. >> here's why elizabeth warren will not be the vice president for hillary clinton. >> why? >> because she is such a better orator. she does such a better job speaking in public. you don't want the number two to outshine the number one. >> i think she's great iating. >> if you have to grade them, not grate them. you would put hillary number one over elizabeth warren. >> if you have tim cane of virginia. >> i'm talking about the two of them. >> i'm saying tim cane is so
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much better as a contrast and she just attacks with no accomplishments. >> you want your ticket to look like your constituents. women would love that. how would men feel? donald trump is good at business. >> sure. what's going to happen? stay tuned. 6:11 in new york city and it's time for a fox news alert with heather. good morning, everybody. we start out with a fox news alert at 11 minutes after the hour. target white americans, that's a new mission from al qaeda. the terror group urging them to avoid targeting minority groups so that tax aren't labeled as hate crimes here at home. this comes in the wake of the orlando nightclub massacre. as you may recall attorney
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general loretta lynch described that as a hate crime against gays. another fox news alert right now. pat summitt has now died. she has the most wins of any college basketball coach in u.s. history. she coached the university of tennessee for 38 years. she was just 64 years old though and had been battling alzheimer's for the past couple of years. our thoughts and prayers are with her family today. while you were sleeping there was a massive explosion at a bp plant. the flames lighting up the sky in mississippi. neighbors say that they could feel the vibration from the gas plant ten miles away. take a look at that right there. employees were on site at the time of the explosion but luckily and incredibly no one was hurt. at this hour the fire is still burning but it is considered to be under control. the cause of that explosion is not yet known. and a 10-year-old who was kidnapped at gun point is now safe and sound this morning. nicholas fieros jr. was at his
3:13 am
aunt's house. they stormed in and demanded money. as soon as the gun men realized the police were on their way, they took the boy and ran off. >> something happened. they took nicholas. >> after seven agonizing hours a good samaritan saw the boy on the side of the street. he recognized the little boy and called police. >> the parents are glad to have the little boy home. >> thank you. coming up on tuesday, a brand-new get out of jail free card one judge is offering. we're going to tell you about it. what does donald trump have with virginia congressman david brad. he says there's one thing trump can do to take downhill ri in november. that congressman is here next. in fact, i sense he's close to me.
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♪ share the joy of real cream... ...with reddi-wip. shocked the establishment two years ago when he upset house majority leader eric cantor. virginia congressman david brought was out spent 25 to 1. he knows what it's like to be an insurgent candidate. let's talk to him.
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a brand-new book comes out today "american underdog, proof that principles matter." >> good morning. >> just like donald trump, you took on the establishment and the establishment, everything was stacked against you and you beat them. >> the mood. the economic numbers, i taught economics for 20 years. the wages have been flat for about 30 years for the average person. 19 trillion in debt. all the major systems are insolvent, medicare, social security for the kids so i kind of ran on that premise. i wanted to make sure the country stays as good for the kids as we can keep it. >> so many people in the commonwealth of virginia 7th district where you're at, it's not like the world wasn't listening to them. you say donald trump's chances are good. >> he's inverting it. the press couches in terms of right versus left. i don't think so. i met bernie sanders up in d.c. and asked a bunch of democrat friends.
3:19 am
i think it's more about the middle spending 4 trillion dollars a year doing it out to their cronie friends and not paying attention to the folks back home in your district. he said, yeah, that's what's going on. >> it's interesting you mentioned bernie sanders because donald trump is making a play for bernie sanders supporters. do you think some may pull the lever for trump? >> not on the border but the trade issues, worker, manufacturing worker trump is making good value propositions. >> one suggestion you have for speaker paul ryan is he should sit down with donald trump and commit to paper like a contract for america. >> yeah. >> like newt gingrich did. >> i've been talking with knew the on that. one of his guys works in my district. what are you going to promise the people? people hold me accountable. if i don't vote on the principles, i hear from my
3:20 am
folks. >> the three principles are judeo christian values, rule of law and ethical economy? >> yes. >> the book is great. i started reading it last night. >> i appreciate it. >> if anybody's watching and wants to know what it's like to be a true underdog, this guy's book is great. congressman david brought, thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. meanwhile, coming up on this tuesday, don't invite your buddies to play golf this weekend. you might offend somebody, the golf cart. the micro aggression study being funded with your tax dollars. going to drive you nuts. we'll talk about it. terrifying car crash. that's jay leno. what went wrong and how he's doing on this tuesday morning. real cheese people
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quick headlines now. law and order edition. think of it as a get out of jail free card. robert black will stop putting people behind bars if they cannot afford to pay jail fines and fees. the agreement comes a week after a rights group accused black of running a modern day debtor's prison. they must issue gay marriage licenses even if they disagree. ainsley, change gears. >> i will. thank you, brian. brian, don't say christmas vacation and don't tell a woman you like her shoes or don't invite anyone to play golf either because those are considered micro aggressions and
3:25 am
you, the taxpayer, funded a project to find that out. the university of virginia outlines words and phrases that could be offensive. why does this keep happening? we have the foundation for individual rights and education. thanks for being with us. >> pleasure. >> when you look at the clip you're not allowed to say i love your shoes, can't say boyfriend, girlfriend, you can't say golf outing. what are your thoughts? >> what's sad about this, unc had been really good on freedom of speech. this list, really good, it's getting harder and harder to say the right thing on a college campus. >> why don't they want you to say these things? >> there's different theories on why they would be offensive. they diminish people. university of california they went so far to say that america is a melting pot, a land of opportunity. the most qualified person should get the job is offensive.
3:26 am
somehow they say that's offensive. >> when i was reading this article i said, what the heck is a micro aggression. i guess it's a subtle way of being aggressive. >> it's interesting. in the '70s, it's ways we talk to each other. as soon as you start forcing these things you come up with ridiculous policies. at university of new hampshire they say you should not use arab. you should say southwestern asian. inherently that word would be offensive. you can't use the word american. >> you can't ask anyone where they're from. it's ridiculous. what is this telling our younger generation about you should be offended by everything? >> yeah, what i think it's doing. they say this about inclusivity. if you're laying this many land mines for people to talk to each
3:27 am
other, they're not going to talk. >> they're so scared they're going to offend someone they won't have a conversation anybe more. what does this say about our country? >> i'm worried they're micromanaging speech. they should be letting it fly. they should let people have meaty, conversations. this contributes to you should talk to the people you care about. >> a statement that unc says this blog post does not represent university policy. the piece was compiled from research and published scholarly works on the topic of micro aggression. they're not really taking responsibility. >> yeah. i mean, unc is trying to back away from this. schools like ithaca, they're trying to give them teeth. >> greg, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i'm sure you have great shoes
3:28 am
on. i'm sure you don't mind me telling you it. >> yes. i love it. coming up next, it is life line for many of our heroes. the va suicide hotline, no answer. and can a parrot be used as a witness in a murder trial? >> no [ bleep ] shoot. >> coming up, a judge about to decide just that. we're not kidding either. but, first, happy birthday to kellie pickler. she is 30 years old today. happy birthday, kelly. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior,
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we've all read this book, you cannot let a kid read this book. >> talks about the president having a black eye. the tirades that he witnessed in the white house. all the staff would warn them when a staff was coming because she was in such a bad mood. >> talked about eleanor mondale, having an affair with eleanor mondale at the same time he was having an affair with monica lewinsky. he had to testify in the lewinsky situation that the president had to deal with when it came to him ultimately getting disbarred.
3:34 am
he talked about what he saw from the first lady who became a senator and said the leadership not great and then it became strong. then there was vince foster. remember him? >> when i met vince foster and i saw him walking around, he looked so uncomfortable. there were many incidents or stories where the staff would hear her berating vince. she blamed him publicly for some of the things that didn't get done. as a lot of people know, he committed suicide. he basically said that washington, d.c., was a terrible, vindictive place. it was one of the reasons he took his own >> gary also said foster according to the investigation in the park across the river at the potomac. the former officer says that the
3:35 am
circumstances of his death were so fishy and so spooky he said he worried that the clintons might try to kill him. when the attorneys interviewed him he had a loaded gun on him. >> people ask him, gary, why are you writing this book? he said it's his duty as a patriotic person of this country to prevent hillary clinton from becoming president. he was an air marshall. he's devoted to serving our country. >> it was very clear when he would say hello to the first lady, she would say, blank you. >> wow. >> he'll be with us tomorrow. by the way, if donald trump had this wealth of information about him, do you think they would keep quiet about that? i don't think so. what i read is gary byrne is having a hard time getting on any of the networks. >> he's not going to be on "60
3:36 am
minutes"? >> no. >> or abc or nbc. >> he's not going to have a hard time telling us. people are interested. it is now 25 minutes before the top of the hour and heather joins us right now. famous face upside down about 80 miles an hour. >> that's right. we all know how much jay leno loves cars. this was one major mishapp. nearly escaping death after the car that he was riding in crashed and then started flipping out of control. watch. >> wow. the cameras catching all the action for his new tv show called "jay leno's garage." he was riding with his stunt car driving hero, 80-year-old bob rigle. >> what's your name? >> bob rigle.
3:37 am
>> howdy bob. >> my name is bob rigle and i'm 80. >> always a sense of humor. leno later joked saying, it doesn't get more exciting than that. gosh. well, it's supposed to be a life line for our heroes but now there is a disturbing new report that says attacks to a suicide hotline for the va are going unanswered. >> we are now up to hundreds of people who answer calls as well as our texting service. >> wow. well, despite all those workers, the gao finds that almost 30% of text messages sent to a suicide hotline never got a response from this va. this goes back to 2014 at least when 13% of the texts didn't get responses in two minutes. the va says as always they're working to improve the system. a dead man's parrot could be a key witness in a murder trial.
3:38 am
what? >> don't [ bleep ] shoot! >> don't shoot, the words coming from that parrot reliving a potentially horrific scene. the owner's wife is accused of shooting her husband to death right in front of that pet in a domestic dispute. now the prosecution arguing that the parent is speaking in the victim's voice begging for his life. a judge now has to decide if that parrot can be considered a witness. and a glimmer of hope for a community under water. two men believed to have been washed away in the west virginia flood have been found. their camper was washed away by rushing water. something similar to. this powerful image. an entire houseful of belongings is a pile of trash. 2 million people waking up to new fears of flooding this morning. let's head over to maria molina. maria, we are hoping more rain isn't expected there.
3:39 am
what's going on? >> reporter: we could be seeing more showers out there. thankfully the overall rain threat is looking a lot better out there. we have a front that's pushing to the east and much quieter conditions forecast for today and also over the next couple of days. most of the activity off of virginia up through new england. farther west across portions of the central and northern high plains. severe storms possible there with even a tornado threat as well. let's head back inside. >> thank you. all right. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. the upcoming rio games, 20 years since the psychotic moments in sports history. >> the magnificent 7 u.s. women's gymnastics team winning gold in atlanta. there they are. what was it like to be part of such an historic moment. >> america's most decorated gym nist, shannon miller. good morning. >> good morning. >> first of all, it's hard to believe it's 20 years.
3:40 am
>> i know. >> i loved reading about the day of one of your performances where you had trained for years. the thing you were about to do, have your big moment in the sun, and the thing you're focusing on is a fly. >> there's a fly on the beam during my first routine. >> only took a decade to get there. >> there's a fly on the wood. >> yes. was i willing to squish the fly, yes, i was, but we both made it out okay. >> that was a routine. what bonded you? >> i think the realization if you do your very individual best then you help the overall team. so we were focused on doing the best for the team we could. i think we got to know each other over years of competition and then of course on tour afterwards. we so lidified ourselves as a team. >> when you look at the pictures, what goes through your mind? >> all those memories come
3:41 am
flooding back. standing there on the award podium after winning gold. just an incredible moment to represent your country. >> so i understand you can still smell the chalk? >> the chalk and the sweat, a great mixture. >> you're heading to rio? >> i am headed to rio. >> what about zika? are you worried about zika? >> i think i'm careful. i'm trying to make that individual decision for myself, but i'm headed over. i'm going to take every precaution i can short of not going. >> a lot of people, a lot of women soccer members, hope solo, i don't know if i'm going to go. lebron james says i'm not going to go. i think he's tired. other people sighting security. brazil is a mess. >> it's challenging. before every olympics we worry about security. try to do the very best you can. i think at the end of the day the olympics is about bringing the world together through sport and so i hope that's the case. >> you battled cancer, ovarian
3:42 am
cancer and you're a survivor. it's been five years. you're cancer free? >> yes, i'm cancer free. that's my anniversary this summer. >> all of your years of training prepare you for the recovery process? >> it really did. i learned such great life lessons through sport setting goals, keeping a positive mental attitude. my faith has always been first and foremost. >> you have a message, too? >> i do. i'm working with ova 1 blood test. there is no screening test available for ovarian cancer. if you have a pelvic mass which 1 in 5 women will can help you determine. >> they have blood test that is can determine that? >> your risk. you can determine your risk for it. >> there's the website at the bottom of our screen there. >> steve wants you to walk on the couch. >> she can't because there's a
3:43 am
fly. >> this is a lot thicker. how thick is that balance beam? >> four inches. >> you're incredible. so talented. >> because ainsley has a career. >> i used to be good at the beam until i met you. >> now i just broadened the beam. >> brian is very flexible. >> thanks. how did you know? >> we were talking about it before you came up here. >> thank you so much for coming. >> thank you so much, shannon. what a pleasure. coming up on this tuesday, a terrifying recall to tell you about. the popular children's furniture that have killed young children. what you need to know this morning about that product. >> breaking news on the benghazi investigation that you will only see here on fox. what did hillary clinton know about the attacks that killed four americans. judge napolitano is here and what it can mean for her campaign.
3:44 am
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fox news alert on this tuesday morning. on the benghazi terror attack
3:47 am
you will only see right here on fox news. listen to this. >> a new report just released by house republicans revealing what hillary clinton really knew while blaming a phony video for the attack that killed those four americans. here is judge an draw napolitano. >> good morning. >> good morning. this report was released this morning. what do you make about it? >> there's a couple of different levels here. it is not disputed and not disputable that hillary clinton knew the truth and lied about it and perpetuated the lie for weeks after benghazi. we know that because we have seen an e-mail she sent to her daughter chelsea lamenting in the e-mail in a brief way a fair and accurate description of what happened. we were attacked. we were defenseless. she didn't use those words. >> she says it's al qaeda. >> correct. nevertheless, she went out and perpetrated the myth. she even perpetrated the myth of this by saying this was caused
3:48 am
by a video even as the bodies were being received at mcguire air force base. donald trump can drive a truck through this. the committee report does not add where did the weapons come from? the weapons issue was consented to in both political parties to rid libya of colonel gadhafi. >> where does he get his information that would back that up, judge? >> that information is in the public domain because i have seen it. people have to know where to get it. there's a person being prosecuted by the federal government who's released thousands of pages of documents in his own defense in a criminal case in arizona. the essence of which is, mrs. clinton concocted the idea. she wanted to depose gadhafi. in order to depose him she as secretary of state authorized
3:49 am
the shipment of weapons to terrorist groups. some of whom killed stevens. >> judge, already hillary clinton's press secretary, brian fallon, he's out tweeting this morning said far from honoring the four brave americans who died, the benghazi committee took a partisan sham since its start. >> it is partisan. . >> the purpose of the committee was not to honor the dead. would he all honor the dead. the purpose of the committee was to get to the truth. the committee didn't get to all the truth but it got to a truth that the american people need to know about. her persistent capacity for lies. >> i don't see how unmany it can be to talk for the first time to the 80 witnesses previously not called before congress.
3:50 am
how is not trying to get to the bottom of the truth. >> i'm going to guess brian fallon hasn't seen the report. that's his job. he's sort of pr. >> hillary clinton told the egyptian prime minister, quote, we know the attacks had nothing to do with the film. they perpetrated the myth that susan rice churned on sunday on all the talk shows. >> the tv coverage talked about this. >> judge, great job. >> all right. coming up on this tuesday, think the brexit won't affect you? our next guest says think again especially if you have a mortgage, and a lot of us do. >> usher, i patterned my dance after him. the latest celebrity to bash donald trump on a grand stage.
3:51 am
should he be doing political commentary or sticking to their own talent? we'll debate that next hour. what body aches? what knee pain? what sore elbow? advil liqui-gels make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. ♪ americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the us postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us,
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3:54 am
all right. in the wake of friday's brexit vote, mortgages dropped even more. averaging 3.6%. how will the british exit impact your mortgage? is now the time to buy a home? here to join us is roger healy. what should we do here, what should we look for, what should we in terms of buying, should we buy more now or wait a little while? >> i think that now is the time
3:55 am
to buy and it really has -- it hasn't really affected yet. but people take a couple of days off when in happens and then they jump back into normal life. mortgage rates are remaining low, today is a good time to buy. especially investment properties as well. >> because there's talk of interest rates going up, janet yellen said we're healthier and more stable, are we showing the rates not to go up, is that showing that the economy is not stable? >> you're saying that -- say that one more time. >> if she does not raise rates that indicates the economy is not stable? >> oh, in my mind i think it's trying to keep our economy stabilized. i think if rates remain where they're at or even if they decrease, that's the fed -- you know, trying to give us confidence and trying to work together to make sure our economy stays the way that it's at. if not, you know, try to get it better. >> what should we look for on the global scene to see how it
3:56 am
affects us here at home? there's a big delay before britain actually gets out. >> yeah. i think what we'll see over here in the u.s., the real estate market is something we'll never see before. european investors especially people from britain investing in the u.s. market. i think that the talks recently have been about the luxury market kind of adjusting, declining a little bit. but i think these people over in europe that are used to investing in european real us tate are going to come over here and start making plays in america in places like san francisco, places like manhattan. miami, vegas, phoenix. dallas and houston that tend to see, you know, they have seen a big jump recently. but the guys overseas will hopefully put their money in their market which adds to the stabilization that we just talked about. >> rogers healy, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. thank you for having me. coming up in the next hour, disgraced democrat charlie rangel, he was just found guilty of ethics violations. we'll tell you what this means.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good tuesday morning. june 28th. i'm ainsley earhardt. breaking news, the benghazi investigation that you will only see here on fox news. what we have just learned about this phony video blamed for the deaths of four american heroes. meanwhile, that republican benghazi report very different from the democrat's report that was released yesterday. that focused on politics. what did donald trump have to do with benghazi? and why is donald trump mentioned more in the democrat's report than the victims? we'll tell you the number. >> he was hosting "the apprentice" at the time. and he built a clock that looked
4:01 am
like a bomb and brought it to school and he sued and won millions of dollars and then he moved to saudi arabia. i missed him. but now clock kid is back. can't wait to talk to him. we have a lot of catching up to do. mornings are better with "friends." what time is it? >> and welcome, everybody. from studio "e" here in the heart of midtown manhattan. kind of a rainy night. now it's drying out. >> ainsley is exhausted. she had to pack up yesterday's carnival herself. because we had to run. we had other things to do. >> right. left me with all the work. >> callouses everywhere. >> i slept for an hour. >> then get up today and find out about this blockbuster investigation that finally concluded with the house select committee. >> glad you mentioned that. >> that's why we've turned this into the fox news alert. >> house republicans releasing a disturbing new report on the attack. >> two more -- more than two-year investigation could mean big trouble for hillary clinton perhaps and the obama
4:02 am
administration. >> chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington. she has exclusive details. what have you found? >> well, good morning, it identify ascii white house meeting on september 11th, 2012 of a three hours into the terrorist attacks. the meeting included city cabinets and deputies and then secretary of state hillary clinton. well, the meeting was supposed to be about benghazi at that time ambassador chris stevens was missing. the report found the focus was on the video blamed by the white house for inspiring the terrorist attack, even though american personnel on the ground in libya never reported a link. the emphasis was also not an immediate and aggressive military response. >> you will see the details in the report. it's a tale of the absence of vigor and energy that if it was my son or your husband or your child you would say that's an inadequate response from the senior leadership in the united states government. >> reporter: unlike the 2012 raid that killed osama bin laden
4:03 am
where the president, secretary of state clinton and the national security team gathered in the white house situation room to watch events unfold, there was no such gathering of the main players for benghazi. even though they were in washington, d.c. the report interviewed more than 80 witnesses previously not called before congress to testify. among them, presidential aide ben rhodes who prepped then u.n. ambassador susan rice for her national television appearances five days after the attack. >> what sparked the recent violence was the airing on the internet of a very hateful, very offensive video that has offended many people around the world. >> reporter: a state department spokesman said this morning that the essential facts surrounding the 2012 attack had been known for some time, adding that the department has made a lot of progress towards making diplomatic post safer since 2012. >> what do you think stands out most about this report, by you that caught you most by
4:04 am
surprise? you have multiple sources. >> reporter: i would say probably handful of things that -- based on what i have read so far. one is that there was really never reporting from the people on the ground, that there was a protest or a demonstration or a mention of a video. this was really an idea that was the work of the political appointees in washington, d.c. days after the attack, there was analysis from the cia that was faulty and referred to demonstrations. that was latched on to by the administration to based on my reporting to really shield themselves and to defend what they had originally said. so it was not an intelligence failure. there was intelligence immediately that was available to the senior players including secretary of state clinton. most notably i think is this meeting on the night of the attack that we had not known about at 7:30, about three hours into the assault which included
4:05 am
deputies and secretary of state clinton. based on the information that the committee was able to get the meeting, half of the take aways of the meeting was about the videos. so they were talking about what they thought may have caused this rather than focusing on the fact that the attack was ongoing. the ambassador was missing. and there was not that kind of aggressive muscular military response that americans would have expected. >> right. well, maybe what they were looking for was something that they could spin it, so they could take the heat off the president who was just seven weeks away from being re-elected. thank you, catherine herridge. so the republican version comes out tundz you will see it throughout -- out today and you will see it throughout the day. maybe not on the other channels, but you will see it here. what's interesting though, yesterday the democrats brought theirs out. just to show you how political their document was, keep in mind we're talking about september the 11th, 2012. in this particular document,
4:06 am
released by the democrats, donald trump is mentioned 23 times. >> mentioned in the benghazi report? >> right. more than glen doherty. >> he wasn't even in politics. >> ty woods, two of the victims. so this -- so this goes to show you graphically that it is a political statement. they would to love -- you know, the whole spin on that night was about trying to make sure that the president of the united states was re-elected. now the spin is trying to get hillary clinton elected. >> well, their report exonerates hillary clinton saying she did everything she did, and accuses the republicans. >> of course. so let's move ahead and let's talk about the election in particular. yesterday, hillary clinton was out on the stump with elizabeth warren and trump was out and there's a book that chronicles the -- what a secret service agent saw when he was at the right hand of the white house in
4:07 am
the oval office, during the clinton year, when hillary clinton was first lady in this book. "crisis of character" gary byrne is a former secret service and he will be with us tomorrow. he does not paint her as calm and collected. >> he called her paranoid. bill clinton had three or four affairs while president of the united states -- >> simultaneously. >> aside from monica lewinsky. how many times have we heard about yeah, she threw a vase at bill clinton. well, in the beginning of the book he talks about a big argument. she's go at voice that really carried in the white house loudly. >> still carries today. >> then there's a crash. there's a vase -- he goes to the white house curator's office because it's a museum. so they have the vase in a box and saw the president a little later on because he's the guy with the gun right outside the
4:08 am
president's office. the president has a great big black eye. >> yeah. >> put a steak on it kind of black eye and he asked betty curry, the president's assistant and asked what happened to the president's eye and she said, turns out he's allergic to coffee or something. and then the secret service discussed how they would react -- how they would protect the president of the united states from the first lady if she got violent. >> gary byrnes' book came out today. he had an exclusive last night with sean hannity right here on the knfox news channel. take a listen. >> i feel strongly people need to know the real hillary clinton and how dangerous she is. she's not a leader. >> she doesn't have the temperament -- >> she didn't have the temperament to handle the social office when she was first lady. she does not have the temperament. >> she's dishonest? >> she's dishonest. she habitually lies.
4:09 am
anybody who can separate themselves from the politics and review her behavior over the -- >> you're going to accuse of this being political. >> absolutely i'm sure i have been already. >> what's your answer? >> it's not. got nothing to do with politics. >> so this is the hillary clinton as first lady. we heard the secretary of state, her 3:00 a.m. call in the benghazi report and as senator, we know one of the last things she did is fight against the surge so you have to suspend disbelief that that can work. >> our producers are watching all the networks, to let us know that no other network is covering this story. of course. they don't want you to know exactly what happened during bill clinton's administration and what hillary clinton was really like. >> well, apparently, according to one of the tv blogs i was reading, the hillary clinton people have been fanning out making sure that this guy did not get booked on any other morning shows or evening shows or any other net work. we're going to run him on fox. you know? >> he'll be on the couch with us tomorrow. >> we asked you what your
4:10 am
thought about him. and up bart e-mailed us and said, gary byrnes is a patriot who's taking his oath to the constitution seriously. >> if this is a story about a republican, they would be all over it. >> oh, yeah. >> since it's about the clintons they will not even touch wit a ten foot pole. >> the next time she goes on a show see if they bring it up. >> she has spoken obliquely about it. she said, you know, that's old news. so that's all she has to say. >> no, it's not old news. >> i know, that's what she's saying. >> i know. >> one thing that heather nauert would never say -- i'm about to read old news. i have old news to go over. >> it's current news. breaking news. we have a couple of fox news alert to watch this morning. good morning. there's a massive manhunt for a suspect who escaped police by running into the pittsburgh zoo. that escape following a wild chase overnight. police say that somebody ditched
4:11 am
the stolen car before jumping a fence at the zoo, triggering an all-out search there. cops still haven't been able to track down the guy. we'll keep watching that story for you. while you were sleeping a massive explosion at a bp plant. the flames lighting up the night sky in mississippi. neighbors could feel the vibrations from the gas plant ten miles away. employees were on site at the time of the explosion and incredibly though, no one was hurt. look at that massive thing there. that fire still burning but is said to be under control. the cause of the explosion not yet known. and three beautiful children died after furniture that's found in tens of millions of american homes tipped over on them. parents listen to this one. there's a major recall effort under way. ikea pulling 29 million malm brand dressers and chests, saying get them out of your
4:12 am
children's rooms immediately because if these aren't fastened to the wall they can fall over on top of the children and even cause death. ikea gave out repair kits in 2015 for people to make the change but after a third child died, you can get a full refund. what a tragedy. then breaking news at this hour, the most successful basketball coach ever, pat summitt has passed away. the women's basketball coach died this morning at the age of 64. she was surround by her friends and family. she had been battling alzheimer's for the past few years, shocking the sports world when she stepped down soon after she learned about that diagnosis. she fiercely led the lady vols to eight national championships through her 38 years as coach and an incredible 1,098 career wins under her belt. she was just 64 years old. >> one of the greatest coaches of her generation. >> no kidding. amazing. >> what a legacy. >> thanks. >> rest in peace. >> indeed. all right, donald trump says the system is fixed.
4:13 am
>> never be able to fix a rigged system by counting on the same people who have rigged it in the first place. >> he also says some of the polls are rigged as well. is he right? a man who advised president clinton and is now advising trump is up next. we have five awesome deals for our "fox & friends" viewers like $95 sheets for just $18. just the beginning. so many others. she is good. something to celebrate. anything meant to stand needs a stable foundation. a body without proper foot support can mean pain. the dr. scholl's kiosk maps your feet and recommends our custom fit orthotic to stabilize your foundation and relieve foot, knee or lower back pain from being on your feet. dr. scholl's.
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oh-- ohhh! she slimed me. which i probably should've seen coming. [ laughs ] a new abc news/"washington post" poll has hillary clinton with a double digit lead over trump and trump said it was misleading, saying the dirty poll is a disgrace. even they admit more democrats were polled. other polls were good. is he right, can we trust the polls any more? dick morris advised bill clinton for 20 years and he's the author of "armageddon, how trump can beat hillary." he's advising donald trump.
4:18 am
>> good to be here. >> in that particular dirty poll in donald trump's words, they had 12% more democrats responding than republicans. does that seem normal? >> well, it doesn't mean it's a dirty poll, but it does mean you shouldn't pay too much attention to it. right now, in the last ten days or two weeks in the wake of hillary clinton clinching the nomination there's a democratic trends and more people are saying they're democrats. more people who are democrats answered the poll. that'll even up in the next week or two. i wouldn't pay too much attention to it. >> okay. your book -- >> donald trump should weight down the democrats, because if more people say they're a democrats that's a finden, not an error. >> you have written a lot of books. this is how trump can beat advisory. you have been advising him informally. >> informally means he doesn't pay me. >> okay.
4:19 am
>> yeah. he needs to fight with both hands. the right jab republicans always do, obamacare, immigration, social issues we need those. but what he's not doing enough of is the left hook. going after the bernie sanders voters. >> on the left. >> exploiting that gigantic rift between the clinton and the bernie voters. the key thing about the brexit vote, labor, the liberal member, the left and the right voted for brexit in almost equal numbers and the -- and this is the future of our politics. left and right aren't as important as insider and outsider and trump needs to go after hillary as not only a liberal, but the ultimate insider, elitist. >> dick, you have been in national politics for many, many years. can donald trump win? >> oh, absolutely he can. and at this point, i would give
4:20 am
him about a 50-50 chance each. the nice thing about trump is that he can fix all of his problems by what he says. hillary cannot fix her record by what she says. and in this book, we go through every possible thing about her record. people have forgotten and people under 40 never knew. >> that's right. >> how she was almost indicted twice and skated on the merest of technicalities. whatever she's lied about everything in her life. when i knew her, she was not obsessed with money. now she seeks power in order to make money. this marriage went from being a romance to a pragmatic partnership to a rico. [ laughter ] >> oh, man, racketeering. the book is called "armageddon, how trump can beat hillary." dick wrote it with his wife. coming up, disgraced democrat charlie rangel may get a permanent vacation from congress. look at him right there. he was just found guilty of
4:21 am
ethics violations. we'll tell you what this all means coming up. and wish you had a personal caddie with you on the golf course that normally costs 300 buck, but we're taking 60% off the price. that and more awesome deals coming up. new, two in one heartburn relief. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try new duo fusion. from the makers of zantac.
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and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
4:24 am
we have some quick headlines for you on a tuesday morning. a fox news alert. target white americans. that is the new vision from al qaeda. terror group urging lone wolves to avoid targeting minorities so their attacks aren't labeled as hate crimes because that could outshine radical islam. this comes in the wake of the orlando nightclub massacre at pulse. a throwback to the cold war. russian agents are harassing
4:25 am
them and their families, going as far as rearranging furniture in their houses and following their kids. the new accusations coming months after the jaw-dropping cat and mouse game at sea. yep. remember that? secretary of state john kerry is warning vladimir putin, knock it off. will he? let's see. all right, ainsley over to you and brian, let's make a deal. >> russians rearranging furniture? where's my coffee table, honey? >> well, guess what? summer is here. you know what that means, it is time to treat yourself to some of the season's top products from travel tech to workout gear. >> that's right. >> we have got you covered. >> megan meany is here, she can hula hoop. let's -- please impress us. >> i won't hula hoop again for
4:26 am
you, but you should try. it's a good core workout this thing. >> try it. >> you can take it with you anywhere you want to go. it's super easy to snap together. no tools necessary. internationally acclaimed personal trainer came up with the system. it comes with a dvd. great for sculpting and toning. it's the new thing. get your hoop on. >> you can take it apart? >> exactly. >> it costs $44. >> no, today, it doesn't cost $44. it costs $18. >> all right. >> what a savings. >> there's fantastic. >> you know me. >> feeling the burn from earlier. all right, the golf buddy, this is for the golf fanatic. this is a wrist band, you get on the course and it has this special green view technology. it tells you exactly the distance from any angle or approach to the green so you know which club to choose. 38,000 courses programmed into this baby. it's got gps. it is typically pretty pricey. $300, but today, $119. >> wow. >> that's awesome.
4:27 am
>> that might be in your range, ainsley. >> that's right. i might buy this one. this one saves your life when your phone dies you'll love this one. >> we're always running out of juice. it won't happen anymore if you have the portable power stick from moda. it comes with every single adapter, about nine pieces. you have something for every device. >> but it's the expensive. >> what do you think? this is not expensive. it's a deal. only 15 to 25 bucks today. typically it could be as much as 80 bucks. they have the cool new designs. there's one for 4th of july, a rainbow one. love that they're fashionable. >> do you have an emulsifier i can buy? >> don't forgot the phone charging case. you don't have to worry about bulkings things up. that's 74% off. >> you love your smoothies. >> this is superpower. like 1,000 watts, you can put in
4:28 am
dry or wet ingredients. keeps -- like raw veggies and stuff. today, $39. it comes with a meal plan. really a whole personal fitness system. it's got even a fitness dvd that goes with it. >> okay. sheets. everyone loves great sheets. >> so if you have some summer guests you might want to have some extra sheets. you know what i'm saying? you can see if you look closely at some of the nice patterns. >> little alligator. >> we have animal skin print. >> typically $79, but today, $21 deal. just click the mega morning deals. click on the icon on the "fox & friends" website. >> >> sharply dressed. >> you have more deals coming up the next hour? >> i don't stop. >> right. so order this because you watch our show. all right? thanks very much. >> thank you. did trump just change his proposed muslim ban? his supporter congresswoman
4:29 am
marsha blackburn joins us next to explain. and he built a clock and brought it to school and he sued. he won millions of dollars and moved to the middle east. clock boy is back. i've missed him. we have a lot of catching up to do. my experience with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close.
4:32 am
real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing breaking news this morning. the most successful college basketball coach in history has died. the university of tennessee's pat summitt passed away this morning surrounded by her friends and her family. she was only 64. >> summitt had been battling alzheimer's for five years and she shocked the sports world when she stepped down from the job just a year after her alzheimer's diagnosis. >> yeah. summitt led the lady vols to eight national championships in her 38 years as coach. and an incredible 1,098 career wins under her belt. that does not surprise
4:33 am
congresswoman marsha blackburn because she knew her and new her well and everyone in tennessee knew what a great person, a great family pat summitt was from and was. what are your thoughts today as you join us and talk about he -- her passing? >> she is definitely going to be missed. she was such a role model for young women and we both belonged to the same sorority as we were in college, different schools, same era. i appreciated so much the fact that she continued to be supportive of young women, of exercising leadership and of developing their skills. she knew how a girl could take the skills from the court, playing basketball, and utilize those to expand their career. kind of change that i should world view. reset their horizons.
4:34 am
she is definitely going to be missed. >> yeah. before geno auriemma set up his dynasty, there was the pat summitt dynasty. >> winningest coach ever, men and women. i don't how many championships, more than any man or woman coached. >> yeah. >> let's talk about donald trump. donald trump in the last 24 hours you read the blogs, watch the news, they're talking about how donald trump is walking back his muslim ban and his people are saying that it really hasn't changed. katrina pierson said trump has not altered his position on banning muslims. it never included all muslims. only applied to muslims in immigration. hope hicks his spokesperson says the rumors on a muslim ban shift, not accurate. as you understand it now, what is it? >> the way i understand it is he's clarified and been a bit more specific and quite frankly i appreciate that. i have had legislation in the house, senator sessions and in the senate, and what it would do from those countries that are
4:35 am
participating that have the known terror links and are supporting terror, they would be halted from coming into the u.s. until dhs and the administration can provide clarification that these individuals coming in are not linked to terrorism. now, the reason that is important is you need to take this time-out. you need to have this halt and make certain that we know who's coming in, we know what their purposes are. the office of refugee resettlement loses track of individuals that are coming in. it costs a lot of money to the taxpayer and our local law enforcement, interestingly enough, brian, they want us to gate handle on this so they know who is in their communities. >> right. because eric trump was asked about a muslim coming from scott land, that wouldn't be a problem because that's not one of the terror states. here are the terror state, that
4:36 am
have a special link to terrorism. pakistan, that belongs in first place. lebanon another place to look at. and all -- of course gaza as well as the west bank. >> somalia. colombia. yemen, iraq. goes on and on. so it would -- so as we understand it, and as you understand it, what donald trump is talking about now is he's not select people based on their religion, the muslims. he's simply saying, people from these affected countries we're going to take a look at. >> that's right. and as i said, that's more in line with legislation that is in existence. and working its way through the process in the house and the senate. and i fully believe that as you see the campaign move to the general election phase and through the convention that campaign -- and mr. trump will pick up some of the ideas where we can find common ground and we can move these provisions through and get them signed into law.
4:37 am
people want to know -- you know, another thing, too, many of our churches that are involved in missions and outreach and resettlement, they want to make certain that the individuals that are coming in are first of all who they say they are. and secondly, that they are not individuals that are involved with terrorism. >> sure. >> people are very concerned about the christians that are being persecuted in the middle east. >> yes, they are. i'm glad you touched on that. let's move on to this election. when we look at elizabeth warren yesterday next to hillary clinton, they were both wearing their matching outfits. both in blue. and i want to play some sound bites and get your reaction. the first is of elizabeth warren making fun of donald trump. take a listen. >> donald trump says, he'll make america great again. it's right there. stamped on the front of his goofy hat.
4:38 am
you want to see goofy? look at him in the hat. >> she's making fun of him in the goofy hat. he's wearing a baseball cap. >> hold on, just a second. given the fact she said all that, it's ironic that hillary clinton just a couple of weeks ago would say this about insults. >> i am not going to respond to the insults and the attacks coming from donald trump in this campaign. we are better than that. and we will act like that. >> okay. so maybe they will respond. >> that was a few weeks ago. now you heard elizabeth warren making fun of him. what's your reaction? >> it was astounding to me that you would have elizabeth warren and hillary clinton and they would be ridiculing the desire of the american people to achieve the american dream. and i hope individuals heard
4:39 am
that. these are very difficult time when you look at national security. jobs, economic security. wage stagnation. and here is one woman who has taken millions from wall street. she can't be trusted. she is totally out of touch with mainstream america and main street and the other one who is all for dodd-frank, and making it very difficult for individuals to get credit, grow businesses. she wants microregulation, not just regulation or light touch. but microregulation. very granular. >> but they don't agree on this. tpp that hillary clinton has spoken of about dozens of times about how good it is. elizabeth warren hates it. she vilifies wall street and hillary clinton takes millions from wall street. how can they sit there shoulder
4:40 am
to shoulder and agree on everything? >> maybe it was a vice president audition? >> maybe it was, but maybe what it was, the truth is coming out. they feel emboldened. they feel they can advance this agenda and progressives and the left go for incremental change to get people comfortable with what they have to say. and up when i listened to them and hear them ridicule the american dream, i think this is shameful. this is what has made this country great. the fact that individuals can work hard and know that their children and grandchildren are going to be able to stand on that work and have a better, easier time of it and, you know, i just think they're totally on the wrong track. totally out of touch. you know, there you go. >> well, maybe. but they were totally coordinated yesterday in their blue suits. >> yes, they were. >> all right, representative marsha blackburn, the congresswoman from tennessee,
4:41 am
ma'am, thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> i would not be surprised if she's not on trump's short list as vp. along with bob corker. >> let's hand it over to heather. as we talk about the folks in congress, charlie rangel on his way to the permanent vacation sooner than planned? a house ethics committee found him guilty on 11 of 13 corruption charges. a panel of four democrats and four republicans found that he disgraced the house for failing to pay his taxes and for using his position to ask for charitable donations. this will now head to the public hearing to figure out what sanctions may be put in place. rangel already announcing that this will be his last term he represents new york. well, do you remember the clock boy, the teenager who was arrested for bringing that homemade clock that looked a whole lot like bomb to his school in texas? after that he and his family sued for millions of dollars. they won. and then they moved to the middle east.
4:42 am
well, now ahmed mohamed is back in america for his summer vacation. the 14-year-old arriving home in texas with a huge smile as he hugs family members at the airport. he says he's been invited to visit facebook, mit and nasa while he's home. wrong place, wrong time. a couple on a jet ski sent flying after a 20-foot wave comes crashing down on top of them. turbulent waters sending that jet ski flinging on to the rocks in california. body surfers and lifeguards springing into action rescuing the two. a job well done. oh, that could just crush you. glad they'll be all right. those are your headlines. >> that's dangerous. rough waters. >> i know. >> thank you very much. all right, coming up straight ahead, usher the latest celebrity to bash donald trump on a grand stage, but should hollywood be making political commentary or sticking to their own talents? a fair and balanced debate will be next.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
liberal politics taking center stage at sunday's b.e.t. awards. >> we'll have equal rights an justice in our own country or we will restructure the function in ours. >> make sure you vote and take eight more people to vote. don't get tricked like they got tricked in london, all right? >> not really sure what that means. singer usher performing with a shirt that said don't trump america. i imagine that's not a compliment for donald trump. even broadway is getting political.
4:47 am
"hamilton" is teaming up with clinton for a fund-raiser. here to debate is danine borelli and the author of "government gone wild." do you think this is a good mix? >> i don't think we should be asking if politics and entertainment should mix, they are mixing, that's the point. as conservatives want to remain competitive, they have to use pop culture to spread their messages. the young people get their news from the entertainment and online. so they have to embrace pop culture. >> perhaps or unless that artist is taking a risk because 50% of the country is going to go, i'm not going to agree with him or her. >> that's the point i'd make, if you're an entertainment you mix with politics, you will alienate
4:48 am
half of your fan base. when you mention the b.e.t. clip and the different voices that were on the stage, that is an echo chamber of liberal propaganda. a lot of people wonder why so many black voters vote democrat. if that's the only place you get your news, that's all you know. that's why most black people vote democrat. >> for republicans i know willie robertson of "duck dynasty," you have country music stars in particular. i think you have some sports stars, tom brady might be for donald trump. a lot say i'm for them, but i won't go out on the stump for them. >> i think the gop has a branding problem. they're not always seen as cool and hip. the conservatives and the republicans have to push back on that. you need to get vince vaughn and clint eastwood, cool celebrities spreading conservatism and reach out to the young people on platforms like they visit. in '08, obama was so successful because he went on mtv.
4:49 am
he did interviews with buzzfeed and vox. we might not like the reality, but this is the reality. this is how the young people make their political decisions. >> the problem with buzzfeed he's currently barred them from covering his campaign. i think a lot of celebrities hurt themselves because you'll say i'm for al gore or john kerry or in this case barack obama or hillary clinton, but there's other people that go, i don't want to hear that. i can't tell you how many people in my neighborhood i love bruce springsteen, but not in the election year. >> sure. it goes back to i don't want to be lectured by the politics. you look at who's supporting hillary clinton it will be a continuation of obama's failed policies. for someone to get all their -- on the b.e.t. stage to say i'm voting for hillary, you're
4:50 am
voting for more immigrants coming into the countries, refugees with disease. they'll be competitive with the low wage skilled jobs and this harm young americans. >> well, we'll find out. i want to see what you think about the celebrities speaking up. they have some power, they want to use it. kim kardashian you said is going all in for hillary clinton. >> that might hurt hillary. >> we're not sure. but i know she's good at selfies. she wrote a job. write and tell me what you think. who has a better point. straight ahead, they were fired from hgtv for their christian values but that's not stopping them. they're here to share their faith and to offer some tips. we searched billions of flight combinations
4:51 am
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4:54 am
its ever aired because of their pro christian beliefs. and "living among lions" is their new book and joinings now, authors and real estate professionals and twin brothers jason and david benham. that's jason. this is david. >> you've got it. >> you talk at the same time. congratulations on your new book. talk about why you wrote this, please. >> one of the reasons we wrote this book we see christians in america and conservatives kind of running. because there's a narrative that's been developed in this country that really it targets people of faith. and people of faith oftentimes want to be silent. when darkness rises, it is time to turn the light on. so we wrote this book to encourage christians to stand up and to be strong because we have jesus christ inside of us and we have the light of the world. >> you're speaking it proudly and boldly. so many of our viewers thank you for that. but as a result you lost your job on hgtv. what happened, jason?
4:55 am
>> well, we lost our job on hgtv and the media firestorm it caused the many networks to stay away from us. we're toxic in today's media. >> yeah, you're so toxic, teaching love. >> we wrote this book to help people to stand strong for their faith. the some wind that causes the common bird to fly low causes the eagle to fly high. it's time that we actually thrive in the midst of this. >> david, are you glad you did it? >> i'm incredibly glad we did it. it follows the life of young daniel, here he was a young man in a pagan environment. as we watch what's happening in america, as the darkness continues to rise we see him actually thriving and he was very glad he did it because he changed and transformed the nation where he lived. we believe that christians when they begin to live like that can
4:56 am
do the same thing. >> david is not good for tv anyway. but whatever. >> i think a lot of people can relate to you, whether or not it's with their friends or whether or not it's at work. what is your advice? >> get to know the very god that created you, and once you go through that, then look, here's the idea. this is what david and i put in our book. we have to be the chocolate chips in the cookie dough of culture. we mix in, we don't blend in, we keep our distinct form even when put into a furnace. >> that means you're the best part. >> that's exactly right. >> you stole my line, that was good. >> sorry. >> you always know when you have bit into the chocolate chip. you have to keep your form. >> jason and david, thank you. everyone, why the book because you missed out on millions of dollars for this cause. god bless you both. called "living among lions." >> thank you. is elizabeth warren auditioning for hillary
4:57 am
clinton's vp spot? it looks like. laura ingraham and then newt gingrich will answer that question.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
good morning. it's tuesday, june 28.. i'm ainsley earhardt. breaking news in the benghazi investigation. what we have learned about the phony video blamed for the deaths of four american heros. >> you'll want to hear that. and shocking new claims from hillary clinton's former secret service agent about her time as first lady in the clinton white house. >> i feel so strongly that people need know the real hillary clinton. and how dangerous she is in her behavior. she is not a leader. >> so what proof does he have? he's spilling the beans right here on fox news. all right. do you remember obama girl from 2008? >> sure. >> yes. >> i barely do. well, get ready for the trump
5:01 am
girls because they want to make america great again one bikini at a time. >> really? >> yeah! >> two pieces -- thank you very much. i would think steve would be the one saying yes, but it was you. mornings are better with "friends." >> i'm stringing you along. >> how can you say you do not remember the obama girl from 2008? >> you don't? >> we showed her 20 times. >> my short term memory is gone. i have given up. i think -- >> short term? really? eight years is long term. >> i always -- i have this problem forgetting women who are in very good shape. [ laughter ] i just blacked out. >> you remember the ones that aren't? >> yeah. those ones stand out. >> anyway, meet the young trump supporters who broke the internet in their string bikinis in a couple of minutes. >> i love it. >> quite a story.
5:02 am
>> american flag bikini. >> i can't wait. >> very patriotic. >> count the stars. >> count the stars indeed. good morning to you. i have some serious news right now and breaking this morning, we are mourning the most successful college basketball coach in history. she has now passed away. the university of tennessee's pat summitt died peacefully this morning as she was surround by family and friends. she was just 64 years old. she had been battling alzheimer's for five years. you may recall she shocked the sports world when she sat down a year after her diagnosis. tennessee congresswoman marsha blackburn joined us earlier on "fox & friends" to talk about the loss of her friend. listen. >> she knew how a girl could take those skills from the court, playing basketball and utilize those to expand their career. kind of change their world view. reset their horizons and she's definitely going to be missed. she was dearly loved.
5:03 am
>> and a real inspiration. well, summitt led the lady vols to eight national championships in her 38 years. she had an incredible 1,098 career wins under her belt. wow. and now to a bombshell in the benghazi investigation. a new report just released by house republicans says that the obama administration blamed that video for the attacks that killed four americans without any witnesses verifying it or realtime reports. our judge andrew napolitano joined us earlier on the show and he says that hillary clinton cannot run from this. listen. >> it is not disputed and not disputable that hillary clinton knew the truth and lied about it and perpetuated the lie for weeks after benghazi. she even perpetrated the myth this was caused by a video, as the bodies of ambassador stevens and the three others were being received at maguire air force base. >> well, clinton's press secretary tweeted this. far from honoring the four brave
5:04 am
americans who died in benghazi the committee has been a partisan sham since the start. while you were sleeping a massive explosion at a bp plant. the flames lighting up the night sky and the neighbors can feel the vibrations from the gas plant ten miles away. look at this. employees were on site at the time of the explosion but luckily no one was hurt. at this hour, the fire is still burning but it is under control. the cause of the explosion not known just yet. and here we are about to show you, brian, take a close look. this is the obama girl. do you remember her now, dancing around with that little belly shirt. >> i do remember her. >> that was back in 2008. she loved obama. i think she sang "i've got a crush on obama", and now she has some serious stiff competition. >> oh. >> take a look at the trump girls. the two americans are hoping that make america great again in
5:05 am
their bikinis and hats. >> aren't they cold? >> that's even better. the pictures are posted online with #trump girls breaking the internet. >> do they brush like five times a day? their teeth. >> they're so white. >> thank you. joining us with more analysis of the trump girls, laura ingraham at the nation's capital. >> oh, they're adorable. >> they are. >> they are adorable, young women and i'm sure they'll be focusing on studies this fall if they're in college. >> will george will be checking out the trump girls or no? will he come back now? >> i have a feeling that george will and i going back and forth on "special report" last night won't get as many hits as the snow capped presentation. >> yeah. >> that? >> did you shake hands with him after that? >> we're old friends. old friends disagree on things. that's okay. >> from the trump girls to not
5:06 am
the blues brothers but the blues sisters. there they are out in cincinnati. dressed in their blue pantsuits. what did you make of hillary clinton teaming one elizabeth warren? warren is anti-wall street and hillary takes millions of dollars from wall street. was that a vice president audition yesterday? >> i don't -- i'd be really surprised if hillary picked elizabeth warren, but i did have a question when i watched the two of them. did they select their outfits together? that was quite a -- that was quite a -- well, good thing is they're actually selling those painting smocks on the clinton website and signing them to raise money. >> oh. >> i like them. very comfortable. i like them. i think they're great. so anyway, so the funny thing about all this of course is hillary's trying to adopt the faux populist mantra of elizabeth warren because she understands that the bernie sanders voters who like warren better than hillary that they --
5:07 am
a lot of them are uncomfortable. 22% said they would vote for trump in one recent poll and others are maybe going to vote for gary johnson or not vote at all. they're worried about that. hillary knows she has to move in the direction. but anyone who's been following the clintons over the years knows this. wall street loves the clintons and in 2013, hillary clinton made $3.15 million speaking to the banks such as goldman sachs, ubs, deutsche bank, morgan stanley. in fact, one year she made more money than bill speaking to goldman sachs. i think he is got 200 grand a speech and she received $225,000 a speech. we have read pieces including on lifezette that the wall street donors, many of them who did donate to bush back in the 2000s are now turning to hillary clinton over donald trump. so if anyone is captive to wall street today, it's hillary clinton, not trump. that's for sure. >> well, a lot of people think
5:08 am
that warren would be able to get some of those votes from bernie sanders because he's anti-wall street and so is she. but do you remember remember back in may when hillary clinton said she was not going to attack donald trump? she said that a few weeks ago. >> personally, yeah. >> right. then on stage yesterday and elizabeth warren is attacking donald trump. we'll play what was said last night and then get your reaction. >> donald trump says, he'll make america great again it's right there. no. it stamped on the front of his goofy hat. [ laughter ] you want to see goofy? look at him in that had. >> i am not going to respond to the insults and the attacks coming from donald trump in this campaign. we are better than that. and we will act like that. >> why the flip-flop? >> well, because they can't argue the issues. i mean, the one thing you notice about both warren and hillary is they'll never argue the issue of globalization or trade and trump's point that the markets are totally inefficient with e
5:09 am
the -- you know, the multiple examples of china and other countries cheating and against america and these agreements. they can't argue obama's economic record. i mean, how much time did elizabeth warren stand there defending barack obama? i mean, hillary clinton has been in public office for 25 years. public life, public office, exposed to public office. i have never heard someone th that -- for that long in public office almost never talk about her accomplishments. >> right. >> like it's about donald trump's hair, making fun of donald trump. what about your record and how is donald trump's points wrong about what your economy has done to underperform for the middle class? it's a total joke. >> one thing i had a chance to do was read through hillary clinton's at wall street -- oh, wait a second we don't have those speeches. the trump campaign getting better with communication. instead of just calling her pocahontas, they called her a
5:10 am
sellout. and went down all the different places where they disagreed with each other over the last six or seven years and yet they appear with each other. so right there i think that trump is showing, i can do more than just attack. you had the communication person from ted cruz yesterday, which i think will help. >> time to get serious. >> let's talk about the secret service and the agent that has come out and talked about his days when she was first lady and -- >> hillary. >> hillary was first lady and bill was president. he talked about how bad a person she was to deal with. here's an example of their interaction with vince foster and what might have led to his death. >> what i made of vince foster, i saw him walk around, i never saw anybody that didn't want to be there more than he didn't want to be there. he looked so uncomfortable. there were many stories where the staff would hear her berating vince and she blamed
5:11 am
him publicly for some of the things that they didn't get done. as a lot of people know in his suicide note he basically said that, you know, that washington, d.c., was a terrible, vindictive place and it was one of the reasons he took his own life. >> and in his book he starts off with the story about a vase, she hit bill clinton with the vase, wound understood with a black eye. and betty curry said he's allergic to coffee. and bill clinton had three or four affairs with women at the same time and that hillary is abusive and paranoid. i think maybe one other morning show has done the story. the book is coming out today. nobody is touching this. nobody wants to offend hillary and team clinton. they want to stay on their good side so they're not booking this guy to hear his story. >> think of what warren and hillary -- well, we talked about what they have been saying consistently over the past five weeks is that donald trump does not have the temperament or judgment to be commander in chief. >> great point. >> well, when you read that book
5:12 am
and you watch the interviews, the guy has a silver presentation of what he recalls and very specific. we heard these rumors during the clinton years and they said, none of this is true. so the question should be on the table for any journalist who cares, was those -- were those eight years just an anomaly? and hillary behind closed doors is just very calm and methodical, the way she goes about decision making or is she as volatile as the secret service lays out? we know if this was a book -- let's say someone had written a book about being a nanny for the trumps or a butler for the trumps -- >> big story. all the channels. big story. >> it would be wall-to-wall. it would be just another piece of evidence as to why donald trump can't be commander in chief. but a secret service agent, no, we can't really touch that. i'm glad -- i guess nbc did it today, but i haven't seen the interview yet. >> i hope my butler doesn't write a tell all.
5:13 am
>> your blue on blue today, it's very -- >> elizabeth warrenish. >> yeah. you are definitely -- there's some channeling with the -- with thelma and louise from yesterday. [ laughter ] >> as they sail off the cliff. >> let the blogs write about it. you can unwind any plot. >> all right, laura ingraham, editor at lifezette, she'll go do her radio show right now. >> not quite yet, but i'll take my tie off later. >> did you think of that? at all? >> all i thought was elizabeth warren and hillary clinton last night. >> your shirt is the exact same color. unbelievable. they had extra material. >> i'm so glad i didn't wear the whole pantsuit. i'll look around. can a parrot be used as a witness in a murder trial? yep, that's what a judge is deciding a after a parrot keeps
5:14 am
saying don't shoot over and over again. a terrifying car crash caught on camera. inside that car right there, jay leno. what went wrong and how is he doing this morning? the lobster and shrimp summerfest
5:15 am
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5:18 am
well, listen to this. a dead man's parrot, talking bird, could be the key witness in his murder trial. >> don't [ bleep ] shoot. >> now a judge must decide if those alleged dying words can be used as testimony in court and help send its owner's killer to prison. >> abby huntsman is here to explain. a parrot? >> i never heard anything quite a story. this could be the first. so the bird's owner marty durham was killed lass year in his michigan home. the prosecution arguing that the parrot named bud is speaking in the victim's voice, begging for his life. listen. >> don't [ bleep ] shoot. >> so the parrot repeatedly shouts the phrase don't shoot,
5:19 am
reliving the horrific scene. >> i know he's seeing something pretty horrible. stuck there a little bit. i know it. he had a front row view. >> his wife glenna durham is charged in the murder. the prosecution is hoping that the judge will allow the parrot to be a witness in the case. >> it's something that we're going to be looking at. determining if it's reliable to use. but we're looking at is this the piece of information that we need to prosecute this case? >> so prosecutors said durham tried to carry out a murder/suicide, shooting herself, but she survived. a suicide note is part of the evidence, along with the gun she allegedly used to pull the trigger. the couple's kids are saying they had as love/hate relationship, often arguing about money. >> so is the parrot still using that expression?
5:20 am
>> so the ex-wife owns bud and she shouts don't shoot. >> it could be an old gangster movie that was on in the living room. >> hard to know. but parrots don't often lie, right, ainsley? >> like a picture. >> right. >> >> are you going to swear in the parrot? >> exactly. >> that's quite a case. >> see where it goes. >> why do you check with ainsley? >> because i know she'll tell the truth. >> i'm just fascinated. the parrot yells out, don't shoot, how does that prove who did it? >> i guess the only person or bird in the room was the parrot. so no one knows. >> there was a suicide note and that seems to be pointing in one direction. >> got it, got it. >> abby, thank you. meanwhile, she survived one of the worst mass shootings that killed her parents. she shocked many with this speech. >> i'm not really mad at the guy that did this. i'm certainly not mad at the
5:21 am
guns that did this. they didn't walk in there by themselves and pull their own triggers. >> i still remember that. her message is still resonating 25 years later. she will join us live, shortly.
5:22 am
sfx: climbing sounds duracell quantum lasts longer so kevin jorgeson can power through the night. sfx: duracell slamtones
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5:24 am
oh, way down there, guys. >> wow. some quick headlines for you. look at that. caught on camera. a race against time to save a whale that's tangled in the fishing net. the blue whale dragging the 200-foot line crab line off southern california. rescue crews had been able to remove some of that line. imagine walking along the beach and seeing this. >> he's a big boy. >> no thank you. a 14-foot hammerhead shark
5:25 am
swimming just feet away from the shore. people rushing out there to see it. although hammerheads are common in the bahamas, officials say it was likely trying to dine on a small fish. and crazy video of a motorcyclist crashing on a busy interstate after hitting something on the highway. >> oh! >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> the guy as you see rolls into oncoming traffic on i-94. this is in minnesota. incredibly, he was not seriously injured. brian? >> you better tie things down on your boat. let's change gears. 25 minutes after the hour. the gun control debate reached a fever pitch and it's not subsided. as democrats stage a dramatic sit-in on capitol hill, calling for stricter gun laws. our next guest knows about this firsthand. what can happen if people lose the right to protect themselves? it was 25 years ago when susanna
5:26 am
hupp survived one of the deadliest shootings in history. in texas, a man fired into the crowd and killed 23 people and two of the victims her parents. at that time, texas was a gun free zone and as suzanna said in the emotional testimony before congress back in 1991 if she was allowed to carry her guns, her parents might have lived. >> i'm not really mad at the guy who did this and i'm certainly not mad at the guns that did this. they didn't walk in there and pull their own triggers. i'm mad at the legislators. >> how does she feel now? joining us now is dr. gratia-hupp, author of a new book. welcome. >> good morning to you. >> have you changed your view? >> oh, heavens no. no. if anything it's more cemented now that i have had children. now that i have a family to protect. now that i feel absolutely very strongly about this. look, the fact of the matter is,
5:27 am
is there anybody out there listening right now that thinks that if we were able to magically ban all guns in america that the bad guys wouldn't still be able to get guns? so all of these laws that they keep proposing only affect people like me. they affect law-abiding citizens. so yeah, i think they're kind of goofy to be honest with you. >> well, the president doesn't feel that way. he thinks it's goofy if you actually disagree with him and think you should have reasonable gun laws. >> yeah, well, you know, when you label something reasonable or common sense, i mean, you can call the distinctive skunk perfume but doesn't change what it is. >> we had the democrats sit-in and stopped all deliberations and now they're calling for the individual lawmakers to do the same in their towns. do you sense the change in sentiment? >> no, i don't think. i think the same people are effectively saying the same things.
5:28 am
you know, when they label something as i mentioned common sense, it makes me take a second look at it. these laws only affect -- i don't how much more strongly i can say it, they only affect people like me. they keep people like me from being able to protect myself and my family. look, every single one of the mass shootings has occurred in a place where guns weren't allowed. what has stopped the bad guy with a gun? a good guy with a gun. >> and the one conwith the -- cop with the gun in the shooting wasn't able to get a shot off. we'll focus on the terror watch list. if you have a terrorist associated with isis, he should not be able to walk in and get a gun. do you agree with that? >> i think we have to be careful with that you're talking of stripping somebody of a constitutional right they have because they're on a list.
5:29 am
i would say to that, if we feel so strongly about that particular person that we're going to actually take away his constitutional right, then why isn't that person locked away somewhere? again, we don't want to just start taking away constitutional rights because someone is on a -- you know, on a list somewhere. i think it needs to be very measured and careful. >> background checks you're okay with? >> um, again, i'd have to pick it apart quite honestly. background checks, i think -- here's what i think. i think that when somebody can vote that they should be able to carry a gun. so what that means is basically they haven't gotten a felony offense, they have not adjudicated mentally incompetent. very basic. >> thank you very much. you have not changed your views. dr. hupp, thank you for being here this morning. and the debate rages on. it's a life line for many of the heroes but brand-new problems with the v.a.'s suicide
5:30 am
hot line. how about no one answering. and newt newt had this to say about hillary clinton. >> there's no reason to believe that hillary clinton's experiences qualify for anything except for retirement. >> why is she polling so well? former house speaker newt gingrich on the short list for if vp perhaps, here to answer that question. (war drums beating) fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums.
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you owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. a fox news alert. breaking news in the benghazi investigation that you're only going to see right here on fox news. house republicans just releasing a very disturbing new report on the attack. >> yep. the more the -- the more than two-year investigation finding hillary clinton knew it was not a video the whole time.
5:34 am
>> that's right. plus, as we bring in newt gingrich, former speaker of the house, he's in the nation's capital. mr. speaker, what in says -- yesterday, the democrats released their findings. today, the republicans which control the committee are releasing theirs. i think the most damning thing is that what it reveals is that the president of the united states and then secretary of state hillary clinton did nothing to save lives. >> well, look, i think that's right. and it's fascinating watching the elite media try to protect hillary and cover up for hillary. the fact is -- and donald trump said this last week and people attacked him for being wrong, there were according to the head of the intelligence committee, over 600 requests that went to washington about security in libya and benghazi. they were all ignored by the central office under hillary clinton. and when the event actually occurred, there was some argument -- i have some friends
5:35 am
in the community who argue this was a team in croatia that might in fact have made a difference if they could have moved promptly and if the military had been allowed to exercise independent judgment. but in fact the white house and the state department sat on the whole thing while the fight went on, and nothing was done. then the most disturbing thing is we now know without any reasonable doubt that they methodically lied to the american people and lied to the world about what happened. you just have to -- as you look at the elections this fall, as long as you understand that hillary clinton lied while americans were dying, did so deliberately and knowingly, if you're comfortable with that in your commander in chief, then hillary ought to get your vote. >> two potentials, there are hard clad examples. she told hillary clinton in an -- chelsea clinton in an e-mail, this was an al qaeda affiliated attack and told now
5:36 am
jailed morsi this was an attack, but told us a different story. >> right. this is a summary judgment. hillary clinton lies all the time. she lies about e-mails. she lies about the clinton foundation. she lies about secret meetings in the state department about donors, she lies about deals that are cut. she lies about her speeches to goldman sachs. by the way, she lies about benghazi. what's new? i mean this is who she is. and if the american people are comfortable with a person that dishonest in the white house, she's a pretty formidable candidate. >> here's the thing, newt. right now she's leading in the polls. a couple of polls have come out in the last week. one i believe the nbc poll had her up by five. but then there was that "washington post"/nbc poll that one right there that shows she's ahead by 12 points, but then you look at the methodology and you discover they interviewed 12 more democrats than the republica
5:37 am
republicans. >> "the washington post" poll has her tying with trump with men. even given the total bias in "the washington post" and the disagree to which they're committing a hatchet job on trump, i think a sense of professional dignity should have allowed them to withdraw the poll. it's an absurdity. trump is down by five or six points after the elite media have blocked him and are protecting hillary. reagan had the same problems. by the end of the summer people will start sifting through it. if trump is still standing on the friday before the election, she will lose by a huge margin. that's what happened to jimmy carter who had the largest electoral defeat -- >> what do you mean by still standing? >> she has to pulverize him and the media has to pulverize him so he's totally utterly unacceptable. if he's within five points he'll beat her. look what happened with brexit.
5:38 am
what happens is the elites, the establishments all pile on. the average citizen will not tell pollsters the truth. you have much better results for trump for example in a computerized online poll than a telephone poll because people don't want to tell the pollsters something they think is not socially acceptable. >> right. even though they don't know each other, they still want don't to be honest. how important are the independents here? if you look at that abc poll that you're talking about "the washington post"/abc poll they polled so many more democrats than republicans, but the independents, is that where we need to be looking? >> i look at the whole thing. once trump -- and paul manafort is doing a good job of building out the trump team. i think once trump gets to his full scale and is running his full blown campaign, i think he's going the go after everybody. i mean, this is a guy who i think -- i think he'll be in southside of chicago campaigning. i think he'll be the latino community campaigning. he has a simple message which is the message coming out of europe. if you like the way things are right now, she is the head of
5:39 am
the establishment. if you think we better change, donald trump is your only vote. i think that could be a very compelling message. >> but it's true. you're the political expert, but if he says you like the way that things are, vote for hillary, but that's not enough. i think if trump going to southside of chicago, what's going to be different, and if he goes to the hispanic community, what's going to be different? does he have an answer to that? >> look at what he's doing today. he's going to the steel company to give a serious speech, very substantial. about the issue of trade. and let me just give you one example of why this is so hard for hillary. the director of national intelligence staff reported a month ago the chinese last year stole $360 billion in intellectual property from the united states. that's twice the value of all u.s. sales to china last year. now, trump is saying this is really stupid. she's the secretary of state for a system which is really stupid.
5:40 am
if you like giving the chinese secrets and doing nothing about it, vote for hillary. i suspect he'll have a program for the inner city that's as bold and dramatic as the program he has on trade. >> all right. newt, let's shift gears a bit. you are teaming up -- this is a truly bipartisan effort. you're teaming up with advocates for opioid recovery, aor, an organization dedicated do advancing the treatment systems that has the potentials to prevent nearly 55,000 deaths from addiction every year. >> unbelievable. when patrick kennedy first approached me about it, and patrick has done remarkable work in the area -- >> he has. >> he's dedicated his life because he's a recovering addict and he understands this dangerous world. he said, do you realize more people now die from opioid addiction than die from automobiles?
5:41 am
and yet we don't treat it as though it's an epidemic. what's tragic is you can have medicated solutions that improve the likelihood of permanently coming off the opiates and being with your family and have a job. when you lay it out where we are and the intellectual revolution we need in treatment and the fact that we need to recognize -- fior example in ou prisons. we can help them no longer become addicts so by the time they get out they can have a job and re-enter the commuty. here's the danger. if all you do is detox for about 15% of the country a that's fine. you can stay that way. but for 85% of the country there's a danger of relapse. if you relapse that's the moment that people tend to overdose because they take what they used to use and their body is no longer used to it. and so what used to be tolerable becomes deadly. these are the kind of things
5:42 am
that we have to be deeply involved with. and i think it's truly a bipartisan cause for every american family. >> a lot of people saying, well, it doesn't apply to me, but it might. a lot is prescribed. real quick, where do we go to find out more? >> you can go to the opioid site and come through gingrich productions and we'll have a link directly to the site. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. all right. 18 before the top of the hour and heather joins us with some news about one of the most familiar faces in america going boom boom boom boom boom. >> and this one loves cars. jay leno went on a terrifying ride, escaping death after the car he was riding in crashed. take a look. oh, you can see him in the passenger seat there. cameras catching all the action for his new tv show "jay leno's
5:43 am
garage." he is known for being a real car enthusiast. he was riding with his stunt car driving hero. >> what's your name? >> bob rickle. >> how old are you? >> 88. >> can you hear me right now? >> no. >> i'm bob riggle. >> that's one of the emts making sure they're okay. he later joked saying it doesn't get more exciting than that. this is serious story and another disturbing one out of the v.a. it's supposed to be a life line for our heroes but now a disturbing watchdog report that shows that texts to the suicide hotline are going unanswered. gao found that nearly 30% of the texts sent to the suicide
5:44 am
hotline never got a response. the v.a. said it's working to improve that system. those are your headlines. unreal, huh? >> unreal. thank you. this morning a serious warning because a popular dresser just like this can fall over and kill your child. it's happened three times. what you need to know to save your family. coming up next. r their own frequent heartburn. get complete protection with nexium 24 hour.
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nationwide? awesome. nice neighborhood. ♪ nationwide is on your side listen to this. an urgent warning for parents. dressers like that found in tens of millions of americans toppled over and killing children. it has happened three times. >> you know, ikea now issuing a massive recall. fox 29 has the breaking details. hi, dave. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is a massive consumer alert. ikea now agreeing to stop selling a specific type of dresser that can tip over too easily and they're announcing recalls to the point of 29 million dressers and chests that some -- that even date back ten years in terms of when people bought them. company officials are saying to
5:48 am
remove them from rooms accessible to children. the "philadelphia inquirer" reporting these include the popular and cheaper malm line, blamed for the three deaths of toddlers including the first one in the philadelphia area. colin collas was trapped under a dresser that fell on him. ikea had warned they can tip over if the consumers don't have them adhered properly. so ikea said you can get a full refund or what you can also do is get a partial store credit or full store credit if yours is about ten years or older. if that's when you purchased it. or you can have a service team come out and make sure they're properly fastened to your wall. a critical alert from ikea. some in the industry have said that ikea didn't do enough to get on top of this after three
5:49 am
toddlers have died but now they're offering a full recall. 29 million also they're offering refunds or a store credit. back to you. >> all right. dave kinchen, the latest from ikea. >> hard to watch but we need to inform you so you can keep your family safe. meanwhile, that luggage right over there usually set you back 500 bucks for a set, but today 99 bucks. exclusive deals you will only see on "fox & friends." >> megan, she's no meanie. but first let's check in with one of the nicest people around, martha maccallum. >> good morning. so after years of investigations and hearings, the gop benghazi committee has released their report. they will speak live about that report for the first time during our show this morning. as people who were there have come forward with their eyewitness accounts that fly in the face of the white house
5:50 am
story about the video which is clearly put together in the early hours after the killings. we'll cover that story in depth. this morning, bob corker, catherine herridge, all here when we join you at the top of the hour. bp is pioneering drone technology to monitor refinery operations, so our engineers can spot
5:51 am
potential problems from any angle. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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all right. things getting worse for england.
5:59 am
one for the road. the brexit vote not so bad. england gets another shocker, they lose to iceland 2-1 in the round of 16. >> it is one of the biggest sensations in the history of football. iceland, iceland are in the quarter finals. >> unbelievable. a country of 330,000 people beats mighty england. the euro 2016 is now in the round of eight. congratulations to our icelandic viewers. we have a lot. >> were you happy with that? >> no, i don't like seeing england going down like that, but i'm happy for iceland playing in the first tournament ever. >> no mercy for a young basketball player after he gets dunked by the one and only james harden. >> oh! >> yeah, the rockets star
6:00 am
spending some time showing off for the kids in the basketball camp this houston. this kid was lucky, but -- >> he was like where's the ball? oh, behind me now. >> tomorrow, special guest, author gary byrne will be here. martha: benghazi bombshell two years in the work. it reveals the president and hillary clinton willfully ignored dozens of accounts and witnesses to the benghazi attack and pushed the protest. i'm martha maccallum


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